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English - Accor Heppa
2013 A C C O R
JUNE 2014
This edition of our Social Report is loaded with practices that
renew our disposition to grow and face challenges that stimulate
us to open new frontiers. Our employees have displayed their
commitment to Accor, once again present in the GPTW’s (Great Place
to Work Institute) Great Companies to Work list for Argentina, Brazil,
Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru. With these votes of confidence, we
were granted the Latin America award.
With participation from countries where
Accor operates, we have posted contributions
for the Accor Group to be present for the
second consecutive year, in the list of 25 Best
Multinationals to Work in the World.
On August 27th, the Accor Board
of Directors appointed Sébastien Bazin
President and CEO of the Accor Group. Our
new CEO is adamant about visiting regions
where Accor is present in order to obtain
greater acquaintance with all operations.
Sébastien Bazin visited us in Brazil on
October 30th and 31st, and once again in April of 2014.
With the purpose of carrying greater dynamism and efficiency to
transform Accor into the most valued and best-performing hotel group,
Sébastien Bazin redesigned the operations map, therewith making our
region accountable for Accor Americas and Caribbean. The Group is
now further structured into two complementary poles in order to obtain
improved operational effectiveness and ensure sustainable growth:
HotelServices, a hotel operator and brand franchisor, and HotelInvest,
a hotel owner and investor. In our region, we also hold these two
organizations that work in tandem to build a bigger and stronger Accor.
Relying on our determination, energy and boldness, we work to
make Accor the most valued and top-performing hospitality company
in the world.
We count on our employees’ enthusiasm, determination, pleasure in
providing service, willingness to learn and doing their best daily when
performing their respective functions.
I thank all of those who share the Accor values. Together we will
evolve and move forward. We will establish new frontiers in the Americas.
Roland de Bonadona
CEO HotelServices Americas & Caribbean
GPTW Brazil
GPTW Brazil
GPTW Latin America and Mexico
GPTW Chile
GPTW Argentina
GPTW Ecuador
Sébastien Bazin initiated his
career in Finances in the United
States in 1985. Upon returning to
France, he was appointed Director of
Investments at the Hottinger Rivaud
Finances bank. After two years he
entered the hospitality market when
he assumed the position of CEO at
Immobilière Hôtelière.
In 1997, he joined Colony Capital
where he remained for 15 years.
As of August 27, 2013, Sébastien
Bazin was nominated Accor Group
President and CEO. According to
Sébastien Bazin, Accor strategy,
structure and actions must be
characterized by agility and
As of January 2014, the Accor
Americas region has a new
operational structure. Below are
opinions conveyed by some Accor
executives in the region.
Xavier Perret - COO
HotelInvest Americas &
“Part of our mission is
to ensure investment
control, optimizing
their profitability and preserving financial
management’s reliability and quality,
among so many other tasks under our
accountability. Let us get to work and
collaborate with Accor growth in the
Dominique Colliat
- EVP HotelServices
North & Central
America and
“Our new structure
will allow us to collaborate with the
development of Accor in the region. Let us
jointly build a bridge among the Americas,
treading and developing side by side, with
one region helping the other. Being part of
the Americas is an important objective for
all of us”.
Patrick Mendes EVP HotelServices
Luxury, Upscale
and Midscale
South America
“This new
organization will allow us to
significantly improve in efficiency,
clarity, professionalism and focus.
With diligent commitment from each
brand’s employees we shall continue
to provide our customers with
unique experiences.”
Franck Pruvost –
EVP HotelServices
Economy Pole
South America
“With this new
organization we
may ensure consistency and growth
for all three brands in the ibis
family in the entire South American
continent, which will in turn allow
us to address the 299 hotels in 2019
Fernando Viriato
de Medeiros
– SVP Human
Americas &
“We have started to act in a new
perimeter as Accor expands its
frontiers in the Americas, increasing
professional growth opportunities
for everyone. The sum of our efforts
will result in a stronger company
and even more fulfilled employees.”
With an increased amount of HR practices, the Inclusion Project has become
even better.
Corporate Network for Inclusion
Capacity-Building Workshops
Accor has become part of a group that
includes 60 large corporations with the objective
of discussing diversity and placing efforts into
enhancing selection processes. An HR representative
takes part in the network’s monthly meetings.
Unibes Students
Disability Day
On December3rd, International Day
for the Disabled, managers, HR teams,
disabled employees and guests from
the Corporate Network for Inclusion
discussed the inclusion of people with
special needs in the work environment.
Online advisory services
For the more distant units or for
those that face difficulty in hiring the
disabled, Accor has formed a partnership
with specialized online consultants. This
support is free of charge for the units.
At the event, a Guide for Recruiting
and Including Disabled People was
released. This guide was drawn up by a
Diversity Group composed of Operations
and HR team members from multiple
countries where Accor is present.
Colmeia Students visit Accor Head Offices
The partnership with Unibes dates
from 2002, having during this period
empowered various groups working at the
Reception, Housekeeping and F&B areas.
The course model with classes conducted
by Accor volunteers was taken to
Colmeia in 2013, another institution that
offers support to the training of young
people. The Synergy Clubs also conduct
the course in other cities such as Belo
Horizonte and Curitiba.
At Apaf (São Paulo Family Support
Association), volunteer employees
act in the development and training
of chambermaids and housekeepers.
Many of the participants have been
hired by Accor.
Support to refugees
Accor has acceded to PARR
(Refugee Support and Relocating
Program), a UN initiative in
partnership with religious entity
Cáritas. Managers who have hired
these employees claim they are
never absent, work diligently and
blend in easily.
New ways of recruiting
Mercure integration trail
A Friend in Need is a Friend
As for the ibis family, some HR practices
are concentrated on improved recruitment,
retention and training.
One of the actions is called “Quem
indica amigo é”. An employee, who refers
candidates with an adequate profile,
receives a bonus for every filled position.
A pilot project has been tested
at two units. The trail’s proposition
is that new employees spend their
first five days learning more about
the Accor Group, the Mercure
brand, the hotel they are going
to work at and their respective
function on the job.
To arrive at this project, the HR
area performed internal surveys
with general managers, Mercure
unit heads and benchmarking with
hotels operating in the market.
HR Consultants at the Operations
The HR area yearly takes part in
university fairs including Hospitality,
Gastronomy, Events and Tourism
courses with the purpose of divulging
AccorJobs and seeking qualified
Managers and representatives from
the Synergy Clubs also take part in
student fairs, conducting lectures at
their respective locations.
In its Facebook page, the HR area
forwards those who have an interest in
the company directly to the AccorJobs
site registry.
Carolina Marques (in pink) is the São Paulo Regional
HR Consultant
Silvana Paiva (white shirt in the center of the group) is the Rio de Janeiro
Regional, Midwest and Brasilia HR Consultant
The pilot project created in 2013
counts with one consultant at the
Rio de Janeiro Regional, Midwest and
Brasilia and another consultant at the
São Paulo Regional.
Both are management-level Accor
employees which, among many other
responsibilities, provide guidance
to hotels in reference to acting in
compliance with Accor HR rules,
norms and policies. They also listen to
base employees, assisting in clarifying
and solving any problem that may
eventually occur.
Joint Action in Latin America
Novotel HR Encounter
In October, the Novotel chain
brought together Latin America HR
heads to align practices and projects.
The two-day event received support
from the Académie Accor.
Every other month in Argentina, the Club del Mate holds
an encounter with new employees at the Buenos Aires hotels.
In the picture, employees from the support area and from
the following hotels: Sofitel Buenos Aires, ibis Obelisco,
ibis Congreso, MGallery, Caesar Park and Sofitel la Reserva
Cardales. They take part in a meeting that revolves around
the history of the Accor Group, its mission, vision, values,
development and the region’s growth, further to a guided visit.
Essential CAF Programs
At the Accor AdministrativeFinancial Center, after the admission
process, new employees go through
the Welcome Aboard and Living the
Operation programs.
CAF has also conceived a
multifunctional group including
representatives from all of the areas.
They meet regularly to appraise
ideas and actions for improvement
and mainly issues related to the
organizational atmosphere.
International 2013
Omar Caffaro – Midscale
Operations Manager – Gold
Bernache - Performance
Roland Villard – Chief
Executive Sofitel Latin
America- Silver Bernache –
Imagination Category
Carla Milovanov – IT
Director – Silver Bernache –
Performance Category
Emmanuelle Baly – Human
Resources Director (United
States and Canada) – Silver
Bernache – Imagination
Ronaldo Grapiglia –
General Manager Novotel Rio
de Janeiro Santos Dumont
– Silver Bernache – Accor
Spirit Category
Dennis Key Vidal – General
Manager ibis Santiago
Providencia – Silver Bernache
– Trust Category
Bernache Awards
Americas & Caribbean
Seventeen 2013 cases were
awarded in April 2014.
✶ Social Responsibility actions
at Accor Mexico (One local
action per month)
✶ Transformation at Sofitel
Legend (Sofitel Legend
Santa Clara/Cartagena,
✶ Repositioning of ibis budget
✶ Planet 21 in action at ibis
budget Paulista (SP)
✶ Professional Olympics
✶ “Renova” Project
(System Platform
Renewal Project)
✶ Breakfast at the Mercure
✶ Me to You ibis Project (ibis
João Pessoa, PB)
✶ Adagio Conversion –recordtime renovation
✶ A new policy for safe credit
✶ ibis room 104: booked for
a noble cause (Monterrey,
✶ Equipotel
✶ Synergy for the presidency
✶ ibis Styles in Latin America:
concept and product
Top ibis Latin America
Whoever has stood out in the function
and has worked for over three months in
the ibis family, is a natural candidate for
the Top ibis award. In 2013, the Top ibis and
Top ibis budget award for the year went
to Maria Lindinalva, F&B team member at
the ibis São Luís and two Reception team
members: Karla Leite, from ibis budget
Belém and Jorgelina Gonzalez, from ibis
✶ The giant has awakened! Keep
walking Jaraguá! (Novotel
Jaraguá, SP)
✶ Complex management of
the global media: Roaring
TUMBLR success for Sofitel
North America
✶ Le Club AccorHotels
exclusive rate
ibis family Highlights
This award gives recognition to hotel
and managers that have stood out for
their performances throughout the
year. The 2012 winners were announced
during an event in 2013. Franck Pruvost,
EVP HotelServices Economy Pole
South America handed the trophies
to: (left to right) Juliana Fiasqui, ibis
budget highlight; Nadia Quadra, ibis
– franchised hotel highlight; Solange
Manso, ibis Brasil highlight; and Guy
Candusso, ibis – Hispanic countries
highlight, represented by Javier Lopes
Mercure Talents
Awarded Attitudes
For their great new ideas, (left
to right) Antônio Luiz Nogueira,
Maintenance team member at Mercure
SP Paraíso, Nelma Bragança dos
Santos, F&B team member at Mercure
Vitória and André Mota, night auditor
at Mercure Mogi das Cruzes, were all
elected Mercure Latin America 2012
Talents. The three received a travel
package for two at the Mercure hotel
of their choice in Brazil.
From October to December
2013, the Novotel chain
promoted an In-Service
Attitude Campaign including
posters, a quiz and a musical
contest. Further to that, during
the monthly meetings, the
Medallia Action conveyed
to the teams all of the
complimentary comments
made by customers.
The Attitudes Quiz awarded
the Novotel Boutique prize to
Thaynara D’Avila from Novotel
Campo Grande, and to Daniela
Fernanda Perri from the Novotel
Buenos Aires.
Four units were awarded in the
music contest with a tablet (1st
prize) and a smartphone (runner
up) raffled during the year-end
celebrations. Winner units were
the following:
Novotel People with
Every four months,
employees who have stood out
in the Novotel chain receive a
certificate, a cash prize and a
three-day stay in a São Paulo
Novotel unit. In 2013, further
to an Open Table with Bernd
Hofmann, VP Operations
HS Midscale São Paulo and
Hispano South America, and
visit to Roland de Bonadona,
CEO HotelServices Americas &
Caribbean, People with Attitude
participants were given a São
Paulo city-tour.
1st place: Novotel SP Center Norte
Runner up: Novotel São José dos
1st place: Novotel Buenos Aires
Runner up: Novotel Santiago
Make Yourself at Home
Carte Bienvenue
Spending a day in São Paulo,
visiting a hotel of each brand and
taking part in an informal meeting
with Roland de Bonadona,
CEO HotelServices Americas &
Caribbean, and with Fernando
Viriato de Medeiros, SVP Human
Resources Americas & Caribbean that is what the Make Yourself at
Home Académie Accor program
is all about. Throughout the
year, this program gathers four
groups of 20 people maximum to
learn more about Accor and its
Chile employees
celebrated the receiving of
their Carte Bienvenue after
six months of being hired
by Accor. With this benefit,
all of them are entitled to
discounts at Accor hotels
around the world.
Le Club Accorhotels
Novotel Lima’s Reception
team shares the success of the
fidelity program that holds over
13,5 million members. Employees
posted an annual Le Club target
and received a diploma from
Accor France.
Synergy Clubs are always
present in Accor’s daily life.
There are already 16 in Brazil and
two more in Latin America, both
created in 2013: Club del Mate in
Argentina and Club Pisco Sour in
In that year, these clubs took
part in everything: employee
recruitment and integration
processes; support for the
opening of new units; training
courses; lectures; ParticipAccor
meetings; solidarity and
environmental preservation
campaigns; health and life
quality guidance.
Club del Mate,
Club Pisco
Souer, Chile
Professional Olympics Mentoring for women
The final trial for the 2nd edition of
the Professional Olympics took place in
São Paulo on November 19th, 2013 with 24
employees from Brazil and another eight
contestants from remaining countries in
the region.
The winners, entitled to participating
in the 2014 Professional Olympics at
Accor head offices in France, were the
The WAAG Program (Women
at Accor Generation), Accor Group
global initiative for incentivizing
women leadership positions,
launched the Mentoring for women
in 2013.
Still in its pilot project phase, this
Mentoring is being developed in Brazil
and in Asia. In Brazil, nine managers
will be guided by nine directors
during a year.
Mentoring is supported by the
Académie Accor and does not imply
in a commitment with promotion
but still is doubtlessly a unique
opportunity of career development
for the nine current participants.
Restaurant: Laura Bautista, Sofitel
Bogotá Vitória Régia
Carolina Marques, HR Consultant,
member of the Mentoring group
Future managers
• Housekeeping, Saul Heredia, Novotel
• Kitchen, Mayara Oshima, Grand
Mercure SP Ibirapuera
Reception, Carmichael Pires
Rodrigues, ibis Petrolina
GM Pass 2012/2013
GM Pass 2013/2014
The GM Pass Program prepares
managers for the Mercure and Novotel
brands during a year of experience
with both brands operational
internships and continuous guidance
from a tutor. Employees must present
an individual case study research paper
at the end of the training.
Employees holding two years
in head of department positions,
concluded college degree, full
command of English, good
performance appraisal and availability
to live in other cities or countries,
are qualified to apply for a GM Pass
ibis family values
In September, General Managers from the
ibis family in Brazil took part in the second
Managerial Encounter of the year to give
sequence to the planning of the 299 Mission
(holding 299 hotels for the brand up to 2019).
The encounter also provided experiencing
the ibis values (Simplicity, Modernity and
Well-Being) further to specific training
for General Managers and Deputy General
Managers. Participants have the mission of
cascading values to their respective teams.
The hiring of 42 Trainees, Deputy
Managers and Managers for the
ibis family in 2013 result from the
support offered by ibis Managers,
the “talent hunters” in each of their
respective regions.
Actors Project
This Project provides ibis family employees with the tools needed to make
them Experts, that is, multi-competent professionals that are much better
prepared to face the work market.
Actors Project Evolution*
Among employees:
F 70 joined the project
F 05 dropped out
F 11 dismissed
F 04 reassigned to other brands
F 22 achieved Expert certification (14 selected as Trainees and 03
already Deputy General Managers
F 28 in ongoing training
(*) From May 2012 to December 2013
In 13 years, 19 Trainee groups, out
of which 262 were hired. Of these,
47% have been recruited from the
ibis family itself.
Updated Positions
Deputy General Manager
General Manager
Operations Manager
Accor Managers
International Mobility
103 (in14 years/different job positions)
Trainees in
Latin America
The Trainee Program has
been extended to units at the
Hispanic countries. The group
that started in 2013 includes
one Colombian, a Chilean, an
Argentine and two Peruvians:
(Melina Polo, Andrés Peñaloza,
Natalia Abuhadba, Geraldine
Marin and Janeth Flores). Just
as that which occurs in Brazil,
these trainees shall receive
training at different units of the
brand for these trainees to act
as Deputy General Managers in
the future.
“I started working at Accor
in 2009 as a Receptionist at the
ibis Buenos Aires Obelisco. A
year later, I joined the Trainee
Program, setting out on this
new phase at the ibis Buenos
Aires Congreso. I went through
ibis Mendoza and soon had the
opportunity of wrapping up
the program in Chile, at the ibis
At the end of 2011 I was
promoted to Deputy General
Manager to work at the
opening of the ibis Santiago
Providencia. In May 2013, I
received my first opportunity
as General Manager at the
ibis Santiago Estación Central,
where I currently am.
These were years of a great
deal of personal and professional
growth with huge support from
Accor for my development.” –
Juan Manuel Messina, General
Manager, ibis Santiago Estación
Exchange for
making progress
Team building in Argentina and in Brazil
In the Novotel chain, once
elected for People with Attitude,
every employee becomes entitled
to running for the Visa Program.
The program allows for a 20day experience in another Novotel
unit in the region. It works as an
exchange program that accelerates
the learning process.
Of the five employees that took
Visa in 2013, two of them switched
countries. Solange Alves dos
Santos, Housekeeper at Novotel
Morumbi moved to Novotel Buenos
Aires. Carolina Rosales, Events
Coordinator at Novotel Santiago
moved to Novotel Center Norte in
São Paulo.
Solange Alves
dos Santos
Employees from the Accor
administrative office in Argentina
closed 2013 with a team-building
activity on a river, an activity that
reinforced the importance of
Itinéraries at the
Novotel chain
This is the last stage of Move
UP, a global Human Resources
program at the Novotel chain. It is
an assessment of team development
to help identify in which aspects
department heads must further train
their teams.
In Brazil, the NSB committee
gathered in Goiania for a team-building
activity that started in a kitchen.
Change of Habit
With the Click Accor
platform, distance learning has
been consolidated, broadening
everybody’s reach for more
knowledge. Through the balancing
of this resource with physical
presence learning, Académie Accor
has been able to carry courses and
specific training to more people
in distant locations. For such, a
distance learning coordinator is
always on call to clarify eventual
At hotels, managers, deputy
managers and heads play a
fundamental part in multiplying
contents. Thus is the participation
from the Académie Accor
Guardian. At each hotel, there
is one dedicated employee who
monitors colleagues’ learning,
reporting results to the Académie
“As an
Académie Accor
guardian, and
to make sure
my job is well
performed, I
always take the
courses with
enough time
trying to clarify all doubts
prior to initiating the
training courses. Afterwards,
jointly with the employees,
I schedule the day and
time to give the courses, I
sign in to Click Accor and
personally monitor them,
guiding and assisting those
who have more trouble.” Joyce Elaine Batista, Event
Team Member, Mercure BH
Vila da Serra
Latin America has been part
of the SOE (School of Excellence)
Program since 2012. The Sofitel
School of Excellence holds
partnership with 15 of the top
hospitality schools in the world.
At the partner schools, SOE
looks for students concluding
their hospitality course to work
as coordinators or supervisors at
a Sofitel hotel somewhere around
the world.
On the photos, two
ambassadors (as Sofitel employees
are called) those who are selected
through the SOE.
Contents developed by Académie Accor in
ibis Values
Mentoring – WAAG
New Models for Novotel Management
Experiencing ibis Values
Standard Operational Procedures
(SOP) ibis Housekeeping
Rebranding Caesar Business to
Rebranding Caesar Park to Pullman
Spicing the Palate
ibis Night Auditor
BPMA (food handling best practices)
BPMA online (food handling best
practices online)
Kitchen Show
Pool and Condominium Management
Online Pool and Condominium
Standard Operational Procedures
(SOP) ibis budget Housekeeping
Tatiana Pulido (to the left), from the
Sofitel Montevideo Carrasco & SPA
Standard Operational Procedures
(SOP) ibis Reception
Standard Operational Procedures
(SOP) ibis budget Reception
Etiquette acting in your favor
ibis budget Night Auditor
Adagio Opening Program
Mercure Quality Program
ibis Styles Pre-Opening
Fernando Pardo (center), from Sofitel
La Reserva Cardales (Argentina).
ParticipAccor Expansion
In Brazil, ParticipAccor meetings
turned out 1,156 employees in 15 cities
between March and April of 2013. Yet,
the number of employees who got to
better know and ask more about Accor
was even higher.
Ever since training kits were
created in Portuguese and Spanish,
which in turn spawned multipliers,
Académie Accor has broadened the
ParticipAccor scope. Through general
managers and head office HRs, the
meetings then successfully reached
employees from Latin America. In
Brazil, with collaboration from the
Synergy Clubs, ParticipAccor also
managed to reach employees in
distant locations.
In São Paulo, Roland de Bonadona, CEO HotelServices Americas &
Caribbean, honored the ParticipAccor event at the ibis Congonhas
ParticipAccor meeting in Mexico
Employees from Mercure Santiago Centro (Chile) in
the closing of ParticipAccor meeting
Experts in pool
and condominium
International Development Program
Four Brazilians are part of the
IHMP (International Hospitality
Management Program) 2013/2014
group, taking the development
program in hotel management,
offered by Accor in Evry, France:
Fábio Turchetto from ibis RJ Santos
Dumont; Beatriz Cavaciocchi from
Novotel Morumbi; Denis Mioli from
Mercure São Caetano do Sul; and
Dennis Vidal from ibis Santiago
Providencia (Chile). They are part of
a group that includes 30 students
arriving from various countries.
Accor is the only hospitality
company in the market to hold a
course of the pool and condominium
management model, this subject highly
adopted by the Mercure chain.
Whoever manages a Mercure hotel
must deal with investors, custodians and
inhabitants, further to rigidly following
work procedures and routines. For such,
general and deputy general managers
drew up the course, dividing its
contents into modules for purposes of
meeting legal and accounting needs.
ibis Scholarships
ibis João Pessoa collaborator at the
library that is starting to emerge
In 2013, the ibis family invested €
23 665 in their employees’ academic
qualification: 76 were benefitted
with scholarships and seven of these
received their college degrees.
Customized English
The Mercure chain signed a contract
with EF Englishtown to provide
customized English course to address
the needs of general managers at the
hotels of that brand. The course is
online, tutored by professionals and with
unlimited conversation classes.
In light of the challenges of hosting a
great deal of foreigners during the World
Soccer Cup, Académie Accor, jointly
with the Operations Directorates and the
brands’ HRs, extended the EF partnership
and launched the Let´s Go...oal! project,
an online training course in English for
employees from the Reception and
Restaurant/Bar areas at host-cities during
the World Cup.
Welcoming Week
Welcoming Week serves the
purpose of hosting employees from
a new unit with a red carpet at the
entrance, indoors decorated with
balloons and warm applause from
the unit managers and a consultant
from the Académie Accor. All of
this is to show how welcome these
newcomers are and to inspire them
with this feeling when welcoming
future guests!
In this action, the training applied
by the Académie Accor contributes
in making all new team members feel
safe and confident when performing
their functions.
After Welcoming Week, new
employees receive technical training
Opening of the ibis Recife
from internal multipliers specialized in
Standard Operational Procedures (SOP)
specific for each sector.
Prior to the opening, they take
part in an Operational Workshop and
spend a night at the unit where they
experience in detail what being a guest
there feels like.
In 2013, there were 21 Welcoming
Weeks, 19 of these in Brazil and two
more in Hispanic countries (Chile and
Special training for ibis Styles
The first ibis Styles in the region
was opened in late 2013. Académie
Accor developed a Welcoming Week
for new employees with a carefree,
casual, relaxed mood, as proposed by
the brand for its focus.
Virtual GED (General Education Development)
Accor sponsors 100% of the Virtual
GED at elementary and high school
levels for employees and family
members. This sponsorship includes
course material and enrolment, further
to availability of an online team for
clarifying any doubts.
In 2013, the course had 136
enrolled from 14 units. Of these,
81% were Accor employees. The
remaining 19% were family members
referred to by employees.
The pictures of festive moments
illustrated on this page have been selected
among many registers of employees
throughout the year. They are a tribute to
those who have worked at Accor for many
years; those that have stood out on their
studies or in sports performance; those
who always celebrate team spirit, not only
on special occasions but on an everyday
basis in their activities.
Easter Joy
play and
sing during
the Easter
Winner Carnival
To celebrate Carnival, the ibis
Mossoró (RN) team really decked out
the place and through votes cast by
the ibis Committee, they were awarded
a 32” LED TV set for the employees’
leisure area.
Celebration at Accor head offices in São Paulo
Easter in the ibis São Carlos (SP)
Originality on
Women’s Day
Accor Soccer
40 Years of Mercure
From September 16th to October
25th, over 700 Mercure hotels spread
across 50 countries celebrated the
chain’s 40th anniversary.
Mercure SP Funchal
Mercure São José dos Campos
Novotel Jaraguá employees learn how to
make their own Easter eggs
Besides good wishes and treats
that the units distributed to women
employees on International Women’s
Day, Accor also promotes an
international photography contest.
The best photos are published on
IntrAccor. For each of those photos,
Accor Solidarity donates five EUR to
Illy Association in Morocco, which
promotes the inserting of women into
the work market.
This year employees from Accor
Chile came out with the champion
Employees from Brazil, Argentina,
Chile and Peru set up 50 teams to
participate in the 2013 Accor Soccer
Tournament from August 23rd to the
25th in Serra Negra, São Paulo midland.
Among the 31 male teams, Los
Mezcladitos team was first-placed. Of
the 19 female teams, the tournament
winner was Novotel Morumbi.
The tournament was widely
celebrated with organized fan clubs
and over 530 goals on the scoreboard.
A roaring success!
Rafting, hikes and rappel at Catarata del
Tigre (75 meters high). This was how the
Colombia team celebrated the year-end
at Nimaima, two hours from Bogotá.
Year-end party in São Paulo
Celebration days
for employees
Employees dressed in Halloween
costumes in Mexico
A smile for the Mother’s Day present at
Mercure Campinas
Halloween festivities for employees’
children at Novotel Lima
Special lunch in honor of Mercure
Recife Navegantes employees on
Father’s Day
Party for employees’ children on
Children’s Day at Novotel Center
People who study
Birthdays of the month
Nascimento, Mercure
Manaus Housekeeper
obtained her college
degree in Tourism from
Manaus Metropolitan
College. General Manager, Helenilde
Souza, congratulated Raimunda on
behalf of her colleagues.
Cake with the Brazilian flag at Mercure
SP Nações Unidas
10 years of Accor
Left to right: Fernando Mariate, Simone
Maehata, Dulce Carvalho, Juliana Bueno
and Karina Rezende
June Feast in São Paulo
Employees celebrate the Christmas holidays
with family members in Chile
In December, five head office
employees completed 10 years working
for Accor. The Human Resources area
promoted an event to pay them tribute
and to hand them a certificate for the
time of contribution with the Group.
These employees’ direct managers also
took part in this recognition day.
At the units, employees with
long lengths of time working for the
company are also congratulated by
their colleagues and managers.
Theme lunch to celebrate birthdays of
the month at Novotel Buenos Aires
On the photos, Fernando Kazuo
Kanbara, General Manager at Mercure
Porto Alegre Manhattan, congratulates
Paula Piccini from Housekeeping,
and Alexandre Oliveira from the
Administrative area. Both completed 10
years working at Accor
H E A LT H A N D W E L L - B E I N G
Work safety at Sipat
Measures of care with one’s health
and work safety were topics covered
during Sipat, Internal Week for
Preventing Accidents at the Workplace
that takes place annually at the
head office and units that hold Cipa
(Internal Committee for Preventing
Accidents) and an expressive number
of employees.
The WAAG Corner
On International Women’s Day,
March 8th, the global program Women
at Accor Generation
(WAAG) launched the WAAG Corner,
an exclusive location at each Accor
unit where women employees
may better care for their personal
Anti-flu shot
From April 19th to the 22nd, head
office and CAF employees received
their anti-flu shots. Some units also
performed vaccination activities, this
including other countries in Latin
For parents and children
At the head office in São Paulo, the
Future Mommy program congratulates
mothers-to-be and employees’ wives
with a book listing day-to-day events
in a pregnancy. Right after birth,
parents receive a customized album
to include photos and postings of the
child’s first days.
At the units, Baby Showers have
been taking place increasingly
frequently. Colleagues get together
to congratulate the mothers-to-be
(or parents) with gifts for the baby’s
Safe Carnival
The fight against AIDS is a global
commitment for the Accor Group.
Every year, informative material is
distributed among employees and
guests during special occasions, such
as Carnival.
Medical Care
At hotel units, medical services are
performed by means of agreements
signed with clinics and health
companies established in the region.
Health plan coverage is extended to
women employees’ husbands.
At the head office building in São
Paulo, Accor provides a Health Space
with outpatient clinic, psychological
care, nutritionist, physiotherapist
and physical counsel (both by
appointment) and medical counsel for
second opinion.
The head office further offers:
Beauty salon, massage, bank station,
ATMs, library, computers with internet
link, restaurant and labor gymnastics
twice a week.
The stretch-out program
for housekeepers from the ibis
family keeps going during daily
operations and sometimes
have special meetings held
Sports practices
Snack Cart
A cart with a selection of juices,
fruit and natural sandwiches goes
around the head office daily mornings
and afternoons. In that manner,
employees may purchase healthier
options for their snack breaks.
Training for safety
Practicing sports is something
constant for Accor employees.
Besides the Accor Soccer
Tournament, athletes stand out in
different sports modalities at many
units. On the photo, three Mercure
RJ Ipanema employees who ran the
Rio de Janeiro International Half
Marathon in August 2013.
Leisure rooms
Spaces destined to
employees’ rest and leisure
increasingly obtain new
comfort items. Mercure Santo
André, for example, re-opened
the “Employees’ Nook” with
an LCD TV, magnetic painting
on the walls to hold pictures
and a computer with a new
Novotel Center Norte employees
getting ready for fire-fight training
Accor employees undergo
constant safety training, including
those referent to natural disasters
such as earthquakes, which are
quite usual at some Latin American
An initiative conceived
by employees with total
incentive from Accor,
libraries have been
increasingly popping up
and being maintained at
units. On the picture, the
library at the Novotel
Jaraguá in São Paulo.
Mercure Santo André employees
celebrate their new “nook”
Accor’s sustainable
development program is
structured on seven pillars,
each of which contains three
commitments (resulting
in 21 commitments geared
towards sustainability).
Combined, they serve to
guide everyone’s personal and professional life
favoring life quality in the planet.
Planet 21 Day
From April 22nd to the 26th, Accor celebrated one year of Planet 21,
the sustainable development program based on the following pillars:
Health, Nature, Carbon Print, Innovation, Local, Employment and
Cleaning up beaches and parks; planting trees and organic vegetable
gardens; recycled waste collection; lectures covering topics such
as health, nutrition and sustainability; outdoor activities; and blood
donating were some of the actions that mobilized employees from the
head office, the CAF and all offices and hotels in Latin America.
• Ensure healthy interiors
• Promote responsible eating
• Prevent diseases
• Reduce our water use
• Expand waste recycling
• Protect biodiversity
Distribution of green apples at units
Exhibit at the HO
building’s entrance hall
In Argentina, employees from all of the
hotels gathered to watch lectures on
health, labor gymnastics and healthy
Stickers on elevator
doors at the head office
• Reduce our energy use
• Reduce our CO2 emissions
• Increase the use of renewable energy
• Encourage eco-design
• Promote sustainable building
• Introduce sustainable offers and technologies
• Protect children from abuse
• Support responsible purchasing practices
• Protect ecosystems
• Support employee growth and skills
• Make diversity an asset
• Improve quality of worklife
• Conduct our business openly and transparently
• Engage our franchised and managed hotels
• Share our commitment with suppliers
Charter 21
Charter 21 lists 65
Accor guidelines around
the pillars of the Planet
21 program. It serves as
a guide for each unit to
intensify sustainability
practices and report its
procedures to Accor, via
the intranet.
Employees from Novotel Lima attended
a training course covering the 65 items in
Charter 21
Employees visit Serra da Canastra
From February 21st to the 24th, 2013,
29 members from the Housekeeping
teams from multiple Brazil units,
visited the Serra da Canastra (MG)
where the Plant for the Planet program
is developed.
These employees acted side by
side with the guests, raising their
awareness about reusing towels with
the purpose of reducing water and
energy consumption. Further to the
visit, they also received a gift-voucher
in recognition for the collaboration
they brought to the program.
At each five reutilized towels, a tree
is planted by the Nordesta NGO at
Serra da Canastra. Over 340 thousand
trees have already been planted.
Sustainability is the highlight at
Accor hotels. An innovative use of
technology increasingly contributes to
environmental preservation and saving
natural resources without affecting
the guests’ comfort. Some of those
differentials are:
• Use of renewable energies (solar
energy and heating pump) to heat
• Led bulbs
Earth Hour
On March 23rd, from 8:30 to 9:30
pm, all of the Accor hotels took part
in Earth Hour. This WWF initiative is
a stimulus for everybody to turn off
their lights for 60 minutes on the same
day and at the same time. This serves
as an alert for the preservation of the
planet’s natural resources.
• Photocell system to control lighting
of the corridors
• Refrigerating system that uses a
chiller to produce chilled water
• Open system for measuring
consumption of electric energy
right next to the utility’s power
• Water-flow reducers (saving up to
30% in the consumption)
• Re-usage of shower and lavatory
water for the toilet
• Rainwater collectors at some units
to be later used for gardening and
cleaning of the building’s common
Sustainable Fashion
at the Sofitel
settings at
In July of 2004, the ibis chain became
the first international budget hotels
chain to obtain an ISO 14001 certification.
Currently at world level, all hotels in the
chain are certified.
Upon obtaining the Earth Check
certification, also at world level, Novotel
chain hotels are getting ready to receive
their ISO 14001 certification.
Welcome at the Novotel Cusco
In August, Sofitel Guarujá
Jequitimar ambassadors performed
the 4th Sustainable Fashion Show
where they displayed garments
created from recycled materials
such as plastic bags, coffee capsules
and PET bottles. The winner team
was Room Service; they received a
weekend at a farm hotel.
Protecting Childhood
Fight Against AIDS
A signatory of the Conduct Code for
the Protection of Children against Sexual
Exploitation during Travels and Tourism,
developed by the NGO ECPAT, in 2013,
Accor took part in important activities
referent to protecting children.
• Accor joined the campaign
“Protect – Don’t look the other
way” an initiative from the Brazil
Ministry of Tourism, in view of the
Confederations Cup and later the
World Cup.
On December 1st, World Day for
the Fight Against AIDS, is globally
remembered at all the hotels,
distributing red bows and flyers
explaining the disease, including to the
On Planet 21 Day, many units
perform for employees, lectures on
AIDS and preventive actions against
the disease.
Incentive for saving
water and power
Accession from the
In July, Novotel México Santa Fé
employees took their families to also
participate in the Planet 21 action. All
of them learned a little more about the
program and received tree seedlings for
Pink October
• In Colombia, Sofitel and ibis hotel
participated in an event of the
Fundación Renacer and ECPAT
• In Chile, employees went out to
the streets to distribute informative
material about the childhood
protection campaign.
Danielle Costa dos Santos, F&B
Team Member at ibis Rio de Janeiro
Copacabana, had her power bill paid
by the hotel in June. She was the
winner of the “Do your part” action
by reducing her home electric power
The campaign incentivized
employees to save up on water and
electric power, not only at the hotel,
but also at their homes.
Communication in
The ibis Larco Miraflores hotel,
awarded in Peru for its actions of
inclusiveness, have adopted braille on
their menus, on room information and
signs at the common areas.
At Novotel RJ Santos Dumont,
employees joined the Accor symbol to
the campaign’s pink bow
Employees from the head
office, CAF and from some of the
units acceded to the breast cancer
prevention campaign called “Pink
October”. Informative flyers were
distributed and some wore pink while
others wore the campaign symbol on
the lapels of their uniforms
Accor shares its solidarity spirit
with all its employees. The actions
they develop are so many that it
becomes impossible to mention all
of them in one single report. For
that reason, only a few of them are
listed here.
Christmas with
Holy Night for
Every year, Novotel Cusco
employees celebrate Christmas
paying a visit and making donations
to an underprivileged community.
That was what took place at the
Llansacorma Community in Acomayo,
whose inhabitants received clothing,
toys and Christmas goodies.
CAF Argentina employees
gathered to provide a Holy
Christmas Eve (Noche Buena to All)
to families in need in the Northern
part of the country. They decorated
and distributed food baskets.
Projects in Brazil
Llansacorma Community children with
their Christmas gifts
Through Accor Solidarity (current
denomination of the Accor Foundation)
Accor supports projects in the region
and incentivizes volunteer work.
In 2013, four entities were benefitted
in Brazil: Humbiumbi (Belo Horizonte,
MG), Vovô Vitorino (Curitiba, PR),
Unibes and Menino Jesus Social Center
(the latter both from São Paulo).
These entities develop capacitybuilding hospitality projects with the
purpose of inserting young people
and adults into the work market.
Together, these entities received 55
000 EUR.
Solidarity Week,
always occurring
close to the yearend distributed
toys, clothing,
food items to
people. The following were some of
these examples:
The ibis Morumbi team donated toys to children from two institutions
that cater to underprivileged communities, SARP from Real Parque, and
Pro Brazil Association in Parelheiros, both institutions located in the same
São Paulo neighborhood as the hotel.
A Roof in Mexico
Ever since 2008, employees
from Accor in Mexico have been
performing volunteer work for the
Techo Association. Around 200 of
these employees took part in building
temporary households and community
centers, further to developing
capacity-building programs for people
from the communities. Accor Solidarity
also cooperated with the program,
donating 100 000 EUR to the activities
in Techo.
Support to GRAACC
Accor and employees give their
support to GRAACC – Support
Group to Teenagers and Children
with Cancer through the purchase
of sandwich vouchers and volunteer
work during McDia Feliz, a Ronald
McDonald’s Institute event in benefit
Employees from
Mercure Curitiba
buy McDia Feliz
Donating Blood
Not only on Planet 21 Day,
but also in other opportunities,
employees from all of the
brands exercise solidarity by
donating blood. On the photos,
some of them:
Donators from
Mercure SP
Mercure SP
from Novotel
Jaraguá (SP)
Solidarity Feijoada
Throughout Brazil, hotels from the
Novotel chain come together to allocate
50% of the proceeds from the Children’s
Day Feijoada to the Gol de Letra
In 2013, this action added up 3 192
EUR for sociocultural activities that the
foundation performs for around 1,300
children and teenagers from São Paulo
and Rio de Janeiro.
Novotel Campo Grande
Warm Clothing Campaign
Porto Alegre hotels make donation to
the João Paulo II Shelter
Gathering items at ibis Congonhas
Nurturing Project
This program is an initiative of
employees from the ibis family.
At each Managerial Meeting they
contribute with personal care
items to be donated. In 2013, the
benefitted institution was the
Fraternidade Irmã Clara.
Another action performed by
the managers was a solidarity raffle
that yielded 465 EUR for Marcos
Assunção, Deputy General Manager
at ibis SP Congonhas, away from work
owing to sickness. Marcos dedicates
his time to painting and donated a
canvas for the raffle. The winner was
In Porto Alegre, Mercure Porto Alegre
Beverly Hills, Mercure Porto Alegre
Moinhos de Vento, Mercure Porto Alegre
Manhattan, Novotel Aeroporto and
Novotel 3 Figueiras hotel came together
to collect warm clothing.
In Chile, the Pisco Sour Synergy Club
gathered donations coming in from all
of the hotels. Through that, Santa Clara
Institution that cares for children that
carry the AIDS virus, received 72.52 kg of
In São Paulo, employees from ibis
Morumbi gathered 475 pieces of clothing
earmarked for donation. Head office and
CAF teams gathered another 130 items,
the ibis Congonhas team further donating
another 42 items.
Marcos Assunção
to the left and
Carlos Telecki
Carlos Telecki, General Manager of the
ibis SP Congonhas.
In tribute to his friend, Telecki left
the painting displayed at the hotel lobby.
World GPTW
Best way to start a career
First in sustainability
Accor has come in the 17th position
on the GPTW list (Great Place to
Work Institute) among the 25 Best
Multinational Corporations to Work in
the World, upon conquering the award
in Latin America (Argentina, Brazil,
Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru) and
also in Austria, India, Portugal and the
United Kingdom.
Further to these significant awards,
Accor was also a source of great pride
for many other achievements, such as:
Young people working for the ibis
family elected the chain as one of the
Great Places to Start a Career in a Você
S/A magazine survey. The satisfaction
posted by employees was 76.1%, which
placed the ibis brand among the top
ten classified in a ranking among 35
Accor ran with around 300
companies in six categories and
came in first for the Braztoa Prize
in the Means of Accommodation
category with the reforestation
program Plant for the Planet. This
was the second time Accor received
the Brazilian Tourism Operators
Association prize for Plant for the
Leader in the event industry
Caio Award
The most admired in Brazil
Eventos Magazine elected Roland de
Bonadona, CEO HotelServices Americas
& Caribbean, as an Event Industry Leader
in Brazil. Members of the Brazilian
Events and Tourism Academy chose
Bonadona among around one hundred
professionals that work for the sector’s
Carta Capital magazine attributed
to Accor the position of Most Admired
Hospitality Chain in Brazil for the
fourth consecutive year, with an
expressive percentage of 43.25% of the
votes from around 1,300 executives
in the country. This was the 13th time
Accor participated in this award event.
Leader of development in
Roland de Bonadona was also paid
tribute as “Leader of Development
in the Brazilian Hospitality Sector”
during the Brazil Hospitality
Investment Conference (BHIC) in São
F Gold trophy for the Sustainability
category with the Planet
21 Program for the second
consecutive year
F Silver trophy for the same
category with Plant for the Planet
F 20 more prizes for different
categories of Accor hotels from
North to South in Brazil
Top 10 in Colombia
Triple dose
ibis Bogotá Museo is listed in 10th
place among the best budget hotels in
Colombia in the Travelers’ Choice 2013
list in Trip Advisor.
Caesar Park and Business São Paulo
International Airport (managed by
Pullman) were elected for the second
consecutive year, Best Airport Hotel
in South America by World Airport
Awards from Geneva (Switzerland);
Best Business Hotel in Brazil from
Business Destinations magazine; and
Best Hotel in South America from
Mice Report Awards, awarded by
the magazine with the same name,
specialized in business travel.
Decision makers brand
In the “Decision Makers Brand”
survey, from the newspaper Jornal do
Comércio (Rio Grande do Sul), ibis is
one of the five top of mind brands by
business managers, proprietors and
liberal professionals in the state for the
hotel category.
rate and Best NPS prize. In the
meantime, the also Argentine Sofitel
La Reserva Cardales and Colombian
Sofitel Cartagena Santa Clara split the
Guest Top Evolution of the Experience
Quality Brazil
Top1 in Espírito Santo
Five times Accor
F Group with the highest number of
F Hotel banner with the highest
number of referrals– Sofitel
F Best F&B manager for Márcia
Miranda Costa - Sofitel RJ
F Accommodation Management for
Camila Bruno - Mercure BH Lourdes
F Corporate HR Management for
Ricardo Hruschka – Sofitel
Top 15 in Guatemala
Mercure Hotel Guatemala Casa
Veranda is one of the top 15 hotels in
country in the Travelers’ Choice 2013
list from Trip Advisor.
The ibis brand came in first place
among the top of mind hotel chains
among the Espírito Santo state
inhabitants in the Iconic Brands 2013
survey, promoted by Ibope Intelligence,
jointly with Rede Vitória (TV Record ES).
ibis received 37% of the votes against 7%
for the second position.
Sofitel Hotel and GM
Philippe Seigle,
General Manager
of the Sofitel
Buenos Aires
Richard Launay,
General Manager
of the Sofitel
Cartagena Santa
In Miami, in April, Sofitel Buenos
Aires Arroyo from Argentina was
awarded the Guest Top Satisfaction
On August 22nd, the Quality Brazil
2013 Award, that took place at the
Hebraica Club in São Paulo confirmed
Pullman SP Ibirapuera in the Luxury
Upscale Hospitality category.
Unique prize in Maringá
ibis Maringá is one of the top
of mind brands in hospitality and
accommodation in Paraná, according
to the Prize for Preferred Brand and
Regional Affinity Rate (unique) in
survey performed by the RIC TV Group
(Record Network affiliate).
Awards from Gestão & RH
F One of the top 10
on the list of 50
Healthy Companies
F One of the 100
Top Companies in
IDHO – Indicator
of Organizational
Human Development
F Highlight for the Sustainability
Dimension in the IDHO Award
F One of the 50 Top Companies in
Corporate Citizenship
F 3rd place among the 10 classified for
the Leadership dimension on the
list of the 150 Top Companies in
People Management Practices
Awarded inclusion in Peru
HR Professional of the Year
ibis Larco Miraflores has been given
recognition by the II Award Empresa
Mirafloriana Inclusiva as one of the
three companies in the Lima (Peru)
district that acted most for inclusion
in 2013. Among the awarded practices
were capacity-building of employees
to assist the disabled. Among these are
menus in braille in the restaurant and
bar, accessible facilities, agreements
with NGOs, visits and donations.
Fernando Viriato de Medeiros, SVP
HR Americas & Caribbean, received the
highest award in the survey performed
by the Gestão & RH magazine that
appoints the Most Admired HRs in
Brazil. Always appointed yearly among
major HRs, in 2013, Fernando Viriato
de Medeiros shared the appointment
of HR Professional of the Year with
Clarice Martins Costa from the Renner
Stores Company.
Best hotel option
The ibis brand achieved first place
in the Tourism and Leisure category
in the Época Reclame Aqui (Complain
Here, a special edition of Época
Magazine) – Best Companies for the
Consumer Award. Over 1.8 million
consumers voted online.
Prize for Accor-Techo
The Asociación Accor-Techo program
has been recognized by the Mexican
Philanthropy Center, A.C., Mexico
Social Responsibility Alliance, AliaRSE,
and the Corporate Forum, as one of
the Best Practices of Corporate Social
Responsibility in 2013 in the Volunteer
Work category. The partnership between
Accor in Mexico and Techo with
the purpose of building households,
has been entirely performed by the
employees’ volunteer work since 2008.
The best in Latin America
With the Árvores de Ouro
Award (Trees of Gold), the Accor
Group awards global recognition
to the excellence of the ibis
brand in the following categories:
Product, Customer Satisfaction,
Environment, Team Management
and Citizenship. Representatives
from five winner Latin America
hotels received their awards in
France along with Franck Pruvost,
EVP HotelServices Economy Pole
South America. They were the
F ibis Chihuahua –Gold Tree Citizenship Trophy
F ibis Santiago Providencia – Silver
Tree - Team Management Trophy
F ibis Aguascalientes Norte – Silver
Tree - Environment Trophy
F ibis Navegantes Itajaí – Bronze Tree
- Environment Trophy
F ibis Salvador – Bronze Tree Citizenship Trophy
Total employees
Remunerated interns
Temps and outsourced
Diversity Indicators
By gender:
Women among managers
By origin:
Disabled employees:
Career Referential
Mobility among department heads/general managers 176
Promotions for department heads/general managers 94
Total promotions
External hiring
First jobs in external hiring
Educational Levels
High School
College degree
Graduate/MBA/PhD and others
Trained by Académie Accor
Hours of training
Number of employees having attended at
least one training course during the year
Health and Life Quality
Health plan users
(*) Estimated number including total number of employees, plus
dependents (rate used 1.9 per employee)
Remuneration (EUR)
Total fixed salaries
€ 99 221 639
Total variables (including bonus)
€ 8 931 577
Percentage of employees that received bonus
Incentive to saving
Participants of the Accor Social Security Plan (PAP) 1,177
Average Accor contribution over amount paid
by the participant
Participants of Accor Shares
Share appreciation on 12/31/2013 against
purchase value in 2000 (%)
Social Investment (EUR)
€ 29 977 182
Includes meals, social charges, social security, health and others.
€ 57 185 089
Includes education, culture, health and sanitation, sports, fight against
hunger and taxes (social charges excluded) and others.
Citizenship and solidarity
Benefitted people
Indicators consolidated on December 31st, 2013 represent LATIN AMERICA,
not including Sofitel and franchisees.
Starting with the 2014 Social Report, the reported data shall also include
the United States, Canada, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Sofitel in
South America.
Imagination – is the energy of our future
We wish to observe, anticipate and then act differently, conceive
innovative solutions and sources of progress. Concretely, we
engage in remaining attentive and open to the world; stimulate
creativity; take initiatives.
(Note: this value to replace Innovation)
The spirit of conquest – is our growth engine
We take risks and combine boldness, iniciative, and team spirit in
order to grow and expand.
Performance – is the key to our continued success
We set high standards for ourselves every day, both as individuals
and in our teams, so that we can give our best and maximise our
Respect – is the basis of all our relationships
We recognize and value both women and men around
the world in all their diversity, whether inside or outside the
Trust – is the foundation of our management
We build relationships and create a climate of trust
among us all.
Annual publication under the charge of Accor Directorate of Human Resources Americas & Caribbean