2015 Presentation



2015 Presentation
2015 Presentation
Dragon Goal USA Inc.
About Dragon Goal
The Dragon Goal is a patented soccer field to play smallsided games anywhere, anytime, indoors & outdoors.
It is safe and fun for all ages and skill levels!
About Dragon Goal
Originally designed in Italy, Dragon Goal fields are
modular, self-contained, turf equipped, and are
easy to transport and install for both temporary and
permanent applications. Buy or rent it.
Dragon Goal’s Overall Benefits
• Dragon Goal is perfect for:
– Coaches & Teachers
It enhances players’ technical skills, understanding, and overall
responsiveness, including complex team and social dynamics
– Players
It increases ball touches (eliminating time to retrieve the ball)
It improves fundamental skills, speed, and ball control/reaction time
It improves field awareness
It improves shot accuracy and passing ability
It delivers fun for ALL ages and skill levels
– Sponsors & Brands
It creates an iconic and impactful infrastructure to convey brand awareness,
event promotion, and fundraising initiatives
– Communities at Large
It activates private and public spaces (square, park, mall, parking lots, gym,
any green area, etc. ) to engage people of all ages, cultures and walks of life:
they come together to play, connect, and have fun
Some Dragon Goal Applications
Technical Applications
Practice Enhancement Programs
Pre-game warm up
NOTE: please also review the recent youth soccer
small-sided game protocol – see HERE
Revenue Generation Applications
Tournaments & Leagues (from 2v2 to 7v7)
Fundraising Events
Brand and Community Engagement Applications
Sports, Arts and Music Festival/Events
Brand Programs, Parties & Outreach Events
Photos of selected delivered projects in Atlanta
(Buckhead, DT Atlanta, L5P, Silverbacks Park, The Belt Line, VH, Washington Park)
Photos of selected delivered projects in Atlanta
(Buckhead, DT Atlanta, L5P, Silverbacks Park, The Belt Line, VH, Washington Park)
Photos of selected brand-supported projects
(USA, Italy and Switzerland)
What They Say
“It is very nice that we are so close to the action of the game: we can see and relate with our kids as they play
what they love the most.”- John Bradley - Parent
“Dragon Goal soccer events mash the social and the sport together.” – Kim Ross - Parent
“The Dragon Goal tournament we hosted here at our location was a huge success! It brought us additional
sales, and increased our customer base: we look forward to doing it again.” – Tedd Lescher - Lucky’s Burgers
Business Owner
“This is s great way of temporarily re-purposing also private spaces for public use in the heart of the city” –
Kwanza Hall, Atlanta City Councilman District 2
"The Buckhead Community Improvement District used a Dragon Goal at a newly constructed park in the
Buckhead Village. We found the Dragon Goal field to be a unique way to bring sport into public view
and activate an urban space. Great to see local players out in Buckhead and we're looking forward to the
next event. “ – Brian Mchugh – Director of Transportation and Planning, CID Buckhead
“The tight space works effectively on the players’ touches and moves.” – Quinton Hart – Youth Heard Coach
“We used Dragon Goal as a community engagement tool for our elementary school play day and we look
forward to utilizing it as a fundraising vehicle.” - Brenda Orlans - Executive Director, Hope Roswell
“We have been working with Dragon Goal and my experience has been nothing but positive, and I look
forward to working with them on future events.” - Dan Bell - Marketing Director, Sports DeKalb
What They Say
“You get so many touches. You can touch the ball 20 or 30 times more than you would in a regular
soccer game.” - Player
“Playing in the Dragon Goal opens your mind because you see all the possibilities right there all
around you - Player
“You see the components of the game pretty easily and it helps you to translate this onto the bigger
field - Player
“It is a confined sturdy structure that forces you to play quickly, challenges your reaction time and
builds your stamina.” - Player
“Ball control skills are very important and Dragon Goal highlights this component, helping players to
get better with both feet.” - Coach
“It is a great vehicle to build awareness toward the players’ cognitive positions.” - Coach
“The tight space works effectively on the players’ touches and moves.” – Coach
“I love the concept of knowing my younger kids are close by me in a totally controlled and protected
environment.” - Parent
Dragon Goal in school settings
Pre-K & Elementary
• Dragon Goal offers a one-of-a-kind infrastructure that students will
look forward to with anticipation! Whether they are advanced soccer
players or just want to kick the ball around, Dragon Goal provides a
safe and fun opportunity to start building stamina, teamwork, cultural
integration, and awareness of social dynamics.
Middle School & High School
• From PE classes to after school initiatives and intramurals, Dragon
Goal is designed to strengthen any P.E. or Athletic Program. It is the
new soccer sensation from Europe that uses Flash Rebound walls to
accelerate action, improve skills, and enhance game awareness.
Dragon Goal can also be adapted to other sports.
Dragon Goal is also ideal for fundraising initiatives and for schools
addressing special needs students.
Soccer Games Suggested Formats
2v2 up to 7v7 games
20’ x 40’
U5 `
2v2 = team of 3 players
26’ x 52’
3v3 = team of 5
33’ x 66’
4v4 = team of 6
5v5 = team of 8
NOTE: we can also install regular futsal size field with panels installed as containing walls
Assuming each game is two 8 minute halves
16 minutes per game | 3 games per hour | 6 teams per hour
Assuming each game is two 5 or 6 minute halves
10 minutes per game | 4 games per hour | 8 teams per hour
Maximum capacity per field
27 games or 36 games considering 9hrs of playing
NOTE: we have also introduced a 20x20 format that still delivers all the benefits.
Depending on the age group, this field format facilitates up to 3v3 small-sided games.
Selected Brand References
Soccerfest 2015
Youth Tournament Feedback 1
Roof Top Soccer
Recent FOX News Coverage
Concept and Corporate Background
Italy and USA
Dragon Goal’s national leagues, tournaments, and special projects have been operating
in Europe since 2010
Dragon Goal’s Headquarters is in Milan, Italy
Additional operations have begun in Switzerland
Dragon Goal’s soccer concept was created by Professional coach Mr. Corrado Orrico, as
innovative training tool for his “SERIA A” Italian team
Dragon Goal USA Inc. was established in May 2014 in Atlanta
Dragon Goal USA’s first application was on June 22nd, in Brookhaven Park. Since that
day Dragon Goal has engaged more than 5,000 players and families by participating at
various community events and private functions
Company’s Managing Director has more than 22 years experience in events marketing &
trade show industries. He is a former semi-professional player and a current REC coach
2015 community engagement program is currently designed in collaboration with
various organizations like Atlanta ContactPoint, Soccerfest, Soccer in the Street, Sons of
Pitches FC and many others
We Deliver Happiness and Develop Skills!
Contact Info
Dragon Goal USA Inc.
6380 Best Friend Road
Norcross GA 30071
Nicola(Nick) Vidali
Founder & Managing Director
404 798 6679
[email protected]

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2015 Presentation

2015 Presentation Originally designed in Italy, Dragon Goal fields are modular, self-contained, turf equipped, and are easy to transport and install.

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