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Let your hashi do the walking - Japanese Cultural and Community
JAYellowPages.org “Let your hashi do the walking”
JCCCNC and AT&T Team-Up to Proudly Present the
National Japanese American Community Directory Online
At one time, the Japanese American community, our
homes, businesses and institutions, were concentrated
in Japantown communities across the West Coast of the
United States. As our community continues to expand
and disperse throughout the United States, our hope
is that we can stay connected and informed about our
community activities and the common threads that keep
us united.
Recognizing a need to keep our community
connected, in 1997 the JCCCNC with
support from AT&T published the Northern California
Japanese American Community Directory. The JA Yellow
Pages is an updated online version which now reaches beyond
Northern California to bring together the many Japanese American
organizational resources dispersed throughout the country.
To add, change or edit
“The JA Yellowpages is another important way for the JCCCNC to meet the pressing needs
of our changing community and the way we communicate with others interested in our
culture and community.”
an organization to the
JA Yellow Pages, e-mail
[email protected]
for a form
The JA Yellow Pages provides valuable information on our community’s resources in the
areas of politics/advocacy, arts/culture, youth/children, senior services, community service,
education, health, religion, media, social services, recreation, and in U.S.-Japan relations.
In addition to serving
as a resource tool, the JA Yellow Pages serves to document
the wealth of talent in our community and the common threads
that keep us together.
Help the JCCCNC continue its global commitment to “Go
Go Green!
Green” by choosing to receive newsletters, calendar of
programs and events through e-mail. Your participation will
save our trees and help decrease clutter in your home and
work spaces.
To do your part and “Go Green” simply
e-mail Courtney Okuhara at [email protected]
jcccnc.org with the subject:
“Mottainai!” Include: your name, your
physical address and your preferred
e-mail address.
Shinzen Youth Go to Japan
for 13th Anniversary
The JCCCNC Celebrates
Kodomo no Hi
The JCCCNC will continue to update and improve the JA
Yellow Pages, and plans to add more community news, events
calendar and other interactive features.
The JA Yellow Pages will help people better understand the
vastness of Japanese American community organizations
throughout the United States. Communicating who we are,
what we do and why we do it is an important part of helping to
preserve and promote Japanese American culture.
Please check out www.JAYellowPages.org today!
2008 Annual
Two Full Pages of
Member Benefits!
PAGES 10-11
Message from the Executive Director
Our Community’s Future is Now!
This year marks the 140th Anniversary of the first immigrants from Japan to
come to America. And they landed right here in San Francisco.
Our community, this City, is OUR Plymouth Rock.
Our Japantown is the first and oldest Japantown in the United States of
America; it is here that our culture, our food, our language, our traditions and
our celebrations were first introduced to America.
Preserving San Francisco’s Japantown is not just important to our city, it is important to our nation’s
history as well. Last year Japantown became the first neighborhood in San Francisco to be designated
by the White House as a Preserve America Community.
Sixty-seven years ago, our federal government failed us. We lost our homes, our property, our
businesses and our civil rights. In the 1960s and ‘70s, under redevelopment, 4,000 families lost their
homes and almost 400 businesses were forced to leave. In the past century, no other community in
San Francisco has been so devastated and systematically taken apart than our Japantown.
Kaz Maniwa
Chairman of the Board
Rumi Okabe
Kyle Tatsumoto
Senior Vice President
Dianne Fukami
Vice President
Sherilyn Chew
Corporate Secretary
Ted Yamasaki
Chief Finance Officer
Donna Kotake
Directors The Japantown Better Neighborhood Plan was to set forth a 20 year vision for our community. What
was supposed to be a plan to preserve our community has turned out to be a road map for
developers. It contains increased height and land use recommendations that could negatively impact
the future of our historic and cultural community. Over the next 20 years we could see Japantown
redeveloped again, but with less opportunity for small businesses to come back, less affordable
opportunities for families to live here and much less of what we love about Japantown.
For example, by the City’s own cost analysis, rent for small businesses in the Japan Center would
increase by over 100%. The Japan Center garage would close for two to three years, which would
impact all of Japantown. The impact of this recommendation has never really been fully reviewed and
debated by the community, small business owners and property owners.
With all that Japantown has been through over the years, it’s amazing that it is still here. But I fear
that if we fail to do our job this time around ­— if Japantown is replaced by million dollar condos and
gentrified businesses — when future generations look back during the 175th Anniversary of the first
Japanese immigrants to arrive in San Francisco, they will ask, “How did our community and City
leaders fail us again back in 2009?” The only community they know will be through old pictures and
distant memories.
I strongly encourage everyone to read the plan, come to your own conclusions and get involved. A
new post redevelopment chapter in our Japantown community’s history is being written as you read
this. It’s vital that we all become contributing authors, writers, editors and readers of this new chapter.
It is up to us to develop our future history now.
Paul Osaki
Executive Director
Board Officers Mission Statement
The JCCCNC is a non-profit organization which strives to meet the evolving needs of the Japanese
American community by offering programs, affordable services and administrative support and
facilities for other local service organizations. The JCCCNC also provides educational, cultural
and recreational programs that meet and address the interests and concerns of the community.
Our goals remain rooted in preserving the Japanese American cultural and historical heritage as
well as fostering the foundation for future generations of Japanese Americans.
2 Summer 2009 - Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California
Terry Akiyama
David Fukuda
Scott Hayashi
Yo Hironaka
Lois Hunter
Andy Ishibashi
Donna Kimura
Jeff Maruyama
Bob Obana
Allen Okamoto
Keith Onishi
Kurt Osaki
Marilyn Oshiro
Robert Sakai
Teresa Serata
Jon Shindo
Paul Osaki
Executive Director
Marjorie Fletcher
Executive Assistant
Lori Matoba
Deputy Director
Ruby Hata
Director of Finance and Membership Services
Joy Iwasa
Director of Development
Ken Maeshiro
Special Events and
Facilities Manager
Jennifer Hamamoto
Programs and PR Manager
Alicia Kagawa
Program Associate
Courtney Okuhara
Membership Associate
Jeffrey Chu
Development Associate
Mika Shimizu
Office Manager
Jerry Kika
Volunteer Coordinator
Eric Akiyama
Weekend Facility Manager
Roy Urayama
Weekend Facility Manager
JCCCNC Community
Shinzen Nikkei Youth to Travel to Japan on Grassroots Exchange Program
Goodwill Sports Program Celebrates
13th Anniversary; 7th Trip to Japan
The Shinzen Nikkei Youth Goodwill Program celebrates
its 13th anniversary this year, with 21 youth basketball
players and their families scheduled to travel to Japan
from July 27 to August 5.
In 1997, the JCCCNC and the office of the Consulate
General of Japan in San Francisco agreed that although
there were a substantial number of traditional, cultural
and intellectual exchanges between the U.S. and Japan,
there existed a greater need for meaningful dialogue
between youth in Japan and Japanese American youth.
Through these discussions was born the Shinzen Nikkei
Youth Goodwill Program.
Since the inaugural visit to Japan in 1997, over 1200
participants (players and their families) have visited
Japan or hosted a Japanese youth in their home for the
Shinzen Program.
This year’s participants will visit Osaka City Hall, the Osaka
YMCA, the Nagata Kodomo Orphanage in Kobe, Miyajima
Island, the Hiroshima Peace Museum and Memorial Park —
where the participants will offer 1,000 cranes at the Sadako
Memorial — and the Kobe YMCA, with whom the JCCCNC
has maintained a relationship following relief efforts led by the
JCCCNC to support those in need due to the Great Hanshin
Awaji Earthquake. The youth will also participate in basketball
games with their Japanese counterparts, homestays and
general sightseeing. An optional post-trip to Tokyo will follow
from August 5 to 7.
Pre-trip activities for these grassroots ambassadors include
preparatory workshops where they will learn about Japanese
2009 Shinzen Coaches and Participants
American history, Japanese customs, language and etiquette;
participate in basketball and hip-hop dance practices; volunteer
at the JCCCNC and community events; and take part in
community cultural events, like the Children’s Day Festival,
and the Buddhist Church of San Francisco Obon Odori.
The Girls Team Coach is Chrissie Hosoda and consists of Kaitlyn
Endo, Kelly Eshima, Kara Glapion, Nikki Honda, Brynne Ichiuji,
Amanda Joo, Cori Nishimoto, Camille Obata, Maya OgawaOkada, Selena Tsang, Kylie Uyeda and Jackie Wong. The Boys
Team, coached by Rich Hata, includes Kyle Honda, Trent Ichiuji,
Nicholas Kikuchi, Brandon Lew, Kiyoshi Moran, Kenny Ouye,
Kinji Steimetz, Timmy Tomioka and Kiyoshi Tonai Din.
Over the years, many Shinzen alumni have remained involved
in the Japanese American community, and many have returned
to Japan to continue to build and foster international relations
and stay connected to their cultural heritage.
JCCCNC Reaches Solar Panel Funding Goal
The JCCCNC is excited to announce that, with the receipt of a rebate check from the San Francisco Public Utilities
Commission’s (PUC) GoSolarSF program, its solar panels funding goal has been reached.
On April 3, the JCCCNC was presented with a total of $43,736 at the PUC’s non-profit kick-off event for the GoSolarSF
program. At the event, the JCCCNC — which installed solar panels on its roof in summer 2007 — was hailed as a model for
other non-profits looking to “go solar.” Combined with $75,000 previously received from PG&E, as well as generous individual
contributions from many first-time donors, the JCCCNC’s goal of $298,958 has been reached.
To encourage more installations of solar power in San Francisco, the City — led by Assessor-Recorder Phil Ting — launched
GoSolarSF as a program of the Solar Task Force to offer incentives to residents and businesses to install solar power on their
properties. San Francisco Supervisor Ross Mirkarami was also essential in pushing legislation through that increased the
incentives for non-profits.
Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California - Summer 2009 3
JCCCNC Community
Kodomo No Hi Celebrated
at the JCCCNC
On Saturday, May 2, over 500 people gathered at the JCCCNC to celebrate
the Japanese holiday Kodomo No Hi (Children’s Day) at the Kristi Yamaguchi’s
Children’s Day Festival.
A record number of community organizations participated in this year’s festival,
hosting crafts, games and food booths. Families enjoyed music, dance and other
performances by various groups, many of them children, including ABC Preschool,
Clarendon Elementary School, the Consulate General of Japan, Gen Taiko,
J-Town Hui, Kirakiraboshi, Kagami kai, Michiya Hanayagi Dance Group, Nakajima
Shamisen Players, Nikkei Student Union-UC Berkeley, Na Hula O Mai Kalani
and the San Francisco Kendo Association. During performance breaks, families
visited the conference rooms, which showcased Hinamatsuri (Girls Day) and
Tango no Sekku (Boy’s Day) doll displays. This year the JCCCNC added a silent
auction which included Snoopy and Disney Children’s Day doll sets. Each child in
attendance received a manga magazine from Viz Media and a free raffle ticket to
win fun prizes courtesy of Sanrio and Japan Video and Media.
Learning about Japanese cultur
at the Children’s Day Fes
Kristi Yamaguchi’s Children’s Day Festival was the culmination of a two-week long
Children’s Day celebration at the Center. From April 22nd through May 1st, the JCCCNC
hosted over 1,000 elementary school students during the Children’s Day School Visit
Program. Classes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area visited San Francisco’s
Japantown and learned about Japanese culture through hands-on crafts, Japanese
matsuri dance lesson and a Hinamatsuri and Tango no Sekku doll exhibit tour.
This Children’s Day season the JCCCNC offered a children’s kimono dressing service,
in which 30 children had the opportunity to be dressed and photographed in traditional
kimonos from their own collection, as well as those generously loaned by the Consulate
General of Japan. This very special experience connects families with Japanese culture in
a very unique way.
The JCCCNC is proud to present these annual events in honor of children, and give
young people the opportunity to discover and celebrate Japanese culture in a fun and
educational manner. The Children’s Day Festival, School Visit Program and kimono
dressing is made possible through support from The Henri and Tomoye Takahashi
Charitable Foundation, Comcast, Japan Airlines, Union Bank of California, San
Francisco Japantown Foundation, Kristi Yamaguchi’s Always Dream Foundation and
the Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco.
Making koinobori during
school visits
Special thanks to the Children’s Day Festival booth sponsors: Asobi Arts, Balloon
Angels, Pine United Methodist Church, Bambi JCCCNC Parent Group, California
Highway Patrol, Christ United Presbyterian Church, Clarendon Elementary School,
Gen Taiko, JBBP-Rosa Parks Elementary School, JCYC, Nakayoshi Young
Professionals Group, Nichi Bei Times, Nihonmachi Little Friends, Northern California
Cherry Blossom Court, Shinzen Nikkei Youth, St. Ignatius Japanese Language
Program, UC Berkeley Nikkei Student Union and Xperience.
4 Summer 2009 - Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California
Kimono dressing
Inside the JCCCNC
Five Ways to Support the JCCCNC!
1. Purchase Nikkei Open Raffle Tickets
Even if you can’t play in the golf tournament on July 13th, you can still support the
Nikkei Open by purchasing a raffle ticket. Enter for a chance to win a Hawaiian
Getaway for two in the Nikkei Open Grand Prize Raffle!!! You and a guest will
fly to Hawaii on United Airlines and stay at the modern Courtyard by Marriott
Waikiki Beach Hotel. You also have a chance to win a gift certificate to play at
Lake Merced Golf Club, San Francisco Giants baseball tickets, golfing equipment
and much, much more in the General Prize Raffle!!! The drawing will be held on
Monday, July 13 at the Nikkei Open Golf Tournament (see the back cover for more
event details). Non-Nikkei Open participants are welcome to purchase tickets. $100
Win a trip to Hawaii!
per entry; each entry includes one (1) ticket for the Grand Prize Raffle and one (1)
ticket for the General Prize Raffle. For more
information or to purchase raffle tickets, please contact Ken Maeshiro at (415) 567-5505.
2. Donate auction items
The JCCCNC will run its annual Fall Auction (online, silent and live auction) from early August
(exact date TBA) and will culminate at the JCCCNC Annual Event on September 19th. You are
not only invited to participate as a bidder but as an auction item donor as well. Whether you have
an item you would like to donate or a skill, service or creative opportunity you would like to share,
your participation is an invaluable part of the JCCCNC’s fundraising efforts. By donating an item
or service, you will be helping to raise money for the JCCCNC and you will receive a mention
on the auction site that can link back to
your own web page.
3. Become a member
Join today. Your membership provides
support to the JCCCNC to carry out its
educational, cultural, recreational and
social programs. Be a part of a family where future
generations will learn about our community, culture and traditions. To sign
up or to get more information check the website at www.jcccnc.org or
drop by the JCCCNC.
Bid on OR donate ite
for the Fall Au
Experience and participate in cultural,
recreational and social programs
4. Sign up for the
Sign up for the monthly e-newsletter! Get up-to-date information about the latest
JCCCNC programs, events and member only deals. It’s easy to sign up – just click
on the “sign up for our e-mail newsletter” button on the website at www.jcccnc.org
and enter your e-mail address.
5. Have your employer double your donation – Corporate fund matching
programs or work place giving
Did you know that many corporations offer to match their employee’s donations
non-profit organizations or have a work place giving program? Corporate fund
Stay informed online
matching programs are a great way to increase your donation and in most cases
double your donation. Work place giving programs make it fast and easy to give a gift
because you can have your donation automatically deducted from your paycheck. Consult your human resources department to
find out more on how you can support the JCCCNC through work place giving.
For questions on giving to the JCCCNC, email us at [email protected] or call (415) 567-5505. All information and inquiries are
kept confidential.
Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California - Summer 2009 5
2008 Annual Donors
Gold Crane $75,000+
The Henri & Tomoye Takahashi
Charitable Foundation
Gold Crane $50,000+
G. Kase
Gold Crane $10,000+
Mr. Kiyoshi Sakakura
Mr. Yasunari & Mrs. Mieko Yamada
Gold Crane $5,000+
Mr. Masao & Mrs. Yuki Ashizawa
Mrs. Takako Ishizaki
Mrs. Shigeko Marumoto
Ms. Kayo Nakamura
Mr. Allen & Mrs. Patricia Okamoto
Ms. Patricia Orr
Mrs. Julie Takahashi
Mrs. Violet Tanaka
Mr. Kyle Tatsumoto & Ms. Carole
Gold Crane $1,000+
Mr. Hatsuro & Mrs. Amey Aizawa
Ms. Eiko Aoki
Mrs. Fumi Ashizawa
Bambi Play Group
Mr. Mark & Mrs. Carolyn Chandler
Mr. Ron* & Mrs. Mary China
Mr. Alfred & Mrs. Arline Chinn
Ms. Florence Dobashi
Mr. Sean & Mrs. Pamela Donahoe
Ms. Mabel Dowke
Ms. Marjorie Fletcher
Mr. George & Mrs. Jan Funahashi
Mr. Noboru Hanyu
Mr. Albert Haruyama
Ms. Jane Hashimoto
Mrs. Yo Hironaka
Mr. Kenneth & Mrs. Yoshiko Ho
Ms. Sumi Honnami
Mrs. Michi Horio
Ms. Emy Hynes
Mr. Frank & Mrs. Kiyoko Ikenaga
Mr. Daro Inouye
Mrs. Naoko Ito
JTB Cultural Exchange Corporation
Mr. Robert & Mrs. Irene Kawamoto
Mrs. Mary Kawano
Dr. William & Mrs. Kikue Kiyasu
Mr. Dick Kobashigawa
Ms. Jun Kodani
Mr. Raymond & Mrs. Deo Konagai
Mrs. Fumiko Kunihara
Dr. Randy Lee & Dr. Ann Azama-Lee
Mr. Kaz Maniwa & Ms. Masako
Mr. George & Mrs. Teruko Matsumoto
Mr. Eddie & Mrs. Alice Moriguchi
Mr. Michikazu & Mrs. Mitsuko Nakai
Mr. Scott & Mrs. Sandra Nakamura
Mrs. Mary Negi
Mrs. Nell Noguchi
Ms. Kay Nomura
Mrs. Alice Ochi
Mr. Mitsufumi & Mrs. Rumi Okabe
Mr. Ken & Mrs. Kay Onishi
Mr. Wayne & Mrs. Sally Osaki
Ms. Marilyn Oshiro
Dr. Quintus & Mrs. Jean Sakai
Mr. Robert & Mrs. Alicia Sakai
Mr. Robert & Mrs. Momoe Sasaki
Mr. Yone & Mrs. Daisy Satoda
Mr. Hiko & Mrs. Susan Shimamoto
Ms. Marumi Suyeyasu
Mr. Harry & Mrs. Lorraine Suzuki
Mr. Frank & Mrs. Edith Tanaka
Dr. Himeo Tsumori
Mr. Masaji & Mrs. Hiroko Uratsu
Mrs. Benita Ushikubo-Snavely
Ms. Barbara Wada
Mrs. Chiyo Wada
Dr. David Walton & Ms. Machiko
Mr. Kahn Yamada
Dr. Craig Yonemura & Ms. Pamela
Mr. Yoneo “Bo” Yoshimura
Silver Crane $500-999
Mr. Peti Arunamata & Ms. Sherilyn
Ms. Shari Fujii
Mr. Bill & Mrs. Rose Fukumitsu
Mrs. Mutsumi Hada
Mr. Craig & Mrs. Lyn Hamakawa
Dr. James & Mrs. Cindy Hayashi
Mr. Scott Hayashi & Ms. Adrienne
Mr. Herbert & Mrs. Julieta Honma
Mrs. Kazue Ihara
Mr. Ben & Mrs. Mary Ishisaki
Ms. Christine Iwanaga
Mr. Charlie Kagay & Ms. Teresa Serata
Mr. Satoru & Mrs. Setsuko Kagehiro
Mr. Joe & Mrs. Miyeko Kamikawa
Mr. Hiroshi & Mrs. Sadako
Mrs. Mitsuko Kawashiri
Mr. Lowell Kimura & Ms. Donna
Dr. Robert Kiyomura
Mr. George Kobayashi
Mr. John & Mrs. Ruby Kobayashi
Mr. Keith & Mrs. Priscilla Kojimoto
Mr. Mits & Mrs. Sadame Kojimoto
Mr. Ard & Mrs. Mary* Kozono
Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Shirley Kurata
Mr. Jeff & Mrs. Kathy Maruyama
Ms. Lori Matoba
Ms. Diane Matsuda
Mrs. Haruko Misumi
Mr. John Mizono
Mr. Akio Mochizuki
Mr. Andrew Nakahata & Ms. Alison
Mr. Kaz & Mrs. Cindy Nakamoto
Mr. Gerry Nakano & Ms. Dianne
Mr. John & Mrs. Diane Noguchi
Mrs. Mickie Ochi
Mr. William Olds
Ms. Teresa Ono
Ms. Midori Otsuki
Ms. Katherine Reyes
Mr. Bill Sakai
Mrs. Haruko Sasaki
Mr. Sim & Mrs. Tsuyako Seiki
Mr. Walter & Mrs. Harumi Serata
Mr. Matao Shigio
Mrs. Annie Spivack
Mr. Shiro & Mrs. Annie Suenaga
Ms. Sumako Takeshita
Ms. Minna Tao
Ms. Patricia Wada
Mr. Richard Wada & Ms. Rita Yee
Mr. Bradley Yee & Ms. Joyce
Dr. Todd Yonemura
Red Crane $100-499
Mr. Kazuo & Mrs. Jean Abey
The Abiko Family
Ms. Lucy Adachi
Ms. Sumiko Akashi
Ms. Keiko Akashi
Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Akiko Arikawa
Ms. Janice Aritomi
Mr. Thomas & Mrs. BJ Baba
Mr. Henry Bailey
Ms. Roberta Berteau
Ms. Ikue Burney
Mr. Harold Chan
Dr. Kurtis & Mrs. Susan Chin
Mr. Howard & Mrs. Mildred Choy
Mr. Alfred Chu & Ms. Kathy InouyeChu
Mr. Steven & Mrs. Char Doi
Mr. William J. Edick, Jr. & Ms.
Pamela Burns
Dr. John Fong
Mr. Richard Fujikawa
Ms. Yasuko Fujita
Mr. Matt & Mrs. Joyce Fukuchi
Mrs. Adelyn Fukuda
Mr. David & Mrs. Hiromi Fukuda
Mr. Hiroshi & Mrs. Janice Fukuda
Mr. Saburo & Mrs. Lucille Fukuda
Mr. Shig & Mrs. Terrie Furuta
Ms. Yasko Gamo
Mrs. Gail Gee
Ms. Donna Graves
Mr. Wallace & Mrs. Mildred Hamada
Dr. Hajime & Mrs. Judy Hamaguchi
Mr. Robert & Mrs. Carolyn Hamaguchi
Mr. Greg Hamamoto* & Ms. Dolly
Mme. Michiya Hanayagi
Ms. Irene Harada
Ms. Kazue Harada
Mr. Jon & Mrs. Shelley Hatakeyama
Mr. Kaz & Mrs. Aiko Hayashi
Mr. Henry & Mrs. Mary Hidekawa
Mr. Chris Hirano & Ms. Chiyomi
Mr. Yoshikazu Hirota
Dr. Ronald & Mrs. Cynthia Hiura
Ms. Tsugiko Holdaway
Mr. Shoji Horikoshi
Mr. Tom & Mrs. Gaylene Hoshiyama
Ms. Chidori Hoy
Mr. Daniel & Mrs. Judy Hruska
Mr. Ernest & Mrs. Chizu Iiyama
Ms. Mary Ikenaga
Ms. Sueko Imagawa
Mr. Charles Ingram & Ms. Midori
Ms. Barbara Ishikawa
Mr. Mas & Mrs. Sets Ishikawa
Mrs. Tomi Isono
Ms. Patricia Ito
Ms. Janis Ito
Mr. Roy Kumiy Iwao
Ms. Nancy Kamei
Mr. Roger & Mrs. Yuri Kamiya
Ms. Peggy Kanzawa
Mr. Kenneth Kasamatsu
Mrs. Stella Kato
Dr. Neil Katsura & Ms. Jane HiuraKatsura
Mrs. Shigeko Kawabe
Mr. Lewis Kawahara & Ms. Akiko
Summer 2009 - Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California
Mr. Thomas Kawakami
Ms. Kikuye Kayano
Mr. Richard Kenmotsu
Mr. Michael Kido
Mrs. Pearl Kimura
Mr. Gary & Mrs. Barbara Kitagawa
Ms. Chizu Kitagawa
Mr. Yoshiharu & Ms. Marie Kitagawa
Ms. Kayoko Kitsuda
Dr. Nelson & Mrs. Miyuki Kobayashi
Ms. Kuniye Koga
Ms. June Kohatsu
Ms. Louise Koike
Ms. Tetsuya Kuraishi
Ms. Michiko Kuramoto
Mr. George & Mrs. Joyce Kuwatani
Ms. May Kuwatani
Ms. Yaeko Kuwatani & Ms. Hiroko
Mrs. Mary Kyono
Ms. Sharen Langewisch
Ms. Carole Jan Lee
Ms. Merijane Lee
Ms. Miyoko Lee
Mr. Frank & Mrs. Yoko Lum
Mr. Lincoln & Mrs. Katherine Mah
Ms. Francisca Maher
Mr. Albert Mamiya
Mr. Kazuo Maruoka
Mr. Sam Maruyama
Mrs. Etsuko Masuda
Ms. Sandi Matoba
Mr. Tsukasa & Mrs. June Matsueda
Mr. Paul* & Mrs. Sachi Matsumura
Mr. Jeffery Matsuoka
Ms. Ria McIntosh
Mr. Mike & Ms. Margaret McIntyre
Mr. Tosh Mitsuda
Dr. Ken & Dr. Mary Mizono
Ms. Asaye Mizota
Mr. Albert & Mrs. Sachiko Mizuhara
Ms. Kay Mizuire
Mr. Wayne & Mrs. Patty Mizuiri
Mr. Kenneth Moriguchi
Ms. Janet Morimoto
Mrs. Gail Morin
Mrs. Mary Morino
Mr. Atsushi & Ms. Betty Murakami
Mrs. Shirley Murakami
Dr. Kenji Murase*
Mrs. Mitsuko Nakahara
Dr. Donald & Mrs. Alice Nakahata
Ms. Yoko Nakahira
Mr. Hirokazu & Mrs. Grace Nakai
Ms. Nancy Nakai
Mr. Harry Nakamura
Mr. Michael & Mrs. Megumi Nakamura
Ms. Ruby Nakamura
Mr. Rod & Mrs. Dianne Nakanishi
Mr. Curtis & Mrs. Jackie Nakano
Dr. Yoshio & Mrs. Jean Nakashima
Nikkei & Retirement
Ms. Julie Nishihara
Ms. Harua Oda
Ms. Linda Oda
Ms. Rose Oda
Ms. J. June Ohara
Mr. Kazumatsu Ohno
Mr. Joe Oishi*
Mr. Sukeo & Mrs. Teiko Oji
Mr. Yoshihiro Oka
Mr. George & Mrs. Mary Okamoto
Ms. Kumi Okamoto
Mr. Steven & Mrs. Diana Okamoto
Mr. Ricky & Mrs. Glenda Okamura
Mr. Van Okamura & Ms. Glynis
Mr. Tets & Mrs. Nancy Okano
Mr. Roy & Mrs. Karen Okuhara
Mr. Roy Okuno
Ms. Chiyeko Ono
Ms. Hanaes Ono
Mrs. Norma Ono
Mr. Paul Osaki
Mr. Ed & Ms. Tomi Oshiro
Mrs. Misao Otsuki
Mr. Koji & Mrs. Betty Ozawa
Mr. Don & Mrs. Ada Sadler
Mr. Jimmy Sakamoto
Mr. Giichi & Mrs. Nancy Sakurai
Mr. George & Mrs. Doris Sasaki
Mr. Joel Sato
Ms. Leah Segawa
Ms. Linda Sekino-Omori
Mr. Roy & Mrs. Rosemary Shigematsu
Ms. Lia Shigemura & Ms. Helen Zia
Mr. Edward & Mrs. Ruth Shikada
Mr. Fred & Mrs. Ellen Shimasaki
Ms. Kiku Shimazaki
Mr. George Shimizu
Mrs. Taeko Shiozaki
Mr. Hisashi Sugaya
Mr. Thomas & Mrs. June Sugihara
Mrs. Kaya Sugiyama
Mr. Ted & Mrs. Ann Suyeyasu
Mr. Isao & Mrs. Mary Suzuki
Mr. Tom & Mrs. Marilyn Swartz
Mr. Hajime Tada
Mr. Kazuo* & Mrs. Irene Takasuka
Mr. Kaz & Ms. Michi Takata
Mrs. Mineko Takata
Mr. Ko & Mrs. Hisako Takemoto
Ms. Atsuko Takeshita
Mrs. Hideko Takeshita
Mr. Minoru & Mrs. Akiko Takeuchi
Ms. Rose Tanaka
Ms. Shigeko Tanaka
Dr. T. Miriam Tani
Mrs. Mary Taniguchi
Mr. Seichi* & Mrs. Takeko Tanisawa
Mr. Milton Tanizawa
Mrs. Miyoko Tomura
Mr. Joe* & Mrs. Yae Tondo
Dr. Reiko True
Mrs. Jean Tsuchiya*
Mr. Robert & Mrs. Betty Tsugawa
Mr. Will & Mrs. Myrna Tsukamoto
Ms. Emi Tsutsumi
Mr. Larry & Mrs. Carol Tung
Mr. Hideo Uchiyama
Mr. Taro & Mrs. Estella Uchizono
Ms. Tokiko Ushijima
Mr. Takeo & Mrs. Helen Utsumi
Mrs. Shinako Wada
Ms. Kazuko Walker
Mr. Henry & Mrs. Chizuko* Wheeler
Ms. Jennie Low Wong
Mr. Milton Wong & Ms. Diane
Mr. Ken & Mrs. Nancy Woo
Mr. William & Mrs. Irene Wu
Mr. Neil & Mrs. Rita Wun
Mr. Harry & Mrs. Leona Yahata
Mr. Minoru & Mrs. Suzanne Yamada
Mr. Ron & Mrs. Emiko Yamada
Mrs. Masu Yamaguchi & Family
Mr. Wayne & Mrs. Anna Yamaguchi
Mr. Takeshi & Mrs. Patricia Yamamoto
Mr. Masaru & Mrs. Helen Yamasaki
Ms. Asako Yamashita
Ms. Edith Yang
Mr. Carl & Mrs. Euna Yano
Mr. Gary Yano & Ms. Akemi
Ms. Marcella Yano
Ms. May Yasui
Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Hatsy Yasukochi
Mr. John & Mrs. Chibi Yasumoto
(* notes deceased)
Mr. Benjamin & Mrs. Candace Yee
Mr. Peter & Mrs. Ayako Yee
Mrs. Namiko Yokoyama
Mr. James & Mrs. Mary Yonemoto
Mr. Shigeru & Mrs. Paulynn Yoshida
Mr. Kiyoshi & Mrs. Midori Yoshii
Ms. Agnes Yoshimura
Mr. Robert & Mrs. Susan Yoshioka
Mr. Terry Akiyama
Mr. Scott & Mrs. May Alden
Mr. Yoshihiro & Mrs. Fumie Aoyama
Ms. Hideko Arita
Mr. Frank Awamura
Ms. Karen Boyden
Mr. Daniel Busto
Mr. Robert Chan
Ms. Carolyn Chin
Mr. Jack & Mrs. Jun Dairiki
Mr. Arthur & Mrs. Osame Doi
Mr. Keith & Mrs. Erin Eggleton
Mr. Masaru* & Ms. Chiyoko Endo
Ms. Lisa Eng-Beeman
Ms. Kimi Espejo
Mr. Franklin & Mrs. Nancy Fong
Mrs. Kiku Funabiki
Mr. Yas & Mrs. Emiko Furuya
Mr. Derrell & Mrs. Yong Gee
Mr. Philip & Mrs. Diane Gotanda
Mr. John Handa
Ms. Sato Hashizume
Ms. Masako Hattori & Ms. Yukiko
Ms. Yukiyo Hayashi
Mr. Al & Mrs. Jo Anne Hayashida
Mr. Jitsuo & Mrs. Kaye Higashi
Mr. George Hinoki
Mr. James Hirabayashi
Ms. Marian Hiyama
Mr. Dane Horn
Ms. Hanae Hoshino
Mr. Yoshi & Mrs. Felicia Hoshino
Ms. Setsuko Ichimoto
Mr. Tetsuo Ihara
Ms. Cathy Inamasu & Mr. Jay Wang
Mr. Jeff & Mrs. Leslie Inokuchi
Dr. Masashi & Mrs. Teruko Itano
Mr. Francis & Mrs. Paula Itaya
Mrs. Kazuko Iwahashi
Ms. Dawn Iwamoto
Mr. Frank & Mrs. Jane Iyama
Ms. Miyako Kadogawa
Mr. William Kagawa
Mr. Stanley Kanzaki
Mr. Hideyoshi & Mrs. Yaeko Kashima
Ms. Katherine Kato
Ms. Arlene Kato
Mrs. Hatsue Katsura
Reverend Masato & Mrs. Alice
Ms. Hisako Kobayashi
Mr. Eugene & Mrs. Lillian Kodani
Mr. John Kozik
Mrs. Emiko Kuruma
Ms. Rachel Kuruma
Mr. Jason Kwong
Ms. Kazue Kyono
Mr. Tim Leach
Mr. Deryck & Mrs. Margaret Lodrick
Mr. John & Mrs. Shirley Lui
Mr. Mike Lunn
Mr. Thomas Machida
Mrs. Yoko Maeda
Ms. Kay Mainaga
Ms. Ruth Mark
Mr. George Matsumoto
Ms. Jocelyn Matsumoto-Pon
Ms. Kimiko Matsuno
Mr. Gerard & Mrs. Rosie McCormick
Mr. Wataru & Mrs. Katie Misaka
Ms. Diane Misumi
Ms. Janice Mitsuda
Dr. Gary & Mrs. Lisa Mizono
Mr. Bert Mori
Mrs. Frances Morioka
Ms. Anna Munekawa
Ms. Tsutaye Murakami
Dr. Keith Muramoto
Mrs. Jane Nakamoto
Mrs. Rose Nieda
Ms. Fumi Nihei
Mr. Clifford & Mrs. Irene Nishimoto
Mr. Somao Ochi
Mr. Kazumatsu Ohno
Mr. Harry & Mrs. Shizuko Okino
Ms. Eunshin Lee Okumoto
Ms. Thelma Ong
Mr. John Sharp & Ms. Donna Onodera
Mrs. Roberta Pilsbury
Mr. John & Mrs. Shelley Roberts
Ms. Isabella Rosenthal
Mr. Wes & Ms. Susan Sakamoto
Mr. William Sato
Mrs. Midori Satow
Ms. Jean Sawa
Mr. Ken & Mrs. Linda Seals
Mr. Rylan Sekiguchi
Mr. Gerald & Mrs. Joy Sekimura
Dr. Fumio Shibata
Ms. Mika Shimizu
Ms. Grace Shimono
Mr. Harry & Mrs. Mary Shin
Mr. Takeo & Mrs. Maye Shirasawa
Mr. Ernest Shiroma
Ms. Diane Sidd-Champion
Mr. Gower Suen
Mr. Marshall & Mrs. Misako Sumida
Ms. Yukiko Suzuki
Mr. Harry & Mrs. Jean Tajima
Ms. Louise Takeuchi
Ms. Kiyoko Tanaka
Mr. Richard Tanaka
Ms. Michiko Tashiro
Mr. Emery & Mrs. LuDene Teranishi
Ms. Sue Tom
Mr. Kenji & Mrs. Mary Tomita
Mr. Wayne & Mrs. Mitsuko Toyama
Dr. Jeff Velotta
Ms. Keiko Wada
Mr. Mikio & Mrs. Midori Wada
Reverend Lloyd & Mrs. Marion Wake
Ms. Jane Watanabe
Ms. Nancy Winchell
Mr. Gilmore & Mrs. Mary Wong
Mr. Jimmy & Mrs. Caroline Wong
Mr. & Mrs. Jimi Yamaichi
Mr. Jiro Yamamoto
Mr. Michael & Mrs. Sachiko Yamamura
Mrs. Tamiko Yasuhara
Ms. Alice Yonekura
Mr. Brent Yoshifuji & Mrs. Wendy
Mr. Steve Yoshifuji
Ms. Cindy Yoshifuji-Ward
Mr. Johnnie & Mrs. Debbie Yoshii
Mr. Mel Young & Ms. Janis Gomes
In-Kind Donations
Benkyo-do Company
Daijogo & Pedersen, LLP
Kotobuki Trading Company, Inc.
Mr. Duane Kurisu
Southwest Airlines
Corporate Giving
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.
The James Irvine Foundation
The following companies made
contributions in 2008 on behalf of
their employee(s) or trustee(s):
Adobe Systems Incorporated
Ms. Chiyomi Kuroki-Hirano
America’s Charities
Mrs. Benita Ushikubo-Snavely
Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation
Mr. Craig Hamakawa
Bank of America
Ms. Kim Nakahara
Mr. Bradley Yee
Charles Schwab Foundation
Mr. Kenneth Wu
Chevron Texaco
Mr. Wayne Louie
Mr. Edward Oda
Community Health Charities
Ms. Susan Muranishi
The Ford Foundation
Ms. Irene Hirano
Gap Foundation
Ms. Mari Kobara
Give With Liberty
Ms. Barbara Low
Mr. Atsushi Miyamoto
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Mr. Andrew Nakahata
I Do Foundation
Mr. Richard Lee and Ms. Naomi
IBM Corporation, US
Ms. Mutsuko Arima
Kaiser Permanente
Mr. Peti Arunamata & Ms. Sherilyn
Ms. Louise Tsumori-Lue
Kemper Insurance Company
Mrs. Arline Chinn
Macy’s West United Way Campaign
Mr. Dario Estrabao
Schwab Charitable Fund
Mr. Colbert Matsumoto
United Way California Capital
Ms. Carole Hayashino
Mr. Gary Kitagawa
Ms. Janet Naito
United Way of the Bay Area
Ms. Barbara Low
Ms. Joann Wong
United Way Silicon Valley
Ms. Barabara Low
Wells Fargo Community Support
Ms. Marilyn Oshiro
Mr. Marcus Wong
Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California - Summer 2009
Program/Event Sponsors
In Honor and In Memory of Donors
The following companies and individuals gave in support of the following programs and events:
The Henri and Tomoye Takahashi
Charitable Foundation
Japan Airlines
Event Sponsors
The Henri and Tomoye Takahashi
Charitable Foundation
San Francisco Japantown
Kristi Yamaguchi’s Always Dream
Event Partners
JACL San Francisco Chapter
Japan Video & Media
Okasan & Me
Sakura Color Products of America,
Sanrio Inc.
Hole-in-One Sponsors
Don Endo and British Motors (SF)
MIF Insurance
T. Okamoto and Co.
Hole Sponsors
Drs. Hiura and Hiura Optometrists
Mr. Don Endo and British Motors
Ms. Marjorie Fletcher and Ms. Sue
Mr. Scott Hayashi
Mrs. Yo Hironaka
Hukilau Da Bar
Mr. Daro Inouye
Mr. Charlie Kagay & Ms. Teresa
Dr. Neil Katsura
Mr. Robert & Mrs. Irene Kawamoto
Mr. Lowell Kimura & Ms. Donna
Mr. Kaz Maniwa & Ms. Masako
Mr. Jeff & Mrs. Kathy Maruyama
and City Contacts
Mr. Sam Maruyama and I-Hire
Darlene Masamori Insurance
Ms. Marilyn Oshiro
Oto Bailey Fukumoto & Mishima,
Osaki Design
Pyramid Printing and Graphics
Mr. Ross Sakamoto & Ms. Angela
San Francisco Associates
San Francisco Drakes
San Francisco Bay Area Nikkei
San Francisco Enchantees
Mr. Jonathan & Mrs. Joyce Shindo
Mr. Kyle Tatsumoto & Ms. Carole
Teraoka and Partners LLP
Town Consulting
Craig Y. Yonemura, DDS, MS, Inc.
Uoki Sakai and Co.
Raffle Sponsors
Ms. Jackie Chan and New York Life
Mr. Tadd Fujikawa and Family
Ms. Lois Hunter and United Airlines
Mr. Lawrence Kwok and Silver
Legacy Resort and Casino
Ozumo Restaurant
Tihati Productions LTD.
Event Supporters
Berkeley Bowl
Ms. Marjorie Fletcher and Ms. Sue
Gatanaga Nursery
Ms. Lois Hunter and United Airlines
Nomura and Company
Suruki Market
Tashiro Nursery
Toyota Motor Sales
Mr. Lance Wong
Dr. Craig Yonemura
Mr. Shiro & Mrs. Marsha Horita
Mr. Mits & Mrs. Sadame Kojimoto
Mr. Howard Masumura
Ms. Barbara Nagareda
Mrs. Mary Negi
Ms. Marumi Suyeyasu
Mr. Dennis Tsuchiya
Mr. Keith & Mrs. Stacey Tsuchiya
Hoops for Friends, Inc.
Mr. Mits & Mrs. Sadame Kojimoto
San Francisco Drakes
In Honor of Hatsuro Aizawa
Mr. Mits & Mrs. Sadame Kojimoto
35th Anniversary Sponsors
Japan Airlines
Union Bank of California
Visionary Sponsors
3D Investments
Glen S. Fukushima
The Henri and Tomoye Takahashi
Charitable Foundation
Tribute Sponsors
Hosoda Bros., Inc.
Island Insurance Company
Japanese American National
Japanese Chamber of Commerce of
Northern California
Nomura and Company
Media Sponsors
Asian Week
Hokubei Mainichi
Nichi Bei Times
Friends of the JCCCNC
All Nippon Airways
Best Buy
Mr. Yas and Mrs. Alyce Furuya
Hotel Kabuki
Kintetsu International
KTSF Channel 26
Mutual Express Company
Seligman Family Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation
Betty T. Yee, State Board of
In Honor of Craig Hamakawa
Mr. Eric Glapion & Ms. Lynn
In Honor of Jean Kikuko
Mr. Sam Maruyama
In Honor of Lori Matoba-Wun
Mr. Neil & Mrs. Rita Wun
In Honor of Allen Okamoto
Mr. Raymond I. Brown
Mr. Peti Arunamata & Ms. Sherilyn
Mr. Kevin Chin
Mr. Gerry Nakano & Ms. Dianne
Mr. Derrell & Mrs. Yong Gee
Mr. Bob Higaki
Mrs. Yo Hironaka
Ms. Valerie Ho
Mr. Ronald & Mrs. Mimi Kagehiro
Mrs. Barbara Marumoto
Mr. Carlos & Mrs. Vita Rodriguez
In Honor of Daisy Satoda
Ms. Sato Hashizume
In Honor of Tomomi & Toshi
Mr. Albert & Mrs. Sachiko Mizuhara
In Honor of Jane Hara Wong
Reverend Masato & Mrs. Alice
In Memory of:
In Memory of Roy Ashizawa
Mr. Deryck and Mrs. Margaret
Mr. Paul Osaki
Mr. Yone & Mrs. Daisy Satoda
Ms. Betty Shon
Mr. Frank & Mrs. Edith Tanaka
Ms. Helen Tong
Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame
Mr. Craig & Mrs. Lyn Hamakawa
In Honor of:
The Henri and Tomoye Takahashi
Charitable Foundation
California Civil Liberties Public
Education Program
Best Buy
The Henri and Tomoye Takahashi
Charitable Foundation
Summer 2009 - Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California
In Memory of Ron China
Mr. Edward & Mrs. Alice Arikawa
Ms. Roberta Berteau
Ms. Carolyn Chin
Mrs. Mary China
Ms. Elsie Chung
Doelger Senior Center
Ms. Elaine Fong
Ms. Yvonne Gee
Ms. Karen Hagen
The following is a list of donors who gave gifts in memory or in honor of someone special. 2008 Fall Annual Support
Drive tribute gifts were listed in the special tribute section in our Spring 2009 Newsletter. If you would like a copy of the
Spring Newsletter, please call (415) 567-5505:
Ms. Susan Haramoto
Mr. Bernard & Mrs. Joyce Hata
Ms. Ruby Hirashima
Ms. Emy Hynes
Mr. Mits & Mrs. Sadame Kojimoto
Ms. Edna Lee
Ms. Nancy Lew
Ms. Diane Matsuda
Mr. Somao Ochi
Mr. Allen & Mrs. Patricia Okamoto
Dr. Jerry & Mrs. Eleanor Osumi
Mr. Stan & Mrs. Yaeko Ozaki
Ms. Madeline Ritchie
Ms. Karen Sadural
Ms. Jan Shropshire
Mr. Gregory Takahashi
Mrs. Violet Tanaka
Mr. Louis & Mrs. Janet Tomimatsu
Ms. Shizuko Tomimatsu
Ms. Rebecca Tsuchiya
United Administrators of SF
Emeritus (UASF-Emeritus)
Mr. Jimmy & Mrs. Caroline Wong
Mr. Sherman Wong
Ms. Joanne Woo
Ms. Marjorie Xavier
Mr. Minoru & Mrs. Suzanne Yamada
In Memory of Reiko Fukunaga
Ms. Marjorie Fletcher
Mr. Richard & Mrs. Ruby Hata
Mr. Allen & Mrs. Patricia Okamoto
Mr. Paul Osaki
Mr. Wayne & Mrs. Sally Osaki
Mr. Jeff Wun & Ms. Lori Matoba
In Memory of Leo Ikeda
Mr. William Sato
In Memory of Masayuki & Sakae
Ms. Masako Hattori & Ms. Yukiko
In Memory of Arleen HondaTsuchiya
Ms. Sumiko Akashi
Ms. Eiko Aoki
Ms. Olga Bethune
Mr. Henry Chan
Ms. Phyllis Chan
Mrs. Victoria De Goff
Mr. Nobusuke & Mrs. Fumi Fukuda
Ms. Mary Ann Furuichi
Mr. Satoshi Hane
Ms. Judy Hisaka
Ms. Akemi Honda & Mr. Matt Wayne
Mr. Tomio Iwamoto
Ms. Jane Jens
Ms. Anita Jin
Mrs. Jeanie Kashima
Mr. Richard Kishimoto
Ms. Jun Kodani
Ms. Shigeko Koyama
Ms. Kazue Kyono
Mrs. Jean Lum
Mr. Phillip Mar
Mr. Robert & Mrs. Diane Matsumura
Ms. Jane Miller
Ms. Seiko Nakayama
Ms. Fumi Nihei
Dr. & Mrs. Harry Nomura
Mr. Paul Osaki
Ms. Lucille Ostrofsky
Mr. Bill Sakai
San Francisco Bay Area Nikkei
Mr. William Sato
Mr. Hiko & Mrs. Susan Shimamoto
Mr. Harry & Mrs. Lorraine Suzuki
Mr. Thomas & Ms. Alberta Tanaka
Ms. Monica Tabrizi
Mr. Frank & Mrs. Edith Tanaka
In Memory of Tad Horita
Ms. Elsie Chung
Ms. Rose Ichiyasu
Mr. Shiro & Mrs. Annie Suenaga
In Memory of George & Tae
Ms. Mary Ikenaga
In Memory of Peter Ito
Mr. Henry Bailey
Ms. Janis Ito
In Memory of Mary Iwao
Mrs. Violet Tanaka
In Memory of Miye Kashiwase
Mr. Yone & Mrs. Daisy Satoda
In Memory of Ida Kawaguchi
Ms. Marjorie Fletcher
Ms. Sato Hashizume
Mr. Richard & Mrs. Ruby Hata
Mrs. Naoko Ito
Mr. Kyle Tatsumoto & Ms. Carole
In Memory of Mitsuko Kawaguchi
Ms. Kayo Nakamura
In Memory of Lillian Kodama
Mr. Emery & Mrs. LuDene Teranishi
In Memory of Fred Kurata
Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Shirley Kurata
In Memory of William Ping Lee
Mr. Richard B. Lee
Mr. Don & Mrs. Ada Sadler
In Memory of Stephen E.
Mrs. Victoria De Goff
In Memory of Kimi Matsumoto
Mr. George Matsumoto
In Memory of Paul Matsumura
Mr. Joselito & Mrs. Gloria Austria
Ms. Judith Cavallo
Mr. Manley & Mrs. Ruby Chew
Mrs. Victoria De Goff
Mr. Masami & Mrs. Teruko Dobashi
Ms. Gloria Dungca
Mr. Warren & Mrs. June Eijima
Mr. Franklin & Mrs. Nancy Fong
Mr. Henry & Mrs. Stella Fong
Mr. Bill & Mrs. Rose Fukumitsu
Mr. Shig & Mrs. Terrie Furuta
Mr. Dean Hedani
Mrs. Yo Hironaka
Dr. Jon & Mrs. Ema Hiura
Mrs. Michi Horio
Ms. Tsugiye Imoto
Mrs. Hatsumi Ishii
Mr. Bruce & Mrs. Susan Iwafuchi
Mr. Jack & Mrs. Beverly Joe
Mr. Buichi & Mrs. Martha Kajiwara
Mrs. Stella Kato
Ms. Ruth Mark
Mr. Wayne & Mrs. Teresa
Mr. John Mizono
Mr. Mitsuo & Mrs. Kazuko Murakami
Mrs. Nanami Naito
Mr. Richard & Mrs. Lillian Nishihara
Mr. George & Mrs. Yaeko Noda
Mr. Tets & Mrs. Nancy Okano
Mr. Ken & Mrs. Kay Onishi
Mr. Wayne & Mrs. Sally Osaki
Mr. David & Mrs. Cindi Sasaki
Mrs. Yae Tondo
Dr. Himeo Tsumori
Mr. Mikio & Mrs. Midori Wada
Mr. Glenn Watanabe
Ms. Doris Wong
Ms. Hattie Wong
Ms. Mary Yoshitomi
In Memory of Carolyn Mitsuda
Mr. Satoru & Mrs. Setsuko Kagehiro
Mr. Tosh Mitsuda
In Memory of Jack Mizono
Mr. Paul Osaki
In Memory of Diane Nakamura
Ms. Janis Ito
Ms. Patricia Ito
Ms. Anna Lee
Ms. Kayo Nakamura
Mr. Paul Osaki
In Memory of Florence Nakamura
Ms. Marjorie Fletcher
Ms. Sharen Langewisch
Mr. Harry Nakamura
Mr. Paul Osaki
Mr. Frank & Mrs. Edith Tanaka
In Memory of Moriaki “Mo”
Mrs. Nellie Noguchi
In Memory of Wallace and
Katherine Nunotani
Ms. Ikue Burney
Mr. Sean & Mrs. Pamela Donahoe
Mr. George & Mrs. Teruko
In Memory of Tosh Sakaguchi
Ms. Patricia Wada
In Memory of Yozo Sakai
Dr. Quintus & Mrs. Jean Sakai
In Memory of The Shin Family &
The Wada Family
Mr. Harry & Mrs. Mary Shin
In Memory of Dr. Richard A.
Mrs. Benita Ushikubo-Snavely
In Memory of Herbert Spivack
Mrs. Annie Spivack
In Memory of Yosh Sugiyama
Mr. Yone & Mrs. Daisy Satoda
In Memory of Maria Talay-Wada
Mrs. Chiyo Wada
Ms. Patricia Wada
In Memory of Nancy Tomioka
Mrs. Naoko Ito
In Memory of Joe Tondo
Cooley, Godward, Kronish
Mr. Shig & Mrs. Terrie Furuta
Mr. Gary & Mrs. Sharon Kato
Mr. Mitsufumi & Mrs. Rumi Okabe
Mr. Paul Osaki
Mr. Bill Sakai
Mr. Thomas & Mrs. June Sugihara
In Memory of Jean Tsuchiya
Ms. Lorin Annala
Mrs. Victoria De Goff
Mrs. Barbara Marumoto
Ms. Lori Matoba & Mr. Jeff Wun
Ms. Sandi Matoba
Ms. Kuniko Naito
Mr. Allen & Mrs. Patricia Okamoto
Mr. Steven & Mrs. Diana Okamoto
Mr. Paul Osaki
Mr. Carlos & Mrs. Vita Rodriguez
Mr. George & Mrs. Doris Sasaki
Mr. Jack & Mrs. Deborah Sugawara
Mrs. Martha Suzuki
Mrs. Tomoye Takahashi
Mr. David Takeda
Mr. Kyle Tatsumoto & Ms. Carole
Ms. Dorothy Tong
Ms. Marcella Yano
In Memory of Mrs. Whitehead
Ms. Francisca Maher
In Memory of Florence Yamada
Mrs. Roberta Pilsbury
Mr. Kahn Yamada
In Memory of Haruko “Herky”
Ms. Marjorie Fletcher
In Memory of James Yokoyama
Mrs. Namiko Yokoyama
Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California - Summer 2009
Inside the JCCCNC
Come to Japantown and use your
NEW membership benefits!
Aloha Warehouse
1731 Buchanan Street
(415) 346-7553
Discount: 10% discount on general items.
Terms & Conditions: Food and sale items not included.
1723 Buchanan Street
(415) 292-6002
Discount: 10% discount.
#150 Asakichi Antiques & Arts
(415) 921-2147
#207 Asakichi Cast Iron Teapot &
(415) 921-3821
#203 Shige Kimono
(415) 346-5567
#209 Asakichi Incense
(415) 921-8292
1730 Geary Boulevard
Discount: 10% discount on general items.
Terms & Conditions: Sale items not included.
Belly Good Café & Crepes
1737 Post Street, #393
(415) 346-8383
Discount: 10% discount.
Terms and Condition: Cannot be combined
with any other offer.
Benkyodo Co.
1747 Buchanan Street
(415) 922-1244
Discount: Buy one dozen manju, get one manju
1638 Post Street
(415) 440-4959
Discount: 10% discount during brunch or
lunch only.
Terms & Conditions: Cannot be combined
with any other offer. Not valid at Bushi-Tei
Membership Benefits
1737 Post Street, #345
(415) 346-0332
Premier Discounts
Discount: 10% discount.
Japan Airlines (JAL) is the JCCCNC’s corporate partner and preferred airline to travel to Japan. Escape to
Japan and take advantage of the great deals! JCCCNC members are eligible to receive exclusive group and
individual rates on Japan Airlines. Travel packages can be arranged with the JCCCNC’s Preferred Agent—
Kintetsu International in San Jose. For more information, please contact Ruby Hata at (415) 567-5505 x225.
Terms & Conditions: Restrictions on travel dates and airport departures may apply, depending on seasons and blackout dates determined by JAL..
Terms & Conditions: Cannot be combined
with any other offer.
Terms & Conditions: Cannot be combined
with any other offer.
On the Bridge
1581 Webster Street, #205
(415) 922-7765
Hayes Auto Body
2401 Bush Street
(415) 346-7061
Discount: Choice of
free soup, salad or
homemade drink
with any purchase.
Discount: 10% discount on general services.
Terms & Conditions: Cannot be combined
with any other offer.
Japan Town Acupuncture & Oriental
Medicine, Inc.
1581 Webster Street, #245
(415) 922-2100
Discount: $5 off
on acupuncture
Terms & Conditions: Not valid on
Japan Video and Media
1737 Post Street, #305
(415) 563-5220
Discount: 10% discount on all merchandise.
Ma-Shi-Ko Folkcraft
“Authentic Japanese Old World Folkcrafts”
1581 Webster Street, #216
(415) 346-0748
Contact: Wayne Sanders, [email protected]
cell: (510) 375-2836
Discount: 10% discount or more.
Murata’s Café Hana
1737 Post Street, #368
(415) 567-9133
Discount: Free cup of coffee with any $10
Negishi Jewelry Inc.
1581 Webster Street, #209
(415) 351-1680
Discount: 20% discount on all merchandise.
Summer 2009 - Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California
JCCCNC Members are eligible to receive discounts at
participating merchants. You must present your current and
valid JCCCNC Membership card and photo ID. If you have
questions about merchant discounts, please contact the
JCCCNC at (415) 567-5505 or [email protected]
Terms & Conditions: Cannot be combined
with any other offer.
Paper Tree
1743 Buchanan Mall
(415) 921-7100
Discount: 10% discount on all paper items
(origami paper, art paper, etc.).
Terms & Conditions: Sale items not included.
Cannot be combined with any other offer.
Sanko Cooking Supply
1758 Buchanan Street
(415) 922-8331
Discount: 10% off all merchandise. 5%
discount on cookbooks and electronics.
Terms & Conditions: Cannot be combined
with any other offer.
Sundance Kitchen
1865 Post Street
(415) 346-3243
Discount: 10% discount on food only.
Terms & Conditions: Cannot be combined
with any other offer.
Yasukochi’s Sweet Stop
1790 Sutter Street
(415) 931-8165
-Purchase a wreath and get one danish of your
choice free.
-Purchase one dozen cookies and get one
cookie of your choice free.
-Purchase a cream cake from the showcase at
5% discount.
Japan Airlines (JAL) is JCCCNC’s preferred airline carrier to Japan
Hawaiian Airlines Book online with Hawaiian Airlines, receive the lowest available web fare and at the same
time earn bonus miles for JCCCNC at a rate of one mile for every dollar spent. Visit www.hawaiianair.
com/affiliate and enter the Affiliate Program Code: AMWEBJCC. Here is the latest special: 5% off roundtrip
web fares - travel between Mainland U.S. and Hawaii. Also, the 1st and 2nd bag fees are waived when booking
your reservation using the affiliate code. Booking period is now through December 31, 2009 for travel now
through December 31, 2009.
Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki Preferred room rates starting at $179 per room per night at the Hawaii Prince
Hotel Waikiki. Special $65 golf rate at the Hawaii Prince Golf Club.
Hawaii Prince Hotel Summer Special: From June 1 - July 31, 2009 receive special room rates starting at
$139 per room per night at their beautiful oceanfront locations on Oahu, Maui and the Big Island. Please call the
JCCCNC at (415) 567-5505 to receive the special booking codes for the JCCCNC Member discounts.
My Japan Phone FREE Japan cell phone rental for ONE WEEK! 30% off on additional days of rental fee. Call (800)
553-9057 or visit www.myjapanphone.com by using promotion code “JCCCNC.”
Restaurant Discounts
Ongoing Promotions
Pick up vouchers at the JCCCNC.
Café Mums 10% discount on food only, drinks not included.
Cannot be combined with any other offer. (415) 931-6986
Hukilau 10% discount on food only, drinks not included.
Cannot be combined with any other offer.
San Francisco (415) 921-6242, San Jose (408) 279-4888 and
Palo Alto (650) 329-9533
Juban Restaurant 10% discount on food only, drinks not
included. Cannot be combined with any other offer.
San Francisco (415) 776-5822, Burlingame (650) 347-2300
and Menlo Park (650) 473-6458
AMC Theatres
Silver Movie Vouchers (valid 2 weeks a
after release) - $6.50/ticket.
NEW! Gold Movie Vouchers (valid anytime) - $8.00/ticket.
Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme Discount Card - $10/
card, buy 1 dozen, get 1 dozen free.
See’s Candies Gift Certificates $13.00 for one pound box of candy.
Merchant Discounts
Genji Antiques 10% off merchandise. Sale items not included. Cannot be combined with any other discount offer. (415) 931-1616
Pika Pika Buy 6 pictures on photo machines (value $6 or more), get the 7th free (free picture may not be used on
machines valued $9 and up). Also receive a 10% discount on photo related services, including film and digital photo processing
and printing, photo stamps, and golf ball stamps. Cannot be combined with any other offer. (415) 673-7898
Sain Saine Five minute extension on a 30 minute massage OR a 10 minute extension on a 60 minute massage. (415) 292-3542
T. Okamoto & Co. As a special member benefit you will be able to obtain low cost automobile insurance through T. Okamoto & Co., serving
Japantown since 1946. Please call for a competitive premium quote. (415) 931-6290 x102
Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California - Summer 2009
Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California
1840 Sutter Street, San Francisco, California 94115-3220
(415) 567-5505 Fax (415) 567-4222
[email protected] www.jcccnc.org
Permit No. 10383
San Francisco, California
JCCCNC’s Preferred Airline
15th Annual
Upcoming Events
Nikkei Open
Monday, Julylf Tournament
13, 2009
Lake Mer
ced Golf Club,
Daly City, Cal
12:30 p.m. Sho
tgun Start.
5:00 p.m. Din
ner, Awards an
* Deluxe boxe
d Raffle
d lunch; hole
giveaways; ra
$10,000 hole
ffle prizes;
-in-one prizes
; dinner enterta
ent dinner (non
-golfers welco
* Players will
me!) *
be playing in
scramble form
* Limited to th
at *
e first 144 en
For more info
tries *
rmation or to
sign up, please
at (415) 567-55
contact Ken M
05 x230, e-m
ail programs
[email protected]
org or visit ww
Community Film Screening
Saturday, July 25, 2009
3:00 p.m.
JCCCNC Issei Memorial Hall
Free admission
Calling all young filmmakers! We are
now collecting short family history video
entries to be screened and judged for prizes
at the REEL NIKKEI STORIES Community Film Screening. REEL
NIKKEI STORIES project is dedicated to training youth to intervie
and video document
possible through the California Civil Liberties Public Education
If you are interested in creating or submitting a video, or would
like more information about the event please contact Ali Kagawa
[email protected]
ack Meet
The 2009 JCCCNC Tr 2009
Sunday, June 28,
Palo Alto High School
, Palo Alto
50 Embarcadero Road
registration: 8:30 a.m.
Start Time: 9:00 a.m.,
ts! $10 entry includes
Still accepting applican
Sign up to run,
jump, kick (soccer),
throw (softball) or
enter a team for
a t-shirt.
the relay.
Join the community
potluck picnic for
lunch. Bring your
favorite main dish
to share, and join the
and sides, with enough
Events for ALL AGES:
+); Division 1 (17 yrs +);
Masters Division (30 yrs
4 (11-12 yrs);
3 (13-14 yrs); Division
2 (15-16 yrs); Division
n 7 (6 yrs &
ision 6 (7-8 yrs); Divisio
Division 5 (9-10 yrs); Div
ase call:
on pre-meet training, ple
For more information
ig Hamakawa (415) 50
• San Francisco: Cra
Nieda (650) 948-4
• Peninsula: Michelle
ari (408) 257-5609
• San Jose: Tom Oshid
mamoto at (415)
please call Jennifer Ha
For more information,
.org or visit
[email protected]
567-5505 x227, e-mail