2015 Annual Report - Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox



2015 Annual Report - Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox
Dear Stewards of Hellenic College
Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology,
As you well know, the mandate of Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School
of Theology is to prepare men and women for exemplary service to the Church and society. It is
a noble and sacred task that reflects the vitality of our Greek Orthodox Church in America.
You, the careful and generous guardians of our beloved Schole, who have nurtured the
growth of this precious institution of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America from its humble
beginnings in 1937 into the prominent center for theological education and pastoral formation
that it is today, have the gratitude of the Church for your valued offering.
The graduates of Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology are
the dynamic workers of Christ’s Vineyard in the United States of America. Whether it be in the
leadership of our Archdiocese and its Metropolises, our parishes, our camps, youth and young
adult ministries, our missionary activities, our ecumenical outreach, our catechetical programs,
or our ministries of charity, this sacred institution has a direct link in strengthening our Orthodox
Christian faith and cultural identity in America.
In the pages of this 2015 Annual Report of Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox
School of Theology, you will see how this institution is bringing honor and glory to God through
proper education processes of worship and learning, preparing leadership for our parishes and
ministries, engaging with the critical issues of our times, and offering a vibrant witness of our
Orthodox Christian faith and our universal Hellenic tradition in ecclesiastical, academic, and
professional communities.
I thank you for your support of Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of
Theology that is equipping the faithful for the work of ministry for the edifying of the body of
Christ (Ephesians 4:12). May our good and gracious God enrich you with His bountiful blessings
and keep you and your loved ones under His permanent protection.
With paternal love in Christ,
Archbishop of America
“It’s all about the students!”
It is a true honor to have been
selected to serve our Archdiocese
as the new President of our
sacred school. Both the college
and the school of theology are
the lifelines of our faith in the
western hemisphere. Simply and
profoundly put, without it – we
have no future! No other school
offers the opportunity for the
future servant-leaders of our faith to be trained to work
side-by-side, collegian with the seminarian, to prepare
themselves to serve Christ and the faithful.
The world has changed and will continue to change
significantly in the near future. In the light of this everchanging landscape, we must rise to the occasion and
offer our best so that the school will not only survive but
thrive. In order to do this, we need dedicated individuals
who toil day and night at the school, and we need
your financial support more than ever before. We must
offer a cutting-edge approach to higher education and
leadership training like no other place in the world.
As my blessed grandmother used to say, Καθαρός
ουρανός, αστραπές δεν φοβάται, a clear sky does not have
to worry about lightning. In other words, full disclosure
means you don’t ever have to look over your shoulder.
We are completely transparent and forthcoming with our
financial information. We are, therefore, sending you this
detailed report of our efforts. I want you to know how
grateful I am for your continued support of the school.
We simply could not do this work without you.
So, my friends, please read this document carefully,
and, if you feel so moved, call us directly to see how and
where you can get involved. If you see your name listed,
then you are one of our special ambassadors. I ask you
this year to seek out two people who can join you in
supporting our school. Share this Annual Report with
them, tell them why you support the school, and then
ask them to give as you did! It’s that simple. Once you
do, next year, when we print our Annual Report, it will
double in size and enable growth. This will allow us to
offer our students a better education and our dedicated
faculty the tools they need to do their jobs better.
We cannot wait any longer. The excuses as to why the
schools are not flourishing, both in enrollment and
financially, are no longer acceptable. We have been given
a divine message that we must communicate, and a
heavenly mandate we must carry out.
Some facts you can read more about in this Annual
Report are:
Operational cost have averaged $11.0 million
annually over the past 3 years.
General and administrative expenses remain at 20%
of total budget, well below comparable institutions.
100% of our students receive some form of
scholarship or grant towards their cost of
attendance, which has helped alleviate and in some
cases eliminate the extra burden of carrying federal
student loans.
75% of our students underwrite their cost of
education through alternative means utilizing
financial grants and scholarships.
Our largest annual supporters of the school are the
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, Leadership
100, and the National Ladies Philoptochos.
Despite an increase in donations for FY2014, we
anticipate some shortfall in 2015.
Finally, please visit our website at: www.hchc.edu,
and take a moment to “like” us on Facebook at:
www.facebook.com/HellenicCollegeHolyCross. It is on
these sites that you will get daily updates on your computer
or smart phone informing you of what we are up to. HCHC
is a very exciting place bustling with a young spirit, great
energy, and an abundance of good will.
Our institution is unique. As part of our community of
believers, I pray that you recognize its value and the vital
contributions we are making to our society. Won’t you join
with us in supporting, to the maximum of your capability,
those who will represent Christ to a fallen world?
If you have any questions about the report, or if you would
like to share your ideas on how to grow the institution
further, please contact me at: 617-850-1280.
In His Service,
V. Rev. Christopher T. Metropulos, D.Min.
“Our mission is biblically based. Our vision is divinely inspired,
and the community is devoted to Christ.”
Jerold Panas, Panas, Linzy & Partners, Assessment Report to Hellenic College Holy Cross
“What will you do with that
major?!” This question is asked
every day of thousands of college
students by their parents. A
college education has become too
expensive to leave its outcome to
The success of any college is
measured by the success of
its students. The rising cost of
tuition has prompted the federal
government to promote two new
measures of “student success”: the Gainful Employment
Act now requires that colleges report the percentage
of their graduates who are continuing their studies or
working in a profession for which their studies prepared
them. It also requires that they report the median burden
of student debt.
Our students succeed when they transform
their secular professions into sacred
vocations. Our college succeeds when it
prepares them for their future by building
the Church of Christ.
We were proud to report this year to the government that
fully 100% of our 2014 graduates were either gainfully
employed, using skills they learned here, or continuing
their education elsewhere. Students also graduate from
Hellenic College with less debt: their median burden of
debt was just over $11,000 versus the national average
of $35,000. That comes as no surprise: 100% of our
students receive HCHC scholarships and grants. The low
level of HCHC student debt is one reason why we boast
a 0% student loan default rate. This measure is used by
the government as evidence that our alumni are in jobs
that pay well enough for them to stay current with their
payments. By comparison, default rates average 7% at
private colleges and universities, 11% at public ones,
and 22.7% at for-profit colleges.
Hellenic College takes seriously its responsibility to
prepare its students for success. This past year, we
expanded our efforts to help students succeed after
graduation. We hosted events highlighting internship
opportunities. We helped every student write a résumé
before graduation. Professional career counselors met
with our juniors and seniors. Seasoned professionals
held workshops on job searches and interviewing skills.
We’re partnering with alumni for networking and job
placement opportunities.
As an Orthodox Christian college, however, we would
never reduce “student success” to professional or
financial attainments. Hellenic College is not about
job training, it’s about education, faith, and service!
The liberal arts are at the core of our curriculum. We
strive for the life of the mind and soul. Students choose
Hellenic College because they want to study in a place
where they can also pray and serve. Our goal is to help
them grow morally, intellectually, and spiritually. Our
students succeed when they transform their secular
professions into sacred vocations. Our college succeeds
when it prepares them for their future by building the
Church of Christ.
Dr. Demetrios S. Katos
Dean of Hellenic College
“Hellenic College is a community that brings together higher education
and our Orthodox faith. Through this combination, scholars find an active
and engaged student body, as well as faculty and spiritual leaders who
are supportive and encouraging. The community at Hellenic College has
become a second family to me and has already provided me with new
opportunities, personal growth, and many memories!”
Management and Leadership major | Hellenic College class of 2018
Administration Building is a
constant reminder of the call
and responsibility placed upon
students and faculty who come
to study and teach at Holy Cross.
This simple cross, perched atop
a natural sloping hill, overlooks
Jamaica Pond and downtown
Boston. An enigmatic symbol,
the cross remains meaningless
without individuals who bring
its meaning and purpose to life.
The 2014-15 academic year was a perfect example of
students and faculty whose actions and work reflect the
meaning of the cross.
Holy Cross faculty continued to contribute to the
academic life of the campus, the Church, and the wider
academic community. This year, the faculty of Holy Cross
co-sponsored three conferences on topics deeply relevant
to our human condition and the calling of the cross. From
November 5-7, 2014, Holy Cross hosted the conference,
“Exploring the Mind-Body-Soul Connection: Spirituality
in Illness and Healing,” which was co-sponsored with
The Orthodox Christian Association of Medicine,
Psychology, and Religion (OCAMPR). His Eminence
Archbishop Demetrios delivered the keynote address. Dr.
Philip Mamalakis, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Care,
organized the conference. An international conference,
“Deaconesses, Ordination of Women, and Orthodox
Theology,” held in Thessaloniki, Greece, January 2224, 2015, was organized by Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Clapsis,
Archbishop Iakovos Professor of Orthodox Theology. The
conference was held in collaboration with the School of
Theology of the University of Thessaloniki and the Center
for Ecumenical, Missiological, and Environmental Studies.
Dr. Kyriaki FitzGerald, Adjunct Professor of Theology,
delivered two papers at the conference and Dr. Thomas
FitzGerald, Professor of Church History and Historical
Theology, attended the conference as well. Finally, Holy
Cross welcomed His Eminence Metropolitan Kallistos
Ware to campus on June 20, 2015, to offer a lecture on
“Divine Compassion and the Restoration of the Human
Icon,” co-sponsored with St. Catherine’s Vision.
Holy Cross students participated in a special service trip
to Project Mexico during spring break 2015. The group
of students constructed a 12’ x 15’ home for a young
Mexican family. The mission trip, according to Jason
Oneida (Holy Cross class of 2017), “was an unforgettable
experience that altered our entire team’s understanding
of the meaning of missionary work; mission work is
about communion with others.” Also during the spring
semester, Holy Cross students were introduced to a
new course, “Social Ministries,” taught by Dr. Timothy
Patitsas, Assistant Professor of Ethics. The course
requires students to participate in one of a variety of
social ministry programs in the Boston, Brookline, or
Jamaica Plain areas.
Holy Cross was pleased to welcome two new faculty
members to campus this year. Fr. Maximos Constas was
appointed as Senior Research Scholar at Holy Cross.
Fr. Maximos had previously been serving as a visiting
professor. This new appointment provides Fr. Maximos
with the stability to continue to work on his research
projects, to teach courses at Hellenic College and Holy
Cross, and to be available for campus retreats and
lectures. Fr. Maximos’ most recent publication, The Art of
Seeing: Paradox and Perception in Orthodox Iconography
(Sebastian Press, 2014), reflects his extensive knowledge
of patristic sources and the vast aesthetic corpus of the
Orthodox tradition. Also, during the spring 2015 semester,
Holy Cross welcomed His Grace Bishop Kyrillos of Abydos
as Visiting Professor of Canon Law for the semester. His
Grace is a professor of historical theology and dogmatics
on the Faculty of Pastoral Theology at the School of
Theology of the University of Athens and is an auxiliary
bishop of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. His Grace taught
two courses during the spring 2015 semester, the core
course in canon law and an elective, “Primacy in the
Church: The Position of the Russian Orthodox Church on
the Ravenna Document.”
An enigmatic symbol, the cross remains
meaningless without individuals who bring
its meaning and purpose to life.
As we welcome with excitement our new President,
the V. Rev. Christopher T. Metropulos, D.Min., may
we remember the legacy of Fr. Nicholas Triantafilou,
who stepped down as president of HCHC after fifteen
years of dedicated service. Fr. Nick was never fearful of
preaching the message of the cross, never saw himself
as too important to live the humiliation of the cross, and
was never too proud to offer himself to those who were
in need. Though his illness kept him away for much of
his final two years at Holy Cross, those students and
faculty who worked with him, studied under him, and
were mentored by him will see in their encounters with
him an example of how to answer the call of the cross.
Our journey at Holy Cross, now under the Christian
leadership of Fr. Chris, is to live the life of the cross.
Dr. James C. Skedros
Dean of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology
This strategy has also allowed us to make significant progress
toward not only reducing the financial debt burden to
students, but also improving the quality of life on our campus.
While Hellenic College Holy Cross
continues to operate in an increasingly
competitive environment, our objectives
remain the same. We must ensure that
all financial and administrative activities
remain student-centered within an
overall framework which safeguards the
school’s long-term interests.
Mindful of this philosophy, the combined efforts of the Board
of Trustees’ Finance Committee and Senior Administration
have led to a series of positive actions that have contributed
to HCHC’s improved financial landscape for FY2015. These
include implementation of higher education best practices,
increased internal control, and recruitment of professional
staff throughout the institution. We also monitor our
revenue sources continually and review our operational
expenditures consistently.
General and administrative expenses remain at 20% of
total budget, well below comparable institutions (Fig. 1).
75% of our students underwrite their cost of education
through alternative means, utilizing financial grants
and scholarships (Fig. 2).
As grateful stewards of the resources entrusted to us, we
remain committed to exercising prudent and fiscally sound
judgment in our use of these funds.
We are also aware that our human resources represent our
most valuable asset and, to this end, we remain committed to
being accountable, communicative, and transparent in our
relationships with our students, constituents, and donors.
With this strategy:
Operational costs have averaged $11.0 million
annually over the past 3 years.
100% of our students receive some form of scholarship
or grant toward their cost of attendance, which has
helped eliminate the extra burden of carrying federal
student loans.
The institution is supported by His Eminence Archbishop
Demetrios and the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese through
its commitment of $1.5 million to HCHC’s operational
expenditures. Hellenic College Holy Cross’ greatest source
of scholarship support originates from Leadership 100,
which contributes $1 million in funding to seminarian
students annually. Additionally, the combined efforts of the
Board of Directors’ Institutional Advancement Committee
and the school’s Institutional Advancement staff has led to
an increase of grants and contributions that composed 39%
of total revenue in FY 2014 (Fig.3).
Like many other private colleges and universities, Hellenic
College Holy Cross is dependent on tuition revenue to
cover most of its operating costs. Like our peers, our
student body is heavily reliant on financial aid. However,
our institution does not rely solely on traditional tuition
revenue. Contributions earmarked for student scholarships
have resulted in greater financial sustainability. This fiscal
support has begun to give the school long-term viability for
current and future operations.
Kevin Derrivan
Chief Financial Officer
Interest Expense
Functional Expenditures 2014
General and
Student Instruction and
FIGURE 2: Sources of Tuition Funding FY 2014 (audited)
Direct Metropolis
Financial Aid
Private Loans
School Endowed
National Philoptochos
School Scholarships
Leadership 100
Federal Financial Aid –
FIGURE 3: Sources of Operating Revenue 2014 (audited)
Bookstore and Press
Other Income
Endowment Releases
Tuition and Fees – Net
of Scholarship
Room and Board
Archdiocese Grant
Grants and
Theodora A. Vaporis, ‘84
My experience in choosing Hellenic
College was different from most. I
was raised on campus in the house
now known as the Philoxenia
House. I have such joyful memories
from that time. In high school
my family moved off campus to
Needham, but when it came time
to choose a college, I felt drawn to return, especially
after meeting so many great students who were just
a year or two ahead of me. Many of those students
came to Hellenic College for a summer program after
graduating from high school. They were prepared
to begin at bigger colleges that fall, but they never
left. I count several of them among my lifelong
friends and koumbari. We had a wonderful time on
campus. With such a small class, it was easy to
be involved. Students really took advantage of our
greater surroundings, spending time off campus in
Brookline and in downtown Boston, as everything
was so accessible.
I was very lucky to have two incredible mentors
at Hellenic College. Dr. Susan Howard directly
influenced my decision to become a lawyer, and
Vicki Fatouros, head of the business program,
always took a personal interest in me both as a
person and as a business student. My father, Rev.
Dr. Nomikos Michael Vaporis, was the dean of
Hellenic College during the years I was there. He
was an advocate for the non-theology students, like
myself, and also the women students. He pushed
us to do well but also to look beyond and further
our education in graduate school.
My program at Hellenic College prepared me well
for my professional life. Professor Fatouros always
stressed that the business program was not just
building managers and administrators but also
Orthodox Christian managers and administrators.
She articulated that the goal was not to separate
those as independent components in our lives. I
have tried to carry that with me in my legal practice,
not only in my pro bono work but as I negotiate with
clients, particularly in sensitive family matters,
both personal and financial, which make up my
To high school students I would say that Hellenic
College is a very different and a very special school.
I received a wonderful undergraduate education
taught by truly qualified professors. There was a great
emphasis on writing, which I believe is imperative
in any profession. While it may not be for everyone
because of the size and the limited areas of study, I
would encourage all Orthodox Christian students at
least to consider the Semester of Faith during their
college years. What a wonderful opportunity for
immersion in an Orthodox education while forming
the same kind of bonds that our students feel when
they participate in CrossRoad, Ionian Village, or any
of our Orthodox camps.
Theodora Vaporis graduated from Hellenic College in 1984 with a degree in Business
Administration. She received a law degree from The Catholic University of America.
Currently she lives in Greensboro, North Carolina, where she is an attorney with the
law firm of Rossabi Black Slaughter. Theodora has been married for twenty-five years
to Dr. Tom Schermerhorn and has three children: Demetra, Sophia, and Janse.
Fr. Paul Kaplanis, ‘83
I grew up in Danbury,
Connecticut, in the parish
of Koimesis tis Theotokou.
My parents were excellent
role models who dedicated
themselves to the love of Christ
and the Church. As an altar
boy at age five, I was inspired
by our parish priest, Fr. John
Orfanakos of blessed memory.
Later Fr. Peter Karloutsos had
a tremendous influence on my
decision to attend seminary and continues to be a
great mentor to me.
liturgical worship on a daily basis was an invaluable
experience. My favorite class was Introduction to the
Old Testament, taught by Archbishop Demetrios.
He made the biblical figures come alive as though
he were personally acquainted with them. The
professors at Holy Cross were accessible and open
to dialogue, and their fellowship at mealtimes in
the cafeteria was always enjoyable. Although I lived
and worked off campus, I loved its beautiful view
of Boston and have warm memories of campus life.
My favorite memory is of a time when we students,
snowed in by a beautiful April blizzard, had to cook
for ourselves in the cafeteria kitchen. The food was
fabulous that week!
I came to Holy Cross after working and attending
college full-time at Western Connecticut State
University, from which I graduated in 1979. In the
fall of that same year, I enrolled in the Master of
Divinity program at Holy Cross and graduated four
years later in May 1983. My education and training
at HCHC gave me the spiritual and academic
foundation I needed to serve the Church. Attending
When I encounter someone who feels called to serve
the Lord, I tell them that Holy Cross is the place
to be. Although community life can be challenging,
seminary is a microcosm that prepares one for
parish life and provides the opportunities for soulsearching and spiritual struggle necessary to test
one’s calling.
Protopresbyter Paul Kaplanis is dean of the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral
in Atlanta, Georgia. He has served on the youth committee of the Metropolis and held
the office of secretary for the Archdiocesan Presbyters Council for eight years. He also
served as the only priest representative for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese on the
Charter Revision Committee. He served as the spiritual advisor for the Metropolis of
Atlanta Philoptochos from 2011-14 and as a member of the Archdiocesan Council from
2012-14. He is currently the spiritual advisor for the Metropolis Family Life ministry
program, a member of the Metropolis strategic plan committee and the spiritual advisor
for the Annunciation Day School. He is married to Presbytera Evi Kaplanis and has
three children: Michael Kaplanis, Katerina Katsadouros, and Christina Hathaway.
Professor John Chirban Announces Retirement
Understandings of Death, Resurrection, and Immortality
(Holy Cross Press, 2002). Dr. Chirban has been a
regular guest on the nationally televised Dr. Phil Show
and The Doctors. He has been interviewed on dozens of
radio programs and lectured extensively, most recently
completing a 2014 cross-country tour of eighteen U.S.
Hellenic College will say goodbye to longtime faculty
member John Chirban, Ph.D., Th.D., at the close of
the 2015-2016 academic year. Professor of psychology
and director of the Human Development program, Dr.
Chirban announced his intention to retire in June 2016.
Dr. Chirban’s career, spanning four decades, vitally
contributed to the development of Hellenic College Holy
Cross and the fulfillment of its mission.
Dr. Chirban founded the Human Development program
at Hellenic College nearly forty years ago. At its founding,
the program was on the cutting edge of disciplinary
developments. Rather than focus strictly on psychology,
the program embraced a holistic view of the human being.
For decades, the program has led students in examining
the entire human lifespan from multiple disciplinary
perspectives, with an emphasis on the integration of
body, mind, and soul. Today, the Human Development
program is the largest undergraduate program at Hellenic
College, and it is one of many throughout the country
that prepare students for professional and academic
careers in health provider settings, human services,
education, and business.
Dr. Chirban is one of the most prolific scholars in HCHC’s
history. His books include both academic and trade
publications. What’s Love Got to do With It? (Thomas
Nelson, 2007)—later revised and republished as How to
Talk with Your Kids about Sex (Thomas Nelson, 2012)—
is a popular source of parenting wisdom. He also wrote
True Coming of Age: A Dynamic Process that Leads to
Emotional Well-Being, Spiritual Growth, and Meaningful
Relationships (McGraw-Hill, 2004). He has edited two
compendiums exploring themes of Orthodox theology,
sickness, and healing: Holistic Healing in Byzantium
(Holy Cross Press, 2010), and Sickness or Sin? Spiritual
Discernment and Differential Diagnosis (Holy Cross
Press, 2001). He also wrote Raised in Glory: Orthodox
Dr. Chirban is also a clinical instructor in psychology
at Harvard Medical School at The Cambridge Health
Alliance. Throughout his career, he has maintained active
involvement in research projects, in conjunction with his
work at Harvard Medical School, concerning spirituality
and psychotherapy that have bridged his academic,
research, and professional counseling activities at
Hellenic College. In 2003, he was named Senior Fellow
at the Center for the Study of World Religions at Harvard
Dr. Chirban founded the Office of Counseling and
Spiritual Development at HCHC, offering graduate
and undergraduate students opportunities to develop
spiritually and professionally. He also founded the
Orthodox Christian Association of Medicine, Psychology,
and Religion (OCAMPR), a key forum for healing
professionals in medicine, psychology, and religion
to meet for interdisciplinary dialogue and Christian
fellowship. OCAMPR conferences, hosted by HCHC, have
brought world-class professionals and theologians to our
Brookline campus and contribute to the realization of our
mission to be an intellectual, educational, and spiritual
center for the Greek Orthodox Church in America.
As Dr. Chirban prepares to transition to the next
stage of his career, he shows no indications of slowing
down. His current research includes a national study
in cooperation with Dr. Phil McGraw on the impact of
divorce on children, which will appear in part in Collateral
Damage: Guiding and Protecting Your Child Through the
Minefield of Divorce, to be published by Harper Collins
in 2016. He will continue his collaboration with The
Dr. Phil Show, leading a program on “Family Court in
Crisis” in the coming year. In his “spare time” he will
continue blogging on Psychology Today and complete
a psychohistory biography of B.F. Skinner, a pioneer
of modern behaviorism and one of the most influential
psychologists of the twentieth century. The work will be
based on interviews regarding psychology and religion
that Dr. Chirban personally conducted and recorded
with Skinner over a twenty-year period.
Dr. Chirban leaves an enduring legacy that will be
celebrated in the coming academic year and remembered
for many more years to come.
On May 15, 2015, members of the Holy Eparchial Synod, dignitaries, donors, friends,
and family from around the United States and North America gathered to pay
tribute to the Reverend Nicholas C. Triantafilou for his 15 years of stellar leadership
as president of Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology.
The event, entitled “Reflect, Honor, and Celebrate,” inaugurated the Presidential
Scholarship Fund established in honor of Fr. Triantafilou. The fund supports
scholarships for students, a cause which he championed throughout his tenure.
Photios Ketsetzis Appointed Professor of Byzantine
Music Emeritus
Hellenic College Holy Cross
recently announced the
appointment of Professor
Photios Ketsetzis to the
rank of Emeritus Professor.
The appointment to the
rank of Emeritus Professor
is one of honor and esteem
and requires approval of the
Board of Trustees acting
at the recommendation of
the President, who acts on
the recommendation of the
Dean. Customarily, such
faculty members will have served for at least fifteen years
on the faculty of Holy Cross.
In making the announcement during the spring semester,
Rev. Nicholas Triantafilou noted that the Board of
Trustees of Hellenic College Holy Cross unanimously
approved the recommendation of the faculty of Holy
Cross to appoint Professor Ketsetzis as Professor of
Byzantine Music Emeritus.
From 1992 to 2010, Professor Ketsetzis served at Hellenic
College and Holy Cross as Professor, Protopsaltis of the
Holy Cross Chapel, and Director of the St. Romanos
the Melodist Byzantine Choir. He was trained under
renowned master cantors Dimitrios Sourlantzis and
Thrasyvoulos Stanitsas (Archon Protopsaltis of the
Great Church of Christ). Between 1960 and 1992 he
taught at high schools and conservatories and served
as Protopsaltis in various churches in Greece, including
the Panagia Megalochari Cathedral in Tinos. During this
time he also founded and directed several choirs and
made over 30 recordings of ecclesiastical music.
His legacy is still very much alive on our campus.
Several books he authored, edited, or compiled
(Anastasimatarion, Prologoi and Music for Sacraments,
Holy Week, Heirmologion, Divine Liturgy) are used as the
main textbooks and his CDs as supplementary training
material for seven different courses in Byzantine music
at Holy Cross. The same books are also used on a daily
basis in the Holy Cross Chapel. During his tenure, he
trained an entire generation of students in the sacred art
of chanting. Several of his students are now serving the
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America as priests, while
others are distinguished cantors in several cities of the
United States and abroad.
Photios Ketsetzis has received numerous awards
and distinctions, chief of which is the office of Archon
Protopsaltis of the Holy Archdiocese of America, which was
conferred upon him by the late Archbishop Iakovos. By
virtue of this office, he is the highest-ranking musician of
the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese in America. Currently,
Archon Ketsetzis is Protopsaltis of Saint Demetrios
Church in Palaio Psychiko, Athens, and continues
to teach, compose, perform in concerts, make TV
appearances, and produce recordings. More significantly,
his virtuosity, his educational contributions, which span
half a century, and his mastery of choral conducting have
gained him an unparalleled international reputation.
Archon Photios Ketsetzis is widely acknowledged as one
of the greatest living cantors, if not the greatest.
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a Fall Open House! Get an exclusive look at our Orthodox
Christian college and graduate school of theology, located
just minutes from downtown Boston. Tour the campus, attend
a mini-class, meet with faculty and staff, and have lunch with
members of the Hellenic College Holy Cross community.
Register online at
or by phone at 617-850-1260
I love Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, and the
MDiv program in particular, because it has been foundational
to my formation spiritually, academically, and pastorally. Our
spiritual formation comes not only from our liturgical life grounded
in the Chapel, but also the pervasive Christocentric culture on the
campus–a culture which follows us in our fieldwork assignments.
Our academic formation in the classroom–and in our independent
research–always has the service of Christ’s people in the Church as
its focus: the faculty never divorce the importance of our studies from
their application. I love HCHC because everything we do has as its
goal the attainment of the Christian vocation to love God with all our
being, and to love all others as Christ loves us.
MDiv, Seminarian track | Holy Cross class of 2016
to the diaconate by His Eminence Metropolitan Iakovos of
Chicago at Sts. Constantine and Helen Church, Palos Hills, IL.
DN. DIMITRIOS BURIKAS (MDiv ‘12) was ordained to the
diaconate by His Eminence Metropolitan Iakovos of Chicago at
St. John the Baptist Church, Des Plaines, IL.
DN. JOSEPH (RYAN) COLLINS (BA ’10, MDiv ‘13) was ordained
to the diaconate by His Grace Bishop Andonios of Phasiane at
Church of our Saviour, Rye, NY.
DN. GABRIEL GADAH (MDiv ‘08) was ordained to the
diaconate by His Eminence Metropolitan Isaiah of Denver at
Annunciation Cathedral, Houston, TX.
REV. THEODORE EHMER (MDiv ‘15) was ordained to the
diaconate by His Eminence Metropolitan Alexios of Atlanta at
Transfiguration Church in Marietta, GA, in January 2015, and
to the priesthood at Annunciation Cathedral in Atlanta, GA,
in March 2015.
REV. DIONYSIOS KOULIANOS (BA ’12, MDiv ‘15) was ordained
to the diaconate by His Eminence Metropolitan Nicholas of
Detroit at Holy Trinity Church, Ft. Wayne, IN, in June 2015,
and ordained to the priesthood at St. Demetrios Cathedral in
Astoria, NY, in August 2015.
REV. PAUL LUNDBERG (MDiv ‘08) was ordained to the
priesthood by His Eminence Metropolitan Alexios of Atlanta at
Transfiguration Church, Marietta, GA.
DN. JOHN MILLER (MDiv ‘14) was ordained to the diaconate
by His Grace Bishop Daniil of the Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox
Diocese of the USA, Canada, and Australia at All Who Sorrow
Church, Indianapolis, IN.
REV. DEMETRIOS MOTT (MDiv ‘15) was ordained to the
diaconate by His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios of Boston
at St. Demetrios Church, Weston, MA, in March 2015, and
ordained to the priesthood at Annunciation Church in Woburn,
MA, in May 2015.
REV. VINCENT MINUCCI (BA ‘09, MDiv ‘12) was ordained to
the diaconate by His Grace Bishop Andonios of Phasiane at
St. Paul Church, Hempstead, NY, in July 2015, and ordained to
the priesthood by His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios at St.
Demetrios Church in Weston, MA, in August 2015.
DN. ELEFTHERIOS PLEVRAKIS (MDiv ‘12) was ordained to the
diaconate by His Eminence Metropolitan Evangelos of New
Jersey at St. Luke Church, Broomall, PA.
REV. JOHN SAKELLARIOU (MDiv ‘14) was ordained to the
diaconate by His Eminence Metropolitan Nicholas of Detroit at
Holy Trinity-St. Nicholas Church, Cincinnati, OH, on November
16, 2014, and ordained to the priesthood at Annunciation
Church in Buffalo, NY, on November 23, 2014.
ordained to the diaconate by His Eminence Metropolitan
Iakovos of Chicago at Annunciation Church, Town and
Country, MO.
REV. DANIEL TRIANT (MDiv ‘14) was ordained to the priesthood
by His Eminence Metropolitan Gerasimos of San Francisco at
St. Demetrios Church, Seattle, WA.
REV. CONSTANTIN URSACHE (BA ’05, MDiv ‘09) was ordained
to the priesthood by His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios at
St. Paul Cathedral, Hempstead, NY.
REV. CHRISTOPHER XANTHOS (MDiv ‘09) was ordained to
the priesthood by His Eminence Metropolitan Isaiah of Denver
at Annunciation Cathedral, Houston, TX.
Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia Keynotes
Divine Compassion Distinguished Lectureship
His Eminence Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware) of Diokleia
delivered the Divine Compassion Distinguished Lecture
at Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School
of Theology on Saturday, June 20, 2015. He spoke on
“Divine Compassion and the Restoration of the Human
Icon.” The lecture was presented by Saint Catherine’s
Vision (SCV), and co-sponsored by Holy Cross Greek
Orthodox School of Theology and the Greek Orthodox
Metropolis of Boston.
SCV is an international, Pan-Orthodox fellowship
of women theologians and other lay servant-leaders
engaging contemporary issues within the life of the
Orthodox Church, blessed by the Assembly of Canonical
Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America.
Greetings and introductions were offered by Dr. James
Skedros, Dean of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School
of Theology, on behalf of His Eminence Archbishop
Demetrios of America and His Eminence Metropolitan
Methodios of Boston, and Dr. Kyriaki FitzGerald,
Adjunct Professor in Theology at Holy Cross and SCV
Executive Director. HCHC President, V. Rev. Christopher
T. Metropulos, D.Min., served as master of ceremonies.
More than 200 participants attended this event.
Metropolitan Kallistos spoke movingly on the centrality
of divine compassion to which all human persons are
called, created “in the image of God.” He elaborated on
how this “image” is in the image of Christ, the Logos of
God, and simultaneously in the image of the Holy Trinity.
The Divine Compassion Distinguished Lectureship also
marked SCV’s official roll-out of their first public service
ministry or diakonima, engaging the issue of divine
compassion and human trafficking. Presvytera Maria
Drossos, member of the SCV advisory board, offered a
brief presentation on the severity of human trafficking,
“the elephant in the room” both locally and globally in
contemporary society.
An elegant brunch was served after the program, where
audience participants were invited to an additional
forum on “Divine Compassion and Human Trafficking”
facilitated by Matushka Vera Proctor (MDiv, SVS),
Director of FOCUS, Minneapolis, MN.
SCV’s Divine Compassion and Human Trafficking Initiative:
Complete video of the Divine Compassion Distinguished Lecture:
God has once again blessed
HCHC with an excellent academic
year filled with opportunities
to train and educate the future
leaders of our Church and
society. We offer thanksgiving
for the accomplishments of our
students and the advancement
of our school. Through greater
outreach to our constituents, we
have realized an increase in firsttime donors this past fiscal year. While this represents a
significant accomplishment, it does not tell the full story.
We are also happy to report that we have experienced
success in increasing the number of donors who support
the school with consecutive annual gifts. Through
thousands of faithful and generous benefactors, financial
resources are applied to virtually every aspect of the
vision and mission of the institution: student financial
aid, faculty support, programs and institutes, special
initiatives, and capital improvement projects.
Presidential Scholarship
Did you know that through the generosity of our
donors, this year, in the first year of its existence,
almost $500,000 was raised for the HCHC Presidential
Scholarship? This prestigious scholarship helps HCHC
attract and retain outstanding students by awarding
scholarships to those who exhibit superior academic and
leadership achievement and potential. This scholarship
remains a top priority under the very capable and
enthusiastic leadership of our new President, V. Rev.
Christopher T. Metropulos, D.Min. To this end, we are
planning “Presidential Engagement Gatherings” around
the country in which you can meet Fr. Metropulos, hear
firsthand about the exciting developments at HCHC, and
help raise funds for the HCHC Presidential Scholarship.
Please contact us so that we may help you plan a
gathering in your city or town.
Other Exciting Initiatives
HCHC Trustees and Advancement staff have been
hard at work on other exciting development initiatives.
With God’s help, and through the generosity of our
benefactors, these promising possibilities will improve
both our academic programs and our campus. For
example, we are hopeful that one particular initiative will
result in one or more new buildings on campus. Your
prayers, good will, and financial gifts help HCHC to meet
these ever-changing needs. Because of you, HCHC is
able to produce graduates who go into our parishes and
the world as “…servants of Christ and stewards of the
mysteries of God” (1 Corinthians 4:1).
Rev. Dr. James Katinas
Director of Institutional Advancement
Exemplary Graduates
We are grateful to God for–and quite proud
of–our sixty-four exceptional students who
graduated this past May. What distinguishes
our graduates is that they are Christ-centered
and faithful servant-leaders in addition to being
intelligent and proficient in their respective
areas of study. Our graduates will do far more
than make a living—they will transform lives,
strengthen families, improve communities, and
truly make a difference in the Church and the
world – now and forever. This would not be
possible without the generous gifts from you,
our faithful donors.
I loved my time at Hellenic College for
so many reasons – from the beautiful
chapel to the wonderful professors who
genuinely cared about my success. The
HCHC community has such a special way
of accepting people for who they are while
simultaneously pushing them to be the
best they can be. Thank you, HCHC family!
The 2015 Hellenic College Valedictorian, Rachel
received her BA in Religious Studies with a
minor in Ancient Greek. Rachel transferred to
HCHC from Marquette University following her
enrollment in the Semester of Faith program.
Honor Roll of Donors
We convey our heartfelt appreciation to you, our loyal donors, for your generosity. Your gifts help Hellenic College
Holy Cross—the intellectual, educational, and spiritual center of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America—
continue the teaching, research, and service that makes a difference for our Church and the world.
Through your support, HCHC is transforming lives, now and forever.
We thank all of our donors to the Annual Fund, Endowment Fund, Scholarship Fund,
and Designated Institutes and Centers this fiscal year (July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015).
Holy Cross Society
$100,000 +
Greek Orthodox Arcdiocese of America
Archbishop Iakovos Leadership 100
Endowment Fund
Helen A. Carlos and Ron Hilliard
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Demakes
The Foundation for Hellenic College Holy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jaharis
The Kallinikeion Foundation
Metropolis of San Francisco
National Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos
Mr. Steven Themes
Athenagoras Society
$25,000 – $99,999
Mrs. Virginia Alex
Antiochian Orthodox Christian
Annunciation Cathedral, Houston, TX
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Behrakis
Mr. and Mrs. John Carlos
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Colis
Endowment Fund for Orthodox Missions
John and Yorka Linakis Scholarship Fund
Metropolis of Atlanta
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Tassopoulos
Harry Zahars Charitable Trust
$10,000 – $24,999
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Alex
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Badavas
Mr. and Mrs. George P. Bambalis
The Behrakis Foundation
Mrs. Eula C. Carlos
The Telemachus & Irene Demoulas Family
Mr. Michael S. Johnson
Mrs. Christine Lapaseotes
Dr. and Mrs. Alex Malaspina
Mrs. Dorothea Malina
Mr. James Malina
C. Maroulis & M Maroulis Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. McGee
Metropolis of San Francisco Philoptochos
Mrs. Valia Moehle
Pedas Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Psaros
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Safiol
Mr. and Mrs. Gus M. Vratsinas
$5,000 - $9,999
Dr. and Mrs. Spyros Catechis
Fr. George E. Christulides Memorial
Scholarship Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Cokinos
Vaseleke H. Constandy Memorial Trust
Cosmos Fund Charitable Trust
Mr. Paul C. Cotsoridis
Mrs. Maria Demeris
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Karavites
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Lelon
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas G. Loutsion
Drs. Nicolaos and Ourania Madias
Dr. Markos Mamalakis
Dr. Christos S. Mantzoros
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Nixon
Order of St. Andrew the Apostle
Orthodox Christian Mission Center
Mr. and Mrs. Spiro J. Pappas
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Pappas
Mrs. Kim C. Peet
Mr. and Mrs. Gus G. Perdikakis
Mrs. Carrie Postolos
Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Ranglas
St. Demetrios Church, Weston, MA
St. Nicholas Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Stournaras
Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Tsahakis
Mr. Eustace Zevas
$2,000 – $4,999
Dr. and Mrs. Menelaos A. Aliapoulios
Annunciation Cathedral, Atlanta, GA
Annunciation Philoptochos Society,
Modesto, CA
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Anton, Sr.
Dr. and Mrs. James P. Argires
Mr. George F. Athanasiou
Mr. and Mrs. Hans-Peter Biemann
Brookline Bank
Rev. and Mrs. Stephen J. Callos
Ms. Grace M. Catechis
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Chimples
Mr. C. J. Christ
Cowen & Company
Mr. Chris Deralas
Dr. and Mrs. John P. Eliopoulos
Ms. Elizabeth K. Gabriel
Mrs. Peter T. Gargas
Mr. Arthur Gartaganis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Grivon
Dr. and Mrs. George N. Hatsopoulos
Hellenic Women’s Club, Inc.
Holy Apostles Philoptochos, Westchester, IL
Holy Trinity Cathedral, New Orleans, LA
Holy Apostles Church, Westchester, IL
Ipswich Investment Management Co., Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Karloutsos
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Katchis
Mr. and Mrs. George P. Katsarakes
Mrs. Maria F. Keritsis
Mr. Hercules D. Kontos
Ms. Cynthia G. Kostas
Dr. and Mrs. Harry N. Kotsis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Krone
Ladies Philoptochos Society, Castro
Valley, CA
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Lagos
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. LaPalme
Mrs. Judith H. Leon
John & Sonia Lingos Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo H. Magafan
Mr. and Mrs. John Maletis
Mrs. Prudence D. Markos
Dr. Aristotle Michopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Terry Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Mitsakos
Mr. and Mrs. Bert W. Moyar
Novak Family Foundation, Inc.
Orthodox Vision Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Demetrios Papacostas
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory G. Papadeas
Mr. and Mrs. Dean G. Pappas
Mrs. Tessie D. Pappas
James Petsas Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Philopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. George Postolos
Mr. Louis Poulos
Dr. and Mrs. John G. Proakis
Mr. and Mrs. Christoper Ramsay
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Raptis
Mrs. Kassandra L. Romas
Mr. Peter Scamagas
Shell Oil Company Foundation
St. John the Baptist Church, Des Plaines, IL
St. Mary’s Philoptochos, Minneapolis, MN
St. Nicholas Church, Northridge, CA
St. Paul Church, Irvine, CA
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Stavropoulos
Mrs. Katherine Strakes
Mr. and Mrs. Ted J. Theodore
Transfiguration Church, Austin, TX
United Way of Metro Chicago
Mr. and Mrs. Louis N. Vinios
Mr. S. P. Voinis
$1,000 – $1,999
Mr. Ronald R. Adkins
Ahepa Chapter #29 Charitable
Foundation, Houston, TX
Ahepa Marathon Chapter No. 2
Foundation, Charlotte, NC
Annunciation Cathedral Philoptochos,
Baltimore, MD
Annunciation Cathedral, Norfolk, VA
Annunciation Church, Kansas City, MO
Annunciation Church, Mobile, AL
Assumption Church, St. Clair Shores, MI
Annunciation Philoptochos Society,
Lancaster, PA
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Anton, Jr.
Assumption Ladies Philoptochos Society,
Danbury, CT
Assumption Church, Scottsdale, AZ
Assumption Church, Bayard, NE
Rev. and Mrs. Christopher H. Bender
His Grace Bishop Dimitrios of Xanthos
Mr. and Mrs. George Bizoukas
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Boulogiane
Dr. and Mrs. Antoun Y. Calash
Dr. and Mrs. George P. Canellos
Ms. Maria C. Carantzas
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy N. Caris
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Casoglos
Mrs. Pauline N. Chakeres
Rev. Peter A. Chamberas
Mr. and Mrs. Constantine Chimples
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Collias
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Couchell
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Coumantaros
Mrs. Anna Counelis
Mr. and Mrs. Kyriakos C. Demou
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Derrivan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Devasto
Dr. and Mrs. Chris Doku
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Emanuel
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald G. Ermentrout
Mr. Al Foundos
Mr. George Frangiadakis
Mr. Al Gallo
The Gardens of Gethsemane, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Spyros A. Gavris
Greek Orthodox Clergymen’s Association,
Akron, OH
Rev. and Mrs. Stanley Harakas
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hazen
Hellenic College Holy Cross Alumni
Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Hockens
Holy Transfiguration Church, Marietta, GA
Holy Trinity Church, Carmel, IN
Holy Trinity Ladies Philoptochos, Carmel, IN
Holy Trinity Church, Nashville, TN
Holy Trinity Church, Westfield, NJ
Holy Trinity Church, Wilimington, DE
Holy Trinity-Holy Cross Cathedral,
Birmingham, AL
Mr. and Mrs. Spiro Hondros
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Jaharis
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Joannides
JPA I Management Co., Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Kaloyanides
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Kanelos
Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Karvelas
Dr. and Mrs. Demetrios S. Katos
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur T. Katsaros
Kimisis Theotokou Church, Brooklyn, NY
Ms. Caroline Kitidis
Dr. and Mrs. George T. Koulianos
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Koumantzelis
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lalli
Rev. and Mrs. Michael Lambakis
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Lelon
Mr. and Mrs. Constantine S. Liollio
Mr. and Mrs. Costas D. Los
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Loupassi
Mr. Alex Machaskee
Rev. and Mrs. Jon E. Magoulias
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Maillis Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Manios
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Markantonis
Dr. and Mrs. Andreas N. Matzakos
Mr. Dean Mellas
Metropolis of Detroit Philptochos Society
Metropolis of Atlanta Philoptochos
Metropolis of Boston Philoptochos
Metropolis of Denver Philoptochos
Metropolis of Detroit Clergy Syndesmos
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Miamis
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mihalopoulos
Mr. Gary P. Moss
Mr. Michael Niamonitakis
Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Nick
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Nicozisis
Ms. Aida C. Notides
Mr. Diya Obeid
Mr. Jason Oneida
Mr. William J. Pananos
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Papadopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore G. Papastavros
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Pappadakis
Ms. Lilly Pappas
Dr. and Mrs. James J. Pappas
Ms. Maria Pappas
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy T. Patronis
Paulos Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Harry N. Pefanis
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Pekmezaris
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Petkas
Mr. and Mrs. Keith F. Rozolis
Mrs. Eugenia K. Russell
Mr. Irakli A. Savas
Mr. and Mrs. Georgios Skouteris
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Speros
Sts. Peter & Paul Philoptochos, Glenview, IL
St. Catherine Philoptochos, West Palm
Beach, FL
St. Catherine Church, Greenwood Village, CO
St. Demetrios Church, Warren, OH
St. George GOYA, Piscataway, NJ
St. Luke Philoptopchos, Broomall, PA
St. Mary’s Church, Minneapolis, MN
St. Nicholas Cathedral Philoptochos,
Pittsburgh, PA
St. Sophia Cathedral, Washington, DC
St. Vasilios Church, Peabody, MA
Sts. Constantine & Helen Church,
Webster, MA
Sts. Constantine & Helen Cathedral,
Cleveland Heights, OH
Sts. Constantine & Helen Church, Cardiffby-The-Sea, CA
Rev. and Mrs. Theodore G. Stylianopoulos
Dr. and Mrs. George G. Thomas
Ms. Demetra B. Tolis
Mr. and Mrs. Chris P. Tomaras
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Topitzes
Mr. John W. Toulopoulos
Transfiguration Philoptochos Society,
Austin, TX
Rev. and Mrs. Nicholas C. Triantafilou
Mrs. Helen D. Tsintolas
Mr. and Mrs. Nicos Vekiarides
Mr. and Mrs. John Veronis
Dr. and Mrs. Nick Vidalakis
Mr. Kory W. Warr
Mr. and Mrs. Marc A. White
Mr. Chris P. Xeros
Mr. John B. Zedros
$500 – $999
Agia Elpis Philoptochos, Charlotte, NC
Ahepa 192 Charitable Trust, Johnston, IA
Ahepa Charitable & Educational Corp.,
Brookline, MA
All Saints Greek Orthodox Church,
Weirton, WV
All Saints Church, Canonsburg, PA
Mrs. Barbara Andrikopoulos
Dr. and Mrs. James N. Angelos
Mr. William J. Angelus
Annunciation Church, Cranston, RI
Annunciation Church, Akron, OH
Annunciation Cathedral Philoptochos,
Atlanta, GA
Annunciation Cathedral Philoptochos,
Houston, TX
Archangels Church, Stamford, CT
Archangel Michael Church, Port
Washington, NY
Ascension of Our Lord Church,
Lincolnshire, IL
Assumption Greek Orthodox Church
Senior Citizens, St. Clair Shores, MI
Assumption Philoptochos #2054, Town
and Country, MO
Mrs. Dionisia C. Athans
Rev. and Mrs. Theodore J. Barbas
Mr. Charles L. Best
Mr. James L. Best
Drs. Vassilios and Ann Bezzerides
Boston Private Bank & Trust Company
Mr. David Bowling
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Brown Jr.
Mr. Anthony Caldarone
Ms. Ellen E. Callas
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Catrickes
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Chamberlain
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas E. Chimicles
Mr. Stanley S. Chrysohos
Church of Our Savior Philoptochos,
Rye, NY
Mr. and Mrs. Christos Cocaine
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Cokinos
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Counelis
Ms. Jennifer M. Cowles
Ms. Tamela K. Cremeens
Dayton Ahepa Philanthropic Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Demers
Mr. Spyros N. Dermatas
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald S. Divaris
Rev. and Mrs. Constantine P. Efstathiu
Mr. Thomas Eliopoulos II
Mr. Paul Feles
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Filias
Dr. Constantine E. Flokas
Mr. William P. Galatis
Mr. and Mrs. Athanasius J. Georgalas
Mrs. Argo Georgandis Pyle
Rev. Andrew G. George
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Georgenes
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Godshall
Mr. Gregory S. Gounardes
Ms. Elaine J. Gravel
Rev. and Mrs. Hayden G. Haby
Drs. Perry and Pat Hamalis
Ms. Alice Haveles
Holy Cross Church, Macon, GA
Holy Taxiarhai – St. Haralambos Church,
Niles, IL
Holy Taxiarhai and St. Haralambos
Philoptochos, Niles, IL
Holy Trinity Church, Northfield, NJ
Holy Trinity Church, Charleston, SC
Holy Trinity Church, Clearwater, FL
Dr. and Mrs. Elias Iliadis
Mr. and Mrs. George Jeas
Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. Kalina
Rev. George C. Kaloudis
Mr. and Mrs. Dean C. Kamaras
Mrs. Ann Kapitz
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Karalis
Mr. AJ Karanikolas
Mr. and Mrs. Denis Karas
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Karavites
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Karras
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Katchis
Rev. and Mrs. James S. Katinas
Mr. Gregory Katsas
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore P. Klingos
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry J. Kolaitis
Rev. and Mrs. Petros Kopsahilis
Mr. and Mrs. George Koukounaris
Mr. Petros S. Kouris
Mrs. Georgean Kouvelis
Mr. Elias N. Kulukundis
Mr. Paul M. Ladas
Ladies Philoptochos Society of
Birmingham, AL
Mrs. Helen L. Lambros
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Lemoine
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Lemonias
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Livanos
Mr. and Mrs. Nickolas Livanos
Mr. Costas Los
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Lykos
Mr. and Mrs. Archie K. Lytle
Mr. and Mrs. George Makredes
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Maranis
Mr. Athanasios N. Margaritis
Ms. Katena A. Markus
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Mathews
Mr. and Mrs. Roland G. Matthews
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Michaels
Michigan OMS
Dr. Isidore Mihalakis
Mr. Edward Mileon
Mrs. Chris Miller
Dr. John H. Mooney
Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Mosko
Mrs. Vasiliki S. Nanos
Nativity of the Theotokos Church,
Fredericksburg, VA
Nativity of Christ Church, Novato, CA
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Nichols
Olympic Industries, Inc.
Rev. and Mrs. Peter J. Orfanakos
Orthodox Christian Church of Cheyenne, WY
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Pagones
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Pagones
Dr. Christoper W. Pallas
Mr. and Mrs. John Panagako
Mr. Steve N. Pangere
Mr. and Mrs. Costa E. Panos
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Pantazis
Dr. Aristides Papadakis
Prof. Antigoni Papadimitriou
Mr. and Mrs. Ike Papadopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. George Papayannis
Mr. Andrew V. Papoutsis
Mr. Andrew S. Pappas
Dr. Lewis J. Patsavos
Mr. Marcus S. Payavla
Philoptochos Adelphotes Pantanassa,
Lowell, MA
Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Politakis
Mr. and Mrs. George N. Polydoros Jr.
Rev. Kostas Poulakidas
Mrs. Mary Pruitt
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy G. Reganis
Rev. and Mrs. Peter G. Rizos
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Robertson
Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. Robles
Mr. and Mrs. Anastasios Rogaris
Mr. James Saitas
Mr. Steven J. Sarigianis
Ms. Mary Seiss
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sennott
Rev. and Mrs. Charles J. Simones
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Skeadas
Dr. and Mrs. James C. Skedros
Mr. Gregory J. Skedros
The Anthony G. Skedros Memorial
Charitable Foundation
Ms. Christina Skedros
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Sophocleus
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Speros
St. Basil Church, Stockton, CA
St. Demetrios Church, Fort Worth, TX
St. George Church, Bethesda, MD
St. George Church, St. Paul, MN
St. Iakovos Church, Valparaiso, IN
St. Irene Philoptochos, Chandler, AZ
St. Nicholas Cathedral, Tarpon Springs, FL
St. Nicholas Church, Lexington, MA
St. Sophia Church
Dr. and Mrs. George Stamatoyannopoulos
Mr. Peter S. Stavropoulos
Ss. Constantine & Helen Church, Newport
News, VA
Sts. Constantine & Helen Cathedral,
Merrillville, IN
Sts. Peter & Paul Church, Glenview, IL
Ss. Raphael, Nicholas & Irene Mission,
Palm Harbor, FL
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Tabrizi
Rev. and Mrs. Demetrios Tagaropulos
Dr. Apostolos Tambakis
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Tangalos
Mr. Michael J. Tanionos
His Grace Grigorios P. Tatsis
Ms. Sylvia Tchakurides
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Tenedios
Mr. and Mrs. Constantine G. Tjoumas
Ms. Michelle Torski
Mr. and Mrs. Constantine Triantafilou
Rev. and Mrs. Solon Tsandikos
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Tsengas
Mr. and Mrs. Constantine Tsioulis
Dr. Nicholas D. Tzimopoulos
Dr. and Mrs. Sotirios Vahaviolos
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Vavolotis
Mr. and Mrs. Anestis S. Veletsos
Rev. and Mrs. Elias Velonis
Rev. and Mrs. Alexander Veronis
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Veronis
Mr. John Vlachos
Dr. and Mrs. Theodore P. Vlahos
Mr. and Mrs. Nick G. Voinis
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Vorias
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vouros
Dr. Anton C. Vrame
Mr. George Zalantis
Dr. Stratton H. Zarafonetis
Ms. Irene Zeronian
$100 – $499
Mr. and Mrs. Thegenis A. Abatzoglou
Mr. and Mrs. Fayez D. Abboud
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Adamedes
Mrs. Stella Adamopoulos
Ms. Patti H. Addison
Mrs. Georgia Afendoules
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Afendoulis
Agia Magdalene Philoptochos of St. Anna
Greek Church, Flemington, NJ
Mr. Stefano X. Ahee
Mr. William E. Aivalikles
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Aldi
Mr. and Mrs. F. Thomas Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Stergios Alexander
Rev. and Mrs. John G. Alexandres
Mr. Alex Alexiades
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Alvanos
Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Alvarez
Mr. George Anagnostopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Georgios G. Anagnostopoulos
Mr. George F. Anast
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Anastos
Ms. Janet Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul P. Andoni
Mr. and Mrs. Avyeris Andonyadis
Mr. Arthur Andreas
Andreson Family Trust
Miss Constance Andrews
Ms. Demetra Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Andrews
Mrs. Vasie-Leigh Andriotis
Mr. and Mrs. Evangelos W. Andros
Rev. and Mrs. Nicholas L. Andruchow
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Angelakis
Mrs. Mary G. Angelo
Mr. and Mrs. George Angelopoulos
Mrs. Fannie Angelos
Mr. Harry N. Angelos
Annunciation Church, Sacramento, CA
Annunciation Church, Chattanooga, TN
Annunciation GOYA, Modesto, CA
Annunciation GOYA, Akron, OH
Annunciation Cathedral, Baltimore, MD
Annunciation Church, Decatur, IL
Annunciation Church, Missoula, MT
Annunciation Philoptochos, Cleveland, OH
Annunciation Church, Stamford, CT
Annunciation Philoptochos Society,
Montgomery, AL
Annunciation Church, Kanakee, IL
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Anselmo
Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Anson
Dr. and Mrs. Harry A. Anthony
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Anthony
Rev. and Mrs. Dimitrios Antokas
Mr. Nicholas R. Anton
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Antonakes
Mr. Thomas Antonio
Mrs. Helen Antonopoulos
V. Rev. Nicholas K. Apostola and Ms. Maria
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Aravanis
Mr. Andrew P. Arbes
Mr. and Mrs. E. Argoudelis
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford T. Argue
Hon. Andrew S. Armatas
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Arsman
Mr. and Mrs. George Arsoniadis
Dr. and Mrs. Andew W. Asimos
Dr. and Mrs. Lewis A. Assaley
Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary
Church, Long Beach, CA
Assumption Church, Louisville, KY
Assumption Church, Town and Country, MO
Assumption Church, Galveston, TX
Assumption Church, Price, UT
Dr. William Athens
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Augustinos
Rev. Camille S. Baba
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Badoian
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Baglaneas
Mrs. Joanna Bakas
Mr. and Mrs. Theofanis Baktidy
Dr. M. A. Balerdi
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Bambakidis
Mrs. Ann A. Bantuvanis
Mrs. Mary Barbas
Mrs. David A. Barker
Mr. and Mrs. Christos Baros
Mrs. Theofania Bartholomew
Dr. George S. Bebis
V. Rev. Constantine S. Bebis
Dr. Bruce Beck and Dr. Kimberley Patton
Mrs. John Bekrakis
Mr. and Mrs. Chris N. Bekris
Archdeacon Nicholas Belcher
Ms. Helen J. Beldecos
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Belezos
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Bellos
Mr. Rick Bernstein
Mr. George F. Bertos
Ms. Joanne Bezmarevich
Ms. Annamarie Bezzerides
Mr. and Mrs. George Bibilos
Mr. Michael J. Bibilos
Mr. Spiro S. Billis
Bishop Philotheos
Ms. Anne Blazakis
Mr. Nicholas Bobis
Rev. and Mrs. James T. Bogiatzis
Dr. and Mrs. Alexander M. Bollis
Mr. and Mrs. Sammy C. Booras
Mr. Chris J. Booras
Ms. Dina Boozalis
Boston Theological Institute
Mr. Chris Botsaris
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Boukas
Mr. and Mrs. Vasilios G. Bouklas
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Boulieris
Mr. Athanasios D. Bournakis
Mr. Nicholas S. Bouzon
Mr. and Mrs. James Boyazis
Mr. Nick Boyiazis
Mr. O. John Brahos
Rev. and Mrs. George C. Bratiotis
Mr. Theodore G. Bratsolias
V. Rev. and Mrs. Gary J. Breton
Mr. and Mrs. D. Jimmy Brinias
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Brown
Mr. William Brown
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Bruce
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Bundros
Mr. Christopher A. Burdette
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burkard Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Y. Burks Jr.
Mr. Henry Calcanes
Dr. and Mrs. Clarence R. Calder Jr.
Mr. Thomas Calderon
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Caldwell
Rev. and Mrs. Alkiviadis C. Calivas
Mrs. Francesca E. Callas
Mr. and Mrs. Constintine P. Calliontzis
Ms. Theodora J. Campbell
Dr. Vlacia Z. Campbell
Mrs. Zoe D. Canellis
Mr. and Mrs. Steve G. Canellos
Mrs. Helen K. Carbon
Mr. John N. Cardasis
Mr. and Mrs. Costa Caris
Mrs. Eugenia Carris
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Cataland
Mrs. Katherine Catsifas
Mr. Harry T. Cavalaris
Ms. Bessie M. Chachas
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Chachas
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Chafos
Mr. and Mrs. Deno Charalambous
Ms. Annette Chiappari
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony G. Chila
Rev. and Mrs. George Chioros
Mr. and Mrs. Evan Chriss
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Christon
Ms. Mary Christopher
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Christou
Dr. Bessie Chronaki
Dr. James Z. Chrones
Mrs. Demetra Chronis
Mrs. Christina Chukalas
Church of Our Saviour, Rye, NY
Rev. Fr. Athanasios Chytas
Mr. and Mrs. Dorotheos J. Cicalis
Mrs. Elaine Cladis
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cladouhos
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cocotos
Ms. Mary Cokas
Mr. and Mrs. Paige M. Cokinos
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Coles
Mr. and Mrs. James Colitsas
Dr. and Mrs. James C. Collias
Ms. Cleo Coloritis
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Colovas
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Combias
Dr. and Mrs. Demetrios G. Comninellis
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Condakes
Mr. and Mrs. James Condos
Mr. and Mrs. Telmer Constan
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas G. Constantin
Ms. Angeliki Constantine
Mr. and Mrs. Criton A. Constantinides
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Constantinides
Mr. and Mrs. Perry A. Constas
Mr. and Mrs. Kimon Constas
Ms. Georgia Contos
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Contos
Mr. John P. Copoulos
Mr. and Mrs. George Corfias
Mrs. Helen Cortina
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Cosma
V. Rev. Peter D. Costarakis
Mr. Gus Costas
Ms. Lynda A. Costas
Rev. and Mrs. Paul C. Costopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cote
V. Rev. Dr. Joachim Cotsonis
Rev. and Mrs. Anastasios Coulouras
Council on Chemical Abuse
Mr. Christo Dadasis
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Daifotis
Mr. and Mrs. Menelaos Dalaklis
Mr. James E. Dalonas
Mr. Tony Damalas
Ms. Mary Danakas
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Danis
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas C. Darzenta
Ms. Melissa A. Davis
Mrs. Joan D. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo G. Davos
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D. De Nicola
Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. De Nino
Ms. Maria Decoulos
Mr. Charles Dectis
Mr. and Mrs. Nick E. Dedes
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Dedousis
The Steven L. Delaveris Family
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Delis
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. DeLuca, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. John G. Demakis
Mr. George B. Demakis
Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Demas
Mrs. Becky Demeris
Mr. and Mrs. George Demeter
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Demetri
Mr. and Mrs. Orestes Demetriades
Mr. and Mrs. James Demetriou
Mr. George Demitrack
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew N. Demopulos
Mr. Charles C. DeMoss
Mrs. Christine M. Demosthenes
Mr. and Mrs. Chris K. Demou
Mr. Peter Deveney
Mr. and Mrs. Antonios Diakatos
Mr. and Mrs. Perry G. Diamaduros
Ms. Mari Lou Diamond
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dickson
Dr. and Mrs. Constantine Digenis
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Dimas
Mr. Michael Dimitrelis
Mr. Christos Dimitriadis
Miss Mary Dimos
Ms. Venus V. Dimou
Mrs. Carol A. Dingley
Mr. Anthony Djinis
Presvytera Eleutheria Dogias
Dr. and Mrs. James F. Dolmas
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard N. Donahue
Ms. Joan K. Donaldson
Mr. Robert Donus
Dr. Vivian K. Dorsch
Dr. and Mrs. Basil T. Doumas
Mr. and Mrs. Dimitri Dousis
Mr. Aris J. Dousmanis
Dr. Stamatia G. Dova
Rev. and Mrs. George D. Dragas
Mr. James Drakopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. George Drapan
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Drechsler
Ms. Clara P. Drimones
Mr. George P. Drivas
Mr. Sheldon Drucker
Mrs. Linda E. Ducas
Mrs. Patricia L. Dukakis
Mr. Sean Duong
Mr. Van G. Duros
Rev. and Mrs. David O. Eckley
Mrs. Angie Econ
Mr. Peter G. Economou
Mr. Andreas Economou
Mrs. Helen Edwards
Mr. Andrew Efthim Jr.
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Efthim
Eisenberg, Rothweiler, Winkler, Eisenburg
& Jeck PC
Ms. Alexandra M. Eliopoulos
Mr. George Eliopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Elias Eliopoulos
Mr. Chris J. Eliopulos
Rev. and Mrs. Michael Ellias
Mr. Yiannis Emmanouilidis
Endowment Fund For Orthodox Missions
Ergomet, Inc.
Mrs. Evagelia Eustathiou
Mr. and Mrs. William Evangelakos
Rev. and Mrs. Anthony S. Evangelatos
Mr. and Mrs. Costas Evgenides
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Exarhakos
Family Pizza Restaurant
Mr. James C. Fankudakis
Fatina & Gorga LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Felactu
Mr. and Mrs. Gust Feles
Ms. Maria Fiori
Mr. Kyriakos Firoglanis
Rev. and Mrs. Vasileios Flegas
Rev. Dr. Christopher Flesoras
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Floor
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Fotopulos
Mr. and Mrs. James Fotos
Mr. and Mrs. Russell S. Foxhall
Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel A. Frangeskos
Dr. Anastasia Fyntrilakis
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Gabriel
Dr. Michael Gabriel
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Gabrielian
Mr. Chris G. Gagas
Mr. and Mrs. Constantine Gajdjis
Mr. George Galanes
Ms. Charlene Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gamble
Rev. Dr. Nicholas V. Gamvas
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Ganacoplos
Mrs. Mary Gannon
Mrs. Loretta M. Garrigan
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Gaspar
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Gatsis
Mr. and Mrs. George Gavrilis
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Gazikas
Mr. and Mrs. George Gazis
Mrs. Tarsi Georgas
Ms. Amalie A. George
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. George
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie P. George
Mr. and Mrs. George N. Georgiou
Dr. and Mrs. Evangelos G. Geraniotis
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Germanakos
Mr. and Mrs. Basil Germanides
Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Gess
Dr. and Mrs. Constantine G. Gianakopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Giannacopoulos
Rev. and Mrs. Panagiotis K.
Mr. and Mrs. Stelios Giannopoulos
Mrs. Joanne Giannopoulos
Mrs. Anna Giannoulias
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Giasafakis
Mr. and Mrs. James Gilmer
Ms. Marian Gioles
Ms. Arhontou Gokas
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Golding
Mr. Harry A. Golematis
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Goodwin
Ms. Miriam Gorman
Rev. John Govostes
Ms. Zoe Gratsias
Greek Ladies Philoptochos Society,
Grand Blanc, MI
Greek Ladies Philoptochos Society
of Cape Cod
Greek Orthodox Philoptochos Society,
Media, PA
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Greenlee
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Grigiss
Mr. and Mrs. George Grigoropoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Grilli
Ms. Emily Grivon
Rev. and Mrs. Thomas H. Guerry IV
Mr. Christopher Gussis
Mrs. Elsie K. Gust
Mr. and Mrs. Christos Hadjiagapiou
Dr. and Mrs. Evangelos Hadjimichael
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Haefele
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Haidas
Dr. and Mrs. Harry K. Hajedemos
Mr. Namman Halabi
Mr. Christo Halekakis
Mrs. Rosalind F. Halikis
Mr. Kent B. Hallberg
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Halvatzis
Mrs. Margaret Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. Demetrios Hanzis
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony G. Haramis
Mrs. Georgia Haramis
Mr. Constantinos N. Haratsaris
Mr. Nick Harbilas
Mr. and Mrs. Mansour Harik
Mr. Panagiotis E. Harlaftis
Dr. and Mrs. William M. Harmand
Ms. Janet Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hartofilis
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hasiakos
Mrs. Anita T. Hatzis
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Hazatones
Hellenic Educational Program
Hellenic Society of Constantinople
Mr. and Mrs. Omers Heracklis
Herring Run Cleaners, Inc.
Mr. Charles Hicks
Mrs. Basil S. Hilaris
Dr. Marinos D. Hionis
Rev. and Mrs. Gregory Hohnholt
Dr. Evie Z. Holmberg
Dr. Joanne Hologgitas
Holy Trinity Ladies Philoptochos,
Westfield, NJ
Holy Trinity Church, St. Augustine, FL
Holy Trinity Church, Ambridge, PA
Holy Trinity Church, Steubenville, OH
Holy Trinity Church, Norwich, CT
Holy Trinity Church, Spokane, WA
Holy Trinity Church, Danielson, CT
Holy Trinity Church, Augusta, GA
Holy Trinity Church, Canton, OH
Holy Trinity Philoptochos, Maitland, FL
Mr. and Mrs. Teddy C. Hontzas
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Hontzas
Mr. David C. Hostetler
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Houck
Ms. Soteria Houlles
Mr. and Mrs. James Huebner
Rev. and Mrs. Edward Hughes
Mrs. Harriet Humphrey
Mrs. Priscilla Hurd
Mr. Sotirios Iliopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. John Ioannidi
Mr. Harry Jaffers
Jake & Telly, Inc.
James T. Reedy Sr. Scholarship Fund
Mrs. Christine Janas
Ms. Kaye Jaravinos
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Jeffry
Rev. Dn. and Mrs. Michael J. Jeweler
Mrs. Georgia Joanides
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Johnson
Mrs. Diane Johnson
Mrs. and Mrs. Spero Jouganatos
Ms. Constance A. Kadala
Mr. and Mrs. Evan M. Kaffenes
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel J. Kaffenes
Deacon and Mrs. Mathew Kakis
Mr. and Mrs. Vasilios Kakoulides
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Kalambokis
Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Kalanarhos
Mr. Stephen S. Kalivas
Mrs. Pota Kalivas
Ms. Christina Kallas
Mrs. Anna V. Kallis
Mrs. Agape C. Kallis
Mr. and Mrs. George Kaludis
Ms. Athena D. Kalyvas
Ms. Kaliope Kambouroglos
Mr. and Mrs. Christos S. Kamilaris
Ms. Helen Kampakis
Mr. and Mrs. Sergie Kampakis
Mr. C. George Kanabis
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Kanel
Mr. and Mrs. Dimitrios Kapetanakis
Mrs. Evangelia Kapetanakis
Mr. Chris N. Kappas
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Kappos Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Karafotias
Mr. George L. Karagias
Rev. and Mrs. George A. Karahalios
Mr. James W. Karamanos
Mr. and Mrs. Peter N. Karamanos
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Karamihas
Dr. and Mrs. Grammenos Karanos
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Karapelou
Dr. Avraam C. Karas
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Karas
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Karas
Mr. Gus J. Karayinopulos
Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Karetas
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Kargilis
Mrs. Marcia Karis-Pinault
Rev. and Mrs. Peter C. Karloutsos
Rev. and Mrs. Nikolas P. Karloutsos
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Karras
Mrs. Martha Karras-Coughlin
Ms. Marjoleine Kars
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kartalis
Mr. and Mrs. George Karukas
Dr. and Mrs. Basil S. Kasimis
Rev. and Mrs. Nicholas M. Kastanas
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Katapodis
Mrs. Angela Katinas
His Grace Bishop Ilia Katre
Mrs. Margaret Katsanevas
Mrs. Aliki Katsaris
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Katsenes
Mr. John Katsikis
Mr. Antonis Katsiyannis
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Kavalis
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Y. Kazakia
Mrs. Venetia Kazakis
Mr. and Mrs. George Keches
Mrs. Vicky M. Kechris
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Kehl
Mr. and Mrs. G.T. Keith Jr.
Mrs. Margo T. Kelley
Ms. Holly Kempler
Mr. and Mrs. George S. Keros
Miss Elaine Kevgas
Dr. Maria C. Khoury and Mr. Daoud C.
Mr. and Mrs. Arnest A. Kime
Kimisis Tis Theotokou Church,
Poughkeepsie, NY
Kimisis Tis Theotokou Church, Holmdel, NJ
V. Rev. Frank M. Kirlangitis
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Kisembo
Kiwanis Club Greater Modesto
Dr. and Mrs. George S. Kleris
Mrs. Doris M. Klonaris
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis D. Kokenes
Mr. Paul C. Kokkales
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kokkinakis
Mr. and Mrs. Gus P. Kolias
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Konstans
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Konstantino
Mr. Nontas Kontes
Mr. and Mrs. Gust J. Kookootsedes
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Korbakis
Mr. Theodore Koroniades
Mr. and Mrs. George Kossaras
Mrs. Pam Kostas and Mr. Tim Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Chris P. Kotitsa
Dr. Demosthenes C. Kotronis
Mr. and Mrs. Nikolas Kotsogiannis
Ms. Angela Kotsonis
Mr. and Mrs. Anastasios Koufos
Dr. Peter A. Kouides and Dr. Ruth W.
Ms. Diana C. Kouis
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Koules
Mr. Peter G. Koulouris
Mr. and Mrs. Gerasimos Koumatos
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kounelas
Mr. Peter J. Kourlas
Dr. Emanuel L. Kouroupos
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas F. Kourtis
Mr. and Mrs. George P. Kousoulis
Mr. and Mrs. William Koutrelakos
Mr. Gregory P. Koutrelakos Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Koutroulis
Mrs. Stephanie K. Koutroulis
Mr. Matthew Koutsouras
Mr. Louis Kouvaris
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Kouvelis
Mr. Anthony D. Kouzounis
Mr. and Mrs. Gust C. Kraras
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Kreder
Mr. and Mrs. Anastasios Krokos
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kuhn
Mr. and Mrs. Christ P. Kurtis
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Kyriakos
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas C. Kyriazi
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Labros
Dr. Gregory Ladas
Ladies Philoptochos Agia Markella
Chapter #80
Mr. George C. Lake
Mr. Jack Lambakis
Ms. Lillian Lambakis
Mr. and Mrs. Lambert G. Lamberson
Ms. Carrie Elaine Lambert Petronis
Ms. Stavroula E. Lambrakopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Lambrakos
Mr. and Mrs. Kostas F. Lambrakos
Mr. Fred H. Lambrou
Mr. and Mrs. Erion Lame
Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Lanier
Dr. and Mrs. George A. Lapes
Mr. and Mrs. Edward LaScala
Mr. and Mrs. Spiros Lazos
Lea Soupata and Sotirios Zervoulias
Family Foundation
Dr. Panayotis F. League
Mr. James A. Leanos
Mr. Vincent Lembo
Mr. Dean Leonakis
Ms. Anne-Marie Leventis
Mrs. Athanasia S. Leventis
Mr. and Mrs. Leigh Leventis
Ms. Helen Liaskos
Mr. and Mrs. E. Liatsis
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Liddell
Mrs. Marina P. Lillie
Drs. Anthony Limberakis
Dr. and Mrs. Cary Limberakis
Mr. Dean Limberakis
Mr. and Mrs. Demetreos A. Limberakis
Mr. Christos M. Linardakis
Mr. Nicholas A. Liontas
Liston & Tsantilis PC
Rev. Georgios Livaditis
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Liyeos
Mr. and Mrs. Evans J. Lizardos
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R. Lofgren Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Lambros Lois
Mr. David M. Loomos
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Loridas
Mrs. Joanne Loveday
Mrs. Martha B. Lucas
Mr. John C. Luhman
Dr. Maria G. Mackavey
Sabry Mackoul
Dr. Lily Macrakis
Mr. Alexander S. Magdalinos
Mr. Sam P. Magdalinos
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Magerko
Mr. and Mrs. Eleftherios Maggos
Mr. and Mrs. Xenophon Maglaras
Mr. and Mrs. James Mahar
Mr. Mark Maher
Mr. and Mrs. Vasilios Maillis
Mr. and Mrs. Angelos Maintanis
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Makkas
V. Rev. Dr. Gerasimos Makris
Mr. and Mrs. Victor N. Makris
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Malachias
Mr. Chris C. Maletis
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Mamalakis
Mr. and Mrs. Basil Manias
Ms. Mary Maniatis
Mr. and Mrs. George Manolakakis
Ms. Pamela A. Manolakis
Mrs. Catherine Manos
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas G. Manos
Dr. and Mrs. Peter G. Manos
Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Manta
Mrs. Helen Mantice
Mr. Sotires P. Mantis
Marafatsos & Sons, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. George G. Maragakes
Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Marantis
Mrs. Frank Margaritis
Mr. and Mrs. George S. Marinos
Mr. and Mrs. Elia Marinos
Mr. Emanuel J. Markis
Mr. and Mrs. Constantine L. Markos
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Maroulis
Mrs. Stella Mash
Ms. Heidi Mason
Mrs. and Mrs. Antonia G. Masouras
Rev. and Mrs. Michael Massouh
Dr. and Mrs. Paul N. Mastros
Ms. Rebecca Mathews
Dr. and Mrs. Vasilios Mathews
Nancy Matsukis
Mr. and Mrs. Gus E. Matthews
Mr. Gus Mavrigian
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Mavrikos
Ms. Athina-Eleni G. Mavroudhis
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mazias
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. McCallum
Ms. Annette McDermott
Mr. Harold McMillan
Dr. W. A. Meares
Mr. and Mrs. George Mechalakos
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Mehallis
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mehas
Mr. George Mellides
Mrs. Chriso F. Mellis
Mr. and Mrs. Nikitas P. Menounos
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Meskouris
Presvytera Penelope Metaxas
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Miaoulis
Mr. X. D. Michaels
Ms. Evangelia Michalopoulos
Mr. Themistocles E. Michos
Mr. Emmanuel Milias
Mr. and Mrs. Christo Miliotes
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Milonopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Alex C. Miltiades
Mr. Steven Mines
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Mitrelis
Mr. and Mrs. James Monoyudis
Monsanto Matching Gift Program
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Montgomery
Rev. Dimitrios G. Moraitis
Mr. and Mrs. Brian H. Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Demetrios M. Moschos
Mr. and Mrs. Basil S. Moskos
Mr. Thomas Moumouris
Mr. George G. Mussie
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Nahatis
Mr. John Narlis
Mr. and Mrs. Tim C. Newton
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Nicholas
Mr. and Mrs. Gust Nicholas
Mrs. Mary T. Nicholas
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Nicholas
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Nichols
Dr. Sophia Nichols-Karakoglou
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Nicholson
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Nickas
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Nickas
Mr. and Mrs. George Nickole
Mr. David D. Nicozisin
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Nicozisis
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Nikitas
Dr. and Mrs. Constantine J. Nonas
Mr. George Nonis
Mr. Thomas O’Donnell Jr.
Ms. Kathryn O’Grady
Dr. Terry L. Orr-Weaver
Orthodox Council of Churches
Ms. Eugenia Pagalidis
Ms. Alba I. Pagan
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Pagedas
Ms. Athena C. Pagedas
Rev. John C. Paizis
Rev. and Mrs. Mark Steven Pakes
Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Pakes
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas M. Paleologos
Presvytera Theodora Paleologos
Mr. and Mrs. Theodosios Palis
Mr. and Mrs. James Palis
Ms. Athanasia S. Pampori
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Panagacos
Dr. Matthew W. Panagiotu
Mrs. Lillian B. Panagulias
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Pantazis
Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel N. Pantazis
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Panton
Dr. and Mrs. John S. Papachristos
Mrs. Helen A. Papadeas
Dr. and Mrs. Anastasios G. Papademetriou
Rev. and Mrs. George C. Papademetriou
Rev. and Mrs. Panteleimon Papadopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Evans Papageorge
Dr. S.P. Papajiannis
Mrs. Bill A. Papalexis
Mr. and Mrs. Elias S. Papanicolaou
Dr. and Mrs. Aristotle Papanikolaou
Mr. and Mrs. George K. Papas
Dr. and Mrs. Harry N. Papas
Mr. and Mrs. Stamos Papasideris
Miss Ann Papastefan
Mr. and Mrs. Savvas Papazoglou
Rev. and Mrs. Harry S. Pappas
Mr. and Mrs. Harris J. Pappas
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Pappas
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Pappas
Miss Mary H. Pappas
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew G. Pappas
Mr. and Mrs. Basil M. Pappas
Mr. and Mrs. George G. Pappas
Mr. and Mrs. James Pappas
Mr. and Mrs. Peter N. Pappas
Mr. and Mrs. Spiro P. Pappas
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Pappas
Pappas Realty Co.
Mr. and Mrs. John Papson
Dr. and Mrs. Antonios Paras
Rev. and Mrs. Thomas J. Paris
Rev. and Mrs. Thomas G. Parthenakis
Dr. Timothy G. Patitsas
Mr. and Mrs. Constantine G. Patronis
Dr. and Mrs. George Patterson
Mrs. Mersine Patts
Mr. Gus Paulos
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Payne
Mrs. Thean Pelecanos
Mrs. Stephanie C. Perentesis
Miss Matina Perlegis
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Peropoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Peropoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Perperis
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Perris
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Peters
Rev. and Mrs. Theodore D. Petrides
Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Petrou
Dr. and Mrs. Steven P. Petrou
Mr. and Mrs. Demetrios Petrou
Mr. and Mrs. Petros P. Petrou
Mr. Nicos V. Petrou
Mrs. Sen Phan
Dr. and Mrs. Spryros Philippakis
Mrs. Sophia Philippas
Ms. Geraldine Phillips
Philoptochos of Zoodohos Peghe, Bronx, NY
Dr. D. James Photopoulos
Ms. Elleni Pippis
Dr. Michael Plakogiannis
Mrs. Marina D. Plastino
Mr. and Mrs. Asimakis Platanos
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Plummer
Mr. Theodore Poledor
Ms. Margaret Policandriotes
Mr. and Mrs. Louie Politis
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pollard
Dr. and Mrs. Leo Polopolus
Mr. Norman Pomrening
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Pond
Mrs. Fran Pond
Mr. Aristidis A. Pontickio
Mr. George Poole
Mr. and Mrs. George Possas
Mr. Lawrence Poulakos
Ms. Mary A. Poulos
Ms. Ann A. Poulos
Mrs. Martha Poulos
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Poulos
Fr. Anastasios A. Pourakis
Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Price
Mr. and Mrs. Demetrios Prountzos
Mr. Harry Psaltis
Mr. and Mrs. Art M. Psitos
R. Bitar Insurance and Financial
Mr. and Mrs. Dorel Radivoj
Mr. and Mrs. Chris D. Rafaill
Rev. and Mrs. John Rallis
Mrs. Joan M. Raphael
Mr. John K. Rapp
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Rasinya
Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Reckas
Ms. Erini P. Redmond
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Reed
Mr. Peter L. Regas
Rev. and Mrs. John Reimann
Miss Kallie Rempelakis
Mr. Steven Rich
Mrs. Berry G. Richards
Mr. and Mrs. Dimitrios Rigas
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Rigopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Theodossios Rigopoulos
Rev. and Mrs. Martin J. Ritsi
Mr. and Mrs. Elias Rizakos
Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Rokas
Dr. Albert S. Rossi
Dr. James C. Rouman
Dr. John C. Rouman
Rev. and Mrs. James S. Rousakis
Mr. and Mrs. George Roussos
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Rozantes
Rev. and Mrs. Gregory J. Rubis
Mr. and Mrs. Greg B. Saad
Mr. George Saines
Mr. and Mrs. Chris H. Sakellaris
Mr. and Mrs. Ted J. Sakkis
Rev. and Mrs. John S. Salem
Rev. and Mrs. Anthony W. Salzman
Mr. Jamil A. Samara
Mr. Charles Samiotes
Dr. and Mrs. Louis J. Sanfilippo
Mr. Mark Santikos
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sarandoulias
Dr. and Mrs. A. L. Sarantinos
Rev. and Mrs. Kyriakos V. Saravelas
Senator and Mrs. Paul S. Sarbanes
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Saridakis
Mr. Arthur G. Saridakis
Mr. and Mrs. Philip T. Sarris
Ms. Elizabeth Meg Schaefer
Mr. Lane Schermerhorn
Mrs. Stella Schiewe
Mr. James S. Scofield
Mr. John W. Scott
Mrs. Evangeline M. Scurtis
Ms. Tamara Segall
Ms. Kiki J. Sekles
Mrs. Catherine Sellas
Ms. Leigh A. Sempeles
Mr. and Mrs. Larry H. Senkel
Mr. Nick Senopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Nickolas Serras
Rev. Sarantos Serviou
Mr. Nicholas A. Servos
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick V. Sexstone
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Shebay
Mrs. Jane L. Sherman
Dr. George J. Sianis
Ms. Desi Sideropoulos
Mr. Peter Simoglou
Mr. and Mrs. Spiros Sintros, Jr.
Mrs. Elaine Siokas
Ms. Theodora Siozos
Ms. Eleni Sitaras
Miss Athina Skandalis
Dr. and Mrs. James C. Skedros
Mr. Basil Skelos
Mr. and Mrs. Stratis Skenderis
Dr. and Mrs. Peter N. Skiadas
Mr. and Mrs. George Skoufis
Ms. Marie Smilek
Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Sobczak
Mrs. Nancy Sofis
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Solomon
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Panagako
Presvytera Hrisafie M. Sophocles
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Sophocles
Ms. Bette Sotiriou
Mr. and Mrs. Sam N. Souleles
Ms. Dorothy Spanos
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Spanos
Mr. E. Michael Spartalis
Mr. George P. Spelios
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Spilios
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Spiliotis
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Spiropoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Konstantinos Spyridonides
Mrs. Mary Spyropulos
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Spyros
Sts. Constantine & Helen Cathedral,
Richmond, VA
Sts. Constantine & Helen Cathedral,
Brooklyn, NY
Sts. Constantine & Helen Philoptochos,
Silver Spring, MD
Sts. Peter & Paul Church, Frederick, MD
St George Philoptochos Society,
Springfield, MA
St George Philoptochos, Bethesda, MD
St. Andrew’s Philoptochos Society,
Randolph, NJ
St. Andrew’s Women’s Philoptochos
Society, Chicago, IL
St. Andrew Church, Chicago, IL
St. Anna Greek Orthodox Church,
Roseville, CA
St. Anthony Philoptochos, Pasadena, CA
St. Athanasios Church, Paramus, NJ
St. Barbara Church, Orange, CT
St. Barbara Philoptochos, Sarasota, FL
St. Barbara’s Philoptochos Society,
Piscataway, NJ
St. Catherine Church, Ithaca, NY
St. Catherine Philoptochos, Camp Hill, PA
St. Demetrios Church, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
St. Demetrios Ladies Philoptochos,
Weston, MA
St. Demetrios Church, Jamaica, NY
St. Eleftherios Church, New York, NY
St. Elias Antiochian Orthodox Church,
Ottawa, ON
St. George Church, Rock Island, IL
St. George Church, Chicago, IL
St. George Cathedral, Springfield, MA
St. George Church, Oklahoma City, OK
St. George Church, Ocean, NJ
St. George Church, Piscataway, NJ
St. George Philoptochos, Oklahoma City, OK
St. Gregory Theologian Church,
Mansfield, MA
St. Haralambos Church, Canton, OH
St. Helen’s Philoptochos, West Babylon, NY
St. Irene’s Philoptochos Society, West
Babylon, NY
St. Irene’s Ladies Philoptochos,
Lexington, MA
St. John Church, Charleston, WV
St. John Church, Youngstown, OH
St. Katherine Church, Naples, FL
St. Katherine Church, Burlington, NC
St. Katherine Philoptochos, Redondo
Beach, CA
St. Luke Greek Orthodox Church,
Mooresville, NC
St. Nectarios Church, Roslindale, MA
St. Nektarios Philoptochos Society,
Charlotte, NC
St. Nicholas Cathedral, Bethlehem, PA
St. Nicholas Philoptochos, Troy, MI
St. Nicholas Philoptochos, Ann Arbor, MI
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, Ann
Arbor, MI
St. Nicholas Philoptochos #6021,
Bethlehem, PA
St. Paul Church, Savannah, GA
St. Paul Philoptochos Society, North
Royalton, OH
St. Paul’s GOYA, Hempstead, NY
St. Philothea Church, Watkinsville, GA
St. Spyridon Cathedral, Worcester, MA
St. Sophia, Ss. Faith, Hope and Agape
Church, Jeffersonville, PA
St. Spyridon Church, Loveland, CO
St. Spyridon Church, Newport, RI
St. Xenia Philoptochos, Reading, PA
Ms. Carol Stamas
Rev. and Mrs. Christopher H. Stamas
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Stamatakis
Dr. Michael D. Stamatakos
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Stamos
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Stamos
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo A. Stamoulis
Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Stanitsas
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Staten
Mr. Charles P. Stathas
Mr. James S. Statheas
Mr. Demetrios G. Stathopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Spiros Stavropoulos
Ms. Constance Stavropulos
Ms. Irene Stavropulos
Dr. and Mrs. George S. Stavros
Dr. Joanne Stefanatos
Dr. and Mrs. George Stefanidakis
Ms. Paulette Steffa
Dr. Kosta Steliou
Mr. James K. Stellos
Mrs. Sophie Stenis
Ms. Hope E. Stephanou
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Stergiou
Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Sterling
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Stolatis
Mr. and Mrs. Zachary H. Stoumbos
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Stournaras
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Stratigakis
Mrs. Christine K. Strumbos
Rev. and Mrs. Joseph J. Strzelecki
Mr. John H. Strzelecki
Sts. Anargyroi Taxiarchis Philoptochos,
Greenport, NY
Mr. George Stylianopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Sullivan
Superior Cup, Inc.
Mr. Jason Sweeny
Ms. Ann Syriopoulos
Mr. Harry G. Tangalakis
Mr. James E. Tangalos
Mr. Philip A. Tangalos
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas K. Taras
Mr. Chris J. Tasoulas
Mr. and Mrs. Demetrios E. Tassiopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Tatalias
Miss Alexandra Tatsis
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Terzakis
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Terzidis
The Grand Prospect Hall
Mr. Louis Themistkleous
Mrs. Alice A. Theodor
Mr. Michael Theodorobeakos
Mr. Themistokles G. Theodosopoulos
Mrs. Nicolita Theophilus
Mr. and Mrs. Dwaine M. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Craig N. Thomas
Thomas Dental Associates
Mr. John W. Thoming
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Titus
Mrs. Harriet Tolve
Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Tomczewski
Mrs. Liberty Toto
Ms. Elena V. Toulios
Mr. Theodoros Touzios
Mr. Walter S. Trahanovsky
Transfiguration of Our Savior Church,
Lowell, MA
Mrs. Thespina Trearchis
Treatment Access & Service Center
Mr. Gregory Triantafillides
Mrs. Helen Tricoglou
Mr. Artie Tripoli
Ms. Shirley Tripolitis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Trohalaki
Ms. Carolyn M. Tsakalas
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tsakalos
Dr. and Mrs. George T. Tsakumis
Mr. Peter Tsambazis
Mr. and Mrs. George Tsantilas
Mr. and Mrs. Sava S. Tshontikidis
Mr. Thomas Tsilivitis
Mr. and Mrs. John Tsimbinos
Mr. Chris Tsiouris Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tsirimokos
Mr. Chris K. Tsistinas
Mr. and Mrs. Cleanthes S. Tsorvas
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Tsoucalas
Mrs. Catherine Tsoutsanis
Mr. Samuell L. Tsoutsanis
Mr. and Mrs. James Tucker
Dr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Tzagournis
Mr. and Mrs. Lambros Vafeas
Mr. Stephanas Vafeas
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Vahamikos
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore C. Vakrinos
Mrs. Theodora A. Vaporis
Ms. Vasilia Vardaxis
Mr. and Mrs. John Varlas
Dr. and Mrs. Carl Vartian
Rev. and Mrs. Michael E. Varvarelis
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Varvoutis
Mr. and Mrs. Mike P. Vasilakes
Dr. and Mrs. Emmanuel C. Vasilomanolakis
Miss Pauline Vasilopoulos
Mr. George S. Vassos
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Vavasis
Mr. Kon G. Vellios
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Ventura
Rev. and Mrs. Ioannis V. Vernikos
Rev. and Mrs. Luke A. Veronis
Mrs. Andrew Verras
Mr. and Mrs. John Verveniotis
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Verveniotis
Mr. George M. Ververides
V. Rev. Mark M. Vinas
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Vlahos
Mr. Demetri N. Vlahos
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Vlamis
Mr. David Volz
Mr. George Vosnos
Mr. Peter S. Voudouris
Mr. and Mrs. George Voulgarakis
Mr. and Mrs. Constantine Vrettos
Ms. Katy Vrondissis
Mrs. Theodore H. Vrountas
Mrs. Effie Walker
Mr. Adam Weigel
Mr. Thomas A. Weir, Esq.
Mr. Donald Wickersham
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Wilcox
Mr. Basil Williams III
Ms. Karlene D. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Wooden
Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Woods
Mr. Basil Yankopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Yates
Mr. Joseph A. Yearout
Mr. Nickas J. Yiannias
Mr. and Mrs. Yiantsidis
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas H. Ypsilantis
Mr. and Mrs. Homer N. Ypsilantis
Mr. and Mrs. George Zacharias
Mr. John S. Zacharias
Mr. and Mrs. George Zaharas
Mr. Leon D. Zaimes
Mrs. Ann N. Zampas
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Zangas
Mrs. Helene S. Zarcone
Mr. James C. Zaros
Mr. and Mrs. Athanasios Zavos
Mr. and Mrs. Christ J. Zervanos
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas T. Zervas
Mr. and Mrs. Antonis Zervoglos
Ms. Katherine H. Ziegler
Mrs. Dorothy K. Zikos
Mr. and Mrs. George Zimmar
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Ziu
Mrs. Rula E. Zografos
Ms. K. B. Zois
Rev. Steven P. Zorzos
Mr. and Mrs. Byron L. Zotaley
$1 – $99
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Abdalla
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Abig
Dr. Steven J. Abramedis
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Acitelli
Mr. Peter Adamakos
Ms. Zoe Adamedes
Mr. and Mrs. Gus H. Adamopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Kyriakos Adamou
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Adams
Rev. James T. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Chris S. Afendoulis
Ms. Marika Alatsis
Mrs. Sharon Albright
Mr. and Mrs. Christos Alex
Dr. Dan G. Alexander
Mrs. Eclecte T. Alexander
Ms. Helen Alexas
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Alexiou
Mr. and Mrs. James Alexiou
Ms. Marina S. Alexiou
Mr. and Mrs. Grigorios Alexopoulos
Mrs. Julia Alfieris
Mr. and Mrs. Spilios Aliferis
Mrs. Kaleope J. Allen
Mrs. Mary Allis
Mr. and Mrs. John Alukos
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Amanatides
AmazonSmile Foundation
Miss Athena Ames
Mr. George Anagnostopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Demetrios Anagnostopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas T. Anagnostos
Mr. Stephen Anagnostos
Mrs. Helen K. Anastassiou
Mr. Anthony J. Anastation
Ms. Esther P. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Andrew
Rev. and Mrs. R. Demetrius Andrews
Mrs. Angeline Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Angelides
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Angelopoulos
Mr. Christ Angelopulos
Annunciation Church, Winston-Salem, NC
Annunciation & Agia Paraskevi Church,
New Buffalo, MI
Ms. Ellen Antholis
Mr. and Mrs. Harry K. Anthopoulos
Mr. Anthony J. Antjas
Mr. and Mrs. George T. Anton
Mr. John Antonacos
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Antoniou
Mrs. Georgia Apostol
Ms. Vasso Apostolides
Ms. Angeline Apostolos
Mrs. Sophia F. App
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Arabolos
Mrs. Irene D. Arapkiles
Mr. Nicholas M. Aravidis
Mr. Emmanuel E. Argerakis
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Arida
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony T. Arlis
Ms. Diane Artz
Mr. and Mrs. Chris G. Arvanites
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Arvans
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Asimakopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Asimakopoulos
Ms. Maria Aslani-Breit
Mr. and Mrs. Panagiotis Aslanidis
Ms. Helen Astin
Mr. and Mrs. James Athanasion
Mr. and Mrs. John Athans
Ms. Xanthi N. Athousakis
Mr. and Mrs. Spyridon Avdis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Avgerinos
Mr. James Avgeris
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Avramopoulos
Mrs. Portia Axiotis
Mr. and Mrs. James K. Bacalakis
Mr. and Mrs. George Baddour
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Bagatelas
Mrs. Helen Bair
Mrs. Mena Bakas
Mr. and Mrs. Dan J. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Baker
Dr. and Mrs. George L. Bakris
Mr. Theofilos G. Balabanis
Mr. Ioannis Balafoutis
Mr. and Mrs. William Balamaci
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Balidis
Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Ballas
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Balouris
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bansner
Mr. and Mrs. George Barakos
Ms. Christine Barbas
Ms. Mary Ann Barranco
Richard Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. Art Bartges
Mr. Edward S. Basel
Mr. and Mrs. Sotirios D. Basilakos
Mr. and Mrs. Denny Bass
Mr. George P. Batalis
Dr. and Mrs. George E. Batayias
Dr. and Mrs. Glen M. Batson
Ms. Martha Bechbache
Mrs. Canela Becker
Mr. and Mrs. Abdul-Jabbar Beig
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Belessis
Mr. John Beris
Mr. and Mrs. William Beros
Mrs. Catherine M. Bertelson
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Bertsos
Mr. Darren T. Besse
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Billis
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Bitsimis
Mrs. Mary J. Bizanes
Ms. Eleni Bizoukas
Mrs. Marianne Blanas
Mr. and Mrs. Christ J. Blaseos
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic A. Bliss
Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Block
Mr. Michael K. Bloukos
Mrs. Bessie M. Bone
Ms. Cheryl Bontales
Mr. and Mrs. James Bookas
Ms. Margaret Booras
Mrs. Pauline D. Booras
Mr. and Mrs. Costas T. Boosalis
Ms. Maria G. Boosalis
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy L. Bossetti
Ms. Virginia Botsis
Mr. and Mrs. Stylianos Bouboudakis
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Boulas
Mr. and Mrs. Athanasios Boulukos
Mr. and Mrs. Spiros G. Bourekas
Mrs. Julie D. Bouzis
Mrs. Christina Bowles
Ms. Kevaly Bozes
Mrs. Anthoula Bozios
Mr. Anthony G. Brahos
Mrs. Eugenia Brelias
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence G. Brenowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Brightman
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony X. Brigis
Ms. Emilie Brinson
Ms. Aphrodite P. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan C. Brunton
Mr. and Mrs. Chris A. Bruskas
Ms. Tomi Bryan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Buas
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Bukes
Mrs. Anna F. Burkman
Mr. and Mrs. William Burrell
Mr. and Mrs. George G. Buzuvis
Mr. Nicholas V. O. Calibey
Miss Virginia Callas
Mr. Thomas J. Calomiris
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin D. Caltagirone
Rev. and Mrs. Constantine C. Cambas
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony T. Caneris
Mr. William Capogeannis
Mrs. Stamatia Carambelas
Dr. and Mrs. George J. Caranasos
Mr. and Mrs. Chris W. Caras
Mr. and Mrs. William Caras
Mr. George N. Caras
Mr. James C. Cardis
Mr. Peter Carides
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Carley
Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Cashy
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Cassimus
Mr. and Mrs. James Catrickes
Mr. George C. Chachas
Ms. Catherine Chaconas
Miss Conella P. Chagares
Mrs. Theodora K. Chahalis
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Chaney
Ms. Mary Anne Chanos
Mr. Fred A. Chapekis
Mr. George Chasabenis
Mr. Peter L. Chelikas
Ms. Marian Cheri
Mr. and Mrs. Dion Cheronis
Mr. Theodore G. Cherpas
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Cherpas
Mr. and Mrs. August Chidichimo
Rev. and Mrs. William Chiganos
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Chiligiris
Mrs. Irene G. Chilivetis
Ms. Sylvia J. Chimbidis
Mrs. Frank G. Chininis
Rev. and Mrs. Thomas F. Chininis
Mrs. Toula B. Chininis
Mrs. Eileen M. Chios
Mr. Jone D. Choate
Mrs. Katherine Chrisopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Christ
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Christ
Mr. and Mrs. Nick H. Christ
Dr. and Mrs. John E. Christakis
Mrs. Helen S. Christopher
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Christopoulos
Mrs. Angeline Christou
Mr. and Mrs. James Chuchas
Ms. Sophie Chumas
Mrs. Elizabeth Cleary
Mr. and Mrs. Stamus Cocoles
Dr. and Mrs. John G. Cocoris
Mrs. Snezana Coffey
Mrs. Bette Cole
Miss Ethel Conaxis
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Condakes
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Condos
Mrs. Despina Condoulis
Rev. Demetrios J. Constantelos
Fr. and Pres. Thomas M. Constantine
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Constantine
Mr. Demetrios Constantine
Mr. and Mrs. Constantine Constantinou
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Contakis
Mr. Thomas C. Contis
Mr. and Mrs. George N. Contis
Mr. Arthur Contos
Mr. Anthony B. Contos
Mr. Gus Copanas
Mr. and Mrs. Neil K. Cope
Mrs. Mary Copoulos
Mr. and Mrs. James Copses
Mr. and Mrs. Keith M. Cordischi
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Cordon
Mr. and Mrs. George Corniotes
Mrs. Mary N. Coroneos
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Cosmas
Mr. George C. Cosmides
Mr. and Mrs. James Costaras
Mr. Nick G. Costas
Ms. Margaret E. Costuros
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Coufos
Mr. and Mrs. Demetrios Coumbos
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Coutras
Mrs. Strategas Coutsouridis
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Craten
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Cremidan
Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Critides
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Critikos
Mrs. Maria Czechowicz-Doku
Ms. Maria D’Accampo
Dr. and Mrs. A. K. Dagartzikas
Mr. Arthur C. Daiopulos
Mr. and Mrs. George G. Dais
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Dakes
Ms. Christine Dalapas
Dr. and Mrs. Gus T. Dalis
Mrs. Catherine Dameris
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Darlas
Mr. and Mrs. Christo G. Daskalakis
Dr. Michael W. Datch
Mr. and Mrs. Ben De La Riva
Mr. and Mrs. Foti Defterios
Miss Irene Dekellis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Delales
Mr. Jerome Delaportas
Mrs. Despina Delegianis
Mr. Spiro J. Deligiannis
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Delios
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Delvizis
Rev. and Mrs. Anthony G. Demetri
Mr. and Mrs. Dino Demetriades
Dr. and Mrs. Denos Demopoulos
Mr. Harold Demopulos
Mr. and Mrs. Gus K. Demos
Mr. Dimitrios G. Demos
Mr. Christ Demos
Miss Poulia Demos
Ms. Betsy T. Dennison
Ms. Stamatia Destounis
Mr. Tony P. DeTomaso
Presvytera Maria Diacovasilis
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dialectos
Presvytera Alexandra Diamant
Ms. Constantina Diamantis
Mr. and Mrs. Dinos G. Dickos
Mr. and Mrs. John Digrindakis
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Dimas
Ms. Katie P. Dimas
Mr. and Mrs. George Dimitriou
Mr. and Mrs. Takis P. Dionisos
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Diveris
Mr. Alexander T. Dogias
Mr. Kyriakos Dongas
Ms. Mary Doreza
Mr. and Mrs. John Doufekias
Ms. Becky Dougekos
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Doukas
Mr. and Mrs. John Doulis
Mrs. Chris Doundoulakis
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Dragotakes
Mr. George W. Drake
Mr. Speros N. Drake
Ms. Nancy Drakos
Ms. Mary Drakoulis
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dreitzler
Ms. Martha Driscoll
Mr. and Mrs. Bill G. Drossos
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Drossos
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Drzewiecki
Ms. Alice Dubow
Mr. and Mrs. John Dugundji
Mr. Danny G. Dulchinos
Ms. Ruthann Eagen
Mrs. John Eagle
Ms. Irene Econome
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel J. Economedes
Mr. Nicholas H. Economides
Miss Marion Economo
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Economos
Rev. and Mrs. George E. Economou
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas M. Economou
Mr. and Mrs. Nick V. Economy
Mr. and Mrs. Steve E. Efstathios
Mr. Christos D. Efstathiou
Mr. and Mrs. Jim P. Efstathiou
Mr. and Mrs. George B. Efthimiou
Ms. Helen Eisenberg
Mr. Theodore Elefther
Ms. Bessie Elefthierio
Mr. and Mrs. Maios Eliades
Mr. and Mrs. Andreas Eliopoulos
Mrs. Evrydike Eliopoulos
Ms. Anastacia Ellard
Mrs. Katherine Ellis
Ms. Irene D. Emmanuel
Mr. and Mrs. Ignatius J. Evans
Mr. Stephen Eveleigh
Mrs. Chrysanthe K. Ewing
Mr. and Mrs. George Exinos
Ms. Diana D. Faaborg
Mr. James Fafalios
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Faller
Mrs. Bessie Fallis
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Farlekas
Ms. Angella Farserotu
Ms. Hala Fawal
Mr. Steve Fekaris
Mr. Haralambos Fekkos
Mr. S. David Fineman
Rev. and Mrs. Hector C. Firoglanis
Mr. and Mrs. Christos K. Firoglanis
Mr. Dean L. Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. George N. Fitusis
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Flaherty
Ms. Georgia Flamporis
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Flangas
Mr. Demetrios J. Florakis
Mr. and Mrs. John Flouras
Ms. Susan Fotiadis
Mr. and Mrs. Dimitrios Fotis
Mrs. Irene Fotopoulos
Mrs. Mary Fotopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Fotopulos
Mr. T. J. Foundas
Mr. John Fourlas
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Fragakis
Mr. Efstathios Fragogiannis
Mr. and Mrs. John Francis
Mrs. and Mrs. Gus Franco
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Frangopoulos
Mrs. Koula Frangos
Mr. and Mrs. Michael N. Frazis
Ms. Christina Freeworth
Mr. Peter J. Gagianas
Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Gaitanis
Ms. Constance Galanis
Mr. John W. Galanis
Mrs. Jennie Galantis
Ms. Sophia P. Galatoulas
Mr. George Gamvas
Mr. Dean P. Ganas
Mrs. Maria C. Ganis
Mr. and Mrs. John Ganotis
Mrs. Bessie Z. Garos
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Z. Garris
Mr. and Mrs. Zisis Gatzoflias
Mr. and Mrs. Victor G. Gavallos
Ms. Panagiota Gavaris
Miss Carleen E. Gavin
Mr. Euripides Gavras
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gavrilos
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Gavros
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Geannakakes
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Geckos
Mr. Anthony A. Gegelys
Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Gekas
Mr. Spyro J. Gellos
Mrs. Anne P. Genest
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gentis
Mr. Pete K. Gentis
Ms. Angie Genzabella
Mr. George Geolas
Mrs. Cornelia Georgantas
Mr. and Mrs. William P. George
Mr. and Mrs. James C. George
Ms. Stephanie A. George
Mr. and Mrs. George George
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander A. George
Rev. Evangelos C. Georgiadis
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Georgiou
Dr. and Mrs. P. G. Georgopoulos
Mrs. Connie Germanakos
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Gerontes
Mrs. Maria Gerontides
Mr. and Mrs. Francis W. Gerow II
Dr. and Mrs. Peter D. Gevas
Mr. and Mrs. Harry D. Gianakouros
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas L. Gianopulos
Ms. Katy F. Gilman
Mr. and Mrs. James Ginis
Mr. George S. Giordas
Mr. and Mrs. Kostas G. Gioulis
Mrs. Peggy Giovane
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Giovanis
Mrs. Theodota Glavas
Mrs. Maria Glikis
Mr. and Mrs. Dimitrios Gomatos
Ms. Bessie Gonos
Dr. Michael Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Gotzis
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony S. Gouletas
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander J. Gounaris
Ms. Despina Gounaris
Dr. and Mrs. Bob M. Gountis
Mr. and Mrs. Demetrios L. Gouvalis
Mr. and Mrs. Lazaros E. Gouvas
Mrs. Elizabeth Gouvis
Dr. and Mrs. Michael C. Govostis
Mr. and Mrs. Evan M. Graf
Mr. and Mrs. Loukas Grafakos
Dr. and Mrs. Dimitri Grammas
Mr. Nicholas Gregoriades
Ms. Bethania Gregory and Mrs. Sophia
Mr. and Mrs. Spero Gregory
Mrs. Mary Gretes
Mrs. C. M. Grieco
Ms. Despina Grimes
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gryll
Mr. James E. Guba
Mr. and Mrs. Christy Guerriero
Mr. and Mrs. Chris N. Hadiaris
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic W. Haeussler
Mr. Alex Hahalis
Mrs. Dorothea Hailer
Mr. Alexander P. Haimanis
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Halcomb
Ms. Kay Haldes
Mr. and Mrs. John Halekakis
Ms. Vivian Hangaris
Mr. and Mrs. Pantazis Hantzis
Ms. Kathryn Harbilas
Mr. James Hariton
Mrs. Mary B. Harris
Mr. Robert J. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Hart
Ms. Julie Harth
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Hasapidis
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Hasapis
Mr. and Mrs. Menelaus Hasiotis
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Hatzi
Ms. Marie Hatzis
Mr. James Hatzis
Mr. and Mrs. George Hatzistavridis
Mr. and Mrs. Hiram B. Havens
Mrs. Elizabeth R. Hawkins
Mrs. Litsa Hayes
Ms. Paraskevi Haymandou
Mr. and Mrs. Steve S. Hedayi
Ms. Irene Hedge
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Henes
Ms. Alexis Henes
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hennas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Henning
Dr. Catherine N. Hinterbuchner
Mrs. Anna Holt
Holy Trinity Ladies Philoptochos Society,
Waterbury, CT
Mrs. Irene B. Hondras
Mr. James Horrigan
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Houhoulis
Mrs. Evelyn D. How
Mrs. Helen Hronas
Mr. and Mrs. William N. Hunter
Mr. Dimitri Iakovides
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Iatrou
Mr. Kamal L. Ibrahim
Image & Likeness Iconography
Mrs. Evelyn Inempolidis
Mr. and Mrs. Nick C. Ioannides
Dr. Nicholas G. Itsines
Mr. and Mrs. Gus J. Jackson
Mr. Anthony Janakas
Ms. Efstratia Janis
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Jannetides
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Jaxheimer
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Jeris
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Jeweler
Ms. Freda Joannou
Mr. Frank Joanou
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Johns
Ms. Chrysa Jonas
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jordanoglou
Mr. James S. Jovanovic
Mr. Alan E. Kachel
Mr. William Kacher
Mr. and Mrs. George Kafantaris
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas T. Kakos
Ms. Sarah E. Kalaris
Ms. Demetra A. Kalatzis
Mrs. Athena Kalatzis
Mrs. James Kaldes
Ms. Alexandria Kalina
Mrs. Eleni Kalivas
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Kallas
Mr. Nicholas Kallelis
Mr. Don J. Kallos
Ms. Susan Kalochoritis
Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. Kalogerakis
Mr. and Mrs. Dimitris M. Kalomiris
Mr. Jeffrey J. Kaloroumakis
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Kaloydis
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kambourakis
Mr. and Mrs. Kosta Kambouroglos
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Kameno
Ms. Maria N. Kane
Mr. John E. Kanelakos
Mr. James Kanellos
Mrs. Anastasia Kangos
Rev. and Mrs. Paul A. Kaplanis
Mrs. Effie Kapothanasis
Mr. and Mrs. John Kappos
Mrs. Penelope J. Karageorge
Ms. Alexis G. Karageorge
Ms. Lefkothea Karagianni
Mr. and Mrs. Constantine Karagiannis
Mr. and Mrs. Kostas Karagiannis
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Karagiannis
Mr. George C. Karagiannis
Mr. and Mrs. Demitri P. Karagias
Mr. and Mrs. George Karakantas
Mrs. Irene Karan
Mr. and Mrs. Gus S. Karas
Mr. Nicholas V. Karas
Ms. Elsie P. Karatassos
Mrs. Rose Karavan
Mrs. Angeline Karayianis
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Karedes
Ms. Pauline Karistianos
Ms. Despina Karistianos
Mr. George T. Karkazis
Mr. George Karlis
Ms. Marcine J. Karon
Mr. and Mrs. Claud Karram Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Karros
Ms. Alice Kartikis
Mr. and Mrs. Spiros D. Kartsonis
Mr. and Mrs. Savas Karvonidis
Mr. and Mrs. Athanasios D. Kasamias
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Kasotakis
Mr. and Mrs. Ilias G. Katsanis
Mrs. Anna Katsarides
Mr. and Mrs. Stathis Katsaros
Mrs. Dorothy C. Katsoulis-Philips
Ms. Mary Katsounis
Mr. Anthony Kayafas
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Kayafas
Mr. and Mrs. Andreas M. Kazamias
Mr. and Mrs. John Kazan
Mr. Gregory C. Kearns
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kefalas
Ms. Georgia Keghlian
Mr. and Mrs. Eldon L. Keller
Mr. Thomas Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Kendrat
Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Kennedy
Ms. Angela K. Kent
Mr. Peter Kentros
Mr. and Mrs. Mike T. Kerhoulas
Kernodle Clinic
V. Rev. Spencer T. Kezios
Mr. John Kiappes
Mr. Sotire M. Kididis
Mrs. Efrosini S. Kika
Ms. Caliope Kiliveros
Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Kime
Kimisis Tis Theotokos Church, Island
Park, NY
Kimisis Tis Theotokou Philoptochos,
Aliquippa, PA
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kimon
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Kincaid Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Kingsley
Mr. John A. Kintzios
Mrs. Krisanthi Kiriaji
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Kiriakos
Mr. and Mrs. Lazarus Kirifides
Mrs. Froso Klarides
Mr. Harry G. Kledaras
Mr. and Mrs. James Klein
Mr. George Kletecka
Mr. George Knava
Mr. Daniel N. Knezevich
Mr. Beryl Knudsen
Mr. Steven Kocoris
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Kocoshis
Mr. and Mrs. Nick P. Kokonis
Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel P. Kolevas
Miss Elly Kolitz
Mr. and Mrs. George Kolovos
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Koniares
Mr. George Kontos
Mr. and Mrs. Chris D. Kontos
Ms. Georgia Kontos
Mr. Michael J. Kontos
Mr. James Kontoules
Mr. Tony Kontzias
Dr. Vangalia Kordomenos
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Kornaros
Mr. and Mrs. John Kornelakis
Mr. and Mrs. Elias Korolis
Mr. John Kostakis
Mrs. Cally B. Kostakis
Mr. Evans Kostas
Mr. Andreas G. Kostelas
Ms. Bessie Kotsakis
Rev. and Mrs. Louis W. Koucos
Mrs. Leona Koufakis
Mrs. and Mrs. Anita Koulopoulos
Dr. Andy Koultourides
Mr. and Mrs. Carris Koultourides
Mr. Stephan Koumaras
Mr. and Mrs. Tasso Koumoulis
Mr. and Mrs. Grigorios Kourkoumelis
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Kouros
Mrs. Georgia Kouros
Ms. Maria Koursari
Mrs. Joanna Kourtakis
Mr. Gus Kourtesis
Mr. and Mrs. George Kourtoglou
Mrs. Toula Kourvetaris
Mr. and Mrs. Nick A. Kousmanidis
Mr. and Mrs. Panos Koutlas
Dr. and Mrs. Phoebus Koutras
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Koutroubis
Ms. Maria Koutsaftes
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Koutsandreas
Mr. and Mrs. George Kouzev
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Kowalchuk
Mr. and Mrs. Christ G. Kraras
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Krekas
Mr. and Mrs. George Kremidas
Miss Stella Kriaras
Mr. and Mrs. Vasilios B. Kripotos
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kristakis
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Kronstein
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Ktorides
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kussurelis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Kusturiss
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kydes
Mr. and Mrs. Gust A. Kyres
Mr. and Mrs. William Kyriakatos
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kyriakopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Kyriakos
Mr. Nick Kyriakos
Ms. Anna Kyritsis
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Kyros
Mr. and Mrs. Costas J. Labovites
Laconian Society of Atlanta
Ms. Tassie Ladas
Mrs. Angela Ladias
Mr. William T. Ladoulis
Ms. Mary Lafter
Mrs. Anne C. Lagos
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Lakios
Mrs. Maria S. Lakis
Mrs. Helen Lambros
Mr. Nicholas Lambrou
Mr. Kenneth and Dr. Nina Lamson
Ms. Melanie M. Landacre
Ms. Lauren Landers
Mr. and Mrs. Demetrios Langis
Mr. Constantine T. Langis
Mr. Nicholas D. Lardas
Mr. Steve Lardas
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander E. Lardis
Ms. Georgia Larson
Mr. and Mrs. Danny P. Laskaris
Ms. Erika Laudermilt
Mr. John Lavrakas
Mr. and Mrs. John Lazare
Mr. Paul Leara
Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Leibley
Mrs. Tessie Lekas
Mr. Dino Lekos
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Lekos
Dr. George G. Lendaris
Dr. and Mrs. Steven P. Leon
Mr. John P. Leondires
Rev. Alexander M. Leong
Mrs. Ellen M. Leotsakos
Mrs. Irene Lericos
Rev. and Mrs. Andrew J. Lesko
Mr. Constantine Lettas
Rev. and Mrs. Peter J. Leventis
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lewnes
Mrs. Kathleen C. Liadis
Mr. and Mrs. Demetrios J. Liadis
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Limber
Dr. Michalis J. Linardakis Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Linebaugh
Mr. and Mrs. James Lionas
Ms. Mary Lioudis
Mrs. Charles Liponis
Ms. Terry Lippmann
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lisowsky
Mr. and Mrs. Stavros Loezos
Mrs. Vassilia Logan
Mrs. Mamie Lopardo
Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Lorras
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Losey
Mrs. Mary Lotti
Mr. and Mrs. Basil Loudas
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Loussides
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Love
Mr. Christopher Lucas
Mr. and Mrs. George Maalouf
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander W. MacDougall
Mr. William Mackenzie
Fr. and Pres. James M. Mackoul
Dr. and Mrs. Allen G. Macris
Mr. and Mrs. Spero A. Maginas
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Magiros
Mr. and Mrs. George V. Maillis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Maistros
Mr. Peter Makridis
Mrs. Bessie A. Makris
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Malakelis
Mr. and Mrs. Asimios Malliakos
Mr. and Mrs. Christo C. Malonis
Dr. and Mrs. Dimitrios Maltezos
Mr. and Mrs. Karl J. Mandarano
Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Mandragouras
Mr. George Maniatis
Miss Bette D. Maniatis
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Manley
Ms. Jennifer Mansfield
Ms. Chrys Mantis
Mr. Constantine G. Mantzouranis
Mrs. Angelike X. Maoury
Mr. and Mrs. James Maragos
Mr. and Mrs. Aristotle J. Maragoudakis
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Marateo
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest G. Marcopulos
Mr. Emmanuel Margaritakis
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Marin
Ms. Larisa Markessinis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Marmaras
Ms. Joanne Mars
Ms. Christina Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Alexios C. Martindale
Mr. Nicholas Mason
Miss Deanna Mastrogianakis
Ms. Katina Mataras
Rev. and Mrs. Constantine Mathews
Mrs. Ellen Matzouranis
Mr. and Mrs. Zinas M. Mavodones
Ms. Jane Maxouris
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. McCormick
Mr. Michael McCurdy
Mr. and Mrs. Davis McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Archie M. Meador Jr.
Mrs. Jeni Mechalas
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas P. Mechales
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Medaglia
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Mederer
Mrs. Mary G. Meletsis
Mr. and Mrs. Adrian C. Melissinos
Mr. Cosmas Melitas
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Menard
Mr. Dennis Menos
Mr. and Mrs. James Mermigos
Mr. John Meropoulos
Mrs. Chris Metz
Mr. and Mrs. Constantine E. Michaelides
Miss Carina Michalitsianos
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Michas
Mr. and Mrs. George Mihailides
Mr. and Mrs. Socrates Mihalakos
Mr. and Mrs. Minas Mihaltses
Rev. and Mrs. Nick A. Milas
Mr. and Mrs. Dale F. Milbrodt
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Miles
Mill Pond School Sunshine Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Ian R. Miller
Mr. John M. Milonas
Mrs. Katherine Minassian
Mr. and Mrs. Saverio Minucci
Mr. and Mrs. James Misner
Mr. and Mrs. George Misthos
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mitchell
Mr. James Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Nickolas G. Mitilenes
Ms. Elizabeth C. Mitropoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Moniodes
Mrs. Irene Monioudis
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Monoyios
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Montague
Hon. and Mrs. Fred J. Moore
Mrs. Marcia Moore
Mr. and Mrs. John Moraites
Mr. and Mrs. Stylianos W. Moraitis
Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel A. Moraitis
Ms. Helen Morales
Ms. Mary A. Morgan
Ms. Georgia Morris
Mr. Theodore Moschokaris
Mrs. Thomas C. Moschos
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory P. Moser
Ms. Kathy Moshos
Rev. and Mrs. James C. Moulketis
Ms. Eleanor H. Moussa
Mr. and Mrs. John Moustoukas
Mr. and Mrs. George Moutis
Mr. Alexander Mouzakitis
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mowbray
Mrs. Estelle M. Mueller
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Mummert
V. Rev. Gerasimos T. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. George B. Naftis
Mr. Arthur Nahatis
Ms. Stacie Nefos
Mr. Bryan S. Neft
Mr. and Mrs. Costakis Neocleous
Ms. Katina Niarchos
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Nicholas
Mrs. Diana K. Nicholas
MSGT. Dionisios H. Nicholas
Mr. and Mrs. Leon J. Nicholas
Mr. and Mrs. George Nicholau
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson C. Nicholson
Ms. Mary Nickitopoulos
Mrs. Irene N. Nickolson
Mrs. Joanna Nictas
Mrs. Helen Nikides
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Nikolopoulos
Mrs. Helen R. Nikolouzos
Ms. Katherine G. Nogatch
Mr. and Mrs. Demetrios B. Nolas
Mrs. Panagiota Nuses
Mrs. Dorothea S. Ocnos
Ms. Fontine D. O’Connor
Rev. and Mrs. John P. Orfanakos
Ms. Michelle A. Ostis
Mrs. Joanna L. Oudin
Mr. and Mrs. John Padilla
Ms. Eva Paek
Ms. Georgette C. Page
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Pagonis
Ms. Darlene Pagonis
Mr. Chris Pakuris
Ms. Maria C. Paleocrassas
Miss Agatha C. Palles
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Palmieni
Mrs. Betty Ann Panagakis
Mr. Theodore Panagiotis
Mrs. Mary Panagopulos
Ms. Angeline Panagos
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew V. Panagos
Mr. and Mrs. Dimitrios J. Panopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Mike P. Panos
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony S. Panson
Mr. and Mrs. Gus K. Pantelides
Mrs. George Paouris
Mr. and Mrs. John Papadakis
Mr. and Mrs. Apostolos Papadatos
Mr. and Mrs. George P. Papadopolos
Mr. Dionysios Papafotopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. George Papagiannis
Mr. George Papagiotopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Papaioannou
Mrs. Melissa J. Papantones
Mr. and Mrs. Basilios L. Paparigopoulos
Mrs. Anna Papayannis
Mrs. Georgia Pappadimitriou
Ms. Melanie Pappas
Mr. Emile Pappas
Mrs. Georgia Pappas
Rev. and Mrs. James C. Pappas
Ms. Sophia P. Pappas
Mr. and Mrs. John Pappas
Miss Maria Pappas
Ms. Julia Ann Pappas
Ms. Konstantina A. Pappas
Mrs. Martha H. Pappas
Mrs. Helen Pappi
Ms. Helen Pappis
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas L. Papson
Mr. and Mrs. George Parandes
Miss Betty Parisis
Ms. Corrine Pascocello
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore M. Passaris
Mrs. Sophie G. Paterakis
Ms. Sophia D. Pathos
Mrs. Gari Paticopoulos
Mr. James Patrakos
Hon. Pano Z. Patsalos
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Patsavos
Mr. and Mrs. William Patsios
Col. and Mrs. Arion N. Pattakos
Ms. Katherine Patterson
Mr. Thomas Pavlides
Mr. and Mrs. Kostas T. Paxinos
Mr. Frank J. Pazakis
Ms. Sally Peavy
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Pefanis
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Pekras
Ms. Eleni Peltekis
Mrs. Maria Pentakis
Mr. Harold A. Peponis
Mr. and Mrs. Alex A. Perakis
Ms. Florence Perperis
Mrs. Katherine K. Perros
Mrs. Koula Pervanis
Mr. and Mrs. John Petas
Dr. Mary S. Peters
Mrs. May P. Peters
Mr. H. L. Petersen
Dr. Marinos A. Petratos
Rev. and Mrs. Alexandros D. Petrides
Mrs. Vasilike Petroff
Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Petrou
Ms. Jennifer Peykar
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Pezzuto
Dr. and Mrs. Spencer D. Phillips
Mrs. George Phillips
Ms. Christina Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. William Piggott
Mr. Manuel Pihakis
Mr. Angelo C. Pilafas
Rev. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Pilavas
Mr. and Mrs. George Pilipovich
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Piper
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Pirsos
Mr. and Mrs. Andreas Piteris
Mrs. Diana E. Pitsikoulis
Mrs. Connie Pittas
Mr. Emanuel Placakis
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Plagianis
Mrs. Lucia Plakitsis
Mr. Osvaldo Plasencia
Dr. and Mrs. Emanuel Platis
Ms. Mary F. Platt
Miss Pota Plevritis
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Pogas
Mr. Spiro J. Politis
Ms. Florence Pollock
Mr. William Polychronopoulos
Mrs. Eleftheria Polyzois
Mr. and Mrs. Fonda Poole
Mr. Gregory P. Potter
Ms. Marie Poulis
Mr. Anthony J. Poulos
Mr. Angelo M. Poulos
Mr. and Mrs. John Poulos
Mrs. Alice Poulos
Mrs. Florene Poulos
Mr. William J. Poulos
Mr. and Mrs. Chris J. Poulos
Dr. and Mrs. Pete N. Poulos
Mrs. Georgia Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Gus S. Pozoulakis
Mr. and Mrs. Eftichios Protopapadakis
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Psarakis
Mr. and Mrs. John Psiarianos
Mrs. Georgia Psilakis
Mr. and Mrs. George Psiropoulos
Ms. Constance Psychos
Miss Matina Psyhogeos
Mr. and Mrs. John Psyhogios
Ms. Jamie Pullos
Mrs. Lyda A. Rabbitt
Ms. Evanthia Rackages
Mr. and Mrs. George Rafailedes
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Rahas
Dr. and Mrs. George Rakes
Mrs. Stamatiois Rallis
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Ramspott
S. A. Rantis
Mrs. Ekaterini Raptis
Mr. Constantinos Raptis
Reading Football Officials
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Recachinas
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew A. Recachinas
Mr. and Mrs. Menelaos J. Reckas
Ms. Sophia Redmiles
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Rellas
Mr. and Mrs. George Retsios
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Riedman
Ms. Dena Rigas
Mrs. Mary Michos Riolo
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Roberto
Mrs. Mondo S. Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rodolakis
Mr. George A. Rodolakis
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Rogiokos
Rev. and Mrs. Michael S. Romanchak
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Rood
Ms. Kalliope Roros
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Rossettos
Mr. and Mrs. George Rouman
Mrs. Argyroula Roussos
Ms. Violet Rubino
Mrs. Evelyn Saclarides
Ms. Constantina Sageotis
Mr. Elias Sagianis
Mrs. Venice Sakell
Miss Eugenia D. Sakellariou
Ms. Stephanie Sakellariou
Mrs. Muriel Sakellson
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Salatas
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Saledas
Mr. William Sallas
Mr. and Mrs. Lararos Saltourides
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Samaras
Ms. Despina Sammarco
Mr. and Mrs. James Sarantides
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sarantis
Ms. Christina Sarantopoulos
Charles P. Sarantos
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Sarigiannides
Mr. Gust Sarigiannides
Mr. and Mrs. Chris H. Sarlas
Mr. Stamati K. Sarrimanolis
Ms. Constantina Sarris
Mr. and Mrs. Peter N. Sauter
Mr. and Mrs. George P. Savaros
Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Savas
Mr. Peter Scangas
Ms. Rebecca A. Schiffman
Ms. Angela Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Schmidt
Ms. Susi Schuchard
Mrs. Della D. Schumacher
Ms. Ellen Schwartz
Ms. Mary Scoumis
Mrs. Calliope Scumas
Miss Elizabeth M. Seiss
Mr. Constantine Seiss
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Sellas
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Semander
Mr. Demetrios Serakos
Mrs. Afrodite K. Seremetis
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Seremetis
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Sfikas
Ms. Christine Sfondilis
Ms. Vera Shevzov
Mr. and Mrs. Takanori Shoji
Mr. and Mrs. Demetrios J. Siatos
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Siavelis
Ms. Annie Sigalos
Mr. and Mrs. Barry S. Sigmon
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Simitses
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew A. Simoglou
Mr. Aristides Simopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Constantine Sioras
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Sioras
Mr. Trifon N. Skiadas
Mr. John Skouberdis
Ms. Phyllis Slutsky
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Smith
Mrs. Helen A. Smith
Ms. Eugenia Smither
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Sofos
Miss Morfia Sokolic
Dr. and Mrs. Constantine Soter
Mr. Anastasios Soukas
Mr. and Mrs. Alex M. Soulakis
Mr. and Mrs. Constantin Soulakos
Mr. Efstratios Sourlis
Dr. and Mrs. James G. Sousoulas
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Spanos
Mr. Angelo Spelios
Mr. James T. Speropulos
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Speros
Mr. and Mrs. Panos D. Spiliakos
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Spirou
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Splagounias
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Sprouse
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Spyropoulos
St. Barbara Church, Santa Barbara, CA
St. Demetrios Philoptochos, Tucson, AZ
St. George Philoptochos, Schererville, IN
St. Nicholas Church, Clinton, MA
St. Peter Greek Orthodox Church,
Danville, VA
St. Stefanos Philoptochos, St. Petersburg, FL
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Stallcop
Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Stamas
Mrs. Cleo Stamatakos
Mrs. Anastasia Stamathis
Mr. and Mrs. Dimitrios Stamatopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Constantinos Stamelos
Mr. Peter Stamos
Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Stamp
Ms. Bess Stathis
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Staursky Jr.
Ms. Potoula Stavropoulos
Drs. Denny & Margo Stavros
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Stefanadis
Mr. and Mrs. Galen L. Stephenson
Mrs. Janis Stergiopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Sterling, Jr.
Mrs. Constance Stevens
Mr. Jerry Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Stokstad
Mrs. Tula Stratis
Sts. Constantine & Helen Philoptochos,
Andover, MA
Sts. Joachim & Anna Society, Camp Hill, PA
Mr. Nicholaos Syrpis
Dr. and Mrs. John P. Tampas
Mr. and Mrs. Nicolaos Tapazoglou
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Tarlas
Mrs. Cleo F. Tarlas
Ms. Electra Tarsinos
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Tassa
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Tatsis
Ms. Valerie Ann Taylor
Mr. Alexander A. Tenentes
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Terezis
Mr. Michael Thalassinos
Ms. Rosemarie Themistocles
Mr. and Mrs. Steve E. Theodoropoulos
Mr. and Mrs. George Theoharis
Ms. Malamaty Theoharous
Thessaloniki Jewelry
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Thetford
Mr. Kyriakos Thoidis
Mrs. Bessie K. Thomas
Mrs. Elena Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard W. Thornberg
Ms. Georgianna Tiggas
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Timothy
Ms. Anne Todis
Mr. and Mrs. Sotos Tofalli
Ms. Katherine Tolis
Ms. Jeanne Tompras
Ms. Helen S. Tornik
Drs. Michael & Hermi Toto
Mr. and Mrs. George Touhouliotis
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Touliopoulos
Mr. George Toya
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Trahanas
Ms. Zoe A. Tripolitis
Ms. Karen Tripp
Mr. and Mrs. Trifon P. Tripsas
Mrs. Catherine Tsakeris
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Tsakiris
Mr. and Mrs. Themis S. Tsaoussis
Ms. Helen Tsapournas
Rev. and Mrs. John Tsaras
Mr. and Mrs. Elias Tsekerides
Dr. and Mrs. George Tsiatalas
Mrs. Maria Z. Tsikitas
Mr. Pete Tsilimidos
Mrs. Artemis A. Tsingiropoulos
Dr. John A. Tsiouris
Ms. Louise I. Tsismanakis
Mr. and Mrs. Nikitas Tsokris
Mr. and Mrs. Evans W. Tsoules
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Tsoulfanidis
Mrs. Dorothy Tsouvalas
Miss Elizabeth H. Tumino
Ms. Irene Tunanidas
Mr. and Mrs. Archie D. Typadis
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Tziahanas
Mrs. Mary Tzoumakis
Ms. Athanasia S. Vakakas
Mrs. Pauline V. Valavanis
Mr. and Mrs. Anastasios Valkanos
Mr. Theodore S. Vangellow
Mr. Michael J. Vaporis
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas E. Vaream
Mrs. Betsy G. Varelas
Mr. and Mrs. George Varentges
Mr. and Mrs. Demosthenes Varipatis
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley N. Varlas
Mrs. Mary Varvares
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley M. Vasiliadis
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Vasilides
Mr. and Mrs. Anastasios E. Vassilas
Dr. George Vassilatos
Mrs. Constance Vassiliades
Ms. Nikie Vassilopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Dominick W. Vassos
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Vassos
Mr. and Mrs. Spiros Velezis
Mrs. Connie Venetis
Ms. Varcia Venetzanos
Christopher Veniamin
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Veremis
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore P. Verges
Ms. Laura Veros
Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Verros
Mrs. Katherine Vitanis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael X. Vitellas
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas C. Vlachos
Mr. and Mrs. George S. Vlahakis
Rev. and Mrs. Steven J. Vlahos
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Vlahoyiannis
Rev. and Mrs. Aleksander Vlajkovic
Mr. and Mrs. Antonios Vlassopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Vlattas
Mrs. Tina Vleisides
Mr. Stefanos Vlioras
Mr. John Vogiatjis
Mr. and Mrs. Christ G. Vokos
Mr. and Mrs. Christos Voloudakis
Mr. and Mrs. George S. Vonakis
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Votsis
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Votze
Ms. Amelia C. Voulangas
Mr. Nikolaos C. Vourkas
Mr. John M. Vournakis
Mr. and Mrs. William Vranas
Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning
in Theology and Religion
Ms. Misty E. Waldroup
Rev. Christos J. Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. John Walsh
Mr. William Wayne
Ms. Josephine L. Weidman
Mr. William W. White
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wiebe
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Wiersteiner
Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Wilson
Mrs. Mary P. Woodcock
Ms. Sara L. Woods
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Xanthos Jr.
Mr. Peter Xefteris
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Xenakis
Mrs. Christina Xenos
Ms. Moshoula Yaksich
Ms. Sophia Yalamas
Ms. Georgia V. Yamalis
Mrs. Angie Yanas
Mrs. Elpiniki Yannatos
Mr. Robert J. Yannes
Mr. and Mrs. Billy C. Yates
Major Theo Yeitrakis
Hon. and Mrs. Thomas C. Yeotis
Mrs. Betty Yianitsas
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Yiannakos
Mrs. Peter N. Yiannos
Dr. William Yotis
Mr. CJ Young
Mr. and Mrs. Elias Zachos
Ms. Christine A. Zachos
Mrs. Sophie B. Zagas
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Zaharakis
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Zamboukos
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Zambounis
Dr. and Mrs. Vassilis I. Zannis
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Zappia
Mr. George N. Zarafonetis
Mrs. Eleni Zarboutis
Mr. Nicholas Zaros
Mr. and Mrs. Evan M. Zervanos
Dr. and Mrs. Stam Zervanos
Mrs. Pauline Zervas
Mr. and Mrs. Chris G. Zervos
Mrs. Matilda Zingus
Mr. and Mrs. James Ziogas
Mr. Christos Zirps
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Zissis
Mr. Paul Zorbalas
Mr. Samuel Zouzas
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The Inauguration
of the 21st President of
Hellenic College
Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology
The Very Reverend
Christopher T. Metropulos, D.Min.
Thursday, October 29, 2015
2:00 p.m.
Pappas Gymnasium
Reception to follow