Monthly Newsletter
February, 2013
The fervent prayer of a righteous person
is very powerful.
James 5:16
Dear Parents and Caregivers,
Among all the talk of our beloved Ravens going to the Super Bowl, I am continually
hearing about the faith life of the players on the team. Coach John Harbaugh, who is Catholic,
referred to the players’ deep spirituality at his press conference following the win against New
England. He did not say that the men pray with a ‘wish list’ of the things they wanted the Lord
to do for them. Nor did he say they gathered together for a religious service. Instead, he spoke
about the deep personal relationship that each of these men have developed as they rely on God
to get them through the task at hand.
This type of individual spirituality can only happen when a person spends time each day
in conversation with our Lord. For some people, that means setting aside a special time to read
scripture. Others like to chat spontaneously with Jesus as if He were sitting in the chair beside
them. Still others like to allow their mind and thoughts to drift into a realization that God is
always present - throughout the day and night.
While there are many ways to pray, in fact our Catholic Faith spells out the
characteristics of each ( but that is a lesson for another day), I would like to include a handy
quick reference guide should you find yourself in a situation to call upon God. By no means is
this an all-inclusive list but by calling upon this “Bible 911” you might just find a way to get
started. Here goes:
When you are sad……………………………………..Call John 14
When you are in danger………………………………Call Psalm 19
If your faith needs stirring……………………………Call Hebrews 11
If you are looking for opportunity……………………Call Isaiah 55
For the secret of happiness……………………………Call Colossians 3:12-17
I hope you are praying for the same thing that I am praying for. There is strength in
Numbers….and Genesis…and Leviticus…and Matthew…and Mark….and……
Mrs. Phyllis Karko
Student Appreciation Day Activities, Noon Dismissal followed by HASA
Bowling at Perry Hall Lanes beginning at 1:00
Two hour delay opening (10:00) for Super Bowl sleepy children
Seafood orders due
Blessing of Throats at 8:15 Mass, Sibling Registration by appt.
HASA Family Movie Night in Parish Center 6:30 PM
Joe Corbi’s Kits orders due
Jump Rope for Heart Begins and continues until Feb. 25th.
Easter Candy order forms sent home - Shrove Tuesday Pizza treat from
Fr. Kevin
Ash Wednesday, 8:15 Mass, Seafood Pick-up
Valentine’s Day - Hot Dog Day lunch served
School Closed to Students – Professional Day for teachers
School Closed – Presidents’ Day
Joe Corbi’s delivered, Market Day Delivered
Middle School Play 1:00 Student Presentation, 7:00 Families and Friends
New Student Registration 8:30 to 11:30 PC Lower Level by appt.
New Student Registration 8:30 to 11:30 PC Lower Level by appt.
Catholic School Week Concludes
We are going out with a bang! Our Catholic Schools Week activities will close with
Student Appreciation Day. This day promises to be like no other, with classroom activities and
multi-class bingo followed by a school-wide Raven Pep rally in the Parish Center. Students will
be out of uniform that day and they are encouraged to show their Ravens pride from head to toe.
We will gather at the end of the morning and cheer our team on to victory. (Who is that team
they are playing, anyway??) A purple paper describing the allowable dress code for the day was
sent home earlier this week. All students must wear sneakers. Make-up and facial ornaments are
not allowed. Please remember we are a Catholic School with slogans, etc.
Delayed Opening
Because so many students and teachers will be up late on Sunday, February 3rd watching
the Super Bowl, I received many requests to delay the opening of school on Monday. As a
result, I announced that we will have a 2 hour delayed opening on February 4th. It is my
sincere hope that this does not present a hardship to some parents but this may be a once in a
lifetime chance for the children to view our hometown Ravens play for the National
championship. The entire day would be non-productive with a school full of sleepy children.
Thank you for your understanding.
Sibling Registration
We have just concluded Open House for Catholic Schools Week with robust interest in
our Pre-K and Kindergarten for next year. We are also blessed to have many brothers and sisters
of current students who plan to attend St. Joe’s next year. Registration of these siblings will be
held by appointment on Thursday, February 7th in the lower level of the Parish Center. Please
mark your calendar.
HASA Family Movie Night
The HASA has planned the annual Family Movie Night for Friday, Feb. 8th. This is a
delightful evening for families to get together in the Parish Center for a movie, munchies and
relaxation. Get comfortable with your children as you pretend you are outdoors under the stars.
More details will be coming home.
Jump Rope for Heart
It has been a long tradition at St. Joseph School to participate in the American Heart
Association Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser. Our PE Teacher, Mrs. Goldbeck, coordinates the
event as children gather sponsors who encourage them as they jump away. Jump Rope for Heart
for grades 1 thru 8 starts on February 11th and continues until February 25th. The donation
envelope, with permission slips attached, will be sent home with all students. Again, you may
donate on-line. Thank you for your support.
Ash Wednesday
This year, Lent begins on Wednesday, February 13th. Children will attend 8:15 Mass
and ashes will be distributed at that time. You are welcome to join us. Remember that Ash
Wednesday is a day of fast and abstinence for people 14 years and older. That means that we eat
two very small meals with the last meal not more than both breakfast and lunch combined.
While fasting should not be done with our youngest children, we encourage all our children to
abstain from eating meat on Friday during Lent.
Presidents’ Day Holiday and Extended Weekend
School is closed on Friday, February 15th for teachers to participate in a Professional
Day Workshop with teachers from St. Michael’s, St. Stephen’s and St. John’s Schools. School is
also closed on Monday, February 18th for the Presidents’ Day Holiday. Enjoy the four day
Rockin’ Snow White??
All families and extended families are welcome and encouraged to attend our Middle
School evening performance of The Rockin’ Tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on
Thursday, February 21st. Our 7th and 8th graders have been practicing for months under the
direction of Mrs. Peggy Radziminski. Other teachers are helping the students hone their skills
including song and dance. (Did you know that Mrs. Starcher is a choreographer?) The curtain
raises at 7:00 and the performance is free to all. Please consider taking your children out for a
night at the theatre. I promise you will not be disappointed.
Weather Announcements
As you know, the Archdiocese has asked that all schools follow the decision made by the public
school system in the area with regard to closing for inclement weather. We are no longer
allowed to make a separate announcement about St. Joseph School unless it is for a closure that
does not apply to the Baltimore County System. This recently happen when we had the ice storm
on January 28th and Baltimore County Public Schools were closed. Also, please continue to
listen to the TV or radio to learn if Baltimore County is changing its schedule in any way. Often
an unexpected condition will arise during the day or night that warrants school to close, delay or
dismiss early. We will continue to use the Connect 5 alert system to send you information that
might be different from Baltimore County.
Book Fair
Our annual Scholastic Book Fair took place during Catholic Schools Week. All classes have had
the opportunity to purchase books during their regular Library period. Thank you to the parents
who volunteered to help and to those parents who shopped during our Open House on Sunday,
January 27th.
There is something new this year! Our Book Fair is online – you can visit scholastic.com/fair,
choose Maryland then Baltimore then St Joseph School, Fullerton and do your book fair
shopping. The orders placed before February 9th will benefit the school. Orders are shipped for
FREE to our school and will be sent home with your child. If you have any questions, please
contact Mrs. Primrose at [email protected]
Financial Aid Applications
Application Forms are still available online for families who are planning to apply for any type
of financial aid. The deadline is February 28th. Please be aware that in completing the FACTS
form you are applying for both financial aid from the archdiocese and from Fr. Kevin. You do
not need to be a member of the parish to apply for archdiocesan financial aid.
Remember that if you are planning to return to St. Joseph School next year, your re-registration
must be back by February 8th. We had a very well attended Open House with many children
interested in coming to SJS. We really need to know about your commitment for next year in
order to tell these families if there is space for their child.
From the Superintendents Office
At the end of the newsletter you will find information from the Dr. Barbara Edmondson and the
USCCB regarding tax credits. Please read it to see if this benefit applies to your family
Chicken Dinner
St. Joseph Church’s Famous Chicken Dinner is scheduled for Sunday, March 3rd. Please
look ahead and mark your calendar to lend a hand to prepare the foods on Friday, March 1st
and/or Saturday, March 2nd. Your time is greatly appreciated and we always have a great time!
Then why not consider offering a few hours to help out the day of the event. There are a variety
of jobs both in the dining room and in the kitchen. As the Amish say, “Many hands make work
Creative Communication Poetry Contest
Students at St. Joseph School are exposed to a variety of writing experiences. Poetry
writing occurs at all grade levels. Grades five to eight participate in a poetry writing contest
sponsored by Creative Communications.
Writing preparations begin in English classes. Different types of poems are introduced,
dissected, and discussed. Topics for poems are explored. Next, each student is given time to
choose which form they would like to use and begin their actual writing. A Thesaurus is a handy
reference available to every student poet to polish their work.
Poems are typed and sent to Creative Communications. A panel of educators judges each
entry. The best entries will receive an invitation to be published in the anthology. Our St. Joseph
students participated in the Fall 2012 contest. Congratulations to the students listed below whose
poems were chosen to be in the Fall 2012 Anthology.
Creative Communication’s 2012 Fall Poetry Contest
Grades 5, 7, and 8
Grade 5 – Mrs. Keefer
Glenn Andreasik
Natalie Barlow
Claudine Blanco
Kaitlyn Bozimski
Cydney Bulluck
Darren Bulluck
Derrick Candia
Matthew Cover
Kelly Donnelly
Deanna Eurice
Sienna Fink
Laurence Garcia
Carla Golubev
Charles Hafer
Tyler Harry
Carley Laue
Jenna Leitner
Patrick McDonald
John McKay
Jacob Mills
April Nguyen
Eryk Sagisi
Elaine Sanico
Heather Shanty
Katelyn Smith
Karollmae Tan
Sean Turska
Graham Wilson
Mitchell Wilson
Grade 7 – Mrs. Radziminski
Daniel Baxley
Ethan Bower
Gabie Christy
Taylor Cover
Angela Estavillo
Hailey Fink
James Keller
Keagan Knox
Alexander Kozlowski
Meredith Linz
Dylan Long
Brooke Menikheim
Katie Mills
Vy Nguyen
Chika Nwakama
Alyssa Ryerson
Delaney Samons
Rhea Santos
Bonfilia Singh
Benjamin Stitz
Kayla Szczybor
Jana Mae Tan
Grade 8 – Mrs. Garing
Colin Alexander
Lucie Amrhein
Ogechi Anyanwu
Elaina Bonner
Maria Brooks
Mya Buschman
Dylan Coster
Alyssa Doverte
James Ellis
Nicole Flegel
Shagasbie Georges
Melissa Heddinger
Brenden Hollingsworth
Sarah Jasinski
Hannah Laue
Ryan Leshko
Gina Liberto
Ryan Manning
Samantha Matkins
Sarah Meyerl
Alyen Mouring
Jordyn Oster
Peyton Parrott
Seth Powers
Paula Protani
Dylan Roman
Cole Rosenberger
Noah Santos
Clyde Tubal
Erin Urbanski
Ryan Waugh
Lauren Wolford
Megan Young
Ava Zannino
Champions of Courage
Again this year, middle school Language Arts classes participated in the Champions of Courage
Black History Month Essay Competition. This competition salutes community heroes who
inspire youth to be the best they can be. We are proud to announce Keegan Knox as a finalist in
this competition. Keegan was invited to FOX 45 Studios for a taping session of his winning
essay He also attended an Awards Luncheon on January 26th at the Tremont Grand Hotel in
Baltimore and will receive a $100 savings bond. Congratulations Keegan on a job well done!
Handwriting Champions
Once again this year our students participated in the 21st Annual Zaner-Bloser National
Handwriting contest. There were many beautiful entries with the grade level winners listed
below. These student’s entries have been sent on to compete at the state level. Good Luck to all!
Alyssa Doverte
Rhea Santos
Sarah Coffman
Elaine Sanico
Kunaal Mathur
Jan Iringan
Andrew Villegas
Jessica Martin
Center for Talented Youth
A number of St. Joseph School Students have been eligible and participate in the Johns
Hopkins University CTY Program. As part of this program, students may attend special
accelerated classes at Hopkins and participate in challenges and contests. Congratulations to 7th
grader Angela Estavillo for the selection of her excellently written essay on international unity.
We are proud of you.
Our Fathers’ Club
The success of our Catholic Schools Week and our Open House was due in a large way
to the persistent and continued efforts of our Fathers’ Club. Spearheaded by President Brian
Petr, several of our dads have worked in our building after the school day, making repairs and
beautifying the halls. These men have removed nails, hung up pictures, repaired locks and
lockers, built shelving, painted walls and radiators, attached molding and countless other small
jobs that the teachers needed done.
The following dads, and several others, have been part of the support staff for these
projects: Brian Petr, Mark DiIorio, Adam Bosley, Steve Streckfus, Steve Harry, Kevin
Henderson, Steve Leard, Nigel Nankishore, Chris Lanham, Kris Kane, Earl Ingram, Joe
Petrosino, Adam Kemper, Patrick Seay, Todd Garing, Bob Thomas, Brian Cimaglia and Michael
Our Students
Thanks to the following students for helping make our Sunday open house a big success.
Eleni Kataxenos
Cassidy Roberts
Meaghan Collins
Marissa Lesko
Sarah Coffman
Jordyn Oster
Hannah Laue
Megan Ellis
Brandon Reynolds
Dylan Coster
Sophia Edwards
Lauren Wolford
James Keller
Stephanie Berger
Michael Hermosa
Erin Urbanski
Paula Protani
Elaina Bonner
Mya Buschman
James Ellis
Our Families
These families represented Saint Joseph School by carrying the Offertory gifts at the weekend
Masses. We would like to thank them for their kindness in volunteering.
The Quinamague Family
The Hafer Family
The Kemper Family
The Long Family
The Garing Family
The Coffman Family
The Petrosino Family
The Kauffman Family
The Garcia Family
Our Generous Community
Thanks to you, our faculty and our students for the generous contribution you made to
the Hurricane Sandy Fund through Catholic Charities USA. We collected a total of $4,151.67 in
donations to help the victims who were displaced by that devastating storm. As you have seen
on the news, many people are still without shelter in that area. We received many thank you
letters for your kindness and generosity
Our Supports and Patrons
As always we are deeply appreciative to everyone who helped to collect Boxtops for Education.
Thanks to your support we collected 13,709 in points which translates into $1,370 dollars. This
was for the boxtops that were collected last spring. The count is not yet in for this fall.
Parking Lot
Please be aware of your speed as you enter, travel and exit our campus each day. Children are
everywhere, as are our parishioners and they may not be aware of your right of way. I ask that
you always drive with heightened alert and never accelerate until you have reached the traffic
Flu Season Update
Flu season is upon us and I am sure you have been following the news regarding
alarming rates of flu outbreaks. Our absentee rates have been relatively low. The highest day of
absentees was only 9% of the whole student body. The majority of the student body was
vaccinated within school or privately. I sent home a few weeks ago, a note regarding reminders
to protect your children and family against the flu (and other illnesses). Continue to practice
good/frequent hand washing, cover your mouth/nose when you have to cough or sneeze. If a
tissue is not available, cough or sneeze into your elbow or sleeve, NOT your hands! Remember
not to share personal items like drinks, food, or unwashed utensils. And lastly, be vigilant with
monitoring your children for signs of illness (fever-100 degrees or higher, sore throat, a
runny/stuffy nose, body aches, headache, and fatigue). And keep them home if they are
exhibiting symptoms of illness. The likelihood of them picking up a secondary illness is higher
if they are already compromised. And as always, please notify the school when your child is
absent via the website or by phone call. Students may return after being symptom free for 24hrs.
A Message From Your School Counselor
February 2013
In this issue, I wanted to share a few updates and highlight some activities I have been involved with at
school over the past few months.
The new 7th Grade Mediators are a highly motivated, enthusiastic eager group who are more than
ready to begin working in their new leadership role. Currently, they are busy preparing for classroom
visits to remind students of the benefits of using Mediation to solve conflicts. This year, our
presentations will be a departure from the format used in previous ones. Both 7th and 8th grade
Mediators are practicing to perform a “Mock Mediation” for grades 3-8. The mediation will incorporate
Baltimore’s very own Oriole Bird vs. Ravens Bird, Poe, into our role play (thanks Mrs. Beres!) and given
the excitement of the upcoming Super Bowl and the Orioles amazing season, we’re hoping this will be a
hit with students!
In addition, 8th grade volunteers have been busy helping me with activities throughout the school.
Several 8th grade girls have assisted me in working with the 4th grade girls in an effort to foster good
communication and positive friendships. They will be helping me with presentations for 5th and 6th grade
girls in the upcoming weeks.
Several 8th grade boys will be helping me work with the 4th grade boys to address similar themes as the
girls’. Twice weekly, four of these volunteers have been serving as refs for the 4th grade boys at recess.
The teachers and 4th graders have been thrilled to have the 8th graders help on the playground and they
have served as wonderful role models for the younger boys.
In the elementary grades, I have presented on topics such as Respect, Kindness, Responsibility, Honesty,
Tattling, Teasing, Empathy and Feelings. An activity incorporating the concept of the Boomerang is being
introduced to supplement our Bucketfilling program (what you give to others comes back to you). With
the help of one of our third graders, students are being taught how to make Origami boomerangs which
are then decorated with slogans supporting the idea.
Many more presentations are planned for the upcoming months and, as always, I look forward to my
time with the students in their classes!
Finally, as we enter the third trimester, some parents have requested resources to help improve their
child’s study habits and organizational skills. Below is information on one such resource that I would
highly recommend:
Vivan Morgan, LCPC offers a Skill Set Clinic which teaches students, in a small group setting, skills that
can help them develop more successful strategies in the following areas:
Week 1 - Organization
Week 2 - Goal Setting
Week 3 - Stress Management
Week 4 - Conflict Resolution
The group meets for 2 hours each session. She also provides 15 minutes of parent support at the end of
each session to hear what is needed for the child and to offer tips and suggestions to reinforce those
newly learned skills.
She has some openings left for her next group which will begin in early February. Vivian can be
contacted by e-mail at www.vivianmorganlcpc.com or by phone at 443-377-0546. She does participate
on most insurance plans.
I have other resources on this topic that I am happy to share with you if you are interested. Please feel
free to contact me with any questions or concerns about this topic or any other issues. I can be reached
by phone at 410-256-8026 or by e-mail at [email protected]
Go Ravens!
Gail Vernick, LCSW-C
For Maryland’s
Winter 2013 2013 General Assembly Maryland can and should do more to recognize the extraordinary contributions of Catholic schools. Right now Catholic school parents save their fellow Maryland taxpayers $728 million ANNUALLY by choosing Catholic schools for their children and not burdening the public school systems. Now more than ever, Maryland needs our private schools and the students they educate. Maryland’s 90‐day legislative session began January 9 and the Maryland Catholic Conference is working on behalf of the Maryland bishops and Catholic schools to ensure that all families, especially lower and middle income families, have equitable access to a high‐quality education for their children. The Church supports educational policies that uphold the right of all parents – regardless of family income – to choose an educational setting best suited to their children’s needs. Education Tax Credit With dozens of nonpublic schools closing in the past five years due to economic hard times, now is the time for Maryland to join other states and create a tax credit for businesses that contribute to scholarship funds for students. Maryland’s nonpublic schools are learning communities of academic excellence, leadership and service where 99% of graduates are accepted into college (compared to 44.1% of public school graduates). Not only would such a program raise the bar of opportunity for less wealthy students and give families a choice in education, it would save the state money. For every 72 students who move from a nonpublic school to a public school, Maryland and its taxpayers pay an additional MILLION dollars. The Education Tax Credit bill encourages investment in K‐12 education by establishing a partnership between Maryland’s businesses, the state, and the nonpublic and public school communities. It would provide a tax credit for business donations to organizations that provide financial assistance to nonpublic or public school students. Expenses that qualify include tuition, textbooks, transportation, uniforms and special needs services. Already, the state offers more than 20 tax credits, ranging from bio‐heating oil to clean energy; from green building to the film industry; from disability employment to work‐based learning. Why not for Catholic and other nonpublic school families and Maryland’s future leaders? Textbook & Technology Funding Each year the Conference has been able to secure money for many of our Catholic schools through the Maryland Nonpublic Student Textbook Program, which provides nonreligious textbooks and computer hardware/software to students attending moderately priced nonpublic schools. This program last year distributed $4.4 million serving 104,793 students. Maryland should do better and the Conference is advocating for an increase in funding. Look at these nearby states:  New York distributes $180.4 million for 488,000 nonpublic school students ($369 per student)  New Jersey distributes $157.4 million for 156,000 nonpublic schools students ($825 per student)  Pennsylvania distributes $340.4 million for 241,000 nonpublic school students ($1,412 per student)  Maryland distributes $4.4 million for 104,793 nonpublic school students resulting in just $40 per student Consider this fact: In this last 5‐year span, there are 32,180 fewer students in Maryland nonpublic schools. The additional cost to Maryland’s public schools has been almost $455 million per year. On the flip side, the total savings provided by Maryland’s nonpublic schools nearly $1.5 billion per year. Legislators Need to Hear from YOU YOU are the most influential voices when it comes to advocating for Catholic schools and your children’s education. Legislators want to hear from their constituents on the issues. They are mid‐way through their four‐year terms and really do seek to be responsive to their voters. Catholic Advocacy Network Sign up now for the Conference’s Catholic Advocacy Network (CAN). Getting involved is easy. CAN is an e‐mail network that keeps you updated on education and other public policy issues and puts you in direct contact with lawmakers to express your views. You may sign‐up for any or all of the following issue areas: • Education • Family Life/Marriage • Respect for Life • Social Concerns Please visit our CAN page on the website to sign up at http://capwiz.com/mdcath/home/. Social Media To stay engaged and help promote our Catholic schools agenda, LIKE and follow the Conference’s Facebook and Twitter pages: http://www.facebook.com/mdcathcon https://twitter.com/mdcathcon The Conference is a lead partner in Maryland’s nonpublic schools coalition that works to advance key education legislation in the General Assembly. Make sure to LIKE and follow the coalition’s newly created Facebook and Twitter pages. www.facebook.com/MdEducationCredit https://twitter.com/educatemaryland Launching New Video To celebrate Catholic Schools Week, the Conference has created a video emphasizing both the importance of a Catholic education and the risks if Catholic school parents don’t join forces now. It fits well with this year’s theme, “Catholic Schools Raise the Standards.” View the video on the Conference’s YouTube Channel (http://www.youtube.com/mdcathcon) and share it with your family, friends and colleagues. Recruit new supporters for Catholic schools. It is time for Catholic school families and supporters to insist that legislators recognize the pivotal role that Catholic schools and their students play in our neighborhoods and throughout our state. The Maryland Catholic Conference 10 Francis Street, Annapolis, MD 21401 410‐269‐1155 / 301‐261‐1979 www.mdcathcon.org Contact: Kathy Dempsey ([email protected]) Mariann Hughes ([email protected]) Could your child benefit from
free tutoring at Sylvan?
Sylvan Learning is offering a $3,200 value of tutoring for FREE
for children in Grades K-9 for math and Grades 2-9 for reading
(must be on 2nd grade reading level or higher) for a testing phase
of our new educational curriculum. There are limited seats
available, so call today to secure your spot.
As the leading provider of supplemental education, Sylvan is
preparing today’s generation for greater success in life. Since every
child is unique, we provide a personal learning experience matched
to each child’s exact needs. This focus on the individual child helps
today’s learners grow, stretch and become whoever they aspire to be.
We are seeking families with children in Grades K-9 for math and
Grades 2-9 for reading (must be on 2nd grade reading level or higher)
to participate in a field test of new, proprietary educational curriculum.
We will engage your child in a personal learning experience on our
SylvanSync system. Sylvan will be monitoring and evaluating lessons
your child is receiving and the progress your child is making to ensure
we are meeting the highest academic standards and achieving the
academic progress expected.
As a participant in the study, you and your child will receive:
TWO free academic assessments of academic performance
THIRTY SIX hours of tutoring in a SylvanSync™
Reading or Math program
Valuable information about your child’s academic strengths
and needs as well as attitudes and behaviors toward school
Access to mySylvan™, an online resource with extra
activities to do at home and real-time progress tracking
In return, Sylvan is asking the following commitment:
Your child will attend a minimum of 36 tutoring sessions
(SylvanSync™ Reading and Math programs only).
Your child will attend a minimum of 4-6 sessions per week (on
average, this will be 2-3 visits to the center per week with 2-3
sessions per visit) and complete all sessions within 12 weeks.
Your child will take an Initial Sylvan Skills Assessment and
a progress Sylvan Skills Assessment after the 36th session
A $3,200 value is yours completely FREE if all 36 sessions
and the two Sylvan Skills Assessments are completed. If any
enrolled child does not complete all 36 hours of tutoring and
the two Sylvan assessments, a fee of $500 per family will be
charged. You will be asked to provide a check or credit card
imprint in the amount of $500 at the time of registration.
Please note, If your student fails to complete the 36 sessions, the two assessments, or if you do not
fulfill certain commitments, your $500 check will be deposited, or your $500 credit card imprint will
processed, as applicable. Please see the participating Sylvan Learning center for complete details.
Your child’s academic information will remain confidential but will be used in a non-personally identifiable format as data for our research study
and analysis. By participating, you and your child agree to make every reasonable attempt to participate in interviews and/or focus groups.
Sylvan cannot make a specific guarantee or promise of academic progress during these 36 sessions.
Available Locations with instruction beginning 11/27: Timonium, Crofton, Pikesville, Bel Air
Available Locations with instruction beginning 12/3: Ellicott City, Annapolis, Langhorne, PA, York, PA
Take advantage of this great opportunity! Limited Seats Available!
Call 410-843-8119 or email us at [email protected]
to schedule your initial assessment and secure your spot.

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