MEC interview November .indd - MEC Shot Blasting Equipments Pvt



MEC interview November .indd - MEC Shot Blasting Equipments Pvt
Publication for the
Peening, Blasting,
Cleaning and
Vibratory Finishing
Vol. 9
Year 2008
Publication for the
Peening, Blasting,
Cleaning and
Vibratory Finishing
Separate Print
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2nd MFN Flap Peening
Workshop in Germany
16th February 2009
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Achieving Effective Root
Cause Corrective Action
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Cryogenic Disassembly
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Advances in X-ray Diffraction Equipment Used to Quantify Shot
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Vol. 9, November Issue, Year 2008
Interview with Mr. A.K. Modi, the Managing
Director of MEC SHOT
Pioneering India's
Surface Finishing Market
Mec Shot Blasting
Equipments PVT. LTD.
E-Mail: [email protected]
Tel: +91.291.2740609
Vol. 9, November Issue
Pioneering India's
Surface Finishing Market
MFN talked to Mr. A.K. Modi, the Managing Director of MEC SHOT, one of the
leading companies for surface finishing in India.
(?) MFN: Can you tell us about Mec
(!) A. K. M.: In 1992 with a total force
of 50 agile & qualified engineers &
fabricators the team started manufacturing abrasive blasting machines in
the field of surface preparation. Since
our insertion we have been evaluating
every segment of the market requiring
abrasive blasting and shot peening
machines & accordingly our engineers
design, manufacture & provide services
of air operated /airless abrasive blasting & shot peening machines to various
industries in India & abroad.
In the 1990’s when Indian industries
were at their height, we in the field
of surface preparation secured a huge
contract from the Indian Navy for supplying vacuum blasting machines for
the ships at their various ports. This was
the turning point. We started manufacturing abrasive blasting machines
for all walks of life like aerospace, steel
cold rolling, thermal, hydro, wind mill
power & surgical industries so on.
Our confidence and capability enabled
us to manufacture CNC robotic machines. We successfully manufactured
& commissioned for aviation and
hydro-electricity industries. Now we
are the pioneer in manufacturing of
surface cleaning and finishing equipment in India.
(?) MFN: What is the key to Mec Shot’s
(!) A. K. M.: MEC shot’s target is to
continuously strive for the product
development & innovate with new
technology. Simply satisfying customers is not our only goal but we also look
for a safer environment. We innovate
& implement knowledge, change with
changes & also transfer the changes.
Our quality department continuously
analyses the causes & takes preventive action. The dedication & agility
of our joint work force is the treasure
of our organization. We serve the industry with cost effective machines,
continuously improve our product for
its work efficiency, build long lasting
customer relationships continuously
strive for customer satisfaction & collaborate with new vendors, customers
& employees.
(?) MFN: What are the new Developments at MEC SHOT ?
A.K. Modi-Managing Director of MEC SHOT
(!) A. K. M.: During late 2006, we built
a 45,000 square-foot facility to meet the
growing demand of airless machines.
In 2008 we added another 10,000
square-feet for manufacturing space
for the foundry division which is under
construction. A CNC press-brake was
installed and new plasma-cutting machine is under process of procurement.
Recently, we have set up robotic welding machine for our pressure vessels.
We have installed the latest software
required for enhancing design outputs
to cover the growing demand of the
market. We now offer the best quality
machines in a wide range of finishing
and peening applications.
(?) MFN: How have you seen the
abrasive / shot blasting, peening and
allied industries evolve over the recent
years with regard to consumer demand,
machine capabilities, product distribution, etc?
Airless Machines Manufacturing Unit
(!) A. K. M.: The shot blasting & peening
industry and allied industries are growing rapidly in recent years because of
constant demand for quality products
in the market. We have observed
various trends in our sector. Earlier
our products were procured by only selected customers and market trend was
on the low side but now due to more
awareness in surface preparation field
& the environment, demand is growing. This manufacturing concept is not
just restricted to addressing the social
and environmental impact of pollutioncentric processes. Green manufacturing addresses process redundancy,
ergonomics and cost implications due
to faulty methods of producing goods.
Faster and cheaper are no longer the
only two criteria in manufacturing a
product or evaluating an existing process line. The customers find that our
machines are cost effective by way of
purchase or in operation.
(?) MFN: How about some of the current trends and key challenges facing
the above industry?
(!) A. K. M.: The current trends of surface preparation machines is on high
demand to over come the pollution
control norms and achieve good esthetic look of the product. The increase
in conciseness of surface preparation
requirements for good quality bonds
and present pollution control norms
are the main factors driving the shot
blasting market. In recent years the
demands for abrasive blasting have
become mandatory requirements in
all walks of life. Today, the company
is standing on the verge of becoming
one of the biggest amongst the equals
in the Asian territory in the shot blasting field with the big surge in turnover
from domestic as well as international
platforms. The repeated orders received
from our customers is the result of their
utmost satisfaction in our products. The
apprising of price index for the steel
and fluctuation in global currency is the
main challenge faced by the company.
(?) MFN: Tell us about some of the
remarkable breakthroughs MEC SHOT
CNC Airoperated Operated Manufacturing Unit
has made in R&D recently. What innovations do you foresee in the near future
from your diverse product platform?
(!) A. K. M.: The continuous research
by an agile & qualified workforce
continuously improved and innovated
new custom built machines for different
industrial applications. Our technology
development wing strive continuously
to innovate and develop various customized machines as per requirement.
We also provide all types of solution
by analyzing the findings and providing facts to different industries. This is
not the end plan as we are intending to
make our research findings beneficial
to industries. We study and analyze
the latest requirements and provide
the solution for the power generation
sector which includes wind mills, hydro
power etc.
(?) MFN: Why are auto controls needed?
The increase in conciseness of surface
preparation requirements for good quality
bonds and present pollution control
norms are the main factors driving the
shot blasting market.
A. K. Modi, Managing Director of MEC SHOT
(!) A. K. M.: Blasting quality typically
depends on the skill of the operator
and/or the repeatability of CNC machines. There are 7 main variables that
must be controlled including abrasive
by type & size, nozzle/gun numbers &
size, distance, gun/nozzle angle, pressure, coverage and time. These multiple
factors can change the finish.
Like many other production processes,
blasting is generally repeatable in proportion to the degree it is automated.
The manual processing versus CNC
is a question of great concern and our
new developed machines take care of
such variations. To batch cleaning of
small parts in a machine with a tumble
basket we include a reset timer. In other
applications, we use counters that add
up the number of passes made by one
or more reciprocating nozzles. When
multiple blast variables require easy
adjustment to process different parts
within a single machine, we move up
to programmable controls. We always
provide the most cost-effective solutions to meet a customer’s needs, and
many customers are surprised by our
cost effective solutions.
(?) MFN: What do you mean by "Auto
(!) A. K. M.: Our machines with programmable controls enable users to
store processing parameters auto-
Tariffa R.O.C. Spa
Poste Italiane
sped. in abb.03
n. 46)
D.L. 353/20
(conv. in L. 1
art. 1, comma
DCB Milano
" ""
! "$
# ! " $ """
" % !""#
"" %
'! #" ('*
'% !
# # &#
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# &
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' %##
& "
!" %
! '# ( $( '(
& "
# '%
)! %!
del Colore
La Rivista Torri Bianche, 3P
te MI
I 20059 Vimerca
(!) A. K. M.: Every customer oriented
project is a challenging project for
us and we undertake it happily. In
the present arena every customer is
choosey & selective and expects that
ordered equipment should be according to his requirements. We at MEC
SHOT provide all our customers with
(?) MFN: Any comments to specify?
(!) A. K. M.: Yes, we appreciate MFN’s
interest in MEC SHOT and hope this
exchange has been valuable to your
We would like to thank Mr. A. K. Modi for
this interview.
For Information:
Mec Shot Blasting
Equipments PVT. LTD.
Tel: +91.291.2740609
E-Mail: [email protected]
International Certification
del Color
1, DCB Milanoa pagare relativa
art. 1, comma si impegna
004 n. 46) al mittente che
(conv. in
per restituzion
- D.L. 353/2003 e del conto
in abb. Postale
Roserio detentor
Spa - Sped.
P.T. di CMP
Poste Italiane inviare all’Ufficio
Tariffa R.O.C.:
In caso di
La Rivista
(?) MFN: Please update us about some
of the challenging projects undertaken
by you. And why do you consider them
so challenging?
their needs. Hence it is very difficult to
pin point the challenges. We have provided robotic shot peening Machines
for BHEL-Haridwar, Gas Turbine
Research Establishment & Hindustan
Aeronautics. We have also supplied to
new foreign companies establishing in
India Aerospace, Caterpillar & Sandvik Asia & Vag Valves. We have even
taken on a few challenging works in
The Middle East Kharafi International,
ETA, Al-Ahilia & in Domestic Market
BHEL-Trichy, Jyoti CNC, Suzlon &
so many others by supplying surface
preparation machines.
matically for repeatability with touch
screens. Reciprocating blast nozzles/
guns can be programmed to trace
complex surfaces in three dimensions
and can be coordinated with other
machinery settings. In critical applications, such as the shot peening of
aircraft parts, these controls support
fault sensors providing a convenient
link to other data bases for purposes of
documentation. The main benefits are
repeatability and fast changes.
New Technology Development Centre
Periodicity: quarterly – 4 issues
Bilingual Italian – Spanish
Distribution: on subscription in Italy and abroad.
Business sectors reached: end-users of
mechanical (polishing), chemical-mechanical
(mass metal finishing) and chemical (cleaning)
surface treatments, with finishing purposes.
Li – Lavaggio, pulitura e vibrofinitura industriale
has interpreted the requirements of the sector
to have an exclusive means of information and
updating. The magazine constantly informs
about the last technological developments in this
field, supporting in particular environmentally
friendly new technologies, better quality, high
del Colore
La Rivista ate
Periodicity: monthly – 11 issues
Distribution: on subscription in Italy and abroad.
Business sectors reached: job coaters, coaters
on his own and in general all the users of coating
technologies and other surface treatments on
metals, plastics, glass, MDF and new materials.
Verniciatura Industriale is the historic magazine
of the coating sector: for over 40 years it has
been in service for the timely diffusion of the
most updated knowledge in the field of surface
treatments. The high quality contents, the
publication – unique in the editorial scene of this
sector– of reportage on the applied technology,
the always careful ichonographic search are the
distinguishing features of this magazine and
turn it into an instrument in keeping with the
demands of entrepreneurs and technicians of
the sectors.
Verniciatura Industriale has an editorial policy
oriented to the reduction of the environmental
impact resulting from coating operations.
[email protected]

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