June 2015 Liaison - Indigenous Ministries



June 2015 Liaison - Indigenous Ministries
June 2015
Grace Bible College Dining Hall Construction Begins
India - Last month in record breaking heat the foundation and
pillars for the GBC dining hall were set in place (see pictures to
the right). Our leadership and construction teams are to be
commended because they kept going and as a result, the roof is
currently being put on. This is a 40’ x 60’ dining hall but will also
be used as classroom, media and game room besides a place to
feed our students and hundreds of pastors and women who
attend our training conferences several times a year. It is
designed with an indoor-outdoor lodge feel.
Below is an update on the financials for the dining hall and
kitchen. We praise God and thank you, our generous
partners, for what has already been provided for. Please
join us in praying for the $30,000 needed to complete this
phase, as classes begin next month.
Dining hall foundation, pillars and roof - $10,700 (PAID)
Electricity, water tank, pump and piping: $2,656 (PAID)
Floor of Dining Hall: $3,200 (PAID)
Pending projects for this semester (6/25/2015):
Dining walls: $5,000
Kitchen building 40’ x 20’: $9,500
Commercial kitchen equipment: $17,250
Dining Hall Furnishings: $1,750
Total: $33,500 Needed
Israel Tour and Pilgrimage
From May 11-22, Indigenous Ministries hosted
an Israel Tour and Pilgrimage that was
informative, spiritually encouraging, and fun.
Led by IM’s CEO, Dr. John Cook and his wife,
Dee, the group of 15 traveled to Nazareth, the
Sea of Galilee, Jericho, the Dead Sea,
Jerusalem, and other Biblical sites. Amer, our
local guide shared historical information in easy
to understand terms, while John shared
devotions connecting the sights to Scriptures.
We saw numerous significant monuments and
ancient ruins, or “dead stones.” New
friendships were formed and alumni meals and
trips are already in the works!
As important as the “dead” stones are to the geographical area, the people and connection
to God’s Word, even more important are the “Living Stones,” or the current day Believers
who live in Israel and love the Lord. We worshipped with a small church near Nazareth and
shared a meal with them. The dates for next year’s Israel Tour and Pilgrimage have been set
for May 1-12, 2016. For information on the tour or to reserve your spot, go to
www.IndigenousMinistries.org, on the right side click “2016 Israel Tour.”
Iraq - This is one of 63 girls recently rescued from ISIS receiving care from our
team. This girl is a cripple. Turn to page 4 for more pictures, prayer points and how
you can help. This is our chance to make a difference in lives!
June 2015
Page 2
Staff Updates
Chase Ward has resigned his position at Indigenous Ministries effective May 31, as he
and Gina have felt the Lord leading them back into working in local church ministry. While
we are excited for what the Lord has in store for them as a family, they will be missed by
our staff family here in Colorado Springs. Please join us in prayer for the Wards’ next
steps. We send them on their way reluctantly but with our blessing and encouragement.
If you are part of their personal support team and would like to continue to help them
through these transition months, we encourage you to do so, and of course our office will
forward those funds on to them. To make any adjustments in your support or if you have
any questions, please contact Penny Latham at 719-302-3028 at our office.
I want to personally thank you so much for your prayers for John’s health this past month. While
in Israel leading the tour, we received news of our basement flooding a second time in two
weeks, and decided to cut our trip to India and Nepal short by three weeks to take care of our
home. Little did we know that five days after arriving home John would have emergency heart
cathe surgery for two 99.9% blockages. Surgery was successful. The doctor shook his head
saying he was puzzled John had made it home from Israel in his condition and assured us he
would not have survived the India trip with the heat. Needless to say I’m very, very grateful to the
Lord that my husband’s life was spared and John and I want to thank you for your love, prayers
and friendship that mean the world to us both. Yes, we are taking time off this summer. - Dee
John wants to add.. “I want to thank you all for your prayers. This was a surprise to me, but I’m
feeling well and looking forward with great anticipation to the rest of this year and beyond to
serve the Lord for His glory. “
Nepal Relief Supplies Update
With night having fallen a few hours earlier, the lorry driver looked at
his watch, nodded, and shoved the shift knob and the loaded truck
lurched forward beginning its journey to Kathmandu, Nepal, 720
miles away. Heavy transport vehicles are allowed to move in or out
of Delhi's city limits only from 10 pm to 6 am. It was past 10 pm.
Sitting in the left passenger seat was Sanjay Saytawan, dean of our
Grace Bible College in Central India. He flew up to Delhi to travel with
the relief supplies to help assure that the vital load in the back of the
lorry got to those in Nepal who need it most - victims of the recent
devastating earthquake. In a collaborative effort with a sister ministry,
Vision Nationals, that Dr. Cook and Dee and family worked with in
1997 in India, part of these supplies will be used to rebuild two
remote villages and give temporary
shelter and purify drinking water in
other areas.
You can donate to the Nepal Relief
efforts on our website under the
“Donate" button. Thank you for your
prayers and concern for refugees in
Nepal as well as Iraq, where we
also are continuing to send in aid to.
Watch for blog updates that include
pictures on our website,
Above, the lorry loaded with tents, tarps,
corrugated tin roofing sheets and containers
with water purifying tablets. Left, Sanjay, GBC’s
dean of students traveled with the relief
supplies to Kathmandu. Thank you to so many
who continue to give generously towards
helping the victims of the earthquake in Nepal.
June 2015
Page 3
Children’s Home Repairs
Repairs begin - With the monsoon clouds literally looming overhead,
work began on June 13 on the children’s home to repair the leaking roof
as the first priority. Because funds have been donated we have enough
to get this project started. To date $4,632 has come in, and we are so
very grateful to those who have so generously helped. Thank you so
much for caring and helping to invest in these children’s lives!
Children’s Home roof being
washed and prepared for much
needed repairs as monsoon
clouds loom overhead. Right,
damage around doors and
walls that will be repaired.
This project has a $10,000 total need, and we still need $5,368 to repair
the walls (plaster has fallen down because of the roof leaks), making
new closets for the children so they can store their clothes. The next step
will be the painting of the 50’ x 100’ building inside and out.
Would you please pray with us for this provision? This will help us be
able to accept more children into the home in the near future. Thank you.
Children’s Home Orphan Alumna on her way to Nursing School
India - Her father died of alcoholism, her mother died of kidney cancer and Priti and her two older brothers and
younger sister were sure their grandmother would “save them” and take care of them. She happily took them in
but died unexpectedly a year later. An abusive aunt snatched the four kids up until Rev. John Ingole heard their
story and took them to our Children's Home. That was in 2007. They settled in, and paperwork was filled out so
our Home would be the permanent shelter for the three youngest. They have all fallen in love with Jesus and the
Children’s Home staff. The older brothers have since graduated from trade school from a sister ministry in
Nagpur, Prakash, as AC mechanics and have no shortage of work. Priti, pictured right, is next in age and has an
opportunity to attend nursing school (yes, the brothers are helping with $400/year) on a scholarship of $1300/
year, part of which we are helping with. Last week, we put out a request on Beautiful International’s Face Book
Page for $500/year for four years for Priti's education and $1000 has come in - Thank you! If you’d like to be part
of this, please go to our website, www.IndigenousMinistries.org, click the donate button and select “Priti’s
Nursing School Support.” Thank you.
Priti begins nursing
school next month
And Then There Were Six…in Need of Sponsorships
Two of our Grace Bible College students have been
sponsored since last month’s The Liaison went out with
this request. Thank you to those who have responded to
underwrite these young people’s ministry future. We
need six more GBC students sponsored at $100/month,
or, $1200/year by the first week in July. Most of these
young people will move into full time ministry.
If you are only able to take on half a sponsorship, $50,
that would be a big help as well! According to the
Boston Globe, the average cost of two people eating out
is $47.68 at Outback, not including tip…I know, I hate it when people pull the guilt
card out…truth is, though, we really DO need your help if you are able and willing.
Donate online at www.IndigenousMinistries.org, select “Grace Bible College
Student Sponsorship,” or use the response card on page four. Thank you!
- Sarah Rieger, Executive Assistant for Child and Student Sponsorships
The GBC graduating class of
2015 in February; 100% of
these men and women were
spoken for by local ministries
before they graduated. Yes,
they are worth it!
June 2015
Page 4
63 Girls Rescued, Helped and Clothed
We work with precious lives in all areas of our ministry, however,
15455 Gleneagle Drive, Suite 130
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
when it comes to the subject of rescuing girls from sex slavery
especially under ISIS, this subject makes me angry and agitated.
No young girl or woman should have to endure what they are
going through. Does this stir you up too? I really hope so.
Indigenous Ministries is a 501(c)(3), all gifts
are tax deductible as allowed under IRS
regulations. You may donate online at our
website or mail a check to the address above.
Recently, with your prayers and financial partnership, we’ve
partnered with the Northern Iraq government and local ministries
to rescue and help 63 girls, all of whom were kidnapped by ISIS,
with clothing, medical care and counseling for the trauma they’ve
been enduring. Finally, some good news; thank you for helping.
Indigenous Ministries Board
One girl Beautiful International Women’s Ministry rescued from
ISIS named Misba (not her real name; I’ve given her the name
Misba which means ‘innocent’), was kidnapped along with her
entire family when Mount Sinjar fell last year. She was gang
raped multiple times, sold twice, and is emotionally in very bad
shape. We paid to have her smuggled out of the city she was in.
Richard Carroll
IBM Management, Retired
Wayne Schieldt
Water Systems,Inc.
Dr. Tim Jacobs
An international lawyer we consulted with states, there is a clear
difference between participating IN the sex trade and bringing
girls and women OUT of it.
Senior Pastor, Compass Church
Peter Church
Retired, Food Service Executive
Dee Winchester, Jeff Sharda
Capin Crouse, Tax Preparation
Penny Latham
Executive Assistant to the CEO, Office
Dr. John Cook
These are pictures of some of these girls…I asked if they minded
that their pictures were taken. No, because they want people to know what ISIS is doing,
and they are deeply grateful for the help. The girl on page one is a cripple…she too was
raped multiple times and abused. How can we stand by and not do something?!?
The needs are: Prayer and financing. I need $100,000 to help with not only rescuing girls
but also getting them counseling, a safe house and into training so they can find good jobs.
We have a team on the ground with the expertise to do this as well as share God’s love for
them. Because of the numbers of girls rescued whose families have been killed leaving
them with no place to go, we are discussing what a women’s center would look like to
provide a permanent place to help many girls and women with a future.
Church Plant in Iraq Update
The danger in rescuing these girls is extremely high; but there are so many who need our
help. Please continue to give to help these girls. Would you help me get the word out?
I'd be happy to speak to a group personally, on the phone or on Skype.
- Dee Cook, Director of Beautiful International
www.BeautifulInternational.org. My email: [email protected]
Dee Cook
Director, Donor Relations and Beautiful
International; Editor, The Liaison
Dr. Dan Iles
Director of Educational Development
Resty & Mel Enguerra
Southeast Asia Project and Medical
Outreach Coordinators
Sarah Rieger
Executive Assistant for Child and Student
Response Card
Yes, I’d like to give $_____ to the Nepal Relief Fund
Yes, I’d like to give $_____ to the Iraq Relief Fund
I’d like to give $_____ to the GBC Dining Hall Project
I’d like to give $______ to repair the Children's Home
I’d like to sponsor a student at GBC for $100/month
This is me helping with $_____ to rescue girls from ISIS
Name _________________________________________
Email _________________________________________
Address ________________________ City ___________
State _____ Zip ________ Ph #_____________________
Donate online or mail your check to 15455 Gleneagle Dr.,
Suite 130, Colorado Springs, CO 80921
or call 719.302.3028 with your credit card information

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