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Kheer Bhawani Fair - Sri Sri Gaur Radha Krishna Mandir
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Monthly News Letter
All glories to Sri Guru & Gauranga
Issue : 01
All glories to Srila Prabhupada
Kheer Bhawani Fair
The Goddess Ragnya Devi is symbolised as a sacred
spring at Tula Mula village,
near (27 kms) Srinagar,
Kashmir. The spring of
Kheer Bhawani is quite large
and has always been held in
veneration by the Brahman
Kheer Bhawani is considered
to be the Presiding Deity of
most of the Kashmiri
Within the spring is a marble
temple. The temple-spring
complex is affectionately
known as Kheer Bhawani as thousands of devotees
offer milk and 'Kheer' to the sacred spring.
The devotees of the Goddess fast and gather here on
the eighth day of the full moon in the month of May/
According to belief, the Goddess changes the colour
of the spring's waters, which are ascribed to different
Goddess. Turning of the
colour into shades of black
is supposed to signal
approaching disaster.
Some people say that before
the exodus of the Pundits’
(Kashmiri Brahmans) from
Kashmir the colour had
turned completely black in
According to the legend,
there were 360 springs
surrounding the main spring
but all of these seem to
have disappeared as the
land has become marshy all around.
Every year thousands of people from all around the
world throng here to get the blessings of Mata Kheer
We Hare Krishna’s too found it attractive to propagate
the mission of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, i.e.
July 2013
All glories to Srila Nityanandapada
Sankirtan Movement (only religious practice for
Kaliyuga) & distribution of actual knowledge of the
Absolute Truth (Lord Krishna) by various books
written by our previous
succession & translated by
world renowned Spiritual
Master His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
Srila Prabhupada.
Many devotees from various
ISKCON Centres gave their
enthusiastically by keeping
themselves engaged in Book
distribution along with preaching on Krishna
Consciousness & selling various Krishna related items
as well.
We were very thrilled to the response we got from
people there. They were interested in purchasing our
books mainly Bhagwat Gita As It Is. We were amazed
to notice their ecstatic
involvement in Hari Naam
Sankirtan Yagya upheld by
our most devoted HG
Sudarshan Prabhu ji in the
temple premises. He also
performed Nagar Sankirtan
every morning although not
only it is an area populated
with Muslim Community
but militancy hit area as
well. In spite of death threat
he performed it very
courageously by the mercy
of our beloved Guru
Maharaj His Holiness Navayogendra Swami Ji. The
locals used to come out to watch us doing Naam
Sankirtan & appreciated with smiling faces.
Many of our Muslim brothers not only purchased
Bhagwat Gita As It Is in Urdu language but also were
inquisitive to hear about Lord Krishna’ childhood
pastimes with great interest.
Srimad Bhagwatam Katha
May 13th to 19th 2013
Our beloved spiritual master HH Nava Yogendra
Swami Ji Maharaj popularly known as ‘Maharaj Ji’
gave his mercy by showering
nectar drops of Srimad
Bhagwatam before the Vyas
Puja this year. When the May
month sun “Davanal” spread
in every part of India;
Maharajji‘s merciful glances
on people of Udhampur dham
acted like drizzling of rains.
Every day from 4 PM to 9 PM
Maharaj ji gave discourses on
Srimad Bhagwatam, starting
with the chatur sloki Bhagwatam and closing with
Lord Krishna beautiful pastimes followed by Aarti
and Maha Prasadam.
Guru Maharaj distributed gifts and sweets to devotees
on 6th day of Bhagwatam to celebrate the appearance
day of Lord Krishna.
These Srimad Bhagwatam discourses with melodious
Bhajans overwhelmed & enchanted the listeners. The
ecstatic dance on these bhajans by the Gurukul boys
and devotees turned the atmosphere into Golok
vyas puja May 22nd 2013
We celebrated the 67th appearance day of our beloved
spiritual master His Holiness Om Vishnupada
Paramahamsa Parivrajakacharya Astotara-sata Sri
Srimad Navayogendra Goswami Ji Maharaj on 22nd
May. The seniors, juniors, well wishers and aspiring
devotees all waited for this day when our beloved
spiritual master took his human
form just to take us back to
Godhead. Our Guru Maharaj
only asks our firm commitment
to go back to Godhead
following the footsteps of his
spiritual masher HDG Srila
On this occasion devotees from
all over the world express their
realization as how Srila
Gurudev’s divine presence in
their life has uplifted them from
After ecstatic morning mangal arati schedule HG
Kunti Mataji read an offering on behalf of all the
devotees. Radha Priya & Shyama Priya Matajis sang a
beautiful bhajan “Sri Guru Charan Bhaj”
simultaneously the devotees were doing Pushapa
Around 400 persons attended the katha on weekdays
and on weekends around 800 persons were seen
attending it. The whole atmosphere was spiritualized
with Maharaj Ji simple and melodious description of
Srimad Bhagwatam. The
whole of temple premise was
thundered by loud chanting of
HARE HARE. Maharajji
chanting the holy names of the
Lord which is the only way of deliverance in this age
of quarrel and hypocrisy (Kali Yuga). As it is stated
in Brihad Naradiya Puran:"harer-nama harer-nama harer-namaiva kevalam
kalau nasty-eva nasty-eva nasty-eva gatir anyatha"
Maharaj ji in the end concluded Srimad Bhagwatam
with his famous quotes.
“Malin Man Ki Har Baat Bekar Hai,
Hari Naam Hi Saar Hai. Mahaprabhu Aadhar Hai
Naam Gane Sada Ruchi, Kirtaniye Sada Hari”
Abhishek of Guru Maharaj. HG Kunti Mata Ji sang
her favourite bhajan “Gurudev Kripa karke Charano
Mein Jagah Dena” which touched the heart of every
one present there for the abhishek.
HG Indranuj Pr had an interesting GK quiz based on
Maharaj ji’s life & likes to check how much his
devotees know about their Guru Maharaj. Maharaj Ji
personally distributed gifts to
the winners of the quiz.
The sankirtan party (prabhat
pheri) along with around 600
Sankirtan & in between
inviting Udhampur residents
to take park in the celebration
followed by grand feast.
In the evening Srila Guru
Maharaj distributed sweets
and juices to guests present in temple campus. This
was followed by personal offering & gifts from Guru
Maharaj Disciples and well wishers. The last
attraction of the day was Charana abhishek done by
HG Sanjay Vyas Pr followed by birthday feast
enjoyed in prasadam hall.
Initiation ceremony May 23rd 2013
In Bhakti-Rasamata-sindhu, Srila Rupa Goswami
states that the first element of the process of
devotional service is guru-padasrayah, taking shelter
of the lotus feet of a bonafide spiritual master. This
means complete offering or surrender of one’s very
body, mind, words, and heart to Srila Gurudev.
took oaths for following the regulative principles.
Srila Gurudev gave each their new names
simultaneously. This was followed by Yagya (Fire
Sacrifice) Ceremony.
So the most awaited day came on 23rd May for all the
aspiring devotees who wanted to take shelter of Srila
Gurudev; who officially took charge of taking the
surrender souls back to Godhead. This is the second
biggest initiation ceremony after 2003 when Srila
Gurudev accepted more than 40 fallen souls under his
shelter. Most of the devotees felt ecstatic since they
Soon the temple premises started being heard with
chattering sound of “Bhiksham Dehi”. New devotees
started asking for Dakshina for pleasure of Srila
Gurudev. This process lowers our ego which is
necessary to progress in spiritual path. Everyone
enjoyed feasting after this grand celebration.
Prabhat Pheri
were waiting for this day for a very long period, some
even waited as long as 14 years. In the morning HG
Sanjay Pr & HG Sudarshan Pr briefed aspiring
devotees about Guru Sishya relationship and many
other useful and important aspects related to the
This is one of the Guru Maharaj favourite schedule
program for every centre and temple for spreading the
holy name. Since 1988 once it is started it has never
stopped till now. Every early morning devotes try to
wake up the sleeping souls by doing Hari Naam
Sankirtan in every small passage of location.
By 10am devotees gathered in the initiation hall, but
they were informed that Srila Guru Maharaj will be
coming at 1300 Hrs. but when Guru Maharajji didn’t
come even at 1pm, some seniors’ devotees suggested
from their own experiences that they should call Srila
Guru Maharaj from bottom of their hearts; only then
His Holiness will come. Devotees started kirtans in all
kind of their own melodies tunes.
As per the practice the aspiring devotees were to fast
even from water till initiation, since the weather was
hot everyone was feeling thirsty. Every min seemed
like hours for devotees. After waiting till 1500 hrs
devotees came out of temple premises and went out in
heat in front of Srila Gurudev room and started
praying heavily for his mercy. Soon to bless the
surrendered souls Srila Gurudev came out. Devotees
followed him to temple premises making roaring
sound of Jai Gurdev !! Jai Gurudev !!
Srila Gurudev gave few instructions to all the aspiring
devotees regarding surrendering of disciples to Guru
Disciple Parampara. One by one devotee came and
They invite them to come to the temple and join Sri
Chaitanya Mahaprabhu movement. Udhampur prabhat
pheri became more blissful when group of gurukul
children performed wonderful dancing & kirtan and
encouraged all to engage in devotional service of their
Lordships. Sankirtan also helps old and frequent
visitors to revive & refresh their forgotten actual
Harinaam Prabhu Ki Jai !!!
jagannath rath yatra
Jagannath Ratha Yatra Festival, the most important
festival of Lord Jagannath commences on the 10 July,
Wednesday and Return Car Festival 'Bahuda Jatra' on
18 July this year. This colourful festival which draws
millions of devotees from various parts of the country
as well as from abroad to Puri, is held in June-July
every year. Lord Jagannath, Lord of the Universe,
comes out of His sanctum sanctorum to give Darshan
to all Devotees belonging to all sects and is said that those who take part in the
Car Festival earn their passage to the Heaven.
'Snana Pumima' marks the beginning of this festival.
On this day the three deities - Lord Jagannath, Lord
Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra take prolonged bath
on an open platform known as 'Snana Bedi', Then they
retire for 15 days popularly called the period of
'Anabasara' and remain in isolation. During this
period, no public worship is performed. After 15 days
of isolation, the Gods come out of the temple in a
colourful procession to board their respective Chariots
and thereafter begins the journey known as "Ratha
vaishnav calendar
2nd July
DD of Sri
Srivasa Pandita
3rd July
Fasting for
8th July
DD of Sri Gadadara
Pandita/ Srila
Bhakti Vinod
9th July
10th July
DD of Sri
Goswami/ Sri
Sivananda Sena/
Rath Yatra
13 July
Hera Pancami
19th July
Fasting for
Sayana Ekadasi
22nd July
DD of Sri
Goswami/ Guru
(Vyas) Purnima
23rd July
First month of
begins (Fast for
Green leafy
Vegetables for 1
27th July
DD of Srila
Gopala Bhatta
30th July
DD of Srila
31st July
The incorporation
of ISKCON in New
14th July
DD of Sri
18th July
Return of
Rath Yatra
* DD : Disappearance Day
Book Distribution (kheer bhawani fest)
Bhagwat Gita
Krishna Book
Medium Books
The much famous Temple Chariot Festival of Lord
Jagannath, takes place in Puri. On the first day, the
Jagannath temple images are carried through the street
in three huge thundering chariots which have made
this event internationally known. Nine days later, the
journey is repeated in the opposite direction. To
witness this festival is an experience of a life time.
The chariot of Lord Jagannath, known as
'Nandighose', is 23 cubits high and has 18 wheels. The
chariot of Balabhadra, which is 22 cubits in height and
has 16 wheels, is named 'Taladwaja'. 'Devadalan' the
chariot of Subhadra, is 21 cubits in height and has 14
The chariots are made anew every year in accordance
with strict and ancient specifications and are pulled by
several thousand devotees at a time. In terms of
splendor and fervent devotion, the Car Festival is one
of the world's most incredible spectacles.
Jai Jagannath !!
Jai Balabhadra !!
Jai Subhadra !!
1 Set
116 Nos.
72 Nos.
33 Nos.
8 Nos.
50 Nos.
Small Books
100 Nos.
2nd July
Meera DD (New
Delhi) / Hari
Bhakti DD
(Mumbai) / Nikhil
Sarin, (Gurgaon)
3rd July
Achyut Rai
7th July
6th July
9th July
Ajay Goel,
10th July
Sudhir Garg,
(Lucknow) /
13th July
Krishna Gopal
(Jammu) /
Vibha, (Jammu)
14th July
Shyamapriya DD,
18th July
Varun Bhanot,
22nd July
23rd July
Asha Gupta,
26th July
Girish Ahuja,
Vijay Gupta,
28th July
Adi Kavi Das, (Pune) /
Ashok Kumar Gupta, (Udhampur)
16th July
Sona Gupta,