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Top Ten home cooks
Top Ten
home cooks
Choice recipes from Leisure Books’ winning home cooks
Top Ten
home cooks
Choice recipes from Leisure Books’ winning home cooks
Candice Stuart
Chantelle Bell
Hannelie Brummer
Jurie Kritzinger
Mariëtte Grové
Nadine Theron
Nanette Botha
Nicky Brecher
Siphokazi Ndlankomo
Theresa Troskie
Candice Stuart
Nadine Theron 114
Lamb potjie with Old Brown Sherry 12; Chicken curry 14; Chicken pieces
marinated in lemon, garlic and thyme 17; Haddock “A la King” 18; Stir-fried
lemon and chilli calamari 20; Spinach and pine-nut salad 23; An exotic fruit
pavlova 25; Brandy sauce for Christmas pudding 27; Pecan nut and strawberry
cream pie 27; Orange and almond cake 29
Robust oxtail and shin stew 116; Superior curried chicken 117; Greek chicken
“shank” 119; Mexican mince parcels 122; Tarte tatin with red onions and rosa
tomatoes 125; Terracotta pot bread 126; Mealie and baby marrow soup 129;
Bottled crumble milk tart 130; Cake-concoction 133; Crispy cinnamon
muffins 134
Chantelle Bell
Nanette Botha
Exceptional steak and chips 34; Tomato stew with mashed potatoes 37; Breyani
in a slow-cooker 39; Roasted vegetables with chicken and potato wedges 40;
Chicken and mushroom quiche 43; Mexican cheese nachos 44; Bacon and
boerewors pizza 47; Baked butternut and potato dish 48; Three-tier chocolate
cheesecake 49; Ice cream layer with creamy caramel-fudge sauce 50
Beef fillet in cream sauce on tagliatelle 138; Mom’s chicken pie 141;
Farm-style chicken curry 142; Best pasta sauce in the universe 143; Fantastic
snails 145; Crayfish soup 146; Biltong salad 148; Creamy coconut-milk rice
dessert 151; Amarula tart 152; Moist chocolate cake 155
Hannelie Brummer
Nicky Brecher 156
Mutton-neck curry 55; Pork rib 57; Brisket in prune sauce 59; Lamb pie 60;
Mince and rice dish 63; Curried chicken dish 65; Egg in a cup 66;
Bread filled with olives and sun-dried tomatoes 69; Rye bread 70;
Lemon-meringue ice cream 70
Father’s Day steak 158; Maize meal stacks 161; Potato gnocchi with
chicken-liver-and-tomato sauce 163; Snail triangles 165; Phyllo rolls with figs,
nuts, bacon and cheese 166; Curried crab and fish soup 168; Sushi salad 171;
Roasted nectarine salad 172; Best strawberry cream cake 174;
Apricot fingers 177
Jurie Kritzinger
Siphokazi Mdlankomo
Stuffed chicken breasts 75; Gourmet chicken and potato dish 77;
Curried leg-of-mutton pie 78; Vegetable fritters 81; Hot sugar-pea and
potato salad 82; Pasta soup 85; Spaghetti nests 86; Sweet-and-sour pork
pies 88; Quick fruit dessert 89; Wedding cake brownies 90
Rack of lamb with individual potato cases 181; Lamb pie 182; African-style
tripe with trendy pap 183; Pap, wors and chakalaka 185; Baked kingklip
wrapped in Parma ham 189; Prawn and pasta parcels 190; Fresh corn
parcels 192; Cinnamon cream pears 195; Moulded chocolate puddings 196;
Perfect homemade ginger beer 199
Mariëtte Grové
Theresa Troskie 200
Baked low-fat chicken cheesecake 203; Tasty celery chicken dish 206;
Blesbuck with decadent chocolate sauce 208; Butternut and guava bake 209;
Ham-and-egg-sandwich dish 213; Biltong mousse mould 214; Farmer’s
brownies 216; Buck eyes 217; Hot orange tart 219; Shoe-box fruitcake 220
Grilled ostrich fillets with chocolate-reduction sauce 94; Filled chicken
breasts 96; Grilled liver and kidney dish with mango relish 98; Bacon and
mussel tagliatelle 101; Sweetcorn oven cakes 102; Vol-au-vents with mushroom
and feta filling 104; Creamy mussel soup 107; Thick vegetable soup 108;
Cupcakes with Sally Williams nougat filling 109; Baked chocolate and fig
dessert with truffles 113
Candice Stuart
Exotic fruit pavlova
Strawberries and granadilla pulp form the traditional topping, but any fresh or canned
fruit can be used.
Serves 6–8
8 egg whites
3 ml salt
500 ml castor sugar
10 ml vanilla essence
10 ml white vinegar
30 ml cornflour
500 g fresh cream
1 tub (500 ml) real custard
1 ripe mango, peeled and cut into pieces
1 small bunch green grapes
assorted fresh summer berries like raspberries, black berries, strawberries
and blueberries
2 fresh granadillas
icing sugar
Preheat oven to 140 ºC.
Prepare 2 trays with parchment paper or non-stick mats.
Whisk the egg whites and the salt until soft peaks form. Slowly add the castor sugar, a
tablespoon at a time, until all the castor sugar has been used. Add the vanilla essence and
the vinegar and mix well. Fold in the cornflour.
Spread half the mixture over the prepared baking tray so that it forms a rectangle, about
5 centimetres high. Repeat with the remaining mixture on the second prepared tray.
Place meringues in the heated oven and bake for 75–90 minutes. Once cooked, remove from
oven and leave to cool. Gently move one of the cooked meringues to a serving platter or
wooden board.
Candice Stuart
• you can use a vanilla castor sugar instead of adding vanilla essence.
• The pavlova can be kept in a cool place for about 1½ hours or in the
fridge for up to 6 hours.
exotic fruit pavlova
Hannelie Brummer
Curried chicken dish
This is not just any old curried chicken recipe – it is delicious!
Serves 6–8
25 ml olive oil
1 onion, chopped
3 kg cooked chicken portions, boned and cut into smaller chunks
190 ml tomato sauce
190 ml chutney
190 ml mayonnaise
1 packet thick white onion soup powder
37,5 ml masala powder
60 ml Indian curry powder, or to taste
4 medium potatoes, cubed and cooked
250 ml green peas, frozen or fresh
30 ml cake flour (optional)
5 ml gravy powder (optional)
37,5 ml cream (optional)
fresh coriander leaves for garnishing
In a heavy-based saucepan, heat the olive oil and fry the onions until soft. Add the chicken
and stir-fry for 2 minutes.
Mix the rest of the ingredients, except the flour, gravy powder, cream and coriander, and
add the mixed ingredients to the chicken mixture. Cover and simmer for 30 minutes. If the
sauce is too thin, it can be thickened using a little flour or gravy powder mixed with a little
water or cream.
Serve with basmati rice and salad.
Hannelie Brummer
Curried chicken dish
Jurie Kritzinger
Pig farmer from Joubertin
Cooking is ...
living my creati
When you meet Jurie for the first time, you would never imagine that this well-built
pig farmer used to work in the fresh produce section of Harrods, London, where he
often had to ferret out exotic mushrooms and other unusual herbs for fastidious
customers. However, the more you chat to him, the clearer it becomes that he has a
profound knowledge of food. “In my opinion, the art of cooking lies in understanding
aromas and tastes,” he says. “There is no right or wrong, but definitely a pleasant or
downright awful taste. If you think it’s delicious, it works!”
It is quickly apparent that, next to farming, cooking is his greatest passion. He is
inspired by all the excellent cooking shows on television, among which Diners, dives
and drive-ins is his favourite. His mother taught him and his brothers the basic
cooking techniques when they were quite young, so that “no woman will ever be able
to spite one of my sons by refusing to cook”. Since
early childhood Jurie served this wise woman
breakfast in bed. Her handwritten bobotie recipe is
one of his favourites, and his greatest ideal is to
make offal that is as delicious as his mother’s – a
feat that he has yet to accomplish.
Jurie’s family are his greatest critics; their praise
for all his delectable dishes motivates him to come
up with more recipes. He loves preparing food for
his family and enjoys the honesty of his children.
Jurie’s wife, Janine, thinks he is a born chef with
an inexhaustible source of new ideas and recipes.
“While I am not always sure what will go together, he
knows instinctively which ingredients to use to create winning combinations,”
she adds. “As a farmer, he works long hours, but if he has the opportunity to cook
over weekends, our three sons and I really tuck into his scrumptious dishes.”
Despite his early introduction to exotic ingredients and his outstanding
knowledge of fresh herbs, plain old parsley remains Jurie’s favourite. “We live
in a rural area and the shops stock only the basic ingredients; thus I try to
create dishes that contain these basic ingredients, but add interesting twists.”
Patience and planning are also important ingredients in Jurie’s kitchen, and
the one ingredient that he would want if stranded on an island is paprika. “But
please,” he says, “hold the peppers!”
Jurie puts modern aids, such as a food processor, to good use and in an
emergency he would sometimes use canned or packaged goods when fresh
produce is not available. This farmer creates recipes from scratch and
does not really rely on recipe books. Old faithfuls, like Kook en Geniet and
the Huisgenoot Wenresepte series have been helpful when it comes to basic
information. His greatest food blunder taught him that one cannot thaw puff
pastry in the microwave. And, in his opinion, one needs a scientific approach
to specialise in confectionery.
Our conversation with this home-cook/farmer also revealed
the follow ing:
• He drinks Creme Soda while cooking.
• He captured his wife’s heart with his delicious chicken salad
(a man after
our own hearts).
• Jurie would love to show Jamie Oliver how to make a potjie.
• If he could work in the kitchen of a large restaurant, he would
prefer to work
in the meat/g rill section.
Mariëtte Grové
Creamy mussel soup
you can enjoy this creamy soup with a clear conscience – it contains no cream.
Serves 6
1 can (285 g) mushroom pieces in water
1 large onion, chopped
60 g margarine
salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
lemon barbeque salt to taste
1 ℓ water
400 g frozen mussels (without shells)
500 g frozen mussels in shells
5 ml paprika
1 can (400 g) seafood soup
50 ml Old Brown Sherry
30 g mushroom soup powder
125 ml cold milk
Sauté the mushrooms, onion and margarine over low heat. Add salt, pepper and lemon
barbeque salt to taste.
Bring the water to boil in another saucepan. Add the shelled mussels and cook for
approximately 3 minutes. dish out and drain. Cook the mussels in their shells in boiling
water for 3 minutes, and drain.
Add 750 ml of the “mussel water” to the mushroom, onion and margarine mixture. Add
paprika and mix well. Add all the mussels. Bring to boil while gently stirring. Reduce the
heat immediately and allow to simmer for 10 minutes.
Add the seafood soup and sherry. Simmer for another 10 minutes. Mix the mushroom soup
powder and milk to a paste. Stir it into the soup mixture and allow to simmer for 10 minutes.
Mariëtte Grové
Creamy mussel soup
Top ten home cooks
Choice recipes from Leisure Books’ winning home cooks
Compiled by Christelle Erasmus & Alana van den Berg
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Top Ten
home cooks
These mouth-watering recipes are the top ten of the top ten: the ten
best recipes of each of the ten fi nalists in Leisure Books’ countrywide
home cook competition. The recipes were chosen from among
thousands of entries, tried, tasted, revised, tasted again … and yet
again. The result of this rigorous selection process is a recipe book
that will equip you to surprise your family and guests time and again
with the most delectable dishes that come straight from the heart.
Even though they hail from the four corners of our country, each
home cook’s profi le and recipes clearly tell the same tale – a tale
of conviviality, hospitality and a passion for cooking, spoiling
and sharing. Cook with them and enjoy!
The recipes have been selected and tested by Christelle Erasmus
and Alana van den Berg, a mother-and-daughter team whose books
regularly appear at the top of best-seller lists.
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