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maxxis mt764 - Eco Media Production Group
After 15 years of filming and exploring the wildest parts of Australia
and around the globe, mostly using four wheel drive vehicles as our
means of transport, it goes without saying that my crew and I have
some experience when it comes to what works and what doesn’t off
the beaten track. These days there are some pretty fancy tools and
gadgets out there all tipped to make your great outdoor adventure
better, but take it from me, it pays to do your research, find what
actually works and make your choice.
even apply this principle to our
camera gear. We have a solid
range of high-end equipment that we know
works in the field and won’t let us down and
leave the fancy toys behind. You can see by
our productions that we know exactly how to
get the job done and do it right, which works
for everyone. For this same reason, we love
doing production work for serious operators
in the four wheel drive and outdoor adventure
industries; those who know their gear and
services work and want to showcase their
brand in all the right ways.
Taking 3 tough new vehicles dressed in
Maxxis MT764 off-road tyres into the back
blocks of Northern NSW, we had the feeling
we were in for some serious action and we
weren’t to be disappointed!
Article & Images by Cliff Guy
Owen, remote region
4WD tour operator and
all round off-road expert hit the trail in his
tricked up Mazda BT50 and sensational Topaz
off-road van, whilst Anthony Eden, owner of
the renowned Coffs Harbour 4WD centre and
master of all things extreme off-road, decided
to put his sparkling new Defender 110 to the
To make up the team, and add some extra
style to the mix, all round good guy Brad
the builder brought his shiny new jet black
Colorado into the fray, and it looked the part
to say the least. On first light, it was soon
obvious that the MT764’s were delivering
excellent grip as the vehicles negotiated the
loose gravel roads that weaved and turned
through the eucalypt forests at speed, on
route to the test grounds. Upon arrival, the
Defender began crawling over undulating
rock boulders and through big rubble on
steep incline and decline grades.
was a feast for the cameras,
as driver, vehicle and tyres
performed with precision. It got to the stage
where it seemed that there was nowhere the
Defender sporting its 764 tread couldn’t go!
Certainly, knowing what you are doing
is critical, but without doubt, the Maxxis
764’s were gripping the surfaces like glue,
demanding traction and making the already
amazing Land Rover shine. Some of the most
slippery clay tracks, washed out and rutted,
still posed no issue for the Defender as it
scrambled its way up and down again and
again while Bo and I filmed and photographed
from as many angles as we could.
It was time to put David’s Mazda through its
paces and let’s not forget this vehicle was
dragging almost two tonne of well-sprung,
heavy duty off-road van behind it.
van and Maxxis
safely around the campfire on my property for
a well-earned cuppa and some more relaxed
film making. This left just the Colorado to go,
with soft sand and rubbly river rock crossing
the final test, not to mention adding some
excellent scenery to the production.
Once again, the vehicle and tyres performed
seamlessly, delivering us a most amazing
range of footage, and judging by their smiles,
both crew and drivers had a fantastic time.
There are many advantages to using quality
vehicles and specific purpose tyres, and it
makes a huge difference having experienced
drivers at the wheel. Importantly, unwanted
impact to the environment, drivers and
four wheel drives is most easily avoided.
Equipping your vehicle with the appropriate
tyres for your driving needs is a very important
decision and good research should always be
done before making a purchase.
The MT764 is designed for exceptional
performance and traction in off road
situations, and whilst it delivers very low
noise on bitumen comparatively, these tyres
perform best in the bush. MT764’s have had
a load of thought and premium designs put
into them and are built to last. The great thing
about Maxxis or any of the Tyremax brands
is that they offer a growing range of visual
and other media to showcase their tyres in
real terms and real situations. This gives you
a good look at their tyres in action, their best
attributes and applications, to help make
your decision.
Remember, while having fun and enjoying
your four wheel drive adventure, always
look after the environment and each other so
everyone, including the wildlife can make it
home safely and happily.
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