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Our Customers
About Us
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Our Customers
About Us
We are differentiated by our commitment to service that accelerates the
success of all our projects. We are committed people who respond. We are
people who help with passion. We are people who know the business.
The success of GCG resides in in two key elements: our
People and our Service. We hire, train, develop and
retain people that become exceptional Enterprise
Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship
Management (CRM) business consultants. We are also
committed to provide the highest levels of service
that meets the requirements of a wide range of
industries and our customer satisfaction levels are
hard to meet.
Established in 1985 and headquartered in Mexico City,
GCG has been providing business consulting services
and delivering solutions of the highest quality around
Microsoft's Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions. Our
market includes mid-sized companies and larger
enterprises throughout Mexico and Latin America.
GCG currently employs 100 employees and is one of
the first companies in Latin America representing
World Class ERP solutions. GCG offers a unique, solid,
integral and robust solution built by components that
are not limited to technology but also a compilation of
best practices that have proved to be the key drivers of
highly satisfied customers. GCG’s business strategy is
built upon a vertical market approach where several
Business Units serve the needs of Process
Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail, Professional
Services, Public Sector, Educational Institutions, Real
Estate Developers Banking and Finance.
We feel proud about having customers maintaining a
business relationship with GCG for almost three
decades. We plan to keep doing all what it takes to
maintain that honor.
“I want to thank and recognize the extraordinary work of GCG and its consulting team
for implementing Dynamics AX in our organization. And this is not only because the
project was released on time and within budget but also because, now that we are using
this tool, our level of productivity and competitivity has significantly improved. We are
proud to have GCG as our IT strategic partner and I congratulate them for the
outstanding level of commitment and professionalism they have been showing since we
started our business relationship”.
Nicolás Rubió
Corporate VP
Industria Farmacéutica
About Us
We are a company that is distinguished for:
• Having a solid and experienced team of business
consultants certified on Microsoft Dynamics.
• Being the IT strategic partner of our customers.
• Being committed to our staff professional.
development who learn and live the principles and
values of our organization.
• Being responsible in the financial, regulatory and
social field.
• Building long-term relationships with its customers.
• Being committed to provide high-quality services
which sets them apart from the competition.
GCG is a company that helps its customers
dramatically improve their business control
and operations.
Tying our customers’ business goals
with their investments in technology is
our specialty.
""We appreciate the support provided by GCG during the implementation
process. Their hard work and excellent customer service is driven by their
positive attitude.”
Hector Trejo de la Mora
Flint Group
Our Philosophy
Our Vision, mission and values guide all of our actions.
Ensure excellent results
Solve business needs through IT
We base our success as we exceed the objectives of
productivity, competitiveness and information needs
of each of our clients.
We guide and advise our clients so that they have deep
and optimum control of their business through the use
of information technology.
Respect. Treat everyone with dignity.
1. I do not abuse of my role or position.
2. I respect the differences (beliefs, gender, opinion), and first and foremost I work with integrity. Honesty.
Always tell the complete truth.
3. I behave and I express all my thoughts with sincerity and consistency.
4. I always look for trueness and justice, even beyond my own interests.
Exemplary attitude. I preach by example and act with humility.
5 I plan my activities and I care about time of others by arriving on time to meetings.
6. I look for new ways of working and learning.
7. Your problem is my problem. I identify the real problem, not the guilty. I seek to contribute at all times and I evolve from the "why
not" to "how it can be done".
8. Communication. I respond constructively to any circumstance.
9. I communicate openly and participate in the resolution of the problem.
10. I offer the information at my disposal that can help find a solution of a problem and I take tough decisions on time.
Professionalism. Fulfill my commitments on time and with quality
11. I ensure that my deliverable is always the best alternative.
Solutions and Services
Service is the key differentiator that sets GCG apart from the competition.
We offer a range of solutions for integrating our customer’s business
information, automating their business processes and help them make
better decisions.
Our unique approach to service means investing time in understanding our customers’ business goals, strategies and
user needs. Based on this, GCG designs and builds a proposal that includes ERP and/or CRM licenses, implementation
services and maintenance plans that enables our customers improve their business processes, integrate operations,
optimize business results.
Business Solutions
The solutions we implement allow our customers’ data flow in a consistent manner so that they are able to have a clear
view of their business operation and be able to identify what is going on in any area of the company.
These business solutions are
tailored to each of our customers’
size and type to ensure that the
tools will effectively meet their
business needs.
•Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP
•Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail
•Microsoft Dynamics SL
•Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Depending what our customer
does, we make sure all its
particular business practices are
met including specific processes
and challenges of any of these
range of industries:
•Distribution, Logistics and Retail
•Process Manufacturing
Food and Beverage
Chemical Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
•Professional Services
•Public Sector
•Educational Institutions
•Builders and Real Estate
•Banking and Finance Institutions
And we make sure all business
processes are optimized and
• Finance and Administration
• Human Resources
• Distribution and Logistics
• Manufacturing
• Projects
• Services
• Sales and Marketing
• Quality
• Maintenance
Solutions and Services
The services offered by GCG seek to ensure the long term relationship and a quick return of investment. This is why we
provide different type of services before, during and after the implementation is done.
SOS - Solutions Optimization Services
A group of business consultants committed to offer pre-sales
and implementation services that are appropriate to their
needs and within the deadlines and established costs. We
deliver these solutions through specialized implementation
teams and continue to serve our customers after
implementing our solutions by providing ongoing services.
Once a project has been implemented, we provide ongoing
services which includes different levels of hot line support
that enables our customers solve any issue that may arise
while they are using any of our products. Additionally, they
can rely on our consultants to help them migrate to a new
version or optimize any process that, for whatever reason,
needs some adjustments. This allows our customers to add
functionality whenever is needed and maintain their ERP
and CRM investments safe.
Consulting Services
As a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, GCG’s consulting professionals have the technical skills, experience and ability to
locally deploy and implement business solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our world class consulting team
includes industry specialists that have extensive experience implementing vertical solutions to meet our customers’
specific needs. The scope of our services includes:
Project Management: Our project managers are a key component to the success of any of our ERP or CRM business
software implementation. They are accountable for the planning and ongoing review of its different phases and tasks.
Implementation: The Implementation consists of installation, training, analysis, design, develop, deployment and go
live assistance services. GCG’s proven implementation services are backed by Microsoft Dynamics® Sure Step methodology
which is described below in this document.
Training and Installation: Training is a task that we take very seriously. We prepare a detailed training plan that includes
the locations, dates, times and attendees of all sessions. After it is conducted, installation of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and/or
CRM applications is done so that our customers are able to practice all new skills learned from the training process.
Go-Live Assistance: We like to provide our customers with in-house live assistance. Usually it is for one month to ensure all
closing procedures are processed successfully. This allows all users to gain confidence and ensure a positive user
experience. during the first weeks of operation.
Solutions and Services
SOS - Support and Optimization Services
At GCG we like to think we have re-defined the way services are delivered. In particular, our Support an Optimization
Services is what enables GCG maintain our high customer satisfaction levels year after year.
SOS offers our customers the following services:
•Telephone, remote and onsite application-oriented support.
•IT consulting assistance and data base support.
•Guidance on how our customers can cover additional user needs, add
more functionality and improve current processes with their existing
•Migration Services.
•Development Services.
GCG offers three different mechanisms to support and assist our customers that are under Maintenance:
On Site
Unlimited telephone support
designed to solve
operational and technical
Remote live connection to
our customer ERP and/or
CRM system that enables us
to provide an efficient
assistance service.
For more complex issues, we
can extend our support at
the customer location.
Each time Microsoft releases a new version, our customers can take advantage of new features and enhancements to
the software. We recommend all our customers to stay current with new releases of the software in order to take
advantage of these benefits. Customers who are under their maintenance plan, receive the latest version of software
at no additional charge and we help them installing the upgrade and migrating their data from the old to the new
"…we have been renewing our maintenance plan every year with GCG because
it not only helps us keep our Microsoft Dynamics solution running smoothly
through continued access to upgrades, updates, and service packs but also,
GCG has consistently shown a strong commitment for maintaining an excellent
level of support and experienced consultants that understand how we work.”
Fernando Hernández
Idesa Group
Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step
Implementation Methodology
A critical component to the success of an ERP or CRM implementation is careful
planning, execution and follow-up of all processes. For the same reason, the use of a
proven methodology tool becomes a key factor to achieve this.
Sure Step has become Microsoft's strongly recommended implementation methodology for all its Dynamics products. Since all
Dynamics products are implemented by partners, it's in Microsoft's interests to facilitate consistent implementations whenever
possible. This is why at GCG we employ the Microsoft Sure Step Methodology. This tool integrates a project management discipline
and recommended proven practices of implementation, migration and upgrade of ERP and CRM systems. Sure Step is designed to
accelerate the productivity of all users. It is standardized and organized in stages, allowing us to implement projects in a consistent
and reproducible way using a set of tools and templates which help us ensure that projects are completed efficiently. It also allows
us to minimize risks during the implementation process and maintain customer satisfaction.
Microsoft Dynamics SureStep
Rapid Deployment
Full Implementation
Horizontal Process
Project management
Consulting Functions
Head of
Client Features
Accountable for
decision making
Head of
Implementation Methodology
Phases 1 & 2
Where we discover essential project details and define the project scope.
This is the initial phase of the implementation. Includes the specific interviews of key users and observation of
business processes. The objective is to understand existing procedures and recommend new business
processes complimentary to the capabilities of the proposed solution. This information will be referenced
during the training and implementation phases of the engagement, to ensure success in achieving the
customer objectives.
Where we identify critical processes and help our customers make smart
decisions for implementation.
During the analysis phase we go much deeper than the high-level analysis performed in the Diagnostic phase. At the
end of this phase, our customers have a detailed understanding of the proposed Microsoft Dynamics
implementation. This includes the project cost, deliverables, and milestones. Although the deliverables may vary
according to the size and type of project, they can include: Project Kick-off, Project Charter, Project Plan, Risks,
Change Control Plan, Communications Plan, Training Plan, Functional Requirements Document (FRD), Fit Gap
Analysis, Test Plan, Infrastructure Scope and Design Document, Integration and Interface Requirements and Data
Migration Requirements.
Implementation Methodology
Phases 3 & 4
Where we identify how the system needs to be customized to our
customer specific needs.
Building on the deliverables created during Analysis, this phase consists of determining the design for the overall
Microsoft Dynamics implementation and designing solutions for specific customizations, integrations, and data
migration needed to satisfy business requirements. The primary deliverables are a high-level design specification that
satisfy the decisions determined in the previous phases. These design specifications will guide the development
activities in the following phase.
Where we customize features, migrate data, test and configure the
system to ensure functionality.
The primary purpose is to develop the customizations, integrations, and data migration processes defined in the design
specifications created and approved in the previous phase. We also complete the setup and configuration of the
standard solution and any other vertical.
solution that may be added by an ISV. The primary deliverables of Development phase are the completed and tested
setup, configurations, customizations, reports, integrations, and any data migration programs and processes. Each
component developed in this phase is tested and verified to be functioning as defined by the Functional requirements,
design specifications, and testing criteria.
Implementation Methodology
Phases 5 & 6
Where we implement our customer solution.
The primary deliverable is a functioning live system. Activities in this phase prepare the infrastructure, application
environment, and end-users for the cutover to the new system.
Activities in this phase include:
• Prepare Go-Live plans and system test plans.
• Confirm end-user training plans as part of the finalized deployment plan.
• Configure the live and test environments.
• Perform system testing and load testing using a subset of the customer's data.
• Prepare and delivering end-user training.
• Complete final data migration and validation.
• Complete all Go-Live activities to launch the new system.
The primary deliverables from the Deployment phase include all tasks that are required to deploy the new solution
to the live environment so that the customer can start to use it in day-to-day business processes.
Where we ensure a smooth transition to the new system.
The primary purpose is to support the customer technically and functionally during the initial Go Live period for the
new system. At the end of the phase, the project is transitioned to the customer, and we welcome the opportunity to
provide on-going support.
Awards and Recognition
Probably there is no other Microsoft Dynamics Partner in Latin America who
has received more awards than GCG during the last few years. We are
pleased to share some of the honors and recognitions the GCG has received
that are related to our customer service, performance and best business
Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year.
The only seven-time recipient: Microsoft Dynamics Outstanding Partner of the Year Award for Mexico or Latin America (2013, 2012,
2010, 2008, 2005, 2004, 2002, 2001)
Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle.
9 consecutive years: Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle and President’s Club Awards (2005-2013)
This award is granted to a very small Group of partners and it is known as “Inner Circle”. It represents the most prominent Partners
whose performance places them in the highest level of recognition a business of our type can aspire; it is formed by the top 1% of
Microsoft Dynamics partners worldwide. Since 2001, GCG has received it eight times (2012 , 2010, 2008 , 2007, 2005 , 2004, 2002 ,
Microsoft Dynamics President’s Club.
All Microsoft Dynamics Partners who each year grow their business and which their level of performance is among the best 5% of
the channel worldwide, they are recognized as "President's Club". GCG has obtained this award consecutively for the past fourteen
Microsoft Gold Certified Partner en AX, CRM y SL
This is the highest certification level a Partner from Microsoft can receive and it takes place every year. This is to ensure they maintain
their staff with the experience and knowledge necessary to deploy successful implementations. GCG has maintained this level of
certification for the past thirteen years in a row.
Strategic Alliances
With customers across 30 countries and many Microsoft Inner-Circle and President's Club partners, ZAP is focused on
delivering rapidly deployed, business-focused business intelligence software and solutions.
Unlike other BI companies that are just focused on features and functionality, ZAP focuses primarily on what is needed
for rapid uptake and effective use of BI across the enterprise. ZAP applications have state-of-the-art features and its
essential difference is they focus on the content itself; which can be immediately made available to the users. This
removes the burden of the end-user from trying to figure out first how to use the software provided, and second, what
questions they should try to answer with the tools.
ZAP's software is such that BI content can be pre-built, packaged, maintained and reused. This allows ZAP and its
business partners like GCG to apply their deep industry expertise and data analysis skills to create business intelligence
solutions for applications (like Microsoft Dynamics) with specific industry focuses with BI deployments that are rapid,
deliver immediate business outcomes and are tailored for each user in an enterprise.
Nom2001 is a comprehensive Payroll, HR and Social Security system. We offer this product as a complement to
Microsoft Dynamics AX. It has been designed and developed for Mexican mid-sized companies and is one of the top
leaders in the market.
“Now that the project has been released with AX and ZAP BI, I’m very happy to
confirm that our expectations have been exceeded and our project goals have
been met. GCG’s guidance and support during the time of implementation was
crucial. The team of consultants had a deep understanding of our company
and it is really a big pleasure for us to have GCG as our IT strategic partner”
Luciano Besoy
General Manager
Bodegas la Negrita
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