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Moments Change A Lifetime
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Moments Change A Lifetime
Table of Contents
Letter 3
Board 4
Mission/Vision/Accountability 5
Programs 6 - 8
Impact Information 10
Service Charts 11 - 12
Financial 13 Donor Report 15
Staff Listing 21
Closing 22
Annual Report Letter
lijah inspires us. His bright smile, love for school and sports, and, yes, basically his overall zest for life keep us motivated to build
matches of impact, recruit quality Bigs, and raise the funds we need to keep Big Brothers Big Sisters alive in our community.
Big Brothers Big Sisters Services, Inc. provides children in need of a guiding hand with a professionally supported one-to-one
relationship that will change the life of both the Little and the Big - forever. And the impact does not stop there. Through these
relationships, families improve and children develop confidence in their abilities to achieve both academically and in their
everyday lives. As each child walks the graduation stage, the community improves as well. As a child achieves we are inspired.
As Board Chair and incoming President and CEO, we each served our first reporting year holding our respective titles with the
agency. The year 2009-2010 started with tight belts under the pressures of a tough economy and ended strong; exceeding
fundraising goals for Bowl For Kids’ Sake and Big Magic Luncheon. The agency diversified revenues, adding significantly
more program related grants with specific focus on mentoring children of prisoners, improving high school graduation rates and
serving teen moms. Each of these programs continues into our current year. The inspirational spirit continues.
The year saw changes, disappointments, opportunities and improvements in the agency. We focused on improving the quality of
our matches, the quality of our support and, most importantly, the impact of our programs. We must compliment our program
staff for embracing and implementing these changes. After experiencing a disappointing decline in the number of matches made
in 2009-2010, a newly reorganized agency redoubled its recruitment efforts and is looking forward to increasing the number of
children served in 2010-2011. The agency is inspired to grow.
Today, Elijah is a thriving 7th grader because his Big Couple, Matt and Leslie offered their time and their
spirit to be mentors and guiding forces for him. Matt and Leslie were inspired. They committed to
being a part of something that changes a life, a family, themselves, and a community. As an agency we
want to be a part of something bigger and hope that you will be inspired to continue to help us.
Thank you to all of our Bigs, our Littles, our advocates and our funders. You are making it happen. You are
making it possible for others to be inspired to Start Something BIG!
Ken Moser Board Chair
Amy R. Mack President and CEO
“ You
m a k in
You ar
it hap
s s ib l e
g it p o
for ot
e d .”
in s p ir
Board of Directors
2009-10 Members
Gray Barbour
RBC Bank
Simpson Brown (Second Vice Chair)
First Community Bank
James Creamer
Blanco Tackabery & Matamoros
Charlene Curtis
The Atlantic Coast Conference
Margaret Currie-Coyoy
Wake Forest University Baptist
Medical Center
Brett Hoge (Chair 2008-2009)
Scott & Stringfellow
Daniel Herko
Reynolds American
Ben Hough
Hatteras Financial
Lisa Kinney
Novant Health
Michelle Koster
Southern Community Bank
and Trust
Karen Lineberger (Secretary)
Retired Marketing Executive
Brad Mitchell (Treasurer)
Wake Forest University Baptist
Medical Center
John Kenneth Moser
Comerford & Britt
Kenneth Moser (Chair)
Retired, Womble Carlyle Sandridge
& Rice
Morris Morrison
Motivational Speaker
Sharon Pratt
HanesBrands, Inc.
Deborah Rascoe
Winston-Salem Dental Care
John Rankin
Lisa Snowden
Piedmont Federal Savings Bank
Wanda Starke
Traci Welch
Wells Fargo
Kathy Windham
Pepsi Bottling Group
Tonya Woods
RJ Reynolds
Davie County Advisory Board
Wanda Bowles (Treasurer 2009-10)
Don Bowles, CPA
Dan Cagle
Diamond Apparel
Bill Campbell
Davie County Schools
Jordan Cline
Woodforest Bank
Emily Harpe (Chair 2008-11)
Community Volunteer
Carol Livengood
School Board Member
Debbie Koontz
Pure & Honest Kids
Charles Markland
Retired School Teacher
Brian Myers
Davie County Tax Office
Susan Prim
Davie Co. Department of
Social Services
Kevin Robertson
Lake Phelps Grain
Christie Ruff (Secretary)
Teacher/Real Estate Agent
Brent Shoaf
Register of Deeds – Davie County
Jeff Wallace
Davie High School
Bruce White (Treasurer 2008-09)
Farmington Arts Studio
Board Committees
Recruitment/Public Relations
Fund Development
Board Governance (ad hoc)
All children achieve
success in life.
Provide children facing
adversity with strong and
enduring, professionally
supported one-to-one
relationships that change
their lives for the
better, forever.
By partnering with parents/
guardians, volunteers and
others in the community we are
accountable for each child in
our program achieving:
Higher aspirations, greater
confidence, and better
Avoidance of risky behaviors
Educational achievement
Program Outline
Moments Can Change a Lifetime
Who Are Our Bigs?
Our Bigs are ordinary people with busy lives, but to Big Brothers Big Sisters they are extraordinary. They are
individuals who, through their once a week commitment, are making a difference in the life of a child by
listening and providing encouragement.
52% of Bigs are Women, 48% of Bigs are Men
6 Married Couples share a Little
39 volunteers are over the age of 51
19-35 year olds make up our largest percentage of Bigs at 58%
Movie Night
When asked, our volunteers tell us being a Big is probably one of their greatest experiences. While they are making an impact on their Little
Brothers and Little Sisters, they are receiving the joy of knowing a child is looking up to them for guidance, friendship and a relationship they
cherish. These moments can and do change a lifetime.
To Become a Volunteer
We are looking for adult volunteers who care about the children in our community and want to help them succeed. While we have over 100
children on the waiting list, we want to match the right Big with the right Little. Our number one goal is the safety of our children and we do not
sacrifice quality for quantity. Before we match a Big with a Little, potential volunteers participate in an assessment process that includes several
steps: an orientation session, a personal reference review, a police background check, an interview, a training session and a home visit.
Who Are Our Littles?
All of our Littles are amazing children with unrealized potential who demonstrate a need and desire for a mentor. In the past 5 years, we made
over 1500 new Community- and Site-based matches. Our goal is to not only make new matches between Bigs and Littles each year but to provide quality match support so that our matches last well beyond the 12 month mark.
• 6-18 years old; 63% of the children are 8-12 years old
• 86% attend Equity Plus/Title I schools or receive other family assistance
• 194 were served in the Site-Based Program in 2009-2010
• 217 were served in the Community-Based Program in 2009-2010
• 94% of children served in the Community-Based Program are being raised by a single parent, grandparent, or other family member
• 25-30% of children served annually have or have had an incarcerated parent
Our Programs
Our professional case management supervision sets Big Brothers Big Sisters apart from all other mentoring programs. Through consistent
contact, our case managers monitor the progress of the one-to-one Big/Little match, evaluate the effectiveness of the match and offer support
where necessary. This support is the key to building longer and stronger matches, and having long term impact on the child.
Core programs
Community-Based Program
Through the Community-Based Program, an adult volunteer (Big), commits to spending time with a Little once a week for at least a year with
most matches lasting much longer. Bigs and Littles spend time together doing things they both enjoy such as: playing sports, participating in
hobbies or games, going to the movies or sharing a meal. By spending time together talking and listening to one another the Big and Little
develop a strong and lasting friendship. On average, there are more
than 100 children on our waiting list to receive a Big Brother or Big
Sister in the Community-Based Program with 60% boys and 40% girls.
“Working with Shadasha has made me grow as a person
Boys may wait up to two years for a Big Brother and girls may wait up
because I realized what it takes to be a good role model
to 12 months for a Big Sister. Community partners, civic, and faithbased organizations frequently sponsor activities to keep these chiland a best friend at the same time.”
dren engaged with Big Brothers Big Sisters. In 2010, 13 organizations
sponsored 20 activities for children on our waiting list.
- Big Sister Anne
Site-Based Program
In the Site-Based Program, contact between the Big and Little match takes place at the school or after school site. While the program is not
meant specifically to focus on academic tutoring, some of the activities in which the Big and Little engage may be school-related. Bigs may be
adults or students (high school and college) who build a relationship with a Little designed to help build the child’s confidence, competence and
learn to care for others. In many cases, these matches grow into a trusted friendship and transition to the Community-Based Program.
Special Initiatives
Teen Mom Program
With one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in North Carolina, Forsyth County currently has more than 650 pregnant or parenting teens.
Many of these teen mothers have the need for a Big Sister to provide support and mentoring. The specific goal of the program is to provide a supportive
relationship with the encouragement needed for the teen mom to stay in high school and graduate. Through these relationships,
teen mothers are encouraged to chart the best course for their families so that future generations are empowered to break negative
generational cycles.
Mentoring Children of Prisoners
Children of parents who have been, or are currently incarcerated are at risk of following the same path into the prison system unless they
receive positive intervention. Across North Carolina there are 12,000 children of incarcerated parents. Big Brothers Big Sisters in Forsyth County
is participating in a statewide collaboration with four other Big Brother Big Sister agencies to serve at least 10 percent of these children by 2012.
In the Winston-Salem agency, our goal is to match more than 100 children with a Big Brother or Big Sister by 2012. In FY2010, we mentored 62
children of prisoners.
Graduating Our Future
Nearly 30 percent of Forsyth County high school students fail to graduate in four years. Statistics like this are bad for our community and more
importantly, bad for our children. United Way of Forsyth County agrees and created a comprehensive initiative (Graduating Our Future) to
increase tutoring, family involvement, counseling, and mentoring for students at-risk of dropping out. Big Brothers Big Sisters is a part of this
collaborative effort along with the YMCA and Family Services to provide a three-pronged approach focusing on improving the graduation rate
at Parkland High School and their largest feeder school–Philo Middle.
Graduate. It pays. (GIP)
GIP is a collaborative community program launched by concerned Winston-Salem business and community leaders to focus on improving the
high school graduation rate. Big Brothers Big Sisters’ volunteers mentor repeating 9th graders, Communities in Schools mentors 10th and 11th
graders and the Senior Academy led by the Chamber of Commerce mentors 12th graders at Atkins, North, Reynolds, Glenn, East, and Carver
High Schools. In FY2010 we had 35 new and continuing matches in the Graduate. It pays. Program.
“Austin is a very
inquisitive young boy
who likes to hear and see
how things work. He is fun
to be around and likes
to be active in the
activities we do.”
- Big Brother Charles
Positive Impact
National Studies* have shown that children matched with a Big Brother
or Big Sister are:
46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs
27% less likely to begin using alcohol
52% less likely to skip school
33% less likely to hit someone
more confident in their performance in school
more likely to get along better with their families
Additionally, several of our adult Little Brothers and Little Sisters (alumni) were recently part of a
study that finds adults mentored as children through Big Brothers Big Sisters were significantly
impacted by their Big. The findings** were as follows:
90% reported improved self-esteem and decision making capabilities
85% said the match improved their confidence
42% earned a four-year degree or higher compared to 22% of their fathers and 25% of their mothers
Alumni surveyed said they learned right from wrong (76%), the importance of helping others (84%) and other life skills (84%) from their Big
Of those who have children, 82% feel extremely or very close to them
Participants reported being extremely or very satisfied in their relationships with friends (72%), family (65%) and spouses (62%)
67% donate to or volunteer at religious/charitable organizations and 29% hold some type of leadership position in a
community group
More than half of the adult Littles who participated in the study grew up in single parent homes and described their childhood financial
situation as worse off than the average American household. The Big Brothers Big Sisters alumni reported that having a Big in their lives
positively influenced their self confidence, provided stability, changed their perspectives on life, taught them new things, influenced
aspects of their education, and pushed them to set higher goals and make better decisions.
* “Making a Difference, An Impact Study of Big Brothers Big Sisters”, Public/Private Ventures, 1995.
**Data from Harris Interactive 2009 study of Forsyth County adult Little Brothers and Little Sisters (alumni). Limited sample size of 200 adults.
**Data from Harris Interactive 2009 study of Forsyth County adult Little Brothers and Little Sisters (alumni). Limited sample size of 200 adults.
“Joe is part of the family, we see him as
a real brother and sometimes I forget that
he is even part of the program. He has
been an essential part of our family’s life.
Not only has he been a role model for
Emmanuel, he has been an amazing
support system for the entire family.”
- Taleeya’s Mom
Revenues and Other Support:
United Way- Forsyth County
United Way - Davie County
Bowl for Kids’ Sake/Special Event - Forsyth County
Bowl for Kids’ Sake - Davie County
Contributions - Forsyth County
Grants - Forsyth County
Contributions - Davie County
Grants - Davie County
Investment Income
Rental Income
Total revenues and other support
Program Services
Management and General
Fundraising and Development
Total Expenses
“My favorite activity with my Big
Brother is going to Wake Forest
basketball games. Alex
is a great Big Brother
and we always have fun
together. I am really
going to miss hanging out
with Alex. He is like a
REAL Big Brother!”
- Little Brother Andre
Donor List
Grants/Major Funders
Graduate. It Pays.
Heritage Woods Retirement Home
Summer Reading Program
Department of Health and Human Services
Mentoring Children of Prisoners Grant
Midura Foundation
United Way of Forsyth County
Graduating Our Future Initative
Winston Salem Foundation
Teen Mom Program
Women’s Fund of Winston-Salem
Teen Mom Program
In 2005 we established the Big Magic
Society to help provide a consistent and
stable funding source for programming to
serve our children. These individuals have
joined our Big Magic Society by committing
to give at least $1,000 for five years.
Amy Pitser Barnhardt
Leslie Blixt
William and Andrais Brandon
Greg Carter
Mark and Virgina Caudill
Charlene Curtis
Jacque Gattis
Rick and Nancy Hancock
Tommy and Leslie Hayes
Brett and Wendy Hoge
Larry and Kim Hughes
Ronald and Ruby Hutton
Ted Irvin
Randy and Kim Lambeth
Darryl Landis
Steve and Karen Lineberger
Walter and Shippey McDowell
Tom and Jane McKim
Ken and Mary Nan Moser
Peter Morris
Karen and Chris Nard
Robert Simmons
Charles and Lisa Snowden
Wanda Starke
Ken Steele
Randall and Claire Tuttle
Al and Amy White
Rick and Nancy Hancock
AlphaBest Education Inc.
Arby’s Foundation
Amy Pitser Barnhardt
Leslie Blixt
Ben and Ann Hough
Ken and Mary Nan Moser
Rotary Club of Winston-Salem
Greg Carter/Carter Millwork Inc.
Mark and Virginia Caudill
Robert and Catherine Clegg
Elizabeth Crockett
Charlene Curtis
Jacque Gattis
Brett and Wendy Hoge
Michael and Amy Hough
Larry and Kim Hughes
Ronald and Ruby Hutton
Quincy Jones
Darryl and Suhaila Landis
Karen and Steve Lineberger
Thomas and Jane McKim
Chris and Karen Nard
John O’Brien
Pepsi Bottling Group
Pepsico Foundation
Kenneth A. Steele
James and Debra Thore
David and Camille Abbruzzese
Martha Albertson
Maya Angelou
Anthony and Katherine Atala
Jimmy and Karen Barnhill
Bryan and Sandy Black
Nancylee Boos
Cheryl Schrillio/Bridges
Claire and Hudnall Christopher
First Community Bank
First Tennessee Bank
Lee and Margaret French
GMAC Insurance
Warren and Lois Leggett
Marianne Mebane
Michael and Elette Owen
Rotary Club of Clemmons
Sam’s Club
Andrew and Ellen Schindler
David Shannon
Wanda Starke and Ron Fisher
Surratt & Thompson
Ric and Shirley Wagner
Nick and Maureen Weber
Paul Wiles
Tonya Woods
John and Nita Youngblood
Robert and Stephany Alphin
Leroy Anderson, Jr.
Guy Blynn
John and Janet Boyst
Richard and Felice Brenner
Royall and Henri Brown
Terry and Robin Bull
Gerald Chrisco
George and Alice Cleland
Margaret and Luis Coyoy
Mike and Annette Ellis
Alice Elsner
Dara and Ragan Folan
Dorothy Fuller
Craig and Sandra Gordon
Walter Timothy Graham
Carol and Michael Green
Robert and Laura Grimm
Thomas and Leslie Hayes
Murray Hewell
August Husmillo
David and Debbie Isbister
Allen and Peggy Joines
Russell and Lisa Kinney
Sandee Lawless
Thomas and Elizabeth Layman
Michael and Ellen Lebo
Kevin and Alicia Loiselle
Rhett Mabry
Kimberly and Will Mann
Walter and Shippey McDowell
Michael and Elizabeth Myers
Darrell and Patsy Newton
Glenn Orr
Timothy and Teresa Parsons
Bonnie Phillips
James Phillips
John and Sandra Rankin
Michael Robinson
Kirk and Ashley Sanders
Mark Starr
Renee Taylor
Gail and Nelville Theard
Alex Turner
John Wesley Ward
Reba Warren
George and Joan Weightman
Mike and Alyssa White
William and Jane Womble
Nancy Young
$249 and under
Tammy Adams
Richard Albanese
David and Liz Albertson
Cantey Alexander
Cathleen Allred
Scott and Andrea Alpeter
Carmen Anastacio
D.H. and Faye Anderson
Betsy Annese
Charles and Beth Baldwin
Carl Bankhead
Vickie Barnhardt
H. Grady and Carolyn Barnhill
Tom and Dorothy Barrett
Ron Barrows
Cindy Bay
Richard and Christi Beale
Edward S. Beason
Dennis and Kim Beauchamp
Jonathan and Tess Berger
Big Shotz Tavern
Patrick Bilot
Dorothy Bloodworth
Katrina Boston
Neil and Gail Bowen
Tamara Bowen
Hal Boyle
Andrais and William Brandon
Anthony H. Brett
Robert and Kathleen Brookby
Jean Brooks
Marvin and Angie Brooks
Leslie Browder
Jasper and Sandra Brown
Jeff and Traci Brown
Jordan Brown
Nadyne Brown
Skip and Minda Brown
Bryan Brunett
George Bryan and Ann Doherty
Robert Bukala
Sheldon and Elizabeth Buresh
Khephra Burns
Richard and Brooke Burr
Jim and Gail Burton
Albert L. Butler, III
Thomas and Eileen Callaghan
Rence Callahan
Taylor and Suzanne Campbell
Drew and Sara Cannon
Walton and Monica Carpenter
Scott Cawood
Martin Cermeno
Dudley Chandler, Jr.
Christina Chapman
Todd and Rebecca Chase
Forrest Childers
Linda Childress
Barron and Leesa Church
Shelby Clark
Ann Clowers
Jonathan and Donna Cochrane
Susan Cohen
Turner Coley
Parker Collins
Raymond and Linda Collins
Rodney and Gwendolyn Collins
Pat Condon
Sandy and Gid Cornatzer
Patrice Couture
Bill Covington
Daniel and Wendy Cox
Nikki Crater
Jim and Amanda Creamer
Clarence Cropps, Jr.
Michael Crowell
Pamela Curtis
Joan Dalton
Brion and Rachel Daly
Paul Daniel
Richard Daniels
Elizabeth Darling
Robert Jr. and Rose Davis
Cralen Davis
Jerry and Christine Davis
Jen Dawson
Michael Delpino
Kevin and Tracy Doub
Betty Dowd
Russ DuBois
Garfield Duncan
Steven Ellis
Robert Emken, Jr.
Jerry and Janet Enos
Don and Katherine Eppert
Cameron and Brooke Farmer
Harry and Nancy Fitzgerald
James Fitzgerald
Doug Fleegle
George and Mazie Fleetwood
Gary and Claudia Fleming
Ann Flynt
Stephanie Folger
Renee Forgy
Minerva Fox
- Big Sister Melva &
Little Sister Alex
Mike Culbertson
Julie Fuller
William Freeman
John and Sherry Frino
Michael Frisoli
Winn Fuller
Jeff and Sherry Gallisdorfer
Steven and Barbara Gamberini
Kim Gardner
Steven Green and Edna Garland
Virginia Garris
Ernest Gates, Jr.
James Gay III
Michelle and Keith Gaydica
Christopher J. Geis
Ellen and Sam Gibbs
Charles Giller
John and Elizabeth Gilliam
David Gogol and Gloria White
Marty and Shannon Golden
Edward and Vicki Graham
James and Elizabeth Graham
Sandra Gramley
Bonny Green
Bob and Alice Greene
Bridget Greene
Wayne Greenwood
Susan Greeson
Richard Grogan
Donna Hagenah
Christen Hall
Hardin and Janet Halsey
Rich Halverson
Deborah Ham
Betsy Hamilton
Drew and Kelley Hancock
Julie Hanes
Joyce Harrell
Richard and Fran Harrington
Brenda Harrison
Rod and Karen Hatcher
Michael Hauser
Roland and Barbara Hayes
Connie and John Hedrick
Allen Helms
Dorothy Henley
Jack Hibbits
Linda Hicks
Sharon Hill-Hopkins
Andy and Karen Hilton
Josh and Ashley Hoge
Patricia Holiday
Bruce and Debra Holiday
Toussaint and Lettie Holland
Walter Holton, Jr.
Timothy and Julie Hoover
Charles Horton
Royce and Harriet Hough
Bryan and Heather Howard
Bentia Howell
Dorothy Howell
Jeffrey and Lynn Howland
Bruce and Ellen Humphries
Roni Hunter
August Husmillo
James Hutcherson
Timothy and Mitchell Hyman
Ted and Sandra Irvin
Joseph and Suzanne Jabbour
Artanzia Jackson
James Jacobs
Terry and Theresa Jakeway
Gair Jewell
Jackie Jewell
Kenneth Johnson
Terry Johnson
James Joines
Cheryl Joyner
Travis Joyner
Peter and Beth Juran
Lance Kalleymeyn
Henry and Gladys Keating
Kevin Keene
Ted and Mary Jane Keith
Richard and Karla Kinney
Brent Kirby
David Kirk
Debra Kiser
Olivia Kleinmaier
HD Kosloske
Dustin and Catherine Koufman
Christine Kowalczewski
Kevin Kranis
George Laktash
William and Cheryl Latham
Jeffrey and Barbara Lawyer
Wayne and Melissa Ledbetter
Erwin Leppert
Denise Letcher
Steve and Mary Lineberger
Brian and Colette Little
Matthew and Samara Llewellyn
John and Meta Loftin
Jennifer Logan
Karen and Adam Love
Van Lyles
Tony Mallard
Sarah Maloney
Robert Maltzahn
Karen Manfredi
Ben Mannino
Josephine Manson
Melanie Marsh
Bowen Marshall
Debra Marshall
Scott Matheson
William Maxwell Jr.
David and Carol McCullough
Leigh Ann McDonald
Greg and Maria McGhee
Harvey McIntyre
Warren and Rose McMahan
Bonny McNally
Tom and Connie Meadows
John and Polly Medlin
Ann Merkel
Noel Midgett
Patricia and Gerald Mignacca
Stephen Miller
Jacqueline Mims
Paul and Eileen Mischinski
Bradley and Anitra Mitchell
Cassandra Mitchell
Leonard and Erin Mitchell
Nicholas and Caroline Mitchell
Beverly Moore
William Moore
Susan Moorefield
Travis and April Morgan
Chris Morris
Peter E. Morris
Elizabeth Ann Moseley
Craig and Jennifer Moser
John Kenneth and Allie Moser
Joyce Moser
David and JoAnn Mount
Carolyn Myers
Grover and Rene Myers
Sheila Nance
David Nelson
Charles and Eileen New
Jacob and Bobbi Newsome
Greg and Annette Night
Debra Normann
Shawn O’Brien & Tamera Gjesdal
Donald and Kathy O’Bryant
Gerald Offsay
Cheryl Oliver
Ron and Kathy Pardue
Bob Parker
Gene and Charlotte Parris
Kimberly Paschal
Vince and Hazel Paullucci
Christopher and Krista Pearce
Craig and Susan Peatross
J.J. Peek
Clifford and Elizabeth Perry
Jordan and Meredith Peterson
Anita Phillips
Mark and Kim Phillips
Spencer Philpott
Yvonne Pierberg
Rick and Elizabeth Pierce
Bradley Pitts
Jeff and Kim Preston
Kelly Pridgen
Marianne and Gary Pruett
Wil Pulliam
Robert and Elizabeth Quick
George and Susan Ragland
Colisra Ramseur-Green
Deborah Rascoe
Michael and Janet Ray
Bob and Ann Reagan
Patrick J. Rearden
John and Karen Regan
Kent and Barbara Reichert
Burton and Frances Reifler
Bill Revelle
Jerry and Bonnie Richardson
Ken Richey
Taylor Ricketts
Shelley Rider
Maureen Rogge
$249 and under (Continued)
Brad and Vickie Romine
Sharon Russell
Steven and Sheila Russillo
Jeff and Judi Saint Sing
Robert and Delores Sanders
Scott and Elizabeth Schaaf
Fred Schneider
Michael and Lisa Schwarz
Timothy and Carolyn Scogin
Eugene and Carol Seeber
Samuel and Amine Seifert
Christopher Sellman
Allen and Beverly Shaw
Glenda Shepard
Maurice Shils
Eric and Martha Siceloff
Gale and Murray Sink
Judith Sipes
Patrick and Debra Sizemore
J. Todd and Susan Slate
David and Sibyl Smelcer
Alex and Amy Smith
Carolyn Smith
E. Gray and Leigh Smith
Laurie Smith
Lloyd and Janet Smith
Rodney and Sherri Smith
Ruth Smith
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Tim and Julie Smith
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Michael and Amanda Troutman
Barbara Tucker Bryant
Jerry and Nancy Tuttle
Bruce and Dawn Van Fleet
Jason Vanhoy
Jonathan and Holly Vogler
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Trenton Wall
Brett and Naomi Waters
Traci and Don Welch
Aaron Wendel
Jason and Amy Wenker
Maggie Werkman
William Dunlop White III
Tom and Rachel Wiggins
Terry and Carolyn Wiley
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John Williams
Fletcher Wilson
Greg and Elizabeth Wilson
Cris Windham
Kathy and Billy Windham
Betsy Woodruff
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Matt and Melanie York
Scott and Van Young
Yasser Youssef
Cindy Zimmerman
Steven and Sandra Zitta
Scholarship Fund
Bryan and Sandy Black
Chad and Rebecca Edwards
Tod and Rachel Edwards
Paul Mike Rosenthal Jr.
Pamela Anglin Suber
In Honor Of:
Danielle Tarmey
By Katie Beavers
Ben Hough
By Royce Hough III
Annette Jones
By Bob Richardson
Karen Nard & Family
By Thomas and Jane McKim
Ken and Mary Nan Moser
By Tom and Teece Griffin
Adam Parker
By Sandy and Duncan Hutchinson
Dr. Charles Pate
By Milton and Ann Wood
Charles and Lisa Snowden
By Wes Perry
Ed and Sue Welch
By Jennifer Craver
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By Donna Marie Shore
David Snapp in honor of wife
In Kind and Holiday Sponsorships
Allegacy FCU
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Bermuda Run Golf Club
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Miguel and Sandy Cebellero
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Tom & Jean Adair
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John & Hazelanne Barber
John & Linda Barnette
Mikel & Alice Barnette
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John & Diane Burke
Cooleemee United Methodist Church
Davie Co. Dept of Social Services
Davie Cycling Association
Beth Dirks
Alan & Jane Disher
Joel & Linda Edwards
Rick & Kim Ellis
Walter Etchison
Farmington Community Center
First United Methodist Church
Nelson & Dorothy Graham
Bill Hall
Robert & Hope Hall
Jean Harpe
Slayton & Emily Harpe
Mike Hendrix
William & Marjorie Holdgrafer
Dorothy Horn
Bill & Jill Jobert
Bill & Kathy Junker
Gary & Connie Kowalske
Harry & Ame Little
Thomas & Holly Loke
Lester & Elizabeth Martin
John & Beth McCashin
Grady & Cathy McClamrock
Jean Mock
Brian & Kelly Myers
Walt & Karen Myers
David & Candy Poplin
Leland and Juanita Richardson
Donald & Cinde Rinn
Fred & Priscilla Robinette
Bill & Patricia Shelton
Medford & Nancy Shoaf
David & Jane Simpson
Dwight & Elizabeth Sparks
William Steele
Charles Stovall
Vernon & Mozelle Thompson
James & Esther Wall
Scotty & Erica Wands
Don & Sarah Wood
Lucille Wooten
Bud & Judy Wright
Davie County United Way
Debbie Archer
Laura Aron
Christopher & Amy Boardwine
Todd & Cindy Freeman
Joe & Sandra Boyette
Adrienne Brown Barbara Frye
Brian & Amanda Harris
JD & Sarah Hartman
Grace Hilton
Michael Hugar
Jeannine & Craig Linder
Bill & Lynn Marrs
James Miller
Brian & Emily Moore
Anita Ogle
Davie & Candy Poplin
Dan Robertson
Butch Rooney
Christine Bralley
Jean Schlottman
Eric & Amy Southern
Tim Taylor
Keith Whitaker
Donna Whitney
”Anyone who cares about
children should consider
becoming a Big so they can
take one child who needs
support and being that
support for him or her. Just
being there and having
conversations about reaching
their potential can go a long
way for that child.”
- Big Sister Gale
Davie County United Way
Davie Community Foundation
Town of Mocksville
Margaret C. Woodson Foundation
UW Designation
Each year, we are honored by the
hundreds of individuals who designate
Big Brothers Big Sisters Services, Inc.
to receive funds during the United Way
campaign. While we can not list everyone
who made this commitment, below we
recognize those individuals and corporate
partners below who designated $500 or
more to our agency through their United
Way 2009 campaign pledge.
Michael Auger
Vicki Ball
David Beason
Barbara Bennett
Allison Brashear
David Breeze
Richard Brenner
Robert Byington
Miguel Cebollero
W. Eaddy
Wanda Fields
Steven Floyd
Kara Friend
Jacqueline Gattis
Darwin Hastings
Ivor Hill
Matt Hukill
Darryl Ince
Duwood Jones
Lisa Kinney
Kiosco Mexican Grill
Peter LeJarre
David and Amy Mack
Susan McBurney
John McConnell
John and Carolyn McCullough
Ed McNeal
Bradley Mitchell
Peter E. Morris
Louise Nixon
Hernan Sabio
Kenneth and Brenda Sadler
Kathryn Sears
Kevin Shuping
Mary A. Terry
Frank Thomas
Rick Weavil
Kathy Windham
Holiday Card Campaign
In Honor of Clients & Friends
Martha Albertson
Jim Creamer - Blanco Tackabery & Matamoros
Charlene Curtis
Dustin Koufman – Holden Mickey & Mickey
Todd Chase – Merrill Lynch
Ken and Mary Nan Moser
Scott & Stringfellow
Comerford & Britt
Renee Ballard
Marty and Shannon Golden
Tasha Hayes
Larry and Kim Hughes
David and Amy Mack
John Kenneth Moser
Mark Motsinger
Deborah Rascoe
Theresa Rogers
Pamela Anglin Suber
Wanda Tomlinson
Traci and Don Welch
Laura Beth Young
Bert Grisard Retirement
“Bert’s dedication and
In November 2009, Bert Grisard retired
from his position as President/CEO at Big
Brothers Big Sisters Services, Inc. Bert
served the agency loyally and adeptly
from its conception in 1977, during which
the program has grown in service area and
served more than 12,000. Bert’s dedication
and legendary compassion for children
was celebrated by a dinner and roast on
November 20, 2009. We thank the more
than 200 individuals who joined us in
honoring Bert and for the event sponsors
of $500 or more listed here.
legendary compassion for
Leslie Blixt
Steve Bowden
George Cleland
Margaret and Luis Coyoy
Charlene Curtis
First Community Bank
Mary and John Freas
Rick and Nancy Hancock
Bruce and Debra Holliday
Ben and Ann Hough
John W. Hunt
Karen and Steve Lineberger
David and Amy Mack
Walter and Shippey McDowell
Walter Murray
Chris and Karen Nard
Pepsi Bottling Group
Piedmont Federal Savings Bank
RBC Bank
David Shannon
J. Howell Smith
Southern Community Bank & Trust
Starbucks Coffee
Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice
children was celebrated”
ore than 1,400 bowlers representing
over 60 companies in Forsyth and
Davie Counties participated in Bowl For Kids’
Sake 2010. With an average of 10 pledges per
Bowl For Kids’ Sake
bowler, we received donations from more than
14,000 individuals. While every contribution is
important to the success of this fundraiser, and
especially to our agency’s continued service to
children, we regret that it is impossible to list
every BFKS donation, or even every individual
who helped make BFKS 2010 a successful event.
We are grateful for the positive support from
all bowlers and sponsors
who helped us
exceed our goal.
We recognize
our corporate
sponsors in this list.
Comerford & Britt LLP
First Tennessee Bank
HanesBrands Inc
Hawthorne Pharmacy
Modern Toyota
Morris Morrison
107.5 WKZL/ Murphy’s Kids
Piedmont Federal
RBC Centura
Southern Community Bank & Trust
Winston Salem Dental Care
Lane ($250)
Forsyth BFKS
League Sponsors ($5,000)
Hatteras Financial Corporation
Strike Sponsors ($2,500)
Cavert Wire Company
I.L. Long Construction
Keefe, Bruyette & Woods Inc.
Pepsi Bottling Group
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company
Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice
Series ($500 - $1000)
Allegacy Federal Credit Union
American Eagle Outfitters
Dr. Maya Angelou
Blanco Tackaberry
Blue Rhino Corporation
Chatham Financial Co.
Bank of America
Cameron Insurance
Collins Commercial Property
Steven Crowell
DL Davis
Downtown Deli & Café
Duke Energy
First Community Bank
GMAC Insurance
Hatch Inc.
ISP Sports
Mercedes-Benz of Winston-Salem
Tina S. Merhoff, DDS, PA
John Millican
NewBridge Bank
Phi Beta Sigma
Salem Kitchen
T.W. Garner Food Co.
The Cabinet Studio
Truliant Federal Credit Union
Welch Works
Wells Fargo/Wachovia Corporation
Davie Bowl For
Kids’ Sake
Allstate Insurance
Bank of the Carolina’s
Boggs Building Co.
Donald Bowles, CPA
Perry Bradshaw
C & D Express
Bill & Pat Campbell
Cargill Inc.
Carolina Center for Eye Care
Carolina Computer Supply
Ronnie & Barbara Chapman
Chestnut Grove UMC
Larry Colbourne
Comfort Bilt Windows & Doors
Cooleemee Civitan Club
Cooleemee UMC
Davie Civitan Club
Davie Co. Retired School Personnel
Davie Dermatology
Diamond Apparel
Eatons Funeral Service
Energy United
First Methodist UMC
Foster’s Drug Co.
John Fox
Fuller Architectural
Fuller Welding & Fabricators
Hayworth-Miller Funeral Home
Ruth Hoyle
Interstate Seeding Inc.
Johnson Insurance Services
Lake Phelps Grain
Wade Leonard
Mebane Charitable Foundation
Macedonia Preschool
Martin & Van Hoy
Mocksville Civitan Club
Mocksville Tire & Automotive
Mocksville Women’s Club
North Davie Middle School
North Davie Ruritan
Pepsi Bottling Group
Pinebrook Elementary School
Pure & Honest
Frosty & Susan Prim
Fred & Priscilla Robinette
Rotary Club of Mocksville
Mark & Christie Russell
Brent & Carolyn Shoaf
South Davie Middle School
Trailers of the East Coast
Valley Animal Clinic
WC Construction Co.
William Ellis Middle School
Current Staff
Amy R. Mack
Vice President - Development
Pamela A. Suber
Vice President – Program and
Rebecca A. Edwards
Director - Davie County
Amy Boardwine
Program Coordinator
Brittany Pruitt
Development Coordinator
Heather Bolt
Case Manager II
Lopa Shah
Case Manager I
Jeannine Linder (Davie County)
Tyrell McQueen
Sharrod Patterson
Kristen Yocum
Office Manager
Cheryl Pericozzi
BBBS Services
Big Brothers Big Sisters Services, Inc. officially opened the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County office in 1977. The Davie County satellite
office opened in 1999. From December 2000 - June 2009 BBBS Services served children in the Yadkin Valley area. The agency is one
of over 400 local agencies affiliated with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, a national mentoring organization founded in 1904. The
oldest and largest mentoring organization in the United States, Big Brothers Big Sisters demonstrates that one-to-one mentoring
relationships between a Big and a Little has a significant impact on the child and their families’ lives.
A Closing Thank You . . .
In addition to those financial and in kind donors listed in this report, Big Brothers Big Sisters Services, Inc. appreciates the hundreds
of volunteers currently serving as Big Brothers and Big Sisters. We are grateful for all those individuals, groups and businesses who
donated their time, skills, and goods to benefit the children served by our agency.
We made every effort to include a complete and accurate listing of all financial donors from the period of July 1, 2009 through June
30, 2010. We sincerely apologize for any errors or omissions. If you notice an error, please help us correct our records by calling our
office at 336-724-7993.
Big Brothers Big Sisters Services Inc. • 107 Westdale Ave, Winston Salem, NC • (336) 724-7993 •