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alleviates the
Most women are faced with the
menopause shortly after they reach
the age of 50. Significant changes in
hormonal make-up follow their last
period. One of the most important
ones is a decrease in oestrogen levels,
which results in lower production
of melatonin, the hormone that
enhances sleep.
8 out of 10
women experience hot
flushes during their
A Vlair mattress can
significantly alleviate
these complaints!
For about eight out of ten women, there
is another, completely harmless, but
nonetheless annoying consequence of
the menopause: hot flushes. Our brain’s
internal thermostat, the hypothalamus,
can get quite confused due to these
hormonal fluctuations. Although the body’s
temperature might be utterly normal, the
thermostat may still think the body is too
hot and then try to deal with this faulty
calculation. Our bodies do this by widening
the blood vessels in the skin, mainly in the
face, neck and chest and getting rid of the
supposed ‘heat’ by excess sweating.
A Vlair mattress can significantly alleviate
these complaints! Because it cools the body
through its built-in ventilation, Vlair always
achieves a pleasant temperature. The
Bambootex cover which comes with every
Vlair mattress absorbs moisture even more,
as bamboo is an entirely natural product
that can absorb up to four times its own
weight in moisture.
The nasty and annoying thing is that this also
disturbs sleep. Hot flushes give us the feeling
of being much too hot. We wake up bathing
in sweat. One or more times a night we get
out of bed. It’s no fun. The danger is that this
will turn into a vicious circle: waking up more
often, getting exhausted, barely making it
through the day, feeling restless, sleeping
even less well, and so on.
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