A non-profit organization
seed savers exchange
Saving and sharing seeds since 1975
2013 annual report
Seed Savers Exchange 2013 Annual Report
Our mission
is to conserve and promote
America’s culturally diverse
but endangered garden and
food crop heritage for future
generations by collecting,
growing, and sharing heirloom
seeds and plants.
Thanks to the support of our dedicated
members all over the world, Seed Savers
Exchange continues to lead the grassroots
movement to save and share seeds.
As of 12/31/13
13,209 members
1,343 lifetime members
(35 new lifetime members in 2013!)
Members are in 31 countries,
all 50 US states, and
6 US territories
Cover photo: Lima 187 ‘Bordman’: family heirloom from the Durey
family of Iowa, who obtained it from a neighbor, Mrs. Bordman in
the 1920s. Listed in the 2014 Yearbook by IA SSE HF.
Seed Savers Exchange 2013 Annual Report
Dear Supporter of Seed Savers Exchange,
As a gardener and seed saver – and a Seed Savers Exchange
member since 1988 – I am proud of the direction the
organization is heading. Starting out in 1975 as a grassroots
pioneer in the seed movement, it has grown into a recognized
conservator of heirloom and open-pollinated seeds.
In 2015, Seed Savers Exchange (SSE) celebrates a landmark, our
40th anniversary. Forty years ago very few people knew what an
“heirloom” variety was. Today, chefs across the country build
their menus around rare, great tasting vegetables; seed companies
that once offered only hybrid varieties see the demand for
heirlooms and offer them for sale in their catalogs; and gardeners
fight the advance of GMO technology the best way they know
how: by saving seeds and growing them out again. This is Seed
Savers Exchange’s impressive legacy. But there is still much to do.
In this annual report, you will read about our efforts to prepare
for the next 40 years. We have assembled a highly professional
staff and invested in new technology that allows us to gather and
analyze data on the more than 20,000 varieties in our collection;
implemented science-based protocols for the management of our
collection; and made a commitment to grow the next generation
of seed savers with the development of a new Online Seed
Exchange. These efforts will ensure that our gardening heritage
will be available for generations to come.
Seed Savers Exchange’s success is due to our community of
supporters – seed savers, members, gardeners, volunteers and
donors – people like you, who believe in our mission to conserve
and promote America’s culturally diverse but endangered garden
and food crop heritage.
As chairman, I know I speak for the entire board of directors
in thanking you for your many contributions to this important
With sincere appreciation,
Keith Crotz
Chillicothe, Illinois
Seed Savers Exchange 2013 Annual Report
Online Seed Exchange Implemented
Seed Savers Exchange completed the first phase of a major project to improve the
scope, function and significance of the seed exchange. A new online home was
developed and launched as part of an effort to ensure the seed exchange is more
accessible, easier to use, and more powerful in its ability to connect seed savers across
the country and around the world.
The major accomplishments as part of this first phase include: much-needed
changes to the database that will allow us to capture more data, more consistently;
the reincorporation of the Flower and Herb Exchange; restructuring of plant types
to make them more intuitive; online tools to make the exchange database more
visual, searchable and modern; year-round interaction; and instant communication.
Improvements to the new Online Seed Exchange (OSE) are ongoing.
exc ha n g e. s e e d sa ve r s. o r g
Seed Savers Exchange 2013 Annual Report
Accessions Policy Adopted to
Guide the Collection
The Board of Directors approved an Accessions
Policy for the Preservation Collection. Developed
with input from committee and feedback from
gene bank experts, SSE advisors and members,
it is the first step in refocusing the collection
on SSE’s mission. The policy will provide a
framework through which to evaluate donations,
allowing staff to focus resources on those varieties
with a proven significance to America’s gardening
heritage. To read more about the Accessions
Policy, visit:
in 2013
Fifty new varieties were accepted into the
Preservation Collection, contributing greatly to
its already stunning range of genetic biodiversity.
Their unique and rich stories added substantially
to SSE’s growing body of cultural history.
Look for these exciting additions in the Online
Exchange and Yearbook in the near future:
‘Feaster Family Heirloom’ mustard, ‘Conti’s
Marconi Rampicante’ bean, ‘Smith Family Cobb’
melon, and ‘Boatwright’ Tomato.
Photo top right: ‘‘Rufener Yellow’ (Accession 103599),
a family heirloom bean brought to America by Swiss
immigrants in the 1800s, first offered in the 1982
Photo bottom right: ‘Feaster Family Heirloom’ mustard
(Accession 131798) shares an approximately century-old
history with the Feaster family.
Seed Savers Exchange 2013 Annual Report
A Database for the Future
SSE completed a three year project to
update and expand the capabilities of the
collection database. The database is the
digital archive of the department’s work over
the last four decades. The new database will
facilitate sharing collection information with
members as SSE increases its online
presence with the Online Seed Exchange.
Information coded into the database includes:
• the health of millions of seeds
• the histories of accessions
• the locations of 125,000 inventory records
• data on 175,000 trait evaluations
• activities for 17,000 grow-outs
Seed Savers Exchange 2013 Annual Report
Preservation Field Work:
Managing the Seed and Plant Collection
Activities performed by the Preservation
Department focus on maintaining the physical
inventory (seeds, tubers, rhizomes, cloves, and
trees) and information (historic documents,
heritage varieties
of 40 different
stories, and evaluations) about the more than
20,000 varieties held within the Seed Savers
Exchange collection— the largest publicly
accessible garden variety collection in the
United States. Our staff adhere to the highest standards of
biological and cultural preservation practices to ensure the
future of the varieties they tend.
Evaluation Program
Our evaluation program continued in its
fourth year as an important link between
maintaining varieties at Heritage Farm and
getting them into the hands of gardeners,
chefs, and farmers. We collect data on each
variety’s traits throughout its life cycle,
including culinary usage, plant height, flower
color, days to maturity, and fruit size.
seeds in
transplants & nearly
SSE staff recorded 46,500 evaluation descriptors on 850 different accessions
Seed Savers Exchange 2013 Annual Report
Contributions to the Exchange
The number of varieties listed by SSE (better known to members as IA
SSE HF) in the Exchange grew to 2,431. Samples of 953 seeds, scion
wood, and tubers were distributed to members.
potato varieties
were propagated in
test tubes
and 36 varieties
were offered to members
in the Yearbook as
virus-free potato tubers
Potato Tissue Culture
SSE is collaborating with researchers at the University of WisconsinMadison who eradicate viruses and back up SSE’s potato collection
keeping it safe in case of an emergency. SSE continues to expand the
evaluation process and document the histories of our potato varieties.
Future goals for the collection include DNA fingerprinting and offering
more virus-free tubers to members.
Seed Savers Exchange 2013 Annual Report
Off-site Storage
Each year, Preservation
seed regenerations are
sealed into foil packets
and placed in our seed
vault for safe keeping
and distribution to
members. Part of SSE’s
long-term preservation
strategy also includes
sending representative
samples of varieties
to other facilities
as an insurance
policy against
disaster at Heritage
Farm. Samples of
364 varieties were
deposited at Svalbard
in February 2013.
Historic Orchards
SSE has continued its commitment to
finding, preserving, and sharing heritage
apple trees with the addition of 350
new varieties to orchards at Heritage
Farm. Varieties have been rescued from
endangered orchards in Washington
State and regionally significant varieties
like ‘Iowa Beauty’, ‘Iowa Blush’, and
‘Snow of Iowa’ have been added to
the collection. SSE has also identified
sources for varieties ‘lost’ to the
commercial trade like ‘Delavan’s Red
Winter’, ‘Russian Jumbo’, and ‘Cresco’,
which will be grafted and planted at
Heritage Farm in the 2014 season.
new apple trees
as successors to
varieties in the
collection and as
new additions
Seed Savers Exchange 2013 Annual Report
The Collection Origins Research Effort (CORE)
“Every seed does have a story, but it’s up to us to
be the voice and tell it,” explains SSE
Co-founder Diane Ott Whealy.
Tracking down the far-flung histories of priority
accessions required staff and volunteers to use
letters, emails, and phone calls to and from seed
stewards to build narratives for 165 accessions.
These seed histories help bring the American
gardening experience to life and illustrate
the many regionally and ethnically diverse
communities represented in SSE’s collection.
Bert Deane and family of Leeds, Maine.
Although the ‘Bert Deane’s Baking Bean’ has
been in the SSE collection since it was donated
in 1981, it wasn’t until 2013 that this picture
and information was collected from Bert’s
descendants through the current residents of
Bert Deane’s farm.
Member-Grower Evaluation Network (M-Gen)
M-GEN is a citizen science project that
engages members in the Collection Evaluation
Program in order to generate profiles of how
varieties perform and taste across the US.
Participants objectively (productivity metrics,
photographic documentation) and subjectively
(culinary quality, relative performance, overall
impression) characterized each cultivar’s
performance to gain an understanding of
how they perform in different environments.
The results were compiled and shared with
members. The detailed feedback allows SSE
to identify regionally adapted varieties, as well
as the culinary preferences of gardeners in
different parts of the country.
Photo at right: Lettuce documentation by M-GEN
grower Patricia Larenas of California
Seed Savers Exchange 2013 Annual Report
In 2013
Alaska to
out 15
varieties of
bean, corn,
tomato in
their home
for M-Gen
Commercial Seed House:
Bringing it to Market
•Distributed 230,000
seed catalogs
•Grew 115 varieties for
catalog seed sales
Since its inception 15 years ago, the Commercial Seed House
has become critical to SSE’s growth and success. It publishes
and mails a beautiful 100-page seed catalog to customers each
year and makes it available online. It manages the growing,
packaging, sales and shipping of 600+ seed varieties and
contributes to SSE’s mission in two ways: by helping to raise
revenue to support our nonprofit conservation work,
and by getting heirloom and
open-pollinated varieties
into the hands of many
capable growers, chefs,
farmers and breeders.
At one time the ‘Mamie
Brown Pink’ tomato could
only be found in Mamie’s
family gardens or the archives
of the Seed Savers Exchange
Collection. Like many
other rare varieties, after its
inclusion in the SSE catalog
it was picked up by other seed
companies and distributed
•Grew 462 varieties for lot
checks, trials, and photos
•Grafted 500 apple trees
of 5 different varieties
from the Historic Orchard
in 2013 for inclusion in the
2015 catalog
• Placed seed racks in all
50 states, Puerto Rico,
and Canada
•Introduced 9 varieties
from the collection to the
seed catalog, some of
which have been adopted
by other seed companies,
ensuring the preservation
of rare varieties
• Increased the selection
of organic seed in our
catalog to 50%
Seed Savers Exchange 2013 Annual Report
Events at Heritage Farm
Heritage Farm welcomed 15,000 visitors throughout the year.
Lillian Goldman Visitors Center (LGVC) staff met local residents
who frequented the farm regularly, as well as travelers who drove
across the country. Fulfilling our mission to communicate the
importance of garden diversity and to pass along seed saving
knowledge, SSE hosted 10 events at Heritage Farm.
During the summer months, the LGVC hosted an original
exhibit titled “Seedtime” featuring special collections from SSE’s
Robert Becker Memorial Library. From July through October
visitors were able to view a gallery in the barn loft on loan from
the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, featuring historical seed
catalog art.
Photo at right: “Grassfed,” an outdoor exhibit of larger than life canvases
by artist Valerie Miller of Steel Cow Gallery, was installed and on display
in the pastures at Heritage Farm for the summer.
Seed Savers Exchange 2013 Annual Report
in seed saving
workshops during
the year
Thousands attended annual
community events such as the
Tomato Tasting and Fall Squash
Two delicious seed-to-table
dinners were held at Heritage
Farm: a benefit gala with guest
chef, writer and restaurateur
Kurt Friese, and a lecture event
featuring David Buchanan,
author of Taste Memory.
Other events
• Conference and Campout
Featured speakers included:
Dr. Gary Paul Nabhan,
Rosalind Creasy,
Dr. Jack Kloppenburg,
Sara McCamant, and
Dr. Jeremy Cherfas
people attended
the 33rd Annual
Conference and
• 1st Member Field Day
• Spring Kick-Off seed saving
and seed starting workshops
• Apple Grafting and Tree Care
• Rare Heirloom Plant Sale and
art installations
• Advanced Seed Saving
• Tomato Tasting,
Cherry Roma was
the winner
• Squash Festival
• 3-day Seed workshop
Seed Savers Exchange 2013 Annual Report
Off-site Events
SSE Co-Founder Diane
Ott Whealy and other
staff traveled to events
throughout the country,
spreading the story of Seed
Savers Exchange and the
knowledge of seed saving.
An innovative collaboration
between SSE and Decorah’s
Luther College offered a
unique approach to learning
German language and
culture through horticulture
and seed-saving. Students
planted seeds with German
heritage, grew them and
distributed the produce to a
local food pantry.
200 people attended Forgotten Tastes: An Heirloom Apple
Event, held at Grade A Gardens in Des Moines, Iowa.
Sponsored by Wells Fargo, and with the help of volunteers from
Slow Food Des Moines, guests tasted 70 varieties of heirloom
apples and heard lectures throughout the day.
Seed Savers Exchange 2013 Annual Report
Workshops & Talks
across the country
• Duluth Sustainable Farming
Conference (MN)
• Longwood Gardens (PA)
• San Louis Obispo (CA)
• Slow Money National
Gathering (CO)
• Minnesota Sustainable
Farming Conference (MN)
• Chicago Heirloom
Gardening Workshop (IL)
• University of Illinois
Gardener’s Pallette (IL)
• La Crosse Public Library (WI)
• La Crosse Master
Gardeners (WI)
• Maquoketa Master
Gardeners (IA)
• Slow Food Harrisburg (PA)
• Mother Earth News Fair (WA)
• Monroe County Extension
Food Conference (WI)
• Madison Master
Gardeners (WI)
• Iowa AAUW (IA)
• North House Folk School
Workshop (MN)
• Madison Seed Swap (WI)
• Powell Gardens Lecture (KS)
• Wellspring Workshop (WI)
• Heirloom Expo (CA)
• UMN Arboretum Workshop
• Decorah Public Library (IA)
• Friends Plant Sale (MN)
• Chicago Field Museum (IL)
• Baltimore Master Gardeners
• Kickapoo Country Fair (WI)
• La Crosse Public Library (WI)
• Heritage Harvest Festival (VA)
• Driftless Folk School (WI)
• Mother Earth News Fair (PA)
• The Livestock Conservancy
Conference (NC)
Educational Resources
Each month a SSE staff member gave a
live presentation to viewers all over the
world on a new seed saving topic, from
‘starting a seed collection’ to ‘organizing
community seed projects.’
Over 1200 viewers tuned in to
participate in the live webinars, and
many more continue to watch the
webinars after they are archived online.
2013 webinar topics:
• Start Your Own Seed Collection
• Planning Your Garden for Seed Saving
• Seed Starting Workshop
• Organizing Community Seed Projects:
Seed Swaps & Seed Libraries
• Isolation Techniques
• Population Size
• Edible Landscaping with Rosalind Creasy
• Pepper Seed Saving
• Eggplant Seed Saving
• Heirloom Gardening with Rosalind Creasy
• Dry Seed Cleaning
• Growing Biennials for Seed
viewers tuned in
to participate in
the live webinars
Seed Savers Exchange 2013 Annual Report
Herman’s Garden
Seed Donation
SSE donated 60,000 packets of
seed to 600 gardens across the
US through Herman’s Garden,
a program named to honor
Herman Warsh. Herman and his
wife, Maryanne Mott were early
believers in the vision of SSE.
Participants in Herman’s Garden
are asked to continue giving by
teaching children to grow healthy
gardens, to save seeds for next
year’s gardens or to deliver some
of their produce to a local food
“Thank you for your donation
to the Galena Public Library!
We are so excited to offer a
Seed Lending Library to our
patrons. Your donation has
made this possible!”
students and summer
campers participated in
gardening activities at
Burgess Farm on Cape
Cod, Massachusetts, with
a seed donation from
Seed Savers Exchange
Partners - Affiliations
Working together with others who share our values, we were able to accomplish more than is possible on our own
American Public Gardens Association
Decorah Chamber of Commerce
Decorah Public Library
Iowa State University College of Design
The Livestock Conservancy (TLC)
Luther College
Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
Ogden Press / Mother Earth News
Organic Seed Alliance
Pepperfield Project
Seed Savers Exchange 2013 Annual Report
Powell Gardens
Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)
Seed Matters
Slow Food USA
Svalbard Global Seed Bank
Terrace Hill, Iowa Governors’ Mansion
University of Wisconsin-Madison
USDA, National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation
Winneshiek County Convention and Visitors Bureau
Winneshiek County Master Gardeners
Financial Reports
Foundation Grants
Corporate Contributions
Investment Income
Other income
Total Revenue $5,930,801
Management & General
Total Expenses
For more details,
We extend our thanks to the generous sponsors who suppported our work in 2013
Ace Kitchen Place
Albert's Organics
Amy Goldman -Rare Forms
Bruening Rock Products, Inc.
Carl Homstad
Casper Plumbing & Heating
Caves of Faribault
Chelsea Green Publishing
Chocolaterie Stam
Civic Center of Greater Des
Country Living Grain Mill
Crofters Organic
Decorah Implement Co.
Des Moines Art Center
Donlon HealthMart Pharmacy
Dug Road Inn
East Wind Nut Butters
Eden Organic
Edward Jones Investments
Elements Limited
Engelson & Associates LTD
Erdman Engineering, P.C.
Fidelity Bank & Trust
Frontier Natural Products Co-Op
Grass Run Farms
Kalona Super Natural
Late July Organic
Lundberg Family Farms
Magnuson Consulting
Milton Creamery
Mother Earth News
Northeast Iowa Businesses
Norwegian Mutual Inc.
Once Again
Oneota Community Food Co-op
Oregon Chai
Organic Valley
Peace Coffee
Rockweiler Appliance
Seven Stars Farm
Seward Community Coop
Sno Pac Frozen Vegetabl-es
Straus Family Creamery
Trusted Choice
Valerie Miller: Steel Cow
Voltmer Electric
Wholesome Sweeteners
Windridge Implement
Winifred Moranville
Winneshiek True Value
Woodward Printing Services
Seed Savers Exchange 2013 Annual Report
$10,000 - $99,999
1772 Foundation
Clif Bar Family
Charles Engelhard
Lillian Goldman
Charitable Trust
The Seattle Foundation
$500 - $999
Sarah Ahrens
Aaron Allen
Bob Beers
Pat Bradford
Thomas & Ruth Brown
Kate Burroughs
Edward Callaghan
Jim Cargill II
Irma Davis
$5,000 - $9999
Anthony T. Dean
Noel J. Cutright
Amy P. Goldman Fowler
Christy Walton, Walton
Glen & Elizabeth
Family Foundation
Kari Wenger & Peter
James A. Henry
Marianne Hohenner
$2,000 - $4,999
Janet Jarrell
Brandi Chase
Jewish Community
Thomas and Patricia
Nancy Lamont
Jeanette & Christopher Jonathan Latham &
Allison Wilson
James Liddil
Adele R. Ray
Kathlyn Miller
RZ Foundation
Rick & Beth Schnieders Russell Nelson
Steven Nodgaard
Terra Chips
Nancy S. Nordhoff
Jo Wegstein
Ron Pierce
Kelley & Stephen
Paul Resslar
Hope Shand
Sally Spangler
$1,000 - $1,999
S. J. Stout
Janet Borowy
The Dreamcatcher Fund Shirleen & Doug Sturtz
Richard Strachan
Philip Enteles
Jane Tenquist
Gravity Payments
Kate Van Der Riet
Ken Hilliard
Barbara Wolling
Jones Family Fund
Joshua Levy & Pamela Stephen Woodward
Pam Woollis
Richard Mallum
Silos & Smokestacks
Elizabeth McKenzie
E. A. Middleton
$250 - $499
Josh Miller: J. L. Miller Gregory Alper
Mary Bailey
Val Miller: Steel Cow
Jamie & Susan Banks
Rachel Mostrom
Steven Boos
Abbe & Christopher
Angela Bowen
Joe Broders
Shawn Remacle
David Buchanan
Bruce Sherman/
Brenda & Dave Carlson
North Pond
Tim Caster
Liz Charles
Three Bees
Leonard Chmiel
Richard Cone
Pranav Vyas
Decorah Area Chamber
of Commerce
Seed Savers Exchange 2013 Annual Report
Claire Dishman
Laverne & Barb
Daniel Engstrom
Timothy Evans
Scott Eveland
Alan J. Fitzmorris
Cheryl Frazier
Marsha Frazier
Cindi Gellert
Larry & Diane
Helen Gunderson
Emelie Haigh
Brenda Hamm
Jon & Mary Hart
David Hendrickson
Clare Hinrichs
Stephen & Karen Jakala
Earle F. Jones III
Robert M. Kaufman
David Kroska
Elizabeth S. Lieberman
Joe Maguire
Joseph & Julia Major
Ann & Dan Mansfield
Martha McCormick
Michael McDonald
Ashley McHugh
Peter & Trudy Minkler
Dwight Murken
Paula M. Nelson
Scott Newman
Louise Nielsen
Russell & Martha Noyes
Karen Peters
Brian & Kathy
Carlton Pittman
Gretchen Randle
Margaret RombachRiggs
Holly B. Rothschild
Christine Rugh
Marsha Scheppler
Carol Short
Zea Sonnabend
Susan Strauch
Edward Taylor
Carol Thomas
CMC Toporow
Cynthia Tyler/
Terra Design
Rebecca Wagner
Thomas W. Walvoord
Bill Wolcott
$100 - $249
Mary M. Ackerly
Ken Akopiantz
Harold F. Albers
Bill Ambrose
David Andrews
Toby Arsenian
Dave Assmus
Mabel Atkinson
Debby Baker
Jack & Betty Baker
Keith R. Ball
John Balmer
Helen Barbier
Paul C. Barringer
John Bartel
Kathy Bash
Lisa Bean
Christine Beard
Elizabeth Beardsworth
Larry Beck
Lynne Bell
Michael Benken
Brett Bennett
Stephen Berg
Lanny Biehler
CJ & Kari Bienert
Shirley Bissen
Cara Bliven
Rosina Bloomingdale
Bluff Country Master
Katherine H. Boaz
Kevin & Karen Bolesta
Carl J. Bolte
David Bonner
Peg Bouska
Ron Bozman
Thomas Brady
Alan Branhagen
Susan Breckenridge
Allen Bristol
Virginia Brock
Robert M. Brookfield
Douglas Brown
Diane Brown
Bruening Rock
Products, Inc.
Robert G. Bruning
Matt Buckmaster
Helen Byrne
Claudia Cackler
Sandra Cammarata
Brenda Carlson
Russ Carmel
Todd Carpenter
Ida Casey & Richard
David Cavagnaro
Marshall Chrostowski
Martha Clatterbaugh
Brett Cloyd
Laura Colvin
Madison Cox
Rosalind Creasy
Jackie Curilla
Deno Curris
Stonewall Cuthrell
Martha Dalquist
Brooks Davis
Doug Davis
Peter Debreceny
Richard DeNeale
Larry Deuel
Charles DeWeese
Willem Doelman
Hilda Dow
Edwin Dow
Matthew Duncan
Larry Dunlevy
Andrea Eden
Bradley Edin
Ann Edwards
Carol Eichert
Engelson & Associates
Suzan Erem
Anne Esacove
Marypaul V. Even
Jennifer Ewing
John Fellows
Margaret Ferguson/Bee
& Thistle Books
Joseph Feser
Bob & Nila Fessler
Cliff Fjelstul
Gerry Fichte
Jeff Fleming
Kathie Florsheim
Richard J. Fox
Anna D. Francis
Kristen & Gerald Frank
Priscilla & Jameson
C. Fredrick Fuller
Soozie & Nichol Nichol
Doris A. Norton
James C. Norton
Julie Ott
Margaret Ovitt
Linda Parker
Henry W. Parker
Thomas Payne
Kenneth Pecota
Barb Pepp
Shirley Poertner
John Pollack
Ruth Mary Pollack
Cathy Porter
Jeanne Prochnow
Rebecca Rassier
Mary Rawlings-Spencer
Noreen ReavillWoodward
George Rector
Ruth Rehrauer
Katherine Reid
Carolyn Reinhold
Mary Reuter
Gabriella Rivera
Jeffrey Roesch
Donaline Rogers
Susan Roloff
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Jane Rosemarin & Val
Hila Rosen
Judith G. Rosenberger
Thomas Rowland
Don Long
John Ruckes
Bonnie Lounsbury
Gregg W. Saunders
Robert Lynn
Kim Schaufenbuel
Cheryl Lyon-Jenness
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Ruchika Madan
Robert Schnurr
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Ronald E. Martinkosky
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Barbara Setlow
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Nancy Nelson
Network For Good
Dorothy Smith
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Bob Kentwortz
Terry Klar
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Kennis Koldewyn
Barbara Kopec
Cheryl Korte
Tina Kroot
Pat & Mike Laas
Donald E.
L'amoureux Jr.
Joseph Lane
Mary Ann Leer
Alan Leighton
Duane Leitch
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Dorothea Lindsey
Stephanie Little
total listings
in the
Dean Spader
Barbara Spannaus
Russ Stead
Charles & Anne Steel
Carrie Steinbach
John F. Swenson
Sandra Tanzberger
John Taylor
Martin Teitel
Darrell & Cheryl
The Eugene Backyard
Erik Theisen
Laurie Titran
James & Jocelyn
Steven & Deborah
Lynn & Curtis Vreeland
Peter & Lisa Wade
Deb Wallace
Bruce Waln
Drew & Angela
Adam Weber
Thomas Weber
Eleanor Weisshaar
Renee West
Nell Wheeler
Kathy Wiederin
Susan Wilkins
Oscar H. Will III
Wilbur W. Willoughby
varieties in the
Charles M. Wills, Jr.
Frank Wilson
Roger Winans
E. Wohlgemuth
Darren Wold
Richard Wolfe
Joseph Worischeck
Gail Wynn
Richard Zilinskas
Ann Zorn
Joan Zorr
$25 - $99
Sharon Abraham
Patricia Adam
William Adams
Charles Adams
Annemarie Adsen
Damiana M. Aldana
Mark Alexander
Barbara Alexander
Tess Angell
Joan Armon
Heather Atkinson
Kristen Bakken
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Jim Bray
Karen Bray
Brad Bredehoeft
Bayard Breeding
Ruth Brenner
Marvin Bricker
Joseph Brinkley
Allen Bristol
Eugene Britton
Barbara Broderick
Seed Savers Exchange 2013 Annual Report
Joan Fumetti
Celeste Garcia
Bev Gardner
Elizabeth Garst
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Seed Savers Exchange 2013 Annual Report
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Seed Savers Exchange 2013 Annual Report
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Who We Are
SSE staff celebrate Plaid-urday
We often say the Seed Savers Exchange organization is only as strong as our dedicated members and
as healthy as the seed collection. This certainly is true, but without the hard work from folks who
volunteer their free time and expertise or come to work at Heritage Farm everyday, we wouldn’t be
where we are today. We greatly appreciate all the work that our employees, board members, expert
advisors, volunteers, and interns do for us.
Board of Directors
(as of 12/31/13)
Governing our organization, committed to
our mission, our Directors bring a wealth of
experience and expertise to the Board.
Keith Crotz, Chair
Neil Hamilton, Vice-Chair
Larry Grimstad, Treasurer
George DeVault, Secretary
Rob Johnston Jr.
David Cavagnaro
Rosalind Creasy
Martin Teitel
Hope Shand
Amy P. Goldman, Special
Advisor to the Board
Elected in 2013
(as of 12/31/13)
Experts from near and far are on call to
advise in the management of the collection.
Suzanne Ashworth
Dan Beard
Clive Blazey
Will Bonsall
Joel Girardin
Jim Henry
Laura Jackson
C.R. Lawn
Lindsay Lee
Lee Zieke Lee
Craig LeHoullier
Deborah Madison
Maria Rodale
Michael Strauss
John Swenson
Interns do so much to help SSE achieve our
mission. They in turn benefit from on-the-job
training and mentoring by experienced staff.
Hope Shand
Martin Teitel
Seed Savers Exchange 2013 Annual Report
Talinna Appling
Alexandra Robinson
Paul Tuskowski
Staff - 2013 Employees
Timothy J Abbott
Karen M Anderson
Jarod S Austin
Kristie Austin
Jessica L Babcock
Caleb A Bates
Greg Biehn
Lisa A Blaess
Anne Bohl
Lauren Bonney
Hannah L Breckbill
Dianne C Burke
Aaron R Burmeister
Daniel Bussey
Claudia Cackler
Katie J C Carlson
Stephen B Carlson
Shannon M Carmody
Jamie Carnevale
Renata Christen
Heidi Cook
Corey S Cordell
Colin Curwen-McAdams
Linda Drackley
James A Edrington
Richard L Edwards
Eden P Ehm
Kathy L Greentree
Adam W Grim
Trisha K Hageman
Lou Ann Hall
Fena J Hershberger
Lizzie J Hershberger
Amy M Holmgren
Margaret House
Sarah N Imoehl
Tor Janson
Richard D Jensen
Timothy Johnson
Paul A Kadlec
Philip J Kauth
John Klosterboer
Joshua Kraetsch
John Kraus
Elizabeth L Lee
Mathew Linderbaum
Jessica B Ludwig
Paul F Ludwig
Susan Luzum
Trevor J Madsen
Christine V Marsden
Gabrielle Masek
Carolyn McGlaughlin
Abrian P Mendez
Steffen Mirsky
Cassandra J Misseldine
William Musser
Alissa Nashold
Christine C Nelson
David A Nelson
Aaron Noller
Sarah Noller
William C Oatman
Laura L Ollendick
Anna Marie W Olson
Grant Olson
Tara Oyloe
Caithlin M Palmer
James A Palmer
Cynthia F Reifenrath
Cindy Remick
Lynne Marie Rilling
Kathleen M Rosendahl
Curt J Schmitz
Julie A Shoun
Jenna Sicuranza
Lori E Slindee
Andrea N Springmeier
Sarah L Stevens
Sara Straate
Charles Bryan Stuart
Paul W Sullivan
Kelly Tagtow
Gregory A Thorson
Joanne Thuente
John R Torgrimson
Pat Torgrimson
Jean Tweten
Robert A Uthe
John B van der Linden
Crystal D Wagner
Thomas J Wahlberg
Sherman S Watts
Diane Ott Whealy
Gabrielle White
Kinsey Whitehill
Katherine L Whitehill
Laura Wies
Joanne K Witt
Jennifer Zoch
We are forever grateful for our generous
volunteers who believe in our mission and
help with everything from flipping pancakes to
sorting seeds.
Kari Bienert
CJ Bienert
Viola Bohr
Carol Bolson
Andy Brummel
Marilyn Brummel
Thomas Burkhead
Derek Cassidy
Jordan Clasen
Larry Cleverley
Ellen Cutting
Craig Cutting
Nancy Dahl
Parker Deen
Tony DiMaggio
Brenda Drew
Patricia Edde
Golda Ewalt
Devin Franzen
Sarah Kay Freydenlund
Nad Geraldson
Bailey Hanson
Richard Simon Hanson
Mary Hart
Jon Hart
Julie Hennigsen
Alana Hillgartner
Anne Howard
Nickolas Illingsworth
Andrew Jacobs
Patrice Johnson
Benjy Klostermann
Pat Korzendorfer
Chelsea Krist
Allison Krook
Yvonne Kuhlman
Bill Kuhlman
Jim Lage
Arlene Lage
Lindsay Lee
Lee Zieke Lee
Elisabeth Lewin
Brett McClavy
Sarah McMenomy
Austin McMulin
Britney McMulin
Erik Mickunas
Emily Monroe
Raechel Murphy
Sue Peterson
Carl Peterson
Toby Peterson
Elaine Plamondon
Cindy Reifenrath
Zac Riketts
Alexandra Robinson
Liz Rog
Zach Row-Heyveld
Jacob Sawyer
Mary Scholtes
Daniel Scholtes
Alayna Schutte
Patrick Shell
Emmarene Smock
Linda Stockdale
Heidi Swets
Chelsey Teachout
Paul Tuskowski
Gabe Vilardo
Marcus Walsh
Marlie Wilson
Connie Wilson
Tom Woxland
Seed Savers Exchange 2013 Annual Report
Heirloom Society
Like a family heirloom - a piece of jewelry, a quilt, a rocking chair – seeds represent a
gift of life from one generation to another, a piece of our gardening heritage preserved
for those who follow. Without our special care, these rare heirlooms may be lost forever.
One of the ways you can pass this heirloom legacy to future generations is by thoughtfully
planning a gift to Seed Savers Exchange today through a bequest, charitable gift annuity or
trust, or beneficiary designation in your life insurance or retirement assets.
When you inform Seed Savers Exchange of your gift intentions, we will invite you to become a
part of the Heirloom Society, which has been established to recognize and honor friends who
have made a commitment to help continue our work into perpetuity. Enrollment is easy and
there is no minimum gift requirement. Your membership in the Heirloom Society will allow us to
thank and recognize you for including Seed Savers Exchange in your future plans.
Contact Claudia Cackler, Development Director
• [email protected]
for more information
Seed 563-387-5670
Savers Exchange 2013 Annual

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