Competitive Advantage



Competitive Advantage
Competitive Advantage
Quallion has built an unrivaled intellectual portfolio of
enabling technologies with our patented 5A2 Chemistry that
offers up to 25 years of operational life and our state-of-theart Zero-Volt™ and SaFE-LYTE™ battery technologies.
Quallion LLC produces a number of primary and rechargeable cell and battery
configurations for use in the medical, military and aerospace markets, with revenues
divided evenly across these three market segments. Relevant chemistry experience
includes Li ion (various species of LiCoO, LiMnCo, LiNiCoO), Li Polymer, Li Metal, CFx, SVO,
and LVO. Production capabilities range from high volume medical and military batteries
to unique custom-designed aerospace batteries. Cell designs range from the world’s
smallest conventional Li ion cell (a cylindrical 1.8 mAh cell) for implants to our 15 and
72 Ah prismatic cells. Historical annual production rates exceed 80,000 units per year
(cells and batteries combined) with the capacity to produce over 200,000 cells, making
Quallion one of the largest Li ion cell manufacturers outside of Asia. We currently employ
over 100 people, with a large engineering department capable of supporting multiple
research and development and prototyping projects simultaneously. Our certifications
include ISO 9001:2008, AS9100C (validation of Quality Management System to
Aerospace standards), and ISO 13485:2008 (validation of Quality Management System
to Medical Device standards).
Quallion is unique in that it is the only Li ion battery company in the world that
can offer 100% configuration control for materials, cells and batteries as all three are
produced at our Southern California facility.
Our entire design and production facility is located in Sylmar, California giving
Quallion a distinct advantage with regard to USG contracting.
Quallion is the
world leader in the
development and
manufacturing of
customized Li ion
batteries for medical,
military, and aerospace
Innovative Li ion Market Applications…
With unsurpassed
energy density, very
light weight, wide
operating temperature
range, and industryleading reliability, our
batteries are enabling
various industries to
develop revolutionary
products that are
more powerful,
more flexible, more
portable, and smarter
than ever before.
Quallion’s Li ion technology offers several pivotal
competitive advantages. The unique chemistry of Li ion
allows far greater energy density, which translates into
smaller, lighter, more powerful battery solutions. Quallion’s
lithium ion batteries are designed and qualified to transform
the following applications:
Medical: For implantable applications, our cells can be counted on to deliver long life, ultrahigh safety and unbeatable reliability in the challenging operating conditions within the human
body. In fact, Quallion’s proprietary Li ion chemistry has been demonstrated to last 25 years in
the human body. This chemistry offers a longer cycle life, lower self discharge and calendar fade
than any other technology on the market. Our batteries are enabling medical device companies
to develop revolutionary products with more power, flexibility, and portability, producing
unprecedented benefits for the patient.
Space/Aviation: Our Li ion technology delivers unsurpassed energy density, a critical
factor for shifting more of the satellite mass from battery to payload. Quallion is uniquely
positioned to satisfy aerospace and military customers with high reliability requirements thanks
to our rigorous materials control, which eliminates even the most subtle variations among cell
Military: Quallion’s Matrix™ Battery Technology is adaptable to any military application.
Current applicable applications include HMMWV’s, Helicopter systems, Aircraft, Unmanned
Air Vehicles, Unmanned Underwater Vehicles, Manned Underwater Vehicles, and vehicles and
stationary backup power.
Other Markets: Quallion offers its customers a unique opportunity to benefit from
the advantages of its Li ion battery chemistry. The possibilities are endless. Potential key
markets are professional electronics, solar, marine, rail and mass transit, road transportation,
telecommunications, and building and industrial plants.
…Powering Life.
Medical - Implantable & External. From the range of 1.5mAh
to 400mAh, these cells power a wide variety of devices,
including cochlear implants, spinal cord stimulators, glucose
sensors and cardiac rhythm management devices.
Space/Aviation. The 15Ah and 75Ah satellite cells
are ideal for GEO, LEO, and MEO applications with a
demonstrated capacity to deliver more than 60,000
cycles and 15 years battery life.
Military. The 38 Ah and 78 Ah
Li ion packs offer a drop-in
replacement for SLAB military
Quallion LLC
Sylmar Biomedical Park
12744 San Fernando Road
Sylmar, California 91342
Phone: 818 | 833-2000
818 | 833-3278
Email:[email protected]

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