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See the latest in Consumer Technology
See the latest in
Consumer Technology
The 2015 International CES® has arrived! CES
Unveiled Las Vegas, the official media event
of the International CES, welcomes more than
1,200 press and industry analysts who come to
catch a sneak peek at the latest products and
technologies that will be making headlines two
days before CES. Dozens of tech companies
showcase the latest innovations ranging from
3D printing, smart home, fitness and sports,
wearables and more.
Not on the media list? It Is Innovation (i3) provides
you a round-up of the exhibitors showcased at
CES Unveiled Las Vegas. Check out the guide
below to learn about the “must-see” products to
add to your CES list this January.
The 3DRudder is a revolutionary
feet-controlled 3D navigation and
motion controller designed for gamers,
3D professionals and hobbyists. It
provides incredible natural sensations
and movement intuitively, freeing the hands to transform the
gaming, work and creation experience.
3D Sound Labs
Hear in 3D. At the 2015 CES
Unveiled, 3D Sound Labs will
debut a head-turning innovation in home cinema introducing a
smart 3D audio device that embeds the most immersive sound
experience for anyone, anywhere.
Inspired by sound, the experts from 3D Sound Labs have
crafted an unparalleled portable device recreating a cinematic
sound experience.
Please meet Neoh™
Accenture is a global management
consulting, technology services
and outsourcing company, with
more than 305,000 people serving clients in more than 120
countries. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive
capabilities across all industries and business functions, and
extensive research on the world’s most successful companies,
Accenture collaborates with clients to help them become
january/February 2015
high-performance businesses and governments. Learn more at
AcousticSheep LLC
Invented by a doctor,
SleepPhones® Effortless
make listening to music in bed a dream. The patented headband
design from AcousticSheep is completely wireless and features
Bluetooth audio transmission and induction charging for
ultimate convenience.
Listening to ocean waves instead of snoring, relaxing to
meditation, dozing off to an audiobook, or just chilling with your
favorite music – these are all possible with the SleepPhones
SleepPhones Effortless can play any type of audio on your
Bluetooth-enabled device for up to 14 hours. Control pairing,
volume, next/previous song and bass boost are all available
from the module. Proprietary wireless induction charging
allows users to effortlessly recharge the device. Simply drape
the headband across the charging base. All electronics are
removable and the headband is machine washable. These
carefully engineered SleepPhones Effortless headphones are
so thin, soft and lightweight that you may forget you have them
on. Just sleep easy. is a leading
technology provider of connected home services, powering
millions of residential and commercial installations. Through
i t i s i n n o vat i o n
its connected home platform, millions of people use
to help protect and manage the things that matter most – their
homes, families and small businesses. connects a
wide range of supported devices across the Internet of Things
to provide an integrated connected home experience through
an intelligent cloud-based services platform and easy to use
mobile app. solutions are sold exclusively through a
network of licensed and authorized dealer partners. For more
information, please visit
Amaryllo International
Amaryllo International is
a Dutch company from
Amsterdam with offices in
Taiwan. Providing consumers
with the most reliable, user-friendly and innovative smart home
security products is the foundation of the company as well as
its philosophy. Using a high-speed 800MHz CPU, and only top
quality components, Amaryllo products offer features never
before seen in the consumer market, such as full-HD live video
streaming, automatic motion tracking and free cloud storage
through Google Drive. Our in-house teams of application
programmers and software developers are committed to raising
the standard of smart home products. Through extensive R&D,
Amaryllo has obtained more than 20 design and technology
patents, however security and ease of use are always the focus
of attention. The iCamPro FHD is the latest product offered by
Amaryllo and is set to change the way we interact with our
homes and other environments.
As a recognized leader in
audio signal processing,
ARKAMYS develops
innovative software and
services for the automotive, home entertainment, mobile
phone and connected objects industries. The sound experts
at ARKAMYS are renowned for their work in 3D audio, voice
processing and sound rendering. These same experts create
cutting-edge solutions that optimize the speech intelligibility
and audio quality of consumer electronics products.
ARKAMYS consistently delivers exciting new audio
technologies across the globe, expanding its reputation over
the past 15 years to create a strong presence in the U.S.,
Europe, Japan, Korea and China.
Aspenta is a U.S.-based fully
integrated mobile operator with
proprietary technology enabling
worldwide connectivity for the Internet of Things. The Aspenta
product portfolio covers both consumer and enterprise sectors
including tracking devices, remote gateways and global
roaming voice, data and M2M SIM cards. Aspenta aims to
transform business models and improve consumers’ daily lives
through the development of mobile technology products that
provide peace of mind, enhance security and reliability and are
easy-to-use with an international reach.
BeeWi is a French connected
objects manufacturer. BeeWi
develops products among three
ranges: toys, audio and home automation. All BeeWi products
are patented with a unique design. BeeWi offers “plug-andplay” and affordable solutions thanks to a unique app available
on whichever OS platform you have: iOS, Android or Windows
With BeeWi Home Automation range, Bluetooth® wireless
devices in the home offer a painless path to control lights,
temperature, household appliances, window and door locks,
security systems and more.
With BeeWi, you can monitor and control everything you care
about, from the baby’s naptime temperature, to tonight’s meal,
to household security. You can also simplify daily tasks with
alerts sent to your PC or mobile phone.
Belkin International
Today our brands – Belkin,
Linksys and WeMo – enhance
the technology that connects
us to the people, activities and
experiences we love. Across all brands, our expertise has been
proven in wireless home and business networking capabilities,
mobile accessories, energy management solutions and an
extensive range of cables. The WeMo brand is a leader in
delivering customizable smart home experiences. Its product
platform, including integration with leading brands, empowers
people to monitor, measure and manage their electronics,
appliances and lighting at home and on-the-go.
During CES, discover:
• An immersive and interactive virtual experience mixing 3D
sound and 360 video using an Oculus Rift, partnership with
Bella Technologia, LLC
Bella Technologia, LLC is a tech
startup company.
• A Music Classifier demo: small track lists creation or
similarity navigation in a huge audio files data base.
We just changed the landscape of
social media.
• ARKAMYS Soundstage and ADAS demos for automotive
GENIVI showcase.
We also revolutionized the smart
• Smartsound ambiences on Dirana3 at NXP booth.
january/february 2015
Brio Home, Safe Home.
Live better with Brio, the world’s
safest, smartest power outlet
and connected home safety
Cool and sophisticated, yet infused with breakthrough
technologies, Brio is an elegant safety system solution.
Developed by former executives of GE Global Electronics
Solutions, Brio has taken a dangerous, yet ubiquitous,
household fixture and eliminated the risk of shock. By using
patented microcontroller technology to sense when an object is
plugged into the outlet, Brio eliminates the risk of electric shock
to small children, pets or adults at the outlet, differentiating
between objects that need power and people that need
protection. But that’s just the start. Brio also uses advanced
wireless innovations and smartphone mobile technology to
combine the typical functionality of an everyday household
appliance with smoke detection, carbon monoxide monitoring
and flood detection that creates a complete 24/7 home
monitoring system to keep families safer.
Brio: Safer outlets. Smarter homes.
Butterfly Technology (Shenzhen)
Butterfly – Cinema goes smart!
Butterfly Technology (Shenzhen)
Limited (“Butterfly”) is the inventor of a brand new product
concept – Smart Projector, and introduced the world’s first
such product to the global marketplace. Enabled by Butterfly’s
unique technology platform, Butterfly Smart Projector has
many of the leading technical features that none of today’s
projectors offer. Its “virtual touch” technology offers a touchpanel experience when a user interacts with the projection
screen from a distance, with the help of Butterfly’s patented
remote pen. It also automatically adjusts focus when turned on
or moved, eliminating the cumbersome need of manual focus
operation. Its deeply-customized Android operating system also
offers a unique playing experience in games and other apps. In
addition to smart projectors, Butterfly is also one of the earliest
companies in the world to develop the micro optical engine,
and has been a technology leader in projection display industry
since its start.
Cerevo Inc.
Cerevo Inc. is a hardware
startup based in Tokyo,
Japan. We have been focusing on innovating IoT (Internet of
Things) products.
The company’s latest product LiveWedge is an all-in-one
four-channel HD video switcher with Internet live streaming,
remotely control by tablet computer. It is the world’s smallest,
lightest and most cost effective video switcher, including an
innovative graphic user interface app. LiveWedge won the 2015
CES Innovation Award.
january/February 2015
Just a few years ago, HD video switchers were aimed primarily
at professionals. But the time has come: Internet live streaming
has become more popular and a growing number of consumers
have started personal live streaming. HD video switcher
manufacturers are being presented with a situation where
their products are now spreading to non-professional users.
LiveWedge is designed for both high-end consumers and lowend professionals.
Chevrolet is showcasing the latest
in-vehicle innovations and cuttingedge infotainment technologies.
Cobra Electronics
Cobra Electronics is a
leading global designer and
marketer of communication
and navigation products, with a track record of delivering
innovative and award-winning products. Building upon its
leadership position in the GMRS/FRS two-way radio, radar
detector and Citizens Band radio industries, Cobra identified
new growth opportunities and has aggressively expanded into
the marine market while expanding its European operations.
CEA, Forbes and Deloitte & Touche have all recognized Cobra
for the company’s innovation and industry leadership. To learn
more about Cobra Electronics, please visit the Cobra site at Follow Cobra on Twitter at www.twitter.
com/CobraElectronic and like us at
Cognitive Networks
Cognitive Networks is a
leading provider of real-time
services powered by Automatic Content Recognition (ACR)
technology, enabling the fundamental transformation of the way
viewers consume TV while delivering a platform for content
producers and TV networks to increase customer engagement,
grow their audiences and increase the value of the TV viewing
experience for all audiences.
The company’s ENGAGE™ API allows smart TVs to launch
applications that are intelligently synchronized with live or
time-shifted television, enabling ecosystem partners to add
enhanced TV capabilities to broadcast television content
displaying on smart TVs. With Cognitive Networks’ Engage,
content providers can now provide consumers with fun, smart
things to do while watching their smart TVs.
Connected Cycle
Connected Cycle presents the world’s
first bike pedal that automatically
records the speed, route, elevation
and calories burnt on every single bike trip. In the event of theft,
the owner is instantly notified, and can locate their bike using
the Connected Cycle smartphone application.
i t i s i n n o vat i o n
The pedal is totally self-governing: no need for any network
connection, no Wi-Fi, no Bluetooth, no battery and no charging.
It’s not even necessary to have a smartphone with you.
The installation is straightforward and doesn’t require any
mechanical skills. All the gathered data reports are available
via the Connected Cycle smartphone app, or through HealthKit
or Google Fit.
With this major innovation, Connecting Cycle helps to facilitate
safe and easy cycling in urban areas, by solving the majors
concerns that many cyclists face today.
The Dacor iQ Dual-Fuel Range
is the first of its kind on the
market with an integrated,
wirelessly-connected tablet that
operates the oven. It truly creates the connected kitchen for the
smart home. The range incorporates the proprietary Dacor iQ
Controller that features the Dacor iQ Cooking Application. Home
chefs can control the range via any smartphone or tablet, from
anywhere they are connected. The range incorporates a sleek
new seven-inch tablet control panel with an award winning GUI
interface, developed in partnership with BMW Designworks
The Dacor iQ Cooking Application allows consumers to watch
online cooking tutorials, download favorite recipes and access
expert cooking advice from the range control panel. The preprogrammed guide eliminates the guesswork in preparing a
wide range of dishes and when the meal is complete; the range
automatically switches to a warming mode and informs the
user by text message.
DIGIPAS USA LLC is a globalleading manufacturer of the
award winning and the world’s first, Digi-Pas® Precision
Levelling, Angular Measuring Instruments and eGeeTouch®
Smart Electronic Locks.
eGeeTouch® is a registered trademark of DIGIPAS USA LLC
and JSB TECH PTE LTD, affiliated companies of Ventura
Group for more than 20 years. Located in USA, Japan, UK,
Germany and Singapore, the group company is led by Dr.
Jim Li who graduated with a PhD from Cambridge University,
UK and holds more than 30 patents in fields ranging from
advanced technology deployment to electronic devices and
manufacturing processes.
The world’s first patented eGeeTouch Smart Luggage Lock,
in compliance with TSA, is embedded with state-of-the-art
proximity access security technology; requiring no key, no digitwheel dials and no code memorizing to safeguard personal
belongings unmatched by any conventional luggage lock. This
novel smart lock provides an incredible one-touch hassle free
experience and ultra-high access security radically different
from traditional keyed/combination locks.
DISH is adding new streaming
options to its Hopper DVR platform,
delivering even more popular
content to DISH subscribers. In
addition to its award-winning performance as a state-of-theart satellite receiver, the Hopper also utilizes the Internet for
delivery of movies and TV shows. At CES Unveiled Las Vegas
at the Mandalay Bay, see how the Hopper will give consumers
even more choice and control in 2015.
DJI is a global
leader in developing
and manufacturing
innovative camera
technology for commercial and recreational use. DJI was
founded and is run by people with a passion for remotecontrolled helicopters and experts in flight control technology
and camera stabilization. The company is dedicated to making
aerial photography and filmmaking more reliable and easier
to use for creators and innovators around the world through
products such as the Phantom and the Ronin. DJI’s global
operations currently span North America, Europe and Asia, and
its revolutionary products and solutions have been chosen by
customers in more than 100 countries for applications in film,
advertising, construction, firefighting, farming and many other
DroneMobile by Firstech
DroneMobile takes the
‘Connected Car’ to a whole new
level. Regardless of the vehicle make, model or year, users can
lock, unlock, remote start and GPS track their vehicle using
the DroneMobile smartphone app. With this connected car
solution, DroneMobile can interface directly to the vehicle’s
CAN bus and other systems, allowing for unmatched vehicle
control and tracking. DroneMobile also monitors the vehicle’s
alarm system, providing a wide variety of detailed push
notifications to the user if their vehicle is violated or broken
into. Speed and curfew monitoring are also available for
business and family applications, among others. All of these
features are built into our all-in-one system that gives users full
control and access to their vehicle.
ecovent makes a wireless
system of vents and sensors that eliminates uncomfortable
temperature differences between rooms in a home.
Most homes have only one thermostat, so they operate like
a house with only one light switch — everything is either on
or off. That leaves some rooms boiling hot while others are
freezing cold. It’s uncomfortable and it’s inefficient.
ecovent’s system of wireless vents and sensors make any
january/february 2015
centrally heated and air conditioned home smarter by directing
conditioned air where it’s needed. ecovent is also easy to
install. Homeowners save energy by properly heating or cooling
the right rooms at the right time. ecovent is compatible with the
74 million homes in the U.S. that have forced air systems, and is
compatible with smart thermostats.
eMeasure Inc.
Until today, the tape measure has
remained virtually unchanged for
more than 100 years. The eTape16
digital tape measure revolutionizes
not only the tape measure, but also
expands its utility as never before
The large digital display provides easy reading while the
advance features are readily accessible at the touch of a
button. These features include: three memory functions,
measurements displayed in either U.S. or metric units,
centerline calculation, re-zero option, inside/outside
measurements and a Bluetooth button option to wirelessly
record important measurements to any Bluetooth-enabled
device. In addition to its advanced features, the eTape16
incorporates a sleek modern design. Made of poly carbonate
plastic, the eTape16 is made to last. Finally, the technology
revolution makes an advanced tape measure a reality. With
the eTape16, measuring is made more simple, reliable and
accurate. Be a part of the eTape16 revolution. “Measure it,
Read it, Record it!”
of emerging technology aimed at protecting what matters most
to our customers. At the 2015 CES we are thrilled to unveil
our new Onelink™ by First Alert suite of connected products.
Covering a range of categories including home environment
monitoring, fitness, safety and security, these innovative
solutions represent a new era of comfort, wellness and peace
of mind. Onelink by First Alert transcends current perceptions
of home appliances and safety products to usher in a new era
of accessibility and customization.
FitLinxx has developed industryleading enterprise health and
fitness technology for more than 20 years, motivating people
to live actively and improve well-being. Partners around the
world leverage the company’s wireless activity monitors, health
devices and software to help people accurately track and
measure their daily activity levels and health indicators like
weight and blood pressure. In addition, FitLinxx’s fitness facility
solution helps members adopt exercise habits that achieve
health and fitness goals.
FitLinxx is making its first foray into the consumer product
industry with the launch of the revolutionary AmpStrip™.
Combining beautiful, lightweight and waterproof design with
super smart technology, AmpStrip is the first heart rate and
activity monitor that can be comfortably and discretely worn
around the clock. The automatic, continuous and accurate
stream of data helps athletes train to the edge. For more
information, visit
At emiota, we believe that
technology can encourage
positive changes in our lives.
In order to achieve this, we
revisit the fashion accessories already in our daily lives and
turn them into evolutionary and intelligent fashion accessories.
GIROPTIC France is a
private electronic R&D
and manufacturing company based in Lille, France. With
an international team with more than 100 years of relevant
experience in semiconductor and visual computer design
engineering, GIROPTIC specializes in 360° vision technology.
Belty is a new generation of belt that adjusts itself to its wearer
throughout the day. For instance, when you sit down, the belt
loosens up and then, when you stand up again, Belty tightens
itself gently and comfortably around your waist. Belty also
communicates with its wearer using tactile feedback and can
react according to different patterns and behavior. Belty is the
first “Awearable*” object that is attentive to its wearer and
helps them become aware of their body.
* Awearable = aware + wearable
The 360cam from GIROPTIC is the first Full HD 360º camera that
breaks through the limitations of the frame to record the entire
experience of the moment in 360°. Our team has dedicated its
work to overcoming previous 360° technical limitations and has
invented a ground-breaking design with innovative engineering
and an easy-to-use interface.
First Alert
As America’s most trusted
home safety brand, First
Alert is one of the largest
manufacturers of smoke
alarms, carbon monoxide
alarms and home safety
products. Since inventing the world’s first residential smoke
alarm nearly 45 years ago, First Alert has been at the forefront
january/February 2015
The 360cam features a unique, egg-shaped design,
incorporating two key proprietary innovations:
• Three, 185º fish-eye lenses that deliver the industry’s largest
field of view.
• The ability of the three sensors to simultaneously capture
and stitch images in real time to produce a breath-taking
The 360cam enables real-time streaming video over Wi-Fi as
well as 360 degrees of recorded video and still photos in the
palm of your hand.
i t i s i n n o vat i o n
goTenna is the first device
to bring decentralized
communication to your
smartphone, by pairing wirelessly to your phone and enabling
you to send messages via long-range radio waves to the
intended goTenna(s) up to 50 miles away. Influenced by
Hurricane Sandy, the uses are apparent everywhere beyond
emergencies: hiking in remote areas, traveling, or attending
large events. Plus, because goTenna is end-to-end encrypted,
it’s not just for when you’re off-grid, but when you want to
be. goTenna’s technology empowers people to communicate
directly without having to rely on central connectivity, and
allows them to create networks on their own terms.
Griffin Technology
Griffin Technology began
designing and manufacturing
technical solutions with an
innovative flair in 1992. We’ve since grown to become one of
the largest providers of accessories for personal computing
and digital media.
We ask: “What would you like to do with your computer, your
TV, your stereo system, your MP3 players and your musical
instruments...the technology that enhances your life?”
Our approach has given birth to some of the best known
accessories in the digital entertainment and personal computer
markets, including the iTrip family of FM transmitters and the
groundbreaking Evolve Wireless Sound System.
Today, Griffin designs, manufactures and delivers useful and
fun solutions for digital entertainment and personal computing
to people in the Americas, Europe and Asia, through major
retailers and online.
The patented GYMWATCH®
Sensor is the only fitness
tracker that precisely measures
the full range of motion and
strength expended in every type
of exercise. It provides real-time
feedback to help users perform exercises properly and get the
maximum results from their workouts.
develops advanced fitness technologies and devices. Based in
Darmstadt, Germany, the company’s first product is the patented
GYMWATCH Sensor. The founding team of GYMWATCH® met as
graduate students in sport informatics, electrical engineering,
computer science and industrial design at the Technical
University of Darmstadt. They brought their areas of expertise
together to form GYMWATCH GmbH with funding from the
innovation program EXIST of the Federal Ministry of Economics
and Technology, The European Union and the European
Social Fund for Germany. Additionally in 2014 they started a
crowdfunding campaign on and they exceeded
their funding goal of $85,000 USD with $164,445 USD.
Healbe GoBe™ is the Original 100%
Automatic Body Manager™ and the only
way to automatically measure calorie
intake through your skin. GoBe utilizes
three sensors (piezo pressure sensor,
impedance sensor and accelerometer)
and an advanced algorithm to deliver
comprehensive insights into whole
body health. Using its patented Healbe
FLOW Technology, the device automatically calculates calories
consumed, calories burned, activity level, heart rate, blood
pressure, stress level, hydration level and sleep status.
The system consists of a wristband that reads the body’s main
parameters, a smartphone with Healbe software (available on
iOS and Android devices), and a website where basic health
information on the user is stored.
Healbe GoBe’s intended purpose is to supply the user with
the information they need about their whole body health. By
providing specific data rather than averages or estimates, the
user is better equipped to make healthier decisions in everyday
Valedo® supports long-term back
health and pain reduction. Learn
how to perform specificallydesigned therapeutic exercises on your iPhone/iPad for
improved movement awareness, muscle control and spinal
stability that are entertaining and motivating.
By placing one sensor on the chest-bone and one on your
pelvis with double-sided medical tape, the system can monitor
all movements of your upper body and pelvis. Valedo provides
the necessary clinical/visual information to learn proper
movements, monitors if the exercises are performed correctly
and optional data sharing with a therapist.
Valedo is unique because of:
• Effective combination of exercising while gaming
• Enables personalized and guided self-therapy at home
• Performance feedback, correct movement monitoring and
progress tracking
• Increase patient engagement and compliance
• Registered medical device
This new innovative form of self-guided therapy can help
people around the world better deal and treat their back pain
with (wireless and mobile) technology.
Holî invents innovative and connected
lamps that go beyond just lighting up
our interiors. To help us achieve a
better health. To entertain us. Or to
help us feel more secure.
january/february 2015
At the 2015 CES, we are proud to introduce SleepCompanion,
the light to sleep better. SleepCompanion is the simplest and
smartest way to get a better sleep and it’s scientifically proven
to work.
hidden display makes InLab the most modern, chic and unisex
activity tracker yet!
SleepCompanion is a unique LED light bulb generating the
right type of light your body needs at the right moment of
sleep (to stimulate or reduce melatonin sleep hormones)
and is controlled by an app that analyses the physical and
environmental factors affecting the quality of your nights sleep.
Invoxia debuts the Triby, the voice of
the connected home. Triby enables
better communication with your loved
ones at home. Making and receiving
hands-free calls is as simple as
pushing a button, without the need of
a mobile phone or landline. The Triby
isn’t a phone but a communication
innovation that serves as a link among family members to
message, listen to music and better share calls at home. The
Triby can send emoticons and drawings, receive text from
a mobile, as well as play music or Internet radio. Bring your
family closer together with the Triby.
And for in-depth analysis of your sleep, you can connect
SleepCompanion to a variety of compatible trackers like
Jawbone, Fitbit, Netatmo or Withings.
IC Real Tech
IC720 is the World’s first
720-degree video monitoring
system. Easily connecting to
the Wi-Fi network in the home, this stylish dual-lens camera
sits atop a counter or tabletop where it captures floor-to-ceiling
and completely around itself (i.e. 360-degrees vertically and
360-degrees horizontally). The system’s proprietary software
App delivers an immersive, 3D-like remote-viewing experience
of the entire surroundings (via iPhone, iPad and Android
For enhanced functionality and easy integration into the
SmartHome, incorporated into the camera are Bluetooth
and cellular technologies as well as video analytics which
make possible home automation via hand gestures, etc. Two
integrated SD cards record up to 2 hours of video; optional
cloud recording is also available. The camera has a built-in
rechargeable lithium ion battery capable of lasting several
hours on a charge, making it ideal for use at sports events,
concerts, family gatherings and more.
InBody Co., Ltd.
InBody goes beyond the limits
of conventional Bioelectrical
Impedance Analysis (BIA) with
its exceptional technology and is
recognized as the best by experts in
numerous fields. From professionalgrade to household consumer
devices, InBody offers a variety of body composition analyzers,
blood pressure monitors and wearables worldwide.
InBody Band
A wearable with body composition analysis is finally here! From
the medical device manufacturer, InBody, comes a wearable
that not only tracks and records your daily activities, but
measures your progress: percentage of body fat, muscle mass
and fitness!
InLab addresses the forgotten issue of wearables: fashion!
Created to be discreet as a bracelet or used as a watch, its
january/February 2015
Founded in 2010, Invoxia designs, innovates and produces
telecommunication devices aimed at improving comfort and
simplifying the user experience. After revolutionizing business
telephony, Invoxia intends to reinvent voice and familial
telecommunication at home with Triby.
iSetWatch™ is the first
connected watch format
e-referee for tennis players
able to score tennis matches.
iSetWatch allows you to share your live match scores over the
Internet and to let your coach, friends and parents follow your
match in real time.
With dedicated applications for iOS and Android, iSetWatch
can record your tennis match scores, analyze and improve your
tennis performances, and follow other matches.
Using a state-of-the-art, long-range Bluetooth low energy radio,
iSetWatch is the only smart watch on the market fully dedicated
to sharing tennis scores between player’s watches over the
iSetWatch was developed in 2014 by a French team of tennis
players, engineers, sales, marketing and manufacturing
Smart design wristwatch, five different watch colors and the
app is free on Apple Store and Google Play. Don’t wait any
longer. GAME SET AND WATCH with iSetWatch.
ISKN was founded by a
multidisciplinary team specialized
in electronic engineering and user
experience design. The ISKN story
debuted on crowdfunding site Kickstarter with the iSketchnote
project. From September to October 2013, 2,395 backers pledged
i t i s i n n o vat i o n
a total of $346,127 – nearly ten times the initial goal of $35,000.
ISKN’s mission is to combine the natural experience of tangible
tools with the power of digital technology.
The company is commercializing an innovative writing
device, the Slate. This is the first product which integrates
the ISKN technology. Developed with Leti sensor know-how
over the past three years, ISKN’s patented technology will be
integrated into many new devices and for multiple applications
(3D animation, gaming, handwriting, etc.). The company
headquarters is located in Grenoble, France.
Itus Networks
iGuardian is the world’s first
Internet protection system designed
specifically for home use. iGuardian
is designed for everyone who wants
to have peace of mind when using the Internet at home, but
doesn’t want to deal with complex or costly solutions.
The iGuardian from Itus Networks blocks cyber-attacks while
also filtering out viruses, phishing scams, malicious websites,
Java, browser, and file exploits, drive-by-downloads, wateringhole attacks, botnets, data-theft, remote access Trojans and
key-loggers. It sits between the Internet source and Wi-Fi
router, operating as an network security appliance.
The system is designed to protect devices including
smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets, TVs, cable boxes,
security camera systems, smoke detectors, thermostats, smart
refrigerators and more. It protects all devices connected to
your home network without requiring any agents, apps or other
software to be installed.
The iGuardian is designed and optimized for easy installation
while providing advanced threat prevention.
Kwikset, the leader in residential door
security, manufactures and markets a
complete line of door locks and door
hardware. Designed for residential and
light commercial applications, Kwikset’s
product offering includes doorknobs,
deadbolts, handlesets, pocket door hardware and electronic
keyless entry locks. Headquartered in Orange County, Calif.,
Kwikset is part of the Hardware and Home Improvement (HHI)
division of Spectrum Brands. Kwikset products are sold through
retailers and distributors throughout the U.S., Canada and
Mexico. To learn more about Kwikset, visit
Living in Digital Times
Founded by veteran technology
journalist Robin Raskin,
Living in Digital Times brings
together the most knowledgeable leaders and the latest
innovations impacting both technology and lifestyle. It helps
companies identify and act on emerging trends, create
compelling company narratives and do better business
through strong network connections. Living in Digital Times
produces technology conferences, exhibits and events at the
International CES and other locations throughout the year by
lifestyle verticals. Core brands include Digital Health Summit,
Fitness Tech Summit, Lifelong Tech, [email protected] Summit, Family
Tech Summit, TransformingEDU, MommyTech TV, Wearables
and FashionWare runway show, Mobile Apps Showdown, Last
Gadget Standing, Battle of the Bands and the KAPi Awards. The
company also works with various foundations and manages
the Appreneur Scholar awards program for budding mobile
entrepreneurs. For more information, visit LivinginDigitalTimes.
Lima Technology Inc.
Made up of a hardware adapter
and a multi-platform app, Lima
enables users to have exactly the same files and folders on
their smartphone, computer and tablet regardless of their OS or
storage capacity.
Lima’s app upgrades the file system of your devices to change
the way they manage your files. Instead of keeping their files
to themselves, all of your devices will store them automatically
in the same location: the hard drive connected to the Lima
adapter at home. Your smartphone, computer and tablet now all
use this storage as their unique reference.
The advantage for the user is having his entire digital life with
him, on all of his devices, without any constraints or actions
Lima was initially revealed on the crowdfunding platform
Kickstarter, where it raised $1.2 million thanks to 13,000
backers. It received two CES Innovation Awards this year.
Liquid Image
Liquid Image expands its
IoT division with the Ego
LS 4G/4G LTE modules for
the U.S., Canada, Europe,
Russia and Asia. The Ego LS is a 4G-enabled wearable camera
for streaming live video content with embedded streaming
metadata, targeted towards both vertical and consumer
markets. The 1080p camera can record a Full HD video while
simultaneously streaming over a wireless network. The Ego
LS is embedded with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and low frequency
connectivity to connect with other IoT devices. International
versions include GPS capabilities.
Logbar Inc.
Logbar launched “Ring,” a
wearable gesture recognition
cloud control device. Logbar won
the startup battle for TechCrunch
Tokyo 2013 and was chosen by
CNN as one of the top 10 innovative products and is a 2015 CES
Innovation Awards winner.
january/february 2015
LoopPay Inc.
LoopPay invented the world’s first mobile
wallet app that allows consumers to
securely store all their cards and pay
with their LoopPay devices (LoopPay
Fob, ChargeCase, CardCase and Card)
virtually everywhere. The LoopPay app
stores and manages payment, gift, loyalty, ID and membership
cards allowing consumers to leave their plastic behind with
confidence, enabling faster, more convenient mobile commerce
experiences. Based in Boston, LoopPay’s patented Magnetic
Secure Transmission™ (MST) technology turns existing mag
stripe readers into mobile, contactless readers without any
change or cost to merchants or their payment processors.
LoopPay provides not only breakthrough convenience for
consumers to organize and pay with mobile devices, but also
the highest level of payment security to protect consumer card
data. All card track data is encrypted and stored in secure
memory within any LoopPay device. LoopPay is a Level One PCI
Certified Payment Provider. To learn more, visit
Lowe’s Innovation Labs
Lowe’s Innovation Labs was
established to lead retail
innovation by bringing together
uncommon partners to build
technologies that deliver solutions to challenges consumers
face every day. By applying science fiction prototyping in
order to imagine the impossible and create new experiences
for consumers, Lowe’s Innovation Labs has developed and
introduced concepts including the Lowe’s Holoroom, an
augmented reality home improvement simulator, and the OSHbot
autonomous retail service robot. For more information please
visit or follow
Mira Fitness
Mira is a wearable device
company devoted to delivering a
simple, personal and motivational
fitness experience without
compromising style. Mira’s user-centered offerings incorporate
a healthy balance of sophistication and approachability,
coupled with actionable insights that help real women stay
motivated throughout the day.
It started with a group of diverse women that shared a common
desire – a more realistic approach to maintaining a healthy
lifestyle. Together, they weighed in on what mattered most
when it came to fitting fitness into their daily routine. Their
insights became Mira’s inspiration to create a more meaningful
and real fitness experience.
Beyond making a beautiful statement, Mira gets to know you
for a personalized fitness experience and offers relevant
suggestions based on your activities and preferences. It
gives you a more complete picture of your fitness potential,
encourages you to stay motivated and helps you make healthier
january/February 2015
Misfit invents and
manufactures great wearable
and smart home products.
cameraman to film yourself alone!
PIXIO, the unique
indoor/outdoor robotic
MOVE ‘N SEE overturns the world of robot cameraman with
its PIXIO, the first robotic cameraman for tracking and filming
indoors as well as outdoors.
Everyone knows that video is essential to sharing images:
events, shows, leisure activities and conferences. It is also a
key tool for coaching sports and improving performance. But
the problem becomes having a cameraman on hand – rarely the
The solution to film yourself alone is PIXIO: the only robotic
cameraman that tracks, films and zooms automatically.
This innovation targets large markets such as geeks, athletes,
professionals, families or even show business. After becoming
the first patented robot in the world for outdoor sports in 2011,
the world leader MOVE ‘N SEE strikes yet another blow. Don’t
miss this world premiere!
Multiroom System by SuperTooth
Multiroom System allows you to
enjoy wireless music in any room
of your home. You can control, from
your smartphone or tablet, your
home wireless music system via
Bluetooth with up to five wireless
speakers. Thanks to our Multiroom System app (compatible
with Android and iOS) the system is very user-friendly. The
system is pre-installed, just turn it on, nothing more is needed.
The Multiroom System launched Q1-2015 at a very competitive
price: $299 for the complete set (three speakers).
SuperTooth, headquartered in France, is a world leading
manufacturer of Bluetooth accessories, with a presence in
more than 60 countries. SuperTooth owns its own factory,
managing and operating the entire production and supply chain
– from initial designs and concepts, to the manufacturing and
myBrain Technologies
Closely linked with the medical
and research communities,
myBrain Technologies develops
real-time evaluation tools of
human mental states by measuring brain activity.
Our first product is a new solution to help people cope
i t i s i n n o vat i o n
with stress, based on the latest neuroscience results and
technologies, and developed in collaboration with the Brain
and Spine Institute (Pitié-Salpetrière Hospital, Paris, France).
This new generation of connected devices aims to help people
improve their health and wellness by learning how to control
their brain activity themselves.
At the 2015 CES, takethe opportunity to try our new solution
during a unique relaxation competition in public.
Since 2005, Myfox has been
committed to redefining home
security with simple, unique solutions. Unlike traditional
detection systems, Myfox offers true security and peace of
mind through proactive deterrence. As a result of the evolution
of their award-winning IntelliTAG technology, Myfox became
a pioneer in the European security space by creating the first
connected home security system. Myfox is proud to bring their
products to America in 2015.
the first bracelet to measure sun exposure and provide
recommendations to users on how to protect their skin from
sun effects.
Netatmo was recognized with three awards from the
prestigious CES Innovation Awards in 2013 and 2014.
ONvocal is a technology company
dedicated to transforming the art of
listening. By designing products and
services that allow users to create and
control their own personal soundscapes,
ONvocal is bringing clarity and authenticity to the way the
world listens, hears and communicates during work and play.
Ozobot is the world’s smallest
smart robot that kids can
program to move and dance on
paper and digital screens.
A 2015 International CES® Innovation Honoree, Myfox Loop
is the only smart home security system that prevents breakins BEFORE they happen. Offering a complete solution at an
affordable price point, Loop is meant to make home security
intuitive, easy and completely hassle-free.
• Learn simple to advanced coding and programming with
social and creative games.
Featuring a mechanical shutter that ensures users privacy is
respected, LoopCam is the only security camera that protects
users’ homes and privacy. LoopCam integrates with Myfox Loop
or performs autonomously if a user does not have the complete
Loop system.
• Free iOS & Android apps feature custom soundtracks and
creative, strategic and competitive games.
• Multi-award winning Ozobot follows 1000s of commands
and memorizes and plays back up to 500 moves.
• Clever and witty Ozobot entertains in the family room and
educates in the classroom.
Narrative is an innovative market
leader in wearable cameras and
intelligent image analysis. The Narrative Clip is an automatic,
stamp-sized camera that the user clips on to his or her clothes
to capture photos and location data without conscious
interaction. Narrative’s image analysis service analyzes the
photos and data and serves the user with her most meaningful
and memorable moments in a mobile app photo stream.
Founded in 1994 by Henri Seydoux,
Parrot creates, develops, and markets
advanced technology wireless products for consumers and
professionals. The company builds on a common technological
expertise to innovate and develop in three primary markets:
Created in 2011, Netatmo is an
innovation company developing
consumer electronics for a better connected lifestyle. Netatmo
carefully designs its products’ mechanics, electronics and
embedded software. Netatmo industrializes them with the finest
quality standards and designs the mobile and Web applications
that unleash their full capabilities.
• Civil drones: With leisure quadricopters and solutions for
professional use.
The first device launched by the company, the Netatmo
Weather Station, allows one to measure indoor air quality,
weather and more. In November 2013, Netatmo launched
their second product, a thermostat for smartphones designed
by Philippe Starck. At the 2014 CES, Netatmo unveiled JUNE,
• Automotive: With the most extensive range of hands-free
communication and infotainment systems for vehicles on
the market.
• Connected objects: With a focus in audio and gardening.
Headquartered in Paris, Parrot employs more than 900 people
worldwide and generates the majority of its sales overseas.
Parrot has been listed on Euronext Paris since 2006.
(FR0004038263 – PARRO) For more information,
please visit
january/february 2015
Polar Electro Inc.
Founded in 1977, Polar Electro
invented the world’s first
wireless heart rate monitor (HRM). Since then the company
has been leading the sports instruments and heart rate
monitoring category through its in-depth understanding of
human physiology, performance and the environment. Polar
works in close cooperation with leading sports institutes and
governing bodies, and has thus become widely recognized as
the pioneer and world’s leader of heart rate monitoring and
fitness evaluation equipment.
Polar operates internationally in more than 80 countries and
its products are sold through 35,000 retailers globally. Today,
award-winning Polar training computers are the number
one choice among consumers and key to the success of
leading fitness facilities, athletic teams, corporate wellness
facilities, health insurance providers and thousands of physical
education programs worldwide. For more information, visit
Pronto turns your iPhone or iPad
into a smart and personalized
universal remote that enables
you to virtually control all TVs, set-top boxes, DVD or Blu-ray
Pure players. Pair the device
with the free Peel app and
benefit from personalized entertainment and control – all from
your smartphone or tablet. Receive ongoing recommendations
based on your viewing habits and enjoy the freedom to select
your experience.
Pure is a world leading consumer electronics manufacturer
and leads the way in music streaming and radio systems,
multi-room audio and entertainment cloud services as well as
innovating in new areas. Designed and engineered in the UK,
all of Pure’s products are manufactured with the environment
in mind and at ethically audited facilities. Pure is a division of
Imagination Technologies, a global technology leader whose
products touch the lives of billions of people across the globe.
The company’s broad range of silicon IP (intellectual property)
includes the key processing blocks needed to create the
SoCs (Systems on Chips) that power all mobile, consumer
and embedded electronics. Imagination’s licensees include
many of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers,
network operators and OEMs/ODMs who are creating some of
the world’s most iconic products. On display at CES Unveiled
Las Vegas will be Pure’s Jongo X Series wireless multi-room
speaker system and Imagination’s new MIPS Creator CI20
Creator board. See more at and
january/February 2015
Seiki, LLC
Seiki is an award-winning
consumer electronics brand
that markets a full range of high-definition LED televisions
and desktop displays that feature 4K Ultra HD and Full HD
resolutions. Seiki 4K Ultra HD TV was recognized and presented
with the ninth annual Popular Mechanics’ Breakthrough
Awards as one of the top ten products setting benchmarks
in design and engineering today. Seiki 4K Ultra HD TV is also
the winner of the Tom’s Guide Best TVs 2013 and TweakTown
Editor’s Choice Award. Seiki also markets an audio product
line that includes multi-channel stereo sound bar solutions and
portable Bluetooth speaker models.
Sengled is a global innovator which
brings bright new ideas to the smart
home. Sengled integrates consumer
electronics with energy-saving LED bulbs to enhance the
connected home with technology. Through a product portfolio
that reduces clutter and expands smart home capabilities
to every room, Sengled is the leader in the new smart bulb
product category. Sengled is inspired by the idea that the light
bulb can be continuously reinvented to make life better by
producing a full range of app-controlled, intuitive, eco-friendly
products. Find out more at
See Sengled at Booth #70840 @ Sands, where Sengled will
• Pulse LED Light + JBL Speaker products
• Boost LED Light + Wi-Fi Repeater, a 2015 CES Innovation
Awards Honoree
• Snap LED Light + IP Camera/Speaker/Microphone, which is
a 2015 CES Best of Innovation Honoree
• Element LED + Zigbee HA Control and CCT Tuning
Sevenhugs develops smart
and easy-to-use devices
dedicated to the family. The hugOne is the world’s first device
to combine sleep and environment tracking for the family. It
helps the entire family sleep better and monitors temperature,
humidity and air quality anywhere for a healthier home. Simple
and beautiful.
Shenzhen Donglihua Technology Co., Ltd
Inventor of Sapphire Like Glass (SLG)
protection film and Sapphire Like Glass
Screen Protector, Shenzhen Donglihua
Technology Co., Ltd. was established in
2008. We focus on materials research and
development, application, sales, processing
technology, technical support and service
as a one-stop-shop solution provider in the
touchscreen panel market.
i t i s i n n o vat i o n
With our know-how in material applications, processing
technologies, as well as unique coating techniques, we created
HXTAR’s innovative product line, the “Sapphire Protection
Film” and “Sapphire Like Glass (SLG) Protection Film”. With our
processing technology and unique nano-coating, we improved
the surface hardness of the glass to the highest industrial
standard, which achieved Scale 8 in the Mohs’ hardness test.
Our advanced processes increase the glass resistance against
bending and impact force.
Siemens Hearing Instruments
Siemens invites you to
experience SmartHearing
Technology with the new easyTek™ and easyTek Remote App
for iOS and Android. The easyTek app provides “on demand
hearing,” giving hearing aid wearers pinpoint control over the
direction and span of their speech target. This allows them
to use their smartphone to “zoom in” wherever they want,
whether left, right, front or rear. Essentially, hearing aid wearers
can now manually control the direction of the hearing aids’
microphones directly from their iPhone or Android device.
This feature is especially useful in noisy restaurants, cocktail
parties or windy situations. The app’s easy-to-use design
also allows wearers to adjust volume, switch programs and
connect to multiple audio sources via easyTek, the smallest
and lightest remote/streamer on the market. easyTek works
with Siemens’ new binax hearing aids, the world’s first smart
hearing aids clinically proven to outperform normal hearing in
noisy environments.
Slow Control
We are a French startup called Slow Control,
making ourselves known by presenting and
being rewarded for the first connected fork in
the world, the 10SFork at the 2013 CES in Las
Slow Control completes its range of tools for
monitoring eating behavior by presenting the
intelligent bottle holder. The smart baby bottle
holder BABY GLGL helps you track how much
and how fast an infant is drinking. It gives feedback on how
to hold the bottle properly so your baby won’t swallow air and
lets you know if a lump is clogging the bottle. With our mobile
application, parents have an effective tool that provides remote
and real-time consumption of their infants.
Carver Mead and over the last 26 years we have grown from
a neural network research organization into the leading
human interface solutions partner of a global customer base.
Simply put, our next-generation interfaces set users free to
interact with devices in ways the world couldn’t have imagined
a decade ago. Our combination of technology, expertise,
innovation, comprehensive and customized solutions (from
prototyping to module design to manufacturing to testing) and
exceptional customer support makes us the right choice for
partners that want to differentiate in the market.
TAO Wellness
TAO™ wowed CES last year with its
cellphone-sized WellShell exercise
device and free app.
• “TAO allows you to work out anywhere
— a desk, an airplane seat and even
while watching TV.” – Mashable
• “A tiny gym in your pocket.” - Venture Beat
• Best of 2014 CES nominee
TAO is unique (and patented) because unlike trackers, you can
actually exercise with TAO, anywhere. TAO’s app coaches you
through the exercises, called “Variobics™” which are based on
isometrics (think yoga and Pilates).
TAO is healthy fun because it’s an excellent way to play your
favorite mobile games – NFL Hall of Famer Michael Strahan had
a great time playing games with TAO on national TV.
This year TAO is unveiling a new product – the TAO Chair –
enabling you to burn calories and tone muscles while hanging
out with friends and watching TV. Turn downtime into exercise
time with TAO!
With a century of experience
in entertainment innovation,
Technicolor is dedicated to
inventing and co-creating
breakthrough technology solutions that span the entire digital
life ecosystem. Available under the IZE name, Technicolor’s
range of unique smart home devices comes with a suite of
TV-centric digital concierge applications accessible on your
mobile devices as well to make your life easier every day and
Knowing precisely how to feed your baby significantly improves
their chance of being healthy and growing up in the best
conditions. Reflux, colic and diarrhea risks are limited. Your
baby sleeps better, and so do you!
IZE is the world’s first open IoT service platform, implementing
the benefits of both Qeo and AllSeen Alliance technologies and
is compatible with iOS and Android.
We are the leading developer
of human interface solutions
that enhance the user experience in the expanding digital
lifestyle. We were founded in 1986 by Federico Faggin and
IZE is intelligent. It learns from its environment and manages
any situation, from healthcare to entertainment.
IZE is interactive. It communicates with all connected
household and mobile devices.
IZE is intuitive. You can use it instantly.
january/february 2015
Innovation Awards Honoree)
Vehicle DVR Surveillance
Continuous video with automatic start
stop looping recording (Also supports
incident recording, manual recording
and motion detection recording).
Safety Camera Alert
Real-time traffic enforcement camera alert is for speed
camera and red light camera locations.
Road Safety Warning System
Active warning for Advanced Driver Assistance System
(ADAS) including Lane Departure (LDWS) and Forward
Collision (FCWS) warning systems.
Tobii Technology and SteelSeries
Tobii Technology is the global
leader in eye tracking and has
been pioneering eye tracking
integration into personal computing, gaming, medical devices,
office productivity, automotive and many other areas of
technology innovations. Over the last decade, Tobii has enabled
communication for thousands of people with special needs
and transformed research in many fields with its incredible eye
tracking technologies. The company develops and delivers core
eye tracking technology as well as comprehensive solutions for
interaction and analytical applications.
Locate your belongings from
your smartphone with a coinsized TrackR! Easily track your
keys, pets, wallet and more using Bluetooth and Crowd GPS.
TVL International
TVL International is
demonstrating two of its
latest innovations including
the successful Kickstarter project that’s now shipping, the
SmartCharge LED Bulb. The SmartCharge LED Bulb is a
revolutionary new smart light bulb that works even when the
power goes out – and only when needed. Integrated with a
rechargeable battery and proprietary Grid and SwitchSensor
technology, the SmartCharge Bulb recognizes the light switch
on/off position and allows control of the light even during a
power outage. Also on display at the TVL booth is the newly
introduced Smart GasWatch Scale, a weight-based BBQ
or outdoor heater propane tank scale that features audible
alerts from the digital readout. The digital readout can display
the available cook time remaining in hours/minutes and in
percentage form. The GasWatch scale is available for about the
cost of a single tank refill.
january/February 2015
The VERT wearable jump device
provides jump rate, jump height
and practically any vertical jump
measurement data for combines,
tryouts, workouts, practices, games
or broadcast experiences. See all your data in real-time on the
VERT device and wirelessly through the VERT or VERTcoach
iOS app. All data is seamlessly integrated in the cloud via and capable broadcast TV applications with
VERTcast software. VERT is the first wearable technology used
during a NCAA broadcast game on network TV.
VERT has created a new measurement in fitness with VERT
jump rate on your smart watch. Experience jump rate data
during a jump rope workout, CrossFit routine or measuring
jump load during practice. When you manage your heart rate,
you can also manage your jump rate for motivation and injury
prevention. VERT creates better experiences with motivation,
broadcast excitement and injury prevention with a simple
wearable jump device.
Vigilant is a global leader in
the design and manufacturing
of Internet of Things devices
with operations on three
continents. Vigilant’s mission
is to create paradigm changing instruments by developing IoT
devices and applications that enable people to lead healthier
more productive lives.
Visijax Limited
Visijax Limited, a 2015 CES
Innovation Award Honoree,
is a leading wearable tech
“smart” clothing company. With expertise in the integration
of electronics into mass market garments, we are enhancing
cycling safety with our range of cycling clothing with built in
LEDs and motion-sensing indicators.
Westinghouse Electronics LLC
When it comes to consumer
electronics, Westinghouse
Electronics leverages its technological expertise and global
reach to make the most advanced TVs, monitors and tablets.
Our consumer and commercial products are a unique blend of
art and science, making them beautiful, dependable additions
to any environment. Debuting at CES Unveiled Las Vegas is
a new line of 4K Ultra HD televisions plus a curved 4K UHD
monitor designed for the most sophisticated applications. Be
sure to stop by our booth to see our exciting new products firsthand.
i t i s i n n o vat i o n
Withings is the company that
leads the connected-health
revolution. Founded by visionary innovators Cédric Hutchings
and Eric Carreel, Withings creates products and services
that empower people to track their lifestyle and improve their
everyday well-being for better long-term health. Emotional,
flawlessly designed and simple-to-use, they seamlessly
introduce cutting-edge innovation into people’s daily routine.
Since 2009, Withings has built a range of products that covers
the whole health spectrum including the Withings Pulse and
Withings Activité (activity tracker), the Smart Body Analyzer,
the Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor and Withings Aura. Every
piece of collected data comes to life in the Withings Health
Mate application where users get coaching and motivation
tools to shape every aspect of their health.
XOEye Technologies
XOEye Technologies is a leading
provider of solutions for business
efficiency improvement in industrial
and service companies, leveraging wearable technologies and
its proprietary Vision platform. We deliver a comprehensive
set of hardware and software tools that allow businesses to
capture, communicate and manage information; together,
driving a variety of solutions.
health and well-being, puts Zensorium at the forefront of a
market poised for sustained growth. Come see Zensorium
and their new product launch known as Being, a wearable
timepiece for continuous bio-sensing at the 2015 CES.
Zettaly Inc.
Zettaly Inc. is a consumer
technology startup based in
Westport, Connecticut. Founded in 2014 by an ex-Googler
and veterans of the consumer electronics industry, Zettaly
specializes in designing mobile, audio and video hardware
products. At CES 2015, Zettaly will be announcing a new kind of
audio/video product, and also will showcase the full lineup of
Zettaly PowerX fast-charging portable batteries.
Upcoming CEA Events
CES Unveiled Tokyo
February 18, 2015
Tokyo, Japan
CEA Winter Break
March 5-8, 2015
Snowmass ViIlage, CO
XOEye works with companies that are seeking to:
• Multiply skilled labor
• Track and position movement
• Ensure quality of work
• Reduce latency of communication
• Improve workflows
Zensorium, established in December
2011 and headquartered in Singapore, is
a startup initiative of Japan multinational
corporation Nitto Denko (TYO:6988).
The name Zensorium is a fusion of two
words, “zen” and “sensorium” to reflect
the balance of wellness, and the body’s
sensory system.
In December 2012, Zensorium launched its flagship product
Tinké, a Vital Signs sensor that connects to your smartphone
and measures four bio-parameters from your finger within
seconds. In October 2014, Zensorium received Frost and
Sullivan’s New Product Innovation Award for Mobile Health and
Wellness Tracking.
The company possesses strong scientific and engineering
expertise and an experienced leadership team. That, combined
with the acceleration of the convergence of technology and
wellness, and an increased widespread consumer focus on
CES on the Hill
Spring 2015
Washington, DC
Digital Patriots Dinner
Spring 2015
Washington, DC
Technology & Standards
Spring Forum
March 23-27, 2015
NashviIle, TN
CEO Summit
May 25-27, 2015
Shanghai, China
CES Asia
May 25-27, 2015
Shanghai, China
CEA Hall of Fame Dinner
November 2015
New York, NY
CES Unveiled New York
November 2015
New York, NY
january/february 2015

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