Deflux Surgery Post-Operative Instructions



Deflux Surgery Post-Operative Instructions
Pediatric Urology – Dr. Stec
Deflux Injection
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Your child will have some pain after this procedure. You can give your child acetaminophen (Tylenol ®) every 4-6 hours if
he / she is irritable or has a fever. Low grade fevers are common after this surgery. Please call us if your child has a fever
over 101.5°F (38.6°C). If we gave your child a prescription pain medicine you can use this if you think he / she needs it. The
prescription pain medicine has Tylenol ® in it. Do not give both over-the-counter Tylenol ® and prescription pain
medication. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the child’s weight, and do not exceed maximum amount from all
sources in 24 hours.
1. It is common for children to be sick to their stomach after surgery. This should get better in the first 24 hours. Have
your child drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated.
2. It is normal to have blood in the urine for a few weeks after surgery.
3. Your child may have burning with urination after this procedure. This is normal. There are a few things you can do to
make it better:
a. Increase fluids for 24 hours. Water and apple juice are good choices.
b. Encourage your child to urinate more frequently than usual. The more full the bladder, the more it will hurt.
c. You can put your child in a warm bath and let him / her urinate in the water. This helps dilute the urine as it
comes out.
4. Boys may have minor swelling at the tip of the penis. This is normal and will go away.
1. Teenagers should not drive while taking pain medicine.
You will follow-up in Pediatric Urology Clinic as instructed by your surgeon on
You will receive your appointment prior to leaving the recovery room.
If you have any non-emergent questions during daytime hours, please call the pediatric urology office at (843) 792-7687. If
you have an emergency or after-hours issue, please call the MUSC operator at 843-792-2123. Have the operator page the
pediatric urology resident on call.
These discharge procedures have been explained
to the patient and / or responsible person.
I understand the above instructions.
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