March Voice - United Lutheran Church



March Voice - United Lutheran Church
MARCH, 2016
United Lutheran Church, Bella Vista, Arkansas
Wednesday Lent Supper Services
3/2 6:00 PM
3/9 6:00 PM
3/16 6:00 PM
Palm Sunday
3/20 9:30 AM
Maundy Thursday
3/24 7:00 PM
Good Friday
3/25 7:00 PM
Easter Sunday
3/27 8:15 & 10:30 AM
Unapproved Minutes
President Theda Hall called the United Lutheran
Church council meeting to order on Feb.11th, 2016 at
6:00 p.m. The following members were present,
Dykema, Henning, Hebar, Klitzke, Richardson,
Walford, McNew, Overton, Pastor Nelson, Kloss
Electrical issues by Dennis Berg
Bruce Richardson gave Devotions
Share peace of the Lord.
MSC, the minutes for Jan. 2016 were accepted as
The summary of operations showed the year to date is
positive $7884 or 21.3%
Worship Services 5
Classes Taught 5
Meetings attended 18
Funerals/Memorials 2 Mel Meister,
Oleatha Sutter
Hours Counseling 4
Home Communions 1
Hospital Visits 5
January 31 was a banner day at United including
Reception of New Members
Sherry and Bob Rainey
Beverly and Gary Rick
Katy and Kelsey Sojka
Jerry and Beverly Shelton
Arlene Nordeen
Michele Creel, Shawn, Josh, and Ryan
Fred Nelson
Organizational Meeting of Cluster 6 at Good Shepherd.
Stephan Ministry report received, Nurses report
Update on the website—should be up and running New
members update—Sunday-28 Last month we added 14
new members
Everything is scheduled for the Lenten suppers
The members of the evangelism team are : Phil and
Amy Matsler, Dick and Debbie Muller, Beth Pautsch,
Marisa Nabholz
The "Souper" Bowl's final total was $525.95, with the
Broncos taking the lead! The Youth will be singing at
Concordia on Valentine's Day during their service at
Lent services Soup Suppers will continue and the
council will be responsible for March 16th.
PROPERTY - Rick Hebar
Property Committee members include: Rick Hebar
(Chairman), Chuck Lawson, Rick Henning, Vern Hinz,
Dennis Berg, Jim Kloss, Garey Olson and Dick Muller.
The blower wheel in the HVAC unit located next to the
downstairs kitchen had broken apart. JOFS replaced
the blower wheel and two pulleys that were also
damaged. JOFS recommended that the fans for the
units which service the sanctuary area should be set to
run continuously because there is considerable strain
(torque) placed on the wheel assembly and pulleys
when the units start up. The cost of the additional
electricity for continuous running of the blower wheel
is reported to be minimal, especially when compared to
the cost of replacing the blower wheel. Since the
HVAC unit in issue is only four years old, and was no
longer under warranty because of its industrial (as
opposed to residential) rating, we decided to follow the
JOFS is also in the process of performing the semiannual preventive maintenance program for all HVAC
units. This job will be completed on Wednesday,
February 10.
Jim Kloss and I refastened several loose supports for
one of the benches in the Fellowship Hall.
The required annual inspection of all emergency lights,
exit signs, and fire extinguishers was completed by
Timbes Fire Protection. All units are functional. The
Arkansas Fire Prevention Code (hereafter AFPC)
requires that all fire extinguisher units must be mounted
so that the top of the extinguisher is no higher than 42
inches above the floor. This provision ensures that
wheelchair bound persons can reach and operate the
units. All of the extinguishers that did not meet code
were remounted to comply with the AFPC. It should
be noted that the Fire Marshal permitted the unit that is
located across from the sanctuary and mounted in a
wall recess to remain in its original position which is
higher than AFPC specs.
Mutual Ministry Committee members: Bob McNew
(Chair), Frank Barbieri, Carol Kimpfbeck, Ralph Picht,
Dee Sadenwasser
No report
Worship/Music Committee members: Ann McNew
(Chair), Pastor Nelson, Phyllis Bergstrom, Lois
Carlson, Rick Hebar, Lindsey Lawson, Jane Nelson,
Jim Nugent, Margaret Seba, Jerry Shaw
Have purchased 4 new hearing units to meet
requirements of American Disabilities Act.
All "on go" for Thursday, February 25th concert of The
Watoto Children's Choir from Africa, at 7:00 p.m.
Discussed Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and Easter
The Social Ministry team had a meeting on January
19th to decide the distributions of the Easter & Lenten
offerings. Present were Theda Hall, Alice Rahlfs,
Marilyn Cornwell & Judy Kloss, absent Stevie Lamar
& Frank Barbieri.
Lenten Offerings:
Tanzania (medical supplies) 50%
Single Parent Scholarship
Lenten Suppers:
Village House
Easter Offerings:
(Ash Wed., Maundy Thurs, Good Fri, Easter)
Children's Shelter
Youth Bridge
Women's Shelter
STEWARDSHIP – Carole Walford
Requested to help Mable with reports. A book has been
ordered on Stewardship to study and the members list
will be purged.
Applications for Facility Use: 3rd Tues Texas Canasta
(Vern Sutter)
Perfect Harmony weekly on Mondays 7-9pm
(Marge Taylor, Helen Smiley)
SECRETARY – Brandy Overton
Thanks you notes were received from the following:
Village House 318.86, Oaks 350.00 Helping Hands for
all the food bags.
Church is now on Windows 7 pro. Pastors office
computer needs to be replaced. The Nursing staff now
have a cell phone to be reached on. Suggestion of not
using our choice dollars for advertising in the news
papers. We will continue the ad in the Vista Weekly.
Call Committee Update –
Bob will give a temple talk soon.
Nominating Committee:Rolly Buechler,Loruss
Grasmick, Ralph Picht, Jan Dolan, Dorothy Klitzke,
Theda Hall, Brandy Overton
Report of the Cluster Meeting:
Appointment of a Cluster Mission Communicator:
Dorithy Klitzke
Dates to remember:
Marmeeting: Mar 10, 2016 6PM Devotions:Judy
The Voice deadline: Feb19th, 2016
Article: Judy
AR/OK Synod Assembly:
Apr 29 – May
1, 2016
Congregational General Meeting:
May 23, 2016 @
10:30 am
March 10th 2016 Next Council Meeting
Adjourn at with the Lord’s Prayer
Respectfully submitted,
Brandy Overton, Secretary
The last petition in the
Lords Prayer is “lead us
not into temptation.” It is
better understood if we
read it as “lead us out of
temptation.” Sometimes
we don’t recognize that
we are being tempted. But God knows,
therefore, we can depend on his help.
Judy Kloss Social Ministry
First let me thank you for letting me be the Social Ministry chair. My team of
Stevie Lamar, Alice Rahlfs, Marilyn Cornwell. Frank Barbieri & Theda Hall
decide which charities & organizations to help during the year.
Now a little about me. I was born & raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, an only
child, spoiled of course. I met Jim while in high school. We married July 2,
1960 & had two wonderful children, Jeanette (Alan) & Jimmy. I worked in a dental office as an
assistant then hygienist then office manager for 30 years. During that time Jim worked for the
phone company. We purchased property in Bella Vista in 1980 hoping someday to retire here,
which we finally did in 2007.
We have one granddaughter, Erica (Simon) & two great-granddaughters, Ingrid 5 & Annika 3. As
some of you know Annika is on the liver transplant list. We lost our son in 2011 & could not have
made it through that difficult time without our United Church family.
Jim & I enjoy playing cards, walking the beautiful trails in the many parks in Arkansas, trying to
play golf & all the wonderful friends we have made in Bella Vista.
We feel blessed to be part of the United Lutheran Church family.
Judy Kloss
Church Council Members
Vice President
Parish Fellowship
Worship and Music
Mutual Ministry
Social Ministry
Youth and Parish Education
Theda Hall
Rick Henning
Dorothy Klitzke
Ann McNew
Bob McNew
Judy Kloss
Rick Hebar
Dar Dykema
Carole Walford
Stephanie Jones
Brandy Overton
Bruce Richardson
Nominating committee Formed for the May annual meeting
The following have been appointed to the call committee to find members willing to serve as council
secretary or Parish Fellowship chair. If you would like to serve or know some one willing to serve on either
of these positions please contact one of the following members, Dorothy Klitzke, Brandy Overton, Jan Dolan,
Ralph Picht, Rolly Buechler or Loruss Grasmick.
When is the last time you had an eye exam? A comprehensive eye exam provides
the only non-invasive view of the blood vessels and the optic nerve. Eye doctors
can detect early signs of chronic diseases such as heart disease, high blood
pressure, & diabetes before any other health care provider.
How many hours a day do you spend staring at a screen. Todays world is so digital. Many digital devices and
computers emit blue light and blue light can contribute to eye strain. When blue light enters your eyes, it
scatters. Your eyes have to work hard to focus that scattered light. Your eyes work over-time which can
contribute to repetitive eye strain. There are some things we can do to reduce the eye strain from the digital
1. Ask the expert (your eye doctor)
An annual trip to the eye doctor is critical for the entire family. Ask your eye doctor the best options for
yourself and your family.
2. Observe the 20-20-20 rule
Give your eyes a break every 20 minutes and spend 20 seconds looking at something 20 feet away. Also blink
which may help to keep your eyes moistened.
3. Maintain your digital distance
Find a comfortable working distance from your screen. This is important for all of us but
especially for children since the intensity of light increases the closer our eyes are to the
source. Children have shorter arms so they receive a more intense dose of blue light
from their devices.
4. Dim the lights
Turn down the brightness level of device screens to reduce the amount of blue light exposure. Additionally as
LED & CFL lights also emit blue light, it would be a good idea to dim those at home or work if possible.
5. There are apps available to help reduce the blue light emission from the devices.
Our eyes are the camera to the world we live in. Make sure you are taking care of your eyes and seeing your
eye doctor. (vision care)
Thank You God, for little things that often come our way -- The things we take for granted and don’t mention
when we pray-- The unexpected courtesy, the thoughtful, kindly deed, a hand reached out to help us in the time
of sudden need. Oh, make us more aware, dear God, of little daily graces that come to us with sweet surprises
from never-dreamed of places. (Helen Steiner Rice)
Parish Nurses: Charlotte Spencer, Tonja Seusy
THANK YOU from Helping Hands to the following people who volunteered on Saturday February 6: John and
Marilyn Cornwell, Barbara Thorson, Dick and Barbara Pudas. Our next Saturday is June 18.
We have a friendly and loving congregation. Thank you for the support and love shown in our time of need.
Thanks to Pastor Nelson, staff, Sandy and Ralph and the Bethany Shepard Group at Oleatha’s memorial. Our
families certainly appreciated the love which poured out to us. Vern Sutter
THANK YOU! Don & Toni Hippe are so grateful for the many good wishes & cards for our 60th. We truly
enjoyed it all!
It’s scholarship time again!! The scholarship committee recently received Otto Troutner’s application for his
second year of college. We felt it would be appropriate to let the congregation of United Lutheran see how much
the financial assistance we give these fine young students is appreciated by them. Otto gave us his permission to
share a part of his application with you. These are his own words and feelings:
This last school year (2013-2014 was great, I ended with a GPA of 3.4, this school year has been even better then the
last, I ended last semester (fall 2015) with a 3.5 GPA while still playing basketball, I became a starter for the team and
the team is doing good we are 16-3 right now. Even though I have been extremely busy with school work and
basketball I still always find time to thank God for the opportunities he has provided for me and I make sure to never
take that for granted. Looking back on this year and last I feel just absolutely blessed that I have such a wonderful
family and church, who I consider my extended family. My goals for upcoming years in college are to still play
basketball and ultimately get my degree in criminal justice, I still want to become a state trooper and to help protect
people and serve them any way I can. I can’t thank the church enough for offering me this scholarship for without it I
wouldn’t of been able to attend college and live my dreams of being a college basketball player and then eventually
being a state trooper. Other goals I have in the future that are not related to college are to spread the word of God to
other people who need saving, and to always be a faithful and good Christian for that should be anyone’s number one
goal which is to serve God the best way you know how to.
Many thanks to Marvin Boicourt and Garey Olson for delivering the 10 round tables to Oaks Indian Mission and
Eben Ebenzer Church. These tables will be well used at Oaks. It was difficult for Oaks to come and get the tables
so Marv & Garey stepped up to the plate doing "God's Work, Our Hands".
Thank you for all the Happy Anniversary sentiments! Fred & Robin
I want to extend a “Big” thank you to the following that participated in the 2 miles of roadside pick up on
Saturday, February 20. Kathy Henning, Margie Taylor, Jim Schmidt, Rick Hebar, Garey Olson, Darwin Krumrey,
Duane Kuske, John Cornwell, Ben Walford, Dick Muller, and Harvey Klitzke. Thank you all so much.
Bud Taylor
Let there be light! The Property Committee sincerely thanks Dick Muller, Garey Olson, Jeff Peleaux, and Vern
Hinz for their help replacing the burned-out bulbs on the lower fixtures in the sanctuary area. Access to the
fixtures was very difficult and they did a fine job.
Notes from the Music Department
THANK YOU, Carole Walford, for organizing the dinner for the Lent Supper on February 24.
THANK YOU to all musicians who prepared food, baked cookies or bars, and assisted in any way with this
THANK YOU, Jim Nugent, for organizing the Watoto Choir Concert February 25! What a delight to
hear them sing and dance! THANK YOU, Audrey Nugent and all who helped her in any way, for organizing
and serving the meal to the Watoto Choir prior to the Concert. THANK YOU to ALL who served as Host
Families to the Watoto Choir and their Chaperones.
Our United Choir would like to extend a warm WELCOME to Sophia Overton, Bob and Sherry
Rainey, and Michelle Creel! We are Happy to have You singing with us!
Sunday, February 7, was Colleen Roth’s last Sunday to play with the Chancel Bells. Colleen and Rich
have moved to Nevada so Rich could take advantage of a better job opportunity. We wish them the best as
they relocate and share their musical talents in a church there, just as they shared their talents with us while
they lived in Bella Vista!
Sunday, February 28, was Maryanne Vandyke’s last Sunday to play percussion with our Orchestra.
Maryanne is moving to Tennessee to be closer to her family. It has been a joy to have Maryanne in our
Orchestra! We wish her the best in the next chapter of her life in Tennessee!
We WELCOME Duane Johnson to our Orchestra! Duane is a member of the First Methodist Church in
Bella Vista and joins Betty Wehner in our trumpet section.
Did you notice we now have a violinist in our Orchestra? Jean Kittelson has been “brushing up” and
taking lessons on the violin this winter and made her “debut” on the violin Sunday, February 28. THANK
YOU, Jean, for adding to our “string section”! Mary Stewart, our cellist, is back with us after an extended
winter vacation in the “south”. WELCOME BACK, Mary!
THANK YOU to Jeff Peleaux and Betty Wehner for playing their trumpets during the hymns for both
Palm Sunday and the 2 Easter Worship Services. Their trumpets enriched the sound as we sang the hymns of
praise on these two Special Sundays in the church year.
Our United Choir, under the direction of Lois Carlson and accompanied by Virginia Dale, will present
the Easter Cantata, “A Journey to Hope”, on Sunday April 3, the First Sunday of Easter, during our regular
Worship Service at 9:30 AM. Joseph M. Martin was inspired to write this cantata by the great tradition of
spirituals which are treasured songs of faith with beautiful melodies and powerful texts. Narrators for the
Cantata are Ryan Foster, Bob McNew, and Pastor Fred Nelson.
Weekly rehearsals in March for the following music groups are as follows:
Tuesdays at 6:30 PM--------------------------------Blue Grass/Gospel Band
Wednesdays at 4:45 PM----------------------------Orchestra
Wednesdays at 7:00 PM-----------------------------Choir
Thursdays at 3:15 PM---------------------------------Chancel Bells
Morning Circles
Mar 2 – 9:15 a.m.
Deborah ........ Kay Anderson
Mar 2 - 9:30 a.m.
Elizabeth....... Lorraine Herman
Mary ............. Eunice Lovaas
Naomi .......... Glenda Heist
(At Church)
Rachel .......... L. Aasmundstad
(At Church)
Naomi Circle
Mar 13
Mar 21 6:30 p.m.
Mar 16 9:15 a.m.
Mar 23 9:00 a.m.
Mar 23 9:30 a.m.
General Meeting
Visiting Phoebes
Altar Guild
Bible Study Leaders
Afternoon Circles
Mar 1 – 1:00 p.m.
Hannah ........ 12:00 at Duffer’s
Mar 8 – 1:00 p.m.
Martha…….Nancy Krumrey
Evening Circle
Mar 7 – 6:30 p.m.
Kathy Henning (At Church)
Piecemakers – 9:00 a.m. Luther Hall
The Piecemakers meet every Thursday morning to
make quilts for Lutheran World Relief and for local
needs. Everyone is invited to join them at 9:00 a.m.
in Luther Hall. There are lots of tasks for people who
don’t sew. If you’d like to be part
of a wonderful fellowship, join us
any time.
Don’t forget to bring your items for Baskets of Promise during Lent!
Save Saturday April 9 for the Spring Gathering
Christ by the Lake—Bull Shoals
“Wings of Wisdom —Consider the Butterfly”
Cost: $9
Registration Deadline March 27
Into the Light exists to provide refuge and restoration for
minor female survivors of sexual exploitation and provide
awareness and education to the issue of human sex
trafficking. Into the Light strives to provide trauma-focused
residential care for female survivors, ages 12-17, of sexual
exploitation, child sex slavery, or child sex trafficking,
through a state-licensed group home and a comprehensive,
strength-based therapy program.
Watch the bulletin for registration information.
“Insight Into India”
Akshatha Ashwinikumar and her
husband will present a slide show
on India. Her topics will include
religion, holidays, general daily life,
occupations, arranged marriages,
and the country itself.
Sign up at the women’s counter so
you won’t miss this one.
Men are invited to this meeting too!
Hostess: Rachel Circle
Sept 23-25: Arkansas/Oklahoma
Synodical Women’s Fall Convention
Joy Lutheran Church, Tulsa, OK
Here is this month’s “Convention Tidbit:”
A note from our President:
Penny Budzien Resurrection
Lutheran Church, Yukon, OK
“ I have always looked for
a circle to be a member
of, no matter where I have
lived. I enjoy the fellowship (sisterhood)
of the women that I have come to know
and care for through this special
association. What I bring to Women of the
ELCA is a passion for and love of the AR/OK
Synodical Women’s Organization of the ELCA
and great enthusiasm for encouraging the
women who are a part of and served by WELCA. I feel very blessed to be a part of this
It is possible that United might be the only
Lutheran Church in America where the men do more
cooking in the kitchen than the women do.
That’s why we’re continuing in our tradition of having a
“Bake-less” bake sale.
Other churches have bake sales and rummage sales and craft sales. Women spend time and money
cooking and crafting, and then they spend more money buying the things that other women have cooked
and crafted in order to raise money to support programs. Well, at United we bypass all that stuff in the
middle. Instead of all that fuss and bother, we just have you drop your money directly (and prayerfully
and generously) into the “Cake” in the narthex. No fuss, no bother, no calories and no guilt!!
It’s just one of the amazing things the Women of United do!
Every year through our bake-less bake sale and our offerings, we raise enough money to support our
local missions. We are so grateful to all of you who give so generously. Even though our membership
gets smaller every year, with your help we are still meeting our commitments.
Thank you to all of you for your gifts from the heart.
This year we hope to support these worthy programs:
Benton County Women’s Shelter
B om
Church Women United
el en
Helping Hands
es of
Phoebe’s—cards and stamps
B Un
ak i
Oaks Indian Center
e ted
Piece Makers--supplies for projects
Restoration Village
Saving Grace
Share and Care
Single Parent Scholarship
Village House—Bella Vista
In addition we send half of our offerings to the Synodical Women’s Organization who in turn send
half of that on to the Churchwide Organization. Last year we sent more than $2200 to help carry on the
work of the Women of the ELCA. (And that doesn’t even count your additional support of the
November Thankoffering that goes directly to Churchwide and the Shopping With Single Parents gifts
that we provide locally.) It is through your generous support that we truly can make a difference in the
lives of people here in Benton County and throughout the world. You can get your envelope from your
circle leader, or you can pick it up next to the “Cake” in the narthex.
Please make your checks payable to Women of United Bake Sale.
Please place your contribution in the Cake in the narthex or leave it in the Church Office.
Thank you for your generosity.
Check out the Coffee Nook for Easter!
We have K-cups in both regular
and decaf and a nice selection of
chocolate bars. Remember, this
is not a money-making project.
We sell the products for what
they cost us. Our goal is to
provide help for farmers and
good products for you.
If you have concerns for the hungry and
powerless people of the world, join
Bread for the World on March 16 at
9:15 AM in the
Fellowship Hall as
we study the world
hunger issues.
We need you!
Call 876-2700 or
876-5437 for more information.
Scholarship applications are in the
church office window in a red folder
marked Wally Nelson. They must be
properly completed and returned to the
church office or to Wally Nelson, 1
Syston Ln, BV, 72714 no later than
March 15, 2016. We will likely have
several students on scholarship next year
and will therefore need funds to help
finance this worthy ministry. Would
you please prayerfully consider
Thanks, Wally Nelson - committee chair
on April 4 at 12:30 PM at United:
Pastor Solberg will present a Travel Log on the
Various Mission Fields that he and Val have
As soon as Dinner arrangements are finalized
we will be in touch. Thanks and God Bless.
Jim and Mary Lou Schmidt; Joe and Helen
Eidem; and Rolly and Bonnie Buechler
Shepherd Group Event
SILOAM SHEPHERD GROUP - meeting at Papa Mike's for
breakfast brunch on March 12, 2016 at 9:30 a.m. Reminder to
wear you United Lutheran T-shirt and please let committee
know if you will attend.
UNITED SINGLES will be gathering Saturday, March 5,
10:00 AM in the Fellowship Hall at ULC. Bring games
or cards, finger foods or a beverage to share. Your
callers will contact you to take your reservation prior to
Wednesday, March 2. If you do not have a caller, and
would like to be on a calling list, call either Ralph Picht
855-0830 or Carl Rumsey 876-6304. All singles are
The Piecemakers are once again asking for your help
during the forty days of Lent in providing Personal
Care items for the BASKETS OF PROMISE. Each
week starting on Sunday, February 14 we ask that you
bring the specific item listed in the prior weeks bulletin
and place it in the basket in the Narthex. These
Personal Care Kits can provide basic hygiene tools to
our brothers and sisters in need around the world. We
at United Lutheran have a wonderful opportunity to
make a difference in a lot of lives. The Piecemakers
thank you in advance for your continued support.
Congratulations Bronco fans! You all beat the
Panthers ($277-$248) in the 2016 “Souper Bowl of Caring”!! That’s a
grand total of $525! We are so very thankful for your generosity. The
money was split 50/50 between “Feed my Starving Children” and
Christ the King’s “Feast of Grace”. You all are awesome!!
Calling all egg hunters!!!! Our annual Easter activities and hunt will be
Saturday, March 26th 1:00-2:30. It is open to the community, so bring
your neighbors! We will begin with some fun Easter themed crafts and
snacks, followed by the hunt. This event will happen rain or shine.
Please join us for Easter breakfast, Sunday March 27th immediately
following the 8:30am church service. Head downstairs to enjoy
pancakes, sausage and a fruit cup. There will also be a self-serve drink
table with juices and coffee. We will be taking up a donation for the
meal, with all proceeds going to the Oaks Indian Mission. A sign-up
sheet is in the narthex, please be sure to sign up for this meal. Also, if
you would consider being a pancake flipper, or help in in other way
during the breakfast, there will be a volunteer sign-up sheet as well. As
always, we appreciate your support!
Dick Skrei
Arnold “Red” Larson
Louis Larson
Colleen Roth
Sharon Reishus
Claudia Kimmel
Richard O’Neil
Cleo Sundal
Vada Ortega
Jean Beall-Michelsen
Eunice Lovaas
Criv Crivello
Ruth Gabriel
Larry Lamar
Larry Sorenson
Roland Buechler
John Hanson
James Kloss
Ethen Mosher
Katy Sojka
Harold “Bud” Taylor
John Overton
John Hopfner
Vivian Bowser
Robert & Vione Rein
Richard & Debra Muller
Larry & Donna Hartman
Clifton & Retta Stolpe
Forest & Janet Troutner
Larry & Charlotte Sorenson
Frank & Vera Miller
Lee Hansen
February 22, 1924 - February 25, 2016
Do You Have Trouble Hearing
the Pastor on Sunday Mornings?
We want to announce that United Lutheran now has 4 Listening Aid Receivers to help you.
They can be picked up and returned to the Sound Board Operator
Or the Projectionist at the rear of the Sanctuary.
(can also be used in just one ear if preferred)
(check with your hearing specialist) YOU WILL BE ABLE TO USE A
For right now these units are on a First Come/First
Serve basis. We do not know for sure how many units
we will need at any one time. They are expensive so
please bear with us. (You may also inquire about
purchasing your own ear piece or buds so that you can
take them home with you ever time (for sanitary reasons
or personal preference. Thank you for your help.
Have you ever asked yourself this one?
Kristofferson had become the toast of Nashville in the early 1970s, with the
massive success of compositions including "For the Good Times," "Me and
Bobby McGee," "Sunday Morning Coming Down," "Help Me Make It Through
the Night" and many other songs. He had a hit of his own as well, with "Loving
Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again)."
"Why Me" was recorded by Kristofferson in 1972 . It was included on the album, “Jesus Was a Capricorn” and, in
1973, the song became the biggest hit of his career.
According to country music historian Bill Malone, Kristofferson wrote the
song during an emotionally low period of his life after having attended a
religious service conducted by the Rev. Jimmie Rogers Snow. Malone
wrote, "'Why Me, Lord'" - as the song is sometimes known - "may seem
greatly out of character for Kristofferson, but it can be interpreted as his
own personal religious rephrasing of 'Sunday Morning Coming Down.' In
this case, he is 'coming down' not from drugs, but from the whole
hedonistic euphoria of the (1960s)." Malone also described Kristofferson's
gruff vocal styling as "perfect" for the song, since "he sounds like a man
who has lived a lot but is now humbling himself before God." (Taken
from Wikipedia)
I pass this on as an example of “Good” coming from “Suffering”. You may be in a place in
your life where you may be asking “Why Me Lord?”. “What good can come from this
suffering?” you may say. Only God can answer those questions and the answers may be slow
in coming. There are two Psalms that can help. Psalm 22 and Psalm 23. They have recognizable phrases such as “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me” and “The Lord is my
Shepherd”. I recommend read them completely for the full effect.
If you are in a “rough place” in your life, a Stephen Minister may be the
person you need to walk with you through the valley. Your Stephen Ministers are
trained to be a companion and load sharer to you in time of crisis. Don’t go it alone.
Someone is there to listen.
You may reach us through the Church Office, the Pastor, the Nurses or Jerry Shaw (855-3327) /Jane Nelson (855-2547).
We can make it easier.
Stephen Ministers will meet: March 14 and March 28 @ 6:00 pm.
March 2016
1 Election Day
8 AM
9:15 AM
1 PM
Hannah Circle
6:30 PM Band
8 AM
Bible Study
9:15 & 9:30 AM
4:45 PM
6 PM Lent
Supper Service
7 PM Choir
8 AM
9 AM
3:15 PM
Chancel Bells
10 AM
9:30 AM
Board Meeting
4:45 PM
6 PM Lent
Supper Service
7 PM Choir
8 AM
8:45-9:15 &
10:30-11 AM
Blood Pressure
9:30 AM
10:30 AM
Sunday School
10:45 AM
Adult Bible Class
1 PM
Staff Meeting
3 PM
United in Prayer
6:30 PM
Priscilla Circle
8 AM
1 PM
Martha Circle
6:30 PM Band
9:30 AM
10:30 AM
Sunday School
10:45 AM
Adult Bible Class
8 AM
Breakfast Club
1 PM
Staff Meeting
3 PM
United in Prayer
6 PM
Stephen Ministers
16 8 AM
8 AM
Bible Study
9:15 AM
6:30 PM Band Phoebes
9:15 AM
20 Palm Sunday
9:30 AM
10:30 AM
Sunday School
10:45 AM
Adult Bible Class
1 PM
Staff Meeting
3 PM
United in Prayer
6:30 PM
Women of United
8 AM
12 PM
6:30 PM Band
9 AM
Altar Guild
9:30 AM
24 Maundy Thursday
8 AM Exercise
9 AM
Bible Study Leaders 3:15 PM
5:45 PM
Chancel Bells
7 PM
7 PM Choir
Worship Service
25 Good 26
Friday 1-2:30
7 PM
Worship Hunt
8 AM
6:30 PM Band
5:45 PM
7 PM Choir
17 St. Patrick’s Day 18
8 AM Exercise
9 AM
3:15 PM
Bread for the World Chancel Bells
4:45 PM
6 PM Lent
Supper Service
7 PM Choir
It’s Spring!!
27 Easter
8:15 & 10:30 AM
Easter Breakfast
Between Services
1 PM
Staff Meeting
3 PM
United in Prayer
6 PM
Stephen Ministers
7 PM Stephen
Minister Leaders
9 AM
3 PM
Parkinson’s Support
3:15 PM
Chancel Bells
6 PM
Church Council
8 AM
9 AM
3:15 PM
Chancel Bells
United In Prayer
Meets every Monday at 3:00 PM
We pray for the world & our country, our church, pastor,
Church council, staff, music, children’s ministry, call
process, members, friends & family of members
Mavis Hvidsten
Ann Skrei
Concordia Nursing Home
Jean Vail
Dorothy Fritz
Jan & Dick Hutcherson
Tom Wehner
Loraine Sanford
Dick Pudas
Pat Kugler & Carl Rumsey
Russ Salomo
Sally Leffler & Friend
Ethel Holt
Ken Lawson
Gene Kroening
Lee Hansen’s family
Joe & Bea Ranieri
JoAnn Shaver
Katy Wobig Sojka
Lori Backenstose
Retta Stolpe
Cleo Sundal
Lorraine Janzen
Holiday Island - Green Acres
Walt Knocke
John Norris
Fran Crivello
Local Churches and Pastors Sharon Larson
Elaine Patton
Christ the King
Jean Beall Michelsen
The Neighborhood Church
Karen & Dean Fevold
Peace Lutheran Church
Larry Behlendorf
Good Shepherd Church
Ardis Huke
Faith Lutheran Church
Vern Sutter
Emmanuel Lutheran Church
Jack Sadenwasser
Mariann Floren
Phoebes & shut-ins
Ruth Dronen
Stephen Ministers & care
Marge Salomo
Jeanne Downey
Our missionaries
Charlton Troutner
Persecuted Christians
Dorothy Ingebritson
throughout the world
Iris Benson
Ron & Evelyn Snyder
Members in Care Centers
Larry Franklin
Cal Stolpe
Betty Kline
Jodi Jacobson
Gunner Schultz
Hannah Dykema
LaManuel Allen
Lori Luhrs
Annika Cutts
Helen McDonald
Debbie Swinney
Madison Matakas
Karen Frankenfeld
Brian Henning
Nat Bothwell
Annette Zehring
Myra Kosse
If you are aware of someone
who should be added to or
removed from the Prayer List,
please call the church office at

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