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Virgin Megastore
April 29, 2011
Virgin Megastore - Istanbul:
The first Virgin Megastore in Turkey has just opened its
doors to the public in the historical heart of Istanbul.
Located on Istiklal Street in the Beyoglu District of the city, the Virgin
Megastore has chosen one of the most famous avenues in Istanbul as
its new home. Visited by more than a million people in a single day over
the course of weekends, Istiklal Caddessi is a most elegant pedestrian
street, almost three km long, and housing exquisite boutiques, music
stores, bookstores, art galleries, cinemas, theatres, libraries, cafés, pubs,
night clubs and restaurants.
Covering some 1700m² and spanning two floors of the luxurious
Demirören Shopping Mall, Virgin Megastore Istanbul aims to set new
standards in the sale of entertainment products in Turkey. With over
65000 books and 22000 CD’s, as well as an extensive range of films,
video games and stationery, the Virgin Megastore also carries an impressive range of electronic and multimedia products. From state-of-the-art
gaming demo posts to touch-screen viewing devices, new design features
throughout the store aim to make the Virgin Megastore in Istanbul stand
out from other retailers of its kind. Employing over 60 staff, the store is
open from 10am until 11:00pm seven days a week.
The Shopping Mall which boasts nine floors plays host to internationally
known brands ranging from Gap, Sephora, Guess, and Mothercare as well
as many leading Turkish household names.
With the opening of this first Virgin Megastore in Turkey, Virgin Stores SA
continues to expand its network of Megastores across the globe. Istanbul
comes in the wake of three store openings in 2010 (Morocco, Dubai and
Saudi Arabia), while further stores are due to open in the course of 2011.
Istanbul marks the beginning of an ambitious retail development strategy
for the Demirören Group who plan to strengthen the Virgin Megastore
brand with further openings in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and other cities
across the country.
Virgin Megastore,
Istiklal Cadessi,
Beyoglu, Istanbul
+90 212 293 99 37
Under licence from Virgin Stores SA France, Virgin Megastore Turkey is run by the Demirören group. Demirören Group is a privately owned and highly
respected company established in 1956 in Turkey. Now run by the second and third generations of the family, its main activity areas are import, storage,
wholesale distribution and retail sale of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), petroleum, as well as real estate development, leisure (golf courses, equestrian
sports facilities), construction, mining, metal products production, automotive parts manufacture and education. With its flagship companies Milangaz,
Likidgaz and Moil it is a leading company in the field of LPG and petroleum in Turkey.
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