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Grace Lutheran Church 1350 Baldy Avenue Pocatello, Idaho 83201
Grace Lutheran Church
1350 Baldy Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho 83201
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Zechariah. Elizabeth. Mary. Joseph. As we enter into the season of Advent, we will be examining the lives of these four
key individuals who are integral to the telling of the Christmas story. Last Sunday, Pastor Von Busch introduced us to
Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist. Interestingly, out of the four characters, Zechariah should be the one who would
be the least surprised at God's miraculous work. He was a priest, after all. Selected by lot for a "once in a lifetime"
experience, the angel Gabriel met him in the Holy Place in the Temple to announce that his wife would bear the forerunner
of the Messiah. But Zechariah was filled with doubt, even though it was an angel of the Lord standing before Him! Perhaps
even we can be so caught up in the trappings of religion that when God actually does show up, we have trouble believing
that it's Him! We may be so inoculated against the miraculous that we miss when God chooses to act in a supernatural
way. So this Advent season, we seek to prepare ourselves to hear and recognize God's voice when He calls.
Elizabeth seems to have no such doubt! Rather, she is filled with joy even as God fills her with a growing miracle child.
Well past the age of bearing children, she joins in the legacy of Sarah to be the means by which God keeps His promises to
a waiting people. Her child, who we know as John the Baptist, is the cousin of Jesus, and Elizabeth stands in simply
wonder and awe at being so blessed in her old age. Her "disgrace" of not being able to bear a son is gone, even as our sin
is erased from our spiritual account by the gracious act of a loving God. She not only heard the call of God, she acted in
simple, grateful faith as God miraculously kept his promises not only to her and Zechariah, but to all who were awaiting the
"Elijah" who would prepare the way for our Savior.
Mary also is visited by Gabriel, who informs her that she is "highly favored by God." Probably still a teenager, she is filled
with wonder that she would bear a son without the benefit (and blessing) of a husband. She also hears the call of God to
become the mother of God -- Theotokos -- and responds with awe and humility. Her song which we call The Magnificat, is
one of the great songs of faith, joining with Miriam and Hannah and David and Zechariah with joyful faith at the work of God,
who again keeps His promise to the undeserving and the unqualified. In hearing and answering God's call, she delivers a
call to us all in a faith-filled song of praise. And in the birth of Jesus, we see and hear face-to-face the very voice of God in
a cries of a very human infant child, who is God "in the flesh." (John 1:14)
Finally, Joseph also is called by God. And what a call it is. When Joseph hears of Mary's pregnancy, his heart must have
been broken. He knew he was not the child's father, and the wild story of God being the father -- well, that's just crazy.
Now he hears the catcalls and insults of others. He sees and hears the voices which scorn and revile his beloved Mary. I
can relate to Joseph. The insults and demeaning words of others can often drown out the gentle voice of God's Holy Spirit,
who promises to abide with us, to love us, to provide all the grace we need to overcome the world and sin and temptation.
So God sends Gabriel on one more mission to speak and reassure Joseph. In faith, Joseph hears God's call to be the
human father Jesus needed. To raise him, to provide for Mary, to protect and guard his little family from the dangers of this
world. We have that call as well.
So God called each of these to a great mission. At the moment, hearing insults and getting pregnant may not have seemed
so earth shattering! And you might think the same about God's call to you today. But in the birth of John and Jesus,
children entered the world who needed safety, love, discipline and guidance. And when they grow up, the world is changed
forever. The birth of Jesus changes everything. May He be born in you today.
Blessings of Advent and Christmas. God is with us!
Pastor Dinger
To communicate with Grace Staff;
Church 237-0467; School 237-4142; Early Childhood Center 237-9386
Jonathan Dinger, Senior Pastor:
240-3784 email: [email protected]
Jim Von Busch, Associate Pastor:
339-6679 email: [email protected]
Chuck Buerstatte, Director of Operations:
339-1961 email: [email protected]
Robert Raschke, Executive Director of GLS:
241-4142 email: [email protected]
Yvonne Wittrock, Director of Connecting Ministries:
380-9770 email: [email protected]
Teresa Dinger, Worship Coordinator:
226-4857 email: [email protected]
Kristina Long, Director of Childrens Education Intern:
237-0467 email: [email protected]
Kathy Root, Church / Financial Secretary:
237-0467 email: [email protected]
email: [email protected]
Anne Bopp, Grace Lutheran School Principal:
232-9403 email: [email protected]
Congregation Chairman: Bryan Phinney, 238-5805
Chairman of Elders: Greg Ford, 232-5587
Church Treasurer: Angie Dobbins, 709-8298
Chairman, Property Manager: Mike Drake, 479-4880
“I Have Called You”
Sunday Worship Hours
Traditional Worship – 8:30 am
Contemporary Worship – 11:00 am
Sunday Education Hour
10:00 am – 10:45am
Coffee Fellowship –9:30 & 10:45 am
Our Grace Welcome Brunch happens on the first
Sunday of every month right after the 11:00 am
service and is designed for those who are new to our
Grace family.
This delicious meal, so graciously prepared for us by
members of our church, is hosted by our Pastors and
their families. It’s an opportunity, in a casual setting,
to ask any questions you may have about Grace
Lutheran Church.
Our next welcome brunch will be on Sunday,
December 7th at the home of Jonathan & Teresa
Dinger (2800 Sonoma, Pocatello).
Please RSVP to Teresa if you plan
To attend – 226-4857 or
[email protected]
Special events and services
this Christmas season
Thurs, Nov. 27
Thanksgiving Worship
with Holy Communion
Wed, Dec. 3
Advent Craft Night
Holden Evening Prayer & crafts for the whole family
Fri, Dec. 5
“Best Gift of All”
Pre-School GLS Christmas Program
Wed, Dec. 10
Fri, Dec. 12
7:00pm “It’s Christmas Everywhere”
3rd & 4th grade GLS Christmas Program
Wed, Dec. 17
Sun, Dec. 21
10:00am Birthday Party for Jesus
GLC Children’s Ministry
Wed, Dec. 24
Christmas Eve Worship
with living nativity and candlelight
“Christmas in Italy”
Italian Music & Program
Italian treats & traditions for the whole family
“Called to Sing!”
An evening of Caroling
Christmas Eve Worship
with living nativity and candlelight
11:00pm Christmas Eve Worship
with candlelight and Holy Communion
Thur, Dec. 25
Festival Worship
with Holy Communion
Advent Craft Night
Our first Advent Wednesday is December 3 at
7:00. We will begin in the sanctuary with a
devotion time singing Holden Evening Prayer.
Then we will enjoy craft-making in the gym there will be crafts for all ages, come and
choose your favorites to work on! Cookie
decorating is available, and the best part is, you
can even eat the mess-ups and they taste great!
We will also be working on decorating the
sanctuary that evening, we will need people to
set up and decorate trees and hang garland.
Please don't miss this festive evening for the
family to celebrate & work together. Sign-up to
help in the gym. Questions? Contact Teresa
Dinger or Kristina Long.
The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League is
collecting mittens, gloves, hats and socks to be
donated to the Salvation Army. We will accept
any size and any style. The project begins today
and will run through December 15th. You may
place your donations in the box in the foyer; we
hope to fill it up!
Questions? Please contact Karen Swallow at
Mark your calendars for our Birthday
party for Jesus on December 21st
This special event right before Christmas reminds
children that Jesus is the reason we celebrate this
special holiday that brings so much joy to young
and old.
Children of Grace and their parents are invited
to attend our Birthday Party for Jesus on
Sunday, December 21st at 10:00 am in the gym.
If you would like to volunteer to help or have
questions about this event please contact Kristina
long at 237-0467 or klong
You are invited to Christmas in Italy on December
10 at 7pm. Join in the fun for this beautiful and
festive advent event where we learn of the
customs of Italy in song, story and treats!
Stop in at the table in the gym on Sundays to sign
up for a Christmas goodie to bring. (We usually
have over 250 people at this event so we'll needs
LOTS of yummy Italian taste treats!)
There will be recipes in the gym on Sundays to
take home if you need inspiration, but you can
also email Yvonne at
[email protected] and she'll send you
a recipe.
Here are some ideas for the tasty desserts:
Christmas Fig Cake (Buccellato), Holiday Biscotti,
Neapolitans, Raspberry Ricotta Fool, Cherry
Almond Biscotti, Lemon Ginger Tiramasu,
Pistachio Cakes, Iced Ricotta Cookies, Struffoli,
Christmas Cannoli Cake, Lemon Panna Cotta,
Taralli (lemon iced cookies), Tiramasu,
Strawberry Cheesecake, Pine Nut Cake, Olive Oil
Cannolis anyone? (Word on the street has it that
there are even cannoli kits at Costco!) Or make
your favorite Italian treat and let Yvonne know
what you are planning to bring!
We will also need help with decorations and setup as well as clean-up. See Yvonne with your
questions or to volunteer. Contact her at
[email protected] or 237-0467.
Out to Lunch Bunch
The Out to Lunch Bunch gets together once a
month at a favorite restaurant for lunch and
fellowship. Both men and women are welcome
to join this fun group that explores new and wellliked restaurants in the area. Everyone is
This month they will meet on Tuesday, December
9th at the Brass Rail Restaurant in the Clarion Inn
(1399 Bench Rd) at noon.
Please contact Chris Jenneiahn at 782-9611 or
[email protected] if you plan to attend so
she can make reservations.
We are excited to, once again, distribute food boxes to
families this Christmas season. The boxes will contain
a turkey, canned goods and other non-perishable
items. We want to invite you to join in the: giving,
filling, packing and delivering of these boxes!
In preparation for this charitable event, we are
compiling names of families to whom we can
distribute these boxes of food.
Please call the church office (237-0467) to notify us of
a family who could benefit from receiving a box. We
will need the following information: family name,
address, phone number, and the number of people in
the family. Please check with the family BEFORE
submitting their referral information, in order to
confirm that they would like to be on the recipient list.
Angel Tree Ministry
Our ministry to kids whose parents are in prison
Pick up your Angel Tree tags on
Sunday, December 7th
Our Angel tree will be on display Sunday,
December 7th! An Angel Tree Christmas works
by connecting parents in prison with their
children through the delivery of Christmas
presents on their parent's behalf.
A table displaying the Angel Tree children's
tags will be located in the front foyer of the
church after each Worship Service. If you are
unable to pick a tag up at church and would like
to sponsor an Angel Tree child, please contact
Hanna Reichert at 244-4959.
Here is where YOU ALL are asked to join the giving
fun! Please plan to donate some non-perishable food
items. There will be tables in the foyer for the next
few weeks where you may place your donations.
If you would like to give a monetary gift to purchase
food items, please make your check payable to Grace
Lutheran Church, earmark it “Food Boxes”, and place
it in the offering plate, or drop it by the church office.
We will need volunteers to help pack the boxes the
morning of Saturday, December 20th at 10 am and to
help with the distribution of the boxes on Sunday,
December 21st after the 11am service.
If you have questions, please see Pastor Jim.
Are you interested in knowing more about what the
Lutheran Church believes and teaches (which is firmly
a traditional, Biblical approach)? If so, you may want
to attend the new Life in Christ Class that will be
starting on Monday, January 12th at 7:00 pm in the
large conference room by the gym. Childcare will be
provided upon request. Whether you are new to the
Lutheran faith or just want a refresher on basic
doctrine, this class is for you.
Please email Pastor Dinger to let him know you will be
attending – [email protected]
Junior High Retreat – January 2-4, 2015
Come to Camp Perkins Junior High Retreat to play in the snow,
eat great food, sit by a warm fire, build new friendships and grow
in your relationship with God through Bible study, worship and
close community.
Craft Retreat – January 16-18 and February 20-22, 2015
Grab your scrapbooks, quilts, and sewing machines. Muster all of
your creativity and get ready to craft your weekend away at
Camp Perkins’ annual Women’s Crafting Retreat!
Winter Family Camp – February 6-8, 2015
Join us for tubing and snowshoeing, snowmen building contests
and games by the fire. You can bring your own snowmobiles or
rent snowmobiles from Smiley Creek Lodge for some added fun.
Space is limited in the comfort of the Retreat Center, so register
Men’s Winter Weekend – February 27 – March 1, 2015
Our staff will make you feel at home and comfortable in our
retreat center. Enjoy a steak dinner in sunny snow country!
Activities include cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and even
take a trip down the tubing run!
Register online at
Every Sunday morning you are invited to these uplifting and informative studies. We
pray the Holy Spirit may touch your heart as you grow through God’s Word, the Bible.
Groups meet from 10:00 a.m.-10:45 a.m.
Our church nursery is available for ages 0-3 years old.
Older children and youth are invited to attend their own Sunday school classes.
Older youth are also welcome to attend adult classes.
Contact Yvonne Wittrock, Director of Connecting Ministries, with any questions at
[email protected] or by telephone at 237-0467.
Join us for this Congregation-wide Bible Study
generositymoving toward life that is truly life *
Inside every Christian is a God-implanted desire for generous living.
We want to follow the example of Jesus’s generosity. We long to help
those in need. But, for numerous reasons, these desires often lie
dormant within us. How do we shake ourselves from fear, anxiety, and
complacency to unleash the joy of giving?
This four-week study with a fifth week of discussion and questions and
answers time explores how generosity is fundamentally intertwined
with our Christian DNA. We will offer the same Bible study at four
different locations:
 Pastor Dinger – Large Conference Room (just off the gym)
 Pastor Von Busch – Middle School Commons (at the very end of
the middle school wing)
 Rod Jenneiahn – Room C-159 (in the middle school wing)
 Aaron Hayes – Room C-157 (in the middle school wing)
If you have any questions about this study, please check with Pastor Dinger at
[email protected] or 237-0467
This NEW study begins Sunday, January 4, 2015
What if you started the New Year better equipped to make
wise decisions?
Join our NEW Women’s study, “The Best Yes: Making
Wise Decisions in the Midst of Endless Demands” *
presented by Lysa Terkeurst
There is a big difference between saying yes to everyone and saying yes to
God. In “The Best Yes” we will discuss:
The Biblical view of our command to love
Curing the disease of the people pleasing
Saying the small “no” to avoid people’s disappointment when you’ve said “yes”
and should not have
Using a wisdom-based decision-making process to help with the hard choices
How to rise above the rush of endless demands to discover your “BEST YES”.
There is a study guide that you may want to purchase when you attend this
class but it is not required. Here is one suggested link but there are other
Invite a friend, and sign up at the Connection Table in the gym or email [email protected]
Don’t forget child care is available in the church nursery for infants through three-year-old
This study begins at 10am in Room C-157 (middle school wing) and is facilitated by Yvonne Wittrock.
These studies will resume Sunday, January 4, 2015
“The Book of Ecclesiastes” led by Pastor Jim Von
Busch **
The great Hebrew King and philosopher named Solomon
wrote a book called Ecclesiastes. In this book, Solomon
calls us to joy, but not to a joy that is based on
circumstances. The joy Solomon calls us to a deep joy, a joy
that thinks and is based upon truth. He invites us to meditate
on God's Word and the world in which we live, his
conclusion is that only believers can enjoy the vanity that
surrounds us on every side.
Location: In the middle school commons (at the very end
of the middle school wing.)
How to Show the Love of Christ in Word and Deed to Your LDS
Neighbors and Friends **
This study is presented with encouragement to build
friendships with sensitivity. It discusses how to share the
grace of God wisely in the context of these relationships. It
will present valuable perspectives of the Mormon community
given by those who have lived this experience.
It will illuminate the experience of the Latter-day Saints
•the core stories that form the LDS worldview
•a window into what life is like for most active LDS members
•the experiences that shape the powerful shared identity of Latter-day Saints
•the way LDS members understand truth through the lenses of experience and LDS church
This study will also explain the differences between teachings of Biblical historical
Christianity and the teachings of the Latter-day Saints.
Location: Room C-159 led by Rod Jenneiahn.
"Crossways" – A Two Year In-Depth Study of the Bible * * *
Section 5
“The Gospels and Acts” is an introductory overview of 1st century Judaism
at the time of Jesus, Section 5 covers the four Gospels plus the Acts of the
Apostles. Somehow, through the life and death of this lone, enigmatic, wise,
compassionate healer—this radical rabbi—God’s Kingdom has broken into
human history to begin its eternal reign!
Many people say they would like to be more comfortable with their
understanding of the Bible. Don’t miss this opportunity for a fresh, lifechanging encounter with Jesus in the words of the Bible. Crossways is a
comprehensive course of the study of the Old and New Testament using the
Bible as the textbook and workbooks that supplement your study. Those that
have taken this class say it changes hearts and lives. With 40 units on the Old Testament and the
intertestamental period (400 years between the Old and New Testaments), plus 20 units on the New Testament,
Crossways serves as the ultimate travel-guide for an unforgettable, in-depth journey through the Bible. Imagine
understanding the unique message of each book of the Bible in relation to all the others? NOTE: IT IS NOT
TOO LATE TO JOIN THIS CLASS. You can order a book online and join right in!
LOCATION: This class is led by Patty Bolinger and meets in Room C-149 (middle school wing) at
Asterisks suggest the difficulty of the class. * * * * * = Most Challenging
Patience…Waiting for the Savior
This time of year it’s not unusual to hear parents telling their children, “Have patience!” as they look
longingly at the Legos, Hot Wheels, and Transformers. I noticed when I checked the 2014 “hot toy list”
that nothing much had changed since I stood with my boys in the toy department saying the very same
thing. But I sincerely hope that you have the same hope that I have in the hustle and bustle of this
holiday season. I’m hoping that there is so much more that our children and grandchildren are waiting
for. I pray that they are patiently waiting for the wonderful Christmas celebration where we are
reminded again that Jesus, our Savior, came in humility to die for the sins of the world so many years
ago and that we’re waiting patiently for His triumphant return when He will come again in glory.
Oh, yes, we Christians are waiting but it’s easy to get bogged down by the wait. Our culture is so out
of tune with waiting for anything, it must seem odd to be waiting for Someone who may not come at all
in our lifetime.
In the Old Testament waiting was the theme, too, if you recall. There were centuries of waiting for the
“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he
will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” (Isaiah 9:6) That
was written some 700 years before Christ was born. Now that was a long wait, wasn’t it?
Then Jesus came on His patient mission to earth. He patiently gave the blind their sight, healed the
lame, cured leprosy, healed the deaf, raised the dead and preached the good news to the poor. (Luke
7:22) He patiently gave His life that we might live. David Mathis reminds us in his article “The Waiting
is the Hardest Part” that:
Jesus himself is the climatic display of God’s perfect patience toward sinners (1 Timothy 1:16).
He is “patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach
repentance” (2 Peter 3:9). We “count the patience of the Lord as salvation” (2 Peter 3:15) and
bank on His promise, in all our waiting, to “sustain you to the end” (2 Corinthians 1:8).
But the waiting wasn’t done when Jesus came. Now in this church age, we wait as much as ever.
Can we patiently follow His example of love and grace? As much as our fortitude can be tested during
this busy Christmas time, can we be the peculiar people of God by showing patience in the long
shopping lines, crowded restaurants, and slippery roads? And can we not be weary as we look a little
harder and longer this season (and beyond) to see the needs of our fellow neighbor in our community?
God was and is so patient with us. Let’s shine His light of love and turn every impatient moment this
Christmas season into an opportunity to display the riches of God’s kindness. “See to it that no one
misses the grace of God”. (Hebrews 12:15a)
I’m so blessed that God is patient with me!
Merry Christmas!
Yvonne Wittrock, Director of Connecting Ministries
Car repairs for those in need. They typically
meet on the fourth Saturday of every month
from 9-Noon in the Grace Lutheran parking lot.
Questions? Contact Cliff Cummings at 221-4506.
Stephen Ministers don’t just provide care for people
experiencing a major crisis. They also provide care
and support for people weighed down by the little
things in life. If you’re feeling down, lonely, stressed,
or discouraged, you could benefit from the care,
support, and encouragement of a Stephen Minister. It’s
free. It’s confidential. And it will really make a
difference in your life! To find out more, talk with one
of our Stephen Leaders: Lois Marquette, Pam Holmes
or Ernie Naftzger.
For referrals contact Bart Schuerman, 221-0181 or
email him at [email protected]
CARS will NOT meet in December
If you would like to help pay for some of the car repairs
please donate to the CARS fund. You may place your
donation in the offering plate on Sunday or drop it by the
church office. Please earmark it for CARS fund.
Please continue to pray for our Prison Ministry team as
the need is great. Bibles are needed at the prison, if you
have any soft cover Bibles that you would like to donate
please bring them to the Church office or if you would
like to contribute money to purchase Bibles you may place
a check in the offering plate or drop it by the church
office. Please earmark your check Women's Prison Bibles.
If you have questions please contact Cindy Naftzger at
Families encouraged to apply!
Everyone can help in this wonderful ministry.
Serve a home-cooked meal to God’s children.
Donate food and/or serve with a smile
First Saturday of every month!!
To volunteer call:
Katie Mooney – 233-8015
Elaine Jacobson – 251-1572
If you have an emergency meal need please
contact Pastor Jim at 237-0467 or 339-6679
or [email protected]
If you would like to make a meal when needed,
please contact Pastor Jim and let him know.
This is a great ministry to support those who need some
extra loving care.
“Come to me all who are weary and
burdened and I will give you rest.”
Matthew 11:28
The elders and members of Grace have several care
groups that can help with your burdens, both spiritual
and temporal. We would like to help. You may call:
Rod Jenneiahn (782-9611) or Randy Farwell (3685901).
The Barnabas Team is a group of people who write
notes of encouragement to people on our prayer lists
and pray for the needs of our congregation. Anyone
interested in joining this team or who needs more
information about it, please call Bonnie DeNully at
Would you like to join a ministry that
helps with home repairs? Or do you need
something fixed around the house? Contact
Jim Trost – 232-5289 – for more information.
Due to our current economy there have been many
people calling the church office asking for financial
help. Unfortunately we do not have any funds
available to help them with. If you would like to help,
please donate to our Families In Need Fund. You may
do so by placing your donation in the
offering plate, mailing it to the
church or dropping it by the church office.
Please earmark it for Families in Need.
Our Coffee Hour Ministry is in need of volunteers to
help set up and clean up the coffee and cookies each
Sunday. If you would like to help with this ministry
please contact Beth Johnston at 317-1938 or
[email protected]
We can always use cookies for our Sunday social
hour. If you would like to donate some just drop
them by the Church office.
The following members and friends of Grace
Lutheran Church are celebrating anniversaries during
The following members and friends of Grace
Lutheran Church are celebrating birthdays during
the month of December. We pray for God’s
blessing on them and encourage you to remember
them in your prayers on their special day. (If we
have any errors or omissions, please let us know!)
2- Glenn Buck, Matt Lammers, Brad Peck
3- Darin Dobbins, Kathleen Mercer
4- Paige Porath
5- Rod Jenneiahn, Luke Porath
6- Devin Bocek, Lucas O’Neill, Erna Pohlman,
Ken Tait
7- Joshua Von Busch
8- Wendy Fullmer, Ryan Young
9- Lilly Atkins, Kathy Bosh, Paula Corbin
10- Ross Besel, Scott Elliott, Deb Reiland, Michael
11- Hudson Baker, Ginger Cuttlers, Sarah Dinger,
Madeline Phinney, Rick Stouse
12- Mollie Gower, Stephenie Lords, Jack Mooney,
Theda Myers, Jessica Oneida
13- Sam Golay, Gina Hunter
14- Brenda Anderson, Brodee Bocek, Bobby
McNabb, Shirley Melton
15- Nicholas Scheffler
16- Jenna Ellis, Wana Reier
17- Judy Keith
19- Craig Cumber
20- Lauren Flores, Rose Gallegos, John Johnson
21- Taylor Bull, Nicholas Fornarotto, Don Harcus,
Cade Roske
22- Kate Prestwich, Rich Wabrek, Bill Woodhouse
23- Dan Hoffa, Preston Radford
24- Sherryl Cooley
25- Adam Gribas, Kelly Hirning, Sara Iniguez, Mike
Marquette, Rylee O’Neill
27- Barb Jenneiahn, Tristan Orgill, Tracy Taki
28- Melissa Funk
29- Ayla Gillette, Lacey Jackson
30- Ryan Claassen
31- Mike Sanders, Scott Southern
the month of December. We pray for God’s blessing
on them as they begin another year together. We
encourage you to remember them in your prayers on
their special day. (If we have any errors or omissions,
please let us know)
5- Mike & Chikako Sanders
7- Walter & Irma Gay
10- Brian & Katy Horrocks
11- Arlen & Yvonne Wittrock
12- Roger & Carole Butler
14- Loren & Kathleen Mercer
George & Colleen Perkins
16- Ken & Eleanor Medley
24- Fern & Millard Anderson
26- A.J. & Randee Evans
Earl & Gina Jensen
30- Randy & Charlene Farwell
Please remember our homebound members in your
prayers. If you have the opportunity to write a note or
stop by for a visit they would really appreciate it. Our
homebound friends are;
Clara Naftzger, Loraine Frey,
Theda Myers, Fern Anderson,
Erna Pohlman, Jan Vier, Dorothea
Laible, Paul Kratzke, Norene
Fredericksen, Judy Krusen, Wally Goodell
If you would like to sign up for flowers for the altar to
celebrate a birthday or anniversary, to honor a special
person or in memory of a loved one, you may do so on
the flower chart that is in the church office.
Each set of bouquets costs $20, and your check should
be made out to GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH, please
earmark it for flower fund. Please take the flowers
home any time after the second service on the Sunday
you signed up for.
Grace Connection Groups - December, 2014
Spiritual Growth Groups
Monday Sermon Group — Our small group focuses on the Sermon Study Guide designed to discuss the
sermon given the day before. We use ice breaker questions to get to know one another better, then reflect
on the Sermon, discuss and dig deeper into the message. The sermon can be heard again on our church
website at
Led by:
Everyone is invited to be blessed by a deeper discussion of the sermon
Mondays at 10am
Yvonne Wittrock (Director of Connecting Ministries)
Yvonne at [email protected] or 237-0467
Small Conference Room at Grace (just off the church worship area)
If needed, arranged by the group (the church nursery is available)
Coffee is served. :)
Restless explores important questions: “Do I matter?” "We live with lots of things, lots of people…but do we
live for something?”
Using the story of Joseph, the author, Jennie Allen, explains how his suffering, gifts, story, and relationships
fit into the greater story of God-and how your story can do the same. She also introduces Threads – a tool
to help you see your own personal story and to uncover and understand the raw materials God has given
you to use for his glory and purpose.
All women welcome!
Tuesdays at 9am in the small conference room (just off the worship area)
Led by:
Jeanetta Huse and Keri Fowler
Jeanetta at [email protected] or 221-2670 or Keri at [email protected]
or 241-7776
At Grace Lutheran Church in the small conference room (just off the worship area)
Please check with Jeanetta and Keri to purchase a workbook.
Childcare: None
Coffee and snack is served. Note: We will not meet on December 23rd or 30th .
Tuesdays – We’ll start our new book on November 11
The Good and the Beautiful Community” by James Bryan Smith — “Apprentices of Jesus are not part-time
do-gooders,” Smith writes. “They live in continuous contact with the kingdom of God and are constantly men and
women in whom Christ dwells. There are myriad opportunities for us to affect the world we live in.” Yet
sometimes Christians are confused—the tendency could be to emphasize personal faith over social justice or vice
versa. In this third book of the trilogy, the author reminds us that we need to bring spiritual formation and
community engagement together. This Bible study is designed for working women. It’s an hour of your time
where you will be inspired for the week!
Led by:
Designed for Working Women (but all women welcome)
Tuesdays at 6:15-7:15am (sharp so you’ve not late for work)
Yvonne Wittrock
Yvonne at 380-9770 or [email protected]
At Perkins Restaurant in the back room
(corner of Olympus and Pocatello Creek Rd.)
Please buy the book online.
We buy a Perkins breakfast. Note: We will not meet on December 23 or 30.
Tuesdays – Bible Study Small Group in the Blackfoot area
For our fall small group Bible study we will focus on the book of Ephesians. We meet in the
Blackfoot area and would love to have you join us.
Led by:
Tuesdays at 7pm
Rod Jenneiahn
Rod at 782-9611 or [email protected]
At the home of Rod and Chris Jenneiahn (134 West 600 North [north of Blackfoot])
We enjoy an evening treat and coffee
You are encouraged to start a small group Bible study anytime!
You will be blessed as you grow in your relationship with God
and Christian friends as you study God’s Word!
Wednesdays – When Grace Lutheran School is in session
(formerly Moms in Touch) Mom, will you pray for me? All women are
welcome as we pray for our children in schools, whether private, public, or homeschool, from preschool
through college. Join us for a powerful time of prayer! Praying together provides hope and strength to
moms who carry heavy burdens for their children.
Led by:
Wednesdays 8:30-9am (when school is in session)
Dari Willey
Dari at 221-3883 or [email protected]
In the Prayer Chapel (just off the church foyer)
To find out more visit, Moms in Prayer at
Wednesdays – We meet on December 3, 10, and 17
The Good and the Beautiful Community” by James Bryan Smith — “Apprentices of Jesus are not part-time
do-gooders,” Smith writes. “They live in continuous contact with the kingdom of God and are constantly men and
women in whom Christ dwells. There are myriad opportunities for us to affect the world we live in.” Yet
sometimes Christians are confused—the tendency could be to emphasize personal faith over social justice or vice
versa. In this third book of the trilogy, the author reminds us that we need to bring spiritual formation and
community engagement together. This Bible study is designed for working women. It’s an hour of your time
where you will be inspired for the week!
Led by:
Designed for Working Women (but all women welcome)
Wednesdays at 11:30am to 12:30pm (sharp so you’ve not late for work)
Yvonne Wittrock
Yvonne at 380-9770 or [email protected]
At Puerta Vallarta in the back room (old Remos location)
Please buy the book online if possible.
We buy a Puerta Vallarta lunch. Note: we will not meet on December 24 and 31.
Wednesdays – We do not meet in December. See you at our Advent events.
Apologetics 101 — Learn how to discuss the Christian faith with gentleness and respect as referred to in 1
Peter 3:15. This fall we’re diving into the book, “The City of God” by Augustine and looking at it through an
apologist’s perspective. Please email Aaron to be placed on the email list for all the updates of this small
Anyone looking to deepen his/her understanding of the Christian Faith
Wednesdays at 7pm
Led by:
Aaron Hayes
Aaron at 241-3795 or [email protected]
Large conference room at Grace just off the gym
You are asked to purchase “The City of God” by Augustine.
Childcare: None.
Coffee is served.
Thursdays – NEW Women’s Study; We’ve added a 3rd day
The Good and the Beautiful Community” by James Bryan Smith — “Apprentices of Jesus are
not part-time do-gooders,” Smith writes. “They live in continuous contact with the kingdom of God and are
constantly men and women in whom Christ dwells. There are myriad opportunities for us to affect the
world we live in.” Yet sometimes Christians are confused—the tendency could be to emphasize personal
faith over social justice or vice versa. In this third book of the trilogy, the author reminds us that we need
to bring spiritual formation and community engagement together. This Bible study is designed for working
women. It’s an hour of your time where you will be inspired for the week!
Designed for Working Women (but all women welcome)
Wednesdays at 11:30am to 12:30pm (sharp so you’ve not late for work)
Led by:
Yvonne Wittrock
Yvonne at 380-9770 or [email protected]
At Puerto Vallarta in the back room (At the old Remo’s Restaurant 160 W. Cedar St.)
Please buy the book online if possible.
We buy a Puerto Vallarta lunch. Note: We will not meet on December 25 and January 1.
Thursday Women’s DVD Study - Please plan to join our new study “Jonah: Navigating a Life Interrupted”
presented by Priscilla Shirer
They shock us; they shake us; they compel us to change. You can't escape life's interruptions, but you can change
your perspective on them. Dive into this Women’s Study of Jonah and discover that what you see as an interruption
may truly be God's divine invitation to a life so much bigger than you can imagine.
Led by:
Thursdays at 7:00-8:30pm
Judi Bocek
Judi at 232-6843 or [email protected]
In Room C-157 in the middle school wing
Cost of participant’s guide. (contact Judi)
Yes, childcare is available in the church nursery. (Contact Yvonne for the details. )
Friday Night Small Group — Check with Darin and Tera as we begin our fall Bible study. Our group enjoys a
variety of studies and great discussion. Please join us.
Led by:
Anyone is invited but couples with younger children typically attend
Fridays at 6:30-8:30pm
Darin and Tera Letzring
Darin Letzring at [email protected] or 705-7718
At the home of Darin and Tera Letzring (53 Duke [university area])
Cost of study guide
Childcare available and decided by the group
Evening Treats served
Saturdays – December 13; We will not meet December 27
Men’s Breakfast Bible Study— Join us for a Saturday morning breakfast as we study the books of the Bible indepth. We are currently studying the book of Genesis.
Led by:
Saturdays (meets the second and fourth Saturday of the month) at 8am
Aaron Hayes
Aaron at 241-3795 or [email protected]
In the Large Conference Room at Grace (just off the gym)
Donation for breakfast
We enjoy a light breakfast.
Note: We will not meet on December 27th
Similar Interest Groups
Advent Events – Mark your calendar!
Every year at Grace Lutheran we celebrate Advent, preparing our hearts for the
coming of Christ, with unique events that are meaningful to friends and family.
Mark your calendar for Craft Night– December 3; Christmas in Italy - December 10;
A Night of Christmas Caroling - December 17. We hope everyone can come!
Hosted by:
Everyone at Grace and invite your friends!
December 3, 10 and 17th
Volunteers at Grace Lutheran Church
Yvonne Wittrock at [email protected]
or 237-0467
At Grace Lutheran Church
We will have a sign-up list for people to bring special
food for these advent events and help with the activities if possible
Mark your calendar for Birthday Party for Jesus on Dec 21
This special event right before Christmas reminds children that Jesus is
the reason we celebrate this special holiday that brings so much joy to
young and old.
Hosted by:
Children at Grace and their parents
Sunday, December 21 beginning at 10am
(during Children’s Ministry hour)
Grace Children’s Ministry
Kristina Long at [email protected] or 237-0467
In the Grace Lutheran gym
Sign-up with Kristina Long for helping with stations for the kids
Grace Women’s Book Club – Book discussion – December 1
Grace Women’s Book Club - Come join us even if you haven’t read the book. It’s great conversation and
a fun time! We meet at each other’s home and sometimes in local restaurants and coffee shops when
convenient and always enjoy a little snack. Contact Kristin Flicker if you would like a complete listing of our
books for the 2014-15 year. Our book for November is: Learning to Walk in the Dark by Barbara Brown
Led by:
All women are welcome!
Monday, December 1 at 7pm Note: We will meet the first Monday of the month.
Kristin Flicker and Tera Letzring
Tera Letzring at [email protected] or 705-7716 or Kristin Flicker at
[email protected] or 235-9778
At the home of Tera Letzring (53 Duke, Pocatello, in the University area)
Usually it’s the cost of the book but you may find it at the library! Check with Tera or
You are welcome to join this group any time!
Pinochle Fellowship – Saturday, December 13
Pinochle Fellowship—Our Pinochle Fellowship group typically meets once a month for a themed-meal
and a rockin’ card game on a Saturday night.
Led by:
Anyone over 18 who enjoys Pinochle or would like to learn is welcome.
Saturday, December 13 from 6:00pm to 10:00ish
Linda Ferris
Linda at 251-0696 or [email protected]
Call Linda to find out the monthly location of the group
Cost of bringing a potluck item to the event.
The Out to Lunch Bunch – Tuesday, December 9
Lunch Bunch—Tuesday, February 11
The Out to Lunch Bunch—This group gets together once a month at a favorite restaurant (we like to
investigate new ones, too!) for fun and fellowship. NOTE: We do need an R.S.V.P. the day before our lunch
date so reservations can be made at the restaurant. We hope you can join us!
Everyone Welcome!
Tuesday, December 9 (we meet the second Tuesday of the month) at 12 NOON.
Led by:
Chris Jenneiahn
Chris Jenneiahn at [email protected] or 782-9611
Brass Rail Restaurant in the Clarion Inn (1399 Bench)
The cost of your lunch
Call Chris to make your reservation for this fun monthly event!
Soup & Salad – Get ready for our sign-ups in December
Soup and Salad— Mark your calendars for our next sign-up in December. Soup and Salad is a meal
fellowship with couples, families, and singles that meet once a month to enjoy a meal together. Call
Karen or Patsy for more information
Led by:
Everyone is invited!
The schedule is determined by the groups that meet.
Karen Flicker and Patsy Eike
Contact Patsy Eike at 238-1074 or Karen Flicker at 237-2467
At the hosting participants’ homes.
Cost of the meal you prepare for the group.
Each group decides on the childcare if desired.
It’s really more than soup and salad for dinner but has a nice ring to it!
College Students and 20 Somethings Gathering for Breakfast!
Need a connection with other Christian college students and/or twenty-somethings? Come join us for
breakfast and conversation. Note: We have changed our format and time.
Led by:
20 somethings and college students
Tuesday, December 9 at 7:30 am (We will not meet Christmas week)
Kori and Nolan Wittrock and Kristing Long
For more info text or call Kori at (719)251-4081 or [email protected] and/or
Kristina Long at (503)307-9226 or [email protected]
In the ISU Student Union
Enjoy breakfast and conversation
To receive a reminder text or to be notified of any changes,
please text Kori to make sure she has your number.
Do you have a hobby or passion you would like to share?
Consider starting a small group at Grace and enjoy the fun and
New groups can form at anytime!
Service Groups
Cookies, Conversation and Care – Sunday, February 8, 2015
This group provides care and encouragement to our Grace Lutheran college students. We do several mailings
during the school year to our students with a seasonal theme. Our next mailing will have a Valentine’s theme
in February
Those who desire to keep our college-age students connected to Grace Lutheran
Sunday, February 8 right after the 11am service
Led by:
Kim Gower
Kim at 241-1120 or [email protected]
Grace Lutheran Cafeteria
Donations are welcome for food items sent to the students or help with postage
Childcare: None
Bring your creative ideas as to how we can support and encourage our college age
C.A.R.S. for Christ – Will NOT meet in December
C.A.R.S. stands for Christian Auto Repair Service. This group is composed of a great group of volunteers
who help do small car repairs for those in need. We welcome those who would like to join us as we work
on cars or who would like to learn the basics so they can also work on cars, too. Note: We will not meet in
December but please contact Cliff in case of emergency.
Those who enjoy working on cars
We will NOT meet on Saturday, Dec 27th (volunteers on vacation)
Led by:
Cliff Cummings, coordinator
Cliff at 221-4506 or the church office at 237-0467
In the Grace church parking lot
None to those receiving the service; car part donations are welcome
Childcare: None
Women’s Prison Ministry – Sunday, December 21
There are many opportunities to serve once a month at this worship service at the Women’s
Prison in Pocatello as well as mentoring women through Bible study. A screening process is
required to participate in the worship service and additional training is required to serve as a
small group leader. Donations for Bibles are always welcome.
Led by:
Those who are interested in pursuing a ministry for those who are deeply
hurting in the women’s prison
The third Sunday of the month from 7-9pm
Cindy Naftzger, coordinator
Cindy at 716-0010 or email at [email protected]
Pocatello Women’s Prison
There is also a bible study that meets every Wednesday from 6 – 9pm.
Lutheran Women in Mission – Check out our service activities for December
We are a service group for local, national, and international mission projects. We meet monthly for fellowship,
Bible study and planning for various mission events and activities. The local service project that runs through
December 14—warm hats, gloves, mittens, and socks for the Salvation Army (if you knit—now is a good time to
begin!). We will also host the treats for our Wednesday, December 17 Advent caroling event
Led by:
Everyone welcome!
We will be making treats for our Advent Caroling Event on Wed, December 17
This event begins at 6:30 pm. Please join us for this evening of fun and fellowship
Sherri Palmer
Sherri Palmer (226-6562 or [email protected])
In the church foyer
Here is our evening’s agenda for our 2014-15 year schedule:
6:30-7:15pm–Business Meeting; 7:15-7:30pm-Social Time; 7:30-8:30pm-Bible
Study. Watch for our post-Christmas party on Wednesday, January 14.
Dog Lovers –Here is a service group idea that may interest you!
Service Small Group for Animal Lovers
We're putting together a Service Small Group for dog lovers. If you are
interested in getting together to do a service group that would care for our
Grace member's dogs while our members are on short-term vacations, please
contact Tavia Baldwin to let her know you are interested. This has the
potential to be a really fun group so contact Tavia Baldwin with your
questions at [email protected] or call Tavia at 843-568-2044
Military Ministry – Will NOT meet in December
If you have a heart to serve our men and women in uniform, this service group is for you! There are
lots of ways to support this ministry this fall!
Led by:
Everyone is invited!
Typically meets on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 12:30pm
Caryn Elliott
Contact Caryn at 221-3243 or [email protected]
In the large conference room – just off the gym (a light lunch is served)
If you are interested in helping check with Caryn for all the details
Service Group – help with funerals and memorials
When loved ones pass away at Grace, there is often times a fellowship meal requested. Please consider
joining this group that serves and helps with food associated with funerals and memorials. Patricia
Logsdon is looking for a core group that can support her in this effort.
Led by:
Everyone is invited!
When requested by the family of a loved one that has passed away
Patricia Logsdon
Patricia at 242-6653 or [email protected]
Typically the meals are held at the Grace Lutheran gym
Other members of the congregation often help with these events
Join our Grace Women’s Retreat Committee in January!
We’d love to have you join us as we plan for our 2015 Grace Women’s Retreat. (September 1820, 2015). We typically meet once a month from January through September on Sunday after the
11am service where we enjoy a simple potluck and follow a planning schedule (we’re coming up
on our twenty-third annual women’s retreat so we’ve worked out a lot of the bugs BUT we’re
always excited for new and fresh ideas!) We select our speaker, raise funds for scholarships (Easter
roll fundraiser), and work on the details for the retreat. Since we have a larger committee no one
is over-burdened. It’s fun!
Led by:
All women are welcome!
Our first planning meeting begins on Sunday, January 18th at 12:30pm
Our retreat co-chairwomen, Colleen Shelton-Davis and Jeanetta Huse (2014
Colleen ([email protected] or 339-7889)
or Jeanetta [email protected] or 221-2670
We typically meet in the Grace cafeteria
The cost of the retreat if you plan to go
Talk to our recent retreat chair-women for more details!
Hands4Uganda – Days for Girls project
Hands4Uganda’s purpose is to raise money and support the children of Rock of Ages School
located in Mbiiko, Uganda. The goal is to add a new classroom for Rock of Ages school every
year. Currently, a mission trip is tentatively planned for March. We are also working on the Days
for Girls project.
Led by:
Anyone interested in supporting the mission of helping children at Rock of
Ages School
This group meets at various times and places. Contact Karla for more
Karla Reynolds
Karla at [email protected] or 637-0293
Mission trips are scheduled at various times of the year.
Contributions and ongoing support for the students are always welcome.
Check out the website at
Sunday Morning Social Hour Fellowship
This service group helps with our Sunday morning social “hour” fellowship in the gym and is also
invited to help with special potlucks and meal events at church. It’s a joy to feel the warm hospitality
from this group.
Led by:
Everyone is invited.
You can sign-up to set up before the early worship service or clean up after the
late service or help when needed with special meals.
Beth Johnston
[email protected] or 317-1938
Usually in the school gym
You are welcome to make treats for the social hour.
Typically one person or family signs up for set-up and another person or family
signs up for clean up
“Lay Weeders” – Join us to help with landscaping projects
We provide help for service projects for outdoor landscaping at Grace Lutheran Church as well as
outdoor work for the needs for our shut-ins, etc. Note: We could use some help weeding and
cleaning up the front entry flower beds when spring rolls around.
Led by:
Those who have a passion for gardening and would like to use these gifts for
God’s glory
When needed; especially during the spring and summer seasons
Shannon Koch, coordinator
Shannon at 241– 8855 or [email protected]
At Grace Lutheran or where needed
Bring your creative landscaping ideas to serve at Grace
Salvation Army Meal Ministry
Your small group or family (two families often work together) serves at the Salvation Army the first
Saturday of the month.
Led by:
Anyone interested in preparing and/or serving a meal at the Salvation Army
The first Saturday of the month (typically once a year or when schedules allow)
from 10am to 12:30pm
Elaine Jacobson and Katie Mooney
Elaine at 251-1572 or [email protected]; Katie at 233-8015 or
[email protected]
Salvation Army
Cost of the food for one meal for 50-60 people; groups often ask others to help
provide the meal-many are very willing to help with the cost of the meal
Elaine and Katie have a detailed instruction sheet which outlines what is
involved in serving this meal. It is well organized and you will find you are well
supported by the coordinators if you volunteer to serve.
School Update
December 2014
God at Work . . .
Save the Date!
Dec 2 – Christmas
Wreath delivery
Dec 5 – Science Fair
Dec 5 – Preschool
Christmas Program
Dec 12 – 3rd & 4th
Grade Christmas
Dec 22 thru Jan 2 – No
School – Christmas
Break – all full time
preschool classes
attend & extended
care available for
those enrolled except
for Dec 24 thru 26 &
Jan 1
Dec 24-26 – Campus
Closed – no fulltime
preschool or extended
Jan 1 – Campus Closed
– no fulltime
preschool or extended
Jan 2 – No School – all
fulltime preschool
classes attend &
extended care
available for those
Jan 5 – School
students and our 3rd and
4th grade classes have
been hard at work
practicing in order to
present some wonderful
Christmas Programs for
your enjoyment! We cordially invite all
congregational members and friends to attend.
The preschool students will present their
program, “Best Gift of All” on Friday,
December 5th at 6:30 p.m., and 3rd and 4th
Everywhere” on Friday, December 12th at 7:00
pm. We would love for you to come!
Re-Enrollment for 2015-2016
Registration for fall will
begin in January when all
returning students will
receive re-enrollment
information by email.
New students should contact the school after
the holidays for the best possible chance at
placement and for information about how to
apply for Tuition Assistance. Our Tuition
Assistance program grants funds to families
based upon financial need.
Thank You for Supporting
Our Carnival & Wreath Sales!
Our Fall Frenzy carnival
was once again a huge
success, raising over
$1,300! And as always, it
was a great time! Thanks
to all parents and staff
children for a night of
fun and for working in
the booths. Your support is so deeply
appreciated! A tremendous thank you goes to
our chairperson for the carnival, Julie Hoyle, for
all her dedication and for planning some great
new games and activities, as well as everyone
who helped at the carnival in any way. Our
wreath sales were also a great success, with
nearly 1,000 wreath items sold! Very special
thanks to our receptionists, Lisa Holt and Kitty
Bullock, for heading up the wreath sales! The
wreaths will be delivered to the school on
Tuesday, December 2nd. Students who sold
wreaths will pick up their orders from the gym
and deliver them to their customers.
Congregational members who ordered wreaths
through the school office can pick them up
starting about noon on that date. You may call
the school office at 237-4142 to see if your
wreath is ready for pick-up.