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Make-Up Designory // 2014 // spring summer
We Are The
Real Deal
With Paul Thompson
FX Step by Step
MUD Alumni on SyFy’s
Reality Series Face Off
MUD Cosmetics
New Unstoppable
Lip Colors
MUD Studio Cairo
Hollywood of the
Middle East
Make-Up Designory
For more than 15 years Make-Up Designory (MUD) has worked to establish itself
as America’s premier school of make-up artistry. With schools and stores in Los
Angeles, New York, international partners and Studios, MUD continues to build a
loyal and dedicated customer-base of students and artists.
MUD Products
MUD Schools
are tested by industry experts in challenging, real-world situations –
provide programs and courses designed to teach a wide range of
from the harsh conditions of a remote film location to the bright lights
practical and specialized skills. General consumers, beauty enthusiasts
of Broadway. Through this unmitigated process, MUD products are
or potential students can also enjoy free Saturday workshops at the
produced to perfection.
MUD shops every week for the latest trends. For those looking to start
a new career or add to their skill set, part-time courses are available at
MUD’s main campuses, MUD Studios and Partner Schools throughout
the country and internationally.
at work
Make-Up Designory Los Angeles
Make-Up Designory New York
Make-Up Designory Europe
 129 S. San Fernando Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91502
 818-729-9420
 www.facebook.com/makeupdesignory
[email protected][email protected]
 www.mud.edu
 375 W Broadway # 202
New York, NY 10012
 212-925-9250
 www.facebook.com/makeupdesignory
[email protected][email protected]
 www.mud.edu
 Rimska cesta 13,
1000 Ljubljana,
Slovenia, Europe
 00 386 1 6200 348
 www.facebook.com/mud.eu
 www.facebook.com/MUDstudio.si
[email protected]
 www.mudeurope.com
MUD ART 2014 // production: Endemit advertising agency // www.endemit.si // creative and art director: Maja Kešelj // MUD image photography: Peter Giodani // graphic design: Maja Kešelj, Polona Kopač
cover photo: Peter Giodani // make-up: MUD Europe team // editors: Svenya Nimmons, Myrna Martinez, Dina Vobič
MUD schools
Brings Unique Skills to
a Fascinating World of
Make-Up Artistry
Each year, Make-Up Designory (MUD) schools train hundreds of students from
around the globe in a variety of make-up specialties. From day one, students are
immersed in the fundamentals of make-up artistry with aspirations of working in
the fashion, entertainment or retail cosmetics industries.
The bi-coastal main campuses in Los Angeles and New York as well
production studios in the world, while the New York campus is located
as the various MUD Studios around the world, give potential artists
amidst the bustling area of designer boutiques of New York. MUD
the experience of a lifetime by training under licensed instructors with
campuses are each licensed by their respective states. In 2003 MUD’s
professional expertise in film, television and fashion. Through this
Los Angeles campus received accreditation from the Accrediting
training, students learn to develop their own unique style, whether it be
commission for Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) and was
within the intricacies of prosthetics or the delicacy of beauty make-up.
recognized by ACCSC as a School of Distinction. The Los Angeles
campus has since received two 5-year terms of accreditation. The
Accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Career
Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), MUD main campuses
are located in the heart of the entertainment and fashion
ACCSC has also recognized the school as a School of
students learn to
develop their own unique
capitals. The LA campus can be found in downtown
style, whether it be within the
of Burbank, California, home of some of the biggest
intricacies of prosthetics
Merit in 2008 and a School of Excellence in 2013.
The 2005 opening of the New York campus lead
to accreditation from ACCSC in 2007 and was
recognized as a 2009 School of Distinction.
or the delicacy of beauty
NY Campus Reaches New Heights
The New York MUD campus is on
up to 26 students. The entire 15th
its way to the top – or at least to
floor will incase the school’s learning
the 15th floor. The school’s new
space with separate lounges for
home address at 65 Broadway
students and teachers and a beautiful
sits within the original American
view of the city for inspiration.
Express Building.
students will enjoy the upgraded
Recently securing the renovated
technology enhancements and for
space about a mile and a half from
easy access, the campus store will
the current site, the new school
be conveniently located within the
space will allow accommodations
center of the campus.
additional classrooms and a host
Renovations are underway and while
of amenities. The spacious special
the move will officially take place
effects classroom includes about
around early summer, classes will
954 square feet of workspace for
continue to resume as scheduled.
Life cast and
forearms were
done in alginate. The
alginate casts were
removed and filled with
White Hydrocal Plaster.
The front half of
the upper torso
cast was molded in
plaster bandages. The
front half of the cast was
sectioned into six pieces
making it easier to create
the fiberglass copy of the
Creating Exor was an amazing opportunity for our graduate
team. The size and scope of this project really gave our grads
the experience of making a character for film or television. Exor
was a labor of love and the final product was everything we had
planned and more.
The completed
fiberglass copy
of the actor’s body was
created by laying fiberglass
and epoxy resin into each
section of the mold. Front
and back sections were
joined together working
through the openings in
the arm and torso sections
on the front of the mold.
This character was complex for a number of reasons. To start,
the head was a silicone gel filled appliance, the muscle suite
was foam latex, the armor was latex and poly foam and the
hands were again silicone gel filled appliances. All of these
products had to work seamlessly together to make the creature
come to life. I decided to make the armor as a separate element
from the muscle suit as you would for a movie character. This
required 2 complete upper torso sculptures and 3 upper torso
The muscle suit
was sculpted on
the actor’s fiberglass body
mold in Water base WED
molds. The teeth for the character were designed to sit outside
the performer’s mouth in front of his lips. This required a very
special set of dentures constructed by Thad Whitley owner of
Dental Distortions. The hands for the character were 4 finger
designs with 9 inch fingers and a thumb on both sides. This
design required self-contained mechanical hands worn by the
performer that had mechanisms built into the elongated fingers
that bent the upper finger joints as the lower joints moved. In
addition a small cable and additional joint mechanisms were
used to move the extra thumb on the other side of the hand.
The costume for the design was also a challenge. The skirt
alone had over 150 separate panels and elements. The last part
of complexity was the custom made electronic lighting system
that was embedded in the armor. A huge thank you goes out
to Michael Westmore Jr., Michael literally created circuit boards
and custom wireless control boards just for this project. The 4
different light arrays in the armor each had 20 LED lights built
The muscle suit
sculpture was
molded in silicone to
create a fiberglass copy
of the muscles needed
to sculpt the armor. After
the silicone mold was
removed the muscle suit
sculpture was molded
again in fiberglass.
in to them. These light arrays were controlled wirelessly on the
spot to create dozens of colors and lighting sequences. Lastly I
would like to thank Alex Crawford, our talented performer, who
brought the character to life.
I would like to thank our MUD instructor Karrieann Sillay Heisner
for her dedication and artistry in helping to make this character
a reality. I would also like to thank our MUD graduates Eugenia
Fernandez, Ashley Tyne, Tamika Clark, and Jocelyn Alcazar
who volunteered their time to help with all stages of this project.
The finished copy
of the muscle suit
sculpture ready to sculpt
the armor on.
The armor
sculpture was
completed on the
fiberglass mold. A
fiberglass mold was
made of the completed
The fingers of the character
were almost 9 inches long.
A fiberglass glove that the actor
wore was fabricated with mechanical
linkages. The actor would operate
the lower joints of the fingers and
the linkages would in turn bend
the upper finger joints. A cable and
linkage was also used to move the
thumb on the other side of the hand.
Several test
fittings were
required to make sure the
hand mechanics worked
Model parts and
tubing were used
to create detail in the
The hand
sculptures were
sculpted in oil based clay.
There are 2 of the actor’s
fingers in the 2 center
fingers. Mechanical parts
were fabricated to move
the long fingers and the
thumbs on the other side
of the hands.
The foam latex body suit
was painted with Rubber
Cement Paint, PAX paint and
alcohol paints for fine detail.
The silicone gel filled
head appliance was
painted with a silicone paint
system and alcohol paints for
fine detail.
Detail of the
palm of the
hand sculpture.
The sculpture
for the head was
done in oil base clay. A 3
section fiberglass mold
was made of the head.
dentures with
teeth that fit over the
lips were created for the
Karrieann Sillay Heisner & Karl Zundel
MUD Alumni on SyFy’s Reality Series Face Off
Nicholas Gonzalez, Cat Paschen and Bethany Serpico
his year Make-Up Designory’s Alumni Nicholas Gonzalez (MUD LA), Cat Paschen
(MUD LA) and Bethany Serpico (MUD NY) were selected to compete amongst
11 other contestants on SyFy’s television reality show, Face Off. Face Off is a
competition/elimination series that explores the world of special make-up effects
artists. Each episode presents the contestants with a theme and a challenge to create
extraordinary pieces of work in a very limited timeframe. Actress McKenzie Westmore, of the
Westmore family dynasty whose name is synonymous with the make-up effects field, hosts
the reality series. The panel of judges included some of SFX world’s most celebrated figures—
multiple Academy-Award winner Ve Neill (The Hunger Games, Pirates of the Caribbean,)
industry veteran Glenn Hetrick (CSI: New York, Heroes, Legion) and creature designer Neville
Page (Avatar, Prometheus). World-renowned Hollywood make-up artist Michael Westmore
(Star Trek) serves as the contestant mentor.
To celebrate the casting of our Alumni, Make-Up Designory hosted a live viewing party of
Face Off’s season premier. Guests included MUD’s CEO Tate Holland, Director of Education
Paul Thompson, MUD LA’s school Director Gil Romero, VP Karl Zundel along with Niko, Cat,
school instructors, current students, friends and family. All were there to show their support
for the MUD grads, the make-up artist community and fellow cast members.
We asked Gil Romero, School Director for MUD Los Angeles what he thought of the
opportunity Face Off gives MUD students and graduates:
“Face Off is the perfect platform to have our graduates demonstrate their developing talents.
It allows them to showcase not only to industry professionals, but to everyone fascinated
by the make-up effects world. Bethany, Cat and Niko are highly motivated and extremely
creative. Our mission as a school is to give them the training, knowledge and support to
succeed in this industry. We are very proud of each of our students and graduates, and the
hard work they put in to build a fulfilling career.”
Without the education
and support I received
from Make-Up Designory
I would never have made
it on the show.
Cat Paschen
Special effects: Niko Gonzalez
Niko Gonzalez & Cat Pashen
Special effects: Bethany Serpico
We then asked Cat and Niko to give us some insight into their experience.
What was your overall Face Off experience like?
Cat: Over all, it was an amazing, once in a life time kind of experience. I still cannot believe
that it all happened. Even though it was the most stressful and hardest challenge I have
faced, I still feel lucky to have been a part of such an amazing show and to have met such
an amazing group of people.
Niko: It was great, I really enjoyed every moment of it. I got to meet a lot of great people
and had the chance to create things I never imagined I could do. This was one of the best
Special effects: Cat Pashen
experiences of my life, I would definitely do it again.
What is your advice to aspiring contestants and, or make-up artists?
Cat: My advice to any aspiring make-up artist or contestants is: you can achieve your
dream, no matter what it is, as long as you work hard for it. I do believe that hard work pays
off in the end and I am living proof of that. Practice, research and learn as much as you can
to reach your goals.
Niko: If you really want to do this work hard, learn from your mistakes and always practice
to become a well-rounded make-up artist. It takes discipline to be successful.
Anything else you’d like to add?
Cat: Without the education and support I received from Make-Up Designory I would never
have made it on the show. MUD really helped to prepare me for the challenges we faced.
Niko: Having a great education from MUD really helped me in this industry. I didn’t realize
I had this talent inside of me and that I would love make-up so much until I followed my
dream, moved to LA and attended MUD.
Special effects: Niko Gonzalez
Niko Gonzalez
Hollywood of the
Middle East
MUD Studio Cairo - Egypt
Make-Up Designory has finally launched in Egypt, the capital for the vast majority of the
MUD offers. MUD’s highly regarded educational curriculum is being offered to Egypt’s
Arab world’s early movies. Between the 1930s and the 1960s, the ‘Hollywood of the Middle
make-up enthusiasts and industry professionals.
East’ Arabic film industry operating out of Cairo was at its height: it was the ‘Golden Age’ of
cinema. It produced hundreds of black & white comedies, melodramas and romances, that
For the last 10 years, Morshed has been the key make-up artist of more than 25 movies, 28
are still enjoyed and watched over and over again by generations old and new.
TV series, 6 broadcasting channels aired all over the world, along with TV commercials and
some of the biggest fashion events in Egypt, not to mention the bridal industry. By his side,
MUD Studio Cairo was launched by Mahmound Morshed,
Ragaa Ghazi, with over 10 years of international experience
renowned make-up artist with over 20 years of experience
in the USA has brought to the school the latest trends of the
in the industry of make-up artistry. His passion for make-
make-up industry. Ragaa is a licensed cosmetologist from
up was inherited from his grandfather Ramadan Imam, one
Los Angeles California, with the passion for make-up and
of the founders of make-up artistry in Egypt. Morshed is
hair. Ragaa’s background varies from bridal make-up to injury,
a strong believer of the brand and was introduced to it by
special effects such as aging and prosthetic make-up.
coincidence on a work trip to Slovenia. He instantly fell in
love with the quality of products and since then he has never
Today, becoming a professional make-up artist in Egypt, with
used anything except MUD. What encouraged Morshed to
an international certification is simple. MUD Studio Cairo is
open a MUD Studio in Egypt was not only the quality of MUD
located at 18, Goal Gamal St. from Gama’at El Dowal St.,
as a make-up brand, but also the quality of education that
Beautiful Cairo
2nd Floor.
Flawless application with airbrush
Ragaa Ghazi at Cairo Festival City
MUD Studio Cairo
[email protected]
Mahmound Morshed
Creating wedding make-up at MUD Studio
Working on set
New Make-up
Approach in Ukraine
MUD Courses in Kharkov - Ukraine
What do most Europeans know about Ukraine? “It is somewhere, not far from Russia.”
Ukraine – one of the largest European countries, occupies more than 600,000 square
kilometers and is the second largest country in Europe with over 45 million residents.
Full of a variety of talent in art, science and sports, Ukrainians have changed the world’s
view of the country that is often hard to locate without a map. Ukraine’s history is full of
dramatic and tragic events, although not long ago, they began writing a different story
on their own of victory and triumph. But as all artists know, beauty and art can never be
stopped. The idea of the US-born Make-Up Designory has grown abroad to a number of
countries and continents including the Ukraine.
Located within the historical center of
Kharkov, the first capital of Ukraine,
the retail location that provides a
variety of MUD products is just two
steps from the Freedom Square – the
largest square in Europe.
Elizaveta Kudryashova from MUD Europe conducting a presentation for MUD Ukraine make-up artists
Freedom Square, Kharkov
Working closely with a talented MUD Europe
team, instructors conducted several workshops
that have peaked the interest of Ukrainian makeup artists and potential new artists.
The first location to provide make-up artistry
opportunity to attend training programs geared
for future make-up artists – a career that
provides lots of opportunities to work with film
stars and celebrities worldwide.
Testing airbrush around the class
Courses in the Ukraine give a cross-cultural vibe
of ideas as the instructors conduct seminars in
different countries all over the world. Courses and seminars will be hosted by MUD artists
within the upcoming year so that make-up artists will have the opportunity to network and
collaborate on new ideas from other artists from around the world.
The geographical location
of the Kharkov makes it
convenient for the studio to
Ekaterina Bondarenko, MUD Ukraine make-up artist
work with make-up artists
from surrounding countries.
In the near future, MUD
Ukraine plans to hold several
spread the art of beauty.
MUD Ukraine
+38 (057) 755-1-777
[email protected]
Students tested new technique on the model
Paul Thompson
Director of Education
Tell us more about your typical day.
As a make-up artist I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my career. One of the things we teach faculty
members of MUD is that we want them to live by certain standards. These standards are the
qualities and traits of great teachers. I’ve studied great teachers, but a lot came from learning
from mistakes I made early on in my career. When I followed the standards I was creating, I saw
better results.
Every day is a little different from the next; I am traveling a lot right now. I work very closely
with our educational partners to ensure MUD’s core philosophies and principles are followed. I
also spend time talking with our teachers and different partners across the world and in the US
making sure they are supported and have what they need from us. I’m currently in the process
developing curriculum, providing training for new teachers and producing educational videos
and content for use online by our faculty and students. And on the top of that, I’m rewriting our
Beauty textbook.
What advice would you give young Paul?
I thought about this a little while ago. The best advice that I would give to a young version
of me is “be careful of being too trusting” and “be cautious”. Early on in my career I was too
trusting with everyone.
Is the day long enough for all the projects you run?
No, not at all. I try to prioritize my projects every day. With so many things happening at once,
I plan certain times for different things. For example, I try to write for the first two hours of the
morning. Whether it is curriculum or the textbook, I need to make sure I allocate time each day.
If you were completely unleashed, would you recognize that person?
I am that unleashed person right now. I throw so much energy and passion into what
I do; it is hard to turn it off. I am extremely positive and truly believe we can achieve
anything we set our mind too. So when I go into a classroom, I am passionate and full of
energy. It is not enough for me to simply teach the student, the student must learn. So I give
each student everything I have to help them learn. By the end of the day you find yourself
mentally and emotionally spent. You go home and find yourself in front of the TV, because
you don’t want to talk to anybody else, you gave it all. So that’s kinda how I am. When I’m in
that environment, when I’m in the moment, I’m giving them my all. I want it to be great. I
don’t have all the answers to make MUD huge, but I know where my strengths are, so I push
very hard in those areas to make the company better. So, with all of our schools around the
world that are teaching our curriculum, I make sure those teachers share my passion and
philosophy. I encourage them to throw all of their energy and passion into it and love what
they do. I want all of our students to benefit from this level of effort and attention. Basically
I ask the same thing from our teachers that I ask of myself.
So, you have an agenda every day to organize tasks that are waiting for you?
(smile) I wake up in the morning and I manage a list of all the big, big things I need to get
done and from there I try to prioritize. I try to tackle as many of them as possible. The funny
thing about today and technology is that we are so connected—you plan your day and till the end
of your day you’re being stretched. It may be that a person in a classroom 3000 miles away is
having a problem, so I stop what I’m doing and start resolving the issue.
Do you have assistants that can relieve you?
I do have help; just not an assistant per se. I did have an assistant once, she was brilliant,
highly motivated and I miss her badly. The challenge is that my work is very dynamic and
involves a lot of faculty training for our partners around the world. The training that we do is
somewhat unique with each partner. We custom tailor each certification course to meet the
requirements of the school and the faculty members we are training. Currently, MUD Los
Angeles instructors Marianne Toccalino and David Langford have been very helpful with this
process. Rita Botelho is our Director of Operations for all of our school partners. She has taken
on so much; she has really helped clear my plate so I can focus. Our company is growing so
quickly that I am relying more and more on the team of people around me.
In all the years that you’ve taught and witnessed students do well in the
business, have you seen people change because of their success?
What makes you happy?
I love what I do, I love to teach. I marry the love of teaching with the passions in my life,
make-up and art.
I do know a lot of famous make-up artists that are graduates of MUD. But, there really isn’t
a lot of “fame” in make-up, just great work. When I see students that are really successful, I see
happiness, more than I see ego. They tend to remember where they came from and the love of
what they are doing.
I think the best people in any type of work don’t have big egos. I have run into the biggest
names and they were the ones that were just so gracious and so wonderful.
Do you feel completely fulfilled?
Why do some make-up artists seem so snooty?
Oh, completely. I feel very lucky to do what I do. I often say you can’t do this for the money,
you have to do it for the love, money will come. If you put your heart, your soul into this, it will
just come. That passion has evolved for me. I started teaching early on in my career in different
schools. I taught in UCLA for a while, I taught in couple of other make-up schools, and also in
seminars. I loved it so much that I really grew with it.
I honestly think it boils down to insecurities. A good friend of mine, his name is Beto
Franca, is probably the most prolific MUA in Brazil. The work he does is spot on, gorgeous, just
phenomenal make-up work.
He is the most humble, nicest person. He talks about his make-up like it’s just his work.
When he came to study special make-up effects with us, his interaction with the students was
not “I am a make-up artist and I’ve been in this business for 30 years and I’m fantastic,” it was
“oh my gosh, what project are you working on; oh, what’s happening over here...” He was so
excited about what everyone was doing in that class, so curious and down to earth and willing to
help the students. That’s what I see when I see a very secure MUA. They have nothing to prove,
nothing to go on about.
So, you find your pleasure in work?
Yes for sure, I am a workaholic. I’m not a workaholic because I hate it.
Do you have free time?
Yes I do, I absolutely do. I probably should take some time off here and there more often.
I really love my family; I enjoy spending time with them, so when I have that free time I take
full advantage of it. In addition, you need down time to stay creative in this industry and to stay
creative as a teacher, you have to be a fan of what you’re teaching. I’m a fan of movies and TV
shows, I’m a fan of make-up in general. I just think make-up is cool, and I’m a fan of teaching
as well. Nothing excites me more than seeing someone teach a class really well!
Do you learn from your students?
Of course. In the classroom you learn from every single mistake a student makes. And
sometimes there are such crazy mistakes, that you are like “oh my god, I could use this for
something else” or, “I have never ever seen that happen in person, ever.” So, often times I am
experiencing things that would take me a lifetime to learn. As they work and as they grow as
artists they start to bring great ideas to the table. They start to do things that maybe we had never
thought of.
Is that an achievement for you, when students do well?
Yes, you’re a good teacher when you consider your accomplishments to be a student’s success.
When a student succeeds, it’s a strange feeling, you feel like a proud parent. It’s a bit of an
addictive feeling. I have two daughters and I’m proud of both of them, I love them, every day they
make me proud –it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. These are just some of the rewards of being
a parent. But as a teacher, you get to feel this every so often, so every time you hear a student
does extremely well, or does something great, or even just accomplishes something great in the
classroom, you get this proud feeling. They really did it! And they did it because of the hard work
they put in and how you guided them and how you inspired them. It is an amazing experience. So
I think that’s also why people get into teaching. It’s because this feeling is addictive, you want to
feel that you are contributing to a greater good in some way. My greater good is making make-up
artists, so make-up artists can make prettier people and we have pretty people all over the world
(laughs). But, on a side note, we’re doing something else as teachers at Make-up Designory. We
are helping people achieve their dreams. We are helping them achieve something they didn’t
know was entirely possible. And we’re guiding them to a place that, without us, they may never
ever achieve. And that right there is… that’s the real reward.
Are you dreaming of doing make-up on a face you haven’t done yet? And
who would that be?
No, not really. I love working with people and most of my favorite faces are my favorite because
they were nice people. I still do make-up, even though it’s not in the film industry anymore. My
focus has turned to education and creating the single best educational experience for students.
Don’t get me wrong, I still do a lot of different types of make-up; I just now do it for students and
faculty members. In the film business you are always doing make-up that somebody else wants.
Now, I get to do whatever make-up I want to do—I create my own guidelines and that’s kind of cool.
What is the difference between MUAs from the time you started and today’s
artist? Do you see a difference?
What I am seeing now is that there is a broader respect for make-up artists as a whole. It
used to be, if you worked in film or television, you were a respected make-up artist. All the
other fields that used make-up, whether it be a salon or spa or even retail, didn’t really get that
respect. But now, if you go to a make-up counter, especially a good line, you are getting advice
from a make-up artist.
Cosmetic companies are seeing that there is a value in hiring a make-up artist, someone
who can provide someone with a product and the real knowledge of how to use it. Recently, in
Looking back over the years, was there ever a moment when you felt like “I
should have done that”?
Yeah, all the time actually, yesterday I shouldn’t have stayed up till 3 o’clock in the morning.
We grow when we make mistakes. Failing and making mistakes are just learning events in life.
al deal
Mexico, there has been a change in the way people view make-up artists. Before, there wasn’t
even a term for the profession. It wasn’t art. But now, it is becoming a respected career. We
have a little school in Guadalajara and our challenge there is to change the perspective of what a
make-up artist is in Mexico.
What are the most important attributes every make-up artist should have?
Well, the single most important thing that every make-up artist should possess is a good
attitude. If you don’t have good attitude it is going to be very hard to work in this industry. You
need to be positive, have high energy and just be a team player.
It is so interesting that you started with advising about a good attitude
before talent.
Oh yes! Talent is just another way to say well practiced. As a make-up artist, you need to
practice your art all of the time. You need talent to get your foot in the door and to keep it there.
But, if you have a bad attitude, talent is not enough. People will likely prefer to work with a
talented person with a good attitude. So, I think you should learn your craft and focus on making
sure you’re the best, but attitude – it will waste talent every time.
Paul Thompson, what is next for you?
Right now, my immediate focus is getting our faculty members at all of our Studios and
Partner Schools trained to provide our students with that exceptional education and to inspire
them to be great teachers and great artists. Also, to finish the Beauty textbook and workbook and
create something that is a great representation of MUD. I’d like to see MUD reach a level that we
haven’t seen yet. I am really looking into the future right now and I feel like we are at this point
as a company, ready to take over the world.
I think that once we get to that size, all the other cosmetic companies are going to be
wondering what the heck happened because MUD is the real deal. We started with education and
continue to provide the best make-up education in the world. We did not start with a product
line and then build education around it. It has always been about teaching our students and
helping them into the industry. And, we have grown very, very fast because of that effort.
Do you see yourself as a motivator for the MUD team and not just among
your students?
Yeah, I really try. I mean, my role is mainly in education. But, I try to inspire whomever I am
around. I believe so completely in our company and what we are trying to do. We also work with
a lot of partners around the world and they need to share our vision and our goals. They need
to be inspired, so I will often find myself in that role. Our faculty members, which I think there
may be as many as 90 individuals between all of our schools, are the face of our company. Those
teachers need to believe in this education as I believe in it. They need to inspire our students
to do better, to risk more and to go to extraordinary lengths to succeed. And the only way this
message is getting out is if I preach it every day.
We have so many great people in this company and I want to inspire them to do well and to do
well for our customers. That, I think, is where my strengths lie.
MUD is the real deal. We started
with education and continue
to provide the best make-up
education in the world. We did
not start with a product line and
then build education around it.
It has always been about teaching
our students and helping them
into the industry.
Great. You have such a power—you’ve convinced me. I didn’t believe in this
story about 2 years ago. But now, every day I believe more.
You know I want to spread the word to our partners; I want to spread the message of what
MUD is and how you can grow your own business. Our founding philosophies revolve around
treating the student as the customer. Create an exceptional educational experience for the
student and treat them with a high level of respect. Treat the student fairly, honestly and truly
care about the students’ success – and, the business will grow.
Ok, great. It was really a pleasure. Thank you.
My pleasure, you’re welcome.
LA Lead Make-up Artist
Beauty Beyond Borders
You may recognize his face from the MUD video tutorials, but Sean
Conklin is out to do more than show you how to get the smoky eye. As a
MUD veteran and graduate, Sean has taken on a new role to help MUD
clients get the product knowledge support they need.
The MUD Studio concept was conceived to bring Make-Up Designory’s
highly regarded make-up education and professional brand of cosmetics
to locations worldwide. The studio courses are built from the same
curriculum that comprise the longer programs at MUD, but are broken
up into smaller modules. These studio courses can be taken separately
or combined, giving the student the option to transfer their education to
one of MUD’s Main Campuses in New York or Los Angeles in the US.
So far, Sean has travelled to MUD locations both in the US and internationally to help
educate schools, distributors and artists on MUD’s full color cosmetic line. Traveling to
tradeshows and other events on the east and west coast, Guatemala, England and South
Africa, Sean looks forward to a busy year supporting MUD partners.
So what are some of the most talked about topics no matter where he is in the world?
“Everyone wants to know what the latest trends are, how to create the perfect smoky eye
and of course living in L.A., what celebrities I’ve worked on,” say Sean.
When he’s not traveling the world, spreading the word about the benefits of MUD products,
Sean can be found in the corporate office working with the Product Development Manager,
doing vigorous product testing while working with Sales and Marketing.
When it comes to success, Sean’s number one piece of advice for aspiring artists is to
stay professional and dress to impress. “First impressions are important. Know the latest
trends and know your competition. While on set, befriend everyone since you never know
who you may work with in the future and most importantly, smile!”
MUD partners are encouraged to contact their sales rep to request training at their site
with Sean for extensive training on MUD products for their students or staff.
As the MUD brand grows globally, MUD Studios are expanding to countries like Italy, Egypt,
Belgium, Slovenia, Nigeria, Guatemala and Mexico. These retail and classroom facilities bring
both the MUD retail and educational experiences together. From Studio Courses that certify
artists upon completion, to smaller workshops for the general consumer, MUD Studios are
founded on a great business model for any beauty industry professional. Studio owners are
provided with all the tools they need to provide the very best training in make-up artistry such
as kits, certificates, instructor training, online faculty support and curricula.
 Watch: Make-Up Artist
Profile Sean Conklin 
For information on how to obtain an application to join the MUD family, either as a Studio,
Retailer or Distributor, visit mudopportunities.com, or email at [email protected]
 Watch: Pink, Peach Summer
Colors - Evening Make-up 
William De Ridder
& MUD Belgium
the Perfect Beauty Combination
Bruges, Belgium
There are few places that somehow manage to get under your skin and
others that work their way into your heart, even if it’s love at first sight.
Bruges is that kind of a place. A warm, cozy place that makes every visitor comfortable, Bruges is a city of a wealthy history earning its title as a
Unesco World Heritage site.
Top notch hairstylist
In the heart of the city, you will find one of Bruges’ top hair salons, popularly known as
William De Ridder. The success of the salon lies in giving every customer VIP treatment
by the closely knit style team that offers top notch hair cutting and styling services. The
popular address is the home of style and glamour for clientele that ranges from every day
customers, models and fashion industry professionals.
William’s salon and academy
Most talented hair academy
Williams’ creations and skills can also be seen within his academy located in the same
building. His academy provided first-class instruction in the art of hairstyling at top
international shows in Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Lisbon, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. William
De Ridder, along with his team of instructors make up the most talented hairdressing
academy in Belgium and is booked by top photographers, and Belgian fashion designers
such as one of the country’s most prominent designers, Nicky Vankets.
MUD partnership
Since 2013, Make-Up Designory has been added to the exclusive brands offered by the
salon. His complete staff has finished their intensive MUD training to ensure that customers
receive the same service and product knowledge that they would get at any MUD location.
In addition to the beauty advice and retail experience, customers can enjoy any of the
enrichment classes. For those looking to get an in-depth look into the world of make-up
artistry, the Pro courses are available at the Williams Academy starting in September.
Courses will be taught by the Belgian MUD team of make-up artists.
William De Ridder
Braambergstraat 14
8000 Brugge
050 344 257
MUD courses:
William De Ridder
Smedenstraat 6
8000 Brugge
050 341 919
“Everyone melted when she sang!”
Irena Preda
It was an honor to talk to the outstanding opera singer Irena Preda. With her career path
already successful and rising, Irena is modestly aware that there is still a lot to be done. I was
mesmerized with her story and very impressed with her expertise in linguistic expression
as well as her remarkable sense for music of all genres.
The amazingly talented singer hails from the city of Ljubljana. She performs constantly and
has so far performed all across Europe as well as China, India, Israel and Sri Lanka.
Her vocal studies began in Ljubljana and only a few years later, she was offered a place at the
renowned Trinity College of Music in London, where she studied with esteemed teachers
and singers and graduated with distinction. While studying singing, she also took acting
with acting greats like Jeremy Irons, Imelda Staunton and Jonathan Pryce.
Two days after she graduated, she made her stage debut in the title role of Bizet’s opera
Carmen and has since performed before Queen Elizabeth II., at the World EXPO in Shanghai
and at the Westminster Cathedral. Her recent performances include concerts in Prague, Tel
Aviv, Mumbai and the Houses of Parliament in London, a recital in Edinburgh, starring in
the critically acclaimed play All together now!, as well as making her Slovenian National
Opera debut and she is currently preparing for her first performance in the US this coming
May, when she gives a recital at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.
- Dina Vobic
HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
“What a wonderful voice! Maravillosa!”
Montserrat Caballé
How would you describe the essence of feminine energy and where do you draw upon it
The essence of a woman is most beautiful when it is a sum of several elements. In my eyes it is a
combination of grace, elegance, self-confidence and above all, kindness. On the stage I draw upon
them from the characters I portray. They often face great personal trials and turmoil, most of which can
also resonate with women today.
I am, in life in general, inspired by the incredible women I am surrounded with. First and foremost my
mother and the memories of my two amazing grandmothers as well as my wonderful friends who are
admirable artists, doctors, teachers, diplomats, social activists, mothers and sometimes even all this at
once. Nature, physical activity - swimming, tai chi and dancing - and meditation are also important to
me for maintaining a good energy level. I surround myself with things that bring me joy, be it spending
time with my family, friends, seeing a good concert, play, a ballet or contemporary dance performance
- all these enrich me and enable me to then share this energy when I am on stage.
Your stage presence is simply impossible to miss. How important is a good connection with
the audience to you?
It is the most important thing, the very basis of any good performance for me. I cannot imagine doing
justice to my calling without it. Without communication there is no relationship. In its absence we would
be mere figures which might look nice and possess an impressive technique, but would do nothing to
move you. We spend years training, improving, striding to reach a level that will best enable us to relay
the stories of our characters, the music, the poetry all with but one ambition: to bring joy to the people
sitting in the auditorium or listening to all this amazing music at home. I want the audience to feel what
my character is going through, not just hear it. I want them to be in the character’s journey, to relate
to them almost involuntarily. When I feel that they are with me in my every breath, every nuance of a
phrase, then I feel a sense of completion. Those moments are priceless.
Where do you draw inspiration for your incredible interpretations?
The inspiration most often arises from the story itself. When it comes to music, the life story of a poet or
composer can also offer great insight into how a certain piece of music came to be and that can greatly
define the way I approach a particular song. I love movies and can sometimes easily draw parallels
between the characters in the opera and the films. However, I find that what works best for me is to try
and find things that could correlate in my life and my own experience.
Which of the roles in your repertoire do you relate to the most?
I try to find something to relate to in every role that I portray. I love Tatyana from Eugene Onegin who
transforms from an innocent girl into a very graceful and dignified woman. I really enjoyed Carmen as
well, as I loved playing a temperamental woman who is self-assured and since the role includes some
dancing as well, it was especially fun.
Who in the music world was your greatest influence?
The first name that comes to mind, naturally, is the legendary soprano Montserrat Caballé. However,
I have to say that my teachers are right up there with her. I am grateful to them for recognizing in
me someone worth investing in. They shared their knowledge in such a way that best built me into
who I am today. Firstly, Pia Brodnik, my teacher from Ljubljana, whom I studied with before going to
Trinity College of Music in London and later on, my teachers at Trinity. I must also emphasize that
other singers, pianists, conductors and theory teachers all contributed to an incredibly supportive and
collaborative environment. Add to that the vast variety of musical performances and other arts that are
constantly available when living in a metropolis like London and I cannot imagine a better springboard
for a young musician.
What other genre aside from opera do you enjoy?
Quite a bit of it, naturally, is opera and art song, as well as some concertos and symphonies. As I
mentioned, I like various types of music, everything from blues from way back in the 20’s and 30’s
to contemporary classical minimalism. There are staples that are always on my playlist in some way.
Albums by artists like Nina Simone, Leonard Cohen, Sarah Vaughan, Keith Jarrett, Miles Davis, Roberta
Flack, Jill Scott, Common, Motown etc. Lately I mostly play new albums by Gregory Porter, N’Toko and
the amazing Swedish jazz singer Emilia Martensson. As much as I enjoy listening to music, nothing
compares to seeing a great artist perform live!
Would you say that good make-up can enhance femininity? And if so, in what way?
Absolutely. Not only can it enhance it but at times bring it out altogether. A lot more happens in the
make-up room than just adding paint onto a face. It is often that final but crucial part of creating a
character that helps me turn into someone else and walk on stage as someone completely different
than I was perhaps just a moment before. It also helps cover up tiny imperfections or remnants of a
busy schedule as well as adding to a posture of confidence. I am fortunate that my profession enables
me to enjoy the benefits of working with the very best make-up artists in the field. Most performances,
particularly those in opera, are a result of team work, of which highly skilled make-up artists are an
absolutely essential part.
How long do the preparations – make-up and styling – take before you step on stage? Is that
a time of relaxation for you or do you use it to prepare mentally?
It usually takes between two to four hours, though depending on how intricate the costume and makeup of the character is, or if for instance, a wig fitting is involved, it can take much longer.
Mental preparations start taking place much earlier. I tend to have a clear vision of how I wish the entire
performance to look many weeks, sometimes months in advance. On the day of the performance,
however, I like to allow plenty of time for all the necessary preparations. Having a well organized
professional team around ensures an environment with no need for stress and insecurity. A peaceful
environment is very important for good preparation. I like to be completely ready and done with
everything at least forty-five minutes before going on stage.
Which make-up item is never missing from your cosmetic bag?
Mascara, blush and at least one shade of lipstick. I always keep moisturizer and lip ointment close at
hand as well.
What’s your favorite Make-Up Designory item?
The quality of MUD products is outstanding. My favorite item at the moment is the cream foundation,
which has a high percentage of pigment. It comes particularly in handy when I am pressed for time as it
not only discreetly covers imperfections but also provides a great foundation for further applications. It
is just one of the many excellent MUD products that help me achieve my desired look on a daily basis.
What does your usual day look like?
I try to maintain certain rituals. Sometimes more, sometimes less successfully. (laughs) I start the day
with breathing exercises and very gradual warming up. At times I wait until I feel that the body is fully
awake before beginning to speak and warming up the voice. I do Tai Chi and Qi Gong in the first light
of day and whenever possible I go swimming in the morning as I find that it infuses my entire day with
a certain positive attitude and enthusiasm for work.
Breakfast is usually followed by more advanced warm up exercises and then I start going through the
repertoire. Depending on what I have set up for the day, I either study new repertoire, take meetings,
go to rehearsals - sometimes two or three in a day - have lunch with friends or colleagues or just stay
in the practice room and enjoy exploring the music in depth.
How do you take care of your voice and your health, especially in winter months?
I take care that I keep warm when the temperatures are low, spend limited time outside when it is very
cold, particularly when I have performances or lots of travelling coming up. I watch that the food I eat
is not too taxing on the body. I love herbal teas. I either pick the herbs myself whenever possible or
the kind people in my life supply me with them. If I feel that my immune system needs an additional
boost, I simply increase the intake of vitamin-and-fiber-rich foods through various types of smoothies.
Naturally, I also pamper myself with the right dose of guilty pleasures just for the sake of balance.
I enjoy spending time outdoors very much. The connection with nature and meditation are a great
source of both calm and energy for me. Other than that, spending time with my friends and my family
is vital. And dancing - lots and as often as possible! (laughs)
Photo: Miha Fras
Photo: Andrej Križ
Next to opera I greatly enjoy the very different, more intimate setting of performing art songs. I enjoy
collaborations, working with a partner, exchanging ideas, finding a common voice. Such partnership is
absolutely essential in chamber music.
Outside of classical music my musical roots are primarily in soul music and many of its various
expressions. I love neo-soul, jazz and really good hip-hop. I enjoy a good album, be it jazz, blues, world
music, folk, rock, pop – the best ones tend to transcend their genres in any case.
I do my best to maintain an open mind though having very limited spare time renders me increasingly
more selective. A long time ago I sang in a blues band for a short while, later on, while studying in
London, I loved singing in a gospel choir and working with a tango quintet, but nowadays I don’t really
have the time to seriously dedicate myself to another genre. But if Stevie Wonder calls… (laughs)
What’s on your music player at the moment?
With legendary soprano Montserrat Caballé
As Nina in “Love Capital”
at Slovenian National Opera and Ballet
Stadium performance before 22.000 people
Photo: Andrej Križ
Photo: Carolina Varela
A magical moment with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
In concert
On stage with conductor Evan Christ and violinist Julian Rachlin
Introducing MUD’s New Lip Colors That Make a Statement
The new, vivacious colors that can transform your look from fun to fabulous are making their way within
the MUD lip color collection. These rich, luscious hues go on smooth while the pinks, oranges and reds
show off a proud to be loud attitude that is sure to draw a crowd.
Make-Up Designory Los Angeles
129 S. San Fernando Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91502
Make-Up Designory New York
375 W Broadway # 202
New York, NY 10012
Make-Up Designory Europe
Rimska cesta 13,
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU
00 386 1 6200 348
 facebook.com/makeupdesignory
 [email protected], [email protected]
 www.mudshop.com
 www.mudeurope.com
MUD’s New
Unstoppable Lip Colors How to perfectly apply Lipstick?
The new, vivacious colors that can transform your look from fun to fabulous are making their way within the MUD lip color collection. These
rich, luscious hues go on smooth while the pinks, oranges and reds
show off a proud to be loud attitude that is sure to draw a crowd.
“We looked at the current trends and created a
line of lipsticks that blended today’s looks with
a sense of timeless color. The versatility of the
To apply Lip Pencil, start
at the cupid’s bow and
work outward for a defined
line for more natural look
color tones give every woman an opportunity to
choose her shade.”
The magic of the new lip colors just doesn’t happen
Development Manager will tell you. From customer
requests to marketing research, discovering the perfect
shade is just the beginning of the process of announcing
the grand finalists to join the MUD lip color line.
Once the shades are chosen, the MUD stamp of approval is only given after weeks of
product testing to ensure that they meet the highest of professional standards. This is
where the meticulous eye of Reich catches the details that aren’t recognizable to the
general consumer’s eye.
What undertone does the shade draw out?
Using a #310 Lip Brush, load
both sides of the brush and
begin the application on the
outer corner of the top lip.
Lay the brush and hug the outer
lip line, gliding the Lipstick to the
center of the lip. Flip the brush over
and repeat on the other side.
How smooth is the application?
How versatile is this shade for various skin tones and how does it fall into place with
existing lipstick shades?
These are just a few of the questions that need a definite answer before making the final
cut. But now, without further ado, we introduce to you the new Satin shades of the MUD
lip color collection.
The seduction of Burlesque brings a warm, yet mysterious powerEYE
lip that
Reload the brush
and use the same
technique on the
lower lip and fill in.
commands attention.
The gentle, lady-like hue of Charm brings out the ease of confidence that
needs no formal introduction. It simply shows up.
Let’s face it, everyone loves a Flirt. The allure of this hue is the absolute,
undeniable wink of pink.
A hint of red glamour with a youthful vibe makes Lucky the perfect lip color
for a fresh new look.
The electric, dramatics of Idol brings rock star authority with a feminine
This magenta hue makes no apologies for its audaciousness.
For a beautiful shine, use
a Lip Gloss or Lip Glaze
to complete the look.
Soleil brings the heat with a sultry, bronzing hint of orange. This coral shade
is a great pick-me- up to a natural look that needs a little spark.
For mate effect use
Cheek Color or Zero
Loose Powder.
The Basics: A lightweight pressed powder
foundation that can be applied wet or dry
to create a silky, smooth finish. Use dry
for a soft matte look or damp for more
coverage. The lightweight, talc-free formula
works beautifully with all skin tones.
The Basics: From a sheer natural look to a
flawless full-coverage finish, these versatile
Cream Foundations are easy to apply and
hold up beautifully under the most extreme
conditions. Formulated for ultra-smooth
blending and application. Find your perfect
match and use it alone, or blend colors like
the pros to achieve a specific skin tone.
WB 2
WB 3
WB 4
WB 5
CB 2
CB 3
CB 4
CB 5
YG 1
YG 2
YG 3
GY 1
GY 2
GY 3
DW 5
DC 5
The Basics: A finely-milled Loose Powder
that creates a beautifully soft, smooth
finish. So ultra-light, it stays on the skin’s
surface without settling into fine lines. The
silky-smooth formula applies evenly and
comes in a spectrum of delicate tones
from no color at all to a deep, rich brown.
Perfect for setting foundation. A musthave to conquer shine.
Shop Online
USA: www.mudshop.com
EU: www.mudeurope.com
The Basics: Sheer pressed powder Bronzers
add a warm glow to any skin tone. Dust lightly
over the entire face for just a hint of color or
intensify application to create more dramatic
effects. The perfect finishing touch for any look.
The Basics: Creamy, pigment rich correctors
designed to conceal and camouflage skin
imperfections. The ultimate coverup for scars,
blemishes, birthmarks or dark under-eye
circles. Blend with Make-Up Designory’s Cream
Foundations for a flawless, full coverage make-up.
The Basics: Sheer, non-greasy cheek and lip
colors add a fresh glow to the skin. Use alone
to create natural warmth, or over foundation for
a colorful finish. Creates glowing color that appears to radiate naturally through the skin.
The Basics: Versatile powder Cheek Colors
formulated with pigment-rich ingredients for a
smooth, even finish. Available in a spectrum of
beautiful colors – from soft and natural to bright
and bold – that will add warmth and intensity to
all skin tones.
The Basics: Lightweight gel Face Primer works
beautifully with Cream Foundations to create a
flawless, long-lasting finish. Apply directly to the
skin prior to foundation using a sponge or your
fingertips to create an extra smooth surface, or
mix into foundation for a creamier consistency.
The Basics: These refreshing towelettes
leave skin feeling clean while removing all
traces of make-up. No water necessary.
Convenient resealable packet keeps
towelettes moist and ready for use. Perfect
for life on the go.
The Basics: A long-lasting, water-activated liner known for its precision and
versatility. The make-up experts’ choice
that’s perfect for everyday use. Create
subtle or dramatic looks effortlessly with
this professional-quality eyeliner. Go from
a super fine line for everyday wear to a
thicker line for more intensity.
The Basics: Vibrant and silky Eye Colors,
lushly rich with pigments for long-lasting
color. The unique velvet consistency
allows these versatile shadows to glide on
smoothly and evenly – wet or dry. Go wet
for more intense, long-lasting color or to
use as eyeliner.
The Basics: Keep brows groomed and gorgeous
with Brow Fix. This non-flaking gel formula
sweeps on with a brush applicator for maximum
precision and convenience. Squeezable tube is
ideal for use in a professional make-up kit, or to
create sleek brows on the go.
Cream and volumizing
The Basics: Award-winning Cream and Volumizing
Mascaras, rich in pigment for even coverage and lush
with fiber to maximize and lengthen for super-volumizing
results. Brush applicator allows ultra-smooth application
and control for individual users, whether creating a subtle
daytime look or glamorous evening eyes. Squeezable
tube is ideal for professionals and everyday use.
The Basics: Versatile Eye Pencils soft enough
to line the eyes, yet firm enough to define
brows. Color glides on effortlessly, whether
lining eyes precisely or shaping and filling
in brows. Available in natural, pigment-rich
colors to complement every skin tone.
The Basics: Rich, luminous Lip Glosses that
leave lips feeling smooth and hydrated with
radiant shine. They glide on easily, never
leaving lips feeling sticky or heavy. Use these
slick glosses alone for a sheer wash of color
or layer over lipstick to enhance the shade.
The Basics: Luscious Sheer Lipsticks
in an array of translucent colors
compliment skin tone from extra-light
to rich and dark. Ultra-emollient formula
leaves lips feeling soft and supple.
The Basics: Light, emollient Lip Glazes
deliver a burst of sheer, glossy color
that’s smooth and never sticky. Stash the
squeezable tube in a handbag for a quick
sweep of color on the go, or use a brush for
more precise application.
The Basics: Luxurious Satin Lipsticks with
emollient-rich, non-drying formula that
leaves lips feeling soft, smooth and supple.
Provides long-lasting color with a smooth,
opaque matte finish. Available in an
elegant selection of lush, deep colors.
Shop Online
USA: www.mudshop.com
EU: www.mudeurope.com
The Basics: Pigment-rich Lip Pencils soft
enough to shade the entire lip, yet firm
enough to line and define with precision.
The long-lasting color glides on easily to
complement Make-Up Designory’s luscious
lipsticks and glosses. Creamy enough to mix
colors and create your own shade.
round liner
round liner
angle liner
Fine, tapered point is ideal for creating extremely
thin lines when using cream or cake products
Tapered point allows for a precise, even application
Fine, sharp angle is perfect for creating precise,
even lines
shadow blender
Small oval shape works great for Eye Color detail
oval shadow
Flexible oval shape allows for easy color application
shadow fluff
Soft, full oval shape is ideal for blending Eye Color
shadow blender
Dense, soft, short bristles are ideal for creating a
smoky eye
Firm oval shape helps to blend and apply Eye Color
with control
Long, tapered bristles are porous yet soft to the
touch and are ideal for blending Eye Colors
Wide, tapered bristles allow for quick and even
large oval
mini fan mascara
Small, fan-shaped bristles allow for coverage from
the inner corner to the outer edge of the eye
angle liner
Fine angle is ideal for applying cream products to
hard-to-reach areas
Tapered bristles are ideal for creating a precise
lip line
#310s lip - portable
narrow flat
A travel-sized brush for lip line application on the go
Straight, narrow edge is ideal for under the lash
line, for maximum coverage
Dense bristles are soft to the touch and angled for
precise, controlled contouring
cheek contour
Dense, dome-shaped bristles are soft to the touch
and ideal for gently gliding color onto the skin
Straight, tight edge helps to create and blend lines
with precision
Soft fan-shaped bristles are ideal for removing
powder from under the eyes and other hardto-reach areas
wide flat
Ultra-soft bristles remove and deposit powder
products with ease
Squared, flexible bristles are versatile and easy to
manipulate to achieve a variety of character looks
Tapered bristles are ideal for applying cream
products to hard-to-reach areas or for creating a
precise lip line
Ultra-fine bristles blend cream products smoothly
and evenly around the face
The Basics: Trim facial hair, brows and false
eyelashes with these professional stainless
steel manicure scissors.
The Basics: Professional quality, double sided
point tip applicators are a must have for any
make-up kit. The firm, pointed tips allow
for precise application and blending, giving
ultimate control.
The Basics: These finely grained wooden
sticks are ideal for applying MUD’s false
The Basics: These precision-crafted, stainless
steel slant tweezers allow for a perfect grip for
cleaning up around the brow area.
The Basics: These professional quality
stainless steel shears are perfect for
trimming natural or synthetic hair for a
variety character looks.
The Basics: Create perfectly curled lashes with
Make-Up Designory’s professional stainless
steel eyelash curler. The specially designed
arch creates an even curl without creasing.
One replacement silicone pad included.
The Basics: Create flawless lashes using
Make-Up Designory’s individual Disposable
Mascara Wands. Universal to any lash type
with a flexible tip for easy application.
The Basics: Create a flawless, matte
finish using these soft velour puffs.
Specifically designed to pick up and
hold powder for an even application.
Available in packs of 2 or 10.
The Basics: Keep liquids organized and
separated with Make-Up Designory’s
plastic 2oz spray bottles. Conveniently
sized for travel and fits perfectly into any
professional kit or cosmetic bag.
The Basics: This wax coated Disposable
Paper Palette is ideal for easy clean up
in between make-up applications. Use to
mix foundation, lipstick, lip glosses, glazes
together and create quick custom colors.
The Basics: The HD Air System components include
the MAX-3 airbrush, AC-66H Air Compressor and
the airbrush cleaning station. Kits are available with
or without the compressor. Can also be combined
with 22 HD Air shades, many of which have been
formulated to exactly match certain MUD Cream
Foundations, Cheek Colors, Highlights and Shadows.
Also includes six colors for extra versatility when
mixing and color-matching.
The Basics: The CFX/FX wheels are designed for
creating a variety of injuries including cuts and
bruises with a formula designed to hold up under
today’s extreme production environments, these
inovative color wheels will help you achieve a wide
range of unique character looks.
CFX WHEEL #1 - Black, White, Olive Green and
Red. This combination of colors can be used for
cuts, burns and aged injuries such as bruising.
CFX WHEEL #2 - Fresh Bruise, Mustard, Blue
and Maroon. Perfect for making fresh bruises
and injuries.
The Basics: Developed for use with the airbrush
or as a liquid make-up, this silicone-based
formula creates a sheer, beautiful coverage with
a dewy appearance. Works seamlessly with
any MUD cosmetic product. Choose from 22
shades, many of which have been formulated to
match certain MUD Cream Foundations, Cheek
Colors, Highlights and Shadows.
Also includes six colors for extra versatility when
mixing and color-matching. Also available, the
HD AIR Kit with all 22 shades included.
Shop Online
USA: www.mudshop.com
EU: www.mudeurope.com
CB 2
CB 3
CB 5
DW 5
GY 2
GY 3
WB 2
WB 3
YG 1
YG 3
CB 4
WB 4
EXOR step by step
on page 4 & 5
The Basics: From a sheer, light tint to a flawless
full-coverage finish, Make-Up Designory’s series
of cool-to-warm, light-to-medium shades of
cream foundations are versatile and easy to
apply. Formulated for ultra-smooth blending and
application, coverage holds up beautifully under
the most extreme conditions.
The Basics: Creamy Highlights & Shadows are
perfect for contouring cheekbones or sculpting
dimension into the face. Slim the face, minimize
strong features and highlight cheeks or jaw with
these versatile shades.
WB 2
WB 3
WB 4
WB 5
CB 2
CB 3
CB 4
CB 5
The Basics: From a sheer, light tint to a flawless
full-coverage finish, Make-Up Designory’s series
of yellow-green, light-to-dark shades of cream
foundations are versatile and easy to apply.
Formulated for ultra-smooth blending and
application, coverage holds up beautifully under
the most extreme conditions.
The Basics: Creamy, pigment-rich correctors
designed to conceal and camouflage skin
imperfections. The ultimate cover-up for scars,
blemishes, birthmarks or dark under-eye circles.
Use alone or blend with Make-Up Designory’s
Cream Foundations for a flawless, full-coverage
make-up. Available in eight refillable colors.
YG 1
YG 2
YG 3
GY 1
GY 2
GY 3
DC 5
DW 5
The Basics: This durable, uniquely-designed Set
Bag is perfect for organizing all of your make-up
related essentials in one place for easy access.
The large center compartment is surrounded by
handy pockets for storing bottles and cans. A
must-have for every make-up artist.
The Basics: Convenient 8-Hole Palette comes
empty to make it easy to customize any
combination of Make-Up Designory’s refillable
cream products. This reusable, magnetic palette
eliminates the need for disposable, one-use
make-up holders. The experts’ choice for its
versatility and smart design.
The Basics: This custom designed, 3-N-1 Brush
Holder boasts three convenient functions,
each ideal for keeping brushes organized and
protected. Wear it as a waist belt for work on the
go, use it as a stand-up holder for easy access
to tools, or simply roll it up to store your brushes
safely. Durable black belt has a protective flap
and several pouches to hold brushes and other
The Basics: Reusable, stainless steel work
palette is ideal for blending any make-up
product to create custom colors. Use of a
palette also allows the pro to always maintain
hygienic practices.
skin care
make-up primer
The Basics: Note every detail while creating
unique make-ups using MUD’s custom designed
Continuity Face Charts. The porous paper allows
for realistic blending when using make-up or
colored pencils.
The Basics: Stainless steel palette knife is
a must-have for removing cream make-up
products from their components, quickly
and easily. Protects make-up from crosscontamination.
cheek color
lip color
The Basics: Conveniently store up to 35 of
your favorite lipsticks and cream products in
this sleek plastic palette. Great for organizing
customized colors for easy access on set.
The Basics: This empty palette has 4 compartments for cream products and is perfect for
custom blending colors. The compact palette
is a convenient size with a screw top to secure
*Never pour hot products directly into the
palette, always allow product to cool and scoop
using a Palette Knife.
lip pencil
make up artist
© 2011 / Make-Up Designory
Printed on Green Seal Certified Recycled
phone // 818.557.7619 / 212.925.9250
The Basics: Now you can take your favorite make-up brushes wherever you
go. The lightweight yet durable black microfiber material wipes clean and the
convenient magnetic closure keeps brushes in place during transit.
The Basics: Keep personal make-up supplies organized with this sturdy
cosmetic bag. It’s perfectly sized to hold professional length make-up brushes,
MUD’s Eye and Cheek Color Palettes and Travel Brush Case and small enough
to fit into a purse, gym tote or travel bag. Durable black microfiber material is
easy to clean and ideal for everyday use.
The sleek, envelope-style travel brush set includes the 210S, 300S, 310S,
710S, 800S and 810 series.
Empty case also available.
The Basics: Creates the perfect point for lip and eye pencils. Metal blade works
smoothly and easily with precision. Convenient cleaning stick helps to remove
product from blade and inside sharpener.
The Basics: This durable, uniquely designed case is ideal for easy access to
all your make-up related essentials. A must-have for every make-up artist, the
sturdy set case is perfect for travel. Two clear pouches conveniently store a
variety of make-up, tools, bottles and jars.
The Basics: Create a flawless look effortlessly with these specially designed,
disposable Professional Make-up Sponges. Unique shape offers extra surfaces
and density keeps cream products from absorbing into sponge. Use wet or dry
for smooth, even application.
The Basics: A clear, durable pouch that conveniently stores a variety of makeup, tools, bottles and jars for easy access.
The Basics: This empty palette holds four of the MUD Eye Colors. Perfect for
traveling or carrying in a make-up bag for touch-ups.
The Basics: Make-Up Designory’s empty 10-Hole palette is slim and professional. Holds ten MUD Cheek Colors.
The Basics: Make-Up Designory’s empty 12-Hole palette is slim and professional. This palette holds twelve MUD Eye Colors.
The Basics: Make-Up Designory’s empty 8-Hole Palette allows the user to
combine six refill Eye Colors and two refill Cheek Colors. This versatile palette is
great for traveling or on-set use.
The Basics: Professional quality eyelashes, in a variety styles from natural to high-fashion.
MUD Studio
a renewed concept of
professional make-up
Recognizing the need of working make-up artists and
other industry professionals to be able to broaden and
increase their knowledge, Make-Up Designory has
created a series of part-time courses. These courses
are held conveniently at MUD’s main campuses, MUD
Studios and Partner Schools throughout the country
and internationally.
MUD Studio courses are based on the same great educational
methodology and teacher training that has helped to make MUD a
bedrock in make-up education. The courses are pulled from the same
curriculum that comprises the longer programs at MUD, but are broken
up into smaller modules. These modules can be taken separately or
combined, allowing the student to transfer their education to one of
MUD’s main campuses.
Level I. Studio Courses
The Beauty Essentials course acts as a pre-requisite to the High Fashion Make-up Trends, Avant-Garde, Bridal Makeup, Studio Make-up and Airbrush courses. Please be advised that this course, when taken on its own, does not lead
to an occupational outcome.
Beauty Essentials
Description: Beauty Essentials is designed as an introduction to beauty makeup with an emphasis on the techniques required in today’s multi-faceted industry.
Regardless of which area of make-up inspires your passion, mastery of beauty
make-up is a must.
In this course you will start by learning facial analysis, base matching and
application, correction, contours and highlights. You will then move on to
color, focusing on eye and lip application. The course concludes with
complete make-up applications ranging from one hundred percent
corrective to natural make-up.
Hours: 84
Level II. Studio Courses
High Fashion Make-up Trends
Description: Learn the techniques employed by professional make-up artists working in
advertising and editorial work. From design to the completed project, you will begin to
learn the various components that go into an editorial or fashion shoot. Students learn to
plan their make-up application according to the needs of the client and project. The course
culminates with a photo shoot where you will see your work on a model and captured by a
professional photographer.
Hours: 35
Core specialty
Studio Make-up
Description: In this course, students are exposed to film and television production and the
make-up required for to-day’s demanding sets. Learn how to meet the industry requirements by
paying particular attention to the advances in film and television such as high definition cameras
as well as set etiquette.
Hours: 35
Core specialty
Description: While airbrushing has always been a tool of the professional make-up artist, its
use is becoming more commonplace in all areas of make-up and is now often requested by
actors and brides alike. In this class, you will not only learn the techniques of applying airbrush
make-up, but also the correct use, care and maintenance of the equipment.
Hours: 35
Core specialty
Bridal Make-up
Description: The world of wedding make-up can be a lucrative area for any make-up artist.
Bridal make-up is often described as one of the most demanding environments for an artist to
work in. In this class you will go over the proper techniques of applying bridal make-up taking
into consideration environmental factors and the use of photography and video, while managing the expectations of the bride.
Hours: 21
Core specialty
Avant-Garde Looks
Description: It is said that you have to know the rules in order to break them. Avant-Garde
make-up is where rules are broken and fashion is created. The goal of this course is to help
unleash your imagination while taking your work to the next level. In this course you will learn
to use color, balance and shading to create dynamic make-ups while building up your portfolio.
Hours: 14
Special Make-up Effects
Description: Creating out-of-the-kit effects and applying prosthetic appliances are staples of make-up
for film and television. By focusing on the advances in special make-up effects, students are exposed to
some of the newest materials and application techniques. You will learn to apply and properly color translucent prosthetics, including foam gelatin and transfers to simulate injuries and other effects.
Hours: 35
MUD Studios and MUD Shops
Select MUD Studios, MUD Shops and MUD campuses hold free workshops
throughout the month for artists and the general public. These intimate
classes are designed to bring out the artist in each student and no prior
experience is necessary. Each 3.5 hour session includes demonstration
and personal instruction by a MUD Certified Instructor.
A variety of topics are covered, giving a few hours of tutorials and
demonstrations on professional techniques. They are great for gaining
new and exciting insights on MUD products as well as the steps to
achieve the perfect look.
Evening Looks
Description: Learn the techniques employed by
professional make-up artists to create a beautiful
and youthful look for any evening engagement. The
instructor will give you the tools to create a make-up
for any evening occasion.
Photos of kits comming soon
Kit items:
4-hole Eye Color Palette
Eye Color Refill: Bone, Chamois, Concord, Pixie
Color Crème: Tulip
Lipstick: Sandy Beach, Just Peachy
Lip Gloss: Shine
Lip Pencil: Natural
Eye Pencil: Rich Brown, Taup, Black Forest
Cake Eyeliner: Black
Volumizing Mascara
Travel Bag
Hours: 3.5
Class fee: FREE
Natural Day Looks
Description: Creating a natural, no make-up look
can be one of the more challenging aspects of
make-up artistry. We will guide you through the
process of applying make-up so it not only looks
natural and minimal, but also looks clean and helps
each person to look their very best.
Kit items:
4-hole Eye Color Palette
Eye Color Refill: Bone, Chamois, Sienna, Bronzed
Cheek Color Compact: Poppy
Lipstick: Just Peachy
Lip Pencil: Natural
Eye Pencil: Rich Brown
Travel Bag
Hours: 3.5
Class fee: FREE
Smoky Eye
Description: Learn how to create a smoky eye with
our talented team of make-up artists. We will walk
you through the process of layering eye shadow and
creating the most amazing effects with the smallest
amount of product.
Kit items:
4-hole Eye Color Palette
Eye Color Refill: Dulce de Leche, Chamois, Espresso, Onyx
Eye Pencil: Black
Cream Mascara
Travel Bag
Hours: 3.5
Class fee: FREE
5 Minute Looks for
Women on the Go
Description: Don’t have much time to put on makeup? In this seminar we show you fast ways to get
flawless results. Apply make up in this seminar as our
professional make-up artist assists you in achieving
the look you want in less time and with less effort.
Kit items:
4-hole Eye Color Palette
Eye Color Refill: Chamois, Apricot, Sienna, Graphite
Cheek Color Compact: Gingerbread
Lip Glaze: Spicy, Bare
Cream Mascara
Travel Bag
Hours: 3.5
Class fee: FREE
Teen Make-Up
Description: Learn to properly apply make-up for
you and your teen/tween from professional makeup artists. These age appropriate lessons show how
much make-up to use and the proper way to apply
it. We will explain and demonstrate the techniques to
cover blemishes and make it look natural.
Kit items:
4-Hole Eye Color Palette
Eye Color Refill: Taupe, Pixie, Bone, Cashmere
Color Crème: Tulip
Lip Glaze: Cantaloupe
Volumizing Mascara
Travel Bag
Hours: 3.5
Class fee: FREE
Visit mud.edu or mudeurope.com to
sign-up for an upcoming workshop!
Ankara Festival
The African fashion trends at the Ankara Festival in Los
Angeles was far more than dazzling. This high fashion
event held at The Avalon in Hollywood, showcased some
of Africa’s hottest designers and popular music artists
MUD Make-up Artists were on hand to polish off the look
with a dewy foundation, metallic smoky eye and a nude
lip. Designers included Korto Momula (Liberia), Afrique
Expression (Nigeria), Nsaa House of Designs (Ghana),
Solome Katongole (Uganda) and Sumahrie Collections
(Sierra Leone).
more than just another event. This year’s show included a
host of presentations by MUD at both the school booth in
the Special Effects exhibit hall, as well as the main hall.
Some of the stars of the show included demonstrations
& Events
MUD Studio Milano
MUD’s excellent professional education is supported by
their equally exceptional line of cosmetics.
done at the MUD booths by MUD VP Karl Zundel, Karrie
Ann Sillay (MUD Instructor) with 2013 MUD graduates, Cat
Pachen and Niko Gonzalez of Face Off (and MUD graduates),
Oscar-winning artist Kevin James Bennett, Brazilian artist
Beto Franca, Casey Love of Casey Love Designs (1998
MUD Graduate), Dalton Kutsch (2007 MUD Graduate), and
MUD’s make-up sales team.
Industry Speaks
Parashop, via Torino, 51 Milan
[email protected]
Nardi Dayspa,
piazza Ungheria, 6 Rome
[email protected]
Parashop, Piazza Carlo Felice,
[email protected]
If you’ve never attended a weekly Industry Speaks event at
That is why, after the great success of the first studio
one of the MUD campuses, you are truly missing out on the
courses, MUD Milano felt the need to introduce the high
greatest opportunity to talk with industry leaders that have
quality line of products to the Italian market.
changed the face of make-up artistry.
Right before Christmas, when the city centers were filled
with lights, people and shopping bags, MUD Studio Milano
These up close and personal conversations with game
opened the first distribution centers. The first shops that
MUD Marketing and PR Coordinator, Svenya Nimmons
changers in the industry give students the opportunity to
hosted a MUD retail space were: Parashop, via Torino,
talked with the press about MUD’s excitement of working
candidly talk about working on set and the many possibilities
one of the most crowded streets of Milan, and Nardi Day
in such a creative and vibrant community. “MUD thrives
available to artists, no matter what their niche may be.
spa in Rome, a beautiful wellness centre that has been
to continue the lines of beauty beyond US borders and
involved in the well-being and personal beauty sector for
I’m proud to represent a line that gives students the
over 100 years. Soon, MUD products will also be available
experience and tools they need to succeed, while also
at Parashop in Turin.
watching the magic of it all coming together on stage.”
MUD’s educational approach is followed through in the
(photo credit: Anaka Morris Photography)
shops. In fact, MUD Studio Milano is providing the shops a
skilled Certified Pro I make-up artist who can offer product
knowledge, make-up application tips as well as offer retail
sales support. MUD clientele are offered professional grade
cosmetics and recommendations from Make-Up Designory’s
industry experts.
The International Make-up Artist Tradeshow kicked off the
year with another sold-out show, but this year proved to be
MUD courses in London
We are proud to announce that UK’s leading industry supplier
and premium MUD reseller is now hosting MUD make-up
Recently, special guests have included Michael Westmore
(Star Trek, Rocky), Michael Key (Make-up Artist Magazine),
Jake Garber (Django Unchained, Firefly) and Monifa Mortis
(Alicia Keys, In Style Magazine).
To find out more about the upcoming Industry Speaks
events, contact the MUD Career Services offices at the New
York and Los Angeles campuses.
courses at their studio. Students will be educated by certified
MUD instructors. Check www.preciousaboutmakeup.com
for upcoming dates.
Sureshnie Rider’s bubbly voice can be found on 5 FM Top
MUD South Africa
Brand Ambassadors
40 or on the National Radio station. The DJ/MC/Voiceover
Artist/Community Builder is affectionately known as Sush
and is a firm believer that “What the eyes can see, the hands
can do.” Striving to make a difference, she has co-founded
First MUD Pro Shop
in Belgium
and launched an anti-rape and crime-fighting program
Since September 2013, MUD has spread through the heart
known as Blow the Whistle.
of Europe-in the beautiful country of Belgium. So far, 17
retail locations have been launched and the number is still
growing, giving the brand even more exposure to European
industry professionals.
Sixteen year old Joa Nel is the teen Brand Ambassador for
MUD South Africa and has an edge for entrepreneurship
as a fashion model and health product distributor. With a
passion for music and children, this humble beauty donates
her time and efforts towards helping children.
5FM’s Fikile Moeti, or simple “Fix” is a popular South
African Radio DJ, Club DJ and TV Personality. This
history making beauty became the first female VJ on MTV
Networks Africa while also competing in several sports
However, the use professional products are no longer
such as swimming and water polo. The board member
exclusive to just professional make-up artists anymore.
for the African Leadership Academy’s Student Enterprise
Over the past year, top notch cosmetic brands have spread
Programme, Fix uses her platform of influence to help reach
fast while growing in retail locations every day. The Belgium
today’s youth.
studios are busy training students to become PRO I
and PRO II level make-up artists throughout the week in
classes such as Bridal Make-Up and High Fashion Make-
MUD Germany & Austria
The sales have increased tremendously in Germany
and Austria over the last few months as the MUD brand
continues to grow. In Berlin, customers can find a wide
variety of products in the professional shop, Maske Berlin.
Up. Outside of the classroom, MUD products are becoming
more and more available in retail locations to cater to the
needs of both professional and general consumers.
What would surprise most would be the expanding
emphasis on the educational aspect of make-up artistry
Reigning Miss South Africa, Marilyn Ramos lives by the
within the world of beauty. The popularity of MUD products
motto, “every child needs a hero to become a hero” which
essentially comes from the use of the products by students
makes her an amazing Brand Ambassador for MUD. The
during their make-up training courses. The need for
Interior Architecture student from Klerksdorp continues to be a
professional, premium products initiated the opening of a
role model while spreading her message about healthy living.
second professional shop in the historical town of Ghent.
The shop is open Monday through Saturday from 10h-18h
for shopping and one-on-one consultations with a MUD
artist. MUD students are also able to use the make-up
studio for training purposes when it is available. As most
MUD Studios, exciting workshops and special events are
held throughout the year for customers to join the fun.
The cooperation with JEBE Perfumery in Hamburg began in
January 2014 and will continue with another MUD display
in the new JEBE shop in Lübeck. Both facilities are eager to
serve the needs of customers within the store as well as in
the hair salons with products and workshops.
Mrs. South Africa (2012), Lynné de Jager, represented South
Africa at the Mrs. Universe Pageant. Raised in Mpumalanga,
Jager has worked as a professional dancer, model and
actor, while making positive contributions to her community’s
outreach programs. This business woman looks to help
empower women by realizing their internal beauty.
In Düsseldorf, products are available at Blush Hour, who
currently use MUD products within their own school of
make-up artistry. Within the elegant walls of the very popular
Brennig in Vienna, MUD has found the perfect anchor to
launch products to Austria’s steading growing number of
hair salons and beauty lounges. In Salzburg, a partnership
with well-known salon Kauffmann began in January, giving
customers a fresh look after their hair is styled, along with
the option to attend courses such as Natural Day Make-Up,
Smoky Eye and Teen Make-Up.
MUD Pro Shop Ghent
Vlaanderenstraat 116
9000 Gent
[email protected]
Phone: 09 278 09 78
Want to step into the world of MUD? Find the closes MUD
retailer near you at www.makeupdesignory.be or visit the
MUD Pro Shop in Ghent.
The editorial board of the MUD ART newspaper sincerely
apologizes to actress Milena Zupančič for typing error
made in previous issue.
MUD LA Upcoming
Multimedia Make-Up
Artistry Program:
PRO II - Airbrush
Apr 2 – Apr 17
Sep 8 – Sep 23
Nov 5 – Nov 20
Feb 15 – Mar 15 (Saturday Class)
Fashion Make-Up
Artistry Program:
PRO II - High Fashion Make-up Trends
Apr 21 – May 6
Sep 24 – Oct 9
Mar 12 – Jul 18
Dec 1 – Dec 16
Apr 24 – Aug 29
Mar 22 – Apr 26 (Saturday Class)
Jun 6 – Oct 14
Jul 21 – Nov 25
PRO II - Bridal Make-up
Sep 2 – Jan 26, 2015
Mar 12 – Jun 5
Oct 15 – Mar 10, 2015
Apr 2 – Jun 26
Dec 1 – Apr 22, 2015
May 7 – May 15
Oct 13 – Oct 21
May 3 – May 17 (Saturday Class)
Apr 24 – Jul 18
May 15 – Aug 8
Jun 6 – Aug 29
Master Make-Up Artistry Program:
PRO II - Avant-Garde
Jun 27 – Sept 22
May 19 – May 22
Jul 21 – Oct 14
Oct 22 – Oct 28
Aug 11 – Nov 4
May 31 – Jun 7 (Saturday Class)
Sep 2 – Nov 25
PRO II - Special Make-up Effects
Sept 23 – Dec 19
Oct 15 – Jan 26, 2015
Apr 2 – Sep 22
Nov. 5 – Feb 17, 2015
May 15 – Nov 4
Dec 1 – Mar 10, 2015
Jun 27 – Dec 19
Mar 17 – Apr 1
Sep 24 – Oct 9
PRO II - Sculpture (Saturday Classes)
Aug 11 – Feb 17, 2015
Film and Television
Make-up Artistry
Jan 11 – Feb 8
Sep 23 – Mar 31, 2015
Apr 19 – May17
Nov 5 – May 13, 2015
Sep 27 – Oct 25
Studio Courses LA
Fashion Make-Up
Artistry Program:
Mar 12 – June 5
Apr 2 – Jun 26
Upcoming Classes
PRO I - Beauty Essentials
Apr 24 – Jul 18
Jan 30 – Mar 13
May 15 – Aug 8
Jul 7 – Aug 14
Jun 6 – Aug 29
Sep 8 – Oct 16
Jun 27 – Sep 22
Jun 14 – Sep 13 (Saturday Class)
Jul 21 – Oct 14
Aug 11 – Nov 4
PRO II - Studio Make-up
Sep 2 – Nov 25
Mar 17 – Apr 1
Sep 23 – Dec 19
Aug 18 – Sep 3
May 15 – Aug 8
Oct 15 – Jan 26, 2015
Oct 20 – Nov 4
Aug 11 – Nov 4
Nov 5 – Feb 17, 2015
Jan 11 – Feb 8 (Saturday Class)
Nov 5 – Feb 17, 2015
Film and Television
Make-up Artistry
PRO II - High Fashion Make-up Trends
PRO II - Studio Make-up
Jun 4 – Jun 19
May 15 – May 21
Sep 18 – Oct 6
Aug 4 – Aug 8
Oct 16 – Oct 22
PRO II - Avant-Garde
PRO II - High Fashion Make-up Trends
Mar 8 – Mar 9
Jun 21 – Jun 22
May22 – May 28
Oct 11 – Oct 12
Aug 11 – Aug 15
Oct 23 – Oct 29
PRO II - Sculpture Course for Make-up Artistry
PRO II - Avant-Garde
Mar 29 – Apr 26
May 15 – Aug 8
Aug 23 – Sep 27
Aug 11 – Nov 4
Oct 25 – Nov 22
Nov 3 – Nov 4
Nov 5 – Feb 17, 2015
PRO II - Special Make-up Effects
Multimedia Make-Up
Artistry Program:
MUD Studio Kortrijk
May 15 – Jun 26
Aug 11 – Sep 22
Nov 5 – Dec 19
MUD Studio Milano
Mar 12 – Jul 18
Apr 24 – Aug 29
Sep 15 - Dec 15 (Monday classes)
Jun 6 – Oct 14
Sep 15 2014 - Mar 30, 2015 (Monday evening classes)
Jul 21 – Nov 25
Sep 21 - Dec 14 (Sunday classes)
Sep 2 – Jan 26, 2015
PRO I - Beauty Essentials
Master Make-Up Artistry Program:
Mar 17 – Apr 1
PRO II - High Fashion Make-up
Jan 11 - (Sunday classes)
Apr 3 – Apr 18
PRO II - Avant-Garde Make-up
Apr 22 – May 9
May 12 – May 27
Jun 8 - (Sunday classes)
May 28 – Jun 13
Jun 16 – July 1
MUD Studio Gent
Jul 3 – Jul 18
Apr 2 – Sep 22
Jul 21 – Aug 5
Jun 27 – Dec 19
Sep 1 – Sep 16
Sep 23 – Mar 31, 2015
Sep 18 – Oct 3
Oct 6 – Oct 21
Studio Classes NYC
Oct 23 – Nov 7
Nov 10 – Nov 25
Nov 27 – Dec 12
MUD Studio Ljubljana
Sep 15 - Dec 15 (Monday classes)
Sep 15 2014 - Mar 30, 2015 (Monday evening classes)
Sep 21 - Dec 14 (Sunday classes)
PRO II - High Fashion Make-up
Oct 6 - (Monday classes)
PRO I - Beauty Essentials
Mar 6 – Apr 16
Jun 23 – Jul 31
Oct 7 – Nov 17
PRO II - Airbrush
PRO II - Airbrush Make-up
PRO I - Beauty Essentials
July 7 – July 22
May 10 – Jun 15 (Weekend classes)
PRO II - Bridal Make-up
Sep 13 – Okt 19 (Weekend classes)
April 21 - (Monday classes)
Apr 17 – May 5
Sep 15 – Okt 16 (Evening classes)
Aug 4 – Aug 19
Nov 24 – Dec 9
PRO II - Avant-Garde
Nov 18 – Dec 8
Apr 27 - (Sunday classes)
PRO II - Airbrush
PRO II - Bridal Make-up
May 5 – May 9
May 6 – May 14
July 23 – July 29
Aug 20 – Aug 28
Oct 6 – Oct 10
PRO II - Special Make-up Effects
Aug 25 - (Monday classes)
Dec 9 – Dec 17
PRO II - Studio Make-up
PRO II - Bridal Make-up
PRO II - Studio Make-up
Oct 8 - (Wednesday classes)
Jun 1 - (Sunday classes)
May 12 – May 14
May 15 – Jun 3
Jul 30 – Aug 1
Sep 2 – Sep 17
Oct 13 – Oct 15
Dec 18 – Jan 20, 2015
Dec 17 – Dec 19
PRO II - Hairstyling
Coming soon!
MUD worldwide
MUD school
MUD Studio
MUD partner school
For a list of retailers go to www.mudshop.com
MUD schools
Retail and distribution info
Make-Up Designory Los Angeles
Make-Up Designory New York
Make-Up Designory USA
Make-Up Designory Europe
129 S. San Fernando Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91502
375 W Broadway # 202
New York, NY 10012
25311 Avenue Stanford
Valencia, CA 91355
+1 661 775 3805
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Rimska cesta 13
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MUD studios
MUD Studio Slovenia
Rimska cesta 13,
1000 Ljubljana
Slovenia, Europe
+386 1 6200 348
[email protected]
MUD Studio Kortrijk
Casinoplein 5
8500 Kortrijk, België
056 31 31 06
[email protected]
MUD Studio Gent
Nederkouter 124
9000 Gent
056 31 31 06
[email protected]
MUD Studio Cairo
18 Goal Gamal St.,
from Al Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz st.
Mohandiseen, Cairo, Egypt
[email protected]
MUD Studio Guatemala
Avenida Las Americas
13-37, Zona 14
Guatemala City, Guatemala 01041
[email protected]
MUD Studio Milano
Via Casale 3/a
20144 Milano, Italy
+ 39 02 45 48 51 23
[email protected]
MUD Studio Lebanon
City Mall -Seaside
Entry P1 level, below BHV |
Jal El Dib - Kanj St.,
Dadour Center, Block B, GF
04-722014/5/6; 70-543-274
[email protected]
MUD Studio Guadalajara
Regina #1631, Providencia
C.P. 44630 Guadalajara, Jal.,
México 011 36402190 /
[email protected]
MUD Studio Lagos
12B Fatai Idowu Arobieke
Off Admiralty Road
Lekki Phase 1 Lagos
[email protected]
Blake Austin College
611-K Orange Dr.
Vacaville, CA 95687
13402 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Suite B 160
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Metro Academy
4977 Medical Center Drive
Allentown, PA 18106
[email protected] com
Career Academy of Beauty
12741 Valley View Street
Garden Grove, CA 92845
[email protected]
MUD partner schools
Pivot Point International Bloomingdale
144 E. Lake Street
Bloomingdale, IL 60108
Eric Fisher Academy
6727 W. Central
Wichita, KS 67212
United States
Bellus Academy National City Campus
1520 E. Plaza Boulevard
National City, CA 91950
Pivot Point International Evanston
1560 Sherman Avenue, Suite 700
Evanston, IL 60201
Bellus Academy Poway Campus
13266 Poway Road
Poway, CA 92064
Bellus Academy Manhattan Campus
Campus 1130 Westloop Place
Manhattan, KS 66502
Instituto Avant
Raquel Siller #125
Colonia Los Gonzalez
25204 Saltillo Coahuila
(844)906 04 99
[email protected]
Bellus Academy El Cajon Campus
1073 E. Main Street
El Cajon, CA 92021
Bella Torre Academy
99-084 Kauhale Street
Suite 1A, Aiea, HI 96701
[email protected]
NYIB / New York
Institute of Beauty
11 Oval Drive, Suite #180
Islandia, NY 11749
[email protected]
Penrose Academy

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