Kiwanis choose Snavely for involvement,character Soards honored



Kiwanis choose Snavely for involvement,character Soards honored
Volume 85, Issue 8
April 30, 2010
Free to all students
Kiwanis choose Snavely for involvement,character
By: Lexi Wyse
Braxton Snavely is April’s Kiwanis
Student of the Month.
Braxton has been actively involved
in our school over the past four
years. He has played varsity soccer
all four years and was awarded
player of the week for it.
He said that one of his favorite
memories from soccer was when
they were playing Continental and
scored two goals in two minutes.
Also, he has played basketball for
three years.
Snavely has been in student
counsel for two years. He is busy
singing and dancing in the schools
show choir called Light Shines
and is also in accapella. Music has
been with Braxton throughout high
school. He’s been in the marching
band for four years and is part of the
Symphonic band.
Braxton is also academically well
rounded. He is the top 25% of the
senior class. Also, Braxton is apart
of the Academic B this year and for
three years has been apart of the
National Honor Society. Braxton
has also been student of the month.
He is no stranger to helping around
the community. He volunteers
for VBS and helps serve dinners.
Braxton had run for Sarah’s House
for four years, worked for city
events, and has helped out at the
Burger Battle and the Rib Fest.
He is a part of the First Church
of Christ and is involved with the
youth group. He is also a Junior
Deacon and takes part in Praise
Band. Braxton has been to New
Orleans twice with his mission team
to help with the Hurricane Katrina
“Seeing all the devastation
in New Orleans was a real eye
opener to me and made me glad
I had helped some people,” said
When asked what it means to
Braxton to be Kiwanis of the
month he said “ It’s a big honor,
and it’s taken seriously since a lot
of seniors put their application
in, so I’m excited that I was one
of the few chosen.”
After high school, Braxton is
planning on attending Ohio State
University and majoring in an
Engineering Field and might
possibly play soccer.
Braxton had two proud parents,
Larry and Kim Snavely, and three
siblings to share this honor with.
Braxton is currently practicing for a
symphonic band performance.
Soards honored for responsibility,commitment
volunteers at
in the
TRUST program.
By Molly Phonephomhom
For the month of April, Mckenna
Soards was chosen to be one of the
Kiwanis Students of the Month.
Mckenna has been part of National
Honor Society for three years; she
was involved in the community Easter
egg hunt and Halloween Party. Also
the Foreign Language Club for three
years, Fellowship of Christian Athlete,
Interact and TRUST.
“ Mckenna is very responsible and
takes her job as a student seriously,
I’ll miss her next year, ” TRUST
adviser Mrs. Johnson commented about
Mckenna has been part of the St.
Patrick church T.A.S.K. team and
youth group for four years and prayer
partner program for three years. She is
a Sunday school assistant, and vacation
Bible school assistant.
With many things going on in her life,
she still has time to volunteer work at
St. Patrick’s church/school and after
school a 1 to 1 tutoring. She was also
part of the Bryan Community School of
Mckenna’s favorite high school
memory is homecoming and prom. One
thing she is going to miss about being
in high school is being with her friends.
Her plans after high school is to go to
Ohio Northern University, majoring in
early childhood education and minor in
special education.
“I was pretty excited when I found out
I was going to be a Kiwanis student, I
felt really honored,” Mckenna shared.
Mckenna is the daughter of Doug and
Kathy Soards, who she shares her joy
and success with.
April 30, 2010
page 2
Students in TRUST enjoy numerous activities at Camp Joy
April 30, 2010
page 3
Teacher Feature: Mr. Kuhn continues to inspire after 24 years
Mr. Kuhn greets and observes students walking to class as he
ponders life. In the words of Mr. Kuhn, “It’s all about understanding behavior.” (Photo by Misha Cooley)
By: Misha Cooley
Kenneth Kuhn has put in a
lot of time and effort in his
many years teaching at Bryan
High School. His positive
attitude provides a welcoming
atmosphere for students as
well as staff.
Many know him as Kuhn
Dogg, King Kuhn, Big Daddy
Kuhn, or just that big smiley
guy who greets students in the
hallway, but to those who have
him as a teacher, he is much
“ Mr. Kuhn is one of the most
awe-inspiring and perplexing
teachers to strike the halls
By Misha Cooley
Notorious for being the
“Sparty On” car, junior Alex
Collins’ black ’96 Volvo has
been named April’s Clunker of
the Month.
Previously known for the
many Michigan State stickers
plastered to the bumper,
Alex purchased the car from
Elizabeth Benedict, a die-hard
Michigan State fan, for 700
“I could have gotten a better
car,” laughed Alex, “But I
didn’t really care. I just wanted
a car, and it was cheap.”
Sadly, Alex removed the
infamous “Sparty On” sticker,
which he deemed as crap.
When looking at the car
from behind, it seems old, but
not quite worthy of the title
However, when it is seen
from the front, one can see that
the car is missing the grill.
“It’s not really that bad,” said
Alex. “The air conditioning
works, it runs smoothly, and
the interior isn’t bad either.”
“It doesn’t really get the
of BHS “ says senior, Jacob
Upon walking into his
classroom, one might notice
24 years worth of photos,
posters, and things he’s
collected in his travels or from
his students’ travels.
Psychology and Sociology
teacher, Mr. Kuhn, grew up in
Willard, Ohio.
“If anything weird happened,
it happened in Willard,” said
Mr. Kuhn.
Growing up, he was the
youngest of three boys, and
sports were a big part of his
“I was recruited by a lot
of major universities for
football,” said Mr. Kuhn, “but
I didn’t go. I did coach football
for a while, though.”
Mr. Kuhn attended Bowling
Green State University, but
took a break after a year and
traveled around.
“I’ve been all over,” said
Mr. Kuhn. “I’ve been to every
state except for Alaska and
After his travels, he finished
at Ohio State University. He
also has a Masters degree
in administration, which he
received at the University of
Mr. Kuhn has been to about
15 countries. Of all the places
he’s traveled to, his favorite is
Anyone who has Mr. Kuhn
in class knows that he can
tell a good story, and he can
almost always find a way to
relate them to the topic being
discussed in class.
Mr. Kuhn has met a few
famous people, like Reba
McEntire, whom he ate
breakfast with, and Alabama.
He also collects autographs.
“My favorite autographs are
the ones that students give me.
I have, like, fifty to seventy
autographs,” said Mr. Kuhn.
Mr. Kuhn has also been to
quite a few concerts in his
“I’ve probably been to
“My favorite was the Rolling
Stones. But seriously, I’ve
been to I think at least forty or
fifty concerts.”
“I might be goin’ to a Lady Ga
Ga concert here this summer,”
he winked. “My girls wanna
In Mr. Kuhn’s 24 years of
teaching, he has seen a lot
of new faces in students and
staff alike. Although he didn’t
decide right away what he
wanted to do, he always knew
in the back of his mind that
he wanted to be a teacher and
teach sociology, his love.
“I love my job. I love meeting
new people and reconnecting
with old students whenever I
get the chance. I love to hear
their stories of what they
remember from having me as
a teacher.”
His main subject is
sociology, and he has been
teaching it in all of his years
here at Bryan High School.
He also teaches Psychology
and Global Studies and has
taught Geography and World
History. He enjoys taking his
Sociology and Psychology
classes to Shipshewana to
study Amish culture, and is
sad that the tradition will be
broken this year for the first
time in 19 years.
“If there’s one thing I believe
in, its being your very best and
creating change in the world,”
said Mr. Kuhn.
Mr. Kuhn’s pet peeves are
students that bully other
“I was never a bully, and I
don’t tolerate when kids are
mean to one another. I hate it,”
he said.
He also dislikes when
students don’t realize how
lucky they are to be in school.
Mr. Kuhn lives in Bryan and
has two daughters: Addy, who
is in the 8th grade, and Becca,
who is a freshman this year at
Ohio State University.
Clunker Of the Month: Alex Collins’ classy clunker
greatest gas mileage, though,”
said Alex, “And it has 124,000
miles on it… at least. It’s stuck
there, so I don’t really know.”
It’s a good thing Alex’s air
conditioning works, because
the passenger window doesn’t
roll down. It’s also a pretty
good thing that ipods have
been invented, because the cd
player doesn’t work, either.
“It’s a pretty good car, though.
It even has seat warmers!”
Alex’s luxurious “clunker”, complete with heated seats, sits in the
Alex concluded.
back parking lot awaiting his return from a long day at school.
Clunker or not? You decide. (Photo by Molly Phonephomhom)
April 30, 2010
Game addiction runs rampant
By: Logan Frank
The date is April 23,
2010. The time is 3:27
p.m. What is the average
high schooler doing right
now? If the student is a
male, I can almost promise
you that he’s playing Call
of Duty: Modern Warfare
2. The few exceptions are
those who are currently
involved in sports, in
which case they’ll be
playing as soon as they
get home.
Call of Duty: Modern
Warfare 2 has become
quite the phenomenon
among teens, tweens,
and young adults, which
completely predictable.
Call of Duty is just another
FPS (first person shooter
game where they main
playing aspect is shooting
at your opponents from
the eyes of the character
you’re playing as), so
the fact that it’s so much
more popular than all of
the other FPS’s on the
market is slightly odd.
But on the other hand,
the Halo franchise was
another run-of-the-mill
FPS, and that series also
had its crazy amount of
devoted fans. For some
reason, people really
love virtually shooting
their friends in the face,
regardless of the actually
quality of the game. Go
But the quality of the
game is beside the point.
If people like it, that’s
just all there is to it. And
I can assure you that most
people (high school and
college males) love the
game. Popular student
Robby Sheckelhoff even
claims that the world is
a better place because of
the game.
The game has actually
become so popular,
that many experts have
started looking into the
addictiveness of the
game, and video games in
general. When asked if he
felt that he was addicted
to Modern Warfare 2,
claimed, “No, I can quit
whenever I want to,
man.” Robby states that
he plays 6 hours of Call
of Duty: Modern Warfare
2 a day. Those are 6 hours
of his life that he’ll never
get back. Never. Every
single day. Robby did
also comment, though,
that before COD (Call
of Duty), he spent those
six hours playing an
assortment of other video
games, so perhaps Mr.
Sheckelhoff is a simple
outlier. Or perhaps casual
videogame players are far
more susceptible to the
page 4
addictiveness of games
in general. But we could
play the perhaps game for
The only anti-video
game activist I could
find in our school, Austin
Crites, had this to say on
the subject.
“I agree with Robby
that Call of Duty has
made the world a better
place because it keeps
the kids off the streets.
But I don’t condone
all of the violence. As
for the addictiveness,
I don’t think that’s the
main problem. The main
problem is when people
go home and play a
game about shooting
people, and then start
wondering about how fun
it’d be to actually shoot
people. It all started with
Wolfenstein 3D, it’ll end
with a double homicide.”
All crazy advocates from
both sides of the spectrum
aside, COD is nothing
that anyone should have
to worry about. Coming
from a real gamer, I can
tell you that Call of Duty
is nothing special. Not
at all. These first person
shooters come and go like
leaves in the wind. High
schoolers and college
kids have been playing
first person shooters
with each other since
1993. Politicians have
been crying crocodile
tears about how video
game addictiveness is
destroying young lives
since pong was in the
arcades. I can assure you
that in a simple year time
at the most, COD will
have disappeared into the
sands of time. So have
fun with your shiny new
poké walkers everyone.
By: Misha Cooley
A mock crash was held for the
juniors and seniors of Williams County
at the Williams County fair grounds
in Montpelier. The intent of the set
up crash was to remind kids of the
consequences of irresponsible decisions
made when behind the wheel.
Participating in the mock crash were
Bryan High School students, Nate
Brown and Zach North, along with
a few other students from Williams
The crash depicted a life-like scenario
with life-like injuries and fatalities.
Not only did the mock crash show the
effects of those in the cars, but also
the way it affects the family of
those killed.
With prom season right
around the corner, the mock
crash serves as a reminder to
drive responsibly. If you are
under the influence of alcohol
or illegal drugs, please do not
get behind the wheel. Please
also remember to turn off the
cell phones or keep them put
away while behind the wheel.
A text may take a few seconds
to send, but it could also be the
last thing you do.
Mock crash shows dangers of texting and driving
An accurate depiction of why
you shouldn’t
text behind the
wheel or drive
while under
the influence
of alcohol or
any other illegal substance.
(Photo by Austin Weigle)
April 30, 2010
page 5
Hi-Life presents favorite music to jam to
If you’ve ever been near the
Hi-Life lab around 2 period,
you can always hear music
blaring though the closed door
(we do have some manners).
A combination of reminiscent
90’s music, fun to dance to
80’s, techno, rap, and metal
that makes you want to fight,
fill the microscopic room that
is supposed to be a lab. We, as
a staff, would like to present to
you, the reader, a small medley
of the tunes that we use in our
music wars of who can play
either the best, or worst song.
Most of the music played is
just for laughs or to get another person to say “OMG! I used
to love that song.” See if you
can remember any of these
songs, or think they’re worthy
of this list. But, maybe you’ll
just prefer to think our staff is
crazy. You decide.
Kilo}, The Roof is on Fire ~
The Bloodhound Gang
The Real Slim Shady, Without
Me, My Name is ~ Enimem
Rollin’, Nookie, Break Stuff ~
Limp Bizkit
Gin and Juice, Drop It Like It’s
Hot ~ Snoop Dogg
Miami, Get Jiggy Wit It ~ Will
Party Up in Here ~ DMX
Fantasy, Roll Out ~ Ludacris
Wasn’t Me ~ Shaggy
What’s My Age Again~ Blink
Shake it Fast ~ Mystikal Ride
Wit Me, Hot in Here ~ Nelly
In da Club ~ 50 Cent
Music we grew up with, but
our parents shouldn’t have let
us listen to...especially upperclassmen...Playlist
By: Kara Flesher
Ice, Ice Baby ~ Vanilla Ice
Jumper ~ Third Eye Blind
Pretty Fly {For a White Guy}
~ The Offspring
Foxtrot {Unicorn, Charlie,
Playlist for the gangster wannabes
By: Molly Phonephomhom
Go Hard Remix- Nicki Minaj
Women lie Men lie- Yo Gotti
I’m a G- Yung Joc
This is why I’m Hot- Mims
Ain’t I Remix- Yung L.A
Shoulder Lean- Yung Dro
Hood Figga- Gorilla Zoe
S on my Chest- Lil Wayne
Make a toast- Dolla
Everyday I’m Hustlin’- Rick
I’m So Raw- Tyga
Beamer, Benz or BentlyLloyd
By:Molly Phonephomhom
Exams, exams, exams…
even though some lucky students won’t take them, while
a whole lot of others will.
Exams are a month away;
you probably haven’t even
started thinking about them
or started studying, so here
are some tips that might help
you get started.
First, study your notes from
the beginning of the semester. It might seem like a lot
of notes to study, but at least
you’re learning it yourself
and getting the information
through your head. If you
don’t quite get it still, you’ll
have plenty of time to ask
your teachers, or you could
surf the Internet on an educational website.
Second, do your study
guides! It is just nonsense to
copy someone’s study guide
or just look at the teacher’s
key, then put it away until the
day of the exam. You do learn
by copying and writing down
how to do the problems, but
you learn a lot more by figuring out how and why you’re
doing the problems.
Third, if you can make a
note card for a subject, make
it! I highly suggest this. It
could help you learn the
terms and main points while
you’re writing them down on
the note cards. You should
mainly focus on subjects
I’m Back- T.i
My Chick Bad- Ludacris ft.
Nicki Minaj
This plane- Wiz Khalifa
Songs that you may not want to
hear, but you should hear anyway because they’re super and
if you never hear them, then
you life is empty
By: Logan Frank
Safety Dance – Men Without
You Spin Me Right Round –
Dead or Alive
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm –
Crash Test Dummies
Don’t You Want Me – Human
Mr. Mastodon Farm – Cake
Ballroom Blitz – The Sweet
Somebody Told Me – Killers
Albi the Racist Dragon –
Flight of the Conchords
Dark of The Matinee – Franz
Octopus’s Garden – The Beatles
Dance Techno Songs
By: Lexi Wyse
Cosmic Gate- Exploration of
Dj Mangoo- Eurodancer
Kaskade- Move for Me
La Bouche- Be My Lover
Tips to get ready for exams
that you don’t understand
much during the semester, or
vocabulary that is tough to
Fourth, you can organize a
study group. Studying could
get very boring if you’re
doing it yourself, so call up
some friends, have a little get
together, have a potluck, or
make up an educational game
that might help you remember information.
There are many more ways
to get ready, such as looking
in some of your textbooks
where there are websites that
will help you or online games
that go with your subject.
Tiësto- Everything
Infected Mushroom- Becoming Insane
Sasha- Raindrops
September- Cry for you
Dj Satomi- Waves
Bass Hunter- Dota
Benny Basnassi- Turn Me Up
Edward Maya- Stereo Love
Daft Punk- Harder Better Faster Stronger
Space Cowboy- Falling Down
Cascada- Evacuate the Dance
Top Ten Brutal Breakdowns
(In no particular order)
By: Austin Weigle
Harlot’s Breath – Miss May I
Brace Legs – Born of Osiris
No Pity for a Coward – Suicide Silence
A Portable Deathray and a
Sterile Claw Hammer – See
You Next Tuesday
An Autopsy – The Faceless
Eternal Refuge – Whitechapel
Domination – Pantera
Shocker on Shock Street –
Lie to My Face – Carnifex
Sleepwalk – Belay My Last
80’s Playlist
By: Misha Cooley
Queen- Crazy Little Thing
Called Love
Aha- Take On Me
Jermaine Stewart- We Don’t
Have to Take Our Clothes Off
Michael Jackson- PYT
Duran Duran- Hungry Like
The Wolf
Journey- Don’t Stop Believin’
Go-Go’s- We Got The Beat
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers- Don’t Do Me Like That
J. Geils Band- Centerfold
OMD- If You Leave
Stevie Nicks- Edge of Seventeen
Simple Minds- Don’t You
(Forget About Me)
Cutting Crew- (I Just) Died In
Your Arms
Bon Jovi- Livin’ On A Prayer
Rick Springfield- Jesse’s Girl
New Kids On The Block- Hangin’ Tough
Whitesnake- Is This Love?
The Cars- Just What I Needed
Madonna- Material Girl
Def Leppard- Pour Some Sugar On Me
Prince- Purple Rain
Tears For Fears- Shout
Cyndi Lauper- Time After
Twisted Sister- We’re Not
Gonna Take It
Dillian Krupp (left) and Jacob Hoch (right) sing and dance
ontop the stage in Bryan High’s production of South Pacific.
(Photo by Ms. Goebel)
April 30, 2010
Top Ten Ways To Survive School Until Summer
page 6
1. Live under the illusion that school is are the upcom- 7. While sitting in the 90 degree classroom, close your eyes and
ing exams, unless you’re a senior.
imagine you’re on a beach. If you must subject to sitting in the
heat, you might as well make the best of it.
2. Start looking for a job. You’ll be reminded that there is always something worse than school. But, at least you’re getting 8. Go for long walks or runs and work on toning those muscles
that have atrophied over the winter... not to mention getting
paid to do it.
some sun on those white legs.
3. Start recording your soaps and watching them in your spare
9. Play video games of any sort as often as you can. The more
time. You’ll be all caught up when summer comes around.
addicting, the faster the time seems to go.
4. Energy Drinks. Monster, Nos, Redbull. It doesn’t matter
the kind, just that you get enough caffeine to avoid Senioritis, 10. Find something, no matter how small, to look forward to
which everyone gets. And, they help when studying for exams. each week. It will make the weeks go by faster.
5. Committ shenanigans.
6. Actually do your school / homework. The less
work you do, the more likely you are to wind up at
school during the summer. Who wants that?
Veterans deserve respect for sacrifices
By: Austin Weigle
Recently, my great-grandfather was taken to a
V.A. hospital to be examined; he’s 84 years old,
a World War Two army veteran, and a Purple
Heart recipient. He was in Manila, and then
Luzon in the Philippines when he was only 18
years old, and served there for 6 months before
a grenade exploded five feet from his fox hole,
sending shrapnel into his skull, and putting him
into a coma.
Needless to say, the man has done his deed
for this country. But while he was at the V.A.
hospital, his doctor treated him with so much
disrespect that it brought the 84-year-old man to
tears. Of course this angered most of my family,
so my grandfather wrote to the V.A., the hospital, and congress, receiving nothing back from
any of these. What I have noticed is an ongoing
trend of people in this country with little to no
respect for veterans of any age.
Since the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom in
2003 and Operation Enduring Freedom in 2001,
there have been 6,068 American casualties in
Iraq and Afghanistan, 294 in Iraq during Operation Desert Storm, 58,260 in the Vietnam Conflict, 33,741 in the Korean War, and 291,557 in
World War Two. On top of that, thousands have
been wounded physically, and probably more
than double that have been wounded mentally.
The number of soldiers returning with post-traumatic stress disorder has risen at an alarming
Bryan High School
150 S. Portland St.
Bryan, Ohio 43506
rate since the Vietnam conflict, which I believe
is directly related to how these soldiers are being received when they return to the home front.
Staff: Sumolly Phonephomhom,
We’ve all heard of the horror stories of the VietMisha Cooley, Logan Frank,
nam veterans being spit on and sworn at when
Austin Weigle, Lexi Wyse
they returned home, and while that may not be
the case of today, it is still in effect. Multiple
Editor: Kara Flesher
Facebook degrade the troops, the same people
who are fighting to send the message of, “Hey,
Advisor: Claudia Miller
we have the greatest freedoms in the world, and
we believe everyone else should be entitled to
The Hi-Life exists to enlighten, inform, and provoke thought
those same freedoms” which means these peonot only for students in the Bryan City Schools, but also the
ple can say things like that, which should be whole community. It is the vehicle by which students can exconsidered treason. The definition of treason is
press views and ideas to the general audience.
a citizen’s action to help a foreign government
overthrow, make war against, or seriously inThe newspaper welcomes and encourages any letter to the
jure the parent nature. Isn’t injuring the morale editor, but asks that specific requirements be met. Letters must
of troops hindering our abilities to perform in
be 300 words or less and signed when submitted. Authors
battle, which is aiding the enemy right?
names will be withheld on request, and their anonymity will be
The way that some people in this country can protected. Editors reserve the right to limit length and edit for
stand behind their “freedom of speech” shield
appropriate content.
that the soldiers fight for is beyond me. I don’t
see how some people can bite the hand that
We as members of the Hi-Life acknowledge and respect the
feeds them.
laws by which we are governed. We will not invade the privacy
Next time you see a veteran, or the next time
of others, nor print any obscenities. We believe in upholding
someone is talking about how the soldiers are moral and ethical standards set in the protection we have under
doing horrible things, just remember they were the first amendment within the limits of the Supreme Court rulnot the ones who made the decision to go to war;
ing of Hazelwood vs. Kuhlmeier.
they’re just doing their job, a job that helps each
and every one of us enjoy the freedoms we have
The Hi-Life is published at Bryan High School at least 12
here in the United States.
times each school year.
April 30, 2010
page 7
Baseball looking to relive 1975 state championship season
By: Austin Weigle
The Bryan baseball team
started off their season with an
impressive 10-3 record.
The teams only losses have
come from Toledo St.John’s,
a close 10-9 loss to local rival Defiance, and a 7-4 loss to
Pemberville Eastwood. Senior
Colton Poncsak commented,
“We werere really upset
with how we’d been playing
, we needed to step it up and
start playing like we knew we
could. Lately we’ve been hitting the ball much better, and
we seem to be coming back to
where we need to be, and play-
ing like we know we can.”
Junior Matt Wisler has
proved his talent by pitching
in 27 innings and having 44
strikeouts and a save. The save
came against the come-frombehind win over Hicksville
where the team rallied from a
6-0 setback to win 10-9.
“I knew that I had to just
buckle down and throw what
I throw best. I knew I couldn’t
get crazy, and I just stayed
focused the remainder of the
game,” Wisler commented.
“The rest of the guys really stepped it up in the infield
and outfield and that’s always
May 03, 2010
JV Softball @ Evergreen
Varsity Softball w/Evergreen
May 01, 2010
JV Softball @ Ayersville double header
Varsity Softball @ Defiance (
May 04, 2010
Varsity Softball w/Hicksville
May 06, 2010
Varsity Softball @ Montpelier
May 08, 2010
JV Softball w/Montpelier
Varsity Softball @ Rossford
May 10, 2010
JV Softball w/Patrick Henry
Varsity Softball @ Patrick
May 11, 2010
JV Softball w/Fairview
May 13, 2010
good to know that you’ve got
a support system like that.” He
While the pitching stays
deep, the bats don’t seem to
be having any trouble either.
Senior Alex Nossaman is batting a .514 with 15 RBI’s and
a home run. T.J. Losby is also
hitting the ball well, batting a
.415 with two home runs.
The team plays Van Wert at
home April 29 at five o’clock.
Upcoming Baseball and Softball games:
The softball team poses for
a photo after a hard day of
practice. (Photo by Lexi)
May 03, 2010
JV Baseball @ Evergreen
Varsity Baseball w/Evergreen
May 01, 2010
JV Baseball w/Moeller and
Varsity Baseball w/Edon
May 04, 2010
Varsity Baseball w/Stryker
May 06, 2010
JV Baseball w/Montpelier
Varsity Baseball @ Montpelier
May 08, 2010
JV Baseball @ Eastwood double header
May 10, 2010
Varsity Baseball @ Patrick
May 11, 2010
Varsity Baseball w/Ayersville
May 14, 2010
JV Baseball @ Hicksville
Varsity Baseball @ Tinora
May 15, 2010
JV Baseball w/Patrick Henry
Varsity Baseball @ Fairview
Varsity Baseball w/Paulding
Matt Wisler Slides home against a Napoleon player.
Bryan went on to beat Napoleon 6-2. Photo courtesy
Softball team looks to seniors to lead underclass
By Lexie Wyse
Varsity softball girls headed
to Lancaster for a tough fight.
The team left for Lancaster
last Friday and came back Sunday. Friday’s game ended up
getting rained out says senior
Kirsten Wieland. Saturday
however was a long day for the
girls. Our girls put up a tough
fight against Lancaster. They
won the first game, but ended
up losing for the last.
“I thought we did well, we
fought through and tried our
best” stated Kirsten Wieland.
Alli Hausch believed that the team
as a whole did well
“For playing a
state ranked team, I
thought we did well
and stayed focused
even with the outcome,” she said.
Senior, Mandie
Butler however was
not as pleased.
“We should of
won, and played
harder for the last
game like we did
for the first one.”
Coach Polter was neutral
with how the team played.
“The team did well, we just
need to work harder to get
where we want to be,” he said.
Come watch the girls play
May 3 at Field 5 against Evergreen.
Below freshman Abbie Davenport getting ready to pitch a
softball ( photo by Lexie Wyse)
March 5, 2010
page 8
Track team looks to build towards success for next year
By: Logan Frank
Track this season started the
second season of March. Our
teams are substantially smaller
than they have been in years
The only hurdler hailing from
Bryan this season is sophomore
Jacob Jones. The best throwers
are Lyle McKelvey and Britt
Snyder. Distance has Scott
Whisler and Justin Mekus
on the top. Michael Quillian,
Braxton Snavely, and Dan Ire
are the best sprinters.
On the girls side of the teams
we have Alyssa McBride Pole
Vaulting, High Jumping, and
sprinting. Rachael Francis
and Jen Frame make up the
distance team.
On March 30th, a Tuesday
during spring break, the Bryan
team went to their first meet.
“We put up a good fight,
but we slightly fell short,”
said Mason Gansmiller on
the subject. Defiance scored
80 points, Archbold scored
40 points, and Bryan came
Danny Ruelas and his younger brother Edmund running
to finish the competition.
Leslie Goshia and Edmund Ruelas preping for a race
By Austin Weigle
When spring time rolls around
and the weather starts to
break, many people might
think of track, baseball, and
softball, but those aren’t the
only activities associated with
Many students opt to not play
a school sport, but they still
manage to get outside and stay
active by taking part in one of
the many leisurely activities
that Bryan can offer. An evergrowing activity in Bryan
is disc golf. Disc golf, also
known as frolfing or Frisbee
golfing, involves specially
designed Frisbees for the sport.
Innova, the leader in disc golf,
makes many different discs
from drivers to putters. The
object of the game is to score
par by throwing your disc into
a metal basket with chains.
Another sport that is popular
in the spring is basketball.
If you were to go to Bryan’s
Imagination Station during a
warm afternoon, you would
be guaranteed to see a group
of people playing pick-up
basketball. Golf also comes
back into play as the courses
begin to open. There are
multiple public and private
courses throughout the county
that one could play at including
Orchard Hills Country Club,
Hillcrest Country Club in
Montpelier, Suburban, and
Windwood Hollow in Edon.
in last with a respectable 20
points. Out of 15 competitors,
Mason came in 8th place in the
16 hundred-meter run. Scott
Whisler, the best distance
runner from the boy’s team,
placed in third. The tragedy
of the first meet even caused
Mason to go as far as to say
“Track is probably my least
favorite sport.”
According to Gansmiller,
Bryan would have scored much
higher if more of our team had
actually shown up. Braxton
Spring time brings frisbee golf, other
activities to Bryan
Many people also choose
not to play an actual sport,
but instead take advantage of
the nice weather and choose
to run, take a leisurely walk,
or just sit outside and enjoy
the sunshine. And, with this
wonderful weather comes the
bad side of the thunderstorms
and rain, but many Bryan
youths take advantage of the
rain. When the water sits on
the grass at the park, many
kids take skim boards to the
park and skim board on the
sitting water. So, if you can’t
get to the beach, don’t think
you can’t make your own.
Snavely, Olivia Smith, Matty
Plouck, and Couch Plouck
all were absent from the first
race of the season. Braxton
and the Ploucks however,
were excused as they were on
mission trips.
Bryan placed last at the
invitational. Scott came in
on 8th place in the mile. All
doom and gloom aside though,
Alyssa McBride did manage to
pull out first in the Pole Vault.
All in all, the Track season
this year hasn’t been too
Coach Plouck cheering
Devin Goebel
extraordinary. Bryan won a few
meets, but lost most of them.
Britt Synder did, however, set
a school record for the Shot
Put with 55’ 1 1/4”.
“Sure,” said Britt Snyder.
“The season could have gone
alot better than it did, but
it was still a great time and
experience for all involved. It
was still alright, and you know
what they say, ride together,
die together.”
Jacob “Jonesy” Jones running some hurdles fighting till
the end to finish the race
Upcoming Track and
Tennis games
May 01, 2010
Track - Golden Bear Invitational
May 04, 2010
Track @ Evergreen
May 11, 2010
NWOAL League Track Meet
at Evergreen
May 14, 2010
JV Baseball @ Hicksville
May 20, 2010
Track District Tournament
May 22, 2010
Track District Tournament
May 03, 2010
@ Northview
Friday, May 07, 2010
League Tourney @ Wauseon
May 08, 2010
@ Lima Central Catholic
May 10, 2010
May 11, 2010
Boys Tennis w/Defiance
May 13, 2010
Boys Tennis Sectional Tournament
May 15, 2010
Boys Tennis Sectional Tournament