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summer 2014 - Sheboygan Area Credit Union
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Independence Day
July 4, 2014
Labor Day
September 1, 2014
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Stolen identity is something we all worry about, especially
when making online purchases or giving out information to the
wrong people. It can happen to anyone at anytime so here are
a few ways to be prepared if it happens to you. Here are some
ways that can tell you if your identity has been compromised:
You’re denied!
If your credit card is denied, find out why right away
especially if you pay your bill on time and haven’t
reached your spending limit.
· Unexpected increase in an account balance.
This could mean that someone made changes in your
name and went shopping, leaving you with the bill.
· Unauthorized inquires.
If you see inquiries on your credit reports that you didn’t
make, that could be a sign that someone is trying to open
credit in your name.
· Sudden drop in credit score.
An unexplained drop in your credit score is another sign
letting you know someone may be using and abusing your
BOTTOM LINE: Review your credit report regularly. You can
get one free report a year from Equifax, TransUnion, and
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Many dealers advertise low rates, but what’s the catch? Most of the time you are
better off financing with Sheboygan Area Credit Union at our normal finance rates.
At the dealership you have a choice to take a rebate (ex. $500, $1,500 or $2,500) or
the rate (ex. 0%, 2.9% or 3.9% APR). Your best choice is to take the rebate and go
with Sheboygan Area Credit Union financing as opposed to going with dealer financing.
For example:
0% APR Financing or a $3,000 Rebate
Dealer Financing
SACU Financing
SACU Financing
Automobile Cost
Less Rebate
No Rebate
Amount Financed
Finance Rate
0% APR*
2.25% APR*
2.75% APR*
Loan Term
36 mos
36 mos
60 mos
Monthly Payment
Total Cost
Check out the Savings!
Before you finance at the dealership, call Sheboygan Area Credit
Union first. Our loan officers will be happy to show you the savings potential! Call us today at (920) 459-5154 or visit us at, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!
We now have discounted theme park tickets available for purchase at
Sheboygan Area Credit Union. We have tickets for Noah’s Ark, Mount
Olympus, and Six Flags: Great America. You don't need to be a member
to get these discounted tickets. The tickets must be purchased with
Good Through Nov 2, 2014
Good Through Sept 1, 2014
Good Through Sept 1, 2014
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Page 5
It’s car buying season, so if you just bought a new ride this is a great
time to show us your wheels! TruStage is offering a contest right now
on Facebook, where users can post photos of themselves with their
new cars! Prizes are awarded to the photos with the most likes. Visit for more details!
As summer approaches, many people travel for vacations and holidays
and like to bring their debit/credit cards along! We have some tips to
keep your mind at ease while using these when you travel.
Let Us know When You Travel
One of the best ways to make sure your card won’t get blocked is
to let us know the dates of travel as well as the location.
Clean Out Your Wallet
Make sure you don’t travel with too many debit and credit cards,
as it could increase the risk of one of them being lost or stolen.
Also make sure you are aware of your withdraw and purchase
limits before you leave.
Monitor Your Account
It is very important to keep track of what you purchase and how
much you are spending. Enroll in online services, or frequently
call the credit union while away to make sure you don’t have
unexplained charges.
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