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view slides - STEC Beef Safety
Consumer and retail
interventions: STEC Ben Chapman
North Carolina State University
May 29, 2014
Attitude towards
Subjective norm
behavioral control
Theory of planned behavior, Ajzen, 1991
U.S. FDA 2009 Food
May 21, USDA blog
Brian Ronholm, FSIS,
“For consumers, we advise all consumers to
safely prepare raw ground beef products by
cooking them to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.
When dining out, this is equivalent to
ordering your burger well done.”
Medium rare burgers
Method of Doneness Cited by
Servers in Restaurants
67% of information
provided was
incorrect by criteria
established in the
food code
Thanks to:
Katrina Levine, Matt Agle, Nicole Arnold, Lily Yang,
Jason Levy, Stephanie Pollard, Mary Blodgett,
Ashley Searing, Courtney Crist, Nick Sevart,
Donka Milke, Elizabeth Stone, Liz Holmgren, Nick
Baumann, Anteelah Phebus, Danny Unruh, Eric
Oliver, Sherri Pitchie, Michael Pitchie, Hannah
Hamilton, Gentry Lewis, Ashley Hallowell, Brad
Shoyer, Laura Shane, Nelly Osoria, John
Luchansky, Anna Porto-Fett, Elba Arias, Jessie
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Ruengvisesh, Katie Kirsch, Zahra Mohammed,
Christine Bruhn, Myat Aye, Rachelle Woods,
Yaohua Feng, Thu Tran
YouTube How-to videos "
87 videos,12 million total views • 
He's a chef, he "he helps public schools
improve their food programs by training
staffs and speaking with students about
responsible eating”#
He grabs the raw ground and within
seconds is literally holding it against the
bun he uses for the burger.#
The best line "learn your meat, once you
learn it youʼll have it forever" in reference
to checking doneness by firmness of the
meat. #
Pantries – 4-H project
97 pantries visited#
Beef handling is preavalent#
Social media activities
620 barfblog posts since
Jan 1, 2014#
88 specific to STECs#
23,084 subscribers#
Paper published outlining
approaches for food
safety in social media:#
Dr. Ben Chapman
[email protected]
Follow me on twitter @benjaminchapman
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