w orld c lass t elevision



w orld c lass t elevision
World Class
Sveriges Television
Welcome to SVT
Our aim is to have a close relation to
audiences all over the country and
deliver real value. We want to tell stories
and make programmes that people can
identify with. To do that we need to seek
out and find the topics people will be
talking about the following day at the
breakfast table, coffee machine and pub.
SVT programming is subject to the provisions of the Radio Act, to terms set out
in the charter between SVT and the state.
The charter guarantees SVT´s independency of all pressure groups, political,
commercial or otherwise.
One of the most important points is ”to
scrutinize authorities, organizations and
private firms which exert influence over
policy affecting the public, and cover the
activities of these and other bodies”.
Our ambition is that everyone will find
something truly relevant in our offering.
Something to learn from, or be inspired
and amused by. In this presentation you
can read more about who we are, how
we work and what SVT stands for.
Eva Hamilton,
Managing Director SVT
SVT Forum 6 %
News 1 %
on social issues
12 %
Factual: science
Factual: lifestyle 9 %
Fiction 26 %
15 %
Sports 8 %
Culture and music 7 %
Facts from 2012
Sveriges Television (SVT) is Sweden’s
public service television company and
offers the widest programming range of
all tv channels in the country.
SVT channels
SVT operates eight digital national channels. All SVT channels are distributed via
terrestrial, digital, satellite, cable and IPTV
nets. We also broadcast an international
channel for Swedes living abroad - SVT
World - and the highly successful svt.se
and SVT Play.
Corporate structure
SVT is a limited company owned by a
foundation. We are financed by a compulsory licence fee for all tv owners. The
licence fee also finances public service
radio (SR) and the Swedish Educational
Broadcasting company (UR). SVT receives
60% of the licence fee with the remain-
der funding SR and UR. In 2013 the fee is
2.076 SKR (approx. 220 Euro) a year.
SVT programming covers the entire
spectrum of genres and is completely
non commercial. Our channels are free
from advertising and the only sponsorship allowed is restricted to sports and
other major events.
Audience relations
SVT1 is the country’s biggest channel
and crucially, the channel also receives
top ranking in the audience appreciation
index. Trust index surveys show that year
after year SVT rates as the most trusted
company in Sweden along with the
public service radio (SR).
Svt channels
SVT1 - the original
SVT1 is literally the first of all Swedish
TV channels and contains all genres. It is
considered the best by the audience as
well as being the biggest in Sweden.
SVT2 - smarter television
A factual channel focusing on news, current affairs, factual and arts.
Barnkanalen - for kids
A channel that takes children seriously
and offers world class programs for kids
of all ages. Time share with SVT24.
SVT24 - updates day and night
Reruns on prime time, news every hour
and lots of weekend sports for all interests.
Kunskapskanalen - broadening
horizons and providing depth
Co-produced with UR (The educational
public service company). It also gives the
audience a front row seat when important issues are debated - a Swedish
SVT1 HD is the HD-version of SVT1.
SVT2 HD is the HD-version of SVT2.
SVT World
The channel for Swedish speaking
audiences outside Sweden. Covers the
whole world through encrypted satellite
and IP TV transmissions.
SVT Play - the SVT channel on svt.se
On demand viewing. All SVT programmes are shown 30 days after the first
Svt operates from 27
different locations
around Sweden
Every day our regional news teams search for
news from 27 locations around the country. SVT’s news division is by far Sweden’s
largest news organization, with over 900
employees all over the country.
SVT broadcasts regional news from 19
locations, every week day at 19.15 in
SVT1. Regional news is also broadcast at 18.10 on SVT1 and at 21.35
within the national news program
Aktuellt in SVT2.
In 2012 SVT broadcast a total of
2 500 hours of regional material.
SVT does not only portray the whole
country through the national and 19
regional news programs. Additionally
there is also Landet runt (Sweden
around and about), Sverige idag
(Sweden today) and Sverige! – three
programs with news reports and stories
from the whole country.
Sverige idag is broadcast three days a
week, both on SVT1 and SVT Play. Every
day local news stories are presented
from Kiruna in the north to Malmö in
the south. Sverige idag allows the whole
country to share in the most interesting
stories compiled from the entire regional
news output.
Sverige! is a weekly magazine produced
in Malmö covering cultural life throughout Sweden. The program focuses on
music, theatre, dance, opera, art, design
and architecture aiming to educate in an
entertaining manner.
The program Landet runt is built around
reports from regional news. The program
focuses on everyday life rather than the
week’s cover stories. It is one of SVT’s
most popular programs, with an audience of around one million viewers.
Svt Malmö
The original name of our tv-building is
Kockum Hall 101. It once belonged to
Kockums, a shipbuilding company that
established itself in Malmö’s Western
Harbour (Västra hamnen) in the 1870’s.
In March 2007 the decision was made
to leave our former building in Jägersro
for Kockums old machinery shed and
on March 1st 2010 the first employees
moved in.
We wanted our new premises to inspire
creativity and an open flow of ideas.
We now feel completely at home in our
new building and realise our vision of a
creative, open and modern office environment can also offer peace and quite
when needed.
SVT in Malmö has 205 employees. All our
technical equipment is mobile and we produce for all platforms, not only broadcast.
Our regional news program Sydnytt
broadcasts eight times per day, from
07.10 in the morning to 21.35 in the
evening. Throughout the entire day we
publish news on our website svt.se/
SVT Malmö produces around 60 different titles every year across all genres,
from broad, high rating series to smaller,
more niche titles. We also have a great
relationship with the local independent
production community.
Emma Kronqvist
Head of SVT Malmö
Uppdrag Granskning
Stjärnorna på slottet
Uppdrag Granskning
Svt Göteborg
When SVT moved into the glassed-in
building in Göteborg in 2007, a new
standard for tv production was set. The
premises were built for media production on all platforms, focusing on flexibility and openness.
The Swedish public appreciate what we
produce here in Göteborg with many of
SVT´s absolute most popular programmes originating here.
One of the world’s leading programs
for investigative journalism, Uppdrag
granskning, has its home in Göteborg.
The editorial staff received a silver medal
at the New York Festival in the category
National/International Affairs. The program has numerous times been nominated for the prestigious IRE Awards in
Uppdrag granskning’s aim is to generate
at least two national and two international prizes each year.
In the “channel house”, as our building is
named, you will also find the successful
regional news desk Västnytt, providing
SVT’s national news programs with
stories from western Sweden. Västnytt is
the regional news desk to have won the
largest number of “Guldspadar” – a prize
awarded by the Association of Investigative Journalists rewarding great journalistic achievements.
Robert Olsson
Head of SVT Göteborg
Uppdrag granskning
Uppdrag Granskning
På spåret
Svt Umeå
Umeå is located just below the arctic
circle making it the most northern outpost of SVT´s production centres. Here
SVT has gathered competence within
the fields of nature and environment and
specialises in production for children,
documentary and factual entertainment.
The program Mitt i naturen ”In the midst
of nature” has been running for over
twenty years and still attracts millions of
viewers. Even though we focus on the
nature in Scandinavia, we also produce
programs from Europe, Australia and
Another keystone is ”Plus”, a consumer
program which has represented disadvantaged consumers since the mideighties.
Umeå also produces Go’kväll (Good
Evening) a highly popular early evening
magazine which broadcasts nationwide
Tuesday to Saturday on SVT1. It attracts
nearly all tv viewers during its 45 minutes. In this culture and lifestyle program
you will meet not only actors, politicians
and the country’s best chefs but everyday Swedes with a story to tell and even
those in need of a makeover!
SVT Umeå’s regional news program Västerbottensnytt also produces a national
news program called ”Sweden today” in
cooperation with all the other regional
news programs at SVT. Västerbottensnytt
has the largest audience on the website
outside of the capital despite the catchment area being a tenth of Stockholm´s
Joakim Sandberg
Head of SVT Umeå
Mitt i naturen
Svt Stockholm
The programming division in Stockholm
is SVT’s largest production facility. Every
year we produce around 250 titles within
the genres children, drama, entertainment, events, culture, documentary and
In Stockholm programs are produced for
broadcast, web and other platforms and
while we have a large in house capability
we also work closely with local production companies and creators.
Stockholm is particularly focussed in
the areas of science, culture, investigative journalism and is highly successful
in developing local drama series and
feature films.
Stockholm has a strong program
development. In Stockholm we always
keep our audience in focus and have
successfully renewed long running and
much loved series Allsång på Skansen
and Melodifestivalen and the visually
strong culture program, Kobra. Our aim
in Stockholm is to deliver modern and
exciting public service content.
Famous programs from Stockholm
include the Emmy awarded drama series
Millennium and Äkta människor (Real
Humans) – now selling widely internationally, award winning youth project ”15”
and Veckans brott (Crime of the week).
The large and prestigious international
project “Bergman’s video” premiered in
Maria Groop-Russel
Head of SVT Stockholm
Veckans brott
Allsång på Skansen
Foto: Johan Paulin
Svt Sápmi
SVT Sápmi high above the Arctic Circle
tells local stories able to reach out to the
entire world.
Through using our cultural understanding as Sami we create programs that
enrich the diversity of storytelling at SVT.
Sápmi is the traditional territory of the
Sami, the indigenous people of Scandinavia. It covers the northern parts of
Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Kola
peninsula of Russia. Few news programs cross national
boarders like our Oððasat. It broadcasts
Monday to Friday in Sweden, Norway and
Finland. It is a joint production between
the public service companies in those
countries. Our award-winning tv series Melting
Lives and Sápmi Sessions are made in
Sami by Sami teams, making the local
Sami audience proud. Also broadcast
nationally by SVT in primetime they
manage to engage the entire country
and have a growing international
reputation for excellence.
We create the format ourselves to suit
both the national audience as well as
the Sami audiences. We also produce
children’s programs.
Our web oddsat.se brings news in Sami
and Swedish. It has more visitors than
there are Samis in Sweden.
Per-Johannes Marainen
Head of Sami unit
SVT Sápmi Kiruna
Melting Lives
Sapmi Sessions
Svt is leading the way
on interactive platforms
Our strategy throughout the years has
always been to be one step ahead with
our website svt.se and our on demand
channel SVT Play. Our work has paid off
well – we now have around 2,5 million
unique visitors per week on svt.se and
SVT Play is the number one on demand
channel in the country.
We have been awarded “best web site” in
different categories by the magazine Internetworld four years in a row. Additionally, our programs produced exclusively
for the web have resulted in numerous
Ten years ago our division was simply
a small group of people working with
the web site. Today we are a team of 60
employees working at the very heart of
the company.
We have now taken our next step forward and our new, improved web site
that even better matches our audience’s
needs was launched in 2012. One of the
new features is responsive design that
automatically adjusts to different screens
– from the smallest mobile phone screen
to a large tv screen. Since February 2013
we offer all our linear channels over the
internet through our platform SVT Play.
Our hope is to once again set a standard,
leading the way with unique functionality, design and content.
Lena Glaser
Director of Online
Real Humans
SVT is one of the world’s most awarded
tv companies. At the national tv awards
Kristallen, Sweden’s own “Emmy”, SVT
received eight prizes, including the categories Facts- and Current affairs, Documentary and Tv Drama.
A remake is being produced where
the story begins in the channel tunnel
between England and France, as well
as a remake set on the border between
Mexico and the US, starring actor Diane
Several new SVT productions have been
exported recently. The drama series Real
Humans is being distributed successfully
overseas and there are plans to produce
a remake for the international market.
“Nordic crime” tv series, based on best
selling books, are a huge international
success with titles like Inspector Winter,
Wallander and Death of a pilgrim.
The Bridge, a co production between SVT
and DR in Denmark, is also spreading
throughout the world. In 2012 the series
was awarded the prestigious Prix Europa,
and it was also aired on BBC4.
A newly produced, highly acclaimed
documentary about prime minister Olof
Palme is also of high interest abroad.