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Digimarc® Guardian
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Dramatically Reduces Piracy
Finds and takes down more
pirated content, protecting
revenues and channels.
Delivers Global Visibility
Provides global, multilanguage visibility into piracy
and protection.
Demonstrates Author
Assures authors of publisher
commitment through book
level reporting and author
Cost Effective
Delivers larger scale coverage
and success at a fraction of
the cost of less effective inhouse or outsourced legal
Protecting Publishers and Their Authors from
Digital Piracy
Book piracy is a growing and global problem. With e-book standards
continuing to evolve and the established popularity of tablets and
other e-readers, book piracy is expected to grow dramatically in
2016 and beyond. A recent study suggested that e-books with piracy
protection experience 13 percent fewer unit sales, representing a
potential loss of nearly $100 million from a single major bookseller
Publishers are faced with this piracy growth at the worst possible
time; while they are dealing with the challenges of growing price and
cost pressure, increasing consolidation, increasing power of eretailers, and author anxiety over their livelihood and copyright
protection. Piracy scales instantaneously and at Internet speed, but
enforcement efforts are technology, skill and headcount constrained.
This imbalance puts bestsellers, new releases and editions, and
complete catalogs at risk of significant revenue loss.
In order to reduce piracy, protect revenues
and demonstrate
commitment to authors, publishers must find scalable, cost effective
and demonstrable piracy protection solutions. With scanning and
DRM cracking technologies ubiquitous and inexpensive, the creation
of pirated content is inevitable. Going after consumers is difficult to
execute and scale and can have a significant public relations
downside. The only effective way to reduce the impact of piracy is to
disrupt the piracy ecosystem at the point of distribution: the
cyberlockers, peer-to-peer networks, content sites and feeder pages
that supply content to end consumers.
Digimarc® Guardian
Digimarc® Guardian is the leading solution to protect publishers and authors from book piracy losses by
cost effectively and globally disrupting the distribution of pirated content. It is an end-to-end service that
discovers and validates pirated content on cyberlockers, peer-to-peer networks and other offending
sites. Digimarc Guardian then initiates and manages an integrated takedown process.
Digimarc Guardian provides visibility into online piracy across geographies and languages, allowing
publishers to measure and optimize their return on anti-piracy efforts. The solution effortlessly scales to
meet the challenges of spikes in piracy on new releases, editions and large sellers.
The world’s top publishers demonstrate their commitment to authors with Digimarc by providing
detailed visibility into book level piracy and protection and by allowing authors to self-report suspected
violations. These features, as well as Digimarc’s brand and reputation as the leader in fighting book
piracy, prove that publishers are fighting for their authors’ rights.
Broad, global and multi-language discovery of potential piracy. Two phase machine and human validation of suspected piracy, maximizing capture rates
while virtually eliminating false positives. Integrated takedown process including automated notice (DCMA/EU Copyright Directive),
escalation and follow-up. Author and agent self-reporting of potential piracy with optional co-branding. Real-time title and book level reporting and forensics with a robust API for integration into
corporate reports and dashboards. A single vendor solution with global coverage and 24/7 delivery and support.
Digimarc is the global leader in protecting books from the growing threat
of digital piracy. The software and services protect book revenues and
authors’ rights by finding and removing pirated content across the
Internet. Digimarc’s customers are some of the world’s largest and most
prominent publishers including HarperCollins Publishers, Harvard
Business Publishing, Oxford University Press, Penguin Random House, and
Reed Elsevier.
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