make semgas your new year`s resolution



make semgas your new year`s resolution
Back to work to face a water or gas leak? Heating problem?
make semgas your
new year’s resolution
Hard to believe that after the wettest
December on record you might find yourself
returning to work to face water cascading
from a burst pipe. Alternatively you may be
shivering as a result of a central heating
problem or worse...dealing with a gas leak.
The Association of Plumbing and Heating
Contractors (APHC) offer sound guidance on
how to reduce serious damage to your home or
work premises in the wake of any of those
problems. For example:
Major water leaks –
turn of the water supply at
either the main stop tap,
usually located in the
kitchen or the boundary
stop tap.
Smaller internal leaks – stop using isolation
valves next to the relevant appliance. Turn the
lever or use a screwdriver to stop water supply.
Hot water systems – to stop water entering the
hot water system find the gate valve (usually in
the airing cupboard), turn this off and turn on
CommeRCial and domestiC Gas enGineeRs
Unit 18d Capital Business Centre
22 Carlton Road South Croydon Surrey CR2 0BS
T 020 8916 2166 F 020 8328 7757
E [email protected]
any hot taps to empty the cylinder of water.
On a combi boiler the lever operated isolation
valve will be located under the boiler.
Gas leaks – turn gas off at
the meter using the
emergency control valve.
Open doors and windows
to ventilate the area.
Don’t smoke, use naked
flames or operate any
electrical switches. Call the emergency services
to report the leak on 0800 111 999 (24 hours)
But the APHC’s key advice is to make sure you
find a reliable contractor to deal with the
problem. When you call SEMgas you are calling
on decades of expertise and reliability with a
guarantee of satisfaction supported by our
membership of the APHC. So, as any of our
existing customers will tell you, you can rest
assured that you can depend on us.
Call SEMgas on 020 8916 2166,
find us at
or scan this QR code
Your gas safety is our business

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