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Stageco Launches Arena Lift
Stageco has developed Arena Lift, a new hydraulic lifting system that raises larger ground
supports with grids into venues to increase rigging capacities.
PICTURED: Stageco’s Arena Lift
The innovative Arena Lift has been used for the first time this spring on a run of Cirque du Soleil’s Saltimbanco shows,
where a 20.4m high, 21.8m X 24m mother grid was installed into venues in Budapest, Rome and Casablanca.
Cirque du Soleil’s Senior Production Manager for Arena Shows Pierre Guillotte explains:
“Conversations first started with Stageco in August 2011, with the system first being used mid February; an impressive
turnaround. When looking to extend the reach of our tours we looked at the suitability of many arena venues, some
have capacity but there are a significant number of buildings that cannot accommodate us. Our research and
scouting has taken us into emerging markets from Eastern Europe to the Far East, where people are starving for
entertainment. They have buildings with plenty of height, but no engineering / rigging capacity to hang a 40 tonne
show, the Arena Lift means we can now access these new markets. It’s a great product.”
May 2012
May 2012
Arena Lift is based around four hydraulic lifting units that form the anchors at the corners of the ground support
towers. It has been designed with user-friendly touring features. Four Stageco crew can load in and raise a 25m
square mother grid in 12 hours, compact for efficient packing to give cost-effective transport and make loading in
through small venue entrances possible.
Stageco’s Project Director Dirk De Decker says:
“Our research & development department has flipped the approach to installing a ground support system, with the
new hydraulic lift building the towers from the ground up and pushing the structure up as each 1 m section is added
from the ground. There is capacity for the production to be rigged to the mother grid at ground level and then raised.
Clearly a great advantage with regards to safety and reducing manpower levels.”
Click here to view Stageco’s Arena Lift video:
PICTURED: Stageco Arena Lift

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