FSLSC Annual Report for the 2014-2015 Season



FSLSC Annual Report for the 2014-2015 Season
Club Awards & Representatives 2014/15
Gordon Jones Honour Blazer for Outstanding
Service to the Club
Tom Duffy
Most Outstanding Team of the Year
U17 First Aid
Tahlia Dearden & Julia Baker
Patrol Person of the Year
Michael Wright
Youth Patrol Person of the Year
Tahlia Dearden
IRB Driver of the Year
Luke Jarman
Patrol of the Year
Patrol 1
Belinda Dobson (Patrol Captain)
Robert De Gruchy (Vice Captain)
Adam Pilgrim
Ben Ford
Brooke Thomas
Charley Gallant
Euan Donald
Helena De Gruchy
Hugo Weston
Jacqueline Stark
Jaime-Lee Dreyer
Jonathan Horlyck
Jordan Dobson
Josh Tyrrell
Judy Bennett
Lachlan Walmsley
Luke Renshaw
Nick White
Nigel Thomas
Tom Elliott
William De Vries
Senior Club Person of the Year
Michael Kirkby
Young Club Person of the Year
Tahlia Dearden
Distinguished Service Awards
Brendan Quail, Connie Diakos
Prominent Service Awards
Tim Kirkby, Eric Middledorp, Luke Jarman,
Clare Freakley & Phil Fagan
Most Outstanding Board Paddler
Matthew Lemon
Most Outstanding Ski Paddler
Deandra Godoy
Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches
Branch Team Representatives
Josh Tyrrell
Most Outstanding Swimmer
Ben Blakeney
Most Outstanding Masters Competitor
Kurt Hanson
Freshwater Youth Scholarship to assist the
further education and progress of a club
member - Not Awarded
Most Outstanding Lifesaving Competitor
Clare Freakley
Rookie Patrol Person of the Year Not Awarded
Most Outstanding March Past Competitor
Ruth Hoekstra
Most Outstanding Boat Rower
Matt Norton
Most Outstanding R & R Competitor
Ian Donald
Michael Kirkby, Paul Milinkovic
Pam Rowlands, Janet Rickard
James Coates, Tim Ford
Brendan Quail, Connie Diakos
106th Annual
General Meeting
28th June 2015
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Club Awards & Representatives
Life Members
Office Bearers & Organisational Chart
President’s Report
Executive Officer’s Report
Treasurer’s Report and Financial Statements
Committee Statement & Audit Report
Director Lifesaving Report
IRB Report
Director Education/Chief Instructor’s Report
Awards 2014/15
Community Involvement
Director Sponsorship & Marketing Report
Branch, State & SLSA Recognition & Activities
Director (General) Member Service’s Report
Facilities Report
Junior Activities (Nippers) Report
Director Surf Sports Report
Boat Report
March Past Report
R & R Report
Beach Report
Lifesaving Competition Report
Board-Ski-Swim Report
Masters Report
Officials Report
Surf Sports (Event Management) Report
Australian Championships Tour
Competition Results
Photographs by ©
Paul Lemlin, Wayne Freakley, Tom Duffy
David Maquire, Sam Di Sano, Rebecca Kiely, Chloe Tyrrell,
Sue Walmsley, Kim Bishop, David Maguire, Charlie Kuhn,
Lindsay Davis, Sharon Johnson, Jo-anne Kite, SLS NSW,
Harvey Allison Photography & Others.
Whilst every endeavour has been made for the
information contained in this report to be accurate,
please accept our apologies for any incorrect spelling, etc.
Life Members
J.B. Steel *
G.O. Young *
W.J. Owen *
D.D. McIntyre *
R.D. Doyle *
P. Magner *
T. Theiring *
K.R. James *
D.R.B. Moroney (JP) *
H.C. Butterworth *
Edw. Wiltshire *
W.A.T. Craine (OBE) *
B. Litchfield *
J. Munro *
E. Taafe *
G. Henderson *
L. Simpson*
D. Wauchope *
H.N. Cliff *
W. Forbes *
G. Hallwood *
W. Lambert *
G.A. Mullins*
R.M. Brown (OAM) *
R. Matheson *
L.S. McDonald (OAM) *
A. McPhee *
A.J. Mitchell*
W.H. Knox *
P.E. Johnston*
J. Mills (OAM)
W.K. Nixon *
B.F. O’Callaghan
C.E. Williams *
B.F. Mason*
A.I. Richardson
K.L. Myers (OAM)*
J.L. Armstrong
P.A. Henderson *
R.J. Gunning
D.H. Lees
R.W. Griffin (OAM)
K.H. Fleming *
G.A. Carlisle (OAM)*
G.A. Windsor*
R.A. Duncan*
R.J. Ware
T.P. Whelan
P.G. Rowlands
D.J. Roberts (OAM)
J.D. Swan
L. Davis
D. Torevell
R. Parry
R. Brennan (OAM)
K. Marsh
S. Bennett
W. Freakley
* Denotes Deceased
Dave, who passed way in May 2014
was best known as the first person to
ride the Queenscliff bombora in 1961,
a feat which made news around the
world. According to Midget Farrelly,
his long-time friend, "Dave rode the
Bombie on the smallest board on the
biggest day, up to that time - by
himself - no back up". Vale Dave.
November 2014 saw the passing of
Ann Rickard, widow of former
Australian March Past champion
George Rickard and mother of
popular long service members Ken
& Mark Rickard. Ann has been with
the club since Ken & Mark joined as
young members many moons ago
and over the years put in endless
hours of volunteer work for the club.
As a key member of the club’s
famous Women’s Auxiliary during
the 1970’s – 1980’s, Ann was a
tireless supporter of the club and
many a club function owed its
success to the efforts of Ann and
her fellow WA members. Until shortly
before her death, Ann still came to
the club whenever she could and
was a regular guest at the annual
Australia Day carnival. Vale Ann.
Tom, a former club member and
long time Federal politician passed
away in January 2015 .Tom was a
member of the club in the 1930s and
1940s, winning the club’s junior belt
race championship in the 1936/37
season. Writing in his autobiography
“Straight Left”, Tom noted he
couldn’t wait to join Freshwater Surf
Club and went on to represent the
club in numerous local and other surf
carnivals. Vale Tom.
Don passed away in July 2014 after a long illness. Don was a long time supporter of the club and with wife Pat (the club’s
first Nippers secretary) was instrumental in the weekly organisation and running of the club’s nipper program when it was
in its infancy. Always seen helping out at club working bees and manning the club BBQ, he was heavily involved with the
club before moving to Coffs Harbour. Vale Don.
Office Bearers 2014/15
Peter Sinclair AC,AO; Michael Baird MP; John Thorpe AM
Peter Obern
Executive Officer
Wayne Freakley
Treasurer/Director Finance
Steve Davis
Club Captain/Director Lifesaving
Tom Duffy
Chief Instructor/Director Education
Lindsay Davis
Director Surf Sports/Competition
Michael Kirkby
Director Building & Facilities
Phil Fagan
Director Sponsorship & Marketing
Luke Jarman
Director (General) Member Services
Lysa Kiely
Director (General) Youth Development
Andrew Casey
Chairman JAC
Sam Di Sano
OH & S Officer
Wayne Freakley
Member Protection Officer
Wayne Freakley
Chairperson, Disputes Panel
John de Mestre
Chairperson, Judiciary Panel
John de Mestre
Life Membership Panel
Lindsay Davis, Ross Parry, Dave Torevell, John Swan,
Mick Griffin
Honorary Legal Officer
John de Mestre
Honorary Auditor
Bill Walker
Freshwater SLSC Organisational Chart
As my first year as President draws to a
close I can’t help but wonder how
quickly the time has passed. At several
times during the season I questioned
the wisdom of taking on the role so
admirably and effectively done by
Stephen Bennett, yet now the season
has come to end, I hope I am given the
chance to do it again next year. During
the course of the year, I often took the
time to reflect on our purpose “To
ensure no lives are lost while on patrol,
assist members to achieve their full
potential and support the community” as
a means to ensure our current actions
support these goals. While it is not
always that simple, I believe if our
members act with these goals in mind,
our Club will continue to thrive. Our
Annual Report is an opportune way to
record how we went about supporting
our Community and our members in the
past year.
In my mind, if we were not here to patrol
the beach, there would be no reason for
our Club to exist. It was an unusual
occurrence in our Club’s history, but not
only did we have a new President, but
also a new Director of Life Saving this
season. Tom Duffy stepped into this
role and was ably supported by Clare
Freakley together with a small number
of other experienced Club members. I
am sure we have one of the youngest
leadership teams in Life Saving within
our Branch and quite possibly throughout Surf Life Saving. The leadership
and enthusiasm provided by Tom and
his team has been fantastic and being
able to maintain our record of no lives
lost whilst patrolling the beach is a
testament to all our patrolling members.
I’m sure it is not only our members but
also the beach loving community who
wish to thank you for giving your time
to make our beach a safe and
enjoyable place.
Without an effective Education and
Assessment Team, we would not be
able to put qualified life savers on
patrol. Lindsay Davis has yet again led
this team admirably. Not only have we
trained new life savers, but also many
courses have been delivered to allow
current members to attain higher level
awards and provide a greater level of
skill whilst on patrol. Lindsay has also
been working very effectively at
upskilling trainers and assessors and
our results in this area show us to be a
leader within our Branch. It would be
great to see all our active members
attaining at least one new award each
season to allow us to be have the
highest quality life saving team of any
Surf Life Saving Club. To those who
have obtained their first life saving
award this season, I hope you make
this a goal in the years ahead.
The IRB team is a small and I dare say
currently overworked section within our
Club. Steve Smith has led the IRB
team this year and has been ably
supported by Luke Jarman and others.
The dedication shown by this group in
supporting all aspects of our Club
activities is truly remarkable and many
activities, including but not limited to
patrols would not happen without them.
A huge thank you to each and every
IRB driver and crew person for your
efforts this season. I hope we can
bolster the number of members
participating in this area quickly.
When I think of how
we can “assist members to achieve their
full potential” I often
reflect on how
competition and
training for
creates better life
savers. It is not
about the glory of
success, but
participation and
gaining confidence
through practice that
helps achieve potential. Michael Kirkby
has long been working towards a plan
that puts in place a
structure that
provides a pathway
for any member who
wishes to participate
in any area of life
saving competition
and the results this
season are testament to his efforts.
While some Clubs focus on competition
as the ultimate measure of success, we
don’t, but we do recognise and want to
encourage all members to participate in
competition to become better life savers.
With a limited budget we have achieved
some extraordinary results and it was a
great pleasure to have our Aussies
Touring Team celebrate together at the
end of the carnival and be genuinely
interested in each others’ efforts.
Thanks to all our coaches and officials
and again, our IRB drivers and crew for
allowing our members to compete in a
broad range of life saving competitions
this season.
Our Junior Activities section was led
again by Sam Di Sano. Sam has been
the Chairman of this section for the past
three seasons and under his leadership
we are the envy of most other Clubs.
We are proud of our “One Club”
approach and it is only through leadership such as Sam has demonstrated
that we continue to achieve this outcome. To see the number of kids and
their families enjoy their activities on
Sunday mornings is only possible with
the oversight of a great junior activities
committee and the many age managers
and assistants who freely give of their
time. Thanks to you all and with several
of this group moving on next year as
their kids move on from Nippers, I look
forward to seeing what a new leadership
team will provide.
At our last AGM, our Executive Officer,
Wayne Freakley was elected a Life
Member. For anyone who has
witnessed the amount of time and effort
Wayne puts into our Club, it is not hard
to understand why our members
recognised him with this award.
Peter Obern (President), Sean King (Harbord Beach Hotel)
& Mike Baird (NSW Premier)
Wayne’s skills and passion for life
saving are enormous and the rest of us
should be extremely grateful for him
keeping us in line and out of trouble.
Starting the season with a budget that
forecast a loss is not a great feeling.
While we have had to make some hard
decisions and put off some areas of
expenditure, it is a great result to see we
have finished the year with a small
surplus. This is largely thanks to the
financial management expertise of our
Finance Director, Steve Davis. During
the course of the season Steve has
introduced new financial management
practices and undertaken considerable
work to ensure we are able to continue
to pay our way in the years ahead. We
have challenges ahead as costs are
rising faster than our income, but we are
well positioned to respond thanks to
Steve’s efforts. The full financial results
for this season are included in the
Treasurer’s Report.
The financial position we have achieved
this season is in no small way as a
result of the fantastic support of our
sponsors. Our major sponsor, Harbord
Beach Hotel, pledged to provide us with
their largest ever level of support this
season. When you consider they have
been a sponsor of our Club for 38 years,
that is an incredible result. Our thanks
to John Thorpe AM, Sean King and all
the team at the Harbord Beach Hotel for
their support. Our other significant
sponsors included Freshwater
Community Bank, James Smyth of
Smyth Estate Agents (SEA) and
Harbord Diggers. We would certainly be
struggling to make ends meet if it
weren’t for their generous support. Luke
Jarman took on the role of Sponsorship
and Marketing Director this season and
has worked tirelessly to arrange
sponsorship to support all areas of our
life saving activities.
end of this season and I thank her for
her efforts to support our Club. As a
parent with members in the Youth age
group, Andrew has worked closely with
all other areas of our Club to ensure
there are suitable and worthwhile
activities for our Youth to participate and
remain engaged at our Club. This is not
an easy role and I know Andrew has
plans for an even better year next
season than the one just concluded.
Given the financial constraints this
season, there has not been a significant
amount spent on capital works around
our Club, but rather a focus on maintenance and rectification. Phil Fagan
has again provided the oversight
required to ensure our building remains
the envy of other Clubs. We have also
been conscious of not wishing to invest
our limited funds while we undertake our
Masterplan project. This project is
focussed on what we can do to provide
the best facility for both our members
and the Community for the next twenty
to thirty years. I held a lofty ambition to
try and have a Development Application
approved this season and will now be
revising that to say we will have one by
the end of next season. This is a result
of ensuring we go through a thorough
process and come up with the best
result possible rather than rushing the
planning and ultimately achieving a less
than desirable outcome.
We continue to meet and work with
Warringah Council on ways to improve
the amenity in our area, specifically in
relation to safety. Small gains have
been made, but it isn’t easy or straightforward and will require significant effort
to achieve an outcome that will benefit
the entire Community. It is a challenge
we will continue to pursue in the
interests of not just our members, but all
those who visit Freshwater beach.
Member Services and Youth Development also gained a greater level of
attention this season under the leadership of Lysa Kiely and Andrew Casey
respectively. Lysa took on the Member
Services role individually this year and
has introduced a number of new ideas
we plan to build on in the future.
While we contribute support to a number
of Community events such as the Sun
Fun Run, City to Surf, Pub to Pub,
without a doubt our biggest Community
event this season was the 100 Year
Celebration of Duke’s Day. This was a
three day extravaganza involving many
volunteer groups and was attended by
thousands during the course of events.
While it was set up as a Community
event, our Club led the way and were
the underwriters of the event. Stephen
Bennett led the Committee established
to run the event and I am quite sure it
would not have been a success without
him. It was one of two events this
season that gained international
attention, the other being a whale that
spent a few hours in the surf at our
beach the day of the AGM.
It can be easy to focus purely on our
own back yard, but there are many
others who have helped make this
season a successful one for our Club.
Our Branch also had a new President
this season in Doug Menzies and he
has been very helpful along with the rest
of the team at SNB. I have had the
pleasure of getting to know Mayor
Michael Regan this season and know he
is supportive of our goals. I have been
able to spend time with all our Patrons,
John Thorpe AM, Peter Sinclair AO, AM
and Premier Mike Baird MP. Their
experience, wisdom and support is
something I will continue to utilise while I
remain in this role. I’d also like to thank
the House of Lords. I may not always
agree with them, but I can always be
sure I will get honest advice when I
need it.
To all our members, thank you for being
involved in what I know to be a great
Surf Life Saving Club. It is not by
chance Life Saving is often referred to
as iconic as there are very few organisations where you pay for the privilege of
volunteering to save the lives of others.
I hope to see all our members return
next season and continue to strive to be
the best we can be in everything Life
Peter Obern
After many years as a Committee
Member, Lysa is standing down at the
Prominent Service Award recipients
L-R Tim Kirkby, Eric Middledorp, Clare Freakley &
Phil Fagan with Peter Obern (President)
Executive Officer
The past season has again been a busy one. Continuing the trend of recent years, the demands of
managing the needs of a modern day surf club have remained time consuming and increasingly
complex. With the introduction of more formalised working with children check requirements for the
2015-16 season, these demands are anticipated to increase.
Total membership has grown since last season, fuelled by increases in the number of junior activity
members and nipper parent members. The 2014/2015 figures are on par with the previous record
2012/2013 season. Big percentage decreases in cadet and active junior members can be attributed to
the new arrangements in place with Riverview. The reason for a nearly 20% fall in active senior
members is however unclear. The club nevertheless retains a healthy membership base with a total of
1931 registered members.
This season saw the following life and long service members achieve SLSA long service benchmarks
70 years – John Mills Snr & Dave Roberts
60 years – John Craig
50 years – Bob Asser & Alan Burns
25 years – Stephen Bennett, Janet Rickard, Gail Swan & Geoff Webster
A new membership category of
Associate member – community
supporter was introduced this season.
Limited to a maximum number of 10
and costing $1000, the new category is
focused on local business people who
may wish to enjoy the benefits of club
membership without the need to
engage in the usual array of surf lifesaving activities. A form of corporate
support, community supporter members
are entitled to a range of benefits such
as access to change rooms, an invitation to the Aust Day carnival, storage of
craft equipment and access to award
training if they wish to take up that
option. To date one person has taken
up the option of this new membership
The table below summarises the
membership details and includes a
comparison against the 2013-2014
Executive Committee
Meetings of the Executive
Committee were generally held on
the second Thursday of each
month. A total of 13 meetings were
held and the attendance record of
the committee members is outlined
in the table opposite. A number of
off-line meetings were also held to
discuss future planning and annual
awards. This was to ensure
sufficient time for discussion of
other important operational issues
at the scheduled monthly meetings.
In keeping with recent years, the
increasing complexity of managing
the operations of the club meant
meetings were generally lengthy.
The average meeting time over the
course of the year was 2hr 15 mins.
retention from
2013 (-14 %)
Junior Activity (5-13)
Cadet (13-15)
Active Junior (15-18)
Active Senior (18 +)
Reserve Active
Long Service
Life Member
Wayne Freakley
Sharon Johnson*
Tom Duffy**
Steve Davis
Lindsay Davis
Michael Kirkby
Andrew Casey
Lysa Kiely
Sam Di Sano
Luke Jarman
Phil Fagan
* Sharon Johnson acted in role of Club Captain until 31/7/14
**Tom Duffy commenced in role of Club Captain on 31/7/14
Peter Obern
25 years Long Service Members L-R Stephen Bennett, Janet Rickard &
Gail Swan receiving their award from
Peter Obern (President)
Executive Officer
Club Governance
The club’s Governance Panel is made up of the President, Executive Officer, Club Captain, Director Surf Sports, Junior
Activities Representative, a Life Member and long service/senior member. In accordance with the constitution the By-Laws were
reviewed by the Panel in August and September to confirm their on-going relevance. All By-laws, together with any proposed
amendments, were subsequently submitted to the Executive Committee for approval. Once approved, action was taken to
ensure current versions of all By-Laws were available on the club website.
A number of changes to club procedures were introduced this year. Most involved relatively minor changes to reflect changed
practices. All changes recommended by the Governance Panel were accepted unanimously by the Executive Committee.
A summary of the By-Laws currently in force together with amendments made during the course of the year is set out in the
table below –
Subject matter
obligations of members in respect of
patrols, including penalties for non
Changes to provisions regarding
imposition of make-up and penalty
patrols. Introduction of warning letters.
requirements for club members
receiving funding assistance for training
activities related to surf sports
Increase in assistance amount for skis
and boards; new provisions re. member
transfers if assistance provided
requirements for club members
allocated craft for use in surf sports
Clarification of role of Surf Sports panel
re allocation approvals
wearing of club blazer, including
Australian Championship winners
qualification requirements for club
championships, including how club
champions are determined in both
senior and junior competition
Clarification of age qualification for
masters competition
outlines which photographs are to be
displayed in the club premises and
which club member achievements will
be recognised by way of honour boards
Confirmation Aust Championship winners
includes Australian Youth Championships
how prize money and prizes won by
members in competition is to be dealt
procedures for meetings
guidelines for categories of membership
and payment of membership fees
guidelines for various club awards
Clarification of use of change rooms by
members & payment of carnival entry
late fees responsibility of individual
Meaning of competition team amended
to reflect SLSA Surf Sports Manual
clarification of officer and other positions
including duty statements for all
management and operational matters
concerning junior activities
Minor adjustments to club organization
charts to reflect current arrangements
code of conduct for members including
child protection procedures
Amended to indicate wearing of high-viz
vests in training compulsory for nippers
only. Inclusion of reference to club
welfare officers
Executive Officer
A general meeting of the club was held
on 14 December with 34 members in
attendance. Club President Peter Obern
provided an overview of the work undertaken by the Executive Committee over
the preceding 6 months and the
proposed club Masterplan process. As
with previous years, attendance at the 6
monthly general meeting remains
extremely low and disappointing in light
of the overall club membership.
Membership Records
During the course of the season, work
has continued to bring membership
records up to date in respect of –
 years of service
 official positions held both within the
club and other lifesaving entities
 club awards and other forms of
 competition results for championship
and other special events
To date the focus has been on life and
long service members. The collation of
the information is time consuming and
unfortunately not all previous annual
reports have included all of the relevant
details. The work undertaken to date
has greatly assisted in facilitating the
club applying for SLSA long service pins
for 25, 50, 60 & 70 year members. Over
the coming 12 months attempts will be
made to extend the process to other
membership categories.
Water Safety Policy and work health
and safety
This area of club operation continues to
raise compliance and procedural
challenges. In an attempt to simplify the
paperwork and still comply with SLSA
requirements a new combined risk
assessment form was developed for use
by all relevant sections of the club.
Generally compliance with the new
provisions has been good though some
areas have not been as attentive to the
new requirements as others. This
remains a concern as non-compliance
with the SLSA procedures, which are in
effect work, health & safety obligations,
has potentially significant ramifications
for both the club and individual
Quality Clubs Program
The Executive Committee previously
approved the club pursuing registration
in the Quality Clubs Program administered by NSW SLS. The program is
focused on clubs achieving best
practice across the full spectrum of club
activities, including administration, lifesaving, training, surf sports and junior
activities. It involves transitioning
through three levels – Bronze, Silver &
Gold – with each level requiring higher
level compliance requirements.
Achieving a Quality Clubs Level is
viewed favourably by many
government and non-government
organisations offering grants and other
forms of assistance.
The first goal was to achieve bronze
level during the course of the season.
Unfortunately this ultimately proved to
be a little ambitious owing to the
amount of paperwork necessary to
establish the club has met each of the
relevant criteria. A significant volume
of material was provided by NSWSLS
to assist the club. The club is still
deficient in some areas and more work
will be undertaken over the coming
months to address these issues. It is
hoped more concrete progress
towards bronze level can be achieved
over the coming season.
General Administration
As indicated earlier in this report,
administrative obligations continue to
increase in complexity and the
associated paperwork continued its
growth. Our administrative officer
Gayle Taylor attends to the majority of
general administrative tasks. She
continues to provide invaluable
assistance to me and to all members
of the Executive Committee,
particularly the Directors of Lifesaving
and Education. The club simply would
cease to function effectively without
the assistance of Gayle in this role.
Continued use was made this year of
enhanced email and SMS functions
embedded within the Surfguard
system, with a number of routine and
special notices sent to the general
membership electronically. Surfguard
was again used to send out the paperwork associated with the Annual
General Meeting which continued to
result in significant resource, time and
financial savings. A physical mail out
continued to be used for those
members without email addresses.
Surfguard will also be used to send out
membership renewal forms.
Over the course of the season, eight
editions of the club newsletter A Fresh
Update were issued. As in past
seasons the newsletter incorporated a
mix of operational, informative and
light hearted information covering the
broad spectrum of club activities.
The building of a new storage room
adjacent to the caretaker’s garage has
resolved in the short term the on-going
issue of storage of club records. The
environment in this new storeroom is
however far from ideal and care will
need to be taken to ensure records do
not deteriorate in the salt air infested
New working with children checks
The coming season will see the club
obliged to ensure working with children
checks are obtained by members who
are captured by the new legislative
provisions. There will be a requirement
for all relevant members to obtain via
the Roads and Maritime Service a
working with children clearance which
lasts 5 years. It will be compulsory for
members to produce the clearance
before they are allowed to join the club
and penalties will apply to the club if
they allow members to undertake
activities at the club without having
obtained the clearance. The forms are
subject to audit by the Children’s
Guardian. The club is required to be
completely compliant by March 2016.
NSWSLS, in conjunction with the NSW
Children’s Guardian, has issued a set of
guidelines for use by clubs. While there
are a number of exemptions under the
provisions, the need to ensure
compliance with the new provisions will
add to the complexity of the general
administration work. Work will continue
over the coming months to determine
what steps the club needs to take to
comply with the new provisions.
Special Thanks
A special thank you to Gayle for her ongoing support over the past 12 months.
She continues to take on any and all
tasks and her now well established
expertise in dealing with the various
lifesaving bureaucracies continues to be
invaluable. I could not undertake the
role of Executive Officer without her
Special thanks also to Lysa Kiely for her
on-going work in the design and
presentation of the club newsletter.
Lysa’s efforts contribute significantly to
whatever success the newsletter may
And lastly a really special thank you to
my family who again this season has
put up with me disappearing downstairs
to the computer to undertake a range of
club related work. Particular thanks to
Jane who has been an invaluable
sounding board and Clare who again
has helped me with a variety of tasks
throughout the year. I could not do the
job without their support.
Wayne Freakley
Executive Officer
The Club has posted a
modest surplus for the
year of $1,819. Once
again it has been a
challenging year to secure
new funds to cover our
regular operational
Our major sponsor, the
Harbord Beach Hotel, has stepped up
its significant financial support of our
club (up 50% on last year to $30,000) to
which we are very much grateful. An
additional welcome bonus to our
finances this year, and for the next 4
years as well, has been the Federal
Government’s Beach Safety Equipment
Fund grant of $5,000. All clubs Australia
wide are sharing in this great initiative.
Many thanks must also go to our other
long standing sponsors Smyth Estate
Agents and Freshwater Community
Bank. To all our other sponsors and
donors identified individually in Notes 3,
4 and 5 of the Financial Report both
financial and ‘In Kind’ we truly
appreciate your support.
Despite the need for careful financial
prudence the Committee has still
managed to improve many areas of the
Club for the benefit of members
 The purchase of a 2nd hand Ford
Utility for competition and general
club use
New fuel cells for the IRB’s
Essential surfboat oar purchases
Updated computer equipment for the
Additional storage adjacent to the
Caretaker’s cage
 New island bench in the Ladies
Replacement of the air conditioning
unit in the conference room, and
Installation of new fencing around
the grassed area adjacent to the
Heritage Room
Once again there are a number of
Club members who deserve special
recognition for their contributions in
undertaking roles to support the
Treasury function namely:
 Kay Cowley – for her time in
attending to the many time
consuming tasks of cash handling
etc as well as contributing to the
catering of our important Club
events during the year.
 Richard Hawtin – for managing the
numbers of the Junior Activities
section. It was very pleasing to see
Richard rewarded with a Junior
Honour Blazer for his many years
of selfless effort supporting the
Nipper movement.
 Gayle Taylor – for attending to all
the cash that comes across her
desk throughout the year from
 Bill Walker – I have been remiss in
prior years in not acknowledging
the very generous efforts of Bill in
undertaking the honorary audit of
the Club Accounts. Many thanks.
In closing the Club remains in a strong
financial position with $450,000 in cash
and total net assets of $662,000.
If the Club can continue to build on this
position it will certainly provide a solid
platform to achieving planned Building
improvements in the foreseeable
Steve Davis
Financial Statements
31 March 2015 31 March 2014
Opening Balance
Add Profit (Loss) for the Year
Club Improvements - other
Less Building Grant
Less Provision for Deprecation
Less Provision for Depreciation
Heritage Centre Costs
Less Heritage Centre Grant
Less Provision For Depreciation
Cash at Bank
Freshwater Community Bank
- General Account
- Juniors Account
Cash on Hand
Bendigo Bank Shares
Bendigo Bank - Term Deposits
Fixed Assets
Club Improvements - Freshwater Room
Less Provision for Depreciation
Total Fixed Assets
Other Assets
Amounts Receivable
GST Receivable
Less Liabilities
Creditors & Accruals
GST Payable
John Potter Trust Fund - refer Note 8
Financial Statements
for the year ended 31 March 2015
Prize Money
Club Clothing Sales
Freshie Carnivals Income
Functions Income
Surfboat raffle
Duke's Day
Sale of Security Fobs
Barney Mullins Swim
Presentation Night
Grants & Assistance
Board/Ski hire and half share
Hall Hire
History Book Income
Hotel Raffle Income
Interest Received
Members’ Subscriptions
Kiosk Rent
Sale of Equipment
Competitor levy
Touring Fund Income
Training and Education fees
State Nipper Uniform Sales
Dividend Received
31 March 2015
31 March 2014
Section Consolidated Consolidated
Boxing & Fitness Sessions
Our ever helpful club members
Financial Statements
AGM Expenses
Bank Charges & Merchant Fees
Barney Mullins Swim expenses
Carnival Entries & Expenses
Cleaning Expenses
Club Clothing Purchases
Club History expenses
Club Master Plan
Coaching & Training
Computer & Internet Expenses
Depreciation of Club Improvements
Duke's Day expenses
Electricity & Gas
Freshie Carnivals Expenses
Function Expenses
Garbage Removal
Hotel Raffle Expenses
Insurances & Capitations
Legal & Affiliation costs
Office Expenses
Patrols & First Aid
Presentation Night
Printing & Stationery
Purchase & Maintenance of Equipment
Board / Ski / Swim expenses
Other – Building
Other Equipment
R&R & March Past
Surf Boats
RTA Registrations & Trailer Repairs
Security Monitoring
Signs & Sponsors Costs
SLS Awards, Training & Manuals
Touring Fund Expenses
Trophies, Prizes & Awards
State Nipper Uniform Purchases
Transfer of Bequest to John Potter Fund
31 March 2015
Section Consolidated
31 March 2014
Financial Statements
Note 1 - Statement of Significant Accounting Policies
This financial report is a special purpose financial report prepared in order to satisfy the financial reporting requirements of the
Associations Incorporation Act of NSW and the Charitable Fundraising Act & Legislation. The committee has determined
the club is not a reporting entity.
The financial report has been prepared in accordance with the following Australian Accounting Standards:
AASB 1031 Materiality
AASB 110 Events after the Balance Date
No other applicable Accounting Standards, Australian Accounting Interpretations or other authoritative pronouncements of the
Australian Accounting Standards Board have been applied.
The financial report has been prepared on an accruals basis and is based upon historical costs and does not take into account
changing money values.
The following material accounting policies, which are consistent with the previous period unless otherwise stated, have been
adopted in the preparation of this financial report.
Fixed Assets
Improvements made to the club house, equipment and the building costs for the Heritage Centre are carried at cost less
accumulated depreciation. The depreciable amount of all fixed assets is depreciated over their useful life to the club
commencing from the time the asset is held ready for use.
Note 2 - Stock on Hand
Note 4 - In Kind Sponsorships / Donations
Costumes, rash vests-shirts
& other clothing
Note 3 - Sponsorships
Harbord Beach Hotel
Smythe Estate Agents
Bendigo Bank
Pittwater House
Surf Ironman Series
Prime Constructions
Bennett Surfboards
Pepper Tree Wines
Lion Nathan
Mrs Mays
Harbord Growers
Bendigo Bank
Angel Restaurant
Fitness First
Ormeggio at the Spit
Harbord Beach Hotel
Freshwater House Giftwares
Boards as prizes for Bennett Ironman carnival
Beverages for social functions
Beverages for social functions
SMS's for Freshnet
Food items for Aust Day carnival and Barney Mullins
Fruit for Nippers camp and Barney Mullins
Merchandise for Barney Mullins competitors
Prizes for Barney Mullins competitors
Prizes for Barney Mullins competitors
Prizes for Barney Mullins competitors
Prizes for Barney Mullins competitors
Prizes for Barney Mullins competitors
Note 5 - Donations
Fairfax Media
Rotary Club of Brookvale
SLS Foundation
SLS Sydney Northern Beaches
Jane Freakley
Wayne Freakley
Fitt Resources P/L
Richard Barbour
Catherine Howard
George Mullins
Dave Olsen
I & P Cameron
Kay Cowley
John Koskela
Dawnbusters Golf Group
South Curl Curl SLSC
Parish of Freshwater
Note 5 - Donations Cont’d
Kim Marsh
Lindsay Davis
Paul Morrison
Mick Griffin
Shanny Dyer
James Adams
Henderson Family
G Witts
L M Forward
Ken Priest
John Boakes
Badminton Group
Max Jones
Note 6 - Grants
Warringah Council
SLSA - Beach Safety
Equipment Fund
Financial Statements
Note 7 - Major Fundraising Events
Income Sponsorship Expenses Net Result
Freshwater Carnivals
- including Aust Day, Masters &
Jnr Bennett Ironman
Barney Mullins Swim
Note 8 - John Potter Fund
Working bee by KR’s young R&R crew
Opening balance at 1 April 2014
Donations during the year:
- Richard Ware
Brendan Quail receiving his Distinguished
Service Member Award from Peter Obern
- Estate of the Late Fred Raffo
Closing balance at 31 March 2015
These funds are held by the club from a
bequest and donations the donor
requested be added to the John Potter Fund.
The income from this fund can be drawn
and used for club activities. The monies
do not form part of the assets of the club.
Alan Burns receiving his
50 year Long Service Award
Note 8 - Application of Fundraising Income
Net Fundraising Income
Net Fundraising income was applied as follows
Surf Life saving Operations
Capital Expenditure on Facility
Training Costs including training equipment and competition
Administration, maintenance of club, clothing and member functions
Net Shortfall
The shortfall was made up from income from other sources as follows
Members Subscriptions
Other Sources
Accumulated Funds
Michael Kirkby receiving his
Senior Club Person of the Year Award
Committee Statement & Audit Report
Committee Statement & Audit Report
Director Lifesaving
Well that’s a wrap for
another patrolling season
at Freshwater SLSC. The
Red & Yellow Flags came
down for the last time for
the 2014/15 Season on
Sunday 26 April 2015,
signifying the end to a
challenging but successful
season. The Red & Yellow
Flags went up for the first
time on Saturday 20
September 2014 and
since then Freshwater members have
patrolled every weekend and public
holiday, through rain, hail and shine to
ensure the safety of the general public
who come down to enjoy the best beach
in Australia.
Firstly, I want to take this opportunity to
thank each Freshwater member who
spent their time on the beach patrolling
this season. We are first and foremost a
Surf Life Saving Club, and our core
business is patrolling. Without our
patrolling members, our club couldn’t
exist. Each member’s contribution to
patrols played a part in Freshwater
SLSC maintaining its proud record of
No Lives Lost.
The season started off in typical fashion
with the core lifesaving team drawing a
short breath between the 2013/14
season ending and the planning and
preparation for the current 2014/15
season commencing. This year saw a
changing of the guard with Sharon
Johnson, our previous Director of Lifesaving/Club Captain, stepping down.
Sharon served the club selflessly over
her 3 years in the role and advanced the
club in all areas of Lifesaving. I’d like to
personally thank Sharon for her
guidance and expertise as I have settled
into my first season as Director of
Freshwater SLSC Lifesaving
This year saw the creation of our new
Freshwater SLSC Lifesaving Committee.
Lifesaving as a whole continues to grow
every year and I have been extremely
fortunate to be supported by such a talented and dedicated team behind me. It
is often said that ‘volunteers don’t
Clare Freakley
Steve Smith
IRB Captain
Kelly Dobrow
Luke Jarman
Education & Patrol Liaison
IRB Vice-Captain
Belinda Dobson
First Aid Coordinator
Paul Lemlin
Patrol Captain Representative
Uniforms/Emergency Call Out Team
Patrol Captain Representative
Brendan Quail
John Boakes
Freshwater SLSC maintained
its proud record of
No Lives Lost Between the Flags
necessarily have the time, but they
have the heart’, and this group of
people exemplify that. The Lifesaving
Committee was composed of a small
group of dedicated patrolling members
who each took on an area of responsibility within Lifesaving at Freshwater, in
addition to their regular patrol duties.
The committee met regularly to discuss
our current operations and shape the
future direction of Lifesaving at
Freshwater SLSC.
I wish to personally thank Kelly
Dobrow, Belinda Dobson, Luke
Jarman, Clare Freakley, Steve Smith,
Paul Lemlin, John Boakes and
Brendan Quail who all worked very
hard within their roles this season and
made great contributions to the club.
Patrols were kept very busy this
season with overall beach attendance
up 50,000 from last season to in
excess of 357,000 people.
The season started with a bang, with
Patrol 1, after only just raising the flags
on the first day of the season, leading
the charge by assisting with a
Helicopter winch rescue off the rocks
at the tip of the Southern Headland.
Large surf continued to batter Freshwater for many weekends this season,
seeing many meritorious rescues being
performed by our members.
Combined, our members volunteered
an incredible 10,375 patrol hours this
season. To place that in perspective,
that’s in excess of 430 days of
combined patrolling hours. This
constant diligence ensued that we
continued our record of no lives lost
between the flags at Freshwater.
The 2014/15 Season saw our
members undertake in excess of 208
rescues, with more than half of those
using a rescue tube or rescue board.
We attended to more than 130 first aid
incidents and reunited more than 60
lost children with their parents. The
season saw us perform 6 spinal
management rescues during patrol
hours, a marked increase from
previous seasons, and numerous
outside of our rostered hours.
Thanks must go to our Patrol Captains,
who are always first on the beach and
last off the beach on any given
patrolling day. This season saw Helen
Cameron, Ben Hildyard, Tim Kirkby and
Alex Obern step up to the challenge and
become Patrol Captains.
Thanks also to our returning Patrol
Captains, Sam Thompson, Christophe
Capel, John Boakes, Brian Whealing,
Paul Lemlin, John Carraro, Brendan
Quail, Laith Farouqi, Dierk Hartmann
and Alexius Chan.
I couldn’t function in my position as
Director of Lifesaving, and patrols
couldn’t function effectively without the
support, guidance and professionalism
of our Patrol Captains.
Director Lifesaving
Patrol Audits
As part of the on-going Surf Life Saving
Sydney Northern Beach (SLSSNB)
Patrol Audit Program, Freshwater SLSC
patrols were audited 4 times throughout
the season. The Patrol Audits form part
of the SLSSNB quality assurance
program for patrols and assess Freshwater’s adherence to the lifesaving
standard operating procedures as well
as the patrols competency in resuscitation and rescue readiness. Our patrols
performed admirably on each occasion,
scoring very well which places us in
good stead against the other clubs
within the branch internal patrol audit
Patrol 8
Andy Jones
Patrol 11
Michael Wright
Patrol 12
Steve Smith
*Duke’s Day
Patrol 14
Ben Hildyard
Special mention must be made of Andy
Jones, Michael Wright and Steve Smith
who stepped up at the last minute to act
as Patrol Captains when their rostered
patrol captain was absent due to illness
or misadventure.
The 2014/15 season saw the implementation of numerous initiatives which aim
to further recognise the volunteer
contributions our members make in
patrolling at Freshwater. A number of
processes have been put in place to
support members in meeting their patrol
obligations with the club and these have
been well received by our patrolling
members. I’m already looking forward to
next season and the seasons beyond
when we can continue to phase in more
exciting changes.
This season has also seen a number of
our dedicated patrolling members
achieve their 10 year patrolling long
service status. I have thoroughly
enjoyed personally congratulating these
members on this achievement. The challenge we face in the future is
recruiting and retaining our new
members to fill the gaps left as our long
service members hang up their caps.
At Freshwater, we wouldn’t have new
patrolling members or sufficient patrols
without the tireless work of our education team, led by our Chief Instructor
Lindsay Davis. Lindsay and her
education team have trained 46 new
Bronze Medallion members and 64
new Surf Rescue Certificate members
who have enthusiastically joined our
patrol teams this season. Lindsay has
been a mentor, coach and personal
friend over my 10+ years at Freshwater and as she steps down from her
current role, I wish to thank her for her
selfless service to the club as Chief
Instructor over the past 6 seasons.
This season marked the 2nd of a 3 year
phase in of the new Surf Rescue
Uniform. Surf Life Saving Australia has
moved the new branded uniforms to
Quick-silver for the mens uniforms and
Roxy for the ladies uniforms. Unfortunately there have been mixed reviews
from members regarding the uniform
and SLSA has experienced national
shortfalls in availability. However, all
new patrolling members received the
new uniform this season and all current
patrolling members will have their
current uniform exchanged for the new
uniform by the end of the 2015/16
This season has also seen Freshwater
SLSC be in the position to purchase an
array of new lifesaving equipment
thanks to the generosity of our
sponsors and through state and federal
The start of the season marked the
introduction of the mandatory use of
lifejackets in IRBs. Our crew and
drivers have taken the change in their
stride and we have achieved a 100%
compliance rate with this new policy.
SLSNSW provided an initial supply of
SLSA branded lifejackets and we have
supplemented this to ensure we can
have a full complement of IRB’s on the
water, with all members wearing these
Through a federal grant we were also
able to purchase a new defibrillator.
This vital piece of lifesaving equipment
will be permanently located in our Patrol
room and will allow us to respond in a
timely manner to medical emergencies
anywhere within our workplace, be that
in the club, the grassy reserves
surrounding the club, the carpark or on
the beach.
Late in the 2014/15 Season we also
took receipt of 3 new Hytera Digital
Radios. These new radios will replace
our aging fleet of existing radios and
support our Lifesaving operations once
the current analogue network is
switched off.
Director Lifesaving
Meritorious Rescues
Lifesaving Awards
Sydney Northern Beaches Rescue
of the Month
Youth Patrol Person of the Year
Paul Lemlin, our in house resident
photographer, and Patrol Captain of
Patrol 8 demonstrated to us all there is
no off-season for lifesaving when he
used the skills he learnt at Freshwater to
assist a member of the public during the
winter months. Paul was awarded the
SNB Rescue of the Month for July/
August 2014 for assisting a member of
the public who was having a heart
attack on the beach. The below is a
short extract of the citation published
after Paul received the award.
“Paul, while off duty at Dee Why beach
early on 5th July, came to the assistance
of a surfer who appeared very unwell
and was complaining of chest pain. Paul
reassured the patient and alerted other
surf club members on the beach who
retrieved a defibrillator and oxy viva
while an ambulance was called. Paul
remained with the patient, whose
condition was deteriorating quickly, and
continued to provide assistance until the
ambulance arrived to transport to patient
to hospital. The patient, who had
suffered a heart attack, was released
from hospital a few days later thanks to
the efforts of Paul and the DYSLSC
members. Congratulations to Paul on
receiving this well-deserved award.”
Tahlia Dearden
Patrol Person of the Year
Michael Wright
Hours: Patrolled 36.25, 9.25 substitute
Hours: Rostered 38, Patrolled 46.25,
Water Safety 6.75
Tahlia currently holds her Bronze
Medallion, Advanced Resuscitation
Techniques Certificate (ARTC) and
First Aid Certificate.
Michael currently holds his Bronze
Medallion, Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate (ARTC) First Aid
Certificate, IRB Crew Certificate, Spinal
Management Certificate, Silver Medallion
Basic Beach Management Certificate and
Honorary Beach Inspector qualification.
Tahlia attended all her rostered
patrols, bar one due to injury.
Tahlia brings a bright, youthful
enthusiasm to patrols and embraces
her roles on patrol and encourages
others to get involved. Tahlia is always
reliable and motivated on patrol and is
already aspiring to achieve higher
awards on patrol. She is a fine role
model for our younger members.
Outside of her patrol duties, Tahlia
provides assistance in first aid at
carnivals, proficiencies and other
community events. She has also
achieved incredible success in lifesaving competition at Branch, State
and Australian Championships this
Tahlia, through her own initiative,
applied, and was selected for, the
SLSNSW Youth Opportunity Makers
Workshop which she attended this
April. She represented Freshwater with
distinction and we received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Tahlia
has already been identified as a
future leader within Freshwater and
she embraces every opportunity she is
given within Surf Life Saving.
Tahlia is a deserving recipient of this
Michael is currently the Vice Captain for
Patrol 11, and has acted as the Patrol
Captain on numerous occasions this
season. While acting as the patrol
captain for Patrol 11, the patrol was
audited by SNB. The patrol, under
Michael’s guidance, scored 339/350.
He attended all his rostered patrols this
season, as well as providing water safety
at Freshwater carnivals and
community events.
Michael was often seen setting up the
beach well in advance of the rostered
start time on busy summer days. On
numerous occasions this season
he has been involved in rescues and
assisted with Incidents on the beach.
Michael is always proactive on patrols
and goes out of his way to assist in
resolving any issues encountered.
He is a credit to our patrolling team at
Freshwater and has received widespread
praise from other lifesavers, council
lifeguards and members of the public.
Congratulations Michael on this well
deserved accolade.
Director Lifesaving
rb Driver of the Year
Luke Jarman
Safety 46
of Branch
or State
been willing to step in and assist.
Luke – what would we do without him!
I would like to nominate Luke for the
tremendous job he has done this year
co-ordinating all the drivers and scheduling which must be hell.
He is very responsive and he always
keeps everyone informed of progress
and details”.
atrol of the Year
Patrol of the Year is awarded each year
to the patrol who demonstrate the
highest standard of surf life saving
skills, ethos and team work. The main
considerations for the award are the
conduct of members whilst on patrol,
the number of new awards gained by
the patrol this season and the number
of no-shows marked against the patrol.
Patrol of the Year for 2014/15 is
awarded to Patrol
This award, per the by-laws, is voted on
by Freshwater IRB drivers. Luke was
the overwhelming favourite for this
Luke has been an outstanding IRB Vice
Captain this season. On top of his
regular patrol duties, he has arranged
IRB Water Safety at every carnival and
community event Freshwater has been
involved in. Not inclusive of Branch and
State Championships, at which he filled
multiple shifts, Luke completed in
excess of 46 hours of IRB water safety,
which is more than a rostered patrolling
members entire season of hours.
Luke has, at the last minute, arranged
for substitute drivers and crew, and filled
many of these gaps himself. He has
assisted in the process of servicing and
maintenance of our IRBs and motors
and has actively been involved in
assisting in obtaining new equipment.
Luke has been a credit to lifesaving at
Freshwater this season. Congratulations
to Luke on receiving this well-deserved
Some comments from IRB drivers in
nominating Luke for this award:
“My vote is for Luke Jarman. Tirelessly
working the emails filling positions for
carnival duties around the country and
doing many himself. Stepping up and
taking patrols when drivers not available. Arguably the beach would have
been closed a few times this season
due to lack of a driver had Luke not
Belinda Dobson (Patrol Captain)
Robert De Gruchy (Vice Captain)
Adam Pilgrim
Ben Ford
Brooke Thomas
Charley Gallant
Euan Donald
Helena De Gruchy
Hugo Weston
Jacqueline Stark
Jaime-Lee Dreyer
Jonathan Horlyck
Jordan Dobson
Josh Tyrrell
Judy Bennett
Lachlan Walmsley
Luke Renshaw
Nick White
Nigel Thomas
Tom Elliott
William De Vries
Patrol 1 were rostered on Sunday
morning patrols, one of the most
challenging times of the weekend at
Freshwater, with large numbers of
nippers and club members competing
for space with the general public.
Belinda and her team were seen
numerous times setting up the beach
well in advance of their rostered start
time to ensure a smooth flow of lifesaving operations. Patrol members
were regularly dressed in full uniform
and always attentive to ensuring the
safety of the general public. Patrol 1
had the most patrol members attain
their 100% Patrol attendance award
and gained in excess of 13 new higher
awards amongst their team this season.
Congratulations to Patrol 1!
Director Lifesaving
100% Patrol Attendance
Quick Stats
356,953 total beach attendance at Freshwater during the season
10,375 combined patrols hours completed by our patrolling members at
Freshwater during the 2014/15 season
2,410 emails received to my [email protected] email address during
the 2014/15 Season
905 emails sent from my [email protected] email address
332 Patrolling members at the end of the 2014/15 Season
208 Rescues performed
132 First Aid incidents attended to
60 Lost Children
James Adams
Patrol 5
Matthew Bell
Judith Bennett
Peter Block
John Boakes
Lachlan Brink
Chris Brown
Peter Carroll
James Crittenden
Peter Collins
Belinda Dobson
Jessica Douglas
Stephen Dunn
Kelly Dobrow
Ben Ford
Clare Freakley
Barbara Frerck
Liam Glackin
Tristan Godoy
John Goldrick
Dierk Hartmann
Ben Hildyard
Thomas Hills
Oliver Horlyck
Michael Jander
Luke Jarman
Ashley Lind
Yvonne Klette
Andrea Malm
Jonathan Marcer
Annabel Murphy
Alex Obern
Tom Opie
Jacqueline Phillips
David Price
Gabrielle Rebecchi
Lindsay Stirton
Brooke Thomas
James Trevelyan-Jones
Simon Wain
Blake Walmsley
Greg Walmsley
Lachlan Walmsley
Zachary Werakso
Brian Whealing
Victoria Whitaker
Aiden Wright
Michael Wright
Patrol 6
Patrol 1
Patrol 3
Patrol 4
Patrol 16
Patrol 5
Patrol 5
Patrol 7
Patrol 9
Patrol 1
Patrol 9
Patrol 11
Patrol 13
Patrol 1
Patrol 9
Patrol 3
Patrol 7
Patrol 9
Patrol 15
Patrol 15
Patrol 14
Patrol 5
Patrol 10
Patrol 4
Patrol 2
Patrol 13
Patrol 15
Patrol 14
Patrol 7
Patrol 14
Patrol 7
Patrol 4
Patrol 8
Patrol 14
Patrol 16
Patrol 9
Patrol 1
Patrol 6
Patrol 2
Patrol 6
Patrol 8
Patrol 1
Patrol 13
Patrol 5
Patrol 16
Patrol 11
Patrol 11
Congratulations to our members who
achieved the 100% Patrols award this
Season. These members attended all
their rostered patrols, or organised a
substitute for their patrol and
reciprocated this substitute within the
season. In excess of 15% of our
patrolling members achieved this award
this season. Congratulations again to
these members.
Director Lifesaving
Patrol Statistics 2014/15 Season
Final Word
As the sand settles on the 2014/15 Season I want to take
this final opportunity to thank our Patrolling members on
another successful season. Freshwater SLSC maintained
its proud and long standing record of no lives lost, and I
think we managed to have a bit of fun along the way.
I look forward to seeing everyone back on the best beach
in Australia next season and wish everyone a safe and
enjoyable off-season.
Tom Duffy, Director of Lifesaving/Club Captain
It has been a challenging season for the IRB section as we continue to grow our small but dedicated group of IRB drivers and
crew. The section was led by IRB Captain Steve Smith and Vice-Captain Luke Jarman. While providing a core patrol service, our
crew and drivers have also provided hundreds of hours of water safety for carnivals and community events this season. I want to
take this opportunity again to thank our IRB team for their continued efforts in challenging circumstances this year and encourage anyone who is interested in becoming an IRB driver or crew member to seize the opportunity.
Tom Duffy
Director of Lifesaving/Club Captain
The 2014/15 season started off well with
all our hulls and engines being passed at
the annual Gear Inspection in August
2014. Thanks to Sharon Johnson who had
the engines serviced at Middle
Harbour Marine during the off season.
It was a difficult season for the IRB team,
with a couple of IRB drivers leaving
during the season and another unable to
drive due to an injury sustained outside of
Freshwater. The extra shifts were
generously picked up by Lachie Walmsley,
Steve Smith, John McKenzie and David
Price. Thank you to those who answered
oftentimes after a late phone call and were
always willing to lend a hand.
We had three new drivers pass their Silver
Medallion IRB Drivers course. These were
Bryn McGeever, John Lo Schiavo and
Alice Thirion. They jumped into the challenge and are now a valuable part of the
IRB section. During some exciting and
challenging surf conditions during training,
one even managed to roll it over at South
Curly. If you don’t roll an IRB at South
Curly you’re not having a go!
mass rescue of 8 people. It wasn’t a
big swell…the swimmers fell off the
back of a sand bank and got caught in
the rip and were heading to Lord Howe
Island. All were returned safely to
shore by the IRB, continuing to prove
the quick response of the IRB is an
invaluable piece of rescue equipment.
Once again a big thanks to all the IRB
drivers and crews who volunteered on
top of their regular patrols to do water
safety. The Freshwater IRB section
needs to supply water safety at
carnivals to ensure all our competitors
can compete. The IRB section did over
350 hours of water safety this season.
The IRB section is first on the beach at
5.30am setting up cans and last off the
beach bringing in the cans. The Freshwater IRB team was on the beach for
our own carnivals, the Freshwater
Masters, Australia Day Carnival, Freshwater Australia Day Boat carnival,
This season has also seen the biggest
group I’ve seen at Freshie do their crew
certificates. With Paul Milinkovic, Steve
Smith and myself training 12 new
members, and saw them gain their crew
certificates. We have a great group whose
next step is to become IRB drivers once
they are old enough, with most of them
already jumping at the opportunity.
The IRB’s made more rescues this year,
46 recorded in total, with many more going
unrecorded. On one patrol there was a
Bennett JNR Iron Man, Duke’s Day and
Barney Mullins. Then there was State
up at Umina again with a few people
doing more than their fair share of
shifts. The Aussies moved back to
Kirra this year and again we sent up a
driver and crew who took time off work
and Uni so our touring team could
Winter will see our IRB hulls and
motors getting a quick rest and well
deserved service, before firing back up
again for some off-season driver and
crew training.
Surfcom, surfcom this is Freshwater…
IRB is operational.
Steve Smith & Luke Jarman
IRB Captain & IRB Vice Captain
2014/15 Season
Director Education/Chief Instructor
It has been
another great
year at Freshie in
2014-2015. The
Education and
Assessment team
continues to gain
in strength with
more of our
members becoming
The season saw the release of a new
Training Manual. The new manual was
well laid out but provided some
challenges for clarity about expectations
for assessment, particularly around
spinal management and aspects of
All trainers and assessors for SRC and
Bronze Medallion were required to
attend upgrade workshops to meet the
new standards set by the Australian Resuscitation Council. These started in July
and ran right through to September to
capture all the team. It is still being determined if this will need to be rolled out to all
SLSA members so “watch this space”.
Junior Activities
Congratulations to all our Junior
Activities members who completed their
awards this season and a big thank you to
the parents who guided them.
Surf Aware One
Surf Aware Two
Surf Safe One
Surf Safe Two
Surf Smart One
Surf Smart Two
Surf Rescue
There are a number of Junior Activities
parents showing strong interest in
developing our younger members as lifesavers of the future. Richard Hawtin
U14’s, Dave Hurrell U13’s, David Price,
who recently undertook a preliminary
Training Officer course, together with Jonathan Marcer and Marcel Bick U12’s are
all great patrolling members and engaging
their age groups in education and lifesaving activities. This augers well for our
future lifesavers.
The Freshwater Team
further large group of U14s in October/
November. In addition to our Under 14
group there were 16 parents who did
the SRC to undertake Water Safety
We also welcomed 10 new Cadets to
Freshwater patrols with the family
theme continuing with brothers, sisters,
sons and daughters joining up.
Bronze Medallion - 46
The number of Bronze Medallions
attained this year is down significantly
on previous years. There are a
number of identifiable reasons and
other reasons less measurable.
Discussions were held with the
Riverview school about the approach to
the on-going training for the students.
It was determined they would continue
to come to Freshwater and utilise our
facilities but they would seek the
services of the Sydney Northern
Beaches Surf School for their training.
Many of the students have continued as
patrolling members, but it is at their own
volition as opposed to being an
essential part of their participation. This
has removed the need for an enormous
amount of administration on Freshwater’s part. After 26 seasons training
Riverview students for their Bronze
Medallion and Surf Rescue Certificate
the awards they obtain are now
attributable to SNB Surf School.
Belinda Dobson
Surf Rescue Certificate - 64
Belinda Dobson co-ordinated most of the
Surf Rescue Certificate training this season. The first squad of U14 members
was trained during the holidays, with a
It is disappointing to report that whilst 16
Junior Activities parents undertook the
Surf Rescue Certificate only 3 completed
their Bronze Medallion. I hope this trend
can be reversed in future years as the
patrolling experience and full involvement in Freshwater gives back an
enormous amount to individuals and
mature patrolling members from the
Junior activities group helps to add
balance to the patrols.
On a brighter note we continued to have
a strong conversion of Surf Rescue
Certificate to Bronze Medallion.
We look forward next season to strong
recruitment of new members to
maintain patrolling numbers.
Sue Walmsley, John Goldrick, Emily
Lemlin, Kelly Dobrow, Michael Bate,
Sam Hurrell, Nathan Smith, Steve
Davis, Clare Freakley and Tom Duffy all
contributed to the training of new
Higher Awards
On patrol it is essential we have
sufficient personnel with higher awards.
This is and will continue to be a focus for
our team.
Director Education/Chief Instructor
▼ Patrol of the Year members (Patrol 1)
Apply First Aid – 45
There continued to be strong interest
from members in maintaining their first
aid skills and three First Aid courses
were offered at the club, which were
well attended.
Advanced Resuscitation
Techniques - 11
▼Spinal Management recipients
This course is one of the most intense in
terms of training and requires significant
attention to detail, as well as learning
new equipment. Jacqui Phillips as a
new probationary Training Officer did an
excellent job of preparing a young group
of candidates and Paul Milinkovic also
ran a course for the club. Training for
this award will continue in the “off”
Spinal Management – 6
▼Advanced Resuscitation Technique recipients
Disappointing numbers for this award
this season and we will be looking for
ways to encourage more members to
undertake this very important award
next season.
IRB Awards – SM IRB Driver - 3
IRB Crew - 15
▼ Bronze Medallion recipients
Paul Milinkovic took on the role of
Deputy Chief Instructor IRB this season.
He spent a considerable time at the
central venue training in July and
August with not a lot to show for his
time. However with two probationary
trainers – Steve Smith and Luke Jarman
– a large group of IRB crew were
trained. A further three drivers joined
the ranks. Congratulations to all those
who obtained an IRB award. It is hoped
the enthusiastic group who achieved
their IRB Crew will convert that in the
near future to their IRB Driver Silver
This area of the club needs the support
of all club members. The demands on
IRB crew and drivers can be extensive
and often not appreciated in the way it
should be. Most members join up to
do 40 hours or so of voluntary patrols –
with water safety requests this can
easily double for those who kindly
volunteer extra time.
Silver Medallion Basic Beach
Management - 8
Congratulations to those invited to
undertake this Silver Medallion. As
team leaders you are vital to our
patrolling operations.
Carrying out effective skills check-ups
for our club members is essential.
Thank you to all those who attended,
and participated, so enthusiastically.
Everyone was patient at the
particularly busy times when proficiencies were being conducted, which was
appreciated by our training officers.
We want to ensure our members have
the skills at the ready to deal with an
The Freshwater Team
Trainers, Assessors, Facilitators,
Skills Specialists, Administration
Michael Bate, Richard Budd, Lindsay
Davis, Steve Davis, Kelly Dobrow,
Belinda Dobson, Tom Duffy, Ed Farrell,
Jon Farrell, Clare Freakley, Barbara
Frerck, John Goldrick, Sam Hurrell,
David Hurrell, Luke Jarman, Sharon
Johnson, Emily Lemlin, Andrew
McEwan, Paul Milinkovic, Kath Obern,
Peter Obern, Jacqui Phillips, Nathan
Smith, Steve Smith, Blake Walmsley,
Sue Walmsley, Cheryl White
Congratulations to all members on a
successful season. Thank you for your
help and support throughout 2014-15.
Lindsay Davis
Chief Training Officer
Members at the Presentation Dinner
Oliver Smith receiving his SRC Award
Director Education/Chief Instructor
Silver Medallion Basic
Beach Management
Belinda Dobson
Ian Hills
Andrew Jones
Amber Kelly
Tim Kirkby
David Price
Deon Rowe
Jon Warner
Pain Management
Wal Dobrow
Silver Medallion
Advanced First Aid
Lindsay Davis
Stephen Davis
Jonathan Farrell
Silver Medallion
IRB Driver
John Lo Schiavo
Bryn McGeever
Alice Thirion
IRB Crew
Ben Blakeney
Claire DePaoli
Jordan Dobson
Nicholas Doyle
David Faustmann
Tristan Godoy
Joseph Hale
Patrick Kiely
Yvonne Klette
John Lo Schiavo
Michael Raymer
Deon Rowe
Lachlan Vella
Hugo Weston
Adrian Wicks
Advanced Resuscitation
Techniques Certificate
Marcel Bick
James Crittenden
Tristan Godoy
Leeke Griffin
John Lo Schiavo
Connor O’Shea
Brooke Thomas
Nigel Thomas
Locke Vella
Hannah Viljoen
Hugo Weston
Apply First Aid
Julia Baker
Rebecca Bestic
Marcel Bick
Claudia Brookes
Andrew Button
Tahlia Dearden
Rob De Gruchy
Claire DePaoli
Sam Di Sano
Seb Di Sano
Jordan Dobson
Matthew Dobson
Naomi Donohue
Steve Dunn
Deandra Godoy
Tristan Godoy
Sarah Hancock
Siobhan Hawdon
Sam Hurrell
Alex James
Natalie Kindler
Yvonne Klette
Andrea Malm
Andrew McEwen
Cathy Meaney
Annabel Murphy
Sean Obern
Chris Ormiston
Connor O'Shea
Lee Patterson
Felicity Penze
Jackie Phillips
Lucas Phillips
David Price
Michael Raymer
Deon Rowe
Emma Schooley
Kathy Siu
Clive Thompson
Locke Vella
Hannah Viljoen
Hugo Weston
Adrian Wicks
Tom Williams
Aiden Wright
Spinal Management
James Crittenden
Nick Dobrow
Ian Hills
Ashley Lind
Michael Raymer
Adrian Wicks
Bronze Medallion
Matthew Bell
Siobhan Bennett
Ben Blakeney
Holly Bowden
Jackson Browne
Kristen Burk
Maddie Cahalan
Peter Carroll
Ethan Cradock
Nikki Dalziel
William Darling
Henry Devitt
Nicholas Dobrow
Jordan Dobson
Joshua Downman
Nicholas Doyle
Thomas Elliott
David Faustmann
Evie Forster
Harrison Glackin
Tristan Godoy
Alexander Gorrod
Lauren Greer
Joseph Hale
Tegan Holme
Brad Jordan
Patrick Kiely
Natalie Kindler
Danielle Mackay
Annabel Murphy
Stephen Naughton
Mark Northcote
Martin Parnell
Thomas Partington
Martino Pilu
Michael Rees-Evans
Sophia Rispoli
Emma Smith
Iain Todd
Joshua Tyrrell
Jason Urquhart
Lachlan Vella
Zachary Werakso
Hugo Weston
Kate Wheatley
Gemma Wickham
Surf Rescue Certificate
Paul Ashley
Gareth Banks
Oscar Blaikie
Fredo Bosscher
Lachlan Brink
Ethan Brownsberger
Ella Cahalan
Hugh Cameron
Peter Carroll
Thomas Casey
Ella Champion
Jack Clancy
Helena De Gruchy
Edward De Salis
Alexander Di Sano
Ailie Donald
Jaime-Lee Dreyer
Abbey Gainsford
Charley Gallant
Liam Glackin
Ella Gleave
Isabelle Hawtin
Luke Healey
Lyndsay Hendry
Daniel Jackson
Matilda Kearns
Hunter Kelleher
Grayson Killen
Ben Lemlin
Nicola Lewis
June Liang
Thomas Linfield-Kent
Teagan Long
James Loughnan
Freedom Lowe
Lesley Moore
Isaac Morrell
Chris Orchard
Debbie Ormsby
Holly Ormsby
Isobelle Pamp
Angus Partington
Kath Pearson
Noah Perego
Stephen Phillips
Charl Potgieter
Bailee Radford
Campbell Reimer
Luke Renshaw
Jaime Ribiero
Oliver Smith
Richard Smith
Jacqueline Stark
Marina Takeuchi
Carley Thomas
James Thomson
Michelle Tomsic
James Trevelyan-Jones
Joshua Viljoen
Edward Waddington
Ben Walsh
David Walsh
Sophie Wickham
Braiden Williamson
The Award Pathway
Surf Rescue Certificate
What will you do next
Radio Operator’s Certificate
Apply First Aid
Training – Assessing
– Facilitating
Bronze Medallion
Spinal Management
IRB Crew
Advanced Resuscitation
Techniques Certificate
ATV Operator Induction
Silver Medallion IRB
Silver Medallion Basic Beach
Gold Medallion
Pain Management
Silver Medallion Advanced
First Aid
Rescue Water Craft Operator
Interested in working
with new club
Patrolling Members?
Why not become a
Training Officer?
▼Silver Medallion Basic Beach Management recipients
Silver Medallion IRB Driver recipients ▲
Apply 1st Aid recipients ▲
IRB Crew Cert recipients ▼
Community Involvement
We experienced something at
Freshwater through the Duke’s Day
Celebrations that has never been done
anywhere before. The legend of Duke
Kahanamoku is strong within both the
Freshwater and the broader
community. Thousands of people came
to our beach on 9 and 10 January 2015
to recognise the 100 year anniversary of
Duke surfing at Freshwater and to
enjoy the spirit of Aloha.
The celebration was a unique event in
that it was not a specific surf club event.
Rather it was organised by the Duke’s
Day Committee made up of representatives from Freshwater Surf Life Saving
Club, the Freshwater Long and Short
Boardriding Clubs and Eco Divers. The
event was very much focussed on the
surfing community and our environment.
Thursday 8 January
The celebrations actually kicked off with
a gala dinner at St Patricks College in
Manly on Thursday 8 January and was
well attended by numerous World Surfing Champions, luminaries of the surfing
community, event sponsors and
Drinks and canapés were held on the
lawn at the front of St Patrick’s College
which looked back at the famous Freshwater Beach. The atmosphere was set
by colourful Hawaiian attire and a band
playing many favourite surfing songs
and hits from the early years of surfing.
Opening addresses were made by
Premier Mike Baird, Mayor Michael
Regan and Steve Bennett.
After pre dinner drinks and the
formalities over we then moved inside to
the upstairs function room that was
beautifully decorated to retain the
surfing theme.
We were very fortunate to have Barton
Lynch as the Master of Ceremonies. He
did an outstanding job of interviewing
our guest speakers who included Midget
Farrelly, Pam Burridge and Hawaiian
greats Fred Hemmings, Paul Straugh,
Joey Cabell and Brian Keaulana.
Throughout all of these interviews the
audience was spell bound and you
could feel the energy being emitted from
the wisdom of the speakers.
There was also outstanding footage of
our guests and surfing clips through
out the eras.
Our MC, who is a member of the
Australian Surfing Hall of Fame,
commented it was a very “special
room” full of World Surfing Champions
and Australian surfing legends that he
had never experienced before.
It was an extremely memorable night
and set the tone for the coming two
Friday 9 January
Friday morning kicked off with a lei
draping ceremony at Duke’s statue on
the northern headland. This was very
special as it not only celebrated
Hawaiian culture but also showcased
our indigenous culture with a traditional smoking ceremony to start the day.
The leis were draped on the Duke’s
statue by local and Hawaiian surfers
and it was an amazing spiritual
experience that had those present
mesmerised. For our Hawaiian guests
it was an experience they could not
We were once again fortunate to have
Mayor Michael Regan welcome all in
attendance and other speakers
included representatives from The
Outrigger Canoe Club, Pai Mai Tenn
cultural ambassador from Hawaii and
Uncle Max Harrison representing
indigenous Australians.
Shortly after this ceremony people
were off to the Freshwater rock pool
where swimming relays and other fun
races were held. Participants included
Olympians Shane Gould, Daniel
Kowalski, Debbie Watson and Murray
Stewart along with Manly League
legends Steve Menzies and Cliff
Lyons. These guests swam along side
local swimming club teams and a team
from Freshie which included Josh
Downman, Nicci Stirton, Nat Jander
and Tristan Godoy.
Back on the beach there were surfing
displays on ancient craft, long boards
and short boards which gave some of
the world champions from yester year
a chance to show they still had their
In the club house there was a board
display which showed how boards have
evolved from the early 1900’s to date.
This 100 year board display was
absolutely amazing and is something
that once again would not have been
seen in this country before.
In the boatshed ” talk stories” were held.
This was an opportunity for our guests
to tell their surfing stories or debate
surfing history amongst themselves.
One of the highlights of the Friday afternoon water sessions was the body
surfing display involving Hawaiian body
surfing champion Mark Cunningham,
Shane Gould, Barton Lynch , Freshie
stars John de Mestre, Tim Ford, Darren
Bogg, Kurt Hanson and other members
and Hawaiian guests. The count on the
party wave was 24 people.
Friday’s major social function was the
Aloha Cocktail Party held on the grass
on the southern side of the club and
open to all. This function was attended
by some 550 guests including world
famous surfing legends Wayne ‘Rabbits’
Bartholomew, Pam Burridge and Midget
Farelly, local surfers, surf club members
and many members of the local
The party atmosphere was once again
themed around Hawaiian dress and all
who attended were presented with shell
leis. Music from the Shallows really set
the mood of beach and surf. The
speeches for the night were made by
Olympic swimming legend Shane
Gould, Kalani Kalepa the World
Champion tandem surfer and Tim
Hatton, President of the Freshwater
Boardriders Inc.
It provided a wonderful opportunity for
many old friends to catch up and for
members of the local community to
mingle with many surfing and sporting
celebrities they would never otherwise
have had the opportunity to meet.
A perfect end to a perfect day!
Community Involvement
Saturday 10 January
Saturday morning started bright and
early at 5.30am with the sunrise photo
shoot. Some 200 people attended with
their boards to produce spectacular
photos which were later featured in
numerous newspapers and news sites
and became one of the trademark
photos of the event.
The first events in the water were the
paddle board races off the beach plus a
long distance race to Shelley Beach and
back. Once again there were strong
numbers for these events with a great
cross section of local board paddlers
from age 14 to over 60 years of age.
There were approximately 140 people
enjoying the spirit of the events and in
particular the paddle around the ManlyFreshwater World Surfing Reserve.
The Surfers’ with Challenges surfing
display was the next event. It too was a
great spectacle which set the standard
for the surfing displays that followed.
In the park we had stalls displaying all
kinds of surfing merchandise, a fleet of
Kombis and Hot Rods plus an artisan
who crafted a surf board from a log. To
create further atmosphere there was a
large LCD screen on a 40 foot truck
displaying sponsor ads and surfing
footage from many different eras. There
was truly a wonderful atmosphere in the
park and many locals and visitors from
afar came to enjoy something that was
Talk story continued in the boatshed
with one of the great sessions of the day
moderated by Freshwater ex-President
and legendary swimmer Tim Ford and a
panel made up of Shane Gould, Dennis
Cotterill and Hawaiian body surfing
Champion Mark Cunningham.
As midday approached the crowd on the
beach was building towards 5,000 plus
in anticipation of the re-enactment of
Duke’s surfing display in January 1915
by Hawaiian long board champion
Duane De Soto. A full entourage of
Freshwater members and local surfers
were dressed in vintage costumes
adding to the reality of the event.
Meantime on the balcony of the surf
club we were joined by the American
Ambassador to Australia John Berry,
NSW Governor David Hurley and
Mayor Michael Regan, marking the
significance of the re-enactment to
both Hawaii and Australia.
As the re-enactment entourage made
its way to the water’s edge the excitement built and when Duane surfed the
replica board it felt like we were back
in January 1915. It was one of those
moments not to be forgotten by those
who were present.
Surfing displays and participation
events continued in the water throughout the rest of the afternoon where
surfers rode boards from all eras
including ancient Olos to current
shaped boards.
As the afternoon progressed the large
LCD screen was moved to the lower
section of the park where there is a
natural amphitheatre for people to
listen to music in preparation for the
showing of the surfing movie “a Deeper Shade of Blue”. As it got to early
evening the weather gods, who had
been so kind to us all weekend, started
to misbehave and there was some light
rain. Fortunately it stayed light until
near the end of the movie so the
opportunity for the Freshwater
community to enjoy this unique
experience of watching an outdoor
movie in their local park was not lost.
This was a wonderful way to close out
this unique cultural festival.
Community Involvement
This rain at the end of the two day event,
according to our Hawaiian guests, was Duke’s
tears of joy for an event that so many people
had enjoyed and shared in the spirit of Aloha.
Duke’s Day Committee
The success of this event was underpinned by
the countless hours of voluntary work and
organisation undertaken by members of the
Duke’s Day Committee. Thanks and
congratulations go to:
Stephen Bennett – Chairman
Naomi Wilson – Duke’s Day Founder
Naomi Donohue – Duke’s Day Founder
Tim Hatton – Surfing Events
Eric Middledorp – Re-enactment
organiser and board displays
Judy Bennett - social events
Jeff Reid - park events
Greg Cashman – park events
Josh Wolfe – outdoor movie and short
film contest
Jack McCoy – media promotions and board
In addition we express our gratitude for the
generous support of the major event sponsors
who are listed below:
Harbord Beach Hotel, Freshwater Community
Bank, Harbord Diggers Mounties Group,
Patagonia, Hawaiian Airlines and Hawaiian
Financial Outcome
Freshwater SLSC as an incorporated association
acted as the financial custodian for Duke’s Day
which was not a registered organisation but was a
co-operative of community groups. Accordingly
all funds were collected and payments made by
representatives of Freshwater SLSC as
custodians for Duke’s Day. A surplus of funds at
31 March 2015 was held by the club pending a
decision from the Duke’s Day Committee as to
what is to be retained for future Duke’s Day
events or to be disbursed to local community
As custodian and for transparency the following
disclosure of the financial outcome of this event is
set out below:
Thanks also go to Rob Taylor for organising
the swimming events, Ben Chalmers for
organising the paddle board races and Paul
Milinkovic for work on the website.
Gross Revenue from Sponsorships,
Grants and Event Takings
Less Operating Expenses of Event
In addition the support of all Freshwater SLSC
members over the two days of the event was
outstanding and once again proved the value
of the club to the local community.
Net Surplus from event held at Bendigo
Bank for appropriation to be determined
by the Duke’s Day Committee
Support and Sponsors
We would like to express our sincere thanks to
Mayor Michael Regan and Warringah Council
for the financial support and the assistance
from their events and beach services teams. It
is a great example of the Council working with
the community.
We trust that this report of the 2015 Duke’s Day
Centenary Celebrations will provide inspiration to
those in the future to recognise and celebrate
other major anniversary milestones of Duke’s visit
to Freshwater and the legacy that he left in the
spirit of Aloha.
Stephen Bennett
Duke’s Day Chairman
Community Involvement
The annual Barney Mullins 1.5km Swim
Classic was held on Sunday 1st March,
2015. The swim was again part of the
Oceanswims point score competition
‘Fine Ocean series’. This is beneficial for
the club as it encourages swimmers from
all over Sydney to make ‘The Barney’
part of their swim calendar.
It was a beautiful day with a gentle mid
tide swell. The early appearance of a
few pesky blue bottles did not deter the
524 swimmers and there were only a
minor number of stings reported.
This year we introduced an ELITE
category for male and female swimmers.
The 1st male [Ollie Signorini 17.45] and
1st female place getter [Samantha Watts
17.55] were the lucky recipients of
a $500 start up account kindly donated
by Freshwater Community
Bank® Branch of Bendigo Bank.
Club member Ben Blakeney [18.16]
was in 6th place overall and the winner
of the Barney Mullins Shield for the
fastest club swimmer.
Once again the fabulous Freshwater
SLSC members and their families
assisted on the day in a variety of
tasks. From registration, food
preparation and set up, through to
water safety, marshaling and pack
down - your assistance helped to
ensure the swim ran smoothly and
without incident.
Net profit from the swim was just over
Thank you to our major sponsor the
Freshwater Branch of Bendigo
Community Bank and to those
companies who donated prizes and
post race refreshments:
Harbord Beach Hotel, Angel
Restaurant, Fitness First, Engine
Swimwear, Harbord Growers,
Ormeggio at the Spit, Freshwater
House gift wares and ‘Mrs Mays’
health snacks.
Next years swim is scheduled for 10am
Sunday March 6 2016. Until then……
Linda Wiadrowski
Race Convener
Community Involvement
Crew 1: Brent Lethbridge (Sweep) Ken Bucknall, Kim Marsh, Col Scully, John Swan; Crew 2: Adam L’Green (Sweep) Kate Lethbridge, Jess L’Green, Amy Cradock,
Sarah Hickey; Crew 3: Rod Davis (Sweep), Lachlan Wamsley, Blake Wamsley, Blake Cradock, Tom Gillespie; Crew 4: Fraser Giblin (Sweep), Dave Olofinsky,
Craig Olofinsky, Kristan Williams, Adam Monson; Crew 5: Eric Middledorp (Sweep), Andrew Murphy, Greg Windsham, Mick Burk, Brian Baker.
Freshwater SLSC were very well
represented at the Celebrations marking
the Centenary of ANZAC Gallipoli
Landings. The day dawned with 2 of
our crews rowing out from the beach to
stand off the headland to take part in the
special Harbord Diggers ANZAC
Ceremony with oars raised in honour of
the ‘Fallen’. The First boat included
Adam L’Green (Sweep), Max Le Gall,
Mitch Burk, Rhys Schroeder and Jess
L’Green. The Second Boat was
sweeped by Eric Middledorp with
Andrew Murphy, Greg Windsham, Mick
Burk and Brian Baker. This crew
showed the ANZAC spirit by deciding to
row from Freshie all the way around
Long Reef to Fisherman’s Beach to take
part in the next ANZAC ceremony.
Freshie members once again
volunteered to help out with marshalling at the annual City to Surf race and
manned posts for the annual Sun Run.
The main ANZAC event for surfboats
was the ‘Collaroy Beach ANZAC 100
Years Remembrance Ceremony’ with
100 Surfboats aiming to replicate the
landing at Gallipoli a Century ago!
Freshwater had probably the biggest
representation with 5 crews taking part.
Making this even more special was that
one of the boats used was Kim Marsh’s
original heritage wooden surfboat, which
certainly attracted a lot of attention.
Thanks to all the crews for participating
and special thanks to Ian (Crash)
Cradock for organising them.
Eric Middledorp
There was a merry crew - made up of
cadets as well as senior members of
the club - who set out at 5.30am on
Sunday, 10 Aug to make the bus trip
into the city to help out with crowd
control for the start of the City to Surf.
There was a buzz in the air as the sky
lightened and people started to queue
up for the start. Our own Kurt Hanson
was in fine form again commentating
and keeping the crowd engaged.
At the annual Dee Why to Manly Sun
Run we were asked this year to man
checkpoints along the route as well as
a drinks station at Queenscliff which
was successfully handled by a
combination of March Past and
Boaties plus 2013/14 Rookie Patrol
Person, Claire DePaoli. We did such a
great job that next year we have been
asked to man 2 drinks stations! Well
Thanks to all the members who
participated - while these are both
good fundraisers for the club they are
also a way for our members to give
back and be involved in our
Lysa Kiely
As part of the centenary commemoration
of Anzac Day, our own Mick Griffin
presented a wreath at the Freshwater
tree on the corner of Oliver Street and
Harbord Road on Saturday, 18 April
2015. Some of our nipper members
helped him by placing poppies in a
wreath wrapped around the tree.
A small but dedicated band of club
members once again attended the
ANZAC Day march at the Harbord
Diggers Club. The weather gods were
smiling on us for the centenary
commemoration of this historical event,
especially after the devastating storms in
the lead up.
Director Sponsorship & Marketing
We rely heavily on the generosity and
financial support of corporate partners
and private contributors. Without their
generosity, Freshwater Surf Club would
not be the great club that exists today!
It also allows members to concentrate
on the club’s core role of providing lifesaving services to Freshwater Beach.
It has been a busy season on the beach
at Freshwater. All activity from competition, to first aid and patrols is costly
and we must pause to thank the very
generous financial support we receive
from the extended Freshie community.
The ongoing sponsorship we receive
from sponsors includes cash donations,
equipment purchases, goods and
services in kind and other initiatives.
Freshie is one of the largest surf clubs
on the northern beaches. All of these
generous contributions contribute to the
smooth running of our club, keeping all
our club equipment and facilities maintained to the highest level.
They are a truly independent agency.
Owner and principal James Smyth not
only supports Freshwater Surf Club
financially he is a nippers coach. The
way James sees it…if you’ve made a
decision to live on the northern
beaches…why not join the best Surf
Club on the northern beaches.
Freshwater Surf Club thanks you
James and your team at SEA Real
Estate for the continued support.
Freshwater Community Bank
Branch of Bendigo Bank
Gold Sponsor - Harbord Financial
Services Limited is proud to be a
locally owned and operated public
company located on the Northern
Harbord Diggers
If you look up to the
north from Freshwater Surf Club you’ll
see the Harbord
Diggers club… right
on the headland
between Freshwater
and Curl Curl
beaches. Freshwater
Surf Club and the
Harbord Diggers have an ongoing
relationship that continues to grow.
Every year our members and the surf
boat section join together for the
ANZAC Service on April 25. A big thank
you to the Diggers for their continued
support of Freshie Surf Club.
Harbord Beach Hotel
Major Sponsor - The Harbord Beach
Hotel (HBH) is the friendliest pub on the
Northern Beaches! The HBH has
continued as our major sponsor for the
2014-2015 season. John Thorpe AM
from the HBH has remained a long term
and loyal supporter of Freshwater Surf
Club. On top all the generous support,
HBH paid and sent a surf boat to Gallipoli to take part in the 100th Anniversary.
It’s always beach time at Freshie with a
new club clock below the tower from
HBH. We acknowledge and send a big
thank you to The Harbord Beach Hotel
for their continued support.
Beaches. Did you know that 80% of
profits from Freshwater Community
Bank are put back into community
projects? Let me say that again… 80%
of all profits are put back into the
community. So if you’re thinking of
changing banks change to Freshwater
Community Branch at Freshwater.
Freshie surf club thanks Freshwater
Community Bank for their continued
support buying much needed rescue
Bennett Surf Boards has once again
demonstrated their support towards the
Junior Bennett Ironman Event. It is the
premier junior event on the northern
beaches. The competition was fierce to
win the Surfboards generously given
away by Bennett Surfboards. Thank you
for supporting this growing event.
Signarama Chatswood Thank you to
Signarama for providing such quality
products and signage to Freshie at
substantially reduced prices. Their
generosity has kept us looking good and
we look forward to further developing
this relationship.
Rod Davis (Boat Captain), Peter Obern (President),
John Thorpe AM & Sean King (Harbord Beach Hotel)
SEA Real Estate (Smyth Estate
Gold Sponsor (established in 2007) Smyth Estate Agents (SEA) brings a
fresh approach to Real Estate on
Sydney's Northern Beaches.
and lifesaving equipment, new rescue
boards, manikins, first-aid bum bags,
and oxy sock. FCB continued as the
major sponsor of the Barney Mullins
Ocean Swim providing financial
support to run this event. This event is
growing every year. FCB donated two
$500 accounts to the first elite female
and male swimmers…a new division
this year.
Pittwater House This year, Pittwater
House came on board to support our
nippers. We are reliant upon the tents (a
costly purchase!) to provide our nippers
with a safe environment out of the sun
and heat. We cannot thank Pittwater
House enough for the support they have
provided and we are grateful to take the
Pittwater House tent on the road to all
nipper carnivals.
Director Sponsorship & Marketing
SILVER Sponsors
 Harbord Diggers
 Bennett Surfboards
 Pittwater House
BRONZE Sponsors
 Chatswood Sign*A*Rama
 Mrs Mays
 Heineken
NAMED Sponsors
 Peppertree Wines
Heineken Nothing like a blizzard cold
Heineken after a day in the sun. Thank
you to Heineken again for their kind
donation of 20 cases of beer towards
our Freshies on Friday events. The
support from Heineken ensured that
members were able to purchase drinks
at club prices. All money raised from
this kind donation raised funds towards
the ongoing expenses within our club.
I’ll drink to that!
Qantas continued their ongoing support
of our Australia Day Carnival, through
cash prizes and tickets for competitors
and officials. Our Australia Day Carnival
continues to grow and this year our
carnival was part of the ‘Summer of
Surf’ shown on FOX Sports.
Duke’s Day On January 8-10th
Freshwater Beach celebrated the
centenary of the Duke’s famous
exhibition of Hawaiian style surfing. The
event was a huge success for the
community with thousands of people
attending over the three days. We would
like to send out a big thank you to all the
supporters of this wonderful community
event. Warringah Council, Harbord
Beach Hotel, Freshwater Community
Bank, Harbord Diggers, Hawaiian
Airlines, Hawaii Tourisim, Panasonic,
Patagonia, Royal Wolf, Clear Cost,
SurfDecals, Solid Racks and DJB
Barney Mullins On Sunday March 1,
2015 the club held its annual Barney
Mullins Swim Classic, a 1.5km ocean
swim named after Life Member and
Freshwater swim legend George
‘Barney’ Mullins. The swim has grown
immensely over the years and in 2015
the number of participants exceeded
500 swimmers. We would like to
acknowledge our sponsors and those
who supplied prizes:
Freshwater Community Bank Branch of
Bendigo Bank, Harbord Beach Hotel,
Fitness First, Ormeggio at The Spit,
Mrs May’s, Angel Restaurant, Harbord
Growers Market and Freshwater Giftwares.
Our partners through 2014-15:
 Fitness First
 Harbord Growers
 Ormeggio at The Spit
 Angel Restaurant
 Harbord Growers Market
 Freshwater Giftwares
 Poster Graphics
We are grateful for the generosity of all
of these contributors. Every contribution
of financial support and goods in kind
donated to FSLSC allows us to:
 Concentrate our time on training our
life savers to protect the beach;
 Ensures we have the right
equipment to activate in fast
effective rescues;
 Enables our Club to run efficiently.
MAJOR Sponsor
 Harbord Beach Hotel
At Freshwater Surf Life Saving Club we
need to say a huge thank you to each
and every one of our sponsors; we
really appreciate your ongoing support
and encouragement. I encourage all
members to buy, use and frequent all
our sponsors for their wonderful and
generous support they give our club.
Luke Jarman
Director of Sponsorship
and Marketing
GOLD Sponsors
 Smyth Estate Agents (SEA)
 Freshwater Community Bank
Branch of Bendigo Bank
Branch, State & SLSA Recognition & Activities
During the 2014-2015 season club
members were recognised by and/or
involved in a range of activities at
Branch, State & Australian level.
Member recognition
In the early part of the season a number
of competitors were recognised for their
efforts over the previous season.
Julia Baker was named SNB Young
Lifesaver of the Year and Tod
Rowbotham won the SNB Rescue of
the Year Award. Tod went on to also win
the NSW Rescue of the Year and the
SLSA National Rescue of the Month.
Paul Lemlin was also awarded the SNB
Rescue of the month for July/August.
At State level, life member John Mills
OAM was awarded life membership of
NSW Surf Lifesaving in recognition of
his many years of devoted service to the
Sue Troy – SNB R&R Advisor
The club acknowledges the contribution
these members have made to lifesaving
activities and also acknowledges the
support of Branch president Doug
Menzies and the team at Branch office
throughout the year.
In addition the club also acknowledges
the following Branch sponsors for their
support of SNB lifesaving throughout the
season –
Manly Daily
Westfield Warringah Mall
Dee Why RSL
National and State Sponsors &
other support
It is also important to acknowledge the
tremendous support and assistance
offered to this club and clubs generally
by the following National and Statewide
sponsors and supporters –
DHL as a National Major Partner of surf
life saving and their significant support
in patrol uniforms
Telstra as a National Major Partner for
their support across the SMS system
through Surfcomm
Dulux for the support in providing free
paint through the Surf Club Project
Peter Obern represented the club at the
Branch Board of Management which
meets on a monthly basis to review
Branch activities and consider any policy matters. Peter also served on the
National R&R Steering Committee. Tom
Duffy & Lindsay Davis represented the
club on the SNB Board of Lifesaving
and Board of Education and Assessment respectively.
Bonds for their provision of free nipper
rash vests
Clubs NSW for their support of the
NSW State Championships
Surf Life Saving NSW for the money
provided via the Guardians of the Surf
fund raising program
Other members who have served on
Branch, State or Australian boards or
committees were –
Stephen Bennett - SLSA Audit,
Finance & Compliance Committee
Ray Brennan – SLSA History Committee, NSW SLS Honorary Historian
Michael Bate – NSW Director of Surf
Ken Priest – Branch Judiciary
Wayne Freakley – Branch Rules
Committee & National R&R Technical
Bob Asser – National R&R Technical
Tristan Godoy, Sandy Kleiner (Freshwater
Community Bank), Mike Baird (NSW Premier)
NSW Government’s Ministry for Police and Emergency Services for its on
-going funding of state-wide
operations, including the Enhanced
Rescue Capabilities Grant
NSW & Commonwealth Governments
for their funding provided through the
Emergency Volunteer Support Scheme
which saw the club receive a free “Baby
Anne” infant manikin for first aid training
The Commonwealth Government for
funding through its Beach Safety
Equipment Funding program
The NSW Government for the free pair
of binoculars provided through its
Department of Primary Industries.
It’s a family affair! John Mills OAM, Kurt Hanson &
Ian Hanson
Member Services
It has been another exciting year of surf
life saving at Freshie. The maroon &
white has been proudly displayed during
the season by our members, whether it
is on our beloved beach or away
competing at carnivals, State and
Aussies or even just on holidays.
This season was testing from the start
with supplier problems but these were
sorted out and we were on track very
quickly. We introduced a new clothing
item with the white hoodies which are
both sun safe and able to ward off any
unseasonal chill.
Thank you to Kurt Hanson for again
supplying the design for our touring shirt
for the cadets and seniors for both State
and Aussies.
A big thank you to all my helpers who
manned the clothing shop during the
season - I won’t name names as I
wouldn’t want to miss anybody out - the
shop would not be able to run without
this help.
monthly social catch up for all members
from nippers families to the House of
Lords. This year we introduced a roster
for each section of the club to host our
monthly get together. This worked very
well and these Friday nights were well
attended and a great way to catch up
with fellow members. Thank you to all
the sectional heads for organising their
teams and making these nights such a
welcoming new members to the club
and congratulating those who have
excelled in their roles within the club
and as part of their lifesaving duties. It
is also a wonderful time for members
across all parts of the club to get
together and share stories and relax
after a busy season.
I would like to thank
both the Executive
Committee members
and the JAC for their
support and
encouragement as I
developed these roles
over the years.
Freshwater SLSC has featured quite a
few times in the local and national
media - from surf rescues by one of
our cadets, to Duke’s Day Centenary
and our own Freshwater Australia Day
carnival as well as other events and
achievements of our members.
I would also like to
thank Kay Cowley who
has guided me
throughout my 11
years as a club
member - without her guidance and
advice over the years I may not have
stayed sane!
Whether it is results in competition or
community involvement, Freshie was
well represented. We even have a
picture taken by one of our cadets
displayed in Warringah Mall as a
tribute to Sydney Northern Beaches
Branch involvement in our local
Thank you to all of our members who
have helped me along the way whether at nippers registration to manning the clothing shop or sorting through
touring gear or volunteering for our community events - I couldn’t have a better
bunch of people to work with.
What a fantastic event this was for our
club.! See the report by Steve Bennett
about this wonderful day which was
enjoyed by our club, the surfing
fraternity and our local community. We
ran a merchandise stall selling Duke’s
t-shirts, hoodies, bags, posters and key
rings which was very successful.
Thank you to all who helped on the day
in spreading the spirit of Aloha!
We started off the season with a Halloween party! The kids, big and small,
loved it and it was great seeing
everyone getting into the spirit and
dressing up.
Club members participated in a variety
of ANZAC DAY events this year. A full
report is provided in the Community
Involvement Report.
A must on the Freshie social calendar!
This is the night of nights that is not just
about awards for competing but also for
This will be my last report as Director
of Member Services and Clothing
Co-ordinator. I am hanging up my hat
for another enthusiastic member to
take the reins.
Finally, I would like to thank my husband
Dave, for his support and encouragement in taking on the roles that I have
over the years in the club.
While I may not be in an official position
in the club next season, I’m not going
anywhere and I will be sure to see you
on the beach!
Lysa Kiely
Director of Member Services
Following last season’s major revamp of
the club change rooms, this season has
mainly been one of maintenance and
rectification. With the club Masterplan
process underway, it is important we
don’t unnecessarily commit club funds
to projects that might then be subject to
further change as a result of the
A full audit of the club’s maintenance
needs was undertaken during the
course of the year together with
representatives from the council. Two
working bees have been carried out
during the course of the season – one at
the beginning of the season and the
other in the middle of June 2015.
This season has also presented the
usual array of challenges in relation to
the on-going maintenance of the facility.
Electricity costs have increased
significantly and the council has recently
installed separate water meters to
measure club water usage. The club is
now responsible for paying its own
water bills which will add approximately
$5,000 to annual club expenses.
The recent heavy storms in April
resulted in widespread minor flooding
throughout the complex and caused
the ceiling above the patrol area to
collapse. Though reported to council,
at the time of this report no action has
been taken by council to rectify the
With the club now involved in the
Community Service Program, a wide
range of minor tasks in and around the
club have been undertaken by the
community service workers under the
guidance of our caretakers Ken and
Janet Rickard.
Despite these challenges and the more
cautious approach in relation to
spending, a number of projects have
been completed and new items
obtained which have improved the
facility and assisted in achieving
greater efficiencies including –
 Additional club storage facilities
were built using excess space in
the caretaker’s garage area
 A new island bench was installed in
the female change rooms
 A new air conditioning unit was
installed in the conference room
 New fencing was erected around the
grassed area adjacent to the
Heritage room accompanied by
minor landscaping work
A new television screen was
purchased and installed in the
Heritage room
The new outdoor clock generously
paid for by the Harbord Hotel was
installed above the club office
The club security system was
extended to the main gates at the
bottom of the ramp
A number of new small cafe tables
and chairs were obtained for use by
members and facility hirers
A new shed purchased (not yet
erected at the time of this report) for
the storage of club gardening and
general maintenance equipment
Phil Fagan
Director Facilities
Club Building/Planning
Much work has been done over a
number of years considering the current
and future uses of the Club premises.
The current planning work on the Club
building commenced with a survey of
Club members conducted in December
2010. Engagement with members and
Council has continued since that time
with the season of 2014/15 resulting in
some milestone events in the planning
Bonus Architects were re-engaged by
our Club to amend concept plans for
possible building refurbishment, upgrade and alterations. These plans
were presented to Club members in
October 2014 and remained on display
in the Club throughout the month of
November. By December 2014, feedback was obtained from members.
A meeting took place with Council
officers in December 2015 to present
the concept plans to gauge their views
on the proposal. Also in December
2015, our Club’s Executive Committee
authorised a sub-committee of Michael
Kirkby, Peter Obern and Stephen
Bennett be formed to focus on the
planning and approvals stage, and this
sub-committee has been meeting
monthly to continue the process.
Since that time, member feedback and
Council comments have been
consolidated, potential funding sources
investigated and the current plans have
been refined and costed. The subcommittee is currently seeking a
meeting with Council to review the
current plans and seek their guidance on
obtaining the necessary approvals.
All members of the sub-committee
remain keen to remain involved to see
the planning work through and will
continue through season 2015/16.
Michael Kirkby
Junior Activities (Nippers)
The end of the Nipper season
brings with it a number of
reflective opportunities to
consider and evaluate the
success of the season, and
how to measure that success.
In a season with once again
over 850 enrolled nippers, the
programme has sought to
engage and involve every one
of them and develop their
skills and proficiency along
the way.
Captains Sophie Wickham and
Alexander Di Sano at the end of season
presentations gave the following
(Sophie) 550 sausages were cooked for
the final weekend of nippers – and not a
single one was left over. Following the
BBQ, the annual presentations took
place in the Hall. The following address
was given by the club captains Sophie
Wickham and Alexander Di Sano,
before the presentation of awards for
each age group.
This year we had approximately 130
boys and girls begin their Nippers
journey in the U6s as well as lots of new
families joining the Sunday morning
ritual. We hope you all remain committed to Freshie Surf Club and enjoy
participating in Nipper events as much
as the outgoing 14s have.
Sunday mornings for the 6s introduced
Flags, Beach Sprints, Wade Races,
Dolphin Dives and their favourite –
boards! Since October the
transformation has been noticeable with
lots more laughs and smiles replacing
the early season tears.
In the 7s there are over 200 enrolled
nippers learning their way in surf aware-
ness, again boards being a huge
The 8s started with a healthy return
from last year and also welcomed a
number of new children and parents,
bringing the number to about 160. We
also had a very strong U8s representation at carnivals.
Thanks to all the wonderful parents and
Age Managers Adrian, David and Jono
and their team of Age Assistants who
make the 6s, 7s and 8s such a special
All the older age groups know just how
tough it is to go from the 8s to 9s and
Age Manager Hamish reports that they
have progressed as a group with great
credit. The age group has aimed to be
inclusive every Sunday and it was great
to see so many 9s take advantage and
benefit from the extra training sessions
throughout the week.
Equally the 10s have improved their
swimming and board work as well as
left enough in the tank to really improve
on their land events, especially the
girls, picking up a few medals.
(Alexander) In the U11s Jacko’s
emphasis has been team events and
the success at carnivals shows the
results have been great with 15 medals
produced by 22 boys and girls. Well
done to everyone who competed this
season and to those who came on a
Sunday morning.
In the U12s, Jono thinks the girl’s land
is the team of the future with great results from Sascia, India, Caitlin, Kiara,
Jena and Claudia all season. The 12s
have also been well represented at the
mini carnivals, the pre-season camp
and the holiday camp. The end
result has been a really strong season of
improved ability and results.
One of the real innovations in the 12s
has been the interaction with the Sunday
morning patrols. As a result the age
group has practiced signals, first aid,
tube rescues and floating in the rip past
the pool at kiddies.
In the U13s there were some terrific highlights this season as well as a strong
spirit of fun and encouragement. Josh
and Leon making the swim final at state
with Josh Kite achieving a 5th place was
a great result to be proud of for both boys
but it was the week in week out
commitment of the age group which was
most pleasing to their Age Manager
Dave. It’s hard though to overlook the
fantastic R&R result with Grace and
Chloe picking up silver in the 2 person
Junior 10-13 age group while Grace and
Chloe teamed with Joseph and Jack from
the age group and Allie Donald from the
14s to take out bronze in the 5 person
Junior 12-14s R&R, following Gold at
Branch. Well done to all and to coaches
Ian Donald and Chris Tyrrell.
Finally, 40 U14s obtained their SRC in
the early part of the season – the
biggest number for years. As a result
they assisted with water safety, were
allocated to a patrol and commenced
their patrolling duties. They have also
had their first season in the Freshie
Fighter cadets under the coaching of Kurt
and Grant and as a result most of us
have been suffering all season but want
to say thank you for the commitment you
not only show but model. Thanks for
following our progress each carnival.
We can’t talk about the 14s without mentioning Richard – our age manager since
the 8s. We had Sophie’s mum and Dad
back in the 6s, and we scared away our
7s age manager Andrew, never to return
Junior Activities (Nippers)
Finally, while winning isn't everything
and many nippers who participate every
Sunday walk away without any medals,
it is important to recognize those who
have excelled. Congratulations to all
those who are being presented with
medals today and we hope that you
continue to enjoy your involvement with
Freshwater nippers for many years to
It has been a real honour to be the
captains this season. Thank you.
Sophie Wickham and
Alexander Di Sano
to nippers again and Richard took over in
the 8s and has been with us ever since.
Your patience and gentle nature have
been your style ever since and we
wouldn’t blame you if you lost your
patience with us - especially the boys,
but despite our energy levels, you have
always remained incredibly calm.
Congratulations to the following State
Finalists who gained points for us at
 6 Place U14 Male Board Relay team
Oscar Blaikie, Jack Clancy and
BJ Walsh.
 6th Place U14 Female Flags
Bailee Radford
 6th Place U9 Male Board Relay Xavier
McLean, Felix Perego and
Kalan Orchard
 6th Place U9 Male Surf Team Hugo
Davidson, Jared Marcer, Xavier
McLean and Zac Toole
 5th Place U10 Female individual board
Tasma Patterson
 5th Place U9 Male Beach Sprint relay
Fin Hendry, Connor Hempshall, Jaeka
Hastie, Levi Westerink-Coates
 4th Place U14 Female individual Beach
sprint Helena De Gruchy
 3rd Place U11 Male Beach Sprint relay
Gabriel Godoy, William Smith, James
Smith, Liam Toole
 3rd Place U11 Male individual Board
Ben Melhuish
 3rd Place Female beach sprint relay
Emily Hicks, Georgia Grey, Sylvie
Robbins, Lara Persico
 3rd Place U11 Female Board relay
Lauren Bourgeois, Kiana Dettman,
Emily Hicks
 3rd Place U10 Female individual
beach sprint Stefanie Fejes
 3rd Place Junior U12-14 5 person
R&R Joseph Bruwel, Allie Donald,
Jack Hurrell, Grace Kiely, Chloe
 2nd Place U10 Female beach sprint
relay Stefanie Fejes, Tasma
Patterson, Charlotte McDermid,
Mila McGettigan
 2nd Place Junior U10-13 2person
R&R Grace Kiely and Chloe Tyrell
 1st Place U11 Male Board Relay
Lachlan Cameron, Ben Melhuish,
Ryan Thomas
Well done all our medallists and point
The success experienced at carnivals
has been the result of lots of hard work
and training. Thanks to each of the
Age Managers, their many assistants
and all the coaches – Dean and Rob
on land, Ian Donald with R&R, Marcial,
Matt, Kurt and Coatsey in the water.
Thanks to Grant Morrell for the set up
every Sunday nippers, Nigel Thomas
for making sure the water areas were
safe, and to the parents willing to help
set up and pack up every week,
co-ordinate land and water events, do
water safety or cook bbqs. Nippers
doesn’t happen without you.
Junior Activities (Nippers)
Helena De Gruchy
Teagan Long
Isobelle Pamp
Sophie Wickham
Hugh Cameron
Thomas Casey
Alexander Di Sano
Daniel Jackson
Thomas Linfield-Kent
Angus Partington
Luke Renshaw
Alexander Di Sano and Sophie Wickham
Tasma Patterson (U10s)
This award is given to a nipper who has
excelled in land competition. This award covers
not just competition results but training and
sportsmanship too, named after Sam Kiely, a
Freshwater Junior who excelled at land and
demonstrated all these attributes.
Mike Partington, Andrew Casey,
Rob DeGruchy
The Cathy Crozier Award was first awarded in
2003. It is awarded annually to a person from
the junior club who comes from the committee,
age managers, club members or parents. The
recipient exhibits the attributes, values, and
spirit displayed by Cathy Crozier in her time with
Freshwater Surf Club. It is named in honour of
Mrs Cathy Crozier who was an age manager for
four years from 1999 and passed away during
the 2002/2003 season after a short battle with
U8 Age Champion
Paddy Bright
India Holden/Holly Bland
Kay Priday Award
Mitchell Button
Kaitlyn Schuitemaker
U9 Age Champion
Kalan Orchard
Jade Mecklam/Imogen Grey
Kay Priday Award
Seth Cahill
Charley Stephens
U10 Age Champion
Nick Walsh
Charlotte McDermid
Kay Priday Award
Noah Kite
Samantha Lever
U11 Age Champion
Ben Melhuish
Emily Hicks
Kay Priday Award
Archie Jackson
Molly Prendergast
U12 Age Champion
Bailey Miller
Alex Lefevre
Kay Priday Award
Kiara Henry
Alex Jacobs
U13 Age Champion
Toby Dreyer
Jordan Lefevre
Kay Priday Award
Dominic Edgell
Georgia Weston
U14 Age Champion
Thomas Lindfield-Kent
Tilly Kearns
Kay Priday Award
Liam Glacken
Jaimee-Lee Dreyer
Edward Waddington (14s)
The Perc Sterling Award is for a junior member who displays outstanding
sportsmanship or who has displayed an act of outstanding sportsmanship
over the season. It is named in honour of Mr Perc Sterling who supported
his three grandsons who were nippers here. Everyone associated with
Freshwater SLSC knew him as Pop and this encouragement award is
named in his honour for a nipper who may not be champion in the point
score but have the spirit of champions in life.
Helena De Gruchy (14s)
This award is the junior club person of the year award and is awarded to a
person who attends regularly, shows an interest not only in their age
group, but in other younger members. The person is likely to have assisted
with training, encouraged others, helped with the set up of the beach on
Sundays, participated in all club activities including fund raising, and
attended all club functions. It is named in honour of Mr John Cahalan who
was a foundation member of the junior club and whose children and grandchildren are still associated with the club.
Junior Activities
Richard Hawtin and Lysa Kiely
This award is equivalent to a life membership. It is awarded to a person who has been associated with the junior section of the
club for at least 8 years, has served on the committee for 6 years, and has contributed to the junior section of the club in an
outstanding way. In 1966 a junior activities club was established at Freshwater surf club. It was associated with the Freshwater
SLSC but was a separate club in all respects. The junior club awarded long serving members with Life Membership for their
service and contribution. After many junior clubs were formed around Australia, Surf Life Saving Australia decided that these
clubs should be part of the existing surf life saving clubs. At this point the Freshwater junior club became part of Freshwater
SLSC and life memberships to the junior club were no longer possible. Don Lee established an Honour Blazer to replace the life
memberships. Our recipients received their Honour Blazers at the Club Presentation evening.
Lysa Kiely
Lysa has been a committee member of JAC Nippers for 8 years. My hunch is there
are not many people involved with Freshie nippers over the course of the last 10
years who haven’t come into contact with Lysa or been the beneficiaries of her
generosity and good will. Most will know Lysa as the face behind the uniform and
clothing shop. She also was for 3 years social co-ordinator so organized most of
our get-togethers. Little happens here at the club without Lysa being involved –
rego days, the annual nipper challenge camps, Bennett Ironman, volunteer work for
various fun runs and community events. Lysa is also a current Director of the club,
looking after Member Services. Her design skills are in place every month with the
club newsletters she helps to publish and her small touches seem to be everywhere
- F-swoosh logo is hers, the Barney Mullins logo and the Freshie R&R logo. She
manages all that while at the same time supporting three kids through nippers, all
three in R&R, while also being an active patrolling member of 10 years, as well as a
competitor with R&R. The JAC is delighted to announce the awarding of the Don
Lee Honour Blazer for services to Freshwater Nippers to Lysa Kiely.
Richard Hawtin
Richard has been here forever! His two sons, Alex and Ben have long flown the
nipper coop and Richard was their Age Manager then. Not content with that he
decided to start all over again with Isabelle’s age group – the current outgoing 14s,
from the 8s. He has been an official at most carnivals most years forever it seems.
The high regard in which he is held sees him often in significant roles at Branch
carnivals as a Sectional Referee, though Belle hasn’t competed for a while. Even in
the year or two that Belle decided nippers wasn’t her thing all together, Richard
remained an Age Manager and attended carnivals. Richard has been the mainstay
behind the annual January nipper challenge camps, taking a week off work to
co-ordinate those. At committee level he has been our Treasurer during that time,
and been a figure at rego days and most nipper activities. What I admire most of
Richard is his attendance at nippers, carnivals and trainings even without a child
present. Often at training, Richard put up his hand to take the board beginners
down to kiddies and work with them providing a gentle and guiding encouragement
to the youngest and often most anxious. I think he finally leaves us now – he
certainly has an excuse to, but I suspect Freshwater SLSC will be his home for
some time to come. The JAC is delighted to announce the awarding of the Don Lee
Honour Blazer for services to Freshwater Nippers to Richard Hawtin.
Another season down – 840 nippers will
put away their caps and Hi Viz singlets
for a few months before starting all over
again after the winter hibernation.
Season 2015/16 marks the beginning of
the 50th anniversary year of Freshwater
juniors; much of the focus will be on
celebrating this wonderful event. We
look forward to another bumper year
Sam Di Sano
Junior Activities Committee
Director Surf Sports
Sport remains an
important part of
Freshwater surf
club. This season
SLSA celebrated a
centenary of
demonstrating the
historic relationship between surf
life saving
activities and the sport & competition
our members participate in. Historically,
lifesavers honed their surf and rescue
skills by training and testing their skills
against others. Today the competition
aspect of surf life saving takes a far
more serious place as a popular and
successful sport. On-water surf sports
activities as well as on-beach activities
make up the range of sports offered
under the umbrella of SLSA Sport.
At Freshwater we provide opportunity
for participation in every aspect of sport
offered by SLSA, with some activities
more popular than others. The season
of 2014/15 saw participation in the
following areas: Boats, March Past,
R&R, Beach, Life Saving Competition,
Craft and Swimming events. We had no
participation in surf board riding or IRB
racing this season.
The Panel we formed a few years ago
to represent each section of SLSA sport
continued this season, and was referred
to as the Freshwater SLSC Sport Panel.
While each section may have a
separate squad with its own sub culture,
we all come together as one team
training and competing for Freshwater.
The group met on a regular basis and
discussed matters affecting members
across all sections and Captains of each
section took great interest in the other
sections. This format has been successful and is set to continue.
The competitors who represented
Freshwater throughout the season did
their club proud. The club attended
local carnivals, some regional
carnivals, and the Branch, State, and
Australian Championships. Results
from all carnivals and championship
events are included at the rear of this
annual report.
The structure of surf sports remained
consistent over the last few years with
the general structure comprising:
Support Services, Surf Sports
Sections, and Event Management.
Support Services include all the
functions that allow our competitors to
represent the club at carnivals.
Marina Bate has been completing
entries for all competitors in all
sections for all carnivals for as long as
I have been involved in my role.
Despite Marina pursuing other
personal interests outside the club she
is still happy to handle all the clubs
carnival entries. Thank you for your
continued efforts Marina.
We have many members who are
accredited officials who officiate at
local, state and national carnivals.
Most of these events impose a quota
system requiring competing clubs to
provide officials in a ratio to their entry
numbers. Without our members
officiating, we would not be able to
compete. This year Stan Werasko
stepped up and took on some more
senior responsibilities at carnivals, and
was good enough to take on the role of
the Officials coordinator at Freshwater.
Stan is still working out what this role
involves but I thank Stan and look
forward to his continued involvement
as an official, as well as the
co-ordinator role at our club. Stan has
provided a separate report which
All carnivals we attend throughout the
season also have a quota on the
provision of water safety and powercraft support based on entry numbers.
In addition, any event we run at
Freshwater requires powercraft
Tahlia Dearden & Julia Baker receiving the Most
Outstanding Competition Team of the Year from
Michael Kirkby
This season Luke Jarman took over the
role of co-ordinating our powercraft
support across all events. It is not easy
mobilising and coordinating drivers and
crew for all these events, particularly
when it requires attending beaches and
carnivals outside the Sydney area. Luke
has done an outstanding job coordinating our powercraft and
personnel for the season and we thank
him and all the members he involves in
this important activity. Luke has a
separate report elsewhere in this
annual report and thanks individuals in
that report.
Surf Sports Sections The sections
and those who captained them this
season were:
Boats (Rod Davis) Rod continued to
lead the Boat section this season. Rod
was assisted by a number of people
over the season, but I would like to
acknowledge the work of Ian ‘Crash’
Craddock and thank them both for their
March Past (Bob Evans) Bob led the
March Past team again this season. In
the early part of the season it looked
doubtful that Bob would be able to form
a team, but to his credit and the work of
his supporters, a full strength team
competed for Freshwater at all the
major carnivals this season. Well done
R&R (Wayne Freakley) Wayne
continued in his role as Captain this
season. Wayne has started to build a
solid structure now with many of the
senior competitors assisting by coaching junior and developing teams and
acting as officials at R&R events at
carnivals. Thanks for all your efforts
Surfboard Riding (no captain)
Beach (no formal captain) This
season for the first time in many years
Freshwater was represented by some
senior beach sprinters. Dean Park, who
has been coaching the nippers beach
sprinters for the last two seasons, has
been working with a very small group of
competitors and this has led to a few
relay teams being fielded at open
carnivals. We hope the squad will
continue to build under Dean’s leadership. Well done Dean.
Director Surf Sports
Life Saving (Lindsay Davis) Lindsay
led the Life Saving section again this
season with the help of Sharon
Johnson specialising in first aid. With a
small squad, Lindsay and Sharon
managed to achieve great results at the
championship carnivals. Thanks for your
Surf Sports (The Surf Squad)
(Board/Ski/Swim Squad) coaching
structure was further developed this
season, but the management side of
things were limited and so I managed
this myself. It is hoped that we will find
someone to step up to this role next
season. Tim Jacobs continued as the
Director of Coaching, Kurt Hanson
maintained the role of Cadet Surf
Coach, Grant Coates took on the role of
Open Surf Coach and Marcial Nunura
continued as Nippers Head Surf Coach,
while Kev Crow acted as a conduit
between the groups in the area of
beginner ski paddlers. Further coaching/
training was provided by both Tim and
Ben Kirkby throughout the season for
the senior and masters squads. Finally,
Shona Malm stepped up to act as the
main point of communication for the
whole squad. I would like to thank all
those people mentioned for their
Involvement and commitment throughout the season.
Masters (Michael Pastega) Mike took
on the poisoned chalice of being the
masters co-ordinator, after several
years of turnover of this role. Mike
maintained the standard of amusing
newsletters started by Simon Phin and
acted as a central point of communication for all masters in addition to
assembling the ‘go-to team of masters
competitors’ at any event or function
held at Fresh-water. Thanks Mike.
Reports from each of the section
Captains follow.
Michael Kirkby
Director Surf Sports
Congratulations to all our crews for
flying the Freshie flag this year and big
congratulations to all the Title winners
from the State and Australian Titles.
Congratulations also to Matt Norton from
our Open Mens crew for winning this
season’s Rowers Award. Matt was an
integral part of our A crew, joining from
Nth Cronulla and bringing experience
and enthusiasm for rowing with him.
Well done Matt.
This season has again been a pivotal
one for our section as we continue to
develop and adapt which will hopefully
see us begin to produce some more
results. Freshie again had an Open
Mens crew on the water made up of a
mixture of youth and experience.
Unfortunately we lacked an Open
Women’s crew and that can hurt a club
in the senior ranks. We did manage to
have a crew in each of the 6 divisions
(apart from Open Women) which is
positive for our section.
One of the highlights from the season
was our Masters boys scooping Silver in
the State 240’s division, which kept our
flag flying. It was also fantastic to see the
“next generation” of father and son
rowers coming through with young Mitch
Burke picking up where his old man Mick
started out 30 years earlier in the bow of
our junior crew.
Freshwater Duke’s (Open Men)
Liam Donohue, Matt Norton,
Tom Gillespie, Blake Cradock, Brent
Lethbridge and Kim Marsh
Freshwater Open Men “The Dukes”
came together for their first season this
year in July/August of 2014 and hit the
water early clocking up many hard training hours throughout the season. The
crew developed to be one of the fastest
crews on the water and participated in
the prestigious Ocean Thunder Series,
which provided great competition and set
a benchmark for the crew racing against
the elite crews from all over Australia at
the four events in Dee Why.
As the season progressed the crew
developed and a few results started
coming in. At the Queenscliff carnival
we placed 2nd followed by a 3rd on our
home beach at the Freshwater Australia
Day Carnival. Unfortunately we were
unable to place any result at the championship events. The Dukes made the trip
to the Australian Titles at Tugun, they
competed in 4 round robin races and
missed out on progressing through to the
further rounds by 1 point. It certainly
was not the end to a tough yet enjoyable
season any of us had anticipated.
We wish Matt Norton all the best for his
endeavours with rowing in Perth as he
moves over to reunite with his family.
Freshwater Knights (Reserves)
Fraser Giblin, Craig Olofinsky, Rod
Davis, David Olofinsky and
Kristian Williams
year. We were buoyed by Brent
assuming sweeping duties for the day,
with Rod and Fraser both rowing with
Dave and Tan Man rounding out the
crew. In the 4th and final race on
Saturday with a place in the finals on
offer we turned 2nd and headed home.
Unfortunately we again ran out of steam
and came over the line in 5th missing out
by one spot.
On a positive note Freshwaters rowing
stocks are looking very strong in about
15 years time with no less than 6 girls
and 1 boy between us! Cheers lads
Another season for this crew who are
all eligible to row in Masters but refuse
to concede! Sweeping duties were
again shared between Fraser and Rod
at training and also carnivals, which
proved advantageous when fitness was
in short supply. Our first carnivals
weren’t until mid January at Queenscliff
and again the following week at the
Freshwater Australia Day carnival.
Unfortunately a lack of match fitness
would restrict us to the rounds.
February is always a packed timetable
with carnivals on every weekend, at the
Branch Champs and also the ASRL
Open. Mother nature had other plans
for those carnivals with dangerous surf,
forcing officials to either postpone or
move the event. This makes motivation
extremely difficult to maintain
especially for a crew full of family men.
Thankfully at the Pacific Palms Battle
of the Boats, conditions were
favourable and the crew managed to
compete. Again fitness would prove a
stumbling block for the crew and a lack
of carnival time. Big Thanks to Dave
Maguire and Crash for sweeping us
over the course of the weekend.
Our final carnival for the season, the
State Titles, would be our best for the
Freshwater Watchmen (U23 Men)
Rod Davis (Sweep), Blake Walmsley,
Mikey Domjen, Oli Horlyck and
Lachlan Walmsley
The season for the Watchmen this year
was slightly different with the loss of
Ben Somers who took up a placement
with the Defence Force and Jeremy
Ryburn who could not continue due to
family matters. Thankfully our depth in
the juniors meant Mikey and Oli were
able to join the crew for their first
season in Colts with the crew enjoying
solid racing in the minor carnivals at the
start of the season and throughout.
The season overall was very flat in
terms of surf. Our first carnival at
Queenscliff was very uneventful in
terms of results but gave the crew a
good gauge of where they were at with
fitness and boat speed. Typically for the
Manly/Freshie carnival weekend Huey
delivered dangerous conditions with a
lot of crews opting to pull out of the
Manly carnival.
By Monday for the Freshie Australia Day
carnival the conditions had calmed a
little with a punchy 4-6ft surf rolling in
and it’s no coincidence that our best
result came at our home carnival. The
boys placed a well-earned 4th in the final
after tackling the conditions throughout
the afternoon with a balance of
aggression and confidence.
As always February is a challenging
month for a lot of crews with Branch,
ASRL and Pac Palms all packed into the
month. Branch again was a carnival
affected by dangerous surf with officials
forced to suspend rowing for a couple of
hours due to a low tide and large surf.
The ASRL Open down at Shell Harbour
was also affected by large surf with the
carnival being moved to Warilla-Barrack
Point instead. This delayed the carnival
significantly and when competition finally
did get underway the boys did themselves proud, coming into form for all of
their races. They were half a length
behind the frontrunners of the whole
division by their last race, but their
results meant they didn’t progress
passed the rounds.
The same could be said at Pac Palms
and State, with the boys gelling well as a
crew and rowing with confidence and
aggression. However, no surf and very
little space between placings made for
tough racing, and on both occasions the
boys missed out by 1 point on
progressing thru to the finals.
Kim Marsh (and his radio controlled
helmets!) for always making himself
available throughout the season no
matter what the conditions. Your
advice is sought after all over the
country and you always put Freshie
first, thank you so very much.
Eric Middledorp for helping out with
training, towing a boat when it was
needed, setting up tents, being at
carnivals helping out and helping
organize the Freshie Boat Carnival.
Greg Windsham and Mark Rickard
for the amazing work you both do
maintaining our boats and equipment.
Thanks boys.
I’m very much looking forward to taking
the boys again next season. We do
however lose Blake because he is too
old so if anyone knows a good stroke,
we need one! Thanks Boys.
A special mention must go to the
following people for their help throughout the season:
Tracey my wife! For putting up with
endless hours spent on the water, my
constant late nights and my endless
complaining. Thank you wifey (and
Imogen as well).
Brent Lethbridge for his behind the
scenes advice and continued support.
Ian and Paula Cradock for your
amazing behind the scenes work and
unequivocal support.
Marina Bate who does an unbelievable
job in organising and making sure our
entries are correct each week for
Lindsay Davis for putting some of our
newer Boaties through their Bronze
Pete Obern and the committee for their
continued support again this
season. Thank You.
Rod Davis
Boat Captain
U23 Ladies – Freshwater Flames
(Eric Middledorp)
regain their excellent form to make the
Our most successful start was the State
Titles at Ocean Beach.
The girls competed well in their second
season of rowing, showing great form,
guts and commitment.
Rowing at their last carnival (State
Titles at Umina) was their best effort of
the season. Missing a top three finish
in their early round meant they had to
perform well in the elimination
repechage. Their confidence lifted
after some suggestions and encouragement from Kim Marsh and others,
and they were ready for the ‘do or die’
race. They were fantastic, hitting the
buoys first and actually pulling away
from the other crews on the way home
for a courageous win. The starter
didn’t do them any favours in their final
race, which resulted in them getting hit
by three successive waves and taking
on a boatload of water, whilst the other
crews got out ‘clean’.
You generally expect flat and mild conditions at the Umina/Ocean Beaches.
However we arrived at 7am to a howling
40knot onshore gale pushing up a 3-4
foot heavy chop which made the going
very tough indeed. In one race we
copped a boatload of water, but the
crew dug deep, showing the experience
of many decades of surfboat rowing, to
still come home with the coveted Silver
Freshie Flames at the State Titles
The crew of Amy Cradock, Taylor Mills,
Grace Wheatley and Sarah Hickey were
all studying for their HSC which meant
there could only be limited rowing and
competing in the season’s early
When the New Year came along, we
were all ‘champing at the bit’ to compete
at the Manly, Freshie and the Branch
carnivals. But large and dangerous surf
conditions resulted in the U23 Women’s
event being cancelled or the crew being
withdrawn. That just left the Pacific
Palms ‘Battle of the Boats’ and the State
Titles for the Flames to show their
ability, and boy, did they row well!!
The two day Pac Palms Carnival is
always a fun carnival, but the girls were
determined to show they have what it
takes to compete against the best. The
first day saw them rowing well in all
three heats, beating crews in each
round setting them in good stead for day
two of the competition. But an unfortunate accident to their sweep, who
copped a knock to the head whilst
rowing in the Masters division later in
the day, meant they couldn’t quite
That was the end of their 2014/15
campaign, but throughout the
competitions they have shown they
certainly have the ability to be a great
Freshie crew in future years.
Their efforts this season were all the
more special as they were, in fact, still
a very young crew, competing against
much more experienced crews generally 3-4 years older. Congratulations to
the girls for a job well done!
240s Freshwater Masters
(Eric Middledorp)
The evergreen Freshwater Masters
Crew moved up a division this season
competing with the ‘ol men of the seas’
in the 240 Masters section!. Age was
no deterrent with the crew competing
with plenty of enthusiasm and fun. We
managed to scrape up the hefty
transfer fee, of a dozen cans of VB, to
lure Dave Maguire from Avoca to
sweep us! The crew was mainly made
up of Greg Windsham, Eric Middledorp,
Brian Baker, with the powerful Mark
Rickard returning to row in the 2nd Bow
seat. We would also like to thank
Andrew Murphy and Crash filling in due
to injury or unavailability.
U23 Flames competing at the Battle of the Boats
The other notable start was at the
Pacific Palms ‘Battle of the Boats’ and
what a battle it was! Lining up for our
first Heat saw a ‘cross chop’ wave hit
the Sweep oar smashing into Eric’s
noggin. Luckily he has a very thick skull
and only suffered the best double black
eye seen on the beach for a very long
Many thanks
to the crew,
particularly to
Dave for
sweeping us
this year. We
look like staying together
again next
year and may
even make the
trip up North to
compete in the
Aussies if all
goes well.
March Past
For a club having as many members as
Freshwater and having the tradition in
March Past as we do it has been difficult
to entice more marchers into the march
past team. Luckily throughout the
season we were blessed with some
volunteers to help fill the gap. Our
appreciation goes to them for without
their interest we would not have been
able to compete.
Teams were made up from these few:Judy Bennett, Bob Evans, Wayne
Freakley, Bob Grose, Peter Hoekstra,
Ruth Hoekstra,Bob Hogan, Paul
Morrison, Kath Obern, Peter Obern,
Ross Parry, Ken Rickard, Dave Torevell,
Sue Walmsley, Rick Ware.
Coach: Bob Evans
Assistant Coach: Peter Rowlands
Manager: Ross Parry
group acquitted themselves in a
manner which did them proud.
Conditions at Umina were not the best
and the wind blew the sound away
from the march. We managed to keep
up with standard bearer Ross - some
of the other teams did not.
Up to Queensland and with a bit more
time to train morning and evening on
Greenmount Beach. In the final preparation for the championships we were
showing that “Freshie” spirit and felt a
good result was possible.
Bob and I followed the team around
the arena where we could and
watched their performances. They
were marching very well giving us
some hope for a medal. Some well
credentialed coaches considered them
to be in the money.
In terms of medals won this was not a
successful season but, in all the
carnivals in which we have started our
performances were good, regularly
being only just a couple of points away
from the winners. Countbacks we have
experienced over the years do not treat
us favourably.
Championship Results
Sydney Northern Beaches 4th on countback from 2nd.
New South Wales 7th on countback from 4th
Australian 9th on countback from 2nd
The major problem we encountered was
we rarely had a complete team at training, an essential element in building
cohesion between team sections.
We only had a regular training group on
the last days before the NSW champs.
Despite this lack of team training the
Bob and I live in hope that next season
we will have enough marchers to be
able to field complete teams regularly
and possibly at least a youth team and
even one from the Nippers. Even to
have a full team at training is essential
for better team cohesion resulting in
better results. We are a proud team
looking to show off our maroon and
white colours with pride.
BOB EVANS (Coach) - Bob had a
difficult season in his endeavours to put
a team on the beach every week to build
cohesion between team sections. His
experience came to the fore and if only
we had been able to pass by a couple of
judges with a clean sheet we may have
been seen up on the podium. Our
appreciation goes to him for his efforts
on our behalf.
PETER ROWLANDS (Assistant Coach)
- Also very giving of his great knowledge
and past experience in march past.
ROSS PARRY (Manager) - Ross has for
many years put in countless Friday
nights doing the raffle at the Harbord
Hilton. He also provided invaluable
input at our training sessions.
Peter Rowlands, March Past Captain
The 2014-15 season again saw the club
achieve some outstanding results in the
R&R competition. With a total of 34
competitors across the senior and junior
ranks, organisation of people for training
and competition obligations continued to
present a range of challenges. Nevertheless some impressive individual team
and overall results were achieved during
the season, dampened only by recording no fewer than six of the dreaded 4th
places at the State and Australian
Highlights included –
 The Open 6 person Maroons team
successfully defending its State title
The Open Men’s 5 team finishing
2nd at the Australian Championships, the 9th year in a row they
have finished with a medal
The Under 19 team winning the
silver medal at the Australian
The Open 6 Whites team winning
the bronze medal at the Australian
championships at their first start as
a combination
The club having two teams in each
of the Open 6, Open Men’s and
Open Mixed finals at the Australian
 The club again finishing second in the
overall R&R point score at both the
NSW & Australian Championships for
the second year in a row.
In a repeat of the 2013-14 season the
overall strength of the section was best
illustrated by its achievements at the
Australian Championships. Of a total of
27 competitors across 8 individual
teams, all competitors qualified for
Australian finals and 15 came home
with medals.
The 2015 Freshwater R&R squad
Insert picture 1 Label – “The 2015 Freshwater R&R squad”
Junior R&R
Perfectos – Chloe Tyrrell & Grace Kiely
- Coach: Ian Donald
Terminators – Jack Hurrell & Joseph
Bruwel – Coach: Jane Freakley
The club had two 2 person teams
competing this year. Both teams
performed exceptionally well throughout
the season with the Perfectos team of
Grace & Chloe being the standout, with
2 firsts and a second placing at local
carnivals, winning the Branch and
coming a close second at the State. The
Terminators team of Jack & Joseph also
had a successful season with a number
of top 3 finishes at local carnivals, a 6th
place at Branch and 8th in the final at
Grace, Chloe, Jack & Joseph also combined with Ailee Donald to compete in the
U12-14 5 person event at the Branch and State championships. Despite little time
together to train and no
starts until the Branch
Championships, the team
put in a tremendous effort
to win Branch and then
finish 3rd at the State.
Coach Ian Donald did a
marvellous job with the
team in light of the obvious
difficulties associated with a
late season start and
limited time to train. It is
hoped this team will form
the nucleus of the club’s
U14 & U15 teams next
Under 17s
Team: Ethan Cradock, Jordan Dobson,
Hugo Weston, Nick Doyle, Seb Di Sano
& Pat Kiely – Coach: Ken Rickard
The U17 team had a solid season and
performed well in their first season of
“live” belt swims and line work. Under
the direction of coach Ken Rickard, the
team made considerable progress
during the course of the season despite
some early season disruption due to the
absence of members and then a late
season re-shuffle as a result of Jordan
suffering a significant ankle injury. The
team was regularly placed in the top 6
at local carnivals, including a win at
Queenscliff and came second at the
Branch championships in both the U17
& Open Men’s events.
The State and Australian championship
carnivals proved a difficult hunting
ground. At the
State championships the
boys came 4th
in both the U17
& Open Men’s
events while at
the Australian
they again
came 4th in the
Open Men’s
event and 7th in
the U17 competition.
Though the
boys missed
out on medals
at both championships their results
were encouraging and not a true
reflection of either their potential or
actual ability in the event. If the team
Under U19s
Team: Euan Donald, Bec Kiely, Gabrielle Rebecchi,
Hugo Weston & Caitlin Werakso – Coach: Alan Burns
can remain together next year there is
every reason to believe they will
continue to improve and achieve greater
Open Mixed 5 - Blue
Team: Kelly Dobrow, Ian Hills, David Hurrell, Adam Phillips &
Cheryl White - Coach: Wayne Freakley
This team was newly formed this season with three of the
members new to R&R competition. Training commenced in
September and by December they were beginning to come to
grips with the nuances of the event. The Manly and Freshwater carnivals provided an initial exposure to the quality of the
other teams and confirmation it was going to be a difficult task
to be competing at the same level as the top 1 or 2 teams.
This team however was full of surprises and was not interested
in following the usual script that it takes 2-3 years of competing
together to properly meld as a team. The first surprise came at
the Branch championships when the team managed to win the
silver medal, beating a much more experienced Collaroy
combination in the process. The team then competed at the
State championships and finished in 5th place, a mere 2 points
out of the bronze medal position.
The U19 team was one of the surprise packages of the year.
Absence of various members during the first half of the
season meant the team had limited opportunities to train as a
combination until late January. The first up start at the Freshwater carnival was solid but did not provide any hint of the
success they were to later enjoy. Their second start at the
Branch championships saw them win the silver medal and at
the State championships they mirrored the efforts of the U17
team by finishing in the dreaded 4th place. The team also
entered the Open Mixed competition at State and finished a
highly creditable 5th.
Onto the Australian championships and again the team pulled
one out of the box by qualifying for the final. The final saw the
team competing against some of the best and most
experienced R&R teams in Australia and again they performed
better than expected, finishing in 5th place with their lowest
score of the season. It was a great finish to a tremendous year
for the team.
At the Australian championships they entered both the U19
and Open Mixed events. They just missed out on qualifying
for the final of the Open Mixed event, finishing in 7th place. In
the U19 event they qualified for the final and duly put on their
best performance of the year to finish in 2nd place. It was a
great performance from all the members of the team and a
deserving reward for their efforts and the faith and dedication
of coach Alan Burns.
This is another team that will only get better if they choose to
remain together as a combination.
Open Mixed 5 - Whites
Team: Clare Freakley, Jarrad Freakley,
Joseph Murphy, Alex Obern & Madison
Taylor – Coach: Chris Tyrrell
This team has essentially been together
for 8 years and is without doubt one of
the best R&R teams the club has ever
produced. They have won multiple State
and Australian championships and the
team was hell bent on improving on last
year’s 3rd place at the Australian
championships. The team was
ultimately to learn however that despite
being a dominant force over many
years, other teams have now raised to
their level and the competition is thus
hard fought. One mistake can make the
difference between winning and losing.
In keeping with past years, the team
started the season off with a win and
remained undefeated up to and
including the State championships.
Having successfully defended their
State title, the team went to the
Australian titles as one of the favourites
for the event. Their form continued in
the heat with the team qualifying in
equal first place with a loss of only 2
points. In the final, belt swimmer Jarrad
again blew the field away but unfortunately the team did not drill their usual
high standard and ultimately finished in
4th place, missing out on a medal by the
barest of margins. This was the first
time in 5 years the team was to return
from the Australian titles without a
Unfortunately there is some doubt
whether the team will compete again
next season. Despite the disappointing
end to the season, they remain one of
the best teams in Australia across all
the divisions. Their absence would be a
great loss to the club and it would be
disappointing not to see them go around
again for another year.
Open Women’s 5
Team: Clare Freakley, Jane
Freakley, Lysa Kiely, Jemma
McKee & Libby Murphy –
Coach: Wayne Freakley
A re-shuffling of positions this
season following the departure of
Naomi Donohue saw the return of
Clare to the belt. The team had a
great year and despite success at
both local, Branch and State
championships, success in the Australian championships continues to elude the
The women’s competition is probably the toughest of all the events, with anyone of
6 or 7 teams capable of winning. The team got off to a relatively slow start with a
win at the local Queenscliff carnival and a 5th place at the more heavily attended
Manly carnival. A 2nd place at Freshwater was followed by a win at the Branch and
a 2nd place at the State championships. The State championships also represented
a high water mark for the team with the girls qualifying for the final in first place after
drilling zero points in the heat. This was the first time in the club’s history a women’s
team had drilled zero and only the 5 or 6h time by any club team in 100 years of
At the Australian championships, the team qualified for the final in 4 th place and
were feeling confident going into the final. Clare swam her best race of the season
in the final to win the race to the cans and defeat the previously undefeated swimmer from the North Cronulla team by 10 seconds. Unfortunately a couple of costly
errors on the beach meant the team finished in 4th place, 0.36 points from 3rd and
1.36 points from first place. Nevertheless it was a tremendous effort and a great
finish to the season for the girls and they remain committed to having another
attempt next season.
Open Men’s 5
Team: Alan Burns, Ian Donald,
Wayne Freakley, Jarrad
Freakley & Chris Tyrrell –
Coach: Peter Obern
This team once again had an
outstanding year of competition under new coach Peter
Obern and from the very start,
it was apparent the combination would again be the team
to beat. They remained
undefeated at 3 local carnivals, including Manly & Freshwater, and then went on to
win the Branch Championship. This was the fourth year in a row the team had won
the Branch and they went into the State championships hoping to make it 4 in a row
for that event as well.
In the State final, the team drilled zero points but came away with the silver
medal after Jarrad was beaten by a mere one second in the belt swim by
the Wanda swimmer. It must be one of the few times in R&R history that a
team has drilled zero and come away with a minor medal. Despite the
hiccup, the team remained confident going into the Australian championships. Unfortunately in the final, despite Jarrad putting in a tremendous
effort to win the belt race, the team then put in their worst performance of
the season to drill 3 points and come away with the silver medal.
Though disappointed with the final result, the team nevertheless by any
measure had a great season. The team has enjoyed a remarkable run of
success over the years, finishing no worse than 2nd at the State champion-
ships since 2010 (3 gold and 3 silver) and no worse than 3rd at the Australian championships since 2007 (4 gold, 4 silver and 1
bronze). There is some uncertainty whether the same combination will compete again next season with Jarrad indicating he may
have a break from the event. Hopefully he will change his mind and the team can again press on with its aim of winning the
Branch/State/Australian treble one more time.
Open 6 Person Maroons
Team: Ian Donald, Jarrad Freakley, Wayne
Freakley, Jemma McKee, Alex Obern & Chris Tyrrell
– Coach: Alan Burns
The Open 6 event is the most prestigious in the R&R
area and in the 100th year of R&R competition the
team was desperate to win this season. After their
second place the Open 5 man title, the team went
into the Australian final more determined than ever
to go all out for the gold medal. Unfortunately it was
not to be and the Premiership pennant once again
remained out of reach.
With Alan Burns retiring from competition to take on
the coaching role, Alex Obern came into the team to
join Jarrad as the swimmers. Despite never having
been a beltman before, Alex soon picked up on the
drill and by the time the team began competition, he was performing at a high level. A first place at Queenscliff was followed by
two second places at the Manly & Fresh-water carnivals. The team went on to win Branch and then successfully defended its
State title, drilling zero in the final.
At the Australian championships, the team’s confidence remained high after again drilling zero in the heats to qualify for the final
in first place. However despite two great swims from Jarrad in the tube and Alex in the belt, the team left its worst performance
until last, drilling 4 points and finishing in 4th place. The team was extremely disappointed with their result in the event. Nevertheless, subject to availability of members, the team remains committed to coming back next season to have another go at winning
the elusive premiership pennant.
Open 6 Person Whites
Team: Clare Freakley, Jane Freakley, Bec Kiely,
Lysa Kiely, Joseph Murphy, Libby Murphy, Caitlin
Werakso – Coaches: Wayne Freakley/Peter Obern
This team was the surprise packet of the year,
coming together for the first time a day before the
State championships. In the 3-4 weeks prior to State,
those in the women’s Open 5 team – Clare, Jane,
Lysa & Libby – would take the opportunity at Open 5
training to swap positions to learn the
requirements necessary for the 6 person event. The
day before the State championships the team came
together to train together as combination for the first
time. With a few tips from coach Peter Obern, the
team managed a highly credible 6th place in the
During the weeks leading to the Australian championships, the team did not have any opportunity to train other than what might
be possible at Open Women’s 5 training. At the championships the team came together again (with Caitlin replacing Bec) and
after a couple of training sessions competed in the heats of the Open 6 event and qualified in 5 th place.
The final was held directly after the Open Women’s 5 final and despite the disappointment of not performing at their best in that
event, Clare, Jane, Lysa & Libby put that behind them and re-focused on the 6 person event. The team then managed to
achieve their perfect draw for the final – Joseph in belt, Clare in tube, Libby (3), Lysa (4) and Jane (5) – and put in a great
performance to drill 3 points and finish with the bronze medal. It was a great finish to the carnival and it was a great thrill to see
the team on the podium to receive their medals.
As in previous years, there are many
people who have contributed to the
overall success the R&R section has
enjoyed this year –
 Fellow coaches – Alan Burns, Chris
Tyrrell, Ian Donald, Peter Obern,
Ken Rickard & Jane Freakley. All
gave up their time to coach teams
during the week and on the weekends, in many instances sacrificing
time they could otherwise have
enjoyed with their families.
Ken Priest who at various times
provided invaluable assistance and
advice to all teams during the course
of the season.
Those within the squad who were
willing to fill in at training for other
teams when team members were
Chris Tyrrell for taking on the
responsibility of organising State
titles accommodation for approximately 40 competitors and
supporters – no mean feat as
anyone who has had to organise
accommodation for large numbers
will attest – and for filling in as
section captain at various time
during the season in my absence.
Ian, Chris, Peter, Alan, Clare, Jane,
Lysa, Sharon Johnson, Ken Priest,
Bob Asser and Sue Troy who all
undertook judging & official duties at
local and championship carnivals
this season. Without their willingness
to take on this role, the events could
not be held.
The husbands, wives, parents,
partners and children of the competitors in both the juniors and seniors
for being willing to provide transport
to and from carnivals and training
and generally re-arranging your lives
in order for the competitors to attend
training and compete.
John Mills OAM & Barry Lumsdaine Members of the 1952-53 R&R Premier Australian Team
Ian Donald receiving
Most Outstanding R&R
Competitor for the 2015 Season
Wayne Freakley
R&R Captain
2014/15 has seen steady progress in
the Beach section. Training numbers
have increased and additional sessions
were implemented to cater for the
senior (non Nippers) members of the
Training for the nippers has been mainly focused on sprint starts and running
technique, with a core regular group of
8-10 athletes plus 10-20 variable
attendees on a Sunday morning.
Training on a Tuesday evening at
Sydney Academy of Sport saw an
increase of 4 athletes to 8 (U10-U17)
during the summer months, which has
enabled those keen to compete for
medals at State level attending for
more speed and speed endurance
sessions. Training sessions for the
seniors was implemented this season,
with training based around sprinting
and water to beach transitions. This
has proven to be a popular and
successful introduction
Josh Tyrrell receiving the Most Outstanding Beach
Competitor Award from Michael Kirkby
We have seen an increase in competitors in the local carnivals and at
regional and state championships,
though this has mainly been seen at
Nipper level. We have seen the Cadets
entering the beach events and winning
medals. At the State championships
for nippers this year, we saw an
increase in competitors and as a result
we gained more points than last year
and this assisted in the club finishing
12th overall, 8 positions above last
years results.
Next Year
Focus on 2015/16 has already started with efforts to obtain a Flags specific
coach for the club. This will address the gap we currently have and will
assist in broadening the coaching
offerings to our members. We are also looking at ways to promote the
coaching facilities we now have as a club, with a view to encouraging current members and potential new members to come down and join in.
Our aim for the 2015/16 season is to help the club break into the top 10 at
the nippers State Championships and continue to grow the senior members entries into carnivals.
Dean Park, Beach Coach
U15 Sprint Relay Team, Bronze Medal,
NSW State Titles
Lifesaving Competition
It has been a great season at Freshie for
Lifesaving Events. We have competed in
First Aid, Champion Lifesaver and Patrol
Competition. IRB Competition continues
to elude us but hopefully will make a
comeback in the future.
Under 15 Men – Bennett Frerck –
4th Branch, 3rd at State!
Under 15 Women - Andrea Malm –
1st State, 3rd Aussies
U17 – Alex Malm –4th State
(on a countback)
Our Branch organized a number of
carnivals within the Branch during the
season to provide additional competition.
This was a great opportunity for
competitors to get themselves ready for
the championship events and the Branch
Lifesaving competition group are looking
to build on this further next season. The
calendar for all events is very crowded
but three First Aid carnivals were offered
in Sydney Northern Beaches, including
one at Freshwater. Champion Lifesaver
was run on two occasions.
U17 – Lucas Phillips – 4th Branch, 5th
U17 – Pat Kiely – 6th Branch,
9th State
U17 – Tahlia Dearden – 6th State
Open Mens – Tom Duffy – 3rd Branch,
3rd State, 9th Aussies
Open Womens – Clare Freakley – 1st
Branch, 1st State, 3rd Aussies
First Aid Competition – Two per team –
Timed Scenario – U15, U17, U19, Open
We had four teams competing in First Aid
this season – 2 U17 teams - Emma Smith
and Emma Schooley and Tahlia Dearden
and Julia Baker and 2 new Open teams –
Sharon Johnson and Tom Duffy and Kelly
Dobrow and Cheryl White.
Masters – John Boakes – 1st Branch,
2nd State, 6th Aussies
Tahlia Dearden & Julia Baker, 1st U17 First Aid
Teams used the local carnivals to try out
new skills and learn the scoring system.
Branch: U17 Tahlia and Julia 2nd, Emma
and Emma 4th, Open Sharon and Tom 2nd,
Kelly and Cheryl 3rd
State: U17 Tahlia and Julia 4th, Open
Sharon and Tom 2nd, Kelly and Cheryl 5th.
Aussies: U17 (Wildcard Entry!)
Tahlia and Julia 1st, Open Sharon and
Tom 4th.
There were some incredible scores
amongst the results. At Aussies Sharon
and Tom were very close to a medal with
only a few points separating the top
teams. Tahlia and Julia (who hadn’t
trained much leading up to the event as
they weren’t sure if they would get an
entry) had a fantastic score which underlined their win. An Australian Gold Medal
is a fantastic reward for all the training
and study they undertook.
Tom Duffy
Branch was conducted at the Branch
office for the written paper and
resuscitation and at Palm Beach for the
physical events. Alex and Andrea Malm
completed the Written Paper and
Resuscitation but were unable to attend
for the physical events due to other
commitments. Both of them had
sufficient points that would have seen
them well placed had they been able to
complete the program. State was held
at Ocean Beach and was well organised. Competition was conducted
efficiently with good sportsmanship
shown throughout. The Aussies were
held at Bilinga Beach, just north of Kirra.
The clubhouse was undergoing
renovations but the officials did a good
job of keeping things moving and
managing the situation. There were
great conditions for the water events.
Particular congratulations to Clare
Freakley who has competed in this
event for eight seasons and this year
got amongst the Aussie medals for this
Andrea Malm, Lindsay Davis, Clare Freakley
Champion Lifesaver – Individual Event
– Written Paper, Resuscitation Skills,
4 Physical Events
Patrol Competition – Team Event –
Written Paper, Resuscitation Skills,
2 Physical Events, Scenario
U17 – 4 in a team,
Open – 6 in a team
This season we had just one team in
the U17 Patrol Comp. The advent of
HSC study and other commitments
meant we could not field a second
team, although it does look promising
for next year.
U15, U17, U19, Open, Masters 30-39,
Masters 40+ - Male & Female in each
age group
It was great to have competitors across
most age groups and to have an increase
in participants.
Lucas Phillips, Tahlia Dearden,Julia Baker
and Sam Hurrell
Lifesaving Competition
A big thankyou to all the parents who
assisted at the Freshwater First Aid and
Champion Lifesaver carnival.
Special thanks to Baker’s Delight at
Freshwater for your kind donation of
morning tea provisions for these
Thank you
 Catherine Howard for maintaining
the kits
 Jenelle for booking accommodation
and organising the end of season
 Paul Baker for helping with gear and
getting the show on the road at
 Those of you who acted as officials –
it doesn’t happen without you
 The patients who get to act a part in
Our team of Sam Hurrell, Lucas Phillips,
Tahlia Dearden and Julia Baker trained
and worked together from September
and brought together their patrolling
skills towards Championship time.
It was disappointing to have limited
competition in U17’s, until the Aussies.
However we took heart from the fact that
our point scores in the U17 at State
would have given us a medal in the
Open section. The team was really
pumped for Aussies. The end result was
less than 2.5 points between 1st and 5th.
The team scored the highest in resuscitation and the patrol scenario. These
are an amazing group of young people!
the scenarios – it doesn’t happen
without you either
Wrap Up
With more participants this season and
the likelihood of more next season the
lifesaving competition team continues
to grow.
At every Championship almost every
competitor gained points for the club.
Those who are new to events know
what they need to work on and seem
ready to do so next year. Everyone
works together to help each other. As
part of Tom and Clare’s roles as Club
Captain and Vice Captain they started
a group doing Board and Swim training
early in October and from here we
trained for the tube race. Whenever
possible the group assisted as patients
for the various scenario and
resuscitation training sessions. John
Boakes studied at least three nights a
week (hint to all the youngsters!!), and
acting skills improved for all of us.
The highlights of the season were:
Julia’s board rescues – yes she drew
Board Rescue at every Championship,
Sam’s radio calls, Cheryl’s rich accent
in scene, Tom’s treatment of an infant
at Branch, Aussie medals!
Lindsay Davis with (L-R) Tahlia Dearden, Julia
Baker, Sam Hurrell & Lucas Phillips
 The patrolling members who helped
out at training
With a strong squad of 16 participants it
has been a very successful and
rewarding season. It has been a
pleasure being part of it. I look forward
to developing an even stronger squad
for next season.
Lindsay Davis
Lifesaving Competition
Clare Freakley receiving
Most Outstanding Life Saving
Competitor for the 2015 Season
Board - Ski - Swim
It was a massive year for our swim,
board and ski team. Our team has
ridden a roller coaster of emotions this
season with big highs and the lowest of
lows. Finishing on a high with great
accomplishments at Aussies, left us
looking forward to the 2016 season.
Building blocks are what we laid last
season and from next season on is when
our labor will come to fruition. It may not
result in medals at Aussies next year but
it will in future years.
As competitors we all strive to be the
best and even if we are not, the surf is
there to level the playing field on game
day. We compete in surf because we
love it, we are driven to be competitive,
the adrenaline we feel standing on the
start line of our chosen event, the camaraderie of being with our mates and the
sense of being part of something great.
Freshwater Surf Club has all these
elements and this is what I and the
coaches endeavor to provide our
members with through each season and
training session.
Ben Blakeney receiving the Most Outstanding
Swimmer Award from Michael Kirkby
Last season we developed skills training
for the Nippers and this year I aim to
deliver a better nipper program to encompass these skills and abilities. Each
year our nippers program has improved
and this will continue to be our aim.
Marcial Nunura did a great job guiding
and coaching the largest group in our
club. It is a tough position he is in and it
is only through having many of the club’s
nipper parents assisting on training days
that allows Marcial to deliver better training opportunities for the nippers. The
more parents who stand up next season
to assist, means that the nipper training
environment will only get better.
Due to various reasons our open squad
was light on this year but this led to one
of the highlights of the season. It gave
an opportunity for three U17s to
compete in their first open NSW state
taplin relay final. In a perfect world the
boys would have been another year or
two older but the early start in the open
competition is only going to speed up
their development as competitors.
Matthew Lemon receiving the Most Outstanding
Board Paddler Award from Michael Kirkby
Kurt Hanson led the cadet and junior
squad with vigor, providing a great training environment and stepping stone for
the younger competitors of the club into
the senior ranks.
I thank all the coaches and members
who assisted squads throughout the
season to help make Freshwater what it
is. It is this core of competitors and
members who turn up each day and
season, wearing the maroon and white
and helping keep our club connected.
From Nippers right through to Masters,
we have a link through all age groups. It
This season we decided as a squad to
compete in the Sydney Water Series.
This enabled us to bond as a team on
the road trips to & from Wollongong
while gaining invaluable race practice.
Tim and Ben Kirkby travelled to Coffs
Harbour to compete in a round of the
Summer of Surf, where Tim finished
second in the board.
The Australia Day weekend carnivals at
Freshie and Manly ran limited programs
due to big surf and a surge in competitor
numbers. The highlight of the two
carnivals was definitely the old boys on
their home beach (Freshie) putting on a
clinic and leading from start to finish in
the open board relay much to the home
crowds’ delight.
Kurt’s group continues to build a strong
bond across the junior and senior club,
perhaps providing the most crucial link
encouraging kids to stay through
guidance, opportunity and fun.
Our senior club was lead by Grant
Coates with support from many of the
active members within the training
groups. The senior athletes continue to
lead by example offering more and more
assistance down the ranks and back into
the club.
The younger members of our squad
started training at the end of May with
the older members filtering back into
training over the following six weeks.
Pre-season training consisted of gym,
running and paddling. Throughout the
season we ran our program 6 days per
week with participation numbers of up to
25 a session. Our squad is still unique
in the way we can accommodate every
one from the beginner to the Aussie
champion or the social athlete for fitness
while still enhancing everyone’s life
saving skills.
Deandra Godoy receiving the Most Outstanding
Ski Paddler Award from Michael Kirkby
is this link that will encourage and
nurture our champions of the future
and through this focus we will develop
a better training environment and opportunities for our members.
We must focus on our foundations to
reach the stars.
Tim Jacobs
Coaching Director
The U15 boys of Zac, Will, Tom, Zac
and James (baby Chenga) Thompson
had some good results during the
season but more importantly showed
they have plenty of potential and with
more hard work the sky is the limit. It
was actually James who gave us the
highlight of the branch championships,
not in the water where he is more at
home. It was a scintillating run leg in the
boy’s relay that had people talking on
the beach.
Board - Ski - Swim
The 2015 state titles belonged to the
girls. Firstly Dee finished second in the
open ski cementing her spot as one of
the best paddlers in Australia. Dee & Nat
Jander teamed up for a fourth in the
double ski. Adding Bella Wolfe to their
equation they soon became State taplin
relay finalists. If the three girls can stick
together and work hard, next year
cannot come quick enough.
Finally after a long season we made it to
Aussies. The Aussies had a youth
championships for the first time for U14s
and U15s. Jessie and Andrea represented us in the U15 girls. The girls did well
both making the semi’s in the board and
Andrea making the swim final.
When the opens finally started the U17
boys stepped up to the plate. Lockie,
Tristan, Alex and Ben combined efforts
to tough it out through the rounds,
making the Board and Taplin Relay
finals. Tristan and Alex competed up in
the U19 double ski and qualified strongly
for the final.
Unfortunately Tristan was unable to
compete in the final so Lockie had to
step up and put in a strong performance.
Ben Blakney came sixth in the U17 tube
race that was an outstanding result however he was a little disappointed. Fast
forward 24hrs and Ben qualified for the
U17 belt race final. Ben improved on his
previous sixth place and came away with
the bronze medal. Congratulations Ben.
I would like to thank everyone who has
helped our team throughout the 2015
season. All of the seniors who have
helped with coaching, George Vella for
being in charge of logistics, Julio
Godoy for stepping up and looking after
the U17s at Aussies, Shona Malm for
being team manager and everybody
else who helped along the way. Each
individual has contributed to make a
great team.
Planning is already under way for next
season in which we hope to see our
squad numbers increase and our
results to continue to improve.
Thanks for a great season everyone.
Grant Coates, Surf Coach
Another season has flown by in my
third consecutive year as cadet coach.
This season has seen our Freshie
Fighters squad take another positive
leap forward in the rebuilding &
retention of our members in making
the transition from nippers to the senior
Over 120 sessions were attended
throughout the season including over
300 hours of training & carnivals as we
continued to develop, educate &
implement surf & life skills with some
fantastic results.
The hard work over the last three
seasons by many of our competitors
witnessed us reap some historic
rewards as our Freshie Fighters
Squad members became Australian
medallists for the first ever time.
Club Junior and member of our
inaugural Freshie Fighters class of
2011, Ben Blakeney, grabbed bronze
in the U17 belt race & 5th in the U17
Freshie Fighters sophomore Andrea
Malm became our club’s first ever
Australian Youth Championship
medallist claiming bronze in the U15
champion lifesaver at North Kirra.
It was also fantastic to see past &
present Freshie Fighters team
members enjoy Australian
Championship success including
Tahlia Dearden (1st U17 first aid) as
well as Bec Kiely, Gabrielle Rebecchi
& Hugo Weston (2nd U19 R&R) &
Caitlin Werakso (2nd U19 R&R – 3rd
Open 6 R&R)
Another highlight of the year was our
very free spirited freshman age group
at the NSW Championships where
Freshwater was the only club in the
State to have three competitors in the
U14 Ironman final.
This culture of success both on & off
the beach could not have been
delivered without my fellow coaches
and trainers who always go above &
beyond the call of duty including
Marcial Nunura, Grant Coates, Kev
Crowe & the support of our coaching
director in Tim Jacobs & passionate
head of surf sports, Michael Kirkby.
I am very proud of our training group
especially our more senior members
who will now graduate & join the open
training squad having blossomed to not
only becoming great competitors but
also great members of our
They are as you read this likely flipping
burgers at McDonald’s Brookvale or
making your coffee at Duke’s Café or
Babysitting or Refereeing sports
matches. These kids are Freshwater’s
future and it’s an honour to say to you
that our future is in good hands.
We’ll be back in 2015 bigger & better
than ever with some exciting changes,
namely my cadet group will now
become a development squad aimed
at the U14 age group as well as any
beginners and novice surf sports
enthusiasts from the senior club.
Training starts soon with the emphasis
to be on fun, fitness and lots of waves!
See you on the sand,
Kurt Hanson
Freshwater Development
Squad Coach
Board - Ski - Swim
Nippers Coaching Report
Well Year 2 of this new nippers’ coaching program has ended and we have
come a long way. We set some decent
goals in place for the season and we
achieved them all, which obviously
means… we need to set higher goals
for next season.
See you all again in 2015/16 – I think it
will be our biggest season yet and I for
one can’t wait to get started.
Marcial Nunura
Nippers Surf Coach
It was great to see so many happy faces
every week at training and
seeing kids become stronger and more
confident in the water throughout the
season. It all started with some wobbly
people at the dam once a week to the
same kids going in and out of 4ft surf at
Freshie. This is the reason why we do
this - to give kids better surf skills,
confidence in the water, and the ability
to face any conditions (or learn how to
get around or through different
We had some incredible results in
2014/15 with the main emphasis being
team events – this has always been and
will continue to be the Freshie way in
years to come. I would like to see a
Freshie team in every final at state in
2016, it is one of the goals I have set for
next season and I believe we can do it
with the quality of the kids we have
coming through the ranks.
I want to thank all the parents who
helped this season from transporting
boards and kids to helping out with
water safety and with coaching/
managing at each session and
carnival. Without the parents, there
would be no training or kids competing
at carnivals. Also a massive thank you
to those who officiated at carnivals and
allowed Freshie to meet their quota
allowing us to have all of our
competitors take part at each local
Lastly to all the kids who put in all
season – unfortunately the surf gods do
not always help us on carnival days but
that is another reason why we love this
The Masters group continues to grow as
the inevitable process of aging means
everyone lands up here sooner or later.
The options are endless, unless you
want to compete in beach events where
there seems to be either a lack of
interest or capability.
The year started big with a number of
the northern beach surf clubs deciding
to hold a carnival in France and call it
the world masters. In between holidaying and sampling the local fare a group
of die-hard competitors turned up to
compete with the haul of medals
meaning excess baggage charges for
many of the team.
team that actually numbers in the
double digits (as opposed to the
Some highlights of the year:
 A group of five ski paddlers sneaking out the northern end on a rather
big day only to see three skis end
up on the rocks
 The influx of BOS skis and
formation of “Team BOS”, which if
they ever go to a carnival might turn
out to be a reasonable force
 The ongoing reconstruction,
replacement and medical
procedures needed to keep the
masters going. There is talk of
building a “masters” rehabilitation
wing and establishment of a stem
cell research unit to ensure the
unbelievable success we achieve in
our own minds, never ends
 Kev’s unrelenting commitment to
developing new paddlers while the
rest of us focus on ourselves
 Discovering the latent talent of
“Teahupoo Steve” at the Freshie
It would be remiss not to mention Killer’s
efforts in winning his age category in the
Coolangatta Gold which was then
backed up with a couple of gold at the
Aussies. Unfortunately for his family and
the rest of us this will only fuel his
competitive fire but at least we know
what to expect.
We contested the usual events across
the season and as alluded to above we
fielded many water competitors and
teams but the closest we get to beach
events is the march past team. It was
good to see a number of the mature
open competitors who are in their
masters “denial stage of life” turn up to a
few events and enjoy being part of a
 Simon Phin’s “week on, two weeks
off - come late, finish early” training
 The one and only Masters news-
letter – the Co-ordinator promised
so much but failed to follow through
after peaking early in the season
I would also like to thank the Masters
(or many of them) who provide a
significant amount of support to the
club, especially the women who make
things happen and just tell the men
what to do – perfect!
Michael Pastega,
Masters Co-ordinator
The Freshwater Masters Team at the WorldTitles in France
Kurt Hanson receiving his 2015 Most Outstanding
Masters Competitor Award from Michael Kirkby
Freshwater has been fortunate this
season in having a large number of
members who have volunteered for
carnivals as officials. Branch is
continually trying to produce a formula
regarding the number of officials and
water safety for each carnival
(particularly for Nippers), that is fair and
equitable to all Sydney Northern
Beaches clubs. As a result, a club that
has as many competitors as
Freshwater does requires the most
number of officials at carnivals.
With this is mind it is important not only
to get as many nipper parents into
officiating each year but also to retain
these officials once their children have
moved into the senior age groups.
It was great to see Richard Hawtin
become the latest Freshwater member
to be given the role of Sectional
Referee at a number of carnivals this
The Bennett Ironman & Board Carnival
was met with fantastic conditions on the
day. It was run largely by the Freshwater contingent while the Australia
Day Carnival had a number of interstate
officials who helped out on the day.
As one of the largest R & R clubs in the
state we are blessed to have many
officials taking an active role in this part
of the sport.
Michael Bate, who is Director of Surf
Sports NSW had an active role in many
of the local carnivals and was heavily
involved in the State Championships.
Michael Kirkby was the Carnival
referee of the Senior Branch
Championships, which was held at
Palm Beach this year.
The Freshwater Club extends its
appreciation to all members who have
officiated for the club throughout the
season. Without your help it would be
extremely difficult to run carnivals as
smoothly as they have this year.
Special thanks to Peter Rowlands and
Ray Brennan who continually put up
their hands for almost every carnival
each summer.
Stan Werasko
Officials Co-ordinator
Surf Sports (Event Management)
Freshwater has developed a very
successful formula for delivering its
events. A coordinated approach with a
few key people in the club assisting
makes for a well organised and well
delivered event on Freshwater Beach.
This year we delivered the following
carnivals with organisers noted:
Masters carnival
(Ross Parry)
Bennett Ironman and Board Classic
(Karen Hicks)
Australia Day Open carnival
(Michael Kirkby)
Australia Day Boat carnival
(Ian Cradock)
Barney Mullins Ocean Swim
(Linda Wiadrowski)
Open Craft carnival
(Marcial Nunura)
In addition the club organised various
other surf sports activities including:
R&R Clinic
(Alan Burns)
Sunday Surf race
(Ross Parry)
Australian Championships tour
(Michael Kirkby)
I would like to thank all the above people
for their efforts in coordinating their
events and activities. Their reports
Michael Kirkby
Masters Carnival
Great day again for the annual masters
carnival at Freshwater, with a good surf.
We had approx 325 competitors
coming from as far north as Dixon Park
and south from Fairy Meadow. The
standard of racing and competition was
very high with the Freshwater Teams
winning a large number of events during
the day. The March Past was also well
supported again with 7 teams.
Thanks again to John Thorpe AM and
Sean King of the Harbord Beach Hotel
who sponsored the day and provided
free t-shirts for all competitors and
officials. Thanks to the volunteers and
officials who kindly gave up their time to
ensure the success of this event.
Ross Parry, Carnival Organiser
Bennett Ironman & Board Classic
This was the 10th year of the carnival
being run and it’s still a hugely
successful event.
With perfect conditions, Freshwater
hosted just under 420 competitors from
18 clubs in NSW. Six of those clubs
were from outside of the Northern
Beaches area – Bronte, South
Maroubra, Terrigal, Umina, Soldiers
Beach and Avoca.
It’s great to see those clubs travelling
to our club to compete – bringing with
them some strong competitors.
It was also fantastic to see an increase
in Freshwater nippers with 113 taking
part and giving it a go. Hopefully they
all enjoyed the day and the challenging
With great organisation from our team
(also consisting of Jenny Bourgeois,
Jo Dettmann and Sandra Toole), the
carnival ran like a well-oiled machine,
also testament to the great effort put in
by the previous carnival organiser over
the past few years – Julia Jackson. Her
support and help in the lead up to and
on the day was greatly appreciated.
Thank-you also go to the following
Freshwater SLSC members who had a
part in the running and success of this
Stan Werakso – Carnival Referee,
Ian Edgell – Registration,
Richard Hawtin – Treasury, Announcer
for the first couple of hours and Official,
Nigel Thomas – Water Safety,
Matt Cameron – Working party,
James Jackson – Beach set up, pack up
and everything else in-between,
Anita Rebecchi and Tina Di Sano –
Petra Morrell and Tiffany Blaikie – BBQ,
Belinda Dobson – First Aid,
Luke Jarmon – IRB,
Gayle Taylor – looking after the
Freshwater office,
Sam Di Sano, Karen Blakeney and
Peter Obern – for their wealth of
knowledge and assistance when
Kurt Hanson – Announcer again this year.
We had very generous sponsors once
again and were able to give out some
fantastic prizes to the place getters:
Major Sponsor: Bennett Boards
Other Sponsors: Fitness First, Fashion
Fish, Engine, The Way Funky
Company, Stick-it Wax, Hooded, Slix
Australia, Ray Blaikie for Globe.
List of clubs who participated:
Bronte, Collaroy, Dee Why, Freshwater,
Manly, Mona Vale, Newport, North Curl
Curl, North Steyne, Queenscliff, South
Curl Curl, South Maroubra, Terrigal,
Umina, Warriewood, North Narrabeen,
Soldiers Beach, Avoca Beach.
Karen Hicks, Carnival Organiser
Surf Sports (Event Management)
Australia Day
Open Carnival
With the disappointment of last year’s
event being called off due to huge seas,
there was much anticipation leading up
to this year’s event. Entry numbers were
at their highest for years, no calendar
clashes meant that all the Nutri Grain
competitors were in town and the
success of the Summer of Surf series
attracted even more competitors from all
over the country than normal. The
inclusion of our carnival in the Summer
of Surf series brought the film crew and
the excitement with them. The day did
not disappoint. Big surf combined with
outstanding competitors produced great
racing. The only down side of the huge
numbers was a slow day when several
events had to be called off, displeasing
some competitors.
Thankyou to all club members who
assisted with the carnival. After the
previous big weekend for Duke’s Day it
was great to see so many of our
members chipping in again to make this
carnival one of the best on the season
Anyone who helped out on the day is
thanked for their contribution. Some
come along to do a specific task, while
others stay all day. All of these activities
however are planned well in advance
and there are a few people who deserve
special mention for their contribution:
 Mike Pastega and his band of
masters competitors who provide set
up and crash crews through the day;
 Luke Jarman and his group of IRB
drivers and crew for their work in the
water both in setting the courses and
providing water safety;
 Belinda Dobson and her group of
members who provided first aid
 Ian Craddock and his Boaties who
provided traffic control and attended
the car park;
 Tom Duffy and the patrolling
members for providing crowd control,
work parties, and ATV drivers;
 Marina Bate and her helpers
for providing registration for
all competitors
 Kay Cowley for all the planning and preparation of the
catering for the day, and Judy
Bennett and her helpers for
the delivery of all the food
and beverage for the offcials,
carnival workforce and
invited guests;
 Wayne Freakley and his
R&R competitors who
conducted the beach pack
up at the conclusion of
 Peter Obern for hosting the
club’s function;
 The Nipper parent group
who set up and manned the
BBQ all day;
 Ken and Janet Rickard for
their work in preparing the
club for the weekend and the
guests who use the club.
We were unable to secure any major
sponsors for the carnival, but managed
to negotiate some substantial prize
money through the Summer of Surf
team to ensure our Board race prize
money was offered again this year.
Michael Kirkby
Carnival Organiser
Surf Sports (Event Management)
2015 Australia Day Boat Carnival
This year saw the Boat Carnival moved
to the actual Australia Day, on the
Monday 26th January. This enabled a
weekend of up to 3 days of racing, when
taking into account the two day Manly
carnival. The Monday surprisingly still
had a strong number of entries, in fact
75 crews. Many crews had big
distances to travel home, so it was great
to see the carnival well supported.
The Mini Marathon from Shelley Beach
to Freshie was dropped this year & the
boat racing format was Block Racing.
The weather was not the best and made
for a testing surf.
The Open Boat Men’s Final had 5 crews
across the line, together with The Freshwater Dukes being awarded 3rd place by
millimetres & Manly on the wave behind
in 6th spot.
Womens crew were particularly thankful to Eric for organising the pick-up for
their boat transport home.
Without Officials on the beach all day
we have nothing, so many thanks to
all involved in making the day run as
smoothly as possible.
Lastly, Club Sponsors Harbord Beach Hotel , Freshwater
Community Bank, Smyth Estate
Agents (SEA) & The Harbord
Diggers. A HUGE Thankyou &
Appreciation for your ongoing support
to Freshwater SLSC.
Crash (Ian Cradock)
Carnival Organiser
Lorne won the Open Boat Men’s final for
the first time after many years of
competing in the Freshie Carnival. The
sweep of Lorne, Alistair (a legend in
Boats) was quite taken by the win,
stating “it was on his bucket list to
achieve” (Freshie held in high regard).
Lorne went on to be in this years Aussie
final, which shows the calibre of racing.
The Junior, Colts and Reserves all
made their respective finals, so all in all,
a good day for Freshie Boaties.
As always, a HUGE Thanks to the
Freshie Members & Families for assisting in making the day such a friendly &
fun carnival. The Nth Cottesloe Open
Surf Sports (Event Management)
Open Craft Carnival
Freshwater R&R Clinic
Freshie Fast Fives
The club held its second R&R clinic this
season at the end of November. The
clinic was an opportunity for coaches
and teams to be reviewed by judges
prior to the commencement of the main
carnivals held later in the season. While
most of the Freshwater teams were
there the timing of the event sees other
clubs not yet in full training and so
numbers were down this year. Despite
this a number of junior teams from the
northern beaches and central coast did
participate and were able to obtain
This was a concept developed by a
couple of our open competitors two
seasons ago and it has become the
most popular format of racing for our
local competitors. We receive rave
reviews after the event from the best
competitors on the northern beaches but
most importantly, it is loved by the social
competitors also.
It is a 2hr event where competitors do a
minimum of five races (sometimes ten if
they do both ski and board events) and
is followed by a social BBQ where
competitors can swap stories and
welcome the new season. The event
would not be possible without the help
of our Freshie Officials who help run the
carnival, our IRB team who set up the
cans and of course our volunteers who
man the BBQ following the carnival.
some valuable advice from the judges
and other coaches who were present.
A BBQ for all participants was held at
the conclusion of the clinic and was well
Next season, the clinic is scheduled for
March between the State and Australian
championships. With suggestions there
may be changes to the event next
season, it is hoped more clubs will
attend next year.
Alan Burns,
Clinic Coordinator
This event will continue to grow and it is
fantastic to know that it was the brainchild of Freshie members. We will be
conducting a similar event for U14s and
U15s this season to cater for our ever
growing Freshie Fighters group.
Thank you to Michael Kirkby for helping
us see this event get off the ground and
for leading his team of officials on the
day to ensure it is the best new format
according to competitors. We will be
going around again in October 2015 –
so if you would like to help, feel free to
contact us.
Gabrielle Rebecchi & Ross Parry
buoys and timing. Special thanks to
Rick Ware and others for their water
safety and the IRB crews for their
assistance. This season saw Sunday
morning surfboard races which were
successful and hopefully will continue
with a similar handicap system. Look
forward to seeing you on the starting
line in October when it all starts over
Marcial Nunura, Event Organiser
Sunday Surf Race
again this season with increased
interest and many unfounded
complaints about handicaps. During the
season we held 21 races with 133
individual competitors and a total of 639
swimmers in the events. We also had
14 under 14yr swimmers who competed
each Sunday. The results of the year
were as follows:
Ross Parry
Race Organiser
Oliver Smith & Ross Parry
Alex McPhee Award (total points
last 3 races)
Peter Block
Most improved Senior
Zac Nicholls
President’s Cup
Andrew de Vries
Most improved Junior
Oliver Smith
U14 Yrs Chairman’s Cup
Oliver Smith
Most races during the season
Geoff Lowe and Ruth Hoekstra
Jock McPhee Award (total points
first 3 races)
Gabrielle Rebecchi
Congratulations to all winners and all
competitors during the season. I want
to thank Bob Chalmers who helped
enormously with the laying of the
Australian Championship Tour
This year saw a new approach to the
hosting of the Australian Championships. For the first time a Youth (U14
and U15) Championship was held on
the first Saturday and Sunday, followed
by the Masters Championship on the
Monday and Tuesday, followed by the
Open Championships (U17 to Open)
through to the following Sunday. By all
accounts the new format, held at Kirra
Beach on the Gold Coast, was a
success and is likely to be continued in
coming years.
Freshwater entered competitors in all
three events, and took a full touring
party to the Gold Coast. Total numbers
included 2 Youth competitors, 11
Masters competitors, and 67
competitors for the Open carnival. The
Open team comprised one boat crew, a
march past team, a big contingent of
R&R teams, a Life Saving squad, and a
small Surf Squad of swmmers, board
and ski paddlers. These competitors
were supported by coaches, managers,
power craft support personnel, officials,
supporters, and families.
distribution of the touring shirt.
Marina Bate for her work on entries and
Tim Kirkby for his work in planning the
craft trailer and club ute for the trip to
Steve Smith and Claire Depaoli for their
support by filling our requirements for
powercraft support.
All the section captains, coaches and
managers for their work over the week.
I would like to make special mention of
Julio Godoy and George Vella, who
stepped up this year as team managers
for the u17 surf squad. They did a great
The full results list is included elsewhere
in this report, but I can report that the
whole team punched above their weight.
The overall point score shows that
Freshwater placed 18th in the Open
championships, with most of the points
in this result achieved by the Life Saving
and the R&R squads.
Logistics for a team of this size are
complicated and start well before the
event commences. There are many
people who assist to ensure the tour is
a success and a few of these are
named below:
My own tour this year was interrupted
by a need to return to Sydney prematurely and I thank everyone at the club
who took up a support role in my absence, and in particular Wayne and
Peter who took charge of the touring
Wayne Freakley and Jo Kirkby for
organising the accommodation. The
club has chosen to stay together as a
team, and this introduces significantly
more pressure to obtain good quality,
well priced accommodation for the
whole squad.
The 2016 Australian Championships will
be held on the Sunshine Coast across
the beaches of Mooloolaba, Alexandra
Headland, and Maroochydore. Our accommodation is booked and we are
looking forward to another great championships week.
Lysa Kiely for the procurement and
Michael Kirkby, Touring Manager
Competition Results
1/09/2014 World Titles Montpelier France
1st 130yr Ski Relay
Michael Kirkby, Simon Phin &
Gaven Needham
1st 50-54yr Board Rescue Michael Kirkby & Peter Obern
1st 40-44yr Board Rescue Sigi Hill & Donny Richmond
1st 130yr Ocean Man Relay Sigi Hill, Simon Phin & Michael Kirkby
1st 150 Surf Teams
Alex Creer, Jo Kirkby & Shanny Dyer
1st 130yr Surf Teams
Peter Obern, Donny Richmond & Sigi Hill
1st 50-54yr Ocean Man
Peter Obern
1st 40-44yr Surf
Sigi Hill
2nd 45-49yr Board Rescue Shanny Dyer & Jo Kirkby
2nd 130yr Board Relay
Michael Kirkby, Simon Phin & Sigi Hill
2nd 170yr Board Relay
Peter Obern, Steve Davis & John Swan
2nd 170yr Ski Relay
Steve Davis, Stephen Bennett &
Peter Obern
3rd 35-39yr Ski
Gaven Needham
3rd 50-54yr Ski
Peter Obern
3rd 50-54yr Surf
Peter Obern
3rd 35-39yr Ocean Man
Sigi Hill
3rd 55-59yr Ocean Woman Linda Wiadrowski
3rd 50-54yr Board
Michael Kirkby
4th 35-39yr Surf
Donny Richmond
4th 170yr Ocean Man Relay Peter Obern, Stephen Bennett &
Steve Davis
4th 110yr Ocean Man Relay Gaven Needham, Stephen Thomas &
Donny Richmond
4th 150yr Board Relay
Jo Kirkby, Linda Wiadrowski &
Shanny Gamble
4th 50-54yr Ocean Man
Michael Kirkby
5th 55-59yr Board Rescue Alex Creer & Linda Wiadrowski
5th 50-54yr Ski
Michael Kirkby
5th 45-49yr Flags
Nicole Phin
5th 55-59yr Board Rescue Steve Davis & John Swan
5th 50-54yr Surf
Alex Creer
6th 55-59yr Ski
Stephen Bennett
6th 55-59yr Board
Linda Wiadrowski
6th 55-59yr Ski
Linda Wiadrowski
11/10/2014 Lion Island Ski Challenge
1st 20-39yr Ocean Racing Ski Tim Jacobs
3rd 50-59yr M SLSA Ski
Phil Fagan
5th 19yr & Under F SLSA Ski Natalie Jander
7th 40yr + F Ocean Racing Ski Caron Jander
10th Open Double Ski
Kevin Crow & Alex Corner
26th 40-49yr Ocean Racing Ski Scott Carpenter
19/10/2014 Queenscliff Beach Carnvial
1st U11 M 1km run
William Smith
1st U14 F Flags
Helena De Gruchy
1st U14 F 1km run
Sophie Wickham
2nd U11 M 1km run
James Smith
2nd U10 M 1km run
Harry Hogan
2nd U10 F 1km run
Stefanie Fejes
2nd U14 F Sprint
Sophie Wickham
2nd U14 F 1km run
Helena De Gruchy
3rd U10 F Sprint
Charlotte McDermid
3rd U14 F Sprint
Helena De Gruchy
5th U11 F 1km run
Rachel McKenzie
5th U12 F 1km run
Saphire Marcer
6th U11 F Sprint
Lara Persico
6th U14 F Flags
Charley Gallant
25/10/2014 Rd 1 Sydney Water Series Shellharbour
4th U14 F Beach Sprint
Bailee Radford
5th U15 M Sprint
Josh Tyrrell
6th U15 M Flags
Josh Tyrrell
6th U17 M Surf
Ben Blakeney
8/11/2014 Rd 2 Sydney Water Series Towradgi
3rd U15 M Flags
Josh Tyrrell
3rd Open M Board
Tim Kirkby
1/11/2014 Coolangatta Gold
1st 50yrs + M Short Course Michael Kirkby
9/11/2014 Newport Junior Carnival
1st U10 F Beach Relay
1st U12 F Board Rescue Sophie Walsh & Alex Lefevre
1st U14 F Sprint
Sophie Wickham
2nd U10 F Board Relay
2nd U11 M Board Rescue Ryan Thomas & Ben Melhuish
2nd U11 M Board Relay
2nd U12 M Board Relay
2nd U12 F Board Relay
2nd U13 M Surf
Josh Kite
2nd U13 M Board Rescue Josh Kite & Toby Dreyer
2nd U14 M Board Relay
A team
2nd U14 F Surf
Matilda Kearns
2nd U14 F Flags
Bailee Radford
3rd U10 F Sprint
Charlotte McDermid
3rd U11 F Board Relay
3rd U12 F Surf
Alex Lefevre
3rd U14 Iron Man
Taylor Gabb
3rd U14 M Board Rescue Thomas Casey & Ben Walsh
3rd U14 F Board Rescue Bailee Radford & Sophie Wickham
3rd U14 F Board Relay
3rd U14 F Beach Relay
4th U8 F Flags
Mia Pendergast
4th U9 M Beach Relay
4th U9 F Board Relay
4th U9 F Beach Relay
A team
4th U10 M Surf Team
4th U10 M Board Relay
4th U10 F Surf Team
4th U10 F Sprint
Stephanie Fejes
4th U11 F Surf
Andie Kearns
4th U11 F Board Rescue Emily Hicks & Andie Kearns
4th U12 Iron Woman
Alex Lefevre
4th U13 Iron Man
Josh Kite
4th U13 M Board Relay
A team
4th U14 M Surf
Thomas Casey
4th U14 Iron Man
Thomas Casey
4th U14 M Board
Oscar Blaikie
4th U14 M Board Relay
B Team
4th U14 F Flags
Helena De Gruchy
4th All age board relay
B team
5th U9 M Board Relay
5th U12 F Flags
Kiara Henry
5th U14 M Surf
Ben Walsh
5th U14 M Board Rescue Isaac Morrell & Alex Di Sano
6th U10 M Surf
Noah Kite
6th U10 M Flags
Blake Long
6th U12 M Board
Jesie Blaikie
6th U12 M Board Rescue Liam Wiseman & Jensen Mclean
6th U12 F Surf
Sophie Walsh
6th U12 F Board
Alex Lefevre
6th U12 F Beach Relay
6th U13 M Surf
Toby Dreyer
6th U14 Iron Man
Oscar Blaikie
6th U14 M Board
Ben Walsh
6th U14 M Board Rescue Jack Clancy & Noah Perego
6th U14 F Board Rescue Matilda Kearns & Jaime-Lee Dreyer
6th All age board relay
A team
Competition Results
15/11/2014 North Narrabeen Lifesaving carnival
1st Open First Aid
Kelly Dobrow & Cheryl White
2nd U17 First Aid
Emma Smith & Emma Schooley
16/11/2014 North Curl Curl Open carnival
2nd U17 F Board
Isabella Wolf
3rd U17 M Surf
Ben Blakeney
3rd U15 F Surf
Andrea Malm
4th U17 M Surf
Lachlan Vella
4th U17 M Board
Lachlan Vella
4th U17 F Surf
Isabella Wolf
4th U15 F Board
Andrea Malm
5th U17 M Surf
Alex Malm
5th U17 F Surf
Gabrielle Rebecchi
6th U17 M Surf
Tristan Godoy
6th U15 F Surf
Jessie Douglas
29/11/2014 Summer of Surf - Coffs Harbour
2nd Open M Board
Tim Kirkby
29/11/2014 Freshwater Masters
1st 110yr M Surf Teams
Gregg Slater, Kurt Hanson &
Donny Richmond
1st 110yr M Taplin
Bill Wilson, Kurt Hanson & Gregg Slater
1st 130yr M Taplin
Scott Carpenter, Donny Richmond &
Michael Kirkby
1st 130yr M Ski Relay
Bill Wilson, Tod Rowbotham &
Scott Carpenter
1st 150yr M Ski Relay
Michael Pastega, Michael Kirkby &
Stephen Bennett
1st 110yr M Board Relay Kurt Hanson, Michael Kirkby &
Gregg Slater
1st 55-59yr M Ski
Stephen Bennett
1st 60yrs + M Ski
Steve Davis
1st March Past
2nd 150yr F Surf Teams
A - Jo Kirkby, Shanny Dyer &
Linda Wiadrowski
2nd 50-54yrs M Board
Michael Kirkby
3rd 170yr M Surf Teams
Peter Obern, Michael Kirkby &
Geoff Lowe
3rd 150yr F Taplin
A - Shanny Dyer, Alex Corner &
Linda Wiadrowski
3rd 150yr F Board Relay A - Linda Wiadrowski, Caron Jander &
Gina McConnell
3rd 40-49yr M Surf
Donny Richmond
3rd 50-59yr F Surf
Shanny Dyer
3rd 30-49yrs M Double Ski Tod Rowbotham & Stephen Dunn
4th 170yr M Taplin
A - Stephen Bennett, Steve Davis &
Alan Burns
4th 150yr F Taplin
B - Jo Kirkby, Caron Jander &
Gina McConnell
4th 170yr M Ski Relay
A - Steve Davis, Phil Fagan &
Stephen Dunn
4th 130yr M Board Relay Michael Pastega, Scott Carpenter &
Tod Rowbotham
4th 55-59yr M Ski
Kevin Crow
5th 150yr M Surf Teams
Alan Burns, Peter Block & Peter Collins
5th 150yr F Surf Teams
B - Caron Jander, Marina Bate &
Ruth Hoekstra
5th 150yr F Board Relay B - Shanny Dyer, Ruth Hoekstra &
Alex Corner
5th 50yrs + Iron Man
Michael Kirkby
5th 50yrs+ M Double Ski Stephen Bennett & Steve Davis
6th 170yr M Taplin
B - Phil Fagan, Tod Rowbotham &
Geoff Low
6th 170yr M Ski Relay
B - Peter Obern, Kevin Crow &
Peter Collins
6th 60yrs + M Board
Steve Davis
5/12/2014 North Narrabeen Lifesaving carnival
1st U17 First Aid
Julia Baker & Tahlia Dearden
2nd Open First Aid
Kelly Dobrow & Cheryl White
4th U17 First Aid
Emma Smith & Emma Schooley
7/12/2014 Queenscliff Junior carnival
1st U10 F Flags
Charlotte McDermid
1st U10 F Beach Relay
A1st U11 M Beach Relay
1st U14 Brace Relay
A - Matilda Kearns & Oscar Blaikie
1st U14 M Board Rescue Ben Walsh & Oscar Blaikie
1st U14 M Board Relay
A - Ben Walsh, Jack Clancy &
Oscar Blaikie
1st U14 F Flags
Bailee Radford
2nd U10 M Surf teams
2nd U10 M Board Relay
Nicholas Walsh, Nicholas Clancy &
Blake Long
2nd U10 F Beach Sprint
Charlotte McDermid
2nd U12 F Board Relay
Alex Lefevre, Saphire Marcer &
Sophie Walsh
2nd U14 Brace Relay
E - Hugh Cameron & Alex DiSano
2nd U14 F Board Rescue Matilda Kearns & Jaime -Lee Dreyer
2nd U14 F Sprint
Sophie Wickham
2nd U14 F Beach Relay
3rd U8 F Flags
Nara Jordi
3rd U10 F Sprint
Stefanie Fejes
3rd U11 M Board Relay
Ben Melhuish, Archie Jackson &
Lachlan Cameron
3rd U11 F Board Relay
Georgia Grey, Emily Hicks & Kiana Dettman
3rd U12 M Board Relay
Jesse Blaikie, Myles Davidson &
Jensen McLean
3rd U14 M Board
Jack Clancy
3rd U14 M Board Rescue Jack Clancy & Noah Perego
3rd U14 M Board Relay
B - Isaac Morrell, Noah Perego &
Alex Di Sano
3rd U14 F Sprint
Bailee Radford
4th U8 M Beach Sprint
Paddy Bright
4th U11 F Board
Emily Hicks
4th U12 M Board
Jensen McLean
4th U13 M Board Rescue Alec McMicking & Leon Rebecchi
4th All Age Board Relay
5th U9 M Flags
Connor Kempshall
5th U9 F Beach Relay
5th U10 F Sprint
Milla McGettigan
5th U11 F Board
Lauren Bourgeois
5th U12 Brace relay
Jesse Blaikie & Alex Lefevre
5th U13 Brace Relay
Toby Dreyer & Leon Rebecchi
5th U13 M Board Relay
B - Alec McMicking, Jack Hurrell &
Dominic Edgell
5th U14 Brace Relay
Sophie Wickham & Samantha Clancy
5th U14 M Board
Ben Walsh
5th U14 M Board Relay
C - Edward Waddington, Hugh Cameron
& Daniel Jackson
5th U14 F Flags
Hunter Kelleher
5th All Age Board Relay
6th U10 F Flags
Milla McGettigan
6th U10 F Beach Relay
6th U11 M Board
Ben Melhuish
6th U11 M Sprint
William Smith
6th U12 M Board
Jesse Blaikie
6th U12 Brace Relay
Jensen Mclean & Sophie Walsh
6th U12 F Board
Sophie Walsh
6th U13 M Board Relay
A - Toby Dreyer, Jamie Dunn &
Leon Rebecchi
6th U14 M Board
Alex Di Sano
6th U14 F Board
Jacqueline Stark
Competition Results
11/01/2015 Narrabeen Junior Carnival
1st U11 M Board Relay
Ryan Thomas, Ben Melhuish &
Lachlan Cameron
1st U14 M Surf Team
1st U14 M Board relay
Jack Clancy, Isaac Morrell & Oscar Blaikie
1st U14 F Sprint
Sophie Wickham
1st U14 F Flags
Bailee Radford
2nd U8 F Flags
Nara Jodi
2nd U9 F Beach Relay
2nd U11 M Surf Teams
2nd U12 M Surf Teams
2nd U14 F Beach Relay
Sophie Wickham, Helena DeGruchy,
Bailee Radford & Charley Gallant
3rd U8 M Beach Relay
3rd U10 M Board Relay
Nick Walsh, Nicholas Clancy, Archie Parker
3rd U10 F Board
Mischa Morell
3rd U12 M Board Relay
Bailey Miller, Jensen Mclean &
Liam Wiseman
3rd U12 F Surf Teams
3rd U13 M Surf Teams
3rd U14 Mixed Brace Relay Jack Clancy & Isaac Morrell
3rd U14 M Board Relay
Hugh Cameron & Edward Waddington
3rd U14 F Sprint
Helena DeGruchy
3rd U14 F Flags
Helena DeGruchy
4th U9 M Sprint
Fin Hendry
4th U9 F Board
Rachel Bourgeois
4th U10 M Surf Teams
4th U10 M Board
Nick Walsh
4th U10 F Sprint
Mila McGettigan
4th U11 F Board Relay
Georgia Grey, Lauren Bourgeois,
Kiana Dettman
4th U12 F Flags
Kiara Henry
4th U13 M Board Relay
Leon Rebecchi, Jamie Dunn & Toby Dreyer
5th U8 M Wade
B5th U8 F Flags
Sophie Bishop
5th U9 F Sprint
Charlotte McDermid
5th U12 F Surf
Alex Lefevre
5th U12 F Board Relay
Alex Lefevre, Saphire Marcer &
Sophie Walsh
5th U14 M Surf
Oscar Blaikie
5th U14 Mixed Brace Relay Hugh Cameron & Edward Waddington
5th U14 Iron Man
Jack Clancy
5th U14 F Sprint
Bailee Radford
5th All Age Board Relay
6th U11 Mixed Brace Relay Ben Melhuish & Lachlan Cameron
6th U11 M Board Relay
6th U12 Mixed Brace Relay Jensen McLean & James Stark
6th U12 F Surf
Sophie Walsh
6th U12 F Sprint
Kiara Henry
6th U13 M Surf
Toby Dreyer
6th U13 Iron Man
Toby Dreyer
6th U14 M Surf
Jack Clancy
6th U14 F Flags
Charley Gallant
6th All Age Beach Relay
17/01/2015 Queenscliff Open Carnival
1st U17 M Beach Relay
Freshwater A
1st U14 Beach Sprint
Bailee Radford
1st U14 F Flags
Bailee Radford
1st Open 6 Person R&R
Ian Donald, Wayne Freakley, Jarrad
Freakley, Alex Obern, Chris Tyrrell &
Caitlin Werakso
1st Open Mens 5 R&R
Alan Burns, Ian Donald, Jarrad Freakley,
Wayne Freakley & Chris Tyrrell
1st Open Womens 5 R&R Clare Freakley, Jane Freakley, Lysa Kiely,
Libby Murphy & Caitlin Werakso
1st Open Mixed 5 R&R
Maroons - Clare Freakley, Jarrad Freakley,
Jane Freakley, Alex Obern & Madi Taylor
U17 R&R
Ethan Cradock, Seb Di Sano Jordan
Dobson, Nick Doyle & Pat Kiely
Jnr 2 Person R&R
Perfectos - Grace Kiely & Chloe Tyrrell
U17 M Beach Sprint
Liam Goehring
U17 M Beach Relay
Freshwater B
U15 F Flags
Bailee Radford
Open Mixed 5 R&R
Whites - Kelly Dobrow, Ian Hills, Libby
Murphy, Adam Phillips & Cheryl White
U17 M Surf
Ben Blakeney
Open M Board Relay Kurt Hanson, Ben Kirkby & Matt Bell
Open M Double Ski
Grant Coates & Ben Kirkby
U17 M Flags
Hugo Weston
Open M Boat
Brent Lethbridge (s), Blake Cradock, Liam
Donohue, Matt Norton & Tom Gillespie
U17 M Board Relay
Tristan Godoy, Ben Blakeney &
Lachie Vella
U17 M Beach Sprint
Ethan Cradock
U14-15 M Board Relay Max Thomson, Zac Nicholas &
Zac Werakso
U19 M Double Ski
Alex Malm & Tristan Godoy
U17 M Surf
Tristan Godoy
U17 Iron Man
Ben Blakeney
U17 M Taplin
Alex Malm, Ben Blakeney &
Tristan Godoy
U17 Mixed Ski Relay Lachie Vella, Alex Malm & Tristan Godoy
U17 M Flags
Jordan Dobson
U14-15 M Beach Sprint Will De Vries
U14-15 F Taplin
Andrea Malm, Jessie Douglas &
Gemma Wickham
U14-15 F Board Relay Andrea Malm, Jessie Douglas &
Gemma Wickham
March Past
24/01/2015 Manly Open Carnival
1st Open Mixed 5 R&R
Maroons - Clare Freakley, Jarrad
Freakley, Joseph Murphy, Alex Obern &
Madison Taylor
1st Open Men's 5 R&R
Maroons - Alan Burns, Ian Donald, Jarrad
Freakley, Wayne Freakley & Chris Tyrrell
1st Jnr 2 Person R&R
Perfectos - Grace Kiely & Chloe Tyrrell
2nd Open 6 Person R&R
Ian Donald, Jarrad Freakley, Wayne
Freakley, Jemma McKee, Alex Obern &
Chris Tyrrell
3rd Jnr 2 Person R&R
Maroons - Joseph Bruwel & Jack Hurrell
3rd U14 F Beach Sprint
Sophie Wickham
4th U14 M Board Relay
4th Open Mixed 5 R&R
Blue - Pat Kiely, Bec Kiely, Jemma
McKee, Madison Taylor, & Hugo Weston
4th Open Men's 5 R&R
Whites - Ethan Cradock, Seb Di Sano
Jordan Dobson, Nick Doyle & Pat Kiely
4th U14 R&R
Ailee Donald, Joseph Bruwel, Jack
Hurrell, Grace Kiely & Chloe Tyrrell
5th Open Womens 5 R&R Clare Freakley, Jane Freakley, Lysa
Kiely, Libby Murphy & Caitlin Werakso
5th March Past
6th Open Mixed 5 R&R
Whites - Kelly Dobrow, Ian Hills, Libby
Murphy, Adam Phillips & Cheryl White
6th U17 R&R
Ethan Cradock, Seb Di Sano Jordan
Dobson, Nick Doyle & Pat Kiely
25/01/2015 Freshwater Open Carnival
1st Open M Board Relay Matt Lemon, Kurt Hanson & Ben Kirkby
1st Open Mens 5 R&R
Alan Burns, Ian Donald, Jarrad Freakley,
Wayne Freakley & Chris Tyrrell
1st Open Mixed 5 R&R
Maroons - Clare Freakley, Jarrad
Freakley, Joseph Murphy, Alex Obern
& Madison Taylor
1st U14 F Beach Sprint
Sophie Wickham
Competition Results
Open 6 Person R&R
Ian Donald, Jarrad Freakley, Wayne
Freakley, Jemma McKee, Alex Obern &
Chris Tyrrell
Open Womens 5 R&R Clare Freakley, Jane Freakley, Lysa
Kiely, Libby Murphy & Caitlin Werakso
U17 F Ski
Natalie Jander
U14 M Board Relay
AJnr 2 Person R&R
Perfectos - Grace Kiely & Chloe Tyrrell
Open F Ski
Deandra Godoy
U14 F Board Relay
U13 M Surf
Josh Kite
Jnr 2 Person R&R
Maroons - Joseph Bruwel & Jack Hurrell
Open Mixed 5 R&R
Blue - Seb Di Sano, Bec Kiely, Gabrielle
Rebecchi, Caitlin Werakso, &
Hugo Weston
March Past
U17 M Board Relay
A - Ben Blakeney, Tristan Godoy &
Alex Malm
U15 M Beach Sprint
Josh Tyrrell
U14 R&R
Ailee Donald, Joseph Bruwel, Jack
Hurrell, Grace Kiely & Chloe Tyrrell
U14 F Flags
Bailee Radford
U13 M Board Relay
AOpen M Beach Relay
Open Mixed 5 R&R
Whites - Kelly Dobrow, Ian Hills, Libby
Murphy, Adam Phillips & Cheryl White
U17 R&R
Ethan Cradock, Seb Di Sano Jordan
Dobson, Nick Doyle & Pat Kiely
U17 M Beach Sprint
Liam Goehring (dh)
U17 M Beach Sprint
Ethan Cradock (dh)
U14 Mixed Cameron Relay B U13 M Board Relay
BU19 R&R
Seb Di Sano, Bec Kiely, Gabrielle
Rebecchi, Caitlin Werakso, &
Hugo Weston
U17 M Board Relay
B - Jordan Dobson, Hugo Weston &
Josh Downman
U14 Mixed Camerson Relay A U13 M Board Relay
1/02/2015 East Coast Masters Carnival Collaroy
1st 45-49yr M Ski
Bill Wilson
1st 50-54yr M Board
Michael Kirkby
1st 130yr M Board Relay Gregg Slater, Simon Phin &
Michael Kirkby
2nd 130yr M Ski Relay
Bill Wilson, Simon Phin &
Michael Kirkby
2nd 50-54yr Iron Man
Michael Kirkby
2nd 50-54yr M Ski
Michael Kirkby
2nd 55-59yr F Surf
Linda Wiadrowski
2nd 130yr M Taplin
Gregg Slater, Michael Kirkby &
Bill Wilson
2nd 150yr M Taplin
Robert Webb, Simon Phin &
Stephen Bennett
2nd 150yr F Surf Team
Jo Kirkby, Shanny Dyer & Linda
2nd 150yr F Board Relay Shanny Dyer, Alex Corner &
Ruth Hoekstra
2nd 150yr F Taplin
Jo Kirkby, Linda Wiadrowski &
Alex Corner
3rd 40-44yr M Surf
Robert Webb
3rd 40-44yr M Ski
Scott Carpenter
3rd 50-54yr F Ski
Alex Corner
3rd 55-59yr F Board
Linda Wiadrowski
3rd 60yr+ M Ski
Phil Fagan
3rd 130yr M Surf Team
Gregg Slater, Robert Webb &
Simon Phin
3rd 150yr F Board Relay Linda Wiadrowski, Jo Kirkby &
Gina McConnell
March Past
45-49yr F Board
50-54yr F Surf
50-54yr F Tube
55-59yr M Ski
55-59yr F Board
50-54yr F Tube
50-54yr F Board
150yr M Ski Relay
Jo Kirkby
Shanny Dyer
Linda Wiadrowski
Stephen Bennett
Ruth Hoekstra
Shanny Dyer
Shanny Gamble
Scott Carpenter, Stephen Bennett &
Phil Fagan
14-15 & 21/2/2015 Branch Championships Palm Beach
1st Over 24 Surf
Kurt Hanson
1st Open M Double Ski
Ben Kirkby & Grant Coates
1st U17 F Board
Isabella Wolff
1st U15 F Beach Relay
Bailee Radford, Sophie Wickham,
Jessie Douglas & Andrea Malm
1st Open 6 person R&R
Alan Burns, Ian Donald, Jarrad Freakley,
Wayne Freakley, Jemma McKee &
Chris Tyrrell
1st Open Women's 5 R&R Clare Freakley, Jane Freakley, Lysa
Kiely, Jemma McKee & Libby Murphy
1st Open Mixed 5 R&R
Clare Freakley, Jarrad Freakley, Joseph
Murphy, Alex Obern & Caitlin Werakso
1st Open Mens 5 R&R
Alan Burns, Ian Donald, Jarrad Freakley,
Wayne Freakley & Chris Tyrrell
1st Open F Champion Lifesaver Clare Freakley
1st U17 Patrol Competition Julia Baker, Tahlia Dearden,
Sam Hurrell & Lucas Phillips
2nd Open M Tube Race
Kurt Hanson
2nd U17 M Tube
Ben Blakeney
2nd U17 M Beach Relay
Tristan Godoy, Hugo Weston,
Seb Di Sano & Ethan Cradock
2nd U17 Iron Woman
Isabella Wolff
2nd U15 M Flags
Josh Tyrrell
2nd Open Mixed 5 R&R
Kelly Dobrow, Ian Hills, David Hurrell,
Adam Phillips & Cheryl White
2nd Open Mens 5 R&R
Ethan Cradock, Seb Di Sano, Nick
Doyle, Pat Kiely & Hugo Weston
2nd U19 R&R
Euan Donald, Bec Kiely, Gabrielle
Rebecchi, Caitlin Werakso &
Hugo Weston
2nd U17 R&R
Ethan Cradock, Seb Di Sano, Nick
Doyle, Pat Kiely & Hugo Weston
2nd U17 First Aid
Tahlie Dearden & Julia Baker
2nd Open First Aid
Sharon Johnson & Tom Duffy
3rd Open M Surf
Kurt Hanson
3rd Open M Board
Matt Lemon
3rd Open Belt
Kurt Hanson
3rd Lifesaver Relay
3rd U17 M Surf Teams
A - Ben Blakeney, Tristan Godoy,
Alex Malm & Lachie Vella
3rd U17 M Taplin
A - Ben Blakeney, Alex Malm &
Lachie Vella
3rd U17 M Rescue Tube Alex Malm
3rd U17 M Belt Race
Ben Blakeney
3rd U17 M 2km run
Liam Goehring
3rd U17 F Surf
Isabella Wolff
3rd U17 F Taplin
Natalie Jander, Gabrielle Rebecchi
& Isabella Wolff
3rd U17 F Tube Race
Gabrielle Rebecchi
3rd U15 M Beach Relay
Will De Vries, Zac Werakso, Sam
Thomson & Josh Tyrrell
3rd Open First Aid
Kelly Dobrow & Cheryl White
3rd Open Champion Lifesaver Tom Duffy
4th U17 M Surf
Ben Blakeney
4th U17 M Board
Lachie Vella
4th U17 M Board Relay
A - Tristan Godoy, Lachie Vella &
Ben Blakeney
Competition Results
U15 M Cameron
U15 M Beach Sprint
U15 F Board Relay
U17 F Flags
March Past
U17 M Champion Lifesaver Lucas Phillips
U15 M Champion Lifesaver Bennett Frerck
U17 First Aid
Emma Schooley & Emma Smith
U17 M Surf Teams
B - Seb Di Sano, Liam Goehring,
Nick Doyle & Hugo Weston
U17 M Taplin
B - Tristan Godoy, Liam Goehring,
Hugo Weston
U15 Iron Woman
Jessie Douglas
U17 F Beach Sprint
Bailee Radford
Open Mixed 5 R&R
Euan Donald, Bec Kiely, Lysa Kiely,
Gabrielle Rebecchi & Caitlin Werakso
Open M Board Relay Ben Kirkby, Kurt Hanson & Matt Lemon
U17 M Board Relay
B - Liam Goehring, Alex Malm &
Hugo Weston
U17 M Ski Relay
Lachie Vella, Tristan Godoy &
Alex Malm
U15 M Board Relay
Zac Werakso, Sam Thomson &
Josh Tyrrell
U17 M Champion Lifesaver Patrick Kiely
Will De Vries, Zac Werakso, Josh Tyrrell
& Sam Thomson
Josh Tyrrell
Andrea Malm, Jessie Douglas &
Sophie Wickham
Bailee Radford
21/02/2015 Branch Masters Championships Palm Beach
1st 40yrs + Champion Lifesaver John Boakes
1st 110yrs M Surf Teams Kurt Hanson, Simon Phin & Peter Obern
1st 110yrs M Taplin
Kurt Hanson, Scott Carpenter &
Michael Kirkby
1st 170yrs M Taplin
Peter Obern, Steve Davis & Phil Fagan
1st 170yrs M Ski relay
Peter Obern, Steve Davis & Phil Fagan
1st 50-54yrs M Double Ski Michael Kirkby & Peter Obern
1st 110yrs M Board Relay Kurt Hanson, Simon Phin &
Michael Kirkby
1st 150yrs M Board Relay Peter Obern, Steve Davis & Scott
1st 50-54yrs M Board Rescue Michael Kirkby & Peter Obern
1st 50-54yrs F Board Rescue Alex Creer & Gina McConnell
2nd 50-54yr F Surf
Alex Creer
2nd 150yrs F Surf Teams Alex Creer, Jo Kirkby & Shanny Dyer
2nd 50-54yr Iron Man
Michael Kirkby
2nd 45-49yrs M Ski
Simon Phin
2nd 60-64yrs M Ski
Phil Fagan
2nd 130yrs M Ski Relay
Scott Carpenter, Simon Phin &
Michael Kirkby
2nd 40-44yrs M Double Ski Simon Phin & Scott Carpenter
2nd 60-64yrs M Double Ski Phil Fagan & Steve Davis
2nd 50-54yrs M Board
Michael Kirkby
2nd 150yrs F Board Relay Shanny Dyer, Gina McConnell &
Jo Kirkby
2nd 50-54yrs M Tube Race Michael Kirkby
2nd 50-54yrs F Tube Race Alex Creer
3rd 50-54yr F Surf
Shanny Dyer
3rd 40-44yrs M Ski
Scott Carpenter
3rd 50-54yrs M Ski
Michael Kirkby
3rd 50-54yrs F Board
Alex Creer
4th 45-49yrs Iron Man
Simon Phin
4th 50-54yrs F Board
Gina McConnell
4th 45-49yrs F Board Rescue Shanny Dyer & Jo Kirkby
5th 50-54yrs F Board
Shanny Dyer
6th 60-64yrs M Board
Steve Davis
6th 45-49yrs F Board
Jo Kirkby
22/02/2015 Branch Junior Championships Palm Beach
1st U8 M Wade
Paddy Bright
U10 F Beach Sprint
U10 F Beach Relay
U11 M Beach Relay
U11 F Beach Relay
Jnr 2 person R&R
U14 5 person R&R
U8 F Flags
U10 F Flags
U9 M Flags
U10 F Beach Sprint
U8 M Beach Sprint
U8 F Beach Relay
U9 F Beach Sprint
U8 F Wade
U12 M Beach Relay
U18 M Beach Sprint
U11 F Beach Sprint
U12 F Beach Relay
U12 F Flags
Jnr 2 person R&R
Charlotte McDermid
Stefanie Fejes, Holly Wickham, Tasma
Patterson & Charlotte McDermid
Gracie Kiely & Chloe Tyrrell
Joseph Bruwel, Ailie Donald, Jack
Hurrell, Gracie Kiely & Chloe Tyrrell
India Holden
Charlotte McDermid
Connor Kempshall
Stefanie Fejes
Paddy Bright
Isla Hendry
India Holden
Jett Thom
Emily Hicks
Kiara Hendry
Joseph Bruwel & Jack Hurrell
6/3 - 8/3/2015 State Age Championships Umina
1st U11 M Board Relay
Lachlan Cameron, Benjamin Melhuish
& Ryan Thomas
2nd Jnr 2 person R&R
Gracie Kiely & Chloe Tyrrell
2nd U10 F Beach Relay
Stefanie Fejes, Charlotte McDermid,
Mila McGettigan & Tasma Patterson
3rd U12-U14 5 Person R&R Joseph Bruwel, Ailee Donald, Jack
Hurrell, Gracie Kiely & Chloe Tyrrell
3rd U10 F Beach Sprint
Stefanie Fejes
3rd U11 F Board Relay
Lauren Bourgeois, Kiana Dettmann &
Emily Hicks
3rd U11 F Beach Relay
Olivia Cameron, Emily Hicks,
Lara Persico & Sylvie Robbins
3rd U11 M Board
Benjamin Melhuish
3rd U11 M Beach Relay
Gabriel Godoy, William Smith,
James Smith & Liam Toole
4th U14 F Beach Sprint
Helena DeGruchy
5th U9 M Beach Relay
Finley Hendry, Kalan Orchard,
Zac Toole & Levi Westerink-Coates
5th U10 F Board
Tasma Patterson
6th U9 M Surf Teams
Hugo Davidson, Jared Marcer,
Xavier McLean & Felix Perego
6th U9 M Board Relay
Xavier McLean, Kalan Orchard &
Felix Perego
6th U14 F Flags
Bailee Radford
6th U14 M Board Relay
Oscar Blaikie, Jack Clancy & Ben Walsh
11-12/3/2015 State Masters Championships Umina
1st 130yrs M Taplin
Kurt Hanson, Michael Kirkby &
Bill Wilson
1st 50-54yrs M Tube Race Peter Obern
1st 60-64yrs M Surf race Alan Burns
2nd 40yrs + M Champion Lifesaver John Boakes
2nd 110yrs M Taplin
Grant Coates, Matt Lemon &
Gregg Slater
2nd 110yrs M Board Relay Grant Coates, Matt Lemon &
Gregg Slater
2nd 240yrs Boat
Brian Baker, Eric Middledorp, Mark
Rickard, Greg Windshaw &
David Maguire (s)
2nd 30-34yrs M Board Rescue Kurt Hanson & Matt Lemon
2nd 50-54yrs M Surf Race Peter Obern
2nd 50-54yrs M Board Rescue Michael Kirkby & Peter Obern
3rd 30-34yrs M Board Rescue Grant Coates & Gregg Slater
3rd 50-54yrs Iron Man
Michael Kirkby
Competition Results
55-59yrs F Surf
60-64yrs M Tube Race
130yrs M Surf Teams
130yrs M Board Relay
Linda Wiadrowski
Alan Burns
Alan Burns, Kurt Hanson & Peter Obern
Kurt Hanson, Michael Kirkby &
Peter Obern
150yrs F Board Relay Shanny Gamble, Jo Kirkby &
Linda Wiadrowski
45-49yrs M Ski
Bill Wilson
50-54yrs M Board
Michael Kirkby
55-59yrs F Tube Race Linda Wiadrowski
55-59yrs M Double Ski Stephen Bennett & Steve Davis
110yrs M Ski Relay
Scott Carpenter, Grant Coates &
Simon Phin
150yrs F Surf Teams Alex Creer, Jo Kirkby & Linda Wiadrowski
150yrs F Taplin
Alex Creer, Jo Kirkby & Linda Wiadrowski
110yrs M Surf Teams Grant Coates, Matt Lemon &
Gregg Slater
150yrs M Taplin
Stephen Bennett, Peter Obern &
Simon Phin
170yrs M Ski Relay
Stephen Bennett, Steve Davis &
Phil Fagan
50-54yrs F Board Rescue Alex Creer & Linda Wiadrowski
50-54yrs M Double Ski Michael Kirkby & Peter Obern
28/2, 1/3, 13-15/3/2015 State Open Championships Umina
1st Open F Champ Lifesaver Clare Freakley
1st U15 F Champ Lifesaver Andrea Malm
1st U17 Patrol Competition Julia Baker. Tahlia Dearden,
Sam Hurrell & Lucas Phillips
1st Open 6 Person R&R
Ian Donald, Jarrad Freakley, Wayne
Freakley, Jemma McKee, Alex Obern
& Chris Tyrrell
1st Open 5 Mixed R&R
Clare Freakley, Jarrad Freakley, Joseph
Murphy, Alex Obern & Madison Taylor
2nd Open First Aid
Sharon Johnson & Thomas Duffy
2nd Open Womens R&R
Clare Freakley, Jane Freakley, Lysa
Kiely, Jemma McKee & Libby Murphy
2nd Open F Ski
Deandra Godoy
2nd Open Mens R&R
Alan Burns, Ian Donald, Jarrad
Freakley, Wayne Freakley & Chris Tyrrell
2nd Over 24 Surf Race
Kurt Hanson
3rd U15 M Beach Relay
William de Vries, Thomas Partington,
Josh Tyrrell & Zac Werakso
3rd U15 M Champ Lifesaver Bennett Frerck
3rd Open M Champ Lifesaver Tom Duffy
U17 First Aid
Julia Baker & Tahlia Dearden
4th Open F Double Ski
Deandra Godoy & Natalie Jander
4th Open Mens R&R
Ethan Cradock, Seb Di Sano, Hugo
Weston, Nick Doyle & Patrick Kiely
4th U17 R&R
Ethan Cradock, Seb Di Sano, Hugo
Weston, Nick Doyle & Patrick Kiely
4th U19 R&R
Euan Donald, Bec Kiely, Gabrielle
Rebecchi, Catilin Werakso &
Hugo Weston
4th U17 M Champion Lifesaver Alex Malm
5th U17 M Champion Lifesaver Lucas Phillips
Open First Aid
Kelly Dobrow & Cheryl White
5th Open 5 Mixed R&R
Kelly Dobrow, Ian Hills, David Hurrell,
Adam Phillips & Cheryl White
6th Open 6 Person R&R
Clare Freakley, Jane Freakley, Bec Kiely,
Lysa Kiely, Joseph Murphy &
Libby Murphy
6th Open 5 Mixed R&R
Euan Donald, Bec Kiely, Gabrielle
Rebecchi, Catilin Werakso &
Hugo Weston
6th Open Mixed Ocean Swim Gabrielle Rebecchi
6th U17 M Surf Team
Ben Blakeney, Tristan Godoy, Alex Malm
& Lachie Vella
6th U17 M Ski Relay
Tristan Godoy, Alex Malm & Lachie Vella
6th U17 F Champion Lifesaver Tahlia Dearden
28/03/2015 Best of the Best Boat Carnival Narrabeen
2nd Open Boat
A crew - Liam Donohue, Matt Norton,
Tom Gillespie, Blake Cradock &
Brent Lethbridge (s)
11-12/4/2015 Aust Youth Championships North Kirra
3rd U15 F Champion Lifesaver Andrea Malm
13-14/4/2015 Aust Masters Championships North Kirra
1st 130yrs M Taplin
Peter Obern, Michael Kirkby &
Kurt Hanson
1st 110yrs M Surf Teams
Kurt Hanson, Grant Coates &
John de Mestre
1st 30-34yrs M Tube Race Kurt Hanson
1st 30-34yrs M Surf Race
Kurt Hanson
1st 30-34yrs M Board Race Kurt Hanson
1st 40-44yrs M Board Race Matt Lemon
1st 50-54yrs M Board Rescue Michael Kirkby & John de Mestre
1st 60-64yrs M Tube Race Alan Burns
2nd 110yrs M Board Relay
Grant Coates, Matt Lemon &
Gregg Slater
2nd 30-34yrs M Board Rescue Kurt Hanson & Matt Lemon
2nd 50-54yrs M Surf Race
John de Mestre
3rd 110yrs M Taplin
Grant Coates, Matt Lemon &
John de Mestre
3rd 30-34yrs M Board Rescue Grant Coates & Gregg Slater
5th 170yrs M Ski Relay
Peter Obern, Steve Davis &
Stephen Bennett
5th 130yrs M Board Relay
Peter Obern, Kurt Hanson &
Michael Kirkby
5th 50-54yrs M Tube Race Peter Obern
5th 50-54yrs M Board Race Michael Kirkby
6th 60-64yrs M Board Rescue Alan Burns & Steve Davis
6th 40yrs + Champ Lifesaver John Boakes
15-19/4/2015 Aust Championships North Kirra
1st U17 First Aid
Julia Baker & Tahlia Dearden
2nd Open Men's R&R
Alan Burns, Ian Donald, Jarrad Freakley,
Wayne Freakley & Chris Tyrrell
2nd U19 R&R
Euan Donald, Bec Kiely, Gabrielle
Rebecchi, Catilin Werakso &
Hugo Weston
3rd Open 6 Person R&R
Clare Freakley, Jane Freakley, Lysa
Kiely, Joseph Murphy, Libby Murphy &
Caitlin Werakso
3rd U17 Belt Race
Ben Blakeney
3rd Open F Champ Lifesaver Clare Freakley
4th Open 5 Mixed R&R
Clare Freakley, Jarrad Freakley, Joseph
Murphy, Alex Obern & Madison Taylor
4th Open Women's R&R
Clare Freakley, Jane Freakley, Lysa
Kiely, Jemma McKee & Libby Murphy
4th Open 6 Person R&R
Ian Donald, Jarrad Freakley, Wayne
Freakley, Jemma McKee, Alex Obern &
Chris Tyrrell
4th Open First Aid
Sharon Johnson & Tom Duffy
5th U17 M Tube Race
Ben Blakeney
5th Open 5 Mixed R&R
Kelly Dobrow, Ian Hills, David Hurrell,
Adam Phillips & Cheryl White
5th U17 Patrol Competition Julia Baker, Tahlia Dearden,
Sam Hurrell & Lucas Phillips
Membership 2014/15
2015 Freshwater Club Championships Results
Zac Werakso
Jessie Douglas
Ben Blakeney
Grant Coates
Andrew de Vries
Jo Kirkby
Michael Kirkby
Linda Wiadrowski
Iron Man
Zac Werakso
Jessie Douglas
Lachie Vella
Grant Coates
Simon Phin
Michael Kirkby
Linda Wiadrowski
Zac Werakso
Bailee Radford
Lachie Vella
Tim Kirkby
Simon Phin
Jo Kirkby
Michael Kirkby
Linda Wiadrowski
Lachie Vella
Ben Kirkby
Simon Phin
Michael Kirkby
Will De Vries
Bailee Radford
Tristan Godoy
Tristan Godoy
Jo Kirkby
Michael Kirkby
Linda Wiadrowski
Will De Vries
Bailee Radford
Tristan Godoy
Ben Kirkby
Peter Block
Michael Kirkby
Linda Wiadrowski
Life Members
Armstrong, Jack
Bennett, Stephen
Brennan, Raymond
Davis, Lindsay
Freakley, Wayne
Griffin, Richard (Mick)
Gunning, Robert (John)
Lees, Donald
Marsh, Kim
Mills, John
OCallaghan, Brian
Parry, Ross
Richardson, Alan
Roberts, David
Rowlands, Peter
Swan, John
Torevell, David
Ware, Richard
Whelan, Thomas
Blakeney, Karen
Chalmers, Robert
Jackson, Julia
Lee, Scott
Park, Dean
Regan, Michael
Wolff, Josephine
Active Reserve
Gardner, Gregory
Kelly, Janice
Lisney, Ian
Schutt, Nicholas
Thompson, Clive
Wethered, Jessica
Long Service
Asser, Robert
Baker, Brian
Bate, Marina
Bate, Michael
Briggs, John
Bucknall, Kenneth
Budd, Giselle
Budd, Richard
Bullen, Allan
Burk, Michael
Burns, Alan
Carpenter, Scott
Carroll, Graeme
Chalmers, Ben
Chalmers, Jonathon
Chalmers, Luke
Chan, Alexius
Chapman, Richard
Coates, Grant
Coates, James
Cradock, Ian
Craig, John
Creer, James
Crow, Kevin
Cumming, Robert
Davis, Rodney
Davis, Stephen
de Mestre, John
de Vries, Andrew
Delaney, Simon
Diakos, Connie
Dobrow, Walter
Donald, Ian
Donohue, Liam
Donohue, Naomi
Evans, Robert
Fagan, Phillip
Farrell, Jonathan
Fisk, Doug
Ford, Timothy
Forward, Bill
Freakley, Jane
Gard, Jason
Giblin, Fraser
Graham, Donald
Green, Warren
Grose, Robert (Bob)
Hanson, Ian
Hanson, Kurt
Henderson, Carl
Henderson, Donald
Henderson, Kim
Higgs, Mark
Hill, Sigi
Hoekstra, Ruth
Hogan, Andrew
Hogan, Robert
Honey, Mark
Hoschke, Nigel
Inches, William
Jacobs, Tim
Johnson, Sharon
Jones, Maxwell
Kiely, David
Kiely, Lysa
Kirkby, Ben
Kirkby, Jo
Kirkby, Michael
Koskela, John
Koumans, Deborah
Krajancic, Milio
Lees, Douglas
Lees, Henry D.
Lees, Richard
Lemon, Matthew
Lethbridge, Brent
Lowe, Geoffrey
Maclean, Colin
Maguire, David
McConnell, Gina
McEwen, Andrew
McGilvray, Sandy
McKee, Jemma
McNeill, Christopher
McNeill, Clinton
Meaney, Cathy
Meaney, William (Bill)
Middledorp, Eric
Milinkovic, Paul
Mills, John
Morrison, Paul
Mullins, George (Jnr)
Murphy, Andrew
Murphy, Elizabeth
Myers, Grant
Needham, Gaven
Newman, James
Norton, Matthew
Nunura, Marcial
Obern, Peter
Olofinsky, Craig
Olofinsky, David
Olsen, David
Page, Geoffrey
Pastega, Michael
Paul, Ian
Phin, Simon
Plim, Gerard
Priday, Anthony N.
Priest, Kenneth
Ramsay, Thomas
Rickard, Janet
Rickard, Kenneth
Rickard, Mark
Scully, Colin
Slater, Gregg
Stormon, Paul
Swain, John
Swan, Gail
Swan, Ryan
Thompson, Stephen
Thomson, Martin
Tyrrell, Christopher
Vaughan, William (Thomas)
Wallace, Ian
Walmsley, Susan
Webster, Geoffrey
Webster, George
White, Cheryl
Wiadrowski, Linda
Wiadrowski, Simon
Williams, Kristian
Wilson, William
Windsham, Gregory
Witts, Graham
Woods, Carmel
Woolley, Trevor
Active (15-18yrs)
Baker, Julia
Bennett, Connor
Burk, Mitchell
Cameron, Madeleine
Codsi, Dominic
Darling, Isabella
Davy, Ben
Dearden, Tahlia
Di Sano, Sebastian
Donald, Euan
Downman, Joshua
Ford, Benjamin
Forster, Evie
Godoy, Tristan
Goehring, Liam
Hale, Joseph
Holme, Tegan
Hurrell, Samuel
Jones, Samuel
Kiely, Rebeca
Kindler, Russell
Lawrence, Madison
Le Gall, Maxime
Lindsay, Edward
Long, James
Mackay, Danielle
Malm, Alex
McKnight, Calum
Mills, Taylor
Murphy, Annabel
O`Shea, Connor
O`Shea, Sean
Parker, Sam
Penze, Felicity
Phillips, Lucas
Pilu, Martino
Rebecchi, Gabrielle
Rispoli, Sophia Rachel
Santopaolo, Olivia
Schroeder, Rhys
Segal, Chloe
Segal, Zac
Vella, Lachlan
Viljoen, Hannah
Werakso, Caitlin
Whealing, Hudson
White, Nicholas
Williams, Tom
Wolff, Isabella
Active (18yrs+)
Adams, James
Ager-Phin, Nicole
Bell, Matthew
Bennett, Anthony
Bennett, Catherine
Bennett, Judith
Bennett, Paul
Besgrove, Ryan
Bestic, Rebecca
Bick, Christine
Bick, Marcel
Block, Peter
Boakes, John
Bradshaw, Millie
Brandling, Louise
Brenchley, Michal
Brenchley, Robin
Brink, Michael
Brookes, Claudia
Brown, Alex
Brown, Chris
Button, Andrew
Byrne, Roger
Cahalan, Danny
Cameron, Helen
Cameron, Matt
Capel, Christophe
Carroll, Peter
Casey, Andrew
Cashman, Greg
Chisholm, Andy
Chudd-Chudzynski, Andrew
Colgan, Michael
Collins, Michael
Collins, Peter
Corbett, Elizabeth
Corner, Alexandra
Courtney, Ainsley
Cowley, Michael
Cowley, Nicole
Cowley, Scott
Cradock, Amy
Cradock, Blake
Creer, Alex
Crittenden, James
Crozier, Geoffrey
D`Brass, Lucy
Daley, Michael
Dalziel, Nikki
Darrow, John
De Gruchy, Robert
Debney, Emma
DePaoli, Claire
Di Sano, Sam
Dobrow, Chris
Dobrow, Jake
Dobrow, Kelly
Dobson, Belinda
Domjen, Michael
Duffy, Thomas
Dunn, Nigel
Dunn, Stephen
Dyer, Blake
Dyer, Kevin
Edgell, Ian
Elliott, Thomas
Farouqi, Laith
Farrell, Edward
Farrell, Thomas
Faustmann, David
Fimmel, Robert
Ford, Ken
Fraser, Simon
Freakley, Clare
Freakley, Jarrad
Frerck, Barbara
Gamble, Shanny
Gibbons, Craig
Gilbert, Mark
Gillespie, Tom
Godoy, Deandra
Goldrick, Hayden
Goldrick, John
Gorrod, Alexander
Gralton, Daniel
Gralton, Terry
Griffin, Leeke
Griffin, Nathan
Gunning, Marc
Hartmann, Dierk
Hawtin, Richard
Hickey, Sarah
Hildyard, Ben
Hills, Ian
Hills, Thomas
Hoekstra, Anna
Horlyck, Jonathan
Horlyck, Oliver
Hurrell, David
Jackson, James
James, Adam
Jander, Caron
Jander, Michael
Jarman, Luke
Jones, Andrew
Jordan, Brad
Kelly, Amber
Kelly, Sam
Kirkby, Tim
Klette, Yvonne
Knox, Guy
L`Green, Adam
L`Green, Jessica
Lee, Hamish
Lee, Jeffrey
Lefevre, Andrew
Lemlin, Emily
Lemlin, Paul
Lind, Ashley
Linfield-Kent, Anna
Lo Schiavo, John
Lowe, Katherine
Marcer, Beth
Marcer, Jonathan
Mattiussi, Paul
Maynard-Davis, Tracey
McArthur, Lachlan
McGeever, Bryn
McKenzie, Jonathan
McKenzie, Robert
McNamara, Damian
Murphy, Joseph
Murphy, Sean
Naughton, Stephen
Nesbitt, Anne
Newell, Tanya
Nolan, Brad
Nolan, Jake
Northcote, Mark
Obern, Alex
Obern, Claire
Obern, Paul
Obern, Sean
Olzomer, Julie
Ormiston, Christopher
Parker, David
Parker, Jane
Parnell, Martin
Partington, Mike
Pastega, Thorne
Patterson, Lee
Payne, Rebecca
Phillips, Adam
Phillips, Jacqueline
Price, David
Membership 2014/15
Quail, Brendan
Raymer, Michael
Raymond, Philip
Rees-Evans, Michael
Reeves, Craig
Richmond, Donald
Ridley, Amy
Rivers, Nicolas
Rourke, Philip
Rowbotham, Tod
Rowe, Deon
Rozenbergs, Nick
Sandercock, Heath
Scrymgour, Robert
Slavin, Rob
Small, Jordan
Smith, Nathan (J)
Smith, Nathan (W)
Smith, Steve
Smith, William (Bill)
Somers, Ben
Stirton, Alena
Stirton, Lindsay
Stirton, Nicola
Sutherland, Christine
Sutherland, John
Taylor, Madison
Thirion, Alice
Thomas, Brooke
Thomas, Nigel
Todd, Iain
Vella, George
Vella, Michelle
Vickers, Sharyn
Vilnis, Michael
Wain, Simon
Wallace, Jeremy
Walmsley, Blake
Walmsley, Greg
Walmsley, Lachlan
Walsh, Greg
Webb, Robert
Whealing, Brian
Wheatley, Grace
Wheatley, Jack
Wheatley, Stephen
Whitaker, Victoria
Wicks, Adrian
Williams, Sharon
Wilmott, Mathew
Wilson, Naomi
Wirth, Timothy
Wolff, Peter
Wright, Aiden
Wright, Michael
Bierer, Jeremy
Cowley, Kay
Griffiths, Chris
Gurton, Annie
Hogan, Jan
Hollingsworth, Tim
Horlyck, Karen
Jacobs, Renee
Lang, Amanda
Leslie, Allan
Mcconnell, Peter
Murray, Peter
Oliver, John
Oliver, Walter
Pitman, Leslie
Von Appen, Mario
Waldon, Geoff
Wall, Joshua
Webster, Robin
Werakso, Stan
Award Members
Cureton, Stuart
Hoekstra, Pieter
Hogan, Jessica
Kearns, Phil
Morrell, Grant
Obern, Kathleen
Renshaw, Matthew
Cadet (13-15yrs)
Arnold, Grace
Bartolomei, Cain
Bennett, Siobhan
Blaikie, Oscar
Blakeney, Ben
Bolden, Max
Burk, Kristen
Cahalan, Ella
Cahalan, Maddie
Champion, Ella
Cradock, Ethan
Dainton, Eliot
Darling, William
de Vries, William
Devitt, Henry
Dobrow, Nicholas
Dobson, Jordan
Dobson, Matthew
Douglas, Jessica
Doyle, Nicholas
Dreyer, Jaime-Lee
Ford, Jaime
Frerck, Bennett
Gaha, Nils
Glackin, Harrison
Greer, Lauren
Jackson, Olivia
James, Alexandra
Jander, Daniel
Jander, Natalie
Kiely, Patrick
Kindler, Natalie
Lemlin, Ben
Long, Madison
Mainsbridge, Harry
Malm, Andrea
McCracken, Sean
Mills, Lilly
Morabito, Victoria
Morrell, Isaac
Nicholls, Zachary
O`Shea, Fintan
Opie, Tom
Ormsby, Holly
Osborne, James
Partington, Thomas
Perego, Noah
Phillips, Stephen
Pidcock, Henry
Quail, Declan
Quail, William
Radford, Bailee
Raubenheimer, Julian
Ribeiro, Jaimie
Schooley, Emma
Schroeder, Brandon
Smith, Emma
Takeuchi, Marina
Thomson, James
Tyrrell, Joshua
Urquhart, Jason
Viljoen, Joshua
Werakso, Zachary
Weston, Hugo
Wheatley, Kate
Wickham, Gemma
Carlson, Thomas
Hamilton, Georgette
Humphries, Nicole
Olsson, Lars
Schooley, Richard
Stevens, Adam
Junior Activities
Abbott, Finn
About, Adrien
Adams, Ryan
Adams, Sarah
Akashi, Mizuki
Akhurst, Oliver
Alcock, Beau
Algar, William
Allen-Paterson, Mitchell
Ananda, Aurik
Andrews, Charlotte
Andrews, Dylan
Antico, Sienna
Appleyard, Bronte
Appleyard, Kiana
Arata, Marco
Arcus, Joshua
Arcus, Zoe
Argent, Mackenzie
Arita, Hayato
Armstrong, Kai
Arrastia, Dahlia
Ashby, Harry
Ashby, James
Ashby, Oliver
Ashby, William
Ashley, James
Ashley, Luke
Ashton, Bridget
Ashton, Sienna
Astill, Jasper
Atkinson, Sydney
Aylward, Jack
Aylward, Logan
Ayres, Matheus
Bacic, Cienna
Balmer, Mia
Bandiera-Dunn, Alix
Bandiera-Dunn, Xavier
Bandiera-Dunn, Zachary
Banham, Sophie
Banks, Harrison
Banks, Tara
Barham, Macy
Barnes, Bradford
Barnes, Keira
Barnes, Ryan
Barry, Claudia
Bartolo, Luke
Bartolomei, Alessio
Bartolomei, Giacomo
Barwell, Riley
Bastian, Denis
Bastian, Monica
Bazzard, Jack
Bazzard, Morgan
Beard, Tessa
Beesley, Alina
Beeton, Jack
Beharrell, Lily
Behm, Patrick
Bell, Jakoby
Bell, Phoenix
Beninati-lo, Eva
Bennett, Amelia
Bennett, Jacob
Bennett, Rhiannon
Bennett, Samuel
Berglund, Oskar
Berglund, Phoebe
Berichon, Siena
Bick, Anna
Bick, Zoe
Bierer, Camryn
Bierer, Owen
Bird, Isobel
Bird, Saskia
Bird, Toby
Bishop, Samantha
Bishop, Sophie
Bjorkmann, Oliver
Black, Ava
Black, Spencer
Blaikie, Jesse
Blakeney, Lucas
Blakers, Alexandra
Blakers, Max
Blakers, Samuel
Bland, Holly
Bland, Milly
Bland, Poppy
Bland, Sebastian
Boase, Ella
Boase, Jack
Boi, Saskia
Boi, Saxon
Boije af Gennas, Nina
Bolton, Luke
Bomford, Izzy
Bomford, Juliette
Bosscher, Frederique
Bourgeois, Lauren
Bourgeois, Rachel
Bowden, Annabelle
Boyle, Jack
Bramwell, Jacob
Bramwell, Lucy
Brandt, Timothy
Braund, Charlie
Braund, Harrison
Bray, Julian
Brenchley, Anouk
Brewer, Thomas
Brianchon, Lucien
Bright, Patrick
Brink, Benjamin
Brink, Lachlan
Brittain, Katie
Brittain, Melanie
Brosnan, Imogen
Brown, Emma
Brown, Hannah
Brown, Rachel
Browning, Joseph
Brownsberger, Ethan
Bruwel, Daniel
Bruwel, Joseph
Buchanan, Keiley
Buckley, Archie
Budai, Zoe
Budd, Harry
Buhagiar, Cavan
Buhagiar, Charli-rose
Buist, Carter
Burges, Lucas
Burke, Evie
Burns, Billy bob
Burrows, Bella
Burrows, Lawson
Butler, Grace
Butler, Henry
Button, Mitchell
Buykx, Aurora
Buykx, Charlotte
Byrne, Amelia
Byrne, Joe
Cahill, Noah
Cahill, Seth
Callahan, Jesse
Callahan, Matisse
Cameron, Hugh
Cameron, Isabelle
Cameron, Lachlan
Cameron, Lachlan
Cameron, Olivia
Campbell, Ava
Campbell, Tom
Cannon, Lucas
Capogreco, Dylan-li
Capogreco, Tygah-mei
Cardwell, Angus
Cardwell, Finlay
Carmichael, Lachlan
Carmody, Freya
Carnell, Samuel
Carr, Dexter
Carroll, Ben
Carroll, Declan
Carroll, John
Carroll, Josie
Carroll, Mieke
Carroll, Sam
Carroll, Samuel
Case, Lucas
Casey, Koby
Casey, Thomas
Casserly, Camryn
Cassidy, Bibi
Castiglioni, Matteo
Caton, Anya
Caton, Evie
Caunter, Leo
Chatterton, Francesca
Childs, Olivia
Chisholm, Bonnie
Chisholm, Mack
Churchus, Isabelle
Clancy, Eliza
Clancy, Jack
Clancy, Nicholas
Clapp, Felix
Clark, Beatrix
Clarkin, Abigail
Clarkin, Lydia
Clarkin, William
Cleary, Elena
Cleary, Nathaniel
Coates, Elyse
Cochran, Jesse
Cockburn, Stanley
Codsi, Charles
Coles, Sebastian
Collins, Adeline
Collins, Aidan
Collins, Jackson
Collins, Samantha
Collins, Smith
Colpan, Jett
Colpan, Mason
Colville, Patrick
Connell, Chloe
Connell, Chloe
Connell, Lachlan
Connell, Lucas
Conroy, Asher
Cook, Alex
Cook, Henry
Cooper, Ella
Cooper, Reuben
Corkill, Poppy
Costa, Liliana
Costello, Cooper
Cott, Charlie
Cott, Sophie
Cousins, Eli
Cousins, Luca
Coutts, Lewis
Cox, Samuel
Cox, Toby
Craig, Ella
Craig, Finlay
Crause, Ewan
Crawford, Jet
Creagh, Ben
Croll, Annabelle
Croll, Charlotte
Crouch, Amelia
Croudace, Isabelle
Crowe-Maxwell, Sophia
Cuggy, Caia
Cuggy, Hugo
Cunningham, Vincent
Cureton, Jackson
Cuthbert, Grace
Cuthbert, Hope
D`brass, Coco
D`brass, Dashiell
Dales, Aston
Daley, Liam
Daly, Caoimhe
Daly, Oisin
Davidson, Anna
Davidson, Blake
Davidson, Hugo
Davidson, Liam
Davidson, Myles
Davies, Finn
Davies, Hudson
Davies, Lachlan
Davis, Liam
Davis, Zoe
Dawson, Alexander
Dayman, Jack
De Gruchy, Helena
De lisle, Luke
De Salis, Bridgette
Dean, Freddy
Della-Franca, Hannah
Della-Franca, Luca
Dempsey, Hunter
Dettmann, Kiana
Devine, Emily
Dewar, Thomas
Di Sano, Alexander
Dieltiens, Luca
Dieltiens, Nore
Dillon, Jamie
Dillon, Layne
Dixon, Hugh
Dixon, William
Dobbs, Jack
Donald, Ailie
Done, Chloe
Done, Evie
Dooney, Amelie
Dougherty, Lara
Douglas, Charlie
Doyle, Alex
Doyle, Jessica
Doyle, Ronan
Drake, Poppy
Dreyer, Toby
Driussi, Charlotte
Drummond, Cameron
Dryburgh, Benjamin
Du Preez, Caitlin
Du Preez, Emma
Dudley, Noah
Duffy, Charlotte
Dunn, Alexander
Dunn, Chloe
Dunn, Emma
Dunn, Jamie
Dunn, Lukas
Dunn, Mali
Dunn, Olivia
Dunn, Poppy
Dunsire, Scout
Duthie, Joshua
Duthie, Oliver
Easton, Josh
Edgell, Abby
Edgell, Dominic
Edgell, Henry
Egan, Ella
Egan, Luke
Element, Airley
Ellett, Charlotte
Elliott, Archie
Elliott, Manu
Ellis, Cameron
Ellis, Courtney
Ellis, Laura
Ellis, Luke
Ellis, Madeleine
Emburey, Jasmin
Farrington, Kai
Faulk, Angus
Faulk, Charlotte
Faustmann, Christopher
Faustmann, Sky
Featherstone, Jesse
Featherstone, Joshua
Feighery, Cora
Feighery, Kian
Fejes, Adam
Fejes, Stefanie
Fenwick, Georgia
Fergusson, Abby
Fergusson, Joshua
Fink, Cameron
Fink, Gemma
Fink, Penelope
Fischer, Connor
Fitzgerald, Benjamin
Fitzgerald, Emily
Fitzpatricke, Hunter
Fletcher, Angus
Fletcher, Rory
Fletcher, Ryan
Flett, Charlie
Flower, Jacqueline
Flynn, Dominic
Forster, Arabella
Forster, Beatie
Forster, Sam
Fortune, Edie
Foster, Cameron
Frawley, Angus
Frawley, William
Frawley-Green, Libby
Frawley-Green, Millie
Frerck, Yannis
Furtney, Finnian
Furtney, Keeley
Gainsford, Abbey
Galbraith, Phoenix
Gallant, Charley
Gamble, Livy
Gandy, Thomas
Gandy, Tobias
Garland, Jonty
Garland, Sasha
Garlinge, Ella
Garnett, Ezaiah
Garnham, Hannah
Membership 2014/15
Gates, Alexander
Gauci, Evie
Gay, Dylan
Gay, Jarvis
Geiger, Aidan
George, Luca
Gibbons, Sasha
Gibbons, Will
Gilbert, Catherine
Gilbert, Stephen
Gilleland, Ziggy
Gillespie, Ewan
Gillespie, Isla
Gilmour, Grace
Gilmour, Tilly
Giugni, Luca
Giugni, Paolo
Glackin, Liam
Glackin, Max
Gleave, Ella
Goddard, Gus
Godoy, Gabriel
Goldsworthy, Eve
Gordon, Ruby
Gorman, Cameron
Gorman, Kieran
Gorman, Olivia
Gormley, Declan
Graham, Maxwell
Graham, Robert
Graham, William
Grant, Ashley
Gray, Isla
Grayling, Maxwell
Gregoric, Samuel
Grey, Abigail
Grey, Georgia
Grey, Imogen
Griffin, Emma
Griffin, Hayley
Griffiths, Hazel
Gripper, Liv
Gripper, Scarlett
Gruendling, Sol
Guerin, Lila
Guestrau, Joshua
Gulbin, Emma
Gunther, Tessa
Gupta, Taj
Haire, Ryan
Haire, Zara
Hales, Luca
Hall, Milla
Hamilton, Angus
Hamilton, Rory
Hamilton-Hay, Asher
Hancock, Chloe
Hannon, Ottilie
Hannon, Thomas
Hansen, William
Hardy, Poppy
Harper Urgel, James
Harper-Urgel, Lucia
Harpham, India
Harridge, Mannix
Harris, Henry
Harris, Sienna
Harrison, Amelia
Harrison, Dylan
Harrison, Lucille
Harrison, Sacha
Hastie, Jaeka
Hastie, Jena-elle
Hatvany, Lily
Havezov, Sasha
Hawtin, Isabelle
Hayes, Cameron
Hayes, Cheyenne
Hayes, Dominic
Haynes, Charlotte
Hazard, Mikinley
Healey, Maia
Healey, Oliver
Healey, Toby
Hearne, India
Hegarty, Poppy
Hegerman, Prem
Helm, Levi
Henderson, Ava
Hendry, Finley
Hendry, Isla
Henry, Jade
Henry, Kiara
Henry, Tamiah
Henwood, Samuel
Herbert, Natasha
Herbert, Xavier
Herold, Cristian
Hexton, Nicholas
Hicks, Emily
Higgs, Luke
Higgs, Samuel
Hill, Andrew
Hill, Gabriella
Hill, Harry
Hill, Xavier
Hills, Sophie
Hodgkinson, Tash
Hodson, Emily
Hogan, Harry
Hogan, Madi
Hogg, Cameron
Hogg, Madison
Holden, India
Holden, Patrick
Holden, William
Hollander, Jelle
Holley Rowan, Cameron
Holmes, Max
Holmes, Sam
Hondros, Ben
Hood, Elsie
Hooley, Ava
Horder, Jack
Horder, Max
Horder, Mila
Horswill, Holly
Horswill, Jack
Horwitz, Noah
Hosomi, Ryosuke
Hosomi, Takuma
Houghton, James
Howard, Ella
Howard, Henry
Howarth, Isabella
Howison, Dyllan
Howlett, Aidan
Howlett, Luke
Hughes, Jasmine
Huijsen, Jessica
Humphrey, Amy
Humphrey, Rhiannon
Humphreys, Ewan
Humphries, Archie
Humphries, Noah
Hurrell, Jack
Hurst, Finnley
Hylton, Zia
Ivory, Lui
Ivory, Rosa
Jackson, Archie
Jackson, Daniel
Jackson, Don
Jackson, Thomas
Jacobs, Alexander
Jacobs, Jai
Jacobs, Lachlan
Jacobs, Lola
Jacobs, Toby
Jagers, Liam
Jagers, Lily
James, Jake
James, Luke
James, Mia
James, Noah
James, Zach
Janhovee, Rishee
Jani, Jack
Jani, Toby
Jarrett, Alexa
Jarrett, Finnlay
Jarrett, George
Jarrett, Noah
Jefferies, Ada
Jenkins, Charlotte
Jenkins, Dylan
Jenkins, Harrison
Jewell, Madeleine
Johnson, Liam
Jones, Annabella
Jones, Oliver
Jones, Sascha
Jordi, Clea
Jordi, Nara
Juric, Jake
Juric, Zanthe
Kacskovics, Tara
Kane, Darcy
Kane, Dylan
Kardos, Alex
Kearns, Andie
Kearns, Matilda
Keen, Max
Keen, Sam
Kelleher, Hunter
Kempen, Lucy
Kempshall, Connor
Kempshall, Taia
Kerr, Alex
Kerr, Charlize
Kerr, Taylor
Keys, Joseph
Kiely, Gracie
Kilburn, Finley
Killen, Isabella
Killen, William
Kirkby, Amelie
Kirkman, Mitchell
Kirkman, Samuel
Kirkwood, Imogen
Kite, Joshua
Kite, Noah
Knowles, Isla
Kobayashi, Taishun
Koch, Ella
Kodama, Kaito
Koster, Owen
Kroneis, Luca
Kullmann, Matthew
La fleur, Sofia Dyrkorn
La Greca, Eliza
La Greca, Lennox
Lance, Isabella
Land, Freddy
Lane, Imogen
Lane, Oscar
Lapa, Maxwell
Larsen, Ava
Lawler, Bronte
Lawson, Eva
Lawson, Madison
Le moenic, Lilja
Le moenic, Luc
Lee, Hayden
Lee, Zephyr
Leese, Isabella
Lefevre, Alex
Lefevre, Jordan
Leresche, Benjamin
Lever, Samantha
Lewis, Dylan
Liang, Athena
Liang, June
Lima, Ian
Linders, Hugo
Lines, Corban
Lines, Ethan
Linfield-kent, Thomas
Llewellyn, Liam
Loane, Joshua
Logan, Max
Lombardini, Olivia
Long, Belle
Long, Blake
Long, Teagan
Loughnan, James
Lovely, Matisse
Lowe, Freedom
Lowe, Leah
Luidmanis, Maximilian
Luidmanis, Natalija
Luxford-Smith, Keo
Luxford-Smith, Levi
Lyons, Eliza
Macfarlane, Joel
Macfarlane, Luke
Macgowan, Islay
Mackenzie, Rachel
Mackey, Flynn
Mackintosh, Charlie
Maclennan, Joseph
Madaraz, Ethan
Magee, Tadhg
Maher, Louis
Mahoney, Samuel
Mahony, Abigail
Mahony, Grace
Maidment, Ava
Maikhael, Chanelle
Maikhael, Raymond
Maloney, Cooper
Marcer, Jared
Marcer, Saphire
Mardon, Millie
Marks, Ashlee
Marks, Ella
Marks, Flyn
Marks, Yana
Marsters, Rico
Martin, Annabelle
Martin, Jazmin
Martin, Zoe
Mather, Nieve
Mather, Sophie
Matousek, Luca
Matousek, Matteo
Matthews, Alfie
Matthews, Ella
Matwejev, Sebastian
McAndrew, Liam
McCarthy, Fletcher
McCartney, William
McConnell, Oscar
McCracken, Oakley
McCullagh, Luca
McCullagh, Sia
McDermid, Charlotte
McDermid, Lucy
McDdonald, Ava
McGeever, Evan
McGettigan, Mila
McGhee, Clyde
McGibbon, Angus
McGrath, Cillian
McGuinness, Chantelle
McIntosh, Sophia
McKay, Gabriella
McKenzie-Mountain, Mylo
McLean, Jensen
McLean, Luke
McLean, Mia
McLean, Xavier
McLoughlin, Byron
McManus, Alexander
McMicking, Alec
McMicking, Lara
McNeil, Benjamin
McNeil, Zachary
McShane, Kiara
McShane, Riley
McSweeney, Sophie
Mead, Joshua
Mecklem, Jade
Melhuish, Benjamin
Melis, Oliver
Mendes-Carr, Oscar
Metcalf-King, Poppy
Meulman, Charlotte
Meulman, Oliver
Miller, Bailey
Miller, Finlay
Miller, Harrison
Miller, Rosetta
Miller, Thomas
Milne, Violet
Minetti, Claire
Minetti, Hugo
Mirza, Aalia
Mitchell, Callum
Mitchell, Holly
Mitchell, Jack
Mitchell, Sophie
Mitchell, Tom
Mitchell, Zara
Moffat, Max
Moir, Violet
Moloney, Declan
Monahan, Liam
Montague-Jones, Max
Mooney, Ben
Moore, Dylan
Moore, Ethan
Moore, Sophie
Moore, Stella
Morgan, Max
Morgan-Giles, Alexander
Morrell, Mischa
Morris, Ava
Morris, Tilly
Moss, Zoe
Muenninghoff, Louise
Muenninghoff, Tristan
Mulcahy, Jessica
Mulcahy, Lucinda
Mulheron, Olivia
Mullings, Edward
Murphy, Morgan
Murphy, Nelson
Murray, Luke
Muto, Sota
Napoli, Grace
Napoli, James
Napoli, Kate
Napoli, Robert
Naughton, Oliver
Naughton, Thomas
Nevin, Christian
Nevin, Trinity
Newall, Joseph
Newhouse, Aaron
Newhouse, Saul
Nissen, Dylan
Nitz, Addison
Nitz, Georgie
Noble, Darcy
Nolan, Boston
Norgaard, Aden Lily
Northcote, Thomas
Noujeim, Aine
Noujeim, Arabella
Nugent, Jack
Nunn, Sophia
Nunura, Jada
Nunura, Rio
O`Brien, Billy
O`Brien, Tom
O`Keeffe, Polly
O`Kelly, Macey
O`Keilly, Ben
O`Keilly, Caleb
O`Keilly, Chloe
O`Keilly, Ryan
O`Shea, Rory
Ohle, Kiera
Orchard, Kalan
Orr, Indigo
Oxenham, Henry
Ozaltin, Nicholas
Palacios, Luana
Pamp, Anneliese
Pamp, Isobelle
Panetta, Celena
Papadimitriou, Aiden
Parker, Archie
Parker, Jacqueline
Parker, Matilda
Parker, Rory
Parker, Sally
Parker, Tess
Parsonage, Mia
Parsonage, Zara
Partington, Angus
Pascoe, Violet
Pass, Matthew
Paterson, William
Patterson, Alex
Patterson, Beau
Patterson, Remmi
Patterson, Tasma
Peake, Jayden
Peake, Max
Pearse, Charlie
Pearse, Emily
Pearson, Amelia
Pearson, Sam
Pearson, Sofia
Pendray, Tiana
Perego, Felix
Perrott, Adeline
Perrott, Ewan
Perry, Scarlett
Persic, Jemma
Persico, Lara
Petkovich, Eva
Petkovich, Katiya
Phillips, Charlotte
Pho, Riana
Pickton, Thomas
Piesse, Isabelle
Pinnuck, Jasper
Pirie-dunne, Seth
Pittar, Annica
Poate, Francesca
Poate, Oliver
Pollock, Finlay
Porter, Lilly
Potgieter, Dylan
Potgieter, Jared
Poutney, Liam
Powell, Cyan
Powell, Siera
Prakash, Abirami
Prakash, Pranavan
Pratt, Jasmine
Prendergast, Mia
Prendergast, Molly
Press, Joseph
Pressley, Jasper
Pressley, Neo
Price, Alyssa
Price, Caitlin
Priddis, Ollie
Pringle, Molly
Prior, Louis
Prior, Margot
Puchner, Alyssa
Quarford, Erin
Quarrell, Jackson
Quilter, Ashton
Radford, Taya-Jade
Raffo, Kristy
Ramaswami, Meera
Raphael, Emerson
Raphael, Sebastian
Rasmussen, Daniel
Rasmussen, Joseph
Rayment, Charlie
Rayment, Harry
Rayment, Molly
Raymer, Cadence
Read, Samuel
Reading, Kaitlin
Reading, Lachlan
Rebecchi, Austen
Rebecchi, Leon
Reeves, Ryann
Rehde, Fritz
Rehde, Lily
Reimer, Ashton
Reimer, Campbell
Renshaw, Joel
Renshaw, Luke
Rieser, Jacob
Rieser, Jessica
Rietbroek, Melanie
Rietbroek, Samantha
Robbins, Sylvie
Roberts, Lily
Robertson, Anisa
Rodgers, Billie
Ropiha, Andie
Ruddick, Eddie
Ryan, Matilda
Rylands, Matthew
Salimi, Addison
Salimi, Jade
Salinger, Matthew
Sampson, George
Sampson, Leila
Samuel, Noah
Samuel, Theo
Sanger Larsson, Ella
Sanger Larsson, Mikaela
Sargiss, Chantel
Sargiss, Chloe
Sarkissian, Ava
Sarmiento, Benjamin
Sarmiento, Thomas
Savage, Will
Savery, Alex
Membership 2014/15
Savery, Tamsin
Sawyer, Tom
Saxby, Kaia
Saxby, Lucas
Schendel, Jake
Schimpf, Cory
Schitt-Smith, Madeleine
Schlederer, Felicity
Schoene, Bailey
Schoene, Kai
Schuitemaker, Imogen
Schuitemaker, Kaitlyn
Scott, Benjamin
Scott, Isabella
Scott, Julia
Scott, Kayvon
Scott, Leela
Scott Brown, Finlay
Scrymgour, Taylah
Seaton, Taylah
Seminara, Gianluca
Shakespeare, Elvis
Shanahan, Grace
Shanahan, Sophie
Shapley, Alexander
Sheehan, Nene
Shelton, Ella
Shelton, Sienna
Shepherd, Amelia
Siladi, Jordan
Simmonds, Ruby
Singleton, Connor
Slack, Charles
Sloper, Jai
Small, Oscar
Smart, Lilias
Smart, Maisie
Smart, Reilly
Smith, James
Smith, Oliver
Smith, Thomas
Smith, William
Smyth, Alex
Smyth, Claudia
Smyth, Matthew
Snape, Amelie
Snape, Tahli
Snehor, Luca
Soo, Connor
Soussou, Mia
Southon, Millie
Southon, Will
Spralja, Eve
Spurrett, Grace
Spurrett, Sophie
Squire, Ashleigh
Squire, Madeline
Stanaway, Liam
Stanfield-Gates, Amelia
Stanfield-Gates, Georgia
Stapf-Giannakis, Isabelle
Stapleton, Samuel
Stapleton, Zara
Stark, Jacqueline
Stark, James
Steele, Ashley
Steele, Jesse
Steele, Sophie
Stephens, Charley
Stephens, Edward
Stephens, Elouise
Stevens, James
Stevens, Thomas
Stevenson, Grace
Stone, Martha
Straw, Jack
Strudwick, Amelia
Stuart, James
Stubbs, Ethan
Stubbs, Josephine
Stubbs, Ryan
Stucci, Daniel
Studdert, Oliver
Suckeel, Audrey
Suckeel, Isabelle
Sullivan, Angus
Sutton, William
Svensson, Lachlan
Symons, Heidi
Symons, Joshua
Taggart, Toby
Tahmindjis, Benjamin
Tahmindjis, Lukas
Talbot, Harrison
Taylor, Charlie
Taylor, Mackenzie
Taylor, Oliver
Tea, Josiah
Tea, Sela
Thickpenny-Lee, Poppy
Thickpenny-Lee, Samuel
Thom, Jett
Thomas, Alysha
Thomas, Benjamin
Thomas, Carley
Thomas, James
Thomas, Mackenzie
Thomas, Mackenzie
Thomas, Nicholas
Thomas, Ryan
Thomas, Scarlett
Thomas, Sofia
Thompson, Grace
Thornton-bott, Toby
Thurbin, Henry
Thurbin, Matilda
Thwaites, Benjamin
Thwaites, William
Tidemann, Charlotte
Tidemann, James
Timbs, Harper
Timbs, Rory
Todd, Alice
Todd, Sophia
Tofler, Kai
Tolen, Ethan
Tomsic, Christopher
Tomsic, Nicholas
Tonkin, Morgan
Toole, Eliza
Toole, Liam
Toole, Madeleine
Toole, Rory
Toole, Zac
Tops, Noah
Towle, Addison
Towle, Austin
Townsend, Henry
Treadwell, Will
Trevelyan-Jones, Elinor
Trevelyan-Jones, James
Troy, Henry
Tucker, Anderson
Tucker, Sullivan
Tumminello, Jett
Tumminello, Maximus
Twill, Stellan
Twill, Sullivan
Tyrrell, Chloe
Tyson, Stephanie
Valletta, Cecilia
Valletta, Claudia
Valletta, Korban
Valletta, Victoria
Van Kerkwijk, Charlotte
Van Kerkwijk, Sophie
Van Rjswijk, Greta
Van Rijswijk, Willem
Vanderfield, Charli
Vanderfield, Ruby
Veitch, Florence
Veitch, Oscar
Vickery, Chloe
Vilnis, Toby
Voljak, Adrian
Voljak, Stephanie
Waddington, Edward
Wain, Kate
Wain, Lachlan
Waldie, Chloe
Waldie, Noah
Walford, Ines
Walford, Loic
Walker-Powell, Jack
Wall, Alexander
Wall, Eliza
Wall, Marcus
Wall, Matilda
Walsh, Ben
Walsh, Caitlin
Walsh, Nicholas
Walsh, Sophie
Walsh, Xavier
Walters, Molly
Ward, Callia
Ward, Thea
Wark, Maddie
Warren, Mia-Isabelle
Wasko, Sebastian
Wasko, Xavier
Watson, Chloe
Watson, Max
Weatherill, Morgan
Webster, Daisy
Webster, Yasmine
Wessling, Harriet
Wessling, Maddox
Westerink-Coates, Jay
Westerink-Coates, Levi
Weston, Elyse
Weston, Freya
Weston, Georgia
Weston, Scarlett
Wheatley, Isabella
Wheelhouse, Sienna
Whitaker, Prudence
Whitaker, Sophie
Whitehand, Harvey
Whitehand, Jenna
Wiart, Elliot
Wickham, Holly
Wickham, Sophie
Wicks, Isabel
Wicks, Sachia
Wildig, Isabel
Wildig, James
Williams, Ava
Williams, Chloe
Williams, Cooper
Williams, Daisy
Williams, Emma
Williams, Georgina
Williams, Harry
Williams, Livinia
Williams, Max
Williams, Octavia
Williams, Prescott
Williams-Masters, Oscar
Williamson, Braiden
Wills, Abigail
Wills, Holly
Wilmott, Rhianna
Wilmott, Rhianna
Wilmott, Seren
Wilson, Archer
Wilson, Holly
Wilson, Jake
Wilson, Oscar
Winter, Emma
Winter, Jack
Wiseman, Liam
Wolff, Claudia
Won, James
Won, Ruby
Wood, Charlotte
Wood, Mina
Wright, Oliver
Wright, Samuel
Wright, Thomas
Wylie, Brigitte
Yates, Ellie
Yates, Frederick
Yoshida, Atsuki
Yoshida, Joe
Zanella, Carlo
Zanon, Jasper
Zarin, Felix
Zarin, Heidi
Zarzeczny, Henry
Zarzeczny, Wilbur
Zylmans, Cameron
Zylmans, Harrison
General Members
Abbott, Craig
Abbott, Prudence
About, Emmanuel
Adams, Katie
Akashi, Akiko
Akhurst, Rachel
Alcock, Jay
Allen, Beverly
Alonso, Rachel
Andrews, Annalise
Annecchini, Marilyn
Apostolellis, Dominique
Arcus, Lisa
Argent, Peter
Arita, Mamoru
Arita, Norie
Armstrong, Lee
Arrastia, Kelly
Ashby, Jonathan
Ashby, Tim
Ashley, Kate
Ashley, Paul
Ashton, Michelle
Astill, Ben
Aylward, Mike
Ayres, Anita
Bacic, Sophie
Balmer, Piers
Banham, Stuart
Banks, Gareth
Barnes, Heather
Barnes, Lee
Barnes, Martin
Barnes, Matthew
Barry, Mitchell
Bartolo, Darren
Bartolomei, Stefano
Barwell, Phillip
Bastian, Fabio
Bazzard, Kelly
Bazzard, Ritchie
Beard, Angela
Beesley, Michael
Beeton, Rebecca
Behm, Paul
Bell, Jon
Bennett, Sara
Berglund, Tonia
Berichon, Steven
Bird, Rebecca
Bird, Simone
Bishop, Nicholas
Bjorkmann, Penny
Black, Greg
Black, Gregory
Blaikie, Pamela
Blaikie, Ray
Blakeney, Nicholas
Blakers, Simon
Bland, Becky
Boase, Peter
Boehi koster, Cyrill
Boije af gennas, Anna
Bolden, Ross
Bolton, Andrew
Bourgeois, Jennifer
Bourgeois, Michael
Bouveng, Stuart
Bowden, Ian
Bowrey, Melissa
Boyle, Brendan
Bradley, Amanda
Braithwaite, Robin
Bramwell, Sarah
Brand, Heather
Braund, Zoe
Brianchon, Jean-Philippe
Bright, Tracy
Brink, Lisa
Brittain, Paul
Brodrick, Belinda
Brown, Nikki
Brown, Peter
Browning, Renate
Browning, Stephen
Brownsberger, Patrick
Bruwel, Mark
Buchanan, Jonathan
Buckley, Kevin
Buist, Kristy
Burke, Dellanie
Burke, Matthew
Burns, Richard
Burrows, Derek
Butler, Paul
Buykx, Christopher
Byrne, John
Cahill, Brent
Cameron, Angus
Cameron, Katherine
Campbell, Kirsten
Campbell, Scott
Canfield, Cassandra
Cannon, Andrew
Capogreco, Domenico
Cardwell, Suzie
Carnell, Peter
Carr, David
Carr, Richard
Carroll, Andrew
Carroll, Collette
Carroll, Gregory
Carroll, Linda
Carroll, Tanya
Case, Mark
Casey, Scott
Cassidy, Tim
Castiglioni, Nicola
Caton, Andrea
Caunter, Grant
Childs, Elin
Chisholm, Kate
Churchus, Cameron
Clancy, Mike
Clark, Justin
Clarkin, Matthew
Cleary, Leah
Cleary, Matthew
Coates, Christine
Coates, Kristina
Cochran, Emma
Cockburn, James
Codsi, Edward
Coles, Brian
Collins, Betty
Collins, Justin
Collins, Kirsty
Collins, Michael
Colpan, Deniz
Colpan, Leesa
Colville, Kay
Connell, Chris
Connell, Megan
Connell, Nadine
Cooper, Greg
Corbett, Jodi
Cordina, Nancy
Corkill, Amanda
Corkill, Simon
Costa, John
Costello, Ivan
Cott, Fergal
Cousins, Colette
Cox, Ilona
Craig, Elizabeth
Craig, Gavin
Crause, Herman
Crawford, Scott
Croll, Meaghan
Croll, Samuel
Crouch, Simon
Croudace, Cathryn
Crowe-Maxwell, Atle
Cuggy, Mark
Cunningham, Michael
Cuthbert, Tamsin
Dales, Mel
Daly, Derek
Daly, Paula
Davidson, Ali
Davidson, Callum
Davies, Carla
Davies, Malcolm
Davies, Scott
Davis, Tim
Dawe, Emma
Dawson, David
Dayman, Paul
De Salis, Edward
Dean, Tim
Della-Franca, Rebecca
Dempsey, Rosslyn
Dettmann, Jo
Devine, Matthew
Dieltiens, Nick
Dixon, Benjamin
Dixon, Denny
Dobbs, Tessa
Done, Matthew
Dooney, Joshua
Doran, Caroline
Doroszuk, Leanne
Douglas, Kerrie
Douglas, Leeann
Doyle, Adran
Doyle, Eileen
Doyle, Fiona
Dreyer, Scott
Drummond, Kevin
Dryburgh, Adam
Du Preez, Kylie
Du Preez, Nicolas
Dudley, Alison
Duffy, Lisa
Dunn, Matthew
Dunn, Samantha
Dunsire, Kyle
Dyrkorn, Camilla
Earle, Kathy
Easton, Neil
Egan, Mathew
Element, Kathryn
Ellett, Elizabeth
Ellis, Christopher
Ellis, Rod
Faulk, Eliza
Faustmann, Margaret
Feighery, Raymond
Fensom, Erica
Fenwick, Julie
Fergusson, Tim
Ferris, Sonia
Fink, Karin
Fink, Nicholas
Fischer, Vivienne
Fitzpatricke, Rowan
Fletcher, Nick
Fletcher, Nick
Fletcher, Sophie
Flett, Cameron
Flynn, Mark
Fortune, Ron
Fortune, Sally
Foster, John
Frawley, Luke
Frawley, Richard
Furtney, Lindsey
Gainsford, Gina
Galbraith, Jeffrey
Gallant, David
Gandy, Scott
Garland, Phil
Garnham, Jonathan
Gates, Ian
Gauci, Rayni
Gaven, Fiona
Gay, Jason
Geiger, Adam
Giannakis, Paris
Gillespie, Catriona
Gillespie, David
Gilmour, Melissa
Giugni, Tony
Goddard, Miranda
Gorman, Fiona
Graham, Ange
Graham, Keely
Grant, Darren
Grass, Cassandra
Gray, David
Grayling, David
Green, Dimity
Gregoric, Diane
Grewal, Thomas
Grey, Nathan
Grey, Stephanie
Griffin, Catherine
Griffin, Cheryl
Griffiths, Verena
Gripper, Russell
Gruendling, Catarina
Guerin, James
Membership 2014/15
Guestrau, Norman
Gulbin, Donna
Gulbin, James
Gunther, Gustav
Gupta, Sanjeev
Hadley, Fay
Haire, Charlie
Hales, Matthew
Hall, Adrian
Halliday, Richard
Halstead, Gillian
Hamilton, Eliza
Hamilton, Fraser
Hamilton, Jane
Hamilton, Lisa
Hancock, Barclay
Hannon, James
Hansen, Alexander
Hardy, Charles
Harper, David
Harpham, Emma
Harridge, James
Harris, Simon
Harrison, Craig
Harrison, Neil
Harrison, Phillipa
Hastie, Graeme
Havezov, Rossen
Hayes, Geoffrey
Hayes, Nicole
Haynes, Christopher
Healey, Coline
Healey, Luke
Hearne, Fiona
Hegarty, Leanne
Hegerman, Roshni
Helm, Katie
Henderson, Shane
Hendry, Lyndsay
Henry, Karen
Henry, Nathan
Herold, Lucie
Hexton, Emilie
Hicks, Karen
Higgs, Bradley
Hill, Adam
Hill, Alex
Hill, Charles
Hill, Martha
Hills, Damen
Hoad, Rebecca
Hobbs, Karyn
Hodgkinson, Liz
Hodgkinson, Raymond
Hodson, Matthew
Hogan, Amy
Hogan, Sam
Hogg, Amanda
Holden, James
Holden, Michael
Holley, Grace
Holmes, David
Hondros, Emma
Hood, Scott
Hooke, Kate
Hooley, Justin
Horder, David
Horder, Luba
Horswill, Ian
Horwitz, Anna
Horwitz, Ben
Hosomi, Nobuyo
Houghton, Nigel
Howard, Andrew
Howarth, David
Howison, Damien
Howlett, Candice
Howlett, Michelle
Hughes, Gavin
Huijsen, Vanessa
Humphrey, Rodney
Humphries, Andrew
Hurst, Andy
Hylton, Sandra
Inman, Dane
Ivory, James
Jackson, Samuel
Jacobs, Lauren
Jagers, Marten
James, Darren
James, Michael
James, Rebecca
Jarrett, Geata
Jarrett, Louise
Jefferies, Andy
Jenkins, Dean
Jessop, Clove
Jewell, Chris
Jewell, Melanie
Johnson, Bradley
Johnstone, Julia
Jones, Beverley
Jordi, Daniel
Jordi, Melinda
Kacskovics, Andrew
Kacskovics, Debbie
Kane, Catherine
Kane, Karen
Kardos, Rob
Keen, Brad
Kelleher, Donna
Kempen, Kirsten-Leigh
Kempshall, Kate
Kerr, Patrina
Kilburn, Doug
Killen, Grayson
King, Kathryn
King, Matthew
Kirkby, Gareth
Kirkman, Simon
Kirkwood, Stuart
Kite, Peter
Knowles, Aaron
Kobayashi, Daisuke
Kodama, Shuhei
Koster, Andrea
Kovacs, Kriszta
Kroneis, Gustavo
Kullmann, Tania
La greca, Stephanie
Lance, Stoddard
Land, David
Lane, David
Lapa, Cherie
Larsen, Emily
Larsson, Anita
Lawler, Emma
Lawn, Kirsten
Lawson, Greg
Le moenic, Steve
Leese, Sally
Lever, Stephen
Lewis, Eddie
Lewis, Nicola
Liang, Xiao
Lilley, Joanna
Lim, Akkim
Lima, Miguel
Linders, Daniel
Lines, Adam
Linfield, Mary
Llewellyn, Angus
Lo, Nathan
Loane, Tim
Logan, Michael
Lombardini, Diego
Long, Gavin
Long, Matthew
Loughnan, Jenny
Lovely, Patrick
Lowe, Dana
Lyons, Craig
MacBean, Jane
MacGowan, Brigitte
MacGowan, Hamish
MacKenzie, Andrew
MacKenzie, Chris
MacKintosh, Graeme
MacKintosh, Katrina
MacLennan, Esther
MacLennan, Sturt
Macri-arata, Josephine
Magee, Louise
Maher, Richard
Mahoney, Sarah
Mahony, Cristina
Mahony, Timothy
Maidment, Alex
Maikhael, Katrina
Malm, Ronald
Maloney, Lisa
Mann, Claudette
Mardon, Tracey
Marks, Cameron
Marks, Jason
Marsters, Joel
Martin, John
Martin, Linda
Mather, Kit
Mcandrew, Joanna
Mccarthy, Becky
Mccartney, Andrew
Mcconnell, Katherine
Mccullagh, Julia
Mcdermid, Rian
Mcdonald, Ian
Mcgettigan, Renee
Mcgibbon, Gabrielle
Mcgrath, Kate
Mcintosh, David
Mckay, Jamie
McLean, Andreas
McLean, Hamish
McLean, Peter
McManus, Maria
McMicking, David
McNeil, Cameron
McNeil, Lisa
McPherson, Lynda
Mead, Dione
Mecklem, Sabrina
Melhuish, Julian
Melis, Maurice
Mellor-stuart, Joanne
Mendez, Joana
Messina, Marinella
Metcalf, David
Meulman, Ian
Miletic, Fanita
Miller, David
Milne, Graham
Milostic, Maria
Minetti, Michelle
Mirza, Yasir
Mitchell, Claire-louise
Mitchell, Grace
Mitchell, Susan
Mitchell, Tony
Moffat, Alex
Monaghan, Alison
Monahan, Adrian
Montague-Jones, Dee
Mooney, Geoff
Moore, Bradley
Moore, Craig
Moore, Katrina
Moore, Lesley
Moore, Libby
Morabito, Dominic
Morris, Brendan
Morris, Sophie
Moss, Jonathan
Muenninghoff, Christian
Mulcahy, Andrew
Mulcahy, Linda
Mulheron, Mitchell
Mulheron, Tiffany
Mullings, Jonathan
Murphy, Luke
Muto, Tomoki
Napoli, Danielle
Napoli, John
Newall, Justin
Newby, Erica
Newhouse, David
Nissen, Jacqueline
Nitz, Monique
Nitz, Roger
Noble, Peter
Nolan, Robert
Norgaard, Soren
Norwood, Justine
Noujeim, Heidi
Nunn, Steven
O`Brien, Anthony
O`Connell, Jennifer
O`Keeffe, Anthony
O`Kelly, Luke
O`Reilly, David
O`Reilly, Grey
O`Shea, Judith
Orchard, Chris
Ormsby, Debbie
Orr, Mark
Orr, Melanie
Ouradnik, Paul
Ozaltin, Koper
Padget, Caroline
Page, Carlie
Palacios, Israel
Pamp, Brad
Papadimitriou, Tas
Papalia, Jonathan
Parker, Philip
Parsonage, Kirkby
Parsonage, Michelle
Pascoe, Karen
Pass, Christina
Patterson, Cameron
Payne, Curtis
Peake, Ian
Pearse, Hilary
Pearson, Kath
Peebles, Sally
Pendray, Chris
Pendray, Paula
Perego, John
Perrott, Justin
Perry, Alyson
Persic, Nik
Persico, Brent
Petkovich, Julia
Petkovich, Rino
Phillips, Catherine
Pho, Rithy
Pickton, Jackie
Piesse, Carl
Pinnuck, Robert
Pirie-Dunne, Maryjane
Pittman, Cherie
Plunkett, Sandy
Poate, Antony
Potgieter, Charl
Poutney, Nick
Powell, Karen
Pratt, Justin
Prendergast, Alex
Press, Ian
Pressley, Adam
Pressley, Lelani
Priddis, Michael
Pringle, Danielle
Prior, Anthony
Puchner, Ferdinand
Quarrell, Darren
Quilter, Leigh
Rabatsch, Eden
Racco, Nikki
Raffo, Louise
Rajasundram, Prakash
Raphael, Elizabeth
Raphael, Richard
Rasmussen, Cath
Raubenheimer, David
Rayment, Douglas
Read, Brent
Reading, Jason
Rebecchi, Anita
Rehde, Markus
Reimer, Jason
Remond, Louise
Rieser, David
Rietbroek, Robert
Roberts, Danielle
Robertson, Michael
Rodgers, Scott
Ropiha, Tai
Ryan, Brooke
Ryan, Shaun
Ryder, Christine
Rylands, Matt
Sakic, Vesna
Sampson, Andy
Samuel, Robert
Sargiss, Michael
Sarmiento, Juan
Savage, Natasha
Savage, Peter
Sawyer, Edwina
Saxby, Alex
Schendel, Rainer
Schitt-Smith, Yolande
Schoene, Adam
Schuitemaker, Hedde
Scohel, Tito
Scott, Daniel
Scott, Richard
Scott brown, Alan
Seaton, Ben
Seminara, Natasha
Shakespeare, Deryck
Shanahan, David
Shapley, Sarrah
Sheehan, Damien
Shelley, Kim
Shelton, Sonya
Shepherd, Naomi
Siladi, Dallas
Singleton, Toby
Siu, Kathy
Slack, Nick
Small, Bronwyn
Smart, Dale
Smart, Kevin
Smith, Claire
Smith, Dean
Smith, Richard
Smyth, James
Smyth, Stephen
Soo, Guy
Soussou, Kerry
South, Kirsten
Southon, Judith
Southon, Sean
Spralja, Dario
Spurrett, Dominic
Spurrett, Jacinta
Squire, Andrew
Stanfield, Allison
Stark, Andrew
Steele, Julie
Steele, Todd
Stephens, Hadyn
Stevenson, Tristan
Straw, James
Strudwick, Peter
Stuart, Andrew
Stubbs, Jeremy
Studdert, Mark
Suckeel, Leanne
Sullivan, Richard
Sutton, Tom
Svensson, Anders
Symons, Damien
Tabak, Karen
Talbot, David
Tan, Jasmine
Tan, Natacha
Taylor, Andrew
Taylor, Chris
Taylor, Scott
Tea, Michelle
Tea, Mosese
Thickpenny, Paul
Thom, Nicole
Thomas, Adam
Thomas, Amanda
Thomas, Belinda
Thomas, Christina
Thomas, Ian
Thomas, Robert
Thomas, Tracey
Thompson, Carolyn
Thornton-Bott, Paul
Thurbin, Amanda
Thurbin, Simon
Thwaites, Angela
Thwaites, Simon
Timbs, Michael
Tolen, Steve
Tomsic, Michelle
Tomsic, Ronald
Tonin, Jacqueline
Tonkin, Matthew
Toole, Adrian
Toole, Grant
Tops, Michiel
Towle, Andrew
Townsend, Lisa
Townsend, Nathan
Trevelyan-Jones, Sarah
Troy, Rachel
Tucker, Kevin
Twill, Jason
Tyson, Heather
Valletta, Amanda
Van den Broek, Anneke
Van Rijswijk, Chris
Van Vuuren, Alandre
Vanderfield, Geoff
Vanderfield, Lou
Veitch, Joanne
Vickery, Grant
Vilnis, Gitte
Walford, Peter
Walker-Powell, Alison
Wall, David
Wall, Lana
Wall, Matthew
Wallace, Natasha
Walsh, David
Walsh, Julie
Walsh, Kristine
Walsh, Taff
Walters, Lisa
Ward, Isaac
Wark, Blair
Warren, John-Paul
Wasko, Irena
Wasko, John
Watson, Brett
Watson, Judith
Weatherill, Marc
Webber, Janice
Webster, Elizabeth
Webster, Jon
Wessling, Tony
Weston, Andrew
Weston, David
Whitaker, Humfrey
Whitaker, Kelley
Whitehand, Sharon
Wiart, Amanda
Wickham, Jenny
Wickham, Nigel
Wildig, Rachel
Williams, Anna
Williams, Gavin
Williams, Jeffrey
Williams, Sally
Williams, Sean
Williams, Valerie
Williamson, James
Wilmott, Amanda
Wilson, Andrew
Wilson, Emma
Wilson, Louise
Wilson, Mike
Winter, Angela
Wiseman, Carolyn
Won, John
Wright, David
Wylie, Claire
Yates, Jason
Yates, Rochelle
Yoshida, Makoto
Yoshida, Naohisa
Zanatta, Simone
Zanon, Mark
Zarin, Peter
Zarzeczny, Richard
Zarzeczny, Tarnee
Proud long time and major supporter of Freshwater SLSC
Christmas 2014
Freshwater Surf Life Saving Club Inc.
P O Box 308 Freshwater NSW 2096
Tel: (02) 9905 3741
Fax: (02) 9905 6465
Email: [email protected]

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