NYPress for August 2015 - NewYork



NYPress for August 2015 - NewYork
The newsletter for employees and friends of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital • Volume 17, Issue 5 • August 2015
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A Message from Dr. Steven J. Corwin
Strengthening Our Focus on Patients and Families
As the summer winds down, I am reminded
of how important it is for everyone to take
time to recharge and rejuvenate so that we
can feel ready to face new challenges. At NYP,
we have recharged our focus on the patient
experience, and launched Patient Experience
Fridays earlier this month. Building on our
very successful Patient Safety Fridays program, we will convene as an organization
every Friday with the same level of commitment, discipline, and teamwork, to focus on
how we can deliver the best possible experience to our patients and families.
We also want to deliver an amazing
patient experience across our growing and
evolving Healthcare System. Last month,
New York Hospital Queens, a member of
NewYork-Presbyterian Healthcare System for 23
years, became NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens.
This is another important milestone in
our journey to develop the highest quality
integrated delivery system in the region,
able to serve the diverse needs of a broad
geographic population. New York Hospital
Queens has provided excellent care to the
Queens community for over a century, and I
am extremely pleased and proud to welcome
this longstanding and important community
hospital to our NewYork-Presbyterian family.
Our new relationship will enable NewYorkPresbyterian, together with Weill Cornell
physicians, to focus on delivering the best care
experience, more convenient patient access,
and expanded ambulatory, primary, and
Dr. Steven J. Corwin, Daniel A. Nigro, Commissioner of the New York City Fire Department, and
Dr. Laurie H. Glimcher, Stephen and Suzanne Weiss Dean of Weill Cornell Medical College, join in
celebrating the retirement of Dr. Roger W. Yurt, Chief, Division of Burns, Critical Care and Trauma, and
Director, William Randolph Hearst Burn Center at NYP/Weill Cornell.
state-of-the-art specialty care services. Most
significantly, we all share the same commitment to We Put Patients First, which will
truly benefit the Queens community.
Finally, your remarkable commitment
to delivering outstanding care has enabled
NewYork-Presbyterian to remain U.S. News
& World Report’s top-ranked hospital in
New York and among the nation’s best for 15
years in a row. I am delighted about this year’s
rankings and so proud of our NYP team.
Congratulations to each of you for these
tremendous achievements and best wishes
for a happy and restful end of summer.
Steven J. Corwin, MD
Chief Executive Officer
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
and Healthcare System
Heard at CEO Town Hall Meeting
To encourage open dialogue and learn from the NYP team, Dr. Corwin
meets each month with staff across our Hospital campuses. In June,
he held a Town Hall with staff at NYP/Lower Manhattan, and in July,
he met with staff in Environmental Health & Safety, Facilities, Security,
and Support Services at NYP/Weill Cornell. Here are just a few of the
questions and answers discussed.
Volume 17, Issue 5
August 2015
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NYPress 2
What is being done with information gathered
during Senior Leadership Rounds?
Since our patients and families are at the core of everything we
do, as senior leaders, we want to hear directly from them about
their Hospital experience, especially if we want to consistently
provide an outstanding one. We recently stepped up our efforts
to round on patient units and have asked all our Vice Presidents
and Senior Vice Presidents to spend time speaking with patients
each week. Not only does this provide an opportunity for us to
hear about how we can improve things at the Hospital, but it
also enables us to address issues and patient concerns on a realtime basis. Our findings are sent to either Patient Services or
Patient Centered Care, so they can respond right away whenever
possible, as well as identify themes and determine corrective
strategies. So far, we have been hearing many positive comments
from our patients, but we have also heard that there are
opportunities for us to improve communication from caregivers,
and in particular, communication about patient discharge.
(continued on page 2)
Heard at Town Hall
(continued from page 2)
The condition of patient rooms and
waiting areas impacts the patient
experience. Will NYP/Lower Manhattan
receive capital improvements?
I couldn’t agree with you more, and we have been
working on many capital improvements at NYP/
Lower Manhattan. As you know, we remodeled
and opened a beautiful new lobby this past
April, with much more space, better lighting,
new floors and ceilings, comfortable furniture,
and contemporary decor. It really makes a
difference and provides our patients and visitors
with a warm and welcoming introduction to the
Hospital. We are now completing construction on
a brand new inpatient unit, which will provide
20 additional single bed med/surg rooms. We
are also renovating patient rooms on the PostPartum Unit on the sixth floor and improving
the family waiting area in the second floor
perioperative area. Lounge areas will also be
upgraded over time. In addition, detailed plans
are in place for other capital improvements,
#1 in New York, #7 in the Nation
NewYork-Presbyterian has done it again! For the 15th year in a row, the Hospital
has been recognized as the top hospital in New York and among the best in the
nation. “For New Yorkers and others who come to us for care, these rankings
help validate what we believe is the foundation of our success: a combination
of the most caring and compassionate doctors, nurses and staff, coupled with
advanced technologies and world-class resources to produce the best outcomes,”
said Dr. Steven J. Corwin, CEO.
Behind the Rankings
The 2015 U.S. News rankings were determined by several criteria in four main
areas that are weighted as follows:
• Patient survival
• Patient safety
• Care-related indicators
• Reputation with specialists
The Survey covers a range of areas, including medical technology, research,
patient and family services, nursing services, how we are engaging patients and
families, patient safety and infection prevention, quality and outcome measures,
commitment to best practices, and use of electronic medical records.
“The U.S. News methodology uses publicly reported performance data
for a three-year period — 2011, 2012, 2013 for the current rankings — from
the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid, as well as from the American Hospital
Association and professional organizations in 12 of the 16 specialties ranked,”
explains David Vawdrey, PhD, VP of NYP’s Value Institute. “Reputation scores,
which are measured by a survey of physician specialists in each geographic
area of the country, also factor into the total score across all 16 specialties,
but ophthalmology, psychiatry, rehabilitation medicine, and rheumatology,
are ranked on the basis of reputation only. In 2015, over 85,000 physicians
nationwide across the 16 specialties were surveyed.”
Improving the Patient Experience
including infrastructure ­— the electrical system,
air handlers, air chillers, building façades, and
windows. These improvements are all necessary
for maintaining a safe environment for patients,
visitors, and staff.
How can we all help to improve the
patient experience?
Everyone at NYP has a role to play in the patient
experience, and we all can help by focusing on
customer service. No matter what our job, we
all take care of patients one way or another. For
example, we can show we care by giving someone
directions should he or she seem lost. We also
have to treat each other with more respect. I think
our ID badges should display first names that are
twice as large as last names, so we can say hello
to fellow employees and use their first names even
if we don’t know them. Wouldn’t it be nice if we
made eye contact and said hello to one another as
we walked through the Hospital corridors? Besides
making NYP a better workplace, I think this would
create a warmer, more friendly atmosphere — a
much better environment in which to receive care.
Henry H. Ting, MD, MBA, SVP and Chief Quality Officer, notes that there are
ongoing efforts throughout NYP focused on improving patient care and the
patient experience. “We are seeking to make care better and safer by being
more rigorous and systematic in how we review mortality and complications,”
says Dr. Ting. “We are also committed to becoming a Nurse Magnet hospital,
and part of achieving this status is linked to improving the patient experience.
If we do these things well, then a rise in the U.S. News and other rankings
should follow. But, we are not doing this for rankings. The investments we
are making in nurses, in the patient experience, and in learning what we can
do to decrease complications and mortality rates, are intended to provide our
patients with the most outstanding care and take NYP from very, very good to
the very top.”
#1 Psychiatry
#3 Cardiology and
Heart Surgery
#3 Nephrology
#3 Rheumatology
#5 Neurology and
For more information, visit:
NYP is #1 in the
nation in Psychiatry
for the first time,
after consistently
ranking among the
top five hospitals for
psychiatry over the
last decade.
Introducing Patient Experience Fridays
On August 7, NYP held
its first session of
Patient Experience
Fridays — a new
initiative modeled after
the highly successful
Patient Safety Fridays.
The inaugural session
provided an overview
of the HCAHPS Survey,
which is the foundation
of this new approach.
Each weekly session
will address a different
domain of the Survey
and include discussions
about opportunities for improvement, best practices, and real patient stories. The overall goal is to promote a Hospitalwide, comprehensive understanding of the HCAHPS Survey and the relevance of its domains. August sessions focus on
the domains for responsiveness by hospital staff, the hospital environment — quiet at night, and discharge information.
Read more about Patient Experience Fridays in the September issue of NYPress.
3 NYPress
Getting to Know NYP/Queens
NYP is committed to improving and
expanding access to the Hospital
and to physician organizations.
In addition, the NYP Healthcare
System is growing in strategic
ways, extending our geographic
reach and expanding care delivery
to more communities beyond the
metropolitan area.
On July 1, 2015, New York Hospital Queens, located
in Flushing, New York, became more closely affiliated
with NewYork-Presbyterian in order to improve
access to state-of-the-art care for residents of
Queens. The Hospital, the first acute care member
of the NewYork-Presbyterian Healthcare System
dating back more than 22 years, has been renamed
In that time, the Hospital has developed into a
premier community teaching hospital affiliated with
Weill Cornell Medical College. In addition to its main
campus, NYP/Queens has a far-reaching network of
more than two dozen community medicine facilities
and physician practices.
“Our long relationship with NewYork-Presbyterian
has contributed enormous value to our ability to serve
our communities,” says Stephen S. Mills, President
of NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens. “As the health care
landscape continues to evolve, it is becoming increasingly important to work more closely in mutually
beneficial relationships that allow us to grow and
compete more effectively.”
“This closer alignment will benefit Queens’
residents by creating expanded services and further
enhancing quality of care,” adds Laura L. Forese, MD,
President of the NewYork-Presbyterian Healthcare
System. “We are pleased to have strengthened our
relationship with the Hospital’s leadership, trustees,
doctors, and staff and, together, look forward to expanding
ambulatory and primary care and enhancing access to
advanced, state-of-the-art specialty services.”
Dr. Laura Forese, President, NYP Healthcare System, Stephen Mills, President, NYP/Queens,
and members of their management teams greet staff during events launching the new
relationship between the System and NYP/Queens that builds on an affiliation begun
more than two decades ago.
NYP/Queens At a Glance
Inpatient Discharges
Emergency Visits
Outpatients Visits162,000
2014 statistics
NYPress 4
Celebrating Our New Relationship
Stephen S. Mills, FACHE
What are some of the significant accomplishments
of the Hospital over the past two decades?
When I first came to the Hospital, it was still Booth
Memorial, and the staff had a great sense of service and
commitment to patients instilled by its founders — the
Salvation Army. That dedicated spirit remains to this day.
Over the years, we have greatly expanded our clinical
capabilities and completed several modernization projects,
including a seven-story building with an 80-bed wing, an
ambulatory surgery suite, and a dedicated interventional
cardiac and vascular floor with a hybrid OR. We have also
extended our reach throughout the borough with a network
of physician practices that continues to grow.
What led to the decision to form a closer
relationship with the NYP Healthcare System?
In the early 1990s, when
Stephen S. Mills was a member
of the leadership team at the
former New York Hospital,
he was tapped to undertake
the development of what was
formerly the New York Hospital
Network, now NewYorkPresbyterian Healthcare
System. In 1994, he was then
appointed President and CEO of
New York Hospital Queens, an
anchor member of the Network.
Under his management,
the Hospital has flourished,
becoming a major patient
care, teaching, and research
center, while maintaining a
steadfast commitment to the
communities of Queens.
Our institution has been poised to take this step for a long
time. For more than 20 years, since I’ve been on this side
of the river, we have aligned many areas with NewYorkPresbyterian. Many of our departments, such as information
technology and several of our finance operations, are already
integrated. And we have always had NYP members on our
As we enter this new phase, I want to reinforce that first
and foremost we are a community hospital — a large one.
But in this health care climate, you can’t stand alone. Our
new relationship provides us with the opportunity to have
access to many more clinical and operational resources and
support. NYP has high-end specialties and levels of care,
such as neurosurgery, neonatology, and pediatric intensive
care, that can greatly benefit our patients. In addition, I have
always tried to have our Hospital emulate NYP’s academic
mission. Many of our residents are integrated into NYP’s
obstetrics, pediatrics, and radiation oncology programs, for
example. This new relationship will help to advance our
academic goals while also providing additional training
experiences for NYP residents.
What will this new relationship mean
for NYP/Queens and the NYP System?
As NYP/Queens, we will now have a much more integrated
relationship with NYP and Weill Cornell Medical College at
every level. NYP will help us to bring on new clinical leadership and expand services in important areas, such as cancer
and pulmonary critical care, in much greater depth. Our new
Chairman of Medicine is from Weill Cornell, and likewise we
expect to recruit additional NYP physicians into leadership
In addition, like NYP/Lower Manhattan, we serve a
significant Chinese population. There are two large organizations representing Chinese physicians and their leadership
and members are part of both of our medical staffs. Now
we can work much more closely together to serve this
NYP/Queens takes care of a large, ethnically diverse
population. There are some 120 languages spoken around us.
We also serve a large geriatric population. What this means
is that we have great experience and expertise in dealing
with multi-cultural health care and social issues —
experience that we can share with our larger System.
How does your new relationship with NYP
support your key priorities?
Over the past several years, we have developed physician
practices, which offer primary and subspecialty care, to
address the needs of our growing Queens community. Our
next priority is the development of a major orthopedics and
rehabilitation practice to be located in Jackson Heights, and a
multi-specialty practice in Forest Hills.
The System is highly supportive of this growth, providing
us with an infrastructure, IT, and other support for these
new strategic locations, as well as for our existing practices.
The expansion of physician practice sites is going to:
(1) introduce Queens residents to NYP/Queens and provide
them with access to care in their local neighborhoods;
and (2) also provide them with access to more specialized,
advanced care at NYP in Manhattan, should it be needed.
In addition, we are working very closely with the hepatology group at Weill Cornell to develop our liver disease
program in order to address the significant levels of hepatitis and liver disease found in our Chinese communities.
This will allow us to take care of these patients closer to
their homes in Queens, and if they are candidates for liver
transplant, we can provide them with direct access to the
transplant program at NYP.
We are also significantly expanding our cancer care
program and are recruiting a medical oncologist with the
help of Weill Cornell. We have already brought on new
surgeons with the help of Weill Cornell’s Surgeon-in-Chief
and a new pathologist with the help of their Pathologist-inChief. We are going to see more and more talented physicians
coming on board from Weill Cornell. This gives us an
advantage in a competitive marketplace, which is just what
we need and what our new relationship with NYP can help
us achieve.
5 NYPress
Getting to Know NYP/Queens
1 Original children’s artwork provides a cheerful walk
on the way to the Blood Donor Center.
2 A patient is greeted in the Endoscopy Suite by
Deborah L. Sanders, RN.
3 Rossalyn Anssari, RN, Moshe Rubin, MD, Director,
Gastroenterology, Kathleen Cahill, LPN, Sang Kim,
MD, and Ines Santos, RN, care for patients in the
Endoscopy Suite.
4 A new mother is guided in the care of her newborn
by Carole Bartolini, RN, Mother/Baby Unit.
5 Iris Swiderski, RPA-C, Physician Assistant,
Dorothy S. Pang, MD, and Jonathan Siegal, MD,
are colleagues in Emergency Medicine.
6-7Student Fangzhou Li and Lab Technologists Anu
Ahluwalia and Chun Kit Poon examine specimens
in the Bacteriology Lab.
8 General Maintenance Worker Rocci Rinaldi donates
blood with the help of Paula Chulak, Blood Donor
Specialist, Transfusion Services.
9 In the Engineering Department, Declan O’Reilly
and Jesse Firestone build new administrative
offices at the Hospital.
10 Peter Perez, Admitting Representative, Patient
Financial Services, reviews admissions for the
day, while Shakirat Ladejobi, Triage Coordinator,
Patient Processing Center, Mary Godfrey, Vice
President, Patient Flow and Capacity Management,
and Linda Early, Assistant Director, Patient
Accounts, prepare for patients in the Patient Flow
Center Bed Control Room.
11 Geri Donlin, RN, guides patients in their return to
cardiac health in the Hospital’s off-site Cardiac
Health Center.
12 In one of the Hospital’s community-based
ambulatory care centers, patients receive
primary care and a wide range of subspecialty
care. Rosielee Santana, Medical Assistant, takes a
patient’s blood pressure before his doctor’s visit.
13 Making sure patients have nutritious and delicious
meals are Kiera Barnes, Regine Campbell, Daniel
Kuplicki, and Roger Mills.
14 Physical therapist Amy Ye helps a patient get back
on his feet.
15 Carmen Jimenez-Garcia, an employee with
Environmental Services, helps maintain a clean
and safe environment for patients.
16 Michael Polsunas, Diagnostic/Interventional
Radiology Supervisor, reviews a patient’s results
with Pierre Saldinger, MD, Chairman, Department
of Surgery, and Surgeon-in-Chief.
17 Mimi Lim, Clinical Nursing Director, Infection Control,
and the VAT/PICC Team, Wen Chen, RN, JianPing
Hu, RN, Hoyee Chiu, RN, and Eugenia Geoghan, LPN,
help to prevent and control infection throughout the
Hospital using the VPS system and comprehensive
patient vascular access assessment tool.
18 Carl Urban, PhD, Infectious Disease Research
Lab Director, with George Rodriguez, PharmD,
ASP Coordinator, Infectious Diseases, and Noriel
Mariano, Infection Control Epidemiologist and
Research Lab Supervisor.
19 Welcome to NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens!
NYPress 6
Meet the People Who Put Patients First
Walk in Our Shoes
NYP Leaders Learn from Support Services Staff
1Dr. Anand Joshi, VP, Procurement and Strategic
Sourcing, gets on-the-job training from Ligia Mangual,
Environmental Services, NYP/Morgan Stanley
Children’s Hospital.
2Jolie Singer, Chief of Staff to the CEO and Chief
Communications Officer, shows off her natural
talent and new work-wear in Food and Nutrition
at NYP/Columbia.
NYPress 8
Throughout June, senior leadership spent time with support service
workers shadowing them and experiencing firsthand what their jobs
entail on a day-to-day basis. This program, started three years ago,
provides insight into the myriad responsibilities of support services.
Talking with and learning from staff across campuses in Food and
Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, Environmental Services and Patient
Escort/Transport, management cleaned, prepped, washed, and cooked
under the watchful eyes of their tutors.
The daily contributions of these employees helps keep NYP running
smoothly and are a key component of providing a positive experience
for our patients and families. Employee dedication helps patients and
families know they are cared for and in good hands — whether those
hands are cleaning rooms, preparing food, dispensing medication, or
providing a gentle/healing touch when needed.
Working side-by-side with
our employees is a wonderful
way to understand and
appreciate their important
contributions to the patient
— Jolie Singer
Chief of Staff to the CEO and
Chief Communications Officer
3Alan Lee, VP, Support Services and Patient Centered
Care, works side-by-side with Osmond Thompson in
Food and Nutrition, NYP/Westchester.
6Bernadette Khan, VP, Nursing and Patient Care Services,
NYP/Lower Manhattan, takes a lesson from Chio Teng
Lei in Clinical Nutrition, NYP/Lower Manhattan.
4Dr. Cam Patterson, SVP and COO, NYP/Weill Cornell,
receives watchful guidance from Lucius Cenac, Food
Production Assistant, at NYP/Weill Cornell.
7Paul Dunphey, SVP and COO, NYP/Allen, discusses meal
service with Ana Alvarado in Food and Nutrition.
5Beryl Muniz, RN, MAS, VP, Perioperative Services,
NYP/Weill Cornell, assists Justin Williams with
meal prep at NYP/Weill Cornell.
Talent Development
Bringing Out the Best in NYP Employees
Training & Development
Talent Development researches, designs, develops, delivers, and evaluates programs that are
offered to all 22,000 NYP employees, from those who are newly hired to seasoned staff, with
the overarching goal of supporting NYP’s commitment to We Put Patients First…Always.
Among the many programs are clinical simulation courses
with either actors as patients or full body mannequins to
enhance staff skills in team building, mock codes, and
pediatric emergencies, as pictured here.
Tech Learning Solutions
The Talent Development team at 41 Audubon shows off its new sign officially recognizing the change of name from
COLE to Talent Development. The new name reflects the Department’s focus on helping NYP staff develop skills to
successfully do their jobs and achieve their professional goals.
The mission of Talent Development is to create lasting
change by leveraging technology and providing
education that enhances the client experience,
drives our culture of engagement, and supports our
commitment to We Put Patients First.
Organizational Development
We work very closely with
“Our Talent Development team of some 35 staff members develop and
staff who are experts in
implement strategies and programs focused on building the skills,
specific areas so that we
abilities, and engagement of the Hospital’s workforce,” says Andrea G.
can understand their training
Proccacino, VP and Chief Learning Officer. “This could involve creating
requirements and translate
a method for promoting and sustaining compliance with a new safety or
them into learning content.
infection control protocol, bringing together people for team building, or
organizing events to recognize our employees for the amazing work that
— Mary Beaudette
they do.”
“We work very closely with staff who are experts in specific areas so
Technology Learning Solutions
that we can understand their training requirements and translate them
into learning content,” notes Mary Beaudette, Director of Technology
Learning Solutions. “In addition to training on specific topics like centralOur role is to provide tools
line associated bloodstream infections, pain control, and Ebola protocols,
and education to help
Talent Development also offers management and leadership training,
cultivate an environment that
facilitates retreats, and provides support to the Command Center during
promotes collaboration and
regulatory surveys.” Training is presented in a number of ways, includengagement.
ing on-site programs, videos, electronically, and at Talent Development
training centers.
— Adriana Perez
“Creating a great work environment is a major focus of the
Department,” says Adriana Perez, Director of Training Operations.
Training Operations
“Everyone at NYP plays a role in developing a culture of employee engagement. Our role is to provide tools and education to help cultivate an
environment that promotes collaboration and engagement.”
Kimberly Solop, Program Manager for Recognition and Events, and her colleagues are behind the scenes of the
hundreds of celebrations and ceremonies that recognize employees for their commitment to patients, decades of
service, perfect attendance, and countless other achievements. “At NYP, we want to acknowledge individuals and team
members — both clinical and non-clinical — who go above and beyond to care for our patients and families and
who embody We Put Patients First,” says Ms. Solop. “It is so important to take every opportunity to commend the
contributions and achievements of our staff in meaningful and momentous ways.”
Talent Development consultants lead team building
exercises. Here the kerchiefs represent different teams
at NYP/Lower Manhattan.
Awards & Recognition
Celebrations and ceremonies throughout the year
recognize clinical and non-clinical staff for their
commitment to NYP and our patients.
9 NYPress
Gracias to Our
Throughout July and August, NYP employees were treated to a touch of Spain as they gathered for celebrations in their honor. In
flower-strewn surroundings, Flamenco dancers and bullfighters provided the entertainment, while management served up gazpacho
and paella, with churros for dessert. These Employee Appreciation Day events are an annual tradition of NewYork-Presbyterian and
enjoyed by all who attend. They are just one of the many ways that NYP’s management team offers their heartfelt thanks to staff for
all they do throughout the year to provide the best possible experience for patients and families and making NYP #1 in New York and
among the best in the nation!
NYPress 10
NYP/38th Street
Amazing NYP Team
NYP/Weill Cornell
NYP/Lower Manhattan
Look for highlights of Employee Appreciation Day at NYP/7th Avenue in the September issue.
11 NYPress
Transforming Emergency Medicine
at NYP/Columbia
Celebrating Important Milestones
The transformation of the NYP/Columbia ED began in October 2014 with the opening of the Barbara Walters Acute Care Treatment Center, a cornerstone
of the new Morgan Stanley Adult Emergency Department. On July 30, 2015, we celebrated two additional milestones when the new entrance and lobby
became a reality. Patients, staff, and visitors can now enter the Adult ED through the new main entrance located at the site of the former Energy Court
on Broadway between West 166th and 168th Streets. At the same time, we debuted a Rapid Medical Evaluation Unit for the assessment and treatment
of patients needing less emergent care. These exciting openings mark the completion of critical phases of NYP’s plan to transform the future delivery of
emergency medical care to patients and families in our local and regional communities.
Emergency Department staff and colleagues join (fourth
from left) Anthony P. Dawson, VP, Operations, NYP/Milstein;
Dr. Joseph P. Underwood, Chief, Emergency Medicine; Robin
Ferrer, Director of ED Operations and Nursing; and Andria L.
Castellanos, SVP and Chief Operating Officer, NYP/Columbia,
in the ribbon cutting for the opening of phase 1 of the new ED.
NYPress 12
Dr. Joseph Underwood Assumes Role as
Chief of Emergency Medicine, NYP/Columbia
We are pleased to announce that Joseph P. Underwood III, MD, has been appointed
Chief of Emergency Medicine, NYP/Columbia to oversee the day-to-day operations
of the Emergency Department. For the past year, Dr. Underwood has served as
Interim Chief of the ED. Since 2007, he has served as an attending physician in the
Department of Emergency Medicine at NYP/Columbia and NYP/Allen.
Dr. Underwood received his medical degree from Robert Wood Johnson Medical
School at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. He trained in the
first class of graduating residents in NYP’s Emergency Medicine Residency Training
Program, and served as Chief Resident. In 2005, he won the prestigious Physicianof-the-Year Award while working as a resident at NYP/Weill Cornell. In 2009, he
was recognized by the Department of Medicine at NYP/Columbia with the Internal
Medicine Teaching Award.
Honoring Dr. Roger Yurt as He Retires
An outpouring of gratitude and well wishes from NYP
and Weill Cornell Medical College colleagues, staff,
firefighters, friends, and family greeted Roger W. Yurt,
MD, Chief of Burn, Critical Care and Trauma Surgery
and Director of the William Randolph Hearst Burn
Center at NYP/Weill Cornell, at a reception in honor
of his retirement.
Throughout a career spanning nearly 45 years,
Dr. Yurt has helped countless patients and their families
recover physically and emotionally from the aftermath
of burn injuries. Following 9/11, the William
Randolph Hearst Burn Center became a well-known
symbol of rehabilitation and hope for the survivors
and Dr. Yurt, its steadfast and compassionate leader.
At the time, Dr. Yurt said of the Burn Center, “This
is a place where lasting relationships are forged.
The dedication of our staff to helping patients and
families cope and recover a semblance of their lives is
palpable. We rejoice with patients when they go home;
we are there to grieve with the families of those who
Dr. Yurt was also a fervent supporter and friend
of the New York City Fire Department. In a statement
regarding his retirement, the New York Firefighters
Burn Center Foundation said of Dr. Yurt: “He has
been devoted to the members of the FDNY and
the Foundation. He has shared his experience and
wisdom regarding burn injuries with thousands of
FDNY firefighters, and has had a tremendous impact
on the Hospital, burn care, the FDNY, and NYC.”
Dr. Yurt with his wife, Joan, look on as friends and colleagues offer
appreciation and praise on the occasion of his retirement.
Introducing a New Inpatient Unit
at NYP/Lower Manhattan
NYP/Allen Opens a
New Endoscopy Suite
NYP/Lower Manhattan Hospital held a ribbon cutting event for its new inpatient
unit, 4A, on August 5. This state-of-the-art, 20-bed medical/surgical unit — which is
now open — provides a bright and modern environment and single-bedded rooms in
which patients can receive treatment and recover.
On August 4, NYP/Allen staff and physicians gathered at a ribbon-cutting ceremony
to celebrate the opening of a state-of-the-art endoscopy unit. With two advanced
procedure rooms and a new endoscopy recovery area, the unit will enable NYP/Allen
to further develop its GI practice, enhance care of outpatient surgery patients, and
facilitate scheduling and patient flow for maximum efficiency.
Meet the InnovateNYP Open Challenge Winners
Following a 10-week competition in which both the public and employees submitted ideas to enhance
patient care and provider communication, NYP announced the winners on August 10. Finalists, who
were selected from more than 31 teams with a total of 200 participants, presented their proposals to
a panel of judges, who evaluated their applications on ease of use, design, benefit for users, creativity,
innovation, and overall quality.
“The other judges and I were incredibly impressed by the range of smart and creative solutions we
reviewed,” said Aurelia Boyer, SVP and Chief Information Officer. “We strongly believe that bringing
outside perspectives together through this type of challenge helps drive innovation in healthcare IT. This
contest has again offered us some fantastic ideas that can be translated into real-life solutions.”
First Place: $15,000 Prize
MedChat – a mobile and web application that combines text
messaging and information search to facilitate care team
communication and collaboration, patient clinical information
search and exchange, and care team alerting. Communication is
facilitated through a chat room that contains only the members of
a patient’s care team.
Second Place: $7,500 Prize
Mocabell – short for “Your Mobile Call Bell,” Mocabell provides a fast
and alternative way for patients to communicate directly with the
nursing staff. Using either a smartphone or tablet, patients can send
self-directed messages to their nurses’ desktop or mobile device, while
a “team player” function allows others nurses to step in when needed.
Third Place: $2,500 Prize
Curbsided – Curbsided is a mobile application that allows
physicians and other providers to consult specialists in the
hospital. By improving access to specialists, Curbsided improves
the speed and reliability of consult services.
(From left) Dr. David Vawdrey, VP, The Value Institute, NYP; Aurelia Boyer, SVP and Chief Information Officer, NYP; First
Place winners Ryan DeCosmo, Mengqi Jin, Marc Sturm, and Eric Schmitz; and Dr. Peter Fleischut, Associate Chief
Innovation Officer, NYP, during the presentation of prizes.
All submissions can be viewed at:
http://innovatenyp challenge2015.devpost.com/submissions
13 NYPress
NYP Supports NYC Pride
On a beautiful weekend in June,
employees throughout NYP
gathered together to take part in
events to celebrate Pride Month
and the LGBT community. On
Saturday, June 27, the Hospital
sponsored Harlem Pride Day, a
major community event held in Jackie Robinson Park.
On Sunday, June 28, NYP participated in 2015’s NYC
Pride Parade, the largest Pride celebration in the world.
Friends and family joined employees to march from
36th Street and Fifth Avenue to Greenwich Village.
Participants donned “Take Pride in Your Health” t-shirts
to support not only the day’s cause but also health and
Special Delivery:
Baby Girl Born Safely
in NYP/Allen Driveway
On Tuesday June 30, Nairoby Cabrera arrived at NYP/
Allen to have her baby. But the newborn wasn’t waiting
to get inside. Ms. Cabrera delivered her baby girl safely
in her car in the Emergency Department driveway at
NYP/Allen thanks to the quick thinking and fast-acting
members of security, administration, the ED, and
housekeeping. And if that wasn’t enough, a very kind
Environmental Services worker helped clean the car
afterwards. Despite the circumstances of her delivery,
Ms. Cabrera felt very comfortable throughout her
experience, and the family is extremely grateful.
Thank you to all those who went above and beyond for
the special delivery.
NYP/Columbia’s Lang Scholars Rewarded
for Their Hard Work
On June 23, the Lang Youth Medical Program held
its 7th Annual Graduation Ceremony. The celebration marked the culmination of the scholars’ six-year
commitment to the program. After being selected from
a highly competitive pool of applicants, the young Lang
Scholars visited NYP/Columbia on Saturdays and during
their summers. The training included medical rotations,
patient follow-ups, and summer internships. The 14
students in the Class of 2015 will now go on to college,
many of them the first to do so in the families. Maria
Molina, Program Manager, was very proud to point out
that one of the graduates received a full-tuition Posse
scholarship to Lawrence University. To date, 63 students
have graduated from the program.
NYPress 14
Lang Youth Scholar
Now an NYP Patient Navigator
In 2003, seventh grade student Diogenes Montano
(above) learned about the Lang Youth Medical Program
at his school and took the opportunity to apply. Little
did he know it would become an integral part of his life
for the next six years and help guide him in his college
career and beyond.
Diogenes was one of 16 students from the
Washington Heights/Inwood community to become
part of the inaugural class of Lang Youth students.
He and his classmates met every Saturday during the
academic year and spent their summers at the Hospital
learning about science, medicine and health careers.
“When you’re at that age and feel like nobody cares
about you, it’s important to have people surrounding
you who care, and that’s exactly what the Lang Youth
program does,” Diogenes said.
Diogenes graduated from the College of Saint Rose in
Albany where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business
Administration. Today, he is a Patient Navigator at NYP
and volunteers with the Lang Youth program.
Dragon Boat Racing
NYP/Lower Manhattan
Takes First Place
Congratulations are in order for NYP/Lower Manhattan
for their triumphant first place win at the 25th annual
Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival. The team placed
first in both the Healthcare Invitational and Sponsor’s
Challenge. The annual festival, held on the weekend of
August 8 and 9 at Corona Park in Flushing Meadows,
drew over 200 teams. NYP employees once again
showed that with dedication, spirit, hard work, and
teamwork, they can achieve great things.
Becomes Green
NYP/Westchester Division is the first hospital to become
Westchester Green Business-Certified, a program
launched last year by Westchester County and The
Business Council of Westchester. Companies that join
WGB-Certified undergo a valuable and rigorous process
resulting in measurable cost savings and reduced
greenhouse gas emissions. The Hospital has instituted
several initiatives to encourage recycling and reduce
water and waste. It also provides racks to store bicycles,
utilizes electric vehicles for on-campus maintenance,
provides shuttle service to New York City campuses,
and collaborates with 511NY Rideshare to offer
employees a user-friendly way to find ecofriendly
commuting options.
NYP Prom Season
NYP/Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital
NYP/Komansky Children’s Health Center
Spring Fling
On Saturday, June 6, teenage patients at
NYP/Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital
got to fulfill their rite of passage with
the “Ice Ball,” hosted in the Hospital’s
Wintergarden. Volunteers transformed
the plaza into a winter wonderland with
snow-covered trees and snowflakes
cascading from the ceiling. After enjoying dinner in their wintery surroundings,
patients and guests danced the night
away on a specially installed dance floor.
On Saturday, June 13, it was an
afternoon of fancy dress, dancing, and
fun and games for the annual prom at
NYP/Komansky Center for Children’s
Health. The “Carnival of Fun,” attended
by inpatients, outpatients, and their
guests, featured arrivals in a London
taxicab and a banquet spread selected
by the patients that included hot dogs,
pretzels, and funnel cakes served on
fully decorated, linen-covered tables.
Senior Prom
NYP/Allen celebrated its second annual Senior
Prom in style on August 17. The Health Outreach
Program helped organize the event, providing
balloon arches and other festive decorations,
refreshments, and the opportunity for seniors and
their guests to create new memories. Students
from JFK and George Washington High Schools
who volunteered at the Hospital this summer
helped coordinate and chaperone the prom. They
also got in on the fun — the dance floor was full
of current and former volunteers enjoying the
music and company of the guests.
10th Anniversary Show
Mark Your Calendars!
October 2, 2015
6 to 8:30 pm
The Cutting Room
44 East 32nd Street
Join “Off The Chart,” NewYork-Presbyterian’s rock
band, for a rocking 10th Anniversary Celebration!
The evening will include guest appearances by
founding and former band members and guest
performers. Join friends and co-workers for what
is sure to be a very special event.
15 NYPress
NYP/Lawrence Hospital
Construction of Cancer Center and
Surgical Pavilion Makes Steady Progress
The new Cancer Center and Surgical Pavilion is taking
great shape, with the opening scheduled for early 2016. The
40,000-square-foot addition will accommodate the vision of
NYP/Lawrence Hospital to develop a state-of-the-art comprehensive, integrated cancer center, complete with radiation
oncology, medical oncology, infusion therapy, PET/CT, and a
full complement of supportive care services in one convenient
location. The cancer center is adjacent to the new ORs, also
under construction, and will be linked with the Hospital for
easy access to imaging, pathology, a patient resource center,
and other ancillary services for cancer patients and their
families. The new facility is one of the many initiatives and
programs that support the Hospital’s commitment to providing
the highest level of health care services to Bronxville and the
greater Westchester community.
NYP/Hudson Valley Hospital
Guiding a Nursing Team
to Magnet Recognition
Maggie Adler, MSN, RN-BC,
Magnet Program Director and
Associate Director of Standards
and Quality at NYP/Hudson
Valley Hospital, was one of
several Magnet program leaders
interviewed for an article on Nurse.
com that discussed the extensive
process required on the road to
Magnet status. “It’s challenging and rewarding, and you
help change the culture of the organization during and
after the journey,” said Ms. Adler in the article. “It makes
you feel good that you took part in helping the organization
reach the highest quality of care and service to the patient.”
Magnet recognition is awarded by the American
Nurses Credentialing Center and a very distinguished
achievement, recognizing healthcare organizations for
“quality patient care, nursing excellence, and innovations
in professional nursing practice.”
NYP/Hudson Valley has been a Magnet hospital since
it was first awarded Magnet designation in 2007. It was
the first hospital in the region to receive the award.
NYPress 16
Cardiac Cath Lab Update
In the few months since the NewYork-Presbyterian Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory at NYP/Lawrence
opened, the response from patients and families has been extremely positive. “It can be a little intimidating
undergoing these types of tests, especially when you have to
drive to an unfamiliar hospital. From day one, I have seen
how comfortable patients are here, and that means a lot to
the entire staff at NYP/Lawrence,” says Mark Apfelbaum, MD,
Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Lab and Associate
Professor of Medicine at Columbia University Medical
Center. The lab is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
It is conveniently located near the Hospital’s emergency
room, which can save precious minutes in transit for patients
experiencing a heart attack. In addition to the emergency
and diagnostic procedures offered, patients can also undergo
routine testing via angiograms and cardiac imaging.
NYP Encourages Dads to Get Out and Move
Jennifer E. Gilkie, VP, External Affairs, NewYork-Prebsyterian Healthcare System, joined Westchester County
leaders, including County Executive Rob Astorino, to remind residents to celebrate dads and give them the gift of
health by taking them out for a healthy bike ride, jog, or walk on the Bronx River Parkway for Bicycle Sundays.
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital is a sponsor of Bicycle Sundays.
Honoring Excellence in Health Care Management
On June 17, John Federspiel, President, NYP/Hudson Valley, was honored with the Senior
Level Healthcare Executive Regent’s Award from Healthcare Leaders of New York. The Senior
Level honor recognizes ACHE affiliates experienced in the field who have significantly
contributed to the advancement of health care management excellence. Awardees are chosen
based on leadership ability, innovation and creativity in management and for developing their
organization and promoting its growth and stature in the community. Over the 28 years
that he has been President, Mr. Federspiel has driven NYP/Hudson Valley growth from a
locally known community hospital to a state-of-the-art facility. He has helped the Hospital
achieve national recognition for its quality of care, including Magnet designation and awards
for patient satisfaction. “We congratulate John on receiving this well-deserved honor,” said Dr. Laura L. Forese,
President, NYP Healthcare System. “John’s leadership is a force behind elevating the patient experience at NYP/
Hudson Valley to such a high level. This award affirms that he is a superb manager, and that the Hospital he runs is a
wonderful place to get well.”
Breakfast Celebration Kicks Off Walk for Women’s Cancer
On August 19, NYP/Hudson Valley and the Ashikari Breast
Center hosted a breakfast to kick off their joint sponsorship
of the Support Connection’s 21st Annual Support-A-Walk
for breast and ovarian cancer. Support Connection provides
a wide range of services for women with breast and ovarian
cancer locally, regionally, and nationally. These include
peer counseling, patient education, and support groups for
patients and families, at no cost to the patient. This year’s
team captains are Carolyn Padial, PT, Director of Physical
Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Lisa Olmos, RN.
Sunday, October 4, 2015
FDR Park, Route 202, Yorktown Heights.
To sign up for the walk and create a team,
visit the Hospital’s team website at
green pages
Benefits Corner
Annual Benefits Enrollment is
Monday, October 26 through
Monday, November 16, 2015. During this time you can
make changes to your plans for 2016. Look for Infonet
announcements and emails with detailed information
about the enrollment period, including Benefit Fairs and
Enrollment Assistance.
The New York and Presbyterian Hospital
Retirement Plan Summary Plan
Description (SPD) is now available on
the Infonet. The SPD provides an explanation of your
100% NYP-paid retirement plan that grows throughout
your career to help you reach your retirement goal. On
the front of the Infonet, click on the Departments tab
and select Human Resources under Administration.
Click on Retirement Services and select Summary
Plan Description under Quick Links. For a printed copy,
contact Retirement Services at [email protected] or
call 212-297-5771.
Resources for Living is a Hospital-paid
benefit to help employees meet the
demands of work and family. Services
include assistance with locating dependable child and
elder care services on a full-time or part-time basis, or for
a one-time emergency. Pet care referrals are also available.
Services are confidential and free of charge to you and
members of your household. Call 1-800-328-4071,
or visit the website at www.MyLifeValues.com. Enter
NYP for the User ID, and Benefits for the password.
For quick service, e-mail is a convenient
way to contact Benefits, Retirement
Services, and Tuition Assistance. You will
receive a response within 24 hours. Please include your
name, employee ID, and contact number in your e-mail
request to:
Benefits: [email protected]
Retirement Services: [email protected]
Tuition Assistance: [email protected]
Benefits Corner
[email protected]
Employee Activities
[email protected]
Other Green Pages News
[email protected]
Employee Activities
We are excited to announce that the Amazing People
recognition program is now offering more ways to
acknowledge staff. Effective immediately, staff can now
use Applaud a Teammate to recognize the efforts of a staff
member at any of the Hospital’s six campuses.
To recognize your co-worker, access the Applaud a
Teammate section through the Recognition Center tab on
the Amazing People platform.
If you have been an Employee of the
Month or CARE Award Recipient and
would like to retrieve your plaque and picture, please
contact [email protected] Plaques from previous
years are stored in the Human Resources office at the
NYP/Weill Cornell campus and will ONLY be available
until December 31, 2015. Please email your full name,
campus, department, and the month of your award
and a member of the Recognition & Events, Talent
Development Department, will get back to you.
Plum Benefits and TicketsatWork have merged, and
NYP employees can take advantage of more offers and
entertainment. You can enjoy savings of up to 60% on
over 80,000 offers. Perks include:
• New website with better navigation, as well as more
entertainment and travel options to destinations
• New products and special offers, including rental
cars, parking, movie tickets, theme parks nationwide,
Las Vegas shows and more
Use your current Plum Benefits account information to log
in if you are already a member.
If you are not a member and would like to sign up,
visit www.plumbenefits.com and use your NYP email
address. You can also use your personal email if you
include your corporate access code, which can be
obtained by calling 212-660-1888.
If you need assistance, contact the customer service
team at 212-660-1888 or [email protected]
For a complete list of discounts, go to the Infonet
Employees page and click on Discounts & Perks under
Quick Links.
Discounted AMC movie tickets can be
purchased in the Gift Shops at NYP/Weill
Cornell, NYP/Columbia, NYP/MSCH, and
NYP/Allen. If you have any questions,
please email [email protected]
Due to unforeseen circumstances, the
20-year Gala celebration for NYP/Weill
Cornell, NYP/WD, and NYP/ACN/Weill Cornell employees has
been rescheduled to Wednesday, September 9, 2015 at
the Marriott Marquis Times Square.
The dates for celebrations for employees at the other
campuses remain unchanged and are as follows:
Thursday, October 15, 2015: At the Downtown Marriott
for employees of NewYork-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan
Wednesday, October 21, 2015: At the Marriott Marquis
Times Square for employees of NewYork-Presbyterian/
Columbia, NYP/Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital,
NewYork-Presbyterian/Allen, and NewYork-Presbyterian/
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital employees
can save 25% at over 180 Icon Parking
locations. Go to www.iconparking.com/nyp
and have your membership eligibility
validated by NewYork-Presbyterian. Once your information is
validated, you will receive a discount membership card in
the mail with a welcome package detailing the discount
program. Show your card at any participating Icon Parking
location and receive 25% off the normal hourly rate. Monthly
parking is also available.
The NewYork-Presbyterian Guest Facility at The Helmsley Medical
Tower offers temporary accommodations for Hospital patients,
their families, and visitors. Each spacious room offers cable TV,
a fully equipped kitchen, and daily housekeeping service. We
also provide High Speed Internet Access, which is now wireless
and FREE, in all guest rooms. The Guest Facility is located at
1320 York Avenue between 70th and 71st Streets. Tours are
available for NYP staff every Thursday between 12 noon and 3 pm.
To learn more details or to make a reservation, call 212-472-8400
or visit www.nypguestfacility.com.
17 NYPress
Honors and Awards
Cardiac Catheterization Lab at NYP/Columbia
Recognized for Nursing Excellence
© Buck Ennis/Crain’s New York Business
NYP Highlighted for Its Commitment
to Women and Their Career Success
The Cardiac Catheterization Lab at NYP/Columbia was one of five units in the New York
metro area honored with the Beacon of Excellence Nursing Award. This prestigious award
is presented by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, which honors nursing
units for quality care and practices that improve patient outcomes. Maria Alcina Fonseca,
Patient Care Director for the Cath Lab/EP Lab, notes that their accomplishments with staff
engagement, effective communication, evidence-based practices, and patient outcomes are
a result of working together. “It is the teamwork that exists across disciplines that allows
us to be successful and contributes to achieving great outcomes,” says Ms. Fonseca. The
awards were presented at the National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition held
in San Diego this past May.
Crain’s New York recently published a list of the 50 Most Powerful Women in
New York, as well as a related article highlighting companies that are committed
to creating environments that allow women to excel. Congratulations to Dr. Laura L.
Forese, President, NYP Healthcare System, and Group Senior Vice President and
Chief Operating Officer, NYP/Weill Cornell, who is named on the list for her strong
leadership and strategic vision. Kudos as well to the Hospital and Healthcare System’s
Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel, Maxine Frank and Chief Financial Officer
and Treasurer Phyllis R. Lantos, who are also featured in the article.
Janette O’Connor, BS, BSN, MS, RN-BC, a clinical
senior staff nurse on the Second Chance Unit at NYP/
Westchester has been named a recipient of the 2015 Award for
Excellence in Practice-RN by the American Psychiatric Nurses
Association (APNA). The award, which will be presented at the
APNA’s meeting in October, recognizes those who show and
promote exemplary psychiatric-mental health nursing practices
to patients and families.
Eleni Zimmerman, LMSW, a social work advanced clinician in
the Eating Disorders Unit at NYP/Westchester, is a winner of the
2015 “Rising Star” presented by the Business Council of Westchester
at its “Rising Stars: 40 Under 40” event in May. Ms. Zimmerman
joins a wide group of professionals from various backgrounds who
“represent some of the finest young talents in the regions,” said
Marsha Gordon, President and CEO of The Business Council. The
award acknowledges individuals who set new standards of success.
Beth Harris, MA, RN, PMHCNS-BC, Coordinator for
Health Education, NYP/Westchester, has received Westchester
Magazine’s second annual Healthcare Hero’s award. This honor
is presented to individuals who are outstanding examples of
community service, patient concern, and leadership in the
local health care field. Ms. Harris, who was featured in the
May 2015 issue of the magazine, is also a recent recipient
of the Nursing Leadership Award at NYP/Westchester.
This past June, Emelin Martinez, Manager of the Reach Out and
Read program at NYP/Columbia, received a Literacy Champion
Award from Reach Out and Read of Greater New York recognizing
her ongoing commitment to promoting early literacy development. For nearly a decade, Ms. Martinez, a former teacher, has
been applying her education background and skills to develop and
grow NYP’s Reach Out and Read program in the Ambulatory Care
Network’s pediatric clinics.
Dr. Peter Fleischut Named One of Becker’s
25 Healthcare Leaders Under 40
Peter M. Fleischut, MD, Associate Chief
Innovation Officer for NewYork-Presbyterian,
has been chosen as a “Rising Star” in healthcare leadership by Becker’s Hospital Review. This
annual award showcases individuals under
40, nominated by their peers, who are “poised
for continued growth throughout the rest of
their careers.” In his role as Associate CIO,
Dr. Fleischut guides Hospital-wide programs
involving innovative technologies and data
analytics. He also serves as the Hospital’s Deputy Quality and Patient Safety Officer.
Known for his efforts in these areas, Dr. Fleischut won the John M. Eisenberg Patient
Safety and Quality Award from the National Quality Forum and Joint Commission in
2011. Dr. Fleischut had previously been named Becker’s Rising Star in 2014.
NYPress 18
NYP Named Digital PR & Social Media Award Finalist
The National Volunteer Week/Therapy Dog Campaign
has been chosen as a finalist in Ragan’s 2015 Digital PR
& Social Media Awards. NYP was selected from among
hundreds of entries as one of four finalists for the Grand
Prize Award of “Best Digital PR Campaign.” The award
reflects a team effort between NYP’s Departments of
Volunteer Services, Public Affairs, and Social Media and
encompassed an integrated approach, including amazing
patient videos, strong on-line content, media outreach, and
social media. The videos had over one million views and
the story was featured on Good Morning America. The NYP
Paws for Patients volunteers, Cassie (pictured here) at NYP/
Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, and Daisy, who visits
patients at NYP/Weill Cornell, were equipped with a GoPro
camera as they spent a day with Hospital patients.
New Management Appointments and Promotions
Michael P. Breslin will oversee
financial operations and develop
strategies that help ensure NewYorkPresbyterian’s financial strength.
Mr. Breslin brings many years of
experience in accounting, budgeting,
accounts payable, payroll, insurance,
tax, audit, capital, treasury, procurement and strategic sourcing, patient
financial services, and internal
Michael P. Breslin
finance control functions. He joins
Senior Vice President
NYP from New York Methodist
Hospital, a sponsored hospital of the
NewYork-Presbyterian Healthcare
System, where he served as Senior Vice President, Finance. His
relationship with NYP began many years ago when he was a
partner at the accounting firm of Ernst & Young. Mr. Breslin
holds his Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from Manhattan
College and is a Certified Public Accountant, licensed in New
York State.
Maurice LaBonne is responsible
for overseeing facilities management
and planning, design strategy and
innovation, facilities regulatory
compliance, and real estate.
Mr. LaBonne has over 35 years of
experience in facilities development
and operations for health care
institutions in the New York
metropolitan area. Most recently, he
Maurice LaBonne
was a lead partner at Hudson Medical
Senior Vice President
Properties, with responsibility for
Facilities and
business development and advisory
Real Estate
services for ambulatory network
planning, site search, and master
planning. He also served as a special advisor and member of the
New York City Building Resiliency Task Force formed by Mayor
Bloomberg after Superstorm Sandy. He holds a Bachelor of Arts
in Political Science and Sociology and studied Urban Planning at
New York University.
Robert Holdom will be responsible
for the oversight of compensation,
benefits, and retirement services
for NewYork-Presbyterian. A
compensation and benefits
professional with over 20 years of
experience, Mr. Holdom joins NYP
from NewsCorp, where he served
as Senior Vice President and Global
Head of Compensation & Benefits.
Robert Holdom, MS
Previously, he has held various senior
Vice President
management positions at American
Total Rewards
Express, most recently serving as
Vice President, Global Compensation,
Health & Benefits. Earlier in his career, Mr. Holdom worked
as a benefits and retirement consultant at both Towers Perrin
and William M. Mercer. He holds a Bachelor of Science in
Mathematics from Stevens Institute of Technology and a Master of
Science in Actuarial Science from Temple University.
Holly Meisner will develop,
implement, and manage new
policies, protocols, systems, and
initiatives to enhance patient
access and capacity at NYP, and
ensure seamless transitions for our
patients. Most recently, Ms. Meisner
served as a consultant on patient
flow design and strategy. She
was previously Senior Director of
Holly Meisner, RN,
Patient Placement and Progression
at NYU Langone Medical Center
Vice President
and Director of Bed Management
Patient Access
at Thomas Jefferson University
Hospital and Saint Peter’s University
Hospital. While at Thomas Jefferson, she created and led the
first Patient Flow Management Center in the country, earning
the Hospital national recognition. Ms. Meisner holds a Bachelor
of Science in Nursing from the University of Pittsburgh and
Master of Business Administration from the University of
Mary Simmerling, PhD, will have
overall leadership and operational
management of all areas associated
with quality, performance
improvement, patient safety,
infection prevention and control,
Joint Commission accreditation, and
regulatory compliance activities. With
nearly 20 years of administrative
leadership in academic and medical
Mary Simmerling, PhD institutions in the U.S. and globally,
Vice President
Dr. Simmerling most recently served
Quality and Patient
as Assistant Dean for Research
Integrity at Weill Cornell Medical
College and was previously the
Director of Research Integrity at the University of Chicago.
Dr. Simmerling holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from
Roosevelt University, a Master of Arts in Philosophy and Doctor
of Philosophy from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and
completed a two-year fellowship in clinical medical ethics at the
University of Chicago.
Karen Sodomick is responsible
for the development, management,
and implementation of NYP’s
public relations and social media
strategy. With broad experience
in communications, marketing,
and digital strategy, Ms. Sodomick
joins the Hospital from the Phoenix
House Foundation, where she was
Vice President, Marketing and
Karen Sodomick, MA
Communications. Earlier in her
Vice President
career, she served as Outreach
Public Affairs
Supervisor for NASA’s Office of
Strategic Communications, Marshall
Space Flight Center, overseeing numerous communications
campaigns and receiving various awards for her work. Of
particular note, she was selected by NASA Headquarters to
lead international outreach planning for 10 NASA centers and
4 Mission Directorates for international events. She holds a
Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and a Master of Arts in
Communication from Auburn University.
New Clinical Appointments
Dr. Leonard N. Girardi, a renowned
expert in complex aortic procedures,
has been appointed Cardiothoracic
Surgeon-in-Chief at NYP/Weill
Cornell, and Chairman of the
Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery
at Weill Cornell Medical College. He
joined the Weill Cornell faculty in
1997 following fellowship training
in the Department of Cardiothoracic
Leonard N. Girardi, MD Surgery at Weill Cornell and specialty
training in surgery of the aorta and
great vessels at the Baylor College
NYP/Weill Cornell
of Medicine in Houston, Texas.
Dr. Girardi’s primary research
interests lie in the field of thoracic aortic aneurysms, including
Marfan’s syndrome and the genetics and natural history
of thoracic aneurysms and aortic dissections. Dr. Girardi
succeeds O. Wayne Isom, MD, who in his 30 years as head of
the Department developed it into one of the highest ranked
cardiothoracic surgery centers in the country.
Dr. Kevin Roth, an esteemed
neuropathologist, has been named
Pathologist-in-Chief at NYP/Columbia
and Chair of the Department of
Pathology & Cell Biology at
Columbia University College of
Physicians and Surgeons. Dr. Roth
joins NYP from the University of
Alabama at Birmingham, where he
served as Chairman of Pathology.
Kevin Roth, MD, PhD
He previously served as its Director
of Neuropathology. Dr. Roth is
a renowned researcher on the
molecular regulation of neuronal cell
death in normal nervous system development in neuropathological
conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.
He is currently President of the American Society for Investigative
Pathology and Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Pathology.
Dr. Roth succeeds Michael Shelanski, MD, PhD, who grew the
Department into one of the top in the country during his 28-year
tenure as Chairman.
Dr. Mark Russ joined NYP in January
2015 as the new Medical Director
and Vice Chair of Clinical Programs
at NYP/Westchester. Previously he
was Associate Professor of Clinical
Psychiatry at Albert Einstein College
of Medicine and Hofstra North
Shore-LIJ School of Medicine and the
Director of Acute Care Psychiatry at
The Zucker Hillside Hospital/
Mark Russ, MD
North Shore-LIJ Health System.
Medical Director
Dr. Russ is passionate in his approach
to data-driven and evidence-based
clinical leadership. He had been the
recipient of an R01 grant by NIMH on the experience of pain in
self-injurious patients and the author of many publications on
clinical subjects. Earlier in his career, he was first the Assistant
Unit Chief on the Clinical Research Unit/Eating Disorders
Institute and later Unit Chief of an acute, inpatient, residency
training unit at NYP/Westchester, as well as the Director of the
Brief Treatment Unit and The Evaluation Center.
19 NYPress
Julio Garcia
Registered Respiratory Therapist,
Respiratory Therapy
Ferdinand Bautista, Jr.
Nurse Coordinator,
Spine Program
Maria Castrodad
Analyst, Implant Inventory,
Operating Room
Julio Garcia
Registered Respiratory Therapist,
Respiratory Therapy
Lingard Mtengwa
Supervisor, Lab Services,
Djerica Lamousnery
Coordinator, Transplant,
Kidney Acquisition Program
Gianni Roggiero
Special Health Priorities,
Patient Navigator Program
Carlos Cuevas
Senior Coordinator,
Patient Services Administration
Abena Nyamaa
Staff Nurse,
MB-7GS AM/PM Surgery
Emily Davis
Human Resources
Shanique Omeally-Soto
Staff Nurse,
MB-8HN Neurosurgery
Eoin Dawson
Director, IS,
Core Resources
Miguel Pena
Patient Financial Advisor,
Patient Access,
Central Scheduling
Kevin McGurk
Nurse Coordinator,
2-RE Med/Surg ICU
Marcia Esterling
Patient Executive Services,
Patient Accounts Administration
Mary McKenna Nolan
Nurse Practitioner,
Spine Program
Elvis Ferrer
Maintenance Worker II,
Building Life Safety Team
Maria Rodriguez
ICU Technician,
MB-7HN Telemetry
Lingard Mtengwa
Supervisor, Lab Services,
Robin Ferrer
Director, Nursing,
Emergency Room
Gianni Roggiero
Special Health Priorities,
Patient Navigator Program
Tatiana Quiroz
Environmental Services
Richard Gallagher
Special Programming, IS,
Medical Informatics Services
Migdalia Rosa
Administrative Manager,
Cardiac Service Line
Jonathan Robinson
Patient Transport
LeAnn Huynh
Lab Technologist II,
Core Lab, Chemistry
Rita Rosas
ICU Technician,
MB-9HN Transplant
Djerica Lamousnery
Coordinator, Transplant,
Kidney Acquisition Program
Verena Salvi
Social Worker,
Domestic Violence Initiative
Emily Littman
Administrative Director,
Service Line Division
Veniamin Shor
Biomedical Technician III,
Biomedical Engineering
Emelinda Bisono
Rehabilitation Therapy Aide,
Physical Medicine and
Rehabilitation Medicine
Chris Maag
Central Sterile Supply,
Sterile Supplies
Christine Valentine
Patient Services Administration
Travis Brailsford
Senior Dietary Worker,
Corinna Malakidis
Assistant Head Physical Therapist,
PT/OT Outpatient,
Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine
Alberto Abreu
Patient Financial Advisor,
Patient Access,
Charrai Byrd
Valorie Campbell-Holman
Nurse Administrator,
Milstein Radiology
Angee Colon
Office Assistant,
Emergency Room Administration
Sylvester Concepcion
Operating Room Scheduling
Elizabeth Barroeta Rodriguez
Senior Dietary Worker,
Central Food Purchase
Rodney Watt
First Cook,
Central Food Purchase
Marlene McCrea
Cardiac Catheterization Technician,
Cardiac Catheterization Lab
Mary Lizette Cabico
Nurse Practitioner,
4781 Broadway
Robert Middleton
Biomedical Technician II,
Biomedical Engineering
Dikawry Frias
Coordinator, Billing/Scheduling,
Access and Scheduling Center
Kanekqua Miller
Staff Assistant,
Food Service Administration
Edwin Hernandez
Health Educator,
School Based Health Center, IS 52
Barbara Viviene Morris
Equipment Technician,
MB-3/4 Operating Rooms
Pedro Jimenez
Patient Financial Advisor,
Patient Access,
Medical Group Practice
Dikawry Frias
Coordinator, Billing/Scheduling,
Access and Scheduling Center
Jaleesa Jones
Patient Financial Advisor,
Patient Access,
Family Planning/
Young Men’s Clinic
Heidi Matisoff
Nurse Practitioner,
Samira McCaskill
Administrative Assistant,
Biangie Rodriguez
Patient Financial Advisor,
Patient Access,
Medical Group Practice
Ann Marie Romero
Health Educator,
Family Planning/
Young Men’s Clinic
Vincenzo Sciarrino
Patient Financial Advisor,
Patient Access
Alexandra Alsop
Patient Care Director,
G-3 Recovery Room
Adeel Anwer
Black Belt, Z2,
Revenue Cycle Support
Elizabeth Aracena
Staff Assistant,
Kidney Acquisition Program
Matthew Baird
Director, Business Development
and Operations,
Strategy and Regulatory Planning
Susanna Baldwin
Advanced Clinical Social Worker,
Social Work
Joni Barrow
Physician Assistant, Advanced,
Vincenzo Sciarrino,
Patient Financial Advisor,
Patient Access,
549 West 180th Street
Holly Batistick-Aufox
Physical Therapy,
Rehabilitation Medicine
Maria Carmen Torralba
Care Management,
Lisa Bednarz
Senior Social Worker,
Social Work
Whitney Waithe
Medical Assistant,
Family Planning/
Young Men’s Clinic
Tara Buckenmyer
Patient Care Director,
Pediatric Intensive Care
Snehalatha Nair
Clinical Nurse III,
Labor, Delivery, and Triage
Jonathan Roa
Unit Assistant,
Emergency Room
DeAnna Washington
Nurse Administrator,
Children’s Nursing Office
Crystalyn Acosta
Nurse Clinician,
2SW Neuro ICU
Adam Aiello
Director, IS,
IT Corporate Systems
Samantha Bennahum
Advanced Clinical Social Worker,
Liver Transplant Program
Maria-Cristina Bernabe-Ho
Transfer Access Center
Cassandra Bernadin-Thomas
Senior Staff Nurse,
2N Med/Surg (Transplant)
Yamel Blanco
Senior Staff Nurse,
2N Med/Surg (Transplant)
Diane Boateng
Senior Staff Nurse,
6C Med/Surg (Neuro)
Maxine Briggs
Business Assistant,
F10 Ambulatory Surgery Recovery
Brad Buckhout
Senior Analyst,
Managed Care,
Jonathan Roa
Unit Assistant,
Emergency Room
Clifford Casseus
Radiological Specialist,
Cross Section, MRI,
Daniel Chatfield
Radiological Specialist,
Cross Section, CT
Kevin Chin
Central Lab
Sung Hee Choe
Senior Staff Nurse,
2N Med/Surg (Transplant)
Diana Clark
Senior Social Worker,
Social Work
Maredith Close
Senior Staff Nurse,
2SW Neuro ICU
Julio Cruz
Revenue Cycle Support,
Revenue Cycle System
Angie Cutajar
Executive Assistant,
Woodeline Dagrin
Emergency Department Tech,
Critical Care Nursing,
Emergency Room
Sheldon Daniels
Manager, IS,
IT Support Services
Vijayashree Dargula
Manager, CMMS,
Facilities Administration
Shondel Davis
Account Management,
Corporate Health
Anthony DeCosmo
Programmer Analyst III, IS,
IT Technical Services
Shalini Desai
Clinical Specialist,
Physical Therapy,
Rehabilitation Medicine
Yvette Diaz
Accounts Payable Clerk,
Accounts Payable
If you know of any promotions that have been omitted, call Human Resources: 212-746-1448 (NYP/Weill Cornell); 212-305-5625 (NYP/Columbia).
NYPress 20
Human Resources reported the following promotions as of June 30, 2015.
Snehalatha Nair
Clinical Nurse III,
Labor, Delivery, and Triage
Judith Dufault
Manager, Quality Data,
Regulatory and Quality
Information Management
Codi-Ann Dyer
Nurse Clinician,
7N Women and Children’s Health/
Lesney Elgin
Inventory Operations Analyst,
Procurement/Strategic Sourcing
Mohibah Esmati
Program Analyst III, IS,
IT HIM Care Coordinator,
Lamont Goodhall
Patient Ambassador,
General Services Administration
Roxann Grant
Medical Correspondent,
Health Information Management
Katrin Griswold
Programmer Analyst III, IS,
IT Corporate Systems
Meagan Groneman
Staff Nurse,
11S-B Med/Surg
Deluo Hau
Technical Specialist, IS,
IT Business Solutions
Richard Hawkins
Manager, Social Work,
PWC Social Services
Ashleigh Healy
Executive Assistant,
Fabienne Hickland
Senior Staff Nurse,
Women and Children’s Health,
Christine Hillman
Facilities Systems,
Facilities Administration
Tyrone Jones
Purchasing Clerk,
Procurement/Strategic Sourcing
Patrick Jordan
Information Services,
IT Corporate Systems
Adeel Anwer
Black Belt, Z2,
Revenue Cycle Support
NYP/Weill Cornell
Lesney Elgin
Inventory Operations Analyst,
Procurement/Strategic Sourcing
NYP/Weill Cornell
Justin Cariello
Advanced Imaging Technologist,
Diagnostic Radiology
NYP/Lower Manhattan
Olga Klass
Special Programming, IS,
Lauren Olofsson
Senior Clinical Dietitian,
Food and Nutrition Services
Rosa Landinez
Nurse Practitioner,
CPEP Mobile Crisis
Emily Orell
Programmer Analyst III, IS,
IT Corporate Systems
Sandra Lang
Strategic Sourcing,
Procurement/Strategic Sourcing
Celide Ortiz
Senior Regulatory
Planning Associate,
Regulatory Planning
Eileen Magnuski
Nurse Clinician,
2SW Neuro ICU
Margaret Oswald-Manning
Vice President, Client Relations,
Saaema Batool Malik
Staff Nurse,
8W Critical Burn (ICU)
Anthony Otero
Talent Acquisition Consultant,
Talent Acquisition
Lauren Mandell
Senior Physician Assistant,
Jessie Palacios
Senior Staff Nurse,
2N Med/Surg (Transplant)
Teisha McClean
Office Assistant,
Echocardiography Lab
Catherine Palmese
Patient Care Director,
Critical Care,
Medical Team
David McComb
Senior Staff Nurse,
Critical Care,
Emergency Room
Angela Panuccio
Senior Staff Nurse,
2SW Neuro ICU
Ryan McConnell
Plant Mechanic,
Plant Services Engine Room
Justin Parker
Patient Escort Administration
Kareem McLaughlin
Programmer Analyst II, IS,
Biomedical Engineering
Virginia Parker
Social Worker,
Advanced Clinician,
Social Work
Danielle Mellon
Nurse Practitioner,
Critical Care
Jaime Miles
Nurse Epidemiologist,
Nubia Mohamed
Operating Room Tech II,
Ambulatory Surgery OR
Abed Muriel
Andrew Murphy
Analyst, Financial,
Heather Neufville
Senior Analyst,
Human Resources
Maryellen Peters
Senior Staff Nurse,
8N Surgical Stepdown Unit
Dreama Pinnock
Coordinator, Customer Service,
Lab Communications Center
Alejandro Pino
Graduate Staff,
Jerome Pryce
Biomedical Tech II,
Biomedical Engineering
Michael Purce
Corporate Director, IS,
IT Corporate Systems
Joseph Radesco
Programmer Analyst II, IS,
IT Corporate Systems
Rosa Ray
Diagnostic Radiology
NYP/Lower Manhattan
Jillian Redner
Social Worker
Advanced Clinician,
Social Work
Nancimarie Colistra
Manager, Social Work,
Patient Care Services
Amy Tam
Real Estate
Helen Richards
Senior Staff Nurse,
Women and Children’s Health,
Emmanuel Taveras
Senior Analyst, Business,
Energy Management,
Facilities, Administration,
Alex Robles
Graduate Staff,
Rachel Tornheim
Revenue Cycle Support
Ruth Rochester
X-Ray Tech,
Diagnostic X-Ray
Shari Torres
Clinical Manager,
Critical Care Nursing,
Emergency Room
Carlos Rodriguez
Information Services,
Web Development
Kimberly Rosado
Care Management,
Marissa Ross
Inventory Operations Analyst,
Procurement/Strategic Sourcing
Joanne Sanabria-Pacheco
Office Assistant,
Rehabilitation Medicine
Angela Saspa
Senior Staff Nurse,
2N Med/Surg (Transplant)
Shaquana Scott
Patient Assistant,
Greenberg 14,
14S Med/Surg (AM)
Rebecca Setiabudhi
Director, Talent Sourcing,
Talent Acquisition
Brian Smith
Programmer Analyst III, IS,
Clinical Information Systems
Sharon Smith
Administrative Assistant,
Rehabilitation Medicine
Kunfeng Sun
Manager, Strategic Sourcing,
Procurement/Strategic Sourcing
Rebecca Sweeney
Coordinator, Customer Service,
Lab Communications Center
John Triculis
Director, IS,
IT Corporate Systems
Vanessa Vassilakis
Senior Staff Nurse,
6C Med/Surg (Neuro)
Rosemarie Vieira
Office Assistant,
Immunopathology Lab
Tracey Whyte
Patient Accounts
Kanika Williams
Senior Staff Nurse,
G3 Recovery Room
Erin Woerner
Senior Staff Nurse,
Raymond Wu
Project Leader, Global Services,
International Administration and
Business Development
Steven Marin
Building Services
Jennifer Arico
Senior Physician Assistant,
Justin Cariello
Advanced Imaging Technologist,
Diagnostic Radiology
Antoni Kozaczek
Patient Services Assistant,
Operating Room
Ama Mathewos
Patient Care Director,
Vladlena Nisevich
Chief Physician’s Assistant,
Rosa Ray
Diagnostic Radiology
Cary Wu
Patient Services Assistant,
Operating Room
Daniel Ames
Psychiatric Technician,
3S Schizophrenia
Nancimarie Colistra
Manager, Social Work,
Patient Care Services
Sally Macchietto
Mental Health Worker,
5S Haven
Steven Marin
Building Services
Dahlia Yoeli
Project Leader,
Finance, Operations,
Financial Planning
Julio Martinez Jr.
Security Guard,
Madeline Young
Senior Staff Nurse,
Women and Children’s Health,
Senior Hall Aide,
Building Services
Mercedes Abreu
Staff Assistant,
Internal Medicine
Tania Ramirez
Ana Mendez
Kristy Murray
Per Diem Nurse Administrator,
If you know of any promotions that have been omitted, call Human Resources: 212-746-1448 (NYP/Weill Cornell); 212-305-5625 (NYP/Columbia).
21 NYPress
Patient Centered Care Awards
Recognizing Excellence in the Patient Experience
At ceremonies throughout NYP in June and July, employees, teams, clinicians, and leadership celebrated the presentation
of the 2014 Patient Centered Care Awards. Recognizing excellence, achievement, and an ongoing commitment to
improving the patient experience, these awards are a tribute to the individuals and teams who have made a difference
to our patients and families. Candidates for the awards are nominated by their colleagues. This year, a new Partnership
Award was introduced to honor non-clinical staff who played a role in creating an amazing patient and family experience.
NYP Corporate
Team Achievement Award
Adult Emergency Department
Cross Campus Initiative
Highest Rated Practice
Fort Washington Dental
Naomi Ramdin, Practice Administrator
David Albert, DDS, Medical Director
Highest Rated Department
Fort Washington Dental
Standard Nurse/Assistant
Naomi Ramdin, Practice Administrator
David Albert, DDS, Medical Director
Highest Rated Unit
3 River West/Post Partum
Kelly Maydon, Patient Care Director
Dara N. Matseoane-Peterssen, MD,
Chief, OB/GYN
Highest Rated Department
Standard Meals
90th Percentile Achievement Award
Food & Nutrition
Standard Meals
Raquel Rosen, Director
2 Field East
Standard Overall/Standard Physician
Jennifer Johnson, Patient Care Director
Joseph Tenenbaum, MD, Chief,
HCAHPS Achievement Award
Greater Than Seven Domains
3 River West/Post Partum
Kelly Maydon, Patient Care Director
Dara N. Matseoane-Peterssen, MD,
Chief, OB/GYN
Leadership Award
Kathleen Szymona
Partnership Award
Communicating with Empathy Trainers
NYP/Allen Operations
Physician Champion Award
Lisa Saiman, MD
Team Achievement Award
Golden Spoons
Team Achievement Award
NYP Patient Navigators
9 Hudson South/McKeen Pavilion
Marsha C. Sinanan-Vasishta,
Patient Care Director
Highest Rated Department
Cardiac Catheterization
Standard Nurse
Standard Registration
Maria Alcina Fonseca,
Patient Care Director
5 Garden North/Step-Down
Standard Physician
Michael Argenziano, MD and
Syed Tasnim Raza, MD,
Medical Directors
8 Garden North/Inpatient
Standard Occupational Therapy
Leslie Kane, Manager
5 Garden North/Step-Down
Standard Nurse
Standard Physician
Diane Baruch, Patient Care Director
Michael Argenziano, MD and
Syed Tasnim Raza, MD,
Medical Directors
Harkness Pavilion 10th Floor
Standard Physician
Michael Rosenbaum, MD,
Medical Director
Physician Champion Award
Minna Saslaw, MD
Highest Rated Unit
Cardiac Catheterization
Maria Alcina Fonseca,
Patient Care Director
Martin Leon, MD, Medical Director
5 Garden South
Standard Nurse
Dianna Smith, Patient Care Director
5 Hudson North
Standard Physician
Leroy Rabbani, MD, Medical Director
Partnership Award
Miosotte D’Oleo
Harkness Pavilion 10th Floor
Standard Physician
Michael Rosenbaum, MD,
Medical Director
9 Hudson North/
Comprehensive Transplant
Standard Physician
Jean Emond, MD, Medical Director
Leadership Award
Christina Rosario-David
6 Hudson South
Standard Physician
Michael Kluger, MD, Medical Director
NYPress 22
9 Hudson South/McKeen Pavilion
Standard Physician
Marsha C. Sinanan-Vasishta,
Patient Care Director
90th Percentile Achievement Awards
Cardiac Catheterization
Standard Overall
Standard Registration
Standard Physician
Standard Nurse
Maria Alcina Fonseca,
Patient Care Director
Martin Leon, MD, Medical Director
Harkness Pavilion 11th Floor/
Bone Marrow Transplant
Standard Overall
Jennifer Giannini, Patient Care Director
Markus Mapara, MD, Medical Director
9 Hudson North/
Comprehensive Transplant
Standard Overall
Standard Physician
Marsha C. Sinanan-Vasishta,
Patient Care Director
Jean Emond, MD, Medical Director
9 Hudson South/McKeen Pavilion
Standard Overall
Marsha C. Sinanan-Vasishta,
Patient Care Director
8 Garden North/Inpatient
Standard Overall
Veda Gunter, Patient Care Director
Joe Murawski, Manager
Diane Thompson, MD, Medical Director
HCAHPS Achievement Award
Greater Than Seven Domains
5 Garden North/Step-Down
Patient Care Director, Diane Baruch
Michael Argenziano, MD and
Syed Tasnim Raza, MD,
Medical Directors
5 Hudson North
Hollis George, Patient Care Director
Leroy Rabbani, MD, Medical Director
7 Garden South
Sydete Rothery and Patricia Rychcik,
Patient Care Directors
Paul Lee, MD, Medical Director
9 Hudson North/
Comprehensive Transplant
Marsha C. Sinanan-Vasishta,
Patient Care Director
Jean Emond, MD, Medical Director
HCAHPS Achievement Award
Greater Than Ten Domains
9 Hudson South/McKeen Pavilion
Marsha C. Sinanan-Vasishta, Patient
Care Director
Harkness Pavilion 10th Floor
Media Berghout, Patient Care Director
Michael Rosenbaum, MD,
Medical Director
Leadership Award
Dakota “Denielle” Lawtum
Partnership Award
Tanya Perrin-Selden
Physician Champion Award
Jean Emond, MD
Team Achievement Award
NYP/Morgan Stanley
Children’s Hospital
Highest Rated Unit
4 Tower/8 Central
Vicki Kostis, Patient Care Director
Patricia Hametz, MD,
Medical Director
Highest Rated Department
4 Tower/8 Central
Standard Physician
Patricia Hametz, MD,
Medical Director
6 Tower
Standard Physician
Anne Ferris, MD, Medical Director
90th Percentile Achievement Award
4 North OR/PACU
Standard Nurse
Standard Physician
Ishoma John-Peters,
Patient Care Director
Amy Mesa-Jonassen, MD,
Medical Director
4 Tower/8 Central
Standard Physician
Patricia Hametz, MD,
Medical Director
Food & Nutrition
Standard Meals
Christine DiMaggio, Manager
Standard Overall
Standard Nurse
Standard Physician
Leslie Childs, Clinical Manager
Ali Mencin, MD, Medical Director
Leadership Award
Alice “Bonnie” Corbett
Partnership Award
Eva Cox
Physician Champion Award
Elisabeth Kaza, MD
Team Achievement Award
Pediatric Comfort Team
NYP/Weill Cornell/ACN
Highest Rated Practice
Irving Sherwood Wright
Center on Aging
Jeffrey Chrzan, Practice Administrator
Ronald Adelman, MD, Medical Director
Highest Rated Department
Center for Special Studies/Chelsea
Standard Nurse/Assistant
Suzanne Schlegel,
Practice Administrator
Samuel Merrick, MD, Medical Director
90th Percentile Achievement Award
Irving Sherwood Wright
Center on Aging
Standard Nurse/Assistant
Jeffrey Chrzan, Practice Administrator
Ronald Adelman, MD, Medical Director
Leadership Award
Tracey Schonfeld
Partnership Award
Vanessa Finnerty
Physician Champion Award
Duane M. Smith, MD
Team Achievement Award
Infusion Center Registrars
90th Percentile Achievement Awards
14 South
Standard Overall
Christa Kleinschmidt,
Patient Care Director
Klaus Kjaer, MD, Medical Director
11 North
Standard Overall
Standard Admission
Standard Nurse
Standard Psychiatrist
Standard Meals
Michael Williams,
Food & Nutrition Director
Rebecca Owens, Patient Care Director
Benjamin Brody, MD, Unit Chief
10 South/Oncology
Standard Overall
Catherine Browne,
Patient Care Director
Ellen Ritchie, MD, Medical Director
Jia Ruan, MD, Medical Director
8 West Burn
Standard Overall
Nicole Leahy, Patient Care Director
Roger W. Yurt, MD, Medical Director
Payne Whitney Outpatient Clinic
Standard Physician
Jess Zonana, MD, Service Chief
Standard Overall
Kimberly Johnson, Clinical Manager
Leonard N. Girardi, MD,
Medical Director
Highest Rated Unit
14 South
Christa Kleinschmidt,
Patient Care Director
Klaus Kjaer, MD, Medical Director
14 North
Cynthia Kazmac, Patient Care Director
Toyooki Sonoda, MD, Medical Director
Baker 15
Deborah Stetz, Patient Care Director
Highest Rated Department
11 North
Standard Admitting
Rebecca Owens, Patient Care Director
Partial Hospital Program
Standard Office Staff
Debbie Faecher, Program Manager
Ramsay Russell, Supervisor
14 South
Standard Nurse
Christa Kleinschmidt,
Patient Care Director
14 North
Standard Physician
Cynthia Kazmac, Patient Care Director
Toyooki Sonoda, MD, Medical Director
Highest Rated Unit
Pediatric Emergency Department
Standard Overall
Jennifer Dewald, Patient Care Director
David Listman, MD, Medical Director
Highest Rated Department
Pediatric Emergency Department
Standard Physician
David Listman, MD, Medical Director
90th Percentile Achievement Award
Standard Overall
Lauren Stoerger, Patient Care Director
Fabio Giron, MD, Medical Director
HCAHPS Achievement Award
Greater Than Seven Domains
2 North
Deborah Stetz, Patient Care Director
Sandip Kapur, MD, Medical Director
7 South/Ante-Partum
Dayna Dixon, Patient Care Director
Amos Grunebaum, MD,
Medical Director
8 West Burn
Nicole Leahy, Patient Care Director
Roger W. Yurt, MD, Medical Director
14 North
Cynthia Kazmac, Patient Care Director
Toyooki Sonoda, MD, Medical Director
HCAHPS Achievement Award
Greater Than Ten Domains
Baker 15
Deborah Stetz, Patient Care Director
Leadership Award
Arvin Maala
Highest Rated Department
Continuum of Care Clinic
Standard Office Staff
Michele Glotzer, Program Director
4 South
Standard Nurse
Jo Ann Love, Patient Care Director
5 South
Standard Psychiatrist
Nabil Kotbi MD, Unit Chief
6 North
Standard Psychiatrist
Gerry Addonizio MD,
Service & Unit Chief
8 North
Standard Nurse
Standard Psychiatrist
Aviva Fisher, Patient Care Director
Pablo Sanchez-Barranco MD,
Unit Chief
90th Percentile Achievement Award
4 South
Standard Overall
Standard Nurse
Jo Ann Love, Patient Care Director
Balkrishna Kalayam, MD, Unit Chief
10 West/Bone Marrow Treatment
Standard Overall
Catherine Browne,
Patient Care Director
Tsiporah Shore, MD, Medical Director
Koen Van Besien, MD, Medical Director
Baker 15
Standard Overall
Deborah Stetz, Patient Care Director
NYP/Weill Cornell
NYP/Lower Manhattan
HCAHPS Achievement Award
Greater Than Seven Domains
Lauren Stoerger, Patient Care Director
Fabio Giron, MD, Medical Director
Leadership Award
Jennifer Dewald
Partnership Award
Saeed Kaid
Physician Champion Award
Jon Snyder, MD
Team Achievement Award
Perioperative Services
Highest Rated Unit/Clinic
5 South
Aviva Fisher, Patient Care Director
Nabil Kotbi, MD, Unit Chief
6 North
Karima Blanton, Patient Care Director
Gerry Addonizio, MD,
Service and Unit Chief
8 North
Aviva Fisher, Patient Care Director
Pablo Sanchez-Barranco, MD,
Unit Chief
Continuum of Care Clinic
Michele Glotzer, Program Director
Donna Anthony, MD, PhD,
Service Chief
5 North
Standard Overall
Standard Nurse
Standard Psychiatrist
Sharon Ward-Miller,
Patient Care Director
Steven Roth, MD,
Service and Unit Chief
5 South
Standard Overall
Standard Nurse
Standard Psychiatrist
Aviva Fisher, Patient Care Director
Nabil Kotbi, MD, Unit Chief
6 North
Standard Overall
Standard Nurse
Standard Psychiatrist
Karima Blanton,
Patient Care Director
Gerry Addonizio, MD,
Service and Unit Chief
6 South
Standard Overall
Julie Armstrong-Muth,
Patient Care Director
Saira Haider, MD, Unit Chief
8 North
Standard Overall
Standard Nurse
Standard Psychiatrist
Aviva Fisher, Patient Care Director
Pablo Sanchez-Barranco, MD,
Unit Chief
Continuum of Care Clinic
Standard Overall
Standard Office Staff
Standard Support Physician/Prescribers
Michele Glotzer, Program Director
Margo Fugate, MD, Sheryl Breuninger,
NPP and Joanne Youngling, NPP,
Clinic Prescribers
Center for Autism
Standard Overall
Nicole Rizzitiello,
Practice Administrator
Catherine Lord, PhD, Director
Psychiatrist (Inpatient)
Standard Psychiatrist
Mark Russ, MD, Vice Chair,
Clinical Programs and Medical Director
Nichols Cottage
Standard Psychiatrist
Despina Haziergati, MD,
Service and Unit Chief
Outpatient Clinic
Standard Support - Physician
Breck Borcherding, MD, Service Chief
Social Work
Barbara Waltman, Director
Alcohol/Substance Abuse
Aviva Fisher, Patient Care Director
Psychosocial Rehab
Donna Gillet, Manager
Building Services
Michael Smith-Bernier, Manager
Language/Cultural Sensitivity
Kathleen Friedman, Program Director
Leadership Award
Scott Trefny
Partnership Award
Cynthia “Mama” Skerritt
Physician Champion Award
C. Joy Somberg, MD
Team Achievement Award
GEM Team (Go The Extra Mile Team),
led by Janet Hildreth
Partnership Award
Marlene Vanderhorst
Physician Champion Award
Rahul Sharma, MD
Team Achievement Award
4W CTICU Early Mobilization Team
23 NYPress
Patient Centered Care Awards
Recognizing Excellence in the Patient Experience
NYP/Weill Cornell and NYP/Weill Cornell/ACN
NYP/Allen, NYP/Columbia, NYP/Columbia/ACN, and NYP/Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital
NYP/Lower Manhattan
NYPress 24