Bardenay Boiler Room Information



Bardenay Boiler Room Information
Bardenay Boiler Room Information
Thank you for your interest in the Bardenay Boiler Room for your event. The management
at Bardenay has established minimum requirements for the reservation of this facility:
No more than 30 may attend the event.
A $25.00 room charge is required for lunch events, and $50.00 is required for evening events. The
rental charge will appear as a separate charge on your credit card.
If your group collectively spends more than $300.00 during an evening event or $150.00 during a
lunchtime event before tax and tip, we will waive the rental charge. Separate checks can be provided,
please make sure your server is aware of who is to be put on each ticket. Any unpaid/walked tabs will
be charged to the renter’s credit card on file. Any event beginning on or after 2 PM is considered an
evening event.
A valid credit card is required to reserve the room.
Cancellation must be made at least seven days prior to the reservation date. Without proper
notification, the room charge is non refundable.
The use of confetti is prohibited in the Boiler Room. A cleaning fee of $50.00 will be charged to your
credit card if confetti is used.
Your use of the Boiler Room is not to exceed three hours. The rental time may be extended at a rate of
$25.00 per hour. All events must conclude by 11:00 p.m.
It is unlawful for persons under the age of 21 to consume alcohol in Bardenay; all guests wishing to
purchase alcohol must have proper I.D.
Groups with more than 20 guests in attendance for dinner and 15 in attendance for lunch must or der
from a separate, smaller menu. The available menus are: Boiler Brunch (Saturdays and Sundays 10-2
only), Boiler Lunch, Boiler Dinner or Boiler Budget. Appetizer orders can be placed with your server
using the regular menu no matter the size of your group. Fewer than 20 dinner guests and 15 lunch guests
will be given the Regular menu.
Please contact the events coordinator, Whitney Shepard, to check on availability and to book the
space. [email protected] , 869-3596 or through the form on the web page.