AnnuAl RepoRt My world is



AnnuAl RepoRt My world is
Annual Report
April 1, 20 07 th rough Mar ch 31,20 08
My world is ...
When a child or teenager has a serious medical condition,
everyone in the family is affected. The kids, their parents
and siblings struggle, in different ways, to cope with the
intrusion of illness or serious injury into their lives.
We understand what families go through when a child
is sick, and how important it is for families to find relief
from constant worry and isolation. Our entertainment,
education and family activity programs have been proven
to distract children from their pain, help them better
understand and manage their illnesses, and connect
families facing similar challenges so that no one feels
Serving more than 2 million sick children, parents
and siblings each year, Starlight uniquely offers a
comprehensive menu of both “high-tech” and “hightouch” programs. Our array of outpatient, hospital-based
and Web offerings enables us to provide ongoing support
for children and families — before, during and after
medical treatment.
The way we see it, while doctors work to restore a child’s
health and researchers look for cures, Starlight focuses
on restoring the entire family’s spirits.
Thank You Peter ...
In 1983, inspired by a little boy battling a brain
tumor, Peter Samuelson founded Starlight Children’s
Foundation as a charity dedicated to brightening the
lives of children with chronic and life-threatening
diseases. In 1990, he went on to bring together leaders
including Steven Spielberg and General Norman
Schwarzkopf to create The Starbright Foundation —
a charity dedicated to developing media and
technology-based programs to educate and empower
children to cope with the medical and emotional
challenges of illness. In 2004, the two organizations
merged, and Peter assumed the position of Chairman.
For the last 25 years, Peter has worked tirelessly
on behalf of Starlight’s sick children and their
families. Described by many as a “serial pro-social
entrepreneur,” he is always asking what can be done
differently, and how we can improve our services.
Under his leadership, Starlight refined its mission
and optimized its programs to best help seriously
ill children and their families cope with pain, fear
and isolation. “While researchers look for cures
and doctors work to heal,” he said, “it is Starlight’s
purpose to lift the entire family’s spirits, for as long
as they need support.” He also helped the organization
grow from two small, Los Angeles-based charities
to an international organization with 34 offices in the
United States and Canada and international affiliates
in Australia, Japan and the United Kingdom.
Peter stepped down from his position as chair of the
board on March 31, 2008, and his long-time friend
and colleague Ron Leibow stepped up to assume
that role. We want to thank Peter for two and a half
decades of steadfast service and are thankful that he
will continue to serve on Starlight’s board. Starlight is
forever grateful for his vision, passion, leadership and
drive that have propelled us forward and helped us
become the leading international charity that we are
today — working tirelessly to serve every family with
a seriously ill child, every day, no matter where they
Most importantly, we are grateful to Peter for instilling
in all of us the belief that more can and should be done
to improve the quality of life for seriously ill children
and their families. It is this ideal that will continue to
inspire Starlight’s staff and board members long into
the future.
A Letter from
Peter and Paula
Dear Friends,
We are so proud to share that Starlight has continued
to make great progress toward realizing our vision:
every day, everywhere, every family. We have been
able to do so because of supporters like you who
volunteer, make generous contributions and remain
steadfastly committed to helping us brighten the lives
of families with seriously ill children a little each day.
With your help, we continued to expand our community
presence, and together with our chapters are now
offering Great Escapes™ family activities in 34 cities
in North America. These events give children and
families a chance to make special memories together
outside the medical setting and find the support of
other families in similar circumstances. In the coming
years, we will continue to bring Great Escapes to an
increasing number of communities throughout the
United States and Canada.
We also celebrated the unveiling of our newest
model Fun Center™ mobile entertainment unit,
now featuring a DVD player, Sharp AQUOS™ LCD
television and Nintendo Wii™ game system. Not
only will this new model continue to provide muchneeded distraction and therapeutic fun to hospitalized
children, but the Wii technology will also help children
with rehabilitation and physical therapy. Starlight
supporters have already made it possible to roll out
the new Fun Centers to hospitals coast-to-coast in
both Canada and the United States.
Our online disease education and community-building
programs also continued to grow, with improvements
to existing programs and the introduction of new
ones. During the course of our last fiscal year, we
made a major investment in updating our Coping With
Chemo™ animated webisodes that help children cope
with having cancer and undergoing chemotherapy
and other treatments. We also introduced Get Fit, Get
Right™, a coaching website and online community
designed to prevent Type 2 diabetes and other weightrelated conditions such as hypertension and heart
disease by reducing obesity in teens. In total, more
than 120,000 young people found information and
empowerment through these and Starlight’s other
online educational programs and private social
networks this year.
families, who will tell you what life is really like in their
worlds, and how Starlight makes a difference.
As we continue to expand our reach and help more
families, we are grateful to have your continued
support. No family should have to deal with the pain,
fear and isolation of childhood illness alone —
no matter where they live, when, or for how long they
need help.
Thank you for sharing our vision!
Peter Samuelson
Paula Van Ness
Chief Executive Officer
With more than 15 million children in the United States
battling chronic conditions, life-threatening diseases
and life-altering injuries, the need for Starlight’s
services has never been greater. In the pages that
follow, we invite you to read stories shared by Starlight
Starlight includes a network of offices throughout the
United States and Canada, some of which operate as
field offices of the national headquarters and others
as independent chapters. As of March 31, 2008, our
office locations included:
Starlight Florida
Regional Office – South Florida – 954.318.2178
Jacksonville Office – 904.210.3744
Orlando Office – 407.222.5026
Starlight Arizona
Regional Office – Phoenix – 480.280.5289
Starlight Georgia
Regional Office – Atlanta – 404.982.0508
Starlight California
Regional Office – Los Angeles – 310.479.1212
Orange County Office – 714.519.9202
San Diego Office – 858.336.9381
San Francisco Office – 415.994.1205
Starlight MidAtlantic
(Serving Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland,
Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia)
Central Chapter Office – D.C. – 202.293.7827
Philadelphia Office – 267.455.3039
Richmond Office – 804.536.7490
Los Angeles, CA – 310.479.1212
Starlight Colorado
Central Chapter Office – Denver – 303.691.0700
Colorado Springs Office – 719.599.5887
Starlight Midwest
(Serving Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin)
Central Chapter Office – Chicago – 312.251.7827
Starlight Minnesota
Minneapolis Office – 612.991.4258
Starlight Nevada
Las Vegas Office – 702.882.8917
Starlight New England
(Serving Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire,
Rhode Island, Vermont)
Regional Office – Boston – 617.241.9911
Starlight NY*NJ*CT
Central Chapter Office – Manhattan – 212.354.2878
Starlight Oregon
Portland Office – 503.298.3862
Starlight South Carolina
Greenville Office – 864.906.3623
Starlight Texas
Regional Office – Dallas – 817.706.5316
Austin Office – 512.912.6782
Houston Office – 281.761.5928
San Antonio Office – 210.464.4303
Starlight Washington
Central Chapter Office – Redmond – 425.861.7827
Spokane Office – 509.474.2820
Starlight programs are also offered in states in which
we do not have a local office. For more information
about services in your community, visit
+61 1300 727 827
+813 6821 6540
United Kingdom
+ 44 20 7262 2881
Starlight Canada and
Central Chapter Office – Toronto – 905.752.7827
British Columbia Office – 604.742.0272
Ottawa Office – 613.792.1268
Central Chapter Office – Montreal – 514.288.9474
We offer a comprehensive menu of outpatient,
hospital-based and Web offerings that enable us to
provide ongoing support for children and families —
from diagnosis through the entire course of medical
treatment. These programs are offered at no cost to
families or hospitals, and serve children and teens
suffering from a wide range of chronic and lifethreatening illnesses and life-altering injuries such
as cancer, cystic fibrosis, Types 1 and 2 diabetes,
heart disease, asthma, kidney disease, sickle cell
disease and burn injuries. Programs include the
Playrooms and special events help ease the
loneliness, fear and boredom that accompany long
hospital stays. Starlight has built more than 100
Starlight Site® children’s playrooms, teen lounges,
waiting rooms and playgrounds in hospitals
throughout the United States and Canada that provide
children with an inviting place to play, relax and
connect. Additionally, we bring fun-filled Hospital
Happenings™ involving musicians, clowns and other
entertainers to pediatric hospital patients — even
those who are bedridden — to provide a morale
boost and important social interaction.
In-hospital entertainment technology like our Fun
Center™ mobile entertainment units and specially
designed PC Pal® laptops help kids fill hours in
hospitals or treatment centers with therapeutic
fun; find distraction during long or painful medical
procedures; access Starlight’s online educational
programs and communities; and stay connected
with the outside world or keep up with school work
during extended hospitalizations.
Family activities and outings are offered at least
once a month to give families a chance to have fun
together away from the hospital so they can relax,
regroup and return home with a renewed sense of
strength and hope. These Great Escape™ events
also forge important connections between families
struggling with similar issues to combat feelings of
isolation and provide support to each other.
Online communities and multimedia websites
help seriously ill teens connect with each other and
find tips and strategies for coping with their medical
conditions. Starbright World® (www.starbrightworld.
org) is an online social network for all seriously ill
teens and their teen-aged siblings that includes
a special My Life section that enables teens facing
death to document their life stories via photos and
express their feelings by journaling their thoughts,
dreams and fears. UC and Crohn’s
( is dedicated to helping
teens with ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s Disease
cope. Get Fit, Get Right™ (
focuses on helping overweight teens who are at risk
for Type 2 diabetes and heart disease learn how to
lead healthier lifestyles.
Educational programming delivered via online
interactive games, ezines, webisodes, a comic
book and websites helps sick children prepare for
common hospital procedures and manage illnesses
and injuries such as cancer, sickle cell, cystic
fibrosis, asthma, Crohn’s and colitis, burns and
kidney disease. These programs combat feelings of
fear and uncertainty that often accompany illness
with fact-based practical information presented in
engaging and age-appropriate formats.
In the pages that follow, Starlight children and family
members share how Starlight programs have made
a difference in their world.
My world is ...
I am Allen Alvarado, age 12, from Illinois, and this is
my Fun Center story.
When I was four years old, I decided that I wanted
to be an actor. Actually, my goal was to be Conan
O’Brien’s sidekick! So I auditioned for commercials
in my hometown of Chicago, and landed a national
spot for Ballpark Franks. Since then, I’ve been
fortunate enough to appear in a number of national
commercials, television shows and movies. You may
know me as Lex, from Discovery Kids’ Flight 29 Down.
I realized how lucky I was to be able to pursue my
career and school. So I wanted to do something to
help kids who haven’t been so lucky, because they
are sick and stuck in the hospital and can’t do all
the things that healthy kids take for granted. So in
March 2007, I became one of Starlight’s StarPower
Ambassadors and started doing all I could to support
Starlight families by participating in Great Escapes
activities like bowling and Dodgers clinics.
Of course, when I was talking with Starlight kids about
what it was like to live with a serious illness or injury,
I never in a million years imagined I’d soon be in a
hospital bed and that Starlight would be there for me.
But then last November, my dad and I got hit by a car
when we were crossing the street. I was thrown 20
feet in the air and had to be rushed to the hospital with
a brain injury.
I couldn’t talk or move much at all for the first few
days. I just didn’t feel up to doing anything. Everything
hurt. And I was probably the most scared I’ve been in
my entire life. But, my dad says everything changed
when the nurses brought in a Fun Center. He says
that’s when I smiled for the first time. Playing games
really did help me forget for a little while about the
it’s like to have a serious injury, being a StarPower
Ambassador means even more to me than ever. I am
excited to keep helping other kids the way Starlight
helped me.
I couldn’t control the joystick by myself at first, but
the nurses helped me and it got easier. I even got to
use the Fun Center during my physical therapy, which
made it seem less like hard work.
I was in the hospital for almost a month. It was a
really frightening experience for me and my parents.
The days seemed to go on forever! Except when I got
to play on the Fun Center — then the hours seemed
to go by faster. Thankfully, I slowly recovered and was
able to go home and get back to school and to work.
A few months ago, I also got back to my StarPower
Ambassador duties, and helped Starlight unveil the
newest Fun Center model with the Nintendo Wii™.
I played games with the kids in the hospital, and was
so glad to be able to give them the same gift that I’d
been lucky enough to have when I was hurt. Playing
video games and watching movies may sound like
an unimportant thing, but I can tell you first hand
that having that Fun Center to distract me made all
the difference in the world. Now that I know what
B et we en A pr il 1, 2007 a n d Marc h 31, 2008, St ar light
a n d our generous su ppor ter s d onate d 395 Fun Center™
mo bile enter t ainment unit s to hospit al s t hroughou t
t he Unite d St ates a n d C a na da , w hic h w ill ser ve a n
a d ditional 14,220 c hildren ever y mont h. St ar light ha s
now pl a c e d 5,5 4 6 Fun Centers since t he progr am b ega n
17 year s a go. We c elebr ate d t he newes t Fun Center
mod el featur ing t he Ninten d o Wii™ w it h Ninten d o® a n d
C hildren s Hospit al Los A ngeles. We al so dis tr ib u te d
6,310 new mov ies a n d games to hospit al s to s tock Fun
Center libr ar ies.
StarPower Ambassador Allen Alvarado, shows off the newest Fun Center model with the Nintendo Wii™.
Our world is ...
My name is Evelyn Rivera. My husband Angel and I
live in Jacksonville, Florida with our four children —
daughters Annalyse who is 1, Ashlynn who is 5 and
Angelyn who is 7, and our son Ashton who is 3. This is
our family’s Great Escapes story.
Ashton was born with spina bifida. He had his first
surgery when he was only a month old, and has
had four more in the last three years. To monitor his
condition, he also has an MRI about every three to six
months, and routine ultrasounds and other tests. As a
result, our family spends a lot of time in the hospital
— my girls too. If I can’t get an appointment in the
morning, or if we have to travel to Tampa to see the
orthopedist, I have to take my daughters out of
When Ashton has a surgery, I don’t leave the hospital
until he leaves. I don’t leave his bedside. Last time,
when he was in the hospital for a month, I was right
there with him the entire time. Thankfully, my husband,
who is in the Navy, has been able to stay home with
the girls. We’re a bit nervous about the future though,
because the Navy may force my husband out because
our medical bills are so high, and because he often
has to be excused from duty or deployments to be on
hand for Ashton’s surgeries in case he needs a blood
People may feel sorry for us, but they don’t need to.
We have our son, and that is a priceless gift. He has
taught us all so much! We appreciate life in a different
way, and treasure every moment we have together
as a family. That’s one of the reasons we all are so
grateful for Great Escapes — because they give us so
many of those special times together — opportunities
that we wouldn’t have otherwise. With a family of six,
and medical bills looming, plus focusing all of our time
on Ashton’s care, we simply wouldn’t otherwise have
the chance to enjoy the family time that Great Escapes
provide us every month.
At Great Escapes, Ashton just lights up. He has such
a good time with the other kids. He forgets the tests
and the pain and is able to actually just enjoy being a
kid. My daughters have fun as well, because Starlight
always has something for everyone – moms, dads,
brothers and sisters too. Plus, with every other
Starlight child they meet, they have come to know
even more that all people should be treated the same,
whether they don’t have hair, can’t walk or are different
in any other way. For my husband and me, it has been
amazing to get to talk with other parents about what
we’re going through. Starlight families are dealing
with a lot of different conditions, but we’re all suffering
for our kids in the same way, so there is a real sense
of understanding and support. Honestly, you have no
idea how much Starlight Great Escapes help each of
us. How we all feel is truly beyond words.
One Great Escape that sticks out in my mind is the
Spring Bash at a park in Jacksonville. We were waiting
on results from one of Ashton’s MRIs. Those are the
hardest tests, because every time we have one, the
results could mean another surgery. The waiting is
excruciating. The event helped Angel and me think of
something else besides what it might say.
Probably the most special Great Escape so far, though,
was the Back to School Party. We are currently fighting
to get Ashton accepted into school. He really wants
to go, but because of his condition they won’t allow
it. At the Great Escape, every child received a book
bag to start the year. He was so excited about that
bag and the supplies inside. He said he was ready for
school. Let’s just say I waited to get to the car to cry.
He carries that bag with him everywhere — he got it
months ago, and it continues to brighten his days.
But no matter the event, whenever we look at the
dozens of photos we have from every Great Escape,
we smile all over again remembering the special
times we’ve had together thanks to Starlight.
Ashlynn and Angelyn Rivera.
T his year, St ar light ex pa n d e d t he Great Escapes™
progr am into 10 new communities a n d orga nize d 819
Great Escapes f amily a c ti v ities t hrough our c ha pter s
a n d of f ices t hat ena ble d 47,907 par ticipa nt s to make
c her ishe d memor ies a n d me et ot her f amilies in simil ar
circ ums t a nces. Ad ditionally, we prov id e d f amilies w it h
3,176 ticket s to spor t s event s a n d spe cial per for ma n c es
a s par t of our Day Brighteners en d eavor.
Ashton Rivera at the Spring Bash Great Escape in Jacksonville, Florida.
My world is ...
I am Spencer Riddle, age 19, from Utah, and this is my
Starbright World story.
When I was 13, I was diagnosed with a terminal
disease called Cystic Fibrosis. CF is a disease where
the lungs and digestive systems fill up with mucus,
which causes respiratory issues and digestive
Normally, CF is diagnosed in infants and toddlers,
but when I was younger, we’d always made excuses
for my symptoms. Like, I always believed that my
coughing was caused by the sinus problems that run
in my family.
It wasn’t until I was working on my “personal fitness”
scouting badge that I thought any differently. First, we
talked about signs of serious illnesses like cancer
— like bruising and having a constant cough. For the
first time I realized that my coughing probably wasn’t
normal. So I asked my mom to take me to the doctor.
At first, the doctor diagnosed me with bronchitis, but
then he noticed that my lymph nodes and spleen were
swollen, and he thought I might have cancer after all.
So we went to the hospital for tests, but they didn’t
find any cancer.
While the doctors continued to try to figure out what
was wrong, I went back to working on my badge. I
had to complete a 50-mile bike ride, and by the end
my arms were almost pure white with salt crystals
that had formed on my skin. I thought they’d come
from riding so close to the Great Salt Lake, but really,
they were from my sweat. I happened to mention
what happened to the hematology doctors, and they
thought the excessively salty sweat might be a sign of
CF. Tests confirmed it a few days later.
At first, I wasn’t very compliant with my treatment.
After all, I’d lived with CF for 13 years and hadn’t done
anything special to deal with it. But then things got so
bad that my doctor had to admit me to the hospital
for a “lung clean out.” Usually kids with CF have to do
that about once a year. And it means staying in the
hospital for about two weeks going through all sorts
of treatments every day.
Honestly, I was feeling all alone and in the struggle for
my life. Then, a social worker told me about Starlight’s
Starbright World online community. I logged on, and
immediately loved the place. In the hospital, most
patients don’t interact because everyone is afraid of
getting sicker. And because I had to wear a mask,
they assumed I was very contagious — even though
the mask was really to protect me, not protect others
from me. But on Starbright World, no one could see
that I was wearing a mask. And they couldn’t hear me
coughing. I met so many people just like me or with
other health struggles, and it opened my eyes to how
many of us there are out there — where just staying
alive and healthy is a day-to-day battle.
Starbright World changed my life. Patients with
Cystic Fibrosis (CFers for short) are discouraged
from contact with one another because we can pass
infections between us and be health risks to each
other, so making friends with fellow CFers is usually
next to impossible. On Starbright World, for the first
time I had the chance to meet other CFers and we
could talk about what we were going through and not
have to worry about getting each other sick. So I was
able to connect with kids who had the exact same
struggles as me (and sometimes even more, which
made me count my blessings).
When you’re stuck in your hospital room for weeks,
it gets incredibly lonely. You really need something
to take you away from all the medical stuff and the
loneliness. All of my hospitalizations would have
been total heck without Starbright World. I would have
gotten very depressed, and probably sicker.
Even when I’m not in the hospital, I have to do at least
two 30-minute respiratory treatments everyday, or
up to four if I start to feel sick. I put on a vest with
tubes attached to it, and the vest fills up with air until
it fits snuggly against my chest. Then with a press of
a button it begins to pulsate to “shake the crap out of
me” in a literal sort of way. While I am vibrating and
coughing to bring up the mucus in my lungs, I inhale
my misted medications. I also have to take various
pills and artificial digestive enzymes with anything
that I eat. My constant coughing can also unsettle my
stomach sometimes which can make it hard to keep
food down.
But whenever I feel miserable, I log on to Starbright
World and once I get online, I somehow forget that
I’m sick. We all talk so freely, and have this amazing
chance to be entirely normal. It’s really about the
power of imagination — in our brains, we are actually
in a room with all of these other kids. We can be
anything we want to be when we’re on Starbright
World. We can be healthy.
B et we en A pr il 1, 2007 a n d Marc h 31, 2008, t he Starbright
World® communit y grew to in clud e more t ha n 4,000
memb er s. T hese te ens logge d more t ha n 3 million
a c ti v it y hit s a cros s t he site ea c h time t hey pos te d or
rea d blogs a n d b ulletins, sent mes s a ges, a d d e d f r ien d s
to t heir b ud d y lis t s, par ticipate d in poll s or c on ne c te d
in t he c hat room.
Spencer Riddle receiving in-hospital treatment for his Cystic Fibrosis.
My world is ...
My name is Alyssa Costino, age 22, from New York,
and this is my Coping With Chemo story.
that their oncologist uses or answer questions about
what’s going to happen next.
I was diagnosed with leukemia on May 14, 2002 —
I was 16 years old.
That’s why I immediately said yes when Starlight
invited me to help them build a new program called
Coping with Chemo — which would be a series of
online animated stories called webisodes that Starlight
was developing to help teens with cancer. My job was
to create content for the Q&A section. I hadn’t finished
chemo myself yet, so I had all of these questions and
was feeling all of these different emotions — I put
them all into the Q&A. What if some of my friends stop
calling and feel weird about how I look? Does hair
grow back after chemo? Will my appetite and tastes
change? What can I do to feel like I’m still in control
and not so dependent on my parents? Where can I go
to learn more about my cancer to be prepared for the
future? I figured other teens would probably be looking
for the same sorts of answers and explanations that I
So many things ran through my mind when I heard the
diagnosis. Would I be able to even finish high school?
What about the end of the school year? What was my
future going to be like? Would there be any lasting
effects from the cancer? What about my treatments?
Could I die?
I didn’t know what to expect from treatment, but it was
long and rough. You hear about what chemotherapy
does from stories people tell you about people they
know, but you can never imagine what it’s like until
you go through it yourself. Chemotherapy wreaks
havoc on your entire body causing a lot of pain and
some pretty nasty side effects. But more than just the
physical impact, I was also very isolated and lonely.
My friends seemed to disappear, and the only people
it seemed I communicated with were my parents and
my medical team.
I was luckier than most kids, because my parents
both work in healthcare. They helped me understand
a lot of what was going on during my treatment. Most
children and teens with cancer don’t have someone
in their family who can help explain the terminology
I finished chemo on July 28, 2004 and that day was
the beginning of the rest of my life. I still feel some
late effects from the chemo like fatigue, and it caused
changes to my brain that will continue to affect how I
learn, but I am healthy and in remission and that is the
most important thing.
I’m so proud of what we created. Coping with Chemo
really gives teens answers and helps empower them
like no other resource out there. The webisodes are
interactive and available on the Internet — which
makes them much more teen-friendly than a pile of
literature written by medical professionals that their
oncologist might give them. I wish I’d had a program
like Coping With Chemo when I was first diagnosed! It
would have made things much less frightening.
I am honored I was asked to participate in this project
so I could share my knowledge as a cancer survivor
and maybe ease a newly diagnosed teen’s anxieties.
I’m excited for the future as I know I have a lot to offer
and want to continue helping others!
More t ha n 15,000 young peo ple v iewe d t he Coping With
Chemo™ a nimate d webisod es b et we en A pr il 1, 2007
a n d Marc h 31, 2008, a n d in t he pa s t t hre e year s, more
t ha n 4 6,000 k id s a n d f amily memb er s have u tilize d t he
progr am.
Alyssa, During Chemo, 2004
Alyssa, Cancer Survivor, 2008
Our world is ...
My name is Tracey Fuataga from Kapolei, Hawaii, and
this is my family’s PC Pal story.
Out of nowhere, my 5-year-old son Devon started
experiencing excruciating head and back pain and
running a fever close to 105 degrees. He told me,
“Mommy, it feels like my head is going to explode.”
We rushed him to the emergency room at Kaiser
Permanente Moanalua Medical Center, and doctors
did a CT scan and a spinal tap, suspecting bacterial
meningitis. The tests came back negative, so they
sent us home.
But the pain and the fever didn’t go away, so we
ended up back at Kaiser a few days later. The hospital
admitted him, and doctor’s have been working around
the clock since to pinpoint the cause. He’s on pain
medication and a lot of antibiotics, and has been kept
in isolation.
When he was admitted, Devon was in so much pain
he was absolutely inconsolable. Nothing we could
do would calm him down. That was until Child Life
Services gave us a Starlight PC Pal laptop. The PC Pal
made such a difference from the moment we got it!
Devon is a major movie buff — he absolutely loves
to watch movies, especially action films. The hospital
had more than 300 movie titles available for him to
watch on the PC Pal — including all of his favorites!
As soon as we put the first movie in, he felt better.
Believe it or not, it even seemed to reduce his pain.
Now when he wakes up feeling grouchy and achy,
and his first thought is “I want my movies,” we’re able
to start the day with a movie marathon that makes
everything seem a little bit better.
The PC Pal also has tons of his favorite games
— including many that he plays all the time at home
and at school. I guess you could say that it’s brought
a little bit of home to him in his room at the hospital,
which has meant so much to our family.
More than just an escape for Devon, the PC Pal has
helped my entire family. I have two daughters ages
15 and 17, and we’ve all sat with Devon and watched
movies and played games together. Last night we
played the anagram game for hours! It really has
given us a chance to spend time together as a family
and take our minds off our fears during what has been
a very tough week for all of us.
I’m not sure how many more days we’ll be here at the
hospital, but I am glad that our family can count on
Starlight’s PC Pal to help Devon feel better and distract
us all from our anxiety. The PC Pal was a priceless gift
to this hospital and to my family.
B et we en A pr il 1, 2007 a n d Marc h 31, 2008, St ar light
a n d our generous d onor s, move d by t he lea d er ship of
presenting spon sor T he Walt Disney C ompa ny, pl a ce d
225 PC Pal® l a pto ps — ea c h equippe d w it h d ozens of
games, Inter net a c c es s a n d t he c a pa bilit y to pl ay mov ies
a n d music — in hospit al s t hroughou t Nor t h A mer ic a ,
br inging our tot al to 6 4 6 unit s in 205 hospit al s.
Tracey Fuataga and her son Devon using Starlight’s PC Pal while in the hospital.
Our world is ...
My name is Felicia from Los Angeles, my daughter
Simone is 15, and this is our Get Fit, Get Right story.
it is like for someone my daughter’s age to struggle
with weight loss and adopt a healthier lifestyle.
My daughter Simone has struggled with her weight for
a long time, and we have tried everything to control it.
I thought that if she used Get Fit, Get Right, it would
really give her a kick start, especially now that she’s
older. I wanted her to have more information and
resources to help her get healthier.
Get Fit, Get Right really helped us both commit to
exercise on a whole other level. And to be more
conscious about our food choices. Even if we don’t
always make the right ones, we are making educated
decisions now. When we go to a restaurant, we make
sure there are green leafy vegetables and that we
drink water instead of soda. Because of what we
learned through Get Fit, Get Right, we make those
decisions almost subconsciously. We don’t even think
about it any more!
I don’t want Simone to be at risk for health problems
because of her weight, and I don’t want her to face the
social stigma of being overweight either. I was really
concerned overall with the effect of her weight on her
health in the long-term.
I thought Get Fit, Get Right would do more for her than
other programs that we’ve tried because it offers
education, fitness coaching, and the support of peers
who discuss how they feel honestly and openly. She
needs that kind of understanding and camaraderie
because often she doesn’t feel understood. She’ll
talk about her weight some, but if she’s around other
people who are struggling with the same things, it’s a
lot easier for her to open up.
Get Fit, Get Right helped me too because I got so many
tips from the program and insight into the process for
adolescents. I mean, there were times I just forgot
about what it’s like to be a teenager! This program
really helped me get a better understanding of what
The program really made an impact and changed
our lifestyle now. I really believe Simone’s life will be
healthier as a result.
Get Fit, Get Right™ (w w w.get f itgetr ight .org) ha s ha d
9,36 3 v isitor s sin c e it s l a unc h in t he f all of 2007.
Simone plays basketball, using what she learned about staying active from the Get Fit, Get Right program.
About Our
Starlight is grateful to all of our dedicated and
generous friends who over the last year have
donated financial support and much-needed
products and services, or volunteered their time
to brighten the lives of seriously ill children and
their families.
You are truly the means by which we come closer
to achieving our vision of every day, everywhere,
every family — because no one should have to
face serious illness alone.
On behalf of the children and families we serve,
we offer our heartfelt thanks to all of our donors.
The Bandai Foundation made a two-year, $200,000 gift
to support Starlight’s PC Pals program. Bandai’s gift
funded the placement of 40 PC Pal laptops in wireless
hospitals throughout the United States.
California Pizza Kitchen
California Pizza Kitchen selected Starlight as its
national charity partner. The company will donate
$1 million to Starlight over the next four years —
$250,000 each year. Through this partnership, Starlight
and California Pizza Kitchen will introduce the first 26
in a series of Great Escapes called CPKids Camps in
the United States in 2008 and 2009: Atlanta, Austin,
Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston,
Irvine, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis/St. Paul,
New York, Orange County, Orlando, Philadelphia,
Phoenix, Portland, San Antonio, San Diego, San
Francisco, Seattle, South Florida and Washington DC.
CB Richard Ellis
CB Richard Ellis selected Starlight as one of the
company’s three national charity partners in its 2008
corporate philanthropy program, CBRE Cares, making
a total gift of $341,000. CB Richard Ellis employees
were encouraged to donate to Starlight with donations
matched by CBRE corporate. In addition to donations
made through CBRE Cares, CB Richard Ellis helped
to sponsor the 2008 A Stellar Night gala, offices were
encouraged to fundraise to place Fun Centers at local
hospitals, and employees were invited to volunteer
with Starlight by creating CBRE Celebrations in a
Box that include games, arts and crafts, supplies and
decorations for impromptu parties for hospitalized
The Colgate-Palmolive Company
Now, in its 19th year of partnership with Starlight, this
year, Colgate-Palmolive made a $670,500 gift which
funded the placement of 102 Fun Centers in hospitals
around the country. In addition, a 2008 ColgatePalmolive coupon insert in newspapers nationwide
helped Starlight educate 40 million households about
the importance of our mission. For a second year
in a row as part of the company’s commitment to
bring Fun Centers to more hospitals, Colgate hosted
an online contest encouraging individuals to vote for
39 hospitals on Starlight’s Fun Center wait list. The
online contest generated more than 2 million votes,
and Colgate-Palmolive awarded one Fun Center to
all participating hospitals. The top 11 hospitals that
received the most votes were awarded a second Fun
Hasbro’s generous $150,000 gift was received as part
of the Hasbro Children’s Fund three-year, $450,000
commitment to provide 30 PC Pals each year to
hospitals across the United States. Hasbro’s donation
allows thousands of pediatric patients to access
entertainment, games, the Internet, instant messaging
and Starlight programming during their hospital stays.
The company also donated more than 20,000 toys and
games through their Gift of Play program brightening
the lives of thousands of seriously ill children and
families nationwide.
Hollywood Entertainment Corporation
Since 2002, Starlight and Hollywood Entertainment
(comprising Hollywood Video and Game Crazy) have
partnered to bring entertainment to kids who need
it most. In 2007-2008, the company raised $937,731
through two in-store “star” promotions, cash
canister donations and employee payroll deductions.
Hollywood Video and Game Crazy employees also
organized countless in-hospital Movie and Game
Nights hosted by company volunteers. In addition,
Game Crazy hosted the V.I.K (Very Important Kid)
Lounge at the 2008 A Stellar Night gala and donated
coupons and gift cards for Starlight families to enjoy.
Jewelers for Children
In 2007, Jewelers for Children’s $200,000 grant
enabled Starlight to expand the Jewelers for Childrenbranded Great Escapes program into 25 communities
nationwide. Eighteen “Sparkling Sundae” Great
Escapes took place in 18 cities coast-to-coast
benefiting more than 1,000 seriously ill children and
family members. Eleven “Sparkling Sundaes” occurred
simultaneously on March 9, 2007. Seven Jewelers
for Children-branded PC Pal laptop computers were
placed in seven hospitals around the country providing
entertainment, education and connectivity to more
than 9,000 pediatric patients annually. Multiple local
jewelers participated in the program including more
than 20 Jewelers for Children members reinforcing
the organization’s stature as “the industry with a
television. With the help of Nintendo’s $500,000 gift
and other generous donors, 395 Fun Centers were
sponsored this year in hospitals throughout North
America, bringing the total to 5,546. Nintendo was
also a generous sponsor of the 2008 A Stellar Night
New Horizon Foundation
New Horizon Foundation, a charitable organization
created by the founders of the children’s virtual world
Club Penguin (, became a
Super Nova sponsor of the 2008 A Stellar Night gala
with a $100,000 donation to Starlight. New Horizon
Foundation’s generous contribution funded two Fun
Centers, two PC Pals and several Great Escapes family
Nintendo of America
For 16 years, Nintendo of America has manufactured
and sponsored Starlight Fun Center mobile
entertainment units featuring a Nintendo gaming
system, DVD player and Sharp AQUOS™ LCD
Russ Berrie and Company, Inc.
In 2007, Russ Berrie and Company, Inc. contributed
more than $125,000 to Starlight from its line of plush
Shining Stars® friends. Each Shining Stars friend
comes with a secret code that enables users to log on
to, a virtual universe where
kids can send e-cards, play customized games and
find a galaxy of fun activities. By participating in these
various activities, children earn ‘Glow Points’, the
official currency of the site. As children earn points,
they can chose to donate them to Starlight knowing
that for every million glow points donated, Russ will
contribute a Shining Stars plush for a seriously ill
child. Russ also sponsored Starlight NY*NJ*CT’s 18th
Annual Celebrity Sports Auction, contributing $15,000
and a Shining Stars friend for each goodie bag.
For the third year in a row, Swarovski selected Starlight
as its charity partner for its Rockefeller Center Holiday
celebration, donating $250,000 from sales of its 2007
Annual Edition Ornament to Starlight. Christie Brinkley
served as the spokesperson for the unveiling of the
Swarovski star that sits atop the Rockerfeller Center
holiday tree. She and numerous celebrities including:
Laila Ali, Patricia Arquette, Patti Austin, Amanda
Bynes, Cindy Crawford, Jamie Lee Curtis, Dakota
Fanning, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Teri Hatcher, Dwayne
“The Rock” Johnson, Dave Koz, Nicole Lapin, Téa
Leoni, Debbie Matenopoulos, Robin McGraw, MaryKate and Ashley Olsen, Brittany Snow, John Stamos,
Kiefer Sutherland, Mena Suvari and Meredith Vieira
decorated miniature replicas of the holiday ornament,
which were featured in an eBay charity auction which
raised more than $15,000 for Starlight. Swarovski also
placed two Fun Centers at Hasbro Children’s Hospital
and donated more than 50,000 ornaments to Starlight
families and supporters.
Toys“R”Us Children’s Fund
In 2007-2008, the Toys”R”Us Children’s Fund sponsored
the construction of 16 Toys“R”Us Children’s Fund
Starlight Sites in Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Maine,
Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey and New York. These
playrooms were built as part of a $7 million, multiyear donation made by the Toys”R”Us Children’s Fund
to Starlight for the construction and renovation of
kids’ playrooms in hospitals across the country. At
fiscal year end, there were 72 Toys“R”Us Children’s
Fund Starlight Sites in the United States.
UniHealth Foundation generously provided $218,724
this year as part of a three-year, $283,000 grant to
support production of the Get Fit, Get Right program.
UniHealth’s funding made it possible for Starlight to
complete and launch this innovative intervention,
designed to help combat obesity and type 2 diabetes
among the underserved teen population.
The Walt Disney Company
For the past six years, The Walt Disney Company has
supported Starlight with cash and in-kind support
to help brighten the lives of children. In December
2006, the company donated $1.5 million to Starlight,
becoming the presenting sponsor of the PC Pal
program through 2009, and donated an additional $1
million to underwrite the placement of 200 PC Pals
in children’s hospitals nationwide. Additionally, the
company is providing $138,600 in free software and
access to premium Disney products online, available
for the duration of use of all Disney-sponsored PC
Pals. Disney also made a $25,000 donation to Starlight
as one of four charity beneficiaries of the Disney
Channel Games and was a generous sponsor of A
Stellar Night gala.
$20,000 - $99,999
Atlanta Steeplechase
Children’s Fund Inc.
Children’s Hospital of Orange County
Children’s Medical Center in Dallas
Electronic Arts Tiburon at the Community Foundation of Silicon Valley
Entertainment Software Association
Hermann Foundation
James Annenberg La Vea Charitable Foundation
Jeffrey, Carol and Rebecca Burch
Jewels by Park Lane
Legacy Health System
McKinsey & Company, Inc.
MGM MIRAGE Voice Foundation
Morgan Stanley
Stephanie Sokolove, Stephanie’s on Newbury
The Dr. Phil Foundation
The Forrest & Frances Lattner Foundation
The Jo Mitchell Foundation
The Ralph and Eileen Swett Foundation
The Wattles Family Foundation
Viz Media
$10,000 - $19,999
Best Buy
Bickerstaff Family Foundation
Broadcast Film Critics Association
Build-A-Bear Workshop Foundation
Casa Blanca Salon and Day Spa
Claire Giannini Fund
David M. Crawley Foundation
Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP
Epstein Becker & Green
Firefighters Quest for Burn Survivors
Fosters Wine Estates
Iowa Health System
Irving S. Cooper Family Foundation
Kevin and Lisa Mayer
Montgomery & Co, LLC
M-Power Foundation
Multiplan, Inc.
myShape, Inc.
Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation
Nike Inc.
Norton Healthcare
Novo Nordisk Inc.
Ortho Biotech Products, L.P.
Rotary Club of Houston Heights Charitable Foundation
The Demers Group Inc.
The Irving A. Hansen Memorial Foundation
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Wachovia Bank
$5,000 - $9,999
Alterna Haircare
Bain & Company
Baxter Healthcare
C. Davis Electric, Inc.
California Community Foundation
Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada
Kirk Carter
Chaparral Riders Club
Charity Benefits Unlimited
Shawn Collins
Comerica Bank
Credit Restoration Consultants
Credit Suisse
Jamie Lee Curtis
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Memorial Hospital
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
East Tennessee Children’s Hospital
Fairfield County Community Foundation, Inc.
Henry and Barbara Fields
General Health System
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Grand Charities
David K. Haspel
Laurie Hirsch
David Hoberman
Hospira Foundation
Ibis Foundation of Arizona
Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation
Irell & Manella LLP
JP Morgan Chase
Karen and Jeff Jordan
Russell Karlins
Leonard M. Klehr
Latham & Watkins LLP
Legacy Interactive, Inc.
Marvin Levy
Loma Linda University Medical Center
Lon V. Smith Foundation
Frank Luntz
Major League Baseball Charities, Inc.
Media Solutions
Lane Merrifield
Moelis & Company Holdings, LLC
Morrison & Foerster LLP
Nestlé USA
Publix Super Markets Charities
Rags for Riches Foundation
Resnick Family Foundation, Inc.
Roger Shiffman
Mace Siegel
Robert Steinberg
Straight A Productions
Syzygy Foundation
The Boston Consulting Group, Inc.
The Capital Group Charitable Foundation
The David Vickter Foundation
The Murray A. Jacobson Family Foundation
The Ruth/Allen Ziegler Foundation
Paula Van Ness
R. Todd Wickliffe
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Winston
Fehmi Zeko
$1,000 - $4,999
Aaron Berg
ACAI Associates
Advanced Fire & Security, Inc.
Kim Allison
Vernon Altman
Analytic Investors, Inc.
Roland Arnold
Association of Professional Businesswomen, Inc.
Austin Community Foundation
Michael & Susan Baer of Baer’s Furniture
Craig Baker
Banner Gateway Medical Center
Beazer Homes
Blue Martini at the Galleria Mall
Russell Borrelli
Ron Bosi
Eric Braun
Bright Spirit Children’s Foundation
Nelson Cabrera
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Central Peninsula General Hospital
Mark Chapman
Joseph Chiang
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Children’s Hospital - Omaha, NE
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
Children’s Services Council of Broward County
Jeremy B. Chism
Laura Jean Christman
Citadel Radio Station Group
Citrus Valley Health Partners
City National Bank
Consolidated Electrical Distributors, Inc
Trent S. Cutler
Steve Dark
Charles & Janet Davis
Elizabeth Davis
Steven & Deborah Day
Roy and Sheri Disney
eBay Foundation
Colleen Edwards
Eula Eikerenkoetter
Ariel Z. Emmanuel and Sarah H. Addington Trustees
Entertainment & Resources Marketing Association
Elze Epps
Alan Epstein
Events In Motion
Charlie Ferer
Fidelity Investments
FIG Partners, LLC
Tony Fineman
Foots, LLC
Foundation for Burns and Trauma, Inc.
T. Richard Garr
General Re Corporation
Brad Globe
Ray Goff
Gold Coast Hi-Lift
Good Cause Greetings, Inc.
Raymond Grabowski
Cindy Gray
Glen Gray
Graybar Electric Company
Clyde Grossman
David and Linda Hargreaves
HBA Insurance Group
Heartfelt Charity Cards
Lisa Hernand
Richard Hicks
Henry Hirschowitz
Richard Hoffman
Hotchkis Foundation
David Hubinger
Paul Huddleston
Sandra Hveem
Intercontinental Hotels Group
Inter Plan Design Group
Lawrence Israel Family Foundation
Jenny Jones Foundation/Jackie Blitstein
JM Family Enterprises, Inc
Kalyn’s Kustom Designs
Penny Kanner
Ronnie & Michael Kassan
Jeffrey Katz
Joey Katz
Betsy Keller
King & Spalding LLP
Kohl’s Cares for Kids
Warren Kornblum
David S. Koz
Koz Family Trust
Roberta Koz-Wilson and Patrick Wilson
Donald & Carol Kress
Ehren and Karen Kruger
Ellen LaPointe
Gerald Larr
Ronald Leibow
Joe Leigner
Paula Lenier
Les Diplomates of Fort Lauderdale
Helene Levitz
Brian Littleton
Longo Toyota
Lotspeich Company Inc.
Bari Love
Frank N. Magid Associates Inc.
Deborah and Kevin Malone
Marc & Eva Stern Foundation
Marc Summers Productions, Inc
Markmakers Foundation Inc.
Mel Marks, MD
Thomas McGrath
McMaster-Carr Supply Company
Julia Medeiros
Terry Medill
Megan’s Angel Wings Inc.
Merrill Lynch
Methodist San Jacinto Methodist Hospital
Milken Family Foundation
Miller Children’s Hospital
Milton B. and Corrine B. Miller Fund
Mom’s Club of Pembroke Pines/Miramar
John Momtazee
Elizabeth Morris
Morrison & Foerster Foundation
Morrison, Brown, Argiz & Farra, LLP
MYDATA Automation, Inc.
National Basketball Association
Spencer and Mieke Neumann
Honora Norton
Laura O’Brien
Pantropic Power
Elaine Paul
Monica Pearson
Scott Pearson
Perfect Wedding Guide
Margaret Pisinski
P.K. Foundation
Stacey Polk
Pound Puppies, Inc.
Proskauer Rose LLP
Pulte Homes
Michelle Quay
Gary Rachelefsky, M.D.
RBS Greenwich Capital
Ronald A. Reeder
Renie Design
Rexel, Inc.
Calvin Rhodes
Jane Ritson-Parsons
Rodman Ride for Kids
Lois Rosen
Sam’s Club Foundation
Peter Samuelson
David Sanderson
Cindy Schneider
Lynn Sedway
Timothy L. Selinske
Jeff Sherman
John Simone
Smith & Howard, P.C.
South Dade Lighting, Inc.
Southeastern Florida Lighting
Southern Company Charitable Foundation
Spot Runner, Inc.
S.T.A.R.R. International Enterprises
Carol Stein
St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital
John Swisher
Janice G. Taylor
Techinfo, Inc.
Tee Up For Tots Inc.
Telerent Leasing Corporation
The Associates of Hinckley Allen & Snyder, LLP
The Brown Charitable Foundation
The Charles & Lucille King Family Foundation, Inc.
The Davidow Charitable Fund
The Forum Corporation
The Halperin Foundation
The Kleiner Cohen Foundation
The McKellar Group Inc.
The Simon-Strauss Foundation
The Toledo Hospital
The TR Family Trust
Albert Thumann
Tiny Prints
Charles Tisdale
Trident Surfacing, Inc.
Vaillancourt Folk Art, Inc.
Jane L. Van Stedum
Mike Vorhaus
Gerry Wegl
Western Exhibitors
Troy Young
Steven Zabriskie
Ruth Zellez
And, special thanks to our inaugural members
of Starlight’s Anniversary Circle
Robert Donner
Lana Holden
Nick Lovato
Joseph Melia
Charles Nelson
Martie Opial
Nancy Schwab
Arnold Spielberg
Kathy Tran
America Online
Build-A-Bear Workshop
CB Richard Ellis, One Hundred Towers, LLC
Couleur Nature
Feld Entertainment
HMWorks, Inc
Legacy Interactive
Morrison & Foerster, LLP
Pokemon USA, Inc.
Radio Flyer Inc.
The Walt Disney Company
Warner Brothers
$10,000 - $99,999
20th Century Fox
Animax Entertainment
Boston Ballet
CBS Television City
Daily Variety
Entertainment Design Group, Inc.
Flight Options, LLC
Francesca Restrepo Studio Design
G2 Direct & Digital
Hasbro, Inc
Hollywood Entertainment
Los Angeles Magazine
Luxe Magazine
Miller Toyota
Minnesota Timberwolves & Lynx
NBC Universal
Orlando Magic
Paramount Pictures
Ronin Advertising Group
Russ Berrie and Company, Inc.
Dan Sherman
Sparrow, LLC / Freecity
Sprint Nextel
$1,000 - $9,999
AirTran Airways
Alterna Haircare
American Express
Amy Shomer & Associates
ARAMARK Events & Catering at INFOMART
Atlanta Spirit, LLC
Atlanta Steeplechase
Aurum Jewelers & Goldsmiths
Larry Baher, P.A.
Bandai America Inc.
Barefoot Wines /Gallo Winery
Beam Foundation
Best Buy
Boston Phoenix
California Pizza Kitchen
Casa Blanca Spa
Children’s Oregon Theater
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Cirque Du Soleil
City of Atlanta Fulton Co. Recreation Authority
Clowning Around Entertainment, Inc.
Cookies for a Koz
Corum USA
Creativity, Inc
Cwenar Photography
Dallas Stars Hockey Club
Deborah Messinger Dance Acadamy
Dominick Gentile, Sons of Italy #2332
Frederic Duclos
Owen Duggan
Elegant Occasions, Event Professionals
Elio’s Fitness for Success
Embassy Suites
Embassy Suites Hotel - La Jolla
Embassy Suites Phoenix-Scottsdale Golf Resort
Esgee Enterprises, LLC
Exodus Private Trainers & Pilates Studio
Florida Citrus Sports
Foster’s Wine Estates
Fox Theatre
Funny Bone Entertainment
Mike Gallagher
Justin Galloway
Got Kids, LLC
Hallmarks Gold Crown- Florida Mall
Heart O’ Texas Fair & Rodeo
Hilton HHonors
Leone Hinzman
Honda Center
HQ Gift Cards
Hunky’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers
Hurricanes Grill & Wings
Imagination Games
Inter Plan Design Group
Intercontinental Hotels Group
International Star Registry
Mark Jennings
JP Malone Construction Inc.
K Swiss
KatRose Photography
Kenneth Cole Productions
Kids Who Care
Douglas and Françoise Kirkland
Stanley Korshak
Dave Koz
LA Dodgers
Laclede, Inc
LEGOLAND California
Lauren Leichtman Levine
Levy Restaurants
Magic Fredy Events, Inc
Mason Fine Engraving
Mesquite Championship Rodeo
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Minnesota Twins
Morocco Shriners
Nestlé USA
New England Revolution
New Line Cinema
Nintendo of America, Inc.
Offerdahl’s Café & Grill
Omron Healthcare, Inc.
P3 Fulfillment
People to People Student Ambassadors Program
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Radisson University Hotel
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Web Ad.vantage
Western Exhibitors Inc. dba Harvest Festival
Wilkins Management
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Up to $999
Katie Simpson & Hilary Shivers
Advanced Fire and Security
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Albertsons #4440
Aleppo Shriners Circus
Amazing Dana Magic Shows
Amazing Jakes
American Girl Place
AMF Semoran Lanes
Andree’s Essential Soaps
Kim Anthony
Association of Professional Businesswomen of Weston
Arcadia Fine Wine
Arizona Challenger Space Center
Arnold Air Society
Aroma’s Pizza
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Atlanta Journal-Constitution
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Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Auntie Anne’s Pretzels
Aurora Theatre @ Lawrenceville City Hall
Austin Adventist Junior Academy
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B.S. Public Relations
Christy Banhof
Beads Galore
Beau Rivage Resort & Casino
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Rebecca Berry
Best Buy #204
Beyond Words
Biltmore Estates
Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institute
of Oceanography, UCSD
Blue Man Group
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Bob Industries
The Body Shop
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Bragozzo Osteria Wine Bar
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Bridgemill Athletic Club
Brooks Foundation
Buckhead Life Restaurant Group
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Cabot Creamery
California Academy of Sciences
California Academy of Sciences Gift Store
Cambridge Soundworks
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Capcom Entertainment
Caribou Coffee
Carmike Cinemas
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Casalino Entertainment
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Coldstone Creamery
Color Me Mine - Daly City
The Conch Train Tour
Cooks of Crocus Hill
Coral Springs Medical Center
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Coronado Island Marriott
Corporate Massage Onsite
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Credit Restoration Consultants
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Dallas Children’s Theater
Dallas Mavericks
Daniel’s Jewelers
Database Marketing, Inc.
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Delancy Street Foundation
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Dell Computers
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Dreamworks SKG
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Girl Scouts of Central Texas
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Innovative Dining
It’s A Wrap
IZZE Beverage Company
Jams Retail LLC
Jan Michaels, Inc.
Courtney Jane
Janel Russell Design
Jason Taylor Foundation
JC Penny, Just Caring People
Jennifer Linder, MD
Jewels By Park Lane
Jimmy’s Mad Mad Whirled
Joe Di Maggio’s Italian Chophouse
Johanson PR
Johnnies New York Pizza
S Jonas
Suzanne Jonas
Craig Jordan
Journals Unlimited, Inc.
Jungle Jim’s
Jungle Queens, Inc
JW Marriott San Francisco
JW Marriott Star Pass Resort & Spa
Jack Kalser
Lisa Keisman
Keyboardist Mark
Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
Lesley King
Juliya Kovalenko
La Cazuela
Ladies Outreach
Lady Bird Johnson Center
Lady M Designs
Law Offices of Jason S. Feder
Lion Country Safari, Inc.
Jason Llewellyn
Peggy Lovett
Chandra Luce
Lucille’s American Café
Lucky Strike /Jillian’s LLC
Luxe Jewelers
Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream & Treatery
Malibu Toys, Inc.
Maple Lanes
Marc Daniel Salon
Marriott Evergreen Conference Resort
Penni Martinez
Mayes Food
McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park
Tony McManus
Medieval Times
Miami Seaquarium
Michelle Quay
Mickey Fine Pharmacy & Grill
Dennis Milecki
Minnesota Thunder
Morgan Stanley
Mrs. Fields Cookies
Shelly Murphy
Museum of Science
My Magical Party
Rika Alexis Nagashima
Name Game
The Nathan Burton Magic Show
NBC Universal
Zoe Nelson
New England Aquarium
Next Generation Printing
Miller Nguyen
Gabi Norton
Honora Norton
Not Your Average Joe’s
NYTEX Sports
O Premium Waters
John O’Brien
Ocean Sky Hotel & Resort
Mary O’Connor
Office of the Mayor, Atlanta
Ogunquit Playhouse
Olive Garden
Michael O’Neal Singers
Orchestra Atlanta
Robyn O’Rear
Orlando Repertory Theatre
Outback Steakhouse
Ovations Food Services
Palace Playland
Papa John’s Pizza
Pawtucket Red Sox
PDX 49
Pegasus Logistics
Wendy Peoples
The Perceptive Lens
PGA Tour Superstore
Phoenix Suns
Photography by Pam
Platinum Parking
Portland Beavers
Portland Timbers
Premier Beverage
Pucker Powder
Putting Edge
Quizno’s Subs
Real Mex Restaurants - El Torito Grill
Red Lion Hotel - Medford
Grace Reff
Regal at the Avenues
Helen Regenstreif
Renaissance Hotel
Rendezvous Entertainment, LLC
Republic National
Riley Marketing, Inc.
Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta (Downtown)
Beth Robertson
Robin Booth
Roccin Bones Pub
Rollin Bones Pub
Amy Rossing
Cheryl Rozek
Sabre Holdings
Laura Rude
Sacca Productions
Saggy Creature Productions, Inc.
Sam’s Club
Samuels Jewelers
San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium
San Diego Chargers
San Francisco Marriott
Sandy Springs Body Works
Santa’s Village
Savvy Vodka & Fall Creek Vineyards
Sedona Vortex Tours
Seminole Hardrock
Sever’s Corn Maze
Sharp Electric Corporation
Sheila Kelley’s S Factor
Sherrie Darling
Hilary Shivers
Signature Graphics
Sony (SCEA)
Southern Living at Home
Southwick Zoo
Spa Sydell
Spago Beverly Hills
Sport Court
St. Thomas More Catholic Church
Star 94
Starbucks Coffee
Steamboat Annie’s
Stone Mountain Park
Sara Stubbs
Studio 6
Stutman Treister & Olatt Law Offices
Summit Transportation
Kiki Sweeney
Sylvie’s Skin & Body Care
Tangle Toys
Tanglewood Resort
Tara Minnax
Team Bonding
Texas Medical Association
Texas Rangers
The Palm Restaurant
Tiffany and Co.
Tursi’s Soccer Store
Turtle Creek Chorale
Twiggs Salon
Two Friends Patio Restaurant
Sherri Underbrink
United States Golf Association
Universal Studios Hollywood
UPS Store
US Airways Center
Maria Varga Drane
VEE Corporation
Verde Canyon Railroad, LLC
Wal Mart
Warren Henry Infinity
Webnook Stationary
Sarah Weekley
Carl Weissburg
Westlake NAHS
Margie Wooden
Alecia Wortham
Worthmore Jewelers Inc.
Wright Angle Photography
Wrigley c/o Hunter Public Relations
Wyndham Vacation Ownership
XV Beacon
Yard House
YBWize, Inc.
Daniel Yoest
Lotay Young
Zoo Atlanta
Event Round Up
A Stellar Night Gala – California
On March 28, 2008 at The Beverly Hilton Hotel,
Starlight’s headquarters office celebrated its annual
A Stellar Night gala. The event was hosted by Corbin
Bleu, star of Disney’s High School Musical and long
time supporter, and co-chaired by Starlight Board
Member and Executive Vice President at Walt Disney
Company, Kevin Mayer and his wife Lisa. A Stellar
Night spotlighted inspirational stories from Starlight
families and paid tribute to humanitarians who are
making a world of difference for children and families.
William and Elizabeth Shatner were presented with the
Heart of Gold Award, by close friend Brad Paisley, in
honor of their charitable work and deep commitment
to children. Starlight and Global Ambassador Dave
Koz bestowed the Jacki Carlish Humanitarian Award
upon Francine R. Kaufman, M.D., director of the
Comprehensive Childhood Diabetes Center and
head of the Center for Endocrinology, Diabetes and
Metabolism at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. The
award, named for founding member of Starlight who
dedicated her life to ensuring that sick children still
had a chance to be kids, recognizes individuals with
the highest level of personal commitment to Starlight.
The event was presented by California Pizza Kitchen
and received additional sponsorship support from
New Horizon Foundation, Nintendo of America, The
Walt Disney Company, McKinsey & Company, Best
Buy Company, Inc., DIRECTV, Inc., Carol, Jeff & Becky
Burch, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, CB Richard
Ellis, Hollywood Video, Game Crazy, Bain & Company,
Colgate-Palmolive, Dewey & LeBeouf, Kevin &
Lisa Mayer, Latham & Watkins LLP, Montgomery
& Company, Russ Berrie and Company, Inc., UBS
Investment Bank and Morrison & Foerster LLP.
Event Round Up
Hats and Handbags English Tea – South Florida
Starlight Greater Golf Open – South Florida
Starlight Florida hosted its 3rd Annual Hats &
Handbags, A Classic English Afternoon Tea fundraiser
on Sunday, March 9, 2008 at the Hyatt Pier 66 Hotel
in Fort Lauderdale. With more than 250 women in
attendance, the Tea festivities began with a boutique
sale, where guests shopped for unique custom-made
accessories including handbags, shoes, jewelry and
home goods.
A sold out crowd of golfers filled the East and West
Courses at Jacaranda Country Club in Plantation,
Florida on Friday, October 26, 2007 for the 5th Annual
Starlight Greater Open Golf Tournament, presented by
C. Davis Electric and Credit Restoration Consultants.
The highlight of the event was the incredible piano
performance given by 7-year-old musical maestro,
Ethan Bortnick. Joining Ethan on-stage was featured
speaker Nina Packer of Nina Packer & Associates.
The event was made possible by generous sponsors
including Blue Martini of Fort Lauderdale, Baer
Furniture, Hyatt Pier 66, Best Rental and
Additional sponsorship support was provided by
ACAI, JM Family Enterprises, Inc., Rexel, South Dade
Lighting, Advanced Fire & Security, Gexpro, Gold
Coast Hi-Lift, and Graybar. Lotspeich, Morrison Brown
Argez & Farra, LLP, Patropic Power, Sam’s Club, SELF,
Inc., Trident Surfacing, HBA Insurance Group, Wesco,
Gunther Volkswagen and Warren Henry Infinity
of Davie.
A Stellar Night Gala - Georgia
STARmazing Race – Massachusetts
On, Saturday, February 23, 2008, Starlight Georgia
celebrated its 11th Annual A Stellar Night gala at the
world-famous Georgia Aquarium. The event was
hosted by WSB-TV’s Lori Geary and Mark Winne and
honored long-time Starlight Georgia board member
and WSB-TV sports anchor/director Chuck Dowdle
with the highly coveted Star Award. Monica Pearson,
also from WSB-TV Action News, served as Honorary
Event Chairperson.
On Saturday, September 20, 2008, Starlight New
England with the help of its Young Professional Group
volunteers hosted its second annual STARmazing
Race — a wacky and fun scavenger hunt throughout
Boston. Teams raced against the clock and each other
to solve clues and raise funds for Starlight. More than
200 Bostonians — adults and children alike — tore
through the city spreading contagious laughter and
smiles and helping Starlight to bring that same joy to
seriously ill children throughout New England.
The event was presented by Morrison Management
Specialists and additional sponsorship was provided
by Epstein, Becker and Green, P.C., Aflac, Atlanta
Journal Constitution, Atlanta Magazine, Fidelity
Investments and Macy’s.
The STARmazing Race was a success thanks in large
part to presenting sponsor Qdoba Mexican Grill and
clue sponsors Union Oyster House and J.P. Licks Ice
Event Round Up
A Sparkling Starry Soiree – Arizona
A Christmas Carol – Texas
On March 29, 2008, Starlight Arizona hosted A Sparkling
Starry Soiree at a luxurious, custom, 11,000 square foot
residence by Calvis Wyant Luxury Homes in Scottsdale.
The event showcased Scott Bohall with “Treasures,”
a prominent Valley jeweler through an unbelievable
“Adorn a Woman” display valued at $1 million. For a
$100 donation, guests had their photos taken wearing
the million dollar jewelry and at the end of the night
received a velvet pouch containing either a cubic zirconia
stone or for one lucky winner, a 1.5 carat diamond.
Starlight Texas hosted its first annual holiday event at
the historic Kalita Humphreys Theater on November
30, 2007. The Dallas Theater Center’s production
of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol has been a
holiday tradition for more than 20 years. This event
and performance introduced community members
to Starlight with a live theater performance in one
of Dallas’ architectural landmarks. More than 350
guests, including 200 Starlight family members,
attended. The family-focused holiday celebration
included pre-show performances by the Turtle Creek
Chorale and Kids Who Care, a catered dinner (no
green vegetables and plenty of dessert!), and gifts
for the kids personally delivered by Santa’s elves
as families departed. Guests were also invited to fill
their event autograph books with signatures from the
cast. “Scrooge,” “Marley,” and the “Ghost of Christmas
Future” met the kids following the performance.
The evening was made possible by presenting sponsors
California Pizza Kitchen and Calvis Wyant Luxury
Custom Homes.
The event generated cash and in-kind support
benefiting Starlight programs in Texas thanks to the
generosity of American Airlines, Aramark, Athena
Healthcare, Barefoot Wines, Buli Cafe, Dallas Theater
Center, EDS, Hunky’s Hamburgers, Texas Medical and
Surgical Associates and the wonderful guests and
supporters who helped underwrite attendance for
Starlight family members.
April 1, 2007March 31, 2008
Contributed Goods,
Services and Use
of Facilities
Special Events
Other Income
Total: $26,120,570
Program Services
$ 18,080,268
Management & General
$ 1,478,192
$ 3,424,091
Quest for the Code® Asthma Game $10,800
Fun Centers™ $1,393,377
Get Fit, Get Right™ $221,718
Total: $22,9 82,551
Great Escapes™ $3,975,024
Hospital Happenings $6,381,244
PCPals® $1,041,112
Starbright World® $429,588
Starlight Sites™ $1,354,514
Other Programs $3,272,891
Cash and Cash Equivalents
$5,397,999 $92,864 $69,297
593,393 2,808 -
Accounts Receivable
70,226 -
Receivables from International Affiliates 422,110
Receivables from U.S. Chapters
Receivables from Headquarters
23,166 19,956 Pledges Receivable 2,565,262
5,336 Inventory
29,421 145,619 Prepaid Expenses and Other Assets
119,616 3,482 13,289 Property and Equipment (Net)
1,611 1,200
Mid-Atlantic Midwest
800 -
61,996 17,608
Accounts Payable and Accrued Liabilities
$438 $7,266 $56,211
Payable to International Affiliates
Payable to Headquarters or Other
U.S. Chapters
3,600 1,800
1,854,729 4,038 9,066 290,011
Unrestricted: Unrestricted Undesignated
134,754 237,463 339,971
Unrestricted Board Designated
1,366,846 -
3,365,658 134,754 237,463 339,971
Temporarily Restricted
8,563 23,000
10,204,076 154,829
246,026 362,971 $769,369
$158,867 $255,092 $652,982 $13,706
*This information is from Starlight Children’s Foundation and U.S. chapters consolidated financial statements for the year ended March 31, 2008, audited by Green Hasson & Janks LLP. Please visit our website,, for the full audit report.
Total Before
New England
Cash and Cash Equivalents
$109,386 $3,501,696 $311,927 $10,269,235 -
1,723,274 -
2,622,009 -
Accounts Receivable
75,584 -
Receivables from International Affiliates -
422,110 -
Receivables from U.S. Chapters
543,172 Receivables from Headquarters
12,863 236,267 236,267
Pledges Receivable -
3,141,200 -
5,736,410 -
26,865 126,943
1,879,051 4,644,808 -
Prepaid Expenses and Other Assets
4,268 73,365
1,857 257,125
Property and Equipment (Net)
Total 2007
$140,519 $8,645,198
$2,221,939 $24,902,771 $779,439 LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS
Accounts Payable and Accrued Liabilities
$82,617 $42,088 $1,793,902 -
Payable to International Affiliates
Payable to Headquarters or Other
U.S. Chapters
729 225,900 -
779,439 $24,123,332
729 308,517 42,088
779,439 NET ASSETS:
Unrestricted: Unrestricted Undesignated
95,256 5,164,691 2,179,851 10,700,376 -
Unrestricted Board Designated
1,366,846 -
5,164,691 2,179,851 12,067,222
Temporarily Restricted
44,534 3,171,990 -
10,248,765 -
8,336,681 2,179,851 22,315,987 -
$8,645,198 $2,221,939 $24,902,771 $779,439
**Intercompany revenue and expenses between headquarters and the U.S. chapters are eliminated as required under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
Special Events
Gross Receipts
$273,620 $668,390 Less: Direct Benefit to Donors
816,851 77,113
237,487 527,371 Contributed Goods, Services and
Use of Facilities
42,383 545,463
124,784 Contributions
1,648,932 62,486 121,473 145,473 Revenue from Headquarters or Other
U.S. Chapters
44,307 57,488 98,187 Assessments and Sales to
International Affiliates
731,750 -
Interest and Dividend Income
210,718 1,666
2,557 5,937 Realized and Unrealized Gains on Investments
204 -
32,662 -
125 -
Net Assets Released from Program Restrictions
4,306,677 43,210 17,398 225,399 TOTAL UNRESTRICTED REVENUE
14,464,686 271,369 981,991 1,127,151 EXPENSES:
Program Services
11,348,921 180,634
662,085 907,705 Management and General
826,249 23,715 72,623 72,844 Fundraising
60,792 197,885
13,984,907 265,141 932,593 1,178,863 CHANGE IN UNRESTRICTED NET ASSETS
6,228 49,398 (51,712) Change in Restricted
Net Assets:
Pledged Contributions
1,264,919 5,515 2,688 18,000 Contributions
2,910,479 45,110 20,600 161,850
Net Assets Released from
Program and Time Restrictions
13,643 55,288 (97,261) Net Assets - Beginning of Year
141,186 190,738 460,232 NET ASSETS - END OF YEAR
$154,829 $246,026 $362,971 46
*This information is from Starlight Children’s Foundation and U.S. chapters consolidated financial statements for the year ended March 31, 2008, audited by Green Hasson & Janks LLP. Please visit our website,, for the full audit report.
Total Before
New England
Special Events
Gross Receipts
$208,572 $5,369,506 -
Less: Direct Benefit to Donors
8,475 2,025,315
171,586 4,189,095 -
Contributed Goods, Services and
Use of Facilities
533,669 3,133,445
10,556,062 784,487
41,278 1,814,851 268,566 4,196,035 -
Revenue from Headquarters or Other
U.S. Chapters
166,509 63,859 1,725,396 1,725,396
Assessments and Sales to
International Affiliates
731,750 -
Interest and Dividend Income
905 63,881
1,158 303,790 -
Realized and Unrealized Gains on Investments
23,465 610 15,618 -
28 47,644 52 80,511 -
Net Assets Released from Program Restrictions
571,402 60,025 5,416,231 -
106,775 5,246,736 3,699,301 27,214,488 2,509,883
Program Services
157,502 4,029,308
2,283,536 20,590,151 2,509,883
Management and General
10,340 340,946 34,986 1,478,192 -
3,424,091 -
193,741 5,061,752 2,567,609 25,492,434 2,509,883
184,984 1,131,692 1,722,054 -
Change in Restricted
Net Assets:
Pledged Contributions
1,595,200 -
2,888,134 -
55,775 3,944,002
Net Assets Released from
Program and Time Restrictions
1,419,905 -
1,704,455 1,127,442
3,137,959 -
Net Assets - Beginning of Year
6,632,226 1,052,409 19,178,028 NET ASSETS - END OF YEAR
$2,179,851 $22,315,987 $
**Intercompany revenue and expenses between headquarters and the U.S. chapters are eliminated as required under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
Board of
Board of Directors,
Starlight Children’s Foundation Headquarters
April 1, 2007 – March 31, 2008
Steven Spielberg
Peter Samuelson and Emma Samms
Peter Samuelson
Samuelson Productions
Ronald Leibow
Co-Chair - Executive Committee
Kaye Scholer LLP
Henry M. Fields
Co-Chair - Executive Committee
Morrison & Foerster LLP
Karen Shishino Jordan
Carol A. Savoie
Deloitte & Touche LLP
Christopher Bracken
OnCommand Corporation
Laura Jean Christman
Attorney at Law
Jeff Gural
Newmark & Company Real Estate, Inc.
Paul Guyardo
Kip Crennan
Mane USA
David K. Haspel
Haspel Communications, Inc.
Sheldon Davis
Regal Confections
David E. Hoberman
Mandeville Films
Scott Dorman
Dorman Communications Group LLC
Dave Hubinger
Nestlé Brands Company
Patrick Dorton
Rational Public Relations
Millie Judge
Bear Creek Law Firm, PS
James Dougherty
Russell Karlins
Chemical Disposal Services
Alan G. Epstein
MSD Capital, L.P.
Kenneth Forkos, CPA
Lawrence Gilbert
Goldman Sachs
Warren Kornblum
Shadow Entertainment Group, LLC
Marvin Levy
DreamWorks SKG
Howard Gould
Mel Marks, MD
Miller Children’s Hospital
Sarah Grover
California Pizza Kitchen
Kevin A. Mayer
The Walt Disney Company
Elaine Paul
The Walt Disney Company
Brandon Phillips, MD
Mayo Clinic
Annie Presley
The McKellar Group Inc.
Gary Rachelefsky, MD
UCLA School of Medicine
Jane Ritson-Parsons
Hasbro Inc.
Roger Shiffman
Zizzle, LLC
John Simone
The Colgate-Palmolive Company
Christine Spadafor
SpadaforClay Group, Inc.
Robert Steinberg
Latham & Watkins LLP
Charles J. Weber
Weber Communications, Inc.
Norman Anderson
American Psychological Association
Gene Blinde
Mark Bowser
Glenn Ross
Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Gordon A. Smith
JP Morgan Chase Card Services
Stephen Burns
Avenue Financial Corporation
April 1, 2007 – March 31, 2008
Howard M. Davine
Touchstone Television
Paula Van Ness
Chief Executive Officer and President
Matt Haymer
Attorney at Law
Rafe Pery
COO/CFO, VP, Operations
Dave Koz
Rendezvous Entertainment, LLC
Patricia Sterne Evans
VP, Development
John Lee
Embassy Suites Hotels
Joan Ford
VP, Strategic Initiatives
Christina Weiss Lurie
Jenny Isaacson
VP, Brand Marketing and Communications
Brian Morris
Walter Parkes
DreamWorks SKG
Jane Van Stedum
VP, Program Services and Regional Support
John Pridjian
Penta Investment Advisors

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