“About Her Brother”(2010)
Widowed young, Ginko runs a pharmacy and lives with her daughter, Koharu, and her mother-in-law, Kinuyo. Koharu has plans to
marry a distinguished doctor, but out of the blue, Ginko's long lost brother, Tetsuro, shows up drunk at the wedding, ruining the
“Double Trouble”(2008)
【Dir】 MATSUOKA Joji【Cast】KOBAYASHI Kaoru, YASUDA Narumi, ITO Atsushi
It’s December 30, and everyone is milling about. But the “incident” that rocked this small town began with a single phone call to Mitama
Cultural Center. The call was to confirm a concert by “Mitama Chrous Girls”, tomorrow evening. The center’s director confirms the
booking and hangs up the phone, but his staff soon realizes that there’s another booking by “Mitama Ladies’ Chrous” exactly at the
same time!
“Happy Flight”(2008)
【Dir】 YAGUCHI Shinobu【Cast】SEIICHI Tanabe, SABURO Tokito, HARUKA Ayase
A co-pilot Kazuhiro Suzuki is on an assessed flight that will determine whether he gets promoted to the rank of pilot. However, an
emergency situation occurs! A rookie cabin attendant Etsuko Saito also brings chaos from the strain. Will this flight safely arrive at
“I Just Didn’t Do It”(2007)
【Dir】 SUO Masayuki【Cast】KASE Ryo, MOTAI Masako, YAKUSHO Koji
Kaneko Teppei was running late for his job interview. He dashed onto a crowded train as the doors were closing, and his jacket got
caught in the door. He struggled to free it, and apologized to the woman next to him when he bumped her. From out of the crowd a
young woman’s voice cried out, but he didn’t understand what it meant. On the platform, however, she grabbed his arm and accused
him of groping her.
“Mai Mai Miracle”(2009)
An exuberant tomboy, Shinko feels completely at home in the wheat fields of the small town of Kokuga, where she races imaginary
creatures and daydreams of the ancient capital city of Suo, on which Kokuga now stands. Nine-year-old Kiiko has a very different
temperament -- shy, withdrawn, still mourning a mother she barely remembers. A transplant from Tokyo, Kiiko, with her exotic Western
dress and pale complexion, is marked as alien to her peasant schoolmates.
Hajime is in line to be the next head of a prominent electronics company. He toils day and night over his work and has no time for his
family. But one day, his mother falls ill, and his best friend dies in an accident. Grief-stricken, Hajime returns home where memories of
his childhood dream come back to him. He had always wanted to be a train conductor and drive the local “bataden” Ichibata Electric
“Sawako Decides”(2009)
【Dir】 ISHII Yuya【Cast】MITSUSHIMA Hikari, ENDO Masashi, AIHARA Kira
Sawako has gone through life taking a halfhearted approach to her career and her love life. One day, she unexpectedly inherits her
father’s clam factory. Not only is she pushed around by the employees and her boyfriend, but the factory is also on the verge of
“The Dark Harbor”(2008)
【Dir】 NAITO Takasugu【Cast】KOTE Shinya, MIYAMOTO Yuko, HIROOKA Kazuki
Manzo is a fisherman in a small seaside community who lives and works alone, but longs for a relationship and maybe a wife. When a
matchmaking party with city women is organized, all the men gussy themselves up and videotape themselves for the dating service.
Manzo borrows a camcorder and tries his luck, but when showing the videotape to the prospective dates, he discovers something
unusual: There is a woman and a boy living in one of his closets.
“Your Friends”(2008)
Nakahara, a writer, visits a free school in a small city for his research on children who have problems. At the school, he meets Emi, a
volunteering college student who has a lame leg. Interested in this girl, Nakahara asks her to be interviewed, but in vain. However, Emi
gradually changes her mind towards Nakahara and starts answering his questions and tells him about her childhood friendship with
Yuka, who was chronically ill.
“Second Chance”(2011)
【Dir】 KUROSAKI Hiroshi【Cast】SUZUKI Kyoka, HASEGAWA Hiroki, FUKADA Kyoko
Rui Nakamura, well-known throughout the publishing industry as a shrewd producer, falls madly in love with Koh Suzuki, who is 17
years younger than her and already married to another woman. They had managed to overcome various obstacles, and the two of
them had started living together, but then one day Koh just suddenly disappears from Rui's life. Five years later, Rui is in Malaysia for a
business trip, and as if by destiny she meets Koh once again. But then Koh is shot before her very eyes!