Introduction to - Bulk sms gateway



Introduction to - Bulk sms gateway
Founded in 2008
A specialist technology provider and managed services
partner for operators, media providers and enterprises
Powered by Solutionsbox latest, services can be
extended, customized and developed to differentiate
Enabled through a managed services model for quick to
market services with rapid revenues
“SMSINDIAHUB - A web-based
Mobile Marketing solutions worldwide that brings
together the speed of the Internet and the ubiquity
of the mobile phone to offer an interactive and cost
effective communication platform for enterprises to
engage their customers.”
Market Opportunity at a Glance…
 500 MN Mobile Subscriber in India
 85% Users Carry Their Mobile With Them Always
 More than 91% Users read every SMS when they free
 In India more than 300 million SMS are sent in a day
 End user Acceptance to SMS based personalized mode
of communication
 Increasing concern of companies to increase efficiency
& reduce costs
450+ Enterprise Customers
100mn+ SMS Consumption every month
70 Resellers (Channel Partners) pan India
SMS Gateway Capacity of 3000 TPS (Transactions Per
99.9% Service uptime
24x7 Technical Support
07 Dedicated Teams continuously working- Product,
Sales & Marketing, S/w Development, R&D, Testing,
SMS Gateway, Tech Support
SMSINDIAHUB Services Overview
SMSINDIAHUB Enterprise SMS Services
Long code
SMS Services
2-Way Bulk
SMS Service
Short Code
SMS Services
Toll Free
SMS Gateway
With API
SMS Contest,
Polling , Voting
02- Way Bulk SMS Tool
Online Application. No Software required.
Simple process: Login Type Send.
Send Messages as your company name as sender ID.
Create & Manage your contact group of mobile numbers
2-Way Messaging- Get response from all your bulk SMS
Send different SMS to different people at a time via Excel
Schedule your Bulk SMS push at future date & time.
Send Flash Messages, Picture message & Business cards.
Bulk SMS
Modes of Sending SMS
1. Online Bulk SMS Application:
Web Based 2-way SMS application which enables marketers to communicate with
large target audience via SMS channel with extreme ease of use.
2. SMS Excel Plug-in:
Download & Install Smsindiahub Excel Plug-in to send SMS Directly from Microsoft
Excel Sheet.
3. Developers API (HTTP & SMPP):
Integrate SMS Services with applications or websites via Smsindiahub’s SMS APIs
(HTTP & SMPP) to send automated SMS Alerts.
Instant SMS Delivery
Free Sender IDs
Online Delivery Reports
10 Free SMS for Testing
02- Way Bulk SMS Tool Contd..
Most personalized way of
Online. No software required &
no initial setup fees.
Significant reduction in
communication time & cost.
Quality Comes First-Highest Accuracy
-Instant Delivery
-User Friendly
More than 90% of the text
messages are read at least once.
Hence message will be seen by
almost all recipients.
Existing relation with all telecom
operators offering more
flexibility in terms on Service &
More targeted. Allows marketer
to send right message to right
audience at right time.
Flexibility- SMS Campaign can be
setup real time and with instant highresponse-rate.
Uninterrupted Service
experience. 99.5% Service
Multi language option
Sms..(Flash, Scheduling )
24 X 7 Technical Support Team
Competitive Prices
3. Long Code (SMS Virtual Number)
1. Launch 2-Way SMS Service on 10 Digit Virtual Mobile Number.
2. Integrate Virtual Numbers with Client Applications.
3. Tailor-Made 2-Way SMS Solutions.
4. Dedicated Long Code.
• Globally accessible number
• VN from any state in India
• Real-time online reports
4. SMS Gateway Connectivity via APIs
Integrate 2-way SMS Services with your Applications, Website, ERP or
CRM via SmsIndiaHub APIs
SMSINDIAHUB Offers range of SMS APIs
Simple, most popular & extremely
flexible API which can be integrated in
any website or application. HTTP API is
available online for all registered
Specifically used for large bulk
push campaigns. This facility
allows users to upload text or
.CSV file directly to a FTP location
,and messages are delivered to
target audience
SMPP APIs are perfectly suitable for
high volume of SMS consumption every
month. Smsindiahub offers SMPP
connectivity with SMPP 3.4 Standard.
Unicode API
This API allows to Send SMS in regional
languages using our Unicode APIs
1. Instant SMS Delivery
2. 99.9% Uptime with
Load balancer
3. Fast, reliable &
flexible APIs
4. 24x7 Tech Support
5. Send Text, Flash,
Picture, Unicode or
6. Binary messages
5. Voice SMS
1. Record your voice message
2. Create recipient mobile number list
3. Upload the voice file
4. Broadcast voice SMS at a click
How Its Works
Step 1 - Record your message
Step 2 - Create Recipient list
Step 3 - Voice SMS Broadcasted instantly
6. SMS Contest, Polling, Voting & Auctions
SMS Contest
• Divide contest in to various stages & levels.
• Configure your own Question & Answers
• Real-time Results
E.g. Example: Who won IPL 2009?
C. DC.
Answer by sending KEYWORD<space>OPTION to
SMS Voting
• Allow your target audience to vote for
contestants, etc.
• Add any number of Participants
• Real-time Results
Example: Who is the best batsman in international
Sachin Tendulkar,
Ricky Ponting &
Kevin Peterson
Answer by Sending KEYWORD<space>OPTION to
SMS Polling
• Launch SMS Polls to get public opinion
• feedback.
• Real-time Results
Exmple: Do you think more & more youngsters enter
Indian politics.
C. Can’t Say
Answer by sending KEYWORD<space>OPTION to
SMS Auction & Bidding
• We provide different types of auctions on SMS
- Lowest bid auction
- Highest Bid auction
- Open Bid auction
- Fixed Bid auction
• Bid Item Description
• Define Start Price of an Item
• Configure Valid / Invalid Bid Price
How to Use?
Step 1: Register on
Step 2: Register Your self / Create a Account
Step 3: Check Your Email Account – Click on Link to activate your account
Step 4: Login using Username & Password
Step 5: Compose the message, select contact group,
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