Read the relevant Press release.



Read the relevant Press release.
Press Release
Athens, July 6th, 2012
“The National Opera of Greece at Metro’s Syntagma station with the occasion of the
European Music Day”
The company Urban Rail Transport (STA.SY. S.A.) and the National Opera of Greece
celebrated the European Music Day with a brief musical event at Metro’s “Syntagma”
station, marking the beginning of the cooperation between the two organisations.
Initiating a series of artistic events in the areas of STA.SY. S.A., a brief lyric concert was
presented by the National Opera of Greece on Thursday, June 21st, 2012 at noon, which
pleasantly surprised the unsuspecting passengers of the Metro.
The baritone Dionissis Sourbis, the soprano Tselia Kostea, the tenor Dimitris Paksoglou and
members of the National Opera’s choir performed three famous opera plays, leaving the
crowd excited. They were accompanied by Frixos Mortzos who was playing the piano.
Dionissis Sourbis started the event, performing wonderfully the very popular Aria of the
Barber (Largo al Factotum) from Rossini’s Barber of Seville.
Tselia Kostea impressed with her performance at the famous Aria of Bijoux (Air de bijoux)
from the opera “Faust” of Gounod.
Dimitris Paksoglou with Tselia Kostea and the choir performed the choral Libiamo from
Verdi’s Traviata. At the choir’s performance participated the Executive Board Member of
STA.SY. S.A., Mrs. Despoina Politou.
It was a brief lyric concert which surprised the passengers passing by at that particular
day and hour, who warmly applauded the artists of the National Opera and the initiative
of STA.SY. S.A. The aim of this event was to help the people who were present to forget
for a while their problems, with the power of music. The National Opera continues its
extroverted policy, with the aim to encounter a new public in unexpected places. In the
context of this policy there will be more jointly organised activities at the areas of the
means of fixed track transport.
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