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helena taberna
Helena Taberna started her audiovisual career as New Technologies Coordinator with the
Government of Navarre. She has dedicated her working life exclusively to the cinema since
1994. Her films, long and short, have received critical and audience acclaim while landing
numerous accolades at national and international festivals.
Helena Taberna’s first feature was “Yoyes”, was released in March 2000. The film narrates the life of the first woman to occupy positions of responsibility with the ETA terrorist
group. It obtained important box-office takings. Columbia Tristar distributed the movie in
Spain with 100 copies and the Italian company Intrafilms managed its international sales.
“Yoyes” was one of the Spanish productions to win most international awards that year.
“Extranjeras” (“Foreign women”) was the second feature directed by Helena Taberna. The
documentary was produced by her own company, Lamia, and released in 2003. It was
screened in competition at the Valladolid International Film Festival and shown at cinemas
in major cities throughout Spain. Sherlock Films distributed the film with a launch of 10
prints. “Extranjeras” was a huge hit with the critics and participated in numerous international festivals and events, winning awards at several of them.
In 2008, Helena Taberna directed “La Buena Nueva” (“The Good News”), also co-writing
the script with her partner Andrés Martorell. The film was officially released in the Official
Selection at the Valladolid International Film Festival (2008), at which Unax Ugalde carried
off the Best Leading Actor Award. “La Buena Nueva” was released in commercial cinemas
throughout Spain on 14th November 2008 in the shape of 80 prints distributed by Golem
Distribución. This film confirmed Helena Taberna as a successful director committed to
portraying subjects of social interest.
In autumn 2010, Helena Taberna directed her latest film, “Nagore”, a documentary feature
that was released in the competition section “Time for History” at the 55th edition of the
Valladolid International Film Festival. It was screened at cinemas in the main Spanish cities. The film looks at the tragic death of young Nagore Laffage, killed by the psychiatrist
Jose Diego Yllanes during Pamplona’s San Fermin festivities in 2008. It has reaped public
and critical acclaim and extraordinary media coverage. It also won the Best Feature Film
(Audience Award) at the Cinefórum de Islantilla Festival (Huelva). The film was broadcast
by ETB and by the private channel “Crimen e investigación” (“Crime and Investigation”,
Spain). Âlo Âlo is the company responsible for its distribution and international sales. Until
now, ‘Nagore’ has been premiered on Canal+ Poland and throughout the Cervantes Institute network in Brazil.
In 2002 Helena Taberna founded Lamia Producciones,an independent film production
company that is also the managed by Iker Ganuza. Lamia continuously works on developing new films, on audiovisual projects and on the distribution and sale of its production.
In 2003 Lamia Producciones, thanks to the initiative of Helena Taberna, launched an editorial line based on the publication of educational materials with DVD to bring the analysis
of film and gender to educational, cultural and social spaces. Today educational material
is available for Extranjeras, La Buena Nueva, and Nagore.
Helena Taberna also belongs to the executive committee of CIMA (Association of Women
Filmography and Awards
NAGORE, 2010
Seen through the eyes of Asun Casasola, mother of Nagore Laffage, we take a look at the woman’s life since her daughter was murdered. The crime, committed during Pamplona’s San Fermín celebrations in 2008 by a psychiatric intern, shook society and hit the
media headlines as never before. Asun, her family, and all those
who support them, continue their struggle to see justice done and
have the culprit sentenced for murder with intent.
Executive Producer
Director of Photography
Sound Editor
Assistant Director
Helena Taberna
Iker Ganuza
Helena Taberna
José Luis Pimoulier
Raúl López
Iñigo Tena
Aurelio Martínez
Maite Miqueo
Aranzazu Calleja
Festivals and awards
(Released in november 2010)
XV Biennale du Cinema Espagnol in Annecy
_ Panorama Section
Mujerdoc II Documentary about Gender Film Festival
_ Official Section
** Violet Award 2011 for Cultural Commitment **
Cinefórum Festival of Islantilla (Huelva)
** Best Feature Audience Award **
XIV International Documentary Film Festival, Estambul
_ Sección Black
Instituto Cervantes -Travelling Exhibition, Brasil
_ Salvador de Bahía, Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Río de Janeiro y Belo Horizonte
II ‘Mujeres en Foco’ Festival, Buenos Aires
_ Ciclo ‘Mujeres enfocando: realizadoras con mirada de género’.
‘Mujeres de Cine’ Festival of Granada, Spain
VI International Documentary Film Festival of Olot, Spain
XIV Women International Documentary Film Festival, de Zaragoza
Muestra de Cine contra las Violencias, Mugarik Gabe
Women Film Festival ‘Mujeres en dirección’ of Cuenca, Spain
_ ‘Valor Humano’ Section
55 SEMINCI ‘Time for History’ Section in Valladolid, Spain
He is a witness of the military uprising that precipitates the
Spanish Civil War and, moved by his faith, he stands up to
defend his people. From the beginning of the war, the village
where the young protagonist arrive.
Unax Ugalde
Bárbara Goenaga
Gorka Aginagalde
Guillermo Toledo
Joseba Apaolaza
Executive Producer
Director of Photography
Director of production
Helena Taberna
Iker Ganuza
H. Taberna y A. Martorell
Gonzalo Berridi
Javier Arsuaga
Pablo Bueno
Ángel Illarramendi
(Released in november, 2008)
XXXIII Festival Internazionalle di Cinema e Donne de Florencia
** Gilda Award **
XVII Ibero-American Festival of Cinema and Video - Cinesul, Brasil
** Audience Award **
IV Valparaiso International Film Festival (Chile)
** Salvador Allende Jury Prize for Best Film **
XXVI International Film Festival Arte Mare de Bastia
** Jury Award for Best Film **
** Audience Award for Best Film **
XXI Viña del Mar International Film Festival
** Jury Award for Best Actor **
VIII South Horizons Festival of Marseille
** Audience Award **
XXVI Bogotá International Film Festival
** Jury Prize: Bronze Precolumbian Circle **
XIV Festival de Toulouse CineEspaña
** Audience Award for Best Film **
** Jury Award for Best Actor **
** Jury Award for Best Music **
** Jury Award for Best Actress **
XVIII Turia Awards
** Award for the Best Spanish Actor: Unax Ugalde **
XIX Spanish Film Festival of Nantes
** Audience Award for Best Film **
LIII SEMINCI Official Selection
** Best Actor Award for Unax Ugalde
Premiere in the World Cinema Section in PIFF Pusan International Film Festival, Korea.
EXTRANJERAS (FOREIGN WOMEN) shows the least known
and most typical aspects of other cultures through the experience of various immigrant women living in Madrid. We see these women’s everyday existence: their family environments, how
they live and what they work at. We are given the chance to know
what happens to their dreams, and where their affections lie
Directed and produced
Helena Taberna
Helena Taberna
Charo Martínez Pomar
Helena Taberna
Federico Ribes
Tiago Herbert
Ángel Illarramendi
Africa Lisanga
Lamia Producciones
Festivals and awards
(Released in november, 2003)
Premiered in SEMINCI ‘Time for History Section in Valladolid, Spain
Festibercine Costa Rica
** Jury Mention of Honour **
Canarian Women Institute
** Best Divulgation Work **
III Independent Latinamerican documentary ‘All Voices against silence’
** First Prize **
Human Rights watch travelling Film Festival
** Audience Award **
Sao Paulo World Cultural Forum, Brasil
_ Closing screening
Cinelit Portland Festival
_ Screening and talk by university professor Pilar Rodríguez
Travelling presentation at different universities in USA
_ Green Bay, Dartmouth, Stanford y Portland
Newcastle Screenwriters congress, UK
_ Closing screening
IV FESTIBAAM Colone, Germany
_ Monographic section on Helena Taberna
Honolulú Iberoamerican Film Festival, Hawai, USA
_ Opening screening
Los Angeles Latino Film Festival - XLIV Festival de Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) - Festival
Internacional de Derechos Humanos (Argentina)- Carrefour de Cinemas de Paris - Festival Cinespaña de Toulouse (Francia)
YOYES, 2000
Yoyes, the first woman to have a position of responsibility within ETA, returns from her exile in Mexico and tries to put her
life back together. However, her return is not an easy one. She
has changed, she went to university, she worked for the UN,
she became a mother... Meanwhile, in her own country, violence still features heavily in the newspaper headlines.
Ana Torrent
Ernesto Alteiro
Florence Pernel
Iñaki Aierra
Ramón Langa
Film Editing
Mazatlan International Film Festival, México
** Grand Jury Prize for Best Film **
XIII Viña del Mar Film Festival, Chile
** Jury Prize for Best Director **
** Audience Award for Best Film **
** OCIC Human Rights Award **
XXIX Gramado Film Festival, Brasil
** Audience Award for Best Latin Film **
XLI Cartagena de Indias International Film Festival, Colombia
** Best Opera Prima **
Basque Actor´s Union Awards, Vitoria, Spain
** Best Basque Film Actress 2000, Pilar Rodríguez **
Santo Domingo Film Festival, República Dominicana
** Audience Award for Best Film **
** Best Actress Award for Ana Torrent **
XVII Basque Film Week, Vitoria, Spain
** Audience Award for Best Basque Film in 2000 **
VI Cinespaña Film Festival in Toulouse, Francia
** Audience Award for Best Film **
** Student Jury Special Mention **
** Best Actress Award for Ana Torrent **
** Best Actor Award for Ernesto Alterio **
XII San Juan Cinemafest, Puerto Rico
** Audience Award **
** Puerto Rico Film Critics’ Guild Award **
XIII International Women’s Film Festival in Pamplona, Spain
** Best Film Award **
Helena Taberna
H. Taberna y A. Martorell
Federico Ribes
Rori Sainz de Rozas
Adrein Nattaf
Ángel Illarramendi
Helena Taberna, 2012
Trav. Bayona 1, 8ºB - Pamplona / Mandabide 3, 3º C - Zarautz
T. (+34) 948 259 064 / (+34) 943 135 084 / (+34) 618 232 964
www.lamiaproducciones.com / [email protected]

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