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Kala Pointer - Kala Point Owners` Association
Kala Pointer
August 2013
Official Publication of the Kala Point Owners' Association
President’s Message
Dale Moses, President
E-mail: [email protected]
Home tel: (360) 385-5530
We had a fine KPOA annual meeting last month and even though it lasted for two hours, several people thought it was a good one.
Lots of audience participation and a great venue�Northwest Maritime Center. A number of folks suggested we stay there rather than
going back to the “dark pit” of the Chimacum auditorium. Elsewhere in this Kala Pointer are the ballot results that were completed at
that meeting. Anyway, Keith and I gave overviews of the year so I’d like to repeat the highlights for those who weren’t there (we had
86 people present).
So this is my State of The Association! I think the past twelve months have been good ones. Lots of productive work has
occurred, most of us have continued to enjoy living here, and we continue to mature (well some of you have!). We ended 2012 about
$15,500 under budget so with your up-vote on Resolution #1 we roll that money over to 2014’s budget. (I can’t figure out what 12
voters wanted who voted no on this!) We did have a few setbacks but they were fairly minor�king tides that pushed lots of logs onto
the beach, gate electronics that just didn’t want to work right for a while, a little vandalism, a small slide on the bluff, a house fire,
several water line breaks that seemed to start after the firemen charged up their lines for that fire, and some staff turnover although we
couldn’t blame several of our folks who decided to take much higher paying jobs elsewhere.
The Board set five goals for the year and has pretty much accomplished all five: Clubhouse and parking improvements, reacting to
the owner survey (check the actions list on the KPOA Web site), more appreciation for volunteers, improved communications with
owners, and some reorganization and clean-up of our official documents.
We had a very successful audit that we passed with flying colors. We completed an updated Reserve Study and pushed it out to
thirty years as required by the State. We also discovered some good and bad things about our facilities in the process. For example,
the pier pilings are in much better shape than we feared, but we also had some rotten trim boards on our two main buildings and once
we replaced them, we discovered a deteriorated steel beam by the pool that must be replaced. We started a two-payment system for
assessments and about 1/3 of our owners are taking advantage of that. Our requests for tree actions on the bluff finally were fully
approved by the County. We started Board meetings in the evenings every three months that seem quite popular. We are accepting
advertising for the Kala Pointer from other than just owners. We discontinued non-refundable fees for Architecture Committee
actions. And we continue to have a great staff and volunteers to make all this and much more happen.
As we enter a new organizational year, the pressing issue seems to be whether or not we should have a Parks & Recreation District
just for Kala Point. Please read my thoughts about this in the separate article in this Kala Pointer�every owner needs to thoroughly
understand the issue.
So, it has been a good year. The State of the Association is sound. And we look forward to another year in our fine community.
I’m always interested in any feedback you might have about these topics or any others. Please send me an email
[email protected] (yes, your Board voted me to continue as the President for another year!).
Kala Pointer Staff
August Editor:
Nancy Leeds
Copy Editor:
Bud Babcock
Distribution Leaders:
Helen & Tony Vogl
August Contributors
Bud Babcock
Marilyn Brenner
Bill Conklin
Suzanne Hempstead
Daphne Kilburn
Barbara MacLean
Caroline McNulty
Pat Miles
Dale Moses
Dick Schulte
Mary Ann Schulte
Fran and Norm Shelton
Ed Zinser
Newsletter Deadline
The deadline for the September issue of the
Kala Pointer: August 19.
Submit your articles to:
[email protected]
Before submitting an article/ad, please log onto
www.kalapoint.org, click “Members Only” section.
Enter “Username” and “Password” (office will give
them to you), then click “OK”, “Kala Pointer” and
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2013-2014 KPOA
Board of Directors
Dale Moses
[email protected]
Caroline McNulty
[email protected]
John Oliveira
[email protected]
Mary Ann Schulte
[email protected]
Tom Andritsch
director_andritsch @kalapoint.org
Bill Hempstead
[email protected]
Ron Kubec
[email protected]
David Pitts
[email protected]
Mel Raley
[email protected]
2013-2014 KPOA
Committee Chairs
Dave Harrah
Hugh Musser
Communications in suspension
Bill Conklin
John Oliveira
David Pitts
Secretary's Report
by Mary Ann Schulte
On July 16, the Annual Membership Meeting was continued with the chair
of the Elections Committee presenting the vote counts on the directors and the
resolutions. The new directors are Tom Andritsch, Ron Kubec and David Pitts.
The resolution to improve the Clubhouse failed and the resolution to move
excess income from 2012 to next year’s budget passed. The continuation of the
Annual Membership Meeting adjourned at 1:25 p.m. The Organizational/
Regular Board meeting was called to order at 1:27 p.m. and outgoing Board
directors Nancy Leeds, Bob Miles, and Hugh Musser retired to the audience.
The three new Board members were seated: Tom Andritsch, Ron Kubec, and
David Pitts.
Officers were chosen. Dale Moses will continue as President, Caroline
McNulty will be Vice President, Mary Ann Schulte will be Corporate Secretary
and John Oliveira will continue as Chief Financial Officer. Assignments were
made for committee liaisons and representatives.
The Board heard the appeal on a Tree Committee decision. A discussion
with input from the appellants, Fran and Norm Shelton; the Tree Committee
Chair Normandie Anderson, and feedback from the audience lasted from 2
o’clock until 5 o’clock. The Board voted (4 to 1) to uphold the Tree Committee
decision allowing 12 of the 21 requested trees to be removed.
The Parks and Recreation District for Kala Point was discussed. The Board
of County Commissioners (BOCC) hearing will be held on August 5 in Port
Townsend. We encourage interested persons to attend the meeting or write
letters to the BOCC. Please see further articles on this subject in this issue of
the newsletter.
Three new members were approved for the Nominations Committee: Bill
Kaune, Ken Morris, and Dick Schulte.
Committee reports were deferred to the August 13 meeting due to the
lateness of the hour. The meeting adjourned for a short Executive Session to
discuss a personnel matter and then convened to approve the proposed individual
wage increase for exempt KPOA employees.
Internal Control David Harrah
Linda Brewster
Dale Moses
Nancy Leeds
Safety, Utilities Howie Hendrickson
& Preparedness
Social Plus
Suzanne Hempstead
Mary Lou Boegehold
Normandie Anderson
KPOA Board Meetings
Kala Point residents are encouraged to attend KPOA Board meetings at the
Clubhouse on the second Tuesday of each month. Bring comments, concerns
and questions which are called for at the opening and close of each session.
Next meeting will be August 13 at 1:00 p.m.
Standing committees also welcome residents at their monthly meetings.
Check the Kala Kalendar, call the KPOA Office, or call any committee chair to
get dates and times for specific committee meetings.
KPOA Office Hours
Clubhouse Hours
Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.
Closed on week-ends
M-F: 9:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.
S&S: 1:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.
Every Friday 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
KPOA Clubhouse
Kala Cares
by Suzanne Hempstead
In Memoriam:
Sylvia Hartman of Wellington Ct.
Dorita Karlsnes of Sulgrave Pl.
Alva Kemery of Kala Heights Dr.
All three women have been
long time residents of Kala Point.
Bridge Every
11:00 a.m.
At the KPOA
E-Kala Pointer:
Notify the KPOA Office at
[email protected]
or call (360) 385-0814 to receive your
newsletter by e-mail.
Elections Committee Report from
Annual Membership Meeting
by Bill Conklin, Elections Committee Chairman
Immediately following the Annual Membership Meeting on July 14, the
Elections Committee met at the KPOA Clubhouse to validate and begin the
counting of ballots. The Committee worked that day from approximately 11:30
a.m. until finishing the ballot count at 6:30 p.m.
Previous to the meeting, the Committee had verified that 596 member units
were eligible to vote (out of 601 total units). A total of 391 ballots were
validated, of which 311 were received, using vote-by-mail, prior to the
meeting. This represents a voter turnout rate of 65 %. With only 20% of
eligible voters required for quorum purposes to hold this meeting, all
requirements were easily met.
Two (2) ballots received were deemed invalid as we could not identify who
had submitted these ballots because there were no return addresses attached to
allow for the validation of the ballots.
There were a total of 86 people physically present during the meeting.
There were two KPOA staff members, four guests, and thirteen Election
Committee members included in the count. One person from the timeshare
units was present.
The vote count was as follows:
Candidates for Director:
Tom Andritsch
Ron Kubec
David Pitts
Fred Weinmann
Under votes
Total votes
#2013-1, IRS Revenue Ruling 70-604, Excess Income. Passed: 374 yes, 12 no.
#2013-2, Clubhouse Capital Improvement Fund. Failed: 132 yes, 251 no.
Busy at the Beach
by Caroline McNulty
Summer is in full swing at the Kala Point beach area. Dog walkers are out
early in the day, crabbers are setting their traps and reaping their catch. Sailors
and kayakers alike are enjoying these warm days with light breezes. Let’s
hope it continues. People are picnicking and, in general, life is good.
Please remember to display your Kala Point blue and yellow sticker on
your vehicle. Get passes and stickers from the Office and call or e-mail if unable to get there on weekdays and have one mailed to you. Guest passes are
also available at the Clubhouse on weekends. Timeshares should display their
weekly pass.
We ask that those using the boat launch lock the access chain after launching and when returning. Many times it is found open and this allows access by
unauthorized users. Your dues pay for the use of the beach and maintenance.
Protect your investment!
Letters to the Editor
Editor: Too Many Unknowns
Recently an independent petition was circulated to Kala Point residents to establish Kala Point as a Parks and Recreation District (P&RD). Before I signed on to the idea, I wanted to know more about the pros and cons of the initiative, what
would benefit me as a KP homeowner? I accessed the Jefferson County Web site on the subject. Unfortunately, I came
away with more questions than answers. While the proposal suggested that a KP P&RD would avoid any future taxes to
KP homeowners if the County Commissioners were to approve the larger Municipal Park District (MPD)�that is not the
entire story. There appear to be many requirements to establish and run a P&R District, such as: a Board of (salaried)
Commissioners must be established, and mandatory elections and audits conducted. How would the salaries, elections, and
audits be funded? More concerning, does this mean that if KP were to become a P&RD, would the general public at large
be allowed to use our roads, pool, trails, tennis courts, and Clubhouse as a public park? How would the increased wear and
tear on the facilities be funded�by increases to homeowners’ association fees or a special assessment to homeowners by
the Parks Board of Commissioners? With such a confusing issue and so many unknowns, I just couldn’t support the idea at
the time. However, I am going to attend the Jefferson County Commissioners meeting on August 5 in Port Townsend to
see if I can get some of these unknowns clarified.
Patricia Miles
274 Cedarview Drive
I am very much against the initiative to create a sham “Parks & Recreation District” inside Kala Point for a variety of
reasons. This effort, even as described by its sponsors, is a blatant attempt at tax avoidance, with no real benefits for the
owners and residents of Kala Point. Nobody likes to pay more taxes, but there are times when you have to do what is morally and ethically right. We all pay taxes to support the public schools in the area, yet how many Kala Point homes have
children attending there? This is no different. The people who are behind this initiative claim that we don’t use Port Townsend or Jefferson County park facilities. That may be true in their case, but it is certainly not true for us or many of our
friends and neighbors who are active. Some folks living in this area, but outside of Kala Point, already feel we are “a bunch
of elitists, living behind a steel gate.” We know that is not a fair representation of our neighborhood, but why add fuel to
the fire? I wish this initiative wouldn’t have gotten this far, but if it is on the fall ballot, I ask you to think long and hard
before you vote for it.
Dick Schulte
373 Baycliff Drive
Dear Editor,
I would like to say a very public “thank you” to so many Kala Point neighbors who have shown support and concern as
I have gone through eight different surgeries and procedures for my heart since last August. I also lost my dad, uncle and a
couple of good friends. The cards and get well wishes, and occasional meals dropped off, have been really great for Larry
and me plus we don’t mind answering any questions when you see us. The next step is a real cutting edge study at the University of Washington over the next two years�exciting stuff�perhaps even a heart transplant a few years down the road.
We also want to say, as so many neighbors here also have heart issues, that we have been very impressed with the positive changes at Jefferson Healthcare, the advanced level of life support our medics and fire department can provide, and the
great fortune to have the heart care that Harrison Medical Center offers.
Most people remain very private with their health issues, but we chose to be very open, and as a result have been
blessed with numerous opportunities to help some others along the way. The main thing is, though, Kala Point is a caring
and giving community full of neighbors, not strangers. We are thankful for that and the kindness we have been shown over
and over.
Daphne Kilburn 50 Foxfield Dr.
Letters to the Editor
The last Kala Pointer included a separate Addendum Notice of Hearing that said “Shelton's Request/Appeal wanted to remove 23 trees from 270
Pinecrest Dr.” It should have said “21 owner
planted trees including one dead madrona and one
natural double hazard cedar.”
The Board invited member’s comments and
participation be submitted five days before the
hearing date of July 16. Any member may ask for
a copy/recording of the Board meeting on July 16
to obtain the facts of this appeal. When you get the
facts you may want to write your thoughts and
opinions to the Board. Briefly, in 1981 we personally built our house facing south and planted 20 fir,
cedar and two hemlocks across our front property
and entryway.
Today the trees obscure line of sight to Pinecrest Drive, block the sun, are unsightly and increase the fire and wind hazard. We wish to improve our entryway with smaller flowering trees
and shrubs. Nine owner planted trees were denied
removal. The problem at Kala Point is balancing
personal private rights on your own property
against social rules, regulations and actions by a
Fran and Norm Shelton
270 Pinecrest Dr.
(Editor’s note: The Board allowed the removal of
all requested trees on the Shelton’s personal property but did not approve the nine trees planted on
community property within the right of way. The
Board suggested trimming up, removing dead
branches and possibly windowing the nine trees on
community property.)
Having received recognition at the Annual
Meeting for distinguished service to our community, I would like to say that the thanks should be
shared with Michael Machette. It was Michael’s
idea to assemble the material of Kala Point articles
into a booklet, and it was Michael who did the formatting and provided the interesting geological
background of our area. So, thank you Michael. It
would not have happened without you, your
knowledge, and your technical capabilities.
Barbara MacLean
50-3 Harborview Dr.
Signup for Kala Point International Dinner
by Marilyn Brenner
Last call for signups for next season’s Kala Point International
Dinner Group. Couples and singles are both welcome. Signup
deadline is August 15. Three dinners are planned over the year
and scheduling 6-8 diners for each meal. Dinner #1 takes place
sometime during September, October, or November 2013; dinner
#2 during January, February, or March 2014 and dinner #3 during
April, May, or June, 2014.
For those new to Kala Point International Dinner Group, here
is how it works. Menu committees plan and test most menus which
include choices for appetizers, entrees, sides and desserts.
Suggestions for themes are welcome and help in the menu
selection is always welcome.
From the list of participants, Don Brenner utilizes computer
magic to select groups of approximately 6-8 people for each of
three dinners. Hosts receive the menus for their dinner group,
make their selections from the choices, prepare the entrée, and
assign their guests to bring appetizers, desserts, side dishes, etc.
Enough menus are given to hosts so that each household receives
one. The host also finds the best dinner date for all members of
their group. (The dinner can take place anytime during the three
month period for that dinner, and at the host’s discretion can go
into later months if needed.)
Please sign up with Don/Marilyn Brenner by August 15.
Please note that while this program will make sure you dine with
different people on each of the three meals, it does not prevent
repeats from previous years. If you have special requests for this
schedule, please contact Brenners directly. If you are two singles
who always want to dine together, please sign up together. Singles
are also welcome to sign up as a single or ‘single and guest’ if you
want to invite a friend to attend with you. It is also possible to be
listed as a substitute to be called in case a particular dinner has
room for more diners.
To sign up, please e-mail the following information to
[email protected]
[email protected], or by mail to 22 Cedarview Lane.
Please include the following:
1. Your name(s)
2. Address
3. Phone
4. E-mail
If you e-mail this information you will receive a confirmation
of your e-mail. If you do not get a confirmation, please send your
e-mail again.
Lane Stuart, Volunteer
by Barbara MacLean
Lane Stuart left Kala Point on May 19 for the sites of the devastating tornadoes near Oklahoma City. There, Stuart,
a disaster respondent for the American Red Cross, joined 2,283 others working to assist tornado survivors.
In an interview last month, Stuart recalled that experience. The Red Cross responsibilities, at least in Oklahoma,
were to provide shelter and food, medical services including replacement of lost medications, along with spiritual and
mental counseling. He was among 600 “visiting” staff. The remainder of those helping were locals.
Since signing on in 2005 as a volunteer with the local Red Cross, Stuart has been deployed eleven or twelve times,
he said. In North Dakota twice for flooding, tornados in Alabama, hurricane in Louisiana, and for forest fires.
Asked to describe Oklahoma, he said it looked as if a “big bomb had gone off. The force of it was incredible!” He
explained that typically a tornado works along a narrow path, wiping out everything in front of it. He saw cars balled up
like tinfoil, shredded aluminum roofs and steel siding on limbs from what remained of houses. A woman told him about
seeing a car on top of a tree. In Oklahoma, 1600 homes were totally destroyed and more than 900 seriously damaged.
Volunteers provided 167,000 meals and dealt with over 6,000 cases. They interviewed individuals, gave financial
assistance, referred individuals to other agencies, and ended up hiring others to take over the Red Cross duties when
those volunteers left.
Two tornados had struck the Norman and Moore areas near Oklahoma City before Stuart arrived. Another hit the
area when he was there, giving him his first experience of extreme weather. He waited it out in the Post Office building
in Norman, base of the rescue operations. Sharing the space in a large room were 300 13-year-old girls who, he recalled,
were not at all frightened. During that storm however, 11 or 12 were killed, among them three storm chasers. “The
force of it was incredible,” Stuart recalled.
In a disaster, first on the scene is the damage assessment staff who determine what is needed followed by the bulk of
the other volunteers, including Stuart, who provide administrative support on how to best use volunteers plus where to
house and feed them.
Red Cross volunteers work 24 hours a day to provide food services, canteens for first responders, housing and counseling. They are not allowed to accept favors for their efforts but they do get “lots of favorable feedback,” Stuart said.
Stuart and his wife Pattie moved to Kala Point in late 2004 and soon after Stuart, seeking a meaningful volunteer affiliation, walked into the Red Cross office in the Mountain View center in Port Townsend. His first deployment was to
the New Orleans area where he assisted survivors of Hurricane Katrina. He spent 11 weeks helping out in New York
City following the hurricane there. A huge effort, he recalled. More than 300 aid trucks, 18,000 volunteers, 7,000 from
around the country, the remainder from the area.
When he is deployed, Stuart like other Red Cross volunteers, receives plane tickets to and from the disaster site, $33
per day for food plus his lodging. Hotel rooms, shared, are first choice but often not available. In Norman, volunteers
slept in the Post Office. They were issued Red Cross blankets and a camping cot. “Sometimes,” Stuart said, “we get a
pillow. In Minot, N. Dakota, we had sheets.” He recalled that in Louisiana they were not able to use outside toilets at
night because of alligators.
The Red Cross collected $26 million and spent most of it in Oklahoma, Stuart said. “There’s a lot more to it than
just showing up with food,” he added. Stuart’s involvement is in human resources. “I help resolve conflicts between
workers and act as a disciplinarian when necessary. When you get several thousand people together, conflicts arise.”
Before coming to Kala Point, Stuart was a Superior Court Commissioner in San Luis Obispo, California. He added
that his work in divorce court proved helpful to what he does now. Stuart also was president of the Kala Point Home
Owners Association when serving on the Board.
As for what he does now, Stuart terms it “a wonderful volunteer experience where you see parts of the country you
haven’t seen and meet people from all over.” He smiled, recalling an incident early on in Alabama: “an old guy, he was
moving boxes. Turned out he was a general in the Army, still active. There was a clerk typist, a physician, people from
all walks of life from all parts of the country. It really opens your eyes to the differences in backgrounds and how this all
works to help.”
Is A Parks & Rec District The Right Thing For Kala Point?
by Dale Moses
The proposal for a Parks & Recreation District just for Kala Point is very important to understand because it has the
potential to do some terrible things to Kala Point. I think every owner needs to understand the issue as well as they can
whether they live here full time or not. If you vote here, you are likely to help make the decision for this November.
Jefferson County is having trouble paying for its parks. So is the City of Port Townsend. Creating a Municipal Parks
District (MPD) for all of these existing facilities could be a solution where the whole county becomes a district with taxing
authority to take better care of all these facilities. The MPD study group is very early in their deliberations and there are
many issues to work through. It may never actually happen. However, we should all be interested in this funding problem
because, as many Kala Pointers have told me, many of us use these facilities. (I know I love having kayak put-in spots and
I use them a lot.) We should be willing to pay something for these whether it is through the regular County budget at
present or through an MPD. However, some folks in Port Ludlow and in Kala Point want to avoid paying. They think that
creating a junior version of an MPD called a Parks & Recreation District (P&RD) would exempt them from the MPD (an
MPD is not the same thing as a Parks & Rec District). The attorney for the County Commissioners is quite confident that
this would not exempt the P&RD area from the MPD so an MPD could tax property owners inside a P&RD. If this is the
reason for petitions here and at Port Ludlow, it doesn’t fly.
In talking to the MPD advocates, all they want to do is properly fund the parks already existing that are so hurting now.
They have no interest in acquiring even more. This makes common sense to me, and I think we all should work on properly
funding these existing facilities.
Let’s talk about a P&RD�now things get even more interesting. This animal�if it happens here or at Port Ludlow�is
a municipal corporation. It has five commissioners who get paid and have administrative costs. It must follow all State
regulations for budgeting, getting audited, bidding, contracting, paying for tax elections, and there is lots more. The
petitioners at Port Ludlow and Kala Point are telling us that they have no interest in taking over any facilities�they just
want to avoid MPD taxes. My concern is that they want us to jump out of the pot and into the fire. A P&RD with no
facilities is a complete waste. It has costs with no benefit. And, if it won’t avoid an MPD’s taxation then it serves no point
whatsoever. It just becomes an additional expense. It doesn’t even have the power of condemnation (called “eminent
domain”) like the MPD has although I don’t see why an MPD would want to gain more facilities when its existing facilities
are hurting for funding already.
The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) has already accepted the P&RD petitions from Port Ludlow and Kala
Point. They have the authority to draw boundary lines for a potential P&RD and they have a say in the people signing up to
be commissioners. That’s about all they can do. Then the issue goes onto the ballot in November. Port Ludlow’s petition
hearing was on July 15. Kala Point gets heard on August 5 at 10 a.m. in the BOCCs chamber. A number of your Board
members plan to be there and testify. Our KPOA attorney has written a letter to the BOCC to point out how a Kala Point
P&RD doesn’t make sense. You can e-mail the BOCC at [email protected] or write to them at P.O.
Box 1220, Port Townsend, WA. 98368. The BOCC probably won’t want to stop the issues getting to the ballot, but they
could draw boundaries that could exclude Kala Point because we already are managing our facilities just fine. The BOCC’s
responsibility is to take actions that are in the “public good”. I think neither P&RD initiative is in any public’s good�the
County citizens or Port Ludlow or Kala Point citizens.
If the issue does go the ballot, I will have a lot more to say before November about the problems that a P&RD is going
to create for KPOA.
Tips from the Architectural Committee
by Pat Miles
Repainting the exterior of your home, trim, doors? Replacing a roof, installing a new window or garage doors? For
each new home constructed within the Kala Point development, the Architectural Committee must approve the exterior
design, roof type/color and the siding, trim and door colors. The same regulations apply to any change to the exterior of
existing homes, even if you are going to repaint using the existing color or reroof with the same product. Also, if you
replace your garage doors, the new doors must be a color that is compatible with the exterior of the home, such as the color
of the siding or the trim. White is not an approved color for garage doors. The request process is simple. Complete the
request form providing the name of the paint manufacturer and color or the name and type of the color on the side of your
house. Keep in mind that the architectural rules require the use of natural colors, such as greys, browns, tans, dark stains,
etc. so the home blends into the woodland environment of the Kala Point community.
Kala Pointer
U.S. Postage Paid
Port Hadlock
Permit No. 46
Kala Point Owners’ Association
1760 Kala Point Drive
Port Townsend, WA 98368
Neighborhood Ads
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Shades, etc. Our prices are lower than
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Guarding Alaska, a Memoir of
Coast Guard Missions on the Last
Frontier written by Kala Point
resident Captain Jeffrey Hartman
USCG (ret). Illustrated with 66
pictures, the book explains the
challenges of Alaska and the Coast
Guard missions there from daring
rescues to the Exxon Valdez disaster
cleanup to how the Coast Guard is
responsible for reindeer in Alaska.
$19.95 plus tax. Will deliver locally.
Note: Classified ads cost only 10 cents
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Office when you submit your ad.
Crab Pot, line and buoy. $40. 3855514
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