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Thank You To Our Wonderful 2008 Donors
Thank you to our 2008 Major Donors
Awards Gala
Celebrating 32 years of success, New Directions for Youth presented the
Annual Spirit of Hope Awards Gala at the Skirball Center on Thursday,
October 2, 2008 to honor individuals who have contributed to programs for
at-risk and troubled youths and their families. NDY bestowed Hollywood
legend Martin Sheen with the Humanitarian Award; Community Activist
Greg Baker with the Corporate Sponsorship Award; Los Angeles Laker Jordan
Farmar with the Partners with Youth Award; and Congressman Brad Sherman
with the Spirit of Hope Award.
(Donating $10,000 or more)
Ross Baker Towing • Cinmark Company • Wolfson Family Foundation
Jeanette Trepp • Anheuser-Busch, Inc. – Green Team • Kaiser Permanente
Bryce Adams
Cynthia Adams
Judy Adams
Ted Afetian
Virginia & Christopher Aliano
Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
Michael Antin
Greg Baker
Lisa Baker
Jeremy Barbakow
Suzanne Battaglia
Marlo Bello
Dana Biederman
Ludy Bituin
Karl Boeckmann
Barry Borses
Ramona Brandes
Alice Bridges
Rev. Onetta Brooks
Bud Brown
Stanley Bryant
Judy Cantu
Steve Cedrone
Staci Cohen
Cinmark Company
CMC, Inc.
Howard Cohen
Cristopher Connelly
Mary Ann Conron
Cathy Cousinean
Paul Davis
Harvey Diamond
Sandra & Burt Dragotis
Harlin Dorin
Double Pump, Inc.
Ruth Dunker
Mitchell & Jane Englander
Christopher Farlow
Anne Finn
E. Jane Finley
Bern Folkman
Charles Fonarow
William Fox
Ira Freeman
Jenny Daniels Freese
Galen & Davis Law Corporation
Galpin Ford
Lee Garrison
G. E. Paladines
Gelb Enterprises
Bruce & Esther Gillies
Robin & Lynne Gillies
Daniel Glassman
Stanley Goldenberg
Fritz Goode
Mavrick Goodrich
Dana Haber Events
Hamer Toyota
Renee Henderson
Irma & Tony Hernandez
Linda Herrera
Jo Carol Hiatt
HM Technical
Lynda Hofmann
Margaret Holmes
Mark Hyman, M.D.
Cynthia Ibarra
Paul Davis & Alberta Bellisario
Jordan Farmar Foundation
Rafer Johnson
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.
Keyes Motors, Inc.
Dana Khudaverdyan
David Kirschner
Wayne Klitosky
Roy Koletsky
Esther Korn
Wally & Joan Kornbluh
Debra Krasnoff
Rita Levine
Richard & Barbara Leyner
Kathleen Lindgreen
Ronna Lubash
Sue & Harvey Magidow
Richard Maguire
Florence Manne
Irma Maria
Edwin Marzec
Paul Maslansky
Stu Mauer
Fred & Marjie Mautner
Pete McPartlin
David Meadow
James Merrimen
James Mertzel, D.D.S
Steven Mesner
Bruce & Judy Miller
Bruce Miller & Associates
Maryann Malzone Miller
Batool Moallem
Jennifer Morgan
Greater Mulwood
Blossom Norman
Aric Partovich
Alex Paul
Brian Paul
Dan Pearlman
Arline & Buddy Pepp
Kimberly Perkins
Deuk & Elizabeth Perrin
Eric & Andrea Peoples
Gail Peters
Stephen Platt
Augusto Pojas
Gloria & Joel Pollack
Lawrence & Sandra Post
Brian Paul
Luann Rollens
Tony Roman
Grace Ropa
Ross Baker Towing
Susan Reed Sazer
Patricia & Joseph Schlee
Rob Schreiber
Rosalyn Shapiro
Ken Shields
Amy Shomer
Rosalynn K. Silva
Audre Slater
Barri Soltani
Alex Soteras
Kelly Spiker
Kenneth Spring
Edwina Smith
Randy Stabler
Jane Stanton
Solomon Stuart
Jeanette Trepp
Michael Toyen
Alicia & Graham Tyson
Kattrinna Uy
Union Bank of California Foundation
Carlos Valbuena
Arturo & Sandra Velasquez
Lilia Velasquez
Anthony & Courtney Vengarick
Bria Verdugo
Ed Viramontes
Barbara Wadkins
Cindy Walkov
John & Margaret Ward
Michelle Ward, M.D.
Sharyn Weinstein
Amy Weisl
William West
Ronnie Marks Willet
Denise Willmart
Wilshire State Bank
Windsor Leasing
Annie Wolfson
Erin Wolfson
Jonathon & Stephanie Wolfson
Kim & Maryann Wolfson
Mark and Linda Wolfson
Patti Wolfson
Mrs. Shirley Wolfson
Wolfson Family Foundation
Laura Wohl
Ken Worthen
Michael Zajdowicz
Barbara Zelinski
Carol & Stuart Zimring
Martin Zogg
Knbc-tv weatherman Fritz Coleman was the Master of Ceremonies for
the fifth year! Entertainment was provided by singer Jennifer Joseph with
the Monte Montgomery Band. More than 300 people attended the Spirit of
Hope Awards Dinner and celebrated the evening’s theme of ”Building Stronger
Families,” honoring those who have contributed an extraordinary amount of
time and effort to the cause of youth development.
New Directions For Youth
Hope for our youth, our community, our future
7400 Van Nuys Blvd., Suite 203 • Van Nuys, CA 91405 • 818.375.1000 • Fax 818.787.4389 •
A Message from
Our Executive Director
Dear NDY Family,
Thanks to a fabulous Board of Directors and a diligent and efficient
staff family, NDY has grown, both inside and out. With the support
of our dedicated Congressman, Brad Sherman, NDY has expanded its
programming to include three Department of Justice appropriations
for gang and delinquency prevention and computer technology. These
programs are crucial instruments to the success of NDY’s mission
to build a community where youth and families thrive and grow. The
foster youth independent living program, which kicked off in 2007, has flourished and now embraces
600 foster youth throughout Los Angeles County. As we prepare to enter into 2009, our focus is to
raise additional private, unrestricted and foundation dollars to help support these new programs,
and to conduct longer-term follow-up with youth after they have completed our programs.
With your help, NDY can achieve these goals. I would love to see each person reading this letter take
advantage of an opportunity to give, whether it is through volunteering their time, making a donation
or attending an event or all of the above! The youth and families we serve at NDY are worthy of your
In the Spirit of Youth,
Monica Austin-Jackson
Executive Director, New Directions for Youth, Inc.
NDY & LA County Sheriff’s Department
Partner to Serve Youth
The evening began with a fabulous performance by Alex La Torre, “El Charrito
usa.” The heartwarming success stories from two of our ndy clients
exemplified what our hard-working staff at NDY can accomplish to change the
lives of our youth. Co-chairs Paul Maslansky and Patti Jo Wolfson would like
to thank Honorary Chairman Rafer Johnson, Auctioneer Mitch Englander, and
the 2008 ndy Committee Members for making this evening so spectacular. n
New Directions for Youth (NDY) and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department VIDA (Vital
Intervention Directional Alternatives) program are working together to provide critically needed
services to foster youth in Palmdale and East Los Angeles. NDY program director, Tim Brown, is
partnering with Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Deputy Tom Spiegle, (Palmdale) to provide tutoring,
mentoring, after-school enrichment and critically-needed counseling and discipline to high-risk foster
youth in out-of-home placement.
The Palmdale site, a partnership between LA County Sheriff’s Department VIDA program, the Palmdale
School District and New Directions for Youth, was set up in December 2007 and currently serves
80 high-risk foster youth ages 14-18. Youth receive life-skills workshops to help prepare them for
independent living when they become 18 years old and no longer receive government benefits.
Preparation for emancipation is essential to foster youth, who often are unprepared for living and
supporting themselves. This collaboration also provides tutoring and academic support for youth.
Case managers work with the schools to provide academic counseling to ensure that youth have the
credits and the ability to graduate and pass the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE). n
“ When I was growing up, I wasn’t really bad. I went to school like every other guy. I had
friends. I had a little trouble with teachers and students. Later in life I gave up in school
or really didn’t care. Maybe ‘cause of family issues. I tried giving more effort, but giving
up or not trying as hard became a habit. I tried over and over to get my grades up. NDY
taught me how to apply my effort and give 100%. Then they taught me how to get better
social skills. I am still waiting to see what more I can improve on.” — Leonard, 15
7400 Van Nuys Blvd., Suite 203
Van Nuys, CA 91405
New Directions for Youth
Van Nuys, CA
Permit No. 1253
Non-profit Org.
U.S. Postage
New Directions for Youth
Board of Directors
Executive Committee
Rafer Johnson
Honorary Chairman
Patti Jo Wolfson
Chairman of the Board
Daniel Pearlman
Immediate Past Board Chairman
J. Richard Leyner
Executive Vice Chairman
Paul Maslansky
Vice Chairman
Bruce Miller
Vice Chairman
Anne Finn
Fred Mautner
Executive Director
Monica Austin-Jackson
Board Members
Bruce Ackerman
Mitchell Englander
David Fleming
Jeffrey M. Galen
Cynthia Ibarra
Walter Kornbluh
Sue Magidow
Eric Peoples
Rosalyn K. Silva
Arturo velasquez
Barri Worth
Ken Worthen
Barbara Zelinski
Advisory Board
Councilman Richard Alarcon
Lee Kanon Alpert
Congressman Howard Berman
Karl Boeckmann
A Word from Our Chairman of the Board
For thirty two years, New Directions for Youth (NDY) has been a vibrant part of our community,
providing inspiration and hope to thousands of at-risk and foster youth. NDY provides a safe place
for our clients who cannot be main streamed into traditional youth development programs. Our
hard-working and caring staff led by our Executive Director, Monica Austin-Jackson, and her management team
(Bart Trevino, Denna Mulverhill and Tim Brown) work with our 40-member staff to provide unique programs that
offer individualized assistance to our community.
2008 has been a banner year for NDY! In the spring, with the help of Cinmark Company, Karl Boeckman of Galpin
Ford, Eric Peoples of Anheuser-Busch, Fred Mautner, Councilman Dennis Zine, Councilperson Wendy Greuel, and
E. Jane Finley, we purchased an additional van to transport our foster kids to and from our programs. Thank you to
Galpin Ford for making this transaction painless! In May we hosted our first ever Texas Hold’em Poker event with
Grandparents as Parents and had fun as we raised much-needed funds. Thank you to Full Tilt Poker for sponsoring
this event! In September, Fritz Coleman starred in an Evening of Comedy for NDY. Thanks to Fritz’s generosity,
we raised much-needed funds for NDY! One week later, we were honored at a formal gala at NBC Studios by the
Fernando Award Foundation as one of the top 50 non-profit organizations in our community. On October 2, 2008,
NDY honored Hollywood legend, Martin Sheen, Jordan Farmar of the Los Angeles Lakers, Congressman Brad
Sherman and Community Angel Greg Baker of Ross Baker Towing at our annual Spirit of Hope Awards Gala.
More about this fantastic evening in the newsletter!
The summer was filled with exciting field trips and camps for our clients. NDY hosted a camp for over 50 kids on
Catalina Island. Jordan Farmar invited 16 kids to attend his week-long basketball camp at UCLA. In addition, the
NDY clients went to the movies, Skateland, the Museum of Tolerance, beach parties and many other exciting field
trips. We offered the kids new experiences that they would never have the opportunity to participate in otherwise.
The Board of Directors and Advisory Board gained some new members this year. We welcome Rosalyn Silva and
Barri Worth to our Board of Directors. We are thankful to Fritz Coleman, E. Jane Finley, Deputy Chief Michael
Moore, Dana Pump, David Pump, Irwin Rosenberg, Tom Shapiro, Arline Pepp, Councilman Jon Wolfson, Lee Kanon
Alpert and Councilman Dennis Zine for joining our Advisory Board in 2008.
The momentum is growing as NDY is becoming more and more valued and valuable to our community. We are serving
more and more kids and families. The list of supporters and donors is growing. And the BEST news of all is….we
are MOvING to a new home. With the help of Rickey Gelb and Fred Mautner, NDY has puchased a building on
Lankershim Blvd. near Sherman Way. Escrow will close soon and our Capital Campaign will begin! We will have
naming opportunities available for everyone to show their support for the great work that we do in our community.
Our new home will allow us to expand our programs and offer additional services in our community. Look for your
opportunity to donate to our Change a Child’s Life Capital Campaign on page 4 of this newsletter.
Thank you for your interest and support in our services, our clients and our staff.
Our community needs NDY and NDY needs YOU!
Bud Brown
Rickey Gelb
Patti Jo Wolfson
Chairman of the Board
Jeri Gerner
Former Assembly Speaker
Robert Hertzberg
Richard Katz
Ed Marzek
Deputy Chief Michael Moore
Walter Mosher, Jr.
Dennis Owens
Arline Pepp
Dana Pump
David Pump
Irwin Rosenberg
Tom Shapiro
Congressman Brad Sherman
Russell Stravitz
Mike Thompson
Sally Thompson
Francisco uribe
Councilman Jack Weiss
Councilman Jonathon Wolfson
Councilman Dennis Zine
NDY Beach Field Trip
2007 Holiday Party
Dear Friends,
Fritz Coleman
E. Jane Finley
Spotlight on Board Member: Sue Magidow
Sue Magidow has been Senior vice
President/Manager of the Northridge
Office of Wilshire State Bank since
July, 1993. Prior to 1993, she was
vice President / Branch Manager of
various Bank of America offices for
over 20 years.
Sue was a Past President of the Reseda Chamber of
Commerce, served as volunteer for Councilwoman Laura
Chick’s 3rd District Earthquake Recovery Committee
(1994-1996), and has served on various Board of Directors
for non-profits over the years. She enjoys basketball
(“GO LAKERS!!! & uCLA!!!”), baseball (a Dodgers fan)
football, and occasionally a hockey game.
Sue sings the praises of her wonderful,
supportive husband, Harvey and three great kids: Greg,
a professional cameraman (currently working on My
Name Is Earl); Andy, an associate producer and film editor
for ESPN (her sports nut!); Lisa, an executive chef and
dining room coordinator with Grand Oaks in Thousand
Oaks. All of her kids were involved in multiple sports
when they were growing up (baseball, softball, basketball,
soccer) and still have many friends they met through
sporting activities and coaching.
Over the years, both professionally and privately, Sue has
always tried to treat others as she would like to be treated,
with courtesy, kindness and honesty—The Golden Rule!
“It usually works. I have been blessed with a wonderful
family and terrific friends. I certainly am nothing special, I
just feel that if one has advantages in life, one should always
try to give back to others who have had difficult times.” She
learned that from her mom who, at age 77, was volunteering
at a temple serving free lunches to senior citizens—and she
was older than most of the people she served! n
Santa Bart
to families
in need.
50 NDY Youth Attended Leadership Camp
on Catalina Island
Youth spent a magical four days on Catalina Island, as NDY treated 50 foster and at-risk kids to a
four-day leadership trip to a White’s Landing Camp site. NDY staff and volunteers traveled via boat
to White’s Landing and lived in tent-cabins located near the beach.
Each day campers were exposed to new experiences, including
snorkeling to explore exotic sea life, ocean kayaking, practicing
survival skills, and participating in teamwork low ropes courses.
Most of the youth served by NDY have never left their neighborhoods, and the opportunity to attend the
Catalina Island camping trip was the first of many experiences sponsored by NDY that will expose them to
the beauty in life. Many of the youth NDY serves are in foster care and have experienced only tragedy in
life. Exposure to these positive activities gives them hope that with hard work, they can do anything. n
NDY Kids Participate in Jordan
Farmar’s Basketball Camp!
Jordan Farmar’s First
Annual “Hoop Farm”
Basketball Camp was
held August 18th-22nd
at Pauley Pavilion on
the uCLA Campus.
Sixteen kids from NDY
were sponsored by
Jordan! Campers tuned
their shooting, dribbling, passing, and defensive skills, learning
from Jordan and his cast of coaches, which included current and
former NBA players as well as college and high school players and
coaches. All campers also received a 8 × 10 autographed photo of
Jordan, a “Hoop Farm” yoga mat, a “Hoop Farm” t-Shirt and jersey,
a certificate of participation, and a week of first-class basketball
instruction and fun they’ll never forget. n
NDY was among several non-profits receiving
a grant from Kaiser Permanente
New Directions for Youth (NDY) held its first ever
Texas Hold’em Poker Night on May 17th, 2008. What a full night of
fun! NDY and Grandparents As Parents (GAP) collaborated to raise
almost $10,000 by selling seats at v.I.P. and amateur poker tables,
blackjack tables, roulette and even craps! With 125 in attendance
NDY and GAP had a festive night, with a live DJ playing the latest
hits, an awesome silent auction and NDY staff and volunteers serving
as waiters, waitresses and bartenders. n
A Wonderful Evening of Comedy
serving fo
a and Edith
Full House at
Poker Night!
Kids of Raymond 2008
Once a year, the cast of
Everybody Loves Raymond
organizes the Kids of Raymond
Backpack Give-away for local
needy charities. This year they
chose seven non-profits in the
San Fernando valley, and
NDY was honored to be
selected again this year! On August 16, 2008, NDY Staff Member
vicki Hughes and Chairman Patti Jo Wolfson joined the cast
members of Everybody Loves Raymond at the Warner Brothers
Ranch in Burbank. Everyone spent the afternoon stuffing hundreds of
backpacks full of school supplies. vicki and Patti left with 500
backpacks for the NDY kids. Pictured is vicki filling up the
NDY van. Thanks so much to Donna Stamps, Friend of NDY and
set decorator for the show, and everyone from Everybody Loves
Raymond once again for your generosity and graciousness! n
Growing up I didn’t have it good. My dad was violent
towards my mom and I am glad that we moved away
from that nonsense. Ever since that day we moved,
I ’ve been living better. I am trying to stay away from
the drama and trouble of hanging out with the wrong
people. I think NDY is what makes me stay out of
trouble. For once in my life I actually am proud of
myself for doing the right thing. — Ronisha, 14
NDY Purchases a VAN!
Many of our clients were unable to benefit from our services because
they did not have transportation to and from our programs. These
youth were unable to safely walk because they lived too far away, or
because they live in gang-infested areas. NDY simply did not have
enough vans to transport all the kids who need our services! With
the help of the following supporters, we purchased an additional
van to transport youth to and from our programs. Thank you to:
On September 9, 2008, NBC’s Fritz Coleman performed stand-up
comedy for New Directions for Youth at the NoHo Arts Center
in North Hollywood. Fritz is one of our favorite Southern California
Tv personalities, and we were so thrilled to
see him on stage. Not only did the sold-out
crowd laugh until tears were rolling down
their face, we learned a lot about this weatherman and what he does in a typical day. This
fantastic event was sponsored by NDY Board
Member, Paul Maslansky. Thank you to Fritz
Coleman for sharing his talent and his time to
help NDY raise much needed money to support
our Foster Youth program. n
Wolfson Family Foundation
Karl Boeckman of Galpin Ford
Cinmark Company
Eric Peoples of Anheuser-Busch
E. Jane Finley
Councilperson Wendy Greuel
Fred Mautner
Councilman Dennis Zine
Holiday Luncheon
On December 18, 2008, in the Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
community room, the NDY Board of Directors will
host a Holiday Luncheon for the wonderful NDY
staff. This is our way to thank our loyal, loving and
hard-working staff for a year of caring. Thank you to Eric Peoples
and Anheuser-Busch for helping us organize this lovely event. n
NDY Receives Fernando Award
The 2008 Fernando Award,
presented to New Directions
for Youth, is the highest
award for volunteerism in
the San Fernando valley
and one of the top awards
for civic involvement in the
Betty Hamer, Councilman Dennis Zine, Patti
Jo Wolfson, Councilperson Wendy Greuel
and Supervisor Michael Antonovich.
Over the years, community
and civic organizations
across the country have used
the Fernando as a model to establish similar recognition programs,
hoping to regenerate a feeling of community, an atmosphere of
friendliness, and a system of support for the needy. It has been called
the Academy Award® of volunteerism in the San Fernando valley.
Bruce Ackerman, Fernando President 2008 and NDY Board Member
said, “This year, we are doing something very different and unique for
the Fernando Award. Rather than the traditional selection of that
one individual who has done so much to help our community, we
are taking the occasion of our 50-year anniversary to honor 50
outstanding valley non-profit volunteer organizations as a tribute
to the first 50 recipients of the Fernando Award. Most of these
organizations have been supported by our previous recipients, so this
becomes a fitting salute to them as well.” n
We couldn’t have done it without you!
Your support is greatly appreciated!
Change a Child’s Life Capital Campaign
New Directions for Youth’s Change a Child’s Life Capital
Campaign aims to strengthen and enhance the lives of at-risk
youth and families by creating a stimulating physical
environment through the acquisition and rehabilitation of a
new building. This new building will enable NDY to provide
additional opportunities for youth and families to participate
in life-changing programs and activities. Supporters can pledge
their gifts now and fulfill their pledges over a one-year period.
All sponsors of $500 or more will be recognized on a sponsorship
wall to be centrally located within NDY’s reception area.
Naming of the Building
NDY Angels – Overall Facility Enhancement
Multipurpose Room
Educational Classroom
Computer Lab
Executive Conference Room
Research Library
Green Outdoor Reception Area
Wholesome Kitchen
Comfortable Counseling Rooms (4)
Outdoor Benches (4)
5,000 each
1,000 each
Please contact Monica Austin Jackson at 818-375-1000
or [email protected]
To become a sponsor today!

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