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6A - JACKSON HOLE NEWS&GUIDE, Wednesday, November 26, 2014
cosmetic and reconstructive procedures
A local choice for:
• Eyelid surgery
• Breast augmentation
Mangelsen’s art book
conveys years of awe
y mother-in-law gave me a pho- ily required a lifetime of gathering.
to book signed for her by Ansel
It meant uncountable long days
• Face/Neck rejuvenation
Adams. His signature is as spent outside in brutal inclement
• Liposuction/Body contouring
treasured as the autographs of sports weather patiently waiting for definfigures and politicians I’ve collected ing moments; learning the nuances
• Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty)
over the years.
of light, shadow, geography and aniJOHN C. PAYNE, D.O.
• Breast reduction
Admal behavior; anticipating the points
ams accomplished was timeless.
where they converge; and taking stock
• Breast cancer reconstruction
I’ve often wondered if Americans in of the subject yet being finely tuned to
• Skin cancer/Mole removal
their day fully realized the stature that everything happening around it.
Committed to our community,
• Laser Skin Resurfacing
William Henry Jackson, who took the
One of Mangelsen’s closest friends is
full-time, year-round.
legendary chimpanzee researcher
• Botox , Latisse , Brilliant Distinctions
Call 733- 8070 for your appointment.
and ethologist Dr. Jane
Financing available.
• Juvederm™, Restylane®
arguably the most famous
Goodall who has spent
one along the Snake River
many an evening at his
in 1942, would assume in
cabin north of town.
555 E. Broadway, Suite 211 • Jackson •
Goodall joins Tom every
Did Jackson’s and Adspring at the rustic Manams’ contemporaries know
gelsen family shack overthat their accumulated body
looking the Platte River in
Please proof and call Amy at 739-9542 or return via Fax at 733-2138. Thanks!
of work, when assessed in
Nebraska to observe the inhindsight, would be exalted
credible primordial migrafor rendering visions of nation of sandhill cranes.
ture that others couldn’t at
“The Last Great Wild
first comprehend?
with Bear 399 on
Todd Wilkinson
I ask the questions now
its cover, is a book that
while flipping through a new coffee ta- speaks to our time, reminding that
ble picture book, “The Last Great Wild unless we consciously protect habitat
Places: Forty Years of Wildlife Photog- for wondrous animals like tigers, lions,
raphy by Thomas D. Mangelsen.”
rhinos, elephants, polar and grizzly
Yes, we are talking about that Man- bears we are going to lose them.
gelsen — Jackson Hole’s own, the shopMangelsen’s adventures aside, he
keeper’s son from Nebraska familiar to says there’s no place like home. He
Certified Organic Mattresses
most townsfolk here simply as “Tom,” notes that the caliber of nature phothe fierce wildlife advocate who often tographers drawn to Jackson Hole and
rises to defend imperiled species, espe- the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem is
If you can find a purer mattress
cially wild bruins, big cats, canids and unsurpassed. So, too, he adds, is the
we’ll give you ours for Free!
primates of all kinds.
level of discrimination by viewers who
The same Tom who happens to be have high expectations when it comes
a photographer-naturalist renowned to photography.
307-734-7424 • 185 S. Scott Lane • M-F 10-5:30pm • Sat 10-5pm •
around the planet for elevating wildTom once told me, “I’m extremely
Free Mattress Delivery and Set Up on full priced models.
ness, so that it lives larger as a force fortunate to live in this place, proud to
Let our on-staff Interior Designer assist you with a full range of design services for your home or project.
inside our homes, businesses, public share this community with people who
spaces and human consciousness.
are so passionate about conservation,
As a purist Mangelsen is counted and to forge so many great friendships
among the greatest fine-art wildlife with a truly amazing group of photogphotographers who ever lived.
raphers — both old and young.”
“The Last Great Wild Places” transWhen I think of Mangelsen I muse
ports us to seven continents through about Adams and Jackson. Just as the
140 images ranging from heart-palpi- power of their authentic visions contintating to placid. The book represents ues to grow with every decade they’re
more than Mangelsen’s magnum opus gone, 50 years from now it will be the
of memorable moments spent afield, same with Mangelsen.
which, by itself, makes the volume
Meanwhile, in our time he is here,
a remarkable collection. It is a new standing with us, seeing the same
standard-bearer for thinking about things we see, giddy with the same
real wildlife photography in the 21st enthusiasm. Somehow, though, his
pictures convey more than we can
Every frame, including those of ex- explain.
ceedingly rare and elusive animals,
It has a word: awe.
was shot in the wild. None was harOn Dec. 20 Mangelsen will be autovested at game farms using “wildlife graphing books at Mangelsen Images
models” paraded around by trainers of Nature Gallery on North Cache.
and hired out by the hour to deliver Have him sign yours, for posterity.
poses on command.
Old school, authentic and defiant as Todd Wilkinson has been writing this
a counterpoint to the slacker’s tricks column for more than 25 years. He is
of digital fabrication and legerdemain, author of “Last Stand: Ted Turner’s
Mangelsen’s is a portfolio that could Quest to Save a Troubled Planet.” He
not be amassed by taking easy short- also contributed an essay to Mangelsen’s
cuts. The quality of the trove necessar- latest book.
• Breast lift
The New West
Now Available!
Local professionals
backed by institutional strength
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