BMW still in the thick of things as the race season heats up Still time



BMW still in the thick of things as the race season heats up Still time
August / September 2013
BMW still in the thick of things as the race season heats up
Still time to sign up for 2013 HPDS programs
Autocross rules of engagement revealed
© 2013 Boston Chapter BMW CCA.
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2 Convenient Locations.
1 Great Service Experience.
When choosing a BMW service center, you want options. BMW of Peabody has 2 service locations with a
combined total of 46 service lifts, 5 programming bays, 18 detail SPA Bays, and numerous customer amenities.
Our BMW factory-trained technicians and award-winning service advisors make it their priority to get you and
your BMW back on the road fast. We are fully staffed to take on any repair needed for your BMW, including
windshield replacements and paintless dent removal.
Now that’s 1st class service.
BMW of Peabody
Sales & Service
221 Andover Street (Route 114), Peabody, MA 01960
BMW of Peabody
Service Center
7 Centennial Drive, Peabody, MA 01960
2 | Boston Bimmer • August/September 2013
Volume 44 No. 5
August / September 2013
Columns, Updates & Special Features
President’s Message. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
The Next Apex: The Watkins Glen Mystique. . . . . 12
Just for Love: Rules of Engagement. . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
Outdoor Karting: A Hot Time. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
Fun Rally: Delivers Good Times. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
Tales From the Home Front: Along for the Ride. . . 19
Bimmer Book Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
Scenes from a “Car Guy” Marriage. . . . . . . . . . . . . 21
New logo for Level L7. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
On Track: Racing Update. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
Philes’ Forum. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
Upcoming Events
The Ultimate Calendar. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Third Quarter General Meeting. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
MINI Tech Session at Peabody MINI. . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
E46 Tech Session at Import AutoWerks. . . . . . . . . . 6
Rhode Island Show & Shine. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Boston Chapter Concours d’Elegance . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Undercarriage Tech Session BMW of Warwick. . . . 7
Membership News & Benefits
Membership Corner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Member Spotlight. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
New Members. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Member Benefits. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Membership Ambassadors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
Advertisers, Sponsors & Chapter Contacts
Classified Ads . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
Boston Chapter Sponsors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
BMW Dealers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
Chapter Officers and Staff. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
On the Cover
New England’s own
Turner Motorsport
takes front and
center as the racing season is in full
swing. For an update
on what is happening here and in Europe, check out
On Track on page 23.
- Photo provided by BMW NA
If you drive on the track, come see us.
We have what you need.
9A Electronics Avenue - Danvers, MA 01923
- 888.467.3269| 3
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4 | Boston Bimmer • August/September 2013
President’s Message:
by Simon Cooper
s I am writing this we have just finished our Driving
School at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and if
you were there then you know that the weather
was cooperative in a surly teenager kind of way. We had a few, very few, light
showers on day one and then a misting early on day two, otherwise the days
were dry and not quite so hot as it was in Massachusetts at the beginning of the
recent heat wave.
Our regular track junkies were in attendance as always; thank you folks, but
I wanted to tell you that we had more than twenty novices who took advantage
of the discounted pricing for the school and seemed to have a great time. One
gentlemen attended with his wife and pre-teen son. I was concerned they might
get a bit bored, but their collective excitement over being at a race track, getting
up close and taking pictures around the track of Dad in his Mustang was downright infectious. It brought back the memories of my first time at the track, many
years ago, when it was my turn to be wowed by participating in an event at a
famous race track. I got to see behind all the fences, have lunch in the infield, and
park my car in the same garages where drivers like Tony Stewart from NASCAR
and our own Turner Motorsport team in Grand AM park and service their race
cars. The novices and the charming family at the NH event this year made it all
new again for me and for that I am grateful. Every now and again, even an old
track addicted guy like myself needs to see the joy of that first day at the track.
As a side note, I also saw a great act of generosity. A novice student who attended with a friend was planning on co-driving his stripped down Lemons Race
Car. After one session her instructor decided that they couldn’t adequately hear
each other for her to learn anything, and so the instructor allowed the student
to drive his very new Porsche Cayman for her sessions. Apparently this was tremendously fun and also allowed for the necessary knowledge to be exchanged.
There may be more on this story later.
I also wanted to take a moment to thank a friend and fellow event registrar
Brian Stein for all his hard work in supporting our Boston Chapter driving
schools. He is relocating his family to Portland, Oregon for a work opportunity.
Brian started out as a student in our driving schools, and progressed to the level
of instructor; but some time ago, he foolishly offered to help with events and so
has been a registrar for several years now too. Brian has taken the BMW CCA
driving school program all the way to Club Racing where he has been campaigning his E30 M3 very successfully. Brian will be missed by the driving events team
where he was mocked mercilessly for his success in his class in his rookie year,
whereby we referred to him as “Champ” at every opportunity. Brian, we wish
you well with your move and give fair warning to the racers in the North West
to watch out for that very quick red E30 M3. I hope to see you at the track when
your travels bring you back this way again.
So in this issue, my thoughts have been on new beginnings for old and new
friends, the generosity of our instructors who dedicate their free time to our
events and even sometimes their car, our Boston area (and beyond) family which
enjoys playing together, on the race track, at Fort Devens or at one of our social
and / or technical events. Sound like fun? Check the calendar for all our upcoming events and sign up for something you’d like to try. Tell a friend pass it on … ♦
The Ultimate Calendar:
An overview of upcoming events
For details on registration and
travel directions to ALL Boston
Chapter events, please log on to
the Chapter website at and click on the event
you are interested in on the calendar of events. If you have registered
and you will not be able to attend,
please withdrawal your registration to insure that another member
can take your place.
August 7
Wednesday, 5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Boston Chapter Technical Event
vening Undercarriage Tech Session
hosted by MINI of Peabody
209 Andover St.(Rt.114W)
Peabody, MA 01960
August 10
Saturday, 9:00 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Boston Chapter Technical Event
DIY Tech Session for E46 owners at
Import AutoWerks
46 Garden St. Unit 4
Braintree, MA 02184
August 11
Sunday, 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Boston Chapter Social Event
Boston Chapter Concours d’ Elegance
Larz Anderson Auto Museum
15 Newton St., Brookline, MA 02445
August 18
Sunday, 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Boston Chapter Driving Event
Autocross Series
Devens Airport
Ayer, MA
August 25
Sunday, 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Boston Chapter Driving Event
Karting in the Great Outdoors
F1 Outdoors
798 North Bedford Street, (Rt. 18)
East Bridgewater, MA 02333
August 25
Sunday, 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Boston Chapter Social Event
RI Show & Shine Car Show
Memorial Lawn
15 Memorial Square
Narragansett RI 02882
September 11
Wednesday, 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Boston Chapter Social Event
3rd Quarter Gen. Meeting.
Rob Seigel, speaker
BMW Gallery-Norwell
98 Accord Park Drive
Norwell, MA 02061
September 14
Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Boston Chapter Driving Event
Tire Rack Street Survival®
Advanced Driving Safety for Teens
New Hampshire Motor Speedway
1122 Route 106 North
Loudon, NH 03307 USA
September 14
Saturday, 9:00 a.m. - noon
Boston Chapter Technical Event
Undercarriage Tech Session at
BMW of Warwick/Inskip RI
1515 Bald Hill Rd. (Rt.2)
Warwick, RI 02886
Third Quarter
General Meeting
at BMW Gallery-Norwell
Wednesday, Sept.11th
from 7 to 9 p.m.
The “Hack Mechanic” Rob Siegel will be the Speaker. He will
talk about his recent book, published by Bentley Publishers,
‘Memoirs of a Hack Mechanic’.
Rob will also be autographing
copies of the book which will be
available at the meeting thanks
to Maurice Inglesias of Bentley
Avery Trumbo the General
Manager at the Gallery-Norwell
will host the Boston Chapter.
There will be food and beverages available courtesy of BMW
The BMW Parts Department
will also be open that evening.
Please sign up for this event
via the Chapter Registration
Page on the website at www. This will
help us with chair rentals and
enough food for everyone.
Event Coordinator: John Sullivan
Directions: Complete directions
to the dealership are available
on the Boston Chapter website
Calendar continued on page 6 | 5
Tech Session
at MINI Peabody
Saturday, August 7 th
5:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Located at 209 Andover St.
(Route 114), Peabody, MA
Dave Dennesen the Service
Manager at MINI of Peabody
has graciously agreed to host
an evening undercarriage tech
session at their facility at 209
Andover St. (Rt. 114) in Peabody 01960. This event is open
only to BMW CCA MINI members. During the evening 18
cars that will have complete
undercarriage inspections
done with recommendations
by the three technicians who
will be helping out. The MINIs
Parts Department will be open
that evening and will offer a
15% discount on parts and accessories that day only. You
can call the parts Department
to order your parts ahead of
time, so they will have them on
hand that evening. You must
sign up on the Chapter Website @
org in order to participate.
Event Coordinator: John Sullivan
Directions: From Boston Go
North on Rts. 95/128, continue
North on Rte. 128 after Rte. 95
North Split Off, exit at Exit 25B
at Rte. 114W, at the end of the
ramp continue straight when
you merge onto Rt. 114W the
Dealership is on your right just
after one set of traffic lights just
before the original BMW of Peabody building.
The Ultimate Calendar continued ...
September 14
Sunday, 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Boston Chapter Driving Event
Autocross Series
Devens Airport, Ayer, MA
October 13
Sunday, 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Boston Chapter Driving Event
Autocross Series
Devens Airport, Ayer, MA
September 18 -19
Weds. & Thursday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Boston Chapter Driving Event
Driving School at Watkins Glen
Watkins Glen International
2790 County Route 16
Watkins Glen, NY 14891
October 18 - October 20
Friday - Sunday, 7: a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
White Mountain Chapter Event
NHMS Driving School
New Hampshire Motor Speedway
1122 Route 106 North
Loudon, NH 03307
October 5
Saturday, 7: a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
White Mountain Chapter Event
White Mountain - ADSS
New Hampshire Motor Speedway
1122 Route 106 North
Loudon, NH 03307
October 27
Sunday, 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Boston Chapter Driving Event
Autocross Series
Devens Airport, Ayer, MA ♦
E46 Do-it-yourself Tech Session
at Import AutoWerks, Braintree, MA
Saturday, August 10 th ♦ 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Alvin Lui, owner of Import AutoWerks and a former BMW Master
Technician, will be hosting a DIY Tech Session for E46 owners on
Saturday, August 10th, 2013 from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. at his shop, in
During the event, three members’ cars (randomly selected) will
have either a valve adjustment (S54 motor) or vanos seals (any E46)
replaced by the members. All BMW CCA members and their guests
are welcome to attend, but we ask that they register in advance, so
that we can have an accurate count for lunch, which will be provided
by Import Autowerks. Registration opens on June 19 th on the Boston
Chapter website. Contact Eric Kaul at [email protected]
org if you have any questions.
Event Coordinator: Eric Kaul
Directions: Complete directions to Import AutoWerks are available
on the Boston Chapter website at
6 | Boston Bimmer • August/September 2013
Tech Session
at BMW of Warwick/Inskip
Saturday, Sept. 14 th
from 9:00 a.m. to noon
1515 Baldhill Rd. Warwick, RI
You won’t want to miss this fun
and educational event. BMW
of Warwick/Inskip Service
Manager Mike Johnston and
Assistant Service Manager Bob
Barton have graciously consented to have 3 BMW Technicians
available to help out that day.
All cars will have a complete undercarriage inspection by BMW
Technicians, and will make recommendations based on their
observations. BMW of Warwick
offers a 15% discount on BMW
Parts at all times for BMW CCA
members. You can purchase
BMW Parts ahead of time so the
parts will be ready for pick up
the day of the event by contacting Lisa Disaia the BMW Parts
Manager at (401)821-1500.
In order to attend you must
be a current BMW CCA member and register in advance on
the Chapter Website at www. This event
is limited to the first 18 BMW
CCA members who sign up, so
register early!
Refreshments will be available courtesy of BMW of
Warwick/Inskip courtesy of the
General Manager Ron Girouard.
Event Coordinator: John Sullivan
Directions: Complete directions
to the dealership are available
on the Boston Chapter website
Rhode Island Show & Shine Car Show
Sunday, August 25 th
from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Narragansett, RI
Memorial Lawn
Sponsored by BMW of Warwick
This Show & Shine will start at 10
a.m. and will end at 3 p.m. There are
no judges for this event, but there is
a popular vote for a Peoples’ Choice
Trophy. The location for this Event
will be on Memorial Lawn across from the Narragansett Post Office.
There is no entrance fee, but we ask participants to register on the Chapter Website The Website Registration cut off
date for this Event will be Thursday, August 22nd. This Event is limited
to thirty cars.
Event Coordinators: Ross Schold, Ben Ingegneri, Andrew Plante & John Sullivan
Directions: Complete directions to the event are available on the Boston
Chapter website at
Boston Chapter Concours d’Elegance
at the Larz Anderson
Auto Museum
Sunday, August 11 th
from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Brookline, MA
Mark your calendars for the Boston
Chapter’s annual Concours d’Elegance
being hosted this year at Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline MA.
Pre-Registration is encouraged this
year and will open on Saturday, June
15th. As an incentive for Pre-Registration we will be providing a discounted
rate of $20.00 per car. The charge on the Day of the Event will be $25.00.
Only BMW CCA members can pre-register. The Chapters Website www. has been updated with all the information (Classification of Groups/Classes, Judging, Scoring and Rules) that you will need
to participate in Concours this year in early June. There will also be a
Registration Page arranged on the Chapter’s Website that you can use to
make a PayPal payment required for all Pre-Registered cars.
Event Coordinator: John Sullivan
Directions: Complete directions to the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in
Brookline, MA are available on the Boston Chapter website at | 7
Membership Corner:
Tracking into inner peace
by Eric Kaul
o many of you ask me why I volunteer as the Chapter Membership Chair in light of the demands as a
father of two young kids on my time. Well naturally
I do it for the opportunity to meet all of our great members; but, seriously, I relish the opportunity it affords me
to educate everyone I come in contact with about compromised driving. The desire to educate people comes
from my own driving experience. Before I found the club
and its off-street driving opportunities – I was a reckless
driver. I drove fast on the streets and highways seeking
out the next great thrill. Every near miss was the fuel to
do it again, but I didn’t take into account how far reaching the consequences could be for motorists around me,
because of my self-centric behaviors.
I never realized the extent that I was compromising
the safety of myself and others until I started to prepare
for my first track day and had the car properly inspected.
To be honest, I had never changed the brake fluid; I certainly didn’t check tire wear on a regular basis; and I
realized very quickly that the inner 5 inches of my tires
were worn flat. The process made me realize that I was
driving a compromised vehicle on compromised roads in
a compromised manner. The BMW engineers would not
have approved.
Our roads are covered with sand, pockmarks, divots
and undulations – not to mention craters in the pavement.
Yet, many people aren’t even checking the tires they drive
on to make sure they are properly inflated. What happens
when you have an under-inflated tire and hit one of those
potholes? Bad things happen: a blowout, maybe a bent
wheel or broken rim, and quite possibly an OMG moment. If it isn’t a bad set of tires that causes the problem,
it could be the driver. Maybe you lose control when the
two fingers holding your steering wheel are compromised
when you answer your cell phone. Yes, accidents happen
when compromises are made while driving.
Now – the road you pay money to drive on at the track
is in far better condition than the roads your tax dollars
pay for outside of the track. So when you’re enjoying
that smooth, banked roadway, remember that a portion
of your event fee goes to keep that roadway in pristine
condition to allow you to extract the best performance
possible from your car. On the other hand, only a small
portion of your taxes goes to “patch up” our compromised public roads, which are rarely in great shape.
8 | Boston Bimmer • August/September 2013
So the lesson learned is: driving on the street with a
car I haven’t maintained puts me in a compromising position on a compromised road surface. Time after time we
happily jump into our cars thinking that they maintain
themselves and require no upkeep – to drive on roadways filled with hazards.
Compromises, compromises, compromises ... the
BMW CCA driving programs have taught me to avoid
compromises. So my new mission is to teach people to
1) have your car and tires check regularly (attend our
free tech sessions), 2) drive with two hands on the wheel,
3) refrain from talking on the phone while driving, 4)
continually scan your mirrors to judge the driving behavior of motorists around you, and finally 5) realize that
driving on the public streets is mentally taxing, so pay
attention. If you aren’t doing these 5 things when you’re
driving on public roads, you may even be compromising
your future, because the people around you on the road
aren’t paying attention! Once you realize this, you might
not enjoy driving as much. That is – UNTIL you come to
the track where you know: your car is maintained, tire
pressures have been checked, lug nuts secured, all movable objects are removed from the car, and your windows
are squeaky clean. Then all you have to do is go out and
drive. It’s pure driving. Two hands on the wheel at 9
and 3, feet focused on the pedals and your mind focused,
knowing that you are in control and surrounded by drivers with the same focus on an uncompromised driving
surface. For me, that’s the only time when I enjoy driving, when I control the road in front of me; and that only
happens on the track.
So I’ve put a bug in your ear. It was my intention from
the beginning, and now I want you think about the opportunity to enjoy driving again This time in a controlled
environment, without the two kids trying to distract you
from the back seat – screaming for attention. At the track,
the only screaming you’ll hear is your engine as you take
it to the shift point, the screeching of the tires as their
adhesion levels are tested, or your inner voice telling you
that driving doesn’t get any better than this!
So that’s all for now, but when you are ready to relax
– come find me.. I’ll likely be planning my next trip to
the track! ♦
About the Author: Eric Kaul has been
the Membership Chairperson of the
Boston Chapter of BMW CCA since
2010 and strives to be the friendly
face you meet at events and your personal connection to other members. If
you have a question, comment or just
want to chat with a friend - feel free
to call him at (774)-2-BMW-540 or
email him at [email protected]
Membership Spotlight: A club member to the rescue
– by Jen Smialek, pictured below with her 2013 F30 328i & Raymond Chung
fter reading Eric Kaul’s article about CCA members in the latest Boston Bimmer issue, I wanted
to write in with my own story about a few special
BMW CCA members I know. I’m a new CCA member
and BMW owner, and it’s been a dream come true to
finally own one. I took advantage of the European Delivery Program this past fall to purchase my new F30
328i (with re-delivery in SC—I have fond memories of
that skid pad!). The car arrived here in Boston in February and I’ve had a blast learning what it can do.
A few weeks ago, I was away for a Hawaiian vacation and because my condo doesn’t have a driveway, I
left my car on the street. When I came home, I found a
large sign duct taped (!!!) to my brand-new car. Apparently, my neighbors (who do have a driveway) were
disgruntled about me leaving my car on the street in
front of their house for so long and decided to ask the
cops to tow my car via their poster. Upon closer inspection, I found quite a bit of tape residue and some
scratches all over the side and back of the car.
You can imagine my horror and frustration to arrive
home to my new baby being damaged like this. Thankfully, I was able to take care of most of the damages
and restore the beautiful finish with the help of a very
special CCA member, Ray Chung (who referred me to
the CCA and purchased my first year’s membership as
a Christmas gift).
With his personal stash of Griot’s goodies, his orbital,
and three hours of his hard work, we were able to remove the residue; polish the mess; and wax, shine, and
buff the car back to its original beauty. He also was kind
enough to give me proper instruction of all steps, including the initial washing—invaluable information for
someone like me who purchased a 150 ft. garden hose
just to be able to wash her car by hand on the street!
While this might not seem like much to those of us
who relish car detailing time like we do, but his selfless
actions came at a time that I was dealing with some immensely stressful life situations. Ray knew how much
I love my car and how much I was worried about the
long-term ramifications of leaving the residue on the
car, and he made a point to go above and beyond. After
we were done with the work and I stood back to enjoy
the sight of my car in all its shiny glory, I’m not sure
there could have been a wider smile on my face (though
perhaps once I have my first track day I’m sure that
smile will be given a run for its money).
In addition, while we’re sharing the membership
warm fuzzies, I’d also like to give a shout out to instructor and friend Bob Cerchione. In all the track day events
I’ve attended as a guest at NHMS, Bob has happily
given me a ride, and as I move from eager passenger to
elated driver on the track, I know that his expert advice
will guide me to become a better driver. He’s a friend of
Ray’s and it’s clear that these guys are the epitome of the
kind, helpful spirit BMW CCA members are all about.
Hopefully I haven’t embarrassed them too much, but
something tells me they might have a smile on their
faces when they see their names printed on these pages.
To Ray and Bob, a happy and humble “Thank You” for
being the outstanding people you are. See you out there
on the track. ♦
(781) 324-9831
FAX 324-1804 | 9
Why join BMW CCA?
Why join the BMW Car Club of America?
Because your membership will add to
your enjoyment of one of the world’s
finest automobiles, and you can take
advantage of the many Club services that
are available.
Whether you own a brand-new BMW /
MINI or a classic ­model, whether you’re
interested in technical information, driving
challenges, interaction with other owners, or
consumer tips, the Club is here to serve you.
Your membership will bring you 12
issues of Roundel magazine, filled
with maintenance tips, new product
information and the latest BMW news.
Your membership entitles you to:
• Boston Chapter members
receive 7 issues of the Boston
Bimmer magazine
• discounts on parts and supplies
• free classified ads
• driving schools at internationally
renowned race tracks
• autocross events
• fun rallies
• technical tips and information
• tech sessions
• social events
• outstanding National
events like Oktoberfest
To join, log onto www. BMWCCA. org or
call (800) 878-9292.
New Members
MA Members cont.’d
Jenny Cheng
East Boston, MA
Reynaldo Parnther
East Taunton, MA
Thomas Schneider
Framingham, MA
New members join the Boston Chapter
every day, but they won’t stay unless you
give them a reason to! So, we encourage
you to check out the list that follows
(alphabetized by hometown) and give
me a call if you can welcome a member
from your area. I’ll get you their contact
information to get connected. I suggest
meeting a new member for coffee and a
chance to talk about cars and the club.
Then hopefully I’ll see you both at one of
our future events!
John Heiser
Franklin, MA
John Kalemkeridis
Hanson, MA
Karen Harding
Harvard, MA
Jeff Cutler
Hingham, MA
Elena Antonellis
Holliston, MA
Domenic Antonellis
Holliston, MA
Joshua Carruthers
Lexington, MA
Joan Weinmayr
Lexington, MA
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10 | Boston Bimmer • August/September 2013
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The Next Apex:
The Watkins Glen mystique by Christo Tinkov
– Photo by Neil Halin
very time I talk to drivers about tracks they’d like
to go to, Watkins Glen inevitably comes up in the
conversation. Some say it’s because it’s so fast.
Or flows well. Or because it’s long. Whatever the reason, it’s undisputable that The Glen has that certain
je ne sais quoi, mystique, or reverence that you need
to experience for yourself to truly understand.
Members were thrilled when our Boston Chapter
added another Glen event to its calendar this year.
Those students who were lucky enough to attend it in
May were treated to a ton of seat time over two days.
One of the advantages of driving at a long track with
many passing zones like the Glen is that you can have
a large group of cars or even combined groups on it
at a time, without causing any trains out there. Many
students got four hours of seat time or even more per
day – enough to start running out of brakes and tires
and still not be able to wipe the grin off their face.
So if you haven’t been to watkins Glen before (and
especially if you have), think about this. There is still
time to register for the September event at the Glen.
The area is always gorgeous, but it’s even more beautiful in the Fall and the drive down is spectacular.
Once you get to the Glen, there are lots of things
to do nearby. Yes – it’s a bit more spread out than
Mt. Tremblant, but the area offers a wide variety of
12 | Boston Bimmer • August/September 2013
The photo above was taken at Watkins Glen at the
Boston Chapter HPDS event held this spring.
food, featuring everything from
fast food to upscale options including an authentic German restaurant
and lake-view dining at the Harbor
Hotel. There are wineries, trails,
waterfalls, and beautiful views on
and off the track and the beautiful
Watkins Glen State Park starts right
in the center of town, where there are also opportunities to rent a boat or a kayak to enjoy the lake when
you aren’t on the track. The Corning Museum of Glass
which is nearby is also worth a visit. Just be aware that
the popular hotels fill up fast that time of year, so make
sure to book yours ahead of time.
Best of all, see if you can uncover Watkins Glen’s
mystique and share your experience with us. Oh, and
remember to bring a spare set of brake pads. It’s fast,
remember? Very fast. ♦
About the author: Christo Tinkov has been
a BMW CCA Boston member for 10 years.
He is the Boston Chapter Autocross cochair and a driving school instructor. He
also writes a performance driving blog at He welcomes your
feedback and can be reached at Christo_
[email protected]
Just for Love: Autocross Rules of Engagement
f you missed their appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America’s “Play of the Day” feature, and you
haven’t seen the video of the event on YouTube, then
let us update you. Boston chapter members, Jake Wile
and Maggie O’Brien got engaged during an Autocross
event! Before you get concerned about safety issues that
were compromised, Jake had coordinated everything in
advance with the entire Autocross Team.
After barreling down the autocross course and making a big, showy, handbrake slide, Jake stops, takes off
his helmet and asks Maggie, “You’re the most amazing
woman I’ve ever met in my life. Every minute has been
a joy. I want you to be on my team for life, and I want
you to be my co-driver for life. Would you take your
helmet off? Maggie, would you marry me?”
After she said yes, he puts on the ring, they drive
back to the pits to share a (non alcoholic) drink, and
Maggie delivers the best line of the day, “You screwed
up my times for the rest of the day,” which clearly
proves she’s a keeper! Maggie reported to GMA, the
Pictures, clockwise from above:
Months of planning culminated with this dramatic proposal.
This picture confirms that Maggie definitely said “Yes!”
proposal slowed her down one or
two seconds off her regular times.
Oh the price of love!
Jake chose an autocross event
for the proposal because of their
shared love of the program. On
their first date Maggie was supposed to come watch an autocross,
but Jake surprised her by signing
her up to race. “She was really pissed, but loved it!”
Since then they’ve been driving and working on the car
together for the last two years.
According to Maggie, “He was so sneaky ... he had
a logical reason for everything. As for the camera facing us (which took the video of the entire event) – he
said Krystian Macek asked if we would run the video
camera in the front seat, because he was making an autocross video for the club, and I just said ‘Oh, yeah!
That’s awesome.’ He bought the steering wheel just for
the proposal, so he could take it off and get on one knee
on the car seat! He told me it was for the track which
totally made sense, right? Apparently everyone at the
Autocross event knew except me!” ♦
See the video at | 13
The first outdoor karting race
was one hot event!
– Story by Jack Meeker, photos by Maggie O’Brien
ur chapter kicked off the outdoor
portion of its 2013 karting season
on Sunday, June 23, at the renowned F1 Boston Outdoor kart track in
East Bridgewater, MA. The sprint event,
consisting of a series of qualifying races
to set the field for a winner-take-all
final race shoot out, took place under
a blistering sun creating track temperatures
well over 90 degrees.
In spite of the high temperatures, thirty three club members
enthusiastically took on F1’s challenging, .8 mile Grand Prix
Circuit. Each racer attempted to qualify for the days final race
via three, 8 lap heats. Cumulative points for finishing positions
in all 3 heats determined the fastest qualifiers for the final race.
In all of our past club races, lap times had been used to determine the final qualifiers.
18 kart fields new for 2013
A second, and even more interesting format change this year,
was a 50% increase in karts allowed on the Grand Prix Circuit
at any one time. In the past, qualifying races typically were
comprised of 12 karts each, while this year 18 karts were assigned to each heat race. The increase in karts on track at any
one time produced great pack racing, and even more wheel to
wheel competition than usually seen at the F1 Outdoor facility.
In spite of the added race traffic and stiff competition in
each qualifier, the 6 heat races ran like clockwork. Not a single
red flag incident occurred the entire day, and only a minimal
14 | Boston Bimmer • August/September 2013
number of (let’s say) overly aggressive driving actions
resulted in penalties.
The final race is set
At the conclusion of the qualifying races, the 15 highest point totals were announced to set the days final,
14 lap race. The 15 finalists all adjusted their weights
(to preclude lighter drivers from having a significant
advantage) in each of their 9HP, Honda powered Rimo
karts, and the finale began.
Brian Harrington, Paul Santana, Chris Hill and Pete
Rokel soon established themselves as the karters to
beat, and began to pull away from the pack. At the ten
lap mark, Hill broke free of the other 3 front runners,
and cruised home to a .893 second win over runner-up
Santana. Rokel crossed the finish line 3rd, a mere .398
seconds behind Santana, and Harrington ended up 4th,
trailing Rokel by .315 seconds.
Following the top 4 - who completed the 14 minute
race separated by only 1.6 seconds - were Brady Baxter,
less than 3 seconds behind in 5th, Jack Meeker, another
2 seconds back in 6th, and Tom Rathje, 2 additional seconds behind in 7th. Rounding out the top 10 were John
Chiu (8th), Farley Magalhaes (9th), and Darius Trinka
(10th). Baxter emerged with the quick lap of the race, a
58.024 second mark.
Remaining 2013 outdoor kart races
A second sprint race will be held at the F1 Outdoor
track on Sunday, August 25. Registration for this race
will close on August 19. More information about this
race, as well as an upcoming karting enduro being
planned for Saturday, October 12, is available online at
the chapter website at ♦
Photos on both pages were taken during the runs on June 23 rd . | 15
Mansions to Lighthouses Fun Rally
Delivers good times
– Story by Eduardo McIntosh & Marcy Venezia
– Photos by Ed Seligman, Eduardo McIntosh & Marcy Venezia
n a sunny warm June 1 st, 28
BMW members and their
cars met at the BMW Gallery, Norwell for a Fun Rally. The
Manager, Avery Trumbo supplied us with breakfast goodies.
Before the event began, members were able to peruse a wide
variety of sale items for bargain hunters; and of course we got
to sit in the fabulous new cars in the show room. Avery was
kind enough to donate three $50 gift Certificates to be given as
prizes for the Fun Rally. Steve Powers the Parts Manager provided us with Parts discounts for that day also.
16 | Boston Bimmer • August/September 2013
The fun rally cars included a model 2002, 4 door M3s,
an X5, a couple of Z convertibles and a Mazda-BMW
(Okay, a Mazda which we officially made a BMW for
the day). At the last minute we discovered that Kamal
Rowe was by himself and needed someone to drive
his car. Marcy came to the rescue and drove Kamal’s
Mazda. We made him have a BMW sticker on his car
to join us!
And now the fun begins
As the Fun Rally began, we would travel through many
south shore communities, including: Norwell, Hingham, Hull, Cohasset, Situate, Marshfield, Duxbury,
Kingston and Plymouth. So, we left Norwell BMW
Gallery and the gracious hospitality of Avery and his
very professional team and quickly started looking for
clues to answer questions like: “How much for a gallon of water (bring your own container)?” and “What
is faire?”
The town of Hingham was first up with wide streets
and gorgeous mansions. It is a very historic city, and
we looked for houses built in 1737 by Sprague.
We drooled as we drove by Nantaskett beach in Hull
and wished we had time to ride the merry-go-round or
stop at the Creamery or the hole in the wall.
Next up was Cohasset which is a quaint town, with
small shops and historic buildings. Here we looked for
“where pilgrims might do their banking.”
We drove along the coast of Situate to the old Situate
Lighthouse (1636). Atlantic avenue is so picturesque its
Photos on his page, counterclockwise from the top:
BMW Gallery Norwood opened up their showroom for our group.
Cars line up for the start of the Rally.
Each team got ready for the line up before the event.
Co-Rally Meister, Eduardo checked in each team before starting the rally.
We ended the day at the Lobster Hut for lunch and prizes
On the previous page: The Scituate Light House was a sight to behold, but
there many picturesque mansions and seaside sites on the Rally including
this (inset) Statue by the Plymouth shoreline of Massasoit. | 17
worth a drive all by itself. The question here was “What
borders the sand castle?”
We zipped through the woods of Marshfield to
find out how many vessels had been built at White’s
Ferry Shipyard. The trickiest challenge question in
Marshfield was to count the bird houses on Ireland
Road. In Duxbury we encounter the effect of Sequestration by Congress as we discovered that the Miles
Standish Park was closed due to the lack of funds.
Finally the finish line
Plymouth harbor has many historical sites particularly the Lobster Hut. Did you know that across from
Plymouth Rock where the statue of Massasoit is located
was originally the First Burying Ground in Plymouth?
Everyone made it to Plymouth within about 3 hours.
We had lunch and shared stories while answers were
scored at the Lobster Hut. Guess who drives a 328I with
license plate LobHut?
Congratulations winners and everyone who joined
us. We had a great time, great stories and a challenging set of questions.
Our next Fun Rally will be this Fall and will include a winery, beaches, lighthouse and more … start
thinking Cape Cod! ♦
18 | Boston Bimmer • August/September 2013
And the winner are ...
We had a lot of contenders but
only six winners. Winners of the
Norwell BMW Gallery $50 gift
certificates were:
1st place Rachel Baker
2nd place Curt Varone
3rd place Ed Seligman
Winners of Panera Bread gift
certificates went to:
4th place Chris Doehlert
5th place Joel Karsh
6th place Brian Borchers
Tales from the home front: Along for the ride by Ross Schold
imon Cooper’s president’s column in the last
issue of the Boston Bimmer got me thinking about
some scary stuff taking place in the auto industry. Automakers including BMW
are working on technology that
will allow your car to drive itself.
Since 2005 various levels of this
technology have been developed
and phased into our everyday
cars. Adaptive cruise control,
parking assist and emergency
stop assistant are all just appetizers for the autonomous driving
main course. You can expect the
advancements to continue at a
steady pace. Industry experts predict that we will see
highly automated production vehicles by 2020 and
cars capable of full automation by 2025.
Tech companies outside the automotive world are
getting in on the effort as well. Google has received
high exposure for their efforts in creating autonomous vehicles. They have made significant progress
based upon the strong foundation of GPS technology in their Street View program.
The most notable example is a
Toyota Prius with techno bits
bolted to it taking a legally blind
driver around town on his normal errands. (I’m serious – check
it out on YouTube)
Sensors, cameras, radar, GPS,
and the other related technology
is cool; I’ll give you that, but I
don’t want it. To me, an Autonomous Vehicle sounds an awful lot
like Monotonous Vehicle. I enjoy driving! I know that
not everyone feels this way. For many travelers it is
a chore and their vehicle is simply an appliance to
get them from point A to point B. I am not that person and I will venture to say that many BMW drivers
are not either. Didn’t we buy a BMW to avoid being
bored while driving in the first place?
Self-Driving Vehicle Technology seems out of line
with the essence of BMW. It was not that long ago
that the German engineers were reluctant to include
cup holders because they felt the driver should be
“driving.” Now they are developing technologies
that allow you to text or check your email during
boring traffic laden commutes. Is it possible that the
“Ultimate Driving Machine” might become the Ultimate “Riding” Machine?
Like it or not these vehicles are coming. I’m certain there will be a large number of drivers who
flock to the vehicles of all brands as they are developed. I understand that BMW has to be involved in
the development of this technology to demonstrate
their ability to lead engineering efforts over the long
term. However, I would hope that steps forward in
engineering do not lead to steps back for the driving
Let Google develop the technology with a modified
Prius – I don’t really want to drive that car anyway. ♦
“... not that long ago
... German engineers
were reluctant to
include cup holders”
Editor’s note: Ross Schold has been a
BMW CCA member since the spring
of ‘08. Ross lives with his wife Tara
and three sons Jack, Ben and William
in Wakefield, RI. His latest BMW is a
2006 530xit. In the past he has owned a
2000 528it, ‘86 325es and an 88 535is. | 19
Memoirs of a Hack Mechanic
by Rob Seigel
– Review by John Oglesby, photos by Neil Halin
ob Siegel is a regular Roundel columnist of, The Hack
Mechanic, who has written a touching story that just
happens to be about cars. The real story is about how
a person develops a passion in life that provides him or
her with a focus that can transcend all of those negative
aspects of day to day life. Cars are Rob’s anchor, and in
particular ‘70s BMWs. He has strayed from the BMW fold
from time to time, but in general has forged a life that
circles around BMWs and family.
Rob entered the BMW fold via a particularly unreliable Triumph GT6 that he bought new that ended up
driving him to a beat up BMW that started his love
of 2002s. Interestingly, I had a similar introduction to
BMWs by way of English sports cars that cemented
my interest in the engineering and driving experience
of ‘80s BMWs. My fault was in owning a whole series
of British Leyland and Lotus products before I found
nirvana with a BMW M3 that I still own to this day. So
maybe I’m not the best choice for an objective review
of Rob’s new book.
Rob’s GT6 was an essential part of him meeting girls
and his wife in particular. That even seems to have
started his life long love affair with 70s BMWs to the
point of borderline obsession. He regularly talks about
his 7 car rule during the book, but usually to say how
20 | Boston Bimmer • August/September 2013
he has broken the rule. Along with the philosophy there
are good sections on the care, feeding and repair of
several areas of BMW maintenance and a particularly
good discussion on BMW Air Conditioning which is an
understandable obsession given the design of ‘70s and
‘80s BMW air conditioning systems. Maybe it will help
me get my ‘88 M3 cold again.
On this page, top to bottom: Rob at the debut of his book, the
“Memoirs of a Hack Mechanic.” And, the cover of the actual book.
On the next page: Rob signing books for people who came to the
debut reading of his book.
NOTE: Rob will be the speaker at the Boston Chapter’s General
Meeting on September 11th at BMW Gallery of Norwell, MA.
The book reminds me of Zen and
the Art of Motor Cycle Maintenance,
although it has more maintenance
than the Zen classic and less in the
way of heavy philosophy. Rob acknowledges the similarity between
his book and the Zen work, but in
reality they end up being significantly different. Rob’s book is much
more a book focused on the cars in
his life and how they relate to his
major life events rather than a philosophy book that just happens to
have a motorcycle involved. The
book is structured into many sections that sometimes focus on a car,
or an event, or some other item of
interest. In that respect the book is
not a seamless read. It sometimes
seems like a lot of long magazine
columns put into a chronological
collection which makes it a choppy
at times.
I think many club members will
see themselves in the book and it
should be looked at as an easy (although rather long at 400 pages)
read that will remind them of the
many late nights under a car with
oil slowly dripping on their face
as they attempt to get to that bolt
on top of the M3 transmission that
just can’t be reached by a normal
human – even though the book says
you can.
For people like me, this the book
has a real connection. If you have
all of your car work done by a shop
while you are out playing golf, I
don’t think the book will have the
same fascination. ♦
About the reviewer: John Oglesby
has been a BMW
CCA member
since 1989 when
he bought his
E30 M3 He was
president of the
Boston Chapter for
5 years and now
serves at the Communications Director.
John is VP at Raytheon and lives with
his wife Rachel in Harvard, MA.
Scenes from a “car guy” marriage
... or, “I went to Rob Seigel’s book reading and why I actually enjoyed it.”
ast weekend, I let my car-crazy husband drag me with him to our local
bookstore to attend a reading and
book signing featuring Rob Siegal and
his new book, “Memoirs of a Hack Mechanic.” Well, when I say “dragged” me,
I exaggerate. I may mock Neil, but in reality, I think his love of cars and driving
is pretty cool. Part of what I marvel about
is the sheer competence it takes to muck
about with cars. And while I may feign
complete disinterest, I have absorbed quite a lot of random and
useful information (and attended a safety school) along the way.
It’s always a good thing to be curious about your partner’s
passions--at least enough to encourage and talk about them.
And that curiosity pushed me to pick up Rob’s book and read
the first few chapters. What I read made me eager to hear him
talk about his life’s hobby playing under the hood.
When Rob talks about his cars, I hear the same enthusiasm
(and sometimes exasperation) I hear in Neil’s voice when he
talks about a driving event or a Lemon’s race. Like Rob’s wife,
Maire Anne, I’m not what you’d call a car geek, but also similar
to her, I’ve learned that the way to make relationships work is to
support what your partner loves, even if you don’t understand
its particular magic. It was amusing looking around the bookstore at the (mostly) men, hanging on every word – especially
the technical bits – and the (mostly) women chuckling or shaking their heads in the universal solidarity of the car/track/golf/
etc. spouse.
Based on Rob’s remarks and the few chapters I have read, this
memoir is as much a how-to manual on respecting the obsessions of the people in your life as it is on actual car repairs. And
perhaps that is as it should be: we are the sum of our relationships, our work, and our passions. I think Rob well understands
the delicate balance that exists between them. ♦
— by Lisa Janice (LJ) Cohen
Editor’s note: Lisa is the wife of Boston Bimmer photographer Neil
Halin, and is a published author of poetry, novels and short stories.
For more on Lisa and her books, go to her website at | 21
Level L7: The top tier of driver’s education has new logo
the Order memberships were awardopularized in both literature and
ed to non-air service personnel, it
film, the “Order of the Pour le
was single-seater fighter pilots that
Merite” has enjoyed a rich hisgrabbed the headlines when receivtory of achievement and is possibly
ing the award. The nickname, Blue
one of the most sought after awards
Max, refers to its first pilot recipient,
ever bestowed. Known in the vernacthe legendary Max Immelmann, a
ular as the “Blue Max,” its graphical
prolific pioneer of aerial maneuver.
origins date back to the Crusades. In
It’s hard to overstate Max’s contribuits 270-year history, the Order has
tion; for example the “Immelmann
crossed international lines to include
Turn” is commonly used by fighter
King Peter III of Russia, who was
pilots today. The impact that this
admitted in 1762 for extraordinary
recognition instilled in young ambidiplomatic achievements that ended
tious pilots, along with the coverage
a war and saved thousands of lives.
it received in the press, was imThe Order has also crossed discimeasurable. The incentive to attain
plines, including inductee Christian
Boston Chapter BMW CCA
membership was so motivational,
von Buch, renowned geologist and
that Great Britain and France tried
follow suit with their own version
It reached its popular zenith,
of the Order, but their popularity never caught on. In
fanned by the press, as the various imperial powers
the 95 years that have passed since the last genuine
struggled desperately to wrest control of the skies
Order of the Pour le Merite was awarded, its name has
above Europe between 1914-18. Although over half of
become synonymous with extraordinary achievement globally across a
wide range of disciplines.
The Boston Chapter of the BMW
CCA has now joined the many organizations that have utilized the logo
of the Order as a fitting award to
their most elite achievers. As a distinctly German car club we believe in
embracing unique and positive German traditions, especially ones that
have had such a profound impact.
Therefore, the Track Committee is
proud to announce that recipients of
the L7 Skill Level, which is the highest awarded by the Boston BMW
CCA Driver Education Program, will
receive a rear-window sticker with a
Pour le Merite likeness. The Driving
Committee anticipates that only one
or two drivers will be promoted to
this level annually, making this an
elite cadre indeed. I’m sure we’ll all
have something to learn from each
and every one of them! All the more
reason to, “See you in the S’s!” ♦
— Reported by Fred deNapoli
22 | Boston Bimmer • August/September 2013
On Track: BMW remains in contention by John Oglesby
it gets poised to combine with
ALMS next year, but more on
that later. The Boston Chapter’s
own Turner Motorsports struggled in the Grand Am GT class
at Indy and could only manage
a 12th and 13 th. The BMWs in the
stock based Sports Car Challenge did much better with a
1-3-4-5 finish with Turner’s Bill
Auberlin and Paul Della Lana
finishing in the third spot.
American LeMans Series
e are right in the thick of the summer racing
season and things are really heating up! BMWs
have been competing, and winning, in several
series this year so let’s get on with the news.
Rolex GRAND AM Series
I have to start out this month discussing the Rolex
GRAND AM Series. The prototype portion of this series has never been one of my personal favorites as I
always felt that they gave up too much technology in
the interest of low cost and American V8 engines. Surprisingly, the cars are slowly getting more interesting
and not quite as ugly. And the engines are becoming
dominated by European manufactures like Lexus and
of course BMW. BMW introduced a new 4.5 Liter V8 at
the Grand Am race at Indianapolis and it finished 1-2
in a couple of the ubiquitous Riley prototype chassis.
So things continue to look up for BMW in the series as
Jamie Chomo
Certified Sales Professional
Porsche of Nashua
170 Main Dunstable Road
Nashua, NH 03060
Main: 603-595-1707 Direct: 603-578-3772 Fax: 603-595-1708
[email protected] ♦
In ALMS the RLL team’s Z4s are
facing a challenge with a lack of
top end speed. They ran a perfect race at Mosport in Canada,
but could only manage a 5th and
6 th. They competed well at the
slower speed handling tracks,
but at high speed tracks like
Mosport they just can’t get it
done. They are lobbying for a competition adjustment
for the other guys, but for now it is an issue.
British Touring Car Championship
In the BTCC BMW had a stellar weekend at the Croft
circuit in Northern England with the Ebay Motors
BMW 125i M Sport winning the first two races and finishing 2nd in the reverse grid finale. A great result for
the new BMW that seems to getting well sorted. Colin
Turkington is moving up the driver’s championship
and I am looking for continual improvement as the year
The planning for the combination of GRAND AM
and ALMS continues with the class structure taking
form. It looks like there will be a lot of classes with the
ALMS LMP1 being the only one really going away. The
LMP2 classes will remain as will most of the GT classes.
It will be a complex field. I am concerned about BMW’s
response to the change given all of the various classes
resulting in a loss of focus for the BMW management.
They say the Z4 effort will continue, but only time will
tell. Until next time ... stay on track. ♦
About the author: John Oglesby has
been a BMW CCA member since
1989 when he bought his E30 M3 He
was president of the Boston Chapter
for 5 years and now serves at the
Communications Director. John is a
VP at Raytheon and lives with his
wife Rachel in Harvard, MA. | 23
Philes’ Forum: Tips for changing the clutch slave cylinder
– Story and photos by Vic Lucariello
missions are a mechanical linkage
and a cable. Most cars nowadays
use hydraulic clutches, so BMW
was somewhat ahead of the curve
on this.
For those of you not familiar with
how a hydraulic clutch works, it
works pretty much the same way
as your brakes do. (Indeed, many
hydraulic-clutch systems, including
BMW’s, use the same fluid reservoir
for the clutch and brakes.) When you step on the clutch
pedal, the clutch master cylinder sends pressurized
brake fluid to the clutch slave cylinder (see Photo #1).
This causes the cylinder’s rod to extend and release the
clutch, via the clutch-release arm and release bearing,
so you can shift gears.
With the exception of the MINI, all BMW slave cylinders I have seen are located on the left (driver’s)
side of the transmission bell housing, such as shown
in Photo #2.
ello, Bimmerphiles! This time out we are
going to talk about the puddle I found underneath Joanne’s 1995 325is [E36]. Finding
a puddle under this car, which does not normally
leave even dime-sized drops on my shop floor, really got my attention! Especially because we don’t
have a dog to blame for the puddle!
Like most of our vehicles at the Philes’ Forum Engineering Complex, the E36 had been sitting unused, so last
week I took advantage of the mild weather and took
‘er for a spin. (Uh … not literally, track folks.) I noticed
the puddle while the motor was warming up. Initially I
couldn’t tell whether the decamped liquid was coolant
or brake fluid, but its color and the fact that the clutch
pedal did not “feel right” led me to suspect the latter.
Sure enough, once I got under the car I could see that
the clutch slave cylinder was wet and that brake fluid
was dripping out the bottom of the transmission bell
What is a clutch slave cylinder?
The extensive service records that came with the car did
not suggest that the clutch slave cylinder had ever been
replaced. I thought this was pretty good for 18 years
and nearly 200,000 miles. (Maybe there is something
to those regular brake-fluid changes I have preached
about for all these years?) So what exactly is a clutch
slave cylinder?
BMW has been using hydraulically-actuated clutches
since dirt was young, and the modern MINI (Thoroughly Modern MINI?) also uses one. The two other options
I know of for clutch actuation on regular manual trans-
An overview of the process
Although changing the slave cylinder is quite straightforward and covered in your Bentley Manual, it can
sometimes be a bit of a challenge to get all the air out of
the new cylinder so that you have a “nice pedal.” Here
are some things I have found to make the job easier:
• Be sure that the master-cylinder reservoir is full of
fresh brake fluid. If your slave cylinder was leaking,
it is likely that the reservoir level will be low, and
you want to minimize the amount of air that gets
into the system.
• With the new cylinder on the bench, install the tool
(described next issue) and fully depress the cylinder rod. No need to apply any undue force; use just
Douglas Luoma
West Quincy Motors, Inc.
Full service automotive repair.
Specializing in German and Swedish motorcars.
Quality pre-owned cars.
55 Garfield Street
Quincy, MA 02169
Monday – Friday 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Telephone: (617) 773-3900
Fax: (617) 773-5422
Email: [email protected]
24 | Boston Bimmer • August/September 2013
Specializing in Pre-Owned BMW
Purchases, Sales & Service
[email protected]
586 Willard Street
Quincy, MA 02169
Above: Photo #1, the clutch slave cylinder .
At right: Photo #2, the clutch slave cylinder shown installed.
enough to fully depress the rod, which depresses
with hand pressure.
With the old slave cylinder still in place, take the
new one under the car and transfer the hydraulic
line to the new cylinder. Do this quickly so as to
minimize the amount of fluid spilled.
Remove the old cylinder from the bell housing. Depending upon the model, a socket extension and
universal joint may be helpful. On the E36, just a
short extension and 13 mm socket were all I needed.
Don’t install the new cylinder just yet.
Again top up the master-cylinder reservoir. Although it helps to have a pressure bleeder, it is not
With the new cylinder’s rod in the fully depressed
condition (tool still attached), open the bleeder
screw and let the cylinder hang down until you get
a stream of fluid flowing from the bleeder. If you are
using a pressure bleeder, this will happen right away,
so be careful.
Close the bleeder screw.
If you are not using a pressure bleeder, top up the
master-cylinder reservoir again.
While you hold the slave cylinder such that its body
is vertical, with the bleeder screw at the top, have
an assistant depress the clutch pedal with finger
pressure while you open the bleeder screw. When
the clutch pedal reaches the floor, close the bleeder
screw and have the assistant slowly pull the clutch
pedal back up. Repeat until no air bubbles are seen
in the discharged-fluid stream.
Disconnect the pressure bleeder and ensure the master-cylinder reservoir is full.
Remove the tool and allow the slave-cylinder rod to
extend slowly.
Ensure the master-cylinder reservoir is full.
With the slave cylinder in the aforementioned orientation, open the bleeder screw and by hand slowly
depress the cylinder rod until it bottoms out. Again,
no undue force is required. Close the bleeder screw.
Allow the cylinder rod to extend slowly. Repeat.
Install the new cylinder, using new M8 locknuts.
[email protected]
46 Garden Park Braintree, MA 02184
Owner: Alvin Lui
Email [email protected]
PO Box 694
South Hadley, MA 01075
(413) 539-4382
“Because It’s OK To Love Your Car”
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• Get in the car and try the clutch pedal. Isn’t it a “nice
• Do a final check on the master-cylinder-reservoir
A very important thing to remember is that you must
not connect a pressure bleeder or depress the clutch
pedal unless the new slave-cylinder’s rod is depressed
with the tool or the slave cylinder is installed on the
car. Either mistake will result in your shiny new slave
cylinder coming apart and dumping brake fluid all over
everything. Don’t ask me why I am so sure of this!
Oops, I’m out of space for this installment of Philes’
Forum. Next time I’ll describe the tool you should use
for depressing the slave-cylinder rod and how you can
make one for a couple bucks!
Still looking for your input
I would very much like to receive a copy of your inspection report. You can either email a scan of your report
(preferred), or simply email the test data. (Include your
name, too, if you want to be famous and be mentioned
in Philes’ Forum!) There is no need to send in reports of
“passed” OBD II inspections (This is where they scan
your car for fault codes.), as these reports contain no
useful information. However, for failed OBD II tests
and for passed or failed OBD I tailpipe tests, there is
good info for my database. Please include both the test
26 | Boston Bimmer • August/September 2013
results for each pollutant along with your exact model
and year, transmission type, and mileage. If you know
at what mileages your oxygen sensors and spark plugs
were last replaced, include that as well. For OBDII failures, please include the trouble codes. Please indicate
what, if any, modifications have been made to your
motor (aftermarket “chip” or software, intake, exhaust,
etc.). You can obtain copies of passed OBD I tailpipe
tests from the NJMVC website
Until next time ...
That’s all for now, Bimmerphiles. See you next time!
Anyone wishing to contribute to Philes’ Forum can
contact me at [email protected] I’m interested
in tech tips, repair /maintenance questions, repair
horror stories, emissions-inspection sagas, product
evaluations, etc. ♦
About the author: Vic Lucariello has been a member of
the New Jersey Chapter of BMW CCA for 26 years, and
was a member of their board for 15 years. He is the Chief
of Tech for their driving schools and has been an instructor for over 20 years. Vic is an ASE-certified automobile
technician, who in real life is a mechanical engineer.
Copyright 2012: V.M. Lucariello, P.E., reprinted with
permission from the New Jersey Chapter of BMW CCA.
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2003 BMW 330i ZHP sedan (VIN:
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Completely stock six-speed
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North Carolina car that had never
seen snow before this year. Extensive BMW CCA member
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CarFax. Recent maintenance includes water pump/thermostat/
housing, FCABs, front rotors/Red
Stuff pads, lots more. 87,000 miles.
$14,500 OBRO. Selling to finance
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WBABN53472JU26977, Alpine White,
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miles, 5 Speed manual transmission, Completely stock. No Mods
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never even been to an automatic
car wash. Hand washed only, and
garaged. Car has cold weather and
sport packages and also has park
distance control, Xenon head lamps
and a HK stereo with single CD. It
doesn’t have the premium package and it doesn’t have a sunroof.
I ordered this car and have all the
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2000 E46 328i (5MT). Steel blue
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have 108,000 miles and replaced
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by BMW with a M3 rear subframe
(last one to ever be replaced). Currently, on coilovers and Porsche
twists 18x7.5 F and 18x10R. (Stock
wheels/suspension available)
Clean car. Typical wear for 13 year
car. Hood has 2 small dents from
when the hood decided to open at
20mph. Didn’t hit anything, just
bent slightly from over extending the hood shocks. Enthusiast
owned, maintained with Zymol
products. Asking $6,500. CL ad listing here: http://boston.craigslist.
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Wanted: E46 kidney grilles. I’m
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Miscellaneous Ads
WTB - stock e36 M3 rear anti-sway
bar. [email protected] ♦ | 29
These are the BMW dealers in the Boston
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present your BMW CCA membership
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Peabody, MA 01960
(978) 538-9900
BMW of Shrewsbury / Wagner
752 Boston Turnpike
Shrewsbury, MA 01545
(508) 845-0505
BMW of Sudbury
128 Boston Post Road
Sudbury, MA 01776
(866) 313-3254
BMW of Warwick
1515 Baldhill Road
Warwick, RI 02886
(401) 821-1510
Herb Chambers BMW
1172 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02134
(617) 731-1700
30 | Boston Bimmer • August/September 2013
BMW CCA assumes no liability for the work or merchandise from these independent service shops
Driving event sponsors
Bavarian Autosport
Portsmouth, NH
Danvers, MA
Concord Motorsport
Concord, NH 888-477-2697
Turner Motorsport
Amesbury, MA 978-388-7769
BMW CCA assumes no liability for the work or merchandise from these independent service shops
Questions? Contact a board member or event chairperson
To contact Chapter officers and staff visit
Boston Chapter Board
Boston Chapter Driving Events Staff
Simon Cooper
Vice President & Activities Director
John Sullivan
Secretary Baer Connard
Treasurer Jack Woods
Membership Chair Eric Kaul
Directors Dan Chadwick
Larry Barbieri
Joe Marko
Simon Cooper
Director of Communications
John Oglesby
Joe Marko
Co-Chief Instructors
Matt Malfa
Barry Tarr
Tech Stewards Mike Barton
Neil Halin
Instructor Registrar
Denis Friedman
Larry Barbieri
Peter Bergwall
Simon Cooper
Denis Friedman
Martin Mahoney
Brian Stein
Instructor Development
Dan Chadwick
Boston Bimmer Magazine
Editor in Chief
Rachel Oglesby
Advertising Manager
Larry Barbieri
Vic Lucariello
John Oglesby
Ross Schold
Christo Tinkov
Photographer Neil Halin
Maggie O’Brien
Barry Tarr
Activities Committee
Christo Tinkov
Audra Tella
Registrar Rachel Baker
Autocross Timing
Scott Baston High Performance Driving Schools
John Sullivan
Advanced Driving Skills School
Eduardo McIntosh
Will Howe
Marcy Venezia
Michael Mangini
Susan Mangini
Luka Serdar
John Sullivan
Roy Wicklund
Michael Mangini
Bruce Smith
Concours Registrar
Mitch Brown
Martin Mahoney
Co-Chairs Jack Meeker
Tom Rathje
Street Survival School
Club Racing
Rhode Island
RI Activities Ross Schold
RI Representative
Ben Ingegneri
Ice Racing Chair Chapter Services
Legal Advisor
Trish Farnsworth
Technical Advisor Chip Myers
Webmaster Jim Dresser
The Jackson “Icemen”
Officers and committee members can be reached by clicking the E-mail link beside
their name on the club website,
aspx. The chapter president may be reached at 508-788-1314, the membership chairperson Eric Kaul can be reached at 774-226-9540 or 774-A-BMW-540, by email at
[email protected] or by mail at P.O. Box 3087, Peabody, MA 01961. | 31
Boston Chapter BMW CCA
Post Office Box 3087
Peabody, MA 01961-3087

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