Be True to Yourself



Be True to Yourself
Make-Up Designory // 2014-2015 // fall-winter
Be True to
with Marc Scoleri
FX Step by Step
Jim Henson’s
MUD Alumni Shine
at the Miss USA
MUD Cosmetics
Artisan of
the Eyes
Create a Face Chart
with a MUD Lead
Make-up Artist
Make-Up Designory
For more than 15 years Make-Up Designory (MUD) has worked to establish itself
as America’s premier school of make-up artistry. With schools and stores in Los
Angeles, New York, international partners and studios, MUD continues to build a
loyal and dedicated customer-base of students and artists.
MUD Products
MUD Schools
are tested by industry experts in challenging, real-world situations-
provide programs and courses designed to teach a wide range of
from the harsh conditions of a remote film location to the bright lights
practical and specialized skills. General consumers, beauty enthusiasts
of Broadway. Through this unmitigated process, MUD products are
or potential students can also enjoy free Saturday workshops at the
produced to perfection.
MUD shops every week on the latest trends. For those looking to start
a new career or add to their skill set, part-time courses are available at
MUD’s main campuses, MUD Studios and Partner Schools throughout
the country and internationally.
Make-Up Designory Los Angeles
Make-Up Designory New York
Make-Up Designory Europe
 129 S. San Fernando Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91502
 001 818-729-9420
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 65 Broadway, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10006
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Slovenia, Europe
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MUD ART 2014-2015 // production: Endemit advertising agency // // creative and art director: Maja Kešelj // MUD image photography: Peter Giodani // graphic design: Maja Kešelj, Polona Kopač
cover photo: Peter Giodani // product photo: Polona Kopač // make-up: MUD Europe team // editors: Svenya Nimmons, Myrna Martinez, Dina Vobič, Francine Reich
MUD schools
Preparing Students For
The Fascinating World
of Make-Up Artistry
Each year, Make-Up Designory (MUD) schools train hundreds of students from
around the globe in a variety of make-up specialties. From day one, students are
immersed in the fundamentals of make-up artistry with aspirations of working in
the fashion, entertainment or retail cosmetics industries.
The bi-coastal main campuses in Los Angeles and New York as
production studios in the world, while the New York campus is
well as the various MUD Studios around the world, give potential
located amidst the bustling area of designer boutiques of New York.
artists the experience of a lifetime by training under licensed
instructors with professional expertise in film, television and
MUD campuses are each licensed by their respective states. In
fashion. Through this training, students learn to develop their own
2003 MUD’s Los Angeles campus received accreditation from the
unique style, whether it be within the intricacies of prosthetics or
Accrediting commission for Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC)
the delicacy of beauty make-up.
and was recognized by ACCSC as a School of Distinction. The Los
Angeles campus has since received two 5 –year terms of accreditation.
Accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Career Schools and
The ACCSC has also recognized the school as a School of Merit in
Colleges (ACCSC), MUD main campuses are located in the heart of
2008 and a School of Excellence in 2013. The 2005 opening of the
the entertainment and fashion capitals. The LA campus can be found
New York campus lead to accreditation from ACCSC in 2007 and
in downtown of Burbank, California, home of some of the biggest
was recognized as a 2009 School of Distinction.
MUD New York Campus Relocates To A Historical Address
New York City, the city that never sleeps by
about 954 square feet of workspace for up
defying the night and outshining the day,
to 26 students. The entire 15th floor incases
is set to open up a new door to make-up
the school’s learning space with separate
artists with the new and improved MUD
lounges for students and teachers and a
campus. While the new location polishes
beautiful view of the city for inspiration.
up on the last touches, the students and
In addition to the expansion, students
staff are getting excited about their new
home. The new address on 65 Broadway,
enhancements and for easy access, the
stands high on the 15th floor of the original
campus store will be conveniently located
American Express Building.
within the center of the campus.
Only a half mile from the current site, the
Classes will continue to resume until
new school space allows accommodations
opening day as scheduled while the official
for future growth including 2 additional
opening event is sure to be a night to
classrooms and a host of amenities. The
remember with special guests and lots of
spacious special effects classroom includes
creative artistry.
By Cat Paschen
Niko Gonzalez and I were given an amazing opportunity to create a make-up of our choice
In order for all of the prosthetics to fit on top of each other and blend seamlessly, we had to
to be applied during a live demo at the Make-Up Designory School booth at IMATS LA
sculpt and mold them all in the order that they were going to be applied. We started with the
2014. This was a great way to showcase what we learned while attending MUD and gave
cowl; once we were done sculpting we had to take a “snap mold” in-order to start the next
us the opportunity to utilize the advanced lab skills we learned after we graduated while
sculpture and continued this process until we were done. A snap mold is taking an impres-
working at the MUD FX Lab.
sion off of the mold containing the sculpture so that our new mold will have the texture of
We chose to create Hoggle, a character from the 1986 Jim Henson movie, Labyrinth. This was
where the sculpture ended. We do this so that we can easily overlap the next sculpture to
one of my favorite movies growing up and introduced me to the world of special effects. This
ensure that the prosthetics will fit perfectly.
dwarf character was originally designed by artist Brian Froud. Hoggle was originally a full body
This character was one of the most complex make-ups that we have done thus far. It gave
creature suit equipped with an animatronic head. Our goal was to turn this puppet head into
us the priceless experience of learning how to create a multi-piece silicone make-up. It re-
a make-up. Our challenge was scaling everything down so that the proportions would fit on a
ally taught us how much work goes into creating just one camera ready character for film.
human face and to balance the fantasy elements of the original character with a realistic touch.
Thanks to the direction and support from Paul Thompson (MUD Director of Education),
Our make-up consisted of 6 gel filled silicone prosthetics (a cowl, neck, nose, forehead/
Kumara (MUD Warehouse/FX Lab Manager) and Gil Romero (MUD School Director, LA), we
cheeks and two hands). We decided to make the character a multi piece make-up so that
were able to bring this character to life. Thank you to Make-Up Designory for giving us the
the prosthetics would better fit the actor, giving more realistic movement to the prosthetics.
amazing opportunity to challenge ourselves and help us grow as artists.
This process is used by leading film and television make-up effects artists to create real-
The complete application processed was filmed after IMATS by Phil Holland. To view
istic make-ups. Creating a multi-piece prosthetic make-up does, however, require a more
the process and to see the final make-up, you can watch the video at
involved molding and sculpting process.
We started by taking a
full head life cast of our
amazing model, Kyle Pacek.
While I started sculpting
the hand’s, Niko
sculpting the cowl.
1630 urethane plastic
molds were made after
life casting Kyle’s hands
Finished Hand sculpture.
Before we can create
the fiberglass mold, we
must correct the positive. We
do this to make sure that all the
undercuts are filled and to add
keys. This will help to ensure
the mold will open easier and fit
tightly together.
Before I started
sculpting, I coated the
molds with a few layers of dish
soap so that we could “float”
the sculptures off the mold.
Soaking the molds in water
activates the soap so that
we were able to remove the
After correcting the
positive, new silicone
brush ups and plaster bandage
jackets are made. From these
negative molds, we will make
our first fiberglass positive mold
of Kyle’s lifecast.
Once the sculptures
were removed from the
hand molds, they were blended
flat on a board. We decided to
mold the hand prosthetics fat
to make the molding process
easier. It also allowed us to
create a thin, realistic appliance
instead of a glove.
The finished cowl
After Niko
sculpting the cowl, he
took the first snap mold.
He took an impression of
Kyle’s face, overlapping
the edges of the cowl
A new mold
was made that
contains the detail of the
cowl sculpture so that
we can overlap the next
sculpture perfectly and
blend it into the previous
sculpture seamlessly. We
will repeat this process in
the order in witch we will
apply the prosthetics.
After painting, we applied his hair pieces. Thank you to Beto Franca for ventilating
Hoggle’s iconic bushy brows.
One of the most iconic parts of Hoggle is his wardrobe. His leather vest, patch work pants
and bags of jewelry are as recognizable as his big nose and fuzzy eyebrows. We brought in
costume designer Patricia Almodovar to help us crate his unique clothing.
Niko prepared
the cowl mold
with a dividing wall to
create a two-part mold.
To create our molds, we
used an epoxy surface
coat to catch all of the
detail, backed with
fiberglass and syntactic
dough to add strength.
While Niko
finished the
molds, I worked on
sculpting the face. These
are just a few of the
reference photos I used.
Niko finishing
the last mold.
We ran the
out of plat sil gel 10
encapsulated with cap
plastic. We chose to use
silicone because of its
skin like translucency, feel
and movement.
After applying
the prosthetics,
we painted using a
combination of alcohol
based airbrush paint as
well as alcohol activated
palettes. We lightly
layered on colors to
create a realistic skin
Niko and Cat finished Hoggle make-up with
Kumara Romero and Gil Romero, Director of the
MUD LA campus. The finished Hoggle make-up applied at
IMATS 2014. The final application took around 4.5 hours.
a renewed concept of
professional make-up
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MUD Locator. 
Recognizing the need of working make-up artists and other
industry professionals to be able to broaden and increase their
knowledge, Make-Up Designory has created a series of part-time
courses. These courses are held conveniently at MUD’s main
campuses, MUD Studios and Partner Schools throughout the
country and internationally.
MUD Studio courses are based on the same great educational methodology
and teacher training that has helped to make MUD a bedrock in makeup education. The courses are pulled from the same curriculum that
comprises the longer programs at MUD, but are broken up into smaller
modules. These modules can be taken separately or combined, allowing
the student to transfer their education to one of MUD’s main campuses.
Make-Up Designory programs do not require any pre-requisites. Programs are
designed to provide comprehensive training in various aspects of make-up artistry.
A Certificate and Card are awarded for successful completion of any program.
Level I Make-Up Artist
Beauty Essentials is the first class associated with all MUD programs and is the first step in
becoming a make-up artist. We consider these 84 hours the absolute minimum necessary
to learn beauty make-up. With this program a student will be able to take the first step into a
bigger world or expand their knowledge to incorporate make-up into other services
This program consists of 24 sessions for a total of 84 clock hours and
consists of the following courses:
// Beauty Essentials
Visit or
to sign-up for an upcoming course!
Level II Make-Up Artist
We designed this program to cover the multimedia nature of work that make-up artists are
often asked to create. The program starts with the basics and covers the different areas
make-up artists are expected to know as a professional. Areas include fashion, print, film, and
television and bridal make-ups.
This program consists of 60 sessions for a total of 210 clock hours and
consists of the following courses:
Beauty Essentials
Bridal Make-up Studio Make-up
High Fashion Make-up Trends
Bridal Make-Up Artist
This program is designed for the person looking to start a career as a make-up artist for brides
and events. The program incorporates all elements of the Level I Make-up Artist program
and we include airbrush and bridal make-up. In addition, we also cover hairstyling to allow
students to design and complete the total look of a client.
This program consists of 60 sessions for a total of 210 clock hours and
consists of the following courses:
Beauty Essentials
Bridal Make-up
Essentials of Hairstyling
Coming Soon
 Check for upcoming
Studio Courses And
Workshop Dates. 
Individual Courses & Continuing Education
Make-Up Designory also offers students the option to take individual courses
alone in order to expand a particular area of expertise. Courses can also be
taken by individuals in related fields who are seeking professional enhancement
in their chosen area of employment.
At MUD, we are committed to helping students select the courses of study
that will best help them reach their occupational goals. For this reason, prior
to registration in an individual course, it is necessary that students consult with
the Admissions Office in order to be sure that they have completed all required
pre-requisites or have obtained the appropriate equivalent experience.
Please note the pre-requisite information listed for each course in its description.
In order to register for individual courses, students may have to demonstrate
that they are licensed, in the process of being licensed or working professional
make-up artists that possess the skills required to enroll. Certificates and cards
are awarded to students who successfully complete an individual course.
Beauty Essentials
This course is designed as an introduction to beauty make-up with an emphasis on
the techniques required today in this multi-faceted industry. Regardless of which
of these areas you intend to work in, mastery of beauty make-up is a must. In this
course you will start by learning facial analysis, base matching and application,
correction, contours, highlights, as well as a focus on eyes and lips. The course
finishes with complete make-up applications ranging from one hundred percent
corrective to natural make-up.
Airbrushing has become one of the premiere ways of applying make-up. In this
course we de-mystify the tool and show how to properly care and maintain it.
In addition, we teach the techniques to do beautiful, flawless beauty make-up.
Learn the techniques that are being required by the major studios as well as
demanding clients.
This course consists of 10 sessions for a total of 35 clock hours.
This course consists of 24 sessions for a total of 84 clock hours.
Bridal Make-up
Studio Make-up
Learn the techniques used to do a successful consultation with a bride and family
members. We will focus on the lucrative world of wedding make-up and what is
required to successfully run a bridal make-up business.
In this course students are exposed to film and television production and the
make-up required for today’s demanding sets. Learn how to work with highdefinition cameras and learn what is required of the make-up. We will also be
focusing on the no-make-up look.
This course consists of 6 sessions for a total of 21 clock hours.
This course consists of 10 sessions for a total of 35 clock hours.
High Fashion Make-up Trends
Essentials of Hairstyling
Learn the techniques employed by professional make-up artists working on
advertising and editorial. In this course, students will learn how to work on set
and create make-ups that can be used in fashion or editorial and how to work
with a professional photographer to create imagery that stands out from the rest.
Students will also develop his or her eye for make-up and learn what to look out
for in his or her own pictures.
This course concentrates on the basic fundamentals of hairstyling, from simple
blow-drying techniques to creating elaborate hairstyles. Students will learn to
create modern styles, as well as edgy and creative hair designs, using hot tools
and roller sets. This course incorporates daily projects and skill-building sessions,
to encourage learning by practice. As part of this course, students are required to
complete hair and make-up projects, which relate to on-the-job experience.
This course consists of 10 sessions for a total of 35 clock hours.
This course consists of 20 sessions for a total of 70 clock hours.
Coming Soon
Special Make-up Effects
Portfolio Development
Creating out-of-the-kit effects has been a staple of professional make-up artists for
decades as well as applying prosthetic appliances. Learn their craft in a hands-on
course that covers two-dimensional and three-dimensional techniques to simulate
injuries and other effects. Our team of professional makeup artists will walk you
through the process of applying and properly coloring prosthetics or other injuries
whether they are translucent or opaque.
Students are pushed to his or her creative limits in this high paced course. We
will guide the student as he or she design and create looks for multiple photoshoots. Students will work with professional models and photographers to create
a professional quality portfolio. This course can also be taken as part of a travel
package to either Milan Italy or New York City, in which students are immersed into
one of these two fashion locales.
This course consists of 10 sessions for a total of 35 clock hours.
Coming Soon
This course consists of 10 sessions for a total of 28 clock hours.
Professional products
with quality education
Each course kit requires specific tools for your class while helping to build your kit for professional
use. Inside your kit, you will find MUD products and course materials. Each kit contains a unique
serial number used to track your progress and ensures your appropriate certification.
Coming Soon
Select MUD Studios, MUD Shops and MUD campuses hold free workshops throughout the month for artists and the general public.
These intimate classes are designed to bring out the artist in each student and no prior experience is necessary. Each 3.5 hour
session includes demonstration and personal instruction by a MUD Certified Instructor. A variety of topics are covered, giving a
few hours of tutorials and demonstrations on professional techniques. They are great for gaining new and exciting insights on MUD
products as well as the steps to achieve the perfect look.
Evening Looks
Description: Learn the techniques employed by
professional make-up artists to create a beautiful
and youthful look for any evening engagement. The
instructor will give you the tools to create a make-up
for any evening occasion.
Photos of kits comming soon
Kit includes:
4-hole Empty Eye Color Palette
Eye Color Refill: Bone, Chamois, Concord, Pixie
Color Crème: Tulip
Lipstick: Sandy Beach, Just Peachy
Lip Gloss: Shine
Lip Pencil: Natural
Eye Pencil: Rich Brown, Taupe, Black Forest
Cake Eyeliner: Black
Volumizing Mascara
Cosmetic Travel Bag
Hours: 3.5
Class fee: FREE
Natural Day Looks
Description: Creating a natural, no make-up look
can be one of the more challenging aspects of
make-up artistry. We will guide you through the
process of applying make-up so it not only looks
natural and minimal, but also looks clean and helps
each person to look their very best.
Kit includes:
4-hole Empty Eye Color Palette
Eye Color Refill: Bone, Chamois, Sienna, Bronzed
Cheek Color Compact: Poppy
Lipstick: Just Peachy
Lip Pencil: Natural
Eye Pencil: Rich Brown
Cosmetic Travel Bag
Hours: 3.5
Class fee: FREE
Visit or to sign-up
for an upcoming workshop!
Smoky Eye
Description: Learn how to create a smoky eye with
our talented team of make-up artists. We will walk
you through the process of layering eye shadow and
creating the most amazing effects with the smallest
amount of product.
Kit includes:
4-hole Empty Eye Color Palette
Eye Color Refill: Dulce de Leche, Chamois, Espresso, Onyx
Eye Pencil: Black
Cream Mascara
Cosmetic Travel Bag
Hours: 3.5
Class fee: FREE
5 Minute Looks for
Women on the Go
Description: Don’t have much time to put on makeup? In this seminar we show you fast ways to get
flawless results. Apply make up in this seminar as our
professional make-up artist assists you in achieving
the look you want in less time and with less effort.
Kit includes:
4-hole Empty Eye Color Palette
Eye Color Refill: Chamois, Apricot, Sienna, Graphite
Cheek Color Compact: Gingerbread
Lip Glaze: Spicy, Bare
Cream Mascara
Cosmetic Travel Bag
Hours: 3.5
Class fee: FREE
Teen Make-Up
Description: Learn to properly apply make-up for
you and your teen/tween from professional makeup artists. These age appropriate lessons show how
much make-up to use and the proper way to apply
it. We will explain and demonstrate the techniques to
cover blemishes and make it look natural.
Kit includes:
4-hole Empty Eye Color Palette
Eye Color Refill: Taupe, Pixie, Bone, Cashmere
Color Creme: Tulip
Lip Glaze: Cantaloupe
Volumizing Mascara
Cosmetic Travel Bag
Hours: 3.5
Class fee: FREE
MUD New York School Director
Originally from New Jersey, Marc Scoleri completed his
undergraduate degree at University of Delaware and later
earned an MBA from Argosy University. During his early years,
Marc grew up around and worked for his family’s salon and day
spa. Since then, he’s always been drawn to creative industries
such as media arts, design, fashion and photography.
Marc worked several years in the creative recruiting and
talent management industry and eventually transitioned
into the educational sector. He spent nine years working for
Education Management Corporation and The Art Institutes
in Philadelphia and New York City. During this time, Marc
had several roles including Executive Committee Member
for college operations, Director of Career Services, Alumni
Coordinator and Career Advisor.
In 2011, Marc co-founded Creative Village, LLC to host
educational Meetups, seminars and internship fairs. His
commitment to helping students and recent graduates gain real
world work experience led to the launching of CreativeInterns.
com, an online internship resource that connects entry-level
talent and employers.
Be true to yourself. Do
what interests you. If
you don’t know what
your interests are, try
different things until
you figure it out.
You were hired a year ago to take on a pretty big role here at MUD. What
interested you in taking the position of School Director?
I was referred to MUD by Brenna Belardinelli, the current Assistant
Director at the NY campus. I worked with Brenna before, and she highly
recommended MUD; so I took the referral into high consideration. What
attracted me to this position was the opportunity to learn the behindthe-scenes operations of a make-up school. After the interview process
and getting to know the staff, I knew I wanted to be part of the team.
A school director oversees every aspect of operating a school
efficiently. With so many people involved in the operations, how do
you inspire your team to work together—in other words, what is your
style of leadership?
I believe in participative leadership and like to encourage employees to
try new things and to not be afraid of failing or making a mistake. I try
to find the areas that people excel at and encourage them to more of that
while supporting any development areas they may need to hone. I often
lead by taking action; I try to learn something about all the jobs within
the organization because it helps me understand what the pain points
are so that we can fix them or remove any obstacles that are in the way.
In addition, I make it a habit to get up and walk around the school to
check in with teachers and staff on a daily basis.
The entire NY campus is moving from one building to another. That
can’t be easy! What has been your involvement with this process?
We’re building an entire floor [15th Floor of the AMEX building] so,
I’m involved in the day-to-day construction meetings with the site
and building managers. I keep the CEO informed of our daily progress
when he’s in Los Angeles. It’s been a great learning experience and very
exciting to see plans come to fruition.
What do you expect the new space to offer your students?
It will offer an impressive 301 FX Lab with a skyline view as well as a view
of the Hudson River. Everything is being built out, so we have brand new
facilities. It will also include a student lounge, a separate teacher’s lounge,
conference rooms and lots of space.
How do you think it will make a difference?
One of the major differences is that the bigger space allows for more
Master and Multi-media students. The design and flow of the school
has a great creative energy—there are lots of windows and lots of light
coming in. There are two convenient entrances to the school; students
won’t have to carry their kits up a flight of stairs! The location also has
several trains within 1-2 blocks radius.
What are a few mind-blowing projects you’ve seen roam the halls at MUD?
I’m amazed by all the final projects. It’s mind blowing to see what these
students can create only after six months of training. With no prior
experience, to come out of FX 301 and create a full prosthetic character
make-up is just phenomenal.
Your professional path has stayed in line with helping people
achieve their career goals. What is the most important piece of
advice that you find yourself repeating to those searching for a
career that’s right for them?
Be true to yourself. Do what interests you. If you don’t know what your
interests are, try different things until you figure it out. Network (meaning
build quality relationships with peers and clients), get a mentor or talk to
someone in a field that interests you. It’s so important to do what you’re
passionate about. I give everyone that advice—be true to yourself.
“All the World’s a Stage”
- William Shakespeare, As You Like It
interview with actress Katarina Cas
Katarina Cas landed her first acting role at the age of thirteen in the TV movie Hell’s Plan. While acting began as a hobby, she’s been taking
movie roles ever since. At twenty, she began hosting numerous television shows and pursued her acting career more actively. She appeared
in several TV series and commercials and later went on to audition abroad where she landed a significant role in the Irish black comedy The
Guard—an international, multi-award-winner. This opened the doors to more opportunities including a role in Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall
Street. Other credits include a lead in a Scottish short film Liam and Lenka, and roles in the English comedy-series A Touch of Cloth, New
Tricks and Death in Paradise– the popular series by the BBC - and the movie Danny Collins with Al Pacino.
What gets you out of bed every day?
My golden retriever staring at me: “Yo! You ARE gonna take me on my morning walk,
aren’t you?” Every morning.
What goes through your mind when meeting new people? Trust or distance?
Nothing specific goes through my mind. I am generally a trusting person.
Do you tend to go with the flow or do you prefer to plan every detail?
Depends. I can be annoyingly particular, mostly in matters that do not really matter.
But, thank god, most of my closest people do not notice this characteristic of mine and
would still call me spontaneous.
Is the line between the characters you play and yourself always clearly defined? To
what extent does make-up help you define the difference?
Sometimes there are similarities between me and the characters I portray, but
I’ve mostly played roles that had absolutely nothing to do with my life and that is
what makes it most interesting. It is then that you can truly use your imagination.
The lines can be blurry, however. After all, it is me on the big screen, though a
different me, with a different social background, different behavior, a different way
of thinking—even though the emotions come from within me. You look for things
you have in common with the character and you try to get into being that character
the best way you can. Make up and costume help tremendously. Just by looking in
the mirror and seeing the character rather than yourself makes it much easier to
become that character.
What is the difference between a European and a US movie production?
I really enjoy filming, being that in the States or Europe or wherever. But, I think the
main difference is financial. In the US, film is an industry while in Europe it is still the
seventh art. Well, Bollywood is a whole different story, I guess, haha ...
What was your first thought when you got the call for “The Wolf of Wall Street”?
It was the most obvious of thoughts: Whadda...? Is this real? So cliché, haha.
What do you think best defines a good relationship between an actor and a director
and the rest of the crew?
Dialogue and debating the role, by all means. Aside from that I like working with
directors who are not nervous, who know what they are doing and have a sense of humor
... It’s easier to work that way ...The rest of the crew is really important, so the synergy
between an actor, director and the crew is very crucial. I think respect is the main thing.
We cannot omit this question – you have worked with Leonardo DiCaprio, Al
Pacino, Martin Scorsese ... Did you become friends while making the movie, were
they just colleagues or were they unapproachable stars?
They were all fantastic to work with, none of them ever made themselves
unapproachable. On the contrary—Leo was very welcoming and Marty was especially
attentive to my character and the scenes. We all shared the same kind of humor, but I
think I hit it off best with Scorsese, Christopher Plummer and Al. Generations aside,
we laughed like children together.
What do you expect from a professional make-up artist?
Understanding the character I am playing, collaborating and debating about what’s
important for the character. I did a role once with no make-up whatsoever (in the
BBC series New Tricks), not even foundation as that was in line with the character
I played. I had to appear distraught and older than I really am, so even no make-up
can be make-up for a specific role. Make- up and costume are definitely important
components for defining the visual appearance of a character.
When I was playing Chantalle from The Wolf of Wall street, they sprayed me with a fake
tan and I got really long fake nails—and, I have to admit, it’s hard to do anything with
such long nails, even just typing a message on iPhone! But, even such a little thing can
help with getting into the character.
The movie The Guard directed by John Michael McDonagh was shot in Ireland in
the freezing cold and wind. What were the preparations like on that set in terms of
make-up, costumography and hair?
I kept heaters in my shoes the entire time as well as wore thermo underwear and several
layers of tights and I was still cold. Gabriella, my character in the movie is shy and timid
so her make-up was minimal—a bit of lip ointment and a touch of mascara—that was all.
On the other hand filming Death in Paradise in Guadelopue (Carribean) was a totally
different story...lots of sun, lots of sunscreen and lots of mosquito repellents before
the foundation. I smelled like a lemon all the time, haha.
You have an opening night coming up for your new movie “Danny Collins”. How do
you plan your red-carpet look?
I am more focused on the upcoming work than I am on the wardrobe. But, that will
drastically change once the invitation for the premiere comes in. It will probably be in
L.A., so I will not be freezing for once—even in winter.
So what’s next?
Who knows?
1. Short film Liam and Lenka
2. With Don Cheadle on The Guards movie set
3. Martin Scorsese directing between
the famous scene
4. From the premiere of The Wolf of Wall Street
5. Scene from The Guard movie
6. Movie poster of Katarina Cas & Leonardo
DiCaprio from The Wolf of Wall Street
7. Katarina Cas with Kevin Costner
8. Cast from The Guard on Sundance film festival
9. With Al Pacino on set of the new
movie Imagine
MUD Alumni Shine Backstage at the
The fourth-degree black belt beauty, Nia Sanchez received the MISS
USA 2014 sash and crown amidst a cheering crowd at the Civic
Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and seen on television in over 70
countries and territories. As the official cosmetics sponsor for MISS
USA® and MISS TEEN USA®, Make-Up Designory was two-fold in
that MUD products were used and applied by a team of top MUD
graduates from their New York and Los Angeles campuses.
Becoming the sponsor of one of the most recognized brands in the
world, the Miss Universe Organization® started off with an instant
connection beyond a business partnership. As MUD continues to
grow into non-traditional target markets, they recognized that 2.5
million girls compete in pageants each year in the US alone, with
beauty products being an important investment. Most pageant
contestants are also involved with performing arts and other
performance based activities that often call for make-up artists to
prepare them for the stage. That’s when the theory just made sense,
“Why stop at the make-up artists when you can go straight to the
person that they’re catering to?”
The partnership kicked off on the MUD website with special tutorials specifically for
pageant viewers. Videos on how to create a flawless, natural face for any stage, as
well as glamming up the look with a dramatic eye were just what pageant viewers
were looking for. Face charts designed by MUD’s Lead Make-up Artist, Sean
Conklin were also available for download at
A special team of MUD Make-up Artists chosen by Sean made up the faces of all 51 contestants that
were queens in their own right, by representing their home state. For two weeks leading up to the final
competition, the girls’ faces were prepared for special local events, photo shoots and preliminaries.
Sean’s strategy for choosing his team integrated experience,
passion and professionalism. “Each artist had to be a MUD
graduate with experience. The goal was to create a great working
dynamic. Since we would be working on 51 contestants, judges
and TV personalities in a span of 12 hours, we needed to be quick,
precise and, needless to say, pleasant. Now that the whirlwind of
events are over, I look back and am astonished at the way our team
performed—like clockwork. The girls were all willing and able, and
as a whole, I couldn’t have asked for a better team.”
Lauren Smeraglia
Lauren carries MUD products at her salon The Powder
Room so she’s very familiar with the products.
Sean Conklin About The
Amazing MUD team
It takes amazing individuals to make a great team, we asked
Sean to sum up in a few words why he chose each artist.
Ashley Guirdy:
“I remember Ashley as a
student. She has a great
personality and she’s a
fantastic artist. It was great
to have a Louisiana local!”
Here’s what he said:
Vanessa Moreno:
“This gal is as sweet as
can be, but her skills
really pack a punch!”
Chelsea Wallace:
“Chelsea’s background includes pageants.
Her experience, along with her upbeat
personality, and her excitement for joining
the team is what sealed it for us.”
Jessica Poche:
“She’s another Louisiana local, so having her
friendly personality and excellent make-up
skills on our team worked out perfectly.”
Jill Pugh:
“Jill is fast and furious. Her
make-up skills in beauty are
superb and her work ethic is
phenomenal. We were really
lucky to have her on board.”
Denise Zamora:
“Dee is my right hand woman! She’s great at delegating,
awesome at her make-up skill and loved by all.”
For Nia, just when the crown has been placed over her head, she instantly gains a team of
With a lot to look forward to, one thing that she already has covered is her
publicists, road managers and coordinators. While her new home will be in New York City, she
supply of MUD products, which she has already begun wearing as she
will be busy with appearances and community service. She will then go on to compete with over
tweets, “I had my first #MissUSA video/photo shoot today! And I used my
89 women from countries all over the world for the title of MISS UNIVERSE 2014 in January.
new @MUDCosmetics to get ready! I love them!”
For more photos, visit
our Flickr Page and
makeupdesignory or scan
QR code:
The Hidden Powers of
ver the years, MUD has participated in
to continue spreading the word about their special
a number of tradeshows throughout
effects programs. These special niche shows are
the world as a way of educating
for the enthusiasts of everything from monsters to
consumers of product usage and
super heroes, with many participants excited to find
connecting one-on-one with potential partners.
out that there is actually a school that shares their
MUD Schools have recently joined the excitement of
love of goblins and vampires.
shows like WonderCon and Son of Monsterpalooza
Along with the Admissions Advisors, special guests
at the MUD booths included former
Face Off cast members Cat and Niko.
imagine lined the walkways of the Anaheim
During the show, the dynamic duo
Convention Center waiting to get into WonderCon.
demonstrated several special effects
After attending WonderCon I could see why the line
creations while interacting with a crowd
to get in had stretched as far as the eye could see.
of fans. But the magic sometimes isn’t
What kid-or grown up for that matter, wouldn’t want
in what is being demonstrated, for
to see their favorite super hero?
many of the attendees, it’s about the
As one of Niko’s youngest fans waved goodbye he
experience. Jarrell Mosley, the new
turned around and yelled back, “Niko I want to be
Associate School Director for the LA
just like you when I grow up”. As we all were humbled
Campus described the impact that
by the youthful admiration, it was at that moment
MUD graduates can truly have when
that I realized that not every hero at WonderCon had
they live out their dream:
on a costume and carried a lifesaver or laser beam.
“Super heroes, villains, and every
Some heroes wore a make-up belt and carried a
comic book character one could
MUD make-up brush and airbrush gun.”
beauty segment. MUD students have also been in
makeup and applied by the right expert.
charge of the makeup for the most important fashion
When asked what inspired her to work with MUD
and beauty shows in the country such as “Miss
and become a distributor of the MUD Cosmetic
Guatemala”, “Fashion Show Amiga” and “MNG”
line, she stated:
among others, working with the most prestigious
“It’s incredible to have a product that makes you
fashion designers in the country, national and
feel fearless and powerful, knowing that you have
international, like the famous “Guishem” which has
everything you need to create a beautiful face.”
designed dresses for many Hollywood Celebrities.
MUD Guatemala is located in one of the most
The MUD Guatemala school is owned and directed
prestigious areas in Guatemala City, just minutes
by Annie Morales, a passionate woman with a vision
away from exclusive shopping centers, hotels,
to provide the best education possible for every
restaurants, boutiques, coffee shops and clubs.
aspiring makeup artist.
Guatemala City is the most cosmopolitan and
has been
about creating
modern city in Central America and has a charming
beautiful faces for the last 13 years. She studied
and nostalgic mix of new and old buildings. The
cosmetology in California and earned a degree
City offers a variety of museums, theaters, art
as an Esthetician. She came back to her beloved
galleries, night life, and recreational activities. Only
UD Guatemala was established in
country and started working at one of the best
40 minutes away from Guatemala City, you will
February 2013 and since then has
beauty salons in Guatemala where she realized
find one of the most beautiful and historical cities,
certified over 60 students in MUD’s
there was a lack of experienced and professional
Antigua Guatemala; this city is one of the most
Beauty Essentials, Airbrush, Avant-
makeup artists in the country. So, she started
visited and loved tourist destinations; thousands
Garde and Studio Make-up Courses. Some of
getting involved with makeup until she fell in love
come to visit from around the world and some
these certified artists are already working on
with it and decided to specialize in makeup artistry.
even can resist staying. Another attractive and
premier T.V. shows in Guatemala, like “Un Show
She traveled to different countries around the
enchanted place is the ancient Mayan Ruins, Tikal
con Tuti”, “Estamos Motivados”, “Dale Que Va”
world learning various techniques, and came back
and El Mirador, where the biggest pyramid known
“Noticiero Guatevision” among others. They have
to open the first makeup studio in Guatemala.
to man has been discovered.
also appeared in some of the biggest morning talk
Her goal was to show the women in Guatemala
Visit us, for the sights, the experience and for a
shows like “Matutino Express” and “Viva la Mañana”
that they could and should look different for every
memorable MUD Make-Up course offered in Spanish.
as professionals advising on makeup tips for their
occasion they had in their life, wearing the right |
MUD in
Berlin style
ne white spot less at our european map of MUD Studios
– Germany is joining the ranks!
The first German MUD Studio opened its doors in
August with a soft launch and will have its big opening
in October/November this year.
The Berlin Studio is be run by Miriam Jacks, one of the many successful
alumni of the Make-Up Designory Los Angeles campus.
Miriam is the founder of the already existing make-up stores JACKS
beauty department, where she sold MUD products for the last 5 years.
Milan, Capital
of Fashion
n 12 months, more than 100 students have attended the MUD
school in Milan. Thanks to the international certification and the
level of education they’ve received, they have started working
with professionals including photographers and models and
Now MUD Studio and JACKS`s – are joining forces to produce MUD
taking the first steps into real life, actualizing the competences
educated and certified artists for the runways and studios of the
acquired during the courses. Some began working in the retail field,
media city of Berlin as well as the movie town of Babelsberg.
others working on great photo shoots and even collaborating in web
series and TV productions.
High quality products, soundly trained artists and good connections
And the progressively growing interest in this sector lead us to
The location could not be better – the classroom is in the heart of the
will make for a killer combination.
colorful and lively neighborhood of the famous “Prenzlauer Berg” area.
expand the MUD family with two new international instructors and
This won’t be only a destination for the Berlin and German students.
a new course: the Level II. This course, starts from the basics of
As is the city – so is the class room a big melting pot of students
makeup and progresses into more advanced areas like the use
from all over the world.
of airbrush, specialized make-up techniques used in television
and cinema, bridal make-up for the booming industry as well as
exciting high fashion make-up trends. Milan, in fact, is the natural
professional environment for those who want to work in fashion and
our partnerships with photographers and modeling agencies allowed
our certified make-up artists to set up their careers to soar.
And anyway - you don’t need a reason to travel to Berlin – it is “just
because”! Now you are even given an excellent cause to combine
your travel, learning about the world and other cultures with MakeUp Designory’s top notch education.
We are looking forward to see the MUD alumni from the first courses
at the next fashion week in Berlin, January 2015.
JACKS beauty department is one of the official sponsors and
Miriam is solely responsible for designing the look the official look
for the hostesses.
“Next time our students have the opportunity to join in - we will be
not alone on the 4 days, at 5:30 in the morning - with the mammoth
task of hair & make-up for over 85 hostesses.”
We keep you posted! Meanwhile, visit us on Facebook to see how
we do MUD – Berlin style!
This September on
We asked Germany:
»Who wants to
become a make-up
As part of the launch of the first German MUD Studio,
Miriam Jacks decided to make a grand entrance. We
thought, “The next best thing to shouting it from the
rooftops is a reality-tv show in the style of “Top Model.”
In cooperation with one of the main TV networks, RTL,
we shot a 5 part TV series.
But let’s face it, even something as simple as using a palette knife
takes some getting used to. Although in the end, they handled it
like seasoned artists, which reiterates the need for quality, real life
training and a solid education.
With only 5 days to shoot, there were often times a rush through
scenes to fully get the dramatics on camera, but the audience will
definitely get a clear scope of the pressures of an artist.
Leon, Katja, Alex (Winner), Jana, Kai
Location: JACKS Hairlounge, MUD Classroom, Brandenburg Gate
The Concept: Five contestants battle it out with live make-up artist
challenges, tricky makeovers, ticking clocks and camera eyes on
them for added pressure-all for the chance to win a seat in one of
the MUD Studio courses.
Each day, the contestants received a master class to learn more
about the foundations of Make-Up Designory and there was no one
better to start it off than with Paul Thompson himself. His heartfelt
presentation helped to ease the minds of the new students who
were already feeling the pressure.
MUD Graduate
At Make-Up Designory Schools, our most important
goal is to provide our students with the education and
experience needed to be successful in the industry.
Whether it’s working on a movie set as a special make-up
effects artist, or beautifying brides in the billion dollar bridal
industry, it is an imperative part our program that we are
an available and active resource to students even after
graduation. We are proud to share the accomplishments
of MUD Alumni to inspire, take pride in and applaud the
great artists in make-up artistry.
Jackie Caruso
Contributor: Stacia McCarthy
Jackie Caruso is a 2009 graduate of the MUD Journeyman certificate
program, where she received training in hair, make-up, skincare and
airbrush. Since completing her studies at MUD, Jackie has been a
consistently working make-up artist, freelancing in various industries such
as print, film, television, runway and bridal.
Her highest level of achievement since obtaining her degree from MUD has been keying
shows at New York Fashion Week for the past two years. The make-up looks applied
to the models were designed entirely by Jackie who participated in and supervised
the execution of her creative concepts. Recently, her work has been published in
Seventeen Magazine and Metro NY.
In addition to her freelance work, Jackie spends her days working at the Make-Up
Designory MUD Shop in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City. Her future goal is
to one day own her own shop where she can incorporate her well-honed skills and
expertise to lead her staff.
In between driving around Berlin in a yellow school bus, we managed
to squeeze in a stop at the German Government District with its
shades of grey concrete walls in countless angles-perfect as the
backdrop for the next edition of the MUD Art magazine.
Paolo Maranan
After graduating college with a double degree in the medical field, Paolo
Maranan decided to pursue his dream of becoming a make-up artist. He
chose to study at the prestigious Make-Up Designory (MUD) in New York
City. Since completing his coursework in 2009, Paolo has created quite a
name for himself in the make-up industry in his native country, the Philippines.
Within just a few months, Paolo earned the title of Celebrity Make-up Artist through
word of mouth referrals, becoming the main make-up artist for several Filipino
celebrities. As his national notoriety increased, Paolo was featured at the first-ever
launch of Clinique in the Philippines, a fashion show that showcased him as well as the
brand. He later became Clinique’s Chief Color Artist and Trainer.
The contestants, Katja and Alex got to collaborate with Miriam on
the assignment. After 5 make-up changes and shivering in hard
blowing, cold and rainy wind, the fabulous photos were born. Hey,
who said being a make-up artist was easy? The winner and runnerup are now preparing to be students. The journey that started out
as a yellow bus in front of the Brandenburg Gate, will sure to go on
to even more exciting places.
Photographer Making of: Patrick Wüstner
Photographer Teaser MUD Art Pic: Jaan-Eric Fischer
Model: Vanessa Schreiber
In his professional work, Paolo uses a variety of MUD products favoring the matte
blushes. He says, “I find them useful in tropical climates like the Philippines. The
matte blushes never let me down, it’s easy to create a dewy finish while avoiding
a too made-up look”.
The Basics: From a sheer natural look to a
flawless full-coverage finish, these versatile
Cream Foundations are easy to apply and
hold up beautifully under the most extreme
conditions. Formulated for ultra-smooth
blending and application. Find your perfect
match and use it alone, or blend colors like
the pros to achieve a specific skin tone.
WB 2
WB 3
WB 4
WB 5
CB 2
CB 3
CB 4
CB 5
YG 1
YG 2
YG 3
GY 1
GY 2
GY 3
DW 5
DC 5
The Basics: A lightweight pressed powder
foundation that can be applied wet or dry
to create a silky, smooth finish. Use dry
for a soft matte look or damp for more
coverage. The lightweight, talc-free formula
works beautifully with all skin tones.
The Basics: A finely-milled Loose Powder
that creates a beautifully soft, smooth
finish. So ultra-light, it stays on the skin’s
surface without settling into fine lines. The
silky-smooth formula applies evenly and
comes in a spectrum of delicate tones
from no color at all to a deep, rich brown.
Perfect for setting foundation. A musthave to conquer shine.
shop online
The Basics: Sheer pressed powder Bronzers
add a warm glow to any skin tone. Dust lightly
over the entire face for just a hint of color or
intensify application to create more dramatic
effects. The perfect finishing touch for any look.
The Basics: Creamy, pigment rich correctors
designed to conceal and camouflage skin
imperfections. The ultimate coverup for scars,
blemishes, birthmarks or dark under-eye
circles. Blend with Make-Up Designory’s Cream
Foundations for a flawless, full coverage make-up.
The Basics: A long-lasting, water-activated liner known for its precision and
versatility. The make-up experts’ choice
that’s perfect for everyday use. Create
subtle or dramatic looks effortlessly with
this professional-quality eyeliner. Go from
a super fine line for everyday wear to a
thicker line for more intensity.
The Basics: Vibrant and silky Eye Colors,
lushly rich with pigments for long-lasting
color. The unique velvet consistency
allows these versatile shadows to glide on
smoothly and evenly – wet or dry. Go wet
for more intense, long-lasting color or to
use as eyeliner.
The Basics: Keep brows groomed and gorgeous
with Brow Fix. This non-flaking gel formula
sweeps on with a brush applicator for maximum
precision and convenience. Squeezable tube is
ideal for use in a professional make-up kit, or to
create sleek brows on the go.
Cream and volumizing
The Basics: Award-winning Volumizing Mascara, rich
in pigment for even coverage and lush with fiber to
maximize and lengthen for super-volumizing results. Brush
applicator allows ultra-smooth application and control for
individual users, whether creating a subtle daytime look
or glamorous evening eyes. Squeezable tube is ideal for
professionals and everyday use.
The Basics: Versatile Eye Pencils soft enough
to line the eyes, yet firm enough to define
brows. Color glides on effortlessly, whether
lining eyes precisely or shaping and filling
in brows. Available in natural, pigment-rich
colors to complement every skin tone.
The Basics: Rich, luminous Lip Glosses that
leave lips feeling smooth and hydrated with
radiant shine. They glide on easily, never
leaving lips feeling sticky or heavy. Use these
slick glosses alone for a sheer wash of color
or layer over lipstick to enhance the shade.
The Basics: Luscious Sheer Lipsticks
in an array of translucent colors
compliment skin tone from extra-light
to rich and dark. Ultra-emollient formula
leaves lips feeling soft and supple.
The Basics: Light, emollient Lip Glazes
deliver a burst of sheer, glossy color
that’s smooth and never sticky. Stash the
squeezable tube in a handbag for a quick
sweep of color on the go, or use a brush for
more precise application.
The Basics: Luxurious Satin
Lipsticks with emollient-rich,
non-drying formula that leaves lips
feeling soft, smooth and supple.
Provides long-lasting color with
a smooth, opaque matte finish.
Available in an elegant selection of
lush, deep colors.
The Basics: Pigment-rich Lip Pencils soft
enough to shade the entire lip, yet firm
enough to line and define with precision.
The long-lasting color glides on easily to
complement Make-Up Designory’s luscious
lipsticks and glosses. Creamy enough to mix
colors and create your own shade.
The Basics: Sheer, non-greasy cheek and lip
colors add a fresh glow to the skin. Use alone
to create natural warmth, or over foundation for
a colorful finish. Creates glowing color that appears to radiate naturally through the skin.
The Basics: Versatile powder Cheek Colors
formulated with pigment-rich ingredients for a
smooth, even finish. Available in a spectrum of
beautiful colors – from soft and natural to bright
and bold – that will add warmth and intensity to
all skin tones.
The Basics: Lightweight gel Face Primer works
beautifully with Cream Foundations to create a
flawless, long-lasting finish. Apply directly to the
skin prior to foundation using a sponge or your
fingertips to create an extra smooth surface, or
mix into foundation for a creamier consistency.
shop online
The Basics: These refreshing towelettes
leave skin feeling clean while removing all
traces of make-up. No water necessary.
Convenient resealable packet keeps
towelettes moist and ready for use. Perfect
for life on the go.
round liner
round liner
angle liner
Fine, tapered point is ideal for creating extremely
thin lines when using cream or cake products
Tapered point allows for a precise, even application
Fine, sharp angle is perfect for creating precise,
even lines
shadow blender
Small oval shape works great for Eye Color detail
oval shadow
Flexible oval shape allows for easy color application
shadow fluff
Soft, full oval shape is ideal for blending Eye Color
shadow blender
Dense, soft, short bristles are ideal for creating a
smoky eye
Firm oval shape helps to blend and apply Eye Color
with control
Long, tapered bristles are porous yet soft to the
touch and are ideal for blending Eye Colors
mini fan mascara
Small, fan-shaped bristles allow for coverage from
the inner corner to the outer edge of the eye
angle liner
Fine angle is ideal for applying cream products to
hard-to-reach areas
Tapered bristles are ideal for creating a precise
lip line
#310s lip - portable
narrow flat
wide flat
Straight, narrow edge is ideal for under the lash
line, for maximum coverage
Dense bristles are soft to the touch and angled for
precise, controlled contouring
cheek contour
Dense, dome-shaped bristles are soft to the touch
and ideal for gently gliding color onto the skin
Straight, tight edge helps to create and blend lines
with precision
Soft fan-shaped bristles are ideal for removing
powder from under the eyes and other hardto-reach areas
Ultra-soft bristles remove and deposit powder
products with ease
A travel-sized brush for lip line application on the go
Wide, tapered bristles allow for quick and even
large oval
Squared, flexible bristles are versatile and easy to
manipulate to achieve a variety of character looks
Tapered bristles are ideal for applying cream
products to hard-to-reach areas or for creating a
precise lip line
Ultra-fine bristles blend cream products smoothly
and evenly around the face
The Basics: Trim facial hair, brows and false
eyelashes with these professional stainless
steel manicure scissors.
The Basics: Professional quality, double sided
point tip applicators are a must have for any
make-up kit. The firm, pointed tips allow
for precise application and blending, giving
ultimate control.
The Basics: These finely grained wooden
sticks are ideal for applying MUD’s false
The Basics: These precision-crafted, stainless
steel slant tweezers allow for a perfect grip for
cleaning up around the brow area.
The Basics: These professional quality
stainless steel shears are perfect for
trimming natural or synthetic hair for a
variety character looks.
The Basics: Create perfectly curled lashes with
Make-Up Designory’s professional stainless
steel eyelash curler. The specially designed
arch creates an even curl without creasing.
One replacement silicone pad included.
The Basics: Create flawless lashes using
Make-Up Designory’s individual Disposable
Mascara Wands. Universal to any lash type
with a flexible tip for easy application.
The Basics: Create a flawless, matte
finish using these soft velour puffs.
Specifically designed to pick up and
hold powder for an even application.
Available in packs of 2 or 10.
The Basics: Keep liquids organized and
separated with Make-Up Designory’s
plastic 2oz spray bottles. Conveniently
sized for travel and fits perfectly into any
professional kit or cosmetic bag.
The Basics: This wax coated Disposable
Paper Palette is ideal for easy clean up
in between make-up applications. Use to
mix foundation, lipstick, lip glosses, glazes
together and create quick custom colors.
The Basics: The HD Air System components include
the MAX-3 airbrush, AC-66H Air Compressor and
the airbrush cleaning station. Kits are available with
or without the compressor. Can also be combined
with 22 HD Air shades, many of which have been
formulated to exactly match certain MUD Cream
Foundations, Cheek Colors, Highlights and Shadows.
Also includes six colors for extra versatility when
mixing and color-matching.
The Basics: The CFX/FX wheels are designed for
creating a variety of injuries including cuts and
bruises with a formula designed to hold up under
today’s extreme production environments, these
inovative color wheels will help you achieve a wide
range of unique character looks.
CFX WHEEL #1 - Black, White, Olive Green and
Red. This combination of colors can be used for
cuts, burns and aged injuries such as bruising.
CFX WHEEL #2 - Fresh Bruise, Mustard, Blue
and Maroon. Perfect for making fresh bruises
and injuries.
The Basics: Developed for use with the airbrush
or as a liquid make-up, this silicone-based
formula creates a sheer, beautiful coverage with
a dewy appearance. Works seamlessly with
any MUD cosmetic product. Choose from 22
shades, many of which have been formulated to
match certain MUD Cream Foundations, Cheek
Colors, Highlights and Shadows.
Also includes six colors for extra versatility when
mixing and color-matching. Also available, the
HD AIR Kit with all 22 shades included.
CB 2
CB 3
CB 5
DW 5
GY 2
GY 3
WB 2
WB 3
YG 1
YG 3
CB 4
WB 4
new MUD web shop
now open
The Basics: From a sheer, light tint to a flawless
full-coverage finish, Make-Up Designory’s series
of cool-to-warm, light-to-medium shades of
cream foundations are versatile and easy to
apply. Formulated for ultra-smooth blending and
application, coverage holds up beautifully under
the most extreme conditions.
The Basics: Creamy Highlights & Shadows are
perfect for contouring cheekbones or sculpting
dimension into the face. Slim the face, minimize
strong features and highlight cheeks or jaw with
these versatile shades.
WB 2
WB 3
WB 4
WB 5
CB 2
CB 3
CB 4
CB 5
The Basics: From a sheer, light tint to a flawless
full-coverage finish, Make-Up Designory’s series
of yellow-green, light-to-dark shades of cream
foundations are versatile and easy to apply.
Formulated for ultra-smooth blending and
application, coverage holds up beautifully under
the most extreme conditions.
The Basics: Creamy, pigment-rich correctors
designed to conceal and camouflage skin
imperfections. The ultimate cover-up for scars,
blemishes, birthmarks or dark under-eye circles.
Use alone or blend with Make-Up Designory’s
Cream Foundations for a flawless, full-coverage
make-up. Available in eight refillable colors.
YG 1
YG 2
YG 3
GY 1
GY 2
GY 3
DC 5
DW 5
The Basics: This durable, uniquely-designed Set
Bag is perfect for organizing all of your make-up
related essentials in one place for easy access.
The large center compartment is surrounded by
handy pockets for storing bottles and cans. A
must-have for every make-up artist.
The Basics: Convenient 8-Hole Palette comes
empty to make it easy to customize any
combination of Make-Up Designory’s refillable
cream products. This reusable, magnetic palette
eliminates the need for disposable, one-use
make-up holders. The experts’ choice for its
versatility and smart design.
The Basics: This custom designed, 3-N-1 Brush
Holder boasts three convenient functions,
each ideal for keeping brushes organized and
protected. Wear it as a waist belt for work on the
go, use it as a stand-up holder for easy access
to tools, or simply roll it up to store your brushes
safely. Durable black belt has a protective flap
and several pouches to hold brushes and other
The Basics: Reusable, stainless steel work
palette is ideal for blending any make-up
product to create custom colors. Use of a
palette also allows the pro to always maintain
hygienic practices.
skin care
make-up primer
The Basics: Note every detail while creating
unique make-ups using MUD’s custom designed
Continuity Face Charts. The porous paper allows
for realistic blending when using make-up or
colored pencils.
The Basics: Stainless steel palette knife is
a must-have for removing cream make-up
products from their components, quickly
and easily. Protects make-up from crosscontamination.
cheek color
lip color
The Basics: Conveniently store up to 35 of
your favorite lipsticks and cream products in
this sleek plastic palette. Great for organizing
customized colors for easy access on set.
The Basics: This empty palette has 4 compartments for cream products and is perfect for
custom blending colors. The compact palette
is a convenient size with a screw top to secure
*Never pour hot products directly into the
palette, always allow product to cool and scoop
using a Palette Knife.
lip pencil
make up artist
© 2011 / Make-Up Designory
Printed on Green Seal Certified Recycled
phone // 818.557.7619 / 212.925.9250
The Basics: Now you can take your favorite make-up brushes wherever you
go. The lightweight yet durable black microfiber material wipes clean and the
convenient magnetic closure keeps brushes in place during transit.
The Basics: Creates the perfect point for lip and eye pencils. Metal blade works
smoothly and easily with precision. Convenient cleaning stick helps to remove
product from blade and inside sharpener.
The sleek, envelope-style travel brush set includes the 210S, 300S, 310S,
710S, 800S and 810 series.
Empty case also available.
The Basics: Create a flawless look effortlessly with these specially designed,
disposable Professional Make-up Sponges. Unique shape offers extra surfaces
and density keeps cream products from absorbing into sponge. Use wet or dry
for smooth, even application.
The Basics: This durable, uniquely designed case is ideal for easy access to
all your make-up related essentials. A must-have for every make-up artist, the
sturdy set case is perfect for travel. Two clear pouches conveniently store a
variety of make-up, tools, bottles and jars.
The Basics: A clear, durable pouch that conveniently stores a variety of makeup, tools, bottles and jars for easy access.
shop online
The Basics: This empty palette holds four of the MUD Eye Colors. Perfect for
traveling or carrying in a make-up bag for touch-ups.
The Basics: Make-Up Designory’s empty 10-Hole palette is slim and professional. Holds ten MUD Cheek Colors.
The Basics: Make-Up Designory’s empty 12-Hole palette is slim and professional. This palette holds twelve MUD Eye Colors.
The Basics: Make-Up Designory’s empty 8-Hole Palette allows the user to
combine six refill Eye Colors and two refill Cheek Colors. This versatile palette is
great for traveling or on-set use.
The Basics: Professional quality eyelashes, in a variety styles from natural to high-fashion.
She’s the One
New Collection from MUD
Fearless, powerful and feminine. She’s the one.
The Fall of 2014 brings with it a brisk of new air, a powerful force a strong feminine beauty. Her eyes captivate and her lips are spellbinding
- you’ve never met, but she’s the one.
Eyes //
Brownstone Eye Color
Black Cake Eyeliner
Lips // Mauve Lip Pencil
Burlesque Lipstick
Shop MUD products online: &
1. Face
2. brow
3. lid
4. Lower Lash Line
5. lid
6. Lower Lash Line
7. lip line
8. lip
Create the perfect canvas with a MUD Cream
Foundation and apply to the entire face using
the #940 Foundation Brush.
Apply Brownstone Eye Color using the #320
Shadow Brush or #350 Shadow/Blender Brush.
Use the #210 Angled Liner Brush to wing the
Brownstone into the outer corner and fill in the
complete shape up to just above the lid.
Using the #100 Eyeliner Brush or the #210
Angled Liner Brush, add the Black Cake Eyeliner to define the lash line, with a wing that
outlines the Brownstone.
Step by Step
Fall’s sultry eyes are created with the richness
of Brownstone and the precision of Black
Cake Eyeliner on our beautiful model Maya.
The graceful ballerina, Hyemin Kim lends her
captivating beauty for our step-by-step tutorial.
Each model’s lips are potent in Burlesque’s burst
of deep berry red.
Use the Mauve Lip Pencil to define the lip line
and fill in to deepen the lip color.
To create the classic brow, draw in the eye
brows with a complimentary shade of Eye
Pencil or Eye Color. Layer the color lightly for
more depth.
Follow the lower lash line with a soft application
of Brownstone in the outer corner of the eye
using the #210 Angled Liner Brush.
Work the Liner into the lower lash line, extending it just after the outer corner of the eye. For a
more dramatic look, apply Lash 101.
Layer the Burlesque Lipstick with the #310 Lip
Brush for a rich color.
Finished look on Hyemin Kim
1. The first step to this look is
bringing dimension to the
face by using principles of highlight
and shadowing. Cream or powder
products in flesh tones work best. The
more shades of products you use,
the more dimension you will achieve.
Look for the light spots and shadows
of your face by using a mirror.
step by step
Eye Color: Bone, Taupe, Statue
Dual Finish Pressed Powder: DFL#2
Brushes: #340, #300, #810
Contributor: Vanja Djuran,
Lead make up artis and
instructor at MUD Europe
2. The second step is designing
the eyebrows. For a precise
and realistic shape of the brows,
draw hair by hair on the face chart.
Using a fine brush, first sketch the
position of the actual brow with a
lighter color. Next, apply the shade
a little darker over the entire shape.
Finally, accent the outer corner of
the brow with an eyeliner.
Final look
Eye Color: Pavement
Cake Eyeliner: Black
Brushes #210, #100
3. This face chart was designed for the MUD
image specifically for the eye products so the
focus will be an eccentric eye make-up application.
Apply a light Eye Color to the inner corner of the eye.
Then add a darker color in the outer corner,
extending it all over the upper lid and towards the
eyebrow. For more intensity, first apply the creamier
version of the color, over the upper lid. Then blend
it in using the powder form for a precise transition.
Next, take a fine brush to line the eyes. Apply
to both the top and bottom lids. Use the same
brush with less product to create lashes with lots
of volume. Give life to the iris by coloring it with
color pencils.
Eyeshadow/Canvas,Onyx, Statue
Cake Eyeliner/Black
Brushes: #300, #810, #210, #100
4. The final step is creating
the lips. Use a cream
product, blending it softly on the
paper and adding dimension by
building up layers of product.
For a more realistic look, add lip
wrinkles using your own lips for
direction on how to draw them.
Lipstick/ Sandy Beach
Cream Highlight/ Light
Brush #210
Introducing MUD’s New Lip Colors That Make a Statement
The new, vivacious colors that can transform your look from fun to fabulous are making their way within
the MUD lip color collection. These rich, luscious hues go on smooth while the pinks, oranges and reds
show off a proud to be loud attitude that is sure to draw a crowd.
Make-Up Designory Los Angeles
129 S. San Fernando Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91502
001 818-729-9420
Make-Up Designory New York
375 W Broadway # 202
New York, NY 10012
001 212-925-9250
Make-Up Designory Europe
Rimska cesta 13,
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU
00 386 1 6200 348
 [email protected], [email protected]
Malaika Foundation
what to expect. At MUD’s Industry Speaks event, David
Dupuis did not disappoint. As a matter of fact, he wowed.
Students explored the world through the eyes of Dupuis as
MUD Cares continues to support the Georges Malaika
he walked them through a variety of his works using gels,
Foundation and its founder, Noella Musunka, who’s
appliances, and foam.
organization focuses on the empowerment of African
His best advice: “While you’re studying, you are already
girls through education. Such efforts continue to show
connected to this world. Be ready or close to ready when
improvement by striving to build tomorrow’s leaders.
that window of opportunity opens up for you.”
Lisa Leveridge. Following a tough act was the amazing
gilded avant-garde look from Beauty/FX 201 instructor
David Langford. Prospective students and families toured
the campus and inquired on programs. They also looked
on as grad combo Cat and Niko worked their FX magic on
their model Danny, transforming him into a very creepy and
decrepit zombie character. The event went out with a bang
with a raffle to a very lucky winner. A Fall Open House is set
to come with even more surprises.
The school will educate over 200 young women in the
village of Kalebuka by September. The students are all
surrounded by a loving and dedicated staff of teachers
David DeLeon
Emmy Award winning makeup artist David DeLeon also
visited MUD showing students why he’s one of the most
sought after makeup artist in the industry. He has worked
with such talents as Barbra Streisand, Ellen Degeneres,
Portia de Rossi, Harrison Ford, Sarah Michelle Gellar and
Jane Fonda lending his talents to numerous films, television
shows, stage plays, and print work. He also lectures at
makeup schools and conventions around the world.
His defining words of wisdom:
Expert Advice for MUD
and coaches supporting them all the way. Even in the
Celebrity artist friends of MUD help make the experience
face of tragedy such as the case of two girls, Beatrice
of the students, the most enlightening and insightful
and Juliene, who recently lost their mother to a deadly
disease shortly after losing their father, the orphaned girls
conversations with the students bring inspiration and
will continue their dedication to education with the full
insight that they wouldn’t get otherwise. Over the past
support of the GMF supporters.
few months, three artists in particular gave professional
Of her recent trip to Kalebuka, Noella stated that “Seeing
advice that any artist would appreciate.
the impact we are having in Kalebuka reminds me of why
I wake up every day and volunteer hours of my time – it is
& Events
“Establish relationships. We pull from people we know. It’s
rare that you hire someone you don’t know anything about.”
“You’re never going to work under optimum conditions. You
David Dupuis
have to learn how to operate under chaos.”
a priceless experience.”
“Do whatever you’re passionate in. It’s good to know all sorts
A few of the exciting activities that the school hosted this
of make-up, but stick to what you’re passionate about.”
year includes raising awareness of Women’s Day and
educating the girls on protection against malaria. To learn
Kevin James Bennett
more about this life changing, empowering foundation,
What do you get when you place make-up brushes in the
go to
hands of a guy in the storefront window in New York City?
Kevin James Bennett.
Open House for
Prospective Students
As MUD’s Industry Speaks weekly event invited Kevin to
speak to MUD students, he wanted to do more than simply
give words of encouragement. Prior to the event, the Emmy
Award winning artist casually visited the classrooms, talking
MUD held their Annual Summer Open House on June 7th
to students as they worked on their current projects. During
at the Burbank campus. Over 60 guests were entertained
their discussions, Kevin pointed out a few keys to success
with demonstrations and lectures from Beauty and FX
When you bring in award-winning artists that have a portfolio
based upon his own experience.
instructors such as the 1980’s Retro Avant Garde beauty
of creations from Pirates of the Caribbean, X-Men: The Last
“Be confident, but know the difference between confidence
and hair demo from MUD’s very own Beauty 101 instructor
Stand, The Hunger Games, and Blade II, you never know
and arrogance.”
which combines a medieval atmosphere and a western,
MUD products are always stretched to new limits by MUD
modern vibe. We are waiting for you to start a new adventure
artists for every campaign and this one was no different,
from 8th of September at the first Beauty Essentials course in
as they showcased the essence of MUD’s new seductive
Romania, designed as an introduction to beauty makeup with
lipstick shade Burlesque.
an emphasis on the techniques required in today’s multifaceted
make-up industry.
For complete course contents, fees and registration details,
contact a MUD Romanian Representative at [email protected] /
+40 751 324 444.
“Preparation for the future includes lots of practice and
sharing your ideas.”
“It takes a variety of skills to go from an artist to a brand.
Learn as many as you can.”
DOBI becoming retailer
of MUD Cosmetics
In the heart of
After inauguration of the Make Up Designory Shop in the lovely
and vibrant city of Bucharest, in December 2013, the success
With the creative team’s styling and artistic eye for the
of MUD in Romania lead to the next level: the opening of the first
perfect setting and MUD’s corporate team, every aspect of
MUD Studio. It took couple of months to search for the perfect
the campaign emerged, symbolizing perfectly. The brand’s
location, but we finally made it!!! Integrated in an educational
foundation of tradition fused with cosmopolitan.
artistic center that offers a wide range of classes—painting,
theater, modelling, ballet, dancing, music etc.—MUD Studio
Transylvania will share with the students the great experience
of its professional make-up artists. MUD couldn’t have chosen
DOBI, the largest wholesaler of beauty products in
a more dynamic and chic city in Romania, and probably in
Switzerland, carries over 12,000 products in their divisions
Central-East Europe, to partner with than Cluj-Napoca. It is the
of hair, nail, feet and cosmetics. Products are sold in three
second largest town in Romania, a magnificent city, placed in
beauty magazines across the country and in the most
the heart of Transylvania, with so many things to offer—from
recognized beauty e-shop on Other popular
a cultural, culinary, architectural and historical point of view.
divisions include their furniture department and their
Called the “Treasure City” since the 16th Century, the medieval
beauty academy where future stylists can learn by one of
ambiance combined with the charm of the Baroque and
Switzerland’s best educational institutions.
Romantic, Vienna attracts tourists from all over the world. Cluj-
DOBI is very proud to be a new retailer of MUD Cosmetics
Napoca, nominated as the European Youth Capital in 2015,
and we look forward to a great collaboration.
MUD Studio Zagreb
MUD Studio Zagreb opens its door in September under the
expert leadership of Lucija Juroš. Four years ago, Lucija has
established the first ever Croatian beauty agency. Considering
the fact that from day one MUD was her first choice, combined
with her vast enthusiasm and passion for make up, the only
logical step was to open MUD Studio Zagreb.
but also aspiring to become a European Capital of Culture in
the near future, is considered one of the best places to study
DOBI-INTER AG, Bernstrasse West 64, 5034 Suhr, Tel. +41
in, from this part of Europe. With more than 10 universities,
62 855 22 22,
this cultural city attracts 80 – 100 K students. And no one can
complain of boredom, as every weekend is filled with events
Collection Photoshoot
When it comes to creating a seasonal look, there’s more to
beauty than meets the eye. With the look comes a campaign
and with a campaign, there must be specific details-lots
of details. To ensure that all the specifics were carried out,
MUD’s Product Development Manager, Francine Reich and
Lucija has more than ten years of experience working in
Marketing and PR Director, Svenya Nimmons traveled with
television, film, theatre, fashion, art and bridal make up. She
the creative team for the photo shoot at the Kempinski Palace
has worked with some of the most prominent people in the
Portorož off the Adriatic coast of southwestern Slovenia.
business and is often their first choice when it comes to
“We’re looking for the classic look that transcends into
choosing an agency to work with.
a variety of cultures. It has to be something that shows
like: film festivals, fashion exhibits, artistic and magic shows,
culinary and traditional fairs, dog competitions or cycling tours.
International, vegan or Romanian restaurants, coffee shops,
tea-houses, pubs and clubs for any taste, make the image
strength in the way of beauty, but with an edge that makes
it more than just a pretty picture,” explains Svenya who has
worked on the development of brands for companies like
Dell and Toyota.
of a multicultural and divers city. Once you visit Cluj-Napoca,
you will be fascinated by the architectural beauty of the several
dozen old churches, considering that this city was a place
of religious multiculturalism since 16th century, gathering
together the Orthodox people, the Lutherans, the Calvins, the
Unitarians or the Antitrinitarians. There are palaces, museums
and statues, local stories and legends, but one also can enjoy
the hospitality of the people.
Croatian make up artist and industry professionals have
After a hard day studying at the MUD Studio, combining
great things to look forward to. Starting this fall, MUD’s
theoretical notions with a lot of practice, get inspired by a
highly regarded educational curriculum is being offered to
beautiful view, climbing up to the Citadel and enjoying a great
all make up enthusiasts thus making it simple to become a
panorama of the traditional tile rooftops and lush parks. Study
professional make up artist with an international certification.
the art of make-up in a professional set-up, guided by experts
Francine’s focus was on how the make-up translated on the
MUD Studio Zagreb is located at Republike Austrije street
in this field, but also let yourself be enchanted by a setting
model and through the lens of the camera. The versatility of
no. 7 in Zagreb.
studios &
partner schools
Los Angeles
New York
Make-Up Designory Los Angeles
Make-Up Designory New York
129 S. San Fernando Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91502
65 Broadway, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10006
Headquarters for
European Studios
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Berlin, Germany
MUD Studio Slovenia
Rimska cesta 13,
1000 Ljubljana
Slovenia, Europe
+386 1 6200 348
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Milan, Italy
MUD Studio Berlin
Sredzkistr. 52
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MUD Studio Milano
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Kortrijk, Belgium
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9000 Gent
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Cairo, Egypt
MUD Studio Cairo
18 Goal Gamal St.,
from Al Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz st.
+32 056 31 31 06
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Guatemala City, Guatemala
Mohandiseen, Cairo, Egypt
[email protected]
Guadalajara, Mexico
MUD Studio Guadalajara
Regina #1631, Providencia
C.P. 44630 Guadalajara, Jal.,
México 011 36402190 /
MUD Studio Kortrijk
Casinoplein 5
8500 Kortrijk, België
Zagreb, Croatia
[email protected]
MUD Studio Guatemala
Avenida Las Americas
13-37, Zona 14
Guatemala City, Guatemala 01041
+502 2484-7144
[email protected]
Lagos, Nigeria
MUD Studio Lagos
12B Fatai Idowu Arobieke
Off Admiralty Road
Lekki Phase 1 Lagos
MUD Studio Zagreb
Ulica Republike Austrije 7 a
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
+385 1 5530 401
[email protected]
Beirut, Lebanon
MUD Studio Lebanon
City Mall -Seaside
Entry P1 level, below BHV
Jal El Dib - Kanj St.,
Dadour Center, Block B, GF
04-722014/5/6; 70-543-274
[email protected]
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
[email protected]
MUD Studio Cluj-Napoca
Piata 1 Mai, nr.1-2
400058 Cluj-Napoca
Phone 0264442110 /
[email protected]
Partner schools
Bella Torre Academy Honolulu Hawaii
99-084 Kauhale Street
Suite 1A
Aiea, HI 96701
001 808-484-4871
Bellus Academy National City Campus
1520 E. Plaza Boulevard
National City, CA 91950
001 619-474-6607
Career Academy of Beauty Garden Grove California
12741 Valley View Street
Garden Grove, CA 92845
001 714-897-3010
[email protected]
Instituto Avant Saltillo Mexico
Raquel Siller #125
Colonia Los Gonzalez
25204 Saltillo Coahuila
001 (844)906 04 99
[email protected]
Penrose Academy Scottsdale Arizona
13402 N. Scottsdale Road
Suite B 160
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
001 480-222-9540
The Salon Professional Academy
- Onalaska Wisconsin
566 Theater Road
Onalaska, WI 54650
001 608-783-7400
Bellus Academy El Cajon Campus
1073 E. Main Street
El Cajon, CA 92021
001 619-442-3407
Bellus Academy Poway Campus
13266 Poway Road
Poway, CA 92064
001 858-748-1490
Eric Fisher Academy - Wichita
6727 W. Central
Wichita, KS 67212
United States
001 316-440-5555
Metro Beauty Academy Allentown Pennsylvania
4977 Medical Center Center
Allentown, PA 18106
001 610-398-6227
Pivot Point International Bloomingdale Illinois
144 E. Lake Street
Bloomingdale, IL 60108
001 847-985-5900
Tennessee School of Beauty Knoxville Tennessee
4704 Western Ave.
Knoxville, TN 37921
001 865-384-8564
Bellus Academy Manhattan Campus
Campus 1130 Westloop Place
Manhattan, KS 66502
001 785-539-1837
Blake Austin College Vacaville California
611-K Orange Drive
Vacaville, CA 95687
001 707-448-3100
Gould’s Cosmetology School –
Memphis Tennessee
1203 Ridgeway Rd. Suite 203
Memphis, TN 38229
001 901-767-6647
New York Institute of Beauty Islandia New York
11 Oval Drive, Suite #180
Islandia, NY 11749
001 631-582-4737
Pivot Point International Evanston Illinois
1560 Sherman Avenue, Suite 700
Evanston, IL 60201
001 847-905-5300
Artisan of
the Eyes
Create with MUD’s NEW Eye Colors
Bring your artistic vision to life with MUD’s NEW Eye Colors. These highly-pigmented
matte colors deliver a vibrant blue in Flight and Deco, a decadent brown with Semisweet
and the richness of purple royalty with Velvetine. Warm-up your masterpiece with
the sunset of Sedona, or cool down with the simplicity of stones in Statue and
Pavement—or, keep it simple with a wash of white in Canvas. Let your brush tell a
story that’s never been told!
Make-Up Designory Los Angeles
129 S. San Fernando Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91502
001 818-729-9420
Make-Up Designory New York
375 W Broadway # 202
New York, NY 10012
001 212-925-9250
Make-Up Designory Europe
Rimska cesta 13,
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU
00 386 1 6200 348
 [email protected], [email protected]

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