Annual Report - Danish Windmill



Annual Report - Danish Windmill
authentic 1848
Danish Windmill
Annual Report
Vision Statement
The Danish Windmill members are
dedicated to preserving and bringing the
mill to life to stand as a valuable historical
resource and a tribute to America’s rural
Celebrating our Danish-ness
It’s been almost 40 years since Harvey Sornson’s
cultural heritage. The Mill museum’s goal
―impossible dream‖ became a reality. The 1848 Danish
is to create a working example of life in an
Windmill from Nørre Snede towers proudly above the rich
earlier time, providing a rare glimpse into
fields of Iowa prairie, an ever-present reminder of our
the past when thousands of windmills were
scattered about the Denmark countryside.
agricultural heritage and the land that was settled by our
Danish ancestor farmers.
Mission Statement
The Danish Windmill is a museum for all
people interested in Denmark, Danish
customs, Scandinavian traditions and
The Danish Windmill is truly a partnership of many, striving
to keep the past alive while enriching the future.
windmills. Elk Horn’s Danish windmill is
America’s only authentic working Danish
Statement of Purpose
There’s an old Viking proverb that says, ―The search of
knowledge and learning is of great merit. Pass on what
you know to your folk.‖
The purpose of this corporation is
exclusively within the meaning of Section
501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and
And that’s what we strive to do.
in furtherance of those purposes, to
construct and maintain an authentic
Denmark on the Prairie brought new friends and rekindled
fond memories both here and in the old country.
Danish Windmill; to operate the Windmill
as an educational and historical museum.
Board of Director s
Christopher Frederiksen, President
John H. Jones, Vice President
Wanda Sornson, Secretary
Jana Boettger, Treasurer
Barb Smith, Director
James Pat Webb, Director
Margo Larsen, Director
Lisa Steen Riggs, Manager
Deb Bieker
Kristin Carnaby
Emily Copic
Faye Farley
Phyllis Hoegh
Jerri Hemmingsen
Debbie McClain
Jody Petersen
Julie Soll
Subject: Regards from a great-great-great-grandson of
the your windmill founder.
I hope you get my mail. My name is Claus Ulrik Kjeldsen.
Hello Elk Horn
I'm borned and raised in Nørre Snede
where your windmill is from. It is my
great-great-great-grandfather Poul
Svejstrup Jørgensen who took the
initiative for a windmill in Nørre
... Nørre Snede is a part of IkastBrande municipality, where i am in
the City Counsil. Our municipality is
the center of the worlds most modern
windmill production.
I wish you good luck in you
fundraising for the windmill. And i
hope to visit it sometime in the
I was born (1948) about 200
yards from the windmill, and
used to play very close to the
…We have just watched the
second program on TV about Elk
Horn. It brings a little tear in my
eye and a smile on my face.
BUT! Do you know The Kjeldsen Butter
Cookies? My Grandfather founded the
factory in Nørre Snede in 1933.
The butter cookies used to be sold in the
States in a blue tin. Today the brand is
called “Royal Dansk”
The site of the windmill was 200 yards from the factory,
which has grown very big since then and I even think that it
has been taken over by the factory ...
Kind regards
Simon Vanggaard Nielsen
December 31, 2014
Danish Windmill 2014 Annual Report
Hi Lisa.
financial overview
The Danish Windmill is a 501(c)(3) non-profit
organization. Its primary sources of revenue are
membership dues, charitable donations, proceeds from
museum gift shop and online sales and museum
admission fees.
Over the years, the Danish Mill has limited its
fundraising to an annual appeal for donations from
individuals in the local community supplemented by
drives for restoration and capital projects.
The Danish Mill Corporation recognizes a need to
diversify its sources of funding. Since the global
business community embraces the concept of corporate
citizenship and need for philanthropic outreach, the
Mill is seeking financial support from charitable
foundations, grants, corporate sponsorships and
donations, which has not been done previously.
We believe it will help to create mutually beneficial
partnerships today and build a stronger foundation for
the future.
The Danish Windmill development goals are intended to
help insure that future generations inherit a treasured
community heirloom and that the Mill can maintain its
independence and core values.
Fundraising and Development Initiatives
Museum shop, mail order, web store & online fundraising
Mortgage Loan- In May 2013, the Mill launched a campaign
to pay off the balance on a mortgage loan held by Shelby
County State Bank. Donations and monthly payments were
applied directly to the principal with an ending balance of
Proceeds from purchases in the Windmill Museum’s Danish import shop and
online store support the educational programming and operation of the 501
(c)(3) non-profit organization and help provide cash flow during the off
season for tourism. The online store features over 900 items and is also the
method for the Mill to raise funds online. To facilitate online and
international donations we revamped the website
Online Sales
and updated the product cart.
Endowment Fund- Mike Jorgensen gave 50 shares of Whole
Foods stock that resulted in $47,447.50 going to the
Windmill Endowment. The Omaha Foundation matched this,
up to $25,000 that goes to the Shelby County Community
Foundation. In addition, Mike received the 25% Iowa tax
credit. The balance at year-end 2014 was $74,056 up from
the previous year total of $15,500.
Appeal Letters/Emails– We launched two appeals in 2014.
A mailing was sent to 160 local farmers outlining the tax
advantages of our Gifts of Grain program and the
endowment fund in late July. ―Embrace your Danishness…
with a charitable gift to the Danish Windmill‖ was the
December 2014 electronic appeal. There were 7,138 sent,
1,721 opened, 87 clicked, and 24% open rate. The same
message was published in our catalog mailing and we ran a
full page ad in the Danish Village Voice.
A holiday gift catalog was mailed to past customers
and marketed online through Constant Contact.
Lisa attended the Minneapolis Gift Market in January and the
Denmark Gift Market in August to buy giftware for the Museum
Shop. We published the 1959 Church Cookbook which is still a
very popular item.
The 5th Annual Gala and Chair-ity Auction was held November 8th, and
over $10,500 was raised.
Grants- In 2014, we received two grants from the Shelby County Community
Foundation. The spring grant was for $5,000 to refurbish signage and replace
kiosks. The fall grant of $2,500 was to move the Ebeltoft Village from storage
to the Mill grounds including site prep, foundation laying, lighting, and
restoring the scale model. We were awarded an Iowa Tourism Grant for
$3,535 to update tourism print marketing materials to include new
attractions and install interpretive signage and that will be funded in 2015.
Amazon Smile- We signed up to be listed as a participating non-profit with
the Amazon Smile Foundation. Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price
of eligible products to the charitable organization selected by Amazon
Fundraising in Denmark – In conjunction with the airing of ―Danes on the
Prairie‖ part 2, there were many Danes that sent donations and suggestions
of potential funders in Denmark. We enlisted the assistance of Dane Henning
Brink to help out in the old country on the Mill’s behalf. In August, when
Lisa and Mayor Stan Jens traveled to Denmark, they visited with
organizations that share a common bond with the Mill to build some
Capital News
Morning Star Chapel– The relocation of Morning Star
Chapel was completed except for sidewalk and outside
outlet. Jana Boettger donated planters. The first wedding
was held on July 5.
Replaced Kiosk Signs – Funds received from the Shelby
County Community Foundation Grant ($5,000) were used
to replace three of the 46 x 46 signs in front of the Mill
that had badly faded from weather and sun damage over
the past 23 years. The community panel was shared with
the Museum of Danish America to provide directions to
their properties.
Our online store is primarily marketed through Constant Contact enewsletters. Altogether 47,498 e-newsletters went out; 13,774 opened;
2,419 clicks with an open rate 32% and sales generated using coupons
included in the newsletter totaled $12,586.05.
Our connections with the old country
―Danes on the Prairie – Back to Elk
Horn‖– ―Danmark på prærien –
Tilbage til Elk Horn‖ Part two aired
several times during the Spring of
2014. There was an outpouring of
good wishes and emails from Danes as
a result. We received over $11,000 in
donations and many new
We sent follow-up emails and posted
on Facebook regularly as Danes
responded to the ―Danes on the
Prairie‖ airing, then mailed thank you
notes after that.
Meet & Greet in Nørre Snede, DK
In conjunction with a trip to the
Denmark gift market, arrangements
were made to hold a program in
Nørre Snede to thank everyone for
their support. Lisa and Mayor Stan
Jens were greeted by 375 at the
While there, they visited the old
mill site and the Kelsen cookie
Denmark on the Prairie was
nominated for best documentary
film award and they attended the
ceremony with Jakob and Anders.
Computer and web store programs were updated to
improve e-commerce capabilities and security.
Impact of weather conditions
The weather took quite a toll on the Mill in 2014. The outside water faucet
was replaced due to frozen pipes. In June, a new sump pump was installed
as a result of basement flooding. Wind damaged the billboard at the Adair
location on I-80 twice.
The most significant weather-related issue is that the Mill summer's
extreme heat, followed by the harsh Iowa winter last year, took a serious
toll on the Mill. It shifted the mechanical structure of its sails and the
brackets that hold the shutters bringing the mill to a standstill for safety
reasons. We need the expertise of an experienced millwright to provide
technical assistance to get it turning again.
Danish Windmill 2014 Annual Report
In spring, we announced the 2014 collectibles with a
direct mail postcard and online advertising campaign
offering free shipping for orders placed by April 1.
The open rate for the two email blasts had an open
rate of 38-40 percent and merchandise sales for the
first quarter totaled $20,244.30.
The trip included a stop at the Siemens wind turbine factory. They were
featured in the Siemens Technology international newsletter. There was a
lot of press in Denmark surrounding the Nørre Snede visit.
Spise med Price Filming a Danish Holiday Meal– The popular cooking show,
Spise med Price, came to film in Elk Horn for one week. The Mill helped the
producer set up logistics for three weeks prior to the filming.
A Frokost luncheon was held with proceeds of $850 being donated to the
Mill. For the Christmas dinner show, Jan and Larry Fajen offered their home
for the filming, food preparation and dinner. The two shows aired on DR1 in
Denmark with wonderful response.
Leisure Travel and Iowa Welcome Center—The Danish Windmill is one of
Iowa’s private welcome centers through a contract with the Iowa Tourism
Office. Over 250 brochures from throughout the state are displayed at the
Mill and three staff members are certified welcome center employees.
Phyllis attended Welcome Center spring training and attended Council Bluffs
familiarization (FAM) tour.
In 2014 we had 63,094 visitors, 215 surveys were taken representing 15,551
travel parties for the Iowa Department of Economic Authority. Visitors came
from every state in the nation and 44 foreign countries.
Group Tours- In 2014, forty-one tour groups visited the mill for a total of
2,158 people and $2,335 in admissions. The groups originated from 27 tour
companies and ―walk-in‖ groups of 8 or more people.
A Western Iowa tour article in Our Iowa resulted in seven group tours. We
had a Corvette tour with 25-30 autos and a number of student tours
including two groups from Denmark. Walk-in tours totaled 299 people and
included three bus tours and two of the three were Danish groups. Other
tours included school groups, church groups, health care groups, and
The Mill belongs to Iowa Group Travel Association. Pictures of the Windmill
are on their marketing pieces and tradeshow banners, and itineraries
including the Mill were published in two national group tour magazines.
We also publish a group travel brochure for the Danish Villages which offers
discounts for 25 people or more and one central point of contact for tour
planners. We collaborate with other nearby cultural heritage attractions to
promote culinary and ethnic tours.
Epic Iowa Road Trip – To kick off the 2014 tourism season, the three tourism
regions and Iowa Tourism office jointly sponsored the Epic Iowa Road Trip.
The tour ran from May 2-10, visited 22 counties in Iowa and traveled 9,000
miles. The Windmill was one of the stops in Western Iowa. The trip was a
publicity event to attract attention and promote travel within the State of
Iowa. There were ongoing communications through social media and videos
filmed, which are on You Tube.
Iowa Outstanding Tourism Attraction of the Year- Iowa Tourism Office and
the Travel Federation of Iowa awarded
the Danish Windmill, the Outstanding
Tourism Attraction (Rural) of the Year
Award. This award category honors an
attraction showing overall excellence in
supporting and growing tourism in Iowa
over the last year. (―Rural‖ means
communities under 10,000 in
population). This is the third time the
Mill has been the recipient of this
Travel Federation of Iowa (TFI) – Lisa
Riggs is serving as president from July
2014– June 2015.
Increase in Danish Visitors- There was a
significant increase in the number of
Denmark leisure travelers visitors. The month with the highest number of
visitors was July.
Danish Farmer Students Group Tour – In April, students from the
agricultural school, Landbrugsskolen in Høng Sjælland, Denmark, visited the
Windmill as a part of their US tour. Their courses of study were production,
agricultural economist, and company leaders. We coordinated their visit and
farm tour.
Danish Ladies Group Tour—A Facebook group of Danish-speaking ladies
came for a 3-day tour of the Danish Villages in October.
Marketing, Promotion and Advertising Recap
Brochures – Printed and distributed
3,000 Danish Windmill brochures to
the Iowa Welcome Centers, updated
group tour brochure and itineraries.
Journalists – Interviews by Jylland
Posten, Washington Post, Ude og
Hjemme,, State Bloggers,
Iowa Nice Guy and journalists on
the Epic Iowa Road Trip
Stories and featured in:
Cedar Rapids Gazette
Chicago Tribune
CNN Web Travel
Dane-A-Log-Danish Brotherhood
Danish Villages Voice
Den Danske Pioneer
Des Moines Register- Kyle Munson
DK Newspapers– Articles on DK Visit
Group Tour Magazine
Independent Film Awards- Denmark
on the Prairie nominated for best
documentary of a film that is IowaRELATED.
Iowa Nice Guy – Epic Iowa Road Trip
YouTube Video
Iowa Tourism Blog
KIOS Public Radio
Leisure Group Travel Magazine
Midwest Living
Morgenavisen – Jyllands – Posten
Omaha World Herald
Road Trips
Power of Travel Day
Produce Iowa
Shelby County State Bank
Harlan Tribune
Siemens- Headlines in worldwide
company newsletter
The Danish Pioneer
The Iowan
The Week
Thunder Roads Iowa
Ude og Hjemme
Des Moines Sunday Register
Washington Post
Advertising Recap:
2014 Tourism and Visitors Guide –
Smart Shopper, Carroll
Council Bluffs Nonpareil
Tivoli Fest Flyer
Western Iowa Tourism Region
advertising insert, shared with
German Hausbarn
Western Iowa Tourism Visitors
Atlantic News Telegraph
Audubon County Newspapers
Social Media, Publicity, E-News
and Press Releases
Facebook– 3,479 likes, 939 visits
57% are women, average age for
both men and women is 45-54.
1,804 are from Denmark and 1,496
from the US and the rest of the
world. The windmill has Twitter,
Instagram and Pinterest accounts
Constant Contact Sent to Danish
Supporters after Denmark on the
Prairie, part II -- 75% of the people
who received the Constant Contact
email opened and read it. Industry
average is 18%, the Danish Windmill
average open rate is 38%.
Senator Harkin’s Farewell Tour –
celebrating the 38th Anniversary of
Senator Harkin’s visit to the Danish
Windmill. State Director, Rob
Barron, delivered a message from
Harkin and presented the Windmill
Board with a ―Salute to Shelby
Tivoli Fest & Leverpostej ContestLisa Riggs and Debbie McClain
served on the committee. The Mill
sponsored the Tour de Tivoli and
the 1st Annual Leverpostej Contest.
Iowa State Fair Sponsorship –
Danish Rye Bread competition
From the Field to the Mill to the
Table. Recipes needed at least 50%
rye flour or rye graham. Entries
judged on taste and texture.
Julefest – 36th Annual; 2nd Annual
5k Polar Run
Organizations, Committees,
Memberships and Community
Western Iowa Tourism Region –
Lisa is one of three that represent
Western Iowa on the Travel
Federation of Iowa board and also
served on the Nominating
Travel Federation of Iowa- Lisa is
president for this statewide tourism
advocacy organization during 20142015.
Better Elk Horn Club
Tivoli - Lisa and Debbie M. are
members of the committee.
SPOOM (Society for Preservation of
Old Mills in America) – The Danish
Windmill is a member.
TIMS (The International
Molinological Society) – The Danish
Windmill is a member and Lisa is an
individual member and serves as the
corresponding member for countries
that don’t have a representative.
2014 Donations
The Gala Chair-ity Auction
The Auction Generated $10,500
Thanks to the following generous
donors who had fun outbidding
each other:
Brent and Jill Madsen
Lyle and Wave Petersen
Calvin and Phyllis Hoegh
Mark and Barb Smith
Dan and Garnett Petersen
Megan Riggs
Dan Hansen
Merlyn and Jeanette Knudsen
Dustin Potter
Mike and Debbie McClain
Frank and Jerri Hemmingsen
Mike and Lou Howard
Gaylin and Marcia Huey
Nate and Carrie Potts
James and Diane Nielsen
Paul and Annette Gude
Joe and Linda Stroeher
Randy and Mary Henningsen
Katrina Riggs/Ryan Parker
Richard Bradshaw
Kristin Carnaby
Stan and Michelle Jens
Larry and Barb Petersen
Steve and Jana Boettger
Laura Smith
Tracy Marshall
Auction Item Contributors
Thanks to the following generous
donors who contributed items to
the Auction:
Alan and Susan Steen
Jim and Phyllis O’Keefe
Brenda Nelson
Jo Nell Block
Brent and Jill Madsen
Joni Griffin
Calvin and Phyllis Hoegh
June Rhoads
Dan and Garnett Petersen
Mark and Barb Smith
Danish Countryside Vines &
Martin and Shirley Nelson
Danish Tourists
Mike and Lisa Riggs
Dumpster Divas
Old Danish Workshop (Gene
Dustin Potter
Pat and LaJean Webb
Egon Simonsen
Potts Tree Service
Frank and Jerri Hemmingsen
Rod and Julie Soll
Henningsen’s Processing
Stan and Michelle Jens
Howard and Karma Sorensen
Steve and Jana Boettger
Jens and Gerda Rost
Wayne and Janell Hansen
2014 Denmark on the Prairie
Donations $11,650
$1 - $99
Aaberg, Kim – Soborg, DK;
Andersen, Anders – Roskill, DK;
Andersen, Charlotte – Vejle,
Jylland, DK; Andersen, Jørgen –
Hasselager, DK; Andersen, Ole –
Aakirkeby, DK; Baand Iversen,
Thomas – Horsens, RegionMidt,
DK; Baird-Olson, Karren –
Northridge, CA; Baszkieiwcz,
Rune – Copenhagen N, DK;
Bennekov, Thomas – Hørsholm,
DK; Berg Glasius, Soeren – Ty,
DK; Bering, Christian –
Sonderso, DK; Berth, Gregers
Ehmsen – Virum, DK; Binderup,
Laurids – Copenhagen,
DK; Bogh, Jacob – Copenhagen,
DK; Boisen, Grethe – Aabenraa,
DK; Bondesen, Elisabeth – Vejle,
DK; Bramm, Mogens – Ejlstrup,
Odense, DK; Brandt, Renø
Duevang – Koge, DK; Brogaard,
Ole – Agerbaek, DK; Bromose,
Frands – Copenhagen, DK; Brox,
Tom – Dilkeborg, DK; Buckholz,
Daniel – Tylstrup, DK; Burholt,
Kaj – Hjørring, DK; Carlsen, Peter
– Meløse Skævinge, DK;
Christensen, Flemming –
Frederiksberg, DK; Christensen,
Lisbeth – Frederkshavn, DK;
Christensen, Martin –
Copenhagen S, DK; Christensen,
Torben – Albertslund, DK;
Clausen, Susan – Harleysville,
DK; Clemens, Hanne – Holbæk,
DK; Clemmensen, Randi and
Mogens – Kr. Saaby, DK; Dam
Jensen, Tanja - Ringe, DK;
Dengler, Christina – Westfield,
NJ; Dohn, Peter Albert – Grenaa,
DK; Dose, Ulla – Copenhagen,
DK; Elrich, Gert – Aabenraa, DK;
Fischer, Martin – Valby
Copenhagen, DK; Fogh, Karl –
København, DK; Frederichsen,
Michael – Vallensbæk Strand,
Køvenhavn; Gøderum, Pia – Faxe
Ladeplads, DK; Gormsen, Jens –
København, DK; Gregersen,
Tanja – Vojens, DK; Grønning,
Morten – Copenhagen, DK;
Gunst-Maller, Marrianne –
Søborg, DK; Halvorsen, Lea –
Vanlose, DK; Hansen, Bjarne –
Svendborg, DK; Hansen, Claus –
Vissenbjerg, DK; Hansen, Heni –
Tilst, DK; Hansen, John –
Thisted, DK; Hansen, Nikolaj
Ravn – Stenløse, DK; Hansen,
Rico Bergholdt – Odense C, Fyn,
DK; Hansen, Thomas Kryger –
Bindslev, DK; Hansen, Vagn
Hening – Agerskov, DK; Helbo,
Christian – Frederikshavn, DK;
Herranz, Enrique Marina –
Vanloese, DK; Hoegsted, Lars –
Vinton, VA; Hoff, Jesper København, DK; Hougesen,
Brian – Skoedstrup, DK; Hvid
Jensen, Per – Galten, DK;
Iversen, Lars – Ikast, DK;
Jacobsen, Ida Bornholt Dyrholm
– Køvenhavn N, DK; Jakobsen,
Michael – Ryslinge, Fyn, DK;
Jakobsen, Mogens Egon –
Fredensborg, DK; Jellinge, Poul
Erik Petersøn – Tørring, DK;
Jensen, Claes Eiken –
København S, DK; Jensen, Erik –
Randers, DK; Jensen, Henrik –
Jylland, DK; Jensen, Jacob
Frejlev – Broenderslev, DK;
Jensen, Martin – Midt, DK;
Jensen, Neel Skovgaard – Vra,
DK; Jensen, Teddy – Gilleleje,
DK; Jensen, Tine – Jelling, DK;
Jeppesen, Peter – Valby, DK;
Jepsen, Bjarne – Vojens, DK;
Joergen Rathgen, Hans –
Haderslev, Syd Jylland, DK;
Joergensen, Gorm – Bagsvaerd,
DK; Johansen, Janus Silberg –
Roedovre, Copenhagen, DK;
Johansen, Morten Bo – Odense,
DK; Jørgensen, Jacob – Aerhus,
Jylland, DK; Jørgensen, Ole –
Vejle, Jylland, DK; Justesen,
Christoffer – Ikast, Midtjylland,
DK; Kampmann, Sanne –
Lyngby, DK; Kilden-Petersen,
Tine – Copenhagen, DK; Kofod,
Lena – Gistrup, DK; Kristensen,
Birgitte – Virum,
Storkoebenhavn, DK; Kristensen,
Karina – Herfoelge, DK;
Kristiansen, Lene –
Frederiksberg, DK; Kyed, Erling –
Ringsted, DK; Langpap, Ulrich –
Dragør, DK; Larsen, Sofie –
Brønshøj, DK; Larsen, Timm
Willum – Slangerup, DK;
Lauritsen, Kasper – Kolding, DK;
Lauritsen, Kjeld – Samso, DK;
Ljungberg, Martin – Holte, DK;
Lomberg, Bjarke – Vejle, DK;
Lundberg, Helle – Grindsted, DK;
Lykke, Charlotte – Sydals, DK;
Lynge, Jesper – Stavanger, NO;
Madsen, Peter – Copenhagen,
DK; Malmberg, Henrik –
Roedovre, DK; Mark, Katrine –
Aarhus C, DK; Mejer, Karina –
Odense SV, DK; Mikkelsen,
Nikolaj – Slagelse, DK; Milling,
Jesper – Faaborg, DK; Moensted,
Casper – Aabyhoej, DK; Moerk,
Hans – Vejle, Jylland, DK; Morch,
Lars Henrik – Aalborg, DK;
Mousten, Michael – Hinnerup,
DK; Munch, Martin Monterossi –
Copenhagen, DK; Nakel, Michael
– Frederiksberg, DK; Nielsen, Ea
– Virum, DK; Nielsen, Hans
Henrik – Vinderup, O, DK;
Nielsen, Helle Klok – Skive, DK;
Nielsen, Joan – Ans, DK; Nielsen,
Danish Windmill 2014 Annual Report
John – Copenhagen, DK;
Nielsen, Kristoffer – Græsted,
DK; Nielsen, Martin –
København NV; DK; Nielsen,
Mikkel – Vejen, DK; Nielsen,
Mogens – Stockholm, SE;
Nielsen, Ole – Copenhagen V,
DK; Nielsen, Stinus Morten –
Valøse, Copenhagen, DK;
Nielsen Kamp, Jeanne –
Videbæk , DK; Noe-Nygaard,
Mikkel - Hoerning, DK; Nørmark,
Rigge – Karlslunde, DK; Olesen,
Jens Jyderup, Sjaelland, DK;
Olesen, William Houmøller –
Vanløse, DK; Mouritzen, Annette
– Kerteminde, DK; Oliver, Derek
– Vejle Ust, DK; Olsen, Iben –
Gundhjem, DK; Orsini, Mette –
Copenhagen East, DK; Pagh,
Michael – Kolding, DK;
Pedersen, Claus Busk – Odder,
DK; Pedersen, David Bue –
Fredensborg, DK; Pedersen,
Henrik – Gilleleje, DK; Pedersen,
Michael – Malmø, DK; Pedersen,
Morten Hougard – Aarhus C, DK;
Pedersen, Pia – Kjellerup, DK;
Pedersen, Rudi – Herning, DK;
Petersen, Kaj – Aarre, DK;
Pilgaard, Dennis –
Frederikshavn, Nordjylland, DK;
Poulsen, Henriette – Kalundborg,
DK; Rasmussen, Christian –
Køge, DK; Rasmussen, Frank –
Copenhagen S, DK; Rasmussen,
Jonas – Copenhagen S, DK;
Rasmussen, Kaj – Juelsminde,
DK; Rathje, Anne – Kastrup, DK;
Ravnborg, Rikke – Jacksonville,
FL; Roeder, Anne-Pernille –
Brøndby, Ms, DK; Sander, Pia –
Roskilde, DK; Scheller, Hanne –
Birkerød, DK; Schiønning,
Morten – Copenhagen S, DK;
Schmidt, Beitta – Frørup, DK;
Schmøde, Mingo – Frederiksberg
C, DK; Schytte, Steen –
Bjaeverskov, DK; Soerensen,
Palle – Oerslev, DK; Sonderskov,
Leon – Vejle, DK; Sorensen,
Laus – Behomia, CZ; Sorensen,
Mickey – Vejle, DK; Sorensen,
Per – Bjaeverskov, Zealand, DK;
Sorensen, Soren –
Augustenborg, DK; Stensgaard,
Peter – Herning, DK; Stig
Hansen, Martin – Copenhagen,
DK; Srandet Lund, Tina –
Brønshøj, DK; Thaysen, Erik –
Roskilde, DK; Thoisen, Lisa –
Copenhagen, DK; Thomsen,
Asger Ehrenreich – Aarhus N,
DK; Thomsen, Torsten Bøgh –
København N, DK; Thrige, Dorthe
– Valby, DK; Thuesen, Kirsten –
Middelfart, Fyn, DK; Vankrog,
Christian – Frederikshavn, DK;
Vankrog, Karina Helledie –
Schafflund, DK; Vangkilde, Per –
Karup, DK; Vestergaard, Martin –
Hasselager, DK; Vibeke Plenge,
Anne – Idestrup, DK; Villadsen,
Jens – Copenhagen S, DK;
Vogelius, Michael – Aarhus V,
DK; Winter, Louise – Aelborg Sø,
DK; Wissing, Ole – Silkeborg, DK;
Wolfe, Pam – Atlantic, IA; Würtz,
Solveig – Kastrup, DK; Zetlitz,
Michael – Hilleroed, DK; Hansen,
Dennis – Copenhagen, DK;
Skjoldgaard, Mette – Aalborg,
DK; Ringsing Southorn, Lise –
Fyn, DK; Simonsen, Jørn –
København, DK; Jensen, Teddy –
Gilleleje, DK; Th, Lisbeth – Skaer,
DK; Thomsen, Per – Faaborg,
DK; Thuesen, Jens-Erik –
Middelfart, DK; Eggert, Kim –
Skagen, DK; Bondesen,
Elisabeth – Vejle, DK; Jan
Maagaard – Randers, DK;
Pedersen, Frank – Skive, Jylland,
DK; Ivar Ravn – Horsens, DK;
Nielsen, Henning – Stenstrup,
DK; Knudsgaard Larsen, Vivi –
Hammel, DK
Ellen – Uster Alling, Auning, DK;
Dahse, Lars – Horsens, DK;
Elster, Thomas – Ilfov, DK;
Enevoldsen, Michael – Greve,
Region Sjælland, DK; Feenstra,
Geert – Vekso, DK; Gregersen,
Bente Greve – Strib Middlefart,
DK; Guldal Stefansen, Ulla –
Hvidovre, DK; Hansen, Linda
Spicker – København V, DK;
Hastrup, Lars – Hornbæk, DK;
Høegh, Henirk – Vanløse, DK;
Jensen, Kristian – Kiev, UA;
Johansson, Tommy – Newbury
Park, CA; Jorgensen, Carsten
Wang – Præstoe, DK; Kasch,
Stefan – Ottawa Hills, OH;
Kirkegaard, Hasse – Galten,
Arhus, DK; Larsen, Connie –
Ringsted, DK; Madsen, Peter –
Gilroy, CA; Midtgaard, Leif –
Aalborg, DK; Nielsen, Carsten
Marti – Hvalsø, DK; Olesen,
Flemming – Kongens Lyngby,
DK; Pedersen, Henrik – Brøndby,
DK; Pedersen, Rikke and Jette
Dyhring – Lille Skensved, DK;
Penter, Stefan – Virum, DK;
Poulson, Thomas – Havdrup, DK;
Rossen, Helle – Anholt, DK;
Shannon, Careen – Brooklyn, NY;
Sørensen, Jan Dalsten –
Købslagervej 19, DK;
Thinggaard, Jens – Taastrup, DK;
Watson, Peter – Sosdale, SE;
Barfod, Tue – Tenløse, DK; Jytte
Kjærgaard – DK; Thomsen,
Susanne – Fredensborg, DK
$500 – $1000
Brink, Henning – Esbjerg, DK;
Stig Bodersen – Aarhus, DK
2014 Donations
$1 - $99
Hans Andersen – Brighton,
Canada; Allen Andreasen –
Glenview, IL; Wava Bails –
Harlan, IA; Wayne and Carolyn
Behrend – Manilla, IA; Ann
Christoffersen – Urbandale, IA;
Joan Gubbels – Harlan, IA;
Russell Heine – Earling, IA; John
Jensen – Elk Horn, IA; Larry
Jensen – Omaha, NE; John Mark
and Dawn Nielsen – Blair, NE;
Denise Van De Berg – Harlan, IA;
Stephanie Wingert – Panama, IA;
Leif Nygaard – Nea Smirni,
Greece; Pam Wolfe – Atlantic, IA;
Daryle and Connie Moeller (on
behalf of Class of 1964) – Elk
Horn, IA; Lara Kramme – Des
Moines, IA; Janet Buman –
Harlan, IA; Savanna Scheffler –
Harlan, IA; Randy Henningsen –
Atlantic, IA; Steve and Jana
Boettger – Harlan, IA; Egon
Simonsen – Elk Horn, IA; Larry
and Jan Fajen – Elk Horn, IA;
Mike and Lisa Riggs – Elk Horn,
IA; Jill Madsen – Elk Horn, IA;
Café Copenhagen – Elk Horn, IA;
Barb Smith – Elk Horn, IA; Jim
and Phyllis O’Keefe – Elk Horn,
IA; Keith and Cathi Menter – Elk
Horn, IA; June; June Rhoads –
Elk Horn, IA; Darla Hansen – Elk
Horn, IA; Monica Hansen –
Omaha, NE; Loretta Christensen
– Kimballton, IA; Stan and
Michelle Jens – Elk Horn, IA;
Jordan Hansen – Elk Horn, IA;
Roland and Peggy Hansen – Elk
Horn, IA; Marge’s Hair Hut – Elk
Horn, IA; Richard Van – Ft.
Worth, TX; Shirley Thomsen –
Fortuna, CA; J. Brent and Shirley
Norlem – Monticello, MN; Glenn
and Mary Ellen Olsen – Atlantic,
IA; Margaret Hatcher – Harlan,
IA; Paul Hansen – Elk Horn, IA
 Kelsenbisca, Inc.
& Steen
Kaagh – Mellville, NY Butter Cookies from
Norre Snede
 Jonna Pallisbo – Vejle,
Denmark – Danish Books and
Folk Dancing Book for resale
 Henrick and Alice Molgaard –
Aabenraa, Denmark – DVD and
List of Foundations
 Mike and Lou Howard - Elk
Horn – 146 Color Books
 Gerda Rost – Taastrup, DK Landsoldaten Plate and
Danmark Spoon
 Bill Rollins - Elk Horn, IA –
Repair to Catwalk
 Luna Cieslah - Brookfield, WI –
Danish Books (re-donated to
the Elk Horn Library)
 Perry and Karen Bourne Dakota Dunes, SD – Bing &
Grøndahl Plates for resale
 Old Danish Workshop – Gene
 Barb Smith – Elk Horn – Boxes
of Wine/Case of Beer for Chairity Auction
 Ann Pauley – Clive, IA –
Danish/German Plates for
 Jens Rost – Taastrup, DK –
Grain Sack
 Danish
$100 - $499
Ulrik Aaskov – Badger, MN; Brad
Myers Tivoli Fest Concert
Donation; Jim Hoegh – PA; LW
and Connie Johnson – Exira, IA;
Garey Knudsen – Hutchinson,
MN; Eldon and Kathryn McKie –
Kirkwood, MO; Charles Merrill –
Elk Horn, IA; Daryle and Connie
Moeller – Elk Horn, IA; Alan
Mores – Harlan, IA; Outlook
Study Club – Elk Horn, IA; Wayne
and Mary Ann Reiman – Kennett
Square, PA; Sherlyn Roberts –
Westminister, CO; Safeguard c/o
Ed Leistad – Atlantic, IA; Steven
Simonsen – Omaha, NE; Alan
Steen – Elk Horn, IA; David and
Nancy Thompson – Iowa City, IA;
Donation Box at Windmill – Elk
Horn, IA; Wayne and Shirley
Anderson – Solon, IA; Richard
and Sue Justman – Minneapolis,
MN; Isabel Hoegh – Atlantic, IA;
Edith Larsen – Elk Horn, IA; Heidi
Pedersen – Denver, CO; Joanne
Greving – Elk Horn, IA; Beverly
and Edwin Larsen – Elk Horn, IA
$500 - $999
Marc and Barbara Shelstrom –
Lancaster, WI; Howard and
Karma Sorensen – Elk Horn, IA;
Doug and Wanda Smith – Elk
Horn, IA; Elva Rasmussen – Elk
Horn, IA; Joanne Potts – Elk
Horn, IA
$1,000 - $1,499
Andy Andersen – Elk Horn, IA;
Marne Elk Horn Telephone Co. –
Elk Horn, IA
Over $1,500
Dallas Hansen – Elk Horn, IA;
First Whitney Bank & Trust c/o
Paul Gude – Atlantic, IA; Shelby
County State Bank – Harlan, IA
2014 Endowment
and Denise Obrecht $500.00
 Bent Thomsen - $50.00
 Lawrence and Dorothy Gunton $25.00
 Mike Jorgensen - $47,447.55
 Scoular & Employees (Mark
Smith, Cal Rhoads, and Rick
Sloth) - $750.00
 W. Clayton Nielsen - $10.00
 Wanda Sornson - $100.00
 Adam
2014 In-kind Donations
Madsen – Elk Horn –
Supplies and creation of
Danish signs for Tivoli Fest
 Jana Boettger – Harlan – 2
Planters for flowers
 Dale and Linda Nelson – Exira
– Danish Plates and Figurines
for resale
 Ketty Hyldia and Jøen –
Aalborg, Denmark – Danish
Plates and Articles of
Handiwork resale
 Ardith Mann - Danish Plates for
 Julius and Joy Rodenmeyer –
Germantown, TN – Danish
Plates for resale
 Marc and Barbara Shelstrom –
Lancaster, WI - Danish Plates
for resale
 Sally Olsen – Cedar Rapids, IA Danish Plates for resale
 Susan Woutens – Niles, IL –
Danish Plates for resale
 Jill
Memorials and Honorees
Jana Boettger in
memory of Joyce Bua Boettger,
Joyce Hansen, Clifford Smith,
and Harry Roenfeld
 Joanne Greving in memory of
Chester Krogstad, Dick Olsen,
Kathy Mohn, Joyce Redman,
Harold Sand, Doug Archer
 Toby and Bev Henningsen in
memory of Shirley Lange
 Calvin and Phyllis Hoegh in
memory of Chester Krogstad,
Dick Olsen, Verda Juelsgaard,
Ima Karstens, Sue Nyman,
Ruth Andersen, Arlene Haase,
Howard Juel, Robert Poldberg,
Arnie Juhler, Ross Bornholdt,
and Mrs. Julius Hansen
 Dave and Mary Knopp in
memory of Shirley Lange
 Earl Madsen in memory of
Chester Krogstad and Dick
 W. Clayton Nielsen in honor of
 Janet Nielsen in memory of
Millie Eskov
 Scott and Tara Nielsen in
memory of Millie Eskov
 Ann Nitzel in memory of Joyce
 Elinor Olsen in memory of Dick
 Allan and Carol Petersen in
memory of Shirley Lange
 Mike and Lisa Riggs in memory
of Dick Olsen, Verda
Juelsgaard, Joyce Hansen, and
Julie Nelson Hansen
 Egon Simonsen in memory of
Verda Juelsegaard, Dick Olsen,
Clarence Klein, Joyce Hansen,
and Julie Nelson Hansen
 Mark and Barb Smith in
memory of Dick Olsen and
Verda Juelsgaard
 Galen and Eileen Sornson in
memory of Shirley Lange
 Donna Archer in memory of
Douglas Archer
 Wayne and Carolyn Behrend in
memory of Sherlyn Roberts
 Steve and
Special care was taken in compiling this list however, if an error or omission is noted please
accept our sincere apology for the unintended inaccuracy and let us know.
Mange Tak! Many Thanks!
$100 - $499
Als, Peter – Tars Nordjylland, DK;
Baldersbæk, Brian Hougaard –
Sonderborg, DK; Blom, Jeppe –
Sønderborg, DK; Brøgger
Nielsen, Karen – Viborg, DK;
Bunch, Per – Lynge, DK; Byriel,
Danish Windmill
PO Box 245, 4038 Main
Elk Horn, IA 51531-0245 USA
712.764.7472 |

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