In the News…… Sauratown Trails Association Sauratown Trails



In the News…… Sauratown Trails Association Sauratown Trails
Sauratown Trails Association
In the News……
July 2015
The general meeting for July was on
Thursday, July 16th. The next meeting
will be on August 20th at 7pm
STA Labor Day Hike – more information
coming soon, check the website calendar for
Friends of the Sauratown Mountain:
Trail work day – 8/10/15 and
8/22/15, please contact Jay Young,
[email protected] - for time
and location.
Membership meeting Sept 9/11/15
Trail work day – 9/14/15
Please remember: NO dogs on the trail!
STA has regular workdays on the first Saturday and the
3rd Monday of each month.
It is that time of years for bees/wasps to be in ground
nests on the trails. Be prepared with an Epi Pen or
Benadryl if someone in your group is allergic. If you get
into a nest, move away as quickly and safely as possible.
STA will be having a benefit ride/hike to
raise money for the purchase of an
equipment trailer.
STAY TUNED! If you have ideas,
suggestions, or can help with the event,
please email Stephanie at
[email protected] . We want this to
be the biggest event yet!
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Friends of Sauratown Mountains improve trails at Pilo
PILOT MOUNTAIN — The Friends of Sauratown Mountains is an environmental group committed to preserving the Sauratown Mountain
range, including Pilot Mountain State Park, Hanging Rock State Park, the Sauratown Trail, and surrounding waterways.
Established in 2010, the nonprofit organization has grown to more than 200 members. “We worked to create as broad a base as possible,”
said President Jay Young, explaining how they reached out to existing groups such as Piedmont Land Conservancy, Sierra Club, park
advisory committees, as well as hiking and river groups. All with an interest in the environment, the members have a wide range of
knowledge and backgrounds.
The group is run entirely by volunteers. As a chapter of the Friends of NC State Parks, the group is invited to the state’s annual conference,
has communications with upper park management in Raleigh, and has the option to work on statewide projects, according to Young.
The organization’s work is broad. The Friends provide volunteer hours, financial support and advocacy for the parks and natural areas.
During work days, scheduled twice each month, volunteers perform a range of tasks including trail maintenance, litter removal and fence
repairs. “We do necessary work that the park rangers don’t have time to accomplish,” explained Young.
Horne Creek Trail, Mountain Trail and the new Tracks Trail are among the trail restoration projects completed at Pilot Mountain. The group
also has done preliminary work for the upcoming loop trail, which will circle the base of the mountain with only a five-percent grade.
Connecting with the Grindstone Trail and bringing the park trails closer to the town, the six-mile loop is expected to be complete this fall.
According to Young, 1,070 hours were logged by trail volunteers alone last year. With trail work valued at around $1 per foot, the Friends
have saved the parks tens of thousands of dollars. “Volunteer work on the Mountain Trail was valued at $24,000, which helps us get grants
by matching funds,” explained Pilot Mountain Park Superintendent Matt Windsor.
Aside from work days, volunteers can help in the visitor center at Hanging Rock or run information booths at community events. “There is
room for anybody in the Friends group, no matter their talents,” said Windsor.
Fundraising events are another critical component of the Friends. In its third year, Reach the Peaks is a fundraising collaboration with the
Stokes County Arts Council. Scheduled for Sept. 26, the 11-mile hike benefits both organizations while also bringing tourism dollars to the
area. “Tourism is the future for this region,” Young said.
Having established Reach the Peaks and a second fundraiser at Hanging Rock, the Waterfall Photography Challenge, the group intends to
create an event for Pilot Mountain next. “We hope to create something similar, yet unique to Pilot Mountain,” said Young. Though the
planning has begun, details have yet to be released.
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