October 2015 newsletter - Spitzee Elementary School



October 2015 newsletter - Spitzee Elementary School
Message from Administration
Spitzee Elementary
October, 2015
Spitzee Elementary School
409 Macleod Trail
High River, AB
Phone: 652-2376
Fax: 652-4402
Welcome back to another exciting school year!
News and Highlights from Spitzee Elementary School
We are excited and happy to be back for the 2015-2016 school year! Welcome back to our existing families and a warm felt welcome those families
who may be new to us. We look forward to working with all of you this up and coming school year.
At Spitzee School we believe that life long learning occurs when the child is nurtured in a respectful, safe and caring environment that honors the
uniqueness of each child. We, in cooperation with our parents and our community, encourage our students to be risk takers, fun seekers, leaders
and owners of their own learning. Spitzee will continue to be a great place for all students, parents and community to learn through balanced programs, which stress academic, physical, social and emotional development.
Staff News!
At Spitzee we are incredibly proud of our staff. We work collaboratively together to ensure that all our students continue to learn at high levels. To
begin with we have a number of new staff members who have joined us. Ms. Shawn Baxter will be teaching Kindergarten, grade one music and
working with teachers to support our literacy goals. Miss Chelsea Bulmer, Mrs. Krista Mace and Mrs. Laura VanderSpoel will be teaching in grade
2/3 multi-aged classrooms. Mrs. Jenean Westworth will continue in the grade 4/5 multi-aged classrooms. Mrs. Kirsten Saliken and Mrs. Katie Arnholz
will be teaching grade one. As well, we would like to welcome Mrs. Vida Styra, Educational Assistant, and Mrs. Ryley Hatchard our new Family
School Liaison Councilor to our school. We are excited for you to meet our newest staff members and invite you to check out their photos and existing staff members on our front bulletin board by the office.
Construction Update!
We continue to grow in numbers! As a result we have been approved to receive a modular classroom for the 2015-2016 school year. Unfortunately
this classroom has yet to arrive. We had hoped to have it in place for the start up. We are looking at a December move in date if weather and other
variables cooperate! However, we are pleased that we have been able to accommodate children and create learning spaces that are temporary. The
learning spaces are as follows: Mrs. Misura will be teaching music primarily out of the classrooms that your children are presently in. Mrs. Misura will
travel to each of her classes and use the technology and resources available to continue to provide a top-notch music program. She will be able to
continue to offer drumming, guitar, ukuleles, choir classes etc. on the stage. We have moved to providing five Kindergarten classrooms. Ms. Baxter
has temporarily taken over the music room. This is a beautiful space, as it has access close to the washrooms, gym, and water fountains. Once we
get our new portable her class will be moving into room 119 (right across from the music room). Mrs. Westworth is in her old classroom for the time
being. Once our new modular classroom arrives she will be moving into it!
If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to come and discuss with either Mr. Mark Traber, Vice Principal or myself.
Parking, dropping off and safety!
Foothills School Division cares deeply about the wellbeing of your children. However, we need your support to help keep our students safe on their
way to and from school.
We understand how busy it is in and around the school – both along Macleod Trail and behind the school – particularly during peak drop-off and pick
-up times.
Last year school staff, parents and community members have witnessed a number of traffic issues, including:
double parking
parking in our handicap zone in front of the school
illegal parking (including in front of or on residents’ driveways)
illegal U-turns
children being dropped off in front of the school and not using the designated cross walks
unaccompanied children darting out into traffic
Let’s work together to protect students
If you’re driving your children to school, please allow some extra time in the morning for drop-off, observe the rules of the road, heed the directions
of our school patrollers, and take care not to block area residents’ driveways. The safety and wellbeing of your children depends on our collective
For additional parking, we have been given permission to park in the Christian Reformed Church (across the street on Macleod) during
drop off and pickup times. We are grateful to the church for providing this space to help alleviate parking congestion.
Thank you for your cooperation. Together, we can keep our children safe!
TIBITS to help us get everything up and running!
Parents and/or caregivers your children will be coming home with verification sheets that need to filled out. These forms are very important as the
information provided goes into our system and provide us with pertinent medical information about each child. As well, a Network User Agreement
has been sent home. All students in Foothills School Division must have it filled out. These forms must be back prior to September 22nd. Students
whose forms that have not been returned will not have access to computer systems. So… check back packs and ask your kids for the forms. If needed we can resend them home.
We believe we must model “conservation” to our students. Therefore, we are attempting to reduce the amount of paper we use each
month! Therefore, for September we will be sending home a paper copy of our newsletter. After that we will be posting the newsletter on the website with a goal of emailing each month a copy to all parents and/or caregivers .
On behalf of our school community we want to thank you for a wonderful start-up. We all loved seeing the kids and meeting our newest families.
Brooke MacNeill
Mark Traber
Vice Principal
5Kananaskis 6
in the Classroom
2 Hotdog 3
Hot lunch
Pizza Hot Day in Lieu
16 Chicken 17
hot lunch
Pizza Hot Staff Learning Day
Hot lunch
Halloween @ Spitzee School
Spitzee School is celebrating Halloween on October 30 th. Students are invited to wear their costumes
on Halloween. To help make this celebration successful the following guidelines will be used:
Costumes will be put on AFTER Lunch Recess.
Students should be able to put their own costume on.
Students must be able to sit, walk, breathe, see and hear in the costume. Shoes
must be worn with costumes.
Costumes must not be of a scary, gory or adult themed nature.
Facepaint and makeup may not be worn as there isn’t time for students to put it on
during the day.
Costumes cannot be associated with drugs, alcohol or weapons in any way.
No ‘props’ such as swords, wands, guns, knives, etc.
Events happening in each class will vary. Teachers will provide information to their class about Halloween Afternoon.
Spitzee Elementary School
409 Macleod Trail
High River, AB
T1V 1B4
September 30, 2015
Dear Parents/Guardians:
In partnership with Bow River Regional Collaborative Service Delivery we are working together to support children/youth,
families and staff in our school.
This year, members of the School-Linked Team will be visiting our school regularly. This Team may include:
Speech-Language Pathologist
Occupational Therapist
Mental Health supports
Other supports as required.
The School Linked Team will visit classrooms and work alongside teaching staff to plan and support all learners. The
school will contact you, followed by a call from a member of this Team, if any follow-up is required for your child. If
specific services are required your consent will be obtained prior to your child being seen the recommended supports.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the school at 403-652-2376.
Brooke MacNeill
Darcy Koberinski
Learning Coach
“We All Belong”
QSP Fundraiser
This year’s Fundraising Goal is $5,500
This will go towards OUR SCHOOL LIBRARY!
Because new materials and equipment enhances the ability for our students to learn in a
fun and safe environment.
Register Online
Why Magazines?
> Promotes ‘Raising a Reader’ at home
> Titles for all ages and interest areas
> Promotes literacy for the whole family
> Children enjoy reading topics of interest to them.
> Go to www.qsp.ca/etools and register
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Online Ordering at www.qsp.ca
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> Register as parent or student to set personal goals
Online Ordering Code 3694882
Cash, Cheques and Credit Card available when using paper order form.
Cheques payable to SPITZEE SCHOOL
Volunteers are highly valued at Spitzee School .We do
require a Criminal Record check on file. You can pick up
a letter from our front office that indicates that you are
volunteering and there will be no charge.
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Daydreams and Sunbeams Child Care Centre Ltd.
Daydreams and Sunbeams Child Care Centre Ltd. is a progressive, inclusive learning environment,
where all children are encouraged to think for themselves, solve problems, build creativity, test their
physical abilities and learn the skills necessary to succeed in life. Daydreams and Sunbeams started as
a day home, progressed to a play home and is now a child care facility helping as many children as
possible reach their full potential.
The philosophy of our facility began at our small roots and remained a constant throughout our
growth. We strive to find educators that are passionate about children and their limitless possibilities, to look at the child as a future leader and provide the children in our care the tools to problem solve and defend what they believe in. To include families in
what their child is learning and provide opportunities for families to get involved. To build solid relationships with children and
families and provide inclusive care that respects and embraces diversity. We believe that body, mind and spirit are connected and
aim to provide children with opportunities to exercise all areas.
We strive to keep up to date in best practice and are always looking for ways to improve our facility. Because of this thirst for
knowledge, we have been chosen to participate in a pilot project for the new Alberta Curriculum Framework. What does this
mean for our facility? This means that our facility will be engaged with pedagogical leaders, receiving firsthand information
about best practice, and will be taught how to best implement the Curriculum Framework.
What is the Alberta Curriculum Framework? The Framework is intentional, child initiated but teacher framed, it is collaborative/
creative work between the child and educator. The Curriculum is meant to be an educational interaction between a child and educator, which enhances a child’s ability to be independent, test their abilities, pursuit knowledge in an active exciting way, and
build positive relationships with peers and adults. The education provided to the children begins by following what the child is
interested in rather than imposing an interest on the child.
After receiving guidance from pedagogical leaders and implementing the most recent curriculum. We will be asked to provide
feedback on our experience and further help polish and mold the curriculum prior to its release to other facilities. We are very
excited about our opportunities and strive to provide the best to those in our care.