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Auckland Cup Guide - Harness Racing New Zealand
Runner by Runner Preview
1. CYAMACH – Tr. Steve Telfer and Chris Garlick. Dr. Scott Phelan
Comment: Gets the coveted barrier draw everyone was after and has the early speed to use it. Needs a good
strong pace on in front of him while he does no work back on the fence to sneak into the finish. An outside place
chance with all things in his favour.
2. SMOLDA – Tr. Mark Purdon and Natalie Rasmussen. Dr. Natalie Rasmussen
Comment: Too bad to be true last week. But he can throw in a performance like that every now and then. On
his best day he’s right in this up to his eyeballs. But the task of turning him round seems massive, even for the All
Stars stable. The enigma
3. JASON RULZ – Tr. Greg and Nina Hope. Dr. Ricky May
Comment: A lot more like his old self with a fast-finishing second last week. His old self is very good and would
be capable of giving a few of the more favoured a bit of a hurry up in this. Draw leaves him in a early predicament, but Ricky May is the master of the patient drive and that’s just what this guy needs.
4. LANCEWOOD LIZZIE – Tr. Barry Purdon Dr.
Comment: The likely early leader with her blistering gate speed. She might just punch out and then look to
hand up to the right horse. No forlorn hope of running in the money either. She’d be in the top three mares in NZ
at the moment and when your chasing Adore Me that’s not a bad statistic to have.
6. OHOKA PUNTER – Tr. Tony Herlihy. Dr. Tony Herlihy
Comment: Very impressive winner of last week’s lead-in after a masterful drive by Tony Herlihy. Expect him to be
given every chance of repeating the dose with Herlihy’s intention to find the markers. He will stick on all day and
on his day will compete in any race in Australasia. Could end up being the forgotten runner.
7. ELIOS – Tr. Robert Dunn. Dr. John Dunn
Comment: Will strip a lot fitter for his fresh up fourth placing last week. Has an abundance of gate speed and
could push for the lead if he was asked too. The question is whether or not they will. The ability is all there and
had he drawn in a little more he would be a solid place bet but there are queries from out wide.
8. Pemberton Shard - SCRATCHED
9. Terror To Love – SCRATCHED
10. LEWY RISK – Tr. Lew Driver. Dr. ?????
Comment: Tidy Addington win when last produced to the races, but this task is a little bit tougher than that.
There is plenty of ability there in the tank and he will do no work on the markers, but will also be looking for a lot
of luck if he is to feature.
11. CHRISTEN ME – Tr. Cran Dalgety. Dr. Dexter Dunn
Comment: Put a big tick next to his name straight away for having the World Champion sitting behind him.
That’s a big help considering the way Dexter is driving. Hasn’t had a race since the Hunter Cup –but won’t be
lacking for fitness. His best wins it. But is he ready to take on the wonder mare?
12. BORDER CONTROL – Tr. Mark Purdon and Natalie Rasmussen. Dr. Tim Williams
Comment: A very tough wee horse who give 100 every time he steps onto the track. Loses a bit of an advantage
from his second line draw, but good enough to make his own luck. That might not be enough to see him winning, but it could be enough to have him right in the fight.
13. ADORE ME – Tr. Mark Purdon and Natalie Rasmussen. Dr Mark Purdon
Comment: Wasn’t she simply breath-taking last week at Menangle? One of the greatest harness racing performances you will ever see. After running second in this race last year, she will be out for redemption. A deserved
favourite with absolutely no flaws but will she back up strongly from last week’s burning hot performance?
Ricky May lost an Auckland Cup drive this week, but it
didn’t take him long to pick up another.
And following a return to form of sorts last week for
noted speedster, Jason Rulz, the Methven horseman is
looking forward to being behind the Greg and Nina Hope
trained pacer in another major race.
May is able to team up with Jason Rulz after his original
drive - Terror To Love - was scratched due to an issue with
his heels earlier in the week.
“It’s a shame he’s not going to be there but hopefully
they can get him right again for a final race at Addington.’’
After over a year of apparent struggles on the track,
Jason Rulz’ fast-finishing second behind Ohoka Punter in
last week’s City of Auckland Free-For-All was the first time
May has felt the pacer appear back to somewhere near his
“He felt more like the old Jason Rulz,’’ May said.
“If I had been one spot closer I think he would have
won it, he was really flying at Tony’s horse in that last little
“He attacked the line, and that’s something that he
hasn’t done for a while so it was encouraging.’’
Drawn barrier three in the Group One feature this
week, the pressure will be on May early to try and find
himself a good spot early so as he can give his charge the
best possible chance to be able to unleash his devastating
final finish at the tail end of the race.
“You have to drive him a wee bit conservatively
because that’s how he seems to race best.
“But in saying that I think we need to get out of the
gate and try and at least get across the two horses inside
“If we can do that, we are going to have a few more
options up our sleeve.’’
Despite a return to form and the possibility of a good
trip, May was still hesitant to say that Jason Rulz was a real
serious contender for victory.
“It’s a very good field, and there are two very good
horses drawn on the second line who should really be too
good for us.’’
May speaks of Adore Me and Christen Me – both
of whom are dominating the betting markets for the
$250,000 event.
He also threw his hat into the ring of amazed onlookers
last Sunday when Adore Me went on her Menangle
massacre in the Ladyship Mile.
“It was incredible to watch.
“I don’t think any of the good horses I have been lucky
enough to drive in my career could have done what she
did on Sunday.’’
When you consider that May’s dance card over the
years includes the like of Inky Lord, Iraklis, Christian Cullen,
Mainland Banner, Carabella, Monkey King and even Terror
To Love then you know he’s making a pretty big statement.
While the Cup is his main focus, May will also be in
the thick of the action in this week’s other feature on the
harness side of Auckland Cup week – the Northern Derby.
He teams up with the familiar faces of Graham and
Paul Court to drive Brilliant Strike in the three-year-old
event and after his tough performance to finish third last
week in the Prelude, May feels he has a horse capable of
competing with the heavy hitters of the race from All Stars
“I thought he was really good last week.
“He didn’t want to let another horse get past him up
the straight which when you consider he worked around
the field and then sat parked, is quite a run.’’
Brilliant Strike is owned by Mongolian owners, Lang
Lin who has already tasted Derby success this week with
Mongolian Khan.
A trial at Menangle last week convinced trainer Cran
Dalgety that Christen Me was ready to win the Auckland
A 1:47.7 race at the same track a few days later had
Dalgety rethinking that assessment.
Because while he is happy with the Miracle Mile
winner heading into Friday’s great race at Alexandra Park,
he admits what Adore Me did in the Ladyship Mile on
Sunday was scary.
Christen Me goes into the Cup off the back of a slight
hip injury that took him out of the Inters, while he also
missed the Free-For-All at Menangle on Sunday and
even the City Of Auckland Free-For-All at Alexandra Park,
which was almost a late change of plan for him.
But even after those setbacks, Dalgety was thrilled with
how the millionaire pacer trialled at Menangle last Tuesday.
She strode around in 1:54 to win effortlessly and the boss
is adamant he will be close to his best this week.
“He trialled well and worked well again on Sunday so
fitness isn’t a concern.
“And he always races well slightly on the fresh side as well.”
But Dalgety was also at Menangle on Sunday to witness
Adore Me’s freakish mile and says the mare may be too in
the zone this week.
“She is a great mare at the best of times but she was a
gorilla the other day,” he said.
“When those good horses get into that zone they are
very hard to beat and she is really there.
“And being only a mile I don’t think there will be any
problems with her getting over it.
“So my horse is ready but she looks super ready.”
While no trainer likes to see a great horse sidelined,
Dalgety could have usually thought his chances of
winning on Friday night would be increased by Tuesday
night’s scratching of Terror To Love.
But that may not prove the case.
Because that means Christen Me now starts from two
on the second line, behind Smolda, hardly the world’s
fastest beginner, especially after pacing roughly last
And it also sees Adore Me move into four on the
second line, where she follows out Lancewood Lizzie
with Sky Major on her outside, two fast beginners which
suggest Adore Me might find more gaps early than
Christen Me.
“We will leave that up to Dexter but if the mare gets in
front of us, and there might not be much we can do about
that, then it will be really hard to chase her down.”
It’s been 14 years the mighty Holmes D G gave Barry Purdon
his last Auckland Cup victory – and even though the Hall-OfFame trainer has one horse starting in Friday’s great race, he
doesn’t think he has the winner.
Purdon could have easily had three starters in this year’s
$250,000 Group One feature, but Pembrook Benny simply was
not going good enough and Sky Major returned from his Chariots
of Fire victory worse for wear.
“I nominated Lancewood Lizzie a while back and then I’d
thought I’d just monitor her progress. She went too well last week
not to keep her. That was some time.
“This is her first race against the guns and I’m only putting her
in the race for experience. She will have to confront them next
year and I thought the way she is going, why not do it now.
“If she could finish in the first four I would be more than
pleased,” trainer Purdon said.
Lancewood Lizzie was the ‘bet of the night’ here last Friday
when romping home a $1.40 favourite in the $20,000 Charles
Roberts NISBA Stakes for C4-C8 mares.
She paced the 2200m mobile in 2:40.4 (mile rate 1:57.3) and
last 800m and 400m in 57.3 and 28.1.
It was her 11th win in 23 starts. She’s also placed three times
for $121,188 in stakes. Nine of her wins have been at Alexandra
Park, including two wins from three starts over Friday's distance.
“She can run the time alright and if she can get a nice trip she
could get some of it, but at this stage it’s all about experience for
her,” said Purdon.
'Lizzie' is owned by Mrs L.P. Wood and G. A. Chitty and was
bred by J. W. Wood.
The Bettor's Delight mare has drawn nicely at four for Friday’s
2700m mobile. The 4-year-old is paying $21 to win the Cup.
Her stablemates Pembrook Benny and Sky Major were paying
$41 and $13 when the fixed odds book opened last month.
“’Benny’ has had a couple of issues lately and he showed
nothing last week when he was three-deep on the fence. We will
just put him aside and assess him. His career is on hold.
“As for Sky Major he got sick and was pretty crook when
he got home. He is on the mend now but will be side-lined to
recover and then he will target the Taylor Mile and Messenger in
May,” Clevedon-based Purdon said.
Purdon said it was again a privilege to have a starter in the
2015 edition of the Auckland Cup.
“It’s a very special race to my family. I won it with ‘Homer’ on
my own in 2001 and as well as a few others with Dad (Roy) before
that. It’s a race we all want to win, and I can tell you Zac (Butcher)
will be trying his heart out,” Purdon said.
Purdon has won eight Auckland Cups with Holmes D G (2001),
Chokin (1993 and 1994), Christopher Vance (1991), Luxury Liner
(1987 and 1988), Comedy Lad (1986), and Sole Command (1978).
Third favourite Pembrook Benny finished fourth in last year’s
Auckland Cup and in 2013 ‘Benny’ was eighth of 13.
A product of
Runner by Runner Preview
1. HAVE FAITH IN ME – Tr: Mark Purdon and Natalie Rasmussen. Dr: Tim Williams.
Comment: Stunning Sires’ Stakes winner who also backed it up with victory in the Sales Series Final on this
Vcourse. Tidy performance for fourth when last produced against the older horses. He’s one of the main
dangers to the favourite.
2. EXPRESS STRIDE – Tr: Tony Herlihy. Dr: Tony Herlihy.
Comment: Wasn’t bad last week in the Prelude. A progressive type who will continue to get better and better the more he races. Has Tony Herlihy as a trainer and a driver and that’s a big plus in any situation. Might
need a few things to go his way, but he is more than capable.
3. KEPT UNDER WRAPS – Tr: Mark Purdon and Natalie Rasmussen. Dr: Natalie Rasmussen
Comment: Was the real plunge horse in last week’s Prelude and ran a cracker, albeit soundly beaten into
second, his gate speed will bring him right into contention here though. Has the ability to burn the gate and
get down to the markers – a big bonus in any major race
4. ROBBIE BURNS – Tr: Robert Dunn Dr: John Dunn
Comment: The run of a horse who is up to this level of racing in last week’s prelude. Did some work early
but showed some toughness at the end of the race too. Might not be the complete package yet but you
need to be keeping an eye on him from here on.
5. ART UNION – Tr: Cran Dalgety Dr: Dexter Dunn
Comment: Returns from a mixed bag trip to Australia where he showed plenty of promise. Good enough
to bounce back and figure in the finish here, especially after drawing the front line. Loves a lead and if he
gets there he will give them something to think about.
6. ITZ BETTOR TO WIN: Tr: Mark Purdon and Natalie Rasmussen. Dr: Brent Mangos
Comment: You can’t fault winning form and this guy has it by the bundle. Probably the most improved
three-year-old in New Zealand currently and is racing in a great heart. Big win last time where he beat
Border Control and Smolda, but from his draw things might not be quite so easy this time.
7. DELIGHTFUL OFFER – Tr: Barry Purdon Dr:
Comment: Has the right breeder and the right trainer to win a race like this, but from near the outside of
the front line he is going to need to be something special to down such a quality field. Not a forlorn hope of
running in the money however if all his stars align.
8. FOLLOW THE STARS – Tr: Mark Purdon and Natalie Rasmussen. Dr: Mark Purdon
Comment: Simply stunning in winning the Prelude last week. Actually probably even better than stunning. In that sort of form, he’s almost unbeatable and is the one that they will all be out to beat once they
step out on the track. The draw is slightly concerning. But good horses can do incredible things.
Runner by Runner Preview
9. HUGHIE GREEN – Tr: Brian Hughes. Dr: Maurice McKendry
Comment: The real enigma of this year’s Derby. On his day there are few better then he, but you need
the real version to stand up. With unbelievable speed and great staying prowess he has all the makings
of a top-line pacer. He’ll need to be though to overcome a second line draw. No doubts he can do it and a
deserved second favourite.
10. CHANGE STRIDE - Tr: Mark Purdon and Natalie Rasmussen. Dr:
Comment: Another from the all-conquering All Stars stable. Doesn’t quite measure up to some of his incredible stablemates but what you see is what you get. A good honest racehorse who will hive you 100 and
10 percent everytime he steps out onto a racecourse.
11. BETTOR SPIRITS - Tr: Mike Berger Dr: David Butcher
Comment: Seems to know when the big occasions are on offer. Has run some incredible races when the
back is against the wall. He’ll need plenty of luck from his barrier draw, but if he can get it, there will be few
running home any better than him.
12. CHACHINGCHACHING - Tr: Ray Green. Dr: Simon Lawson
Comment: For a noted speed horse, this isn’t a good barrier draw. But a truly run contest might just play
right into their hands. There is a sharp sprint there, and if someone can get in there and unleash it then look
out. Am outside place chance at best from his draw.
13. BRILLIANT STRIKE - Tr: Graham and Paul Court. Dr: Ricky May
Comment: One of few to really impress in last week’s Prelude. Did a power of work to get to the parked
position with 1000 metres left to run and fought bravely to the line to hold on for third. The barrier draw
certainly doesn’t help the situation, but Rick will be putting him in the race at some point – you would bet
on that if you could.
14. Hug The Wind: SCRATCHED
15. THE FAITHFUL – Tr. Barry Purdon. Dr. ??????
Comment: Another from the wonder stable of Barry Purdon – this one sneaking off the ballot to make the
final field. Like most on the second line, a lot depends on tempo and pressure. And if neither happens then
they have a problem. Write off a Barry Purdon runner at your own peril.
Forget what Hughie Green has done his 12- race career to
date, his big dance comes at 8.25pm at Alexandra Park on Friday
As the King of the Park champion driver
Tony Herlihy knows more often than not the
markers are the place to be in a big staying race.
Which is exactly where he will be heading with his two group
one reps Express Stride and Ohoka Punter come Friday night.
This is the race he has been set for all along. This is his home
track and this is the Group One we want,” said Gareth Hughes
who helps his father Bunty train Hughie Green,
The race that Green was referring to was the Group One
$250,000 Woodlands Stud Northern Derby for three-year-olds.
Hughes won the 2012 edition of the Derby with Ideal Scott.
Both Hughes’ know that Hughie Green is every bit as good as
him, but probably not as consistent at the same age.
“Hughie is the type of horse who is only going to get better
with age. He will make a very good four and five-year-old, but for
now it’s the Derby we want to win and he couldn’t be in better
“He’s eating up and has come through his last race very well.
This is the one we have been preparing him for,” the younger
Hughes said.
The father and son combo said they were happy with Hughie
Green’s last start third in the Derby Prelude at Alexandra Park
seven days ago.
“He beat Ohoka Punter from a stand the start before and I
thought he ran on really well against some top 3-year-olds
here last time. In fact he made a bit of ground if anything in the
straight,” Hughes said.
Both have the luxury of good draws in their classics,
Express Stride from barrier two in the Derby and Ohoka Punter
from six in the Auckland Cup.
The latter may not sound all that good, but with little
real gate speed on the front line and all the favourites off the
second line, Ohoka Punter should be able to work his way
around to get close to the front.
The same applies to Express Stride, who was luckless in
the Derby lead-up behind Follow The Stars at Alexandra Park
last Friday.
He was trapped wide when the pace clapped on but
Herlihy will be looking for a far more economical trip this
Friday, especially over the 2700m mobile.
“He has good gate speed and the markers would be the
place to be,” he says.
“The Derby can be really hard on horses coming wide,
especially here where it is 2700m.
“I was happy with him last week and he will improve with
that. So he has a chance in the race but beating Mark and
Natalie’s horses might be another thing.”
He didn’t believe there would be a repeat of Hughie Green
blowing to pieces like he did when favourite in the Group One
Sires Stakes Final at Addington in Christchurch.
While Hug The Wind is out of the Derby, the super stable
still have five reps and Herlihy knows you can’t combat that
“That was nothing to do with his head. They were going a
New Zealand record time and he just rolled into a break because
they were going too fast.
“I can only drive my fella and what happens around him I
can’t control. But we have a fit healthy horse.”
“That was four months ago. He’s matured a lot since then. In
fact every time he goes out to race he comes back better for the
“Yes I definitely think he can win on Friday,” Hughes said.
Hughie Green start from one on the second line and will
follow out one of the race favourites – the Mark Purdon/Natalie
Rasmussen trained and Tim Williams driven Have Faith In me.
Hughie Green, a royally bred gelded son of Art Major and
Alta Serena and has now won seven times and yet to place for his
$55,621 in stakes.
He’s only had one other group start and that was 11th when
he ran inwards and galloped in the Sires Stakes Final.
“The New Zealand Derby is obviously a goal and long-term so
is the Jewels and the Breeders Crown. Dad and I will assess him
after Friday’s race and then plan his programme from there.
“Australia is not an option at this stage. It never pays to look to
far ahead, but ‘Hughie’ is the sort of horse who will just get better
with time,” Hughes stressed.
Hughie Green is the $7.50 third favourite for Friday’s Derby.
The same applies to Ohoka Punter, who is peaking at the
right time after his long break last year.
“It has probably taken him every one of the runs he had
had back to reach his peak,” said Herlihy after last Friday’s win
in the City Of Auckland Free-For-All.
“He loves a hard 2700m as we saw in the Derby here a
couple of years ago and he is ready for it now.
“Of course it is going to be a hard race to win and we all
saw what Adore Me did the the other day.
“She went great and to be honest the time didn’t shock
me as much as some other people because when she went
1:51.6 at Cambridge I remember thinking that Menangle must
be three seconds faster.
“But it was still a massive run and she will be awfully hard
to beat.”
Which poses the question: if Ohoka Punter does get the
lead and Adore Me comes looking, would he hand up?
“She seems to like sitting parked,” he jokes, in reference to
her 1:47.7 mile in the breeze on Sunday.
But the real answer would probably be yes.
Tim Williams knows better than anyone how hard it will be to
beat Follow The Stars at Alexandra Park tomorrow night.
But the up and coming young horseman won’t be resting on
his laurels and admitting defeat when he walks onto the track
with quality three-year-old colt, Have Faith In Me.
Williams had the pleasure of doing the driving duties on
Follow The Stars last week and witnessed first-hand just how
devastating the brilliant pacer can be as he demoralised most of
his opposition for this week, in last Friday’s Derby Prelude.
“The scary thing was how easy he did it,’’ Williams said.
“He was going just as good at the winning post as what he
was at the top of the straight.
“And we went into the race with him a bit of an unknown.
Things hadn’t quite been right in Australia with him getting
jarred up and things but the aqua-walker here where we are
staying has helped that.
“Adding the half blinds helped a wee bit too.’’
But while he was clearly enthused about getting another
chance to sit behind the boom three-year-old of New Zealand
Harness Racing, Williams also had in the back of his mind the
question of how was he supposed to beat him this week?
“It’s not going to be easy, I know that much.
metres and Williams is confident that as long as he can hold up
enough to ensure he gets onto the back of the right horse, he’ll
be right in the fight.
“He’s the right horse to sit in a position like three back the
markers and do no work.
“Im pretty sure he will hold his own out of the gate, he felt
like he could really run last time we started him from a mobile
up here.
“It will just be a case of hoping that something doesn’t flash
across us and change everything – you don’t want to be getting
to far back.
“His two big wins have both come in New Zealand record
time so the more pace there is the better it will be for him.
“He will really come out and attack the line if he gets a good
“But in saying that it will suit Follow The Stars too.’’
With Express Stride drawn outside him and Tony Herlihy
already announcing his intentions to find the markers early, the
first few hundred metres of the Group One could be interesting.
Kept Under Wraps and Art Union can both also fly the gate so
the early jostling for positions is going to be pivotal.
“And after the way he (Follow The Stars) worked this morning
(Wednesday) the task might be even tougher.’’
Tomorrow night will be a big night for Williams, who is
enjoying a great debut season as part of the All Stars team.
Have Faith In Me, who has already won a Sires’ Stakes Final at
Addington on Cup Day and a Yearling Sales Series Final, will start
from the coveted one barrier behind the mobile over the 2700
As well as Have Faith In Me he will also pilot Dream About
Me in the Cardigan Bay and Border Control in the Auckland Cup
as well as having a host of other drives during the night’s racing.
– GROUP ONE $100,000 MOBILE 1700 METRE
Runner by Runner Preview
h, Walk
LAZARUS – Tr. Mark Purdon and Natalie Rasmussen. Dr. Mark Purdon
Comment: Could not have been more impressive winning his two career starts to date. They’ve
been simply sublime. Comes up with the plumb barrier draw and has the right driver and the right
trainers to make it three from three. Deserves to start favourite.
EL JACKO – Tr. Logan Hollis and Shane Robertson. Dr. Peter Ferguson
Comment: Wasn’t too bad last week and looks like a horse who will only going to get better
with the more racing he has. His draw gives him a chance to jump straight onto the back of
No.1 – that gives him an outside place chance.
CODE BLACK – Tr. Robert Dunn. Dr. John Dunn
Comment: His four career starts give him an edge in terms of experience over his rivals and his
win two starts back was that of a horse who is more than capable of getting himself a slice of
the action. Potentially it’s hard to see him winning, but if there is a knockout horse, he might
be it.
MAX PHACTOR – Tr. Mike Berger. Dr. Philip Butcher
Comment: Wound into his work in stylish fashion last week and has looked a pretty handy
horse in his short career. Will be trained to the minute and has a driver who is capable of pulling
one out of the hat when it comes to the big occasion. Treat lightly.
CHASE THE DREAM – Tr Mark Purdon and Natalie Rasmussen. Dr. Natalie Rasmussen
Comment: Another unbeaten colt who comes from the powerful barn of Purdon/Rasmussen.
Dazzling Sapling Stakes win was backed up by equally as impressive win last week. Might be
the best horse in the race, but is still learning the race game. His best wins this for fun.
WALKINSHAW – Tr. Tony Herlihy. Dr. Tony Herlihy
Comment: Showed a fair amount of ticker last week in defeat to back up a tidy victory the
week before. Can do a bit of work in his races and still stick on at the finish. Outside of the top
two favourites, this guy might just be the best place bet in the race.
MACH TIME – Tr. Steve Telfer and Chris Garlick. Dr. Scott Phelan
Comment: Made up a bit of ground to finish in fourth last week and will be better for having
had the raceday experience under his belt. A wide draw certainly doesn’t help the cause, but he
looks a horse who, with one cold shot at them, could be dangerous. Put the watcher on him for
upcoming assignments.
DARK ENERGY – Tr. Tony Herlihy. Dr. Todd Mitchell
Comment: Another who was putting some strides late in the piece last week, but from the
outside of the front line his task might be near on impossible. His best chance is to get a dream
run into it and then he might come into contention for a place.
Logan Hollis knows just how much ability El Jacko has
got – it’s just a matter of the raw two-year-old getting his
head around the pacing game.
“He’s got a heap of potential. He’s a nice big fella who
will make an awesome three and four-year-old. He might
have had just two sixths so far but we have been happy
with what he has done.
“I think he’s a rough show on Friday,” said Hollis who
co-trains El Jacko with his partner Shane Robertson at
The brown Elsu gelding has drawn perfectly outside
one of the race favourites Lazarus at two in the Group
One Breckon Farms Young Guns Cardigan Bay Stakes for
2-year-old pacers.
Last week’s sixth heat saw El Jacko and Peter
Ferguson started nicely from their second row, one draw.
They then galloped going around the stables bend
and gave their opposition a big head-start before
running on at the business end for a 7-1/2 length sixth.
“He had no right to get as close as what he did. He’s
still got that Elsu skip in his gait which we are working
on. I have no doubt in his ability, we just need to work on
his head and gait.
“He’s been running some real nice sectionals both on
race-day and at the trials. That has shown us how good
he is. He just needs time to develop,” Hollis said.
Last Friday El Jacko did in fact record the fastest third
quarter (30.2) and last half (58.9) despite finishing third
A fortnight earlier he recorded the fastest third
quarter (29.4), fourth quarter (27.7), and last half (57.1)
when also finishing sixth on debut.
Prior to that he won his qualifying trial at Franklin
Park in January downing the talented Gamma Lady by
half a length. He won with a 2:02 mile rate 4.4 seconds
under the qualifying mark.
A week earlier he also won a Workout at the same
“We’ve just got to sort out his gait because we know
the times he can do when he’s up and pacing. I’m not
saying he can win on Friday but he can upset them,”
Hollis said.
El Jacko is the second foal out of the unraced Dream
Away mare, Exposay. He first foal, VC Manoeuvre, who is
by Washington VC, was trained by Tim Butt before being
exported to Australia in November 2013.
He had two unplaced starts in New Zealand but has
won has won five of his 15 races in Victoria and latterly
Western Australia, and has also placed three times for
$43,817 in purses.
He went a 1:55.3 mile as a three-year-old.
An incredible record in one of our most coveted two-year-old
features looks set to continue for one of our greatest horseman at
Alexandra Park this week.
Mark Purdon’s record in the Young Guns Cardigan Bay Stakes
is exemplary.
Since 1993, he has won 9 editions of the race as a trainer – and
also 10 as a driver.
His list of winners lays out some of the most impressive
juvenile pacers to have ever waltzed through his barn doors too
– underlining the importance of a race like this for him each and
every season.
Dual New Zealand Trotting Cup winner, Il Vicolo was the first
to win the race in the blue colours with the silver stars in 1993 and
while Purdon was on board The Court Owl the following year, he
had to wait until Jack Cade in 2000 before the race was won by
one his own horses.
Jack Cade was driven that night by Tony Herlihy.
Purdon’s winners since the turn of the millennium include;
Light And Sound (2001), Lennon (2002), Advance Attack (2003),
The Midnight Owl for Gareth Dixon in (2004), Steve McQueen
(2007), Major Mark (2010), Fly Like An Eagle (2011) and last year’s
winner, Follow The Stars.
No one goes close to matching Purdon in the race record
stakes, and it’s unlikely anyone will as his juggernaut of juvenile
racing in New Zealand continues.
This year, he and his partner Natalie Rasmussen, will start two
runners in the Group One event – Lazarus and Chase The Dream.
Both are unbeaten in two career starts and even the most
critical of pundits are struggling to find a horse capable of beating
The former has had his two starts at Alexandra Park and been
emphatic in both and received a glowing review from Purdon
during the week about his chances, especially from the one
barrier draw.
A Bettor’s Delight colt out of Bethany, Lazarus is a brother to
the talented filly, Champagne Dreams who races out of the Mark
Jones stable.
Chase The Dreams, unlike his stable mate was a late arrival
into the North Island.
He kicked his career off with a stunning victory in the timehonoured Ashburton Flying Stakes back in early February and
then backed that performance up with a win last week in his first
look at the track.
Purdon, Rasmussen and even Tim Williams, who drove him at
Ashburton all agreed that he is a perfectly natural two-year-old
with tremendous high speed - so much so that he will be potent
from wherever he settles in this week’s $100,000 feature.
Purdon will do the driving of Lazarus while Rasmussen sticks
with Chase The Dream and will be looking to end Mark’s grand
run in the sulky in this particular race.
He knows he is up against two quality
fillies from New Zealand’s leading stable, but
Simon Lawson isn’t letting that stop him from
believing he can get a slice of the Delightful
Lady Classic at Alexandra Park this week.
The talented young horseman will jump
aboard the Ray Green trained, Killer Queen in
the Group Two $80,000 event is hoping that
the right cards can fall his way early from his
one on the second line barrier draw.
“It’s not an ideal draw, but hopefully it
might work out for us,’’ Lawson said.
“If David Butcher can lead out early from
one and then maybe hand to one of the
favourites and we end up three back then
that’s a good result.
“Inexperience often kicks in at the 400
metres in these races so even if you’re four
back there is usually still a chance to get off the
fence and get into the race.’’
Killer Queen is raced by Lincoln Farms
Ltd in conjunction with Denis James, Michael
Brereton, Kevin Bell, Steve Beckett, Ian
Middleton and Addington Raceway’s Brian
James, Brereton, Middleton and Rabbitt
were all in the ownership with Lincoln Farms of
last season’s Harness Jewels winner, Beaudiene
Lawson said the daughter of Rock N Roll
Heaven and 13 win race mare, Party Girl Becqui
had impressed him in her three race days runs
and he was of the opinion she was getting
better with race.
“I really like her and think in time she’s
going to mature into a pretty nice filly.
“There’s a bit of speed there which is always
“She’s only a little wee thing but she gives
her all.
“I just hope things work out for us this week
– she’s definitely at least a solid place chance.’’
Lawson, who is a regular figure in the
winners’ circle at Alexandra Park these days
rated another Green trained runner, Strike The
Gold as his best winning chance of the night in
race four.
“He’s drawn one and I think that’s perfect
for him, he’s definitely my best drive.’’
To look at, Lickle Lickle does not resemble a candidate who will
be lining up in her first Group event at Alexandra Park on Friday.
But her Cambridge trainer, David Kaa warns people not to be
deceived by Lickle Lickle’s small stature when she lines up at ‘The
Park’ for the second time – in the Group Two $80,000 Gotta Go
Cullen Young Guns Delightful Lady Classic.
“I didn’t think much of her early on either but don’t be fooled by
her 14.3 hands. What she lacks in size she more than makes up for
it in attitude.
“She is the hardest working little filly I have come across. She
just puts her head down and goes for it. She never reneges when it
comes to training. That’s what I love about her the most,” Kaa said.
Lickle Lickle will start from gate five in Friday’s 11-strong 1700m
mobile. She is paying $31 to win compared to the favourites, who
are Dream About Me ($2), Arden’s Choice ($3), Gamma Lady ($7.50),
and Nek Time ($8.50).
“We took her away to Palmerston North and she did all that
we asked of her down there. She is better for that experience and
will also be wiser for her run at “the Park’ in January,” her Waikato
conditioner said.
Lickle Lickle and David Butcher won by three lengths when
favourite at Manawatu on February 19. She returned a winning mile
rate of 2:02.7. The filly also won Workouts at Cambridge before and
after that victory on February 14 and 28.
“I was impressed with the way she came through her Manawatu
run. A lot of horses can come back from there all shrivelled up and
worse for wear, but she blossomed.
‘She might be a wee thing but she isn’t scared to rough it up a
bit. She’s got a lot of bottom to her, and has basically got better and
better since the day she qualified.
“She’s a definite each-way chance on Friday despite her outside
odds,” Kaa said.
Lickle Lickle’s first visit to Alexandra Park on January 23 saw the
bay draw the awkward eight marble and finish a five-length sixth
behind Gamma Lady. Scott Phelan did the driving that night. He
retains the drive on Friday.
She was a tad slow from the outside of the front row and was
then three-wide and parked at the bell before the tough run took
its toll.
“She’s on the improve and can give them a fright on Friday. She’s
not the prettiest girl in town but I really like her a lot and am sure
she will win more races.
“When it comes to attitude she has the best. When other horses
are looking for the gate or Mum at training time she sticks her head
down and goes for it. I’m hoping she does the same on Friday,” said
Todd Mitchell is taking a less is better approach when it
comes to training his star trotter, Prime Power.
And the Waikato horseman is hoping that the new
philosophy will mean we get to see more of the Prime
Power who we know is capable of footing it with the best
Australasia has to offer.
It also means that following his dominant victory last
weekend at Alexandra Park that the four-time New Zealand
Trotting Cup winning driver hasn’t had to do a lot with his
stable star.
“I’ve eased right back on him in training, he’s not taking
a lot in between runs to keep up to the mark,’’ Mitchell said.
“He will have a quiet stroll around on the beach on
Wednesday and that will be about it.
“It seems to make him handle racing a lot better that
But as good as Prime Power was last week in overcoming
a big handicap to win fresh up, Mitchell knows he is going
to have to get a whole lot better in the next month with
the plan he has laid out for the form Harness Jewels winner.
It kicks off in this week’s Group Three Greenlane Cup at
Alexandra Park.
“It’s a step up on last week and he will have to be better.
“But I’ve been really happy with the way he bounced
back after last week’s run.
“He was pretty screwed down for that, but if anything
seems a little bit better for the run.’’
Off a 30 metre back mark that includes noted Group
race performers; Dr Hook, Uncas and Kincaslough, Prime
Power customary stand start manners will be key to
ensuring Mitchell gets the chance to get in front of his key
“He flies the tape when he wants to and being able to
get in front of some of the other horses is going to be a
pretty big help to the cause.’’
Safely through this week, Mitchell’s immediate
attention will turn to Addington where he has designs on a
two-race hit and run mission.
The first is the four and five-year-old Trotting
Championships and then onto the New Zealand Trotting
Championships the following week.
“I’m looking forward to getting him down there again,
they look like two races which he will be really suited to.
“It’s not going to be easy with King Denny waiting for us
all down there, but it will be a good challenge.’’
Mitchell is shooting for his second victory in Auckland
Cup night’s feature trotting race having won the race with
On My Way in 2008.
Al Bundy’s next few starts will tell his Waikato trainers
Graeme Rogerson and Peter Blanchard exactly where the
five-year-old sits amongst the open class trotters.
That’s the opinion of Al Bundy’s driver, David Butcher.
He said the Great Success – Kelly Bundy gelding had
whipped through the grades so fast it was hard to get a
guide on him when it came to competing against some
of the best.
“He was a late starter and is still learning. There is
numerous amount of improvement in him yet because
he’s only had 10 starts and has won four of them.
“He was a nice third behind Prime Power and Bonechip
in a C3 to Open Class race here last week. That run showed
me he will go alright against the guns, especially when he
gets more racing experience behind him,” Butcher said.
“It was quite a gutsy performance really,” he added.
Al Bundy has drawn the front on Friday but still
has the unruly tab beside his name in the Group Three
$30,000 Greenlane Cup at Alexandra Park on Friday.
“He’s been stepping nice lately and has a very
consistent form-line. Once he’s up and trotting he has a
very nice, fluent gait. You can’t fault what he has done so
far,” Butcher said.
Al Bundy will have another 30m head-start on
favourite Prime Power again on Friday. Last week Al
Bundy started well and was checked around the home
turn the first time when the pace-maker galloped.
He was then left parked for a lap before taking over
the pace-making role at the bell.
“It was a very good performance considering he lost a
lot of ground around the second corner. He re-balanced
well and then trotted well throughout,” said Butcher who
never touched the bay all the way down the straight.
Al Bundy’s biggest win of his short career to date
came two starts back when he dealt to a C3 to Open Class
field at Alexandra Park on February 13.
That night he led around the first turn and never
looked like getting beaten thereafter. He dictated all the
pace to win easily by almost two lengths, trotting the
2700m stand in 3:32.2 (mile rate 2:06.5).
He sprinted his final 800m and 400m sectionals in
57.9 and 28.5.
Four trotters have been quoted in single figure odds
for Friday’s Greenlane Cup.
They are Prime Power ($3), Al Bundy ($4.60), Mum’s
Pride ($5), and Kincaslough ($5.50).
Chuck the word Premier next to a race meeting and the blue colours with the
silver stars seem to crawl out of the cracks in the pavement. Tomorrow night’s
Auckland Cup meeting will be no different with New Zealand’s leading stable
of Mark Purdon and Natalie Rasmussen lining up an imposing 12-strong team
of horses – spread over just four races. MATT MARKHAM caught up with Mark
Purdon mid-week to discuss each and every one of them.
RACE 3: Lazarus & Chase The Dream
Lazarus is a very typical Bettor’s Delight in the fact that he seems to get better every
time he goes to the races. His draw makes him very hard to beat based on what he
has done so far in his career. Chase The Dream is a more natural two-year-old he has
very impressive high speed and I thought his win here last week was very good. Both
horses have trained well this week, I can’t split them but from his draw Lazarus would
be the logical option.
RACE 4: Arden’s Choice & Dream About Me
Like the two boys, I’m finding it quite hard to choose one of these fillies over the
other. Natalie wasn’t completely happy with Arden’s Choice’s manners last week
but she seems to be a bit better in work this week so hopefully she will put her best
foot forward. Her run was good last week considering she did a bit of work but kept
fighting. She’s got a wee way to go, but she will mature into a nice filly, Dream About
Me is just a wee professional. She’s handled everything we have thrown at her. They are
both nice fillies and either of them could win.
RACE 6: Have Faith In Me, Kept Under Wraps, Itz Bettor To Win,
Follow The Stars & Change Stride
I would have rather Have Faith In Me not drawn barrier one, but he should be ok from
there – it’s not a big drama. Hopefully he can at least hold the trail from there. His last
run against the older horses was very good. It’s not easy to take them on. Kept Under
Wraps has very good gate speed and is a chance to get across them early, I can’t fault
his work this week and he’s getting better and better with racing. Itz Bettor To Win
has been a real pleasure to train. He’s just kept on improving and slipping under the
guard. He’s doing a great job but might need some luck from his wide barrier draw.
Follow The Stars has trained on very well since last week. He feels a lot more like his
old self and that is a pretty good sign. We have a few choices from out wide, we don’t
have to go forward which is a bonus he can ease out of the gate and then look to get
around them at some point. On what he has shown me this week he will be hard to
beat. Change Stride is just another wee professional horse who gives his all for us, his
draw might help his chances as he will be out of the early rush and can hopefully slot
into a nice spot.
RACE 8: Smolda, Border Control & Adore Me
Natalie said he was fighting the pole quite badly last week. I’ve kept it on him in work
since and he seems fine so it will stay on. I’m prepared to just forget about last week
– his run the week before was very good. I was pleased with his work this morning.
Hopefully the right version turns up. Border Control is just a great wee horse. This is his
toughest test but his latest runs have been very good and he does possess some high
speed when he needs to at the end of his races so a good tempo might suit. Adore
Me arrived back in New Zealand early on Tuesday morning, I had some bloods taken
off her this morning, but she seems fantastic. It’s not just a case of showing up and
winning like some people might think. A few scratchings mean there are less horses
to get around, but it’s still not going to be easy as there are some very nice horses in
this race.
Harness Jewels Hospitality Packages
Sat 30 May 2015, Ashburton Raceway
Stella Artois
Parade Ring
$220 per person or
$2,000 table of ten
$100 per person
$80 per person (limited)
Guarantee yourself
a table in this fun
Davidson Stand &
Luncheon Package
The Premium
Course Entry
Gourmet Buffet
Reserved Seating
Big Screen
Adjacent to Birdcage
Complimentary Bar
Prize Draws
Tote Facilities
Prime Viewing
Course Entry
Reserved Seating
Cash Bar
Big Screen
Buffet Meal
Tote Facilities
Parade Ring Viewing
The New Zealand Championship of harness racing
$1.2million in Stakes, 120 horses, 9 races.
NZ’s richest race day
Course Entry
Buffet Lunch
Glass of Lindauer
Members Stand Ticket
Ashburton Trotting Club
P O Box 54 - ASHBURTON 7740
p | 03 308 6794 f | 03 308 4558
e | [email protected]
The 2015 World Driving Champion, Dexter Dunn, will be
the main attraction at Forbury Park tonight.
Dunn arrived back in New Zealand on Monday.
He landed the title in Australia by a 54 point margin
when he won the final race at Menangle on Sunday.
He amassed 200 points, the highest tally in a world
driving championship which has been staged since 1970.
He won five of the 20 heats and finished second or third
in nine competing against nine other reinsmen.
He joined Kevin Holmes, Robert Cameron, Maurice
McKendry, Tony Herlihy and Mark Jones others to win the
title for NZ. Dunn is 25, a year older than Jones when the
latter won the title in 2003 in Canada, the youngest to
achieve the feat.
Holmes won the title in 1978 in the United States and
Canada; Cameron in 1983 in Macau; Herlihy in 1985 in New
Zealand and Australia and McKendry in 1991 in Australia
and NZ.
Dunn has a full book of drives tonight night, including
Mike McKaid, whom he drove to a last start win at Oamaru.
His other drives are Blink, Altar Ego, Springfield Eyre,
Play Action, Aveross Rustler, Thinking Smart, Secret's Out
and Goodboy Tiger.
To mark Dunn's victory, the leading reinsman will wear
his distinctive New Zealand colours of black with a silver
fern in all of his drives at the meeting.
Dunn is a regular at Forbury Park, where he has won
19 races this season, contributing to his tally of 125 in
NZ. The premiership leader by 57
wins, he drove Eilish Monarch,
Bettakatethenneva and Irish Kath to
win on his last visit to the Dunedin
track on January 29.
Race 1
9 One Yankee Hall 11 Blink 8 Denn Nee Nose Best 5 Arran Chief
Smokin Bird, in race six, looks the
Race 2
10 Northview Major 1 Special Delight 7 Fastroundtown 5 Alexy
best bet of the night.
Trained on the track by Kevin
Race 3
1 Pretend 11 Houdini 4 Russet Norkotah 9 Bettordean
Court, Smokin Bird has won three of
Race 4
1 Glenferrie Sunbird 3 Moment Of Love 8 Starlight Starbright 12 Beyond A Joke
her eight starts and minor placed in
three others.
Race 5
9 Idolise 6 Play Action 1 Born To Delight 5 Washingtons Chance
She won first up at Forbury Park
as a two-year-old in June and was
Race 6
2 Smokin Bird 10 Moondyne Joe 5 Smart Caesar 4 Spirit Of Chronos
successful there again in October.
Race 7
4 Thinking Smart 5 Falcon Asset 8 Veneto 2 Extreme Jay
She ran third in a heat of the
Sires' Stakes for three-year-old fillies
Race 8
7 Major Stride 11 Secret’s Out 10 Woodlea DJ 5 Four Starzzz Shiraz
at Methven at her most recent start
Race 9
5 Mokosun 2 Belles Son 6 Glendaloch 8 Moa Bones
when beaten by Rocker Band and
Katy Perry.
Race 10 5 Mike McKaid 9 Jerry Fitz 6 Franco Caliph 10 Sonova Gun
Rangiora horseman, Andrew Stuart, is enjoying a solid
run of form currently and he will be hoping that it continues
when he treks he way over the Southern Alps for Friday’s
Westport meeting.
With just two runners engaged on the day, the pressure
levels won’t be too high, but both horses look more than
capable of winning their respective races.
Off the back of a slow start to the season, Stuart has hit
his straps since Christmas time training eight winners.
That’s already five more than his last season tally and
leaves him an outside chance to get close to her personal
best season figures of 19 winners.
That might appear a big task but when you consider
Stuart’s team consists currently of horses like Pay Me Visa,
Stagger Lee, Woosh Factor, Astronomer, Sailing On and
Choosy Tart then anything is possible.
The latter is one of the brace of horses Stuart has
engaged at Westport.
A free-going daughter of Major In Art, Choosy Tart might
not have the greatest deal of speed in the world, but she will
keep coming.
Second at Waikouaiti and then again at Hororata a
fortnight ago, she looks close to her first win especially with
the aid of a good barrier draw of two.
Sam Ottley, who has driven the mare in her race day
starts to date and has a good record on the Coast, will do the
steering duties.
An inform, Burn Off, will probably provide the most
resistance to a Choosy Tart victory in the maiden mobile
event although Zena Mac was a comprehensive winner at
last weekend’s Mt Hutt Trotting Club trials in Methven when
driven in front and similar tactics might could be adapted
from a wide draw.
Another to perform on the grass track at Methven last
week was Stuart’s second runner, Gee Jay Easter.
The four-year-old Elsu gelding was a crushing victor of
his heat in the hands of Ottley clearing out for a big win in
a fashion which screamed of a horse who would win a race
very quickly.
The son of Highway To Hell, who Stuart trained to two
victories, faces up against a big field in his race debut, and
comes up against a couple of tidy ones in Ken Barron’s Always
There and also Crystal Bromac who has two fourths from two
starts next to her name.
Friday’s feature, The Kawatiri Cup is a wide open affair
with back marker The Friendlyassassin clearly the horse to
beat based on his Hororata performance to finish fourth after
galloping early.
Other chances in the race though are Geisha Girl, Eastwood
Chieftain, Johnny Eyre and Ideal Arden.
As previously advised we are producing Photo ID licences
for next season and require your photo to be sent in now.
Four options to submit your ‘portrait headshot photo’
1. Login to My HRNZ on the HRNZ website, click on “Edit profile” and follow instructions to upload
your photo.
2. Email a photo to [email protected] and we will upload it for you.
3. Post your photo to Harness Racing NZ, PO Box 459, Christchurch 8140
4. Go to a pharmacy and have a passport photo taken and ask them to email to the above address.
Please un-tick the box on the website or advise us when you send your photo in
if you don’t want your photo to be used for any ‘promotional purposes’.
If we don’t receive a photo, you will receive a licence with a blank box
where the photo should be displayed.
Nine winners from workouts held on the grass at Gore
last Sunday will line up at the Gore grass track meeting
this Sunday.
Park is a C1 and faster 2700 metre trot and on Sunday the
C1 to C3 2600 metre Keep It Clean Ltd/Fyfe Construction
Trot. Prior to her Invercargill second, Moa Bones ran eighth
on the grass at Waikouaiti in the race Bet’s Sun run most of
the opposition off their feet.
Three of them are trained in Central Otago by Geoff
and Jude Knight and among a contingent of seven the
pair has at the meeting. Bettordean will represent the
stable in the Total Body Fitness/The Sanctuary Pace. He
won the 2600 metre C0 stand at the workouts and has
drawn two over the same distance on Sunday.
Best Of The Bunch ran over 1800 metres from behind
the mobile at the workouts and has drawn two in the C1
Quality Covers Mobile Pace on Sunday over the same trip.
“He ran a 27.1 last quarter and came from last for
fourth at the workouts, it was a very pleasing run. He’d be
a place chance from the draw.”
Prior to that he’ll race over 2200 from behind the
mobile at Forbury Park where he has drawn the outside
of the front line. Beaten a nose and a neck on debut at
Wyndham at the beginning of February, Bettordean
disappointed at Waikouaiti.
The Knight’s other two Gore starters didn’t go to the
workouts having both won at Winton the previous day.
Classy mare Al Raza starts from 20 metres behind in the
McDowall Painting & Decorating Gore Grass Cup while
Santanna Magic contests the Robyn’s Treasure Mobile
“He qualified on the grass at Cromwell and went
well on Sunday,” Geoff Knight said, “he didn’t pace well
at Waikouaiti, just didn’t handle the footing. He’s drawn
badly at Forbury, good at Gore and will back up, he’s a big
“The racing is taking nothing out of Al Raza, she’s
thriving on it, if I didn’t race her I’d have had to give her a
strong work before next weekend. Santanna Magic won
on the grass at Cromwell her first start for us and she’s
racing real well.”
Falcon Asset won an 1800 metre mobile workout and
runs in the C0 mobile 2600 metre Knight Racing Stable
Pace. She’ll also race at Forbury Park beforehand, in a C0
2200 metre mobile. From the three draw at Forbury Park
two starts back the filly came up just half a head short but
then missed from the 12 gate at Waikouaiti.
Nathan Williamson was another trainer to win more
than his share at the workouts, getting success with pacers
Statham and Livy Franco and the trotter Splash Cola. Pacer
Flight Deck and trotters Sundon Invasion and Continental
Boy are the other workout winners engaged on Sunday.
“She went back at Waikouaiti and made ground but
was no hope when they sprinted,” Knight reported. “She’ll
be going forward off the gate and if she can get handy,
she’ll be in the thick on it.”
Onedin Onyx won a C1&2 2600 metre
stand at the workouts. He runs in the Van
Der Water Jewellers Mobile 1800 but has
drawn 12. At his last start, he won an 1800
metre mobile at Waikouaiti.
Race 1
10 Idle Eyre 9 Beyond A Joke 7 One Cool Chick 11 Mr Majestic
Race 2
6 Rosies Illusion 10 Black Rock Babe 11 Taranto 2 Bettordean
Race 3
6 De Vito 7 Tessa’s Rocket 3 Ruby’s Jewel 11 Cheeky Pat
Race 4
5 Popular 6 Vera’s Delight 9 In The Kitty 12 Northview Major
Two-win trotter Moa Bones, last
start second at an Invercargill Tuesday
meeting, gets two goes at redemption
after blowing it at the workouts.
Race 5
9 Splash Cola 6 Grey Power 7 Gee Up Neddy 11 Glendaloch
Race 6
1 Nova Time 11 Miss Mattjesty 6 Falcon Asset 2 Paula’s On Fire
Race 7
2 Statham 10 Smithy 8 Twitter Bromac 13 Viscountess
“She was going to win but when her
head was let go in the straight she broke.
She’ll also be backing up after Forbury.”
Race 8
7 Al Raza 1 Delightful Dash 6 Sell A Bit 3 Milligan
Race 9
5 B D Windermere 14 Smart Caesar 1 Aidan’s Rocket 6 Even Flo
Race 10
2 Applause 5 Sauchiehall 11 Flight Deck 8 Hot Chilli
“He’s a nice horse but has drawn the
second line and is up against some smart
ones off the front. Should be a good place
chance though.”
The mission of Moa Bones at Forbury
There is no doubt Stent has improved more than a metre in
the past 12 months, the question is whether Keystone Del has as
Keystone Del upset Stent by less than a metre – a head to be
precise – in last year’s Great Southern Star final.
The Aussie TAB betting market says Stent will exact revenge
on Saturday night at Melton’s Tabcorp Park.
Stent has been installed a $2 favourite in prepost betting on
the Great Southern Star final. Keystone Del is clear second pick at
$2.80. Next in line is Realmein at $10.
Sensibly, the two big guns are in different heats of the race,
which consists of two heats and the final on the same night.
Keystone Del is a $1.30 in the first heat where he looks like
strolling to the lead from gate three. Another Kiwi Sheemon is
$11 from the pole. The other chances are Brunelleschi (gate
seven, $7) and Flying Isa (eight, $7).
Stent is even shorter at $1.25 in the second heat despite
drawing wide in gate five.
Stent’s only possible dangers look to be Realmein (gate five,
$5) and the seemingly struggling local mare Spidergirl (gate two,
“I’d rather have drawn closer in, but at least we’re off the front
line,” Stent’s trainer-driver Colin De Filippi said.
“Everything has gone really well since he came over a month
or so back.”
De Filippi insists Stent is better than 12 months ago, but still
very wary of Keystone Del.
“There’s no doubt my horse is a wee bit better. The travel has
matured him. He’s a bit stronger,” he said.
“Keystone Del will be hard to beat though. I’ve got a huge
amount of respect for him. He had a fairly soft win the other
De Filippi also named Realmein and Flying Isa as other
genuine contenders for the final.
“Realmein has always had ability, but seems to be getter
better with every run, while Flying Isa has a terrific turn of speed,”
he said.
It was Stent’s below par run in the Dominion last November
which sparked a thorough inspection of the horse and
subsequent improvement.
“That was just too bad to be true. He had a great run and was
beaten at the quarter pole,” De Filippi said. “They did his bloods
and couldn’t find anything, then dug deeper and discovered he
was getting something like asthma.
“We’re on top of it now and it helps him back-up better in his
“I know people doubt whether he’s as good in the longer
races, but it doesn’t bother me at all now. I wouldn’t care if this
week’s races were over a mile or two miles.”
The heats of the Great Southern Star are races three and four
on Saturday night at 7pm and 7.30pm.
The final is race nine at midnight (NZ time).
The Kiwi flavour at the all-trotting 11-race Melton cards
extends way beyond the Great Southern Star.
Trainer Brent Lilley, fresh from winning the feature trot at
Menangle last Sunday with Kvintet Avenger, is the key trainer at
the meeting.
His major chances include former Kiwi stars: Our Twentyten
(race one); My Arya (race two) in the Group 1 Princess Of Speed
final and Daenerys Targaryen (race five) in the Breed For Speed
Silver final.
Kvintet Avenger is also on the back-up as a $21 shot in the
first heat of the Great Southern Star.
And, on the same card, some of the stars of the World Drivers’
Championship will be in action.
Winner Dexter Dunn drives outsider Cillas Earl in the Group 3
Trotters’ free-for-all against Chris Alford (on Regal Equation), Jody
Jamieson (Bellmac Kody) and Knud Monster (Irish Whisper).
16 STENT 2
R1 - My Kiwi Mate – Delightful Offer – Hasten Bromac Ctheballerina
date and very good each time. SNOOKI (5) bounced back
in weak field Tuesday but can’t be counted out here.
A very conservative drive in ridiculously slow early sectionals proved costly for hot favourite MY KIWI MATE (1)
here last week. Absolutely no chance of that happening
here and he looks a moral to lead and win, as he should.
DELIGHTFUL OFFER (5) drops from tough 3yo races and
should finish second, third at worst. HASTEN BROMAC (3)
goes like a horse with a number of wins in him. Would be a
surprise to see him beat the favourite but might test him.
Consider CTHEBALLERINA (2) as she should trail.
– 1,4,5,7
R2 - Yagunnakissmeornot – Barry – Charming Lavra Shpeedy
Good filly YAGUNNAKISSMEORNOT (1) beat a better field
than this last time, off the same draw from a stand. Another safe start and she should add another victory. BARRY (5)
drops all the way back to C1 grade and will not get a better
opportunity. Racing really well, it is just his lack of a turn of
speed that really costs him. CHARMING LAVRA (6) has been
sold since last racing and joins new stable. Has the World
Champion on board and no-one is driving better than him
right now. SHPEEDY (2) loomed up turn then peaked on
the run last week. Must be included. Consider 3 & 13.
R3 - Lazarus – Chase The Dream – Walkinshaw – Max
This looks game, set and match for LAZARUS (1) after getting this barrier draw. He’s been very sharp in winning both
his Young Guns appearances and return with plenty in his
favour to make it a perfect three. Stablemate CHASE THE
DREAM (5) was really good in track debut last Friday. Also
unbeaten and the obvious danger. WALKINSHAW (6) was
great again last time, a must to have in all bets again. The
others go well, but they should bow to the greater talents
of the top trio. MAX PHACTOR (4) is fourth pick.
SUGGESTED BET: LAZARUS Win / Boxed Quinella-Trifecta –
R4 - Strike The Gold – Aliante – Alta Leroy - Snooki
A great draw looks very beneficial to the handy 3yo STRIKE
THE GOLD (1) who comes out of some tough races and
into a race he can definitely win. They’ve rated better
than 1:57 in four of his last six starts, including 1:53.2 over
1950m and two slashing 2200m races in 1:55.2 and 1:55.3.
The stats stack up well in his favour. Against him are two
smart types in grand form. ALIANTE (4) got away with murder in front last week and had to win but she did jog it.
ALTA LEROY (7) has been superb, unbeaten in three runs to
R5 - Dream About Me – Arden’s Choice – Gamma Lady
– Nek Time
(8) were both superb last Friday, only a nose separating
them at the line and obviously little between them. Hard
to split, though the former does get the wins on the board.
GAMMA LADY (11) had to do work in that same race and
was gallant in defeat. She is the horse capable of turning
the tables on the All Stars pair. Closer in NEK TIME (3) and
LICKLE LICKLE (5) have the exposed form on the board so
they must rate. At upset odds at POPPY MAGUIRE (2).
R6 - Follow The Stars – Have Faith In Me – Kept Under
Wraps – Hughie Green
If there was a question mark hanging over pre-post favourite FOLLOW THE STARS (8) leading into last week’s prelude
then he quickly put any doubts to bed with a brilliant display. Gate eight won’t be an issue for him, in fact not at all.
He’s the best here and should show it again. Stablemate
HAVE FAITH IN ME (1) stacks up as the clear danger. Super
run in standing start event to prime him for this, flying
home after slow start. Gate one is a plus, or a negative, and
we’re 50/50 on him using the draw to advantage, so that’s
the query. Many good horses in the race, obviously, and do
include 2,3,6,9,13 as the ones to add in the multiples.
SUGGESTED BET: FOLLOW THE STARS Win / Trifecta – 1,8/1,8/
Field & 1,8/Field/1,8
R7 - Prime Power – Kincaslough – Mum’s Pride – Al Bundy
PRIME POWER (11) got the trip and pounced on them to
win easily last as you would expect from a horse of his
class. A tougher task here but he does sneak up 10m on
that handicap so he should handle what evolves in front of
him. The horse to beat. KINCASLOUGH (10) broke last week
and can simply not afford to do that here. She doesn’t
often gallop so she must be forgiven for that. Can win.
MUM’S PRIDE (2) meets by far his toughest test to date.
But everything he has done has been so impressive he just
might be the x-factor open class trotting is looking for. AL
BUNDY (3) and BONECHIP (5) are in grand form, add both,
and consider warrior DR HOOK (8) after winning last start.
SUGGESTED BET: Boxed Trifecta – 2,3,5,8,10,11
R8 - Christen Me – Adore Me – Sky Major – Ohoka Punter
Champion mare ADORE ME (13) returns from what can
only be described as a breath-taking 1:47.7 mile victory in
last Sunday’s Ladyship Mile at Menangle. That was absolutely special. Can she back up and win? Absolutely. But
she meets star pacer CHRISTEN ME (11) and he’d have run
that time last Sunday too so this is absolutely not a turnup-and-win scenario. The latter is a good bet. They hold all
the aces with LANCEWOOD LIZZIE (4), SKY MAJOR (5) and
OHOKA PUNTER (6) very clearly the next trio in line, all very
smart horses, just that level below the elite level of the former pair.
R9 - Fiery Mountain Girl – I’ve Got This – Eyre I Come –
Pyramid Monarch
FIERY MOUNTAIN GIRL (1) ran a record to win a very competitive race here last Friday night and looks capable of
winning another if she can step cleanly from barrier one.
Rates highly. Driver John Dunn jumps off that filly to drive
I’VE GOT THIS (12) and that’s a good pointer. His run last
week was outstanding after an early mistake. Big chance.
Give EYRE I COME (13) one last chance. He hasn’t kicked
into gear for some time and galloped twice last week but
we’ll forgive him one last time simply given he has a lot of
ability. SAN DIEGO LOVE (4) is so very genuine, always a
chance, as is PYRAMID MONARCH (6) who runs this track
well and can figure very prominently.
R10 - Better B Amazed – Start Dreaming – Lincolns
Megastar – Charleston Belle
BETTER B AMAZED (9) picks herself. She’s in such commanding form and not one of the opposition can match
her for that. Nothing wrong with her draw and she should
win, with only one danger to her. And that is START DREAMING (4). She was terrific in the Oaks last week, chasing star
filly The Orange Agent. The only horse that could threaten
the former and the logical quinella bet. Add CHARLESTON
in the multiple bets.
R11 - Wesley Silcox – Te Kawau – Beyond The Silence –
No Doctor Needed
WESLEY SILCOX (4) did get the good trip here last Friday
but he was very dominant to the wire and looks a major
winning chance again. Not likely to get the same trip with
quick beginners inside him, but in a small field he’ll be
there to challenge turning in. TE KAWAU (5) looked every
bit the winner turning for home last week but could not
hold out the sharp sprint from the former. Can turn the
tables and win, no doubt. BEYOND THE SILENCE (3) was
driven against his best pattern last week so back to basics
this week and things will improve. NO DOCTOR NEEDED
(7) was dreadful last Friday but he does that then turns it
around so don’t drop yet.
SUGGESTED BET: WESLEY SILCOX Win / Boxed Trifecta – 3,4,5,7
R1 - To Ri Declan – Maximus Prime – Itsa Leggy Lass –
Souix West
TO RI DECLAN (3) qualified well for trainer Simon Adlam
and looks set to go very close on debut. He comes from a
family that has won on grass tracks in the past. Good bet.
MAXIMUS PRIME (11) appreciates the grass surface and is
racing rather well at present. An ounce of luck needed off
this draw but he should be right in the finish. ITSA LEGGY
LASS (5) deserves winning reward. Very consistent lately
and she should quit maidens this weekend. SIOUX WEST
(2) and NATASHA FRANCO (6) have recent placed form and
should be included, VALMARA (10) is the blowout chance.
R2 - Insignificant – Renegade Fighter – Henley Park –
Gael Ludlow
INSIGNIFICANT (13) stands out as the logical winner. She
has the motor to take care of these and if mistake-free she
really should win it. Brent Borcoskie has three runners and
all with some show. His drive KING KONE (7) peaked late in
tougher field last start and he can be in the finish, HANELEY PARK (8) usually trots all the way and is a good beginner, and RENEGADE FIGHTER (12) won here Dec 28 and
on a wet track so any rain a plus for him. They all have an
eachway chance. Add THE ZIGMEISTER (1), GAEL LUDLOW
(4), and ELSU ATTACK (9).
SUGGESTED BET: INSIGNIFICANT Win / Boxed Quinella-Trifecta – 1,4,7,8,12,13
R3 - Crystal Bromac – Tilly Bromac – Always There – Tom
Two strong efforts here at Christmas time, and a recent
workout win have CRYSTAL BROMAC (13) looking the logical favourite to take this. She raced really well so the track is
of no concern. Hard to stop despite the tricky marble. TILLY
BROMAC (6) hasn’t quite raced up to expectations but is
good enough to win this, so do include. ALWAYS THERE (7)
arrives to debut for trainer-driver Ken Barron off the back
of a bold workout. Rates highly. Longtime maiden servant
TOM BOLA (1) is in-form gets his chance, as do 2,3,9, all to
be considered. SUGGESTED BET: TILLY BROMAC Eachway
R4 - Carrickmannon – Taittinger Rose – The Smoocha –
No Excuse Maravu
CARRICKMANNON (6) was an impressive early winner last
campaign and did place on the grass. Back fresh up but
Gerard O’Reilly will have her ready. Tidy eachway bet. TAITTINGER ROSE (5) is a lovely consistent wee mare. Rarely
goes a bad race and although her track and grass form is
poor she must turn that around this weekend. THE SMOO-
CHA (13) showed smart form here at Xmas and runs the
grass tracks very well. Draw the only concern otherwise
all roads point to her. NO EXCUSE MARAVU (14) has a bad
draw but a motor so don’t run without. Both NOTHINGTOLAUGHABOUT (8) and MARQUIS EYRE (9) showed form
here at Xmas time and must be added. Consider AS KIWI
AS (2).
SUGGESTED BET: Boxed Trifecta – 2,5,6,8,9,13,14
R5 - Motu Make A Splash – Break Dance – Millwood
Lanoch – All Nuts N Bolts
Grass track trial form to the fore with debut pacer MOTU
MAKE A SPLASH (5) set to win after a slick Methven win.
Trainer and driver combo is strong on this course and this
one looks a big chance of success. Another trial winner and
also looking well-placed is MILLWOOD LANOCH (8). This
filly comes from a very strong family, including star Aussie, Lanercost. Should go boldly there is grass track form
in the breed. BREAK DANCE (12) has promised a lot more
than she has given in five raceday starts. Methven trial win
a pointer of better things to come, don’t treat lightly. Add
SUGGESTED BET: BREAK DANCE Eachway (value) / Boxed Trifecta – 4,5,7,8,10,12
R6 - Burn Off – Zena Mac – Rummage – Choosy Tart
BURN OFF (6) deserves a win and it could well come here.
Lacks for little in form and has been very consistent so in
a moderate field you must like his chances. ZENA MAC (8)
has also been very consistent. She has been freshened
since last racing and was to the fore at Methven last weekend. Can definitely win. CHOOSY TART (2) picks herself
with strong second-placings the last two starts. Winning
well deserved for her too. RUMMAGE (5) is far from an outside hope. Raced well to begin his career and though having missed out the last couple of starts he has the ability to
be in this. Consider 7 & 10.
R7 - Eastwood Chieftan – The Friendlyassassin – Justalittlebettor – Speedy Jack
EASTWOOD CHIEFTAN (5) has hit top form and simply
coasted to victory at Methven last time out. Anything similar to that and he really should win again. THE FRIENDLYASSASSIN (13) is going huge races, but making up big ground
after poor starts. Being alone on the 20m line may well
help his cause. Can win. JUSTALITTLEBETTOR (9) is back
in strong form and that includes a grass track win. In this
mood she must be added. A few to consider in multiples,
with GEISHA GIRL (3), who flew around here at Xmas, ZAKSPATROL (4), SPEEDY JACK (10) and THAT’S HUNTING PINK
(12) all a hope.
R8 - Sounds Swift – Franco Hammond – Bobby T – Until
Further Notice
SOUNDS SWIFT (6) looks a very tidy chance. She runs the
grass tracks so well, probably a real tip here dropping back
from C2 to C1 grade. One of the better eachway bets on
the days card. FRANCO HAMMOND (9) has a solid formline
but a poor draw. Can overcome that over 2600m so winning chances remain sound. BOBBY T (11) showed form
on the circuit here at Xmas time and returns with Methven
trial win so he’s ready, no doubt. Add BISHOP BRIAN (1),
NOTICE (13).
R9 - Graduate Under Fire – Bandana – Shadow Rider Whyamibettor
GRADUATE UNDER FIRE (9) couldn’t keep up with Tiger
Tara and co last Sunday but he gets all favours dropping
way back to this class. The 30m means nothing to this
good beginner. He should win his grass track and course
stats are outstanding. BANDANA (7) is an interesting runner making southern debut for the Hope stable after doing
all his racing for Sean McCaffrey in the north. A win and
a placing on grass tracks suggests he’s competitive here.
SHADOW RIDER (4) is a grass specialist with an eachway
chance, and WHYAMIBETTOR (6) was good here at Xmas
even though the form doesn’t suggest it. She did go on to
win at Reefton.
– 4,6,7,9
R10 - Thanksforplaying – Young Stranger – Clean Break
– Blue Don
A good trot to end the card. There is a couple of handy trotters who may be suited to the track, neither easy to follow
but both capable. THANKSFORPLAYING (7) is a real enigma.
He is a dangerous front-runner if he is mistake-free early.
Leading around here could be a major advantage to him.
Worth a look. YOUNG STRANGER (10) is another capable
on grass tracks but he is yet to start on this track. Could be
very hard to contain if the real one turns up. Track specialist
SARAH PALIN (9) always commands respect around here,
rarely goes a bad one. WILLIE SHINE (11) can win, but can
gallop, risky. CHERRY LINDENNY (12) a bit similar, perhaps
a tad more honest in the manners department. Going okay
at the moment are CLEAN BREAK (3) and BLUE DON (4).
Open event.
SUGGESTED BET: Boxed Trifecta – 3,4,7,9,10,11,12
EARLY QUADDIE – Races 2 to 5
LATE QUADDIE – Races 8 – 11
Leg One: Tricky wee trotting leg to kick things off. Plenty
of chances here, especially when you factor in that manners
may desert more than one of the more favoured runners. 1
Yagunnakissmeornot immediately stands out though. She's
been very good in her career so far and will go further than
anything else in this field. Her big danger is 5 Barry who is racing
in great heart. Others chances include 3 Sunnys Little Whiz and 6
Charming Lavra. You might need all four.
Leg One: Off the back of her world record breaking victory
last week, 13 Adore Me is all the rage – and rightly so. But she
is by no means passed the post. 11 Christen Me will give her
plenty to think about. He has freshness in his legs having not
raced for a couple of weeks and an in-form Dexter Dunn is
almost impossible to beat. 6 Ohoka Punter is the smokey in the
field, he will give his supporters plenty to cheer about for sure.
Leg Two: A little easier here. Although it's hard to split the
Purdon/Rasmussen pairing of 1 Lazarus and 5 Chase The Dream.
Both are unbeaten in two career starts and look to have bright
futures in front of them. The latter is a chance to work across and
try and find the front which could prove vital. Too hard to split
them though, so having both on the ticket looks to be the best
Leg Three: 7 Alta Leroy could not have been any more
impressive in his three career wins to date. And is a horse who
has a massive career in front of him. Looks on song to make it four
wins from as many starts, but he will have to go up to another
level. 4 Aliante was so good last week when winning that she
looks very hard to beat again this week. Will be given every
chance to do so too. 1 Strike The Gold might be able to find the
front and be hard to run down at a good price.
Leg Four: Once again we are faced with a Purdon/Rasmussen
pairing who look nigh on impossible to roll. 8 Dream About Me
has the two wins from two starts next to her name, but it might be
her stablemate, 7 Arden's Choice who could be the one to beat.
She's finished second to Dream About Me in both her races, but
last week was very good after doing a bit of work. Once again,
tick both boxes.
Suggested Quaddie:
Leg Two: Probably the toughest race of the night to sort
out. Back markers 12 I've Got This and 13 Eyre I Come have
all the ability in the world but can sometimes be let down by
their manners. Full proof performances and they are right in
the fight. The former was very good last week. Others worth
considering are 1 Fiery Mountain Girl, 6 Pyramid Monarch and
also 4 San Diego Love who is probably the most reliable of the
leading chances.
Leg Three: Off the back of her fast-finishing second in last
week's Oaks 5 Start Dreaming will be tough to beat here. She's
got a fantastic turn of foot when saved for one run. 9 Better B
Amazed in is ridiculously good form and has a few options off
the back of the second line. A spread might be needed here
too so 5 Look And Listen and 7 Lincolns Megastar are definite
Leg Four: A small but select field to close Auckland Cup
night with a few winning chances again. All of these horses
faced off against each other last week. 4 Wesley Silcox was the
victor then and can repeat the dose. Stable mate 7 No Doctor
Needed has a strong chance too while 5 Te Kawau is always a
chance and 6 Johny Rock will also be right in the fight.
Suggested Quaddie
Leg 1: 1-3-5
L1: 11-13
Leg 2: 1-5
L2: 1-4-12-13
Leg 3: 1-4-7
L3: 5-7-9
Leg 4: 7-8
L4: 4-5-6-7
$18 spend for a 50% of the dividend
$24 spend for 25% of the dividend
Fixed Odds betting on Auckland Cup week has been slow, but steady this week with most of the attention coming
for horses trained by Mark Purdon and Natalie Rasmussen. As of Thursday morning there had been no significant bets
in the Auckland Cup market, but bookmaker Stephen Richardson did confirm that 90 per cent of all multi bets were
running through the hot favourite Adore Me. Her two-year-old stable mate, Chase The Dream had attracted the largest
bet with one punter placing $2,500 on him a $2.50 to win the Cardigan Bay Stakes, while $2,000 had been placed on
Dream About Me at $2.00 in the Delightful Lady. Northern Derby favourite, Follow The Stars had attracted a $1,500 at
$1.50. In the feature trotting race of the night one punter chucked $1,500 on Mum’s Pride to continue his great run of
form at a $6.50 dividend.
Run at Oamaru Racecourse | Sunday, March 1, 2015
QUALIFYING PACE..2400m.3.16.0.
Lightning Mary.........................................1
2 started. Margins: distance. 3-20.1. Last 800m 63.2
QUALIFYING TROT..2500m.3.32.2.
Playboy’s Brother....................................1
Sheza Trendy Monarch...........................2
Innocent Fun...........................................3
4 started. Margins: 6 lengths, distance, distance. 3-35.4. Last 800m 68.4
PACE. (C0).2000m.
SHARE THE JOY (J J Murdoch).............1
Lucy Holmes............................................3
5 started. Margins: 2 lengths, 1/2 length. 2-42.0. Last 800m 60.6
MOBILE PACE. (C0).2000m.
MILLWOOD CHARITY (M J Prendergast).1
Eilean Shona...........................................2
4 started. Margins: nose, 3 lengths. 2-34.0. Last 800m 61.4
MOTU SPEEDY STAR (E J Latimer)......1
Elusive Flight...........................................2
4 started. Margins: 1 length, head, head. 2-37.0. Last 800m 59.1
TROT. (C0 & FASTER).2600m.
Illustrious Queen.....................................2
5 started. Margins: 1/2 length, 6 lengths. 3-30.9. Last 800m 60.6
Run at Mt Harding Racecourse | Saturday, February 28, 2015
QUALIFYING PACE.2400m.3.21.0.
Gotta Light Up.........................................1
Tutoko Kid...............................................2
Chal Shocked..........................................3
6 started. Margins: 1/2 head, head. 3-23.0. Last 800m 60.5
QUALIFYING TROT.2400m.3.28.0.
SUNSPOT (G D O’Reilly)........................1
MISSIE CASTLETON (R T May).............2
THE ZIGMEISTER (P J Davis)................3
6 started. 3 qualified. Margins: 1 1/2 lengths, 1 1/2 lengths. 3-19.2.
Last 800m 61.7
SWAP (J C Fanning)...............................2
SHELLY ANN (K M Cox).........................3
THE PROFESSOR (G D O’Reilly)...........4
5 started. 4 qualified. Margins: 3 lengths, 1 length, 3 lengths. 3-07.3.
Last 800m 60.2
2YO MOBILE PACE.One mile.2.09.8.
MOSSDALE SUE (R T May)...................1
(F, Bettor’s Delight-Mossdale Kara)
Ideal Faith................................................2
(G, American Ideal-Running On Faith)
Lilac Reign...............................................3
(F, Bettor’s Delight-Lilac Splash)
3 started. Margins: 4 lengths, 1/2 length. 2-10.0. Last 800m 62.5
MOBILE PACE (C0).2300m.
TUUTA (A D Hastie).................................1
Real South...............................................3
6 started. Margins: neck, 4 1/2 lengths. 3-07.0. Last 800m 58.0
MOBILE PACE (C0).2300m.
BREAK DANCE (R T May)......................1
Nova Time...............................................2
Man Of Change.......................................3
5 started. Margins: head, 1/2 neck. 3-05.2. Last 800m 59.0
MOBILE PACE (C1 TO C2).2300m.
SMITHY (Craig D Thornley)....................1
Twitter Bromac........................................2
10 started. Margins: 3/4 length, neck, head. 3-02.3. Last 800m 60.3
PACE (C0).2400m.
ZENA MAC (R D Close)..........................1
8 started. Margins: 1 1/4 lengths, 3/4 length. 3-19.9. Last 800m 60.7
TROT (C0).2400m.
PURE EMOTION (R N Burton)................1
Boyz Let Loose........................................2
Pat’s Success..........................................3
6 started. Margins: 3 lengths, 1 1/2 lengths. 3-25.4. Last 800m 63.2
PACE (C0).2400m.
GEE JAY EASTER (S J Ottley)...............1
To Ri Declan............................................2
Caesar’s Jade.........................................3
6 started. Margins: 11 lengths, 3 lengths. 3-15.0. Last 800m 59.4
TROT (C0).2400m.
NO FEARS (P G O’Reilly).......................1
Ruthless Success....................................2
Trouble Me..............................................3
6 started. Margins: 1 1/2 lengths, 2 lengths. 3-34.2. Last 800m 61.9
PACE (C1).2400m.
BOBBY T (S F Golding)...........................1
Outta Sight..............................................2
Lacroix Franco.........................................3
8 started. Margins: 2 lengths, 2 lengths. 3-16.3. Last 800m 60.3
REKLAW SUPREME (fr) (R D Close).....1
Johnny Eyre (fr).......................................2
Geisha Girl (fr).........................................3
8 started. No margins available.. 3-17.6. Last 800m 58.1
EVANDER D GO (fr) (R N Burton)..........1
Sarah Palin (10)......................................2
Sueno (fr)................................................3
6 started. Margins: 4 lengths, 4 1/2 lengths. 3-23.2. Last 800m 61.5
Run at Richmond Park | Sunday, March 1, 2015
PACE. (C0).2400m.
ROSETTA STONE (M A Pash)................1
Dana Dawn..............................................2
The Prince...............................................3
4 started. No margins available.. 3-04.0. Last 800m 60.6
MOBILE PACE. (C0).2400m.
CHEROKEE RED (J W McKenzie).........1
Colonel Custard.......................................2
2 started. Margins: neck. 3-08.1. Last 800m 58.6
MOBILE PACE. (C1).2400m.
BISHOP BRIAN (B E Johnson)...............1
She’s Extreme.........................................2
Tough Enough.........................................3
3 started. Margins: 3/4 length, 2 lengths. 3-04.4. Last 800m 57.5
Run at Ashburton Raceway | Tuesday, March 3, 2015
QUALIFYING PACE.2400m.3.13.0.
BRAXTON (J B Geddes).........................1
CHAPTER ONE (S R McNally)...............2
TUTOKO KID (C J Markham)..................3
GOOD GONE BAD (L D McCormick)......4
STONEBRIDGE LAD (M G Heenan).......5
GOTTA LIGHT UP (M P Edmonds).........6
7 started. 6 qualified. Margins: nose, 5 lengths, 5 lengths. 3-09.5.
Last 800m 59.7
QUALIFYING TROT.2400m.3.20.0.
I ASKED NICELY (G D O’Reilly)..............1
WOT UP (J R Dunn)................................2
Playboy’s Brother....................................3
4 started. 2 qualified. Margins: 12 1/2 lengths, 13 1/2 lengths, 35 1/2
lengths. 3-14.5. Last 800m 61.7
FRANCO CRISTIANO (J R Dunn)..........1
BONTZ (J B Geddes)..............................2
SHE’S A FLYIN (T S Chmiel)...................3
4 started. 3 qualified. Margins: 1 1/2 lengths, 10 lengths, 15 lengths.
3-05.6. Last 800m 61.1
(C, Bettor’s Delight-Laurel Franco)
THREE WAYS (M P Kerr)........................2
(C, Mach Three-Grace Way)
Freedom Fighter......................................3
(G, Courage Under Fire-Rafiki)
(G, Gotta Go Cullen-Julia R)
BAD ROUND (D J White)........................5
(C, Badlands Hanover-Spred It Round)
5 started. 2 qualified. Margins: 2 1/2 lengths, 4 lengths, 5 lengths.
1-57.1. Last 800m 56.9
2YO FILLIES MOBILE PACE.One mile.2.04.4.
WRONGLY ACCUSED (G D Smith)........1
(F, Bettor’s Delight-Gross Misconduct)
KASHANA (N R McGrath).......................2
(F, Christian Cullen-Tory Franco)
PAY ME IDEAL (M P Kerr).......................3
(F, American Ideal-Pay Me Painter)
(F, American Ideal-Lulabelle Midfrew)
LILAC REIGN (K M Cox).........................5
(F, Bettor’s Delight-Lilac Splash)
Maia Maguire...........................................6
(F, Bettor’s Delight-Mystic Gold)
AMERICAN VOGUE (J R Dunn).............7
(F, Tintin In America-Style By The Mile)
7 started. 5 qualified. Margins: 1 1/4 lengths, 7 1/2 lengths, 1 1/2
lengths. 2-00.8. Last 800m 57.7
2YO MOBILE TROT.One mile.2.09.1.
WILMA’S MATE (D J Butt).......................1
(F, Pegasus Spur-Mybrotherwasastar)
Aldebaran Ay M.......................................2
(F, Sundon-Big O E)
ANNA KATE (S R McNally).....................3
(F, The Pres-Sun Del)
The Fox...................................................4
(G, Sundon-Total Perception)
Dark Ops.................................................5
(F, CR Commando-Constar)
(F, Pegasus Spur-Motu Miss Anna)
STAR PRIDE (M P Edmonds).................7
(F, Sundon-New Year Pride)
8 started. 3 qualified. Margins: 2 1/2 lengths, 1 1/2 lengths, neck.
2-02.6. Last 800m 60.7
CASH N FLOW (J R Dunn).....................1
(G, Mach Three-Karen Donna)
CLASSIE BRIGADE (N R McGrath)........2
(C, Bettor’s Delight-Trigirl Brigade)
THE VALIANT (J C Hay).........................3
(C, Bettor’s Delight-Dreaming Spires)
COURAGE TO LIVE (D J White).............4
(C, Jereme’s Jet-Courage To Love)
J NINE (G D O’Reilly)..............................5
(C, Mach Three-Fine Print)
6 started. 5 qualified. Margins: neck, 1/2 head, 1/2 length. 2-02.4.
Last 800m 58.8
MOBILE PACE (C0).2400m.
GLITZY GAL (M J Fuller).........................1
7 started. Margins: neck, 2 1/2 lengths, head. 3-04.2. Last 800m 59.7
MOBILE PACE (C1).2400m.
BORN IN THE USA (T J Lethaby)...........1
Rock Till You Drop...................................3
4 started. Margins: 3 lengths, nose, head. 3-08.7. Last 800m 58.6
PACE (C0).2400m.
TOOT TOOT (G D Smith)........................1
Dakota Fred.............................................2
9 started. Margins: 3 lengths, 2 1/2 lengths, 1 1/4 lengths. 3-05.7.
Last 800m 58.7
TROT (C0).2400m.
SHADOW GALLEON (J P Smolenski)....1
Bear’s Rest..............................................2
7 started. Margins: 1 length, neck, 6 lengths. 3-10.9. Last 800m 60.6
PACE (C1).2400m.
GIMMEGOLD (J C Hay)..........................1
Going Going Gone..................................2
2 started. Margins: neck. 3-08.3. Last 800m 57.8
TROUBLE RIEU (10) (S R McNally).......1
Oh Nova (20)...........................................2
Brookside Colt (fr)...................................3
6 started. Margins: 1 1/4 lengths, 1/2 neck, neck. 3-10.2. Last 800m 59.0
Run at Cambridge Raceway | Saturday, February 28, 2015
1 LEARNERS MOBILE PACE..2200m. Christian Falcon 1,Myeyesadoreya
2,Genociate 3. 7 started. Margins: neck, 4 lengths. 2-59.1. Last 800m 61.8
2 2YO MOBILE PACE..One mile.2.06.4. Lickle Lickle 1 (F, Lis MaraKilmore),Turnbulls 2 (C, Gotta Go Cullect-Highlands). 2 started. Margins:
1/2 length. 2-05.6. Last 800m 62.0
3 MOBILE PACE. (C0 & FASTER).2200m. Alta Leroy 1,Vivacious Madonna
2,Without Prejudice 3. 4 started. Margins: 3 1/2 lengths, 1 1/4 lengths.
2-57.6. Last 800m 61.2
Run at Mt Harding Racecourse | Saturday, February 28, 2015
1 WORKOUT LEARNERS PACE.2400m.. started.
2 WORKOUT LEARNERS TROT.2400m.. started.
3 WORKOUT LEARNERS PACE.2400m.. started.
Run at Forbury Park | Sunday, March 1, 2015
1 TROT. (C1).2200m. Armori 1,Space Ace 2,Eltsunami 3. 4 started. No
margins available.. 2-53.0. Last 800m 59.0
2 MOBILE PACE. (C0 & FASTER).2200m. Cullens Spirit 1,Hez Only The
Lonely 2,Billy Klondike 3. 4 started. No margins available.. 2-47.9. Last
800m 59.0
3 TROT. (C0).2200m. Blink 1,Sunny Demon 2,Mr Majestic 3. 5 started. No
margins available.. 2-58.5. Last 800m 59.5
4 LEARNERS MOBILE PACE..2200m. Stunnin VC 1,Greshees Princess
2,Changesaw 3. 6 started. No margins available.. 3-09.0. Last 800m 65.0
Run at Motukarara Raceway | Saturday, February 28, 2015
1 2YO FILLIES MOBILE PACE..2200m.2.55.3. Talkerup 1 (F, ChangeoverRaconteur),Melanie Ohara 2 (F, Bettor’s Delight-Scarlett Ohara),Rockon
Styx 3 (F, Rock N Roll Heaven-Foxy Styx). 4 started. Margins: 1/2 head, 2
1/2 lengths, 3 lengths.
2 UNQUALIFIED MOBILE PACE..2200m. Viking Banner 1,Where Ever 2.
2 started. Margins: 1/2 length. 3-01.1. Last 800m 60.4
3 2YO COLTS & GELDINGS MOBILE PACE..2200m.2.55.3. Vanquished
1 (C, Bettor’s Delight-Motu Racy Girl),Kiwi Jak 2 (G, ChangeoverTellalie),Wobbegong 3 (G, Four Starzzz Shark-Look Here Franco). 4 started.
Margins: 3 lengths, neck, 6 lengths. 2-53.6. Last 800m 59.4
4 MOBILE PACE. (C0 & FASTER).2200m. Sell A Bit 1,Extremo Velocidad
2,Until Further Notice 3. 7 started. Margins: 3 lengths, 4 lengths, 1 length.
2-45.6. Last 800m 58.2
5 LEARNERS PACE - 3.05 RATE.2200m. Baywatch 1,El Storm 2,Angelina
3. 6 started. Margins: 2 1/2 lengths, head, head. 3-08.5. Last 800m 63.4
6 UNQUALIFIED TROT..2200m. Peter Castleton 1,I’m Not Eyre 2,Moy 3.
5 started. Margins: 3 lengths, 3 lengths, distance. 3-04.3. Last 800m 61.9
7 UNQUALIFIED PACE..2200m. The Crofter 1,Banzie 2,Desirable Styx 3. 4
started. Margins: 2 lengths, 1 1/2 lengths, 2 lengths. 3-01.2. Last 800m 60.1
8 SPECIAL HANDICAP TROT. (C0 & FASTER).2600m. Notre Dame (10)
1,Sol Invictus (30) 2,Cuddly Jess (fr) 3. 5 started. Margins: 1/2 head, 1 length,
3 lengths. 3-30.5. Last 800m 61.4
9 SPECIAL HANDICAP PACE. (C0 & FASTER).2600m. Crystal Bromac (fr)
1,Minnie Flynnie (fr) 2,Here Comes Helen (fr) 3. 6 started. Margins: 1 1/2
lengths, head, head. 3-27.2. Last 800m 60.3
Harrison 1,Firebreak 2,Special Delight 3. 5 started. Margins: neck, head,
1/2 length. 2-53.9. Last 800m 59.8
Run at Alexandra Park | Saturday, February 28, 2015
1,Lola Jones 2,Riverboat Sue 3. 6 started. Margins: neck, 3 1/2 lengths, 1/2
head. 2-49.7. Last 800m 60.9
2 2YO UNQUALIFIED MOBILE PACE..1700m.2.13.4. Eclipse Me 1 (F, Real
Desire-Bella Me),Rose Hill 2 (F, Bettor’s Delight-Rosemary Grace),Leica Flash
3 (F, Gotta Go Cullect-Secretive). 4 started. Margins: 1 length, 1 1/4 lengths,
3 1/2 lengths. 2-16.2. Last 800m 60.0
Haxwell 2,Lisa’s Lawyer 3. 5 started. Margins: 1/2 length, 1 length, 2 1/2
lengths. 2-48.3. Last 800m 58.1
4 MOBILE PACE. (C0).2200m. Bettors Pocket 1,Blue Allan 2,Black Santana 3.
7 started. Margins: 1/2 length, 2 lengths, 15 lengths. 2-49.4. Last 800m 59.3
5 2YO UNQUALIFIED MOBILE PACE..1700m.2.13.4. Touch Of Success 1
(C, Mach Three-Millwood Touche),Ideal World 2 (C, American Ideal-World Of
Dreams),War Horse 3 (G, Courage Under Fire-Nitouche Franco). 4 started.
Margins: 1/2 length, neck, 6 lengths. 2-11.1. Last 800m 58.2
6 UNQUALIFIED MOBILE PACE..2200m. Tequila Mockingbird 1,Majestic
John 2,Back The Black 3. 6 started. Margins: 2 lengths, 3/4 length, head.
2-56.2. Last 800m 59.6
7 TROT. (C2 TO C4).2700m. Mum’s Pride 1,San Diego Love 2,Bruno Paillard
3. 3 started. Margins: 5 lengths, 2 1/2 lengths. 3-39.6. Last 800m 59.6
8 TROT. (C0 TO C1).2200m. Dauntless 1,Hot Chocolate Tart 2,The Crown
Jewels 3. 3 started. Margins: 3/4 length, 7 lengths. 2-54.4. Last 800m 60.0
9 MOBILE PACE. (C2 TO C3).2200m. Chachingchaching 1,Better B Amazed
2,Strike The Gold 3. 4 started. Margins: 1/2 head, 3 lengths, 1 length. 2-42.8.
Last 800m 56.8
Run at Ascot Park Raceway | Sunday, March 1, 2015
2 PACE. (C0).2200m. Filigree Sheree 1,Neat N Petite 2,Three Dreams 3. 5
started. Margins: neck, 1/2 length. 2-58.8. Last 800m 60.1
3 2YO MOBILE PACE..1700m.2.13.7. Perfectly Ideal 1 (G, American IdealDudinka’s Angel),Remember 2 (F, Bettor’s Delight-Give Peace A Chance). 2
started. Margins: 1/2 length. 2-18.3. Last 800m 60.8
4 LEARNERS MOBILE PACE..2200m. Waltzing Queen 1,Money Talks 2,River
Bear 3. 5 started. Margins: 3/4 length, 1/2 head. 3-03.8. Last 800m 60.3
5 MOBILE PACE. (C0).2200m. Alba Girl 1,Montana Mandy 2,Superior
Hanover 3. 4 started. Margins: neck, 1 1/2 lengths. 2-55.1. Last 800m 59.9
6 MOBILE PACE. (C1).2200m. Franco Joaquin 1,Pepperjack 2,Wozniacki
3. 5 started. Margins: 1 length, 2 lengths. 2-48.2. Last 800m 58.8
Run at Gore (Grass) | Sunday, March 1, 2015
1 TROT. (C0).2600m. Sundon Invasion 1,De Vito 2,Matai Katie 3. 6 started.
Margins: 2 lengths, 1 length. 3-47.6. Last 800m 63.1
2 TROT. (C1).2600m. Continental Boy 1,Lady Hest 2,John Henry Galleon
3. 6 started. Margins: neck, 2 lengths. 3-39.9. Last 800m 63.5
3 PACE. (C0).2600m. Bettordean 1,Miss Mattjesty 2,Idunknow 3. 9 started.
Margins: 1/2 head, 1 length. 3-36.1. Last 800m 60.7
5 TROT. (C2).2600m. Splash Cola 1,Grey Power 2,Moa Bones 3. 4 started.
Margins: 1 length, distance. 3-46.8. Last 800m 62.4
6 PACE. (C1 TO C2).2600m. Onedin Onyx 1,Add No Interest 2,Afellas Boy
3. 6 started. Margins: head, 10 lengths. 3-33.9. Last 800m 59.2
7 UNQUALIFIED PACE..1800m. Hezabluechipboy 1,O’Gara 2,Backseat
Chick 3. 6 started. Margins: 1 1/2 lengths, 1/2 length. 2-38.2. Last 800m 63.0
8 2YO MOBILE PACE..1800m.2.27.0. Son Of Brahma 1 (G, Gotta Go CullectBrahman Girl),Better Go Hurry 2 (G, Gotta Go Cullen-Better Hurry),Real
Steal 3 (G, Live Or Die-In The Road). 3 started. Margins: neck, 1/2 length.
2-34.3. Last 800m 63.9
9 UNQUALIFIED MOBILE PACE..1800m. Tartan Troubles 1,Highview Ruler
2,Mr Handleman 3. 4 started. Margins: neck, 2 lengths. 2-37.4. Last 800m 65.7
10 MOBILE PACE. (C0).1800m. Flight Deck 1,One For The Road 2,Malouda
3. 5 started. Margins: 3 lengths, 1/2 length. 2-24.5. Last 800m 61.9
11 MOBILE PACE. (C0).1800m. Falcon Asset 1,One Bad Dream 2,Ellnbac
3. 6 started. Margins: 1/2 length, 1 length. 2-30.2. Last 800m 60.6
12 MOBILE PACE. (C1).1800m. Statham 1,Popular 2,Vedika 3. 6 started.
Margins: 3 lengths, 5 lengths. 2-25.9. Last 800m 59.4
13 MOBILE PACE. (C1 TO C2).1800m. Livy Franco 1,Franco Caliph 2,Sammy
The Bull 3. 5 started. Margins: 4 lengths, 2 lengths. 2-21.4. Last 800m 59.3
Run at Ashburton Raceway | Tuesday, March 3, 2015
14 WORKOUT LEARNERS PACE.2400m. Mrs Brown’s Boy 1,Sweet Senora
2,Benz Buy 3. 4 started. Margins: 1 length, 1 1/2 lengths, 20 lengths. 3-20.0.
Last 800m 59.9
GANGNAM STYLE-2g(4th foal)Gotta Go Cullen - My Amber
Jane(2.01.9,D*), by By Xample - Running Wild, by Nero’s B B - Odette,
by Noodlum.
Breeders: D W Mobberley, Mrs A R Mobberley. Owner: J A Boyd.
Trainer: S J Boyd.
ART FORM-2c(8th foal)Art Major - Highfields Diamond, by Holmes
Hanover - Lily Of Laguna, by Butler B G - Anna Pavlova, by Armbro Del.
Breeders: C H Barlow, Mrs T J Barlow. Owners: R M Reid, Mrs D
E Reid. Trainer: S J Reid & S W McMullan.
EYE BROW-4g(5th foal)Live Or Die - Tact Philly(2.06.9Q,S*), by In
The Pocket - Class Act, by Smooth Fella - Patrician, by El Patron.
Breeder: Breckon Bloodstock Ltd. Owners: W A Screen, Mrs P S
Screen. Trainer: Mrs P S Screen.
TWO BAYS-3g(2nd foal)Gotta Go Cullect - Dream Holiday(2.07.1Q,S*),
by Dream Away(USA) - Miami Boom, by Soky’s Atom - Miss Miami,
by Majestic Chance.
AMERICAN VOGUE-2f(3rd foal)Tintin In America - Style By The
Mile(1.58.9,S*), by Presidential Ball - Stylish Sweetheart, by Frugal
Gourmet - Soky’s Sweetheart, by Soky’s Atom.
Breeders: M R Marlow,B G Marlow,G D Harris,T D Ovens,K J
Ovens,L Kerr. Owners: C J Harris, Ms C T Smith, B P Shaw, Mrs
C M Shaw. Trainer: P F & M P Kerr.
ANNA KATE-2f(5th foal)The Pres - Sun Del(2.03.4T,S*), by Sundon
- Moorfield Del, by Armbro Del - Lady Jondor, by Ripcord.
Breeders-Owners: P J Witsey, B R Gowan, R E Ogg. Trainer: M
P Edmonds.
BAD ROUND-2c(1st foal)Badlands Hanover - Spred It Round, by
Soky’s Atom - Love To Live, by Live Or Die - Michael’s Magic, by
Michael Jonathan.
Breeder-Owner: T McDonald. Trainer: G T Court & P T Court.
BONTZ-3f(1st foal)American Ideal - Blue Delight, by Bettor’s Delight Riviera Blue Jean, by Beach Towel - Wolf Whistle, by Lordship.
Breeders-Owners: J B Geddes, J J Geddes. Trainer: J J & J B
BRAXTON-3g(2nd foal)Stonebridge Regal - Truffle, by McArdle Lesdale Rube, by Butler B G - Rube, by Smooth Fella.
Breeders: B A Hedger,Mrs H A Hedger,G Sweeney. Owners: B A
Hedger, Mrs H A Hedger, G C Sweeney. Trainer: T A Macfarlane.
Breeders-Owners: J B Geddes, Mrs J A Geddes. Trainer: J J &
J B Geddes.
CASH N FLOW-2g(8th foal)Mach Three - Karen Donna, by In The
Pocket - Megaera, by Butler B G - Aberfeldy, by Mark Lobell.
MISSIE CASTLETON-4m(2nd foal)Sundon - Tinka Castleton(2.04.6T,D),
by Armbro Invasion - Amy Castleton, by Yankee Jolter - Miss Castleton,
by Game Pride.
Breeder-Owner-Trainer: L M Marshall.
MOTU MAKE A SPLASH-4m(5th foal)Lis Mara - Peruvian
Princess(2.04.7,D*), by Motu Mister Smooth - Westburn Byrd, by
Holmes Hanover - Francheska, by Nardins Byrd.
Breeder: G F Timperley. Lessee: The Redemption Syndicate.
Trainer: G P & Mrs N M Hope.
SHELLY ANN-3f(3rd foal)Live Or Die - Enchanting(2.06.2,S), by Sands
A Flyin - Go Anna, by Dancing Master - Kerry Khan, by Noodlum.
Breeders: K R Grice, B R Grice. Lessee: Ten Ten Twelve Syndicate.
Trainer: D A Taylor.
SUNSPOT-3g(1st foal)Sundon - Babe(2.09.2T,S), by Straphanger Fiver, by Chiola Hanover - Rovina, by Nat Lobell.
Breeder-Owner: R M M Warwick. Trainer: G D O’Reilly.
SWAP-3g(6th foal)Changeover - Vamp(2.02.4,S*), by Cameleon Country Lane, by Good Chase - Laurene Noble, by Noble Chief.
Breeders-Owners: W H B Mitchell, H W Mitchell, D L Mitchell, Mrs
M C Atkinson. Trainer: D L Mitchell.
THE PROFESSOR-4g(6th foal)Pacific Fella(USA) - Next
Choice(2.01.3,1M*), by OK Bye - Ingrid Bromac, by Boyden Hanover
- Idle Joyce, by Jersey Hanover.
Breeder: M A Robertson. Owners: Ms V L Strangman, W E Stapleton,
J A Telfer. Trainer: W E Stapleton.
THE ZIGMEISTER-5g(3rd foal)Monkey Bones - Springfield
Helen(2.13.2T,Q,D), by Armbro Invasion - Chiola’s Pride, by Chiola
Hanover - Rannach Pride, by Tuft.
Breeder: D M Brown. Lessee-Trainer: Miss M A Nyhan.
SOPHISTICATED LADY-2f(1st foal)Mach Three - Gentle Anvil, by
Christian Cullen - Gentle Audrey, by Artsplace - Caressable(USA),
by Niatross.
Breeder: Croon Bloodstock Ltd. Owners: B J Whitelock, Mrs C J
Whitelock. Trainer: M Purdon & Ms N C Rasmussen.
Breeder: Breckon Bloodstock Ltd. Owner: G A Woodham. Trainer:
C D & Miss A D Edmonds.
CHAPTER ONE-3g(1st foal)Art Major - Initforfun(2.00.1,D*), by
Christian Cullen - Seabreeze Franco, by Holmes Hanover - Seaswift
Franco, by Talk About Class.
Breeders-Owners: M J Prendergast, S Prendergast. Trainer: J
M Howe.
CLASSIE BRIGADE-2c(1st foal)Bettor’s Delight - Trigirl Brigade(2.00,S*),
by Mach Three - Smithie’s Delight, by Smooth Fella - Smithie’s Choice,
by Surmo Hanover.
Breeders: Miss S A Matthews, R Faulkner, Mrs C A Faulkner.
Owners: G S Eynon, C M Eynon, M R McKinnon. Trainer: N R
COURAGE TO LIVE-2c(2nd foal)Jereme’s Jet - Courage To
Love(2.03.6Q,1M*), by Courage Under Fire - Love To Live, by Live
Or Die - Michael’s Magic, by Michael Jonathan.
Breeder-Owner: T McDonald. Trainer: G T Court & P T Court.
FRANCO CRISTIANO-2g(5th foal)Bettor’s Delight - Cherish A
Franco(1.58.2,1M*), by Caprock - Cherubic, by Tuapeka Knight - Chin
Chin Cherie, by Adover Rainbow.
Breeder: Spreydon Lodge Ltd. Owners: S R Leadley, A D Neumann,
I M Neumann, G R Evans, B W Clarke. Trainer: R J Dunn.
GOOD GONE BAD-4m(6th foal)Badlands Hanover - Good Looking
Woman(2.08.6Q,D*), by Holmes Hanover - Sweet Allison, by Tuapeka
Knight - Sweet Alli, by Noodlum.
Breeders: Mrs A M Laxton, R J Laxton. Lessee: Winslow City
Syndicate. Trainer: L D McCormick & Miss C T Kentish.
GOTTA LIGHT UP-4m(9th foal)Gotta Go Cullect - Sapporo
Light(2.01.8,S*), by Rashad - Devastate, by Tarport Coulter - Ulight,
by Light Brigade.
Breeders: Horsepitality Ltd, P M J Wilkins, K McSweeney, D G
Trist. Owners: Horsepitality Ltd, P M J Wilkins, K McSweeney, E
J Cameron, D G Trist. Trainer: M G Heenan.
I ASKED NICELY-3g(3rd foal)Pegasus Spur - Friendly
Persuasion(2.07.1T,D), by Sundon - Wadestown Girl, by Gee Whiz
II - Novanderade, by Great Evander.
Breeder-Owner: J L Bennett. Trainer: S J Adlam.
J NINE-2c(6th foal)Mach Three - Fine Print(1.59.8 TT), by Go For
Grins - OK Fine, by OK Bye - Laudit, by Lordship.
Breeders-Owners: T McDonald, Mrs J M McCann, T T McDonald.
Trainer: G T Court & P T Court.
KASHANA-2f(9th foal)Christian Cullen - Tory Franco, by Falcon
Seelster - Tango Franco, by El Patron - Tempest Tiger, by Tiger Wave.
Breeders-Owners: P I Renwick, Mrs P M Renwick. Trainer: N R
LILAC REIGN-2f(1st foal)Bettor’s Delight - Lilac Splash(2.00,S*), by
McArdle - Lilac Franco, by Live Or Die - Lady Barbara, by Lordship.
Breeder-Owner: A J Grant. Trainer: D A Taylor.
LUISANABELLE MIDFREW-2f(1st foal)American Ideal - Lulabelle
Midfrew(2.01.3,S*), by Christian Cullen - Lucinda Midfrew, by Live Or
Die - Lu Baker, by Don Baker.
Breeders-Owners: John W S Mooney, Mrs Rebecca G Mooney.
Trainer: N R McGrath.
MOTU GREAT SENSATION-2f(2nd foal)Pegasus Spur - Motu Miss
Anna(2.04.5T,S & 2.04.6TAUS), by Armbro Invasion - Motu Avrill, by
Motu Mister Smooth - Mandy Seth, by Bachelor Hanover.
Breeder: G F Timperley. Owner: J Lane. Trainer: G D Smith.
PAY ME IDEAL-2f(3rd foal)American Ideal - Pay Me Painter(2.01.5,S*),
by Artsplace - Pay Me Tu, by Tuapeka Knight - Pay Me Back, by
Soky’s Atom.
Breeders: M C Paget,G M Hart,M P Boyce,G P Dwyer,B D Rose,T
McCormick. Owners: M C Paget, G M Hart, M P Boyce, G P Dwyer,
B D Rose, T M McCormick. Trainer: P F & M P Kerr.
SHE’S A FLYIN-3f(1st foal)Sands A Flyin - Make It Brief(2.04.6,S*),
by Life Sign - Candle In The Wind, by Soky’s Atom - Marilyn, by
Timely Knight.
Breeder: W G Cameron. Owner: T F Ashby. Trainer: S J Boyd.
STAR PRIDE-2f(3rd foal)Sundon - New Year Pride(2.13.1T,D), by
Chiola Cola - Doncella, by Game Pride - Delpelo, by Armbro Del.
Breeder-Owner: New Year Syndicate. Trainer: M P Edmonds.
STONEBRIDGE LAD-3g(11th foal)Stonebridge Regal - Pampered
Lady(2.02.9,D*), by Holmes Hanover - Amalady, by Lumber Dream
- White Plains, by Tuft.
Breeders-Owners: V P Barrett, Mrs M C Barrett. Trainer: M G
THE VALIANT-2c(5th foal)Bettor ’s Delight - Dreaming
Spires(2.06.4Q,S*), by Dream Away(USA) - Danse du Feu, by New
York Motoring - Border Coral, by Tay Bridge.
Breeders: A J Parker, Mrs P R A Parker. Owners: Miss I M Lee, B
W Davidson. Trainer: J C Hay.
THREE WAYS-2c(1st foal)Mach Three - Grace Way(1.56.8,S*), by
Dream Away(USA) - Pacing Grace, by In The Pocket - Jessie Grace,
by Vance Hanover.
Breeder: Woodlands Stud (NZ) Ltd. Owners: Lucky 12 Syndicate,
G K Fyfe. Trainer: P F & M P Kerr.
TUTOKO KID-4g(1st foal)Klondike Kid(USA) - Silver Fire(2.09.8Q,S),
by Wilcos Kosby - Beauty Vance, by Vance Hanover - Lady Noodlum,
by Noodlum.
Breeder: Mrs K I Duncan. Owners: Mrs K I Duncan, A B Duncan.
Trainer: C J Markham.
WOT UP-3f(3rd foal)Sam Bourbon - Plettenberg Bay(2.09.5T,D), by
Willy Lauxmont - Lady Andelle, by Some Evander - Rip Away, by Mingo.
Breeder-Owner: Mrs D M Edmonds. Trainer: C D & Miss A D
Manawatu - Feb 17
Manawatu - Feb 19
NZ Metro - Feb 20
Auckland - Feb 20
Wyndham - Feb 21
Hororata - Feb 22
Kumeu - Feb 24
Rangiora - Feb 26
Auckland - Feb 27
$125,913 $121,265
Winton - Feb 28
Cheviot - Feb 29
$505,309 $441,101
$4,832,284 $4,913,443
Ph 03-964 1212 or email [email protected]
2YO gelding by Washington VC
out of Soky Atom mare. Broken in.
Contact 027 289 9643
(for two weeks)
Phone: 03 964 1212
Email: [email protected]
Yearling Staff required
for Thoroughbred Sales to be
held in April. Some experience
preferred. Immediate start.
Significant Anvil
Located in Manawatu
5YO mare, 2 wins
Race or breed.
Black Watch family.
Dam won 8 from 18 starts.
Contact Kevin 027-950-3898
Email: [email protected]
Phone Eddie 0274 387 574
Over recent years the introduction of the quick-hitch system has made some of the old gear redundant.
If there is anyone who would like to help please call Gary Petersen on 09 405 7833
Hokianga treks 4 kids cater for at risk youth by giving them a horse and gear to take care of and taking them on
treks. These kids are great riders and love racing and get to compete in picnic meetings around our region. We are
hoping to add to these kids horse skills by teaching them to drive and race standardbreds at our picnic meetings.
- for the new season
New Challenger Viper Race Sulky
American Style Training Sulky
Beach Trainer work cart
See these three new models plus all the
old favourites at
SULKY WHEELS - 27 Bicknor Street,
Templeton Ph: 03-349-7875
Suppliers of top quality
canvas covers and neck rugs.
To receive our brochure contact
Ann or Ian Crossen
10cm wide, no less than 4.5m long under
stretch. Available in various colours.
(03) 332 2221; (027) 414 4795
[email protected]
PER PACK OF 12 plus postage
Phone Kirsty on (027) 221 9513