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4K Media
9 Story Media Group
41 Entertainment
108 Media
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Animasia Studio
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TM International
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TRT—Turkish Radio and Television Corporation
Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution
Twofour Rights
4K's Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: Season 1 (Animation,
49x30 min.) Yuya Sakaki’s dream is to become
the greatest “duel-tainer” in history–and he just
might pull it off when he discovers a technique
that lets him summon many monsters at once.
Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL (Animation, 146x30 min.)
When aspiring duelist Yuma meets Astral, a mysterious visitor from another universe, it seems
like destiny. Yuma needs Astral to teach him how
to duel, and Astral needs Yuma to help him
regain his memories!
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s (Animation, 123x30 min.)
Once the playground to legendary duelist Yugi
Muto, the sprawling metropolis of New Domino
City has since been transformed into a futuristic society where dueling has kicked into overdrive.
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (Animation, 155x30 min.) Follows a new generation of duelists at the Duel
Academy—a highly competitive boarding
school where pencils and books have been
replaced by Duel Disks and monster cards.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (Animation, 236x30
min.) Meet Yugi and his best buds, who share a
love for the newest game sweeping the nation:
Duel Monsters!
Televisa Internacional
Televisión Española (TVE)
Terra Mater Factual Studios
GMA Worldwide
GRB Entertainment
Gusto TV
Hasbro Studios
Anna Carugati
Group Editorial Director
CJ E&M Corporation
Content Television
Corus Entertainment
Cyber Group Studios
Ricardo Seguin Guise
Nippon Television Network Corporation
Off the Fence
Disney Media Distribution Latin America
Dori Media Group
DreamWorks Animation
Nature Cat (Animated preschool, 80x11 min.)
Nature Cat can’t wait to get outside for a day
of backyard nature excursions and bravery,
but there’s one problem: he’s a house cat with
no instincts for nature!
Peg + Cat (Animated preschool, 80x12 min.,
S2: 50x12 min. in prod.) Follows Peg and her
sidekick, Cat, as they embark on adventures
while learning basic math concepts and skills.
Numb Chucks (Animated comedy, 52x11 min.,
S2: 52x11 min. in prod.) Two half-witted woodchuck vigilantes use their non-existent kung-fu
skills to protect the lives of the citizens in DingA-Ling Springs.
Wild Kratts (Animated adventure comedy,
92x22 min., S4: 26x22 min. in prod.) The Kratt
RCTV International
Red Arrow International
Red Bull Media House
Reel One International
Stand: R7.B12
Contact: Kristen Gray, SVP, ops. & business &
legal affairs; Jennifer Coleman, VP, lic. &
mktg.; Jonitha Keymoore, pgm. sales dir.
Canal 13 Sudmedia
Canal Futura
Caracol Television
CBS Studios International
Cisneros Media Distribution
Daewon Media
Deutsche Welle/DW Transtel
DHX Media
Dick Clark Productions
53 West 23rd St., 11/Fl.
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Tel: (1-212) 590-2100
Viacom International Media Networks
Vision Films
WDR mediagroup
Xilam Animation
Your Family Entertainment
ZDF Enterprises
Zee Entertainment Enterprises
Zodiak Rights
Stand: R7.K28
Contact: Vince Commisso, pres. & CEO;
Natalie Osborne, mng. dir.; Stephen Kelley, dir.,
dist.; Federico Vargas, dir., dist.; Jennifer Ansley, VP, mktg. & comms.; Natalie Dumoulin, VP,
creative affairs.
Mansha Daswani
Kristin Brzoznowski
Executive Editor
Joanna Padovano
Sara Alessi
Associate Editors
Joel Marino
Assistant Editor
Victor L. Cuevas
Production & Design Director
Phyllis Q. Busell
Art Director
Simon Weaver
Online Director
Dana Mattison
Alberto Rodriguez
Sales & Marketing Managers
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Executive VP
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Strategic Development
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brothers leap into animated action as they
travel to different corners of the world to get
up close with amazing animals.
boarding school where he meets Jane, who
aids him in solving crimes and mysteries.
Stone Age (Comedy, 26x22 min.) The kids of
Rockville enjoy life like any other modern-day
teens, except their city exists in the Stone Age!
Legend of the Dragon (Action adventure,
26x22 min.) Ang and Ling, twins born in the year
of the Dragon, share a unique destiny. Enter a
world of magic, mystery and good versus evil.
9 Story’s Numb Chucks
Nerds and Monsters (Animated comedy,
40x11 min., S2: 40x11 min. in prod.) Tosses
three nerdy kids and a thick-headed football
star on a fantastic uncharted island with a
tribe of hideous but hilarious monsters.
Get Ace (Animated comedy, 52x11 min.) Nerdy
high schooler Ace McDougal is catapulted into
adventure when he’s accidentally fitted with
some cool, ultra high-tech, experimental braces.
Guess How Much I Love You—The
Adventures of Little Nutbrown Hare (Animated preschool, 78x11 min.) Adaptation of
the best-selling picture book that has sold
more than 32 million copies worldwide.
Look Kool (Live action, 16x22 min.) Uses
songs, skits and wacky challenges to help our
host Hamza and his mischievous robot cat
find the answers to mathematical mysteries.
Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood (Animated
preschool, 130x11 min.) Featuring Daniel, a
shy but brave 4-year-old tiger, who lives in
the beloved Neighbourhood of Make Believe.
Monkey See Monkey Do (Animation & liveaction preschool, 26x11 min.) Follows our
host Monkey and his good friend Parrot as
they learn about friendship, animals and the
importance of movement.
41e’s Legend of the Dragon
Dork Hunters from Outer Space (Action
adventure, 26x22 min.) The Earth has been
invaded by Dorks! The fate of the universe now
rests in the hands of three teenage aliens and
two teen earthlings!
Below Dreams (Adventure drama, 1x82 min.)
A poetic journey following the lives of three
young adults as they navigate the streets of
New Orleans in pursuit of employment, stardom and unconditional love.
Camera Trap (Thriller, 1x93 min.) A naturalhistory-documentary-style horror-thriller
about a British wildlife film unit set in the
depths of central Asia.
Nobu’s Japan (Cooking docuseries, 5x30 min.)
Nobu Matsuhisa, owner of Nobu Restaurants,
invites his legendary chef friends to travel
across Japan in search of the perfect menu.
Aussie Rules the World (Doc., 1x84 min.)
Australia’s national game is under threat
from all world sports. This documentary follows AFL superstar Brett Kirk on an international mission to save the game.
The Transparentsea Voyage (Doc., 1x65
min.) Like the marine mammals that communicate through sound and song, this film
takes the viewer on a sensory journey of making music.
Little Terrors (Drama, 1x103 min.) Follows a
13-year-old American boy who is recruited by
terrorists to bomb a U.S. embassy in Delhi.
Let’s Rap (Comedy, 1x104 min.) Bo and
Melanie Schnurr embark on an ill-conceived
quest to get their own talk show, as they
engage in pop-culture infused banter.
Hostile (Action/drama, 1x89 min.) A shocking
tale of a lonely woman who adopts two daughters possessed by a mysterious presence.
25 Lesmill Rd., Suite 5
Toronto, ON M3B 2T3, Canada
Tel: (1-416) 443-9202
e-mail: [email protected]
235 East 45th St.
New York, NY 10017, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-212) 210-1400
e-mail: [email protected]
500 West Putnam Ave., 4/Fl.
Greenwich, CT 06830, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-203) 717-1120
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: R7.E59
Contact: Allen Bohbot, mng. dir.; Nancy Koff,
snr. mgr., TV & new media sales; Francisco
Urena, prod. & brand assurance dir.
Kong—King of the Apes (Action adventure,
1x83 min. & 26x22 min.) With super-powered
robotic dinosaurs unleashed on the unsuspecting world, Kong is the only force formidable
enough to stop them and save humankind.
PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures
(Comedy, 52x22 min. & 2x44 min.) Pac and his
friends face issues of being teenagers while
also protecting PacWorld from a ghostly army
led by the evil Betrayus.
Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan and Jane
(Action adventure, 8x22 min.) 16-year-old
Tarzan returns from the jungle to a London
Stand: P-1.N13
Contact: Abhi Rastogi, CEO; Sharon Lee, intl.
sales exec.; Jordan Nuttson, head, intl. sales;
Aliy Brown, dir., sales & mktg.
Small Things, Big Things (Doc., 1x67 min.)
A diaristic love letter to the benefits of a
school that listens to what childhood can be.
The Boy from Geita (Doc., 1x79 min.) “Ghost” is
what Adam is called in Tanzania or “zero zero”—
nothing—because he has albinism. This is a story
of inhumanity transformed by humanity.
108 Media’s Nobu’s Japan
Stand: P3.C10
Contact: Sean Cohan, EVP, intl.; Christopher
Barry, SVP, intl. strategy; Joel Denton, mng.
dir., intl. content sales & partnerships; Dean
Possenniskie, mng. dir., EMEA; Alan Hodges,
mng. dir., Asia Pacific; Edward Sabin, mng. dir.,
Americas & head, commercial operations,
intl.; Amanda Hill, chief creative officer, intl.;
Sally Habbershaw, VP, intl. pgmng., prod. &
operations; Chris Epple, VP, franchises & content mktg., intl.; Chris Gargani, VP, creative,
intl.; Anna Priest, VP, global brands, intl.; Kerri
Tarmey, VP, intl. comms., talent relations &
events; Kate Gutman, VP, intl. business
dvpmt., digital media; Prem Kamath, deputy
mng. dir., Asia Pacific; Kiaran Saunders, VP,
EMEA; Denis Cantin, VP & head, sales, intl.
content sales, EMEA; Ellen Lovejoy, VP, intl.
content sales; Glen Hansen, VP, intl. content
sales, Asia Pacific; Robyn Hurd, snr. dir., intl.
content sales, EMEA; Michael Oesterlin, snr.
dir., intl. content sales, EMEA; Pooja Nirmal
Kant, dir., intl. content sales, Asia Pacific;
Mayra Bracer, Latin America TV dist. cnslt.;
Marica Giessen, mgr., intl. content sales,
EMEA; Sherin Salvetti, mng. dir., A+E Networks Italy; Barry Jossen, EVP, A+E Studios;
Mark Garner, SVP, dist., business dvpmt.,
mktg. & analytics; Christian Drobnyk, SVP,
scheduling & acq., Lifetime; Meghan HooperWhite, VP, acq., Lifetime; Toby Greenfield, snr.
dir., scheduling, LMN; Mike Stiller, VP, dvpmt.
& prod., HISTORY.
And Then There Were None (Miniseries,
2x90 min./3x60 min.) Ten strangers are lured
to Soldier Island and are accused of terrible
crimes. When members start to mysteriously
die, they realize they may be harboring a
murderer amongst them.
A+E’s The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe
UnREAL (Drama, S1: 10x60 min., S2: 10x60
min.) Set against the backdrop of a dating
competition show, follows a producer who
manipulates her relationships with contestants to get the most outrageous footage.
The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe (Miniseries, 2x120 min.) Looks at the life of film icon
and sex symbol Marilyn Monroe, whose Hollywood career has become a legend.
Alone (Ent., 10x60 min.) Places ten hardcore
survivalists alone in the Vancouver Island
wilderness—no camera crew, no teams, no
producers—on a single mission to stay alive.
The Curse of Oak Island (Ent., 28x60 min.,
6x60 min.) Oak Island’s supposed hidden
treasure holds the promise of riches for those
willing to ignore its legendary curse: “Seven
will die before the treasure is found.”
Little Women: LA (Ent., 35x60 min., 2x60
min.) Chronicles the adventures of a unique
group of smart, sexy and funny girlfriends
who all happen to be little people.
Mountain Men (Ent., 56x60 min., 2x60 min.)
Eustace Conway and Marty Meierotto’s very
survival is predicated on utilizing ancient
skills perfected over hundreds of years.
Wahlburgers (Ent., 34x30 min., 1x60 min.,
1x60 min. ) Mark and Donnie Wahlberg join
forces with their brother Paul, as he sets out
to make the family name as synonymous with
burgers as Boston is to baked beans.
Donnie Loves Jenny (Ent., 17x30 min.,
1x60 min.) Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny
McCarthy open their doors to fans for a
peak into their life as newlyweds, including blending their families and balancing
their busy schedules.
Tiny House Nation (Ent., 52x60 min., 1x60
min.) Renovation experts John Weisbarth and
Zack Giffin help new families design and construct their own mini dream home in a space
no larger than 300 square feet.
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The Graceland Happiness Project (Factual,
1x60 min. HD) Former Big Brother contestants Ben and Tim go on an adventure to
Graceland, and along the way explore the
complexities of living with mental illness.
700 Harris St., Ultimo
NSW 2007, Australia
Tel: (61-2) 8333-5351
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P-1.B89
Contact: Sharon Ramsay-Luck, head, ABC sales
& business dvpmt.; Tony Iffland, GM, content
sales; Robyn Campbell, snr. sales mgr., Asia, Australia & New Zealand; Anne McGrath, sales mgr.,
Europe; Jessica Ellis, GM, video ent. & dist.
10/Fl. ELJ Communications Center
Eugenio Lopez Drive, Mo. Ignacia St.
1103 Quezon City, Philippines
Tel: (632) 411-1670
e-mail: [email protected]
1519 37th Ave., San Francisco
CA 94122, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-415) 661-6146
e-mail: [email protected]/[email protected]
Alfred Haber’s Let It Snow
Stand: P-1.H59
Contact: Yuri Volodarsky, head, dvpmt. &
dist.; Julia Belova, head, sales.
Road Wars (Reality, 670x26 min./60x24 min.)
Based on police dashboard cameras installed
in highway patrol cars, street video surveillance cameras and eyewitness stories.
Stand: P-1.F74
Contact: Evelyn “Leng” Raymundo, VP, integrated pgm. acq. & intl. dist.; Pia BacunganLaurel, head, sales.
The Promise (Family drama/romance, 60x45
min. HD) The greatest Filipino love story, retold.
On the Wings of Love (Family drama/
romance, 40x45 min. HD) No visas are
required when their hearts take flight.
AFL’s Outrageous & Hilarious
ABC Commercial’s 72 Cutest Animals
Emma! (Children’s, 30x4 min.) In Emma Wiggle’s first TV series, visit her special bow room
where every bowtiful day holds a new adventure—with singing, dancing and Wiggly songs.
Hoot Hoot Go! (Children’s, 26x5 min. HD) Best
owl pals Hoot, Hootabelle and Hootly, from the
Land of Giggle and Hoot, work together to help
solve any problem, big or small!
The Wiggles Meet the Orchestra (Children’s, 1x45 min. HD) The Wiggles perform
some of their favorite songs with the worldrenowned Melbourne Symphony Orchestra,
introducing preschoolers to the sights and
sounds of the orchestra.
The New Adventures of Figaro Pho (Children’s
animation, 13x22 min. & 39x8 min. HD) Figaro
Pho, the world’s most lovable scaredy pants, has
mustered up the courage to venture into the
big, wild world in all new adventures.
Prisoner Zero (Children’s animation, 26x30 min.
HD) An animated sci-fi/action-adventure series
following teen heroes Tag and Gem and their
mysterious friend Prisoner Zero as they journey
across the cosmos battling the evil Imperium.
Bobbie the Bear (Children’s, 10x3 min.) Liveaction series following the adventures of
Bobbie, an adventurous purple bear and his
farm friends, set on a stunning lavender farm.
Between a Frock and a Hard Place (Factual,
1x58 min. HD) The story of how an unlikely film
changed the course of history and brought a
celebration of gay culture to the world.
72 Cutest Animals (Factual, 12x30 min. HD)
A countdown and investigation into the
world’s cutest animals, which uncovers what
makes an animal cute.
Beneath New Zealand (Factual, 3x43 min.
HD) An expert guided, visually sumptuous
journey that explores why this beautiful land
is so dynamic and ever changing.
ABS-CBN’s Bridges of Love
Bridges of Love (Family drama/romance,
52x45 min. HD) Two brothers divided by fate
and hatred. And the woman who comes in
between them.
All of Me (Family drama/romance/fantasy,
40x45 min. HD) Would you rather be young
again or be with the one you love?
Doble Kara (Family drama/romance, 40x45 min.
HD) One face. Two different lives. But the one
thing that binds them together is true love.
Nathaniel (Family drama/romance/fantasy,
40x45 min. HD) Gone to heaven too soon, he
returns to Earth as an angel to tap the goodness in every man’s heart.
Pasion de Amor (Family drama/romance, 40x45
min. HD) Two families at odds. Six hearts on the
line. One choice: love or revenge.
Forevermore (Family drama/romance, 73x45
min. HD) Because first love never ever dies…
Two Wives (Family drama/romance, 60x45
min. HD) Is the right one the woman in his
mind or the woman in his heart?
Oh My G! (Family drama/romance, 40x45
min. HD) She’ll find answers to her life’s questions, straight from the Guy above.
Outrageous & Hilarious (Comedy, 26x30
min.) Collection of life’s craziest and most
embarrassing moments, all caught in HD by
real people.
Painfully Funny (Comedy, 52x30 min.) Sits
comfortably at the intersection of comedy
and pain, embarrassment and awkwardness.
Naked & Funny (Hidden camera, 325x30
min.) Hidden camera with an erotic twist.
2Rude4UTube (Comedy, 136x30 min.) Consists of video clips featuring people behaving
badly on camera, shot on video, phone, webcam, by surveillance cameras, and/or by amateurs poking fun at their friends and family.
Recipes for All (World cuisines, 300x3 min.)
We’ll teach your audience not only how to
cook delicious international meals, but also
how to enjoy doing so.
2016 58th Annual Grammy Awards (Music
special, 1x210 min.) The world’s brightest
megastars light up the stage on TV’s most
prestigious and popular music event.
Dead Again (Reality, 9x60 min.) Produced by
Wolf Reality and Left/Right for A&E, a series
about an elite team of detectives that re-investigates controversial and mysterious murder
cases to confirm, or reject, the original verdict.
2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (Variety special, 1x60 min.) Television’s sexiest special of the year features musical guests,
behind-the-scenes interviews, and, of course,
the most beautiful supermodels in the world.
Ghost Hunters (Reality, 219x60 min.)
Unscripted paranormal series featuring reallife ghost-hunting experts exploring unexplained haunts and searching for the truth.
2016 22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild
Awards (Awards special, 1x120 min.) Actors
vote solely for actors in honoring the finest
film and television performances of the year.
2015 64th Annual Miss Universe Pageant
(Variety special, 1x180 min.) Broadcast in over
175 territories, the world’s most popular
annual pageant features the most talented,
hard-working and beautiful women representing their countries and cultures.
Top 20 Funniest (Reality, 38x60 min.)
Comedic commentary charts the best viral
videos, home movies, surveillance clips, event
footage and news bloopers, as we count
down to the world’s most hilarious video.
Let It Snow (Film, 1x120 min.) Holiday tale of a
tough corporate woman whose plans to tear
down a resort lodge are suddenly changed when
she’s swept up in the Christmas spirit.
Most Shocking (Reality, 89x60 min.)
“Caught-on-camera” series about the world
of law enforcement features shocking, neverbefore-seen, action-packed crime footage.
111 Grand Ave., Suite 203
Palisades Park, NJ 07650, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-201) 224-8000
Berkshire House
168-173 High Holborn
London WC1V 7AA, U.K.
Tel: (44-207) 845-4350
e-mail: [email protected]
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P-1.L50
Contact: Alfred Haber, pres.; Andrew Haber,
VP, intl. sales; Christopher Brouder, VP, intl.
sales; Steven Weiser, VP, domestic & intl. sales;
Patricia Villagran, intl. sales exec.
Wicked Tuna (Reality, 35x60 min.) Smash-hit
Nat Geo series about a special breed of fishermen who face incredible dangers and
unprecedented challenges to hook the elusive, and lucrative, Bluefin tuna. (Free TV only)
Stand: R8.C20
Contact: Facundo Bailez, format sales exec.;
Paul Corney, VP, digital sales; Jessica Cox, jnr. format sales exec.; Maga Diaz-Villalba, snr. sales
coord.; Stephen Driscoll, SVP, intl. sales; Sabrina
Duguet, SVP, intl. format sales; Peter Grant, SVP,
sales; Kelly Shek, snr. sales exec.; Nick Smith, SVP,
intl. format prod.; Lucy Roberts, format sales
exec.; Liza Thompson, SVP, sales; Gary Woolf, EVP,
business dvpmt., digital & insight; Elsie Woolfe,
snr. sales exec.
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 4:25 PM Page 5
all3media’s 800 Words
Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime (Drama,
6x60 min.) Starring David Walliams and Jessica
Raine as Tommy and Tuppence, Agatha
Christie’s mastermind novel is brought to life
in this ’50s-set whodunit.
Harry Price Ghost Hunter (Drama, 1x120 min.)
Harry Price, famous for exposing the fraudulent
spiritualists of 1920s London, infamous for being
a fraudster himself, is given a chance to clear
his name by ridding a vulnerable woman of the
ghosts of her past.
800 Words (Drama/comedy drama, 8x60 min.)
When his wife tragically dies, a writer decides to
uproot his young family and heads for the New
Zealand countryside in search of a new life. But
it seems that the kids, the townspeople and the
universe have other ideas…
Young, Free & Single Live! (Factual ent. format,
45 min. eps.) New dating show where five young
singletons reveal every single corner of their dating lives as they look to find love.
Dinosaur Britain (Factual/factual ent., 2x60
min.) Using CGI that depicts dinosaurs against
familiar modern landmarks, gives us a lively and
fascinating look into how dinosaurs lived, hunted
and died on Britain’s very own shores.
Tattoo Fixers (Factual ent. format, 60 min. eps.)
Sins of the skin are transformed into heavenly
handiworks as resident artists cover up the
nation’s embarrassing, rude and terrible tattoos
with amazing transformations.
China: Treasures of the Jade Empire (Factual/
factual ent., 1x60 min.) Explore the tombs of
China’s Han Dynasty, where the founders of the
famous Silk Road and seekers of immortality
were laid to rest alongside the opulent treasures
and secrets of the Jade Empire.
The Magic Diary of Anne Frank (Factual/
factual ent., 1x60 min.) 70 years after her death,
Anne Frank remains an inspiration to millions of
#7 Days (Ent. format, 30 min. eps.) Interactive
comedy show where online audiences choose
the ingredients of a story to be broadcast in only
seven days time, featuring a well-known guest
star and a cast of YouTube celebrities.
The Fear (Game-show format, 30 min. eps.)
Aspiring filmmakers are given the opportunity to
screen their short horror films in front of a cinema audience, who then decide which is the
most terrifying.
C/ Anzuola nº9 Esquina con
Puenteaereas, CP 28002
Madrid, Spain
Tel: (34-916) 315-084
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: R7.J11
Contact: Víctor M. López, CEO; Ángel Molinero,
mng. dir.; Miguel Aldasoro, intl. sales; Rúben
Zarauza, exec. producer.
PINY (Dramedy, 52x11 min.) Set in an exclusive
NY institute specializing in design, fashion and
new professions, the show follows Michelle and
her fashionista friends on thrilling adventures
as they learn how to deal with love, friendship,
jealousy and fashion and design.
Cleo Telerin (Comedy/adventure/music, 52x7
min.) Cleo will wake up every day eager to
make her dream come true. A small conflict,
a game or an activity will help her to realize
it sometimes unintentionally.
Bugsted (Comedy, 52x7 min.) Emo, Vertigo,
Montana, Panzer and Sharky, our Bugsted, are
too stupid even to be superheroes and risk their
lives to save a planet as depressing as Earth.
lifestyle, the story delves into the transformation of
a group of characters from different backgrounds.
Fairytales from the Orient (Folklore animation, 26x22 min.) Delve deep into the myths
and ancient beliefs of Asia with these culturally enriched stories.
Harry & Bunny (Non-dialogue slapstick comedy, 78x7 min.) Introduces Harry the magician, Bunny the stage rabbit and Madam Penny,
a Gypsy fortuneteller.
Bola Kampung Movie (Sports/action/comedy,
1x95 min.) Bola Kampung, one of the most
successful Malaysian-made animated series,
will be presented in a 3D CGI feature movie.
Animation from Spain’s Four and a Half
Animasia’s Chuck Chicken
Balla Bowl (Sports/action, 2x70 min.) Sachin
eats, sleeps and dreams cricket.
Kung Fook College (Action comedy, 52x11
min.) The story of martial arts fanatic Alfred,
who mistakenly ends up at Kung Fook College, a Royal College of Art.
Ánima Kitchent’s Bugsted
Jelly Jamm (Musical comedy, 78x11 min.)
Join Bello and his friends in their funny
adventures as they figure out how to live in
harmony on the magical Planet Jammbo, origin of music in the universe.
Paseo de la Castellana 14-16
28046 Madrid, Spain
Tel: (34-91) 349-9188
e-mail: [email protected]
No. 2 & 4, Jalan Sri Jati 2
Taman Sri Jati, 58200
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: (603) 7784-6987
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P-1.F24/G23
Contact: Raye Lee, exec. dir.; Joanne Lee,
mktg. mgr.; Nadiah Othman, asst. lic. mgr.
Chuck Chicken (Adventure comedy, 52x11
min.) From an ordinary chicken to a Kung Fu
Master, Chuck, with the power of a golden
egg, is on a mission to defeat evil.
ABC Monsters (Preschool edutainment,
26x22 min.) Explore the entertaining learning of ABCs with Alice, Brian and Cherry Berry.
Supa Strikas (Comedy/sports/action, 39x22
min.) Join Shakes and the Supa Strikas team
to lift the world’s most prized trophy.
Bola Kampung Xtreme (Sports/action, 78x22
min.) Mixing football and traditional village
Stand: R7.J11
Contact: Victor Lopez, CEO, Ánima Kitchent;
Miguel Aldasoro, intl. sales, Ánima Kitchent;
Sergi Reitg, CEO, Imira Ent.; Giles Bones, sales
mgr. & global mktg., Imira Ent.; Nuria Queipo,
sales exec., BRB Intl.; Emilie Pasquet, sales exec.,
BRB Intl.; Tony Albert, CEO, Motion Pictures;
Jorge Patiño, intl. sales & coprod. mgr., Motion
Pictures; Teresa Guitart, sales dir., Televisió de
Catalunya TV3; Aitor Garcia Merino, dir., Arait
Multimedia; Ivan Agenjo, audiovisual mgr.,
Edebé Audiovisual; Ignaci Segura, CEO, Planeta
Junior; Judit Foz, sales mgr., Planeta Junior; Rafa
Piqueras, dir., Milky Moustache.
PINY, Pinypon Institute of New York (Kids 6-8,
52x11 min.) Fashion dramedy follows Michelle
and her fashionista friends on thrilling adventures. (Ánima Kitchent)
Me and Snowy (Kids 3-6, 52x11 min./104x6
min.) Greta and Snowy, the elephant travel the
world and search for a rainbow so that Snowy
can become colorful and escape the clumsy
Elmer Bombastic. (Arait Multimedia)
Filly Funtasia (Family sitcom, 26x30 min.) Brings
to life the charming adventures of Rose and her
friends as they attend the Magic Royal Academy of Funtasia. (BRB Internacional)
Four and a Half Friends (Kids 6-10, 26x24
min.) A series all about the detective adventures of Charly, Stefy, Radish and Fred and
their special friend, a small, mangy street dog
called Dandy. (Edebé Audiovisual)
The Triplets (Kids 4-7, 25x104 min. HD) All
about the triplets Anna, Teresa and Helena
and the Bored Witch, whose only fun in life
consists of the tricks she plays on the three
girls. (Televisió de Catalunya TV3)
Jamillah & Aladdin (Family, 52x11 min.)
Jamillah, a 21st century girl, finds a magic
lamp and is transported by the Genie back to
ancient Baghdad where she meets young
Aladdin. (Imira Entertainment)
Pumpkin Reports (Kids 6-10, 52x11 min.) The
hero of the show, which is set in the pumpkin
capital of the world, is Max Green, an 11-yearold pint-sized dynamo. (Motion Pictures)
Mutant Busters (Kids 6-11, 52x11 min.) Earth is
invaded by smelly mutants. The resistance has a
plan to retake the gassy planet. (Planeta Junior)
Yoko (Kids 4-6, 52x12 min.) Every day Oto,
Mai and Vik meet in the city park for outdoor
fun and games. Magical Yoko appears when
the play begins. (Somuga Produktora)
The Sandbox Kids (Preschool, 52x7 min.) Five
adorable kindergarten children have magical
adventures in a sandbox through the use of
special sand-molding toys and their powerful imaginations. (Milky Moustache)
55 Summer St.
Boston, MA 02110, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-617) 338-4455
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P-1.H79
Contact: Cynthia Fenneman, pres. & CEO; Eric
Luskin, VP, synd.; Tom Davison, dir., intl. sales;
Kevin McKenna, dir., intl. sales.
Dream of Italy (Lifestyle, 6x30 min.) Series journeys to Italy, exploring the food, wine, art and
history that make the country so unique.
Video interviews with leading players in the media business, industry analysis
and a recap of the week’s events—delivered to your inbox every Thursday.
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 10:51 AM Page 6
APT’s Steven Raichlen’s Project Smoke
Road to the Globe (Art/culture, 1x60 min.)
Behind-the-scenes documentary follows the
New Zealand theater company’s historic performance of Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida
in the Maori language at London’s Globe Theatre.
Lucky Chow (Lifestyle, 6x30 min.) Explore
Asian cuisine’s impact on food culture with
Danielle Cheng, founder of the LUCKYRICE
food festival, and meet innovative Asian chefs
and personalities.
Beyond Geek (Science/health/nature, 14x30
min.) An unusually fun science series about
people who are pushing the limits of science
and technology to a whole new level.
Cuba: The Forgotten Revolution (History, 1x60
min./1x90 min.) The virtually unknown story of
two Cuban revolutionaries who played a critical
role in the overthrow of dictator Fulgencio
Batista y Zaldíva in 1950s Cuba.
Baby Makes 3 (Lifestyle, 10x30 min.) A new
home-improvement series that helps couples
with one of the most important events of
their lives—preparing their home for a baby!
Global Health Frontiers (Science/health/nature,
4x60 min.) Newsmagazine follows global health
organizations and local volunteers on the front
lines of the fight against deadly or disabling diseases around the world.
Steven Raichlen’s Project Smoke (Lifestyle,
13x30 min.) Join grilling and smoking authority Steven Raichlen for his most electrifying
live fire cooking adventure yet—a series that
focuses exclusively on smoking food at home.
The Stan Lee Story: With Great Power (Bio.,
1x60 min.) Doc about the world-famous comic
book writer and co-creator of Spider-Man, the
Hulk, Iron Man and many other characters.
Hanford (History, 1x60 min.) The history of
the world’s first full-scale nuclear reactor and
the top-secret manufacturer of plutonium for
the atomic bomb that ended World War II.
P.O. Box 140750
Amman 11814, Jordan
Tel: (962-6) 551-1199
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: C20.B
Contact: Adnan Awamleh, chmn. & exec. producer; Talal Awamleh, CEO & exec. producer; Fadi
Al Shwaihat, COO; Ibrahim Abu Nimeh, line producer; Jude Kawwa, business dvpmt. coord.;
Zeena Hamzeh, business dvpmt. mgr.; Ahmad
Ismail, dir., mktg.; Faris Ayoub, mktg. mgr.; Adnan
Abdallat, snr. events officer; Sawzar Dishack, promo. & branding mgr.; Ra’ed Haddad, rights dist. &
acq. mgr.; Bisher Obeidat, content dist. coord.;
Tala Zumot, content dist. coord.; Amal Armouti,
rights coord.
The Invasion (Drama/social, 30x50 min.) A young
Palestinian fugitive rescued an Israeli woman in
an accident. From there, a love story begins.
Shahrazad (Drama/historical/romance, 30x50
min.) Shahrazad, a poor girl, succeeded in
changing the life of the Sultan Shahrayar and
solved his problem of finding his true love.
Balqis (Drama/historical, 30x50 min.) Balqis is
the wise queen of a rich empire that triumphed in many wars during her rule.
Al Hajjaj (Drama/historical, 35x50 min.) The
biography of the distinguished character of Al
Hajjaj, who faced controversy around him
during the most turbulent eras in history.
The Sun Rises Again (Drama/social, 31x50
min.) A girl who loses her mother and has a
reckless father resolves to live a happy life.
Sons of Al Rashid (Drama/historical, 30x50
min.) Harun Al Rashid must decide which son
should be his successor.
Abu Ja’afar Al Mansur (Drama/historical, 30x50
min.) Highlights the conflicts between the Caliphate
house from the second half of the Omayyad period until the beginning of the Abbasid period.
Imru’ Al Qais (Drama/historical, 32x50 min.)
The story of the poet king that decided to
avenge his father’s death.
Double or Nothing (Studio challenge show, 60
min. eps.) Shiny floor game show in which a
couple must do twice as well as their opponent
on different challenges to win big money.
Live from My Home (Reality singing competition, 30 min. eps.) Daily stripped show where
each week four regular people who love to sing,
whether solo or in a band, will perform in their
own homes, competing to win the title.
Zagouri Empire (Dramedy, 51x60 min.) A modern interpretation of the return of the prodigal
son, an intense yet humorous drama that follows the lovable yet troubled characters of the
Zagouri family.
Karl and Max (Dramedy, 10x60 min.) Karl and
Max are ordinary guys on a fishing trip—until they
find a bag containing a gun and millions in cash!
Babushka (Studio game show, 60 min. eps.) Contestants must open eight giant babushka dolls
to win up to $500,000 in this prime-time show.
I Can Do That! (Prime-time ent., 13x90-120
min.) Prime-time entertainment format—a
summer hit on NBC—challenges celebrities to
go head-to-head and perform new and
impressive acts each week.
The People’s Choice (Studio game show, 60
min. eps.) Would you choose a month without
showering or your phone? World peace or $1
million? A revolutionary live event where
everyone can play and win.
Who’s Asking? (Studio game show, 60 min.
eps.) It’s not about what the question is, but who
asks it. Who will follow their intuition to the
grand prize?
Arab Telemedia’s The Sun Rises Again
The Gathering Age (Drama/historical, 30x50
min.) The highlights of a brilliant era of Islamic
history when Qurtoba, capital of Andalusia,
faced many challenges and threats.
Al Murabitun & Andalusia (Drama/historical, 30x50 min.) The impact of the powerful
Andalusian state era and its effects on smaller
surrounding states.
Armoza’s Karl and Max
HaArba’a St., 3/Fl.
Tel Aviv 64739, Israel
Tel: (972-3) 540-8333
e-mail: [email protected]
Still Standing (Studio game show, 60 min.
eps.) Contestants fight to be the last one still
standing and win $1 million by out-guessing
ten opponents in fast-paced trivia battles.
8 rue Marceau
92785 Issy-Les-Moulineaux Cx 9
Tel: (33-1) 5500-7777
Stand: R8.B3
Contact: Avi Armoza, fndr. & CEO; Amos Neumann, COO; Ana Paula Szewkies, sales exec.,
Spain, Portugal, Italy & Brazil; Anat Lewinsky,
sales exec., CIS, Western Europe, Middle East &
India; Sharon Levi, sales exec., English-speaking &
Nordic territories & Asia; Shay-Lee Barcan, sales
exec., Latin America & U.S. Hispanic; Yael Shaoulian, sales exec., U.K., Ireland, France, Netherlands
& Belgium; Ronit Shuler, head, prods.; Yael
Phillips, head, mktg. & comms.
The Virgins (Docu-reality, 60 min. eps.) Follows
the real stories behind life-changing new experiences—no matter how big or small.
evolved considerably over the last 20 years, and
the talent of certain super-trained, veritable winning-machines is intriguing neuroscientists.
The Great Greek Myths (Ancient history, animation, 20x26 min.) Tales of love, sex, power,
betrayal, heinous crimes, unbearable separations,
revenge, and metamorphoses—the poetic force
of the myths has crossed the centuries.
ARTE’s Egypt’s Modern Pharaohs
Egypt’s Modern Pharaohs (Contemporary history, 3x52 min.) A portrayal of Egypt from 1952
to 2011, providing an in-depth understanding
of how revolution became inevitable.
Circus World Tour (Travel/adventure, 20x26
min.) Sarah Schwartz invites us behind the
scenes of the circus dream, revealing its singular world—and discovering countries through the
window of a caravan.
You’ll Die Smarter (Animation, 30x3 min.)
For those who skipped biology or physics
class and think that lasers are cool, but would
like to know a bit more.
South Korea, Country of Many Miracles
(Travel/adventure, 5x52 min.) Once considered to
be the world’s third-poorest country, South
Korea has become one of today’s most prosperous nations.
Homeless (Animated fiction, 13x22 min.) A joyfully un-politically correct and raucous ride to a
land where not working is a full-time job.
Jesus & Islam (Society/religion, 7x52 min.)
Jesus, the founding figure of Christianity, is
also an exceptional character in the Qur’an.
Warren Beatty (Cinema, 1x52 min.) The story
of an insatiable Hollywood craving for more of
everything: power, fame, sex, glory. And then
more of the same.
The Legacy of Alexander McQueen (Fashion, 1x52 min.) The story of a turbulent and
indomitable man succumbing to his macabre
imagination, as well as the mourning and
rebirth of a fashion icon and empire.
7141 Valjean Ave., Suite 200
Van Nuys, CA 91406, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-818) 752-2480
e-mail: [email protected]
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P1.B3
Contact: Heidi Fleisher, head, intl. sales &
catalog acq.; Alec Herrmann, head, presales
& head, acq., publishing dept.; Audrey Kamga,
sales mgr.; Emilie Kleinmann, sales mgr.;
Anne Voirin, sales & presales mgr.
In Search of the Perfect Sportsperson (Science, 1x52 min.) The performance of athletes has
Stand: R7.F8
Contact: Scott Jones, pres.; Jay Joyce, VP.
The Architect (Drama) While trying to build their
dream home, a couple’s lives are turned upside
down after hiring an obsessive architect who
insists on building his ideal home, not theirs.
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 10:51 AM Page 7
Artist View’s A Million Reasons to Die
Desiree (Thriller, 1x93 min.) An inspired experimental chemist wakes up in a New Orleans jail,
accused of arson that links him to an illegal drug
ring. Suffering from amnesia, he’s unexpectedly
released on bail and must find his missing girlfriend in order figure out what really happened.
Girl On the Edge (Drama, 1x100 min.) A powerful true story about a troubled teenage girl
who must choose to invest in her own recovery
or succumb to the trauma of cyberbullying.
Day Release (Action) In the first 24 hours of
his release from prison, Mark fights to make
amends with his brother, gets drunk, meets
the woman of his dreams and witnesses an
armored van carrying a huge sum of money
being robbed… what will he do next?
A Million Reasons to Die (Thriller, 1x88 min.)
While two young men are sorting through their
recently deceased, best friend Ally’s apartment,
they find a winning lottery ticket. Legally, her
ex-husband is entitled to it, but they know that’s
the last thing she would have wanted.
Warsaw 44 (Drama, 1x119 min.) Based on
true events during WWII, follows a group of
young insurgents through the 63 days of the
rising against the Nazi German occupiers.
A Dark Reflection (Thriller, 1x90 min.) Based on
true events, a renowned journalist uncovers one
of the biggest conspiracies in aviation history
when her air traffic controller boyfriend is suspended following a series of in-flight incidents.
The Last Rescue (War, 1x90 min.) Shortly after
D-Day, three American soldiers and two Army
Corps nurses stranded behind enemy lines take a
high-ranking German officer as their prisoner
and try to orchestrate an escape.
Expendable Assets (Action, 1x90 min.) When
a young woman’s village and family are wiped
out by military contractors, she teams up with
a former Special Forces officer to help her win
her personal war against evil.
Paranormal Society (Horror, 1x90 min.) In a
mountain lodge, five sorority sisters accidentally
unleash an unholy entity, and must battle evil and
each other to stop it from devouring mankind.
Bat Pat (Animated adventure comedy, 52x11
min. 2D HD) Bat Pat and the Silver siblings help
the Fogville town dwellers unravel the mysteries
of the scary creatures that lurk about.
Geronimo Stilton (Animation, 78x23 min. 2D
HD) Inspired by the book series of the same
name, focuses on the life and adventures of
the super famous mouse journalist. New season in production with Superprod and RAI
Fiction, and France Televisions as broadcasting partner, for a fall 2016 delivery.
Nutri Ventures (Animation, 52x23 min, 2D HD)
In a world where foods bestow super powers,
an evil man has replaced them. A group of brave
kids embark on an adventure to discover the lost
foods and their Nutri-Powers.
Dive Olly Dive (Animation, 104x11 min. 3D
CGI) Follows the underwater escapades of
two young research submarines-in-training
who, under the guidance of Diver Doug, discover the marvels of Safe Harbour.
Atlantyca’s Bat Pat
Bolts & Blip (Animation, 26x22 min. 3D CGI)
Bolts and Blip find themselves as members
of the Luna League’s last placed team and are
now out to show the fans what they can do.
The Fixies (Animation, 104x6 min. 3D CGI) The
misadventures of 8-year-old Tom-Thomas and
his secret friendship with the children of the Fixies family living in his apartment.
Taka & Maka (Animation, 40x1 min. 3D CGI)
The adventures and misfortunes of two crazy
geckos living in the same house.
Dive Olly Dive and the Pirate Treasure
(Animation, 1x80 min. 3D CGI) Submarines
Olly and Beth join their friend Bobsie to
search for the legendary secret treasure that
reflects the beautiful rainbows in the sky.
Avenida Isla Graciosa 13 28703
San Sebastián de los Reyes
Madrid, Spain
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: R7.A20
Contact: Pedro Citaristi, dist. mgr.; Caterina
Vacchi, head, animation dept. & exec. producer;
Niccolo Sacchi, exec. producer.
Barbaros Bulvari, Cam Han
No: 153 34349 Besiktas
Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: (90-212) 381-2848
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: R7.J11
Contact: Mercedes Gamero, acq. & sales dir.
& dir., Atresmedia Cine; José Antonio Salso,
head, acq. & sales; Diana Borbón, sales mgr.
Plastic Sea (Mar de Plástico) (Drama/thriller,
S1: 13x70 min.) The murder of the mayor’s
daughter in a village where greenhouses are the
primary business stirs up friction among its
Unforgettable (Drama, 90x90 min.) Two sisters unknowingly fall in love with the same
man. An unforgettable love story follows.
Bugünün Saraylisi (The Noble of Today) (Drama, 36x90 min. eps. ongoing) A jewelry craftsman is forced to sell his mansion; the new owner
is his former butler, who is also the husband of
a woman he had a secret love affair with.
Atresmedia’s Down Below
Down Below (Allí Abajo) (Comedy, S1: 13x70
min.) A hilarious love story of a traditional guy
from the North and a jovial and gracious nurse.
The Incident (El Incidente) (Drama, 5x70 min.)
In a quiet village in the mountains, some locals
start to behave strangely after a terrible storm.
Tell Me a Story (Cuéntame Un Cuento) (TV
movies, 5x80 min.) A present-day adaptation
of five classic stories and fairy tales through
the psycho-thriller and suspense genres.
The Secret of Old Bridge (El Secreto de Puente
Viejo) (Telenovela, S1-17: 65x50 min. each; total
1,105x50 min.) A midwife crosses paths with the
rich stepmother of her ex-lover and father of her
son, who was ripped from her at birth.
Something to Celebrate (Algo Que Celebrar)
(Comedy, 8x70 min.) A portrait of many different types of families through the eyes of the
Navarros, with four generations of relatives and
the stories they share in their celebrations.
Hostile Grounds (En Tierra Hostil) (Docureality, 12x70 min.) From the creators of the
acclaimed series Imprisoned, relates the search
for Spaniards in ten “hot zones” worldwide.
The Time in Between (El Tiempo Entre
Costuras) (Drama, 11x70 min./8x90
min./17x60 min.) Based on the best-selling
book. A seamstress is involved in a spy plot
during the years prior to World War II.
Bandit (Bandolera) (Telenovela, S1: 66x50 min.,
S2-7: 65x50 min. each, S8: 78x50 min.; total
534x50 min.) A student from a wealthy family
runs away to seek adventure, becoming a bandit in order to help the most disadvantaged.
Via Leopardi, 8 20123 Milan, Italy
Tel: (39-02) 4300-101
e-mail: [email protected]
Locked Up (Vis a Vis) (Drama, S1: 11x70
min./16x50 min.) A young woman, betrayed by
her lover and arrested for fraud, must learn to
survive, and fight to prove her innocence, in a
detention facility as she awaits her trial.
ATV’s Sila
Sila (Drama, 79x90 min.) Set in the magical
city of Mardin on the plains of Mesopotamia,
where tradition challenges law and love challenges tradition.
I Loved Him So Much (Period drama, 15x90
min.) Tells the story of the political and personal journey of Adnan Menderes to become
prime minister in 1950.
Past Times (Period drama, 68x90 min.) A
heartbreaking love story in 1950s Istanbul
that brings Turkey’s recent history to light.
Becoming a Lady (Drama, 56x90 min.) A love
story winds through the ghettos of Istanbul
to the upper-class shopping areas of the city.
My Lost Half (Drama, 23x90 min.) Two
shores, two worlds, two sisters, two identical
faces, small sailing boats, Black Sea meals,
Rumelian folk songs and the irresistible
humor of existing in separate worlds.
Orphan Flowers (Drama, 90 min. eps. ongoing) A survival story of young orphan girls in
a rich society, fighting against the sorrow of
life but at the same time falling in love and
searching for happiness and hope.
Stolen Life (Drama, 90 min. eps. ongoing)
Asiye’s only desire is to escape an Istanbul
ghetto, a poor neighborhood full of slum
houses and muddy roads.
Huzur Sokagi (Peace Street) (Drama, 67x90
min. ongoing) An impossible love blossoms
between Bilal, born and raised in a religious and
conservative district, and Feyza, a rich and
spoiled girl brought up with modern values.
3/Fl., 145 Smith St., Fitzroy
Victoria 3065, Australia
Tel: (613) 9200-5500
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P-1.J61
Contact: Muhammed Ziyad Varol, head, sales;
Emir Düzel, content sales specialist; Müge Hanilci, content sales exec.; Yasin Elmaci, content sales
exec.; Serra Batus, acq. exec.; Pinar Canbaz, acq.
exec.; Mutlu Inan, deputy GM; Metin Ergen, GM.
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 10:51 AM Page 8
Stand: P-1.B84
Contact: Roberta Di Vito, intl. sales mgr.; Tim
Hegarty, intl. sales mgr.; Jenny Buckland, CEO;
Bernadette O’Mahony, head, dvpmt. & prod.
Little Lunch (Tween/live action/comedy,
26x12 min.) Every episode takes place during
that highly anticipated school-day break—
morning snack time!
Ready for This (Teen/live action/drama, 1x42
min. & 12x24 min.) Six teenagers, all elites
within their own field, come to live at Arcadia House in pursuit of their dreams.
Bushwhacked (Tween/family/adventure, 39x24
min., season 3) Weaving adventure, travel, food,
wildlife, history and culture, Kayne goes on the
adventure of a lifetime with Indigenous co-hosts
Brandon (season 1) and Kamil (season 2 & 3).
ACTF’s Bushwhacked
Periferico Sur #4121
Col. Fuentes del Pedregal
Cp 14141, Mexico City, Mexico
Tel: (52-55) 5251-1410
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: R8.B10
Contact: Marcel Vinay Hill, VP, intl. sales; Marcel Vinay Jr., CEO, Comarex; Ernesto Ramirez, dir.,
operations & new media; Carmen Pizano, sales,
Latin America & Spain; Martha Contreras, sales,
Asia; Adela Velasco, sales, Africa & Eastern
Europe; Raul Mendoza, mktg.
Tanto Amor (Telenovela, 120x60 min.) They say
that after the storm comes calm, but in Alberto
and Mia’s case it is the beginning of a long and
eventful journey that will, in the midst of tragedy
and betrayal, lead to romance and happiness.
Olvide Que Te Quería (Once I Loved You)
(Telenovela, 90x60 min.) A story of love and
betrayal where money permeates the lives of
all those who live in the fertile and prosperous wine-producing valley.
Baila Si Puedes (Dance If You Can) (Ent.,
40x60 min.) Ordinary people compete against
20 celebrities in a series of dance challenges
for a spectacular prize.
Así En El Barrio Como En El Cielo (Telenovela, 120x60 min.) When the roulette of life
leaves the rich poor and the poor millionaires,
a wedding is just the start...
50 X 1 (Travel, 156x30 min.) The presenter
shares some of the amazing travel experiences he has had.
Brazil Sensational (Lifestyle, 6x13 min.) The best
restaurants in Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Pernambuco,
Minas Gerais, Santa Catarina and Para open their
kitchens to present their special dishes.
Banijay’s May the Best Host Win
Azteca’s Olvide Que Te Quería
UEPA: Un Escenario Para el Amor (Telenovela, 120x60 min.) After the death of her parents, Lourdes takes a job as a dancer in a bar
in order to pay for her sister’s education,
while pretending to her sister that she’s a
prestigious psychologist.
El Hombre De Tus Sueños (The Man of
Your Dreams) (Comedy, 13x60 min.) A hardworking single father who discovers that he is
a chick magnet is forced to take a job at a
dating agency run by his cousin Gloria.
Soy Tu Doble (I’m Your Double) (Ent./reality
format, 45x60 min.) 12 women and 12 men
compete to demonstrate their singing skills
and ability to imitate the voice, movements
and personality of well-known singers.
La Academia Kids (Reality, 17 weeks) Seeks
to discover the child artists of tomorrow and
develop their musical talents.
Las Bravo (Girls Only) (Telenovela, 130x60
min.) When José Bravo dies, Valentina and her
daughters are left with just one inheritance: a
strip club for women.
Siempre Tuya… Acapulco (A Love to Remember) (Drama/telenovela, 135x60 min.) Flying over
the mountains Diego’s jet crashes. Rescuing him
from death’s door is Olvido. When Diego comes
round he discovers that he has lost his memory
and is blind.
Bandeirantes’ 50 x 1
BRICS (Doc., 5x52 min. HD) Explores the
impact of economic and social changes on
the lives of middle-class families in Brazil,
Russia, India, China and South Africa.
The World According to Brazilians (Ent.,
61x60 min. HD) The best tourist routes of the
world, according to Brazilians living in those
breathtaking countries.
The League (Investigative journalism, S1: 26x45
min., S2: 37x45 min., S3: 32x45 min., S4: 26x45
min. HD) Four reporters analyze themes from
different points of view.
The Amazing Professor Ambrosius’ Mansion
(Cartoon, 26x5 min. HD) Professor Ambrosius is
the friendly and clumsy host of this show that
mixes educational entertainment with comedy.
Head on a Platter (Film, 1x104 min. HD)
Three stories intertwine in the arid border
landscape where Brazil, Paraguay and
Bolivia meet.
Dance Dance Dance (Telenovela, 160x45 min.
HD) A girl from the country follows her dream
of becoming a great ballerina in the big city.
Rua Radiantes, 13, Morumbi
05614-130, Brazil
Tel: (55-11) 3131-7483/3788
24 St. John St.
London EC1M 4AY, U.K.
Tel: (44-203) 405-2065
e-mail: [email protected]/
[email protected]
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P1.C12
Contact: Elisa Ayub, dir., intl. content; Marianne de Castro, sales exec.
Wacky TV (Cartoon, 13x11 min. 4K) Directed
by a greedy and shady man named Mevil
Wacky, Wacky TV is always looking to increase
its audience with crazy ideas.
Skivvy Man (Young adult cartoon, 26x2 min.
HD) Skivvy Man is a 30-year-old superhero, living on the outskirts of a big city, who charges
$100 plus bus fare to aid the population.
Stand: C20.A
Contact: Emmanuelle Namiech, mng. dir.;
Mike Jackson, head, global sales; Fanny
Baudry, VP, global acq., formats & pgms.; Jimmy
Humphrey, sales & acq. mgr.; Dimitri Gélineau,
sales exec.
Game Changers (Ent.) 14 fledgling young entrepreneurs, each with an idea for a start-up project, vie to win seed money to launch their business venture that will help change our lives.
Age of Rock (Reality) Brings together a wild
bunch of retirees aged 60 to 80 who all live
and breathe one passion: rock ’n’ roll!
May the Best Host Win (Ent.) Each episode of
this shiny floor entertainment format sees the
mischievous host invite one of his celebrity
friends to join him in a new kind of competition:
the Host-Off.
Sing It On (Reality, 8x60 min.) Exec-produced by
Oscar- and Grammy-winning artist John Legend,
this documentary-style reality series follows
competitive a cappella singing groups as they
juggle academics, rehearsals and relationships.
The Monster of Mangatiti (Docudrama,
1x90 min. HD) Tells the unimaginable true
story of Heather Walsh, who as a teenager
was held prisoner by a seasoned predator on
a remote farm in the mid 1980s.
Queens of Drama (Reality, 10x30 min. HD) A
group of former daytime and prime-time
television actresses working together in front
of and behind the cameras develop, pitch and
produce a steamy new series hoping to land a
pilot deal by the end of the season.
Television Centre, 101 Wood Lane
London, W12 7FA, U.K.
Tel: (44-20) 8433-2000
Stand: P3.B38
Contact: Tim Davie, CEO, BBC Worldwide &
dir., global; Helen Jackson, chief content officer; Paul Dempsey, pres., global markets; Marcus Arthur, pres., U.K. & Australia; David Weiland, EVP, Asia; Tobi de Graaff, EVP, Western
Europe; Grant Welland, EVP, CEMA; Joyce
Yeung, EVP, global content sales; Soumya Sriraman, EVP, film, home ent. & lic.; Matt Forde,
EVP, TV sales, coprod. & digital dist.
Dickensian (Drama, 19x30 min. & 1x45
min./9x60 min. & 1x75 min./13x45 min.)
Writer Tony Jordan uses characters and locations from Dickens’s novels to create a unique
and compelling world. Stars Stephen Rea.
War and Peace (Drama, 6x60 min./4x90
min./8x45 min.) Legendary screenwriter Andrew
Davies breathes new life into Tolstoy’s enduring
story of love, war, passion and heartbreak. Stars
Paul Dano, Lily James and James Norton.
Unforgotten (Drama, 6x45 min./3x90 min.) Crime
drama from the commissioners of Broadchurch
focuses on a cold case reopened after 39 years.
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 10:51 AM Page 9
BBC Worldwide’s Dickensian
From Darkness (Drama, 4x50 min.) In this
psychological crime drama starring AnneMarie Duff, a former detective is drawn back
into a murder investigation she instigated
as a rookie.
Go Jetters (Children’s, 50x11 min. & 1x22 min.)
Animated comedy adventure series for 4- to 6year-olds packed with colorful characters, fastpaced action, disco music and fun facts about
famous landmarks around the world.
Skyworld (Natural history, 3x50 min.)
Groundbreaking series from the BBC Natural
History Unit looking at flight as the ultimate
superpower, exploring the science of how flying creatures master the skies.
Forces of Nature (Science, 4x50 min.) Series
from the team behind Human Universe explores
the forces that shape Earth’s startling beauty to
explain what makes our world work.
The Big Catch (Factual ent., 6x50 min.) A
spectacular fishing contest on a cinematic
scale where eight passionate anglers compete
in dramatic locations across the globe.
Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week (Factual
ent., 6x50 min.) Competition show where 30
super-fit people are pushed to their physical
and mental limits by special-forces experts
from around the world.
Daft Punk Unchained (Music, 1x84 min.)
Documentary about the pop duo who have
sold 12 million albums worldwide, featuring
interviews with Pharrell Williams, Giorgio
Moroder, Nile Rodgers and Michel Gondry.
Benelux; Zoe Wilson, sales exec., CEE, Baltic
States, South Africa, Israel & inflight; Jason
Behan, acq. mgr., Australia & New Zealand;
Alexandra Olsson, acq. exec.
The Dengineers (Children/family, 11x30 min. HD)
Rips up the blueprints of traditional makeover
programs and instead presents an amazing, kidfocused transformation show, making out-ofthis-world dens for deserving children.
Shaynna’s World of Design (Lifestyle, 2x60 min.
HD) Interior designer Shaynna Blaze takes you
on an inspirational journey to the hottest design
spots on the planet, as she hunts down ideas to
create her own unique lighting range.
Natural Born Outlaws (Crime/investigation,
10x60 min. HD) Tells the larger-than-life stories of some of history’s toughest and meanest outlaws and the thrilling cat and mouse
chase that ended their reigns of terror.
Mountain Rescue (Factual ent., 6x60 min. HD)
The only thing standing between thrill seekers
and a certain death on Mont Blanc is the helicopter rescue squad of the PGHM—an elite Alpine
force trained for the world’s deadliest peaks.
Chasing Monsters (Adventure/travel, 12x60
min. HD) Takes us on an adrenaline-packed journey to seek out colossal and dangerous underwater creatures in the most remote corners of
the planet.
Love It or List It UK (Lifestyle, 6x60 min. HD)
U.K. property experts Kirstie Allsopp and Phil
Spencer are on a mission to help families who’ve
fallen out of love with their home. The problem is
the families can’t agree on how to remedy it!
Building La Dolce Vita with Debbie
Travis (Lifestyle, 6x30 min. HD) The design
icon is risking her life savings to transform a
13th century medieval watchtower and
farmhouse in Tuscany into a luxurious
women-only retreat.
167-169 Wardour St.
London W1F 8WP, U.K.
Tel: (44-207) 323-3444
e-mail: [email protected]
Beyond’s Cooking for the Crown
Stand: R7.B16
Contact: Mikael Borglund, chief exec. & mng.
dir.; Michael Murphy, GM, dist.; Munia KannaKonsek, head, sales; Caitlin Meek-O’Connor,
head, acq.; Danika Porter, head, intl. mktg.;
Sherry Fynbo, SVP, sales, U.S.A., Canada & Latin
America; Joanne Azzopardi, VP, sales, Australia,
New Zealand & Asia; Marzenna Czubowicz, VP,
sales, Western Europe; Sam Partner, VP, sales,
German-speaking Europe, Scandinavia &
Jack Vale: Offline (Comedy, 6x30 min. HD)
Jack Vale is the world’s most successful internet prankster and now he is teaming up with
his family to test limits and draw astounded
reactions from all of his victims.
Cooking for the Crown (Factual ent., 8x30
min. HD) Chef Christian Bauer travels to a different country to meet their royal family in
order to learn what culinary delights are
served and how these recipes are prepared.
Body Donors—Life After Death (People/
society, 2x60 min. HD) Follows the journeys of
two people, in life and beyond death, who
courageously decide to donate their bodies to
medical science.
130 Merton St., Suite 200
Toronto, ON M4S 1A4, Canada
Tel: (1-416) 646-4434
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P-1.J7
Contact: Solange Attwood, SVP, intl.; Gwen
Jones-McCauley, dir., intl.; Kate Blank, dir., intl.;
Raja Khanna, CEO, Blue Ant TV & digital; Michael
MacMillan, CEO, Blue Ant Media; Marcia Martin,
SVP, content prod.; Vanessa Case, EVP, content;
Simon Foster, SVP, digital publishing & business
dvpmt.; Andrea Harrick, dir., acq.; Sarah Etherden,
dir., corporate comms.; Seaton McLean, board
Jago: A Life Underwater (Nature/wild life/human interest doc., 1x60 min. 4K & HD) The
story of an 80-year-old hunter who dives like a
fish on a single breath, descending to great
depths in the Sulawesi sea for several minutes to
stalk his prey.
Strange Creatures (Nature/wildlife/science, 7x30
min. 4K & HD) Witness the astounding adaptations, marvelous mating rituals and amazing
abnormalities of the weirdest of the wild.
Attack & Defend (Nature/wildlife, 6x30 min.
4K & HD) Those who attack and those who
defend have developed specialized skills in their
ongoing struggle to survive. Witness the masters
of predator-prey conflict as they showcase their
intimidating and extraordinary tactics.
Seasons of the Wild (Nature/wildlife/travel,
2x60 min. 4K & HD) Submerge yourself into the
ecosystem of Florida’s Everglades and witness
the impact of the wetlands’ two-season cycle
on the creatures that prowl the swamp.
Land of Gremlins (Nature/wildlife, 3x60 min.
4K & HD) Discover Madagascar’s most
extraordinary endemic species.
The Big Feed (Nature/wildlife/lifestyle, 13x30
min. 4K & HD) Goes behind the scenes into
the world’s top zoos to witness what it takes
to feed thousands of animals a day.
The Weapon Hunter (History/reality, 6x60 min.
HD) Paul Shull, rock & roll promoter and expert
swordsman, backed by a crack team of experts
with years of experience in tracking down the
finest military specimens, is in pursuit of North
America’s most collectable artifacts.
What’s for Sale? With a View (Lifestyle/
home, 26x30 min. HD) Potential homebuyers
are presented dream houses with incredible,
jaw-dropping views.
Paranormal Survivor (Paranormal/thriller,
20x60 min. HD) Hear from those who’ve had
terrifying real-life encounters with the supernatural and watch dramatic re-creations of
these harrowing confrontations.
Knock Knock Ghost (Paranormal/light ent.,
6x60 min. HD) Comedian Richard Ryder and
his ghost-hunting team travel to historic
haunts, spend the night at each spooky locale
and conduct strange experiments to find out
what’s lurking in the dark.
C/María Tubau nº4, 4/Fl.
28050 Madrid, Spain
Tel: (34-916) 624-756
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: R7.J11
Contact: Beatriz Setuain, head, intl. sales;
María García-Castrillón, intl. sales. exec.;
Esther Agraso, intl. sales exec.
Plastic Sea (Thriller, 13x70 min.) An unsolved
murder in a southern community. Anyone in
town could have been responsible.
The Avatars (Youth comedy, 52x23 min.) Three
teenagers have a really good rock band, but
they’re rejected in every audition because they’re
too young. Everything changes when they create
a virtual band that quickly becomes popular.
Boomerang TV’s The Time in Between
Blue Ant’s Land of Gremlins
Our Guys (Action drama, 3x70 min.) Two kids are
kidnapped in the Mali desert. A patrol of special
forces will race against time to rescue them.
Brothers (Drama, 6x70 min.) Two brothers
fight over the woman they are both in love
with, as they struggle to get ahead and
change their little corner of the world.
The Secret of Old Bridge (Telenovela, S1-18:
65x50 min. each) A long-running daily
drama involving the inhabitants of a village
in the provinces, where everybody has some
sort of secret.
The Time in Between (Drama, 8x90 min./11x70
min./17x45 min.) An ordinary woman transforms
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 11:48 AM Page 10
herself, first into a prestigious couturier, then
into a spy at the outset of WWII.
Mum Detective (Police comedy, S1: 6x70 min.,
S2: 13x70 min., S3: 13x60 min.) A recently
divorced, brilliant police inspector has to tackle
the most complicated cases while looking after
two potential delinquents: her children.
Land of Wolves (Romance/action, S1-3: 13x70
min. each) The Bravo brothers return to their
parents’ land to reclaim their property. But they’ll
have to confront Mr. Lobo, who will do everything to get rid of them.
Acacias 38 (Telenovela, 80x50 min.) A daily series
set in 1899 about the lives and secrets of a group
of maids and the bourgeois families they serve.
Luci (Comedy, S1: 13x25 min., S2: 22x25 min.)
She may not have the perfect family, or the perfect job, or the perfect body, but who wants a
perfect life when you can have a real one?
15250 Ventura Blvd., Suite 520
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-310) 613-4175
e-mail: [email protected]
Contact: Paul Rich, CEO & owner; Monique
Nayard, snr. sales exec.; Susan Bender, Latin
American sales; Cindy Nardiello, intl. sales coord.
Mussolini (7x60 min. HD) Telecast on NBC in
the U.S. in November 1985 and in more than
100 countries, stars Academy Award winner
George C. Scott as Benito Mussolini.
The Miracle Worker (1x 90 min.) Starring
Patty Duke Astin as Annie Sullivan and Melissa
Gilbert as her pupil Helen Keller, it was originally telecast on NBC and won an Emmy
Award for best movie of 1979.
BoPaul’s The Big Big Show
Miss America: Behind the Crown (1x90
min.) Former Miss America Carolyn Sapp
plays herself in the story of her abusive relationship with a professional football player.
Telecast originally in 1992 on NBC.
The Genie (13x60 min. HD) Young scion Joshua
Dawson, fulfilling his father’s dying wish, travels the globe exercising three wishes for deserving individuals.
The Big Big Show (24x60 min. HD) Zany new
game/talent show created by Tommy Habeeb
(Cheaters) and featuring permanent guest judges
Andrew Dice Clay, Tom Green and Tara Reid.
Bikini Destinations (54 eps. HD) Follows swimsuit models as they explore the world, from the
beaches of the Bahamas and islands of Tahiti to
the jungles of South America and beyond. Season five ventures to the South Pacific and Thailand, among other destinations.
35 Britain St., Toronto
ON M5A 1R7, Canada
Tel: (1-416) 366-6588
e-mail: [email protected]
The Adventures of Napkin Man (Preschool,
46x12 min.) A series about a brand-new kind
of superhero, one who helps children better
understand and manage their feelings.
Sports Lab (Kids live action, 26x11 min.) A
fun, educational show that will help kids better understand sports, while demonstrating
the scientific elements at work.
76 Charlotte St., 5/Fl.
London W1T 4QS, U.K.
Tel: (44-20) 7307-3230
e-mail: [email protected]
Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race
(Kids 8-12 animation, 26x30 min.) An actionfilled outrageous buddy comedy in which 18
pairs of unforgettable characters are put to the
mental, physical and emotional test in a frantic
race around the world.
Trunk Train (Kids 6-12 animation, 52x11
min.) Takes you on a fabulous journey of discovery, replete with comedy, adventure and a
dollop of stupidity, through Latin America.
Wanda and the Alien (Preschool, 52x10
min.) Based on the books by best-selling
author Sue Hendra, a series about wonder
and unconditional friendship.
Woozle & Pip (Preschool, 52x5 min.) Top-rated
series based on best-selling preschool books follows the adventures of two lovable dogs.
Stand: P-1.A0
Contact: Peter Williamson, exec. producer &
partner; Ira Levy, exec. producer & partner;
Nat Abraham, pres., dist.; Craig McGillivray,
VP, dist.; Jodi Mackie, dir., intl. sales & acq.
Anne of Green Gables (Family, 1x90 min.)
Based on the globally beloved classic children’s
novel, the story of a fiercely imaginative little
girl who, with her irrepressible spirit, touches
the lives of everyone that she meets.
Stand: R7.D18
Contact: Tom Van Waveren, CEO & creative
dir.; Ed Galton, chief commercial officer & mng.
dir.; Marie-Laure Roche, snr. sales mgr.; Bianca
Rodriguez, snr. sales mgr.; Emily Whinnett, VP,
creative; Emilie Frelon, head, finance; Jonathan
Dyer, head, business affairs; Tanya Peck, mktg.
mgr.; Emma Watson, sales asst.; Namfon Day,
exec. PA.
Angry Birds (Kids 4+ animation, 104x3 min.)
Non-dialogue series brings to life the characters
and adventures from one of the world’s most
loved and successful gaming franchises.
Angelo Rules (Kids 6-12 animation, S1: 78x11
min., S2: 46x11 min. & 3x22 min., S3: 46x11 min.
& 3x22 min.) Emmy-nominated series now in its
third season starring 11-year-old Angelo, a
genius with a knack for getting out of trouble!
Breakthrough’s Anne of Green Gables
Blood and Water (Drama, 8x30 min.) Josephine
(“Jo”) Bradley has just been assigned her first big
case as lead detective following her recent promotion in Vancouver’s homicide division.
Best in Chow (Lifestyle/reality, 30 min. eps.) In
every episode comedian Cris Nannarone visits
one North American city, meets three top chefs
and pits them against each other in a final
showdown where unbiased judges will help
crown a winner.
Unnatural Enemies (Doc., 1x60 min.) Naturalist Kevin Van Tighem carries on a one-man crusade to save endangered wolves and ecosystems
along both sides of the Canadian Rockies.
Over the Horizon (Lifestyle/reality, 60 min.
eps.) Andre Dupuis captures adventure-seeker
Ellis Emmett as he endures a three-year circumnavigation across the ocean.
Uprooted (Lifestyle/food, 13x30 min.) North
American mom and food lover Sarah Sharratt navigates her way through her new life in
rural France.
Boundless (Lifestyle/reality, 30x60 min.) The
adventures of friends and fierce competitors
Simon Donato and Paul “Turbo” Trebilcock in
their worldwide quest to challenge their limits.
Science Max (Kids live action, 26x30 min.) The
exciting new series that turbo-charges all the
science experiments you’ve done at home.
Kavacik Mah. Ekinciler Cad. Necip
Fazil Sok., Calinos Plaza No: 6
Beykoz, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: (90-216) 999-4999
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P-1.J69
Contact: Firat Gulgen, CEO; Besir Tatli, GM;
Asli Serim, intl. sales dir.; Ismail Dursunov, intl.
sales dir., CIS; Melis Hamamcioglu, business
dvpmt. dir.; Emre Gorentas, intl. sales specialist, Latin America.
Relationship Status: It’s Complicated
(Romance, 35+x60 min. ongoing) An aspiring
scriptwriter experiencing betrayal and hard
times meets a handsome actor. Although he is
in love with another beautiful girl, no one
knows what the future holds.
Emergency Love (Romance, 43+x60 min. ongoing) The irresistible story of a young and beautiful junior doctor, Nisan, and her mentor, Sinan.
The Girl Named Feriha (Romance drama,
187x60 min.) Tells of the dreams and desires of
a young girl who is stuck between two worlds.
Only You (Romance drama, 1x105 min.) The
paths of former boxer Ali and visually handicapped Hazal surprisingly intersect.
CAKE’s Angry Birds Stella
Angry Birds Stella (Kids 4+ animation, 26x6
min.) Non-dialogue series in which Stella and
her five BFFs live in a never-before-seen corner of the Angry Birds universe where they
explore, create and laugh… a lot!
So Awkward (Kids 6-12 live action, 26x28 min.)
A sitcom about three very academically bright
but socially awkward 13-year-old girls, trying to
make sense of life, boys and fitting in.
The Sparticle Mystery (Kids 6-11 live action,
36x30 min.) When a scientific experiment
goes wrong and all the adults disappear, the
children are left alone and clueless as to
what has happened.
Piggy Tales (Kids 4+ animation, 55x1 min.)
Gives you a glimpse into the lives of our
favorite long suffering Bad Piggies in this
unique, non-dialogue CGI animation.
Calinos’s Emergency Love
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 10:51 AM Page 11
A Love Story (Romance drama, 79x60 min.) Ceylan brings happiness and hope into Korkut’s life
after the string of disappointments and feeling of
hopelessness he has been living with.
e-mail: [email protected]
Inés Matte Urrejola 0848
Providencia, Santiago
CP 7530131, Chile
Tel: (56-2) 22-6302760/2316/2883
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P0.A27
Contact: Marina Del Canto, VP, intl. sales; Adriana Weber, product mgr.; José Navarro, intl. content mgr.; Gonzalo San Martin, pgmng. sub-dir.
Allende en su laberinto (Allende)
(Film/drama, 1x90 min.) Focuses on the last
hours of former President Salvador Allende at
Government House, counting down to an outcome that changed Chile’s history.
Rua Santa Alexandrina, 336
Rio Comprido, 20261-232
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel: (55-21) 3232-8002
Contact: Ludmila Figueiredo, head, lic. & dist.;
Priscila Beleli, head, acq.
Getting to Know the Presidents of Brazil (History, 32x2 min.) The highs and lows, challenges
and key decisions of each administration.
Going Back (Human rights doc., 1x52 min.) A
record of the lives of four Rio de Janeiro prisoners during their Christmas release period.
Armed (Human rights doc., 1x52 min.) Analyzes
the role of firearms in Brazilian society.
Stand: P-1.G25
Contact: Lisette Osorio, VP, intl. sales; Berta
Orozco, sales exec., EMEA; Paloma Garcia, sales
exec., EMEA; Maria Estrella, sales exec., Asia.
Soul Sisters (Series, 80x60 min.) The story of
two heroines who give everything for their
family, their artistic career and a musical genre
that showers them with fame and glory but
takes away part of their childhood.
La Cacica (Series, 40x60 min.) Consuelo Araujo
is convinced that love will help her cure her heart
and will have to choose between two men who
will do the unthinkable to win her love.
Laura, an Extraordinary Life (Series, 25x60
min.) The story of Laura Montoya, a woman
who challenged the rules of the society of her
time by dedicating herself to fighting for
those less privileged and renouncing becoming a wife and a mother.
CBS’s Limitless
Caracol’s Soul Sisters
Canal Futura’s Money in the Pocket
Canal 13’s Puerto Hambre
Vacaciones en familia (Family Holidays)
(Film/comedy, 1x90 min.) A family pretending to be wealthy hides in their house for a
month while their friends think they are on a
family vacation in Brazil.
Perfidia (Perfidy) (Film/fantasy/horror, 1x72
min.) A couple decides to spend a weekend
away from the city but scary events start to
happen, changing their lives forever.
El incontrolable mundo del azar (The
Uncontrollable World of Random) (Film/
comedy, 1x90 min.) Three different stories
linked by an absurd element that shows how
people have no control over anything.
Puerto Hambre (Port Hunger) (Drama, 1x105
min./4x50 min.) In 1589, a small group of people
arrived in the Patagonia and only one survived
after three years of hunger, disease and disasters.
La mujer de Iván (Ivan’s Woman)
(Film/drama, 1x90 min.) Natalia is held captive
at Ivan’s house. With her sexual awakening
Ivan’s power diminishes and he struggles with
feelings of desire and love.
Génesis Nirvana (Film/drama, 1x74 min.)
Patricia takes justice in her own hands upon
the death of her daughter Génesis Nirvana,
killed by her former boyfriend.
Horasawa, mng. dir., Northeast Asia; Oliver
Kreuter, mng. dir., Munich; Stephanie Pacheco,
mng. dir., Latin America; Catherine Molinier, dir.,
sales, Paris; Julie Aletti de Gely, dir., sales, London;
Nicole Sinclair, dir., sales, Asia Pacific; Caroline
Hurmson, dir., sales, London; Noelia Nicolás, dir.,
European formats; Tim Wright, dir., sales, digital,
Limitless (Drama, 13x60 min.) Based on the feature film, a drama about Brian Finch, who discovers the brain-boosting power of the drug NZT
and is coerced by the FBI into using his cognitive abilities to solve complex cases for them.
Decoding Brazilian National Anthem (Language, 10x1.5 min.) Explains words and expressions in the national anthem that can cause confusion about meaning or pronunciation.
Money in the Pocket (Financial education, S13: 10x26 min. each) Game show that illustrates
concepts about finance, the economy and entrepreneurship.
The Adventures of Teca (Children’s animation,
60x3 min.) Aims to increase a child’s capacity
for expression and investigative spirit.
Innovation (Entrepreneurship, 81x3 min.) Pioneering technology is being developed by students and companies that are investing in the
culture of innovation to the benefit of society.
School Times (Education, 63x26 min.) Brazilian
personalities from the worlds of sports, arts and TV
remember teachers and friends and reflect on the
importance that school had in their life choices.
The Potato Cartel (Movie) A pampered
young man is called back home when his
father dies and accepts the responsibility of
managing the family enterprise.
The Principal (Movie) An alluring Spanish
dancer seeks to change her luck, leaving
Madrid for Bogota, where she meets the
chancellor of a very prestigious university,
changing their lives drastically.
Before the Fire (Movie) Arturo and Milena,
investigating the death of reporter Roberto
Sepulveda, find themselves trying to stop the
siege of the Palace of Justice by the M-19
guerilla group in 1980s Colombia.
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-323) 575-5460
e-mail: [email protected]
121 Alhambra Plaza, Suite 1400
Coral Gables, FL 33134, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-305) 442-3411
e-mail: [email protected]
150 Alhambra Circle Suite #1250
Miami, FL 33134, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-305) 960-2018
Billions (Drama, 12x60 min.) Starring Paul
Giamatti and Damian Lewis, a 21st-century
examination of the profit and peril of chasing the American dream.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Comedy, 13x60 min.)
Rebecca has always been wound a little tightly.
When she bumps into her handsome, long-ago
summer-camp sweetheart, she knows that it’s a
sign for her to quit her job and move to West
Covina, California, where he just happens to live.
Angel from Hell (Comedy, 13x30 min.) A
single-camera comedy about Amy, a colorful,
brassy woman who insinuates herself into the
life of an organized and seemingly perfect
young woman, Allison, claiming to be her
“guardian angel.”
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (Late
night, 259x60 min.) Stephen Colbert took over
as host, executive producer and writer on
Tuesday, September 8, 2015.
The Late Late Show with James Corden (Late
night, 260x60 min.) Throws the ultimate latenight after-party with a mix of celebrity guests,
edgy musical acts, games and sketches.
Stand: R7.E2
Contact: Armando Nuñez, pres. & CEO, CBS
Global Distribution Group; Barry Chamberlain,
pres., sales; Javier Avitia, EVP, legal & business
affairs; Teri Fleming, SVP, mktg.; Paul Gilbert, SVP,
intl. formats; Giovanni Pedde, SVP, Europe,
Rome; Guy Petty, SVP, digital media; Stephen
Tague, SVP, Europe, London; Michelle Payne, VP,
regional sales, London; Roxanne Pompa, VP, intl.
sales & prod.; Doug Smith, VP & general sales
mgr., Canada; Jennifer Weingroff, VP, comms.;
Stephen White, VP, mng. dir., Asia Pacific; Mie
Stand: P-1.G50
Contact: Jonathan Blum, pres., Cisneros Media;
Marcello Coltro, EVP, content dist., Cisneros
Media; Wilma Maciel, VP, content mgmt. & acq.;
Miguel Somoza, VP, sales; Helen Jurado, VP, sales;
Cristobal Ponte, exclusive independent rep.,
EMEA; Eva Baena, EVP, Vision Europa, exclusive
independent rep., Spain.
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 10:51 AM Page 12
Cisneros’s Zuleyka’s Magazine
Separated By Love (Entre Tu Amor y Mi Amor)
(Telenovela, 120x60 min.) The story of a poor,
innocent woman whose life is destroyed, but a
twist of fate allows her to return, rich and triumphant, to avenge everyone who did her wrong.
Zuleyka’s Magazine (La Revista de Zuleyka)
(Variety, 220x60 min.) Zuleyka Rivera brings
her beauty, talent and Latin wit to the small
screen to host a TV magazine covering a variety of women’s topics.
The House of Secrets (La Casa Cerrada) (Telenovela/series, co-production/format/script, 60 min.
eps.) Carlota, a brilliant psychiatrist, moves into
the Baron estate and discovers the house has a
life of its own, and sinister events will lead her to
doubt her sanity and fight for her life.
Formats & Scripts (Game shows/talk shows)
A portfolio of proven formats and scripts,
such as Guerra de los Sexos (Battle of the Sexes)
and Casos de Familia (Family Cases).
Estrella TV Catalogue (60 min. eps.) Successful
Spanish-language programming, including Rica
Famosa Latina (Rich Famous Latin Woman) and
Historias Delirantes (Urban Legends).
Docu-Travel Package (Travel/doc.) Travel documentaries such as Cities of the World, Legendary
Hotels, Villages of Europe I & II, Rural Tourism in
Europe and The Roman Roads of Europe.
Legendary (Leyendas) (Telenovela, 60 min.
eps.) Includes La Amazonas, Pasionaria,
Kaina, Alba Marina and others.
SHÄK (Xtreme Reality Clips) (22x30 min.)
Series created from a vast library of thousands of spectacular scenes and news coverage captured live by RMG News.
Non-Dialogue Comedies (Comedy, 480x30
min.) Non-dialogue comical programs and series
from some of the genre’s most renowned productions, led by Just For Laughs and LOL.
Animal Atlas (Reino Animal) (Edutainment,
338x30 min.) Entertaining adventure through the
animal world promotes a better understanding
of how various animal species live and survive.
16/Fl., CJ E&M Center
66 Sangamsan-ro
Seoul, Korea, 121-904
Tel: (82-2) 371-8684
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P-1.D75
Contact: Jangho Seo, head, intl. sales & acq.;
Don Kang, snr. sales mgr.; Diane Min, snr. sales
mgr.; Annie Chung, snr. acq. mgr.; Tony Kim,
acq. mgr.; Albert Park, asst. sales mgr.
Show Me the Money (Music format, 8x60 min.)
The competition where amateur rappers compete against each other in a hip-hop verbal
Unpretty Rapstar (Music format, 8x60 min.)
The first female rap battle reality show promises to feature colorful and thrilling performances by today’s top female rappers.
Get It Beauty (Beauty format, 36x60 min.) A
professional beauty show on OnStyle, the
number one women’s lifestyle channel in the
industry, which is operated by CJ E&M.
CJ’s Show Me the Money
Three Meals a Day (Ent. format, 11x60 min.)
Hosts Lee Seo-Jin and Taecyeon will live in the
secluded countryside and use whatever ingredients they can find to create three meals.
I Can See Your Voice (Music format, 4x70
min.) We have seen so many singing competitions—you think you’ve seen it all? Wait for
this one music show from Mnet.
Second 20s (Drama, 16x60 min.) Ha No-Ra, a
mother to a teenage son, never got to experience
college. She will secretly enroll as a freshman and
rediscover her dreams in the process.
Oh My Ghost (Drama, 10x60 min.) Occult
romantic comedy follows a timid young woman
who becomes possessed by the ghost of a lustful
virgin. She will romance a haughty chef who
does not believe in the existence of ghosts.
MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) (Awards,
1x240 min.) Through its 16-year history, MAMA
has become one of the most important events
for the Korean music industry.
19 Heddon St.
London W1B 4BG, U.K.
Tel: (44-20) 7851-6500
e-mail: [email protected].com
in a series of horrifying copycat murders based
on the grisly killings of her parents.
Clean Break (Drama miniseries, 4x60 min.) A
tale of love, greed, status and revenge in a
small coastal community.
Halo: The Fall of Reach (Animated feature special, 1x65 min.) Produced and directed by the
award-winning Vancouver-based animation studio SEQUENCE, relives the origin of the Halo universe, the Spartan II program and the legendary
dramatic origins of the Master Chief.
The Ivy (Doc., 1x60 min.) Follows the extraordinary transformation of the London restaurant from its final weeks as The Ivy of old,
whose décor and dining experience have
earned it global fame, through to its re-opening
when diners come to size up its facelift.
Respectable: The Mary Millington Story
(Feature-length doc.) The untold story of
1970s rebellion, painted against a backdrop of
disco, politics and porn, where a beautiful girl
sacrificed herself for her beliefs.
Kate: The Style Queen (Doc., 1x52 min.) We
explore the role the Duchess of Cambridge
has within the fashion industry.
Murder Rap—Inside the Biggie and Tupac
Murders (Doc., 1x114 min.) The murders of
renowned rap stars Tupac Shakur and Biggie
Smalls are laid bare.
The Krays: The Myth Behind the Legend (Doc.,
1x52 min.) The inside story of Ronnie and Reggie
Kray, two of the most infamous criminals in
British history, whose fame was built on a fearsome reputation and celebrity-like status.
Cheer Stars (Unscripted, 10x60 min.) Follows the
members of the reigning World Champion competitive cheerleading team, who balance grueling
practices with school and part-time jobs.
Masters of Flip (Unscripted, 12x60 min.) Follows husband-and-wife house-flipping
experts, Kortney and Dave, as they breathe
new life into old, rundown homes in the
thrilling world of high-stakes house flipping.
Buying the View (Unscripted, 26x30 min.)
Real estate series accompanies buyers across
North America on their hunt to find properties that offer, above all else, the most spectacular views imaginable.
44B Quai de Jemmapes
75010 Paris, France
Tel: (33-1) 555-63-232
e-mail: [email protected]
Content’s Halo: The Fall of Reach
Line of Duty Season 3 (Drama, S3: 5x60 min.
& 1x90 min.; total 17 eps.; S4 coming soon)
When Sergeant Danny Waldron (Daniel Mays)
joins the team of the police anti-corruption unit,
AC-12 faces their most dangerous adversary yet.
19-2 Season 3 (Drama, S3: 10x60 min.; total
30x60 min.) Revolves around the lives of two
unwilling partners, officers Nick Barron and
Ben Chartier, patrolling the urban sprawl of
downtown’s 19th Precinct.
Stand: C15.A6
Contact: Greg Phillips, pres.; Saralo MacGregor, EVP, acq., dvpmt. & sales; Jonathan Ford,
EVP, sales & dist.; Melissa Wohl, SVP, worldwide dist.; Diana Zakis, VP, sales, Latin America
& Asia; Mark Benmore, VP, sales & dist.; Becci
Payne, sales mgr.; Jamie Phillips, sales mgr.;
Alfonso Lopez, sales admin. exec.; Jennifer
Brinkworth, SVP, mktg. & comms.; Vicky Ryan,
SVP, commercial affairs.
Slasher (Thriller, 8x60 min.) Tells the story of a
young woman who finds herself the centerpiece
Corus’s Masters of Flip
25 Dockside Dr.
Toronto, ON, M5A 0B5 Canada
Tel: (1-416) 479-7000
Stand: P-1.A0
Contact: John MacDonald, EVP, TV & head, women
& family; Rita Carbone Fleury, worldwide sales.
Stand: R7.E65
Contact: Pierre Sissmann, CEO & pres.; Marie
Congé, VP, sales, acq. & new media; Silène
Chaves, intl. sales mgr.; Antonio Macipe, intl.
sales exec.; Emmanuel Deraeu, intl. sales exec.
Zorro the Chronicles (Kids 6-12 CGI adventure, 26x22 min. HD) Introduces the most
famous masked hero in his quest for justice.
The Long Long Holiday (Kids 6-12 CGI adventure, 10x26 min./5x50 min. HD) Series focusing
on World War II from the point of view of two
kids who, despite the war, will experience wonderful adventures at their grandparents’ house
near the Normandy coast.
Mini Ninjas (Kids 6-12 CGI action, 52x11 min.
HD) Epic stories about a new generation of 12year-old ninjas, on a mission to defend the Land
Below the Clouds from the warlord Ashida.
Zou (Kids 3-6 CGI, 104x11 min. HD) Featuring a completely lovable 5-year-old Zebra
Zou and his extended family.
G-Fighters (Kids 6-10 CGI adventure, 26x22
min. HD) Lynn, an ordinary 13-year-old boy,
mistaking a powerful robotic Bolt Cat belonging to the super villain Gala-Gahs for a stray
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 10:51 AM Page 13
cat, brings it home and discovers that they
can merge into a cat-boy speedy superhero.
Mia (Kids 2-6 CGI, 39x11 min. HD) Follows
Mia, a 6-year-old inquisitive, daring and fearless mouse and her friends: from a tiny little
world to big adventures!
GON (Kids 4-10 action/adventure/comedy,
116x15 min.) A 3D animated series about the
adventures of a dinosaur-like creature and his
animal friends.
Noonbory and Super7 (Kids 2-5 edutainment, S2: 26x11 min. HD) The main themes
of this series, aimed at kids 2 to 5 and their
parents, are courage and friendship.
Paboo & Mojies (Kids 3-6 edutainment,
52x15 min.) Aims to help viewers learn English through play.
Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 3
53113 Bonn, Germany
Tel: (49-228) 429-3501
Cyber Group’s G-Fighters
Mirette Investigates (Kids 6-10 CGI adventure comedy, 52x11 min. HD) Mirette is a 10year-old with a passion for investigation. In
the course of her various investigations, she’s
assisted by Jean-Pat, her “catssistant.”
Balloopo (Kids 3-6 CGI adventure, 52x11 min.
HD) The adventures of the orange-haired balloon boy Paru and his loyal elephant friend
Balloopo in an inflatable land where everything is made out of balloons.
Tales of Tatonka (Kids 4-8 CGI/live-action
adventure/doc., 52x13 min. HD) Share laughs
and adventures with wolf cubs who learn
about life outside the family in the plains and
the forests of North America.
Mademoiselle Zazie (Kids 5-8 CGI, 78x7 min.
HD) A contemporary series for boys and girls,
packed with comedy, with all of the kids’
crazy ideas, their silliness and quirkiness.
9-12, Hangang-Daero
15-Gil Yongsan-Gu
Seoul, 140-880, Korea
Tel: (82-2) 6373-3000
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P-1.K22
Contact: Petra Schneider, dir., sales & dist.;
Maria Winzen, head, DW Transtel; Dr. Arno
Hefner, head, dept. docs. & coprod.; Martin
Maass, editor, DW Transtel; Kate Cox, deputy
head, docs. & coprod.; Ulrich Wartmann, head,
dist., Europe; Andrea Hugemann, dist. exec.,
America; Alexandra Lenz, dist. exec., Asia & Australia; Mohammed Al-Sarray, dist. exec., MENA;
Evgenia Kazakov, dist. exec., CIS; Mee-Fung Lee,
rep., Asia; Jihad Ibrahim, rep., Middle East.
Fake, Stolen—Sold! (Doc., 6x30 min.) Uncover
the mystery and intrigue where high culture
meets criminal minds is this series that exposes
the sinister side of the art world—from theft and
extortion to counterfeits and forgery.
Our Technical World (Doc., 6x30 min. HD)
The sci-tech show with spectacular examples
of how technology is deployed in our world
and the challenges it must withstand.
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P-1.D83
Contact: Wook Jung, chmn.; Dong-Hoon Jung,
EVP; Jung-Gyo Ahn, dir.; Youn-Joo Kim, dir.;
Marie Hwang, snr. mgr.; Gim Gahui, sales exec.
Daewon’s GON
207 Queens Quay W., Suite 550
Toronto, ON, M5J 1A7, Canada
Tel: (1-416) 363-8034
Stand: R7.A11
Contact: Dana Landry, CEO; Steven DeNure,
pres. & COO; Asaph Fipke, chief content officer,
kids & family; David Regan, EVP, corp. dvpmt. &
IR; Josh Scherba, SVP, dist.; Joe Tedesco, SVP &
GM, DHX TV; Anne Loi, SVP, finance & operations;
Ken Faier, SVP & GM, kids & family; Stephanie
Betts, VP, dvpmt., kids; Michael Goldsmith, VP,
original pgmng. DHX TV; Stephen Stohn, pres.,
Epitome Pictures.; Tor Bushell, VP, global brand
mgmt., DHX Brands; Matthew Haliniak, VP, dist.
operations; Richard Rowe, dir., intl. content acq.
& copro.; Liz Thompson, dir., mktg., dist.; Wiebke
Hoefer, dir., European sales, dist.; Thom Chapman, territory mgr., dist., AsiaPac, Ireland, English
Canada; Lisa Lee, territory mgr., dist., China; Lara
Ilie, territory mgr., dist., Spain, Nordics, Eastern
Europe; Melanie Meurehg, territory mgr., dist.,
Latin America, French Canada; Sophie Prigent,
territory mgr., dist., Middle East, Africa, Russia;
Mark Shoeman, territory mgr., dist., U.S.; Alex
Winter, mgr., client services, dist.; Jeff Cooke,
mktg. coord., dist.
Backstage (Tween live action, 30x22 min.)
Twelve teens. One dream: to make it big.
Gaming Show (In My Parents’ Garage)
(Tween live action, 35x22 min.) An innovative
TV show that takes kids and tweens into the
world of gaming in a new and exciting way.
Endangered Species (Kids 6-12 3D animation,
26x22 min.) A bunny, a squirrel and a seagull
might be the most common park animals
around, but in a tree stump these particular critters call home, they are perpetually endangered!
Kuu Kuu Harajuku (Kids 6-12 2D animation,
26x22 min.) A show about a band called HJ5:
Love, Angel, Music, Baby and their inspirational leader G.
in your house, and loves nothing more than
feeding on your socks!
Rainbow Ruby (Preschool 3D animation,
52x11 min.) The story of a spunky, resourceful little girl who magically transports to a
whimsical land and transforms into different
jobs to help save the day!
Teletubbies (Preschool mixed media, 60x11
min.) The timeless, unique and much loved
Teletubbies are reimagined for a new generation in 60 brand new episodes for 2016.
Twirlywoos (Preschool mixed media, 50x11
min.) The ever curious Twirlywoos seek
adventure and fun wherever they go.
2900 Olympic Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90404, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-310) 255-4600
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P1.B6
Contact: Mike Mahan, pres.; Mark Rafalowski,
EVP; Bob Kennedy, SVP, sales & acq.; Amy Thurlow, COO/CFO; Ted Bookstaver, formats cnslt.;
Liana Bryer, mgr., intl. dist.; Kyla E Druckman,
sales asst.
World’s Funniest (Non-scripted comedy, 18x60
min. & format) Hosted by Terry Crews, a panel of
three comedians analyze user-generated HD
videos to award “The Golden Terry.”
OK! TV (Ent. news, 260x30 min.) Available as
a five-day-a-week strip focusing on pop culture, gossip and celebrity lifestyle. Now in its
third season.
Fail Army (Non-scripted comedy, 60x30 min.) The
worldwide leader in HD blooper videos returns.
Each episode contains an average of 60 clips.
The 43rd Annual 2015 American Music
Awards (Awards show, 1x180 min.) Pays tribute to today’s most influential and iconic
artists with over 16 musical performances by
the top acts in the world.
The 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards
(Awards show, 1x180 min. & 1x60 min. red
carpet special) One of the most recognized
events worldwide honoring motion picture
and television achievements.
Deutsche Welle’s Our Technical World
Global Snack (Doc., 41x2-4 min.) An introduction to fast-food street vendors around the world,
from hot dogs in New York and French fries in
Brussels to roasted grasshoppers in Thailand.
Know It! (Doc., 8x30 min. & 58x2-6 min. HD)
The magazine all about knowledge, packed
full of information on science, technology
and everyday phenomena.
Let’s Go Wild (Doc., 7x30 min. HD) Shares
extraordinary images of animals and their
natural habitats—from rainforests, savannas
and mountains to the depths of the oceans.
globetrotting (Doc., 6x30 min. HD) A tour of
some of the world’s most diverse destinations
in search of exceptional people and their stories,
extraordinary sights and pristine natural beauty.
DHX’s Rainbow Ruby
Looped (Kids 6-12 2D animation, 26x22
min.) Where every day is the same Monday!
It may be Monday, but they’re gonna rock it
like it’s Saturday.
Make It Pop (Tween live action, 20x22 min.)
Be it fashion, music, or dance, it can always
use a little K-pop shine. And these girls bring
the shine, often to comic effect!
Messy Goes to Okido (Preschool 3D animation, 52x11 min.) A comedy adventure series
starring Messy, a little blue monster who lives
dcp’s The 43rd Annual 2015 American
Music Awards
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 10:51 AM Page 14
The 2015 Billboard Music Awards (Awards
show, 1x180 min.) Delivers the hottest performances live from the biggest stars in pop music.
The 44th Annual New Year’s Rockin’ Eve
with Ryan Seacrest (Holiday special, 1x330
min.) This iconic bicoastal show features
today’s hottest musical acts performing the
top hits of the year and a look at New Year’s
celebrations from around the world.
Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story (TV movie,
1x113 min.) TLC has sold over 65 million
albums worldwide, making them the biggest
selling girl group ever. This is their story.
The 5th Annual Streamy Awards (Awards
show, 1x90 min.) The Streamy Awards showcase the most outstanding digital programs
native to online and social video, bringing
together the biggest stars across all platforms
of online content.
Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction (Sci-fi, 45x30
min. & format) Features five bizarre reenactments, some are true and some not. At
the end of each episode we learn which are
fact and which are fiction.
Two Alhambra Plaza, 9/Fl.
Coral Gables, FL 33134, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-305) 567-3700
Quantico base in Virginia. Intercut between
their hidden pasts and their present training, audiences will flash-forward to the
near future, where one of the recruits turns
out to be a sleeper terrorist.
74 Fraser Ave., Suite 100
Toronto, ON M6K 3E1, Canada
Tel: (1-416) 646-2711
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P-1.A51
Contact: Mark Bishop, CEO; Matt Hornburg,
CEO; Diane Rankin, SVP, intl. sales & acq.;
Kirsten Hurd, dir., intl. sales & acq.; Smiljka
Baljozovic, sales exec., Eastern Europe, Latin
America, Southern Europe & French-speaking territories.
Return to Ukraine (Doc./world affairs, 1x60
min.) Canadian-Ukraine immigrant Alex
Shprintsen returns to his place of birth to
explore how the country’s past is defining its
current conflicts. Produced by CBC.
Stand: C14
Contact: Fernando Barbosa, SVP, dist. &
prod.; Henri Ringel, VP, sales; Fabiola Bovino,
snr. mgr., mktg.
Code Black (Medical drama, 13x60 min.) Set
in the busiest and most notorious ER in the
nation, follows a brilliant, hard-nosed residency director training a group of new doctors in her aggressive style of medicine.
D360’s YaYa and Zouk
Disney’s Code Black
Grand Fathered (Comedy, 13x30 min.) John
Stamos stars as a bachelor who discovers he’s
a father—and a grandfather.
The Muppets (Comedy, 13x30 min.) A mockumentary series that looks at the day-to-day lives of
the Muppets as they prepare for a new TV series.
Quantico (Drama, 13x60 min.) FBI recruits
battle their way through training at the
An RAF Summer (Doc., 4x60 min.) Follow the
busy schedule of four RAF display teams leading
up to the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.
Open House Overhaul (Factual, 14x30 min.)
Samantha Pynn ambushes an unsuspecting seller
with the offer to overhaul their home and increase
its value in time for their next open house.
YaYa and Zouk (Animated preschool, 78x5 min.)
Brother and sister duo YaYa and Zouk get themselves into hilarious situations as they travel
between real and imaginary worlds.
Nico Can Dance (Animated/live-action mixedmedia preschool, 65x2 min.) Inspired to move
by the amazing things around them, Nico and
Miss Frost use their imaginations to create fantastical worlds through creative movement.
Jellyfish Rule! (Doc./science, 1x60 min.)
Years ago jellyfish ruled the oceans and now
these mysterious and magnificent creatures
may be taking over the oceans once again,
only this time with our help.
Safe Haven for Chimps (Doc./nature, 1x60
min.) The touching story of how some special
chimpanzees find sanctuary and a new family
when they retire from life in a lab. Featuring an
interview with primatologist Jane Goodall.
The Sextortion of Amanda Todd (Doc./crime,
1x60 min.) With never-before seen content and
an investigation into a new breed of online predators, this documentary looks at Amanda Todd,
who committed suicide after becoming a victim
of sexual extortion.
Mississippi Snake Grabbers (Factual, 12x30
min.) The men of Grabuone Outfitters guide civilians into the Mississippi waters for an adrenaline-induced adventure where they learn how
to catch snakes with their bare hands.
Red Arrows: Inside the Bubble (Doc., 1x60
min.) A behind-the-scenes look at one of the
world’s premier aeronautical display teams,
the Red Arrows, as they prepare to celebrate
their 50th display season.
Seefeldstrasse 113
CH-8008 Zurich, Switzerland
Tel: (41-43) 817-7050
e-mail: [email protected]
Dr. Libi (Kids, 10x15 min.) A toy doll that is a
certified toys’ physician solves and fixes all the
toys’ problems before the kids arrive to the
kindergarten every morning.
Esperanza Mia (Romantic comedy, 150x45
min.) Tells of the forbidden love between
Julia, a pretend novice set on bringing down
the man responsible for her mother’s death,
and Tomas, a priest and the culprit’s brother.
Power Couple (Reality format) Puts love to
the test like you’ve never seen before as eight
couples face extreme challenges that will test
how well they really know each other.
Little Mom (Scripted comedy, 25x30 min.) Winner of the 2014 Rose D’Or for best comedy
reveals the harsh truth of life after having kids.
The Selfie Challenge (Reality game show) A
competition between two groups of three
friends performing selfies.
Famous Face (Trivia game show) Takes place
on the street, where contestants are asked
questions they are not allowed to answer
alone, but only with the help of celebrities.
85 Fifth Avenue, 6/Fl.
New York, NY 10003, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-212) 659-1959
Stand: P-1.F50
Contact: Nadav Palti, pres. & CEO; Leora Nir,
CEO, Dori TLV; Revital Basel, VP, sales; Elena
Antonini, VP, sales, Dori Media Dist. Argentina;
Pauline Ick, VP, sales, Dori Media Dist.; Maria
Perez Campi, sales mgr., Dori Media Dist.
Argentina; Tali Fink, dir., mktg. & acq.; Clair
Elbaz, co-fndr. & partner, Dori Media Spike;
Yair Sklan, CEO, Dori Media Spike.
Mila (Romantic comedy, 250x30 min.) Can
online dating live up to its billing? Is the hunt
for true love harder than it’s ever been? Mila, single by conviction for years, will have to find it out
while searching for Prince Charming.
It Girls (Docu-reality) Follows four beautiful
and enviable “It” girls, with hundreds of thousands of followers on social networks, who
join forces to build a fashion and lifestyle site.
His Wife (Scripted comedy, 10x30 min.) A comedy about a struggling unsuccessful actress and
her multimillionaire husband, who buys her a
theater in order to make her a star, leading them
into unfamiliar situations.
Mario (Scripted comedy, 40x30 min.) A failing
sorcerer from Garlubia arrives accidentally at a
modern, over-achieving family's home, and rocks
their lives.
Dori Media’s Mila
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P0.A10
Contact: Eric Ellenbogen, co-head, intl. TV; John
Engelman, co-head, intl. TV; Peter Gal, head,
dvpmt., TV; Kelley Avery, head, franchise strategy;
Daniel Solnicki, head, worldwide TV & digital dist.;
Chloe Van Den Berg, EVP, intl.; Jennifer Lawlor,
head, dist. services; Nick Lowe, dir., legal; Damien
Tromel, snr. intl. creative, acq. & coprod.; Doug
Schwalbe, VP, intl.; Olivia King Canter, VP, intl.;
Isabel Pascual, VP, intl.; Eroulla Constantine, VP,
intl.; Annika Bluhm, VP, creative; Marion
Edwards, U.K. prod. exec., TV; Chloe Foskett, dist.
services mgr.; Spud Allen, dir., digital & home ent.;
Claire Flanders; Ben Taylor.
Turbo FAST (Children’s animation, S1-3: 26x22
min. each) Turbo’s pursuit of racing greatness
continues, following our world-famous superpowered snail and his adrenaline-junkie crew.
All Hail King Julien (Children’s animation,
S1-3: 26x22 min. each) The original party animal King Julien is back in a brand-new series
and shaking his booty harder than ever!
Dragons (Riders of Berk, Defenders of Berk,
Race to the Edge) (Children’s animation, S1-2:
20x22 min. each, S3-4: 26x22 min. each) Features our returning cast of lovable human and
dragon heroes as well as a host of brand-new
dragons, amazing action and hilarious comedy.
The Adventures of Puss in Boots (Children’s
animation, S1-3: 26x22 min. each) Puss in Boots
is the world’s greatest hero, lover and milk connoisseur. Nothing distracts him from adventure—
except a hairball or tempting piece of string!
DinoTrux (Children’s animation, S1-3: 26x22
min. each) Welcome to the prehistoric world
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 10:51 AM Page 15
ruled by giant creatures that are half dinosaur,
half construction vehicle and all fun!
George of the Jungle (Children’s animation,
S1-3: 26x22 min. each) Everybody’s favorite
vine-swinging king is back and this time he’s
louder, he’s stronger, he still isn’t smarter
and... watch out for that tree!
The Mr Peabody & Sherman Show (Children’s
animation, S1-3: 26x22 min. each) Join everybody’s
favorite talking dog and his adopted son as they
host a TV show with hilarious neighbors, extraordinary guests and thrilling time travel adventures.
Pepee (3D HD animation, 52x11 min.) Pepee and
his wildly cute little sister, his best friend and
grandpa head out on adventures in this preschool series.
RGG Ayas (2D HD animation, 52x12 min.) Ayas
is a city boy who keeps a video diary of his daily
Pisi (3D HD animation, 52x10 min.) A preschool
show about a white cat who has one green eye
and one blue eye.
DRG’s Natural Born Monsters
DreamWorks Animation’s Noddy Toyland
Noddy Toyland Detective (Children’s animation, 52x11 min.) Noddy returns in an all-new
TV series. He is brave, clever and super curious,
making him Toyland’s investigator, solving
mysteries and discovering new things!
Veggie Tales In the House (Children’s animation,
S1-3: 26x22 min. each) Bob the Tomato, Larry the
Cucumber and their veggie friends venture off the
countertop and into a bigger world for the first time.
65 Chandos Place
London WC2N 4HG, U.K.
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: R8.D21
Contact: Adam Barth, snr. sales mgr.; Anne
Roder-Botbol, SVP, sales, EMEA; Albertina
Marfil, sales mgr.; Anastasia Kullmann, sales
exec.; Chris Bartlett, SVP, sales, U.K., Scandinavia
& Eastern Europe; Fleur Wheatley, sales & mktg.
exec.; Hetal Limbachia, acq. & dvpmt. exec.;
Jeremy Fox, CEO; Joel Atley, SVP, sales, AsiaPac;
Katy Cundall, acq. mgr.; Noel Hedges, EVP, content & acq.; Sancha Markson, mktg. mgr.
Australia Doesn’t Just Want to Kill You
(Nature/wildlife, 3x60 min.) The exploration of
Australia’s deadliest animals and how they may
just be able to save you with inspiring cuttingedge research and applications in bio-medicine
and bio-technology.
Baby Animals in the Wild (Nature/wildlife,
10x60 min.) Takes a day in the life of a range of
adorable baby animals and showcases their really
wild behaviors in spectacular natural habitats.
Honey I Bought The House (Factual ent./format, 9x45 min.) We see couples given a £15,000
deposit to get them on the property ladder. The
catch is, only one of them can choose the property—or they lose the money.
Inside Heston’s World (Factual ent., 4x60 min.)
Unprecedented access behind the scenes of the
world’s most unique restaurant, Fat Duck, and
inside the life of its creator, Heston Blumenthal.
Natural Born Monsters (Nature/wildlife, 6x60
min.) Explorer Sean Duggan journeys to the farflung corners of the planet to unearth strange,
rare and dangerous creatures who have all been
spawned by weather itself.
Never Teach Your Wife to Drive (Factual ent./format, 3x60 min.) Many people turn into nervous
wrecks when they first sit behind the wheel—imagine what can happen when that driver is inexperienced and the instructor is their spouse.
Rock and Roll Circus (Ent. format, 2x90 min.)
For one night, three celebrities will become circus
leaders. Each celeb will carefully select three circus acts, never before seen on television, to compose their own circus squad.
Smartest Phone Photographer (Factual ent.
format) In this entertaining and instructive competition, TV viewers learn how to optimize mobile
The West (Factual, 8x60 min.) Robert Redford
presents this new series that catapults us into
the violent world of cowboys, Indians, outlaws,
and gunslingers.
Tracey Ullman’s Show (Comedy, 6x30 min.) A
multiple-character comedy show that shows off
Tracey’s talents to the fullest as a one-woman
comedy dynamo.
Goksu evleri, Akkavak Caddesi
B100B Anadolu Hisari, Beykoz
Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: (90-216) 465-7771
Dusyeri’s Leliko
Leliko (3D HD animation, 52x10 min.) Leli and
Liko live in a village of games, where they sing
songs, play, solve puzzles and interact with preschool viewers.
AydaMaya (26x40 min.) A live-action series.
8800 West Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-310) 360-3443
e-mail: [email protected]
Gamla Brogatan 26, 3/Fl.
SE-111 20 Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: (46-8) 5560-9380
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P3.B1
Contact: Fredrik af Malmborg, mng. dir.; Nicola
Söderlund, mng. partner; Barbora Susterova,
sales & acq. dir., Latin America; Handan Özkubat,
head, Istanbul office; Petra Larsson, sales & acq.
White Nights (Drama, 70x45 min.) The new top
drama from Ay Yapim in Turkey.
Silver Spoon (Drama, 52 min. eps.) The story of
a spoiled brat who is forced by his wealthy father
to work at a shabby police station.
Nurses (Drama, 50 min. eps.) Deals with the professional and personal lives of four female colleagues who cope in different ways with the
challenges of life on the trauma ward.
Karadayi (Drama, 45 min. eps.) Tells the story of Mahir,
who takes his place as head of the family when his
father is found guilty of a murder he did not commit.
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P-1.G.83
Contact: Ayse Sule Kirac, fndr. & CEO; Nazli
Guney Uysal, mktg. mgr.
Elif (Drama, 50 min. eps.) Elif is 6 years old when
her mother Melek delivers her in secret to the
wealthy Emiroglu household, where she will
grow up as a servant on the farm.
Bachelor Dad (Drama, 50 min. eps.) He has the
perfect life of a bachelor—until he finds out that he
has to take care of three unruly but charming kids.
Kacak (Drama, 45 min. eps.) A policeman kills the
son of a cruel Mafia boss and has to change his
identity and escape to a small town.
Crack Them Up (Comedy show, 45 min. eps.) Regular people compete to make two comedians laugh.
If they succeed they can walk away with a cash prize.
Beat the Champions (Ent., 60 min. eps.) Game
show featuring celebrities and amateurs challenging world-class professional athletes at their
very own sports!
Eei-Eei-Oh! (Animal talent show, 60/90 min.
eps.) Owners bring their beloved pets to perform
in front of a jury and studio audience.
Eccho Rights’s Kacak
Stand: R8.B18
Contact: John Pollak, pres., Electus Studios
& global dist.; Cyrus Farrokh, VP, Asia Pacific,
North Europe, France & Italy; Diego Piasek, VP,
intl. dist. & prod.; Paulette Bensussen, VP, Latin America; Darah Wagner, dir., acq. & mgmt.
relations; Max Richards, mgr., sales & acq.
Home Free (8x60 min., tape (FOX) & format)
Nine couples compete to win a dream home.
Each week they revitalize a run-down home for
a couple in need but also face elimination. In a
surprise twist, each couple that is eliminated is
given the keys to the home they worked on.
Electus’s Running Wild with Bear Grylls
Food Fighters (S1: 8x60 min., S2: 10x60 min.,
tape (NBC) & format) Part game show, part
cooking competition; host Adam Richman
gives home-grown amateur cooks the chance
to test their skills against professional chefs.
Jane the Virgin (S1: 22x60 min., S2: 22x60 min.,
format) An adaptation of a Venezuelan novela,
The CW series chronicles the story of aspiring
writer Jane Villanueva, who is accidentally artificially inseminated and struggles to navigate
her relationships with the biological father, her
boyfriend and her religious mother.
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 10:51 AM Page 16
Separation Anxiety (14x60 min., tape (TBS)
& format) One half of a couple thinks they’re
playing for a grand prize of $2,500, but their
partner knows it’s really $250,000.
Running Wild with Bear Grylls (8x60 min., tape
(NBC) & format) The famed adventurer and survivalist takes one celebrity each week into the
wildest and most remote locations in the world
for a 48-hour journey of a lifetime.
Dating Naked (S1: 11x60 min., S2: 10x60 min.,
tape (VH1) & format) In this new social experiment, far from the masks of modern society,
daters go on exotic dates and are naked every
step of the way.
Twinning (10x60 min., tape (VH1) & format)
An arced competition series in which 12 sets
of twins will go head to head for a grand prize
of $222,222.22.
Bellator (2015 season: 11x120 min., 5x180 min.;
specials & archive) One of the largest mixed martial arts (MMA) promotions in the world.
Jerusalem (1x45 min. theatrical) 3D/2D giantscreen film adventure immerses audiences in a
cinematic journey—soaring high above the Holy
Land and plunging deep into the vibrant Old City.
World’s Funniest Videos: Top 10 Countdown
(30x30 min.) Global clip-show series presents
real-life moments caught on video—from Celebrations to Fun in the Sun, Kids and Pets to Weddings and more.
Shepherd’s Building Central
Charecroft Way,
London, W14 0EE, U.K.
Tel: (44-870) 333-1700
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: R8.E1/E15
Contact: Cathy Payne, chief exec.; Matt Creasey,
EVP, sales & acq., Americas, Asia, Australia & New
Zealand; Mark Lawrence, exec. dir., Europe;
James Braham, snr. sales dir., U.K. & Eire; Lisette
Schlippe, snr. sales dir., Germany, Poland & Hungary; Priscilla Siney, snr. sales dir., French territories; Tania Jacobson, SVP, Canada; Veronique
Verges, SVP, Latin America & Spanish-speaking
U.S.A.; Kirsten Cargill, snr. sales dir., Australia;
Rashmi Bajpai, snr. sales dir., Asia; Claire Jago,
sales dir., Nordic; Fabrizio De Leo, sales dir., Italy &
Iberia; Emma Knight, sales dir., CEE minor;
Alexander Rubanov, sales dir., Russia, CIS, Baltics
& Turkey; Lydia Razali, sales dir., Asia; Lyle Bettson-Barker, sales dir., New Zealand; Robbie Burroughs, sales dir., CEE minor (maternity cover);
Matthew Hodges, sales dir., Benelux (maternity
cover); Simon Cox, head, acq.; Lisa Fahrenholt,
acq. dir., North America.
River (Drama, 6x60 min.) Stellan Skarsgard
stars as John River, a brilliant police officer
whose genius and fault line is the fragility of
his mind—a man haunted by the murder victims whose secrets he must unlock.
Humans (Drama, S1: 8x60 min., S2: 8x60 min.
coming soon) A new drama set in a parallel
present where the latest must-have gadget
for any busy family is a “Synth.”
COO, eOne Benelux; Jude Troy, EVP, TV dvpmt.
& acq., Australia & New Zealand, eOne Australia; Carrie Stein, EVP, global prod., eOne TV;
Marci Wiseman, EVP, global business & legal
affairs; Caroline Stott, EVP, mktg., eOne TV
Intl.; Tara Long, EVP, alternative U.S. pgmng.;
Xavier Trudel, EVP, TV & digital, eOne Films
Canada/Les Films Seville; Dan Loewy, SVP, TV
& digital, eOne Films Canada.
Fear the Walking Dead (Drama/suspense,
6x60 min.) Living in the same universe as The
Walking Dead, this is a gritty drama that
explores the onset of the undead apocalypse
through the lens of a fractured family.
David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef
(Natural history, 4x60 min.) Renowned naturalist and filmmaker David Attenborough
explores and reveals never-before-seen
secrets of the Great Barrier Reef.
Endemol Shine’s The Frankenstein Chronicles
The Frankenstein Chronicles (Drama, 6x60
min.) Reimagining of Mary Shelley’s classic novel
from the point of view of a detective on the trail
of demonic experiments. Stars Sean Bean.
Peter Allen: Not The Boy Next Door (Drama,
2x120 min.) The story of Australian entertainer
Peter Allen, who went from being a childhood
performer to a Grammy and Oscar-winning songwriter, the toast of Broadway and the man behind
some of Australia’s most iconic songs, marrying
into Hollywood royalty along the way.
The Beautiful Lie (Drama, 6x60 min.) A
grand, messy love story of adultery, scandal,
manners and mayhem across three families
and generations.
Cuffs (Drama, 8x60 min.) Contemporary cop
drama that takes the audience on a ride through
the challenges of frontline policing in the vibrant
and alternative seaside city of Brighton.
Boy Meets Girl (Comedy, 6x30 min.) Britain’s
first transgender romantic comedy, featuring a
transgender actress at the heart of the story.
Hunted (6x60 min.) In a unique national
manhunt, seven groups of ordinary people go
on the run, while a crack team of some of the
world’s best investigators track them down.
Spelling Star (12 eps.) Kids go word-to-word
to earn the right to spell for glory in The Ultimate Spelling Bee in which only one inspiring youngster can be crowned champion.
Big Music Quiz (2x120 min.) It’s non-stop
musical entertainment for six fast-moving
rounds as the celebrity contestants face a
series of inventive musical challenges.
134 Peter St., Suite 700
Toronto, ON M5V 2H2, Canada
Tel: (1-416) 646-2400
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: C15.A5
Contact: Darren Throop, pres. & CEO, eOne;
John Morayniss, CEO, eOne TV; Stuart Baxter,
pres., eOne TV Intl.; Berry Meyerowitz, pres.
film & dist.; Pancho Mansfield, pres., global
scripted pgmng., eOne TV; Jan A. Kouwenhoven, CEO, eOne Benelux; Wilco Wolfers,
45 Warren St.
London W1T 6AG, U.K.
Tel: (44-203) 691-8600
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: C15.A5
Contact: Olivier Dumont, mng. dir.; Jillianne
Reinseth, VP, creative affairs; Monica Candiani, head, intl. sales; Nick Gawne, finance dir.
& head, business dvpmt.; Lorna Withrington,
creative affairs exec.; Macaulay Wong, sales
mgr., Asia; Rachel Braham, sales exec.; Andrea
Panayiotou, exec. asst.
PJ Masks (Preschool CGI, 52x11 min.) When
something goes awry in the city, three special 6-year-olds put their pajamas on and are
magically transformed into superheroes.
Winston Steinburger & Sir Dudley Ding Dong
(Kids 7-11, 52x11 min.) Winston Steinburger sets
out to explore every solar system with the help
of his hapless cat, Sir Dudley Ding Dong, and his
pint-size galaxy guardian, Hampton.
The Magic Hockey Skates (Family animation,
1x30 min.) A pint-size 9-year-old boy who
dreams of being a hockey champion can only
afford a pair of second-hand skates, but it turns
out they’re magical, granting him three wishes.
eOne’s Fear the Walking Dead
Into the Badlands (Drama/action, 6x60
min.) Loosely based on the Chinese tale Journey to the West, focuses on a ruthless, welltrained warrior and a young boy, who
embark on a journey across a dangerous
land to find enlightenment.
Hap & Leonard (Drama, 6x60 min.) A hardhitting, dark-humored story of two Texas
working-class cowboys struggling to make
their way through the late 1980s in a world
that refuses to give them any breaks.
Serial Thriller (Crime/thriller, 3x120 min.)
Tells the grim and fascinating stories of the
world’s most notorious serial killers: Ted
Bundy, Stephen Peter and Edmund Kemper.
This Life (Drama, 10x60 min.) Drama series
about a family whose world is turned upside
down overnight.
Great Wild North (Reality/doc., 8x60 min.) A
character-driven docu-series about a tight-knit
community in the Northern Wild who battle
harsh weather and dangerous animals to survive
another year.
The Enfield Haunting (Thriller, 3x60 min./
2x90 min.) Drama series inspired by the
world’s most documented poltergeist incident
and the bizarre real events that took place at
an “ordinary” house.
Hindsight (Drama, 10x60 min.) A critically
acclaimed dramedy filled with ’90s nostalgia
and unique explorations of universal themes
like love, friendship and second chances.
The Making of the Mob: New York (Crime
docudrama, 8x60 min.) Chronicles the rise
and fall of the world’s most notorious mobsters, Lucky Luciano, Bugsy Siegel and Meyer
Lansky, and the roots of organized crime.
eOne Family’s Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom
Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom (Preschool
animation, 104x11 min.) The Little Kingdom
is home to Princess Holly, a young fairy, and
her best friend, Ben the elf.
Peppa Pig (Preschool animation, 208x5 min.,
1x10 min. & 1x15 min.) A series about a cheeky
and slightly bossy little pig called Peppa.
Tractor Tom (Preschool CGI, 52x11 min.) Follows the adventures of a group of friends living and working on Springhill Farm.
Humf (Preschool animation, 78x7 min.) Humf
is short, round and cuddly and always curious
to learn about the world around him.
Raymond (Kids 6-9, 78x7 min.) When you’re 8
years old, have an oversized head, unruly red hair
and thick round glasses, life is far from simple.
Pat and Stan (Kids 6-9, 39x7 min., 1x26 min.
& 250 shorts) Join this hilarious comedy duo
as they manage to take mundane daily life to
the silliest of extremes.
Lost and Found (Preschool animation, 1x30
min.) A magical tale of loneliness lost—and
friendship found.
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 10:52 AM Page 17
FSA#31, SEQ Level 2, Bldg. 61
Fox Studios Australia, 38 Driver Ave.
Moore Park, NSW 2021, Australia
Tel: (61-2) 8353-2793
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P-1.G79
Contact: Natalie Lawley, mng. dir.; Hamish
Lewis, sales & dvpmt. exec.
The Fo-Fo Figgily Show (Children’s, 25x23
min. 4K) A live-action show packed full of
fantasy, fitness and fun.
Teenage Ice Trekker (Doc./education, 1x50
min. HD) A rousing boy-to-man story made
for CBBC.
sales; Monica Lévy, SVP, intl. sales; David
Michel, CEO, Cottonwood Media; Stéphane
Sperry, producer; Alex Berger, producer;
Steven Bawol, producer; Mathilde Hochet,
mktg. & sales coord.; Ashley Stern, SVP, creative affairs; Cécile Lauritano, business
affairs, Cottonwood Media.
The Bureau (Drama, S1-2: 20x60 min.) Spy
thriller that is a TOP—The Oligarchs Productions, Federation Entertainment and CANAL+
France production.
Hostages: The Original Series (Drama, S1-2:
22x40 min.) Thriller from Yetsira Ivrit and Federation Entertainment for Channel 10 Israel.
Replacements (Drama, 12x60 min.) Medical
drama from Fisherking and Federation Entertainment production for Nelonen Finland.
The Greenhouse (Daily teen drama, S1-3:
175x22 min.) An Ananey Communications
production for Nickelodeon Israel.
So Good! A “docu-tainment” series made up
of 12, 25-minute episodes.
Filmax’s I Know Who You Are
1129 State St., Suite 3
Santa Barbara, CA 93101, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-805) 965-4488
e-mail: [email protected]
Bounty Hamster (Animation, 26x11 min.) Marion,
the blue hamster, is a fierce bounty hunter, or so
he would have you believe! He’s hired by an Earth
girl to find her missing father.
Robotech, Remastered: Extended Edition
(Animation, 85x26 min.) The human race is
under attack. The only hope for survival lies
within the secrets of Robotech, alien technology that gives humans access to powerful robotic systems and interstellar spacecraft.
My Side of the Sky (Live action, 6x30 min.)
Coming-of-age story brings viewers behind the
goggles, into the hearts and minds of athletes
willing to defy gravity in pursuit of a dream.
Stepping Up (Live action, 5x30 min.) Children’s
drama series exploring that cornerstone event
in any kid’s life—the move to high school.
Young Dracula (Live action, 66x26 min.) Now
in its fifth season, an irreverent gothic comedy
about what it is to be a teenage vampire trying to make his way in the world.
The Cut (Live action, 40x26 min.) Featuring a
hot young cast and story lines, this is a show
about being young and out of your depth and
going through it all with your friends.
10 Hammersmith Grove, Hammersmith
London W6 7AP, U.K.
Tel: (44-203) 426-7000
Escapade’s When We Go to War
When We Go to War (Drama, 6x60 min. HD)
A historical drama that cuts between life at
home and the battlefields of Gallipoli.
The Act of Killing (Drama, 6x60 min. HD) A psychological thriller set across two continents;
from the dark heart of a cold English city to the
searing, desert heat of an Australian wilderness.
Imagination Train (Children’s, 90x30 min. HD)
The ultimate creative playhouse where adventures come alive as our imaginations run wild.
Wimp 2 Warrior (Factual, 13x30 min. HD)
Everyday men and women are led by a team
of professional Mixed Martial Arts coaches
and pushed to extraordinary lengths.
Status: Vacant (Factual, 13x30 min. 4K) A mysterious journey through abandoned worlds.
Tomorrow When the War Began (Family drama, 6x60 min. HD) Based on the best-selling
novels by John Marsden, the series is about a
group of young friends overcoming seemingly
insurmountable odds. (Asian rights only)
13 Rue Royale, Paris 75008, France
Tel: (33-1) 8417-6534
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: C15.A10
Contact: Pascal Breton, CEO; Lionel Uzan,
mng. dir.; Jean-Michel Ciszewski, head, intl.
Federation’s The Bureau
Marseille (Drama, 8x60 min.) Political drama
being produced by Federation Entertainment
for Netflix.
Calle Miguel Hernández, 81-87
Hospitalet de Llobregat
08908 Barcelona, Spain
Tel: (34-933) 368-555
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: R7.J11
Contact: Ivan Diaz, head, intl. division.; Carles Rojano, business & affairs, Filmax.
I Know Who You Are (Suspense, 10x70 min.)
A story of intrigue, love and second chances.
Barça Dreams (Doc., 1x120 min.) Documentary
about the passionate history of one of the greatest football clubs of all time—FC Barcelona.
The Red Band Society (Drama, S1: 13x45 min.,
S2: 15x45 min.) A story of friendship, overcoming obstacles and finding the will to live.
Stand: VIP Club
Contact: Jo Kavanagh-Payne, pres.; Elizabeth
Stephens, VP, sales & dvpmt.
Rollie & Friends (Animation, 52x11 min.) Rollie
the Rollercoaster and all the other colorful characters bring the glorious world of Sunshine Cove
Amusement Park to life with fun, friendship,
action and hilarious comedy.
Gunk Aliens (Animation, 52x11 min.) This is a
wacky show with gross elements designed to
excite the senses, tickle the imagination and
gross out everyone in the process!
Boy and the Dinosaur (Animation, 52x11 min.)
This preschool series is about an ordinary boy
and his extraordinary friend Dinosaur and blends
big, visual storytelling, broad, physical comedy
and a simple educational philosophy.
Toopy and Binoo (Animation, S1: 26x25 min.,
S2: 78x2 min. & 6x22 min.) Toopy and Binoo are
an inseparable duo enthusiastically living life to
the fullest. They live in a whimsical world where,
powered by imagination, one incredible situation
after another springs to life.
Foothill’s Rollie & Friends
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: C16.C
Contact: Simon Thomas, EVP, global sports
& content sales; Germaine Deagan Sweet,
SVP, global content & operations; Prentiss
Fraser, SVP, global head, content sales; Connie
Hodson, VP, content & mktg.; Shirley Bowers,
dir., global content sales; Joanna Rowley, dir.,
regional sales; Joaquin Becerra, affiliates dir.;
Magdalena Szwedkowicz, pgmng. dist. dir.;
Sabrina Kaci, pgm. sales & acq. mgr.; Ana Barreto, dir., content sales; Yadigar Belbuken, VP
& DGM, channels, pgmng.; Paola Cunsolo,
regional global content sales specialist.
Da Vinci’s Demons (Drama, S1-3: 28x60
min.) Season three of the sumptuous drama
continues to merge fact with fantasy to tell
the fascinating story of a young Leonardo da
Vinci in Renaissance Florence.
Outcast (Drama, 10x60 min.) The hotly anticipated new series from Robert Kirkman (The Walking
Dead) stars Patrick Fugit and Philip Glenister in a
suspenseful tale of demonic possession.
Happiness (Adi Mutluluk) (Drama, 13x90120 min.) A rich girl and poor boy, both running away from their problems and families,
meet up and decide to pursue their dreams—
and future happiness—together.
In Spite of Love (Inadina Ask) (Drama,
13x90-120 min.) A romantic comedy full of
will-they, won’t-they couples, love and hate—
and everything in between!
Wayward Pines (Drama, 10x60 min.) The
mind-bending international hit series about
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 10:52 AM Page 18
strange goings-on in Wayward Pines. It looks
like the perfect American town however,
there’s only one road in and no road out.
School for Husbands (Escuela para Maridos) (Factual ent. format, 10x60 min.) ANew
reality series that sees husbands go back to
the classroom to learn where their marriages
might be going wrong.
brand new approach to talent where, for the first
time ever, the fans are in control!
The Eureka Moment Entertainment game show
pits two couples against each other as they test
their popular-science knowledge and come face
to face with a raft of dangerous stunts and wacky
experiments in a bid to win a luxury holiday.
The Freestyle Games Urban sport talent show
showcases skill, pure determination and courageous stunts as aspiring urban sport freestylers
fight it out to win the respect of their community and become the king of the freestylers.
Who Knew? A record-breaking ratings hit in
Germany, this is a hilarious, informative and
innovative celebrity panel quiz show.
FICCS’s School for Husbands
Danger Decoded (Factual, 12x30 min.) How
do you know when you are in danger? With
amazing play-along, this series helps you spot
the critical clues that could save your life.
The 2000s (History, 2x120 min.) This new
miniseries tells the story of ten tumultuous
years that transformed our world, complete
with a star-studded cast of eyewitnesses,
politicians and celebrity interviewees.
T Rex Autopsy (Natural history, 1x120 min.)
Peel back the skin of one of nature’s most
extraordinary predators and see the unimaginable: a full T Rex autopsy.
Inside the Mega Twister (Science, 1x60
min.) What happened when the largest,
fastest and most lethal tornado ever hit Oklahoma in 2013? Amazing footage and new science provide fresh insight.
1 Stephen St.
London W1T 1AL, U.K.
Tel: (44-20) 7691-6000
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: C11
Contact: Cecile Frot-Coutaz, CEO, FremantleMedia Group; Wolf Bauer, CEO, UFA; Rob Clark, dir.,
global ent.; Sangeeta Desai, group COO & CEO,
emerging markets; Keith Hindle, CEO, digital &
branded ent.; Craig Cegielski, co-CEO, FM North
America; Ian Hogg, CEO, Australia & Asia Pacific;
Richard Holloway, mng. dir. & interim CEO, FM
UK; Jennifer Mullin, co-CEO, FM North America;
Sarah Doole, dir., global drama; Chris O’Dell,
head, global ent. prod.
La Banda Syco Entertainment, FremantleMedia
and Saban present this new music series for all
audiences that’s on the hunt for the ultimate boy
band. Premiered on Univision, the format takes a
FremantleMedia’s La Banda
Celebrity Family Feud Celebrity families compete against each other on this star-studded
primetime version of the iconic game-show format. This summer on ABC it was the U.S.’s highest rated new entertainment launch of the
2014/15 season.
To Tell The Truth The beloved 1960’s classic hit
game show is back! This format features a
celebrity panel who need to guess who is telling
the truth between three people all claiming to be
the same person with the same incredible talent, job or achievement.
Rebound This rapid-paced game-show format
sees players go head to head across a series of
electrifying thrilling rounds, but if taking on each
other isn’t tough enough, they’ll also have to
take on the iconic Rebound Bar.
Lords & Ladles Takes viewers on a historical journey through the wonders of food and cooking.
Each week, three chefs visit a historical house and
recreate a grand dinner from its history.
Incognito One of the world’s best-loved quiz
game shows is back with a fresh injection of fun
and laughter. Based on the original What’s My
Line? a panel of celebrities use guesswork and
detection to unravel the occupation, hobby or
interest of the contestants.
Freezeout Welcome to the gripping quiz show
of physical dexterity and mental skill played
across a huge 6-meter slab of ice!
1 Stephen St.
London W1T 1AL, U.K.
Tel: (44-20) 7691-6000
Stand: C11
Contact: Jens Richter, CEO; Bob McCourt, COO;
Jamie Lynn, EVP, intl. dist., EMEA; Paul Ridley, snr.
EVP, sales & dist., Asia Pacific; Lisa Honig, snr. EVP,
intl. dist., Americas; Sheila Aguirre, SVP, intl. dist.,
Latin America & U.S. Hispanic; Justin Hatfield,
SVP, intl. dist., U.K., Ireland & Scandinavia; Hendrik Van Daalen, SVP, intl. dist., Spain, France,
Italy & Portugal; Max Bolenius, VP, intl. dist., German-speaking Europe & CEE; Katsuhiro Waza,
SVP, sales & multiplatform dist., Japan; Ganesh
Rajaram, EVP, sales & dist., Asia; Haryaty Rahman, VP, sales & dist., Asia; Pete Kalhan, SVP,
home ent. EMEA & archive sales; Daryl O’Connor, SVP, home ent., Australia; Jeff Siegel, VP, digital dist. & home ent., Americas; Narriman Al
Ajdiri, dir., sales, home ent. & digital, EMEA.
Capital (Drama, 4x60 min.) From the makers of
Humans and Broadchurch, a sharply observed
drama about the interconnected lives of a diverse
group of Londoners linked to a fictional street.
Modus (Drama, 8x60 min.) Based on the bestselling novels of Anne Holt, a tense, atmospheric crime series that raises questions about religion, human rights and the nature of love itself.
American Idol (Ent., S15 coming soon, S14: 30
eps., S13: 39 eps., S12: 37 eps., S11: 40 eps.)
Join Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry
Connick, Jnr. as they return to their seats on
the judging panel.
FMI’s Simply Nigella
The X Factor UK (Ent., S12: 44 hrs., S11: 47 hrs.)
The latest series sees the return of Simon Cowell
and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, and welcomes
new judges—radio DJ Nick Grimshaw and pop
star Rita Ora—as they search for the next big star.
Soundbreaking (Factual, 8x60 min.) Featuring
exclusive interviews with some of the most celebrated recording artists, producers and music
innovators of our time, giving viewers a behindthe-scenes glimpse at the magic that happens
inside a music studio.
I Am Johnny Cash (Factual, 1x120 min.) An epic
tribute to a gifted artist, fighter of causes, and
legendary entertainer; featuring interviews with
music luminaries such as Willie Nelson, Sheryl
Crow and Kid Rock.
Simply Nigella (Lifestyle, 6x30 min.) Nigella’s
latest series will introduce viewers to a new
pared-down approach to cooking and eating.
Jamie’s Super Food (Lifestyle, 6x60 min.) Each
episode Jamie cooks up a day’s worth of deli-
cious meals, perfectly balanced plates of mouthwatering food that have all the good nutrition
you need in a day.
Boy Machine (Comedy, 8x30 min.) Sweden’s
biggest boy band and global sensation reunite 18
years after their heyday, but soon realize that
their past success means nothing.
Cuckoo (Comedy, 7x30 min.) The hit BBC3 comedy starring Taylor Lautner and Greg Davies
returns for a new series, this time on BBC One.
142 rue de Charonne
75011 Paris, France
Tel: (33-1) 5864-5550
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: R8.C1
Contact: Pierre Belaïsch, mng. dir.; Michaël
Manaud, dir., legal & business affairs; Marc
Dhrami, head, prod.; Adeline Tormo, sales &
mktg. mgr.
Welcome to Bric-a-Broc (Edutainment, 39x7
min.) Mino is a lively city cat: cheerful, crafty
and very boisterous. In the hope of calming him
down, his parents have sent him to a countryside
holiday camp for the summer.
Calimero (Adventure/comedy, 104x13 min.) Calimero is a pint-sized hero with a mountain of
courage. Come and laugh along with Calimero
and his two best friends in a world where every
day is extraordinary.
Lanfeust Quest (Adventure, 26x26 min.) In the
world of Troy, there is a mystical medallion that
can endow powers to one person. Fate has
anointed two chosen ones: Lanfeust and Thanos.
The medallion has fallen into Lanfeust’s hands,
but he has no idea how to use it.
Dude, That’s My Ghost! (Comedy/sitcom,
52x13 min.) Spencer Wright, the new kid at a
high school populated by Hollywood royalty, is
an outsider with no ticket in. Luckily, he’s got an
all-access pass in the form of his new best friend,
the ghost of pop star Billy Joe Cobra.
Galactik Football (Action/sci-fi, 78x26
min.) Aliens, Wambas, Xenons, Technoids
and boys and girls play the kind of football
kids can only dream of. One special team
has its own secret-weapon player, cool girls,
a dynamo striker and a pair of goofy dudes
who make it all look so easy.
Gaumont Animation’s Lanfeust Quest
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 10:52 AM Page 19
9200 W. Sunset Blvd., #820
Los Angeles, CA 90069, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-310) 775-2440
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: R8.C1
Contact: Katie O’Connell, CEO; Erik Pack,
head, intl. dist. & coprod.; Hana Zidek, VP,
dist.; Adeline Tormo, intl. sales mgr.
Crosshair (Drama, 13x60 min.) After discovering that he has a teen daughter, and realizing
that his partner tried to kill him, a globetrotting
freelance sniper drifts into a mid-life crisis.
Spy City (Drama, 10x60 min.) Each episode will
be played out in an elaborate chess game with
post-WWII superpowers vying for power in
Berlin—while also providing a look at the personal lives of those who chose to become spies.
1001 (Drama, 12x60 min.) Created by Real
Humans’ Lars Lundström. A policewoman investigating a murder case receives a message from
someone claiming to have committed the crime
who wants 1,001 million transferred to various
bank accounts, otherwise more people will die.
Hannibal (Drama, 39x60 min.) Explores the early
relationship of Thomas Harris’ classic character,
renowned psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter, and his
patient, FBI criminal profiler Will Graham.
Narcos (Drama, 10x60 min.) From renowned
filmmaker Jose Padilha comes an inside look at
the men who would stop at nothing to take
down Pablo Escobar—from the Colombian government to the DEA agents, the policemen
who would risk their lives to the U.S. officials
who would spin the story.
GIT’s Hannibal
Abdi Ipekci Caddesi, Side Apt.
53/12, 34367 Nisantasi, Sisli
Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: (90-212) 240-5769
Stand: R8.C2
Contact: Izzet Pinto, CEO; Gila Kantar, COO;
Mert Uzcan, CFO; Umay Ayaz, head, acq.; Senay
Filiztekin, head, drama acq.; Catherine Stryker,
head, sales; Isil Turksen, sales dir.; Senay Tas,
sales dir.; Cagla Menderes, sales dir.; Ivan
Sanchez, sales dir.; Deniz Tuzun, sales dir.;
Miroslav Radojevic, sales dir.; Cheryl Godfrey
Ross, sales exec.; Fahriye Senturk, head, operations & PR; Gozde Destan, head, sales, WWE.
Magnificent Century (Period drama, 4 seasons) At the age of 26, Sultan Suleiman aimed
to make the Ottomans invincible, and during
his reign he became the greatest warrior and
ruler of both East and West.
1001 Nights (Drama, 3 seasons) The story
begins with Sehrazat trying to raise $200,000
for her son Kaan’s treatment. The cure has
been determined, a matching marrow donor
has been found in Azerbaijan and the only
obstacle that stands in her way is money.
Global Agency’s 1001 Nights
Broken Pieces (Drama, 60 min. eps. ongoing) A story about difficult choices, tough
decisions, entwined lives and parents torn
between their children and their hearts.
A Part of Me (Drama, 60 min. eps. ongoing) The
story of a surrogate mother’s fight to keep the
baby when through a twist of fate she discovers
that he is her own biological child.
Love For Rent (Drama, 60 min. eps. ongoing) Omer, a successful businessman in the
fashion industry, is determinedly single, to the
frustration of his grandfather, who offers a
bribe to Aunt Neriman to find Omer a wife.
It’s Showtime (Reality singing format, 60
min. eps.) Daily strip format in which five
contestants are judged by each other and by
the audience; the one with the most points
at the end of the week wins a cash prize.
Joker (Quiz show) A daily prime-time show
with simple rules and thrilling reversals of
fortune right until the end!
The Married Game (Dating game show, 60
min. eps.) A daily stripped show with four
dinner dates and one big revelation.
Keep Your Light Shining (Singing talent
show) A fully interactive talent show, lasting
13 weeks, that uses dramatic lighting to
emphasize the urgency and importance of the
singer’s brief chance to impress.
Shopping Monsters (Style format) A stripped
daily entertainment format in which five
women each week compete to see who can
get the best makeover in a limited amount of
time, and on a fixed budget.
Sonnenstrasse 21
80331 Munich, Germany
Tel: (49-89) 244-1295-500
e-mail: [email protected]
My Name Is Fleming, Ian Fleming—The Man
Who Invented James Bond (Biopic, 1x52 min.)
The story of Ian Fleming, real-life spy, ladies’ man
and sportsman, who was there at the birth of
MI-5 and the CIA, and gave the world one of its
most enduring and iconic heroes: James Bond.
Stand: P-1.K1
Contact: Dr. Thomas Weymar, mng. dir.; Dr.
Rolf Moser, mng. dir.; Alexandra Heidrich,
head, TV sales; Helge Köhnen, snr. sales mgr.,
TV; Kerstin Grünwald, snr. sales mgr., TV; Stefanie Hofferbert, snr. sales mgr., TV; Iowanka
Sánchez-Sprehe, sales mgr., TV; Alexandra
Kudelina, jnr. sales mgr.; Alexandra Kudelina,
jnr. sales mgr.; Barbara Vallant, formats; Bojan
Ritan, snr. mktg. mgr.; Ulrike Schröder, acq.
mgr.; Patricia Schuster, material coord.
A Dangerous Fortune (Drama, 2x90 min.)
Based on Ken Follett’s worldwide bestselling
novel, a story full of love, unfulfilled passion,
greed, power, political and amorous intrigues.
Fatal News (Political thriller, 2x90 min.) When
a star politician is found dead in his bathtub
after a campaign scandal destroyed his reputation, two young reporters uncover a web of
conspiracy and intrigue.
Hidden Identity (Thriller, 2x90 min.) The
Dreher family has to leave everything behind
when Simon Dreher, a private banker,
becomes a key witness in a money-laundering case against ruthless gangster Darankov.
Capital Power (Thriller/drama, 6x45 min.) As
candidate for the Conservative party, dedicated
attorney Susanne Kröhmer mounts an underdog
campaign against the reigning mayor.
The Bearskin Prince (Family ent., 1x60 min.)
The Bearskin Prince gets turned into a bear
by the devil. He has until the equinox to find a
woman he loves. Only pretty young Elise realizes he’s no terrifying monster…
Hans in Luck (Family ent., 1x60 min.) Hans in
Luck gets a nugget of gold to take home to his
mother, which he trades for a horse, then a cow,
then a goose, until in the end he has nothing—
nothing but the love of pretty young Elisabeth.
The Tale of Cockayne (Family ent., 1x60 min.)
Poor Paul sets out to find the legendary land of
milk and honey to save his sick sister Magda.
Once there, he meets pretty Pralina, who
becomes curious about the outside world…
Good Göring, Bad Göring (Docudrama, 1x90
min.) Hermann Göring was a devoted Nazi from
the very start. Albert Göring saved countless
people from the Nazi death machine.
Global Screen’s Capital Power
Rua Evandro Carlos de Andrade 160
7/Fl., Vila Cordeiro 04583-115
São Paulo, Brazil
Tel: (55-11) 5112-4559
Stand: P0.A1
Contact: Ricardo Scalamandré, head, intl. business; Raphael Correa, exec. dir., intl. business;
Daniel Djahjah, head, intl. sales; Bruno Assumpcao, sales exec., Eastern Europe; Carolina Krambeck, sales exec., Eastern Europe; Rodrigo Vilela,
sales exec., Africa, Middle East & France; Roberto Cabrini, sales exec., Asia/Oceania; Thiago Ferreira, sales mgr., Europe; Fernanda Vio, mktg.
coord.; Mariana Botelho, mktg. coord.
Precious Pearl (Telenovela, 110x60 min. HD)
It’s up to Pearl, the fruit of the union between
a millionaire and a worker, to smooth over the
conflicts that prevent their love.
Helena’s Shadow (Telenovela, 75x60 min.
HD) On their wedding day, Laerte’s obsessive
jealousy brings his relationship with Helena
to an end. Twenty years later, he gets involved
with Helena’s daughter.
Globo’s Doomed
Empire (Telenovela, 170x60 min. HD) After
achieving success with his jewelry empire, a man
is threatened by his family’s ambitions and the
discovery of a possible daughter from a former
Now Generation (Telenovela, 105x60 min. HD)
Silicon Valley success story Jonas Marra surprises everyone when he announces that he will
be transferring the company to Brazil and holding a competition to choose his successor.
Fight or Love? (Telenovela, 120x60 min. HD)
Two cousins who hate each other are forced
to live together because of an inheritance
worth millions.
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 10:52 AM Page 20
Doomed (Miniseries, 8x60 min. HD) Leandro,
a sommelier with a penchant for women and
fine wine, puts his life at risk when he falls
madly in love with the boss’s daughter.
The Party (Miniseries, 20x60 min. HD) A huge
party with guests who are hiding secrets and
desires ends with a body floating in the pool.
Sweet Mother (Comedy, 14x30 min. HD) At the
age of 85, Picucha is still full of energy and does
everything she can for her family and friends.
The Hunter (Drama, 13x60 min. HD) Blamed
for a crime he did not commit, a bounty
hunter looks for clues to prove his innocence.
Merciless (Drama, 10x60 min. 4K) A seemingly
honest man hides his true self: that of a cruel
serial killer who kills for pleasure and defies
the police to solve his terrible crimes.
GMA Network Center
EDSA corner Timog Avenue,
Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines
Tel: (632) 982-7777 ext.
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P-1.C60
Contact: Roxanne Barcelona, VP; Manuel
Paolo J. Laurena, snr. sales mgr.; Raymond A.
Soriano, pgm. admin. specialist.
Alamat (Animation, 6x20 min.) An animated
anthology that showcases the legendary stories
and well-known folktales of the Philippines, celebrating the country’s unique culture.
Beautiful Strangers (Romance drama, 40x45
min.) A story of betrayal and revenge. Faith will
bring two people together who will realize that
their true enemy is yet to be revealed.
Buena Familia (Contemporary drama, 30x45 min.)
The Buena family is the epitome of an ideal household: prominent, educated and very wealthy, but
what if circumstances have changed?
Let the Love Begin (Romance drama, 40x45
min.) A teenage love story of Pia and Eric,
children of the former famed radio love team
DJ Jeni and DJ Tony.
My Faithful Husband (Romance drama,
40x45 min.) Melanie becomes unfaithful to
her husband, Emman, who is faced with the
choice of renewing his faith in Melanie or
abandoning his family altogether.
My Holy Bro (Contemporary drama, 40x45
min.) What Father Kokoy had thought to be the
toughest task of his life becomes even more
challenging when it leads him to cross paths
again with Fatima, his childhood love.
My Mother’s Secret (Contemporary drama,
30x45 min.) A story of a mother who gave up
her infant daughter for a career as an actress.
Once Upon a Kiss (Romance drama, 45x45
min.) A terrible accident leads two childhood
friends, Ella and Prince, back to each other,
but Prince ends up in a coma and helplessly
waits to be awakened.
The Half Sisters (Contemporary drama, 75x45
min.) Diana and Ashley are non-identical twins
born of the same mother but different fathers.
The Rich Man’s Daughter (Contemporary
drama, 40x45 min.) Jade Tanchingco thought
she had it all—beauty, wealth and love—until
she met Althea Guevara, a passionate and
loving woman who made her discover what
she was missing in her life all along.
Ain’t That America (Clip show, 13x30 min.)
Explore the most outrageous viral videos to
hit the internet and see just how crazy, dangerous and downright stupid people can be.
All Eyes on Brazil (Sports doc., 1x90 min.)
Documents the 2014 FIFA World Cup in a
nation that lives, eats and breathes football.
My Big Redneck Family (Docuseries, 13x30
min.) Follow America’s favorite redneck family and their everyday shenanigans and parenting misadventures!
Showdown of the Unbeatables (Competition/challenge, 9x60 min.) Inventors and
entrepreneurs pit their unique products and
machines against each other and put their
reputations to the test.
For Better or Worse (Scripted, 100x30 min.)
A Tyler Perry sitcom that follows the ups and
downs of dating and marriage.
Eat Your Words (Food competition/format,
14x30 min.) An amateur foodie who has given a
bad review to a restaurant dish online must now
cook that dish for a panel of judges.
Judge Jenkins (Crime, 145x30 min.) Faith Jenkins went from beauty queen to attorney to NYC
prosecutor. Now, she brings her no-nonsense
style of justice into her own courtroom.
13400 Riverside Dr., Suite 300
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-818) 728-4140
203-66 Muriel St.
Ottawa, ON, Canada K1S4E1
Tel: (1-613) 730-1728
e-mail: [email protected]
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: R7.K17
Contact: Gary R. Benz, pres. & CEO; Michael
Lolato, SVP, intl. dist.; Benn Watson, VP, intl.
sales; Liz Levenson, dir., intl. sales & acq.;
Michael Branton, EVP, creative affairs.
FBI Takedowns (Crime, 6x60 min.) Witness
the most adrenaline-fueled and high-stakes
FBI manhunts ever shown on television.
4 The Square, Stockley Park
Uxbridge, Middlesex UB11 1ET, U.K.
Tel: (44-20) 8744-5708
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: R7.D32
Contact: Stephen Davis, EVP & chief content
officer; Finn Arnesen, SVP, global dist. &
dvpmt.; Nina Scales, VP, intl. dist.; Sheetal
Merchant, sales dir.; Nuno I, dir., sales, Asia
Pacific; Gustavo Gomez, sales dir., Latin America; Lucy Mackrill, intl. dist. mgr.; Natalie Verdugo, mgr., mktg. & business dvpmt.
Transformers Robots in Disguise (Boys 6-11
animation, 45x22 min.) Years after we left the
Autobots in Transformers Prime, Bumblebee is
summoned by Optimus Prime to save Earth
from a new faction of Decepticons.
Blazing Team (Boys 6-11 animation, 52x22 min.)
A group of heroic teens is assembled to harness
the mystical power of Yo Kwon Do, a practice that
defeats evil by blending yo-yo skills with Kung Fu.
Stand: P-1.E19
Contact: Chris Knight, CEO & pres.; Mark Prasuhn, VP & GM.
Fish—The Adventure (Doc., S1: 6x30 min. 4K
UHD) An adventure docu-series where a
thrill-seeker chef is on an epic quest to experience the single best “fish experience” of his
life—from catch to plate.
Hasbro’s The Adventures of Chuck and Friends
Gusto TV’s Fish—The Dish
GRB’s My Big Redneck Family
GMA’s The Rich Man’s Daughter
A Is for Apple (Food/cooking, 30x30 min. 4K
UHD) Entertaining food television recorded
on a one-of-a-kind set, accompanied by an
interactive website and 120-plus recipes with
videos and gorgeous food photography.
Angels Among Us (Docuseries, 4x60 min.)
Follow incredible stories of people who
believe they were saved from tragedy by
angelic intervention.
This Is Hot 97 (Docuseries, 8x30 min.) Go
behind-the-scenes of New York’s globally recognized number one radio station, HOT 97,
the global mecca of hip hop and R&B.
Fish—The Dish (Food/cooking, 15x30 min. 4K
UHD) Celebrates and demystifies cooking
seafood. Accompanied by 60-plus recipes
with videos and gorgeous food photography.
Crate to Plate (Doc., 6x30 min. 4K HD) This
series takes you to meet the people whose lives
are shaped by the food we grow, sell and eat.
One World Kitchen (Food/cooking, 30x30 min.
4K UHD) Visually stunning, delicious international cuisine (Italian, Indian, Thai, Argentine and
Japanese) accompanied by 120-plus webisodes,
plus recipes and food photos.
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic (Girls 4-7,
143x22 min.) Through funny, offbeat experiences
and exciting, enchanting adventures, Twilight
Sparkle learns about the magic of friendship.
Littlest Pet Shop (Girls 6-11, 104x22 min.)
An animated comedy-adventure that centers
on the life of a fun-loving tween girl and the
fantasy adventures of the pets she cares for.
Transformers Rescue Bots (Boys 4-9 animation, 104x22 min.) The adventures of four
young Transformers and their human counterparts, tasked by Optimus Prime to study
the ways of humanity and protect the city.
My Little Pony Equestria Girls Friendship
Games (Girls 6-11, 3x72 min.) Canterlot High
meets its rival school, Crystal Prep Academy,
in a competition that’s a long-standing tradition known as The Friendship Games.
Jem and the Holograms (Girls 6-11, 65x22 min.)
Focuses on the dual life of beautiful Jerrica Benton and her pop star alter-ego Jem, lead singer
for the all-girl band Jem and the Holograms.
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 10:52 AM Page 21
Pound Puppies (Kids 4-9, 65x22 min.) The
Pound Puppies are a group of fearless canines
bestowed with humanlike intelligence whose
sworn mission is to find homes for stray dogs.
The Adventures of Chuck and Friends
(Boys 3-5, 78x11 min./39x22 min.) Chuck is a
smart, adventurous, creative truck with the
world at his wheels! Along with his friends,
Chuck pushes the limits of his imagination.
1100 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-212) 512-1000
Stand: R9.A8
Contact: Charles Schreger, pres., pgmng.
sales; Jennifer Bowen, SVP, intl. dist.; Melissa
Caron, VP, intl. dist.; Stephanie Gilliard, VP,
intl. dist.; Dan Selig, VP, worldwide dist.
Vinyl (Drama, 10x60 min.) From Martin
Scorsese, Mick Jagger and Terence Winter,
explores the drug- and sex-fueled music business in 1970s New York City.
Westworld (Drama, 10x60 min.) This epic new
series is a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the future of sin.
est faces on television and film, Amy Schumer
headlines this special directed by Chris Rock.
Togetherness (Comedy, 16x30 min.) From
renowned indie filmmaking brothers Jay and
Mark Duplass, follows two couples living
under one roof, struggling to keep their relationships and individual dreams alive.
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Alternative series, 94x30 min.) Emmy Award-winning
writer John Oliver presents a satirical look at the
week in news, politics and current events.
The Leftovers (Drama, 20x60 min.) From
Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrota, shows how
people living in a small town react to an inexplicable global event—from cynicism and
paranoia to cult-like fanaticism.
Journey to War (War/drama) Set during WWI in
1915, a heroic story of two children, based on a
real story.
Gallipoli 1915 (War) Historical drama about the
Gallipoli campaign.
Crash in Love 2 (Comedy/romance) Sevkat
lives a simple life running an egg shop. One
day a young woman crashes his store with
her car. It turns out she is the daughter of his
future boss and things get complicated once
they fall in love.
e-mail: [email protected]
Burhaniye mahallesi, Bahceler
sokak. No.8 Beylerbeyi, Uskudar
Istanbul, Turkey 34676
Tel: (90-216) 422-5350
e-mail: [email protected]
151-60 19th Ave.
Whitestone, NY 11357, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-704) 907-5010
Contact: Ralph Boral, CEO.
Hank the Cowdog (Children’s animation,
26x11 min./13x22 min.) Follows the comedic
adventures of a lovable mutt and selfappointed head of ranch security on a familyrun Texas cattle ranch.
Stand: P-1.K70
Contact: Nejdet Arkin, CEO; Irem Arkin, sales;
Stanislav Mintusov, sales; Tulay Arkin, finance.
Ottoman Cowboys (Comedy) Two special
agents are tasked by the Sultan of the Ottoman
Empire with delivering a diamond to the American President. As they ride on a stagecoach
across the American wild west, they are robbed
by some bandits, leaving them stranded.
A Letter from Heaven (Drama/romance) The
day that Emre meets his friends to give them his
wedding invitations he finds out that his ex-girlfriend has passed away. Later he receives a letter that was left by her.
Imagina’s Safari Wazungu
Locked Up (Vis a Vis) (Drama, 11x70
min./16x50 min.) Macarena is sentenced to
prison after misappropriating funds from the
company she worked for at the behest of her
lover—who was also her boss.
Anchors Aweigh (Anclados) (Comedy, 8x60
min.) Workers onboard a Mediterranean cruise
ship will face problems, joys or heartbreaks, but
they won’t forget their real task—ensuring the
passengers have the best trip of their lives.
Safari Wazungu (Non-scripted/reality, 11x75
min.) Eight contestants will travel on an
African safari, ready to face everything the
adventure could bring. The program will find
out who is the best explorer.
B&B Magazine (B&B, de Boca en Boca)
(Dramedy, 29x70 min.) Set at the newsroom of
a weekly magazine where all the members of the
team will have to face different conflicts in their
personal and professional lives.
Traces of Sandalwood (Rastres de Sàndal)
(Drama/romance, 1x95 min.) A story about the
reunion of two sisters, after 30 years, between
Mumbai and Barcelona.
Cruyff, the Last Match (L’ultim Partit)
(Doc., 1x72 min.) Shows how the signing of
Johan Cruyff to FC Barcelona was not only a
sports revolution, but also a political, social
and cultural one.
Art Poetica (Artpoetica) (Art clips, 52x2 min.)
Have you ever wondered what would it be like to
mash-up a Shakespearean poem with sound,
music, pictures and illustration?
Messi (Doc., 1x93 min.) Provides an intimate
glimpse into the story of a footballer who leaves
no one indifferent to him.
HTC’s Hank the Cowdog
Ctra. Fuencarral-Alcobendas
24, 28049 Madrid, Spain
Tel: (34-91) 728-5738
HBO’s Vinyl
Horizon’s Ottoman Cowboys
High Maintenance (Comedy, 6x30 min.) The
hit web comedy series comes to HBO, following a Brooklyn pot dealer who delivers to
clients with neuroses as diverse as the city.
Ballers (Comedy, 20x30 min.) Dwayne “The
Rock” Johnson stars in this comedy exploring the
lives of a group of former and current football
The Knick (Drama, 20x60 min.) Clive Owen
stars in this series, directed by Steven Soderbergh, about medicine, mortality and race
relations at the turn of the 20th century.
The Brink (Comedy, 20x30 min.) Starring Jack
Black, Tim Robbins and Pablo Schreiber,
focuses on a geological crisis and its effect on
three men.
Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo (Stand-up
comedy, 1x60 min.) One of the funniest, fresh-
Chaos (Action) Action movie.
Hunting Season (Drama/thriller) A veteran
homicide cop and his hotheaded partner team
up with a rookie cop and anthropology major to
investigate the murder of a young woman.
Elixir (Live action/animation) Rock musician
Kerem grew up with his little sister at his grandfather's farm. The grandpa, an inventor, created
an elixir that enables humans to speak with animals and control their behavior.
Haunted Forest (Live action/animation) A
young girl discovers a house of moles and
befriends them. On the other side, there is an evil
man who wants to get rid of their house.
40 (Action) Imagine a bag full of money suddenly dropped in front of you. In the chaotic
streets of Istanbul, three strangers go after
this bag.
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: R7.F31
Contact: Géraldine Gonard, COO; Miguel
García, sales exec.; Alicia López, sales & acq.
coord.; Lorena Molloy, mktg. mgr.
Liaisons (Dramedy, 10x45 min.) The story of the
affairs and relations within a family and beyond;
the ongoing search for love and the various
ways of finding it today.
Snacks, Bites of a Revolution (Snacks, bocados de una revolución) (Doc., 1x47 min.) Portrays the origin, evolution, present and future of
Spanish gastronomy.
C/Ribes 9, entlo.
Barcelona 01013, Spain
Tel: (34) 93265-0757
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: R7.H14
Contact: Sergi Reitg, CEO; Juan Carlos de Ory,
mng. dir.; Begoña Esteban, sales mgr.; Miren
Zamora, sales mgr.; Gulshan David, sales mgr.;
Laura Albiol, sales asst.; Miguel Bosch, sales
asst.; Giles Bones, mktg. mgr.
Jamillah & Aladdin (Comedy adventure, 52x11
min.) A contemporary reworking of the classic
Arabian Nights story in which Jamillah, a 21st
century girl, finds a magic lamp and is transported by the Genie back to ancient Baghdad where
she meets young Aladdin.
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 10:52 AM Page 22
The Smurfs and the Magic Flute (1975) (Feature film, 1x70 min.) Somehow a magic flute has
gotten out of Smurfland and into the hands of
young practical joker Peewit. When Peewit loses
the flute to the sinister Oilycreep, the Smurfs
have to come to the rescue!
From the World of Peyo to Planet Smurf
(Doc., 1x52 min.) Retraces how Pierre Culliford
became Peyo, the author and the artist whose
many talents are recognized worldwide and
whose characters are loved by millions.
Imira’s Cleo
Bat Pat (Creepy sitcom/adventure, 52x11 min.) Follows the talking bat, Bat Pat, and his friends as they
unravel mysteries and cross paths with supernatural creatures of the night. (LatAm, Spain, Portugal)
Cleo (Family comedy, 39x6 min.) Cleo is an
adorable newborn puppy who shares her everyday adventures with her best friend Irma.
Alisa (Action/adventure/sci-fi, 24x26 min.)
Based on the novels by Russian author Kir
Bulychiov, weaves a tale about the adventures
of a group of teenagers living at the end of
the 21st century. (Asia Pacific, EMEA, LatAm)
Rat-a-tat (Comedy, 234x7 min.) Don, a darling house dog, is at war with the mice trio
that has set up camp in his house. Don’s ally
is his brother Colonel, an ex-army dog.
The Hero of Color City (Adventure comedy,
1x77 min.) Each night, Ben’s magical Crayon Box
transports the crayons to Color City. When two
unfinished drawings end up in Color City and
claim all of its color for themselves, it’s up to Yellow and her pals to save their world.
Zig & Sharko (Slapstick comedy, 156x7 min.)
Zig, with the help of his crab buddy Bernie,
will do anything to get his paws on Marina,
the mermaid. Sharko will do anything to stop
him. (LatAm, U.S. Hispanic, Spain)
Super Abby (Comedy adventure, 52x7 min.
& 1x62 min.) When a dangerous situation
emerges, Abby Careful lets her imagination fly
and becomes Super Abby, a super heroine like
the ones in her favorite comic books.
Mondo Yan (Comedy adventure, 52x12 min.)
Tells the story of three teenage heroes, chosen to save the mystical world they call home.
Rue du Cerf 85
1332 Genval, Belgium
Tel: (32-2) 652-0220
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: R7.E64
Contact: Véronique Culliford, pres. & CEO;
Brigitte Ickmans, COO; Tim Verschure, head,
sales; Philippe Glorieux, head, mktg.; Nele De
Wilde, business affairs mgr., audiovisual.
The Smurfs (Animated, 272x24 min.) Very far
from here, in a little village full of mushroomshaped houses, live the Smurfs. Together they
experience the most exciting adventures,
which are brought alive in the series.
Incendo’s Swept Under
IMPS’s The Smurfs
1 Westmount Square, Suite 850
Westmount (Quebec)
Canada H3Z 2P9
Tel: (1-514) 937-3333/
(1-310) 614-2416
e-mail: [email protected]
Swept Under (MOW, 1x90 min.) A forensic
cleaner uncovers evidence at a crime scene
and pairs up with a rookie detective to try and
solve a stream of related murders.
Amber Alert (MOW, 1x90 min.) Detective Amber
Cross is the first to be called to negotiate with a
troubled and dangerous hijacker who is holding
a school bus filled with children hostage.
Crossfire (MOW, 1x90 min.) A female soldier
suffering from PTSD is accused of a friendlyfire homicide and is targeted by an obsessed
soldier seeking revenge for the death of the
two Americans in Iraq.
Brace for Impact (MOW, 1x90 min.) Sofia, a
tenacious flight crash investigator, breaks
protocol to covertly investigate what she suspects is a cover-up of a terrorist plane crash
that killed her brother.
Gothersgade 12, 1/Fl.
1123 Copenhagen K, Denmark
Tel: (45) 3355-6100
e-mail: [email protected], [email protected]
Stand: P1.B10
Contact: Jean Bureau, pres.; Jean-Philippe
Normandeau, COO; Gavin Tyler Reardon, intl.
sales & coprod.; Ian Whitehead, head, prod.;
Michael McLaughlin, SVP & mng. dir.,
Fox/Incendo; Jean Vézina, VP, pgm. sales,
French Canada, Fox/Incendo; Brook Peters, VP,
pgm. sales, English Canada, Fox/Incendo.
Versailles (Series, 10x60 min.) To tame the
nobility and win absolute power, 28-year-old
Louis XIV launches the construction of Versailles. A trap is set.
Ice (Series, 12x60 min.) A recently divorced
suburban housewife finds herself transporting diamonds after she’s forced to get creative to make ends meet.
Los Juniors (Series, 8x60 min.) Inspired by
true events. Four teens are trained by a ruthless drug lord to fight as a crew against a
rival cartel.
Kept Woman (MOW, 1x90 min.) New to the
suburbs, Jessica befriends her eccentric
neighbor, but soon finds herself locked in his
1950’s style basement bunker.
Two Wrongs (MOW, 1x90 min.) A single
mother must do the unthinkable and hold a
man captive to save her daughter from a
mysterious abductor.
First Response (MOW, 1x90 min.) An average night shift turns deadly when paramedics
Camilla and Gerry are hijacked and held
hostage in their own ambulance.
Contact: Claus Tomming, mng. partner;
Bruno Zarka, dir., media.
Masha and the Bear (Comedy, S1: 26x7 min.,
S2: 26x7 min.) The hilarious stories of an
adorable and hyperactive little girl, Masha, and
her best buddy, a retired circus bear, along with
all their friends from the farm and forest.
INK’s Masha and the Bear
Masha’s Tales (Comedy, 26x6 min.) Masha
decides to tell her favorite stories to her toys,
using her unique style to reinvent them according to her own vision.
Masha’s Scary Tales (Comedy, 13x5.5 min.) In
her own inimitable style, Masha shows her audi-
ence how typical childhood fears, such as being
afraid of the dark and wary of water, are really
nothing to worry about.
D6 (Action comedy, 26x11 min.) Six kids are the
planet’s only defense against aliens, working from
an old garage that turns into a high-tech base
when nobody’s looking.
The Mojicons (Comedy, 52x11 min.) Reveals the
behind-the-scenes world of the internet, where
the Mojicons live. Sadly, this bunch of condensed
emotions is clueless about how the Web works!
The Fixies (Comedy, S1: 52x6 min., S2: 52x6
min.) These little creatures live inside of
machines, appliances and devices, conscientiously maintaining and repairing them with the
aid of their tool-filled pack-o-mats.
LTVC Upper Ground
London SE1 9LT, U.K.
Tel: (44-20) 7491-1441
Stand: R7.N3
Contact: Maria Kyriacou, mng. dir., ITVS GE
& ROW prod.; Dan Gopal, EVP, EMEA dist. &
global digital partners; Augustus Dulgaro,
EVP, Asia Pacific; Greg Johnson, EVP, Americas; Mike Beale, EVP, global dvpmt. & formats; Ruth Clarke, dir., acq. & coprod.; Steve
Green, EVP, kids content & dist.; Jayne Redpath, SVP, U.K. & Eire & pan territories; Jennifer Ebell, VP, sales, Southeast EMEA; Toby
Melling, VP, sales, Northwest EMEA; Craig
Bohland, VP, sales, U.S. & Canada; Hyeonza
Hong, SVP, sales, Asia; Mark Kirkpatrick, VP,
digital & DVD, EMEA.
Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands (Drama, 13x60 min.) Set in the dark mythical past,
this drama reimagines one of literature’s
most enduring heroes, the great but troubled
warrior Beowulf, in a tale of fantastical creatures, battles, politics, power, loyalty and love.
Jekyll and Hyde (Drama, 10x60 min.) In 1930s
London, Doctor Robert Jekyll has inherited his
grandfather’s curse, and in extreme moments is
overcome by an inexplicable power—Hyde.
BBQ Champ (Factual ent., 5x60 min.) A team
of eight contenders from across the country
will compete against each other to become
the ultimate BBQ Champ.
Poldark (Drama, 8x60 min.) The classic book
series returns to screens in a new adaptation
bursting with passion, beauty and drama.
Jericho (Drama, 1x90 min. & 7x60 min.) Set
against a visually striking frontier landscape,
follows the creation of a community from
nothing and the human stories and epic
struggles of survival that emerge.
Fugitive Black Ops (Doc., 10x60 min.) Tells the
true stories of America’s most thrilling manhunts. Each one is a race to catch vicious gangsters, drug barons and arms dealers.
Animal Black Ops (Doc., 10x60 min.) Blends
live-action sequences, dramatic reconstruction and documentary footage to tell the sto-
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 10:52 AM Page 23
ries of how some of the worst animal-trafficking kingpins are brought to justice.
Love Island (Ent. format) A group of singletons
are looking for romance but in the ultimate
game of love, they could also win a cash prize. As
the final couple is crowned, we find out in a nailbiting twist whether they’ve genuinely found
love or if it was all just a game…
Ängelby (Drama, 12x60 min.) On the run
from her old life, Vera arrives in a remote
town, only to find herself entwined in a complex murder investigation in this atmospheric mystery drama set in Sweden.
of a tycoon are connected by a violent crime
involving their loved ones in this story full of
mystery and romance.
In Between (Fatih Harbiye) (Drama, 126x45
min. HD) Neriman, who lost her mother as a
little girl, lives with her father Faiz and her aunt
Gülter in the suburbs. Although she grew up in
a modest environment, she has big dreams.
JHC’s Word Party
ITV-Inter Medya’s Endless Love
ITVS GE’s Jericho
Thunderbirds Are Go (Kids, 52x30 min.) A reimagining of the classic series, using a
groundbreaking unique mix of CGI animation
against live-action miniatures.
Valikonagi Caddesi 26/3
Nisantasi, 34367 Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: (90-212) 231-0102
e-mail: [email protected]
Secrets (Drama) Kerem, the son of Leyla and
Kemal, is taken from his home. Is it revenge
for past sins or a ransom plot?
Black Rose (Karagul) (Drama, S1-2: 113x42
min., S3 TBA, HD) Takes place in Halfeti Sanliurfa and is the story of two brothers at war.
20 Minutes (20 Dakika) (Drama, 59x45 min.
HD) It took him four years to marry the woman
he loves, nine years to get the job he wanted, 12
years to raise two kids, 35 years to have a happy
life with his family and 20 minutes to lose it all.
1416 North La Brea Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90028, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-323) 802-1500
e-mail: [email protected]
Hi Opie! (Live-action preschool, 13x30
min./39x7 min.) Five-year-old Opie—a puppet
custom-built by the experts at Jim Henson’s
Creature Shop—and his real kid classmates
learn about themselves, their friends and their
teachers in their first year of kindergarten.
Pajanimals (Preschool live-action puppetry,
52x11 min.) Pajanimals welcome children to join
them on fun adventures as they resolve challenges typically encountered during every
preschooler’s day.
Sid the Science Kid (Preschool animation,
66x30 min.) Starring the inquisitive and funny preschooler Sid and featuring music and
humor to celebrate children’s natural curiosity about science in everyday life.
Elias: Rescue Team Adventures (Preschool animation, 52x11 min.) Elias is a brave, playful little
rescue boat with an enthusiasm for adventure.
(Henson Independent Properties)
Lily’s Driftwood Bay (Preschool animation,
52x7 min.) Five-year-old Lily lives in a beach hut
with her Dad where she crafts adventures and
characters inspired by the items that she finds
washed ashore. (Henson Independent Properties)
Stand: R9.A14
Contact: Can Okan, pres. & CEO; Ahmet Ziyalar,
mng. dir.; Sibel Levendoglu, sales exec.; Beatriz
Cea Esteruelas, sales exec.; Elena Pak, sales exec.;
Pelin Koray, sales exec.; Pakize Atil, sales exec.;
Annabelle Aramburu, sales cnslt.; Leyla Apa,
sales asst.; Bahar Toker, advertising & PR exec.
Answer If You Can! (Game-show format)
Once we know our contestants we come up
with ways to distract them—while they try to
answer a series of questions in the hopes of
winning a big prize.
Celebrities in the Kitchen (Game-show format) Celebrities undergo a culinary-arts
training and are then put to the test, with a
jury of chefs choosing the theme of the menu
and delegating responsibilities, everything
from waiting on tables to dish washing.
Endless Love (Drama, HD) Ay Yapim drama follows Kemal and Nihan, who hail from opposite
sides of Yeniköy—his is an average family, her’s
is from the glamorous part of town.
Black Money Love (Kara Para Ask) (Drama,
157x45 min. HD) A young cop and the daughter
Time Goes By (Drama) It’s 1967 and Cemile
has discovered that her husband, a long-distance ship’s captain, is having an affair.
Waiting for the Sun (Drama) Will Zeynep,
raised by a single mom, find happiness and
her missing father in Istanbul?
War of the Roses (Drama) A war begins between
Gülru, who grew up in the servants quarters, and
Gülfem, the daughter of the mansion.
12 Raul Valenberg St.
P.O.B. 58151, 61580 Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel: (972-3) 767-6412
e-mail: [email protected]
Dogan TV Center
100. Yil Mahallesi 34204, Bagcilar,
Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: (90-212) 413-5111
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: R7.E45
Contact: Richard Goldsmith, EVP, global dist. &
intl. consumer products; Anna Moorefield, dir.,
global dist., sales; Amy Takahara, dir., global dist.,
sales; Amanda Quigley, coord., global dist.
Dot. (Kids 4-7 comedy/adventure animation,
52x11 min.) Follows the inquisitive and exuberant tech-savvy Dot, who embarks on hilarious adventures to satisfy her imagination,
curiosity and latest passion.
Word Party (Early preschool, 26x11 min.) Vocabulary-building show follows four baby animals as
they sing, dance and play, inviting the youngest
viewers to help teach the baby animals new
words, and learn these new words themselves.
Splash! (Kids 4-7, 80x11 min.) Young learners
will join Splash and his friends on adventures to
discover more about the wondrous world of
marine species and ocean phenomena.
Doozers (Preschool animation, 52x11 min.)
Inspired by characters from Fraggle Rock, the
Doozers return to charm a new generation of
preschoolers in their own series that encourages
kids to design, create and innovate.
Dinosaur Train (Preschool animation, 89x30
min.) Award-winning series celebrates the fascination that kids have for trains and dinosaurs!
Kanal D’s For My Son
Stand: P-1.G51
Contact: Ozlem Ozsumbul, head, sales & acq.;
Kerim Emrah Turna, intl. sales exec.; Ezgi Ural,
intl. sales exec.
Fatmagül (Drama) Fatmagül, counting the
days to marry her fiancé, is raped. Will she be
able to adapt to her normal life again?
For My Son (Drama) Suspended from the
police force for a crime he didn’t commit,
Poyraz Karayel winds up joining the Mafia.
Kuzey Guney (Drama) The story of two brothers’
struggle to survive in their own worlds.
Life As It Is (Drama) Five doctors from different parts of Turkey work together in an
Istanbul hospital.
Love (Drama) For Azra and Kerem, love was
all they had. But was it enough?
Matter of Respect (Drama) Two brothers
decide to avenge their father’s death. One will
choose the rule of the law, the other the way
of organized crime.
Stand: R8.C9
Contact: Alon Shtruzman, CEO; Ran Telem, SVP,
content, Keshet Media Group; Keren Shahar,
mng. dir., dist.; Zameret Alexandrony, head,
prods. & operations; Sammy Nourmand, mng.
dir., Keshet UK; Simon Shalgosky, head, dvpmt.,
Keshet UK; Kevin Mundye, head, UK formats &
global cnslt.; Dana Dayan, head, dvpmt. & acq.,
Keshet Broadcasting; Limor Gott Ronen, dir.,
mktg. & comms.; Laura Saunders, snr. PR mgr.;
Kelly Wright, sales dir.; Nelly Feld, sales dir.; Cynthia Kennedy, sales dir.; Karina Dolgiej, sales mgr.;
Paula McHarg, sales exec.
Who’s On Top (Game-show format) Fast-paced
variety game show in which money isn’t the only
thing that goes up and down—you do too!
When Do You Get Off? (Dating show, format
& finished tape) One lonely-heart will date four
potential suitors at their workplace to learn what
they might really be like as a partner.
Knockout (Celeb prank show format) Sees two
celebrities competing head to head, both charged
with pulling off the same complex prank with the
aim of out-doing their competitor.
Plan B (Dramedy format) When a selfabsorbed rock star becomes a father, he does
everything he can to resist his fate before
realizing he has a whole new song to sing.
Milk & Honey (Dramedy format) Four childhood
friends from a small village in the Galilee open an
escort service exclusively for women.
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 10:52 AM Page 24
The Royals (Drama, 20x60 min.) Set in modernday England, follows the lives of a fictional
British royal family that inhabits a world of
opulence and regal tradition catering to any
and every desire.
m4e’s Wissper
Keshet’s Plan B
Sabena Hijacking: My Story (Docudrama,
1x100 min.) A powerful, suspenseful docudrama based on the hijacking of Sabena Flight
571 by the armed wing of Fatah or Palestine
Liberation Organization.
BOOM! (Game show, format & U.S. finished
tape) Fuses the drama, intensity and thrill of an
action movie with the high octane fun of a video
game to create an explosive trivia challenge.
Rising Star (Talent show format) Interactive
talent format that creates must-see viewing
by bringing together large audiences for a
collective, active television experience.
Master Class (Talent-show format) Musical talent show where 16 children are given professional mentors and sing all-time classics with
only positive reviews and no eliminations.
Your Family or Mine (Comedy format) A
domestic sitcom that takes place entirely over
Friday and Saturday night dinners with the
extended family.
Lionsgate’s Manhattan
Manhattan (Drama, 23x60 min.) Set against
the backdrop of the greatest clandestine race
against time in the history of science with the
mission to build the world’s first atomic bomb
in Los Alamos, New Mexico.
Chasing Life (Drama, 34x60 min.) Follows twentysomething April, an aspiring journalist, as she
works to balance career, family, friends and a love
life, while facing the news that she has been
diagnosed with a potentially fatal illness.
Altlaufstr. 42, 85635 HöhenkirchenSiegertsbrunn, Germany
Tel: (31-35) 6299-999
e-mail: [email protected]
2700 Colorado Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90404, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-310) 449-9200
Miffy’s Adventures, Big and Small (Preschool
adventure, 52x7 min.) A brand-new series of
adventures with Miffy, the charming bunny rabbit and beloved international phenomenon created by Dick Bruna.
Lizzie McGuire (Comedy, 65x24 min.) The
comic misadventures of a 13-year-old girl with
an animated alter ego who says things the real
Lizzie would only dream of.
Julio Bunny (Preschool adventure, 52x11 min.)
Even if you are a shy bunny, your friends can
help you find the way to overcome your fears
and have a lot of fun!
Conni (Adventure/comedy, S1-2: 104x12 min.)
Based on the successful and popular children’s
book character of the same name. A live-action
feature film is in development.
Loogey & the Frog (Comedy, 52x11 min.) With
a wild-eyed look at the world, this show will
firmly hug typical cartoon and sitcom plots just
so it can break all its rules.
10277 West Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90067, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-424) 274-3000
e-mail: [email protected]
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: C15.A8
Contact: Faruk Alatan, sales agent; Gabriella
Ballabio, sales agent; Kevin Beggs, chmn., TV;
Chase Brisbin, mgr. sales; Samantha CameronMowat, dir., digital sales; Rosanna Canonigo,
VP, sales planning; Jerry Chang, mgr., mktg.; Jeff
Cooke, VP, digital; Sam Ellis, mgr. sales; Fabio
Etienne-Tinchant, dir., sales; Suzy Feldman, VP,
mktg.; Tom Gundred, VP, creative services; Garry Hui, cnslt.; Thomas Hughes, EVP, digital dist.;
Peter Iacono, pres., intl. TV & digital dist.; Roberta Ibba-Hartog, SVP, sales; Mark James, dir.;
Agapy Kapouranis, SVP, sales; Marc Lorber, format cnslt.; Max Lucas, exec. dir., client services;
David Luner, EVP, worldwide TV mktg.; Jim Packer, pres., worldwide TV & digital dist.; Maryann
Pasante, SVP, sales; Nicola Pearcey, pres., dist.;
Sandra Stern, COO, TV; Lawrence Szabo, EVP,
dist., sales; Rohit Tiwari, sales agent; Annie Yim,
dir., sales.
Casual (Comedy, 10x30 min.) A quirky comedy
about a pair of siblings collectively facing the
challenges of dating, love and family drama.
Monica the Medium (Reality, 10x60 min.)
At 21 Monica Ten-Kate is just like any other
college girl, juggling schoolwork, friends, boys
and dating. There’s just one thing out of the
ordinary—she also talks to the dead.
Stand: R7.H3
Contact: Hans Ulrich Stoef, CEO, m4e AG;
Sjoerd Raemakers, GM, Telescreen; Jo Daris,
head, operations; Lisette Looman, group content & prod. mgr.; Bernd Conrad, head, lic.; Joe
Hofer, snr. mktg. & PR mgr.; Arnold Scheele,
dir., lic.; Karola Bayr, CEO, YEP! TV; Angelika
Stebbings, head, acq., YEP! TV.
Wissper (Adventure/comedy, 52x7 min.) Wissper
is a little girl who can talk to animals—she can
sense their feelings and thus help them around
the world.
Mia and me (Live action & animated fantasy/
adventure, S1-2: 52x23 min., S3 in prod.) New
adventures are awaiting Mia when she returns
to the fantastic world of Centopia, where unicorn Onchao is in great danger. Feature film in
Tip the Mouse (Preschool comedy, 52x7 min.)
Based on the character Topo Tip from the bestselling children’s book series published by
Tobot (Action adventure, 58x22 min.) Designed
to protect the twins Ryan and Kory from any villains, the Tobot robots, transforming from cars,
are helping to fight crime.
Atchoo! (Comedy, 52x11 min.) This is the story
of Theo, an 8-year-old boy who sneezes when he
is in uncomfortable situations and “atchoooo” he
turns into an animal.
Hollygrove Inn, Kate discovers Daniel and
agrees to help solve his murder, unexpectedly falling in love along the way.
Abducted (Thriller, 1x90 min.) After 7-year-old
Jocelyn Shaker is abducted from a Colombian
resort, her parents must risk everything to bring
her home again.
A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale (Romance/holiday, 1x90 min.) Luce needs a reality check on
what’s important, and Dean helps her discover
it through endeavors to save a dog park from her
land-developing neighbor.
Rodeo & Juliet (Romance/holiday, 1x90 min.)
Juliet heads to her grandfather’s ranch with her
mother for Christmas, where she meets a horse
and a young cowboy who change her life.
16 & Missing (Thriller, 1x90 min.) An FBI agent
hacks into her daughter’s social media accounts
to track her whereabouts and save her from a
man she met online.
Perfect Wedding (Romance, 1x90 min.) A wedding planner and an event planner bicker while
planning a wedding and soon realize that they’re
actually a perfect match for each other.
A Mother Betrayed (Thriller, 1x90 min.) When
Monica is committed to a mental hospital, she
realizes her husband is behind a devious plan to
steal her life, including her daughter.
Dark Intentions (Thriller, 1x90 min.) New mom
Molly is stressed, but after meeting Beth, things
temporarily improve—only to turn as Beth’s dark
intentions are brought to light.
Lost Boy (Thriller, 1x90 min.) When a mother’s
hope for her missing son to return is fulfilled, she
is elated; but this dream come true quickly turns
into a nightmare.
Maple House
149 Tottenham Court Rd.
London W1T 7NF, U.K.
Tel: (44-207) 554-2500
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: R9.A9
Contact: Fernando Szew, CEO; Vanessa
Shapiro, EVP, dist.; Laura Hoffman, VP, dist.;
Robby Amar, exec. dir., dist.; Rod Rodrigo, dir.,
dist.; Andrew Whiteman, dir., dist.
Asteroid: Final Impact (Action/disaster, 1x90
min.) Scientist Steve Thomas must risk his reputation, career and life in order to save mankind
from a huge asteroid headed straight for Earth.
The Spirit of Christmas (Romance/holiday, 1x90 min.) While brokering the sale of
MarVista’s 16 & Missing
Stand: R7.B2
Contact: Flavio Diamaio, mktg. mgr.; Christopher Keenan, VP, creative & exec. producer; Phil
Molloy, snr. creative dir.; Grace Chan, commercial
dir.; Bryce Inouye, business head; HoYoung Jung,
content dist. mgr.; Rob Bencal, global brand dir.;
Luciana Bianchi Vicos, broadcast dist. mgr.;
Andrew Cowans, broadcast dist. coord.; Alex
Godfrey, broadcast dist. dir.; Natasha Banks,
broadcast dist. coord.; Ana Garcia, global brand
mktg.; Eliana Cruz, global brand mktg.; Andrea
Carpenter, group dir.; Russell Pearson, broadcast
dist. dir.; Sid Mathur, SVP, innovation & strategy;
Stelios Kosmidis, mktg. mgr.; Simon Riches, home
ent. snr. mgr.
Barbie Rock ‘N Royals (Girls, 1x70 min.) Erika,
a rock star, and Courtney, a princess, bring their
worlds and friends together for an epic sing-off
to save Camp Royalty and Camp Pop.
Bob the Builder (Preschool, S1: 52x11 min.) For
the all-new CG-animated series, Bob returns to
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 10:52 AM Page 25
his roots as a small-town builder, relocating his
work to the harbor town of Fixham.
Fireman Sam (Preschool, S1: 26x10 min.)
Fireman Sam and the team are always on
duty in these all-new episodes.
Monster High Boo York, Boo York (Girls,
1x70 min.) Cleo de Nile is invited to attend a
fancy gala celebrating the return of a magical comet and, of course, she brings along her
beast friends. But their trip isn’t all fun and
frightseeing because Nefera, Cleo’s sister, uses
the comet’s powers for her own sneaky plans.
Mediatoon’s SamSam
Mattel’s Thomas & Friends—Sodor’s Legend
of the Lost Treasure
Thomas & Friends—Sodor’s Legend of the
Lost Treasure (Preschool, 1x60 min.) Takes
Thomas to a new part of Sodor and on a quest
that introduces a host of new characters, and
the stellar voice cast bringing them to life.
Little People (Preschool, 52x11 min.) Based on
the Fisher-Price brand, features imaginative and
energetic characters that are contemporary and
relatable to today’s young children.
15/27 Rue Moussorgski
75018 Paris, France
Tel: (33-1) 5326-3108
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P-1.E61
Contact: Vincent Montagne, chmn., Media-Participations; Claude de Saint-Vincent, CEO,
Media-Participations; François Pernot, gen. dir.,
Dargaud Lombard; Jérôme Alby, mng. dir.;
Jérémy Mas, jnr. business affairs & sales; Erik
Euzen, vice CEO, comics & animation; Sophie
Castille, dir., publishing, intl. rights; Aude Rimbault-Joffard, mktg. & comm. mgr.; Jessica Delahaie, dir., sales; Laurent Duvault, dir., dvpmt.;
Benoît de Tauriac, dir., dvpmt., Citel; Christel
Hoolans, dir., Kana; Thibault Hamel, lic. mgr.;
Jérôme Leclerq, dir., Mediatoon Lic.; Léon Perahia, producer; Delphine Lemoine, lic. mgr.
Bobby & Bill (Comedy, 52x12 min.) Bobby, a
young boy, is always up to something with Bill,
his cocker spaniel. Witness this wacky double
act in action.
The Garfield Show (Comedy, 214x11 min., 52
shorts & 80 songs) Garfield is the world’s bestloved feline character! The new special, “Rodent
Rebellion,” is inspired by the Pied Piper legend.
Yakari (Adventure/edutainment, 156x13 min.)
Yakari is a little Sioux boy with a magical gift—his
protective totem, Great Eagle, gave him the
power to talk to animals. New episodes in CGI.
The Crumpets (Comedy, 52x13 min.) This is the
story of an extra-large family who lives in an odd
house. Coming soon: 26 new episodes.
Linkers: Secret Codes (Action/adventure, 26x26
min.) Five online friends are invited to the mountain chalet of their friend Cassiel. It turns out he
is trapped inside his own virtual game and the
gang must work together to find secret codes
to save him.
SamSam (Adventure, 52x7 min. & 39x8 min.)
SamSam lives on Sam Planet but his universe
goes way beyond: flying his Sam Saucer, he
goes on missions into space.
Code Lyoko Evolution (Action, 26x26 min.)
Ulrich, Jeremy, Aelita, Yumi and Odd are back
to their daily routine at Kadic Academy. But
X.A.N.A., the A.I. they destroyed in their previous adventures, reappears.
Valerian & Laureline (Adventure, 40x26 min.)
Time travelers Valerian and Laureline are the only
humans in an unsafe galaxy where the nightmarish Vlagos are conspiring to control the universe.
The New Adventures of Lucky Luke (Comedy/adventure, 52x26 min.) Lucky Luke, the wandering cowboy, fights crime and injustice. Three
animated feature films are also available.
The Darwinners (Comedy, 120x3 min.)
Adapted from the best-selling comic books by
Jul. The Darwinners, a cutting-edge family living in 40,000 BC, try to propel their contemporaries into modernity.
2450 Colorado Ave., Suite 100 East
Santa Monica, CA 90404, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-310) 409-4321
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: R8.C15
Contact: Joe Patrick, EVP, worldwide TV;
Beth Minehart, EVP, global digital; Richard
Tulk-Hart, SVP, EMEA; Marna Grantham,
SVP, North & South America; Mathilde Rottier, VP, North America; Alexandra Tullberg,
VP, EMEA; James Durie, VP, EMEA; Janine
Rogers, head, Asia Pacific; Ronda Elbanna,
Asia Pacific; Catherine Park, Asia Pacific;
Karen Finnegan, dir., EMEA; Pete Miranti,
dir., North & South America digital; Tom
Misselbrook, mgr., EMEA.
From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series—Seasons
1 & 2 (Action/horror, S1: 10x60 min., S2:
10x60 min.) Season two opens a new chapter
in the supernatural crime saga, expanding the
universe of the story across Mexico and the
edgy, tricked-out Texas of Robert Rodriguez.
New Film & TV Projects & Miramax Library
Titles Includes Mr. Holmes, The 9th Life of Louis
Drax, 54: The Director’s Cut, Sense8, Pulp Fiction,
Good Will Hunting, Chicago, Spy Kids, Scary
Movie, Bad Santa, Like Water for Chocolate.
Revolution Studios Library Including Morgan Creek International Library Includes Black
Hawk Down, XXX, Anger Management, Daddy
Day Care, Maid in Manhattan, Ace Ventura: Pet
Detective, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, The
Whole Nine Yards, The Good Shepherd.
YooHoo & Friends (CGI animation, 52x13 min.
HD) After garbage starts to fall from the sky,
YooHoo and friends go out to investigate, discovering waste meteors that endanger Yootoopia.
Adventures in Duckport (2D animation,
52x11 min. HD) Features the original Suzy’s
Zoo character set, which includes Suzy Ducken
and her friends Jack Quacker, Penelope
O’Quinn, Corky Turtle and others.
The Drakers (Animation, 26x26 min. HD) Chris
and Fabri are two young racecar drivers who
compete in the kids’ championship for the Drakers team.
NORI—RollerCoaster Boy (CGI animation,
52x11 min.) A little rollercoaster boy must stand
up to the evil tycoon Vegas, who is threatening
to build Vega Land and destroy Nori Park.
Atomicron (CGI animation, 26x13 min. HD)
At the meeting point between the world of
matter and the world of antimatter, a battle is
taking place on mysterious microscopic planets known as the Atoms.
Sissi the Young Empress (2D animation,
26x26 min. HD) Inspired by a real Empress of
Austria named Princess Sissi, focusing on the
relationship with her large family and, above
all, with young emperor Franz.
Miramax’s XXX (Revolution Studios)
Samuel Goldwyn & Woodfall Films Libraries
Includes Guys & Dolls, The Westerner, The Secret
Life of Walter Mitty, Wuthering Heights, The
Bishop’s Wife, Tom Jones, A Taste of Honey, The
Entertainer, Look Back in Anger.
Via Brenta, 11
00198 Rome, Italy
Tel: (39-06) 8632-3293/0364
e-mail: [email protected]
Mondo TV’s Eddie Is a Yeti
Cuby Zoo (CGI animation, 52x11 min. HD)
Cube-shaped animal toys come to life when
the humans are away and go on adventures
through magical space.
Stand: P-1.M2/N1
Contact: Orlando Corradi, pres.; Matteo Corradi, CEO & Mondo TV Suisse board member; Paolo Zecca, legal counsel & business operations;
Micheline Azoury, head, intl. sales & brand mgr.;
Alessandro Venturi, sales mgr.; Theo Kouroglou,
sales mgr.; Maria B. Fois, GM, Mondo TV Spain;
Guido Berté, GM, Mondo TV Suisse; Roberta
Puppo, intl. lic. mgr.; Susanna Masini, mktg. asst.
Dinofroz Dragons’ Revenge (Animation, 26x26
min., 26x26 min. coming soon, HD) Tom and his
three 12-year-old school buddies find a weird
board game that opens up a gate between the
present and the past, leading them to another
dimension where they become dinosaurs.
Eddie Is a Yeti (CGI animation, 26x3 min.
HD) Eddie is a yeti but the world isn’t ready
for yetis yet, so he constantly has to be in disguise. A co-production with Toon Goggles.
Secret Wings Pollen Princesses (2D animation, 26x13 min. HD) Tells the story of the
Pollen Princesses, who live in the ocean world
of Glimmer in a colorful archipelago.
1575 Westwood Blvd., Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90024, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-310) 445-0700
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P-1.J66
Contact: Irv Holender, chmn.; Darrin Holender, pres.; Jesse Baritz, sales coord.; Susan
Hewitt, sales.
Bereave (Drama/romance feature) Fatally ill,
Garvey (Malcolm McDowell) thinks he has figured out how to die alone. But when his beloved
wife Evelyn (Jane Seymore) goes missing on their
anniversary, he must live to save her.
Blood Is Blood (Thriller feature) A young girl
seeks revenge after an unexpected death, while
the world around her unravels, revealing horrifying secrets about her life and family.
William Kelly’s War (War feature) The heroic
tale of a Legion of Honor-awarded sniper, and
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 10:52 AM Page 26
his fight to survive during and after the Battle of Gallipoli.
David Choe: High Risk (Doc.) A documentary
about artist David Choe, who wagered his
$60,000 painting fee for Facebook stock that
is now worth over $250 million.
Peakviewing Films Library (Family) Family
features such as The Christmas Stallion, The
Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Little Unicorn, The Fairy
King, Blood of Beasts and Grim.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World
(Adventure, 66x60 min.) At the dawn of the 20th
century, a band of adventurers embark on an
expedition to prove the existence of a lost world.
Multicom’s Little Unicorn (Peakviewing Films)
Classic Television Series Package (Drama,
700+ hrs.) Collection includes: Peter Gunn,
Mr. Lucky, The Invisible Man, Decoy.
Factual Entertainment Package (Doc.,
3,000+x60 min.) Over 3,000 hours of history,
music, biographies, documentaries and multiepisode series.
Scripted Television Series Package (Series)
Highly rated television series including Gun,
Tropical Heat and Harts of the West.
Cult Classic Film Library (Action/horror/suspense/comedy) Cult classics such as The
House on Sorority Row, Freeway, Mutant,
Grizzly, Oblivion, Day of the Animals, Girl.
3451 Rue St. Jacques
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4C 1H1
Tel: (1-514) 866-6873
Muse’s A Wish Come True
The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries (Mystery TV
movies, 6x120 min.) Candace Cameron Bure
stars as Aurora “Roe” Teagarden, a librarian and
amateur sleuth unexpectedly solving real-life
murders in her small town.
The Gourmet Detective Mysteries (Mystery
TV movies, 3x120 min.) Stars Dylan Neal as
Henry Roth, a chef turned gourmet detective
who, with Detective Maggie Price (Brooke
Burns), uses his mastery of food, drink and cooking to hunt down killers, one recipe at a time.
Lost Letter Mysteries (Mystery TV movies,
14x120 min.) Four civil servants working in the
“Dead Letter Office” take it upon themselves to
deliver “undeliverable” letters and packages lost
for years.
A Wish Come True (Romantic comedy TV
movie, 1x120 min.) Follows Lindsay Carmichael’s
life as 30 years of birthday wishes start coming
true after she blows out the candles on her 30th
birthday cake.
Disorderly Conduct (Romantic comedy TV movie,
1x120 min.) When two young, privileged socialites
spend a weekend on a dude ranch, they accidentally end up on the wrong side of the law and are
forced to perform community service.
My Life as a Doormat (Romantic comedy TV
movie, 1x120 min.) Leah Townsend, a self-effacing
and always ready-to-please writer, is enrolled in
a conflict-resolution class by her boyfriend, only
to find herself drawn to one of her classmates.
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-818) 777-1300
Stand: P4.C4
Contact: Belinda Menendez, pres., intl. dist. &
networks; Satpal Brainch, mng. dir., dist. & networks, EMEA; Don McGregor, EVP, intl. dist.; Bill
Vrbanic, EVP, global dist.; Ron Suter, EVP & GM,
Canada; Rob Bell, EVP, intl. new media; Justin
Che, MD, Asia Pacific dist. & networks; Maxim
Mikhailov, MD, networks, VP liaison TVD, Russia,
CIS & Baltics; Carolyn Stalins, SVP, dist., EMEA; Liz
Avery, SVP, sales liaison, UK & Eire; Pauline Bohm,
SVP, intl. mktg. & comms.; Rajiv Dhawn, SVP,
sales liaison, Asia; Vimish Gandesha, SVP, sales
liaison, Nordic, Benelux, CEE & Africa; Sandra
McKee, SVP, sales planning & product mgmt.;
Sven Noth, SVP, sales liaison, Germany, Austria,
Switzerland & Hungary; Maria Sanchez, SVP, liaison, Spain, Portugal & Latin America; Howard
Weiner, SVP, audience research & analysis; Wanda
Bradley, VP, sales liaison, Canada; Brandon
DiMassa, VP, intl. EST dvpmt.; Martine Druelle, VP,
sales liaison, Australia, New Zealand; Didier Ghez,
VP, intl. new media, Latin America & Iberia; Eliza
Milbank, VP, sales liaison, Poland, MENA, Turkey,
Israel; Zachary Slatter, VP, intl. new media; Chris
Stand: P6.A1
Contact: Colin Bohm, EVP & head, Corus
Kids; Scott Dyer, EVP, CTO & pres., Nelvana;
Andrew Kerr, co-head, Nelvana Enterprises;
Antoine Erligmann, co-head, Nelvana Enterprises; Irene Weibel, VP & head, Nelvana Studio; Jerry Diaz, VP, worldwide sales & dist.
Hotel Transylvania (Kids animation) Nelvana and
Sony Pictures Animation will partner to bring the
hit feature film to the small screen. Focusing on
the teenage years of Dracula’s daughter, Mavis,
and her friends in brand-new adventures.
Mysticons (Girls 6+ animated action) Tells the
epic tale of four girls who transform into legendary warriors and undertake a mythic quest to
find a magic tome known as the Codex.
Nelvana’s ZhuZhu Pets
ZhuZhu Pets (Kids animation) The series is
based on the hit hamster toys that took the
world by storm and are being reintroduced
with a fresh all-new look this fall.
Very Fairy Princess (Kids animation) The series
will focus on Geraldine, for whom being a very
fairy princess is less about appearances than it
is about knowing what makes your heart sing.
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P1.B11
Contact: Michael Prupas, CEO; Jesse Prupas,
SVP, dvpmt. & dist.; Shawn Rosengarten, VP,
sales & dist.; Betty Palik, VP, comms. & factual;
Adora Law, exec. asst.
Tut (Miniseries, 3x120 min./6x60 min.) Delves into
Tutankhamun’s growth from an insecure, manipulated young man to a hero on the battlefield, his
efforts to rule a chaotic empire, his rise to glory, his
love life, his betrayal and untimely death.
The Kennedys: After Camelot (Miniseries,
4x60 min.) Provides an engrossing and
unflinching look at the Kennedy family’s life
in the years following the murders of President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert
(Bobby) Kennedy, covering the years from
1968 to 1999.
Taylor, VP, intl. TV, ANZ; Anne-Lorraine Villeroy
VP liaison, France & Italy.
Heroes Reborn (Drama, 13x60 min.) The supernatural phenomenon begins again with a fresh
crop of heroes who take on the ultimate struggle
between those with extraordinary abilities.
Shades of Blue (Drama, 13x60 min.) New York
detective (and single mother) Harlee Santos falls
in with a tight-knit group of dirty cops while
striving to provide the best life for her honest,
talented daughter.
The Last Kingdom (Drama, 8x60 min.) The
year is 866 and England is under attack from
waves of Danish raiders coming to plunder
and occupy this fertile land.
Mr. Robot (Drama, 10x60 min.) Follows a young
programmer named Elliot who suffers from a
debilitating anti-social disorder and decides he
can only connect to people by hacking them.
Game of Silence (Drama, 10x60 min.) A new
drama about a successful Atlanta attorney
whose long-lost childhood friends unexpectedly reappear after 25 years.
Chicago Med (Drama, 13x60 min.) Executive
producer Dick Wolf delivers the newest installment of the Chicago franchise, an emotional
thrill ride through the day-to-day chaos of the
city’s most explosive hospital and the courageous team of doctors who hold it together.
4-14 Kamiyama-cho, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo, 150-0047, Japan
Tel: (81-3) 3468-6984
NBCU’s The Last Kingdom
Heartbreaker (Drama, 13x60 min.) Characterdriven medical drama follows Dr. Alex Panttiere,
an outspoken, world-renowned heart-transplant
surgeon, one of the few women in her field.
Hot & Bothered (Comedy, 13x30 min.) Eva Longoria stars in this new comedy about Ana Sofia,
a sizzling TV superstar, and her family of cast and
crew all competing to steal the spotlight.
Superstore (Comedy, 13x30 min.) America Ferrera
and Ben Feldman star in a workplace comedy
about employees at a super-sized mega store.
You, Me and the Apocalypse (Comedy/drama,
10x60 min.) Follows an eclectic group of seemingly unconnected characters around the world
as their lives start to intersect in the most unexpected ways.
25 Dockside Dr., Toronto
ON, Canada, M5A 0B5
Tel: (1-416) 479-7000
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P-1.C51
Contact: Atsushi Oshida, snr. corp. officer, intl.
business center; Noriko Aratani, asst. GM, pgm.
sales & dvpmt., intl. business center; Mayumi
Akane, asst. GM, pgm. sales & dvpmt., intl. business center; Kayoko Ohmae, exec. mgr., pgm.
sales & dvpmt., intl. business center; Kayo
Fukuda, exec. mgr., pgm. sales & dvpmt., intl.
business center; Hong Hao Nguyen Thi, mgr.,
pgm. sales & dvpmt., intl. business center.
Leaps in Evolution (Science/tech., 1x59 min.
& 2x52 min.) Discover the story of human
beings, who have achieved major leaps in
evolution, by tracing back our DNA through
computer generated imagery in 4K.
A Portrait of Postwar Japan (History, 2x49
min.) Sheds light on how Japan became a
world economic power at lightning speed, its
unprecedented economic boom in the mid1980s, and the collapse.
Deep Ocean: The Lost World of the Pacific
(Nature, 1x59 min.) In an exploration, in 4K,
down a little known 1,000-meter depth of an
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 4:26 PM Page 27
underwater cliff off New Guinea, we
encounter living fossils.
The Great Asian Highway (Culture & travelogue, 10x29 min.) A travel documentary
revealing the continuous transformation of
the real Asia along a network of roads that
crisscross 32 countries.
Nippon TV’s Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out
NHK’s Beauty and the Fellow
Wildlife—Secret Hunter of the Mountains:
Mongolia’s Snow Leopard (Nature, 1x49 min.)
Reveals the mysterious lives of snow leopards,
one of the world’s most endangered animals
that inhabit Mongolia’s Altai Mountains.
Discover Science Season 3 (Children’s/educational, 26x14 min.) This science entertainment
program continues to visualize scientific phenomena through global scale experiments in
ways that captivate children as well as adults.
Animal Babies (Children’s/educational, 18x15
min.) This program is filled with treasured
moments of animal babies from birth to adulthood, filmed by staff in zoos and aquariums.
Pikaiya! (Children’s/educational, 13x15 min.)
Vince and Hanna travel back in time to the
oceans 500 million years ago in search of the
“lost code” to revive the dying earth.
Beauty and the Fellow (Drama, 20x48 min.)
A competent but aloof beautiful woman and
a handsome but unmotivated young man—
will they propel each other to success in the
entertainment industry... and beyond?
Marre (Drama, 156x15 min.) Marre doesn’t have
big dreams, but through encounters with various
people she remembers her childhood dream and
sets out to become the best pastry chef.
1-6-1 Higashi-Shimbashi
Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel: (81-3) 6215-3036
e-mail: [email protected]
The Kindergarten (Observational reality/
game, 30 min. eps.) Utilizing fun tactics,
including mysterious monsters, a quiz game,
and on-camera confessions, this show captures the adorable moments of kids when
cameras are placed in kindergarten classes.
MATSUKO-ROID (Ent., 13x30 min.) The world’s
first entertainment TV show where one of the
hosts is an android features Japan’s most
famous cross-dressing commentator Matsuko
Deluxe and his life-size android.
Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out Season 2 (Drama,
11x60 min.) A story about female empowerment that gives viewers an inside look at bank
bureaucracy, fraud and scandal.
Death Note (Drama/mystery, 11x60 min.)
Live-action series follows Light Yagami’s
quest to kill off all criminals and create a
world without bad people using the notebook
known as “Death Note”.
ANGEL HEART (Drama/action, 9+x60 min.)
Continuing the worldviews of City Hunter,
features a new heroine in the form of a mysterious beautiful girl named Shanin.
Bet on Your Guests (Studio game-show format, 60 min. eps.) A game show where celebs
have the opportunity to bet on a roulette
game that eventually reveals shocking or
scandalous truths about their guests.
Fools for Love (Reality/dating format, 60 min.
eps.) Five couples take on the challenge to swap
partners and “fake love.” In their mission to fool
the other contestants and take home the cash,
each couple must put on their best act to win.
Perfect (Fake) Marriage (w.t.) (Drama,
9+x60 min.) Just what is a “true partner?” This
series is a love story that depicts a whole new
way of being a married couple.
The Memorandum of Kyoko Okitegami
(Drama/mystery, 9+x60 min.) Follows Kyoko
Okitegami, a beautiful yet forgetful detective
who must solve every case within a day due
to the transience of her memory.
Peeping Life TV Season 1?? (Animation/comedy, 12x30 min.) A gag animation of the daily
lives of the popular classic Japanese manga
characters, starring Genie Family from Tatsunoko
Productions, Astro Boy from Tezuka Productions
and more.
Stand: R7.K5
Contact: Yukiko Kimishima, divisional pres., intl.
business dvpmt.; Yorihisa Kono, divisional SVP,
intl. business dvpmt.; Shigeko “Cindy” Chino, snr.
dir., intl. business dvpmt.; Takao Yaoi, mgr., intl.
business dvpmt.; Yuki Akehi, mgr., intl. business
dvpmt.; Yoko Takashima, mgr., intl. business
dvpmt.; Fusako Nagashima, intl. business dvpmt.;
Sho Shimada, intl. business dvpmt.; Keisuke Miyata, intl. business dvpmt.; Yukiko “Katie” Nakano,
intl. business dvpmt.
12 rue Vivienne, Lot N° 3
75002 Paris, France
Tel: (33-1) 7547-8070
Stand: R7.F6
Contact: François Xavier Poirier, CEO; Nadège
Boinnard, COO; Antonio Molina, VP, sales; Valérie
Seban, dvpmt. cnslt.; Patricia Cardis, head,
comms.; Jordane Richter, head, digital; Sabrina
Hounas, mktg. & acq. mgr.; Allison GlasgowLafontaine, regional sales mgr., Europe & MENA;
Wai-Kuan Wong, regional sales mgr., Asia.
The X-Prank Show This series pranks celebrities throughout the world where they least
expect it—yielding reactions that are both outrageously funny and incredibly memorable.
Urgent Landing (S1: 30x22 min. HD) Crew
members, including the pilot, and other passengers are in on the joke as a star is pranked
on a flight. Season two coming soon.
Pop Corn New Generation (140x26 min. HD)
A premium family-friendly compilation now
totally revised with the latest funny clips edited
in full HD.
Extreme Fails (40x22 min. HD) Our selection
of the best footage of extreme sport bloopers collected all around the world.
Novovision’s The Best Is Me!
The Best Is Me! (Format) A family entertainment format in which four headstrong candidates convinced they are the best, rightly or
wrongly, compete against each other to prove
it to their idol on their specific battle field.
Magic Celebrity (Format) Six celebrities are
confronted with the incredible challenge of
becoming expert illusionists within a week
and performing in a magic show worthy of
the world’s greatest magicians.
Prank My Pet (26x22 min. HD) Come discover
our very new animal hidden-camera show
and enjoy our cute and “cuddlies” in unpredictable situations.
Herengracht 105/107
1015BE Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tel: (31-205) 200-222
e-mail: [email protected]
tary on the history of camouflage uncovers a
world of design, where cubism, cuttlefish and
warships collide.
Extreme Science (Science, 3x60 min.) Travels
the world exploring the science, construction
and execution of extreme sports events.
Off the Fence’s Raw Travel
24 Hour Race (Science, 1x60 min.) Follows
enthusiast Jonathan Mullan and his Team
Zettanet as they enter the unique 3.35 mile
Hankook 24-hour race in Dubai Autodrome.
Meet My Moose (Nature/wildlife, 1x60 min.)
We follow naturalist and cinematographer
Hugo Kitching as he spends a year deep inside
the world of a moose cow and her newborn calf.
Supercars: The Million Pound Motors
(Lifestyle, 1x60 min.) Welcome to the competitive world of the supercar salesmen who
track down the most beautiful cars on Earth
and sell them to the super-rich, at a price.
Raw Travel (Travel & adventure, 42x30 min.) We
follow host Robert Rose as he navigates through
the unpredictable realm of adventurous travel
in unusual locations all over the world.
Wonders Of… (Travel & adventure, 15x60
min.) Emmy Award-winning host Ashley Colburn takes in the hot spots and hidden gems
in Europe’s most breathtaking destinations.
Love & Hip Hop (Lifestyle, 164x60 min., 8x30
min. & 1x90 min.) Showcases the glamour of the
American hip-hop music scene. These rising stars
will stop at nothing to get to the top!
Islands of Creation (Nature/wildlife, 1x60 min.)
Biologist Albert Uy attempts to do something
Charles Darwin never could: catch evolution in
the act of creating a new species.
Kastanienallee 5
D-50968 Cologne, Germany
Tel: (49-221) 759-1455
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: R7.C30
Contact: Ellen Windemuth, CEO; Darrel James,
COO; Mette Kanne Behrendsen, VP, acq.; Loren
Syer-Willoughby, acq. exec.; Imelda Wiebers,
head, dist.; Gerbrig Blanksma, VP, sales & business dvpmt.; Ludo Dufour, VP, sales & coprod.;
Mark Dee-Shapland, VP, sales & coprod.; Antoine
Paul, sales exec.; Anouk van Dijk, sales exec.; Cornelia Schneider, sales exec.; Gem Lejardi, sales
coord.; Monica Spulber, sales asst.
Girl Eat World (Lifestyle, 10x30 min.) With the
local bloggers as her guide, Kamini Pather takes
us on a unique journey to discover the inside
story of ten international food destinations.
Razzle Dazzle: The Hidden Story of Camouflage (History, 1x60 min.) This documen-
Stand: P-1.F86
Contact: Joris Eckelkamp, CEO & fndr.; Jordi
Van Even, commercial dir.
Lilly the Witch (Animation, 26x22 min. HD)
After finding a magic book, the world of makebelieve has become Lilly’s favorite pastime. Hector, a tiny dragon and the caretaker of the book,
is Lilly’s companion on all her adventures.
Clue for You (Studio game-show format, 30
min./60 min. eps.) Four contestants answer fun,
crazy and sometimes absurdly hard questions
trying to win cash and sponsor prizes.
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 11:49 AM Page 28
ohm:tv’s Lilly the Witch
Karl (3D animation clips, S1: 52x2 min., S2:
52x2 min.) Every episode starts with young
Jonny wanting an unhealthy food or drink.
Karl (the healthy side of Jonny's conscience)
appears to battle the temptation.
Secret Chef (Factual-ent. format, 60 min. eps.) A
foreign chef, living in the country where the program is broadcast, is invited to try traditional
dishes. Without prior knowledge of the cuisine, he
will have to guess the recipe’s secrets and make
the dish in front of the chef challenging him.
I Want to Have a Million Friends
(Reality/game-show format, 30 min. eps. daily &
24-hour internet feed) Ten contestants are shut in
for 45 days and connected only through the internet and online social networks with the objective
of making as many good friends as possible.
Musicbiz (Reality format, 13x60 min.) Takes us
inside the inner workings of what it takes to make
a hit single, as 24 contestants fight for their
chance to win a year-long industry contract.
The Impostor (Reality format, 60 min. eps.)
One contestant enters the house of a very
normal family for one whole weekend with
one very unusual twist—one of the family
members is actually an impostor.
Sell Me Your Style (Studio game-show format,
30 min. eps.) In this street-fashion quiz show,
contestants armed with money they won from
a series of questions will hit the streets and
approach unsuspecting passersby and haggle to
buy the clothes, literally off their back!
Ninja Cat (Animation, 52x11 min. HD) In
Enigma City, Ninja Cat is a crime fighter
together with his scholarly sidekick, a kiwi
bird named Oliver.
Knowsy Nina Wants to Know! (Animation,
52x5 min. HD) 2D-flash edutainment cartoon for
children aged 4 to 8 revolves around Nina and
her pet rabbit, Smarty-pants, as they discover the
world of science, nature and general knowledge.
Europlaza/Bldg. A, Am Europlatz 1
1120 Vienna, Austria
e-mail: [email protected]
ORF-Enterprise’s The Secret Lives of Snakes
hosts lynx, pygmy owls, woodpeckers, black
storks, a big number of different caterpillars—
and the fascinating Rosalia Longicorn.
Vanishing Kings—Lions of the Namib
(Nature doc., 1x52 min.) Namibia—in this
place of constant danger, everlasting hunger
and thirst, and inevitable suffering, five
young lions must conquer the desert and
establish their own kingdom.
Lake Constance—Wilderness on the Water
(Nature/wildlife doc., 1x52 min.) The blood-red
sphere of the sun sinks beneath the horizon, and
the calls of waterbirds and raptors cut through
the twilight. This is the westernmost point of the
Orient, Austria’s only steppe lake: Lake Neusiedl.
The Dolomites—In the Heroes’ Garden
(Nature/wildlife doc., 1x52 min.) Untamed wilderness surrounds the distinctive rock towers, stroked
by the golden glimmer of sunset: this gorgeous
scene could only be in the Dolomites.
Lost City of the Gladiators (History doc., 1x52
min.) The Arena: the glory and barbarism of the
Roman Empire. Here a gladiator was a superstar, who was just delaying his inevitable fate.
The Secret Lives of Snakes (Nature/wildlife
doc., 1x52 min.) Follows the widest variety of
creatures in the Mediterranean section of the
Danube, like the western green lizard and the
Aesculapian snake.
"Yummy"—Cooking With Kids (Kids edutainment, 48x15 min.) Shows children and their parents how to cook healthy dishes suitable for kids,
which look delicious and taste fantastic!
Suburbia—Women on the Edge (Comedy,
10x48 min.) Five spoiled women are taken by
complete surprise when one of them is thrown
out of the house by her husband. The remaining BFFs realize that the same could happen to
them—and their survival instincts awaken.
The Woman with One Shoe (TV movie/crime,
1x90 min.) Police chief Franzi and her colleague
are faced with a growing puzzle of body parts.
Because headquarters take their own sweet time,
Franzi investigates on her own.
The Vienna Boys’ Choir (Music, 1x45 min.)
On sold-out concert tours they delight the
masses, yet hardly anyone can imagine what
the not-quite-normal everyday life of a Vienna Choir Boy is like.
Stand: P-1.A13
Contact: Jim Howell, CEO; Paul Howell, sales dir.
On the Farm (Drama, 1x91 min.) Over two
decades 50 women disappeared from Vancouver’s Lower East Side, eventually leading to the
arrest of Canada’s most infamous serial killer.
Petroleum Spirit (Drama, 1x89 min.) A young
man’s innocent quest to find the father he
never knew leaves an unintentional trail of
death, destruction and mayhem.
In the Blood (Thriller, 1x92 min.) Johnny is the
only one able to crack the safe for a criminal
gang, but can he get his act together in time?
Survive Aotearoa (Factual/survival, 13x60
min.) Former SAS experts lead us through
real-life survival situations recreated in the
wild terrain of New Zealand.
Hunting Aotearoa (Factual/outdoor, 137x30
min.) Experience real-life hunting, learning
both traditional and modern techniques from
the New Zealand natives.
Park’s Chalet Girl
The Hunger (Drama, 44x30 min.) Standalone
tales of the strange, shocking, forbidden and
bizarre, from producers Tony and Ridley Scott.
Burke & Hare (Comedy, 1x90 min.) Two 19thcentury grave robbers find a lucrative business
providing cadavers for an Edinburgh medical
Outside Bet (Comedy, 1x90 min.) A group of
friends pool their lifelong savings into buying a “guaranteed winner” of a racehorse.
Chalet Girl (Comedy, 1x90 min.) Taking a job
as a chalet girl, working-class girl Kim ends
up falling in love with the boss’s son and
becoming a snowboarding champion.
No.1 Smiths Square
77-85 Fulham Palace Rd.
London W6 8JA, U.K.
Tel: (44-207) 199-9204
e-mail: [email protected]
54 Broadwick St.
London W1F 7AH, U.K.
Tel: (44-207) 434-4176
e-mail: [email protected]
Passion’s Charlie Luxton’s Homes By the Sea
How the Rich Get Hitched (Doc., 1x60 min.)
Follows wedding dress designer Caroline Castigliano and her team, meeting brides-to-be
for whom money is no object.
#Dance Battle (Format) Groups of families,
co-workers and friends compete in the ultimate dance battle to see who is the best
dance group in the country.
10 Guest St.
Boston, MA 02135, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-617) 208-0735
Stand: P-1.L1
Contact: Beatrice Cox-Riesenfelder, mng. dir.;
Marion Camus-Oberdorfer, head, content sales
intl.; Armin Luttenberger, sales dir., TV; Monika
Kossits, sales mgr., TV; Alexandra Hopf, sales mgr.,
TV; Johannes Stanek, sales mgr., TV; Maximilian
Wenzel, sales mgr., new media/home ent.
Making an Ancient Forest—Kalkalpen
National Park (Nature/wildlife doc., 1x52 min.)
Witness the unfolding of a canopy of life that
Churchill’s Secret (Drama, 1x120 min.) A drama
starring Michael Gambon as Winston Churchill,
charting the effects of a secret illness and the
impact his public service had on his family.
Dead of Winter: Donner Party (Docudrama,
2x60 min./1x120 min.) The story of one of
weather’s most-infamous events. A deadly journey for three families and their compatriots on
a quest for the American Dream.
Wedding Town (Factual ent., 15x30 min.) Set in
the wedding capital of Europe, this series tells
the stories of modern marriages, and the people
making a fortune from the love business.
Great Escapers (Factual ent., 25x60 min.) Tells
the stories of an intrepid band of Brits who have
created their own little corner of home in a foreign land.
Prospectors S4 (Factual ent., 10x60 min.) New
season showing people trying to strike it rich in
North America’s richest gem fields—some of the
most dangerous mining locations in the world.
Fat Guys in the Woods S2 (Factual ent., 8x60
min.) Survival expert Creek Stewart will take
average people off the couch and back into the
wild with one objective: learn the skills to survive.
Charlie Luxton’s Homes By the Sea S2
(Lifestyle, 8x60 min.) Charlie Luxton casts off
on a journey in search of the finest, the
quirkiest, the most spectacular and the most
unusual homes around the coastline.
Terror in Paris (Doc., 1x60 min.) From multiaward-winning director Dan Reed, takes audiences deep inside the urban terrorist sieges at
the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.
Stand: P4.C18
Contact: Sally Miles, CEO & global acq.; Elin
Thomas, global head, sales, U.K. & pan-territory;
Nick Tanner, snr. sales mgr.; Beatrice Rossmanith,
snr. sales mgr.; Agnes Mbye, sales mgr.; Eliana
Barbosa, sales mgr.; Zoe Allen, jnr. sales exec.;
Philippa Chuter, acq. exec.; Georgina Furniss,
head, legal & business affairs; Claire Douglas, PR
& mktg. mgr.
Stand: P-1.G66
Contact: Tom Koch, VP; Betsy LeBlanc, dir.;
Nanci Church, sales mgr.; Anna Alvord, sales
mgr.; Tracy Beckett, dir., pgm. & media acq.
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 10:53 AM Page 29
PBS’s Giraffes: The Forgotten Giants
American Epic (Music, 3x60 min. & 1x150 min. HD)
An exploration of how ordinary Americans were given the opportunity to make records for the first time,
changing the world and sparking a technological
and cultural revolution in popular music.
In Defense of Food (Current affairs/investigative, 1x60 min. HD) Best-selling author Michael
Pollan examines how the modern Western diet is
doing serious damage to our health.
My Brother’s Bomber (Current affairs/investigative, 3x60 min.) FRONTLINE’s Ken Dornstein hunts
for clues to the identities and whereabouts of the
men responsible for the bombing of Pan Am Flight
103, which killed his older brother.
CyberWar Threat (Science/tech., 1x60 min.
HD) NOVA examines the chilling new reality
of cyberwar, in which no nation or individual is safe from attack.
Giraffes: The Forgotten Giants (Nature, 1x60
min. HD) A look into the secret life of giraffes as
scientists seek to explore how these quiet creatures communicate.
Vampire Legend (History, 1x60 min. HD) Features new archaeological finds, scientific experimentation and expert investigations to reassess
not just when but where vampires were first
thought to stalk the living.
Growing Up Trans (Current affairs/investigative,
1x90 min.) Takes a powerful look at a new generation exploring the medical possibilities, struggles and choices transgender kids and their families face today.
I’ll Have What Phil’s Having (Food/travel, 6x60
min. HD) Host Phil Rosenthal brings his brand
of humor to his search for the world’s best
food, exploring sublime fare in world-class
food cities like Barcelona, Paris and Tokyo.
E. O. Wilson—Of Ants and Men (Natural history, 1x112 min. HD) A chronicle of the famed
biologist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author’s lifelong love for the natural world and his groundbreaking research, culminating with his work in
the great national park of Mozambique.
real stunt that he will perform in major metropolitan centers across the U.S., Europe or Asia.
Shack Attack! (Reality/lifestyle/reno/design,
S1: 13x30 min., S2: 13x30 min., S3: 13x30
min.) Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan transform their lakeside holiday homes into rural
sanctuaries worthy of Hollywood stars.
Ice Racer Showdown (Reality/sports, 12x60
min.) Everyday people battle each other on
ice-covered obstacle courses and racetracks.
A Dish a Day (Food/cooking/lifestyle, S1:
250x10 min., S2-4: 250x12 min.) Each episode
focuses on creating nutritious and delicious
meals in minutes while juggling the clock and
a budget for viewers at home to replicate.
Lauda: The Untold Story (Doc./sport, 1x90
min./3x30 min.) Tells the incredible journey
of Formula 1 racing champion Niki Lauda
from his horrific crash in August 1976 to his
miraculous comeback in 33 days.
79 Berkeley St.
Toronto, ON, Canada M5A 2W5
Tel: (1-416) 365-7734
Peace Point’s In Space: 50 Years of Space
SuperBodies (Doc./sports/science, Summer:
12x2 min. & 1x60 min.; Winter: 11x2 min. & 1x60
min.) Matches science and art through cuttingedge forensic computer-generated imagery to
explore the athleticism of the human body.
In Space: 50 Years of Space Exploration
(Doc., 1x60 min./2x30 min.) In-depth analysis
chronicling 50 years of unique achievements in
space and exciting developments for the future.
In Space 2: Next In Space (Doc., 1x60 min./2x30
min.) Features even more stunning graphics and
animations than the first documentary.
Tut (Dramatic miniseries, 3x120 min.) Tells the
story of King Tutankhamun’s rise to power
and his struggle to lead Egypt to glory, while
his closest advisors, friends and lovers scheme
for their own nefarious interests.
Bubble Bip Season 2 (Kids 4-7 animation, 52x7
min.) Bubble Bip, a wacky video game hero, jumps
to our world. In season two, Bip’s friends visit the
adventurous video game for the first time.
Oliver Rock (Kids 7-12 live action/musical, 26x22
min.) Based on the peculiar universe of Oliver’s
dreams that sound like a rock band trapped inside
a labyrinth. The series will include music videos,
street sport, puppets and surprising digital effects.
Egyxos (Kids 6-12 animation/action, 26x26
min.) Tells the story of a mysterious civilization lost in time and space that finally returns
to Earth. A human boy is caught up in the
epic and endless battle between two warrior
brothers and their armies.
901 King St. West, Suite 301
Toronto, ON M5V3H5, Canada
Tel: (1-416) 483-9773
e-mail: [email protected]
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: R7.D19
Contact: Ignacio Segura, mng. dir.; Diego Ibáñez,
intl. commercial dir.; Simone Fenu, country mgr.,
Planeta Junior Italia; Luis Ortega, country mgr.,
Planeta Junior Iberia; Hélène Lancelin, country
mgr., Planeta Junior France; Sotiris Papageorgiou, regional mgr., CEE, Balkans, Greece, Cyprus,
Turkey; Özlem Civelek, country mgr., Planeta Junior Turkey; Verónica Buide, intl. business dvpmt.
mgr.; Eric Belloso, DreamWorks brand dir.; Lucia
Vismara, sales mgr. & TV, home video, Planeta
Portfolio’s You Gotta Eat Here! Compilations
Carl2 (Animation/tween, 65x30 min.) After
accidentally generating his own clone, Carl
scrambles to cover up the trail of chaos C2
leaves in his wake.
For the Love of Dog (Factual, 1x60 min.) From a
dog wedding in Central Park to “paw-jama parties,” this funny and candid documentary features passionate eccentrics whose lives revolve
around their beloved canines.
Via Brecce, 60025
Loreto (AN), Italy
Tel: (39-071) 7506-7500
e-mail: [email protected]
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P-1.F40
Contact: Les Tomlin, pres. & CEO; Julie Chang,
SVP, business affairs & acq.; Eric Müller, SVP,
intl. sales & acq.; Rose Marie Vega, sales, Latin
Escape or Die! (Doc., 12x30 min.) Focuses on
escape artist Dean Gunnarson preparing for a
120x15 min.) Follows Dr. Seuss’ beloved Cat In
The Hat and his friends as they embark on
extraordinary adventures fueled by curiosity
and imagination.
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About
That! Specials (Animation/preschool, 4x60
min.) The Cat in the Hat and his friends continue on fun-filled adventures in a Christmas
special and three new specials on camping,
space and Halloween.
DOKI (Animation, 52x30 min./104x11 min. &
3x30 min.) Doki and his friends travel the
globe to discover the wonders of the world.
Includes three specials packed with music,
dancing and pirate adventures.
Everyday Exotic (Food/culinary, 52x30 min.)
Host Roger Mooking explores exotic ingredients
and incorporates them into everyday cooking.
Chef Abroad (Food/culinary, 26x30 min.) Chef
Michael Smith takes viewers on a global journey
to explore new food frontiers and amazing culinary experiences in extraordinary places.
Planeta Junior’s Bubble Bip
Avda. Diagonal 662-664
08034 Barcelona, Spain
Junior Italy; Irene Zero, intl. TV sales; Judit Foz, TV
sales & prod. mgr.; Patricia Fombella, TV/home
ent. sales & prod.; Pío Vernis, mktg. dir.; Allegra
Torricelli, intl. mktg. dir.
Mutant Busters (Kids 6-9 animated comedy,
52x11 min.) After the cataclysm known as the Big
Fart, Earth has turned into a giant butt divided
into two regions: one inhabited by humans in “La
Resistance” and another occupied by mutants.
Stand: P-1.A0
Contact: Joy Rosen, fndr. & co-CEO; Lisa Olfman, fndr. & co-CEO; Linda Kahn, head, intl.
sales; Liliana Vogt, SVP, content.
Freaktown (Animation, 26x30 min./52x11
min.) The adventures of skeleton Ben Bones
and his freaky friends as they protect their
town from takeover by Princess Boo Boo the
Bouncy of Sweetlandia.
You Gotta Eat Here! (Food/travel, 130x30
min.) Comedian John Catucci sets out on a
quest to find the most delicious, mouthwatering and over-the-top comfort foods.
You Gotta Eat Here! Compilations
(Food/travel, 16x30 min.) Whether it’s the
stacked burger or pizza, host John Catucci
brings back the most delicious dishes for a
second helping in 16 special edition episodes.
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About
That! (Animation/preschool, 60x30 min./
Stand: R7.H2
Contact: Iginio Straffi, fndr. & CEO; Joanne
Lee, COO; Andrea Graciotti, head, sales &
coprod.; Cristiana Buzzelli, VP, contents—
digital & publishing; Lorena Vaccari, mktg.
dir.; Denise Bracci, head, design; Paola Verdenelli, head, prod.; Erika Ceresani, TV sales;
Elisa Magrini, intl. mktg. mgr.; Luca Vecci,
sales & lic. mgr.; Silvia Quintili, digital rights
mgr.; Serena Bussotti, digital media mgr.; Silvia Conti, comms. mgr.
Winx Club 7 (Comedy/action 2D animation,
26x30 min. HD) The Winx take on an incredible new challenge: saving the Fairy Animals of
the Magic Universe, as well as endangered
species on Earth, who need their help.
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 4:28 PM Page 30
the mask of a terrible character that is known
as "Piel Salvaje."
Complete Format Catalogue A Match Made in
Heaven (Que El Cielo Me Explique), Free as the
Wind (Libre como el Viento), Worlds Apart (Calle
Luna Calle Sol),The Way About Her (Nadie Me Dirá
como Quererte), Passionate Revenge (La Tre padora), The Lady (Toda Una Dama), My Cousin
Ciela (Mi Prima Ciela), Chameleon (Camaleona),
Recipe For Love (Te Tengo en Salsa) and more.
Rainbow’s Winx Club 7
Regal Academy (2D toonshade animation HD,
26x30 min.) Fairy tales come to life at Royal
Academy, where Rose Cinderella and her classmates must combine study with dealing with
their families.
My American Friend (w.t.) (Comedy/drama,
26x26 min.) American girl Meggy wins a fashion
scholarship for Milan Fashion Academy, where
she meets Bianca, a super-trendy Italian girl.
Mia and me Season 1 & 2 (Live action & CGI
animation, 52x30 min.) Mia has to balance
fitting in at school with her other life in magical Centopia, where she becomes the key to
saving the world.
Winx Club 6 (Comedy/action 2D & CGI animation, 26x30 min.) Fairy adventure sees a witch join
Cloudtower and team up with the Trix. The Winx
fight back, but can they win the day?
Winx Club 5 (Comedy/action 2D & CGI animation, 26x30 min.) The Winx face a new
underwater villain: a triton who wants to rule
all the worlds of the Magic Dimension by
spreading magic pollution.
Winx Club 3D—Magical Adventure (3D
animated feature, 1x80 min.) Can the Winx
rescue the Magic Kingdom after a terrible
secret is revealed?
Winx Club 3D—The Mystery of the Abyss (CGI
animated feature, 1x80 min.) Human beings are
polluting the seas, putting at risk the balance of
the Infinite Ocean. Will the Winx defeat the Trix,
restoring balance and bringing peace back?
PopPixie (2D animation, 52x13 min.) Follows
the extraordinary everyday life of the Pixies in
Pixieville, a world full of magic creatures
that’s waiting to be explored and discovered.
Huntik Season 1 & 2 (2D animation adventure
comedy, 52x30 min.) Adventurous journeys
await across Europe, South America and Africa,
where our heroes search for powerful amulets
that will help them to stop the evil organization.
RCTV’s Piel Salvage
Medienallee 7
85774 Unterföhring, Germany
Tel: (49-89) 9507-2320
e-mail: sa[email protected]
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P-1.F25
Contact: Carlos Lamas, VP & GM; Katy Paulheim, dir., intl. sales; Amina Galdo, dir., mktg.
& office mgr.
Piel Salvaje (Telenovela, 120x60 min.) Camila
Espino is a young woman who hides beneath
Red Arrow’s Donny!
4380 NW 128th St.
Miami, FL 33054, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-305) 688-7475
Red Bull’s The Flying Bulls Documentary—
Legends in the Sky
Passenger (Action feature, 1x70 min.) A story
about skiing from a different perspective, as
told by the most influential companion for a
skier—the ever-watchful old man winter.
Heart & Hands: Beyond a Job (Ent., 8x24
min.) The story of those who pursue uncommon occupations with a singular passion and
relentless purpose.
Red Bull Hard Enduro Series 2016 (Sports,
6x26 min. & 1x52 min.) The extreme form of
motorsport continues to push the limits of
man and machine.
Red Bull Air Race 2016 (Sports, 8x52 min.)
A new head-to-head race format and standardized engines will make for a faster, more
thrilling motorsport competition.
The Flying Bulls Documentary—Legends in
the Sky (Doc., 1x50 min.) It is not easy to restore
a “Lightning P38,” but it is a much bigger challenge to fly this warbird in an aerobatic show.
Messner’s Himalaya—The Great Journey
(Doc., 3x50 min.) Reinhold Messner on an
expedition in the Himalayas from the east end
to the west, encountering the different cultures, religions and people.
South Tyrolean Classic—Oltimer Rally
through the Alps (Vintage cars & ent., 3x50
min.) A spectacular classic car rally with many
astonishing turns through the most enchanting routes of the South Tyrolean Alps.
Stand: P4.C10
Contact: Henrik Pabst, mng. dir.; Amelie von
Kienlin, VP, scripted acq.; Harry Gamsu, VP, format acq.; Paul Raven, SVP, mktg. & press; Tim
Gerhartz, VP, sales & acq., U.K., Scandinavia,
Benelux, Italy; Tobias Schulze, VP, sales., Germanspeaking territories, France, Turkey, Spain, Portugal; Shakira Hoffmann, snr. sales mgr., CEE; Stefanie Ströbel, sales & acq. mgr., CEE; Esteban
Rodriguez, sales mgr., CEE; Joseph Quan, VP, sales
& acq., North America; Andy Low, snr. sales mgr.,
Asia; Yi Qiao, sales mgr., Middle East & Africa.
The Romeo Section (Thriller, 10x60 min.) Set in
Vancouver, follows seasoned spymaster Professor
Wolfgang McGee, an academic who secretly
manages a roster of espionage assets and
informants who use their powers of seduction
to extract secrets from state intelligence targets.
Cleverman (Drama, 6x60 min.) This original
drama for ABC Australia and SundanceTV is
set in the near future, where a species from
ancient mythology must live amongst
humans and battle for survival in a world that
wants to silence, exploit and destroy them.
Peter & Wendy (Family event TV movie, 1x120
min.) A magical new family adventure based on
J.M. Barrie’s much-loved classic Peter Pan, told
through the imagination of a 12-year-old girl
and starring Stanley Tucci, Laura Fraser and BRIT
award winner Paloma Faith.
Donny! (Comedy, 6x30 min.) Starring real-life
advertising exec. and TV personality Donny
Deutsch, takes a satirical look at modern American media, wealth and romance as seen through
the eyes of talk-show host, single dad and
mega-rich megalomaniac Donny Deutsch.
Bosch Season 2 (Crime, 10x60 min.; total
20x60 min.) Season two sees Detective Bosch
investigate the murder of a Hollywood producer who laundered money for the mob, and
encounter serial killer Chilton Hardy.
Einstein (Crime, 6x60 min. & 1x120 min. pilot)
A genius professor, the great grandson of Albert
Einstein, is accused of stealing illegal drugs to
help manage his terminal disease. He is saved
from prison time by the police, who enlist him
to help solve complex cases.
Kiss Bang Love (Ent. format) Puts to the test
research that shows that we kiss an average of
15 people and have at least 2 one-night stands
before we find the one. This is a new TV experiment from the creators of Married at First Sight.
The Day the Cash Came (Reality format) Families living below the poverty line are gifted a
year’s salary in one lump sum of cash by an
anonymous benefactor. They can spend it in
whatever way they choose.
Safeword (Comedy panel format) Celebrities
are roasted at the hands of popular comedians. The only thing that can stop their pain is
the use of a safeword!
Oberst–Lepperdinger Strasse 11-15
5071 Wals near Salzburg, Austria
Tel: (43-0662) 2240-0
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P-1/F2.G1
Contact: Bernhard Hafenscher, head, commercial dist.; Mark Joseph, dir., commercial dist. &
partnerships; Berend Dreier, sales dir. Terra
Mater/ServusTV; Sharon McCulloch, sales mgr.,
Latin America & Iberia; Sahil Oberoi, sales mgr.,
India, Middle East, Central Europe; Florian Edenberger, dir., special formats; Alexander von
Moers, dir., world series; Blayze Collins-Perucchetti, home ent. & inflight sales mgr.; Anita
Barnard, sales mgr., Northern Europe & Africa;
Bernhard Stephan, sales mgr., Russia, CIS &
Poland; Martin Auinger, sales mgr., Terra
Mater/ServusTV; Sabina Khan, sales mgr., Northern Europe; Kim Partington, sales mgr., Northern Europe; Pedro Dombrasas, sales mgr., Latin
America & Iberia; Sandra Heberling, mgr., special
formats; Fei Wen Ling, sales mgr., Asia Pacific;
Anthony Jewitt, sales mgr., RBTV Europe; Ned
Radovic, dir., client operations & creative; Sam
Heard, mng. dir.; Ryan Mostardo, mgr., commercial content dist.
Project Acheron (Doc., 1x50 min.) Documents four high performance athletes as they
traverse through the intensely beautiful and
wild terrain of Patagonia.
Degrees North (Action feature, 1x50 min.)
Snowboarder Xavier de le Rue and skier Sam
Anthamatten set out on a mission to ride
everything far up in the North.
716 World Screen 10/15
Shakespeare House, 168 Lavender Hill
London SW11 5TG, U.K.
Tel: (44-207) 801-6263
e-mail: [email protected]
Contact: Louisa Cadywould, VP & head, intl.
dist.; Heike Renner, VP, intl. sales.
Detective McLean: Ties That Bind (Police
drama, 10x45 min, HD) Allison McLean and her
police partner must arrest her brother for aggravated assault. He’s convicted and sent to prison,
leaving his two teens teetering on the brink of
foster care. Ultimately, she takes them into her
home, ending up with four teenagers to raise as
well as her demanding job solving local crimes.
Reel One’s Detective McLean: Ties That Bind
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 10:53 AM Page 31
15300 Ventura Blvd., Suite 507
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-818) 784-9912
10100 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 500
Los Angeles, CA 90067, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-310) 557-5230
e-mail: [email protected]
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P-1.H75
Contact: Jon Kramer, CEO; Marine
Ksadzhikyan, SVP, intl. dist. & acq.; Bryan
Gabourie, VP, intl. dist. & acq.; Tomas Silva,
VP, intl. sales.
True Supernatural (Factual, 3x60 min.)
Buried in archives lie some of the most
controversial artifacts in history—items
that provide proof that the supernatural
exists. With a team of experts we’ll examine cases, using rigorous testing to put to
bed any doubts of their truth.
Ultimate Homes (Lifestyle, 11x60 min.)
Features some of the most amazing houses
and tells of the men and women who went
to great lengths to build their dream
homes in the most unlikely and challenging places.
Death By Gossip (Factual, 6x60 min.) Showcases crimes that were fueled by rumors ripe
with false details and half-truths.
Fame Kills (Factual, 6x60 min.) Shares the
stories of rising stars whose journeys
toward the privileged world of celebrity
were cut short during deadly encounters.
Am I A Boy or A Girl (Factual, 10x30 min.)
Takes viewers on a first-person journey
inside the world of people “gendertrapped” in their own bodies.
Where Cool Came From (Factual, 20x30
min.) Explores all things “cool” in an entertaining journey that looks at current
design, architecture, fashion and fads from
the influences of yester-year through
Back to Basics (Lifestyle, 8x30 min.) Irish
chef and TV personality Kevin Dundon
takes us back to basics through core cooking techniques.
The Day I Almost Died (Factual, 8x60
min.) Average people, freak accidents,
amazing stories of survival.
Fix It & Finish It (Lifestyle, 150x30 min.)
Antonio Sabato Jr. travels to different locations, surprising lucky homeowners and
helping “fix and finish” their homes.
APB with Troy Dunn (Crime, 6x60 min.)
Troy Dunn is a foremost expert in locating
and reuniting long-lost persons.
Stand: VIP Lounge
Contact: Frederic Soulie, SVP, global dist.;
Rich Magallanes, SVP, dvpmt. & prod.; John
Hardman, VP, dvpmt. & prod.; Leila Ouledcheikh, VP, dist., EMEA; Zofia Karpinska, dir.,
dist., emerging markets.
Saban’s Power Rangers Dino Super Charge
(Boys action, 22x22 min.) This season follows the
Power Rangers as they continue their quest to
unite all 10 Energems and save the universe
from evil villains.
Popples (Animated comedy, 52x11 min.) A highenergy comedy series about an amazing species
of creatures that can pop into and out of a ball.
Cirque du Soleil—Luna Petunia (Preschool,
52x11 min.) The series will follow Luna Petunia,
a little girl who lives in our world and plays in
a dreamland, learning how to make the impossible possible.
Saban’s Cirque du Soleil—Luna Petunia
Emojiville (w.t.) (Animated comedy) Currently in development.
Glitter Force (Girls action, 40x22 min.) Follows five preteen girls who form the legendary superhero squad the Glitter Force, and
must defend Earth from evil fairy tale villains.
Julius Jr. (Season 2) (Animated preschool,
52x11 min.) Follows Julius Jr. and his friends,
who use a delightful blend of imagination
and inventive spirit to help each other overcome challenges big and small.
Digimon Fusion (Season 2) (Boys action,
24x22 min.) A human boy is transported into
the digital realm and must team up with his
Digimon friends before their world is deleted.
3a, 140 Grays Inn Rd.
London WC1X 8AX, U.K.
Tel: (44-207) 278-8829
e-mail: [email protected]
Rive Gauche’s Back to Basics
Stand: P4.B1
Contact: David Cornwall, mng. dir.; German
Diez, sales; Ben Haines, sales.
Who is Saving Whom? (Doc., 1x58 min.)
Reveals how the expensive rescue packages in
Greece only rescued the creditors, the banks, the
hedge funds and the insurance companies.
There is Many Like Us (Doc., 1x58/90 min.) An
incredible love story of two people that met in a
prison camp during the Holocaust, were separated, then met and married 30 years later.
Scorpion TV’s Zapped: The Buzz About
Cannabis to Save My Life (Doc., 1x56 min.) A
woman’s desperate search for a cure for her
brain cancer leads her to break the law to try to
prolong her life.
Dirty Gold War (Doc., 1x52 min.) Gold, the
beautiful precious metal, has a dark side—those
damned by dirty gold, from Amazon Indians to
activists who fight against this murky cartel.
Zapped: The Buzz About Mosquitoes (Doc.,
1x45 min.) This documentary is about our battle
to prevent mosquitoes from spreading disease. It
also explores their exquisite biology through
extreme close-up photography.
Forbidden Men (Doc., 1x52/71 min.) The
Catholic Church strictly forbids love between
priests and women. They must choose between
abandoning either their woman or priesthood.
Andrew Carnegie: Rags to Riches, Power to
Peace (Doc., 1x59 min.) This film charts the
incredible story of a poor Scottish immigrant
who became the richest man in the world—then
gave it all away.
Showrunners (Doc., 1x90/52 min.) Explores the
world of U.S. TV showrunners, those responsible
for creating, writing and overseeing every element
of production on some of the U.S.’s biggest series.
Microbirth (Doc., 1x52 min.) Award-winning
documentary investigating the latest scientific
research about the microscopic events happening during childbirth.
The Paedophile Hunter (Doc., 1x52 min.)
Follows controversial online vigilante Stinson
Hunter who poses as underage children
online to draw out men who have pedophilic
75 9th Ave., 2/Fl.
New York, NY 10011, U.S.A.
Scripps’s Cake Wars
Cake Wars (Lifestyle, 8x60 min.) Jonathan
Bennett hosts as four bakers go whisk-towhisk to see whose mind-blowing creation
will come out on top.
Cake Wars: Christmas (Lifestyle, 6x60 min.)
Host Jonathan Bennett is back for this supersized showdown where seven teams of food
artists try to outdo each other with outrageous holiday displays.
Junk Gypsies (Lifestyle, S1-3: 34x30 min.)
Meet renegade recyclers; sisters transforming
trash into amazing home furnishings.
Bert the Conqueror (Lifestyle, S1-3: 31x30
min. & 7x60 min.) Watch Bert Kreischer compete in the Wife Carrying Competition, crawl
through slop at the Tough Mudder race and
swim with great white sharks.
Chopped: Impossible (Lifestyle, S1: 4x60
min.) Contestants will be challenged to tackle
the most impossible basket ingredients ever
until one lone finalist will go up against Mr.
Impossible—Robert Irvine.
Dinner at Tiffani's (Lifestyle, S1-2: 26x30 min.)
Tiffani Thiessen is having her friends over for
good company, great stories and delicious meals.
Kids Baking Championship (Lifestyle, S1-2:
12x60 min.) Hosts Duff Goldman and Valerie
Bertinelli put these precocious pastry chefs
through tasty challenges to determine who's
the most talented and creative baker.
Rescue My Renovation (Lifestyle, S1-4: 52x30
min.) Distraught homeowners call John Desilvia,
a master remodeler who comes to the rescue of
homes wrecked by unscrupulous contractors.
The Treehouse Guys (Lifestyle, S1-2: 15x60 min.)
For James ‘B'fer’ Roth and his band of "tree musketeers," no construction job is too big or too
high. We follow the crew as they build the perfect
treetop retreat for clients around the world.
Only Happens In… (Lifestyle, 4x60 min.) Venture far off the beaten path for outrageous
experiences well worth the trek in Alaska,
Japan, Russia and Dubai.
Crta. Fuencarral-Alcobendas Km.
3,8, Edif. 3 Centro Empresarial
Arbea, 28108, Alcobendas
Madrid, Spain
Tel: (34-91) 371-7569
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P4.C20
Contact: Jim Samples, pres., intl.; Simone
Nardi, CFO, intl.; Hud Woodle, VP, intl. pgm. lic.
& dist.; Barbara Bellini, commercial affairs &
operations, intl. pgmng.; Jo Lovell, intl. dir.,
pgm. sales; Leena Singarajah, head, ad sales
& dist., Asia Pacific; Stephanie Quinn, regional
dir., ad sales, Australia & New Zealand.
10/15 World Screen 717
Stand: R7.J11
Contact: Vanessa Palacios, content mgr.; Ana
Estévez, sales mgr.
Lubdub (Talent show, 10x70 min.) The first talent show where the studio audience and judges
vote from the heart—a gadget in their hands
measures their emotions scientifically.
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 4:28 PM Page 32
when transformed into a spacecraft, arrives from
the stars to play with her friends.
Ekaterina (Romance, 11x60 min.) The daughter of an impoverished Prussian prince will go
on to conquer land and hearts, suppress
rebellions and show that a wounded woman
is willing to do anything to take back what
belongs to her. (Latin American rights)
Secuoya’s Let’s Go Spain
Timebox (Reality, 13x70 min.) Messages, in
any form, will be sent to the future inside a
box that can be programmed with a countdown of up to 365 days.
Selfie Show (Home talent show, 12x25 min.) It’s
time for kids to show their talents from the
comfort of the sofa. Their parents will help
record with their phones and upload the videos.
The Shower (Talent show, 10x90 min.) Contestants will perform a song while in a shower
in the middle of the stage.
Something to Celebrate (Comedy, 8x70
min.) Every family has many moments to celebrate together—but after each no one wants
to do it again for a very long time.
Apaches (Drama, 12x70 min.) Chronicles the life
of a reporter who falls into delinquency with his
best friend, a gang leader, to avenge the honor of
his family and save them from bankruptcy.
Surviving the Wolfpack (Adventure reality
game show, 10x90 min.) A game where competing as part of the pack is essential to
achieving victory.
Grupetto (Reality game show, 4x60 min.) Two
bike-garages from different cities will face a
challenge in which both will have to customize
a bicycle for a special guest in just one week.
Let’s Go Spain (Travel, 6x30 min.) The host
shows different places and activities to enjoy
in Spain.
Vive Cantando (Dramedy, 23x70 min.) A wild
thirtysomething who barely makes a living as
a singer goes back to her childhood neighborhood to take care of her siblings.
Av. Córdoba 679, 7/Fl., C1054AAF
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel: (54-11) 5235-9500
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P-1.C13
Contact: Silvana D’Angelo, dir.
Plim Plim, A Hero of the Heart (Educational
animation, 60x7 min./24x21 min. HD) The adventures of Plim Plim, a child who combines the features of a clown, hero and a magician, accompanying his friends and teaching by example.
According to Roxi (Sitcom, 27x24 min.) Roxi
is a politically incorrect mom on a mission to
emerge unharmed from the lovely, devastating experience of motherhood.
Wake Up! with No Make Up (Musical teen
series, 13x30 min.) This is not only a musical
teen series but a unique and complete multiplatform concept.
Creators (Live action & 3D: 39x24 min. /Animation: 39x11 min.) The program combines
live action and 3D, and encourages children
to interact with its multiple platforms.
Pispas (Preschool animation, 26x10 min./13x22
min.) Pispas is a funny and friendly van that,
Old Story (Turkish drama, 26x45 min.) A young
man seeks revenge against his father’s murderer.
Subat (Turkish drama, 64x45 min.) Subat developed superpowers after being saved from a fire
in the orphanage where he was raised.
The Poor Boy and the Rich Girl (Turkish drama, 226x45 min.) Mr. Kemal, a wealthy person,
is incensed when his youngest daughter introduces to him a potential husband for herself
who is an ordinary and silly looking man.
11-11: En mi Cuadra Nada Cuadra (Soap
opera, 75x45 min.) When tech expert Kike moves
into apartment 11-11, he can become Enrique, a
20-year-old version of himself who is able to
interact with the real world.
Bite of China (Doc., 7x50 min.) Talks about the
culture of Chinese food.
2121 Avenue of the Stars
Suite 2150, Los Angeles
CA 90067, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-424) 230-7140
Smilehood’s Pispas
2601 South Bayshore Dr., Suite 1250
Coconut Grove, FL 33133, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-786) 220-0440
e-mail: [email protected]
of one of America’s most beloved family sitcoms,
as they struggle to balance their television personas with their real lives.
The Reckoning (Drama, 1x120 min.) A young
Amish woman finds herself thrust into modern
life and must decide between the heritage of her
past and the allure of her present.
Hello, It’s Me (Romance/comedy, 1x120 min.)
A widowed single mother who is having trouble
moving on in life never expects that the coaching she needs comes from her late husband.
A Charming Christmas (Holiday, 1x120 min.)
An occasion to become a department store
Mrs. Claus has a magical effect on three different women who don the costume for the
Christmas season.
Christmas Confessions (Holiday, 1x120
min.) A young actress returns to her small
town for the holidays and must decide
between chasing stardom or staying home
where her heart is.
10202 West Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-310) 244-4000
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P-1.G14
Contact: Luis Villanueva, pres. & CEO; Francisco Villanueva, VP & COO; Jose Espinal, VP,
COO, SomosTV; Mariana Villanueva, sales mgr.
Hasta Que te Conoci (Series, 13x45 min.) Traces
the life of Alberto Aguilero Valadez, a.k.a. Juan
Gabriel. It will narrate the singer’s pursuit of
fame and success.
Mercy (Turkish drama, 88x45 min.) Narim is a
true heroine who has overcome the blows dealt
by her mean family and the big city. Her story
starts in a small village but ends in Istanbul.
Love Story (Turkish drama, 79x45 min.) Ceylan
enters Korkut’s life and brings happiness and
hope, following a chain of disappointments he
has had to endure in his past.
Spring Is in the Air (Turkish drama, 45 min. eps.)
Her only daughter’s suspicious death on the very
same day she was accepted to the most prestigious music band of the Middle East has meant
the end of all springs in the world for her.
Il Primo Papa (Musical, 1x120 min.) Follows the
story of Peter as told by Jesus. It highlights St.
Peter’s life, starting with the moment he
decided to follow Jesus in the Sea of Galilee all
the way to his martyrdom in Rome.
SOMOS’s Love Story
Stand: R7.N11
Contact: Gabriel de Alba, chmn.; Gene Stein,
CEO; Marielle Zuccarelli, EVP, intl. dist.; Torquil
Macneal, SVP, intl. sales; Axel Boehm, SVP, intl.
sales; Debbie Back, SVP, North American sales;
Patrick Phelan, VP, intl. sales; Louise Oliver, intl.
sales coord.; Alan Zapakin, SVP, mktg. & publicity;
Todd Sokolove, VP, mktg. & digital.
The Shannara Chronicles (Fantasy, 10x60 min.)
Centuries into Earth’s post-apocalyptic future, a
reluctant hero embarks on a quest with an
unlikely band of heroes in this adaptation of
Terry Brooks’ best-selling novels.
Sonar’s The Shannara Chronicles
South of Hell (Supernatural thriller, 8x60 min.)
Maria Abascal is an exorcist-for-hire whose
power stems from within—her own demon, who
feeds on the evil Maria exorcises from others.
The Fixer (Action adventure, 2x120 min.) Investigator Ellie Molaro teams up with secret tipster
Carter to expose the “Fixers” behind disasters and
so-called accidents.
The Hollow (Thriller, 1x120 min.) On Halloween
night, as a killer storm bears down on Shelter
Island, a legendary centuries-old curse becomes
a terrifying reality.
Sealed With a Kiss (Romance/comedy, 1x120
min.) A famous singer crosses paths with his
childhood sweetheart before his wedding and
must decide if he has chosen the right woman.
The Unauthorized Full House Story (Drama,
1x120 min.) A behind-the-scenes look at the cast
718 World Screen 10/15
Stand: C12
Contact: Steve Mosko, pres.; Keith Le Goy,
pres., intl. dist.; Andrea Wong, pres., intl. prod.;
Andy Kaplan, pres., worldwide networks; Amy
Carney, pres., advertiser sales, strategy &
research; Wayne Garvie, chief creative officer,
intl. prod.; Donna Cunningham, EVP, operations,
intl. prod.; Jeff Lerner, EVP & mng. dir., scripted
pgmng., intl. prod.; Alexander Marin, EVP, intl.
dist., Latin America, Caribbean & Canada; Angel
Orengo, EVP, intl. dist., EMEA; Mike Wald, EVP,
intl. dist.; Andreas Brosjo, SVP, intl. dist., Nordic,
Benelux, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland;
Kevin Byles, SVP, intl. dist., Canada; Marco Cingoli, SVP, intl. dist., Italy; Jane Dockery, VP, intl.
dist., formats; Ian Durndell, SVP, digital dist.,
EMEA; Kerstin Guehne, SVP, intl. dist., Germany,
Austria, German-speaking Switzerland; Paul
Littmann, SVP, pay TV & new media, intl. dist.;
Ken Lo, SVP, intl. dist., China, South Korea &
Southeast Asia; Damian Newton, SVP, intl. dist.,
Central Europe, Russia, Greece, Israel, Turkey,
Cyprus; Maria Valenzuela, SVP, intl. dist., Spain
& Portugal; Noémie Weisse, SVP, intl. dist.,
France, Middle East & Turkey; Mark Young, SVP,
dist., U.K., Africa & Ireland.
The Player (Drama, 23x60 min.) Former FBI
agent Alex Kane becomes a reluctant player in an
age-old secret society’s perverse game of
chance, where the stakes are measured in criminal acts and human lives.
Mad Dogs (Drama, 10x60 min.) When a group of
underachieving 40-something friends gathers in
Belize to celebrate the early retirement of an old
friend, a series of wild, comedic events unfolds,
exposing dark secrets and a web of lies, deception and murder.
The Art of More (Drama, 10x60 min.) Follows a
blue-collar hustler who leverages his way into
the exclusive realm of premium auction houses
by exploiting connections to smuggling rings he
was exposed to as a soldier in Iraq.
Houdini & Doyle (Drama, 10x60 min.) In turnof-the-century London, an unlikely crime-
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 10:53 AM Page 33
solving pair emerges in Harry Houdini, the brash
and boastful American escape artist, and Sir
Arthur Conan Doyle, the gentleman literary
father of detective Sherlock Holmes.
Time Out of Mind (Drama, 1x120 min.) George
seeks refuge at Bellevue Hospital, where his
friendship with a fellow client helps him try to
repair his relationship with his estranged daughter. (CEE rights)
Franny (Drama, 1x90 min.) A philanthropist
meddles in the lives of newly married couples in
an attempt to relive his past. (CEE rights)
Jenny’s Wedding (Comedy, 1x94 min.) Jenny
has led an openly gay life—except with her
family. When she finally decides to marry the
woman they thought was just her roommate,
their safe world changes forever. (CEE rights)
Criminal Activities (Thriller) Four young men
make a risky investment together that gets
them into trouble with the mob. (CEE rights)
Cake (Drama, 1x102 min.) Claire becomes fascinated by the suicide of a woman in her chronic
pain support group while grappling with her
own, very raw personal tragedy. (CEE rights)
SPT’s Houdini & Doyle
Can’t Touch This (Factual-ent. format, 30-60
min. eps.) Contestants have to complete a massive indoor obstacle course negotiating a combination of height, water, revolving platforms,
beams, ropes and slides along the way.
21300 Oxnard St., #100
Woodland Hills, CA 91367, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-818) 999-0062
e-mail: [email protected]
Chloe’s Closet (Animated preschool/learning,
S1-2: 104x13 min./52x26 min., S3: in prod.) The
magical world of an imaginative little girl who
embarks upon fantastical adventures during
dress-up play with her security blanket.
Dive Olly Dive Series 1 & 2 (Animated preschool/learning, 104x13 min./52x26 min.) The
escapades of two young, unmanned research
submarines in training, as they discover the marvels of the underwater world they live in.
The DaVincibles (Animated comedy/adventure,
52x13 min./26x26 min.) Packed with funny and
absurd characters in search of wild, slapstick
action while scanning the globe for rare artifacts.
Growing Up Creepie (Animated comedy,
52x13 min./26x26 min.) Raised by a family of
bugs, Creepie Creecher enrolls in a new school
when she becomes a teen—only to learn she
is actually a human.
Pet Alien Series 1 & 2 (Animated comedy,
104x13 min./52x26 min.) Tommy Cadle’s life
changes when a group of wild and outrageous aliens crash into his world.
9242 Beverly Blvd., Suite 200
Beverly Hills, CA 90210, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-424) 204-4043
e-mail: [email protected]/
[email protected]
55 White St., New York
NY 10013, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-212) 673-5103
Contact: Nicolas Atlan, co-CEO; Mevelyn
Noriega, pres., dist.
Kulipari: An Army of Frogs (Animated
action/adventure, 13x26 min.) A story about
bravery and heroism with poisonous frogs, scorpions and spiders who must go to war to ensure
the survival of their entire world.
Alpha and Omega (Animated family films, 3x45
min.) The three new stories will focus on the misadventures of “Alpha” Kate and “Omega”
Humphrey and their three wolf pups, Claudette,
Stinky and Runt, as they confront life lessons in
the great outdoors.
Team Tigers: Always Take Action (w.t.) (Animated action/adventure, 26x26 min.) Three
young Taekwondo students train, make friends
and have lots of fun and adventures while learning about life skills as they work towards their
ultimate goal of becoming black belts.
Tellur Aliens (Animated action/adventure family film, 1x66 min.) Follows the incredible adventures of three school friends in their mission to
overcome obstacles and find solutions to save
their beautiful planet, Telluria.
Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch (Animated comedy/adventure, 26x26 min.) Sabrina,
the iconic character from Archie Comics, has two
very different lives. When they collide, she is the
only one who has the power to battle her foes
with her magical identity.
SPI’s The Cobbler
Heidi (Comedy) A heartwarming story about
childhood and friendship for the whole family.
(CEE rights)
The Forger (Thriller, 1x92 min.) Travolta, a second-generation petty thief, buys his way out of
prison to spend time with his ailing son, only to
be forced to commit one last crime. (CEE rights)
Starz’s Ash vs Evil Dead
A Secret Life (Thriller feature, 1x81 min.) A
woman discovers her husband is leading a double life.
A Prince for Christmas (Holiday feature, 1x87
min.) A small town girl falls in love with a Prince.
Hit the Floor Season 3 (Drama, 10x60 min.)
Rising superstar Ahsha struggles to adapt to
Sloane as both mother and boss, and Jelena
as new part owner of the Devil Girls.
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P3.B8
Contact: Loni Farhi, CEO & pres.; Stacey
Sobel, EVP; Berk Uziyel, dir., new media; Revi
Benshoshan, dir., acq.; Jacek Osadnik, dir.,
mktg. worldwide; Bob Brach, acq. mgr.; Anna
Hoddle, mktg. mgr., worldwide channels.
The Cobbler (Comedy, 1x99 min.) A cobbler,
bored of his life, stumbles upon a magical heirloom that allows him to become other people.
(CEE rights)
Army of One (Comedy) An American civilian
sets out on his own to find Osama Bin Laden.
(CEE rights)
All Roads Lead to Rome (Comedy) Maggie, in
an effort to reconnect with her troubled teen
daughter, decides to embark on a journey to a
Tuscan village. (CEE rights)
crime drama about a drug kingpin trying to
make the impossible transition to a legitimate
Survivor’s Remorse Season 2 (Comedy, 10x30
min.) Follows Cam Calloway, a basketball phenom
trying to balance family with his star status. Cam,
his cousin/manager Reggie and the Calloway clan
wrestle with fame, love and loyalty.
Splash’s Team Tigers: Always Take Action
Stand: R9.A32
Contact: Gene George, EVP, worldwide dist.,
Starz Worldwide Dist.; Alisha Serold, VP,
worldwide dist., Starz Worldwide Dist.; Alecia
Dixon-Kurschner, VP, domestic dist., Starz
Worldwide Dist.; Meggan Kimberley, sales
exec., Starz Worldwide Dist.; Todd Bartoo, snr.
mgr., sales & acq., Starz Worldwide Dist.; Kristen Stanisz-Bedno, snr. mgr., mktg., Starz
Worldwide Dist.; Mara Winokur, SVP, global
dist. & strategy, Starz Digital; Michael Messina,
VP, global dist. & acq., Starz Digital; Magda
Grace, snr. mgr., global dist., Starz Digital.
The Girlfriend Experience (Drama, 13x30 min.)
A second-year law student and intern at a prestigious firm is introduced to the world of GFEs:
women who provide “The Girlfriend Experience”—emotional and sexual relationships at a
very high price.
Ash vs Evil Dead (Live action, 10x30 min.)
Follows Ash, stock boy, aging lothario and
chainsaw-handed monster hunter who spent
30 years avoiding responsibility, and terrors of
the Evil Dead.
Flesh and Bone (Drama, 8x60 min.) Follows
young dancer Claire as she joins a prestigious
New York City ballet company, and encounters the glamour and dysfunction of the ballet world.
The Dresser (Drama feature, 1x109 min.) Based
on Ronald Harwood's play, tells the story of one
fateful night in a small regional theatre during
World War II, as a troupe of touring actors stage
a production of Shakespeare’s King Lear.
Black Sails Season 3 (Action/drama, 10x60 min.)
In the wake of Charles Town, the world lives in
fear of Captain Flint. When his campaign of terror
crosses over into madness, it falls to John Silver to
locate the man within the monster.
Power Season 2 (Action/drama, 10x60 min.)
Executive Producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson
presents the second season of the NY-based
10/15 World Screen 719
138 S. Harper Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90048, U.S.A.
Tel: +1 (310) 927-1303
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P3.B13
Contact: Francisco J. González, head, intl.;
Alexandre Coscas, head, prod. & dvpmt.
The Manny When Cass is forced to hire a
handsome bachelor to nanny her two kids, she
hatches a plan to make him quit, but he ends
up winning over the hearts of the kids and,
eventually, the boss.
Harvest Moon When Jennifer loses her fortune
she moves from Beverly Hills to a struggling farm.
Her arrival is unwelcome by the young farm
manager, but by working together, they turn the
struggling farm around while falling in love.
The Christmas Note When Gretchen moves back
home, she inherits a grumpy neighbor, Melissa.
Their fates are intertwined when they discover a
note revealing Melissa has a long lost sibling.
Temporarily Yours A temp worker with commitment issues gets hired by a widowed, workobsessed executive to be the nanny of his two
mischievous kids.
Country Girl A young couple elopes, only to
have their marriage annulled after they are
caught. Years later, living worlds apart and each
on the verge of marrying other people, they discover they are still husband and wife.
Runaway Princess While in New York City during Christmastime, a young Princess escapes her
handlers to experience the city incognito and
meets a handsome artist.
Christmas Angel Susan gets her shot at writing a
feature story with her muse being the handcarved wooden Christmas Angel that’s been in her
family for generations. Uncovering the mystery
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 10:53 AM Page 34
behind the Christmas Angel could get her published and help her find true love in her own life.
Just The Way You Are In a bid to save their
marriage, Jenny gets creative by setting up a
series of blind dates with Ian to reignite the spark
in their relationship. But their progress is jeopardized when Jenny discovers a secret Ian has
been keeping.
Recipe for Love A young cook gets the impossible task to ghostwrite a cookbook for a popular
TV chef with a bad-boy reputation.
The Christmas Secret A young single mother
moves to a new town where a series of unexpected events leads to a magical Christmas for
her family.
Sapporobogen 6-8
D-80637 Munich, Germany
Tel: (49-89) 960-855-0
e-mail: [email protected]
2017) At DAM academy five teens belong to the
“losers club,” but when they discover that the
school’s basement is haunted by spirits of an old
rock band, they rise to fame with the support of
the ghost rockers.
Vic the Viking (CGI animation, 78x12 min.) Tenyear-old Vic and the Viking crew get involved in
adventures while sailing around the world.
Trains (CGI animation, S1: 46x5 min., S2: 46x5
min.) Traintown is populated with all different
types of trains who live and feel like human
beings and have their own relationships, problems and dreams.
Knietzsche (2D animation, 26x3 min.) The
world’s smallest philosopher ponders all of the
important topics that intrigue children and that
often leave adults stumped for an answer.
Maya the Bee (CGI animation, 78x12 min.)
Maya’s adventures sometimes lead her into
trouble, but luckily she has Skip the grasshopper
and Willy, her best friend, to help her out.
300 Sec. Ride (Quiz show) Two team members
take a 300-second ride on a moving platform
that runs back and forth from one side of the
studio to the other and must answer eight questions before they run out of time in order to win
a cash prize. (Dori Media)
Like Share Please (Factual ent., 3x50 min.) Presents a unique way of storytelling and deals with
the ways in which social networking and the real
world intersect.
Win the Crowd (Talent show) When the street is
your stage, all you need to do is win the crowd.
(Dori Media)
Sonnenstrasse 14
80331 Munich, Germany
Tel: (49-89) 9622-8300
e-mail: [email protected]
Studio 100’s The Wild Adventures of
Blinky Bill
Nils Holgersson (CGI animation, 52x13 min.)
One day a mischievous elf changes Nils into a
miniature human with the skill to speak with
animals. With his faithful friend Martin the gander Nils embarks on the most extraordinary journey among the wild geese.
K3 (2D animation, 52x13 min.) Kim, Kylie and
Kate are three ordinary girls in an extraordinary
world; teen pop singers on an amazing global
tour of unexpected diversions that lead to funpacked stories.
Heidi (CGI/3D animation, 39x22 min.) Eightyear-old orphan Heidi lives with her grandfather in the scenic idyll of the Swiss Alps. With her
best friends, Heidi learns to embrace and appreciate the wonders of life in nature.
Tashi (CGI animation w/2D elements, 52x11
min.) Tashi and Jack become swept up in a series
of wild adventures exploring a fantastical kingdom where they have to face mythical creatures.
Ghost Rockers (Live action, S1: 53x12 min., S2:
52x12 min., S3: 52x12 min. 2016; S4: 52x12 min.
Brand joins forces with acclaimed director
Michael Winterbottom on a polemical documentary about the financial crises.
Baron Noir (Thriller/drama, 8x60 min.) An
epic tale of a French politician’s thirst for
revenge against his political enemies after
finding his career in shambles.
Midnight Sun (Crime, 8x60 min.) A French
police officer travels to Kiruna, a small mining
community in remote northern Sweden, to
investigate brutal serial murders concealing
a secret conspiracy.
Yehuda Halevi 147, Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel: (972-3) 771-9925
Stand: R7.C1
Contact: Hans Bourlon, mng. dir.; Patrick
Elmendorff, CEO; Martin Krieger, head, global
dist.; Tanja Aichberger Schätzle, snr. sales
exec.; Dorian Bühr, sales exec.; Anke Manthey,
jnr. sales exec.; Katharina Muck, head, mktg.
& comms.; Carla Herzog, PR mgr.
The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill (CGI animation, 52x11 min.) Without Blinky Green Patch
would be a quiet refuge from the dangerous
outback. With this kid koala, everyday life has a
way of spiraling into a chain of escapades.
STUDIOCANAL’s Midnight Sun
e-mail: [email protected]
Contact: Ami Glam, co-fndr.; Ilan Glam, co-fndr.
Double or Nothing (Studio game show, 25 min.
eps.) Five pairs of contestants try to double the
score that one of the pair achieved by themselves. (Armoza Formats)
Knockout (Studio game show, 45 min. eps.) Two
celebrities compete in a tense challenge in which
each has to play exactly the same hidden-camera prank on a celebrity friend. The better performer wins. (Keshet Intl.)
I Spy (Hidden-camera show) Three contestants
turn into spies for a day. The challenges are
taken from the espionage world, and performed
on the street opposite real people who are not
aware that they are part of a secret plot.
The Selfie Challenge (Reality game show) Original reality game show that draws its inspiration
from the cross-culture phenomenon that is the
selfie. (Dori Media)
Extreme Love (Reality/dating game show) A
woman resides in a luxurious villa, while her 10
romantic prospects stay in a nearby compound
under basic living conditions. (FremantleMedia)
The Extra Mile (Reality, 60 min. eps.) Ten
divorced couples embark on a life-changing
experience in a remote location to see who
among them can overcome grievances and
hardships and work together to win a cash prize.
Dance with Me (Talent show) Dance show that
brings together the worlds of both professional
and amateur dancers. (Global Agency)
Studio Glam’s 300 Sec. Ride
Stand: P1.A1
Contact: Romain Bessi, COO & CFO; Rodolphe
Buet, pres., intl. mktg. & dist.; Katrina Neylon, EVP,
sales & mktg.; Francoise Guyonnet, EVP, home
ent., new media & TV, France; Barbara Knabe,
EVP, TV & digital dist.; Tim Stuart, EVP, digital & TV,
Asia Pacific; Anna Marsh, EVP, intl. film dist.;
Simon Bathe, EVP, digital; Robb Smith, COO, STUDIOCANAL UK; Katheryn Needham, dir., U.K. TV
sales & new media; Juliette Hochart, VP, intl.
home ent. & TV dist.; Gregoire Delarue, head, TV
sales, France; Chloe Champenois, sales mgr., pay
TV, France; Camille Dupeuble, sales mgr., TV,
France; Mirela Nastase, sales mgr.; Marie Crombet, sales mgr., TV, France; John Rodden, GM, U.K.
home ent.; Julian Ehret, intl. library sales mgr.;
Jonas Bauer, head, intl. acq. & coprod.; Isabelle
Fedyk, VP, mktg. & press; Mitch Zamarin, press &
PR mgr.; Annette Hoerster, mktg. mgr.
The Last Panthers (Crime drama, 6x60 min.)
Modern-day Europe is gripped by new forms
of crime on an epic scale. Starring Samantha
Morton, Tahar Rahim and John Hurt. Joint
distribution with Sky Vision.
The Five (Thriller, 10x60 min.) Original thriller
series by Harlan Coben, six-time number one
NY Times best-selling author. Four friends are
united by a terrible childhood event. Screenplay by Danny Brocklehurst.
Spotless (Drama, 10x60 min.) A new dark,
sexy drama series starring César-winning
Marc-André Grondin, Inglourious Basterds'
Denis Ménochet, 24 co-star Miranda Raison
and Downton Abbey’s Brendan Coyle.
Section Zero (Drama, 8x60 min.) Political scifi thriller from César-nominated writer and
director Olivier Marchal (Braquo) and starring Pascal Gregory and Ola Rapace.
Crossing Lines Season 3 (Crime, 12x60 min.)
A disbanded cross-border European crime
unit is reinstated by the International Criminal Court. New series leads Goran Visnjic and
Elizabeth Mitchell join Donald Sutherland.
Sanctuary (Thriller, 1x120 min.) A French
minister must navigate a political minefield in
a high-stakes standoff between a clandestine
Spanish paramilitary squad targeting a
Basque nationalist, separatist organization.
Danny and the Human Zoo (Drama, 1x120
min.) Comic single drama loosely based on
actor and comedian Lenny Henry’s life as a
working-class teenager in 1970s Dudley.
The Emperor’s New Clothes (Doc., 1x120
min.) British comedian and activist Russell
720 World Screen 10/15
110 Davenport Rd.
Toronto, ON M5R 3R3, Canada
Tel: (1-416) 921-7177
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P-1.J57
Contact: Kevin Sullivan, pres.; Catherine
Carnovale, dvpmt. & acq. exec.; McKenzie Sullivan, dvpmt. & sales associate; Athena Malamas, mgr., sales, acq. & mktg.
Magic Flute Diaries (Movie/music/ent.,
1x105 min. HD) Love and betrayal, reward and
retribution, and the power of Mozart’s brilliant music combine in this motion picture.
Out of the Shadows (Science/art/culture
doc., 1x60 min. HD) Through a melding of science and art, experts have uncovered hidden
images in the works of history’s greatest
artists, buried under layers of paint.
Mozart Decoded (Music/history/culture doc.,
1x60 min. HD) Discover what inspired Mozart
to compose the musical masterpieces that
immortalized him as one of the greatest composers the world has ever known.
Sleeping Dog’s Lie (Movie, 1x91 min. HD) When
a wealthy movie-theatre owner sells his chain
for a million dollars and is never heard from
again, a young detective assigned to the case
falls for the key suspect—the missing man’s wife.
Under the Piano (Movie, 1x92 min. HD) An
autistic piano prodigy punished by her diva
mother learns to live an independent life with
the help of her older sister.
Butterbox Babies (Movie, 1x94 min. HD)
True-life story about a woman, running a
maternity home in the 1940s, who starts selling babies to a New York lawyer for big bucks.
A Day in a Life (Movie, 1x90 min.) Comedy
tells the story of five seniors who decide to
turn an ordinary day into something special.
The Wild Pony (Youth & kids/family movie,
1x90 min. HD) Christopher becomes withdrawn after the death of his father—until he
befriends a wild black pony.
Wind at My Back Christmas (Family movie,
1x91 min. HD) Christmas in New Bedford is
not how it should be, yet even in the face of
disaster, the Bailey family strives to reunite
for the holidays.
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 11:52 AM Page 35
Sullivan’s Under the Piano
Road to Avonlea Christmas (Family movie,
1x92 min. HD) In the face of struggle and
tragedy, the King family bands together for
one unforgettable Christmas.
515 W. 20th St., 6/Fl.
New York, NY 10011, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-646) 284-9801
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P-1.E68
Contact: Jérémie Fajner, mng. dir.; Clément
Calvet, mng. dir.; Morgann Favennec, deputy
mng. dir.; Safaa Benazzouz, intl sales.
Boyster (Kids comedy, 52x11 min.) It's tough
to be a boy when you are an oyster! A comedy series dealing with universal topics such as
finding one’s identity and exclusion.
Kika & Bob (Kids comedy/educational, 52x13
min.) A slapstick educational comedy series
where the two main characters travel the world
to save Tiger, Kika’s cat.
Picnic with Cake (Preschool comedy, 13x5
min.) An animated series adapted from the
famous eponymous book by Thé Tjong-Khing.
Each episode tells the same central storyline but
from the perspective of different character.
Story Time! (Preschool/family, 13x13 min.) A
combination of beautiful, little known traditional tales and original stories. This preschool
series can be watched by the entire family.
The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales (Family comedy, 3x26 min.) A collection of three specials
adapted from Oscar nominated Benjamin Renner’s comic books. Each story will take our heroes
to a crazy adventure outside the farm.
Will (Kids comedy, 52x2 min.) Will is a highly
energetic and clever boy who lives his life to the
fullest in a wheelchair. This comedy is a bold and
entertaining series that aims to raise awareness
of disabilities.
Stand: R7.K20
Contact: Hiroya Nishimura, pres.; Masakazu
Soeda, mng. dir.; Natasha Gross, mktg. dir.;
Emiko Takeda, regional sales dir.; Mark Northwood, cnslt.
Beyblade Burst (Boys action) Boys fight for their
dream of becoming the best Bladers, battling
rivals and making friends along the way.
The Puppet Show (Talent, 6x75 min.) The new
family-oriented talent show that’s got everybody
talking—because our wannabe stars are not
humans—they’re puppets.
Sing What (Talent, 6x75 min.) Two teams of
celebrity songwriters compete against each other
by performing national and international hit
songs—with lyrics they’ve written themselves.
The Big Picture (Connected game show, 45 min.
eps. weekly/25 min. daily, 6 eps.) It’s the first
game show whereby the connected player can
play along in real-time with a studio player and
could end up winning a big prize.
Face Your Addiction (Ent., 8x45 min.) A heartwarming factual-entertainment show in which
desperate relatives confront their loved ones
who are struggling with an addiction.
Lies Allowed (Ent., 6x45 min.) In this new familyoriented entertainment format, two famous
comedians try to convince the audience they’re
not lying, by any means possible!
Talpa’s Face Your Addiction
My Last Time (Ent., 5x45 min.) Viewers get an
emotional peek inside the daily lives of terminally ill individuals and witness them living their
final days to the fullest.
The Light Box, 111 Power Rd.
London W4 5PY, U.K.
Tel: (44-203) 735-5222
Superights’s Will
Wubby School (Preschool comedy, 52x11 min.)
Wubby School is the only school for toys. This
series follows 5-year-old Helen and her unruly
toy students in this not-so-ordinary class.
e-mail: [email protected]
Sunrights’s Beyblade Burst
B-Daman Fireblast (Boys action, 26x22 min.)
When the cruel Grand B-master of Crestland
replaces Crossfire with Road Fight, Kamon and
his band of B-shots rise up and bring fun back to
the game.
B-Daman Crossfire (Boys action, 26x22 min.)
The story takes place in year 20XX, in the town of
East City, where the toy B-Daman is popular with
13, rue Keller, 75011 Paris, France
Tel: (33-09) 6011-1333
e-mail: [email protected], [email protected],
[email protected]
Media Park, Gebouw De Matrix,
Sumatralaan 45, 1217 GP Hilversum,
The Netherlands
Tel: (31-35) 533-3111
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: C16.A3
Contact: Maarten Meijs, mng. dir.; Gepke Nederlof, head, global sales.
Dance Dance Dance (Talent, 6x80-90 min.)
Dancers reenact famous routines with revolutionary technology. The best in the business offer
mind-blowing performances, raising the bar for
the genre all over the world.
Superkids (Talent, 7x90 min.) In this positive talent competition, kids showcase their
astonishing skills by performing a wide variety of high level acts. It’s genuine family
Stand: P0.A8
Contact: Paul Heaney, CEO; Kate Llewellyn-Jones,
mng. dir.; Karen Connell, head, sales; Daniela
Bagliani, head, sales, Italian-speaking Europe;
Mauro Fabbricotti, sales mgr., Italian-speaking
Europe; Mem Bakar, sales mgr.; Anna Budashevskaya, sales & acq. mgr.; Dina Subhani, mktg.;
Claire Lowe, mktg.; Tess Tammer, receptionist.
Medieval Murder Mysteries (History, 6x60
min.) Uses modern thinking from historical
police criminology, forensics, human osteologists
and current historical ideas to try and solve what
really happened all those years ago.
Survival in the Skies (Science, 4x60 min.) The
inside story of three crucial inventions that have
paved the way for human exploration over the
last century: the space suit, the ejector seat and
the parachute have protected and saved thousands of people from certain death.
Changing Faces (Lifestyle, 6x30 min.) Dr. Micahel Zacharia and Dr. David Penn are experts in
their field of changing faces through cosmetic
and dental surgery.
Royal Secrets (History, 10x30 min.) Each halfhour will reveal a series of secrets about members of Britain’s Royal Family. Every episode will
10/15 World Screen 721
TCB’s Changing Faces
contain substantial exclusive footage from ITN’s
Royal Archive.
Mega Yachts (Lifestyle, 1x60 min.) Meet the
people who build and design the world’s biggest
mega-yachts; developing sensational milliondollar “water toys” for million-dollar playboys.
Combat Trains (History, 8x60 min.) Trains have
played a crucial role in the war effort of the past
150 years. We are told the tales of these incredible trains, highlighting the human stories
alongside them.
Copycat Killers (Reality, 13x60 min.) Chronicles
the real-life copycat crimes and the criminals
inspired by blockbuster movies and TV series.
Deals, Wheels & Steals (Lifestyle, 6x30 min.)
Behind the scenes of Britain's independent car
auctions, some of the country’s wittiest and
wackiest car dealers compete to bag unbelievable bargains.
Jaguar: The Car That Money Can't Buy
(Science, 1x60 min.) Following the production
of the car that no amount of money can
buy—you have to be invited to purchase the
Jaguar Lightweight E Type.
41 Dogs in My Home (Lifestyle, 1x60 min.)
Can a love for animals go too far and turn
into an addiction? Among the millions of pet
owners is a small minority whose love for animals has reached extreme levels.
1, rue Jeanne d’Arc
92443 Issy-les-Moulineaux, France
Tel: (33-1) 4186-5000
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: Buyers Club
Contact: Steven Wendland, creative head &
VP, animation; Alison Warner, VP, IP sales, acq.
& coprod.
The Deep (CGI action adventure, 26x22 min.)
Based on an award-winning graphic novel series,
follows the adventures of a family of underwater
explorers living aboard a submarine.
Atomic Puppet (Animated comedy, 52x11 min.)
When Captain Atomic, Model City’s fearless
superhero, is transformed into a powerless puppet by his disgruntled sidekick, the hero’s powers are accidentally transferred to his biggest fan,
12-year-old Joey.
Technicolor’s Atomic Puppet
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 10:54 AM Page 36
Prilidiano Pueyrredón 2989 2/Fl.
(B1640ILA) Martinez
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel: (54-11) 4102-5994
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: R9.A20
Contact: Tomas Yankelevich, intl. business
dir.; Daniel Otaola, content dist. mgr.; Guillermo
Borensztein, VP, coprod. & new business
dvpmt.; Diana Coifman, intl. business snr.
exec.; Maria Eugenia Costa, intl. business
exec.; Maria del Rosario Cosentino, intl. business exec.; Meca Salado Pizarro, head, mktg.
Cannibals (Thriller, 60x60 min. 4K UHD) Directed
by Juan José Campanella, a story of love, revenge
and redemption in the world of politics.
Story of a Clan (Miniseries, 11x60 min. HD)
Based upon the real story of the Puccio “clan,” a
traditional Argentine family who devoted themselves to the kidnapping and murder of businessmen they knew at the beginning of the ’80s.
The Return of Lucas (Superseries, 60x60 min.
HD) A boy was abducted from his parents during
a day at the beach; 20 years later he reappears.
Telefe’s Cannibals
Lioness (Telenovela, 120x60 min. HD) A factory that is about to shut down will be the
meeting point for Franco and María, a couple
who will stand on opposite sides until they
dare to fall in love.
Bartenders (Reality) Eighteen contestants vie
to be named the best bartender in the country.
Telefilms’s Secret in Their Eyes
The Hateful Eight (Feature film) Quentin Tarantino’s eighth major feature picks up a decade
after the Civil War and charts the journey of a
group of bounty hunters, outlaws and fugitives
after they all wind up seeking shelter from a blizzard in the same cabin.
London Has Fallen (Feature film) The British
Prime Minister has passed away under mysterious
circumstances and his funeral becomes a deadly
plot to kill the world’s most powerful leaders.
Autobahn (Feature film) After a heist goes terribly wrong, Casey finds himself on the run from
a ruthless gang headed by mob boss Hagen.
Secret in Their Eyes (Feature film) The teenage
daughter of a team of FBI investigators, Ray and
Jess, is brutally and inexplicably murdered. Thirteen years later, Ray uncovers a new lead that
he feels can permanently resolve the case.
viewers with their charm and talent in different disciplines.
Stand Up for Your Country (Talent show, 120
min. eps.) Musical prime-time show inspired by
the millions of videos on the web where parents
and children get together to sing and dance.
The Ticket (Multiplatform game show, 60 min.
eps.) To play the game, all you have to do is get
a ticket from the app and wait your turn. When
it’s your turn, you have to answer 10 questions
correctly on your smartphone.
My Online Friend (Reality, 60 min. eps.) How
many of us have friends on our social networks
and really have no idea who they are? The host
of this show asked himself the same question
and went out to meet these “friends.”
Mini Me (Ent., 90-120 min. eps.) Well-known
celebrities search for their successors in boys and
girls who put enough passion, strength, emotion
and effort into triumphing.
Avda. Radiotelevisión, 4
28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón
Madrid, Spain
Tel: (34-91) 581-7000
Av. Vasco de Quiroga 2000
Col. Santa Fe, México DF
01210 Mexico
Tel: (1-786) 265-2500
e-mail: [email protected], [email protected]
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: R9.A2
Contact: Fernando Pérez Gavilán, VP; Carlos Castro, general sales dir.; Ricardo Ehrsam, general dir.,
Europe & Asia; Claudia Sahab, dir., Europe; Mario
Castro, dir., sales, Asia & Africa; Claudia Silva, sales
dir., South America; Cecilia Galeana, sales dir.
Central America & Caribbean; Mauricio Bailon,
general dir., new business; Ma. Carmen Rotter,
general dir., Televisa Consumer Products; Vicente
Zarazua, general dir., operations.
Anything But Plain (Classic telenovela, 150x60
min.) To be Alicia, Lichita had to be smarter than
any other and learn that no matter how hard
you try to pretend to be what you are not, it is
impossible to betray your heart.
Av. Libertador 1068
11/Fl., Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel: (54-11) 5032-6000
Stand: R7.L15
Contact: Rodolfo Domínguez, commercial dir.;
Rafael Bardem, head, pgm. sales; María Jesús
Pérez, head, channel sales; Raúl Molina, pgm. sales
exec.; António Pérez, pgm. sales exec.; Alessia di
Giacomo, pgm. sales exec.; Rosalía Alcubilla, channel sales exec.; David Priego, channel sales exec.;
Cecilia Lera, exec., trade shows & events.
El Ministerio del tiempo (The Department of
Time) (Fiction, 8x70 min.) A character from our
own time travels to a different period in history
in each episode with the mission to ensure that
the past does not change.
Carlos, Rey Emperador (Fiction, 13x70 min.)
Through the story of the career of Charles of
Austria, from his turbulent arrival in Spain, we
will see how the heir of the crowns of Castile and
Aragon grows as a statesman.
Acacias 38 (Fiction, 65x50 min.) Daily series set
in 1899, telling the story of a group of maids and
the bourgeois families they serve in a single
block in a distinguished neighborhood.
e-mail: [email protected]
Wambachergasse 2
1130 Wien, Austria
Tel: (43-1) 87003-0
e-mail: [email protected],
[email protected]
Stand: P-1/F2.G1
Contact: Sven Westphal, coprod. mgr.
Amur—Asia’s Amazon (Nature, 3x50 min.) An
epic journey of discovery of the natural world
along the Amur and its tributaries, of its rich
wildlife and the local native people.
Giraffe—Up High and Personal (Nature, 1x53
min.) Through a creative approach and unusual
perspectives, we meet the towering giants of the
African savannah up high and personal.
House Hunters—Amazing Animal Architects
(Nature, 3x50 min.) Built for one season or for
generations: animal homes are as different as can
be and full of surprises. Available with host Chris
Morgan or in international presenter-less version.
David Attenborough’s Light on Earth
(Nature/science, 1x53 min.) With fireflies swarming on land, deep-sea anglerfish swimming in the
oceans and fungi briskly glowing away in our
forests, bioluminescence is everywhere. Why?
Secrets of the Nazi Treasure (History, 1x50
min.) Set amid the Austrian Alps is the mythenshrouded Lake Toplitz, where a mass of controversial, classified documents of the Third
Reich are said to have been stored away.
Wild Weather with Richard Hammond (Science,
3x50 min., 3x58 min., 1x52 min.) This series completely changes our understanding of the extraordinary natural forces at play in our weather.
Mystery Monkeys of Shangri-La (Nature, 1x53
min.) An extraordinary first document of the rare
and beautiful Snub-nosed monkey—and a moving family drama.
Brazil—A Natural History (Nature, 5x50 min.)
Brazil harbors an astounding diversity of life and
a magnificent landscape second to none.
The Model and the Bushmen (Nature, 1x50
min.) South Africa’s legendary bushmen, the San,
teach their vast knowledge of nature to those
who are willing to learn—among them Norwegian model Aleksandra Ørbeck-Nilssen.
Killer IQ—Lion vs. Hyena (Nature, 2x53 min. &
1x90 min.) Kevin Richardson and some of the
world’s leading behavioral zoologists witness a
war of wits between lions and hyenas in a series
of exciting, entertaining and groundbreaking
puzzles and trials.
Televisa’s Anything But Plain
Stand: P-1.E4
Contact: Tomás Darcyl, pres.; Ricardo Costianovsky, CEO; Humberto Delmas, sales mgr.;
Alejandro Carballo, sales mgr.; Alfredo
Andreotti, sales mgr.
No Escape (Feature film) In their new overseas
home, an American family soon finds themselves
caught in the middle of a coup, and they frantically look for a safe escape in an environment
where foreigners are being executed.
I Dare You to Leave (Classic telenovela, 150x60
min.) A heartbreaking story in which power, envy,
selfishness and desire for ownership will tragically mark the deep love Paulina and Adrián feel
for each other.
The Wacky Old Games (Game-show format,
60-70 min. eps.) Six couples participate in eccentric games, inspired by incredible traditions and
rituals, to win a substantial cash prize or an allexpenses-paid trip around the world.
Little Giants (Talent show, 29x120 min.) Talented kids display their magic, delighting
TVE’s Carlos, Rey Emperador
Seis Hermanas (Fiction, 85x50 min.) Madrid
1913. The six Silva sisters are the life of highsociety parties. When their father suffers a serious accident they must come to terms with the
fact that the family business is in crisis and the
only possible salvation depends on them.
722 World Screen 10/15
Terra Mater’s Brazil: A Natural History
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 10:54 AM Page 37
Luise-Ullrich-Str. 6
82031 Gruenwald, Germany
Tel: (49-89) 29093-0
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: R8.A6
Contact: Herbert L. Kloiber, mng. dir.; Carlos Hertel, head, intl. sales; Angelika Koch, intl. sales
mgr.; Giannina Antola, intl. sales mgr.; Vanessa
Kinzel, intl. sales mgr.
The Von Trapp Family—A Life of Music
(Bio./drama, 1x95 min. HD) Behind the legend of
Agathe von Trapp and her family, who became
known around the world through The Sound of
Music and made Salzburg popular among millions.
Curse of the Falcon (Kids mystery/adventure,
208x15 min./104x30 min. HD) Trapped in Falcon
Forest, a group of students band together to
master difficult tasks and overcome dangerous
situations in their quest for freedom.
Among Wolves (Crime, 1x90 min. HD) Two cops
in a sea of murder, drugs, extortion, blackmail,
corruption and sabotage.
Posto Code (Lifestyle/doc., 6x23 min. HD) A sensuous portrait of Rio de Janeiro, the marvelous
city hosting the 2016 Olympic Games.
Cosmos (Nature doc., 23x60 min. HD) Seven
photographed wildlife documentary series from
award-winning filmmaker Prof. Dr. Kurt Mündl.
Sapphire Blue (Mystery/romance/adventure,
1x116 min. HD) Though they must still save the
world, a century-hopping young couple must
now also save their young love, which is put to
the test by the evil Count of St. Germain.
Ruby Red (Mystery/romance, 1x122 min. HD)
Sixteen-year-old London teen Gwen becomes a
pawn in a sinister conspiracy when she realizes
that she can travel through time.
TM’s Catwalk 30+
Catwalk 30+ (Reality format, 12x60 min. HD)
There are plenty of jobs out there for models 30plus. The fashion industry is searching for a new
type of model: best agers or new classics.
Big Stars—Celebrities Lose Weight (Reality
format, 6x120 min. HD) Puts celebrities through
challenges to help them get fit and lose weight.
786 King St. West, Toronto
ON, Canada M5V 1N6
Tel: (1-416) 341-9926
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: R7.J7
Contact: Andrea Gorfolova, pres.; Frank Saperstein, EVP, Tricon kids, family & animation;
Karthiga Ratnasabapathy, VP, worldwide sales &
acq.; Jeff Hevert: VP, U.S. factual dvpmt.; Lia
Dolente, dir., intl. sales & comms.; Nick Solowski,
dir., intl. sales & acq.; Ashley Rite, dir., dvpmt. &
intl. sales; Liz Coucean, mgr., mktg. & acq.
Real Rob (Comedy, 8x30 min.) The scripted
series, interspersed with Rob Schneider’s standup comedy performances, is an exaggerated yet
brutally honest depiction of Schneider’s real life.
Sensitive Skin II (Dramedy, 12x30 min.) Davina
and her husband have sold their comfortable
family home and moved downtown to an ultramodern condo, in a transitional neighborhood, in
a conscious effort to change their lives, keep relevant and begin again.
The Spoils Before Dying (Comedy, 6x30 min.),
Pulp-noir murder mystery set in the seedy
underbelly of Los Angeles’ jazz scene follows a
down-and-out pianist who becomes the prime
suspect when his lead singer and occasional
lover is found violently murdered.
Sunnyside (Comedy, 13x30 min.) Sunnyside is
a quirky neighborhood in transition, where residents aren’t always what they seem and surprises lurk around every slightly dingy corner.
Rock Icons (Doc., 10x30 min.) Each episode
takes viewers on a journey from the beginning to present day of a rock star.
Tricon’s The Expandables
On the Record with Mick Rock (Doc., 6x30
min.) Mick Rock goes in to artists’ hometowns
to check out the sights and sounds that
inspire them.
The Incredible Food Race (Cooking, 6x60 min.)
Two families battle it out in food-based challenges to win advantages before the main event:
a family vs. family cooking challenge.
Breakneck Builds (Factual, 14x30 min.) Goes
inside giant prefab factories as elite engineers use
cutting-edge technology to assemble revolutionary, foldable steel and waterproof concrete panels.
The Expandables II (Lifestyle/home reno., 28x30
min.) Pits a crew of renovation experts against the
ultimate challenge: creating something incredible from something that’s never existed before.
Counterfeit Cat (Kids, 52x11 min.) Gark, a 9year-old alien boy, mistakes Max, an unheroic
and anxious but loving house cat, for a tiger.
TRT’s Seddulbahir 32 Hours
Stand: P-1.N51
Contact: Mehmet Demirhan, deputy, head, TV
dept., acq., sales & coprod.; Ersagun Servi, intl.
pgm. sales mgr.; Meltem Tümtürk Akyol, sales
exec.; Mustafa Aydogan, sales exec.; Gökhan
Dönmez, sales exec.; Gökçe Aydogdu, sales exec.
Resurrection (Dirilis Ertugrul) (Drama/
history, 26x100 min.) Takes place in the 13th
century. The story of the great man who determined the fate of the world.
Filinta (Drama/history/detective, 26x100 min.)
Ottoman-era detective series aims to tell the stories of the institution of Kadi (judiciary).
Baba Can’dir (What Happens to My Family)
(Drama/comedy, 13+x100 min.) The story of a
father who lost his wife and has to take care of
his children both as a mother and a father and
also as a “life coach.”
Yunus Emre (History, 22x60 min.) The story of a
dervish who lived in the 13th century.
The Century Old Seal (Drama) The story of five
heroes whose paths cross in Canakkale during
the Gallipoli war, and their loves, brotherhood
and patriotism during hard times.
Seddulbahir 32 Hours (Drama/history miniseries, 10x50 min.) The story of the legendary soldiers who fought against the enemy for 32 hours.
Ciragan Conspiracy (History, 4x90 min./8x45
min.) Ali Suavi was backed by the English and the
Freemasons to conspire against the Ciragan Castle with all the men he could gather.
Ahmet, The Cook’s Aide (History, 60x40 min.)
Reflects the lives of both the Imperial Palace and
that of the common people who live around it,
showing the traditions of the month of
Ramadan and the delicacies of Ottoman cuisine.
The Poor Boy and the Rich Girl (Comedy,
121+x90 min.) Mr. Kemal, an extremely wealthy
person, is incensed when his youngest daughter
introduces him to a very ordinary and silly looking man as the one she's going to marry.
Once Upon a Time Ottoman Empire: Mutiny
(History, 20x95 min.) The story of the 18th century Ottoman period under the reign of Sultan
Ahmet III, who tried to pursue a peaceful relationship with Europe.
P.O. Box 900, Beverly Hills
CA 90213, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-310) 369-1000
Twentieth Century Fox’s The X-Files
Anderson as iconic FBI agents Fox Mulder and
Dana Scully.
American Crime Story (Drama, 10x60 min.)
Anthology series about some of the biggest true
crime stories. American Crime Story: The People V.
O.J. Simpson explores the Simpson trial.
Lookinglass (Drama, 13x60 min.) A drama
centering on Jimmy Pritchard, a morally corrupt ex-Sheriff who’s given a second chance
at life when he is brought back from the dead.
Minority Report (Drama, 13x60 min.) A man
haunted by the future and a cop haunted by her
past race to stop crimes in the year 2065 before
they happen.
Scream Queens (Drama, 13x60 min.) A comedyhorror murder mystery in which a devil-clad
killer targets Wallace University’s most elite
sorority house, where a tragedy occurred 20
years earlier.
The Grinder (Comedy, 13x30 min.) A comedy
about a famous TV lawyer at a crossroads.
When his legal series ends, he moves back
home and joins his family’s law firm.
Life in Pieces (Comedy, 13x30 min.) A comedy about one big happy family and their
sometimes awkward, often hilarious and ultimately beautiful milestone moments.
Rosewood (Drama, 13x60 min.) The most
brilliant private pathologist in Miami uses his
highly sophisticated autopsy lab to perform
for-hire autopsies to uncover clues the Miami
P.D. can’t see.
The Guide to Surviving Life (Comedy, 6x30
min.) A comedy about the spectacular disasters we all experience on our way to figuring
out who we are and what we want out of life.
The Bastard Executioner (Drama, 10x60
min.) A 14th century warrior’s life changes
when a divine messenger asks that he lay
down his sword and lead the life of a journeyman executioner.
Kingsbourne House
229-231 High Holborn
London WC1V 7DA, U.K.
Tel: (44-20) 7438-1800
e-mail: [email protected]
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P3.A1
Contact: Mark Kaner, pres.; Marion Edwards,
pres., intl. TV; Gina Brogi, EVP, worldwide pay
TV & SVOD; Matthew Robinson, SVP, intl. TV;
Scott Gregg, EVP, worldwide all media sales;
Greg Drebin, SVP, worldwide mktg.
The X-Files (Drama, 6x60 min.) Event series
helmed by creator/executive producer Chris
Carter, starring David Duchovny and Gillian
Stand: P-1.A94
Contact: Melanie Leach, CEO; Andrew Mackenzie, chief creative officer; Anthony Hughes,
group financial officer; Anthony Appell, head,
sales; Eniela Bella, snr. sales exec.; Holly Hodges,
snr. sales exec.; Tom Burton, jnr. sales exec.;
Laura Masson, sales cnslt.; Gill Garland, mktg.
mgr.; Jess McCormick, sales & materials asst.
The World’s Best Restaurants (Factual, 6x60
min.) Opens the doors to the secrets and history behind the most remarkable and exclusive establishments on Earth.
TRT Genel Müdürlügü
TV Department, A Blok, No: 604
06450 Or-An, Ankara, Turkey
Tel: (90-312) 463-2482
e-mail: [email protected]
10/15 World Screen 723
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 11:53 AM Page 38
Twofour’s Get Me to the Church On Time
Get Me to the Church On Time (Reality ent.
format, 6x60 min.) Stripped of all their possessions and dropped in a faraway location,
brides and grooms compete to make it back
for the biggest day of their lives.
Alex Polizzi’s Secret Italy S2 (Factual, 4x60
min.) The star of The Fixer and The Hotel
Inspector continues on her Italian adventure.
Amazing Animals (Factual, 4x60 min.) Animal
behavior across the globe is put under the
microscope with some extraordinary results.
Feeding the Super Rich (Factual ent., 4x60 min.
& 1x60 min. Xmas special) Follows the renowned
food-finders who source the world’s finest food
to satisfy the appetites of their billionaire clients.
Royal Navy, Sailor School (Factual, 8x60
min.) Captures the incredible journey of a new
generation of Navy recruits as they aim to
become part of this leading force.
The Deal Makers (Factual ent., 48x60 min.) The
makers of Posh Pawn go behind the scenes with
some of the biggest characters in the world of
The Jump (Format) A brand-new season of
the format which sees celebrities take to the
slopes and compete in alpine challenges.
Raising Pompeii (Factual, 1x60 min.) Using
state-of-the-art CGI, this famous city is resurrected from its burial under volcanic ash
2,000 years earlier and brought back to life.
Impossible Engineering S2 (Factual, 8x60
min.) Science/history brand celebrates the
trailblazers of modern engineering and pioneering structures of the world today.
dream job opportunity, with their parents
secretly watching from the boss's office ready
to fire their kid if they step out of line.
Game Shakers (Kids live action, 26x30 min.)
A comedy about two girls who start their own
company after creating a mobile game that
becomes the most popular game of the year.
Harvey Beaks (Kids animation, 52x30 min.)
Follows one sweet, rule-abiding bird on his
mission to experience wild adventures with
the help of his two free-spirited best friends.
Lip Sync Battle (Format/studio ent./reality,
38x30 min.) A competition reality show featuring celebrities going head-to-head, lip synching to the song of their choice.
Moonbeam City (Comedy/animation, 10x30
min.) An absurdist take on the gritty, sexdrenched crime dramas from the 1980s.
Say It In Song (Format/reality, 30 min. eps.)
Music-driven reality format about people
using specific songs to get an important message across to someone else through a variety
of highly creative surprise musical pranks.
VIMN’s Shimmer and Shine
Shimmer and Shine (Kids/preschool, 20x30
min.) An animated series about the magical misadventures of genie-in-training twin sisters who
fulfill wishes for their human best friend.
17-29 Hawley Crescent
London NW1 8 TT, U.K.
Tel: (44-203) 580-2504
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: R7.N7
Contact: Caroline Beaton, SVP; Adeline Ferro, VP,
sales, Americas; June Yeoh, snr. dir., sales, Asia;
Helen Bacchi-Howard, snr. dir.; Emmanuelle Bon,
sales dir.; Amanda Cordner, dir.; Agata Ziomek,
snr. mgr.; Marta Czismadia, sales & format mgr.;
Marie Bariller, sales mgr.; Charlotte Wimshurst,
snr. sales exec.; Laura Burrell, format cnslt.
100 Things To Do Before High School (Kids
live action, 26x30 min.) A tween and her two
lifelong best friends use an ever-expanding list
of challenges as a guide to make the most of
their middle school years.
Another Period (Comedy, 10x30 min.) A turnof-the-century historical and satirical scripted
series following the Bellacourt family, whose
days are filled with money, sex, and drugs.
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
(Comedy/news & docs., 161x30 min./41x30 min.
global edition) The new iteration of the latenight talker continues Jon Stewart's legacy with
the South African comedian taking the helm.
Fired By Mum & Dad (Format/factual reality,
30 min. eps.) Unemployable teens obtain a
14945 Ventura Blvd., Suite 306
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-818) 784-1702
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: R7.C33
Contact: Lise Romanoff, mng. dir. & CEO, worldwide dist.; Adam Wright, EVP, intl. sales & acq.
#Lucky Number (Romantic comedy, 1x80 min.)
When an aspiring young sportscaster finds himself with the old cell number of a superstar, he
joins the A-list lifestyle with VIP parties and the
pursuit of love… until his idol finds out.
A Date With Miss Fortune (Romance/comedy,
1x97 min.) When a struggling sitcom writer gets
rescued by a superstitious Portuguese beauty, it’s
love at first sight, but will destiny and crosscultural relationships get in their way?
William Shatner Presents: Chaos On the
Bridge (Bio./history, 1x60 min.) Takes viewers
behind-the-scenes of the controversial creation of Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Check Point (Action/thriller, 1x90 min.) In a
small town, an insurgent attack threatens to
escalate into a full-blown U.S. invasion. A team
of unlikely heroes rise up to fight the enemy.
A Year and Change (Comedy/romantic comedy,
1x93 min.) After falling off a roof at a New Year’s
party, a young man decides it’s time to make
some changes in his life, such as reconnecting
with his son and finding a new love.
Trude’s Flatmate (Animation, 9x7 min.)
Trude’s flatmate is rather peculiar—he is big,
furry and he talks! Along with him, little ones
learn that rage is a very short-lived feeling.
Vision Films’s Sam Smith: Dreams Come True
Hired Gun (Bio., 1x90 min.) Millions of fans have
listened to them play the music of the famous
stars who hire them. But who are they really?
Sam Smith: Dreams Come True (Doc., 1x74
min.) Follow his path to stardom from his crucial
formative years to current international fame.
To Be Frank: Sinatra at 100 (Bio./music/history, 1x80 min.) An intimate look at the legendary artist’s life with untold stories from those
who knew him well.
1241 East Main St.
Stamford, CT 06902, U.S.A.
Tel: (1-203) 352-8600
e-mail: [email protected]
Ludwigstrasse 11
50667 Cologne, Germany
Tel: (49-221) 2035-2123
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P-1.F86
Contact: Stefanie Fischer, head, content; Nicole
Offergeld, sales mgr., intl.; Julia Jaensch, mgr., acq.
& coprod.; Michael Loeb, CEO; Ingo Vandrè, head,
new media; Albrecht Bischoffshausen, head, ARD
Intl. Cable Coordination; Sophie von Doetinchem,
dist. mgr., ARD Intl. Cable Coordination.
From Scratch to Pro (Sports show) Promoting
sporting activities and social skills to its young
audience, our host has to learn a new activity
from scratch—in 48 hours.
Ah—I Got IT! (Edutainment) Each episode
features five topics presented by two cheeky
young hosts—proving that knowledge is fun!
The Human Quiz (Prime-time ent.) A combination of physical games, tricky quiz rounds
and enlightening clips.
The Unlikely Events in the Life of…
(Ensemble comedy) Nine comedians take their
audience on an unforgettable trip through
the imaginary world of their celebrity host.
Room to Let—The Perfect Flatmate (Latenight comedy) Our two hosts just happen to
have a spare room. Each week they are “casting”
a new famous flatmate.
Come and Ask the Maus! (Family prime-time
ent.) Celebrity daredevils, extreme challenges,
mind-boggling puzzles and heaps of fun for the
whole family. Everyday mysteries turn into fascinating experiments.
Bobo (Animation, 26x7 min.) Toddlers aged 3 to
5 discover the world together with Bobo, the
cute little dormouse.
Gigglebug (Animation, 26x5 min.) Gigglebug
has the greatest laugh ever! It’s his key to transforming attitudes and helps him ease every
gummed-up situation he finds himself in.
Elefantastic (Edutainment, 26x11 min.) A mix
of short cartoons, documentaries, riddles and
animated spots for preschoolers.
Stand: R7.E75
Contact: Gerrit Meier, pres., intl.; Ed Wells, SVP
& mng. dir., intl.; Frank Uddo, SVP, intl. content
media dist.; Stefan Kastenmüller, GM, Europe;
Emilio Revelo, dir., content media dist., intl.;
James Frewin, snr. mgr., content media dist.; Subhash Mishra, dir., intl. digital media operations,
U.K.; Heather Lubin, dir., intl. mktg. & comms.
Raw (Sports/ent., 52x60 min./52x120 min./
52x180 min.) This live-event-based show is a
combination of in-ring match competition, rock
concert ambiance, and dramatic interactions.
SmackDown (Sports/ent., 52x60 min./52x120
min.) This weekly live-event program brings you
high-flying match action, dazzling pyrotechnics
and unpredictable drama.
Total Divas (Sports/ent., 14x60 min.) Showcases all
of the drama of celebrity life inside the ring, and out
of it, with a diverse cast full of unique personalities.
WWE Main Event (Sports/ent., 52x60 min.) Features in-ring action.
Superstars (Sports/ent., 52x60 min.) Provides an
opportunity to catch the entire WWE roster all in
one place.
WWE’s Raw
NXT (Sports/ent., 52x60 min.) Showcases the next
generation of WWE Superstars, on-air personalities
and behind-the-scenes staff being groomed towards
contributing to WWE’s weekly TV productions.
WWE Pay-Per-Views/Specials (Sports/ ent., 150
min./180 min. eps.) Feature unique and emotional
stories, unparalleled athleticism and larger-thanlife confrontations, capped off with WrestleMania.
86-90 rue Notre-Dame de
Nazareth, 75003 Paris, France
Tel: (33-1) 4018-7200
e-mail: [email protected]
WDR’s Ah—I Got IT!
724 World Screen 10/15
Stand: R7.K16
Contact: Marc du Pontavice, CEO; Erick
Rouillé, EVP, sales.
*LIST_1015_FINAL_LIS_1006_LISTINGS 9/18/15 10:54 AM Page 39
YFE’s Badanamu
Xilam’s Hubert & Takako
If I Were an Animal… (Wildlife docu-fiction,
39x7 min.) The first wildlife documentary written as fiction and told by kids for kids.
Oggy and the Cockroaches, Season 5 (Slapstick
comedy, S1-4: 270x7 min./90x30 min., S5: 78x7
min.) In season five, we discover the clash between
Oggy and the roaches has been around forever.
Paprika (Preschool, 78x7 min./26x30 min.) Every
adventure gets tastier with a pinch of Paprika!
Zig & Sharko (Season 2) (Slapstick comedy,
156x7 min./52x30 min.) A desert island, a starving hyena and one obsession: eat the mermaid!
This season she has set up house on the beach,
but so has her bodyguard—the shark.
Rolling with the Ronks! (Comedy, 52x13
min./26x30 min.) If intelligence came from
outer space, it really messed up its landing!
A Kind of Magic (Season 2) (Comedy, S1:
26x30 min., S2: 52x13 min.) A family of fairy-tale
characters has to emigrate to the real world.
Hubert & Takako (Comedy, 78x7 min./26x30
min.) The story of a chaotic bond.
The Daltons (Season 2) (Comedy, 195x7
min./65x30 min.) The fab four are back and
the far west has never been crazier.
Floopaloo, Where Are You? (Season 2)
(Comedy, 104x13 min./52x30 min.) In a magical valley, a few amazing kids are having the
time of their lives.
What's the Big Idea? (Philosophical, 52x5
min./13x30 min.) All the big questions that we
can never answer but are better asking anyway.
Nordendstrasse 64
80801 Munich, Germany
Tel: (49-89) 9972-7111
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P-1.F78
Contact: Dr. Stefan Piëch, CEO; Klaus Forch, EVP,
legal & business affairs; Paul Robinson, EVP, intl.
channels; Armin Schnell, EVP, sales; Elvira Engmann, snr. sales mgr.; Tanja Grinscher, snr. sales
mgr.; Alexander Neemann, snr. sales mgr.
Adventurers—Master of Time (Adventure,
26x24 min.) Uploading themselves by time continuum software, some students are whisked
back through the ages on a desperate search for
their missing computer professor.
Agi Bagi (Edutainment, 13x10 min.) Somewhere deep in outer space there is a little
planet with two sides, Agi and Bagi, and its
friendly inhabitants Agingas and Bagingas.
Heroes of the City (Comedy, 26x11 min.) Follow the fantastic and exciting adventures of
Paulie the police car, Fiona the fire engine and
Calamity Crow, the most unlucky bird in the city.
OTO & Music (Music, 13x5 min.) Oto, a red clay
octopus, lives in a sea made up of musical notes.
He meets musicians from the Eastern, Western,
Northern and Southern Hemispheres.
Bob’s Beach (Adventure/comedy, 52x12 min.)
By happenstance, Bob has been cast ashore
on one of the weirdest, wildest, wackiest
atolls ever to break waves in the Caribbean.
Oscar the Balloonist (Adventure, 26x12 min.)
Follows the adventures of a boy called Oscar,
who travels in his hot-air balloon together with
his companion, Spike the Cactus.
Sindbad & the 7 Galaxies (Adventure/scifi, 26x11 min.) Sindbad is an extra-terrestrial,
living his life on Earth as a 14-year-old boy.
Toot (Adventure, 52x11 min.) Being a tiny
tugboat, it is Toot’s job to lead big boats into
the Harbor and out to the sea.
Eena, Meena, Deeka (Slapstick comedy action,
117x7 min.) The three siblings live peacefully,
until the hungry fox walks in with his evil plans.
Badanamu (Preschool animation, 73 eps.) Funny
and 3D animated edutainment for preschool
kids, providing catchy songs and joyful dances.
Human Limits (Factual/science/knowledge,
2x50 min. HD) Goes in pursuit of people with
extraordinary skills that go beyond what is
ordinarily deemed humanly possible.
The Game Begins (Ent./quiz show, 180 min.
eps. HD) This new family show, targeted to all
age groups, sees a team of celebrities take up
the challenges posed by a variety of games.
Crime Watch XY (Ent./reality/crime, 90 min. eps.
HD) A host guides the viewer through the program
and, in collaboration with the police authorities,
presents and elucidates unsolved crimes. The program's goal is to clear up these crimes during the
public manhunt with the help of tips by viewers.
e-mail: [email protected]
Stand: P-1.L2/M1
Contact: Alexander Coridass, pres. & CEO; Fred
Burcksen, EVP & COO; Christine Denilauler, VP,
mktg. & corp. comms; Ralf Rueckauer, VP,
ZDFE.factual; Peter Lang, VP, ZDFE.junior; Sylvia
Brucker, VP, ZDFE.entertainment.
Coconut, the Little Dragon (Junior/animation, 104x12 min. HD) Life is not always easy
on Dragon Island—Coconut has flying problems, Oscar is the only vegetarian in his family and Matilda has no say as a porcupine.
Mako Mermaids, Season 3 (Junior/live action,
26x26 min. & 1x90 min. HD) Mako is a magical
island that a pod of mermaids calls home. Their
peaceful lives are turned upside down when a merman develops a connection with the island.
Bron | Broen, Season III (Drama/crime/suspense, 10x60 min./5x110 min. HD) A famous
Danish gender activist and owner of Copenhagen’s first gender-neutral children’s nursery
is found murdered on a building site in Malmö.
Wataha (Drama/crime/suspense, 6x60 min. HD)
The series is set in the Bieszczady Mountains and
is about border guard officers, who are tested to
the limits of their morale and physical endurance.
ZDFE’s Mako Mermaids
How Climate Made History (Factual/
history/bio., 2x50 min. HD) Takes a fresh look at
human history in the light of Earth's volatile climate, exposing hidden parallels and drawing
surprising conclusions.
Avon House, Kensington Village,
Avonmore Rd.
London W14 8TS, U.K.
Tel: (44-20) 7013-4400
e-mail: [email protected]
135, Continental Building
Dr. Annie Besant Rd.
Worli, Mumbai, 400018, India
Tel: (91-22) 2483-1234
e-mail: [email protected]
Erich-Dombrowski-Str. 1
55127 Mainz, Germany
Tel: (49) 6131-9910
Zee’s Razia Sultan
Stand: P-1.K51
Contact: Sunita Uchil, global head, synd. & CRO,
intl. ad sales; Vivek Prabhu, region head, Americas; Sandeep Hardasmalani, regional head, Asia
Pacific; Jailesh Raggoo, lead synd., Europe;
Sharmeen Dsouza, lead synd., India; Nitin
Michael, region head, Middle East & Africa.
Razia Sultan (Costume drama, 120x30 min.)
Historical costume drama set in 1236 AD traces
the story of the only woman to rule during the
Sultanate and the Mughal period.
Gangaa (Family/social drama, 120x30 min.) An
inspiring story of a child widow with an
indomitable spirit and will to survive. Considered
to be a threat to age-old society customs, her
resilience ensures that she emerges a winner.
Jamai Raja (Son-in-Law) (Family drama,
270x30 min.) A jet-setting hotelier with a growing empire tries to bring together his feuding
wife and mother-in-law.
Kum Kum Bhagya (Wedding Bells) (Family
drama, 350x30 min.) A modern series featuring a
mother who runs a marriage hall, trying to get
two daughters, with very different personalities,
Dance India Dance (Format) India’s biggest
dance talent show, the first dance format to be
exported out of India (to Thailand), with specials
featuring moms, kids and more!
Rock Your Yoga (Fitness, 65x60 min.) Fabulous,
fierce and fit, ultimate yoga teacher Sardie Nardini leads a dynamic yoga experience, combining
Eastern and Western practices.
Good Food America (Food, 39x30 min.) Hosted
by Danny Boome. Follow his tasty adventures
through America visiting the most inspired
farm-to-table restaurants and chefs.
The Incurables (Reality/factual, 70x30 min.)
Hosted by singer/songwriter Jewel and documentarian Don Wildman. Follow the real-life
inspiring stories of people turned to alternative
methods to heal from chronic, often life-threatening diseases.
The Lisa Oz Show (Talk/chat show, 39x60 min.)
Lisa Oz is committed to exploring life’s everyday
issues, providing guidance for viewers and
empowering others to live well.
Kids: Yogapalooza (Fitness, 52x30 min.) Performer/yoga teacher Bari Koral teaches yoga to kids
in a fun style, helping them towards better health.
10/15 World Screen 725
Stand: R8.D3
Contact: Tim Mutimer, CEO; Caroline Torrance,
head, scripted; Steve Quirke, head, mktg.; Elliot
Chalkley, VP sales; Alex LeMerle, VP, sales; Andreas
Lemos, VP, sales & acq.; Chris Stewart, VP, sales;
Andrew Sime, VP, formats; Ole Steen Stolberg,
VP, sales; Isabelle Queme, VP, sales & acq.; Catherine Couriat, VP, sales; Samia Moktar, sales exec.
Humble Pie (Food & drink game show, 8x60 min.
& format HD) Four contestants must impress
renowned chef Marco-Pierre White with their
culinary creations, but do they have the selfawareness to figure out if they should cash out
before Marco eliminates them?
Gift of Life (Human interest, 3x60 min. HD)
Follows the emotional journeys of patients
undergoing lifesaving organ transplants at
Newcastle’s Institute of Transplantation.
Flash Families (Human interest/lifestyle,
3x60 min. HD) From glamorous dinner parties to supercars, yachts and designer handbags, meet the mega-rich families who just
love to flash their cash.
SAS: Who Dares Wins (w.t.) The Selection
(Factual/human interest, 5x60 min. HD) A group
of ex-Special Forces personnel take 30 ordinary
men through grueling physical and mental tests
from real Special Forces entry programs.
The Catch (Factual/human interest) Join the new
recruits keen to land the most dangerous job in
Britain: working on a deep-sea fishing boat.
Murder (Drama, 4x60 min. HD) Intercut with CCTV
footage, evidence and flashbacks, the protagonists
speak direct to camera giving their version of events.
Rebellion (Drama, 5x60 min. HD) Serial about
the emergence of a new state, modern Ireland, during one of the most dreadful, exciting and terrifying periods in history.
The Returned Series 2 (Drama, 8x60 min. HD) A
group of confused people return home to an
atmospheric French mountain town, only to discover that they’d been dead for several years.
Undressed (Format, 60 min. eps.) A daring new
take on the dating format, as two strangers discover their feelings for each other by slowly
removing each other’s clothes.
Monte Bianco (Format, 60 min. eps.) An adventure reality format taking seven celebrities and
pitting them against each other in a battle to
conquer Europe’s highest mountain: the majestic Monte Bianco.
Zodiak’s Flash Families
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