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Joey Cambridge English
Corespunde nivelului CEFR A1–A2
Regulamentul concursului se află la pagina 3.
Cambridge English
Secțiunea Listening nu face parte din acest concurs.
Concursul începe cu secţiunea Reading, întrebarea 21, pagina 16.
You will hear people talking in different situations. For each question, listen and choose the correct answer.
1. What does Ann have to buy?
2. How did they go to the circus?
3. What is the family going to do on Sunday?
4. Which sport is John reading about?
5. How much was the T-shirt?
Concursul începe cu secţiunea Reading, întrebarea 21, pagina 16.
Secțiunea Listening nu face parte din acest concurs.
Part 1 (15 questions)
6.Where will the girl go for her summer holiday?
Secțiunea Listening nu face parte din acest concurs.
7.What is the girl going to eat?
8. What did Jim’s aunt give him?
9. Which school trip do they want to go on?
10. What is Carla doing now?
11. Where is Laurie’s snowboard?
Concursul începe cu secţiunea Reading, întrebarea 21, pagina 16.
12. What is the girl’s favourite subject at school?
Secțiunea Listening nu face parte din acest concurs.
13. Who has just sent the girl a text message?
14. What is Nick going to do on Saturday morning?
15. Where is the girl’s maths homework?
Part 2 (5 questions)
Listen to John telling his friend Anna about a new cinema.
Listen and choose the correct answer.
16. When did John go to the new cinema?
A) Thursday B) Friday C) Saturday
17. Who did John go to the cinema with?
A) his cousin B) his dad C) his brother
18. Which film did John watch?
A) The ExplorerB) Impossible Adventure C) Summer Dreams
19. How much did John’s cinema ticket cost?
A) £4.60 B) £5.30 C) £6.20
20. What did John like about the new cinema?
A) the café B) the staff C) the seats
Concursul începe cu secţiunea Reading, întrebarea 21, pagina 16.
Aici încep subiectele de concurs
pentru nivelul Joey!
Part 3 (5 questions)
Look and read.
Choose A for Yes or B for No.
21. One of the boys is wearing sunglasses. A B
22. The sun is behind the two clouds that are in the sky. A B
23. One of the skis is inside the tent. A B
24. There’s a forest of green trees at the top of the higher mountain. A B
25. The man who is fishing has a red jacket. A B
Part 4 (5 questions)
For each question, read and choose the correct answer.
Where would you see this notice?
A) in a bank
B) in a park
C) on a train
Where would you see this notice?
A) outside a supermarket
B) outside a theatre
C) outside a station
Where would you see this notice?
A) in a shop
B) in a restaurant
C) in a school
Where would you see this notice?
A) on a sports field
B) in a street
C) at a swimming pool
Where would you see this notice?
A) on an aeroplane
B) at a cinema
C) on a bus
Part 5 (5 questions)
For each question, read and choose the correct answer.
31. I don’t feel very well.
A) Shall we ask? B) Sorry, I can’t. C) What’s wrong?
32. I can’t find my schoolbag.
A) It’s all over. B) There it is. C) Yes, you do.
33. Would you like some help with your homework?
A) I’ve already done it. B) I can’t remember. C) I’m really sorry.
34. Is there enough pizza for me too?
A) I think so. B) Are you sure? C) No, they didn’t.
35. We went to London last week.
A) Where was it? B) Can I come too? C) Did you enjoy it?
Part 6 (5 questions)
Read the sentences about a girl called Sarah who plays for a girls football team.
For each space, choose the correct answer.
36. The girls ........ every Thursday evening and practise together.
A) follow B) keep C) meet
37. On Saturdays, Sarah’s parents ........ her to matches in their car.
A) move B) take C) arrive
38. When Sarah ........ on her green and white shirt, she feels very happy.
A) puts B) gets C) turns
39. Last Saturday, Sarah played for a whole hour and got very ........ .
A) tired B) poor C) hard
40. The team is very good but it has ........ the last two matches.
A) failed B) passed C) lost
Part 7 (5 questions)
Read the text. For each question, choose the correct answer.
Sports Hero
My sports hero is a swimmer called Colin Marr. At five years
old he was already good at football and tennis. He didn’t learn
to swim until he was six, but by the age of seven, he was the
school champion.
A professional coach saw Colin swimming and wanted him
to train for the national team. Colin’s mother left her job as a
teacher and became Colin’s coach. The owner of a local sports
shop agreed to sponsor him.
Colin worked hard. He got up at five o’clock in the morning
to train in the swimming pool. The worst thing for him was that
he didn’t have much time to see his friends. He only had a rest
from training when it was his birthday.
Colin is now eighteen and the best swimmer in the country. He hopes to study Sports Science at
university. He says he’s lucky because he travels all over the world, but he finds it hard to swim in
international competitions.
Colin is a wonderful athlete, but he’s my hero because he talks to children, helping them to see how
important sport is. I’m sure, when he retires from swimming and stops competing, he’ll be a great
41. Colin Marr started swimming when he was
A) five.
B) six.
C) seven.
42. Who trained Colin at the beginning of his career?
A) his mother
B) a professional coach
C) the owner of a sports shop
43. What did Colin find hardest?
A) training on his birthday
B) getting up early in the morning
C) spending very little time with his friends
44. Colin is happy because he
A) swims in international competitions.
B) travels to different countries.
C) is studying Sports Science.
45. Why is Colin the writer’s hero?
A) He is an excellent coach.
B) He tells children about sport.
C) He is one of the country’s best athletes.
Part 8 (5 questions)
Read the text.
Are the sentences ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’? If there is not enough information to answer ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’,
choose ‘Doesn’t say’.
Sean Murphy reads the late news on British television at 11 o’clock each
“This is a good time for a news programme because we can report the early
news from America and the late news from Europe. I still arrive home before
midnight because the journey from the Television Centre to my home in north
London only takes six minutes. My family are all asleep when I get in, but I usually make a drink of hot
milk and read a book for about an hour.
“I always get up to have breakfast with my three children before they catch the school bus. Then I take
the newspapers and go back to bed for a short time. Later on, I go for a swim – newsreaders spend too
much time sitting down! I sometimes go running. I’ve done the London Marathon twice. That’s a race
of over 40 kilometres. I finished each time, but I wasn’t among the first!
“I start work after lunch at two o’clock, when I go to my office. The rest of the day is spent planning the
programme, but I always try to go home for an hour to see my children before they go to bed.”
46. Sean Murphy lives in London.
A) Right B) Wrong C) Doesn’t say
47. Sean takes his children to school in the morning.
A) Right B) Wrong C) Doesn’t say
48. Sean likes to go swimming with his colleagues from work.
A) Right B) Wrong C) Doesn’t say
49. Sean has won the London Marathon.
A) Right B) Wrong C) Doesn’t say
50. Sean usually leaves the office for an hour during the evening.
A) Right B) Wrong C) Doesn’t say
1. Who is Mowgli’s main enemy in The Jungle Book?
A) Baloo B) Bagheera C) Sher Khan D) Akela E) Kaa
2. Joan goes to her tennis club every Wednesday and Friday. How often does she play tennis?
A) Once a week. B) Twice a week. C) Every fortnight.
D) Every day. E) Every weekend.
3.Tom leaves his house at 7.45 and it takes him 30 minutes to get to work. What time does he arrive at
his office?
A) At a quarter past eight. B) At a quarter to eight. C) At a quarter to seven.
D) At half past eight. E) At eight sharp.
4. Who did Geppetto, the woodcarver, create?
A) Cricket B) Figaro C) Pinocchio D) Candlewick E) Cleo
5.There are two Indians: a big Indian, and a little Indian. The little Indian is the big Indian’s son, but
the big Indian is not the little Indian’s father. Who is the big Indian?
A) The little Indian’s uncle. B) The little Indian’s mother. C) The little Indian’s aunt.
D) The little Indian’s grandma. E) The little Indian’s brother.
6. I work as a doctor and my wife … the same.
A) do B) is C) does D) work E) is working
7. How many zeros are there in one hundred thousand?
A) two B) five C) three D) four E) six
8. Which of the following is not a reptile?
A) a turtle B) an alligator C) a snake D) a chameleon E) a frog
9. Which is the shortest month of the year?
A) February B) July C) January D) March E) September
10. Once in a while means:
A) often B) never C) always D) usually E) rarely
11. “Watch out!” means … .
A) Be careful! B) Run fast! C) Go away!
D) Watch a movie! E) Stay out!
12. Complete the dialogue:
James: …. does your sister look like?
Brian: She’s quite tall and she’s got short brown hair.
A) How B) Who C) Which D) What E) Whom
13. How many faces do dice usually have?
A) two B) four C) six D) eight E) ten
14. The weather last summer was bad, but this summer it is … than ever.
A) worst B) worse C) the worst D) the worse E) the best
15. The zebra is best known for its black and white … body.
A) striped B) plain C) lined D) dotted E) checked
16. How many rabbits have to get onto the third see-saw to balance it?
A) 2B) 4 C) 6D) 8 E) 10
17. Jenny’s bike is identical … Sarah’s bike, isn’t it?
A) at B) on C) for D) to E) about
18. Which of these superheroes doesn’t wear a cape?
A) Batman B) Supergirl C) Spider Man D) Super Man E) Zorro
19. Leanne has three sisters, but she doesn’t have … brothers.
A) any B) only C) every D) much E) none
20. I usually take the bus to work, but this week I … the car.
A) take B) takes C) taking D) am taking E) would take
21. The old man’s shoes were so old that his … were sticking out of them.
A) fingers B) thumbs C) pinkies D) toes E) hips
22. Four times five is … .
A) 10B) 9 C) 100D) 45 E) 20
23. That red dress really … you!
A) costumes B) suits C) goes D) matches E) looks
24. Which word is spelled incorrectly?
A) dairy B) wich C) loose D) writing E) weather
25. We discussed the house plans … our way to the shops.
A) by B) at C) inD) to E) on
26. Don’t worry, you … his house. It’s painted bright orange!
A) can’t lose B) can’t search C) can’t see D) can’t miss E) can’t find
27. I don’t use my clothes … very often because I prefer to hang my clothes on the line outside.
A) stove B) dryer C) steamer D) oven E) cleaner
28. We had to call a … to fix the wooden porch.
A) plumber B) mechanic C) carpenter D) fireman E) gardener
29. Which of these flowers never has orange petals?
A) a lily-of-the-valley B) a tulip C) a dahlia D) a rose E) a carnation
30. He’s a famous architect … designs won an international award last year.
A) that B) whose C) who D) which E) who’s

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