The body heals with play, the mind heals with



The body heals with play, the mind heals with
“The body heals with play, the mind heals with
laughter, and the spirit heals with joy.”
Author unknown
Studies show that children who play heal faster. Play
relieves pain and stress. It refreshes mind and body. Play
inspires and gives hope. It is energizing, yet calming.
Play is powerful.
Funds raised during 2014 by Hendricks Regional Health
Foundation will bring the healing power of play to an
existing courtyard at our Danville hospital when it is
transformed in 2015 into a welcoming play area that
invites activity, discovery, adventure, joy, laughter and
healing. Your gifts help make this and more possible.
They help save lives and bring healing comfort to
someone in need. They also help fill your heart with
hope knowing that you are making a commitment to
a healthy community. Healing body, mind and spirit
through your generosity and involvement. Your gifts
make a difference, and you do, too. Thank you!
The mission of Hendricks Regional Health Foundation is
to raise awareness of and provide support for initiatives
that enhance community health, patient comfort, safety
and medical care at Hendricks Regional Health. Donors
to Hendricks Regional Health Foundation help us fullfill
that mission. Generous contributions from people,
organizations and businesses that care about the
health and welfare of our community make a difference
for our patients and those who care for them.
The names of those listed in this 2014 report of giving
do care, and we thank you. Contributors and sponsors
recognized include those who make unrestricted gifts and
also those who gave through our special events, including:
• Golf Outing in May
• Jerome & Gracie’s Little Angels Ride in June
• Ride for Health & Heroes in September
• Treat People Better Award & Auction in November
We are grateful for your generous support that helps
save lives and allows Hendricks Regional Health to
remain a strong, vital, independent nonprofit hospital
and health system. We make every effort to ensure
accuracy in our records and lists. Please contact our
office if you have a question.
associates in March, I shared
a message that sometimes
comes as a surprise. The
therapists, grounds keepers,
clinical attendants, cooks,
x-ray technicians, pharmacists,
registration clerks, dietitians,
social workers, housekeepers,
managers and more. They
are direct caregivers and those who work behind the
scenes, and all serve vital roles in the success and
indispensable care provided by Hendricks Regional
Health at its locations in Avon, Bainbridge, Brownsburg,
Danville, Lizton, and Plainfield.
What surprises them is that I thank them for being
fundraisers. Although none probably sees himself
or herself in that role, it is their work that makes it
possible for Hendricks Regional Health Foundation
to fulfill its mission to provide support for community
health, patient comfort, safety and medical care
throughout our nonprofit health system. Without
their compassionate patient-centered Treat People
Better care in all they do, we would not be able to
successfully ask the community for support.
If you’re like me, you don’t make your gifts to just any
organization. It is one that has special meaning to you,
your family or organization. As a donor to Hendricks
Regional Health Foundation, perhaps it is because of
a physician or caregiver who is instrumental in your
care or the care of your employees or neighbors. It
could be because Hendricks Regional Health makes
a commitment to you and our community to make
a difference. No matter the reason, giving back is an
appropriate way to show your grateful appreciation
for the quality of care available to everyone in our
community. We, too, express our grateful appreciation
to the individuals, organizations and businesses listed
in this report who partner with us to help Hendricks
Regional Health provide indispensable care to everyone
who needs it, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Thank
you for joining us on a journey to good health.
Sue Bogan, Executive Director |
317.745.7376 | [email protected]
Dori Brauman Moore, JD, RN
Joe Neher
David Stopperich, MD
Brett Clark
Patty Owens, RN
Rhett Stuard, JD
Jeff Donovan, CPA
Michelle Reed
Tanya Villanueva
Kathy Duffer
Bob Sexton, DDS
Andy Wernsman
Laura Eisenbarth
Chris Shuler
Gene Hostetter, JD
Sue Bogan, Executive Director
Carol Gentry
John Skelton
Katie Garwood, Communications & Project Coordinator
Donnis Mizelle
Kevin Speer, JD
Jennifer Scheele, Stewardship & Events Coordinator
Julia Mulholland
It has been a pleasure and
true honor to speak on behalf
of the 17 other members of
our hardworking board as its
leader for the past four years.
It’s been said that being a
volunteer can be the hardest
work you’ll ever love, and I
have found that to be true in
two different volunteer roles
for Hendricks Regional Health.
Not only am I proud to be a member of Hendricks
Regional Health Foundation board of directors, but I
also serve as a volunteer in the hospital’s Emergency
Department every week.
Those roles have given me two ways to see how
important both organizations are to me, my family,
neighbors, and friends. Hendricks Regional Health
needs our support, and gifts made to its Foundation
strengthen and provide important funds to help keep
Foundation attorney
our independent, nonprofit health system a strong
and vital asset for everyone in our community.
Our hospital and health system, its physicians,
nurses and other caregivers all provide comfort,
healing, and care. Its locations throughout Hendricks
County serve thousands close to home with talented,
knowledgeable and compassionate staff. People
rely on Hendricks Regional Health to take care of
them. And Hendricks Regional Health relies on its
Foundation and the community to help support that
quality care.
Thank you for believing, like I do, that Hendricks
Regional Health is an organization worth supporting.
Your involvement and advocacy help save lives.
We are grateful for your partnership, through your
contributions, in extending indispensable Treat
People Better care to all. Thank you again.
Joe Neher, Foundation Board Chair
$150,000 for construction of a playground
for the Healing Power of Play
$50,000 added to the Foundation’s endowment
fund to strengthen the organization and provide
a stream of income for future projects
$28,285 to fund primary health care services
and provide support for patients without insurance
$12,000 for a special lift wheelchair for the Cancer Center
$3,825 for new scales for Immediate
Care and Oncology Infusion
$2,400 to assist individuals in wheelchairs at
registration with an automatic door opener
$2,000 to purchase safe patient
handling equipment
$2,000 for equipment for Speech Therapy’s
infant/toddler swallowing program
$1,500 to help reduce chronic heart failure
patient readmissions with digital scales
$1,100 for portable phlebotomy chair
for health screenings
$720 to improve safety needs for first
responders at HRH sites
$200 for teaching stethoscopes
74% Healing Power of Play
16% Health Services
10% Patient Comfort & Safety
Contributions: 53%
Events: 42%
Interest: 5%
Hospital Programs &
Community Health: 90%
Operations: 10%
Cartlidge Circle & Physician Partners
American Health Network
Anonymous – 3; 1 gift
made in memory of
David Haggard, MD
Arkanoff Painting, Inc.
Avon Orthodontics
Blue & Company
Blue River Pharmacy
BMO Harris Bank
Dr. Clark Boccone, MD*
Dave and Sue* Bogan
Bradley Associates CPAs
Brandt Construction
Brauman Moore Law Offices,
Dori Brauman Moore*
BSA LifeStructures, Inc.
Community Donors
Acute Rehab Medicine Specialists – ARMS
Doris L. Albrecht
Mike and Karen Alessandrini
Charles C. Allen
American Legion Brownsburg Post 331 Riders
American Senior Communities
Anderson Chiropractic
Kathleen Anderson in honor of Martha Rardin
Norma Anderson
Anonymous – 9
ASI Signage Innovations
Robert and Mary Atkins
Elizabeth Auten
Avon Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Avon Washington Township Public Library Staff
Sherri Badman
Billie Baldwin in memory of Vivian Holliday
Todd and Kelly Barker
Mary Bartley
Bridget Bassett in honor of Martha Rardin
BC Awards
Ron and Layna Beard
Al and Nancy Bennett
Esther M. Benson
Mary and Ray Benson in honor of Emory Lencke
Ronald E. Black
Bogan Eyecare Center
James Boller
Charles Bowman
Nina Brandt in honor of Emory Lencke
John and Jeri Brown
Kevin Brown
Brownsburg Dental/John Loeffler, DDS
Steve Buckner
Cal Burleson in memory of Sandy Lencke
Business Furniture
Caliber Home Loans – Mark Davis
Basil M. Callahan
CareTech Solutions
Edward J. Caylor Sr.
Central Supply Co.
Cerner Corp.
Shirley Christy in memory of Donald Christy
Brett Clark*
Clear Channel Outdoor
Cindy Cline
Mildred Clingenpeel
Cooler Design, Inc.
Kathy Corbin in memory of Dr. Charles Nelson
Donna Crowe
Cruise One
Danville Auto Service & Tire, Inc.
Danville Veterinary Hospital
Jan Davis
Phil R. Davis, Sr.
Norma Dean
Virginia Deich
Steve and Sandi Denhart
Terry* and Nancy Dillon in honor of Damon and
Rosalie Eddington’s 60th anniversary, and in
memory of Dr. Charles Nelson
Danny and Delores Dotlich
Kathy Duffer*
Arnold Edgar
Tom and Kristy Edwards
Laura* and Steve Eisenbarth
Electric Plus, Inc.
Elite Print Services, Inc.
Emergency Medicine Specialists in memory
of Danny Nipper
Empower Retirement
Erin M. Engels*
Ermco Electric
Crystal M. Essex
Gary G. Eubank
Drs. Michael Evans and Andrea Terrell
William and Janet Evans
Fargo Insulation
Ralph and Mary Fenwick
Patricia Fields
Scott Flood Writing in honor of Emory Lencke
Randi Flora
Bonnie Fortner
Fourth Street Performance Partners
Charles Freouf
Howard and Susie Friend
Jim and Peggy Foxworthy
Frazee Gardens
Robert and Karen Gable
Gaylor Electric, Inc.
Gentiva Hospice
Gentle Dentist
Eric W. Gibson
Carol and Danny Gillespie
Gregory & Appel Insurance
Jerry and Kim Gruzinsky
Dr. David and Mrs. Ruth Hadley
Dorothy Ann Hadley
Lavern Hail in memory of James A. Hail
Mary Anne Hanner in honor of Martha Rardin
Carrie Hanni in honor of Emory Lencke
John and Kathy Haver
The Hearth at Prestwick
The Heavyweights, Inc.
Hendricks County Bank & Trust
Hendricks County Economic
Development Partnership
Hendricks County Business
Leader/Hendricks County ICON
John Hess
Carl and Betty Hilton
Deanna Hindsley in memory of
Sandy Lencke
Ruth Hine
Gordon Hobbs
Meredyth Hollingsworth
Ethel Hostetter
Hostetter & Associates, Gene Hostetter*
HP Products Corp.
A.A. Huber & Sons, Inc.
Todd Hunter
IMC Credit Services
Indiana Donor Network
Indianapolis Indians, Inc. in memory
of Sandy Lencke
Virginia Jarrett
Betty Jaynes in memory of
Sandy Lencke
JRA & Associates
Debbie Kelb
Keith Butts in honor of
Cole Parker Butts and
Araya Jo Dewitt
Steve Cagle
Cancer Care Group
Elizabeth Cisco in honor
of Kevin Speer and Gary Everling
Dr. Scott* and Sarah Cline
Community Health Network
Donovan CPAs and Advisors,
Jeff Donovan*
Duke Energy
Mike* and Maralee Edmondson
Edwards-Rigdon Construction Co.
Bill Estes Ford
Michelle Fenoughty, MD* &
Shawn Fenoughty, MD*
First Merchants Bank
The Flyer Group
Gail Force Enterprises
Dr. Robert* and Louise Glassman
Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman
Hendricks County
Community Foundation
Hendricks County Fraternal Order
of Police, Lodge 132
Hendricks County Physician
Billing, Inc.
Hendricks County Radiology* Drs. Flood, Hunt, McFall,
and Mulholland
Hendricks Power Cooperative
Horizon Hospice Care, Inc.
Indiana Breast Cancer
Awareness Trust
Indiana Members Credit Union
Anne Miller, RN*
Dr. Joseph* and Julia* Mulholland
Charles and Harriett* Muston
The National Bank of Indianapolis
Navigant Consulting
Joe* and Dana Neher in memory of
Barbara Ford Neher
Pat Nelson
North Salem State Bank
Pharmacy Systems, Inc.
Gary and Tonya Pohl
Ray’s Trash Service
Michelle* and Gordon* Reed, MD
Dr. Thomas* and Tammy
Richardson in memory of
Joyce Richardson and
Peggy Richardson
Mr.* and Mrs. Isadore Rivas
St. Vincent Health
Robert E. Sexton, DDS*
The Smithville Charitable
Statewide Credit Association
Steel Dynamics
Studio 3 Design
Traditions at Reagan Park
Vectren Foundation
Marland and Tanya* Villanueva
Jeff and Kelli* Waggoner
Steve Wagner for Sheriff
Robert Weaver*
Wellbrooke of Avon
Lori and Andy* Wernsman
Westside Physicians for Women*Drs. Badman, Fenoughty,
Huffman, Mazdai, and Ruckman
Legacy Builders
Michael and Gayle Kelly
Kemper CPA Group
Mike Kennedy
Garland and Mildred Kircher
Christine Knight
Kone Elevators
Steve Larracey
Peggy A. Layman
Terry Lee Honda
Legan Livestock & Grain in
memory of Danny Nipper
Emory Lencke in memory of
Sandra Lencke
Carol Livingood
Longworth Media
Lynch Construction Co.
Greg and Maria Mabe in memory of
Howard and Mary Mabe
Betty Jane Mabis
MacAllister Power Systems
Warren and Christine Maccaroni
Jack and Cynthia Martin
Matthews Mortuary, Inc.
Brenda McCarty
Anna McIntyre
Joseph McKinney
Kent and Donna McPhail in honor of
Emory Lencke
Jo Mead-Rush
Shannon Meadows
The Medical Foundation
Donna Meeboer
Robert Melton
Catherine Miller in honor of
Martha Rardin
Juliana M. Mitchell
Donnis Mizelle*
Morning Light
Betty Morris
Michael and Dawn Musolino
MVD Communications
Roy and Sharon Newby
Joan Nichols
Kenneth D. Niemann
Marjorie Nolan in honor of
Martha Rardin
Mark Ortman
Stan Ortman
Jim and Patty* Owens in memory
of Dr. Charles Nelson
Don Peoples in honor of Emory Lencke
Charles and Patsy Perry
Herbert and Elma Pickel
Precision Control Systems of Indianapolis
Murray and Sara Pride
Public Agency Training Council
Purple Toad Winery
Ken and Julie Pyle
James Racklyeft
Gerald and Martha Raley
Fred Raths
Re/Max Centerstone – The Culpepper Group
Re/Max Centerstone – Tony Pickett
Carolyn J. Ridinger
R. J. Aluminum
Sally Romack
Rose Promotions
Brian and Kelly Rutledge
St. Vincent StatFlight
Sam and Jennifer Schuch in memory
of Samuel J. Schuch VI
Donetta Scott
Sevenish Law
Mark Shaffer
Kevin and Julia Shock
Chris* and Rachelle Shuler
James Sinders
John* and Susan Skelton
Matt and Brandi Spaulding
Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.
Mike and Karen Starkey
State Bank of Lizton
William and Lucetta Steinway
Joe Stephens in memory of Donna Stephens
Greg Steuerwald, State Representative
Jeff Stinson
Stoops Buick-GMC
Lynne Stuard
Rhett* and Tammi Stuard
Suburban Health Organization
Sundowner Express
Jill Swango
Marshall Talbert
Randy and Lisa Tarter
Teachers Credit Union and TCU
Investment Services
Richard and Sheila Thomas
Richard and Clara Thompson in
memory of Sandy Lencke
Joseph and Naomi Thurmond
Cecile Thweatt
Hien Tran
Tri West High School
Larry and Judy Trollan
Turner Construction Co.
Betty Ullmann in memory of Arnold Ullmann
Unified Group Services, Inc.
Urology of Indiana
Village of Avon
Visit Hendricks County
Glenda Wallace
Bonnie Walton in memory of Cecil
and Pauline Walton
Keith D. Ward
Donna Weidenbener in honor of Dr. Robert
Glassman and Cathy Weidenbener, and
in memory of Robert P. Weidenbener
Western Waterproofing Co., Inc.
Dave and Suzanne Whicker in
honor of Emory Lencke
Witham Health Services
Michael and Jane Woolfington in
honor of Emory Lencke
Betty Wray
Wurster Construction
William and Judy Yates
Durbin and Willa Dean Yeager
Donna Yockey
Steve Yost in memory of Jerome
and Gracie Bergman
Employee & Medical Staff Physician Donors
Patricia Kelly, RN
Betty Ann Kessinger
Joan Ketcham
Aimee Ketterer
Kim Kiefer
Gina Kirk, NP and Jeremy Kirk, MD
Geni Klayer
Polly Knowland
Barbara Koewler, MD
Kathryn Koon, RN
Vicki Lamar, RN
Debby Larison
Dr. Patrick Larracey
Terrie Lattz
Rich Lau
Lyndie Lawler
Kathy Hall Leap in memory of
Shirley Hall
Eva Lehr
Pamela Leifheit, RN
Gary Lenard
Lucinda Leslie
Dr. Jesse and Michelle Li
Laura Long
Lisa Luttrull
William Majeske
Jamie Mattei
Anita Mazdai, MD
Carol McCauley
Chong McFarland
Debra McGovern, RN
Maggie McMann
Stan Metzger
Carrie Meyer
Amber Miller
Mary Miller in memory of
John M. Bell Jr.
Sharon Miller
Tamela Mitchell
Brenda Moeckly
JoAnn Morton, RN
Cindy Myers
Jennifer Myers
Linda Nelson
Lisa Nesbit, RN
Carol Nevitt, RN
Mark and Joyce Newlin
Melissa Nichols
Alice Nierman
Osariemen Nosa-Idahosa
Kathleen Opincar
Pamela Osborn
Joleen Parker, LPN
Carol Peterson
Jean Petraits, RN and Family
Deborah Plummer, RN
Shirley Polley
Brad Prather, MD
Tonya and JR Prentice
Clevette Price, RN
Lori Purkiser in honor of Dr. John Kersteff
and Dr. Michelle Fenoughty
Patty Rackley
Debora Ramsey
John and Martha Rardin
Jessica Rawlins
Linda Ray, RN
P. Daniel Read, MD
Stacy Rhodes
Sandra Richardson, RN
Sheila Richardville in memory
of Ruth Hood
Megan Riggs
Kyle Ritter, MD
Rita Robison
Debra Rosemeyer
Jan and Nevin Rudie
Alice Rushing
Michelle Rusie, RN
Beth Russell
Jennifer Scheele in memory
of family & friends
Pamela Schmidt, RN, BSN
Jan Schmitt in memory of
Jeramy Schmitt and Joe Schmitt
Yvonne Schooley
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Schopper
Adam Scott
Duane Seaborne
Julie Sears
Beau Semler, RN
Tom and Laurel Setser
Mijid Sevjiddulam
Brian Sheets
Amy Sheridan, RN
Billi Slavens, RN
Marijane Smallwood, RN
Peggy Smith in memory of
Maxine Fulmer
Barbara Smyth
Chris Snyder
Christopher Sofianos, MD
Shane Sommers
Rachel Spadone
Dr. John and Amanda Sparzo
Joyanne Spelman
Jennifer Speedy, RN
Pearl Spinner
Paula Spoonmore
Paula Stephens-Bibeau
Ann Sterling
Don Stewart
Lori Stewart
Michelle Stewart, RN
Laurie Stine, RN, BSN
David Stopperich*, MD
Brenda Stroud, RN
Katrina Stultz
Brenda Sturgeon, RN
Cheri Sulkoske
Kay Surfus, RN
Ron Swan
Merrit Swift
Ann Swihart
Ryan Tammen
Betsey Thompson, RN
Kathryn Titus
Mary Tost
Marcia Tracy, RN, BSN
Dawn Trammel
Muoi Tran
Charles Tripple, MD
Troy Tucker
Steve and Lynn Turner, RN
John and Dana Unison
Tanya Vandenberg
Norma Vela
Sharon Wagner
Chad Waits, MD
Katie Walker
Virginia Wallace
Stephanie Wallen
Karen Waltz
Brian Warner
Catherine Weidenbener in memory
of Robert Weidenbener
Connie Werth in memory of parents who
lost babies in 2013, and in honor of Kasey Hacker,
Dixie White in honor of the
Engineering Department, and in
memory of Bud White
Trent Whittington
Jackie Widau, RN
Lori Wildman
Karen Wilkes, RN
Joan Williams, RN
Dee Wingler
Doris Winkle, RN
Judith Woolf
Brandee Wornhoff, RN
Jennifer Wright, RN
Maggi Wyant
Tara Yancey
Robert Yeley
Kitty York
Deborah Ziemendorf
Mary Zigler
Gordon Hayward
Heat & Cool, LLC
The Heavyweights
Hendricks County 4-H Complex
Hendricks County Sheriff Department
Hendricks Power Cooperative
Hendricks Regional Health: Administration,
Engineering, Gift Shop, Guest and Volunteer
Services, Marketing, Nursing Collaborative
Council, Nutrition & Dietetics, Support Services,
Wellness Department
Hendricks Regional Health Foundation
Board of Directors
Hendricks Regional Health YMCA
Hilligoss Bakery
Hilton Garden Inn, Indianapolis Airport
Hoosier Gymnastics Training Center
Hostetter & Associates
Gene Hostetter
Indiana Repertory Theatre
Indiana State Fair
Indiana State Museum
Indianapolis Art Center
Indianapolis Colts
Indianapolis Indians
Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Indianapolis Southside Harley Davidson
Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra
Indianapolis Zoo
Indy Eleven Professional Soccer
Indy West Harley Davidson
Jimbo’s BBQ
Ben and Cheryl Keckler
Nicki Keller, Thirty-One
Kim Kiefer
Jack and Connie Lawson
Levy Restaurants
The Liquor Shop
Kayla Lofton
Lucas Oil Raceway
Lisa Luttrull
Mallow Run Winery
Massage Envy, Avon
Mayberry Café
McAlister’s Deli
McNamara Florist, Avon
Meaningful Day Services
Mike’s Express Car Wash
Mitch’s Incredible Ace Hardware
Jill Morgan
Morty’s Comedy Joint
Moyer Fine Jewelers
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Mulholland
The National Bank of Indianapolis
Nature’s Choice Landscaping
Navigant Healthcare
NCAA Hall of Champions
Joe and Dana Neher
Nelson Jewelers, Inc.
Jay Orner & Sons Billiard Co.
Jim and Patty Owens
Pacers Sports & Entertainment
Paint & Sip, Flory Phillips
The Palms
Panko Strength & Speed
Party City
Photography by Lois, Lois Talley
Pit Bull Leather Co.
Plainfield Eye Care
Prestwick Country Club
Martha Rardin
Ray’s Trash Services
Dr. Gordon and Michelle Reed
Katie Reed
Levi and Lauren Riggs
Rising Star Casino & Resort
Rita Robison
Charlie Rodgers and Family
Rolling in the Dough
Rose Promotions
Royal Construction
Ruth’s Chris, Indianapolis Downtown
St. Vincent StatFlight 4
Jennifer Scheele
Don Schumacher Racing
Scotts Finishing Touch
Senior Helpers
Nick Shrout
Shug’s Cakes & Confections
Chris and Rachelle Shuler
Silver Shears Styling Salon
John Skelton
Bridget Sloan and Family
Sarah Smith, Making Spaces
The Sospirato Family
Southwest Airlines
Sozo Technologies, LLC
Standard Textiles
Statewide Credit Association
Greg Steuerwald
Stoops Buick-GMC
Merrit and Dawn Swift
Sycamore Elementary School,
Mrs. Jody Williams’ class
Bruce Tatman Illustrations & Design
Texas Roadhouse, Avon
Tire Central & Service
TKO Graphix
Steve and Lynn Turner
UPaint Pottery Studio
Urology of Indiana
Greg VanLaere
Marland and Tanya Villenueva
Walmart Distribution Center
Personnel Office, Greencastle
Wellbrooke of Avon
Andy & Lori Wernsman
Window Wizards
Linda Wolschlager, LaBella Baskets
Wooden Key Hallmark, Brownsburg
Wooden Key Hallmark, Plainfield
Terry Zore
Zore’s Inc.
Denise Abell, RN
Barbara Alexander
Marcella Andrews, RN
Anonymous - 16
Grace Badman, MD
Fawn Bailey, RN
Dennis Barger in honor of HRH
Medical Group Physicians & Staff
Flordeliza Barry
Jennifer Bates
Beth Bauerle
David Baugh, MD
Lindsey Baugh
Debra Beck, RN
Deborah Benson
Jo Ann Berryman
Debora Birch
Christina M. Bittles, RN
Lauri Blue, RN
Dr. Michael and Stephanie Bode
Terri Bohlander
Cynthia Boswell, RN
The Breedlove Family
Chris and Maria Brewer
Larry Brothers
Misti Brown, RN
Matthew, Sarah, Georgia, Evan Browning
Ruth Burdette
Brandi Burdine
Kathy Burdine
Eva Burgan, RN
Jan Burlison
Nicholas Burnett
Melanie Bush
Lora Butler
Brenda Byers
Debi Campbell, RN in memory of
Vivian Myers and honor of Archer Campbell
Kim Campbell in honor of Karen Escott
Nathan Campbell
Amiee Carlton, RN
Patti Carrington in honor of Management
Council, Directors, Beth Cisco, Michael Kirschner,
and Jim Willey
Deborah Case in memory of
Catherine Belle Case
Tammy Christian
Theresa Codarmaz
Pamela Coers
Barry and Rhonda Conrad
Jessica Cornelius
Teresa Coverdale, RN
David Cox
Jackie Cramer, LPN
Allen and Yvonne Culpepper in
memory of Donna Russell
Dr. Narsing Damera
Danville Anesthesiologists
Gerard Darroca
Vonda Davidson, RN
Mr. and Mrs. Willis Deardorff
Wendy Deaton, RN
Anita Dieckmann
Douglas Disney
Igor Dizdarevic
Jasna Dizdarevic
Kris Dodson, RN
Deborah Dooley
Ronda Doolin
Kimberly Duncan
Sarah Duncan
Theresa Eaton, RT/RN
Angela Elder
Dr. Susan and Jeffrey Emmick
Marsha Endicott
Gary Everling
Linda Everts
Martha Faller
Chelsie Farmer
Dr. Jared and Lynn Fialkow
Toni Ford, RN
Bonnie Freeman
Mary Jane Garland
Dr. Mark and Carol* Gentry
Beth Gephart, RN
Tony GiaQuinta, MD
Jaci Gibbs
Marti Gilham, RN
Beth Gillenwater, RN
Angela Gregory
Shawn Groce
Keith Groppel
M. Rebecca Haak, MD
Donna Haggard, RN in memory of
Dr. and Mrs. David Haggard
Jennifer Hall
Melissa Hall
Mike and Jana Hall
Cindy and Monty Hammons
John Hand
Tamara Handy
Emily Hansen
Mary Harrell
Brenda Tabor Haskett, RN
Johanna Helphinstine
Hendricks Regional Health in
memory of Rosemary Sale
Hendricks Regional Health
Operating Room Staff
Karrie Herald
G. Joseph Herr, MD
Jennifer Herring, RN
Jan Hesler, RN in memory of
Donna Russell, RN and Margie Stewart, RN
Lori Hiatt
Teresa Hiatt, LPN
Karen Hollingsworth
Mary Kay Hood
Durwin Holmes
Tammy Horvath
Laura Howell
Mary Hudkins
Jamie Hutcheson, RN
Lisa Imlay, RN
Paula Ingle-Smith, RN
Daniel Jarvis
Debby and Doug Johnson
Heather Kays
Ben Keckler
Trisha Keele
Tara Kegeris, RN
Boss’s Day Honorees
Dennis Barger
David Barkley
Jenny Bates
Sue Bogan
Matt Browning
Amy Chamberlin
Yvonne Culpepper
Gary Everling
Marti Gilham
Donna Haggard
John Hand
Mary Kay Hood
Geni Klayer
Jo Ann Morton
Mark Newlin
Dr. Gordon Reed
Izzy Rivas
Kevin Speer
Troy Tucker
Lynn Turner
In-Kind Donors
500 Festival, Inc.
Actors Theatre of Indiana
Jason Alsup
American Legion Brownsburg Post 331
American Senior Communities
Anonymous - 2
Apple American Group (Applebee’s)
Aqua Systems
Arkanoff Painting
Associates in Family Dentistry
Auto Zone
Avon Orthodontics-Gregory A. Johnson, DDS
Avon-Washington Township Parks & Recreation
Trish and Dennis Barger
Tucker Barnhart and Family
Beauty Brands Salon Spa Superstore
Emily Bennett Photography
Dave Benware Painting
Mandie and Jerry Bergman
Big Tuck’s Feed + More
BMO Harris Bank
Sue Bogan
Bread Basket Café & Bakery
Brownsburg East Middle School,
Mrs. Roxanne McDaniel’s 8th grade class
Business Furniture
C&J Promotions
Canvas on Demand
Patti Carrington
Chick-Fil-A, Avon
The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
City Barbeque, Avon
Brett Clark
Comedy Sportz, Indianapolis
Lee Comer
Comfort Suites, Brownsburg
Conner Prairie
Country Club of Indianapolis
Pauline Cox
Cruise One
Allen & Yvonne Culpepper
Custom Picture Framing of Brownsburg
D-Zign Salon
Dance Unlimited, Lori Page
Dark Armies of Indianapolis
Dawson Family Dentistry
Diamond Collision
Dick’s Sporting Goods
Walt Disney World Co.
Kathy Duffer
Edible Arrangements
Joyce Eickhoff, Premier Designs
Steve and Laura Eisenbarth
Eiteljorg Museum
Emmy’s Pancake House & Grill
Follett – Great Lakes Medical Assoc.
Bob Freese
French Lick Resort
Gail Force Enterprises
Katie Garwood
Gentle Dentist
Mark and Carol Gentry
Gillespie Florists
Gina’s Creative Jewelry
Glazier’s Distributors of Indiana
Jeff Gordon, Inc.
Great Fermentations
Gloria Groves
Half Baked Pottery & Gifts
The Handle Bar
Dave and Sue* Bogan
Florence G. Cartlidge
Frances M. Denny
Donald A. Hines
Dorathy B. Julian
James S. Raber
Robert E. Sexton, DDS*
Lori G. Shufflebarger
Jill C. Williams
Donors marked with * indicate they are Hendricks Regional Health employees, medical staff members, Foundation board members, or hospital trustees