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NEW IMAX® Films. . . NEW Learning Adventures!
NEW IMAX ® 3D FILMS for 2009-2010
Teacher’s Note
IMAX® Films
New Science
✔ IMAX® films are selected for
their educational content as
well as their visual and
dramatic impact.
✔ Our films meet many FCAT
Deeply rooted in science, the film carries
students to Patagonia and through the lives of
the titanesque plant-eating Argentinosaur, and
its nemesis, the Giganotosaur, a bipedal
carnivore. From the movement of the
tectonic plates to the arrival of a fateful
asteroid the action is intense and the
landscape is out of this world.
Alexander Petrov's The Old Man And
The Sea retells Hemingway’s literary classic
with startling artistic results. Utilizing a
technique where each scene is painted on
glass sheets, Petrov uses his fingertips to
manipulate the elements and make them
move. The entire process took
approximately three years.
The true story of Ruth Harkness, a fiercely
independent woman who travels to the
forests of China to follow her husband’s
dream to bring the first live Giant Panda
to America. This film combines spectacular
images of a foreign land with engaging
scenes of giant pandas.
The film retraces the artist’s footsteps,
leading us through the painter’s subject
matter and sources of inspiration. From the
Netherlands, to Arles, to Saint Rémy and
Auvers-sur-Oise, we rediscover the places
and landscapes that have inspired some of
the most essential works in art history.
and new Florida Science
Standards such as:
• The Practice of Science
• The Characteristics of
Scientific Knowledge
• Properties of Matter
• Earth Systems and Patterns
• Diversity and Evolution of
Living Organisms
• Organization and
Development of Living Things
✔ IMAX® films present unique
opportunities to integrate
visual arts with required core
content areas.
✔ More detailed critiques
(including FCAT standards)
are available upon request.
With the full force of IMAX® cinematography,
Arabia 3D takes viewers deep into an exotic
land steeped in 2,000 years of ancient
history and unique customs not found
anywhere else in the world. As if on a magic
carpet ride across this desert kingdom,
audiences will discover the lost city of
Madain Saleh, explore its ancient tombs,
travel with a camel caravan, survive a
sandstorm and so much more!

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