Serving in September: - Daleville Christian Church



Serving in September: - Daleville Christian Church
Daleville Christian Church
14220 W. Daleville Rd.
Daleville, IN 47334
Craft Group Thank You:
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Return Service Requested
Join us!
Christian Women's
The Gospel, Advertising Facebook, the Internet
I want to cover several topics but the gist of what is here is this:
one EASY WAY to do what Jesus wants, share the gospel. One of our jobs as followers
in Daleville
September 2nd
@ 1pm
in the Family
Room at Daleville
Christian Church
(Thank you cards can be found
on the bulletin board in
the narthex)
of Jesus is to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Talking with people about the
gospel and advertising the church are age old methods. But there is a NEW WAY to do
Christian Men's Fellowship
Sunday, Sept 14th, 7:30a
this one thing that Jesus wants us to do--share the gospel. The Sunday morning
message is almost always posted on the church's website: There
Please join us!
Serving in September:
"Thank you so much for the
beautiful quilt. You are so kind
and thoughtful. Sometimes after
chemo, I wrap up in the quilt. It
feels so special - it radiates love.
I feel like the arms of Jesus are
comforting me. I can imagine
your love going into each stitch."
Omitted for online posting
is a tab at the top for sermons and newsletters (News & Sermons). (Just in case you
Daleville Christian Church is in need of shoeboxes and items to fill these
boxes! Bring them to church service on Sunday, or drop them off at the
church office between 9a-1p weekdays, or just leave them at the
church's back door.
A small shoebox can teach a child about the love of God, lead him or her
to faith in Christ, inspire pastors, and plant new churches. What goes
into the box is fun, but what comes out is eternal Be a part of changing
lives through the power of a simple gift.
posted a link on Facebook TO that sermon. Anyone who received that item/ posting,
If you haven't been to the church's webpage recently, it is time to take a look. We have the newsletters
and most recent sermons posted there for you.
Those are there for quick references.
Church requires face time (and that is not an app!).
Matthew 18:20 For where two or three
are gathered together in my name,
there am I in the midst of them.
Thank you for signing up for Greeters
and Worship Leaders for the year. Your
service is greatly appreciated.
Eleanor Selby
Our Staff
Gary McManus
[email protected]
If you are receiving the
Daleville Christian Church
Newsletter in error, or no
longer wish to receive the
Sherry Miller
[email protected]
Administrative Assistant
newsletter, please contact
Marla Haughn
Choir Director
[email protected]
Christy Holbrook
the church office at:
765-378-7473or email
to be removed from the
mailing list.
Contact Us
14220 W Daleville Rd
PO Box 571
Daleville, IN 47334
(765) 378-7473
Like us on Facebook
could click on it and go directly to the sermon on the church's website. How can you
help? Simple. FACEBOOK users "like" and "share" that Facebook posting with
SOMEONE. Even if the "post" does not show up on your "feed", you can GO to the
church's Facebook page and "like" and "share" the message. That is ONE easy way to
do what Jesus wants.
So, Facebook users:
--when a DCC sermon shows up in your "feed", "like" it and "share" it
--if a DCC sermon has not shown up in your "feed" GO to the church's Facebook page,
"like" and "share" the sermon. Someone will be glad you did!
Peace, G
Worship 9:30am
Sunday School 10:45am
Daleville Christian Church's mission is to follow and invite others to follow Jesus
Christ and become disciples; to become new creatures in Christ; to build folks up in
love for His work; to proclaim the gospel to the world to the glory of God the
Father through Jesus Christ.
Although we have provided families with food when needed, we don't always reach children in
The Women's Fellowship will place a box for snacks for Daleville Elementary School. The DES
Nurse will be distributing the snack items at the school. This will be an on-going ministry for
In consultation with the DES Nurse, here is a list of snacks needed:
Juice boxes
Granola bars
Nutri-grain bars
Cheese cracker packs
Cereal bars
Peanut butter cracker packs
Brown paper bags
Trail mix
Single serve items: applesauce, fruit cups, soups, spaghetti O's, pudding cups, jello cups, macn-cheese, raisins, pretzels, chips, cookies, gold fish crackers, and Cheez Its.
Gift Suggestions!
TOYS: Dolls, toy trucks, stuffed animals, kazoos, harmonicas, yo-yos, jump
ropes, balls, toys that light up and make noise (you can include extra
SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Pens, pencils, sharpeners, crayons, markers, stamps, ink
pad sets, writing pads, paper, solar calculators, coloring books, picture
HYGIENE ITEMS: Toothbrush, mild bar soap (in a plastic bag), comb, washcloth.
ACCESSORIES: T-shirts, socks, ball caps, sunglasses, hair clips, toy jewelry,
watches, flashlights (with extra batteries).
A PERSONAL NOTE: You may enclose a note to the child and a photo of yourself
or family. If you include your name and address the child may write back.
Monday - Thursday & Saturday (Generally): 9:30am - 5:00pm
Friday: Off
Sunday: 8am - 1pm
*Pastor is also available evenings when there are no meetings scheduled & Sunday afternoon
Monday - Friday: 9 am - 1 pm
Autumn Fest Rummage Sale--ORGANIZE
Unpaid Christian workers are needed!
(unpaid, NOT uncompensated!)
want to check that out.) Recently, because of YOUR response to the sermon, DCC
ELDERS: Dick Freeman & Charles Edwards 9/7; 9/14; 9/21; 9/28
WORSHIP LEADERS: Diana Schlegel 9/7 & 9/14; Eva Newnam 9/21 & 9/28
GREETERS: Mike & Judy Knight 9/7 & 9/14; Charles Edwards 9/21 & 9/28
COFFEE FELLOWSHIP: Deb McManus 9/7; Linda Watson 9/14;
Sandy Day 9/21; NEED VOLUNTEER 9/28
DIACONATE: Preparing: Kay Swoveland
Serving: Greg Haisley, Susan Haisley, Amanda Simpson, Eva Newnam
Fall always provides opportunities to work for Jesus and His mission. These are
CHURCH events. Everyone can participate and help make these projects a
success. A person doesn't have to do everything; do ONE thing. Do for the sake
of the compassion our Lord has shown us. Then do it for the compassion the
Lord has given you to share.
--Snacks for Kids: underway, donations can be dropped off in front of the office.
--Operation Christmas Child: Christmas, in September, yes! The boxes ship
mid-November. Take advantage of school sales NOW.
--Daleville Autumn Fest is returning, October 10-11-12. So is the Annual Church
Rummage Sale October 10-11.
--Daleville Christian's own Fall Festival with Trunk N Treat on October 26th.
About 26+ people should do it. "Many hands make LIGHT work."
No one should work ALL the week of the Rummage Sale (unless
the Lord calls you to it). Here is what is needed and how you can
Prep workers: setting up and setting out items for the sale.
October 6-7-8-9 Three people each day (9am-4pm)
Movers: October 10-11. 4 (four) 7:30am - 8am (moving sale
items to the yard)
Cashiers: October 10-11, 4 (four) 8am-12:30 / 12:30-5pm: one
for each shift
Staff/workers: October 10-11, 8 (eight) 8am-12:30/12:30-5pm:
2 for each shift
Clean-up: October 11, 2 (two) 5-6 pm
Volunteers MAY double up but with enough folks, we won't have to.
Sign-ups are available. Pick your shift and arrive on time. We can
do this!
Also, prices set by the team will remain firm through both days of
the sale. People WANT to pay for their purchases. It is a part of selfreliance. Let them.
CWF 1p
Bible Study 7p
Labor Day
Worship 9:30a
Bible Study 7p
Worship 9:30a
Bible Study 7p
Elder’s Meeting 11a
Worship 9:30a
Bible Study 7p
CMF 7:30a -Denny’s
Fall Begins
Worship 9:30a
Bible Study 7p
*Church Office closed Monday 9/1

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